February 03, 2017 - Msg 106685: Hey y'all- Just stopping in to see how everyone is doing. Good to see ya, MDC-you hang in there,buddy! Hope that G-F's procedure went well for him.

Thanks for the concern over my foot. I can tell that it is healing,but still has a long way to go & I think it will always bother me from time to time. But I'm walking better and only limping on occasion,so I'll cope with it.Pretty sure I'm dealing with a sprain.

Just watched the episode "The Song Festers" and I'll admit that it was only a few years back that it dawned on me that Elinora Poultice & Big Maude were played by the same actress! She was a great character actress- Rita ?? Can't recall her last name right now-somebody help me out!

Well, I see a laundry basket full of clean clothes that aren't gonna fold themselves,so better get off the computer & get to folding! Y'all take care-love to all!

possum u.a.r.

February 03, 2017 - Msg 106686: But first I'll sweep the Porch!

possum again

February 03, 2017 - Msg 106687: Funny one Romeena, I bet you all remembered Briscoe's quote.."Thought about killin' her' kinda hated to go that far!

February 03, 2017 - Msg 106688: Reta Shaw is the name of the Elinora/Big Maude actress-sometimes my brain takes a while! LOL

possum once more

February 03, 2017 - Msg 106689: Reta Shaw. Yes, she was a treasure Possum. And she knew how to dance. Hope yer foot gets better quick like. Usually when I get gout it is in my foot. Hurts like the dickens.

Get better MDC. You sound a little down buddy. Maybe GF and I can come visit you a do a TAGS skit. He's pretty funny for a HVAC guy.

Yes Romeena, and I hate to admit that I am usually the one who seems to heal faster than most. Not sure why. Just been blessed I reckon, although I am noticing that age is putting a real crimp on that. But I try not to brag about it. lol

Sure glad it's Friday. Been a long week and I need my Wheeler time. Has warmed up nice here today. We got above 32 finally. Yahoo!

Well I better go get stuff put away and get out if here.

Prayers for all.


February 03, 2017 - Msg 106690: I'm in Asa....We can call ourselves "The Frick & Frack Show" lol...lol....G-F

February 04, 2017 - Msg 106691: HI ALL! Thank you for all your kind words. Yes, I have been "down" from the intense pain, and that with even being on hydrocodone!
ROMEENA, good story. I gueuss some people heal better than others, as ASA said. With my A-Fib heart, things like this do hurt for sure, and I have to watch what i am taking, etc. Was at the cardiologist today
to make sure there would be no drug interactions.
He told me that surgeons are notorios for really filling their patients with fluids during the
operation,(and I had TWO) to make sure all is OK with them as they are cutting bone and pounding a peg into your femur, etc. With the lasix, I am now voiding about once an hour, day and night, but it is so good to see and feel the swelling start to go down finally.
I know the Lord will get me thru this trial, but a good Frick and Frack show would be nice! ha
Even Bert and Squirt would be a joy! :)
Well, enuf about me, glad possum and GF are doing better!! Where is BOO?
Go Falcons SPOT!

February 04, 2017 - Msg 106692: Sorry MDC to hear of your surgery troubles, that is why I'm NOT looking forward to Tuesday or having my hip done like you did!. For the very reason you described.. (cutting the bone, pounding a peg in your femur) I'm trying to put that surgery off for as long as I can!...Thanks for the brutal honesty of how it is to have it done....But there WILL be "Joy in the Morning" when you are all healed up and can do this https://youtu.be/km2lLbGJAqc Like Dick Van Dike.....


February 04, 2017 - Msg 106693: Holy sagging Batman! You mean to tell me D.V.D. started that sagging craze?

Prayers continue for MDC's recovery and for GF's procedure on Tuesday. And for Romeena to befriend her CPAP machine. ;)


February 04, 2017 - Msg 106694: Here you go GF. You can sing this as you recover on Tuesday afternoon. One of my favs from yesteryear.



February 04, 2017 - Msg 106695: Quick reminder, friends. Remember....that's the way the dipsy doodle works!

John Masters

February 04, 2017 - Msg 106696: Lol Asa...Took me a minute to decode your DVD message...Good thing my thing isn't on a Monday....
https://youtu.be/h81Ojd3d2rY ......G-F

February 04, 2017 - Msg 106697: GF--just don't let it get to bone on bone like I did, or then they also have to lengthen the leg
about a quarter inch since the quarter inch of cartlidge was gone for a while!! MDC

February 04, 2017 - Msg 106698: Thanks MDC... I'll remember that! I can't afford to lose anymore height as short as I am already..lol

February 04, 2017 - Msg 106699: Ok waited up for it Matt Ryan player of the year AND MVP..Go get um birds tomorrow ..SPOT

February 04, 2017 - Msg 106700: GF-- If you will indulge me one more time about all this, I do admit that as POA for both my mom and dad, one of the reasons I waited so long was for them to go on to the Lord. So as a caregiver for your wife, you are probably a bit reluctant about being out of commission for a while also, and i will say that "I get that." After my dad passed in Feb of 2015, it took me a while to get all his 'papers in order,' settle accounts etc; and then in 2016 I just wanted to 'enjoy' life a bit without that added responsibility; and finally decided that this would be the year to do it,
and here in Phx, ya want to do it during our 'winter' rather than the summer! But, of course, that just gave it more time to get worse; and the operation issues was just one of those weird things that happens sometimes. I am finally starting to eat better however, actually taste food, and
with the diuretic, the swelling is going down considerably. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Our weather today was just beautiful, and for tomorrow's final round of the Phx Open it should be about 75, but this year oif course I won't be right there in it! ha
Good Sabbath to all, and also an APB for BOO and others.

February 04, 2017 - Msg 106701: And prayers for you G-F!!

February 05, 2017 - Msg 106702: Good Sabbath all.
MDC, I am so glad you are improving. I watched some of the third round yesterday. They sure are a rowdy bunch there on 16. LOL. Some of the players seem to feed off the crowd involvement, others not so much. It is fun to watch.

Big game today I reckon. We have everyone coming over for a party. Not sure how much of the game we will actually watch. But it will be fun to spend time together and eat more than we should.

Wow, our weather sure has turned off nice. We hit 50 yesterday. Maybe some of this snow will start melting now. I sure had a lot of water pouring out of my gutter downspouts yesterday as all the snow on the roof is melting off. I took a measurement of snow in the back yard yesterday, just to see what we have. Still almost a foot deep there, and almost 4 feet in the front by the driveway where the snow blower piled it up. But it melts off pretty fast when it warms up like this.

GF, I am about to embark on a change in my work that is big. My boss told me on Friday that from this point forward, whenever I find a fluorescent of HID light fixture that requires a new ballast, to go ahead and bypass the ballast and replace the bulb with an LED bulb when possible, and the entire fixture if need be. Now I have probably over a thousand of lights that fit into that category to deal with, and it will take a number of years to see the transition happen (I am sure to be retired before it all happens), but the next generation will probably not even know what a light ballast is. Funny how technology changes, because it has been a huge part of my working life.

Well I reckon I'll rustle up some breakfast and see what's on TV.

Prayers for all.


February 05, 2017 - Msg 106703: Somehow I got myself confused and thought that G-F already had his surgery. I see that's not the case,so I want to send out some good luck wishes & prayers for him. Take care, G-F-hope all goes well for you,friend.
We can have a big Super Bowl party at O'Malley's if y'all want to- I heard he was up in DEE- troit!

Be blessed, y'all!

possum u.a.r.

February 05, 2017 - Msg 106704: MDC... You are SO Right!... That is one of the main reasons I am reluctant to have the hip done, first of all Mrs G-F has never been the "Care GIVING" type of person even when she was in better shape. I have been blessed over the years with decent health with the exception of a few kidney stone bought's I didn't need much "Nursing" ..

So, it is difficult going from being the, "Call The Man" to "CAN" you "Call the Man" if you get the drift what I'm trying to say. So I fully understand where you are coming from Buddy!...

The last three years I've been retired have been a BIG adjustment for me in many ways, and Yes, I'd like to enjoy life to the fullest the best I can which has been difficult at times.

So I can give Asa ( & SPOT)) this advice... When your time comes to hang up your tool belt Be at PEACE my brothers knowing you left your footprints 👣 in ALL the work you done!. Just knowing you "lit up the world" and you work has been your Legacy!....

That's one good thing about Retirement...It gives a guy a lot time to think and reflect on ones life...Do I get a BIG Amen fellow retirees?...

As for now, step 1 is getting my belly button back in shape and as I always say... Like Ray Charles told Stevie Wonder when they got to Heaven...."We Shall See!"...👀

Yep, Barney was right..."DURING OUR LIVES, WE TRAVEL MANY ROADS"... You're not talking to a jerk ya know!

Have a Blessed Day!... Go Falcoon's!....G-F

February 05, 2017 - Msg 106705: I'm right here, MDC. Sorry to be away so long and thanks for asking about me...you always do. I'm sorry you are having so much pain with your recovery. I pray healing is speedy and that the Lord gives you the grace and strength you need, friend. I have been around but just been busy. I am getting ready to go into work in a bit but wanted to at least check in.

Prayers for you, G-F, as your surgery approaches. May all go well and may the Lord grant you peace in all circumstances.

I would love to chat longer but have to go get ready. The nurse I will be working with today is a little hyper and gets nervous if she thinks someone isn't going to show up. :)

Love to All,

February 05, 2017 - Msg 106706: Sorry SPOT :(

February 05, 2017 - Msg 106707: Well, sorry SPOT indeed!! It was a great game and I really thought your birds would pull it out, but alas, it was not to be! :( Brady got his record,
so maybe next year a team will find a way to beat 'em.
BOO- thanks for checking in. Now where is STERLING??
Possum- good party at O'Malley's, 'cept for the ending!

Recovery and rehab continue. PT cpomes again on Monday.
Love you. Prayers for all,

February 06, 2017 - Msg 106708: Well, I as at work so I didn't get to see the superbowl, but didn't really care. It was a good evening at work..no major problems, just a fight but not real injuries. As crazy as it sounds, I still enjoy working at the rehab.

Bruce took Erin to church then invited his mom over for the superbowl. He said she is getting farther and farther out there and when he went to pick her up, she got a box of breakfast croissants out of the freezer and told him, "Here, this is your Christmas present that I forgot to give you". LOL I thought she was joking but Bruce said she wasn't.

When I got home tonight, things were out of sort around here. Turns out Erin had one of her friends over to watch the superbowl and she is 15 and pregnant..just found out. While they were watching the game, another friend came over driving her mom's truck and she didn't have a driver's license. She had driven over with another minor in her car and they were both high on something..I think synthetic. Bruce didn't realize it but when questioning the girl about whether she had a license or not, she lied to Bruce twice so he made her go home. Well, here is where it gets interesting (in a bad way). I got home from work and Erin called me into her room. I could tell she was upset and she was crying. She told me that her friend who was driving the truck (Bree) had called her and was high and driving so Erin told her to come to the house because she was afraid she was going to drive and get into an accident. Good of Erin to be concerned, but poor choice. They weren't there long when Bruce started questioning them. Anyway, when I got home, Erin called me into her room and handed me a bag that contained drug paraphernalia, including what looked to be about a gram of either marijuana or synthetic..not sure. She said Bree had left it on her bed and Erin was conflicted about whether to throw it away or give it to me because she didn't want to get her friend in trouble. I called the police department and they sent a sheriff out to pick it up. He asked some questions and told us that there were thousands of kids in the area smoking this kind of stuff and that probably nothing would come of it. He said his own 14 year old smoked a bunch of synthetic weed and almost died last year and they didn't even know he was using it. It is a just an epidemic. So concerning! I don't want to go back to home schooling but I just cant stand all she is being exposed to. I don't know if she is making bad choices or friends or if it is just really hard to find friends who aren't in some kind of trouble. I just don't know what to do anymore. She knows from how we have handled things in the past, that she is going to have to let go of some relationships that are bad for her, and sometimes that is one of the hard things we have to do as Christians. She has such a soft hart for people. I know it is very hard for her. What is this world coming to?

Guess I had better get to bed. I have to work again tomorrow.

I always welcome any parenting advice from you who have more experience than me. :)

Love to All,

February 06, 2017 - Msg 106709: Good morning all.

Well Spot, so sorry for your Falcons, but man what a game. And what a come back. Not a Pats fan, but I have got to give them their due. Bill Belichick is one heckofa coach. Just no quit in that team.

Boo, you certainly have my deepest sympathy. Dealing with teenagers is a challenge, but in this day and age, it takes everything you got. I feel for poor Erin, seems like she is trying to do the right thing, but I sure understand your concerns. I know when my kids were that age I developed am almost survival of the fittest mentality. I had always taught my kids to be good examples and to be friends to all. But I also knew that kids at that age are so concerned with peer pressure, and wanting to fit in. My suggestion I suppose is to pray for guidance and then follow what you feel is right for Erin. Navigating them through those teen years takes a lot of prayer and wisdom Boo, and I know you and Bruce can do it. You and you family have my prayers.

MDC, Don't overdo the P.T. You don't need no setbacks.

Thanks for those words of wisdom GF. As I enter the eve of retirement, I have mixed feelings about it. I have worked almost full time since I was 16. It seems strange to contemplate not working. I know I will always have plenty to do around the house, and I have enough tools and a workshop I can putter around in. I look very forward to that. But I still wonder when to pull the trigger. I know my health is a big factor. A few weeks ago when my back was in full rebellion, I was ready to do it then. It is comforting to be in a position that I am in I reckon, where I can retire anytime and be ok money wise. Right now I am just trying to save as much as I can because I know when I do retire, that's what we have left to live off of. That scares me, although I will have a decent pension from work, and a decent amount set aside in a 457K. I don't need to retire rich. I just don't want to be a financial burden to my kids.

Well I suppose I better get to work. It is supposed to be in the 50's all week here. Yabba dabba doo!!


February 06, 2017 - Msg 106710: Morning Porch,

Prayers and nothing but good wishes to MDC and G-F!

Boo, I have two words. Home...school. Not knowing your lives, I don't want to come off preachy and like a know it all. But this world is not far removed from Ernest T. Bass. Nuts! With school shootings, planned school shootings that were exposed, drugs, the entertainment world....Yeesh!

Hey to Asa, SPOT, Big Maude, Romeena, possum and all!

John Masters

February 06, 2017 - Msg 106711: Boo, I am a recent convert to the superiority of the home school movement. I think there is an inevitable loss of socialization, but the Humanist mindset of today's public schools is inexcusable. Public schools are a moral cesspool.

Billy Ray the Postman

February 06, 2017 - Msg 106712: Evening folks,
Long time since I was able to visit this long. Gettin' ready to head for bed in a bit and thought I'd drop in.
Boo & Romeena - In reference to the parental guidance from TAGS question from a few days ago, I was just curious. Not really looking for anything. Just curious. I am 48 and was raised in a "Dad was the bread winner, Mom was the housewife" household and my parents did a great job. I dont say that with ego. I am thankful they installed their beliefs and kept me on a straight path. I was raised in a normal middle American house, had three squares a day, friends to play with and a great childhood. Cant complain about anything at all. In fact, it was my Dad, who watched TAGS reruns, as well as Laurel and Hardy, 3 Stooges, Hogan's Heroes and others, that made me appreciate the television from that time. But I digress. I dont have any kids thought the wife and I are thinking adoption and I had thought of applying TAGS lessons and morals to my future child.

With one foot on a soapbox, I will sat that I believe that the U.S. has lost it's ever loving mind. I am an independent with politics, though I am leaning to the Conservative side with everything happening today. I would love to go to D.C., march right into our political realms and let 'em have it verbally! And some of the youth of today is about as sturdy as a melting snowman (which is another good reason for home schooling). Billy Ray has a point above.

Well...*sighs*...time to relax with some Andy Griffith. Hope all of you have a great night and I will try and get back asap. Hope I didnt ruffle any feathers here.

John Masters

February 06, 2017 - Msg 106713: ^^^ should be "though the wife and I"


February 07, 2017 - Msg 106714: Just a quick visit tonight folks. BOO--you and yours have all the prayers that I can muster!
I will be praying that the good Lord puts an answer in your lap to all that Erin is going thru!
God's blessings,

February 07, 2017 - Msg 106715: Good very late evening, porch. John Masters, you didn't ruffle my feathers in the slightest. I'm right there with you. I'm almost 30 years older than you, so you can imagine what my reaction os to today's "anything goes" thinking. Also, I too am becoming more and more positive about the role of home schooling. It terrifies me to think of what is being fed to our kids minds in the public schools today, especially when so many of them come from a "vast wasteland" kind of home environment. My childhood couldn't have been more down-home American, parents in charge, church every Sunday, my brother and I had chores, etc. If a psychiatrist ever tried to probe my mind and find booger-bears left over from my childhood, he'd end up saying, "Girl, you are boring! There's nothing to see here," and send me home.

There is one consideration with regard to home-schooling, however. The parent who is doing the teaching had better be on their toes, motivated, and know what they're doing, and that's not always the case. My friend Ted has a grandson who was presumably being home-schooled, but the mother is a hypochondriac who is addicted to pain meds, and does nothing but lie on the couch all day, and uses her "home-schooled" son as her fetch-and-carry servant. Ted figured it out, and with the child's father's permission, he took him to a Sylvan Learning Center and had him tested. He tested at a second grade level, right where he was when his mom pulled him out of school three years ago. The boy has been in Sylvan for almost a year now, and is caught up to his grade level. He'll enter sixth grade in public school next September. Had it not been for his grandfather (Ted) that kid would have been an illiterate hoodlum in a few years, with not a clue what to do with his life or how to do it. Still, that's an exception and doesn't change my positive opinion on home-schooling, it just posts a warning.

MDC, just hang in there. That incisional hematoma set you back a few days, but it sounds like that's resolved, and it should be a little better each day now. G-F, if you need to get that little job done, do it. You ain't getting any younger, you know! I know you've got family around you that can help out, and you'll probably be one of those who just recovers so nicely, they wonder why they hesitated! A doctor friend of mine (retired) just had his hip done two weeks ago, and was in SS yesterday morning! He's one of those little wiry guys that always recover quickly from everything, but two weeks? Wow.

Boo, don't worry about Erin, but don't let your watchfulness slip, either. I think Erin handled that situation admirably, and so did you, once you became aware of it. You would not have known, but Erin chose to involve you, which shows a lot of maturity and good judgment on her part, in my opinion. She could just as easily have hidden the stuff and returned it to the girl later. And yes, you may have to insist that she end some of her relationships with troublesome people, or at least limit them. She can be kind to the girls, but refuse to ride with them or go to their parties, such as that. It would actually be a ministry, to respond to an invitation with something like, "I like you fine, and want to be your friend, but you've made some bad choices in the past, and I really don't want to get involved in things like that. We can be friends at school, and then you can do whatever you like on your own time. I hope you understand." If the girl doesn't take it well, then Erin has her answer.

OK, I'm off to bed. Toye Starr keeps heaving big sighs, and tapping me on the ankle with her little paw. She's ready for bed! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

February 07, 2017 - Msg 106716: Good morning all.

GF, Prayers for you this morning as you go in for some maintenance. I hope your pain is minimal and your recovery fast and complete.

With all the talk of home school going on here, I want to chime in. And I don't know the fix to this. When my kids were in school I had the same concerns that you all do today. The morals were almost non existent, and I hated having my children in that world. And I know it has gotten nothing but worse. But I don't know that pulling our children out of public schools and home schooling them, or enrolling them in private schools is the answer. Somehow, we need to hold our public schools accountable. I know here in our State, the public school system eats up nearly 70% of the State taxes collected. That's huge, and somehow that needs attention. The only thing I can think of is a mass parental involvement on the local level. It begins with electing good decent and moral people to the school boards and then holding there feet to the fire. But I know that is just a small part of the problem. I think the real problem is the breakdown of the family. I just see so many families that are falling apart. So many children that don't have much of a chance because their parents don't have much to do with them. It's very sad for the kids. I dunno, It seems to me if the basic family unit can be fixed, a lot of our problems today would be fixed as well. We have allowed God to be removed from our homes and our Schools, and then wonder what has happened. It seems pretty obvious to me what happened. Anyway, sorry. Soapbox put away.

Boo, I know you and Bruce are God loving people, and you love your Children. That puts you light years ahead of so many others. And I know you will make correct and prudent decisions when it comes to dealing with Erin.

Well better get to work.

Check in when you can GF.


February 07, 2017 - Msg 106717: Thanks Everyone for your thoughts and prayers!... I'm off to see the Wizard... I'll check in hopefully tonight when I get back home...


February 07, 2017 - Msg 106718: Good morning, porch. Asa, I don't think I've ever heard the problems of today stated q

February 07, 2017 - Msg 106719: Well, drat! I wonder what I hit??

Anyway, as I was saying, you have stated the problems of today about as well and as clearly as I've ever heard it. The breakdown of the home as the basic building block of our culture is the root of our troubles, and that breakdown began when somebody decided that "God" just wasn't politically correct. Help us, Lord! --Romeena

February 07, 2017 - Msg 106720: Morning, Porchsters

Asa, I can't argue with that logic. Not nary a bit. The only question inside that logic is how long do the kids and parents suffer before the schools are straightened out? But your point is well taken.
This may sound picky and criminal, but hear me out before you all call Barney about a holdup. I would like to go into a school, be it high, middle or elementary, doesn't matter, and start pilfering it's money. When they catch me, I would tell them "Nope, no money either! You want God out of school? You don't want the atheists? Then the money goes too! You are willing to be greedy enough to take the money with "In God We Trust" on it, but shove Him out as far as you can! You can't have it both ways! It's all or nothing, so the money goes too!"
I know to some of you that might be picky. Maybe not. But the message is there!
That's my 2 Lincolns.

Speedy recovery for G-F!

Hey to Boo, MDC, Romeena, Billy Ray and the other membvers of the choir. Have a great day, folks!

John Masters

February 07, 2017 - Msg 106721: ^^^ That should have read You don't want the atheists offended?


February 07, 2017 - Msg 106722: Interesting point, John Masters. Isn't it strange how no one ever stops to think if a Christian is being offended? Lots of things are offensive to me, such as filthy language, pants that hang so low that the underwear is fully visible, or even worse, the ones that make you wish there was some underwear visible, violent and dirty movies, billboards advertising "Gentlemen's clubs", music with lyrics that would make a demon blush, being denied the right to display a Christian symbol in public, being forced through taxation to pay for things I consider against God's will, and the list goes on, ad nauseum. Statistically, Christians (or at least those who claim to be) are still in the majority in this country, but you'd never know it. We are the most persecuted, ignored, marginalized, trivialized and disrespected group in the country. Just try treating the Muslims the way this country often treats Christians, and the wailing and protesting would be heard in space. Well, maybe things will improve. I hope so. --Romeena

February 07, 2017 - Msg 106723: HI ALL, just a quick hello tonight. I hope and pray that all went well with GF today!

February 07, 2017 - Msg 106724: Just have not been able to post after the Super Bowl...wow what a loss for my Falcons...but there is always next year !..well storms here...let me get to bed wk at 5am...prayers to all...SPOT

February 07, 2017 - Msg 106725: Goob made it through Ok, a little problem with my oxygen level had to keep me longer until it got better. Thanks for the prayers everyone....Wheelertime now ...G-F

February 07, 2017 - Msg 106726: Glad you're home GF. Get some rest buddy.


February 08, 2017 - Msg 106727: Good to hear you made it through your procedure ok, G-F- continued prayers for a quick recovery.

possum u.a.r.

February 08, 2017 - Msg 106728: I agree with Asa, Rest is always good! Good to hear you're home! Remember what Dr. Breen said..."Relax...Take..it eeeasy."

John Masters

February 08, 2017 - Msg 106729: Glad to hear that G-F!!! :)
You are in my prayers.

February 08, 2017 - Msg 106730: Evening Porch friends,

I had a question to ponder. Do any of you have a absolute favorite line(s) from TAGS? I have two of them. The first is from the color episode, "The Bazaar." And that one is "DICK, YOU FORGOT PANSY!" I laugh every time I hear it. Never fails.
The second is from "Goober Takes a Car Apart." And that one is "Cha-weet, Cha-weet, Cha-weet, then Pucka, pucka, pucka, like an ol' banty rooster."
Whatcha say, folks? Got any that stick out for you?

Have a great night! I look forward to your responses.

John Masters

February 09, 2017 - Msg 106731: Oh John where do I start?...So many to choose... I always liked Barney's "During our Lifetime We travel Many Roads"...

Goober 's "Ain't you got a Jack?"... True story about that one, my two Buddies (both Brothers) and I went to see a show with both Don Knotts & Tim Conway in it. When the show was over we went to the car, and found we had a flat tire!..

Apon trying to change it we found out #1 brothers car had no jack #2 brother used that line "Ain't you Got a Jack" and it was a good thing I was there cuz brother #2 may have lost some teeth that night!!..lol No body knows ya like a brother does I've heard it said...

Pain pills and back to the Wheeler for me!....Night All!...G-F

February 09, 2017 - Msg 106732: Good morning all.
Good to see our two wounded warriors, GF and MDC posting. My prayers continue for you both.

John, I have so may lines I love. "I just don't happen to like my main dish concealed in a heavy sauce" is one. "She only gives you two wings, and it's from a chicken thats done a lot of flying" is another. "Nothing like an adoring woman to build a man up" is another one. And one I frequently use. "I'll drive, so I'll sit up front". I could go on and on. lol

I hope all is well for everyone.


February 09, 2017 - Msg 106733: Favorite lines? Oh, where to begin??? One of my faves is from "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs" when Barney remarks that "Boy, giraffes are selfish!" Then there's Otis saying "Sometimes I like to see a bat!" Mr. Darling's comment as the boys and Charlene have climbed into his hotel room and Charlene reminds him that Ohther (sp?) is still outside. Briscoe says "Oh, so he is, hadn't even missed him. Don't have much personality, that boy." As though any of the boys have any noticeable personality!

Well, this remembering of favorite lines could go on all day, if you give it its head, so I'd better stop for now. As for favorite scenes or sight gags, nothing beats Luke Jensen leading the cow out of the barn, high-stepping in her army shoes! The accompanying music just completes it. Perfect!

Blessings, porch. --Romeena

February 09, 2017 - Msg 106734: My mother never really liked the Burns and Schreiber comedy team and Jack Burns' "huh,huh,huh" drove her nuts. She told me she hated when he did that. So...what do you think her loyal and faithful son does to her on occasion?! LOL! When I visit her sometimes and she's making something, let's say hamburger in a skillet, I will walk up on her and do something like "Hey..hey...hamburger, huh? That's, That's some pretty good eating there, isn't it, huh, huh, huh? Yeah, you gotta watch how you cook it there, don't wanna' burn it, do ya', huh, huh, huh? Course you don't. Cause you get all that gristle and dark pieces and stuff, right? Huh, huh? Sure you do"
Needless to say, she is shooting knives at me with her eyes while having a slight grin on her face. It's gotten to the point now that when I go "Hey, hey.." she goes "Don't start!" LOL! Thought you all might get a bang out of that.

John Masters

February 09, 2017 - Msg 106735: just hit some button on the keyboard and lost a post. grrr...oh well, at least I wasn't finished with it.

Been an interesting week so far. Erin has been really sick with a virus and now an ear infection and sinus infection..fever of over 101. I took her to the doc and started her on an antibiotic today, so hopefully will be feeling better. She was up crying with the ear last night, poor kid. Doc said her ear drum was as red as blood and he could see infection. It finally started draining so she is in less pain.

I thank all of you for your wonderful advice. I have thought of home schooling again, but keep thinking about the problems we had with it and how I felt ok about the decision I made of putting her in school. Of course, the Lord couls lead otherwise and I am praying. A few things have happened this week that I think are interesting. For one, I have tried to contact the mother of the friend (Bree) who left the drugs in Erin's room. I left a message on her voicemail but she hasn't returned my call. I got a note in the mail from her today saying that she and her daughter love Erin and how much she means to them, what a great kid she is and a joy to have in her class. I'm not sure why I am getting this now. Maybe Bree told her mom about the drugs and she is trying to mend fences, I don't know. Erin said that on Monday, the girls mother pulled her aside and told her she was going to bring Bree into the office for a drug test. I still need to have a talk with the mother but I think I am going to have to schedule a meeting with her and she wont be able to refuse that because she is Erin's health science teacher. Please pray I say the right things.

Another interesting development is with her other friend (Bexly) who just found out she is pregnant. She finally told her aunt, who is her legal guardian. The aunt tried to talk her into an abortion but the girl refused. The aunt is no longer allowing the girl to go to her father's house or out anywhere except to our church. She told the girl that she is only allowed to go anywhere with me or Erin because, in her word, "Erin is a child of God". So, we have something interesting happening here because these girls had been running wild, but as soon as they decided to come to church and start seeking God, God outted them, so to speak. Now they are going to have to do some changing. I don't know how involved I will be with them but I will take them to church. The pregnant girl is very enthusiastic about it because it is the only place she is allowed to go. OK, enough of that except to say that you really have me thinking Asa...I am going to look into what it takes to get on the school board around here, or how I can get involved otherwise.

Thank you, Ro, for your wise and encouraging words, as usual.

Ok, favorite TAGS lines..wow..too many to count. As far as funny, I like some of these: "Wanna buy a ship in a bottle?".."Why don't you just go up an alley and holler fish!"..."Thelma, Andy Lou's here!'..and "I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man on earth!"


February 09, 2017 - Msg 106736: Oh, and "I'll take the Mr. Potato set".


February 09, 2017 - Msg 106737: good to see you all again prayers for you mdc that lasex gives you about a minute to visit the bath room spot the falcons did you proud ii thought they had it for awhile hi to ro boo possum and everyone. have you checked out u tube the have several auto bioagrfy about three forths way down pappa bear

February 09, 2017 - Msg 106738: Wow, Boo, you do find yourself in some situations at times. I think God puts them in your path because He trusts you to handle well. And by the way, good for the little pregnant girl, for not listening to her aunt. Certainly at 15 and in high school she's in no position to raise a baby, but I'm so glad she didn't decide to kill it. In my humble and mostly uninformed opinion, her best option is to release it for adoption. The girl isn't ready to raise a child, and considering the aunt's advice to her, I'd question the idea of her keeping it, since much of the responsibility would fall on the aunt who was willing to abort it. For sure, there will be a couple somewhere who would be thrilled to adopt it.

Well, guess I'll go watch a little TV, and then hit the sack. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

February 09, 2017 - Msg 106739: Well, to use one tags line for two things...Boo's situation and just a fav of mine..."Such goings on, such goings on!" :) Another good one I like is after Nurse Mary kisses Andy in the courthouse, and he says that it was a lot better than a mule's nose! ha Also the one about Andy saying "you been Glenn Fording it all over town."
BOO--your fam continues to be in my daily prayers. As I do my PT rehab exercises, and they realy start to hurt, I say "Jesus, I offer this up for Erin.! :)
PAPPA Bear, so good to see you back on the porch! I have been behind in writing to you.
GF--hope you recover well. Prayers going your way. What was it exactly that was done? Sorry, must be the hydrocodon, I cant remember.
Take care friends,

February 09, 2017 - Msg 106740: Oh, and happy Lincoln's birthday! Tell me about the Emancipation Proclamation. :)

February 10, 2017 - Msg 106741: the EMANCIPATION THE EMANCIPATION WELL EVERYONE knows about that that is where a bunch of folks that needed emancipted got together and was emancipated look it up in your history books pappa bear

February 10, 2017 - Msg 106742: MDC the bad thing about hernia surgery is you don't realize how many of those muscles you use to get up and down from a chair, bed and everything else... Zwowie!...Hope PT is getting easier for you now, I'm sure it's a slow process!...
To add to out quote challenge...."Yep, it's a FUN Day!...😬

Asa... It snowed here yesterday, it was tuff I had just look out at it, guess this one Mother Nature is going to have to remove the old fashioned way....


February 10, 2017 - Msg 106743: Morning, Porch

MDC - I forgot about the Glenn Fording line! That's also one of my all time favorites!

Boo - Good luck with everything on your plate! I hope everything works out ok!

MDC & G-F - Continued prayers and the best of well wishes to recovery.

Thought I would let everyone know that I have a new personal blog. I decided to sorta join the socializing only it isn't Facebook or Twitter. You can read it at http://first1thing.blogspot.com/
The title of it is taken straight from TAGS.

To each and all, I hope you have a great Friday!

John Masters


February 10, 2017 - Msg 106744: Good afternoon, porch! Wow! John Masters, son,you got a gift for expressing yourself! I read your blog, and all I can say is - you go, buddy! I think the great majority of us would like to say the same thing, but you just said it so well. I will be following your blog.

Speaking of blogs, I started one several years ago, wrote in it for a while, but no one seemed to be following it, so I haven't written in it for quite some time. Maybe it was because I didn't really tell anybody about it. I don't know where I thought readers would come from, just appear like daffodils in the spring, I guess. Or maybe people did read it, wondered why they were doing so, and didn't come back. I guess I'll never know.

I also used to write letters to the editor of the "Dallas Morning News" fairly often, and was selected to be on a panel of people who received a topic from the newspaper about once a week, and we were asked to respond with our opinion on the issue - mostly local issues. Well, after I wrote one of the regular letters, expressing my opinion on something, I received some hate mail (signed by "Anonymous", of course) and a week later my garage door was spray painted with obscenities. That produced a strong response from my children, who threatened to break my computer if I wrote any more letters. I contacted the DMN editor personally, and asked if it would be possible to allow contributors and letter writers to use a pseudonym. We would make our submissions under our own name and address, so they would know who was writing, but only the pseudonym would be published. His reaction was extremely negative, said "that's not the way we do it in America. If you want to say something, you sign your name." He went on to point out that they don't publish addresses, so he figured the writer of the hate letter must have been someone who knew me and recognized my name! Can you imagine the ignorance of such a statement? I pointed out to him that my 10yr old grandson can produce an address for anyone, if he has their name - it comes from a source called "Google", in case he hadn't heard about it. He didn't appreciate that. So, realizing I was debating with a very ignorant and bull-headed man, I dropped it, and have written no more letters. Freedom of speech? Ha! Well, yes, now that we have blogs. At least they're not being censored. Yet.

That's the good thing about blogs, however. You can call yourself whatever name you wish, and you don't have people writing ugly words on your garage door! So, go for it, JM. --Romeena