February 10, 2017 - Msg 106745: if you go to utube they have cast members talking about andy also the set and much more pappa bear

February 10, 2017 - Msg 106746: Good evening, Porchsters!

Wow, Romeena...thank you for that glowing review. Much obliged, much obliged. I am very critical about my writing and am somewhat of a perfectionist, so I was a little skeptical if I gave that piece enough firepower. From your comments, mission accomplished! Since the porch has been swept by pappa bear (nice job, pb!), I will post it here again. I hope more of the friends here will follow me. My blog again is first1thing.blogspot.com
Hope all is well with everyone and you're all off to a good start to the weekend. Hey to Boo, MDC, G-F, Asa, Maude, Billy Ray, pappa bear and the rest of the deputies sworn in from the flood!

John Masters

February 10, 2017 - Msg 106747: Dont think the above link will take. Better try this one:

John Masters

February 11, 2017 - Msg 106748: Hey John Masters, just read your blog also. Very good expressions indeed. One thing I wish someone would mention tho are the trump tweets! To me, tweeting is below the dignity of the office, especially the 'personal' ones. He said that he would work to unite the country, but so many of his tweets are pretty crude. I emailed the white house tonight and told him so.
OK, I now slide the soapbox back under the porch.
GF--I hope you did not get too much of that storm's fury! I'm sure there was also some lake effect. Pictures in the paper looked pretty bad!
Hang in there. I hope TOM is OK also. Maybe we can look into helping him again with his computer.
Has anyone here ever seen the movie "The One and Only" with Henry Winkler? It looks funny, and Amazon has it for $9.00.
Oh yes GF, hernia repair. Glad it went well.
I am finally getting over some big hurdles and feeling better every day.
Another tags quote i like is by Opie in a Miss Peggy episode. After Andy burns the chicken, Miss Peggy offers to help and says that it'll be fun to help, and Opie turns to Andy and say "Let Miss Peggy have some fun pa!" HA, love that line.
Prayers for all,

February 11, 2017 - Msg 106749: MDC... I Wish Miss Peggy would come here and have some fun... I haven't had much to eat lately....
But on the other hand, haven't felt much like eating yet...other than Soup & Jello 👍.....G-F

February 11, 2017 - Msg 106750: Good morning, porch! MDC, I hear you, regarding Trump's use of tweets. When he first started using Twitter, I was appalled, as it does seem like a juvenile and, well, low-brow thing to do. I've thought about it a lot though, and have softened my stance somewhat. I get it, I think. The mainstream media is so sold out to the liberals and progressives, that he can't even hope for unbiased coverage or quotes. They're out to hurt him, in any way they can, since their Queen got dethroned.

Actually, I think the liberal bias is what spawned the social media in the first place. It's the one place where you can make your own statement, you're not dependent upon some reporter's spin and mis-quotes. The MSM had better shape up, or they're going to go the way of the dinosaurs. There was a time when you could look down my street early in the morning and see a newspaper lying in every driveway. That's no longer true. I think I'm one of about five people on my two-block-long street that still takes the paper, and quite honestly, I take it for the Metro section and the Arts and Life, and the crossword puzzles and comics. I just scan the news section.

So, if President Trump has something to say, he can just "tweet" it and it will appear as he said it. However, therein lies the rub! It's there, just as he said it, and he can't claim he was misquoted. He has no choice but to own the statement, however crass or ill-advised it might be. If he's going to use that medium, then he needs to be very, very careful what he says, avoid the cat-fights and name-calling and school-yard comments. In other words, grow up and act presidential.

The man is a junkyard dog, which I personally think is what we need right now, but it needs to be blended with diplomacy and restraint. In his companies, he's the boss, right or wrong. As President, he should be the leader, without the "boss" persona. He needs some good advisors, men and women who have wisdom and experience, who can guide him as he starts smoothing out his rough edges, and he needs to listen to them. I think his choice of Mike Pence for VP was inspired, and I hope he'll listen to him.

He came from a different world, and it's going to take a little time for him to adjust and get comfortable in his new role. He's got to learn to be the leader, not the boss. I think he can do it, will do it, and will make a good president when he gets it done. Meantime, his tweets should be filtered through some trusted people before he sends them. --Romeena

February 11, 2017 - Msg 106751: Me again. For Asa and G-F, here's a meal that's quick and easy to prepare (cheap, too!) and the leftovers are the best part. Also, it's very good! Start with a package of five chicken legs, and a package of Rice-a-roni, chicken flavor. To make more, just use two packages of the rice, and more chicken legs.

Use an appropriate sized broiler pan (I have some of those little oval-shaped pans with the tree-shaped grooves in the bottom, intended for broiling a steak.) I line it with foil and arrange the drumsticks on it, leaving about a quarter inch of space between each piece. Shake on a generous amount of lemon pepper, and any other seasoning you might like, but I just use the lemon pepper. Remember, it's salty too, so don't add extra salt. Put the pan on a low rack in the oven, so the pieces cook slowly and all the way through before they get too brown. I like rare beef, but I want my chicken well-done! Let the chicken cook until nicely brown. Turn them over and brown the other side. Don't overcook, but no red showing, either.

Meantime, in a non-stick skillet with a lid, cook the rice by the package directions. I start with a little more butter than the package says, but I like butter! When the chicken is done, and the rice is done as well, remove the chicken from the pan. There will be some nice drippings, which you can add to the rice, unless you're seriously limiting your fat intake. Trust me, it doesn't hurt that rice at all!

Five drumsticks and a package of rice will make two very generous servings. I get two, sometimes three, meals out of it, with one meal having only only one drumstick. Now here's the good part. If there will be leftovers, leave the rice in the pan! Put the remaining chicken in the skillet with the rice, and any veggie you might have prepared can go in too, unless it's something soupy. I often broil a bundle of fresh asparagus as the chicken is cooking, and it works very well. Broccoli is good, too. So, now you have a whole meal of leftovers, in one pan. I just put the lid on, and stick the whole thing in the fridge. Next day, I bury a couple of pats of butter in or around the rice, put the covered pan on the stove on very low heat, and give it twenty minutes or so. The added butter will melt and run beneath the rice, and will "sizzle" it a little, making a great, slightly crunchy crust on the bottom.

Seriously, plan for the leftovers, they're the best part! Prep time for the meal is about ten minutes, cooking time is on auto-pilot, and clean-up time is so easy. Just throw away the foil and your broiler pan should be clean, or if the foil had a tiny leak, just wipe it away. This is something I do at least once a month. Cheap, easy, and good! --Romeena

February 11, 2017 - Msg 106752: Sounds Good Romeena, I'll have to give it a try when I'm back in fighting shape!...G-F

February 11, 2017 - Msg 106753: Thanks for sharing your blog, John Masters. It certainly does seem like a circus right now in Washington, DC, and hard to know what to believe.

Romeena, I really like what you said about Trump needing to be a leader and not a boss. Exactly. I don't do twitter but I see what you mean about how when someone tweets something, the cat is out of the bag and Trump certainly needs to be very careful, to say the least.

MDC, how can I thank you for your prayers for Erin? They are appreciated more than you know. They are also being answered. A lot has been going down around here and I will spare all of you the details, but it is pretty remarkable how I see what I believe to be God's hand at work. Erin's eyes are really being opened and she is seeing that she is being lied to by some of her so-called friends. Poor child is learning the life truth that some people will manipulate and act like your best friend when they really aren't. I guess its good that she learns it now. The girl who left the drugs in Erin's room had a wreck yesterday while driving without her license. She texted Erin from the back of a cop car. So, looks like her mom will have to be responsible for that, as well as the girl's drug use. The other girl who was pregnant and told Erin she had told her Aunt (her legal guardian), lied about that and when I was on the phone with the aunt, I spilled the beans, thinking that the aunt knew. I felt horrible. The poor Aunt. She needed to know but I didn't want to be the one that told her. It made me feel sick and brought back bad memories of times in the past that I had to give bad news to people while working in a hospital. These friends of Erin's are giving me an ulcer. I think Erin needs some counsel about choosing friends and how important it is to only let certain people in as intimate friends. Some people you cant help unless they really want help.

Well, I fried up a bunch of chicken fried steak this afternoon. I knew Bruce would enjoy it and I hadn't made it in probably a year or more. I made potatoes and gravy, baked beans and asparagus, too.

Better go clean up.


February 11, 2017 - Msg 106754: Hey Gang !Here at work till 6 then headed home.hey possum,Boo,G-F,maude,Romeena and all...so nice weather here in Ga..70"s and clear...ok...lets get out of here...anybody gona cook ?...prayers SPOT

February 11, 2017 - Msg 106755: Hey SPOT. It's warm here in south texas, too. In the 80's, in fact.


February 11, 2017 - Msg 106756: Hello all. I saw Susan Oliver (Prisoner of Love)today in an ep of Wanted Dead or Alive.
It is neat to see tags folks on other shows.
BOO--so glad to hear that about Erin. Sometimes the school of 'hard knocks' is the
best school around. As far as counsel goes, remember that the
Father sent us the Holy Spirit as our 24 hour a day counselor! :) During the pain of the last few weeks, I have found much comfort in Him.
And, of course, YOU and Bruce are the best counselors "that money can buy!"
ROMEENA--can you contact the man who has helped TOM in the past? Maybe see if anything we could do? Thanks
Also, I hear you a bit about the tweet being 'from the horse's mouth,' but sometimes it needs to be tempered with discernment first. That is my prayer for him!
GF--yup, soup and jello were my mainstays for a couple of weeks! Hang in there buddy.
Hey to SPOT, keep those lights burning!
OH, with TAGS quotes...I always get a kick out of
Barney-isms like exactillioso, or terapitic, etc! :)
Good Sabbath to all,

February 12, 2017 - Msg 106757: Good evening, porch. I just got home from my grandson's birthday party (Landry) and I can't believe he's 16. He's 6'3", lanky as a coat rack, and the sweetest kid you could hope to meet. He'll be taking his driving test this week. Lord help us all!

Boo, I'm so sorry that Erin is having to learn such hard lessons, but as you said, it's better that she's learning it now. It's just confirming what you and Bruce have been teaching her all along, and may just save her some even harder blows later. I know it was hard for you when you realized the pregnant girl's aunt didn't know what was going on, but it's good that she does know now. Maybe the girl hadn't told her aunt because she feared being forced to have an abortion. If that's the case, then good for her. I still believe though, that the best course would be to place the baby for adoption, so it can have a stable home with two loving parents, but that's a decision the girl should make herself. Keep it, or give it up, but abortion? The girl would deal with such guilt later on. I've seen it at the hospital. A woman with a history of one or more abortions, finally has a baby, and breaks down in a river of tears when she realizes that the one she aborted was just as sweet and precious as the one she's holding at that moment. It's heartbreaking.

Yes, MDC, I can call Tom tomorrow and see how things are progressing, and if still needed, I can call Don and see if he has any ideas. I'll let you know. Anybody else want in?

Well, got preaching in the morning, better hit the hay. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 12, 2017 - Msg 106758: Good Sabbath all.

Thanks for the recipe Romeena. I will give it a try. I love chicken. I must say, I agree with your thoughts also concerning the tweets by our President. I think it is one way of communicating with the people bypassing the biased slant of the media. I admit my own bias concerning this. It really tics the media off, and I love it. I loath them. I do agree he could be a bit more of a diplomat with them though. I once heard someone define a diplomat thus, "A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to he##, but do it so nicely that you look forward to the trip". I like that.

I enjoyed your comments John Masters. I find it interesting that the folks who became enraged when, during the campaign, Trump hinted that should he lose, he may not accept it well, are the same folks now who are protesting anything and everything he is trying to do. I suppose it shouldn't surprise me, having seen this play out during the Regan years, but it gets old just the same.

Glad you are improving MDC and GF. We need you fellers at the top of your game.

Hang in there Boo. I know that you and Bruce are doing right with Erin and Sean. And I know you both put the Lord first in your home. That makes all the difference in the world I do believe.

We have seen some flooding in our neck of the woods this week. It has warmed very fast, along with rai. That has melted much of the snow pack and resulted in some issues in different places. week ago I still had over a foot of snow in my yard. Today it is gone. Fortunately we have a nice sandy loam lot, and it drains off really well.

I better go get ready for preaching. No dangly earrings. :)


February 12, 2017 - Msg 106759: Well gang I watched some good preaching on the tube here at work..ready to get home at 6pm..Off the next 3 days. Got to get some bush hogging durning off days ! ..got garden cut and ready for spring...getting questions from everyone "when ya gona retire?" will be 58 this year and have 35 years in here...whew..may go another year..well hey Romeena,possum,Maude,MDC,G-F,Boo,John M...supper menu: Country Fried steak and gravy,fried okra,cream taters,boiled corn on the cob,cornbread and green onions,sweet tea...hot peppers !..Southern all the way ! Prayers ..SPOT

February 12, 2017 - Msg 106760: True, MDC. I know that Bruce and I need to continue to spend quality time teaching Erin and just strengthening out relationship with her during this window of time we now have before she is out of the nest. Thank you again for your prayers.

Thank you Ro and Asa, also, for your words of wisdom and encouragement, as always. Asa, Bruce and I both have been rather convicted lately about not putting the Lord first, as we should. We have been spending too much time on projects that don't matter so much, or watching TV in the evening, when we should be spending time with the kids or brushing up on our prayer and bible reading. I really lack discipline in those areas, and find that if I let it slide and don't make it the priority, in no time it just doesn't seem important as it should. I guess that is human nature, but we are called to better than that.

Today was another warm day here on the coast and I am longing for some cold weather. The weatherman told us to go ahead and start planting our spring plants on the weather report last night. Boo.

Went to preachin' this morning. In sunday school we talked about Samson and Delilah. Talk about learning your lesson the hard way! We could really take something from Samson's mistakes.

Sean is going through a tough time right now and I don't know if it is physical, mental or both. I think he is depressed because of his anxiety. I am making him an appointment this week with the doctor for a check up and with the doc who prescribes his psych meds for him. I am pretty sure he needs an adjustment but it might be a physical issue, too. He started a new med a year ago and gained a lot of weight when he did. I think that is draining him of his energy, too. He is too young to feel so bad so we need to do something. He is planning a trip to Disney World with some friends in florida at the end of the month. He has never flown before or done anything on his own and as much as he wants to go, I think he is dealing with some anxiety over it. Please say a prayer for his safety and so on if you would. Thank you.

I think I will hit the ironing board a little early tonight..feeling sleepy and didn't get a sunday nap today. Tomorrow is a dr's appointment in the AM..no problem just yearly check up and mammogram. It's a drag but a necessary one.

Talk to you all tomorrow.


February 12, 2017 - Msg 106761: Exactillioso! (:

February 13, 2017 - Msg 106762: Hey folks,

Sorry I havent touched base. Trying to catch up on some things here and havent been able to catch up with y'all. Will be back asap and hope to be up to speed. As always, my best to the entire Porch!

John Masters

February 13, 2017 - Msg 106763: HI ALL! GF and ASA, pitchers and catchers showed up today, so Spring Training has officially begun,
and me still unable to drive! :( (Due to the hydrocodone.)
But, also, somehow I have managed to catch a COLD!
I havent had a cold in ages, yet somehow I've got a runny nose, cough, etc. I guess my immune system is down, and i am still trying to build up my anemic blood, and Friday we were at the doctor's office, so i guess i got it there!
Oh well, here we go!
May the love of our Lord Jesus touch us all! :)

February 14, 2017 - Msg 106764: Good morning all.

Great to hear about spring training starting up MDC. Maybe you caught a cold because you can't catch a ball in your current condition. :) Seriously, I hope you get better soon. I hate going to the Doctors office this time of year for that very reason. And I had to go yesterday to change blood pressure med. So I wouldn't be a bit surprised to be sick in a day or two.

Boo, Prayers for Sean for sure. Bless his heart.

Romeena, because my Wife has been unable to go up to the hospital for the last few months for her infusions, we have set her up for home health care now. She will have her first home infusion today. I wish you lived here and you could be the one doing it.

I hope you are recovering ok GF. Did your snow melt? Ours has pretty much gone down in the valleys.

Hey to John Masters.

Well I'm off.


February 14, 2017 - Msg 106765: I SEE YOU ON THEROOF

February 14, 2017 - Msg 106766: So sorry about your cold, MDC. Sounds like you have been taking good care of yourself, but with your body needed energy to heal, it isn't surprising you picked up a cold. Prayers that you are over it soon.

Hope all goes well today with the infusion at home, Asa. I would imagine it would be much less stressful for both of you having it done at home. Prayers for you and the Mrs. Thank you for praying for Sean..it means so much.

A blustery front blew in with lots of rain this morning, just as I was dropping Erin off to school. I had an umbrella but still got soaked getting out to shut the gate and get into the house. Wow. I love it, though.

I wish I was going to be home all day to enjoy it but I have to go in to work at 1pm. I am going to be working with a new nurse who is still in orientation, so I'm sure I will have plenty to do. I think I will crawl back into bed and try to sleep a little longer. Hope you all have a great day.


February 14, 2017 - Msg 106767: Yes Asa, all our snow is gone, suppose to be almost 50 today!.. I think I'll waddle out and feed the birds and squirrels today, they've been feeling a bit left out lately...lol

MDC, thanks for the Spring training update, to bad you're feeling a bit of the pip on top of everything else... We just don't pop back to shape like we used to... Do we Buddy?

Hey gang check out Floyd's podcast from last night, he did a show about Burt Mustain (Judd Fletcher ) and Susan Oliver from the " Prisoner of Love" episode. She was a very interesting lady who did a lot outside her acting career....

Everyone have a Great Day.....G-F

February 14, 2017 - Msg 106768: Good morning, porch! Boo, we've got rain here today too. No wind at all, the air is perfectly still. No lightning or thunder either, just still and wet and quiet out there. No birds, no squirrels, nothing moving out back. Kind of surreal. Just noticed the pond pumps aren't working either, so the GFI must be tripped. That happens a lot, when the sprinklers run, or when we have a heavy rain, so guess it rained hard last night. That means there's an ant nest built up around a power post somewhere. When it gets water-soaked, it will cause a short and trip the GFI. They like the power sources for some reason, and will build a mound over one of them (there's about fifteen of them out there, in the perimeter flowerbeds). As soon as the rain clears out, I'll check them, find the mound, tear it down and throw dry molasses around the area, and the ants will leave. A little DE will kill the larvae. Pesky little critters.

MDC, I'm sorry you're feeling poorly. A cold can make you so miserable, but at least you're on the mend with your hip. In a few weeks, all this will be just a memory, and you'll feel better than you have in a good while, I'm thinking.

Asa, I wish I could be there to help with your wife's treatments too. I enjoy IV therapy, and home-based treatment has really eased the strain on a lot of people. My friend Joe, who "built" my back yard and who visits often to plant or move something, do major pruning projects and such, really benefited from it. He had an infection around his heart, of all things, and was treated emergently for it, then was on maintenance IV antibiotics for a month after that. They put in a temporary port, gave him the tubing and supplies he needed and a batch of syringes filled with the antibiotic. He would attach the short tubing to the syringe, plug it into the port, put the syringe into the spring-loaded delivery device, and it would slowly inject the antibiotic, over about half an hour. Usually he would do this while we sat in the sunroom and had lunch, but once he did it while planting tulip bulbs! I'm sure his doctor thought he was doing this in a clean environment, with clean hands and limited activity. He would have been horrified, as I was, but Joe will do things his way. After the first time, I did pitch a little fit and insist that he wash his hands first! Crazy man.

G-F, I hope your recovery is moving along. I'll be glad when all you folks get past these current trials and get back to normal! I hate it when porchsters are ailing. Prayers for a return to health and vigor for all my porch friends.

Tonight I'm going to a potluck "Widows Valentine Party" at my friend LaRue's house. She does this every year, inviting only widows (and there are a lot of us!) so she always has a good crowd, about twenty women. More than half of my SS class are widows, and she invites a few others who are not from the class. My SIL just referred me to a woman who has been a customer in her jewelry store for years, and who lost her husband just three weeks ago, to a very long illness. I called her, invited her to church, and she accepted for next Sunday. Then I asked her to our JOY dinner on Thursday night, and to my joy and surprise, she accepted that too. So I asked her to LaRue's party and she is going with me tonight! I'll be picking her up for all three events, of course. I hope she'll like our little group and just come on and be a regular. We can help her, I think, and I'm sure she'll have something to share that will help us as well.

Well, better get moving. Blessings, friends, and a happy Valentine's Day to one and all. --Romeena

February 14, 2017 - Msg 106769: Happy Valentine's Day, Porchsters! Hug your "Darlin' Person" tight today! If you don't have one,just hang out here with us,because there's a whole heap of love on this ol' porch.

Love and Happiness to all!

possum under a rock

February 14, 2017 - Msg 106770: Thank you, Possum, for stating what we all feel - there is a lot of love on this porch, for sure.

Is it okay if my personal "Darlin' Person" has four feet and a fluffy little waggy tail, and is just 7" tall? I'll have to be careful hugging her tight, she's a delicate little thing, but she loves to cuddle, and I do hug her a lot.

I spoke with our TOM on the phone this morning. He's doing well, and says he will be back on the porch very soon. He said to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day from him.

Well, gotta run. Have to get ready for the Widow's Valentine Party at my friend's house. She's such a sweetheart for doing this for all of us, year after year. There are a lot of angels in this world, some just don't have wings. --Romeena

February 14, 2017 - Msg 106771: Here you go GF and ASA and anyone who loves baseball! Some great vintage film with it when the
game was simpler. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04KQydlJ-qc
Thanks for all your kind words regarding my cold.
I took lots of vitamin C, Zinc, garlic and oregano today. Wanna knock this thing out in the "bud."
ASA--my PT person comes to my house three times a week. It is sure convenient. Hope all goes well with your wife.
RO--so neat that that lady wants to participate.
I hope it all works out good for you both.
Possum...thank you for the Valentine's greetings!! Same right back at ya!
God bless,

February 15, 2017 - Msg 106772: Great video MDC, yep good vintage ball players on it!... I miss those "Glory Days" playing ball. I played over 20 years on our church teams. The Dr. said that is what contributed to my hip problems especially all those years I was the catcher.

I played long enough to have my Son play with me, which was special. But I have to admit there comes a time when you start out in the outfield, then progress to catcher, then to pitcher our bodies tell us those "Glory Days" are behind you, and it's time to hang up the cleats and glove and act your age.

Funny thing, where I come from we also played "Fumbleball" which is much like playing softball except the seams on the ball are turned inside out, which makes the ball do all kinds of aerodynamic tricks as it flys thru the air. It was developed mainly for those guys who did not want to quit playing ball, you could pound it and it and not have to worry about hitting out of the park.

Check out this link and look at the pictures http://www.cantonrep.com/article/20140517/News/140519316
It was quite a game back in the day, it was played only one other place in the country, Milwaukee I think...

There were a lot of "bar teams" where local bar sponsors teams. Those were some rough leagues, but I always played on "church" teams where we acted "Like Somebody" but I have to admit it was rough even there at times.. I had a broken thumb to prove it!. "Lord I apologize"... But I DID hold onto the ball when the guy tried to take me out at Home... 😩..The Stories...PRICELESS,


February 15, 2017 - Msg 106773: If Poor Horatio was still rocking, I'm sure he could find more out on that subject...PH "Where are You?"..G-F

February 15, 2017 - Msg 106774: G-F, that's a good question. Where is PH? He hasn't been on the porch in a long time. I miss our "Answer Man."

Well, the party last night was lovely, with a couple of new ladies attending for the first time. I'm acquainted with both of them, but they're from a different SS department, so I don't know them well. Most of the rest of us are all from the same department, and have been together for SS for many years. We have around 500 in attendance for church on any given Sunday, so that number divides up into several fairly large departments for SS.
The lady I had invited didn't make it to the party. I called her yesterday morning to confirm, and she was crying when she answered the phone. After all, it has been just a little less than three weeks since her husband passed, so I wasn't surprised. I promise you, I wasn't attending any parties at that point!! More like three years. I just assured her I understood, there are no "shoulds" or "musts" at this point, and she is welcome whenever she feels like making the effort. I'll call her in the morning to see about the JOY dinner tomorrow night, but I don't think she'll go. Again, I understand. I've bought her a ticket, but will find someone to give it to. The tickets are sold out, and there will be several people looking for tickets tomorrow. Anyway, I won't pester her, but will make sure she knows she's wanted and welcome, anytime.

Toye Starr went to the vet today to have her teeth cleaned, and again, he had to extract some of them. Six, to be exact. She still has all her canines, so her tongue won't be hanging out the side of her mouth, and she has enough molars to still be able to chew, but she's definitely got some gaps. Poor little girl! I hate that she's losing teeth, but she's nearly ten now, and Dr. Mike says her little jaws are so tiny that her teeth barely have roots. He assures me it's nothing I'm doing or not doing, says it's probably mostly genetic. Strong teeth just aren't in her DNA. Oh well. I love her, teeth or no teeth.

Well, maybe I'll hit the hay. It's been a long day. Toye Starr has had a hard day, for sure, so I think she'd appreciate an early bedtime. Blessings, porch. Sweet dreams! --Romeena

February 15, 2017 - Msg 106775: I played baseball as a kid and was quite good. Then I got old enough, maybe 13 or 14, they could throw curveballs and I quit. I was never very big, maybe 160 lbs in my teens But when I took up softball about the age of 18, I discovered I could crush the ball. I'd never known I had any power. Then I was on a college intramural team and we all looked at each other when someone asked who could pitch. I decided to try it, and was surprised to discover if I used my bowling release, I could make the softball curve a lot. Some people will say you can't throw much of a curve in slow pitch, but mine curved a good foot.

2 moments stand out for me, neither good. When I was pitching once, someone hit a low line drive that hit the ground just in front of me. I thought it hit the ground, while my teammates said it hit the pitcher's plate. In any case, it bounced straight up into my right eye. I was taken to the hospital to be checked out. Not much came of it, although I had a comically bad black eye. The doctor told me I was kind of lucky the ball's impact really centered around my eye so as to not do more damage to the eyeball. Another occasion, our catcher took offense at someone sliding a bit hard into home. He had a huge temper, probably fueled by what we'd today call posttraumatic stress syndrome. To my horror, he took the ball and threw it at the runner who'd gotten up and only about 5 feet from him. He missed, and the ball ricocheted off the backstop. I thought he missed on purpose, although I was probably the only person on the field who thought that. He was thrown out of the game and the umpire said he was going to try to get him thrown out of the league, which never happened.

Billy Ray the Softball Playing Postman

February 15, 2017 - Msg 106776: Oh my! Toye Starr is almost 10?! I can't believe that. It seems like just a couple of years ago that you finally got to bring her home. Sweet little thing, I hope she isn't too uncomfortable. speaking of..I am feeling like a very guilty pet owner right now. I took our black lab-shepherd mix to get her first heart worm injection. I was not prepared for it. That poor dog was terrified as it was and then the injection they gave her was given into the back muscle. They sent me home with pain medicine for her but I was prepared for the suffering she did. It must have been and still is very painful for her. She wont eat, so I couldn't get her to take the pills in food. I had to open her mouth and push them to the back of her tongue and make her swallow them, which I hate to do. I could tell she was miserable but within and hour she was much better but not pain-free. I went out and bought her a new, very comfy dog bed and tucked her in for the night and she finally fell asleep. I am only supposed to give her the medicine every 12 hours so I guess I will check on her around 2am and see if she is awake. The really bad news is that I have to take her back in a month for two more injections. I feel so bad for her. I know it was very likely she would get them, being an outside dog, but I could just kick myself for not making sure that she got her heartworm prevention every single month. Poor girl, this is just awful. If she makes it through all of this, I will make sure she gets it if I have to tape it to my forehead! This dog is so sweet and gentle and one of those dogs that gets anxious easily. I just hate to put her through this. I feel like I deserve to give her a chance to get well and enjoy life for a few more years.

Well, I worked on Valentine's Day, so not very romantic, but I did get to spend some time with some of the girls at the facility, and I helped train a very nice new nurse named Amy. I think she is going to do great so I really hope she likes it and stays.

When I got home from work last night, Erin was teary-eyed. Her friend who was pregnant had a miscarriage and Erin was very sad for her friend and the baby. She knows it will be for the best but it is still hard. The girl wanted to come to church with us tonight so I brought her and she seemed to be doing fairly well but Erin said she cried a lot during church. I feel so sorry for these young girls who are the product of poor or no parenting. So unfair.

Bruce and I took a drive this evening because the weather was perfect! We parked down at the harbor and watched the sunset over the water...so peaceful. This is a particularly stressful time in our lives, making decisions about Erin and getting mom-in-law ready for the move into a facility. Next week and then through the rest of the month, really, we will be busy cleaning things out. We will have to move mom in law in here at our house for about a week while all of this is being done. It wont be easy but we will do it.

Well, I am pretty tired tonight and have a full day tomorrow. I cant believe I am saying it, but I am looking forward to summer when Erin is out of school and I don't have to get up so early every day to get her to school. That gets really old. :)

See you all later,

February 15, 2017 - Msg 106777: Forgot to say to Romeena, bless you for reaching out to the dear woman who is grieving. That is Christ's love in action. I think it is wonderful that you have the support of a group for widows in your church. Amazing.


February 16, 2017 - Msg 106778: Hi all! Boo, my prayers continue for your whole family. hang in there!
Well, my 'concoction' of garic tabs, oregano, zinc and vit C, knocked out my cold big time.
I was determined! ha Hate colds, so now it's just the hip work again. :)
Y'all is just great helping others and reaching out. May we be a light in this present darkness.
God bless,

February 16, 2017 - Msg 106779: Good morning all.
Goodness Ro, I'm with Boo. Hard to imagine Toye Starr is pushing 10. But then I have to remember Barney is 13 now. Time just moves right along.

I'm sorry about Erin's friend losing her baby Boo. But I suppose considering the circumstances, well, I'm sure the Lord has a hand in this. Prayers for you to be up to the challenges this next month brings.

MDC, Glad you got rid of the cold. I hate them also. But I am a big baby.

GF and Billy , I played some church softball also. And yes, It can get pretty competitive can't it.

Guess I better get moving. With spring around the corner I have plenty to do.


February 16, 2017 - Msg 106780: Billy Ray... Yes, you can put some "action" on a softball. If you checked out my link to "fumbleball" you could see the raised seams on the ball. Talk about ACTION those raised seams sure would make the ball do some funny things. I liked the strategy part of pitching, I could make that ball do some funny things if I don't say so myself!..Drove the batters CRAZY!..

I agree Asa, church softball could get intense at times, requiring some repentance/reflection time on Sunday morning.
I often wondered if some of those other guys even SAW a church in their life...lol But the experience was a good platform to show a good witness to others..Amen?

You know Gang, with all the stories and experiences we have shared we sure could have enough material for a book or a weekly TV series... "The Porch Place"... Just Sayin'


February 16, 2017 - Msg 106781: Thank you for those prayers, as always.

MED, you will have to share that concoction with us. I have managed to escape getting sick recently, even after being around sick kids at work, a sick coworker who sneezed and coughed all over me a week ago, and Erin's terrible virus. If I do pick something up, though, would love to know exactly what you did, MDC.

Well, off to take Erin to school.


February 16, 2017 - Msg 106782: MED?? Weird..I meant to type MDC, of course.
I wasn't looking at the keyboard.


February 16, 2017 - Msg 106783: Good morning, porch. It's an absolutely beautiful day, with 54 and shooting for the upper 60s. Sun is shining, skies are blue, tulips and daffodils are pushing up through the soil all over the yard, front and back, the fountains are bubbling in the pond, and there is abundant bird and critter traffic. I love a day like this! I do need to wash my "window on the world", though. That thing sure gets dirty fast!

Boo, it's so easy to reach out to someone like the new widow, or to anyone who needs some support. I have been blessed with a church home that is very mission-minded, with something for everyone. Years ago, our beloved pastor, BO Baker, had a dream for the church. He wanted to build a gym, with a full-size basketball court, weight room, showers and dressing rooms, a crafts room, snack and drink machines - all designed to appeal to young people. After a few years of prayer and planning, we built it, all paid for. It's open at designated hours to the youth of the neighborhood, and a staffer is there, in the background, to keep order. We've never had a problem. Kids of all colors and creeds show up, play, and go home. We participate in the Upward Basketball program, which has swept the nation, apparently. My son David coaches a team at his church in north Ft. Worth.

Now, do all these kids become Christians if they weren't before, and do they all join our church? Of course not, but a few do, and that's what it's all about. Spreading the gospel and leading people to the Lord is the goal. Also, we aim to provide support for people during difficult times in their lives, and there are plenty of activities to which we can invite them. For an unchurched Christian, walking in there feels like coming home. For an unsaved person, we offer love, support, information and instruction if they want it, and a chance to find the Lord, and a church home. We have several Bible study groups, to appeal to all ages. We have mission opportunities, both foreign and home (my Mongolia trips, for example) and just generally, we try to be the voice, and the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. We definitely don't "win 'em all" but we keep swinging, and we rejoice in the victories we do have. God has blessed me greatly, with that church, and I'm only too happy to invite others to come and share in what I have there.

Poor little Erin. The teen years can be so turbulent, and in today's world, that's more true than ever. I'm sorry that little girl lost her baby, but perhaps God just looked ahead at what its life would be like, and what it would do to the girl's future, and just called that little soul back home.

I've heard people say that God is the God of the "do-over", but I don't entirely agree. I know what is meant there, but what's done is done, and there are usually consequences that can't be avoided. However, He definitely is the God of "begin again", and offers us a chance to correct some of our mistakes, supports as we deal with the consequences of what can't be corrected, and offers a chance to prove that we have learned frm the mistake and won't repeat it.

Well, guess I'd better go give my little fluffy friend her antibiotic, and some soft food. Actually she doesn't seem to be in pain, but Dr. Mike sent her home with some Rimadyl, so I guess I'll give it to her. She had a dose last night, and seemed to sleep peacefully, but six teeth? It sure seems like that would hurt!

Have a wonderful day, friends, and remember to act like somebody! --Romeena

February 16, 2017 - Msg 106784: G-F regarding church softball players who never saw the inside of the church, I recall a fellow telling me about his own experience. I think it's essentially true, although he might have spiced it up a little like Andy and Paul Revere. Anyway, he had the preacher come up to him after a game and mention he hadn't seen the fellow at church. The fellow said, "Well, there's a good reason for that." The preacher looked surprised and asked "Why's that?" The fellow said, "I've never been." The preacher says "Do you think you should be playing for our team then?" The fellow says, "Well, I played for Barney's Bar last year and I ain't never been there either."

I'll tell a similar story on myself. I was a pretty good bowler and happened to be practicing one day when a fellow came down and said their league team needed someone that night. I said fine, and went on down. At the time, I didn't realize it was a church league. We got about 5 frames in and one of them says "We have a little beer frame going on in the 5th frame, if that's okay." I agreed and so it went. A beer frame works by the person with the lowest score that frame having to buy a round of drinks for the whole team. Just about every team does it. I didn't have the low score, so they came up and asked me what I wanted to drink. I said, "Well, I'm not much of a beer drinker, so I'll have a Diet Mt. Dew.", my drink of choice. The fellow looked surprised and said, "Well, uh, we don't drink beer here anyway." Which really confused me after they called it a beer frame. It was a little later I happened to notice the name of the league listed on the score sheets identified it as a church league. I wonder what their reaction would have been if I'd asked for a Budweiser!

Billy Ray the Teetotalling Postman