December 10, 2017 - Msg 108678: Good morning, porch! SPOT, Sounds like you folks have got trouble there in Georgia. Somehow, I just never think of snow when I think of Georgia. I think more of magnolia trees, scuppernong arbors, lazy rivers and catfish. You know, Deep South things. (Too many novels.) Of course, I was never strong in geography. I think I was absent that day. Seriously, I do think I was. Not one day, but the whole semester when geography was taught.

Back in the day every six year old started school in September, in grade 1B. The first half of the first grade. In January, if you passed, you went into the grade 1A. The following year, you were in 2B, then 2A and so on. Well, about three weeks into grade 5B, the principal came and pulled me out of class and escorted me to the 5A classroom. I was to "skip" half a grade. They didn't even notify my parents. When I told my mom, she went to the school and protested, but the school was determined. It was a district policy, to occasionally move a student along like that, to relieve some of the over-crowding in the lower grades, especially in south Texas. In the blended neighborhoods in the bigger cities, there was a high influx of legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico, the children spoke little or no English, which can slow the pace of a classroom down considerably, believe me, and there was no shortage of kids that showed up to register. So, the kids whom the teachers felt could handle it were bumped up half a grade, to make room below. The result on the other end, at senior year, was that you had "mid-termers." That meant I would actually graduate high school in January. Well, that sounded like a whole lot of fun! Just the principal and I, and maybe my parents, and a friendly handshake. So much for pomp and ceremony. And proms!

So, just as I was entering the second half of the 8th grade, we moved to the country. I talked with the principal, and when I entered the 9th grade (high school) in January, he let me give up my study hall and take a credit class instead. I did that all the way through high school, and finished in three and a half years, graduating with the '56 class in May, instead of more or less alone in the following year. That's how I graduated at age 16, and is why I have no clue about geography, because we were just starting to study it when I was pulled out of that class! Now, there's more information than you ever thought you wanted.

Boo, you are too kind. I am a long way from beautiful, but I thank you for saying you think so. I was passable when I was young, had a nice figure, good legs, and a happy smile (why not, I WAS happy!) but time has taken a toll. I still don't scare small children, but it's getting close at times. Brittney's camera was very kind to me in the picture she took for the book cover. That dear girl is a good photographer!

Well, guess I'd better get busy. I kept my cough at home this morning, and I'm sure all my friends and Sunday School classmates appreciate it. I sure didn't want to spread this mess around. Some of those folks are in far more precarious health than I am. I'm doing well, but still coughing terribly at times. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

December 10, 2017 - Msg 108679: Oh, and I thought I'd sweep the porch. Not such a good idea, with all the dust! (cough, cough, cough!) --Romneena

December 10, 2017 - Msg 108680: Hope your feeling better Romneena. Everyone have a good Sunday. Frankie

December 10, 2017 - Msg 108681: ASA, thanks for checking in! Yep, they may "have had trouble in River City" since you've been gone! ha
Glad you are getting past the back misery and that nasty cough! Just don't end up coughing your way into that concrete! :)
RO--during the early '90s i was out of work for 6 months and on PBS there was a "geography show" called "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" I think I learned more about geography from that series than from any claas I had taken in high school! It was a type of 'detective' format, and very interesting. Here is a sample episode:
I sure hope you get over that cough. The ol' deceiver wants to disrupt our church life, and pull these stunts to try it. I just tell him to get lost, pray, take my doc's advice, and beat him to the punch!
FRANKIE, thanks for your greetings! You're a treasura!
I baked some Christmas cookies today, and am riding a sugar high. I bet it crashes real soon tho. A couple more batches tomorrow!
Guys, my Cards actually won today, and Fitz isnearer to the record in receptions.
Have a good week.

December 11, 2017 - Msg 108682: Hello everyone. I am stuck in Bruce's office so jumped on a laptop to say hello (I had to drive him into work to do some important work that had to be done today). Bruce has been sick and saw the doc today to get on an antibiotic. Doc said it was the flu but the cough is productive and deep so, sounds like what you Asa and Ro have been dealing with. Sean had it, then Bruce, then I got it but it only lasted for a little over 24 hours with me. Some congestion and body aches but not nearly as bad as they had it. I still have a slight cough, but not much to it. I don't think it would have taken a hold of me if I hadn't been outside playing in the snow all night on Thursday. was worth it.

I have a busy week this week since I got behind with the snow and illness in the family. Laundry, shopping, cleaning, and the church youth Christmas party this weekend. Hope I stay well.

Not a lot else to say. I am still eating right and feeling good these days. I have lost about 50lbs now and am at that place in which I need new clothes but don't want to spend money on clothes if I am still losing weight. My wardrobe looks a bit sloppy these days.

Asa, I haven't seen that movie you mentioned, but I know Kevin McCallister has. :)

Hope you all have a terrific evening.


December 11, 2017 - Msg 108683: Good evening, porch. I'm familiar with the Carmen Sandiego thing. My kids got a lot of fun out of it, they were young adults at the time and loved to challenge each other. I guess I should have paid more attention, but I was usually in the kitchen, cooking as usual. Good for you for getting some Christmas cookies baked. I haven't even thought about baking yet. I'm still slowly and gradually working on my Christmas tree. I just don't have the strength and energy I used to have, and have to do things in little batches. Today I got more of the tree done, and this afternoon I put twinkle lights in the shrubbery in about 1/3 of the front yard. It was 76° out there and no wind, so I took advantage of it. Tomorrow is going to be in the 40s, but back into the 70s on Wednesday.

I couldn't do anything tomorrow anyway, because I'll be at the Dermatology Surgical Center all day. They're going to do a MOHS procedure on the skin cancer on my nose. I should be a pretty thing when they're done - big bandage on my nose, probably bruised eyes, and I'm supposed to teach ESL on Wednesday. We'll see.

Thanks for the well-wishes, Frankie. I'm slowly climbing out of this pneumonia pit I fell into. The cough is about to drive me nuts. Once it starts, I can't stop it. It just "diesels", like an old jalopy. Oh well. Time will eventually take care of it.

Guess I'll go rustle up some grub. I never stopped to eat lunch and am getting a bit hungry. Blessings, folks. --Romeena

December 11, 2017 - Msg 108684: Eeek!
There, that should do it. --Romeena

December 11, 2017 - Msg 108685: Quick hello, folks.

I was wondering if anyone here or if you know anyone that has any of the actual props or decor from TAGS?
I have binge watching the show (it's good medicine) and wondered about this since all of you are such fans of the show.

My absolute very best to you and yours,

John Masters

December 11, 2017 - Msg 108686: John, I happen to have a vase that was from the set, many of my friends has a few pieces, but a Certificate of Authenticity are only as good as the paper they are written on. A lot of dishonest sellers out there...


December 11, 2017 - Msg 108687: My sister had pneumonia and it was hard for her to get over. So you take it easy Romeena. You all have a mayberry day! Frankie

December 12, 2017 - Msg 108688: God's blessings upon all. Lots of oregano and garlic for me these days to keep the nasty coughs away, especially after the sugar I have been eating! (a real immune system downer.)
Will post my creations on FB.
JOHN, good to see you!!
RO--i'm surprized they will do the procedure with your cough! Support the immune system well!
Take care my friends,

December 12, 2017 - Msg 108689: Good late evening, friends. MDC, things went downhill just a little bit this afternoon, found that my resting O2 sat was 90, and I felt so weak. I put a few strings of twinkles in the shrubbery out front, got too tired and came inside. A Sat of 90 explained the fatigue. Then I had a big coughing spell, and figured it out for myself. You're right, they would not want to do that procedure under such circumstances, so I called the clinic, the service had a doctor call me back and she agreed. Cancel it. So, I'll call and reschedule tomorrow morning. I hate to let the thing go for very long, just giving it a chance to grow and spread, but it wouldn't have been wise to try to do it tomorrow. There's no anesthesia, it's done under local, but still the O2 line would be in the way, and if a cough attack hit while they were cutting, it could be disastrous. I might end up with a very short nose! I was relieved when the doc agreed, because I really don't feel like going there tomorrow. I'm going to switch to a longer line on my O2, stay in my warm house and finish that frazzlin' tree!

Last time I was in the grocery store, I dug through a bin of very green, totally unripe pineapples at 99 cents each, and found one beautiful, golden ripe one, the only one in the bin. Last night I peeled it and cut it into bites, and it is absolutely delicious. Sweet, juicy and perfect. A little salt on it to fix the acidity, and it is just so good. I ate about 1/3 of it last night, another third tonight, and will finish it tomorrow. So good!

Well, I think I'll turn in. Toye Starr agrees. --Romeena

December 12, 2017 - Msg 108690: We still digging at power company had 70k out at peak..most I have ever seen in my 36 yrs...down to just under 2000....what a mess...prayers...send food

December 12, 2017 - Msg 108691: N. California has been having wonderful weather for this time of year. Gets chilly at night and we have been in the 60`s by afternoon. Almost feels like spring, but we really need the rain badly. You all take care and be safe out there. Frankie

December 13, 2017 - Msg 108692: RO--so glad it was cancelled. Get well with the one thing, then try the other. A sore nose is better than no nose! ha
SPOT--wow, that is a mess. So glad for those IBEW guys! Hope all is restored soon. Also, continue to pray for Puerto Rico.
Frankie, so happy for you in no. cal. But so. cal, ouch.
Fire is now lapping at the door of Santa barbara,
and you know
SB is special to me!
Prayers for all,

December 13, 2017 - Msg 108693: OhiO...It even rhymes!...I have the scarf 🧣 to swing it!...Thanks Again Boo!....G-F

December 13, 2017 - Msg 108694: MDC, the fires are so bad some of the worst in Ca. history. My heart goes out to all the people who lost there homes and business`s. Everyone have a safe day. Frankie

December 14, 2017 - Msg 108695: I was listening to a radio pastor today, and he reminded us that Joseph never speaks a word in the whole nativity narrative! He got word in dreams about what to do, but that's it! Poor guy, he helped raised Jesus, taught him a trade,
even frantically looks for him in the temple when Jesus was 12. Maybe that is why I like the attached song so much, as it gives poor old Joseph a little 'air time.' :)
I think I have posted this before, but it's worth a listen.
FRankie--My prayers are indeed with So. Cal. They need rain so badly.
GF--break out the snow blower! As for me, it's the sunblock! ha
God bless,

December 14, 2017 - Msg 108696: Yep, MDC..I got right out there in it! We had 6” and I had it cleaned up by 8:00 am. You know how Us Maintenance Guys are we got to get up early and Get-r-Done!...Amen Asa?...
Now it’s.....WHEELERTIME!


December 14, 2017 - Msg 108697: Good morning, porch. It's a beautiful day here, and I think I'm feeling a bit better. Not real great, but better. I'm so glad we figured out that medication thing, and got me perfusing better. If I was still restricted like I was, and now with this silly pneumonia making things worse, I'd have been in trouble.

MDC, thanks for that link. That's beautiful. I'd like to see that song worked into a Christmas pageant. Back in the day, when we were doing that wonderful pageant at our church, it would have been perfect. Joseph is almost the forgotten man in the whole thing, but we do need to remember that he was Jesus's earthly father, and what a responsibility that was!

Poor Horatio, you're the cats. Thank you so much.

I think God is helping me these days, as always. I had an appointment for Toye Starr at the groomer this morning, and didn't want to keep it. I don't feel like driving her over there (it's half an hour away) and I haven't felt like combing her out, so she's pretty tangled. They can't and don't take time to comb out the mats, if they're too bad they just cut them out, and I have that, but do understand. If they patiently work through them, it takes too long, and if they "just do it" it's painful for the dog, and I don't want that. So, I usually take her in already combed out. Just on the off chance, I called to see if I could get her in next week - this at a shop that books three months ahead, especially around holidays. Believe it or not, they had an opening for Tuesday morning! I grabbed it, so today I'm staying in my warm house, will gently comb my baby's hair out, and all will be well. How about that!

Well, guess I'd better get her combs and get started. She hates it, so I do it in little half-hour sessions until she's mat-free. Spoiled little thing, but why not? She's sweet, loving, gentle and loves everyone. She's fun to spoil. --Romeena

December 14, 2017 - Msg 108698: Uh, make that "and I hate that", not "have that." - Sorry. --Romeena

December 14, 2017 - Msg 108699: Glad you are feeling a little better, Ro.

Bruce finally went back to work today and I am doing much better. The weather is about to get nasty again, so have firewood piled up on the back porch.

The last couple of days have been rather sad ones. Some of you will remember the children of my best friend Karen, who passed away 11 years ago (Zach and Allison). You have prayed for them when they lost their mom and were still so young. I went through so much trying to help Zach, especially. He was 13 when Karen died and very close to his mother. Allison was 7 at the time. They lived with their dad, Johnny, after their mother died, and it was rocky at home..lots of problems in that family dynamic. Well, their dad was diagnosed with Melanoma several years ago and died this past week. We attended the visitation yesterday and the funeral this morning. Very sad to see them lose their remaining parent. Things weren't good at home with their dad many times and Allison left home before she finished highschool. I don't think she really made her peace with her dad before he passed. So sad to see them deal with this again. They must feel alone in the world in some way. They know we and others are here for them but they have some tough days ahead, I feel. I wish people realized how their anger and behavior have a devastating effect on their loved ones even after they are gone. I cared for Johnny and have had to deal with my own feelings of resentment due to his abuse of Karen and some of the things he did while raising the kids. I know he suffered terrible these last few months and I do have compassion for him. I hope he is at peace. The feelings I have had surprise me, so I know the kids are dealing with much worse. It all brings back those horrible things we experienced when Karen passed. Please say a prayer for the children and for Johnny's wife, Lisa, who was faithful in caring for him to the end. She really stuck it out for better or worse.

Better go...


December 15, 2017 - Msg 108700: JUst a quick hello tonight. BOO-so sorry to hear
that sad news. May the Lord Jesus take them in his loving embrace! Thank you Lord. Amen


December 15, 2017 - Msg 108701: Good grief, Boo, has it really been 11 years? If asked, I would have said 5 or 6 years ago. Where does the time go? All of this just underscores how important it is for people to get their lives and their souls in order, because we're not here forever, and when we leave here, it's not just a big black nothing out there. There is eternity to be reckoned with. I hope those two young adults have their feet firmly planted by now. I know they've heard the Word - you would have seen to that.

Just want to share this. On my way home from Fredericksburg after Thanksgiving, I finally did something I've wanted to do for a long time. If you've read my book, you'll remember where I tell about "for every dummy, there's an angel." That tire shop, where I met the angel, is still open and I've wanted to stop in there and thank that kind lady, but I'm usually traveling on Sunday and they're always closed. They were closed the day she helped me, but opened up long enough to fix my car. Well, I was coming home on a Monday, and they were open, so I stopped. It's been nearly 22 years, so I didn't have any idea if it was still the same people. I went into the office, and there was a young girl at the counter, no one else. I told her I was looking for the woman who would have been working there in 1996, and began to tell her the circumstances. A man, whom I had not seen, was sitting over in a corner behind the corner, and he suddenly spoke up and said, "That would be the lady who is coming in the door behind you, and she will remember you." I turned, and there she was. I started to tell her who I was and why I was there, and she stopped me, walked over and gave me a big hug, and said how glad she was to see me. She said she remembered it all, thanked me for being so prompt in sending my check when I got home, and thanked me for stopping in. She said she had worried and wondered about me for so long, wondering how I was doing. She remembered Sugarplum, too. I am so glad I stopped! It made her happy, and did the same for me.

Well, I'm headed for the bunk house. I think my little friend has already gone there - Oh no, here she is, right by my feet, in her little cuddlebed under my desk. She has about six of those litrle beds, all over the house, and one in the trunk of my car, just in case we need it somewhere. Sweet little thing. --Romeena

December 15, 2017 - Msg 108702: That sounds like a Hallmark movie story to me Romeena! Yes Virginia there ARE still Angels 😇 out there!..G-F

December 15, 2017 - Msg 108703: You all have a wonderful and safe weekend. You are all very special. Frankie

December 16, 2017 - Msg 108704: Say, we haven't had a "moulage" around here for some time! :)
I like my moulages a little soupy! ha
RO--that is a really cool story, much needed in our world today. Thanks for sharing.
Last nite, my wife and I were going to see Christmas lights at a local resort in Scottsdale. We went 6 years ago when they started their display of lights, 40 foot tree, little train rides, etc. Well, when we got there they now want $55.00 to park and to enter the area! We said "no thanks" and turned around. So sad that it has come to that.
ASA--ASA-- APB for Asa, are you OK buddy?
Anyone have his email? I'm a bit worried.
Prayers for all,

December 16, 2017 - Msg 108705: Thank you for those prayers for Zach and Allison.

Yes Ro, it has been 11 years. I will tell you that Zach graduated from Baylor going on 2 years ago and is now teaching in a Christian school and is a Young Life leader, so he knows the Lord. Im so thankful for it. Allison is 18 and confused right now..and hurting. She does go to school and professes a belief in Jesus, but there are problems and I will just leave it at that. I feel so sorry for her.

Really neat story, Romeena. How do I get a copy of your book because I must have it! :)

Better get myself to bed. Its been a busy day and more to do tomorrow. I have most of my shopping and wrapping done. I just have to get something for Bruce that I cant seem to find. Tomorrow we host the church youth Christmas party so I should be rested for that! ha

Love to All,

December 16, 2017 - Msg 108706: I meant to say that Allison goes to church, not school


December 16, 2017 - Msg 108707: Good morning, porch. APB for Asa. We haven't heard from him in a week. So - I just called him, he's fine, and we had a lively and lovely conversation. What a nice guy! He said to tell you all that he and his wife are fine, and he'll check in soon.

Boo, the book is available from Amazon, and from Barnes and Noble, and from LifeRich Publishing. The title is "A Flat of Petunias" and a search at any of those sites will find it. Thanks for your interest, I appreciate it very much, and I hope you enjoy the book.

Now, I've got to run. I'm taking my car out to my son's house so he can take it to his favorite mechanic and get a third opinion on that transmission, and he's waiting for me. I'm just not ready to cough up $3800 for a new one, not convinced it's needed. If so, then fine, but I'm going to make sure first. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

December 16, 2017 - Msg 108708:
Folks, I just discovered an interesting web site that identifies many mistakes from the Andy Griffith Show. Each mistake includes the season and episode numbers as well as a small image of the scene. But if you left click on that small image, it will enlarge thereby making the mistake easier to see. Then click on the back arrow of your browser to return to the main page to view the other mistakes.
Check it out at

from Poor Horatio

December 16, 2017 - Msg 108709: Thanks PH, that is a cool site!...Glad to hear Asa is Ok, I was about ready to send Dudley Do-Right of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police out to check up on ya Buddy!....

TOM...Stay Warm Buddy, we got a little break in the weather coming...

MDC, That’s Crazy they charge that much, you’re better off to stay at home and look at your OWN display for FREE!

SPOT, Hopefully you got a break this weekend on the weather, last week was a rough one, your guys had a BIG job on their hands...


December 16, 2017 - Msg 108710:

December 16, 2017 - Msg 108711: Afternoon all. Sorry for being AWOL. Just been as busy as ever at work. Thanks for missing me though. It was sure nice to talk to Romeena. What a delightful woman. Dale got him a gold mine there I tell ya.

Just got back from work. Has about 4 inches of 20% chance of snow to move. It wasn't so bad though.

Hey GF, Sure hope your snow has been not so bad. Just think, next week is the first day of Winter. The shortest day of the year. Then the days start getting longer again. It'll be Spring before you know it.

Good to see you Boo, and Prayers for your friends for sure. Life sure can throw us some curves at times.

I will give that site a look see P.H. I love that kind of stuff.

Well I hope Ro is able to get her transmission fixed. She was telling me this morning about it.

MDC, That just seems wrong to be charging for looking at Christmas lights. Maybe if they are donating the money to a Childrens Hospital or something like that, I'd tell them to pound sand!

Possum and Spot, I just got Christmas Cards from you. Thank you so very much. I am not sure if I am going to get to sending any out this year with my work schedule. Thank you for them.

Well now I need to go clean off my driveway. What a blast! :)


December 16, 2017 - Msg 108712: ....4” of Snow...Yep, it’s a Fun Day!....

December 16, 2017 - Msg 108713: I hear you, Asa. I am going to try to get the cards out but I find myself rather backed into a corner by Christmas at this point. I think 3 of us getting the flu last week wasted prep time for me. After the youth party tonight, no more parties but with extra work next week at work, I am going to have to use my remaining 2 days off very wisely. I still have some shopping to do and have to buy what I need for Christmas dinner.
This year it will only be us and bruce's oldest sister, Linda and her husband, which sounds nice. I am in the mood for small and less busy this year. I don't know if I mentioned that St. Susan and her husband bought themselves a camper for Christmas and are going to be up near Austin camping on Christmas Day. We will spend Christmas Eve with them, after attending our church service so its ok. We will exchange our gifts them and eat together.

Well... better go..more to do before tonight.


December 16, 2017 - Msg 108714: Hi.
G F no way going to stay warm! yo and Asa stop sending all your snow my way or it going to be 10 day in the big house ?
Romeena Don was here to see if I m ok and he said hi to you!
:( :(

December 17, 2017 - Msg 108715: Tom, I'm concerned for you. You say you won't be staying warm, yet you indicated that your heater is working, and Don has been by to check on you. Is it cold in your house, or are you just talking about it being cold outside? I'm worried about you! --Romeena

December 17, 2017 - Msg 108716: What fun! I've got some new tenants in my backyard. I was sitting here at my desk, just looking out at the backyard, and noticed something sitting on top of the nest box on the big cottonwood by the back fence. That's the same box that the wood duck chose to nest in. I knew it wasn't her - wrong time of year - but it was something pretty big, bigger than a squirrel. I got my binoculars and looked, and saw that it's a possum! Yep, one of our Possum's cousins, I guess. He's just sitting up there on top of the box. Then in a couple of minutes, a little gray nose appeared at the doorway of the box, and it's another possum. I think this is a mated pair, and Mama is staying in the box, either tending babies or preparing to have some. The one I'm assuming is a male just sits there on the roof of the box. I left this post for a couple of hours, am back now and he's still there. Actually, he's pretty. He has very thick, plushy pearly gray fur, with darker gray and some black streaks running through it. Poor thing looks cold perched up there, but I guess there's not room for both of them in the box, especially if there are babies in there also. This is going to be fun and entertaining to watch for a few weeks, I think. --Romeena

December 17, 2017 - Msg 108717: PH--thanks for the link. Very interesting, but I am wondering if any, such as the windows missing, are just photo shopped photos? Seems weird that they would hide the window. Just sayin'.
Well, I 'mowed' (used the mulching setting on my mower) my ash leaves yesterday 'cuz we were to get rain today, and we did indeed! First measurable rain
in 120 days!
ASA--good to see you! I was a bit worried, what with your cold and all. Hope it is better.
RO--how did the tranny situation go?
Neat about the POSSUMs! Now don't go jabbing at them with a stick! ha
TOM--stay warm friend.
Christmas love,

December 17, 2017 - Msg 108718: We are (can you believe) calling in crews every night from leftover snow mess....hey to all...prayers to all....still here ! send food...SPOT

December 18, 2017 - Msg 108719: The winds calmed down over here. Wew! It was blowing so hard. Today was a nice day out. Take care everyone! Frankie

December 18, 2017 - Msg 108720: Good morning, porch. It's cold, cloudy and dreary here today. Not very cheerful weather, but necessary to cause some of the plants to go dormant and rest a while, to kill off some of the bugs, to draw in moisture that will soak deep and produce beauty in the spring. Not much fun right now, but the rewards are great!

I have a new tenant in my back yard. The squirrel house that was occupied by the little mama wood duck a while back is now hosting a pair of possums! One, presumably the male, is perched on top of the little nest box. The other, probably a female, is in the box. I haven't seen her leave the box, and the male spent all day yesterday sitting on top of it. Poor little thing looks cold! Looks like he plans to do the same today, though he did leave it last night. I don't know where he spent the night. Looks like I've got some interesting "observing" to do for a while.

MDC, my car is in a shop out near my son's home. The mechanic is a friend of his, has helped him keep his cars running, is sensible and reasonable, and I'm hoping for good news. We had it checked at an Auto Zone, and I ran an On-Demand Diagnostic through GM's OnStar, and both identified a part in the transmission as being faulty. We're hoping we can just replace that part and not have to replace the whole tranny. I'll probably hear from them today. Meantime, I'm driving a rental, and I don't care for it. It's a new Nissan Altima, nice car, all the bells and whistles, and I feel like I'm trying to ride a jackrabbit. It's skittish, feels very light on the road, whereas my car feels like it has claws and is holding the road. Feels solid. The Altima has several new features that I really like and would enjoy, but not for the whopping car payment I'd have. Nope, I'll fix my pretty red baby and keep driving it. When total strangers walk up and offer to buy the car from me, that tells me I've got something worth keeping.

My tree is up and finished (finally) and the fireplace is decorated, and all the boxes are put away. I was sitting in my chair yesterday afternoon, looking at the shambles in my living room and my unfinished tree. It needed to be straightened and leveled, and it takes two - one to tilt the tree, and one to push some folded newspaper under the appropriate leg of the stand. I couldn't do it myself and couldn't finish the tree and the underneath stuff until that was done. I couldn't hang the wreath on the fireplace and place the 80-year old snowman inside it, and well, I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have NEVER been this late getting my decorating done, but that pneumonia really side-lined me. There wasn't that much to do, but it was all stuff I couldn't do, and I couldn't move forward until it was done. Suddenly my kitchen door opened, and the troops arrived! David and Brittney and the boys had come to rescue me! The boys straightened the tree, David hung the wreath and placed the snowman, I strung the garland around the mantel and Brittney arranged the large community of stuffed snowmen on top. The boys put my ladder back in the garage (it's too heavy for me), put away all the plastic bins that hold the ornaments, and all I have to do today is put the Nativity on the credenza in the dining room, sit some stuffed toys around and do a quick vacuum job. Amazing! I am so blessed. I think I have the best kids and kids-in-law that anyone could ever want. Thank you, Lord!

Well, off I go. I think I'll put some food scraps out back for that poor little possum. I'm not sure what's going on with those two, but I like having them around. They eat all sorts of insects, grubs, snails, small snakes, whatever. They've never harmed anything around here, and I see them frequently. This is the first time I've had a pair of them to den up so obviously though. Should be interesting! --Romeena

December 18, 2017 - Msg 108721: Hey y'all- Trying to get caught up with all the porch stuff,so excuse me if I fail to acknowledge something.
Asa, you're most welcome for the Christmas card. Thanks to the Porchsters who have sent one to me this year-I enjoy hearing from you!
Yep, Ro,those ARE my cousins-Fred & Ethel Possum are their names. They knew they could find a good home over there with you,so they headed to Texas!
Boo,sure am sorry to hear about Zach & Allison losing their dad. Prayers for them & for you as well.
Okie,dokie,guess I'd better scoot-lots to get done around the rock right before Christmas-y'all take care!

possum under a rock

December 18, 2017 - Msg 108722: Oops! I see that I repeated myself, in telling about the presence of Fred and Ethel Possum in my back yard. Thanks, Possum, for identifying them for me. I'll tell them you said "hey" - and thanks for sending them my way. I like possums! --Romeena

December 18, 2017 - Msg 108723: Hey, cant chat long..on my way to work. I will try to some back later although these days leading up to Christmas are going to be a blur! I am working 5 days this week, so you know how that goes. My dryer went out so am going to have to drag my laundry to St Susans and do it there at some point.

Ro, please keep us up on the happenings with the possums. I love reading that kind of thing when you post it.

Guess what Ro? I ordered your book on Amazon yesterday and they said I got the last one? Just FYI.

When I went into work yesterday, it was 85 degrees in the nurses office so I am taking my shorts today. Ridiculous. I wrote up a letter to administration last night and left it in their was a plea for help, along with some ideas on solutions and a paragraph explaining that, while I love my job, I may have to consider other employment rather than suffer through another hot winter. All the heat dumps right into the nurse's office for some reason.

wish me luck,

December 18, 2017 - Msg 108724: Thank You SPOT & Possum for the Christmas cards, Y’all have a GREAT Holiday Season...G-F

December 18, 2017 - Msg 108725: You're very welcome, G-F! Thanks for the Season's Greetings!

possum again

December 19, 2017 - Msg 108726: SPOT--I hope you are doing better now regarding the crews. I see that the Atlanta airport had a 'small' computer problem yesterday!
Prayers go out for all involved in the Washington
train derailment. Sure looks like speed was the issue.
BOO and POSsum, thanks for posting and for the
All for now, you are all in my daily prayers.

December 19, 2017 - Msg 108727: Morning all.
Yes indeed MDC. Terrible train accident. And speed was the factor. So very sad.

Well Boo, sorry you have to issue an ultimatum like that to get something done. Hopefully it will work to your advantage. My own experience with that kind of stuff though is that by the time I have threatened to leave, my atti-tude has soured so much I needed to leave no matter what. When I was an apprentice I was working for a company who had promised me a raise. I was being paid well under what the going rate was, but was told to be patient and they would get me up to rate. I held on as long as I could, but I was getting further and further behind each month. After I had heard that the company had given all on the management raises, I realized I was being played. So I found another job very quickly and gave them my two weeks notice. They came back with four separate offers, each one higher than the next. I was gratified that they were wanting me to stay, but ticked off that I had to threaten to quit before they would respond. I just felt like it wasn't the way I wanted to do business, so I went ahead and left. And it turned out pretty good I think. The company folded up a couple of years later. I was sorry to hear that. I didn't wish them any ill will. And they certainly didn't go under because of my departure. But rather I think because they just were not above board in any of their dealings. I found out later some of their business practices were. shall we say, a bit underhanded. Anyway, I hope your situation works out best for you.

Well we got our last major cement pour completed last Friday. Over 1,200 yards, all flat work. I am just glad I wasn't the one doing the work. I just had to be here to assure it was being done to our company specs. Pretty sad when a feller gets tired just watching others work. lol Actually as big a job as it was, the contractors had all the equipment and man power to handle things with no problems. Pretty amazing what this new fangled equipment can do. Amen GF?
Now today I have to troubleshoot an ultra-violet gas control on a large air handler GF. Honeywell brand. You ever messed with those? Any tips for me? Maybe a bigger hammer? :)

Romeena, I hope your car repair is an easy one.

Gosh Possum, You have family all over it would seem. :)

Well off to hit the sawmill.

Prayers for all.


December 19, 2017 - Msg 108728: Nope Asa, had not worked with those...Sooo is there a “Golden Velvet” Wheeler in You future for 2018?...Sound like with all SPOT has gone thru lately he’s ready for his now too!
Jump in Guys...The Waters Fine!...Doing What you Want, WHEN you Want to Do it!...(Or when the Mrs. say’s So)....🤣🤣🤣

Have a Great week everyone.....G-F

December 19, 2017 - Msg 108729: Plans for Christmas??

December 19, 2017 - Msg 108730:
MDC, when you mentioned that speed may have been the cause of that Amtrak accident in the state of Washington, that reminded me of a train experience I had. When I was still working full-time, I had to travel to New York City on business. As someone who grew up traveling on trains, both pre-Amtrak and post-Amtrak, I decided to travel via Amtrak rather than take a plane. We were traveling through some heavily wooded area during one late evening. Before going to sleep, I decided to sit in the vista dome car (a railroad car with the glass observation dome in the roof). I knew we were behind schedule and could tell the train was accelerating. Not knowing the conditions of the rails up ahead, we were rocking side to side making me believe that we could have jumped off the track and derailed. I came close to contacting the conductor to let me off the train.

from Poor Horatio

December 20, 2017 - Msg 108731: PH--glad you made it to NYC OK. In the early '90s, my wife
and I took the train from DC to NYC, but it was crowded, rather dirty, and SRO the whole way!
ALL--we went out to see Christmas lights tonight.
There are a couple streets within 5 miles of us that light up every house, plus people are out on their driveways with fire pits etc. It was a lot of fun, even a live nativity. St Francis was the first known to depict the nativity with live people back around 1215.
Well, I'm bushed, off to the sack. (I'm even too tired to
watch any lady prisoners.ha :)

December 20, 2017 - Msg 108732: Oh, and GF, Amen brother! :)

December 20, 2017 - Msg 108733: Going to try to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow. Hope Ellie still has a good supply of lipstick and midnight madness perfume. Frankie

December 20, 2017 - Msg 108734: Good morning, porch. Well, yesterday I felt like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! I knew it was going to be a busy and hectic day, but manageable. If I had been driving my own car. And if it hadn't been raining cats and dogs. However, I was driving the rental car while mine is in the shop and I flat-out hate that car. Also, it was pouring rain and very windy, so the rain was swirling in the air and it was like driving in a big bowl of soup. I had to take Toye Starr to the groomer first, and the shop is in Keller, a far-out suburb sort of between Dallas and Ft. Worth. I wouldn't take her there if they weren't so good, and if it wasn't the only shop where she doesn't shake and cry and strongly object to being left. She seems to like the staff, so I know they're good to her. We only go twice a year, so it's okay.

Anyway, Eloise went with me to take her out there because I usually get lost and she's like an Indian, you can't lose her. Well, yesterday was an exception. She got lost! The car has a navigation system, but it's very complicated and we couldn't make it work. She had her phone, but it's a smart phone and the screen is so little. Add to that, we were driving in a monsoon, big trucks were obscuring road signs, and we got lost.

Finally got there, left Toye Starr and started back to Irving, a distance of about thirty miles. Fought our way through the rain and I dropped Eloise off at her house, then went to my first doctor's appointment, already worn out. He was running very late, but I finally got in, all is well, and I moved on to the next doc appointment. Again, running late. Meantime, the groomer called me and said Toye Starr was ready. I finished the appointment, and set out on my own to go back to Keller.

The rain has not let up, my hair and clothes are still a bit wet. Yes, I have an umbrella. It's in my car, which is in the shop and the rental doesn't have an umbrella, of course. So, I ran through the rain (thank God I can breathe these days), got in that wretched car and headed back out toward Keller. Needless to say, I got lost again. Along the way, I pulled into somebody's parking lot and sat there until I had figured out the car's navigation system, and had it working, but it led me down blind alleys twice, had me make a U-turn on Hwy 114, which sent me back toward Irving, and I had to turn around again. I finally ignored the thing and got on the one road that I knew was right, the system "recalculated" and came up with correct directions.

At one point, I was turning left with a green arrow, and some idiot coming from the opposite direction, came barreling through against his red light and almost hit me. He passed cars that were stopped at the light, but found an open lane and came on through. Had the nerve to blow his horn at me, too. Got past that, saw a road I recognized, and made it to the groomer. At 4:10. I had left Irving at 2:30. Rested there a minute or two, ate a piece of candy because my blood sugar was in the 60s, since I hadn't eaten since the night before.

At 4:25, I tucked Toye Starr under my jacket and made a run through the rain for the car. By now, I've got the way home pretty clear in my mind, and made it to Hwy 114 with no trouble, but once on that road, the troubles continued. The rain was falling like in the Great Flood, and the rush hour traffic was in full swing. Trucks roaring by, throwing water on everybody. Fortunately, I wasn't dependent upon the navigator, because it was giving me all sorts of incorrect directions. I just held my lane, managed to be in the right lane to turn onto a gateway road into Irving, and finally made it home at 5:55pm. Pulled into the garage, put my head down on the steering wheel and fervently thanked God for getting us home safely.

Today is going to be a good day. It's still rainy and soupy, but my sweet grandson Landry is coming in a little bit, to spend the day with me, help me get some last minute things done, I'll take him to some place for lunch (his choice) and we'll have fun. He's such a good, sweet kid, and I enjoy his company.

OK, sorry for such a long post, (this one may be a record) but I had to get that horror story off my chest! Blessings, porch. --Romeena