June 01, 2017 - Msg 107612: that was supposed to say mom had something good for a snack at the end of the school DAY. lol


June 02, 2017 - Msg 107613: and...SWEEP! a clean porch!
Thanks Boo, you even got the corners.

June 02, 2017 - Msg 107614: Boo, don't forget the zinc and vitamin C!
LUCY, "Summer of Me" is Me-TV's summer promotion
of old shows... LITB, TAGS, Happy Days, Gilligans Island, etc.
Nite all,

June 02, 2017 - Msg 107615: The focus of the Two Chairs No Waiting Podcast this week was Ernest T. Bass himself, Howard Morris. Y'all might enjoy watching the episode. --Floyd

TCNW 428: Howard Morris - Second Banana

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvAc-XK_Ois

June 02, 2017 - Msg 107616: Very slow day today on the porch. I hope everyone is doing OK. I had a good day.
God's blessings,

June 03, 2017 - Msg 107617: Thanks Floyd, will check it out.

Hey there MDC. Glad you are having a good day. I just rolled out of bed not long ago (11am). I started feeling better yesterday but was just exhausted at work. I didn't sleep much the night before and had to get up before 4am to get to work. We had some relatives from out of town visit last night so by the time I got to bed, I was so tired. I guess I needed the sleep. I have to work this afternoon but wanted to check in on the porch.

Well, I think I have worked out most of the kinks in my redneck airconditioner at work. It does help but we will see if it makes a difference in July and August. It has been hot here already but overcast and that helps keep the facility cool.

Well, better get going...hope everyone has a nice evening.


June 03, 2017 - Msg 107618: BOO--why can't they get the AC fixed in that place? Just askin' as it seems so inhumane, for the kids and the workers!

June 03, 2017 - Msg 107619: Hey Boo, up North we call that Yankee ingenuity, I'm sure down your way it is just called a "creative solution".👍
That is why Texas women have the reputation they have!...Good on You!...👍...G-F

June 03, 2017 - Msg 107620: Is there something wrong with a slow day on the porch? I mean, what's your hurry?

Billy Ray the Postman

June 03, 2017 - Msg 107621: Billy Ray, you Feds are never in a hurry! haha :)

June 04, 2017 - Msg 107622: Good Sabbath everyone!

Sorry I have been AWOL. Just been so very very busy at work and at home. And then in the middle of it had a bad gout flare in my left foot/ankle. Feeling a bit better this morning, but still walking with a limp. No preaching for me today.

MDC, Any updates on all your testing? I am sure you have to be getting tired of all the poking and prodding. My prayers continue in your behalf friend.

Hey Boo, You sound like a very intuitive gal with your a/c contraption. Good for you. You make us old Maint. fellers proud. 10-4 GF? She's one of us! :)

Romeena, I was talking to my Daughter yesterday and she has pneumonia also. She has been quite sick with a bad cough for a couple of weeks now. So they put her on a heavy duty antibiotic. I hope you are still improving.

Well another day, another attack with mass killing going on. I declare, the world seems to be going crazy. Especially when you add into the mix all the crazy nonsense the left is doing. I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise. Now I see Clinton is back in the news with a new list of reasons for her loss (non of them because of her). I will just say that Barney had it right. Nothing worse than a drunk on a crying jag!

Guess I'll go see what I can rustle up for breakfast. Not that hungry. This gout medicine doesn't make me feel real good.


June 04, 2017 - Msg 107623: Hey keep it down here?
Now for the mud rat I get my eye o you?


June 04, 2017 - Msg 107624: Thanks, Asa...I seriously now have a maintenance box at work with my name on it...it contains things like duct tape, insulation, etc. I guess I will soon need a tool belt. :) So sorry you are having a gout flare up! Hope you are soon much better.

Thanks for the comment G-F. I am just wondering why I was not more ingenious two years ago. I guess I finally figured out that we weren't going to get any help from the administrators of the facility and I like my job, so, there you go. To try and answer your question, MDC (and I understand your frustration), there just isn't any money. It is a private-owned facility and doesn't get government funding. We receive a fraction of payment for the kids that are in CPS care that we would from insur@nce clients and we mostly have probation kids, which most are Medicaid and some are actually illegal kids with no insur@nce. I don't know for sure, but I think they are being treated for free, mostly. We only have a handful of those right now and we cant even send them to the medical clinic without insur@nce or Medicaid. Our psychiatrist that comes in each week is also a medical doc so he treats those kids for free, basically. I've wondered why the place isn't more publicized..maybe for donations or something, but I understand the judges from all over Texas send kids here to get them away from certain influences and they try to keep everything very confidential since we are dealing with minors. Anyway, right now the air conditioners are working and the kids are comfortable most of the time. It is the nursing department that is a problem because the old duct work in the ceiling just doesn't get to us well. It is always warm in there, so we are trying to come up with a solution. Remember they bought us an air conditioner but they couldn't vent it to the outside since we are in the middle of the building, so they took it out and gave it to someone else. We have to windows, either. I am hoping and praying that the air conditioner hangs in there for another summer but I doubt it will. I have had people from other departments come in to the nurse's office to see what I have done and are talking about doing the same this summer, so if the air does go out, I can help them make something similar if they want. I don't know if the kitchen will be able to keep up with the ice demand but we'll see, I guess.

Bruce and I took a drive this afternoon and really enjoyed it. We decided to drive up the coast to a ghost town near Port Lavaca called Indianola. We saw some really neat beach areas that were not very well populated. It rained and we saw some great lightening, which I love. Even saw a rainbow on our way home. Time to relax now, after I put in a load of laundry.

Hope you all have good Sunday evening.


June 05, 2017 - Msg 107625: Hey Boo...My dryer went down, how are you on dryer repairs?.. LoL .. Actually it is 8:30 am and I have to wait on the parts store to open... The problem was a burnt out heating element. A relativity easy repair to do thank goodness... I hated going to the laundromat yesterday but had a large load that needed dried, as Gomer says...That's Life...Thru & Thru....

I'm just glad I didn't have to call Fred Boone aka "The Maytag Man"... He charges a arm & a leg.... Guess he has to keep buying new dishes after he and Jennie's feuds is why.....lol


June 05, 2017 - Msg 107626: Good Mornin' Porch!
How is everyone feeling this fine day? Coffee is my best friend today! I mean not for my esophagus but either I fall asleep at my desk or take extra Protonix. Haha!

Have y'all had Fruit Pizza? I haven't made it in like a decade and decided I wanted some so I made it last night. Oh dear it's delicious. Now I know why I haven't made it - it's too good to resist! :)

We have rain for the next few days. We are in a drought so I don't mind.

Asa- Hyacinth Bucket once said that only the rich get gout. I'm sorry you have it but at least you can be assured that only the best people get it. ;) I hope your daughter starts feeling better quickly!

Hey Tom!

Boo- I saw your picture of Indianola on Facebook. It looks really pretty!

G-F- Those are easy repairs. My husband has repaired ours a few times.

MDC- Ah, okay, now I understand. I like Me-TV. For some reason we get 2 channels of it but neither is HD. It's weird.

Hey to Possum, Spot, Romeena, Billy, and everyone I may have missed. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Blessings to you and yours,

June 05, 2017 - Msg 107627: Howdy, porch. Still feeling a bit draggy, but better. I'm here to tell you, try very hard not to get this little pneumonia/flu/bronchitis thing that's going around. It will flatten you, for quite a while. It is by no means a 24-hour thing. More like three or four weeks.

Lucy, I've always liked you, and now I see one more reason why. You're a Britcom fan! Don't you just love Hyacinth? Poor long-suffering Richard, or Rich-ard as Hyacinth would say. It's probably a good thing that "Sher-i-dan" is unlikely to marry. Can you imagine Hyacinth as a mother-in-law?

Boo, I think it's hilarious, and wonderful, that you just quit sitting and sweating and set about doing something about the heat in your unit. Good for you! I think your invention is ingenious, and I admire your grit. Hang in there.

We have had some very heavy rains, not to flood stage, but very generous. My yard is just exploding with growth and blooms. Nothing does it like rain.

Well, MASH is on, and I guess I'll go rustle up some leftovers and settle in for a couple of hours of good TV. Got to go see my cardiologist tomorrow, and we're going to have a little talk. I want to know why I can only walk about 50-75 yards, and then absolutely must sit down and catch my breath. I get out of breath, and weak, just hard to put one foot in front of the other. I know I have respiratory issues as well as cardiac issues, and I want to know which one is causing the problem, or if it's a combination of both. Also, I want to know what, if anything, can be done, and if something can be done, then when? I'm ready!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

June 05, 2017 - Msg 107628: ROMEEna--I will be praying that God blesses your physician
with wisdom regarding your situation.
I see mine on Wed., and I am currently suffering in a similar way...no pep, and short of breath.
I have a feeling that he is finally going to say "congestive
heart failure," but we shall see.
LUCY--glad you also like Me-tv...good stuff on there.
ALL THE BEST to everyone,
Love ya,

June 05, 2017 - Msg 107629: Still waiting on tower to be fixed!

Best to all!

John Masters

June 05, 2017 - Msg 107630: Thanks, Romeena. I'm gonna hang in there. I hope things go well with the cardiologist, and I am hoping that you are just feeling that way because you got wiped out by that bug you had. I have no intention of picking it up. I am a handwashing fanatic.

I don't know if I could fix your dryer, G-F. I could probably swing it if it was the heating element. :)

Hey there Lucy. Yes, Indianola is pretty..kind of unspoiled. It reminds me very much of the small coastal towns I grew up as a child. They used to be smaller and more rustic but lots more people around here now. Indianola was a booming coastal town in the 1800's, but two hurricanes and a bad fire brought it to ruin.

Well, I certainly hope things go well for you, MDC. If it is CHF, they will know how to help you feel better. Hang in there.

I worked this evening and am ready to put my feet up for awhile. I have to say, work is much easier these days than it used to be. The census is low and the kids are fairly well-behaved lately.

I have a week off now so will be sitting on the porch more. See ya later,


June 06, 2017 - Msg 107631: Good morning porch family. good to see everyone.

we have had our share of rain as well. supposed to be sunny today but cooler tonight. temperatures in the 50's according to Mr. weatherman.

a somewhat slower work week on my end of the porch. its good to get home a little earlier than
6:30 or 7. I have been trying to walk in the evenings to help with stress and sleep issues. hopefully I will eventually get more energy as well.

Patrick and Daysie have been moving this past week. They are buying a house which is very exciting. Its not very far from us at all, probably less than 5-6 miles. They are both excited and looking forward to having more space for them and their 2 furkids. Patrick says it is close enough to come for dinner and to borrow his dads tools. lol

better get to work. lunch menu will be:a chicken salad sandwich on your choice of bread (salt risen, sourdough, whole wheat or just plain ole white) chips and a big oatmeal cookie for dessert.
tea or raspberry lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all

Big Maude

June 06, 2017 - Msg 107632: Good Morning!
I hope everyone is doing well! I have a praise to report. My husband fixed our car! He and I share a 2003 Cadillac CTS with 240k miles on it and it's starting to wear out. The throttle body was acting up and the battery connector has worn out so it was stalling while on the Atlanta highways. So scary and I refused to drive it until it was fixed. Well, my handy husband looked up some things on YouTube and cleaned the throttle body and then repaired the connector and now it works perfectly! I realize that we will need a car soon but hopefully we can save some more-we don't do car loans. I was able to drive to work this morning without issue.

Big Maude- Yay for Patrick and Daysie moving nearby! I'll take sourdough, please.

Boo- Enjoy your week off! Lucky! I have plenty of vacation days but I'm almost scared to use them. Last time I ended up getting sick and then Bry's graduation so I used to my days. I'm afraid that will happen again, well, the sick part.

John Masters- I hope it gets fixed soon! It's such a pain to comment on the porch with an iPad or iPhone. That's one of the reasons I was absent for awhile.

MDC- I hope your appointment goes well. Please let us know.

Romeena- I hope yours goes well too. I am such a Britcom fan! My grandmother introduced me to them. I adore Hyacinth and As Time Goes By. I've recently gotten into their mysteries as well though-Father Brown and Miss Marple are my favorites. Still, the Britcoms are the best.

Well, I need to get busy. The good thing about being a social media manager is there's always stuff going on in the world that I need to stay abreast of. Yet, that's also the annoying part as well. I'm blessed though. I work in a nice office (with air conditioning ;), it's only 6 miles from my house (though that's 30 minutes to get to work), and everyone is really nice here. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Talk to y'all later!


June 06, 2017 - Msg 107633: Good on your Hubby Lucy...Ain't it Great when we can stick it to "The Man" and do our own repairs. I reminded Mrs. G-F yesterday how much money 💰 I saved by fixing our dryer!... Gollly, we with have to start calling ourselves "Front Porch Mechanical Engineers" ...Right Boo?.... Asa has the tool belts to swing it with his "tool" allowance 👍

G-F 🛠🔩🔨🔧🗜

June 06, 2017 - Msg 107634: Gooood morning, porch! It's absolutely beautiful here today, one of those bright green and gold mornings I love so much. Patchy little white clouds in a clear blue sky, flowers trying to outdo each other, birds and squirrels everywhere - beautiful day!

Cottonwood is flying, the miserable stuff. With three big female trees out back, there's quite a bit of it. Actually, it's a fairly light year, and for that I'm grateful. Normally, I bite the bullet and hire my very capable tree man to send his crew over here and the guys climb up into the trees with pole saws and literally cut out the twigs that bear the little green beads that would eventually open and scatter cotton everywhere. I tried to get him again this year, but we had been through a significant windstorm and there were downed trees everywhere. He was honest with me, and said that he had many calls backed up, getting trees off people's driveways, some leaning on houses and fences and he had to prioritize. My cottonwood is a nuisance, but it's not a threat or a danger. I understand that, and just asked him to get to it if and when he could. He never called me back, so I guess he's still tied up, and it's too late now anyway. We have had some rain, which wets the stuff down and lessens its impact, so I'll just roll with it this year.

The mama wood duck disappeared a few weeks ago. I guess the eggs hatched, and in a few hours the babies jumped out of the nest, and she led them away, like she did last year. There were a couple of days when I was away from home all day, and I guess it happened then. Now, something else is in that box, and I don't know who or what it is. Guess I'll keep my binoculars handy and see if I can figure it out. Oh, it just stuck its head out, and darned if it's not a wood duck. The same one? I don't know. I can't imagine that she would lay two clutches of eggs this close together! My oh my, what adventures this yard presents!

Well, guess I'd better think about getting dressed. I don't mind these visits to the cardiologist. He's a friend, I've known him since 1980, when he first came to our hospital, pretty much just right out of school. He's smart as a whip, and a nice guy. He is respectful of nurses, treats us as colleagues, and listens when we tell him something. Also, he's the one who (years ago) overheard a hateful, grouchy old man use some pretty foul language to me, and before I could say anything, the doc stepped into the room and said, "If I hear of you talking to a nurse like that again, I'll discharge you, find you another doctor and transfer your records before you can say scat." He meant it, too. The old man cleaned up his act.

Have a great day, folks. --Romeena

June 06, 2017 - Msg 107635: Hey Boo: CALL THE MAN!


June 06, 2017 - Msg 107636: Good day all.

Hope you folks who are ailing are on the mend soon, if not already.
I am guessing that yours wasn't the "walking pneumonia" type, Ro? I have had that a couple times, and that is bad enough. Just makes you feel wiped out.

A little news since I have been away a while.

I forgot if I told you all about my brother and his heart condition that he had diagnosed a few months ago. But he did have heart surgery and is doing well.

Kai has one more week of school and then she is out for the summer, and I know she will be glad for it. She has not been liking these final tests for the year. I don't remember having finals during high school, but that was a long time ago.

Noah is already done with Kindergarten for the year. Had his graduation and all the kids were so happy and well-behaved.
And thank the Lord, he WILL be going to the Christian school next year as well, even though I had agreed with the wife that Kindergarten would be his only year there. A couple weeks ago, she said that she decided that Noah could continue going to the school, at least until middle school.

I started a job at the local library here about a month ago. Only part-time but the pay makes it similar to what I was making at my last job but with many more hours.

Can't think of any other news at the moment.

Lucy, 30 minutes to go 6 miles? I guess crossing the Robert E. Lee natural bridge can slow you down a mite.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 06, 2017 - Msg 107637: Hey there, Sterling. Good to see you, and it looks like things are looking up for you. The news appears to be all good, and that's great!

I don't know if my ailment was walking pneumonia or not. It was definitely pneumonia, and I was up and walking, but not very far! Getting from my bedroom to the kitchen, a distance of about forty-five feet or so, was just about all I could manage. I had no appetite, so wouldn't have even bothered going into the kitchen, but I had to feed Toye Starr. I'm doing much better now.

I saw my cardiologist this afternoon. He scheduled an echocardiogram for the end of this month, to check the status of those two leaky valves. No real concern, but he does keep tabs on them. His prediction for me is that like everyone else, I'll die someday, but it will be with those valves, not from them.

Guess I'll go rustle up an early dinner. I rarely eat breakfast, and today I didn't bother with lunch, so dinner will be a little earlier than usual. I still don't have a lot of appetite, and am still losing weight, and that's good. I've lost fifteen pounds officially, according to the weigh-in at the doctor's office, and I'm going for fifteen more. After that, we'll see, but I'll probably need to lose another fifteen or so. I've been far too heavy. I don't have the frame to carry what I've been weighing. I weighed 108 when I got married, and I wasn't skinny. Slender, yes, but not too thin. So now with the weight I've been carrying, it's no wonder I get tired easily. I'm not built to carry that. I think getting down to a lighter weight will help my breathing, my back pain, my fatigue and my blood sugar. Blessings, all. --Romeena

June 07, 2017 - Msg 107638: HI ALL ...
Lucy, I had to laugh at your statement:
'240k miles on it and it's starting to wear out."
STARTING to wear out with 240k miles on it??
It should be ALL totally worn out! ha Glad you got it fixed tho.
STERLING--your kids are growing up so fast. Is Kai a junior now? wow!
Hey to ~Des! It's been about 7 months of sundays since youve been by! Welcome back!
RO--so glad you are feeling better.
MauDie--a evening walk is indeed a good idea for
your general "constitution!" ha
GF--how about the FPME Minutemen? lol

June 07, 2017 - Msg 107639: That's even better yet MDC..lol Ready to fix in a minutes notice! Speaking of that, finally time to check out my A/C.
It has been a cool Spring here, heat coming by the weekend so I'll be ready!...If not I'll try the "Texas Turbo" remedy!..


June 07, 2017 - Msg 107640: Hey gang gosh been so busy here at work..Rain Rain go away...lunch will be grilled cheese sandwiches and home made tomato soup ! SPOT

June 07, 2017 - Msg 107641: Des?!! Where the flip have you been?! Get back here...

Maude, so happy that Patrick and Daysie will be moving nearby. What a blessing..especially when the grandbabies come.

Hey to Lucy. I am enjoying my week off to a point, but there is just so much to do here at home most days that it is almost easier to go to work. Today was a full day but good news is that I took Erin to physical therapy and she finished. The therapist said the shoulder is strong enough now and we don't have to return.

Went to church this evening, which I don't usually do, and it was nice. We discussed forgiving those who have wronged us. It was interesting.

Hope you are regaining some strength, Ro. Take good care of yourself since you are too far away for me to help take care of you when you are sick. It is a comfort to know you have David and Brittany nearby.

Hope you are feeling better, MDC.

Good to see you, Sterling. Thanks so much for the update on the family and I am happy to hear that Noah will be attending a school you approve of and happy to hear that your brother has improved. Hope you continue to like your job at the library. Stop in more often.

Ro, I thought of you and the way you rustle up meals from leftovers. Tonight I mixed together some leftover pasta salad with some spinach greens, leftover grilled chicken, diced, and tossed it together with some ranch dressing and it was good!

Yes, G-F, try the Texas Turbo. ;)

Been a long day but have to go pick up Erin from her friend's before I can go to bed. I mentioned her friend Bree a few months ago because they thought she might have liver cancer. The specialist is saying she has a mass that is likely to turn into cancer but it is in an area of the liver that makes surgery very risky. They have put the girl on the transplant list and are hoping for a liver within the year. If not, they will risk the surgery next May. I am very concerned about her. Please say a prayer for Bree.


June 07, 2017 - Msg 107642: Just a quick HELLO and I'm
off to bed early tonight.
God bless,

June 08, 2017 - Msg 107643: I'm not much of a basketball fan, but I think "Dandy Don Meredith" is practicing his hit song..."Turn out the Lights, the Party's Over" for the Cleveland Cavaliers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CtGxusvUT3k down 3 games to none, they have a HUGE hill to climb!....


June 08, 2017 - Msg 107644: Good Afternoon Porch!
Sad to say that the check engine light came back on and the codes are for the throttle and idle something or another. His fix was short lived. Unfortunately Bryan is headed to CA the next few days. So, we'll see how the car does for me. It's time for her to go to the Cadillac graveyard. Too bad Goober's not around.

G-F- I do believe it may be the Warriors year this year. They'll take turns.

Boo- I think most people need lessons on forgiveness. I can easily forgive but forgetting is more difficult. Your dinner sounds delicious! Glad to hear about Erin's should er and will say a prayer for Bree.

Spot- I guess we'll be coming out of the drought soon. That downpour last night caught us by surprise! The Weather Channel app was caught off guard too.

Des- Hey there!

Romeena- Glad to hear some good news from your cardiologist.

Sterling- Yep, it's quite maddening. Makes me miss my hometown where traffic was when we got caught behind a tractor.

Hey to anyone I missed. Talk to y'all later!


June 08, 2017 - Msg 107645: Lucyyyyy, You got some 'splainin; to do! (In my best Ricky Ricardo voice). Sorry that old check engine light is back. I have often wondered why they cant make the entire car as well as they make the check engine light, cause that sucker never burns out, does it? I have an ongoing issue with my Jeep with the blame thing. But it is odd. It will come on after I fill up with fuel, but not until I have driven about 10 to 25 miles. Then it is on for two days and then goes off and is fine again until I fuel up again. And it only does it when the weather gets warmer. Never in the winter. I have checked gas caps and other things I can think of, but to no avail. Anyway, it sounds like you have gotten a lot of miles on it. Sure good to see you posting more. We thought maybe you and Ed Sawyer had run off. Speaking of Ed Sawyer, anyone ever notice how he has one ear that sticks out further than the other. That's how I recognized him years later on one of Bob Newhart's shows. I think it's the one where he is an Inn keeper. He was one of the towns folks if I remember right.

Boo, Glad you got the week off and can get out of that sweatbox for a bit. And yes, that forgiveness stuff can be hard . Like Lucy said, I can forgive, but the forgetting is tougher. And then I think if I am still remembering, I probably have not forgiven fully. It is something I sure need to work on.

How you feeling MDC? If it is CHF it's good to get on it early. Prayers continue buddy.

Glad you are improving Ro. My Stacey has been really sick, but getting better now. With 6 kidlets, she can't be down too long.

Hey to my old buddy GF. Hope all is well with your hip.

Gotta run.


June 08, 2017 - Msg 107646: Hi All.
Will it raining tonight, but tomorrow will a hot one.
I back from the long leave.


June 08, 2017 - Msg 107647: Hey there, TOM. Glad to have you back. We miss you when you're not here.

Lucy, I have a 2004 Caddy with about 92,000 miles on it. I love that car, and if I could buy a brand new one just like it, I would. As for the new ones they're turning out these days, I'm less than enchanted with them. Eloise has one, and she's not too thrilled either. The new ones have a shorter, slightly narrower wheel base, so therefore they don't have that signature "Cadillac ride", and they have noticeably less leg room. In my car, when my 6'5" son is driving, obviously with the seat all the way back, if I'm riding behind him my knees still don't touch the back of his seat. Not so in the new ones! My car has never had any major repairs, the engine has never been invaded, and it runs like a Swiss watch. My biggest expense was putting four new tires on it about six or eight months ago. Granted, 240k miles is significant, but if you can keep repairing it for reasonable amounts, it's worth considering. There's some reason why five people in the last couple of years have approached me on parking lots and asked if I would be willing to sell my car. Uh, no.

Boo, that salad you made with leftovers sounds wonderful. I love to make a meal like that. It's like money in the bank, and it's almost always really good. A leftover pasta salad can almost always be repurposed and revived. Sometimes just adding a can of cold green beans, maybe some diced pickled beets, or a can of Niblets corn, a handful of nuts, some water chestnuts - just about anything to increase the volume and vary the flavors will work. It's kind of like the old story about the "nail soup."

Well, guess I'll toddle off. I'm about ready for a good night's sleep. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 08, 2017 - Msg 107648: ASA--After you fill up, and the light comes on,
try unscr@wing the gas cap and put it back on again. The light SHOULD then go off, tho no guarantee, but usually works.
More news later,

June 09, 2017 - Msg 107649: Lucy, take the car to Gomer and have him check it out...

Gomer: She's gonna need: Plugs, points, bearin's, valves, rings, starter switch, ignition wires, water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, clutch, clutch bearin's, clutch plate, brake linin', brake shoes, brake drums, radiator hose and radiator hose couplin'...And I'd give 'er a good wash, too.

I know a sweet old lady who will fix you up with a fine ride.. Call Mrs. Lesh at "Lesh Motors" in Mt. Pilot ask for "Hubcaps" Lesh and she will hook you up with a sweet ride that was only driven on Sundays and a occasion trip to Aunt Martha's...

Great episode.....G-F

June 09, 2017 - Msg 107650: Morning Porch,
How is everyone today? I'm a bit stressed but I get to leave work early and will hopefully make it home. The car stalled as I was coming into the office! It was idling super high when I turned it on so I decided to take the "back" road instead of the interstate because there's no place to go if it dies on me. It's a good thing I did so I was able to pull over when the motor went out. Thankfully I can leave early today so I won't get stuck in traffic on the way home. Shoo wee! Scary stuff I tell ya.

G-F- Haha! I actually thought of that episode yesterday when I was looking on Craigslist for a new car.

MDC- More news later sounds intriguing.

Romeena- It's such a good car! The idle problem and throttle body will be about $1000 to fix. Now the oxidative sensor is only $500 and that one we can do but putting $1000 into a car worth $2000 or less doesn't make sense.

Tom!- Glad to "see" you again!

Asa- I'm glad to be posting more often. Hope your Stacey continues to heal.

Hey to All!

Act like somebody today!

Blessings to you and yours,

June 09, 2017 - Msg 107651: Good morning, porch! We had a hard rainstorm last night, and all the mess from my cottonwood trees is gone. The rain wets it down, and it just disappears. It doesn't reappear when it dries out, either. I don't know where it goes, but it goes, and that's all I need to know.

Lucy, I hear what you're saying about the car, and your reasoning is sound. It's logical. However, sometimes you have to ask yourself - what's the car worth to me? Personally, I would roll the dice at least once, fix the car, and hope for the best. If it doesn't develop another problem, you might drive it for a long time, trouble free. Still, 240k is a lot of miles. Is a puzzlement! Incidentally, my son has a Tahoe, a 2003 I think, that has 460k on it and still running well. He has done one major repair on it, about $1500 I think, but that's all. Minor repairs he does himself. He recently bought a 2 year old Suburban (great car) because he drives all over Texas with his job, and his newly-licensed 16 year old son is now driving the Tahoe. It's big, heavy and relatively safe. It's a hard choice, for sure. My dad, the philosopher, used to say, "It costs so much a month to drive a car, no matter what you do. Personally, I find a car that I really like, pay for it, then drive it and fix it until it's costing me more than buying a new one." And that's exactly what he did. Incidentally, he drove Cadillacs, too.

I've always bought from the local premier Cadillac dealership, and bought 2 year old cars from their Certified Pre-owned program. I bought my present car in 2006. It had never had another owner, but was from their loaner fleet. Since it belonged to the dealership, I know it was well-maintained. It had about 30k miles on it, I paid $24k for it, and the original window-sticker was in the glove box, showing a price of $45k. I had a full new car warranty on it - fixed anything that went wrong, even replaced the battery - until it was six years old. Pretty good deal.

Well, I'd better get moving. I have to get my hair cut today (it grows like a weed, over an inch a month) and I have to wash it myself and go in with it wet. After that neck surgery, I can't lean back in the shampoo bowl anymore, it hurts too much. So I just wash it in the shower, and go to the shop with clean hair. I get it cleaner than the shampoo girl does, anyway, so I don't mind.

Later, taters. --Romeena

June 09, 2017 - Msg 107652: Hi
Romeena How are the family doing from all storm and rain in Flo?
G F How the Indians?
Lucy good to see you and stay away from G F and
Asa like to start trouble!
Gf If she go to Mt Pilot to pay a car you will right to the Big Home!

TOM :)

June 09, 2017 - Msg 107653: Gee TOM I was just trying to help..🤗.haha But glad you are back! Asa & I need constant supervision to stay on the straight and narrow.... The Indians have been hot and cold lately, but they are back in town for a 8 game homstand I think...


June 09, 2017 - Msg 107654: Well, I'll be dogged! Asa, how did I miss Ed Sawyer on Newhart?! I have been watching that show constantly. I watch it every night on Youtube while Noah goes to sleep(yeah, it kind of puts him to sleep) and while I am waiting for the wife to come to bed so I can go back downstairs and do some things that I want to do before going to bed myself.
But in all the episodes I have watched(many more than once or twice), I never put it together that the Chester on Newhart was Ed Sawyer on TAGS. That kind of blows me away. I am usually good at recognizing people on other shows.
And I mean, it is not like Chester is really that different from Ed. Well, he may be a bit more spacey than Ed, but Ed himself was kind of an "out there" sort too. At least to the people of Mayberry for a while.
I had to look it up but sure enough, it was him. Will wonders never cease.

Have a good night all.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 09, 2017 - Msg 107655: HI ALL, Well, I met with the vascular surgeon yesterday, and he said that, after looking at the ultrasound of my legs, I have something called "lymph edema," which is not so much the veins that are the problem
getting blood back up my legs to the heart, but rather the the lymph system of vessels.
Wikipedia says it "is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling
caused by a compromised lymphatic system, which normally returns interstitial fluid to the thoracic duct, then to the bloodstream."

So rather than doing anything with the veins (at this time anyway) I got a pair of those special compression socks that go all the way up my thighs. Nylon and spandex, not the most fun thing during a Phoenix summer, but it is what it is,and if it helps, then Hallelujah!
Also, I will be going in for physical therapy where I will get special leg massage to help get the lymph flow going again, so that shouldn't be too bad.

So ASA and all, the cardiologist said on Wed.that my a-fib heart is weaker, but he just doesnt hear fluid in my lungs, so its not CHF, but the weaker heart is contributing a little to the lessoning of getting blood back thru the heart. The kidney doctor said that tho I do have some kidney disease, the build up in my legs is definitely not
toxins building up.

It was a long process of elimination because symptoms for all three situations are very similar!
But Praise the Lord, as I think this will help me a lot now.
Take care friends,

June 09, 2017 - Msg 107656: OH, BTW, I have been watching LITBeaver lately, and the other day Ward said, regarding a LD phone call,:
"it's after six June, so we get the evening rate."
Remember that for LD calls! ha

June 09, 2017 - Msg 107657: Well, I get a lot of miles out of a suburban and that's the way I like it. I like to hang on to a good car as long as possible and Sean makes sure I get my oil changes on time, etc.

I just wanted to check in before bed. Its been a long day and my bed is calling.

Will be back tomorrow to comment on your comments. :)


June 10, 2017 - Msg 107658: Good Saturday morning all. Sunny, cooler, and pretty here this morning.

Lucy, Thank you for your prayers for Stacey. Much appreciated. She has been very sick for a couple of weeks now.

MDC, It sounds like of all the possibilities you had, what you have isn't too bad. I'm glad and I hope now that you have a plan, you can get feeling better. That leg massage doesn't sound bad.

Sterling. I don't think I would have known it was Ed Sawyer but for his one ear. But then again, the Gal that played Newharts wife distracted me back in those days. lol

Boo, I await your comments on our comments! :)

Well off to pick up a prescription for the Wife, then mow the grass. Got the grandkids coming over this afternoon for a pizza party.

Prayers for all.


June 10, 2017 - Msg 107659: Good morning, porch. Beautiful day here, but it's going to be pretty warm. I'm so thankful for a/c!

MDC, it sounds like you got some relatively good news, as Asa said. Your reference to the Phoenix summers sparked a thought in my mind. I haven't researched this, and it probably wouldn't be an option anyway, but I wonder if a cooler climate would be helpful? I do know that a high ambient temperature fosters some inflammatory response in the body, and also our hearts have to work harder to try to cool the body. I don't know, just spitballin'.

Asa, I declare, you are a trained noticer for sure. I had noticed Ed Sawyer's ear, and Chester's, but never did connect the two. I just now Googled the actor, William Lanteau, and found a long string of pictures of him, and he's like a chameleon! He looks very different in every role. You were pretty sharp to pick up on it.

My hardy hibiscus plants are blooming wildly! From my window I can count at least twenty big 8-10" flowers, and I can only see one side of the little bushes. They are so pretty! I just talked to my garden center neighbor, and he has some in stock, so I asked him to put about five of them back for me. I think I'll put them in the front yard. Those things are a gardener's bargain. With my neighbor discount, I'll pay less than $4 each for them, and they will return year after year, will cover an area that would require at least ten annual bloomers so money saved there, and they're spectacular. Real show-stoppers.

Well, guess I'd better go feed critters. Toye Starr is waiting, and I need to put out squirrel and bird food. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 10, 2017 - Msg 107660: Rest In Peace Batman...Your days of having to fight crime are done faithful servant!...🦇🦇🦇...G-F

June 10, 2017 - Msg 107661: Still...waiting...on...computer tower to be fixed!! Grrrrr.
My very best to you all!

John Masters

June 10, 2017 - Msg 107662: R I P BATMAN


June 10, 2017 - Msg 107663: Apparently Adam West passed awy, I had not heard.
I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I think
I'll watch a little Lawrence Welk on my pbs station. Yup, that's the plan.


June 10, 2017 - Msg 107664: Well Asa, now I'm too tired to remember what comments I wanted to comment on. :( I had one of those nights last night where I got very little sleep so I am dragging this evening. It's good in the sense that I will be able to go to bed at a decent hour and sleep until time to go to sunday school, I hope.

Not a whole lot going on that is interesting. We are still in a battle with the sprinkler guy trying to get things done right and finished. this guy is a piece of work, for sure. Next weekend we should finally be planting the Bermuda seed. Finally (sigh).

Went to Lowe's today and bought some new lights for the house and some paint samples. We have to repaint the shutters outside and I want to try a new color. Right now they are a dark green but they faded so bad that they look awful. I am tired of dark green but having some trouble deciding on something else. They house is white and I thought a dark shade would contrast but also tossing around the idea of going with a lighter green. Guess we will see.

You know, I am no spring chicken anymore. I am sitting typing and at the same time thinking about how good my bed is going to feel when I get there.

MDC, very glad to hear that things are going better than you thought they might. I felt pretty sure, they would. Take care of yourself and enjoy your hose (snicker..snicker).

G'night Porch!