April 10, 2017 - Msg 107256: Look out for old Sam!

April 10, 2017 - Msg 107257: Didn't do a lot today..just some laundry and made dinner. I even took a nap this morning, and boy did I need it.

Hey back, John Masters.

Ro, those flowers and your yard sound just beautiful!

That is great about the prison ministry, MDC. Bless you for doing that!

I have to be in Corpus Christi at 6am for an endoscopy, so hoping I can sleep tonight. I think I might watch a little TAGS.


April 11, 2017 - Msg 107258: Today is Opening Day for our Tribe... Raining now, but the weather prognosticators say it will be out of here by the first pitch.... At least it's not snow as we have had several times in the past....
"PLAY BALL!" ⚾️⚾️⚾️


April 11, 2017 - Msg 107259: Good morning, porch. Just passin' by. It's not yet noon, and I have been to the lab for a blood draw, to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions, to the grocery store to buy $140 worth of groceries (ouch!) and to the tortilleria to get a bag of nopalitos.

I still have to put away the groceries, clean one bathroom, vacuum the living room, set up the tables for bunco, make the chicken casserole (I cheated, I bought rotisserie chickens at the store, don't have to cook the chicken), and if there's time, bathe Toye Starr and comb her out. Two of my guests are "allergic" to dogs, so I always bathe her before they come, and miraculously, they don't react. Never mind that she's all over the house and furniture, all the time, and that's all still there. Thinking makes it so, someone said, and medically speaking, there's a lot of truth to that. Very scholarly articles have been written on that subject, and I've seen it work myself, in the hospital. Patient moaning with pain, two hours too soon for a narcotic shot. Inject a couple of cc's of saline, tell them it's a "special order" from the doctor, should work quickly and very well, and in five minutes they're snoring. The mind believes what it's told, releases endorphins (the body's natural morphine) and the pain is relieved. It doesn't work every time, but it works enough to be a valid practice.

Well, better get busy. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

April 11, 2017 - Msg 107260: Oh, and the placebo works best when given as an injection. Pills don't work as well. There's something about that needle stick that convinces the mind that the body is receiving something important. --Romeena

April 11, 2017 - Msg 107261: Funny one Romeena, there is a MASH episode about that very thing....G-F

April 11, 2017 - Msg 107262: Afternoon, folks!

Well, having to get rid of our rooster today. He is meaner than a bear to my wife and has spiked her a couple of times. We're trading him out for a few hens from a man that raises chickens around here. Wife is out now picking up supplies to accommodate more hens.

G-F - Don't forget about Emma and her sugar pills!

Romeena - Better not let Warren see those dice! he might bring you in for gambling!

Better git so I am ready for the wife when she comes back. Y'all take care and have a fun day!

John Masters

April 11, 2017 - Msg 107263: Here ya go John Masters... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1AnBPqttBkw G-F 🐓

April 11, 2017 - Msg 107264: ....Or this version https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JHBiBjg7ANk G-F again

April 11, 2017 - Msg 107265: Try this link with a Rooster and a Mayberry reference...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm2nWqih5Wk

SMH - Smokey Mountain Hillbilly

April 11, 2017 - Msg 107266: HaHa SMH ....I was AT that event...Thanks for posting it for JM...G-F

April 11, 2017 - Msg 107267: Ro, sometimes placebos work great. I wish we could give them to the kids at work but they wont let us. I think it might really help them with their complaints sometimes. I think that often they are just wanting some attention and I hate giving ibuprofen so often.

Well, had my endoscopy early this morning and it was easy, as usual. The difficult part is waiting in the holding area. The doc that did it is such a nice guy and he told me that if he found anything really significant he would tell me before I left. I didn't see him so I guess that's good. I did find out, however, that my hemoglobin is 10.6 for some reason. So, if the endoscopy doesn't show anything, I might be looking at getting a colonoscopy to look for bleeding somewhere in the colon. This getting older is not for sissies, as Ro often says. What I cant understand is how I can be anemic and feel so good. No fatigue or anything.

Have to be up early in the morning to see the dentist and make a decision about a root canal. :( Then, a visit to my primary care doc who is insisting on seeing me this week. After that, I pick up a cake from the bakery and head to work for a baby shower for someone. Did I already tell you all this? For some reason I am having some trouble remembering...probably the anesthesia drugs they gave me today.

Hope you all have a blessed night,

April 12, 2017 - Msg 107268: SMH--Wow, good to see ya again. Don't stay away so long this time!
BOO (et al) Yup, as the saying goes,"getting old sucks!" ha My day today consisted of a yearly physical including the you-know-what check; an appt with my allergist as allergies this season are killing me; PT session for my hip, and a trip to Walgreens! Who has time for golf!? lol
JOHN--i forgot to acknowledge what you said about the cowardly attack on the coptic Christians in Egypt. .. thanks to the 'arab spring', another great BO invention. (OK, box back under porch.)
Well, time for me to hit the hay.

April 12, 2017 - Msg 107269: Good morning all.

Boo, I am glad your endoscopy went well and they found all well. Maybe you just need a bottle of elixir to fix you up. Or Geritol. Remember that stuff? I wonder if it is even still around. Yep, getting older can be taxing to say the least. Just tell yourself each day, "This is the oldest I have ever been". Well, on second thought, maybe scratch that idea. I'm not so sure I want to remind myself of that every day.

GF, I was thinking about the same episode of MASH and the placebos. Of course Winchester wasn't buying it.

Hey to SMH.

Better get busy.


April 12, 2017 - Msg 107270: HaHa Asa,... Us Maintenance guys DO think alike!... JM I got my rider cranked up yesterday for the season.
My Sears mower is 20yrs. old and it has cranked right over every year, but I do pull the battery for the winter. Mine has a B&S Gold engine in it.

Romeena, I picked up my Citronella plants yesterday, early to plant them in the ground yet, but if I don't buy them early they sell out quickly. You ever get them for your Garden Oasis?
I put them in planters on my porch, they DO seem to help keep the skeeters away when I rock out there in the evening...

Just a reminder Big Maude and Possum, there is STILL room at the Inn for the Meet-Up in July, Floyd posted the link https://www.facebook.com/events/415772735456934/ Take it from Possum it's a GREAT time for fun and relaxation with Mayberry friends.....


April 12, 2017 - Msg 107271: Good morning, porch. Whew! The bunco gathering went well and everyone had a good time, but this morning, I'm just beat to the socks! I called my teacher/partner and told her I wouldn't make it in for ESL this morning. My back is in knots, and I'm short of breath, so decided to just stay home and pamper myself. I just wore myself out scrubbing that nasty kitchen floor. I chose a tile that wasn't completely smooth and therefore not so slippery when wet (people in my age bracket have to do things like that, you know) and it is safer, I guess, but those little indentations trap and hold dirt that doesn't mop up easily. I have a brush attachment for my mop handle, so I used it first with a cleaning solution to get all that up. It was amazing what that brush found! Then I went over it again with the mop. Had to move a six-foot long trestle table and two six-foot benches and two chairs, also. No wonder my back is protesting! Next time, I'm either hiring someone, or getting two young grandsons over here to help me. (Translate: To do the job.)

Boo, I'm glad your endoscopy went well, but I don't envy you regarding the root canal. I've had two of those over the years - not fun. I agree with you about the kids - many times all they need is attention and emotional support, and if that comes in the form of a placebo, and it works, well, so be it! I recall a time years ago, when I went as camp nurse with our church kids to youth camp, almost 200 kids, many of them homesick. There was one big 16-yr old football player, about 6'2" and 190 lbs. He came to my office/room one night, complaining of abdominal pain. Knowing what he had eaten that day (amazing) I gave him some Mylanta and sent him back to bed. A half hour later, he returned, still hurting. I probed his belly, no indication of appendicitis, so more Mylanta and back to bed. Soon he was back, crying this time. I asked him what HE thought would help. Between sobs, he finally stammered out "I think if I could just call my mom and tell her good night, I'd feel better." Ha! Just as I thought. I unlocked the office where the phone was, he called his mom (a good friend of mine) and spoke with her for a couple of minutes. Then, no tears and pain gone, all smiles, he went back to bed and that was that. As big as a man, but still a little boy underneath.

SMH, it's good to see you! Come around more often. It's always nice to see an old friend.

G-F, check your email. Yes, I've used the Citronella plants, and agree that they do work, up to a point. Nothing defeats the buzz-bomb mosquitoes we have around here, but those plants do seem to discourage them a little. And yes, that MASH episode came to mind often when I'd give the placebos. MASH was (and still is) one of my favorite shows.

Well, guess I'll be eating a chicken casserole for a couple of days. That's what I served last night, and have nearly a whole one left over. As usual, I wasn't following a recipe, just dumped a bunch of stuff together, and ended up with waaay more than I needed. Two 9x13 pans, filled to the top! Twelve women managed to eat all of one of them, and about two servings out of the other one. I sent some of that one home with Eloise, and still have about half of it here. I also have 2/3 of a big old roast chicken left over. I bought two chickens, used the meat from one and part of the other, so I've got roast chicken left! Maybe I'll make some chicken salad out of part of it. We had root beer floats for dessert, so no leftovers to deal with there!

Guess I'll mosey. Shoot, I may even go back to bed for a little while. Sounds like a plan! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 12, 2017 - Msg 107272: Regarding placebos, I recall a Steve Martin bit during one of his standup routines. He mentioned how high he was because of the new medicine he was taking. And the name of the med was "placebo".

I have a root canal coming up next Monday. Had one before. It really wasn't a big deal.

I tried the chat room on the main site last night. Nobody was there but it seemed to work okay.

Billy Ray the Postman

April 12, 2017 - Msg 107273: Hello everyone!

Got all of my limbs and branches picked up and have the yard prepared for the year's first mow! Looking forward to getting going!

Romeena - I looked up Bunco, cause i never heard of it, and it looks like a fun game. Might have to try that sometime! Next time, you have root beer floats, make one for me!

Boo - Hope all is well. Glad to hear endoscopy went ok! I never had a root canal, but I had a dentist pull all four wisdom teeth at the same time. I was knocked out and didnt know a thing!

G-F - Mine has a B&S motor too. Dont know if it's gold or anything special. I dont think so though.

Hey to Billy Ray, Asa, SMH and everyone else goin' to the Chamber of Commerce dance!

I notice the subject of age being brought up, so let me leave you with this little tidbit that I absolutely love. The late, great baseball pitcher, Satchel Paige said this..."How old would you BE if you didn't know how old you WERE."

Makes ya' think!

Have a great night, all!
John Masters

April 12, 2017 - Msg 107274: Wow, what a great quote. Satchel Paige was a smart man! Wasn't he the one who said, "Don't look back, something might be gaining on you!"

Yep, Bunco is a lot of fun. The best part is, you have no control over winning or losing, it's all in the roll of the dice. So, there are no good or bad players, just a bunch of (in our case) women having fun. You can talk, reminisce, complain, gossip, whatever. Just be ready to roll the dice when it's your turn! You can teach a newbie to play in about three minutes.

Well, I'm clemmed. I think I'll hit the hay. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

April 12, 2017 - Msg 107275: I think I would feel like the age I am (54) if I didn't know how old I was...maybe older. hehe

Glad you had a good time, Ro, and that you realize that you overdid it. Let those grandsons help you next time. Be good to yourself. :)

Romeena, I have a question for you...may sound like a strange one but I have a reason for it. Did you have either of those root canals before you had breast cancer?

Been a long day, but a pretty good one. Saw the dentist to get the break down of services and cost. Ouch...all I know is that the payments will be more painful than the root canal.

After that I saw my family doc who gave me the cards to test for occult blood (some of you know what I mean but I wont elaborate). I like my doctor so much. He is just a good guy..reminds me a lot of Jimmy Stewart. His office staff is another things. I told him I had called twice to get an appointment for Sean and they wouldn't give me one because they couldn't find his file. doc just shook his head and said quietly, "They are driving me crazy our there" (speaking of the office staff). ha

Went to the baby shower at work after I picked up that luscious strawberry cake I ordered. I allowed myself to have just a small piece, and boy was it good! I hung around a bit to help raise the morale of a nurse friend who had been chewed out unfairly by the dr's assistant who sees the kids at the facility. The guy is pretty awful but he went too far this time and administration came down on his head. They backed up the nurse 100%, as they should have. I was really happy to see that, and the nurse didn't quit today. Yay! The last thing we need is a rude bully running off the few nurses we have.

Bruce and I took Erin and one of her friends to youth group at church and then he and I went to a scenic overlook to park and have a conference about who to hire for the sprinkler system..what is going on with the kids, etc. We prayed over some things together and really enjoyed the time. I know I needed it.

I have been up since 6am and busy all day, so I think I might kick back with a little TAGS and then hit the ironing board. Have lots of chores around here tomorrow.


April 12, 2017 - Msg 107276: out there ^^

April 13, 2017 - Msg 107277: HI all, Man another busy day. How did I do it when I was working? Freinds were here from out of town,
so i was with them most of the day, then nice dinner at Ruby Tuesdays this evening.
Well, I'll write more later.

April 13, 2017 - Msg 107278: Good Morning gang super nice in Ga...82 and sun ! SPOT

April 13, 2017 - Msg 107279: Good morning, porch! Cloudy day here in Dallas, cool but not cold. Mosquito weather, as I found out when I went out to do a few little things in the yard. I wasn't out there more than ten minutes, but got several bites. Miserable little things.

Boo, I know one of those root canals was a few years after the cancer siege, not absolutely sure about the other one, but think it was after it as well. Why? What's on your mind?

Don't you just hate it when you run into a PA who not only thinks he's a doctor, but acts like an authority on everything? Very annoying little creatures, and I love it when one of them gets slapped down. Most of the PAs I know are knowledgeable, know where they belong in the scheme of things, and are just fine, but some can be real horse's patoots. Good for your admin people for putting him in his place. He asked for it! And yes, "bully" is the word for him.

Well, better run. I've got an appointment with the lady at the sleep lab, where my sleep study was done that resulted in me using a cpap machine. She's going to try to fit me with a different mask, so I can actually sleep while using it. The mask I'm using now doesn't work and play well with my old, flabby face. I can fit it perfectly, adjust it just so, and it works without a single leak. Then I change positions even slightly, my facial contour changes, and a leak erupts, blowing cold air into my eyes, or making rude, ridiculous noises, which of course wakes me up. Defeats the whole purpose! Toye Starr endures two or three of those events, then moves to the far corner of the foot of the bed, and I finally end up just turning the thing off and sleeping without it. It may not be uninterrupted sleep, but it beats what I get with the mask on.

Have a great day, everyone! --Romeena

April 13, 2017 - Msg 107280: RO-just wondering if you ever heard back from PH?

April 13, 2017 - Msg 107281: Nope. Not a peep. --Romeena

April 14, 2017 - Msg 107282: Question. Does anyone besides me use CVS Caremark for prescriptions by mail? I fill all my small prescriptions at my local pharmacy, where I've traded for 40 years, but my insulin is so ridiculously expensive that I've had to go to CVS because they're one of Medicare's "chosen few". I can get my insulin there for about $900 for a 90-day supply and it would be twice that much at my local pharmacy. Yes, $900.00.

I have had nothing but trouble with CVS Caremark. They can't get anything right. Nada. Zilch. Every three months, it's a pitched battle to get my insulin. I've stopped counting all the silly things they've insisted on, and all the excuses they've offered. After an hour on the phone with them over three months ago, I thought we had it right. Then, last week I realized they hadn't called to authorize refills and charges to the credit card I gave them. They're supposed to do that. So, I called them. They told me the scripts were expired. They're not. I had the last box in my hand, and read the information off to the lady - Three more refills available, until 12/4/17. This is a quote from her: "Oh, that. Those refills were cancelled when we went through our change-over and new administration. You need to get new orders." Well, silly me. Fancy me not knowing about that!

So, I got my doc to send in new orders and have been checking my porch for the order. Now, tonight I get an email from CVS, which says (copied): "Just letting you know that Order #2------ was received ahead of the normal refill schedule. One or more prescriptions were requested for refill too soon. This order will begin processing on 04/25/2017 and will ship shortly after." Excuse me? This is a new order. The old orders were already late, were due to refill March 6. The new orders should have been filled immediately, and I should already have them. So now I will have to wait until at least 4/30 to get my insulin. Right now, I am so mad I could bite nails, but they don't care. I have enough of my short-acting insulin to see me through and then some. The doc orders it based on the maximum I can be expected to use on any given day, and quite often I don't use that much, so I build up a little reserve. However, I've been taking half-doses of my long-acting insulin for a week now, and I have enough for four more days. This is not acceptable, and I'm tired of messing with them, so I've got to find another supplier, that knows how to run a business. Ridiculous.

This is all caused by the government getting ready to nationalize the prescription medicine industry, in my opinion. If they can starve the smaller local pharmacies out of business, and reduce the providers to a few, (called "preferred providers" in the Medicare literature) like Wal-Mart, CVS Caremark (mail order), the big grocery chains, it will be easier to take control of the industry. They're doing it by refusing to participate equally with all providers. My local pharmacy gets a pittance from Medicare to help pay for my insulin, while CVS Caremark gets a big chunk, therefore they sell it to me much more cheaply that my local pharmacy can. Think of Bert Miller! He got squeezed out, too. Anyway, I'm sick of it, and I've got to find another answer.

OK, that's my rant for the day. Oh, and don't anyone suggest I try Wal-Mart, I did, and didn't even get off the ground with them. In fact, I nearly went over a counter to pound knobs on the head of a surly, smart-mouthed, arrogant and uncooperative pharmacist whose name I couldn't even pronounce and who barely spoke English. Trust her to handle my medications? Don't think so. To top it off, when I told her to just give me my prescriptions and ID card back, she snatched it up and shoved it all into my hand. I stuffed it into my purse and left the area before I ended up slapping her.

When I got home, I found I had another woman's ID and credit card along with my own. I called back out there (12 miles from my house) and oh, joy, I got the same woman on the phone. I told her what she had handed me and she informed me I would have to return it "immediately" as it was illegal for me to have someone else's ID in my possession! I told her I wasn't about to make a 24-mile round trip to correct her error, and suggested she send somebody to pick the stuff up. She said if I didn't, she would send the police to my house. I hung up, called back and asked for the store manager. He was nice, said "I'll take care of her, don't worry! Just mail the cards to the store, marked for my attention, and that will be fine." I did, and have heard nothing more about it. I hate Wal-Mart, and avoid entering their stores whenever possible.

Well, sorry for the rant, but I had to let off a little steam, or I'll never be able to sleep tonight. I hate to get news like that at night, when I can't do anything about it until morning. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

April 14, 2017 - Msg 107283: ROMEENA--I am not sure if you have a medicare drug plan or if you are just buying the insulin on your own; but if it is on your own, have you ever tried looking at GoodRx.com ?
I have used them for my Patanase nasal spray because Humana's drug plan stopped carrying it; and I actually get it cheaper now with a good rx coupon then when I was buying it under my Humana drug plan! Go figure.
Anyway, might be worth a look-see.

April 14, 2017 - Msg 107284: Sorry Romeena, I use ExpressScripts mail in for my maintenance drugs... Sorry for your troubles. G-F

April 14, 2017 - Msg 107285: Gosh gang I got to get caught up here ! read archives...been busy getting garden ready for planting...all storms seen to be gone from the south...whew...hey Romeena,GF,possun,John,MDC, Boo,Asa,Maude and all my friends....well here at work till 2 ..prayers to all..lunch on me for sure for not posting in a bit...Longhorn Steak House...best Steak they got and all the trimmings !..SPOT

April 14, 2017 - Msg 107286: Romeena, CVS needs to hire a caring person like Miss Ellie, to work at their drugstore.

Billy Ray the Postman

April 14, 2017 - Msg 107287: Wow, Ro..just wow. Makes you wanna beat somebody up. Lol. I hear your pain concerning Caremark. We used them for my parents medication and the whole deal was a real pain in the backside. I get my scripts from Walgreens. I want to say that the price of insulin is immoral. My dear departed aunt's insulin cost her several hundred dollars a month. She was a disabled widow so I sent her some money each month to help her until her recent death. Something is so wrong with the pharmaceutical industry. It truly makes me ill.

Been a busy day so far..I wanted to sleep in but woke up at usual time. That internal alarm clock just refuses to shut off, even after a good dose of Melatonin.

Erin and I went to town to get a dress for her for a friends upcoming sweet 16 party. We were lucky to find something in the first shop we entered and we found the cutest, soft black leather jacket for her for only 30.00. She was very happy to find it. The traffic in the city was terrible with all the kids out of school for Good Friday! We managed to get to the mall, though, and got what we needed there. I am still trying to get my script filled for new glasses and I am having a time finding what I want..or the right price, rather. I spend 800 a year on optical and my progressive lenses should not cost me nearly 300 dollars! I guess I will have to shop around more. Any ideas out there? I feel like Ro about Walmart and kind of hate to go there. I need to do something, though, because I have one broken pair and the other is pretty badly scratched. Between my eyes and my teeth...and my stomach, I am spending a bundle. Oh well, I'm thankful I have the means to take care of things for myself and my family. I don't take it for granted. Bruce and I work hard and I am thankful for the insur@ance.

We met up with some friends in town and had a nice lunch at Logan's Roadhouse. Has anyone been there? I had never been but really enjoyed the steak I had, and they served me the best baked sweet potato I have ever had. I think they cooked it on grill and the texture was just perfect. So good! My steak was cooked to perfection, too, and the waitress did a find job.

Well, have to go to a birthday party for one of our church friends so better get going. See you all later.


April 14, 2017 - Msg 107288:
Hello everyone. Sorry for being absent so long but I've had some serious health issues. Earlier this year, I noticed I was not feeling well and it did not improve. I also noticed I was getting weaker. Then I fell down and could not get up on the second floor bathroom. I told my wife not to call 911 hoping that I would regain my strength. But after laying on the floor all night and my strength did not return, I told my wife to call 911. Because our stairwell is narrow and makes a 270 degree turn, the paramedics could not carry me or put me in a transport chair. The paramedics had to request assistance from the fire department. They loaded me on a tarp and carried me down into the ambulance. I felt the corner of each step when they paused to rest OUCH. The hospital stay was no fun because I developed blot clots from being immobile too long. Well I am finally out of the regular hospital and am currently in a hospital rehab center trying to get my strength back. Today is the first day I'm on the internet this year. I guess I have a lot of catching up to do in the archives.

from Poor Horatio

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107289: Well hello Poor Horatio! I was indeed wondering about you, and was thinking the worst, when suddenly you leave a post! Thanks! So sorry tho about your health situation!! Did they ever determine what was wrong with you? I had some complications from my hip surgery, like my left calf is still swelling up, but at least i know what it is from.
Hang in there my friend! Good to have you back in every sense of that phrase! :)
BOO--I sure hope you left a quarter tip! ha It sounds like things are better there these days. I pray it is so.
For the first time in about 40 years I did not make it to Good Friday afternoon service. My allergies are
so bad this year. We had heavy rain in Jan-Feb, and now every Palo Verde tree is covered with blossoms,
along with every other pollen out there.
I would appreciate a few prayers that my sinuses will make it thru all the nasal sprays etc that i have been subjecting them to. Thanks! I just made another appt with my allergist.
I always feel the love when I ask for prayer.
God bless, Easter is almost here!!

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107290: Oh BOO, I have gotten my glasses at Costco for years and have never had a problem there at all.
Just a thought, mdc

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107291: Well, hello there, Poor Horatio! It's great to hear from you, but am so sorry to learn the reason for your absence. We all knew something had to be wrong for you to just drop off the map like that. Naturally, we all want to know what on earth just wiped you out like that, but if you'd prefer not to share the story, we will understand. We have been praying for you, not knowing anything at all, and that was scary. Now that we know you're still with us, we will continue to pray, and even if we don't know what's wrong, God does, and that's what matters. Get well soon, my friend!

Boo, it really is frustrating sometimes, trying to deal with the medical and and related industries. I don't have much trouble getting along with my doctors, fortunately, actually none at all. I've known most of them since the ink was still wet on their diplomas, and they're good friends as well as my medical support. My big problem is, as always, with CVS Caremark, the mail-order arm of CVS. A more inept, incompetent bunch of ninnies, I've never seen. Even after jumping in the middle of the situation by phone today, and flinging bodies right and left, it's still going to be next week before I get my insulin. At least, I hope I'll have it by then. As I said, fortunately I have a reserve supply of short-acting insulin, it's the long-acting that I'll be out of after tomorrow night's dose. That's after taking half doses all week, to conserve it a little! I can manage by checking my sugar every few hours and taking whatever dose of short-acting is indicated, to keep it down. That means about 6 to 8 fingersticks and injections a day.

Thanks for the suggestion, MDC, but I've already checked with Good Rx and it would cost me about $100 a month more. I do have Medicare Part D, and so far, that's about as cheap as it can get. On most things, the bite isn't too bad. Actually, once my deductible is met, my glucometer strips cost me nothing. Those things are $80 for 100 strips if you just walk up and buy them. I'm usually charged $20 for the first two boxes I buy, then depending on how my deductible is going, I usually get a refund check for one and sometimes both bottles. Then I'm charged $4 for the third box, usually refunded, then just sign for them for the rest of the year. I don't understand it, I just work with it. That's at my Kroger store's pharmacy! Kroger is one of Medicare's preferred pharmacies, but when I checked with them at the beginning, they were more expensive than CVS Caremark. I may check with them again.

None of this was an issue until I retired and lost my insur@nce through the hospital. While I had that, I rarely paid anything for prescriptions, or maybe just a couple of dollars. It was a shock the first time I filled scripts just using Medicare's "insur@nce". Oh, and yes, I pay a separate premium for that Part D feature, too - $20 a month. Fortunately, the five scripts I take besides insulin are old standby meds, not expensive, and I still get them from my local, mom-and-pop pharmacy that I've used for 40 years. They have delivered meclizine to me when I was so dizzy I couldn't stand up, literally crawled on all fours to get to the door. They just pushed it through the mail slot, and told me to pay for it next time I came in. I don't think Wal-mart or CVS or anybody else is going to do that. So, I'm probably paying $10-$15 total more for my pills, but I don't care. Friendship counts for something!
I just wish I could get everything from them, but the insulin would be hundreds more. Well, enough of that.

Boo, do you have Texas Land and Cattle restaurants in your area? That's a good place to eat. They sell a smoked sirloin that's just wonderful. I order it medium rare, because the "rare" is just a little too rare even for me. It's smoky and seasoned and sooo goooood! Yummy, even!

Well, guess I'll turn in. Hang in there, PH, and check in as often as you can. We miss you! --Romeena

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107292: Glad to see you back PH, we have missed your wisdom and internet knowledge. As others have said we will pray for your continued recovery, hang in there Buddy!....

As far as the Rx discussion, I'd rather not, as Opie said "It kinda makes me sad." But something gotta give, the prices are CRAZY!..But I am fortunate that we got help on Mrs. G-F's MS
Injections, if not those would wipe us out. The MS society has a outside source that helps us out, which we appreciate greatly!!...

MDC... I hope you get some relief from your "alergics" as Opie calls them, yesterday was the first time I mowed this year and it kicked mine in too...👃🏻🤧

Wonder where TOM is, he mentioned he was going somewhere, hope it's something nice!....


April 15, 2017 - Msg 107293: Good morning, porch. G-F, I know what you mean. The medication prices make me kinda sad, too. However, I called my local pharmacy this morning, just to get a handle on the facts. I wasn't sure just how much of a break I was getting with Medicare Part D, and my supplemental insur@nce. A friend at the pharmacy gave me some quotes that sort of ran chills down my spine. It seems that three boxes of Lantus insulin pens, which is a three month supply for me, have a walk-up price (just retail, no insur@nce) of $1400. With Part D and my supplemental, I pay $432. (This doesn't include my short-acting insulin, which is a little cheaper than the Lantus, but I need both. Right now I'm just focusing on the Lantus.) Anyway, that looks pretty good, right? Saved about $1000 every three months, right? Wrong. For that coverage, I pay $305 each month for the supplemental, and $20 a month for the Part D. So, I'm paying $965 every three months for coverage, and paying $432 every three months for my insulin, so 965 + 432 = 1397, minus 1400 - I'm saving $3 every three months by having the coverage. However, I realize that I have to factor in my other meds (very cheap, covered or not), and my regular insulin, so there is some savings, but not nearly what it looks like at first glance. The rub is in the high premium on the supplemental. It just went up from $279 to $305, and there was no change in the coverage. I think it's way too high, but there's nothing I can do about it, and apparently no one else can, either. OK, enough whining.

I listen to you guys talk about your 'lergics, and I give thanks. I have no 'lergics. Not environmental, contact, drug, or food 'lergics. I have been blessed. My husband had them, especially pollen 'lergics, and my kids all have them to varying degrees (one son suffers when he mows the lawn) but I just am not allergic to anything that I know of. I consider that a blessing.

Well, time to go start some eggs boiling. Yes, I color Easter eggs every year. My mother always did, and I do too. They're just so pretty, and I love boiled eggs anyway, so I do about 30 of them. I'll take a half dozen or so to my neighbor, another half dozen over to Eloise's tomorrow for her little great-granddaughter, and will eat the rest myself over the next week. I'll probably devil a few of them. I love deviled eggs, and I make good ones. Secret - a little bit of horseradish stirred in, with the usual minced onion, pickle relish, mustard, sour cream and a dash of Tabasco. Anybody else got a fun ingredient for deviled eggs?

Well, guess I'll go open a can of soup. I've finally gotten serious about losing some weight, have lost 8 lbs, and will keep it on the run, now that I've seen a little progress, and can actually feel the difference. I need to lose about 30 more.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107294: Oh, a dash of lemon juice in those deviled eggs is nice, too. It brightens up all the flavors, and helps keep the eggs a nice bright color, too. --Romeena

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107295:
For those of you who asked for more details, here it comes. I hope I don't upset anyone with the following graphic details.
My main problem was a higher than normal creatinine level indicating a diminished kidney function that was caused by kidney stones. One kidney became enlarged so the surgeon inserted a stent into my urethra along with dye to locate the blockage. Would you believe he even stuck a camera up there? After I regain my strength, I will have day surgery to remove the stent and any remaining stone(s) that did not pass through the stent. I am very lucky since I have no pain urinating and that surprises the doctors. The best part of this whole experience is that I have lost 30 pounds! Now if I can only keep it off.

from Poor Horatio

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107296: Oh My...PH...Good Luck to you Buddy...Glad you gave us a update...G-F

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107297: No upset here, PH. As a nurse for 35 years, I'm pretty hard to upset with such things. It sounds like you've got the problem under control, and should be back to your old self before long. Good for you, losing 30 pounds, but you sure took the hard way to do it!

I know you are all tired of hearing my woes with CVS Caremark, but I just have to tell you this. After spending over an hour on the phone with them yesterday, and at least 45 minutes this morning, guess what? I opened my email just now, and found one from them, arrival time 12:15 (well after my phone conversation with them this morning) and I just had to laugh. It was an "update" on the status of my Rx order, okay on the Novalog, but as for the Lantus, they "have some questions and would need to discuss it with me before they can ship." I swear, I don't know what planet those people exist on, but it definitely isn't the one I'm on. I just called them, talked with a young woman who couldn't keep her microphone near her mouth so I couldn't understand her most of the time. She told me "they" need more information form me regarding my Lantus insulin, and can't ship any of my insulin until they talk to me. However, they're not there now, I need to call back on Monday. Well, I take the last of my Lantus tonight. I'll call them on Monday, and if all goes well (ha!) they will accept the order, it will ship on Tuesday, and I should get it Thursday or Friday. I have asked God to calm me, and give me peace about the whole mess, and I'll just stick my fingers about every two hours and use my short-acting insulin to control my blood sugar. I have never witnessed such incompetence in all my life. Those poor girls on the phones!

Well, guess I'll go take the current batch of eggs out of the dye. An hour should be long enough! I forgot about them when I made that phone call. I'll bet they've got some pretty color by now. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107298: Wishing a very HAPPY EASTER to my "porch family!"
Have a great day...Jesus is risen, Alleluia! :)

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107299: Still here, folks! Happy Easter!

PH - Sorry to hear of your health issues! My very best good wishes to you!

HEY to everyone on the Porch!

John Masters

April 15, 2017 - Msg 107300: Ro, that p#sses me off! I hate thinking of you going through that and not able to get your insulin. Does David and Brittany know what you are having to do? I am thinking it would be a good thing for them to check on you or at least call more often until you get that insulin.

Ro, I forgot to answer your question concerning the root canal. I had come across something linking root canals and breast cancer, so wondered when you had your's.

Great to see you back on the porch, PH. So sorry for all you have been through and certainly hope you will be fully well soon. We missed you.

MDC, we don't have a Costco in my are..not even in Corpus Christ. We just have Sam's Club and they don't take my insur@nce. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

I ended up having to go into work this evening to cover for someone who was ill. I got a cake baked this morning before I left but still more to do in the morning and after church. We are pretty casual, though. I think one of Erin's friends and her friend's mother will be eating with us and maybe two of Sean's friends, as well as St. Susan and her family.

Well, I think I will get myself to bed. Tomorrow is a big day. Happy Easter!


April 15, 2017 - Msg 107301: Oh, and MDC, things are better in some ways, but some of what we are going through are things that we will probably be dealing with for years to come. We have to trust the Lord and take one day at a time. Thank you for your prayers and concern.


April 16, 2017 - Msg 107302: ROMEENA, I may be trying to compare apples and oranges here, but my medicare supplement plan has nothing to do with drugs, just Medicare Parts A and B. I have a plan F thru United Healthcare, and it works out well covering the full 20 percent after Medicare's 80 percent. I pay my $104 a month Medicare premium, taken right out of my SS check; and $170 a month premium for the supplement plan. THEN, for medicare Part D, I have a prescription drug plan thru Humana for $65 a month. They pay very well for such things as my Digoxin, ($3 for a 90 day supply), but then they pull things like not covering my Patanase nasal spray for 2017; but it was costing me $105 a month on the drug plan, but now only $90 a month by using a GoodRx coupon. So I just do it that way now. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)

April 16, 2017 - Msg 107303: Happy Easter,everyone!!

Good to see PH on the Porch-so sorry about the health issues though. Take care,friend!

possum under a rock

April 16, 2017 - Msg 107304: Good Easter to all.

So sorry you have been ailing PH. I hope you get back to your old self quick.

Prayers for all for a blessed Easter.


April 16, 2017 - Msg 107305: Asa, I'm watching Antique Road Show they are at Salt Lake City, I don't know from what year, but they are talking about the " Spiral Jetty" http://www.diaart.org/visit/visit/robert-smithson-spiral-jetty ....Pretty Cool...