August 09, 2017 - Msg 107988: MDC, I'm going to assume the best here, and say welcome home! I'm trusting that you got to go home today, and that you're on the road to recovery. Let us know! --Romeena

August 09, 2017 - Msg 107989: Well, just looky there! I even swept the porch, so you'd have a clean place to land when you got home. I dusted your rocker, too. Actually, I had help. Everyone wanted to make the place nice for your homecoming. --Romeena

August 10, 2017 - Msg 107990: Yep... that's what I'm gonna do.. go home, take a nap, watch some TV, and go to Thelma lou's

August 10, 2017 - Msg 107991: Great sweep MDC...let me get us all some breakfast started...SPOT

August 10, 2017 - Msg 107992: Hey John Masters...My Tribe and your Royals are coming up on a god head to head series....May the team with the most runs be the winner!

MDC...There's No Place Like Home 🏡 Buddy....


August 10, 2017 - Msg 107993: GF, Yer calling the Royals and Tribes a god head? I think you're taking the game a little to serious pal! LOL, JK Buddy. I know it's a typo.

MDC, Hope you are home and doing well and I pray for your Wifes tests to come back ok and that she is ok.

Nice sweep Romeena. You even got the corners good.

Lucy, I hope you are getting better. Did you see your Doctor yet?

Well I better get back to work. As predicted, I received my first couple of work orders for winter preparation. Bah-Humbug!!


August 11, 2017 - Msg 107994: Real quick tonite, ...Yes, got home on Wed and all edema is gone, see new cario doc on Monday to get proper care now with diuretic etc!!
Thanks for the many prayers.

August 11, 2017 - Msg 107995: That's good news, MDC. I promise you, your heart is going to be a much happier camper, not having to work against all that fluid. The load is much lighter now. The whole thing is a vicious circle. The heart is weak, so it pumps inefficiently and doesn't carry the fluid off like it should. The fluid builds up, which increases the load on the heart, making it work even harder. The key is to persuade the kidneys to become more permeable, thereby allowing the fluid to leave your blood more easily, thereby easing the load on your heart. Simply put, the heart and kidneys work together to take the fluid out of your body, and when one partner has trouble keeping up, the other one has to pick up some of the load and help. Such is life, in just about everything! The diuretic enables, or persuades, the kidneys to do that, and shazam! The fluid disappears! As the Bible says, we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." --Romeena

August 12, 2017 - Msg 107996: ROMEENA--that is very cool about your book "taking the next step!" Anxious to buy a copy.
As for the heart/kidneys, yes indeed, that is what i hope this new cardiologist that i see on Monday will help me with. Hopefully, as things progress, we will find that 'balance' of all the systems. Just s-o-o-o-o glad to have that out of me, especially certain places! ha And i can already "feel" the difference with the heart. I can actually walk more than 20 feet without being exhausted! And also, all throughout my hospital stay, my creatine and abulin and Egfr were all in the good range.

Anyone here like to watch golf on TV? I used to hate it, but now I like it. I wonder what causes that? :) This weekend is the PGA Championship. Some pretty amazing shots. But nothing beats the 102 ft putt made by Jack Nicklaus several years ago!

Big Maude--some people just don't 'get it' I guess! Hang in there!

PH--thanks for those clips of Glen, wow some great playing! Best i can do is 'air guitar.' :)

Good nite Irene and everyone in between, :)

August 12, 2017 - Msg 107997: Oh, RO--I am taking Bumex here at home now.
Had it as an IV in the hospital.

August 12, 2017 - Msg 107998: Glad that you are home & things seem lots better,MDC. You take care now!

Oh yes, Glen Campbell was an EXCELLENT studio musician. He was certainly gifted. There's one particular video I'll have to find & share-I know y'all would love it. Let me go look on YouTube & if I can find it,I'll post it.

possum u.a.r.

August 12, 2017 - Msg 107999: Here's the clip I just mentioned. It's Glen Campbell,but he's playing a different sort of instrument. You all know the song-this is quite special-please watch!

possum again

August 12, 2017 - Msg 108000: Great Video Possum....There's something beautifully haunting about the sound of bagpipes...I was honored to be at the funeral of a fallen Marine that was killed in Iraq. The sound STILL sends chill down my spine!....Thatnks for sharing Glenn's rendition of that powerful song.....Amen!....

MDC...Glad to see you are home and are on the recovery road Buddy..."God on Ya!"...TeheHaha Asa!....🤣🤣
(See, that typo works here too!)


August 12, 2017 - Msg 108001: Good morning, porch! It's the weekend, and that makes me happy, though I don't know exactly why. Since I retired, my weekends are a week long, but there's still something about a Saturday....

Possum, thank you for that link. I always liked Glen Campbell, and it's great that in addition to his incredible skill with a guitar, he also had an interest in the bagpipes. I have a strong appreciation for the bagpipes. I know a lot of folks don't care for them, call them "screechy" and such, but I think they're wonderful. G-F put it well - "beautifully haunting." Every year in October, the MEND organization hosts a memorial service here to honor the lives of babies lost to stillbirth, miscarriage, and neonatal death. Since our family lost little Logan, David and Brittney have been active in MEND, doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes work to host these events, and we attend that service every year. It begins with all the family members gathering at a local church, which is situated on a high hill on the edge of town. There are usually around 400-500 people. From there, we walk down a long, paved drive - a distance of perhaps a quarter-mile, led by three bagpipers, playing "Amazing Grace." We gather on a level spot, where chairs have been set up. There's a little garden adjacent, and a special tree - the "memory tree." We have a memorial service there, lasts about half an hour, and then the name of each lost baby whose family is there is read, the family goes forward and hangs an angel ornament on the tree. Once that's done, balloons are distributed to the crowd - pink for girls, blue for boys, and white for those lost through miscarriage too early to determine the gender. Sadly, we see some families who receive many balloons! Messages can be written on the balloons. Once everyone has their balloons, the people stand, we sing "Jesus Loves Me" and the balloons are released. There will be a "blooming" of well over a thousand balloons in the sky, and it's absolutely beautiful. One of my favorite parts of the service is the bagpipe music.

For those who may not know (probably everyone) MEND is a support group for families who have lost babies in various ways. It was founded over 20 years ago, by one mom who had just lost a child. If you go to this link: you will find a very nice website that tells all about it. Also, you'll find several "Walk to Remember" links, that will show you what I was trying to describe. These videos were done by our Brittney - photographed and the video composed. You'll also learn that what started as just a handful of moms trying to support each other has now grown into a non-profit that spans several states.

Very seriously - if anyone knows of a family that has lost an infant - please pass this link along to them. Even if they're not near a chapter and can't attend support meetings, just going through the website will let them know that they are not alone. The child they lost was a life, and they have a right to grieve for it.

Blessings, porch friends. --Romeena

August 12, 2017 - Msg 108002: I'm glad that you & G-F enjoyed the "Amazing Grace" video w/ Glen Campbell,Ro. I believe I heard him say on some program once that he desired to learn how to play the bagpipes because they were a Scottish instrument and being a Campbell,so was he. I love bagpipes too.

I remember your Logan,Ro.I believe that he would have been a little older than Laci,had he lived. She will be 14 next month.Seems like Logan came along a bit before she did,am I right? What a lovely way to honor & remember those lost babies. Thanks for sharing that.

Have a nice peaceful evening,all.

possum under a rock

August 12, 2017 - Msg 108003: God help the USA.


August 13, 2017 - Msg 108004:
MDC, I am glad to learn that you have released all that extra fluid from your body. One time many years ago, I also would get tired and out of breath after short periods of physical activity. In the emergency room, they gave me Lasix. That cleared the fluid that was trapped in my lungs.
And as for watching golf on TV, I have watched portions of a few rounds when I am changing channels and stop for a while.
I remember the first time I learned there was a 24 hour a day Golf channel on my cable system. I could not figure out how they could fill an entire day with just golf.
Once my nephews invited me to play 18 holes of golf with them. By the 9th hole, I was so bored that I stopped and just drove the golf cart for them. That was the first and only time I ever played golf.

Regarding bagpipes, I am one of those people who does not care for bagpipe music. I don't enjoy it for the reason as explained below. Listen to as the piper begins to play. He starts out with just a single note for a couple of seconds before the song melody starts. To me, that single note sounds like a stuck key throughout the song and that annoys me. In spite of that, I am surprised at how popular bagpipes are at military and law enforcement funerals. If they decide to play it at my funeral, at least I won't be able to hear it.

from Poor Horatio

August 13, 2017 - Msg 108005: SHAKEDOWN!

August 13, 2017 - Msg 108006: Good morning, porch! Yes, Possum, you're right about our Logan. He would have been 15 on September 17. It's hard to believe, just as I can't imagine that Laci is almost 14. They grow up so fast. Sometimes it almost seems that Logan is here. Brittney has managed to keep his memory alive for all of us, and I'm glad. She wears a tiny silver pin - a little flying angel - constantly. It's so small and unobtrusive (you could cover it with a nickel) but it's always there. She has pictures around the house, and a small lighted cabinet in a corner of the living room, with the picture of the mysterious beam of light that flashed through the room, apparently at the moment his heart stopped, unseen by any of us when it came, but caught by a camera. This phenomenon is mentioned in my little book, which should be available in about three weeks.

PH, you are definitely not alone. Lots of people don't care for bagpipes, pretty much for the reasons you have stated. I'm not sure why I like them so much, but I do. I think for me, that one single note, that starts and ends each piece played, reminds me of the unchanging constancy of God, perhaps? I don't know, I just like it. The haunting quality of the music, and there's something almost primal about the sound. To each his own, I guess.

Well, gotta run. Preachin' starts in an hour, and I'm not even dressed. Takes me about 12 minutes to drive to the church house, so I'd better get dressed and get moving. I won't confess to how long it takes me to get dressed! Just deciding whether or not to wear dangly earrings can take a while! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 13, 2017 - Msg 108007: I thought so,Ro. Laci was born on Sept. 7th,so Logan would have been almost exactly one year older. I can't believe how the time flies!

I have to tell you that the photo you're referring to of Logan,that you shared with us back on that photo sharing sight you used to have Porchster photos on,remains one of the most awesome things my mind has ever tried to comprehend. I think we know exactly where that light came from and what it was. Very,very special photograph indeed.

Oh,and please let me know when your book is coming out! I not only want one,but I want one signed just for me by the author!

Have a blessed Sabbath,all!

possum again

August 13, 2017 - Msg 108008: SITE, not sight. I know better-sheesh!

possum once more

August 13, 2017 - Msg 108009: Hello all !..MC good race today Kyle Larson ate there lunch on last restart !..hey G-F,possum,Romeena,JM and all...Supper Menu: (kinda late but ya can have some to carry to work tomorrow) grilled hotdogs,good homemade cole slaw,all the fixings..baked beans...sweet tea..chips and pickled green tomatoes...ready at 08:00 pm at work all night...I started my 37th year last Thursday..will be 58 this much longer to work ?..great retirement..big question to answer ...

August 13, 2017 - Msg 108010: SPOT

August 13, 2017 - Msg 108011: SPOT...Jump in!...The waters 💦 Fine!...Goes go Asa too!...G-F

August 13, 2017 - Msg 108012: "For" Asa that is

August 14, 2017 - Msg 108013: Well GF, It being Monday morning, you don't have to say a lot to convince me to hang it up. Hope to be doing so in the next year or so buddy.

MDC, So glad you are doing better. I hope your Wife is feeling better also. I enjoyed watching the PGA Championship over the weekend. Being a golf nut, I can really appreciate those Pro's and what they can do. We are seeing a turning of the page with a younger set of Pro's emerging it looks like. And the things they have technology wise on tv is pretty good. The tracer thing that shows the flight of the ball is awesome.

Yes Romeens, I want a copy of your book also, signed by you! I think that is so cool what you have accomplished. Good on you!

Been watching my TAGS DVD's again and am, as always, so impressed with the relationship between Andy and Opie. I think our old world would be in a much better place today if all Father and Son relationships were like that. Very heart warming to see.

Well I guess I best get moving before they think I have already retired.


August 14, 2017 - Msg 108014: Per the bagpipes, I had an aunt who requested bagpipes at her burial. It was in a church cemetery that was very hilly. And as Romeena says, "Amazing Grace" is very beautiful and very haunting when played on bagpipes. It was sort of echoey with the hills and then the notes sort of slowly faded off. Very, very touching.

Billy Ray the Postman.

August 15, 2017 - Msg 108015: I know we are pretty much in the same mindset here, but just for the record, I renounce, detest, and strongly say that the bigotry that sparked things in VA have no place in America. Free speech, sure, but like every right, there are
ASA--that would be great if you could retire next year!
SPOT, I missed the race this weekend, got stuck on golf.
POSSUM--I recall that photo, awesome aint the word for it; miraculous would be better! :)
ALL--I saw the new 'heart failure' cardiologist today, and when she first came in, she said "I have blocked off an hour and a half for this appt, but if we need more time, we'll do it>"
That was a great start to a very good appt. :) She already changed my diurectic to one that does not hurt the kidneys and actually helps the heart. She said that with determination and PT I could reverse some of the atrial enlargement, and it would also help the 2 bad valves. She also ordered an MRI of my heart. So, it's a good start. So glad my nephew found her! Just like when Peter was sinking into the sea, Jesus literally grabbed me up from 'drowning' in my own retained fluids. I now have hope instead of despair!
In fact, BOO, I went out and ate a Whataburger today! My first indulgence in a long time.
Prayers for all,

August 15, 2017 - Msg 108016: Good Tuesday porch! stopping by for a check point chickie.

MDC: its good to see you back. glad your home and back to rocking with us and very glad you are doing better

I have still been busy at work. Romeena you asked about charging people a fee if they no show for an appointment well that works for existing clients and is even in their informed consent paperwork they sign at their first visit. However when it is their first visit and they do not come it is impossible to collect from them. when that happens and it does happen as did last week, then I generally do not reschedule them another appointment unless they missed because of an urgent reason and then only give them 1 more chance.

Our area is gearing up for the Bristol Race this weekend. There is a lot of hype about it being Dale Jr's last race a the BMS track so lots of folks are expected to be there. I already see many campers and RV's traveling in that direction.

Better get back to work.
Lunch menu will be: grilled cheese with fresh garden tomatoes sliced on top, tomato basil soup. chips. brownies for dessert. tea or lemonade to drink. garden tomatoes are plentiful around her now so better make good use of them while I can.

prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

August 15, 2017 - Msg 108017: Good morning, porch! MDC, what a wonderful, encouraging update! I'm so happy for you. Just out of curiosity, what is the new diuretic she ordered? I'm wondering if it's the same thing I take daily, have taken for years - Losartan (generic) or Hyzaar (brand name). It has worked well for me. It sounds to me like you've gotten with a doc who knows her business, and you may just have a whole new lease on life, with lots of good years ahead of you.

Yes, the photo that Possum and MDC have mentioned is awesome, indeed. To the best of my knowledge, it's not on a linkable site anywhere, but it will be in my book. It's actually the only picture in the book, but I felt it just had to be included. Anyone who chooses to order a book will have it, or if you wish, just let me know and I'll email a copy of it to you. Brittney scanned it into her computer, and the family all have copies on their own devices now. It's something of a phenomenon, and everyone who sees it finds it hard to forget. A few skeptics have suggested it was photoshopped, but what you see is exactly what we saw when we opened the envelope of prints from the roll we had left to be developed a couple of hours earlier. It has not been retouched, and it was the only print out of 24 in which the light appeared. So, we accept it for exactly what it appears to be, and marvel at the effect it has on those who see it, just as it affected us. We see it as a gift from God.

As for what went down in Virginia - I have a few words to express my feelings toward any racist or "supremacist" group: Shameful. Pathetic. Hateful. Disgusting. Stupid. Arrogant. Ignorant. Backward. Evil. And I could go on and on. The thing that many people ignore, or have no knowledge of, is the fact that people of color are found throughout the Bible, and it is surprising who they are. We all know that Simon of Cyrene, who took the cross and carried it when Jesus fell and could not get up, was a black man. Cyrene was a region in north Africa. This is just one example. If you want to know more, just do a search on "people of color in the Bible" and a rich listing will open.

As my Grandma once said, "Some folks are going to be mighty surprised when they get to Heaven. There will be black people there, and God just might give those folks some black neighbors." I have to wonder, though. Will those folks even get to Heaven? Hatred doesn't belong in the heart of a Christian, how can a hate-filled person ever hope to enter Heaven? After all, as the Bible says, God is love.

Well, guess I'd better go clear a path. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered myself a new chair. My old one is so broken down that it just beats me up to sit in it. It's comfortable for a few minutes, then becomes very uncomfortable. I bought a leather power recliner that fits me like a glove, and it's being delivered tomorrow. I have to remove all breakables along the path of entry, and get the old chair and ottoman out of the way. I may just call the Salvation Army to come pick it up. Have a great day, friends. --Romeena

August 15, 2017 - Msg 108018: Romeena, Did you order the "Mrs. Wheeler model"?...Much like the regular Wheeler, but it comes in many more colors and fabrics....tehehaha!.....G-F

August 16, 2017 - Msg 108019: ...and a doily on the head rest! :) mdc

August 16, 2017 - Msg 108020: Morning all. I hope everyone is fine and dandy this morning.

Romeena, GF, I myself am in the market for a new Wheeler. Mine is wearing out. Martin Crane would be proud of my old one. :)

So today is the 40 year anniversary of the death of Elvis. Mercy sakes, where does the time go? I personally never was a huge fan of his music, but he sure did have a fan base. I have often wondered if Andy was referring to Elvis when he was talking to Jim Lindsey about that feller on tv who was doing all the shaking. I forget the exact quote, but I suspect he was thinking of Elvis.

I guess I best get to work. Lots to do for sure. GF, One of my properties is pushing 30 years old, and has a large sprinkling system (42 zones). All of the valves on this are Rainbird brass valves. They have served me well, but recently have started having issues with them turning on. I have troubleshot them, found full power at the solenoid, have even determined the solenoid is actuating, but the valve will not open. The real issue is getting parts for these old valves. Rainbird does not make them anymore. I have bought a retro kit that Rainbird sells, but I have yet to get one of those to work. My last resort is to start replacing the entire valve. A big pain because they are glued in place. So it is going to mean digging up the entire box and then some to be able to cut into the lines. I don't need to do all 42 of them, but I do have 6 that are dead right now. Grab your shovel and get over here. :)


August 16, 2017 - Msg 108021: Asa...Ain't that the way it always goes, things become obsolete and replacements rarely are as good. Several of my HiRise buildings had that same problem because of age. I talked yesterday with one of my coworkers complaining about much the same things...But as they say: ...."Not my Monkey, Not Circus" anymore....One day you can say that too Buddy!...That goes for SPOT too!...

TOM, you Ok?...Forgot to mention the Browns actually won a pre season game..😳 But as Andy told Gomer..Don't OVEREXPECT...haha!...


August 16, 2017 - Msg 108022: ROmeema--The new diuretic I am on is SPIRONOLACTONE 25 mg.
And than you for the pic.
MDC :)

August 16, 2017 - Msg 108023: Good afternoon, porch. Cloudy today, not supposed to rain, but if it doesn't, it's going to miss a good chance.

MDC, that diuretic is more commonly known as Aldactone, and it's an oldie but a goodie. It should keep your fluid load under control. I'll bet you're feeling a lot better. I get a little fluid buildup in my feet and ankles now and then, especially when I've been sitting for a long time (like at this keyboard) and I feel awful when it happens. I feel "heavy" and get tired easily. I just take a Lasix, stay close to the bathroom (ha!) and pretty soon my feet are a little "pruney", my ankle bones are visible again, and I feel so much better. I'm so glad you finally got to somebody who could get to the bottom of the problem and fix it.

My new "Mrs. Wheeler" was delivered this morning. I hope I haven't made a mistake. It's quite comfortable, as chairs go, but I actually miss my ratty old armchair. The recliner is not as wide, so there's not much room for Toye Starr, and she can't just jump up and down from the recliner like she could from the chair. The old chair is still in the room, off to one side, until I can get someone to pick it up. Starr was in my lap earlier, and she just draped her little self on the arm of the recliner, and looked at our old chair with this confused expression on her face. I know she's wondering what on earth possessed me! Oh well. The deed is done, so we'll just have to get used to it.

Guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. Blessings, all. --Romeena

August 16, 2017 - Msg 108024:
Asa, I believe that the TAGS quote you were referring to in Msg 108020 goes like this "Well now who says you got to stay in Mayberry? You heard all these fellas that come through here playing in the shows. How about that fella seen now and then on television a-shakin' and screamin'? Sounds like somebody is beatin' his dawg."
Or you can view that scene at and start watching from 06:05.

from Poor Horatio

August 16, 2017 - Msg 108025: I M NOT HEREGONG FOR A LTTLE TIME.


August 17, 2017 - Msg 108026: TOM, I dont quite understand your post. Are you
going on a trip? Thanks.
RO--Thank you for the info. Yes it DOES feel good to
have that excess weight off!
ASA--I cant imagine a 42 valve set up! I only have 5 on my sprinkler system!
RO-- does the store you bought the new chair from have a "3 day grace period?" Here in AZ we have that on any big ticket item. You can return it
for a full refund within 3 days as long as it is not damaged.
Just a thought.
Friends, just my soapbox for a moment... Of course we are upset with the violence occuring recently,
but when you name a TV program "the F Word" and then watch a chef hurl expletives that are simply beeped out, that is going to rub off on people! And to have him get so mad about the way some food is cooked or not cooked is even more STUPID! We have such a rich bounty from the Lord in this country, and we all enjoy a
good meal, but all this getting mad and throwing good food into the garbage is sickening to me; and BTW,
I let FOX know my thoughts!
OK, that's it. Have a good night,

August 17, 2017 - Msg 108027: Romeena, Asa & I hope you are adjusting to your new "Mrs.Wheeler".. Maybe you should have gotten the "side car" option for your furry little companion... haha I can only imagine her frustration with her new digs....

MDC... That is why I watch virtually no network TV for that very reason, enough of that on the street that we have NO control of. But in "Wheelerland" I have the power of the remote to turn it off!.... That is my issue with TVland...Trash shows anymore... I did notice they have a new President, so I'm guessing that's one of the reasons....

Boo...Boo.."Where Are You?"... In my best car 54 voice...


August 17, 2017 - Msg 108028: Good morning, porch. MDC, I think we do have that 3-day grace period, but I don't think I'm at that point. I think the chair will just take some getting used to. I've figured out that for Starr to get down, I can lower the leg support (it's a powered chair) and she can just sort of walk and slide to the floor. She's figured that out and will do it, but the reverse, climbing back up, has her stumped. However, she will come around to the side of the chair and I can reach down and pick her up. She even gets in the right position for me to do that. We'll make it work.

I agree completely about the idiotic TV programs these days, and agree that the subject matter and the way they present it contributes to the decline of decent behavior. Not only is the language contagious, but the violence and depravity are, as well. When impressionable young people see all the bed-hopping, drunkenness, drug usage, criminal behavior, and general hedonism that goes on, it's no wonder some of them act like they do. And, if I may venture into dangerous territory here for a moment - when certain minority groups, whether racial minority or otherwise, see the "progressive" (translation: socialist) politicians ranting and raving and telling them how abused they are, they just hop on the bandwagon and go out and protest, riot, or shoot somebody. Why not? Ever since Roe vs Wade, we have been demonstrating to everyone that human life is expendable. Why are we so shocked when they believe it?

OK, soapbox back under the porch, but the idea that you can create any mindset in people if you just repeat your theme often enough, is nothing new. It was explained very well in the old story of the Emperor's new clothes. Apparently the problem of social manipulation existed in the early 1800s, enough to cause Hans Christian Anderson to write his satirical story, which is just as applicable today.

Well, enough of that. I don't think we're going to solve the world's problems here on this forum today. We try to tell 'em though, don't we, folks? --Romeena

August 18, 2017 - Msg 108029: town closed no water.

August 18, 2017 - Msg 108030: Asa...Be sure your photoelectric eyes are working Monday...🌒 That goes for John Masters too!.. Its going to be a total eclipse around his neck of the woods...🌚


August 18, 2017 - Msg 108031: Good afternoon, porch. TOM, are you saying that your town is closed because there is no water?? How is it that the town has no water? Are you just under a water conservation plan right now? Big question - are you okay?

Well, one thing led to another. My new chair doesn't work well with the side table I've always used with the old chair. The "reach" is different somehow and is very awkward from the new chair. It's hard to explain. Anyway, I went back to the store today and worked a little more with the really nice sales man, an older gentleman, and we tried different tables next to the floor model of my chair, and he found one that is perfect. It's more narrow than the one I have now, less surface space, so I ordered two of them, one for each side of the chair. That way, I can have my "stuff" on either side of me and it will be much more convenient. They weren't in stock, so I have to wait until they come in at the end of the month, but that's okay. Beautiful tables! The one that's beside the chair now will be moved to the sun room and will become sort of a coffee table for the loveseat out there. It's a little high for a coffee table, but it won't matter. Might actually be more convenient.

Well, Toye Starr has been alone all day, and she's sitting here looking at me, clearly asking for some cuddling. Guess I'd better do it. Who can resist those huge, soft, brown eyes? Certainly not I! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 19, 2017 - Msg 108032: Good evening all. Much happening around the world
these past few days. Hope everyone's faith remains
strong in these trying times.
I went out and bought a good "cuff" style BP checker today. I had a wrist kind, but my new cardiologist suggested the change, saying that I will get better readings, plus it has a memory to store 99 readings, so I can show her. I have to take
a reading morning and nite because the diuretics
can affect my BP. They already took me off the losartan, as that is also a BP lowing med.
But i am still feeling good!
Remember to be super-careful regarding the eclipse! We will have 60% coverage here.
Big Maude--you ready for some Bristol night racing?? Var rooom!
RO__glad you are getting everything worked out with your new chair!
Night all,

August 19, 2017 - Msg 108033: MDC its on tonight under the lights!im here at work all night...Mavis lives in Bristol..been buy her place years ago and picked up tickets..I see here on FB everyday..just not on the porch...ok...Race Menu: Grilled Ribeye steaks,baked taters,grilled corn on the cob, yall want yalls cooked? rare...prayers...SPOT

August 19, 2017 - Msg 108034: Good afternoon, porch. SPOT, how nice of you to grill steaks and all tonight! Ribeyes, too - my favorite cut. Make mine rare, and I'd like a smallish potato, please. Do you have sour cream? If not, I'll bring some. Gotta have sour cream on my baked potato! It's kinda like you gotta have green tomato relish with fried catfish! Speaking of green tomatoes, Eloise and I ate lunch at the Cotton Patch cafe last Monday, and they had fried green tomatoes! They did 'em right, too. Thick cut - at least half an inch, light breading on them, and just lightly browned, so the tomatoes didn't cook all mushy inside. Soooo goooooood!

MDC, it sure is good to hear you talking like you feel good! You've been through a wringer, but sounds like you've got it on the run now, and I'm glad. A fluid load like that can sure put a hitch in your getalong.

My Mrs. Wheeler is taking some getting used to. My old chair was upholstered with that microfiber fabric that sort of feels like suede, and I could lay anything down on the chair arm and it would stay put. An afghan, the TV remote, anything. Now with this leather chair, anything I park on the arm of the chair, which is puffy and slightly rounded, just goes scooting to the floor immediately. I finally hunted up my old "grabber" thing, left from my back surgery, so I can retrieve things that fall to the floor without having to get out of the chair.

Toye Starr hates the thing. She was used to hopping up onto the old ottoman, then to my lap, then to my shoulder, then to the back of the chair, her favorite place to nap. Now, she just stands on the floor and looks up at the footrest, high above her head, and then looks at me with big accusing, hurt-looking eyes. Poor little thing. I'm trying to teach her that when I lower the footrest to a slant, she can just walk up and into my lap, but it's a slippery slope for her and she won't do it. So, I have to put the chair back down, pick her up, then recline it again. She doesn't like the chair back because it's slippery, and won't go up there to nap, so that's another problem. I guess we're just two old gals that were set in our ways. I'm starting to regret, just a little, getting leather. It sure is pretty, though.

Well, guess I'll go watch MASH. I really like that show, especially the later ones with Harry Morgan. He's one of my all-time favorite actors. Very versatile, very believable, and very funny. I'd like to have met him. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 20, 2017 - Msg 108035: Romeena, You made me laugh talking about your "Grabber" here is a scene from one of my favorite movies...The Straight Story on just that subject!..

G-F......Romeena What do you need that grabber for? Lol LOL....

August 20, 2017 - Msg 108036: Good one GF!
RO, I have seen microfiber covers that you can buy and put it
over the leather. Do you think that may help?
Here is a link:
When my wife and i were first married, we were using some hand-me-down furniture, and slip covers really saved the day. Today's look is so much nicer.
And yes, I am feeling MUCH better now, thx.
I have an odd question for you... when you teach your ESL class has it ever come up about using words like "gotta, shoulda, etc.?" Better yet, does Spanish have any such things?
SPOT--I ended up missing the race. I started watching the Cards pre-season game! Who won the race?
Next week we play your Falcons in Atlanta!
Good Sabbath to all.

August 20, 2017 - Msg 108037: Good Sabbath all.

Romeena, Sorry the new Mrs. Wheeler is giving you and your firkid problems. I imagine in time y'all will adapt to it. Speaking of adapting, did you and the cpap mask come to terms? I enjoy MASH also, and like you, I like the latter ones. I loved Harry Morgan. And what's odd is that in real life, people like Charles Emmerson Winchester drive me nuts. Pretentious and know it all superior attitudes like that I can't stand. But for some odd reason I really enjoyed his character on the show. Go figure. Maybe I need to go see one of them haid Doctors. Fraser and Niles Crane are another example. In real life, I would avoid folks like them with a passion. But I really enjoy watching that show. It's hard to imagine that Martin could have spawned to such fellers.

MDC, I am happy that you are on the mend friend. Is your sweetheart doing ok?

GF, I have a shovel with your name on it buddy. It looks like a week of digging up valves. Not all 42, but at least 4 for sure. I wish I could figure out how to repair the ones I have got. But even my supplier has told me that most folks end up replacing them. I suppose if I had no other things to deal with, and could spend some time working and experimenting with them I could get them working. But time is not on my side for that. Too many other things to deal with.

PH, Yep, that's the scene I was talking about. Everytime I see that episode, I hanker myself some fried chicken and corn on the cob. But that's one of my favorites, chicken with crust on it.

I was watching a few episodes last night that had Miss Peggy on it, and once again I just don't see how Andy let that one get away and end up with old lady Crump. For a smart and wise lawman and father, he sure lacked smarts in the woman department.

You know as I watch the news and see all the civil unrest going on, It sure seems to me that there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. I think there is some big money at work, and some folks are fanning the flames here. I am sure I am not the only one who appreciates that President Trump is calling out BOTH SIDES of this lunacy. I think he is spot on with his comments, no matter what the press, the democrats, nor anyone else says. I am totally disgusted with the number of republicans who have come out against Mr. Trump. I just have to decide if they are motivated about being P.C. or if they are driven by hatred towards a man who is trying to end the stupidity that has permeated Washington for way yonder to long. Or maybe it's a combination of the two. Anyway, I hope the majority of Americans can see past this stuff and not engage in it. (Soapbox back under the bed)

I hope everyone has a blessed Sabbath day. Go to preaching if you can, and feed your spirit. We need that in the world today IMHO


August 20, 2017 - Msg 108038: Asa, Man I knew I shouldn't have signed those shovels when the Craftsman dealer came thru town that G-F

August 20, 2017 - Msg 108039: IthinkIhaveheardjustaboutenoughabouttheeclipse!

We're in the path of totality & South Carolina is a madhouse!

possum under a rock

August 20, 2017 - Msg 108040: RIP Jerry Lewis.

possum again

August 20, 2017 - Msg 108041: Jerry Lewis now, really?? :( MDC

August 20, 2017 - Msg 108042: Yep,MDC. He died this morning of natural causes-age 91.

Seems like we're losing all of the "good ones".

possum once more

August 21, 2017 - Msg 108043: Yes, he was a good one. I felt so bad when MDA "fired" him, and the telethons stopped. :( May he rest in the peace of Jesus.
SPOT, my Cards will be playing the Falcons in your new stadium this coming weekend. Should be a good one!
ASA--good luck with the valve replacements. When I built my 5 station manifold years ago, i used my noodle and provided enough space between valves to be able to "rotate" off any valve that went bad. I also used a non-glue union on the 'outgoing' side for easier removal. I only had to do one so far, and that was about 5 years ago, but was very happy I did what I did. GF, can I get an amen? :) And you have a "shovel-ready" job just waiting for ya! ha
ASA--I also agree with your above sentiments.
Well, hope everyone has a good week. Possum, just a few more hours and the eclipse hype will be over!! If not, you have my OK to throw a few tomatas! LOL
God's blessings,

August 21, 2017 - Msg 108044: Bring in them Cards MDC ! ha glad football is back..well here at work till 6am then off for a few days..been putting off painting my wait till its a little cooler..well I got my eclipse glasses...gona come right over the old dog house ! breakfasr at McDonalds in the morning on Boo and possum and I...prayers..gona read...SPOT

August 21, 2017 - Msg 108045: Good Monday "eclipse" morning all. We are supposed to be at just over 92% here Possum. But just north of us in Idaho is supposed to be 100%. I guess folks are flocking there by the thousands. Any reason for a party for some I reckon. lol

MDC, I did the same thing with my own sprinklers when I installed them at home. But everything at work are glued in. It is going to mean digging the box out, and then digging far enough back to be able to cut the pipe so I can remove the old valve and fit a new one in. Plus there are wires buried so I will have to be careful digging. And the soil I am digging in is a hard clay soil. Just what my aching back needs. I know, I need cheese with my whine. :)

Sorry to read about Jerry Lewis. I liked him and he was devoted to the M.D. cause. Funny, but just the other night I was clicking around on youtube for old 60's singing groups and I stumbled upon Gary Lewis and the playboys. That was fun listening to some of there old hits. One clip had Jerry doing an intro for Gary. I read somewhere that Jerry was not in to Rock and Roll and wasn't very happy about Garys chosen profession.

I suppose I best get going. Them holes ain't gonna dig themselves. And it sounds like GF is going to have a lumbago flare hit him, just as he was itching to get started. :)