January 01, 2018 - Msg 108843: Happy New Year Mayberry!

January 01, 2018 - Msg 108844: Happy 2018! God bless us, everyone!


January 01, 2018 - Msg 108845: Hello 2018. We start off the new year with a clean porch thanks to Allan.

Hey Boo, sorry you had to work over the Holiday. It sounds like your work could use the capable hands of one GF. He is the master of HVAC systems. Give him a hammer, some duct tape, a can of WD-40, and a few donuts, and I bet he could have that system humming like a bee in no time.

I hope Ro is ok. She has been awful quiet.

MDC, I caught a bleep on the news last night that Arian's is retiring. Is that the scuttle in Arizona? I see that two coaches didn't even make it to Black Monday. They got the axe last night.

Well off to go clean up the garage I reckon. I have a couple of fellers coming tomorrow to dispose of my "mouse Hotel" ( I always loved Andy's line to Aunt Bee that the only thing that freezer stored was a mouse, and he went in there to keep warm" was hilarious)

Prayers for all for a happy and healthy new year.


January 01, 2018 - Msg 108846: Happy New Year, Porchsters!!

Boy,what a wing ding we had over in Yancey last night! The Gigolo Club will never be the same!!

The Diner is serving Hoppin' John today- let's all have lunch later!

possum u.a.r.

January 01, 2018 - Msg 108847: My head is still sore from all the hard cider that Possum was serving!! ha HAPPY NEW YEAR porchsters! May it be a blessed one for us all! Thank you Jesus!

January 01, 2018 - Msg 108848: Today is it....come on My Bulldogs ! grillin and chillin...SPOT

January 01, 2018 - Msg 108849: Hey, porch! I'm ri-chere. Just been busy as a cow's tail in fly season. Both my girls from Fredericksburg are here, finally. One family came on Saturday, the other family started out yesterday, hit the ice and bad/closed roads about midway, and spent the night in a surprisingly nice motel in tiny Hamilton, Texas, and had Lean Cuisine Chinese food for dinner! My grandson thinks it was a big adventure. It started clearing off this morning, so they drove on in, got here a little before noon. Dave and Brittney and the boys are coming in a few minutes, and it's going to be one hilarious afternoon and evening. We played chickenfoot (a domino game) last night and laughed until our ribs hurt. Now with the second sister and another son-in-law in the mix it's going to be wild this evening. David is hilarious, great sense of humor, he gets his sisters laughing and everybody has fun. We had a traditional turkey dinner yesterday, so have lots of leftovers and both girls brought more food, so if anybody is near the Dallas/Ft. Worth end of the porch, just come on by!
Boo, your difficulties with the temperature in that workplace are just ridiculous. I can't imagine how the owners/managers are getting away with such negligence. It's not fair, but apparently they - like so many other medical institutions - are taking advantage of the fact that nurses will put up with almost anything before they'll quit and abandon their patients. It's just what we do.

Well, guess I'll get back into the fun going on in my living room and kitchen. This house is perfect for large groups. Great big kitchen with a trestle table that seats eight, open concept construction with divider bar that seats five overlooking a large den and adequate separate dining room that more or less flow together, so I can have as many as thirty people in the combined areas, everyone can see and hear everyone else, and all can have a place to sit. When Dale and I and my dad designed this house, we really didn't know how perfect it would be as we passed through the stages of a family's life, and how perfect it still is when the kids come home. God is good.


January 01, 2018 - Msg 108850: Happy New Year Porch! Hope everyone has a safe and happy day. I might check into the diner and see what the special is today. Frankie

January 01, 2018 - Msg 108851: Hope Waneita is working at the diner today, need to catch up on the latest news and she seems to know everything. Frankie

January 01, 2018 - Msg 108852:
Happy New Year folks. I spent last night trying to watch a marathon of Marx Brothers movies on cable television but I ended up falling asleep during all of them.

Asa, regarding your question from Msg 108835, film does make motion pictures appear softer than video tape. One reason is the rate they are recorded at. Film is exposed at 24 frames per second while video tape is exposed at 30 frames a second. Because film is exposed at a slower rate, motion appears slightly blurred. Also, during the developing process of film, the emulsion chemicals have a tendency to dull the details of both motion and static video on film. And, film is often transferred to video tape before broadcast on television, thereby losing a generation during this transfer. These combined factors create what directors refer to as the "film look" that makes film not as sharp or detailed like video tape. As for how this affected the Twilight Zone episodes you watched, visit http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/the-twilight-zone-season-two-episodes-shot-on-video.328679/ for an explanation.

from Poor Horatio

January 01, 2018 - Msg 108853: Glad you are having such a great time with the family, Ro! Yes, it is ridiculous what goes on in this facility, but like I tell my kids, it isnt going to change, nobody cares, and I just have to decide if I can tolerate it or not. I am as ingenious as possible about fixing things and right now I have managed to get the temp to 78 in here, so, job well done. When I consider the stress and difficulty I have faced in past jobs, this doesnt seem so bad. I guess we will see what happens. I just dont see how much longer this place can stay open with the low census.

Hey, guess what happened when I was leaving the house to go to work this afternoon? It is in the 30's here, which is unusual, but as I went out the front door, there was a huge owl just outside the door, huddled up near a potted plant. He hopped off the porch and onto the sidewalk but didnt fly away. AS I got closer, he flew a very short distance and then stood and stared at me. He actually took a few steps toward me. He looked sleepy..his eyes were a little droopy but no obvious injuries that I could see. I fell immediately in love with that owl. He was a beautiful bird! So big..I would say he stood about a foot and a half and his chest span was about a foot. He was a pretty color..a mixture of light and dark browns, with tan, and he had the cutest little ears. I immediately called the nearby bird rescue and they said they would come and get him. They told me that sometimes people will raise owls and turn them loose and they will come up to people for food...or he may just have been trying to get warm. These poor south texas critters just arent used to this cold. Anyway, he is safe and warm now. Sweet thing! He just stole my heart away.

Well, Bruce got my new computer all set up last night and I am going to love sittin in my office with my morning coffee and checking in on the porch..at least on the days I dont work.

Better get back to work..


January 01, 2018 - Msg 108854:
Boo, if your employer is licensed by the state, have you tried to contact your local congressional representative to identify what kind of action could be taken to improve things?

from Poor Horatio

January 02, 2018 - Msg 108855: Boo that sounds so cool to see a owl out side your door. I'm so glad to here he is safe and warm.

Allan nice sweep!


January 02, 2018 - Msg 108856: BOO--that movie quote sounds like something that John Wayne said, but I am probably wrong.
Good for you for taking some initiative! Taping off ducts is usually frowned upon, but I am giving you a big pass!! :)
TOM--thank you for the Poem--very inspiring!
ASA--yes BA announced today that he is retiring.
He has been a good coach, but the last two years
things have 'slipped' a bit, plus he has some health issues. He was a class act all the way!
Now we will have to see what Fitz decides to do!
GF--wow 0-16 !!
ROMEENA- sure sounds like you are having a great "belated" Christmas with the family!
Even that 'stuck in the snow' story is kinda cool. When our fam gets together, we also split our
sides laughing about our childhoods!
For example, at this time of year, we would ride our bikes thru the alleys and drag home discarded
Christmas trees to build a tree fort in the back yard. It was such fun in those days of yore.
Well all, I got all my scenery down from the front yard today. It is all in the backyard now. So now I have to stack and store it away in the shed.


January 02, 2018 - Msg 108857:
G-F, did the Cleveland Browns use two different teams this year? The preseason team won every game and the regular season team lost every game. Maybe we need to have two Super Bowls each year; one for the preseason and one for the regular season.

from Poor Horatio

January 02, 2018 - Msg 108858: Yea...Go Figure PH...This is what all the First Round draft picks are doing....


January 02, 2018 - Msg 108859: Ding Dang COLD at my rock!! We're just getting up to the freezing mark-32 degrees! And they say there's a chance of snow tomorrow! This is crazy!
I'll check in tomorrow and complain some more! ;)

possum under a frozen rock

January 02, 2018 - Msg 108860: possum-hope you get a break from the freezing.
A big hello and good day to the porch.

January 02, 2018 - Msg 108861: Thanks,Frankie- Looking forward to next week when the high temperature on Monday is 61 degrees! 40% chance of snow here tomorrow,so we'll see what happens. Stay warm,everyone!

possum again

January 02, 2018 - Msg 108862: It's 7 right now in Southern Ohio and going to stayt cold the rest of the week. Some below 0 temps appear to be on the way. Looks like it'll warm up 30 degrees on Sunday and stay there for most of January. I'm mighty glad I'm not a carrier this part of the year.

Billy Ray the Indoor Working Postman

January 02, 2018 - Msg 108863: Just have got in from work yall (11:53 pm )...bed...back at 6 am..prayers...breakfast?...SPOT

January 03, 2018 - Msg 108864: It's so cold in possum country that I saw her (in flannels) doing the
Sultan's dance just to keep warm. haha
Of course, one can't get too much culture, ya know! :) Be care down there, you too SPOT!
GF--today, our starting QB, Carson Palmer, retired. He broke his arm mid-season and he is getting up there agewise. I hope Fitz will go another season, but we shall see.
BILLY Ray, gonna be tough to get out the mail in those conditions!
TOM--how are you doing?? and MAUDIE, are you also
caught in the storm?
Prayers for all,

January 03, 2018 - Msg 108865: Good very late evening, porch. All my kids have gone home and it surely is quiet around here. Toye Starr is pretty droopy, missing all the petting and attention, and the other dogs to play with. I feel good, knowing that all my chicks are safely in their roosts. Robbi and Richard are the exception. They're headed for Kissimmee, FL, for the Mecum car auction, and will stay a while with my oldest son and his wife out there. They left here early this morning, around 7, and are now in Tallahassee, will go on to Kissimmee in the morning.

Boo, you're a typical nurse. If those who should fix something don't or can't, well then fine! You'll do it yourself. I remember some years ago, when there was a shake-up on our hospital board, and some bean-counters got a majority. They began to search for ways to "trim the fat" in the operating expenses, and one thing they wanted to reduce was linen and laundry cost. So, their first big bright idea was to limit the stocking of linens on the daily linen supply cart. They decided that two towels and two washcloths per patient per day were enough. That produced a round of laughter when it was announced, as you can imagine. We had lots of incontinent patients who could easily go through twenty washcloths a day, not to mention towels. We struggled with it for a couple of days, then on the third day I called the linen room and asked for a supplemental delivery of at least fifty more washcloths. The linen room manager came on the line and informed me that we would not be getting more washcloths, instead we should just "rinse the cloths out when they're used and reuse them when necessary." Ha! I took a cloth that had been used to clean up a very elderly gentleman with a particularly bad case of diarrhea, wrapped it discreetly in a small red "contaminated" bag and sent it to the linen room, addressed to the manager. I included a note asking her to let me know when she had a minute and I would come down so she could demonstrate to me just how she would "rinse that cloth out" so that it would meet the standards of infection control, and so the patient's family wouldn't report us to the CDC in Atlanta if they saw us using that same cloth to bathe the old gentleman. Needless to say, that didn't go over very well, and our unit manager asked me (with a secret smile) not to send any more packages downstairs.

So OK, no more packages. I just started cutting up one bath towel into eight washcloths. When the cut-edged washcloths started appearing in the dirty linen, and the towel count dropped drastically, our unit manager got another call. She came straight to me and told me I couldn't cut the towels up, and I said "Oh, sure, it's easy. Watch!" and got my scissors out of my pocket. She stopped me, told me to do nothing until she got back, and left the floor. She was back in about half an hour with a stack of fifty washcloths and a smug smile, and the next day our linen cart was well stocked. I'd love to have been a little mouse in a corner and listened to the conversation in that linen room. Problem solved. Sometimes when a squeaky wheel doesn't get the job done, the wheel has to just fall off completely, until someone notices. Hang in there, sister.

Well, guess I'll hit the old ironing board. Toye Starr is waiting, heaving tiny sighs. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

January 03, 2018 - Msg 108866: Hey Possum...Just Curious, is “Ding Dang” cold worse than REV’s plain old “Dang” cold?...haha...Plus they are talking y’all may even get some snow too?...Crazy! ..Right now it is “0” on my Northern end of the porch!...

Romeena...Great Story...Why did you cut them?....”Because I CAN!”...haha...Don’t mess with the folks who actually have to deal with other people’s stupid decisions..As they say “Where’s there a will, there’s a WAY!...

MDC, At this point we’d even take a one armed QB...lol

Stay Warm TOM I know it’s hard Buddy, it’s brutal cold out there!..Or as Possum says Ding Dang Cold!...


January 03, 2018 - Msg 108867: Good morning all.

Possum, GF, Tom. I hope y'all have heated Wheelers at least. Sounds like you need them for sure. My Jeep has heated seats and I surely do appreciate that this time of year.

MDC, I saw that Palmer announced he was retiring also. A lot of changes for your Cards this off season. Maybe they will bring Dennis Green back. He wasn't much of a Coach, but I do remember his melt down at a press conference after losing to the Bears I think it was. I don't think anyone knew what the heck he was talking about, but it was comical non the less, and lives on in infamy. lol

Thanks for the explanation on the filming thing P.H. Very interesting.

Nice to see you posting a bit more Boo. We miss you when you are not around.

Romeena, glad your family visit went well. What's the latest on your car?

Hey to Frankie Flint.

Back to work for me today. And yesterday was my anniversary. Not marriage, but work. I hired on here on Jan. 2nd, 1985. Whew, no wonder I'm so tired. But it has been a good job for the most part. I have had pretty good bosses for most of those years. I went through a 4 year span with one boss that made it miserable as can be. Came close to moving on because of him. But he then got switched over to another crew, and the guy I work for now is fantastic. Sure is funny how one feller can make such a difference.

Prayers for all.


January 03, 2018 - Msg 108868: Well I went looking for that Dennis Green clip to post here, but the language was a little harsh maybe, so I decided not to. And then I saw that he has passed away. I didn't know that. So I guess he won't be back MDC.


January 03, 2018 - Msg 108869: G-F, Ding dang is WAY YONDER ( as Andy would say) colder than just a regular Rev's "dang"! And yep,it sure is Ding Dang cold down this way!

60% probability of SNOW here after lunchtime-1-3 inches of accumulation,at least.

Ding Dang DOODLY!

I'd better go pull out my long johns and Boo's scarf-looks like I'm gonna need 'em!

Stay warm,y'all!

possum once more

January 03, 2018 - Msg 108870: And it's Snowing at my rock!

possum again

January 03, 2018 - Msg 108871: Possum yall gona get snowed in?...we will send food...SPOT

January 03, 2018 - Msg 108872: Congratulations Asa on the Anniversary at work!

We finally got some cloudy skies and maybe some rain tonight. Tried to get all my running around done this afternoon, even got a quick bike ride in.

Possum and Tom stay bundled up, hope you get a break from the cold.

Take care Porch, Frankie

January 03, 2018 - Msg 108873: Snow came down hard all afternoon,but it has ended. Looks to me like we've got 3-4 inches (at least) on the ground. I'm not going out there because it's frozen over now & very slippery.So,yeah,I guess I'm snowed in,Spotty! send food-good hot food,'cause I'm about to freeze!
Thanks,Frankie,I sure hope so too! Take care,all!

possum under a snowy rock

January 04, 2018 - Msg 108874: POSSUM, you be careful now hear!
But that snow must look neat. Will check FB.
Frankie, Cal sure does need some rain right now.
Hope it is a good one!
RO--glad all went well with the kids.
That's a classic story of the linen situation.
To echo ASA, waht's the latest with your Caddy?
ASA, I remember that incident well, as well as
Buddy Ryan's "We aint gonna lose" statement
before a dismal season! ha
Well, we are all another year older, and we will all have
yet ANOTHER birthday sometime this year, so I thought
you may enjoy this little clip. Cue it to 0.25...
Ya all keep warm! Tom and GF included!

January 04, 2018 - Msg 108875: Thanks Asa, its nice to be missed. One of my resolutions for 2018 is to come by here more often. :) So you have been at the same job since 85. I started my job as a labor and delivery nurse in 1985, worked at it for 14 years and then quit to be a stay home mom until three years ago. If I hadn't met Bruce, I expect I would still be working in the same area.

Ro, I love that story. I could so see myself doing exactly that. I wish cutting up the towels would work in my situation. ;) I need to keep thinking on this one...

Wow, Possum. I wish we had snow here! We enjoyed it so much when we had it last month. You all know I love the cold weather, though. I will always and forever hate the hot, humid summers. It is supposed to freeze here again tonight so I have the dogs in again. They have nice warm beds in my laundry room. They are getting too old to be out in the garage when its cold. When we had the snow, my dog Ollie ended up getting sick with a cough and I make sure they are in when its cold now..

Well, I got most of the Christmas decorations down and put away. Interestingly, I usually recruit the kids and Bruce to carry all the boxes down when I decorate and back up the stairs when I put it away. This year, I never even bothered. I carried everything besides the big tree down and carried most of it back up myself. I cant tell you how my strength and energy level has increased since eating this vegan diet. Some days I feel unstoppable. Today was one of those days so I try to remember what I ate to try and replicate the results. It's really pretty incredible. I eat plenty of complex carbs..oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, rice, beans, and I get veggies and fruit. That's about it. I feel like a million bucks on most days.

Well, I am sitting here in bare feet and they are freezing. I stepped in cat vomit with my houseshoes today so they are going to have to be laundered. I have a nice fire in the fireplace so I think I will put my feet in front of it, watch some TAGS, take a melatonin, and maybe drink some warm almond milk...yes, that's what I will do for the love of Mike. It's back to work tomorrow..


January 04, 2018 - Msg 108876: Oh dear, if stocking feet is a scandal in Mayberry, I can't imagine what bare feet are.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 04, 2018 - Msg 108877: Everyone have a good and safe day out there.

January 04, 2018 - Msg 108878: HI All,
I too worked on putting decorations away today.
Most of the outdoor scene is back in the shed,
but now I have to work on the inside decs.
What goes up must come down...eventually! ha
I am leaving the indoor nativity up until
Yesterday I joined a "gym." Our city has a big recreation area with indoor pool, weight room, basketball gym, etc. and for 10 bucks a month residents can use the weight room. I had been doing cardio PT the last couple month, so now
I am going to do it on my own. Exercising has helped me tremendously. BOO--so glad you are feeling better too. 75 degrees here today! :)
Prayers for all,

January 04, 2018 - Msg 108879: Let's try "Epiphany" ! (got a stray H in there.)

January 05, 2018 - Msg 108880: Good for you, MDC!! That's the best thing you can do for yourself. I seriously need to get motivated where exercise is concerned because, although I am eating healthy food, I feel my body trying to regain the weight I have lost. I have been having some real food cravings and tend to eat more than I have in recent months. Sean joined a new gym in our area yesterday. I can go with him anytime I like as a guest so will have to try it out.

It finally warmed up into the 50's with sunshine today and it sure felt good. It was tolerable and even comfortable at work today. Taping up those vents made so much difference.

No big news to tell, just been working and doing things around the house. I did sit and watch a movie tonight with Bette Davis and enjoyed that a lot..

Well, I should take my melatonin and hit the ironing board.


January 05, 2018 - Msg 108881: Reread my post and it sounded like me and Bette Davis watched a movie together...lol...that would be really creepy since she has been deceased for quite a while now.


January 05, 2018 - Msg 108882: -3 Degrees on my end of the Porch now....That’s DOUBLE DING DANG COLD Possum!...Brrrrr..G-F

January 05, 2018 - Msg 108883: Heck,yeah,G-F! We've about hit the Double Ding Dang mark down here! Not in the hegatives,but not far from them overnight. Snow is melting,but the melt off refreezes overnight,which makes driving really tough. I haven't gone anywhere,so no worries about reading any headline where a car driven by a possum skidded off the roadways! Take care,and keep warm, G-F & everyone in the deep freeze!

Funny how the way we word things sounds sometimes-you & Bette Davis, Boo! Ha!

Hope everyone has a good day-y'all take care!

possum u.a.r.

January 05, 2018 - Msg 108884: NEGATIVES,not hegatives!

possum again

January 05, 2018 - Msg 108885: We are finally getting a little rain out here in the west, and much needed.
Possum, I hope start to thaw out over there.
Not much happening today.
A big hello to the Porch!

January 05, 2018 - Msg 108886: Hello Possum. Hope you are warming up. I certainly am warm here at work at 80 degrees. Its made it up to 60 degrees here in south texas today, so really nice weather.

The porch is pretty quiet today..wonder what everyone is doing?

I had a real surprise this week! My Erin is taking an art class in school..it wasnt her choice, just had to take another elective and the class was open. She has never shown any interest at all in art, mind you. Well, she comes to me bringing this self-portrait of herself done in pencil. I thought it was one of those computer-generated pencil drawings, but darn if she hadnt done it free hand and people, in the words of clark griswald, I couldnt have been more surprised if I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet. The drawing was really, really good. She brought me another that she had drawn of a man that was so good, too. Who knew? The kid is good at many things, but can't sing a lick (like Barney). She finally got some of my artistic genes. I thought she was about 99% Bruce, but she can draw..even better than I can, though.

Well, better go tie up the loose ends and get ready for shift change. Talk to you all later.


January 05, 2018 - Msg 108887: 108885-from Frankie
Forgot to post my name on that one. Guess I was watching to much tv and computer at he same time.

January 05, 2018 - Msg 108888: Way to go Boo`s Erin!

January 05, 2018 - Msg 108889: With all our grammar mistakes lately, perhaps we are all
still hung-over from the party at
the Gigolo club! ha
Frankie, I figured it was you since you mentioned the rain! Glad to hear that.
BOO--quick story: When I was in 7th grade, the nun I had as a teacher was very artistic, and she had a section of every Friday afternoon set aside for art. She noticed my ability, and started holding a special art class every Saturday morning for me and a few others.
My love of art grew from there, and her taking a little extra time each week really helped me!
Perhaps a similar thing is happening with Erin. Very cool.
GF, Possum, and Tom, Maudie, and Sterling...keep warm!

January 06, 2018 - Msg 108890: Good Saturday morning all.

Frankie, we are supposed to get your rain this afternoon. I hope you saved us some. Pretty odd for us to get rain this time of year. But I love it. I don't have to shovel rain. It has been a fairly mild winter here for us for the most part. Sorry for you folks back east who are in the deep freeze.

Boo, that is interesting about Erin being such a talented artist but not liking to do it. Usually when those natural talents are enjoyable. Maybe this will ignite something in her. I wish I could draw, but I can't. I really enjoy watching those who can do it. I can sing a lick though. At least I think I can. I may be like Barney though. I'm the only one who thinks I can sing. I can act pretty good too. I was the lead role in a play we did in High School. It was a pretty big role that called for the character to be quite loud and boastful. In real life I tend to be kind of quiet and reserved, although I can be funny at times. I have learned that one of the real keys to comedy is timing. Anyway, maybe Erin will discover she likes to draw and pursue it some.

MDC, The PGA comes to your neck of the woods pretty soon, doesn't it? That is one of my favorite tournaments to watch because of the rowdy crowds. It is just so different from most other PGA venues in that regard. Plus it lets me know that spring is close at hand.

Well off to do grocery shopping. Then do laundry. Then go polish some porcelain. All in all, it's a fun day.


January 06, 2018 - Msg 108891:
Friday morning, we here in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada) set a new low temperature record of -9.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Canadian weather forecasters are always precise by using decimals when referring to record temperatures. And because of the strong winds, the wind chill made that feel like -32.8 degrees Fahrenheit.
I had a few errands to run. And although I had my entire body covered up except for my face, it felt like a block of ice was being held against my exposed face.

MDC, thanks for that link in your Msg 108874 to hear the late George Younce sing that very funny rendition of the song "Side by Side". What made me laugh the hardest was the very last line.

Regarding this talk about having a talent to draw, I guess I am also blessed. I can draw a line, a circle, a square and a rectangle. I can even do more complex things like draw a conclusion and draw water from a well.

from Poor Horatio

January 06, 2018 - Msg 108892: Good morning, porch. Boo, that's very interesting about Erin and her hidden talent. What fun for her! I have always wanted to be able to draw, but honestly, I have no talent in that direction. I do have a good ear and used to sing a pretty fair choir alto, but my respiratory problems have ruined whatever ability I had. I can hear the right notes naturally, but can no longer produce them. When you have limited air reserves, you may go for a note but what comes out is not at all what you intended. I guess that's why Elinora insisted on Barney practicing his breathing exercises. I could practice all day, and it wouldn't help. When there's not enough air behind it, you can't produce a note reliably. It's very annoying for me, because I love to sing along with the CDs in the car, and do the harmony. Oh, well.

My daughters have talents, though. Robbi can draw, the cutest little whimsical fairies and elves and fantasy animals, and Amanda can do the same thing. Their style is very similar. Heather sings a beautiful soprano. Lots of energy in her voice, and it works very well on stage. She loves to act in community theater, and often has a singing part. I guess that's where her son, Travis, got his ability, and the boy is good, very good.

Well, guess I'll go do a bit of tidying up around here. Not much to do, the kids left the bedrooms they used over the weekend in first class shape, so nothing to do there. Gotta love 'em! --Romeena

January 06, 2018 - Msg 108893: RIP Jerry Van Dyke.... Gone at 86...

January 06, 2018 - Msg 108894: Don’t know if anyone has seen this video yet, but those who personally knew our REV and those of us who only knew him from the Porch will enjoy this...
Brother....You Are Missed!.....


January 06, 2018 - Msg 108895: MDC & Asa we will have a break for two days then Monday and Tuesday some more rain.
Have to sneak out and do some grocery shopping while the sun is out and looks so nice out today.

January 06, 2018 - Msg 108896: Hello Gang !..well back at work for the night ..hey Boo,possum,asa,GF,Romeena,Frankie and all...expecting freezing ice and sleet tomorrow night ...got 11 full crews coming up from florida tomorrow night just in case....ok got some fried chicken fried and in fridge ..get a late night snack...SPOT

January 06, 2018 - Msg 108897: Awww...thank you for posting the video, G-F. We all love and miss our REV. Bitter-sweet, isn't it? I'm happy he is in heaven, but so sad he isn't here with us.

Asa and MDC, I do hope ERin takes more of an interest in art. I am going to encourage her a little. By the way, ASA, what was the name of the play you were in?

Ro, I know what you mean. I used to sing, even lead worship, but my voice has aged and cracks now. Oh well. Sean is still singing in church and is at practice right now. He can sing well, but his voice is damaged some by the Tourette Syndrome. Some of the loud vocal tics he had a year ago, put scar tissue on his vocal chords, I think. Sad, but at least he can still sing some.

Went to see sister in law today and she is fantastic. Back to her old self, but better...clear-headed. Praying she gets the help she needs when she gets out.

Well, I am going to have to go pick and ERin and her friends up from a movie...ya'll have a good evening.


January 06, 2018 - Msg 108898: Oh, G-F. Thank you so much for posting that link. Yes, we all miss REV. Rocky was a true southern gentleman. Kind, funny, courteous, and a real friend. I never drive onto our church parking lot and past our bus barn, that I don't imagine his traveling rig parked behind that barn. The church had installed power outlets and a hook-up behind that barn, so he would have a place to land when he was in town. He was so friendly and easy to know, that he just became part if my family when he was in town. He was the age of my oldest son, and he just fit right in. My grandsons still remember him. They were so impressed that a real, sure-'nuff singer/guitarist/performer would actually just come in and eat dinner with us, and would sit in the living room and play and sing for them, but our REV did just that. He was one of a kind, and he will always be missed.

Well, guess I'll hit the hay. Blessings, all. --Romeena

January 06, 2018 - Msg 108899: G-F That is a beautiful video you posted.
Spot you be safe out there in the freezing ice and sleet.
You all have a wonderful evening.

January 07, 2018 - Msg 108900: PH--Being ex-military, I bet you can also 'draw a gun!' ha
I see that SPOT's Birds won the wildcard game today.
Thanks to whoever posted about Jerry van Dyke. He didnt make
much of a 'no-badge deputy,' but was a good banjo player
and actor for sure. May he rest in peace.
BOO--so happy to hear about your SIL. Prayers continue.
ASA and Frankie--we also should get some of that rain by Tuesday.
and, yup, it is indeed a fun golf tourney! Then Spring Training! :)
GF-thanks for that!! I cant believe that Rev has been gone over 4 years already!
Well, Happy Epiphany! The poor ol' kings only have one song,yet they did so much...

January 07, 2018 - Msg 108901: Good Sabbath all.

What a nice tribute song for The Rev GF. Thanks for posting. Is he is missed for sure.

Sorry to read that about Jerry Vandyke.

Frankie, we got your rain yesterday. And a little snow and freezing rain with it.

Boo, So nice to see you posting more. I am glad your SIL is doing so well. I hope it will cause her to reflect some on her life and make some changes. I got to thinking the other day on how life, or managing it, is kind of like coaching a football game. You enter into the game with a game plan, and determined to execute it. But by halftime you find yourself down by three touchdowns. A good coach recognizes that they need to change game plans, and thus makes adjustments accordingly. Our lives are like that. If we are going along with our plan, and it isn't going well, we need to stop and evaluate, and make changes where needed. Hopefully we are in tune with God, and are willing to listen to His promptings to us and act accordingly. Most likely many times in our lives we will have to adjust. I hope she does. There, I'm done preaching. :)

MDC, I ain't sure what an epiphany is, but it sounds neat. I think I'd like to have one sometime just so I can boast on it. Maybe I'll make that one of my new year resolutions, to have an epiphany. :)

GF, I was reading that the Browns fans had a parade to celebrate their perfect season. Were you or Tom in it? (sorry, I couldn't resist buddy)

Well we have the early preaching block this year (hurray) so I better go get myself groomed.

Prayers for all.


January 07, 2018 - Msg 108902: Thanks Asa, and great sermon. :) I certainly hope she is willing to change. Good illustration..we can all learn from it.

Well, I'm sitting here eating my steel cut oats with blueberries. I didn't want to but have to take a little trip this morning to return one of Erin's visiting friends to her mother. I know I will get hungry if I don't eat something and oats tend to stick with you for awhile.

hope you all have a good day.


January 07, 2018 - Msg 108903: Haha Asa, I can assure you I was NOT a part of the parade or anything else to do with them...

Glad y’all liked REV’s video, I came across it while looking for one of his other songs. It was a nice tribute to a nice man. Although I did not meet him in person like Romeena, I did get a call from him thanking me for a donation to his ministry. We talked for a while, yes everyone was a friend to him....

STILL Double Ding Dang Cold around here!...But a break is expected next week thank goodness!...


January 07, 2018 - Msg 108904:
MDC, I am ashamed that I overlooked "draw a weapon" even though I'm a military veteran and a former auxiliary police officer. Maybe it is because that although I have been shot at, I never had to shoot anyone.

from Poor Horatio

January 07, 2018 - Msg 108905: ASA 30 day in the icebox for thinking a thing like that.
A parade was to cold to do it.


January 08, 2018 - Msg 108906: Ha, good one TOM! Asa had it coming. :)
Maybe that will be Asa's Epiphany! haha
A big HELLO to everyone.
Hope you had a good Sabbath day!

January 08, 2018 - Msg 108907: Could someone slip me in a peanut butter sammich please? Just don't let the Sheriff see you.


January 08, 2018 - Msg 108908: Leon?...Leon?....

January 08, 2018 - Msg 108909: And.. we're at 57 degrees today! The thaw is on!

(Well,maybe not in Asa's case- I see that Sheriff Tom's got him locked up in the icebox!)

possum u.a.r.

January 08, 2018 - Msg 108910: Well gang tonight is he night. My Ga Bulldogs go for the national champship ! My falcons in playoffs again. Hot wings and pizza night. I took a vacation day from work ! Go dogs ! 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈. Back in a bit. Spot

January 08, 2018 - Msg 108911: MDC nice video of We Three Kings.
I am staying inside to keep warm and dry.

January 08, 2018 - Msg 108912: Sending Asa peanut butter sandwich!