August 21, 2017 - Msg 108046: But I'm with you in spirit Asa...👍 ....G-F

August 21, 2017 - Msg 108047: But let me sweep the Porch first.....👍....G-F again

August 21, 2017 - Msg 108048: Good morning, porch. Yesterday, I wrote a lengthy entry, acknowledging the kind and helpful comments made by several of you, and it just went "poof" because I hit something I shouldn't have. I was due at a family thing, so didn't have time to repeat it all. So, thank you! My "Mrs. Wheeler" and I are gradually getting acquainted, and it's working better. Toye Starr comes and stands beside the chair, waiting for me to pick her up, so I guess that part is resolving. The issue of things falling to the floor will resolve when the two little side tables arrive, and David suggested putting a piece of that rubberized, nubby stuff on the back of the chair to keep Toye Starr's little blanket from falling off, so maybe she'll enjoy lying up there again. We'll figure it out, it just takes time.

I can't believe I failed to get some eclipse glasses! My resourceful DIL, Brittney, bought ten pair of glasses a couple of weeks ago, and sold them at a generous profit in the last two days. However, the little brat didn't save me a pair, because she said she thought surely I would already have some, as I'm "always prepared." I think that was a compliment?? Maybe? (haha) Anyway, I guess I won't get to see the eclipse itself, just its effects. No big deal. We won't have totality here, and that's the fun part, really. That moment of totality, when you can see the "bubbling" of the sun flares around the edge of the moon - that's really cool. I guess I'll get to see our partial eclipse on TV, as I'm sure it will be filmed. Hey, maybe I can aim my camera at the sun and get a picture!

I never have figured out how that thing with the pinhole in a piece of paper, projecting the image on another piece of paper - is supposed to work. Besides, that whole idea is dangerous. Over the years, I've known of several people who only really hear the first part, and they think you look through the pinhole at the sun. One person even tried to explain to me that the paper blocks "most of the glare" as you look through the pinhole! Basically, you have created a laser directly into your eye! Scary.

Well, I'd better get dressed. A service man from ADT is due this morning, and Eddie is in my back yard pulling weeds, so I need to get out of my jammies and get presentable. Blessings, friends. Don't hurt yourself trying to see the eclipse! --Romeena

August 21, 2017 - Msg 108049: Possum, I saw on the news the number of people packing into SC...Wow...I'm SURE you'll be glad to see them ALL go home!. Hopefully they will leave some 💰💰behind to made it all worthwhile 🤷🏼‍♂️...As for us we see it at 80%...Kinda waiting to see how my critters act....G-F

August 21, 2017 - Msg 108050: Hi.


August 21, 2017 - Msg 108051: Wooo-hooooo! My doorbell rang, and when I answered, I found a small package on the porch. I opened it, and it was my first author copy of my book! It's the soft-cover (paperback) copy. The hardcover one will arrive tomorrow. I am so excited! At about the same time, my book consultant from the publisher called to tell me it would be arriving. He also told me that it's now available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and of course, through the publisher, which is LifeRich Publishing. I checked Amazon, and sure enough, there it is! I just can't believe my book is actually in print. If anyone is interested, you can locate it on Amazon by searching on "A Flat of Petunias", and I assume the same search would work on Barnes and Noble and LifeRich.

I'd love to send each of my porch friends a signed copy if you want it, but the only way I could do that is to buy the books (yes, I do get a small discount when I buy them myself) and have them shipped to me, sign them, and then ship them to you. The cost would quickly become more than I could afford.

So, for anyone who might want it, and who would order your own book, I'm thinking I can get some large-sized stickers, write a note to you on it and sign it, and mail the sticker to you. You could then stick it on the inside of the front cover. Honestly, folks, I wish I could afford to just order them, sign them and ship them, but I just can't do it. The publisher gives me five, just five, free copies. One will go into my church's library, and the other four will go to my children. Anything beyond that, I have to buy. (sigh!)

About the eclipse! I was wondering how all my birds and squirrels were going to react, but there was nothing to see. Eddie is here working in the back yard, so the critters weren't around. About all I noticed was a darkening, like it was late evening, and then it brightened back up. I set the DVR to record the newscast events, will probably get a pretty good view of it all that way. Also, I'll bet YouTube will have some good coverage.

Well, I'm thinking spaghetti for dinner tonight. Think I'll go make the sauce now, so the flavors have time to blend. I hope I've got enough oregano to swing it! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 21, 2017 - Msg 108052: Yeah, G-F- it's been kinda crazy here in SC. We're all like "Welcome to S.C., now,please go home because the eclipse is over!"- ha ha!

The roads will be a mess today & tomorrow, I'm betting,so I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere!

Now,about the eclipse- it was a pretty cool thing to see,although it didn't get really dark as we'd been told,nor did the stars come out,as we were also told. But the temps did drop, birds flew overhead right before totality going home to roost and daytime became dusk.As Ernest T. would say, I was right there in it!

For me,the best part was the ring of light circling the moon right before totality-it was a sight to behold!

Ooh, Ro,your book has arrived! Whoo hoo!! I for sure will buy one. I'd be happy to have a sticker note from you to place inside the front cover & I think anyone else here who wishes to have a signed copy will be agreeable to that as well.

Ok, well, I'm worn out after all this eclipse hoopla,so gonna go get back under my rock-y'all take care!

possum under a rock

August 21, 2017 - Msg 108053: If I had a nickel for every vehicle that is making its way through this small little Southern town following the eclipse, I could buy ALL of Romeena's books & then some! The traffic is unreal! Glad I'm a local & not from out of state trying to head home!

possum again

August 22, 2017 - Msg 108054: Here's a neat little remembrance of Jerry:

ASA-I never put 2 and 2 together regarding jerry and gary. Did not know they were related!
Also, I think I hear ya about the valves. Have fun! But on our home ones, I guess great minds think alike! :)
GF--My Dbacks have really cooled their jets lately. They could not even beat the Twins to help out your Indians! But i see you are still top of your division!
RO--I think the 'sticker thing' sounds like a good solution! Glad the book is now out there!
POSSUM__hang in there!


August 22, 2017 - Msg 108055: Morning all. Woke up this morning with the misery in my back so I made an executive decision to stay home and rest it. Maybe it is GF's lumbago rubbing off on me.
That eclipse was pretty cool. I watched a lot of it with my welders mask. I think the thing that surprised me the most was how it cooled off so fast. I think we dropped by 15 degree's for a few minutes. And yes GF, A number of my yard lights popped on for a spell.

Yep MDC. Gary was Jerry's oldest boy I believe I read somewhere. I remember my older cousin had his album and I would listen to their music. Kinda grew on me. I hear it today and it takes me back to those innocent days.

Well just got done putting ice on my back, now I will look for the heating pad. I find alternating between the two seems to work best.

Prayers for all for a good and safe day.


August 22, 2017 - Msg 108056: Hopefully Asa, when you replace your "Wheeler" you'll get the heat and massage option to help that back misery.

Romeena, glad your book arrived, you've been working on it for a long time. I bet you are glad to see it in book form.


August 22, 2017 - Msg 108057: Good evening, porch. Yes, G-F, that book was a long time coming. Actually, it began in the first week of June, 1996. That's when I made the first hesitant journal entry, three weeks after my husband passed so suddenly. It was just a journal at that time, I had no thought of it ever being a book, but as I continued journaling, it gradually evolved. It was years before I actually entertained the idea of turning it into a book, and I don't know that I ever would have done it if some people hadn't kept encouraging me. Finally, it sank in on me that maybe there was something there that could help somebody, so I started getting serious about it. Then, I couldn't find a stopping place! Life goes on, healing goes on, and when does it cease to be the story of healing and become the story of me? No one wants to read my story, the mission of the book was to document the journey from brokenness to happiness, and truthfully, that's still a work in progress and always will be. That's true for all of us, I think. Well, anyway - the book is finished, it's out there and available for anyone who wants to read it. It's not a big book, only 135 pages, but it's a book, a real, honest-to-goodness book. Who would have ever thought?

PH, I can't remember whether I ever acknowledged your efforts to locate a pink heart toy for my little Toye Starr. I did go to the link you found, but hit several dead ends when trying to browse the link, and place an order. I did find some toys that were very similar - not pink, but I don't know if that would matter to her - but could never get the order process to work. I plan to try again. Thank you so much for taking the time to search and try to help my little princess. You should see her right now, with her pink ears and topknot. She's a sight! Next time, I'm going to let them color her little plumy tail as well. It's harmless, vegetable dyes, and washes out.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up a little something to eat, and watch some TV. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 23, 2017 - Msg 108058: RO--maybe you could send Toy Starr to one of them
're-finishing' schools! ha She sounds so cute! :) (But then she'd hang out with the Harvards and the Yales!)
I will order your book on Amazon and then ask for a 'sticker' autograph from ya.
While were on the subject of books, I think i mentioned a few years ago about a book that my marine pilot brother wrote. The first part is about our 'lower-middle class' upbringing, but because of the
strong faith of my parents and their teaching us about a strong
work ethic, all 8 of us siblings grew up to become productive members of society! Here is a little website about it:
Well, life goes on after the eclipse! I did the
old school pinhole in a shoebox, but unlike some that RO read about, I did NOT look thru the pin hole, i just let the sun shine thru it to the other end of the box!
ASA--sorry your back is acting up. Do you ever use a
back brace? Probably just THINKING about all the valve work sent your back into a tail spin! (Yes, pun intended.) ha
Could y'all please keep my Cecile in your prayers.
She's got a UTI, and has had great fatigue from it.
Thanks and prayers,

August 23, 2017 - Msg 108059: Trouble Check...SPOT

August 23, 2017 - Msg 108060: Where is everyone today?
ASA- your back got ya down?
Praying for you buddy.
GF--what's with the Browns antics? :(


August 23, 2017 - Msg 108061: Hey y'all- just a quick rock on the Porch.. wanted to send prayers & "feel better" wishes to Asa & Mrs. MDC.

Hey to Spot! Doesn't look like there's any trouble on the Porch,huh? (I think everybody's afraid of Sheriff Tom! He'll toss ya in the clink!)

Getting ready to hit the ol' ironing board,so I'll bid y'all a good evening!

possum u.a.r.

August 23, 2017 - Msg 108062: MDC...In my opinion the Browns needed to take a knee at the END and give thanks they won the game. And leave the rest to Kappernick. Heaven knows the Browns have a lot more to deal with....Like a winning Season?...Just Sayin'....


August 24, 2017 - Msg 108063: Sorry I've been out so long..been very busy with work and life.i still don't have a computer and it takes me forever to type on bbq this phone. Lots going on.

Right now there is a hurricane breathing down our necks here in the corpus Christi area. We will be riding it out here at work or at home.

Will try to keep you updated.

Praying for you and yours Asa.


August 24, 2017 - Msg 108064: Great to see you Boo. I hope that storm doesn't get real bad for you.

Thank you Boo, and everyone else for your prayers. They are appreciated and felt for sure. Got into my Doctor yesterday and he said that indeed, my pelvis was out. He got it back in and this morning I am feeling better. Still some residual pain and soreness, but that will wear off in a few days. I also had some pain higher up that I thought was a pulled muscle or pinched nerve, but after feeling my upper back said I had a rib that was popped out. Never heard of that before, but he did his magic and got it back in place. So all in all, a very good visit.

Possum, Are things back to normal for you after the great eclipse?

GF and MDC, Did you hear about the ever P.C. ESPN pulling an announcer from calling a football game because his name is Robert Lee and they didn't want to risk offending anyone? I declare this P.C. looniness is going over the top.

Well I haven't decided if I am going to work today or give myself another day to rest. My old friend Wheeler is gently whispering in my ear to stay home and relax the back. He sure makes sense to me. lol

Prayers for all for a safe day.


August 24, 2017 - Msg 108065: Prayers for Boo and others in Harvey's path...
No Asa, I did not hear about THAT one...Crazy!...I'm betting if his name was Clinton it would not have been a problem...
....Just Sayin'.....Good to hear ya got into the Dr. Buddy!


August 24, 2017 - Msg 108066: Asa....Listen to your Wheeler...

August 24, 2017 - Msg 108067: I did. The Wheeler is very persuasive to and achy breaky back. :)


August 24, 2017 - Msg 108068: Harvey is now going yo be a big least a category 3 or 4. Yikes! Remember us.

August 24, 2017 - Msg 108069: Strange to read that about Asa. I work next to a fellow who's been talking of terrible back pain. We have a woman who's a licensed masseuse who had a look yesterday and suggested it was a rib problem like you said. Never heard of such a thing before and then twice in one day.

Billy Ray the Postman

August 24, 2017 - Msg 108070: Per the Robert Lee announcer nonsense, someone I know suggested that to be safe, ESPN shouldn't let Bob Ley do any games.

Billy Ray the Postman

August 24, 2017 - Msg 108071: Glad you're doing better,Asa. Continued prayers,my friend. Oh yeah, it didn't take us long at all to get back to normal (whatever "normal" is!) around here after the eclipse. Other than several hours of bumper to bumper one way traffic going through town,things settled down very quickly.
Prayers for Boo, Texas, and everyone concerned about that ol' Harvey storm. I've been through just about every type of tropical storm there is-from Hugo in '89 to little ol puny stuff. Let me tell you that some of those Cat 1 & Cat 2 storms can sure cause a LOT of havoc! I'm sure the folks in Texas know from experience too,and will prepare well. God bless Texas!

possum under a rock

August 24, 2017 - Msg 108072: Just heard that Boo's area is under a mandatory evacuation order. She's planning on heading out,so let's all keep her & her family in our thoughts & prayers.

possum again

August 24, 2017 - Msg 108073: Prayers 🙏 For Boo indeed!...Be sure Bernie is nailed down!..All joking aside, you and your family be safe!!. And if you have to bug out...Then as Col. Potter says..."BUG OUT!"....


August 24, 2017 - Msg 108074: Good afternoon, porch. Regarding Hurricane Harvey, that thing looks like it's going to be a very big deal. I'm glad Boo and her family are going to leave the area. I can't help wondering about their animals, along with everyone else's. I remember when Katrina hit New Orleans, and people were being ferried out by bus, but were forced to leave their pets behind. That haunted me for a long time. I kept picturing myself boarding a bus and leaving little Sugarplum standing in rising water! Well, I simply wouldn't have done it. I couldn't. What a terrible thought. Sometimes I don't know which is harder - the questions or the answers.

I talked with my 89 year old cousin in Houston. I think he'll be safe, he's in a geographically higher area, and while he may be stranded for a while, I don't think he'll have any flooding in his home. He's quite healthy and mobile for his age, and is very resourceful and independent. I think he'll be fine. Prayers for all those in the path of this monstrous storm.

We don't anticipate much backlash from it here in the northern part of Texas. Strong predictions of rain on Sunday, tapering off through the week. Actually, it's very cloudy right now, and some rain is predicted for tonight. The weather does seem weird, and critter and bird traffic is almost non-existent, which is very unusual. Not a bird or a squirrel in sight, and my back yard is always full of both. They're there, just holed up. I did see a little squirrel nose poking out of one of the nest boxes earlier. I suspect all the boxes have an occupant.

Toye Starr seems to feel some anxiety, too. She has stuck closer to me than usual today, which means she's practically attached. She never gets very far from me. I wonder what it is that animals feel or sense? I think it may have something to do with barometric pressure? Anyway, they seem to know something that we don't. Ain't it wonderful???

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 24, 2017 - Msg 108075: Here is an update. Bruce is still boarding up windows. The roads going out of here are backed up. People are sitting in their cars for hours just a mile from home. Bruce has to stay because he is a first responder at work. The kids and I are going to try and leave in the middle of the night and caravan out with my sis and her family. Maybe we can make it out by then. Our gas tanks are full and i have my firearm. Wish us luck and thanks for the prayers.

August 24, 2017 - Msg 108076: Boo

August 24, 2017 - Msg 108077: Forgot to say we will attempt to go out to West Texas. I will check in when I can


August 24, 2017 - Msg 108078: Safe travels, Boo. Praying for a blanket of protection to surround you & yours.Please check in when you can. You stay safe too,Ro! This Harvey looks like a real mean one.

possum once more

August 24, 2017 - Msg 108079: Oh dear Boo. You and your family are in my prayers for sure. Be careful.


August 25, 2017 - Msg 108080: Also praying for Boo's family, especially for Bruce staying behind! May the strength of the storm somehow be lessened!
As for the Robert Lee thing! The guy is Chinese for pete's sake! "Lee" is about as prevalent as "Smith" is! Geesh, this
whole thing is SO ridiculous, and we are living thru this crazy 'history'. One day people will read about this time when
hysteria overtook common sense, and when 'stupidity' ruled the day! Lord help us on all these fronts!
Keep safe,

August 25, 2017 - Msg 108081: Thanks everyone. The kids and I are out of harms way. Left at 2am and now just pass del Rio and on our way to Big Bend National Park. Should be fun..long drive, though.

Please continue prayers for Bruce.


August 25, 2017 - Msg 108082: Good morning, porch! Boo, I'm glad you and the kids are on the road to safety. Will be praying for your protection, and especially for Bruce, having to stay behind. Drive carefully!

Folks, don't waste any worry on me. I'm far enough inland that we shouldn't get anything but some rain and maybe a little wind, but nothing damaging, most likely. My girls are closer, being just northwest of San Antonio, but still far enough inland that they should be safe. Probably a lot of rain, and maybe some high winds, but again, not likely to be in harm's way. Prayers for sure for all those who are close to this monster. I have a cousin in Houston, but his home is on high ground, and the storm is likely to pass to the west of his location, so he should be okay.

MDC, you're so right. Crazy, ridiculous, hysteria, stupidity - all very descriptive and accurate words. What on earth has come over people these days? History is history, like it or not. Tearing down statues isn't going to change it. Better they should remain and remind us of a not-so-stellar time in our history, so we don't repeat it! I abhor the very idea of slavery, but the concept has been with us since the beginning of time, and it persists today. Innocent young girls are kidnapped and sold into se#ual slavery today. Where is the outrage for that? All those little Nigerian girls, stolen by Boka Haram and kept captive for years. A few have been released now, and the stories they're telling are heart-breaking. Why is the free world allowing such as that to continue? Instead of running around with our hair on fire, tearing down old statues, maybe we should be investigating the abuse of young girls in our own country today. Also, for the black activists who are pushing this statue thing, I would suggest they check their own family history, to see whether they're descended from a slave, or from one of the tribes who captured their enemies and traded them to the slaveship masters. There were two sides to that story.

It officially ended in the U.S. a century and a half ago. There are no actual slaves today, not in that sense. Today we have child trafficking, and a whole culture of people who remain slaves to the government by choice. I'm not sure which is worse. For pete's sake, the war is over, the South surrendered. Let it die! Leave the statues as a reminder of what was, so we don't let it happen again. The statues honor courageous men, who fought valiantly for what they believed in, which by the way, involved a whole lot more than the slavery issue. States rights were lost in that war, too. Therefore, we still have the government sticking its nose into a state's business and telling us what we can and can't do.

Well, that's enough. I just wish we could put all this nonsense aside and work together, but it looks like that's just not going to happen. Pray, America! --Romeena

August 25, 2017 - Msg 108083: Looks like Harvey is aiming for Boo's area. Bruce is at the house & she's asking for prayers on her FB page. Please pray for his safety.And for Boo's peace of mind- she must be frantic not knowing what's happening at home with this storm.

possum u.a.r.

August 25, 2017 - Msg 108084: This is a bad situation, for sure. I wish I had thought about it earlier, but Boo and the kids could have come here and stayed with me. Possum, if you're in touch with her, and if she's not too far along the road to make a route adjustment, please tell her to call me. I tried her cell phone, but the call wouldn't go through. I'm sure she's far to the west of me now, if she's already gone through Del Rio, and is headed for the Big Bend, but you never know. I'd be delighted for them to come here. Her home is in Aransas Pass, so you can see that the storm is going right over her house! I pray Bruce weathers it safely. --Romeena

August 25, 2017 - Msg 108085: Please dear Jesus, as you did in the boat on the stormy sea, please quell these winds now for the people
of Texas. Thank you Lord, Amen

August 26, 2017 - Msg 108086: Greetings to my friends on the porch! I stopped by to check on my Texan friends and lend a prayer of support asking God to spare lives and property for all those in harm's way. I'm hoping Boo and Romeena and anyone else in the path of Harvey have miraculous stories of divine intervention they can share with us in the days ahead!
I'm sorry I haven't visited in so long! It's fun to check back and see some familiar faces still here like Possum and Asa! I hope the good Lord is treating everyone well! All is well on the northern porch here in Michigan.
I'm going to leave a buffet breakfast here for all when you wake up and face a new day. Help yourself to eggs, your way, thick sliced, apple smoked bacon, savory sage sausage patties, fluffy stacks of pancakes with fresh maple syrup drizzled all over, fresh, thin sliced potatoes mixed with diced onions and green peppers all fried up in butter, and a tall glass of orange juice along with a cup of steaming hot coffee! Hmm, mm! I can smell it now!

Have a wonderful, safe, Mayberry kind of day!

Mary Wiggins

August 26, 2017 - Msg 108087: I lost contact with Bruce at 11pm. We had been texting back and forth during landfall and I could tell he was nervous. We live just south of Rockport so he is getting hit hard. Praying he is ok. Our nephew in Corpus is going to the house to check on him as soon as he is able.


August 26, 2017 - Msg 108088: Very kind offer Romeena and it means alot. It was a good choice for us to go West and we are safe. I don't know what the days ahead will be like but one day at a time.


August 26, 2017 - Msg 108089: There she is, Ro. Thank God Boo & the kids are safe. Praying that Bruce fared well during the storm.

possum again

P.S. HEY to Mary Wiggins!!

August 26, 2017 - Msg 108090: He did! The house is okay too-thank you,Lord!

possum once more

August 26, 2017 - Msg 108091: Thanks everyone. Bruce is able to check in only if he leaves the house..cant Get cell phone to work at home yet. He has ventured out some and says lots of houses destroyed but ours is fine. We just lost a few shingles off the roof and some trees down. Probably won't have electric for up to a week.

We are not able to get back there yet due to flooding and downed trees and power lines. We will leave here tommorow to drive further towards home. Going to be some tough days ahead but we are all safe.


August 26, 2017 - Msg 108092: Good News Boo...But as ALWAYS you Texas folks will get thru this...Your a STRONG bunch down there!!..💪🏼👍


August 26, 2017 - Msg 108093: Thanks G-F. We gain strength through the support of friends like you


August 26, 2017 - Msg 108094: Wow! What a great morning this is! Boo and family are safe, house has only minimal damage and everything that matters is OK. Inconvenient and scary, but OK. Thank you, Lord!

And - Mary Wiggins has checked in, after a very long time. Girl, we have missed you! I think of you every time I enter my front bedroom, because those three beautiful paintings your talented husband created are there. They are just lovely, and everyone who stays in that room comments on them.

Well, guess I'll go get a few little things done around here. All is quiet, the hurricane is about 300 miles south of here, the outer bands are starting to hit San Antonio, so my girls, just north of SA, will be getting some rain and wind, but likely nothing damaging. We will get some rain in a day or two, but that's about all, I think. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 26, 2017 - Msg 108095: Seeing pictures and videos of home town and surrounding areas...terrible. I just want to cry. So much damage. I don't know when they will let us go home but may be without power for days. I am very thankful but things are going to be hard when we get home.

August 26, 2017 - Msg 108096: Boo

August 26, 2017 - Msg 108097: Hey all.
Boo, I am so glad you and your family are all safe. I'm sorry about the turmoil though. It sounds like you may be getting a lot of rain for a few days. I pray that things will get back to normal for you all soon.

Great to see you Mary Wiggins. I hope all is well with you.

Prayers for your Wife MDC. I hope she gets feeling better soon.

Just got done mowing. Time to ice the back. Feeling a lot better but still tender. Ice really helps.

Well prayers for all, especially all you folks in the Lonestar State.


August 26, 2017 - Msg 108098: Ptayers For Texas ... SPOT

August 26, 2017 - Msg 108099: Praying for y'all,Boo.The aftermath of a big storm like that is really rough on the heart & soul,but you'll get through it. You'll never forget it though. This might sound odd,but there will be blessings in the coming days,so be open to them.Take it from a Hurricane Hugo survivor. You'll get through this. Many prayers and much love~ possum

August 26, 2017 - Msg 108100: SPOTTY, please send a few trucks and crews to Boo's area! Boo, Jesus be praised! :)

August 27, 2017 - Msg 108101: Good Sabbath to all! So glad that Boo's whole family made it thru OK. I saw a photo in the paper today of a big boat on 'dry' G street in CC.!!
BOO--did the rehab center survive? Are the kids getting their
meds OK?
I'm so glad we have this 'connection' as we pray for all in that area. Even MARY WIGGINS stopped by. Thanks Mary! Hope you are well.
ASA--I hope your back is better today!
Cecile is much better now, thanks.
APB for John MASTERS and SterlING!
Have a blessed day,

August 27, 2017 - Msg 108102: Good Sabbath porch family .

Stopping by to send love and prayers to Boo and her family and all others affected by the hurricane. Glad you and your family are safe and your home sustained miminal damage. Prayers to you and all in your community as you move forward in the days ahead.

Love and prayers
Big Maude

August 27, 2017 - Msg 108103: Thank you all for encouragement and prayers!

MDC, I am hearing reports of many electric trucks coming into my area so maybe it won't take too long to restore power. I think it will take longer for water since our water tower collapsed.

We are heading home in the morning so things are about to get real.

I just heard from Bruce and he has to report for work in the morning. I think he can take a shower there. He is pretty uncomfortable but is still able to laugh and joke about things.

We have enjoyed being here in Alpine Tx. We went to Big Bend National park today and it was beautiful!

Better get some sleep for the long drive tommorow. If you don't hear from me for awhile don't worry. I will check in when I can.

Love, Boo

August 28, 2017 - Msg 108104: Great to hear from you Boo. Our prayers are with you, and all the good folks in the area. The coming days, weeks, months, and even years it looks like will be challenging. But as Possum said, blessings will come from it as well. I remember the words of a great man I knew who often said "I only know one way of getting anything done. Get on my knees and pray for guidance, and then get on my feet and go to work". I suspect y'all will be doing that in the coming weeks.

MDC, Glad to read your Wife is doing better buddy. I hope you are still on the mend.

Well off to work. I have decided to delay my valve replacement project for a bit to allow my back to recover. I can turn on the zones in question manually for the time being. I'll just water those zones deeply and less frequently.

Prayers for all for a good day and a good week.


August 28, 2017 - Msg 108105: Good morning, porch. Boo, thanks for the report. Have been praying for you and yours all along, am glad to hear that you're all okay. I'm so glad your house was spared. So many have lost so much.

I've been in touch with my 89-yr-old cousin who lives in Houston, just off I-10, near Katy. He lives in a condo community, which is in an area of slightly higher ground, and each condo cluster is built on an individual rise as well, so he's dry, so far. He lives on the second floor, but the water hasn't reached the building at all yet, though the streets are flooded. He's a survivor, flew those big "Globemasters" during the Korean war, and flew for Texas International for many years after that. He's sharp as a tack, and in good health, quite fit for his age. He's just in awe of the way people are pulling together, helping each other, and so am I.

I don't know if you're watching the Weather Channel like I am, but if you are, you've seen some examples of that spirit. People who can are taking to the flooded streets with just about anything that will float - one young guy was out there with his inflatable mattress, towing it along like a boat. They're looking for stranded people, and rescuing them. What a spirit! Color and culture and nationality lines are forgotten, people are just helping people. God is good.

Glad to hear that the ones on the "puny list" are feeling better. Personally, I'm well too, and thankful for that. Well, it's "clabberin' up" outside, as my grandma would say, so looks like more rain. We've been getting some pretty heavy rain squalls, but they don't last long, and I'm not sure they're even related to the hurricane. I think they're moving in from the west. I'm loving it, got my sprinklers turned off, and my water bill isn't spinning out of control. Also, it's much cooler than usual, so my electric bill should be smaller, too. I can use some smaller bills!

Well, maybe a little lunch and some weather-watching on TV will be in order. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 28, 2017 - Msg 108106: PRAYING for Houston! MDC

August 28, 2017 - Msg 108107: What is wrong with Cecille? Is she sick??

Thought I would sit down and spend a little time with you today since I happen to have a real computer keyboard to type on. Trying to type with one finger on my phone is a disaster. Speaking of disasters, I will fill you in on what we are doing now.

We left beautiful west Texas this morning and it was 58 degrees (you all know how much I love that). I was dreading getting back to the heat and humidity of the coast. We live in Aransas Pass, which is the border town to Rockport, which took the hardest hit from Harvey. So Aransas Pass and Rockport are like one town. I have friends who lost everything. My little neice Emily's mom lost the house she is living in and she will be taking her to Austin for a couple of weeks. She has a sister in Corpus Christi who has power and water so she might stay there for awhile. Other friends in my town lost their houses completely. Anyway, we had decided to head back and face whatever we had to face, when Bruce called me and told me they had a staff meeting to discuss the needs in the community and he was told that any employees who did not have water or electric at this time could put their families into the hotel of their choice until it was restored, and they would pay for it. So, plans changed. Bruce wants us to stay away from the disaster scene until we have electric and water. He says it is pretty tough and might as well not come back yet. Power and water have already been restored to Corpus Christi so he borrowed a generator from a friend there and will hook that up when he gets home. He can run a fan and some lights on that. He will be working regular hours and will be able to shower at work, so that's good. He can get the supplies he needs in Corpus Christi, which is where he has to drive to work each day. We miss him and want to return home, but it is smarter to stay put for now. I was scheduled to have surgery on Sept. 5th but will have to postpone that for now, but I am not on the schedule to work due to my surgery date, so I wont be a problem if I dont return to work. School has been cancelled for Erin, possibly for the month of September. The high school was badly damaged and lost much of the roof, so not sure how long it will be.

I hear that most power lines are down at home, most poles actually snapped in half from the winds, and I think I mentioned that our water tower collapsed so water will have to be pumped in once electricity is restored. No one wants to commit to when that will be, but sadly, much of the help that was headed our way, turned around and went to Houston instead. I understand that the need is greater there due to the large population. Most of the corpus christi area is doing fine, it is maily Rockport, Aransas Pass, and a few small towns near us that really took the worst part of the storm and look like war zones. You just dont know how grateful I am that my home was spared.

Bruce told me that he took the boards off the windows of the house yesterday and can now open the windows. He has his shotgun and the dogs on patrol to protect against looters in the area. He said he took down the boards and put them in the garage to use for another project and I said, "If you use them for something else, what will you do if we have another hurricane,?"...his response: "Leave!" LOL Poor guy. He said he was really scared for 4 hours. The winds blew so strong and he said it sounded like a freight train. He said the house literally shook and shuttered and he thought the roof would come off at any minute and that lasted 4 whole hours! I'm so glad I left.

I kind of hate to admit it, but after I knew Bruce was ok, I had a really nice little vacation in Alpine. The weather was cool and dry and the place is just beautiful. The first night we were there, we drove about 10 miles north of Alpine and went to the observatory where people come from all over the world to try and see the Marfa Lights. If you arent familiar, they are these unexplained mystery lights that appear our over the dessert after dark. They arent always there and I have been there twice before in my lifetime and not seen them. There were there this week! Boy, it was so neat. The observatory is on this long stretch of road between towns, surrounded by mountains. It seems like you are in the middle of nowhere. You stand on the observation deck and look out over miles of cactus-covered brushy nothingness and then...they appear..suddenly in the distance; they flicker briefly and then disappear. They look like they are miles and miles away and look something like a lighted latern moving through the sky. Sometimes they are alone, sometimes they split into two and dance near the horizon, sometimes three will line up evenly spaced in the sky and then disappear. It is really something to see. The night we were there watching and the lights were making their appearance, Sean came over and said softly in my ear, "I dont want to startle anyone, but over to your right, about 15 yards from you, there is a light that appears near that electrical pole and then disapears. I thought I was seeing things but then I heard someone else say it". I started watching the area he pointed out to me, and sure enough, there is was. It was creepy but fascinating. If you are intrigued, google Marfa Lights and read about them.

Well, I had better get back upstairs to the kids. We are staying at a really nice Hampton Inn about 3 hours from home now. I think I will sleep well tonight and I really need it.

Sorry for the long post, but figured I owed you one. Thank you again for your many prayers and encouragement. You all are the cats for sure!


August 28, 2017 - Msg 108108: Thanks Boo for the update, continued prayers to you and your family and to ALL those effected by Harvey. Hang in there, and Remember..God is Good...👍....G-F

August 29, 2017 - Msg 108109: Thanks for the update BOO. From all I have read and seen, Harvey is one of the worst on record!
So thankkful that Bruce made it thru OK.
I was going to ask if you guys had a generator, but you
answered that question. Maybe they will bring in water trucks soon. I also heard that organizations like Samaritan's Purse, are
showing up in the area. As GF said,
mucho prayers continue for you, yours, and the whole area!