August 29, 2017 - Msg 108110: Oh, Cecile had a bad UTI, but is much better now.

August 29, 2017 - Msg 108111: Good morning, porch! I'm up very early - who knew there was a 7:00 in the morning too? I guess I knew once, but had forgotten since retirement. Anyway, I'm heading to a local restaurant for a "birthday breakfast" for a dear friend. Joyce will be 87, and is the oldest member of our SS class, so about fifteen of us will meet at PJ's to buy her breakfast and share some girl talk. She's a dear soul, sharp as a tack, and lots of fun.

I haven't watched the weather news this morning, but am still praying for all of those who are in harm's way, and for the multiplied thousands who are now in shelters. Yes, I'm sure there will be quite a few Christian organizations making their presence felt. The Texas Baptist Men are headed that way. It's a coalition of (obviously) Baptist men, from churches all over the state. They own and operate several fully equipped mobile kitchens, and can feed hundreds of people in a day from each one. They show up to clear downed trees and other debris. They repair and rebuild wherever they can, they transport people where needed, and have several large trucks for that purpose. They're a significant presence in disaster relief. Our church has a lot of men who participate. Tree trimmers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, drivers, cooks, and lots of guys who just supply muscle where it's needed. One man described them as "love's boots on the ground." It fits.

Well, I'm off. Will check back in later. Glad everyone is safe! --Romeena

August 29, 2017 - Msg 108112: Hey y'all- Good to get an update from Boo,and I'm relieved to know they will have the basic needs once they get to that hotel. It's rough trying to function without water & power. Following Hugo,we had water,but the power was out for nearly 2 weeks.So glad that y'all are safe! Stay strong and know the world is praying for Texas.We love ya,Boo!

Oh, no worries about this tropical system off the Carolina coast. It brought a few rain squalls,along with some nice cool breezes.This thing is "small potatoes" compared to ol' nasty Harvey.

Good to hear that Mrs. MDC & Asa are feeling better. Take care all!

possum u.a.r.

August 29, 2017 - Msg 108113: Thank you Possum. I am feeling quite spoiled right now compared to most. The president is visiting my hometown today, which I appreciate. He is a very busy man but is making the people of Texas a priority.

I am seeing on facebook where people are coming from different parts of the state for clean up and HEB is feeding people by the thousands. What a blessing. I think I will be better about throwing my grocery money to HEB than to Walmart, who, as of yet has done nothing to help that I know of, even though the citizens of those towns devastated by Harvey, contain walmarts and have spent millions there every year..but dont get me started about walmart.

I heard from Bruce today and he said he got some sleep last night since he hooked up the generator and had his sleep apnea machine again, plus a fan. He had to go into work and is working on an insur@nce claim for the roof repair.

I have been trying to find a hotel closer to home so I can go help out during the day and then have a place to shower and sleep at night. So far, everything for over a hundred miles is booked solid with people coming in to give relief. I did find a hotel in Beeville, which is about an hour from home but they wont have anything until Friday. Poor me..I have to stay in this very nice Hotel with the best continental breakfast ever! LOL. They even had a taco bar this morning. The beds are great and it is just very nice. So..two more nights here, then on to Beeville, unless we get power back at home. I read a report that every line in Aransas Pass (where I live) is down so could take a long time. Can you believe that even in this hotel I am doing laundry? haha..I could use the laundry service but I was getting bored so am doing my own in the guest laundry. It feels good to be doing some chores. Hard to explain but it just feels comforting to be doing something that I did before all this happened.

My sister and her family went on back home and said their living room flooded but they were planning to put down new hard wood floors, so no real problem. They slept pretty comfortably last night with a generator. She was going to go out and take some pics of our area and post to facebook, so any of you who are facebook friends should be able to see them on my page.

I was so bored that Erin and I went to the local Walmart here and goofed around. It is one of those old, small walmarts that isnt a supercenter, so it was interesting. I actually ended up getting her some jeans for school and some t-shirts so that is good. I don't know when she will be going to school, however. :(

Better get back up and check to see if the clothes need to go in the drier.

Thank you all for your kindness and prayers for the great state of TEXAS. <3


August 30, 2017 - Msg 108114: You bet BOO! Glad things are fairly OK with you all. But if you do go back, how will you shower, etc?
You can't all
show up at Bruce's work! ha
Now it looks like harvey will do ANOTHER landfall! Wow, it seems like it just won't quit!
RO--I have heard of that Baptist Men's group, a fine
organization! Mike Huckebee had a good idea of unused church camps opening up for evacuees.
Prayers do indeed continue for all affected by this storm. 51 inches of rain in some places.
I hope you had a good breakfact birthday gathering.

August 30, 2017 - Msg 108115: ASA--glad you can wait fixing those valves! Maybe you can wait, and wait until.... ha MDC

August 30, 2017 - Msg 108116: Asa, I agree with MDC..As Opies friend Mr. Dave says.." There's no better day to repair those valves than tomorrow!"

August 30, 2017 - Msg 108117: Good morning all.

Alright MDC and GF, Y'all are one of my kind. I like the way you think. Tomorrow! The best time to start any job. lol Actually I tend to be quite the opposite of that. If I have something to do that I really don't want to do, for what ever reason, I just as soon get on it right away and get it over with. Otherwise it just bounces around in my head and makes me fret over it. I'm not really fretting over this valve work, but I would just as soon get it done. But sometimes you just have to listen to the old body, 10-4?

Boo, so good to read your posts and I am so glad to see your spirits are up. You are going to need that good attitude in the coming months I am sure. I pray they can get all your utilities up as soon as possible so everyone can commence rebuilding. It is heartwarming to read some of the stories coming out of your great State and how folks are helping out each other. If we can keep the stinking politicians out of it who want to use it to promote whatever platform they are wanting to promote, (usually themselves), we will be better off. And of course the media right there, fanning the flames of discord whenever they can. I am glad that President Trump took some time to come visit. And for some of the things he did prior to the storm hitting that should speed up the process for recovery. I am sure you will be happy to get back together with Bruce, and begin to get your lives back to normal. Prayers continue for you all.

Possum, glad your storm wasn't to bad. Good to see you out from under your rock. :)

Well off to slay the dragon.
Prayers for all.


August 30, 2017 - Msg 108118: Thank you MDC and Asa. I heard from Bruce last night and he was very tired and sore. He has been trying to cut trees himself and we have many trees down over our 5 acres. I put out the word on my church's facebook group and five minutes later had a volunteer to help, so today Bruce has a friend from work and a friend from church going over to help him. He is very appreciative.

Yesterday the kids and I ate a local Mexican food establishment. I thought it was really good, but I guess it was too spicy for Erin because she was up all night with stomach issues. She has alot of tummy troubles and I think they are mostly anxiety related. I know she is very anxious to get home and see her pups and start helping her dad. Sean has been depressed and sleeping alot. Today I am going to try and get him distracted from social media and all the bad reports. He went with me to the pool last night and we laughed and had a good time swimming. I talked with him about all the positives that come out of something like this, and how fortunate we were that there was minimal loss of life when it could have been so much worse. I think I will force him out of the motel today and go for a drive or something. There is just nothing to do in this little town besides go to walmart, and I'm not kidding.

I just had a good breakfast here in the hotel and now I am going back on line in hopes of finding a place near home.

I will check back in as long as I can. Some people near my home are getting internet, but most arent' I think and I dont know when we will have it.

Take care,

August 30, 2017 - Msg 108119: Throwing good vibes and wishes your way, Boo!

Hey to the Porch!

John Masters

August 30, 2017 - Msg 108120: Thanks John Masters. I am here in front of the computer again because I am pretty bored here in this hotel. Do get me wrong, its a very nice place and I will go use the treadmill in the workout room later and have a dip in the pool, but I am finding out that I am just having a hard time relaxing. I am so used to being busy that my brain is going kind of bananas right now. If we were in a town that had something to do, we could get out a little but there just is nothing here. I shouldnt complain, I just talked to Bruce and it is pretty hot and humid back at home. He is waiting for some help to come tomorrow. We have at least 30 trees down on our place, plus lots of branches. We will have wood for a lifetime of winter fires...too bad we never have winter in south texas. lol!! Hey, with all the crazy weather, maybe we will actually have some winter this year.

Bruce said he sees quite a few electric trucks around town working on things but I have heard it could still be weeks. I certainly hope not! Its been 5 days, so far, and I can tell Bruce and my sister (she is at home, about 2 miles from our place) are getting tired and cranky. Just 2 miles, where my sister lives in the town of Ingleside, they have water and have had from the start, but no power yet. If we had one or the other, I would try to go home, but with both not yet restored, I think I will wait longer. It's pretty crazy there and let me tell you, after having lived through the aftermath of Hurricane Celia in the 70's, I am in no hurry. At that time, we were without water and electricity for at least 2 weeks. If any of you have ever been here on the coast in August, you know how terribly hot and humid it is. Temps are in the 90's or more and with the humidity factored in, the heat index is always well over 100 degrees. One thing I can say, though, there is nearly always a breeze, although it isnt usually a very cool one. It never cools off, not even at night. Most places will cool off when the sun goes down, even get chilly in many places, but not here on the coast. It is 6 months of heat, day and night.

Bruce has had better cell service today and I can see the frustration in what he is saying. I think he and my sister feel kind of forgotten. Corpus Christi and Portland, where our church people are, have had water and power for days but its like they are forgetting about those of us north of them that are still without and dealing with devastation. Please pray they wont forget and just go on with their lives. My sister says the only help they have seen is those in their own neighborhoods trying to help each other. There is plenty of food and supplies coming in, but not too many willing to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work of cleaning up. Everyone feels pretty frustrated. My sister is a member of a small church but they are close. I think her feelings are hurt because she isnt getting any much support from her friends in Portland who have water and electric. Very little damage was done in Portland or Corpus. It concerns me that things are that way, but there it is. Bruce was frustrated because they are having a church prayer meeting tonight to pray for the vicitims of the hurricane, but he says they need to put on their gloves and come help him and our neighbors. He said, "There's a time for prayer, and there's a time to put on your gloves and do something.". I agree, but I think they are praying so they can gear up and go serve (I hope anyway). The other day he saw a friend from church who lives in Corpus and never lost power or water. He told Bruce, "Do you want me to bring you some ice?".. LOL...that was nice, but not exactly what Bruce was needing.

I'm not ready to give up on the church and it's willingness to serve. We will see what happens in the coming weeks and months.

I dont know when Erin is going to be able to go back to school. The schools are in pretty bad shape in Aransas Pass and with no water or electric it could be awhile. I guess they will just have to go longer into the summer this year.

Well, just wanted to give you the latest. We will be here in hotel for tonight and tomorrow night, and if we still dont have water and power by then, we will go to Beeville, which is about an hour from home so we can drive home and help out some.

Talk to you all later,

August 30, 2017 - Msg 108121: Hang in there Boo...All I can say is you Texas folks are showing the nation how to "Act Like Somebody!".. The stories coming from this disaster puts back my faith in the strength and kindness of mankind...The whiners and crybabies need to learn from example from Y'all on how to work together in difficult times...The Politicians need to take a lesson from this too!....Amen?...Texas Strong!.💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


August 31, 2017 - Msg 108122: BOO--Thank you for the update. Don't get me wrong, but remember that many of the folks that Bruce would like to 'put on gloves' probably have to get
back to their jobs, etc. Just a guess. Is there anything
"outside of town' that you could go to? Are there any museums, etc, historic city hall or whatever? Motels usuallu have racks of brochures about nearby things to do. Again, just some thoughts.
I see that Joel Olsteen has now opened up Lakewood to evacuees. Good to see that people of Houston are
working together. It sure looks like it will be a long haul!
My prayers continue.

August 31, 2017 - Msg 108123: Thanks G-F. Texas is full of good folks, that's for sure.

MDC there nothing museum or anything of interest. I think I will drive out of town a ways today and look for something.thamk you for those prayers


August 31, 2017 - Msg 108124: Hey Boo, How about buying some board games or some cards or something like that. My family loves playing Uno. Lots of fun, makes the time go by fast, and hopefully might ease some of the stress y'all are feeling. Might work, then again, might not. :)


August 31, 2017 - Msg 108125: Good morning, porch. Been reading the posts, and Boo, I can feel your pain, frustration and disappointment. It must be terribly disheartening when friends and others you could reasonably expect to offer help - don't. I think in many cases, people just don't know how to help, and as MDC said, lots of times they're not free to do much, as they have their own responsibilities that don't end just because there has been a disaster. I haven't done anything for anyone, but that's going to change tomorrow. My church has learned that there are 250 evacuees crammed into a Candlewood motel here in Irving. I don't have the full story - why that motel, are the people rescues with nothing but the clothes they're wearing, or were they planned evacuees who got to bring a little with them - who are they? We do know that the motel is not feeding them, just providing a place to sleep, so tomorrow a group is taking some grills and supplies, and we're going to make hamburgers for everyone. I'm skipping a birthday lunch for a friend, and going on the mission. I figure I can make burger patties and slice tomatoes! Also, after I find out a bit more about the folks and their needs, I have a big bag of good clothing that I don't wear anymore and I'll be happy to take it along if it's needed. It's mostly jeans and t-shirts, no "ball gowns" or other unnecessary stuff.

Boo, I'm guessing all your freezer and fridge stuff is a loss. If Bruce hasn't done it already, he might want to unload the stuff into a wheelbarrow and take it to a back corner in the field and bury it. That's what we did once when I was growing up. We had almost 100 fryers dressed and in the freezer, and someone accidentally turned off the switch that controlled the power to the pump house, where the freezer was located. We left for a vacation, and when we returned two weeks later, you can only imagine. My poor dad had to glove up and dig those bagged chickens out of the freezer and bury them, and the freezer was a total loss. It stunk to high heaven and no amount of cleaning was going to redeem it, so he hauled it to the landfill. Needless to say, we didn't want any chicken for quite a while after that.

I wish I was close enough to you to help out, but prayer knows no distance, and I can do that. Have been, and will continue.

Yep, G-F, I'm pretty proud to be a Texan. Most Texans are. We have our good and our bad, but the good outweighs, by a long shot. Texans tend to look at a situation, cut through the fluff and get to the problem and see what needs to be done. Most of the time, we don't stand around dithering and discussing, we just get to work. Neighbors help neighbors, and our definition of a "neighbor" is pretty broad. We don't put up with much nonsense, either. There have been almost no reports of looting during this crisis. I'm sure some has occurred, but there evidently hasn't been much, partly because most folks know it won't be tolerated. There was one case reported. A man broke into a dark house in an area of rising water and no power, obviously thinking the resident had evacuated. He hadn't. The looter was picking and choosing what he wanted, when he caught a blast from the homeowner's gun, and he met his maker right there. The homeowner most likely will not face any charges, and he shouldn't. The same thing would happen to someone who would break in here. If someone is in need, and asks me, I will help them any way I can. Break into my home, and I will assume the motive is not need, but greed, or worse, and I do have a gun, which I know how to use, and will. Most Texans feel the same way.

Well, gotta run. Blessings, porch. --Romeena

August 31, 2017 - Msg 108126: There is a group named Little Texas that has a song called God Bless Texas...youTube it...prayers...Martha and I have made donations and praying SPOT

August 31, 2017 - Msg 108127: Boo,I wish I was out there to help or to provide some company for you. We could have a lot of fun in Walmart-LOL No,seriously,I'm just sitting here at home & wish I could do more,but please know that I'm praying & sending love.

That probably sounds about as good as the guy who offered ice to Bruce (LOL),but it's all I have,and it comes from the heart. I am donating too,though,but it won't be much. Again,it comes from the heart.

Yes, God Bless Texas, Spotty!

possum u.a.r.

August 31, 2017 - Msg 108128: I was watching the news this AM and they said there may be more than 50 THOUSAND homes underwater or partially so! It seems so unbelieveable, but they were showing live shots. My heart goes out to those who have lost everything! Still trying to digest the fact that the mayor of Houston siad not to evacuate.
Also, now the storm is headed to Tenn. where BIG MAUDE is.. Big maude, please check in!
Prayers continue for all!

August 31, 2017 - Msg 108129: Per Little Texas and God Bless Texas, the song was written by Brady Seals, who's from these parts. He started out writing a song about Ohio, but found the meter and rhyming possibilities weren't all that good, so he gave up and went with Texas.

Billy Ray the Postman

August 31, 2017 - Msg 108130: No Possum, your prayers, love, and support mean the world to me (much more than a bag of ice ever could). ;) Yes,we would have fun at walmart and toilet-sitting at lowe's.

So thankful for the help and support, SPOT and all who have sacrificed, donated, and prayed for me and my Texas family and neighbors. You all are the best.

Ro, I know exactly how bad chicken smells and it is the worst! How dissapointing to lose that mean meals, too. wow. I know I will have a mess to deal with at home but I like that idea to bury the stuff on the back of the property. Easy enough to do with a tractor, thanks.

MDC, it is so sad to watch what is happening in Houston. It a town of 6 million or more people, the devastation is going to be so wide-scale. I hate to see it but Houston is a low area, prone to flooding anyway. So sad.

I am going to head home to Aransas Pass in the morning because I have to register Erin in a nearby school. There is no way to know when the Aransas schools will be functioning again so I am puting her in somewhere else. Frankly, its a much better school anyway, so I am hoping she likes it and wants to stay. The only problem is having to drive her their and pick her up every day. It is about 15 minutes from home, which isnt bad, but I will have to arrange my work schedule to accomodate it. The school she regularly attends is only a 2 blocks from home. Having her go to another school is a blessing because we have been praying about how to get her into a better environment than the school here. Maybe this is our answer.

I hear everyone in my area is getting nervous about the potential of another storm coming in. I havent watched the news today, but it seems there might be another threat out there. I think the odds of another coming in are pretty astronomical, considering we had not had a real hurrican in many years there.

Well, I am drinking some coffee to stay awake until bedtime. I want to get a good night's sleep to prepare for tomorrow. I think it is going to be a long day. The drive home is about as boring as it gets...nothing but brown grass, mesquite and cactus for over a hundred miles. :) Oh, and the buzzards..forgot them. People, it is just like you see in the old western movies.

I forgot to tell you about an experience I had leaving Alpine. We were driving on a long stretch of nothingness and my brother in law was ahead of me, driving too fast. I was trying to keep up and driving faster than I am comfortable with..probably 75 or 8o mph, when a wild pig ran onto the road. I did my best to miss him, but I hit the poor thing. I heard the big bump and saw him run off in my rearview mirror. We stopped to check the car and saw no dents or anything. I was thankful that we didnt have an accident but I was sad about the pig. I cried for about 2 miles and then I was over it. :)lol I think we all have alot of pent up emotions and it all came out there for a few minutes. I have been perfectly fine since. Sean is having a tough time, though. He is so anxious and has been more depressed than I have ever seen him. He is deeply effected by the suffering of others and he has friends who have lost everything. I told him to stay away from social media today. I have been trying to get him out to the pool to swin in the evenings. All he wants to do is sleep so he wont have to think. He is not going to be able to go to college this semester, i dont think. Classes have already started. Also, the dealership he was working for was all but destroyed in the hurricane so he probably wont have a job when we get home. Of course he is worried about everything and nothing I say really helps. I was guiding him through some deep-breathing exercises today and it seemed to help some.

Well, sorry if I bored anyone but it helps me to sit here and type and know that you guys are there to read my ramblings. It makes me feel connected to you all and that helps. You are such good and kind friends.

Talk to you later.


August 31, 2017 - Msg 108131: Oh forgot to mention...I think, anyway...this might interest MDC. I think I told you all that they transferred the kids from work to a church camp in Dallas. Well, I heard from both of the nurse friends who accompanied them. Apparently there were not enough staff members to keep control of them and they had a couple of riots, one ending in a kid being tazed by the police and one being transferred to the ER. One of the nurses told me that one girl got so out of control that she ended up in the floor with her with her arms and legs around her in a restraint. What a mess. I will be surprised if we survive all this and I still have a job next month.

Better go...


August 31, 2017 - Msg 108132: It's sure great to read your posts Boo. I am glad that it helps ease your anxiety a bit. I pray you have a safe drive home tomorrow and that hopefully things will not be as bad as you think. Have they given any time frame on when water and power will be back on? I know Utah has sent some crews down there to assist, and one of our local tv stations is conducting a marathon to try and raise a million dollars to send down. I know y'all are gonna need all the help you can get. My prayers go with you and your family Boo.


August 31, 2017 - Msg 108133: Hang in there BOO. Remind Sean of some Bible verses to help him get thru all this... such as "Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world." or "We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus!" or "He does not give us a spirit of anxiety (fear) but one of power, love, and self-control!" or "Be anxious for nothing, but lift up your petitions with gratefulness and thankgiving, and the peace that passes all understanding will envelop you!" :)
Those really helped to get me thru the last 6 months! :)
I liked ASA's idea about board games too!
Here I thiought you were going to say that the church camp did them good! But, i guess kids are kids!
Take care all,

August 31, 2017 - Msg 108134: Here ya go Boo...

September 01, 2017 - Msg 108135: Good morning, porch. Boo, it's good to hear from you, and honey, you just stop off here and lay your burdens down for a while anytime you can. We're here, we're praying and thinking of you and your family, and it helps when we can pray specifically, so you just keep on sharing.

MDC, about that camp - and Boo, please correct me if I'm wrong - but I'm thinking that it was only the physical property that was provided as housing for Boo's patients. I doubt that the camping experience was functioning. Too bad, because as you said, it might have done them some good.

Boo, do you know the name of the camp? Was it Latham Springs? It's a nice facility, and is the camp we use for our Youth Camp from church. You know, I'm not surprised that those kids acted out like that. Most of them are hanging by an emotional thread anyway, and with the hurricane and the total upheaval of everything, a lot of those little threads probably snapped.

Good scripture references, MDC. There's another one, a simple little verse, that has come to mean a lot to me. It's Psalm 46:10 - Be still, and know that I am God. Wow, just eight little words, but it says so much. It tells me to stop struggling with whatever the problem du jour may be, because I probably can't fix it anyway. Just turn it over to Him, because He is God, and surely can handle it much better than I can. I included the verse and the concept in my little book. To me, it's like a loving parent, telling an upset child, "It's okay, don't cry, I'm here." It doesn't free us from working to make things better, like cleaning up after a hurricane, but it does invite us to relax and take one day at a time, knowing that at the end of the day, God is still in control.

I wish you all could see my American Beautyberry bushes. I planted one a few years ago, and I guess a bird planted the other one, but they're just gorgeous right now. The biggest one is about five feet high, and eight feet across, and the other one is almost as big. They are absolutely loaded with bracelets of purple berries, and are just so pretty. Very early in the spring, clusters of very tiny white blooms appear along the canes, at each leaf juncture. Through the summer, these nondescript little blooms turn into pinhead sized pale green berries, which continue to grow larger until they're about the size of a small pea, and they're in thick, clustered "bracelets" around the canes, up and down the length of each cane. About this time, in late summer, they begin to turn purple and it's the most beautiful magenta-purple color! My bushes are just loaded with them. I'll get to enjoy them for a couple of weeks, and then one day, a battalion of birds (mostly robins) will descend, and in a day's time, the bushes will be stripped, and I'll be saying, "Oh well, there's always next year!" If you'd like to see them, just Google "American Beautyberry pictures." Probably the first set of pictures that appears will have a little arrow and a note saying "more images." Click that and a whole world will open up. Trust me, if you live in the south, you're gonna want one!

Well, guess I'd better get moving around here. Toye Starr has reminded me several times that I haven't fed her yet! A tiny cold, wet nose on the ankle says it all. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 01, 2017 - Msg 108136: Romeena...That verse is my favorite too...Sorta says it all in my opinion..But then again Psalm 27:14 is great too.
But Isaiah 40:31 is good too, I guess they are my 3 favorites, a common thread in them all.....


September 02, 2017 - Msg 108137: I hope we aren't flaunting our Bible knowledge too much! ha
I'm sure ASA must have a few also from his teachings. I can see the Houston damage taking YEARS from what I have seen on TV. My, so sad that so many lost so much. But they have their lives and the Lord, and all those praying for them, a good support system for sure.
The heat is STILL hanging on around here! 110 today. But it is pretty normal to be that warm until the END of Sept.
Sweet dreams all.

September 02, 2017 - Msg 108138: Romeena, the camp they took the kids to is called Sabine creek ranch but they are moving them somewhere else today. Don't know where. My boss is having a tough time and worried about her kitties. She is trying to get a locksmith so I can get in and check on them.

I am back at home to stay. Our power was restored yesterday but no water yet. Things look ok around our place, just lots of trees.down and the funny thing is, the storm stripped the leaves off most of the trees in the area so kind of looks like winter.

Now it's time to start cleaning. Have to unpack and throw out old stuff in freezers, etc. I have to get things back to some kind of order.or.go nuts.

Today is my wedding anniversary and I completely forgot about it until last night. We will celebrated it on another weekend.

I waited 2 hours to get Erin enrolled in a nearby school. She starts Tuesday and is not happy. Her anxiety is working overtime. Please say a prayer for her.

Better get going. Thank you again for the prayer and encouragement!


September 02, 2017 - Msg 108139: Forgot to mention the mosquitoes. Wow!!! It's like The African Queen...remember the mosquito scene? Lol


September 02, 2017 - Msg 108140: Prayers for Erin,Boo,and for all of you as you undertake this cleaning up process. One day at time,girl. Oh, and Happy Anniversary to you & Bruce!
After Hurricane Hugo,we had mosquitoes as big as buzzards! I know exactly what you're dealing with-those things are huge!
Well,I have Miss Laci spending the night with me and I've popped up with some kind of cold bug. Hope she doesn't catch it. She's so excited to be coming over,so I don't want to cancel our plans. I just hope I've got enough "oomph" in me to make it-LOL

Y'all take care on this Labor Day weekend-love to all!

possum under a rock

September 02, 2017 - Msg 108141: Good morning, porch! Boo, I'm glad you made it home. Now the fun (pronounced w-o-r-k) begins. Eloise told me that once when they had an extended power outage and the stuff in her freezer ruined, she just let it all refreeze, and put it in the trash a little at a time. I would think that even if you're planning to bury it on the back or your land, it would be easier and less messy to handle if it was frozen. Just a thought...

Possum, I have just six words for you - wash hands, wash hands, wash hands! And not just you, have Laci wash hers frequently as well. That's absolutely the best thing you can do to block the spread of a cold. Cover a cough or sneeze, of course, but handwashing reigns supreme.

I will never forget the lesson I learned in one of my first nursing labs. When we entered the room, we were told to apply some "disinfectant" foam from an aerosol can to our hands. We did. Then we went into another room where we were told just to explore and learn where things were kept. We did. Then the instructor entered, with a black light, and showed us our hands, which glowed a brilliant purple under the light. She then walked around the room, shining the light on cabinets, tabletops, chairs, light switches, door facings, everywhere. Purple, purple everywhere! Next, she had us wash our hands -"you know, like you would if you had just used the bathroom, or were getting ready to eat lunch." We did. Then she showed us our hands again. A little better, but still a LOT of purple on them! Then she taught us how to wash our hands. And we thought we knew! After washing like she taught us, she tried the light again, and there were only a few faint spots here and there, and she showed us again, emphasizing how to get those stubborn spots, which showed up in the same places on everyone. Friends, when I wash my hands today, they're clean, and you can believe that. No little five-second fingertip rinse for me!

Now, about those mosquitoes! Folks, those little monsters are carrying some really nasty diseases these days. Invest in a couple of cans of mosquito repellent, and use it when you're going to be outside. In the heat of the day, you're pretty safe out in the open, but get in an enclosed space, like a porch, or get near shrubbery, and you'll be under attack. Early morning and late evening, you're not safe anywhere!

I'm not safe in my yard, either! I just had to roust a bunch of hornets out of my sprinkler control box! I've seen them flying around that box for a couple of weeks now, and I needed to check the time set for a couple of zones anyway, so I opened it, then opened the interior door that exposes the wiring, and there they were. Big old nest behind that second door and about a dozen hornets tending it. Hornets, wasps, whatever. I had my can of trusty hornet spray, and one quick shot to that nest, and they all fell off, kaput. I tend to leave the flying insects alone when I can, because they all have a purpose, but I don't need them in my sprinkler controls!

Well, gotta run. Have to get my hair cut today, and have to go in with it already washed. I can't lean back over that shampoo bowl anymore after my neck surgery, so I wash it myself in the shower. I get it cleaner, anyway! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 02, 2017 - Msg 108142: Well we lost power again, darn it! It's getting hot and the mosquitoes are as big as hummingbirds. Sure hope we get power back soon cause I just went to the store and got lunch meat and milk..


September 02, 2017 - Msg 108143: Power back...hope it lasts. By the way, I love that idea about letting everything freeze again. That's alot less messy.


September 02, 2017 - Msg 108144: Possum--Zinc, Vitamin C, and Oregano! :)

September 03, 2017 - Msg 108145: BOO-- I forgot to mention earlier that the fact that your house is
still standing after the storm while others around you are not, is a real testament to the builder that you used!
He apparently did not scrimp on materials, hurricane straps, etc. It reminds me of what RO has said
about her dad's houses holding up so well. Are they bringing in any water trucks?
SPOT--I saw your old tractor on FB. Sure looks good for being 65 years old!!
All--RIP Richard Anderson, a very good character actor who guest starred in everything
from the Rifleman to the Big Valley and beyond.
He was 91! I dont think he was in any TAGS tho.
Well, time to hit the hay. My prayers continue for all affected.

September 03, 2017 - Msg 108146: GOOD Sabbath to all! BOO--you may want to boil your water (for drinking) for a while once it comes back on. Ya never know what ended up in it during the storm! Is your church back on it's feet OK?
Also, when will the kids be able to return to the rehab facility? I am praying for all these situations.
Good to see the continued cooperation.
ROMEEna--just a thought, but maybe you could move your sprinkler control box into the garage like you did with the GFI switch. Fewer critters in it that way. Glad your church is helping the victims. Now they are
saying that over 150 THOUSAND homes were flooded! :(
BIG MAUDE? --are you doing OK?
God's peace to all,

September 03, 2017 - Msg 108147: I am saddened to learn just how devastating Harvey has been to the people in the south. Although there has been some extensive property damage there, I am surprised that the number of deaths is not larger. It seems that Boo and her family have experienced the worst of Harvey. They are very lucky to not have been physically hurt. And they are lucky that their home only sustained a damaged roof. But they still have to deal with intermittent utilities and damaged trees. To show just how powerful Harvey is, we here in southern Ontario, Canada, are expected to receive some of the rain Harvey is still producing. So although our fellow porchsters have survived with most of their possesions, we can't forget those who have lost most or all of their possesions and those who lost their lives.

from Poor Horatio

September 04, 2017 - Msg 108148: Good morning, porch, and Happy Labor Day! For those of you who have the day off from work - good for you, and have a peaceful, relaxing day. For those who still have to work, as I often did (folks still get sick and hospitalized even on holidays) consider it your gift to others.

Poor Horatio, you're right, the low death toll from Harvey is unusual, and surprising. However, there is a factor involved there that explains a lot, and that's the immediate neighbor-helping-neighbor response that occurred. All lines of distinction such as age, color, economic status, whatever, fell away, and all that remained was the humanity of us all. Young guys were out, wading in the water, towing just about anything that would float and searching for people stranded in cars or their homes. One young man was towing an inflated camping mattress, of all things. People mobilized their kayaks, canoes, and there were many small motorboats and seadoos. I saw a pontoon boat backed up into the entryway of a nursing home, and men were inside the facility, literally pushing wheelchair-bound folks through water that was over the lap of the patient, and then lifting them, wheelchair and all, onto the pontoon boat. People didn't just sit in their apartment, bemoaning their fate, and waiting to be rescued. Able-bodied people got up and got out, and once they had their more vulnerable family members in a safe place, they went back to help other people. If I sound like I'm proud of Texas and Texans, it's because I am. It won't end here, either. The cleanup is going to be an enormous job, but it will be done, and the devastated areas will be livable and even beautiful again. It may take a couple of years because the damage is mind-boggling, but it will happen. Once again, neighbor will help neighbor. I recently learned that a precious little family from my church, who had just been transferred to Houston and had been in their new home just three weeks, were badly hit and lost everything but their lives. Their home was destroyed, but they got out just before the water hit, and that's what mattered. The young dad's comment to a mutual friend was to the point - "Hey, my wife and kids are safe, and that's what 'home' means to me."

I was proud to see that rescuers didn't make people leave their pets behind like they did in New Orleans after Katrina. I'll never forget one news clip showing a woman trying to board an evacuation bus on a New Orleans levee, carrying a small dog, and they made her put the dog down - in six inches of water - before she could get on the bus. No way, friends. I couldn't have done it, and she should not have been forced to do it. I won't say that she should have refused to board the bus, that's not mine to say, but I would have refused. Leave my Sugarplum standing up to her belly in rising water, while I got on a bus? Nope. Not gonna happen.

Well, as I said, I'm proud of Texas, and grateful to the crews that came to Texas from all over the country. Spotty, I appreciate the linemen in particular, because they are already restoring power, and that's what makes the restoration of everything else possible. Texas will recover, folks - just hide and watch! It's going to take a while, and our insur@nce rates will probably rise, but Texas will recover.

Thanks for allowing me to brag on my state for a while, and to thank those who sent help or came to help from around the country. People helping people - it's beautiful! --Romeena

September 04, 2017 - Msg 108149: "Bragging rights" are indeed justified RO! :)

September 04, 2017 - Msg 108150: It ain't bragging if it's true... As they say.....Continued prayers. Just because it's no longer the top story and all the reporters have gone home, doesn't make it go away!.. A lot of work to do down there for a long time..

Asa & I will head up the Bat 🦇 detail to help with all those skeeters...(Just lightening up the mood)...Sorry....


September 05, 2017 - Msg 108151: Appreciate all the comments.

I thought I would check in while lying awake at 4am. We lost power after having it for a couple of days. It seems we never actually had full power, not enough to really cool the house adequately, but yesterday we lost that. We did finally get water, though.

Anyway, my sister got power last night and her A.C. is working fine so I am on a pallet on her living room floor. Sean is snoring on the couch and my sister's cat has been crawling all over me all night and biting my legs and feet if I move them. There are also two big dogs in here. Needless to say, I'm not getting much sleep. Please pray that we get full power soon.

Think I will try to close my eyes for a bit..