January 15, 2018 - Msg 108973: Happy Monday porch family. been busy lately and no time to rock. I did try to post a couple of times but for some strange reason my post vanished right when I hit the post your comments button. It must be the Count hanging around me.

My end of the porch has been cold. The weather people are forecasting snow tomorrow.

things are my end of the porch are about the same just busy with first one thing and then the other.

G-F: I was happy to see the dates for Mayberry days have been scheduled. I emailed Floyd that I planned to be there. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I am making my reservations at Mayberry Motor Inn as well.

hope everyone has a blessed day!
Prayers all around
Big Maude

January 15, 2018 - Msg 108974: Glad I came around just in time to sweep!
Big Maude

January 15, 2018 - Msg 108975: Good to hear Maude!..I’m making mine today too!...Possum & SPOT, you get the news too!?....G-F

January 15, 2018 - Msg 108976: Glad I came around just in time to sweep!
Big Maude

January 15, 2018 - Msg 108977: Maudie, I think the Count is haunting you for sure! --Romeena

January 15, 2018 - Msg 108978: Great to see you Big Maude Tyler. And good job sweeping.

MDC, GF, Success on the solder job! I heated the entire fitting up a bit to dry out any moisture that may have been inside, then put the serious heat to it and some solder and it took to it like I knew what I was doing. Saved me a ton of work and a ton of repenting from all the names I was gonna call it! Thank ya Lord.

PH, LOL I have called some of my cars those names too.

Thanks for the compliment Ro. I just thought I was weird. I know GF has named his veee-hickles though. Whattya say GF? bonus POINTS TO ANYONE WHO CAN SAY WHERE THE "VEEE-HICKLE" quote is from.

Well I'm off to home sweet home and Wheelertime.


January 15, 2018 - Msg 108979: Maude just a FYI...I just made my reservation for the Meet-Up, they are half booked up already...G-F

January 15, 2018 - Msg 108980: I’m guessing the Barney’s Sidecar one Asa?...Good on ya too for your soldering work!.👍....G-F

January 15, 2018 - Msg 108981: G-F: I made my reservation this afternoon as well. Arriving on Thursday same as last year . Glad I went ahead and called today :)
Big Maude

January 15, 2018 - Msg 108982: Sorry, No GF. It's not a TAGS quote.


January 15, 2018 - Msg 108983: Asa, the veee-hicle quote is from a MASH episode, spoken by Rizzo, the Louisiana Cajun guy who ran the motor pool. He said it in his opening address to his latest "remedial driving class", which included Col. Potter. --Romeena

January 15, 2018 - Msg 108984: Romeena I think your right on that one...Remember too when he mentioned the “modes” of transportation on the final episode...aka the “Garbage Truck”...”My Last Mode”....


January 15, 2018 - Msg 108985: Nice sweep Big Maude Tyler
You all have a nice evening.

January 16, 2018 - Msg 108986: Evening honeys and dears..that ep was on ME-TV tonite. Love barney's line about rather being called skunkface than to hear their "good mornings." ha
Good one PH! You're funny for a Canadian. :)
ROMEEna, did your wagon look something like this?:
Found it on google images.
ASA--glad the solder job worked out! I have done a few (very few), but it is neat
when the flux "sucks" the solder into the joint.
Hey to Big Maude. You're in Tenn, right? Heard there is another storm indeed coming, and into
POSSUM's area too.
Sheriff TOM, I knew you had a good heart! Thanks for the break.
Yes, I believe 'vee-HICKLE' is from MASH.
RO--take care of yourself! Good thing you arent doing house calls anymore.
You may have scared a senior right into the Holy Kingdom! ha
Love and Prayers,

January 16, 2018 - Msg 108987: RO--that was about a "half-acre" of car! :)

January 16, 2018 - Msg 108988: Good morning all.

Yes Romeena, Veee-hickle was from MASH. And you even got the correct character to boot. Rizzo was teaching drivers-ed in which Sherman T. Potter was a student. Good job Ro and MDC.

Better get going. Lots to do today.


January 16, 2018 - Msg 108989: Good morning, porch! Looking terrible this morning, but feeling fine. Face is sore, of course, and my nose is so sore it feels like it's broken, but of course, it isn't. It doesn't hurt, it's just sore to touch. I surely am scary-looking, though.

Yep, Asa, I guess I always liked ol' Rizzo. He reminded me of someone I once knew, a buddy of Dale's while he was in the Air Force. The kid was a true Cajun from Louisiana, and he was a good guy. Funny, kind-hearted, and just nice to be around. Not above catching a nap at work if the opportunity presented itself, either!

Well, Toye Starr and I stayed up very late last night (4 am) and slept very late this morning. After a shower and shampoo, it's now just past noon, so I guess we won't worry about breakfast, we'll just go straight to lunch! Not sure what it will be, I'll probably just go and root amongst the leftovers. You never know what you might find! Later, taters. --Romeena

January 16, 2018 - Msg 108990: Romeena-Happy to hear you are feeling better.

Have to call a handy man to come and take a look at one of my vents on the roof. Looks like it is rusting and tilting to one side. I am to scared to go up there and look at it, plus my knees would not like that climbing. He should be over tomorrow afternoon. Hope this does not cost to much. Seems like everything in California is expensive now days.
Maybe Mr. Wheeler can come and take a look at it. lol

January 16, 2018 - Msg 108991:
Frankie, I bet it was Santa Claus who damaged your roof vent last month when he was looking for your chimney in the dark. Maybe you need to install lights on your roof.

from Poor Horatio

January 16, 2018 - Msg 108992: OK, I'm fixin' to say something I don't think I have ever said here before...I am tired of the cold. Just as we had a terrible storm in September, this winter has been so much worse than usual for those of us on the Texas coast. I'm about to freeze. haha...it is in the 20s in the middle of the day and there is a coat of ice on most things. The wind has been howling and it feels like it is colder than the 20's. We still don't have a heater in this house so I have kept the fire going all day and we have a couple of space heaters. We can handle it for a few days, though, because down here it can be 20 one day and 80 the next. Warmer days are definitely in the near future..they always are. I have had the dogs indoors on comfy beds in the laundry room and they are very comfortable, but I feel sorry for other pets in our area that may be outside and aren't used to the cold. I haven't seen any owls huddled on the porch as of yet, though. ;)

Romeena..something kind of funny: When I was at work the other night, I had a break in the action and sat down to eat my supper so I pulled out your book to read for a bit. I read the chapter about your love of pets and Dale's tolerance for it. When I got to the part in which you describe how he had to put a newborn pup out of its misery and you found him crying...oh boy, there came the waterworks. I was a mess and just about that time, there was a knock on the office door. Luckily, it was a nice girl who worked on the girls unit and I wasn't embarrassed to tell her why I had been crying. Later that night, she called to tell me something about one of the girls and she began with, "Are you still reading that book and crying??..."...haha...I couldn't help it, though, there is just no such thing as not crying through some of your memories.

Ro, I heard from Bruce last night..he has been working out of town in San Angelo again and he is sick with what might be the flu. Poor guy, and he told me that he had traveled to visit his mom in Gatesville and that on his way back to San Angelo after dark, he was nearly killed. It was a long stretch of highway out in the middle of nowhere and there was a huge tractor-trailer carrying pipes that was trying to turn around in the middle of the highway and was stretched across both lanes. Bruce said he was able to stop his truck just before making impact with the side of the thing. He said he would have been killed instantly. I am so thankful to God that he is safe. He also told me that a 10 point buck ran in front of him before that and he nearly hit it, and that when he was on the interstate in San Antonio, some shingles fell off a truck in front of him and landed in front of his right tire. He hit is but didn't lose control..a little later, a 2x4 flew off of a truck in front of him and he thought it was going to come through his windshield but it hit under his truck. He pulled over to see if anything had been damaged but apparently not. Needless to say, he has been a little shaken up. I know he is safely in bed tonight, since he is sick, and that is somewhat of a comfort. Good grief.

Sean has had the flu and started on Tamiflu yesterday. He had terrible body aches and fever yesterday. I am praying I don't get it because I have too much to take care of with Bruce away.

Well, it's cold in this office I am in so I think I will head back to the living room in front of the fire. Hope you all have a safe and blessed evening.


January 16, 2018 - Msg 108993: BOO- Can't you "call the man" to get the heater fixed?? Just wonderin'.
So 'sorry' about your cold spell, but as you say, the heat will soon return!
My goodness, Bruce really went thru an obstacle course! So glad angels were there with him. Wow
ALL--tonite on ME-TV the MASH episode was the VEE-hickle one! So funny to suddenly see it right there!
And on Gomer Pyle USMC, the lady who played Mrs. Lesh played another crooked lady pulling liquor store robberies! Glad she finally ended up on the Waltons. ha
FRANKIE--are you talking about those 'whirlybird' type of vents? The top section probably just needs to be re-seated. cue this video to 4:20...
ROMEEna--praying that your recovery will be quick.

January 17, 2018 - Msg 108994: Morning Dears, Morning Honey!
Goodness Boo, You sure did surprise me with your complaint of the cold. It has been an odd winter thus far. I noticed this morning our low is 33 while Dallas is 15. Very odd. But we are supposed to get a winter storm this weekend. So I suppose the second half of winter may be different. Poor Bruce. Sounds like he had a wail of a drive. Glad he is ok.

Frankie, I reckon of you hire Wheeler to fix your vent, the only thing he will be inspecting is the bottom of the lemonade glass, and you will be the one on top of the roof. :)

MDC, Now how odd is that, that the episode we were just discussing is shown? lol

Romeena, Get better soon. Any news on Tillie?

I am in one of my funky sleep patterns where I wake up every night at around 2 0'clock in the morning, and struggle to fall back asleep. I am as tired as can be, but just can't seem to fall back asleep. I wonder what causes that? It seems to last a couple of weeks or so and then goes away. Any of you have that go on?

Well I hope y'all have a safe and sane day. And act like you got some smarts!


January 17, 2018 - Msg 108995: Poor Horatio-Sounds like a good idea with the lights so Santa can see where he is going.

MDC-Thank you for the video. The vent was not a whirlybird type, I think it is a vint for the heater or water heater. It goes straight up.

ASA-I decided not to hire Mr. Wheeler. He may not want to leave.

Boo-Hope everyone feels better soon. Sure hope you do not catch that terrible flu. Some of the stores out here are running out of flu shots. I went to the clinic and got mine the first of October.

The handyman just came and repaired my vent in about twenty minutes. I think some of these hard winds we had did some damage. Screws on the side broke and the vent was tilting off to the side. All repaired now and ready for the next rain storm. And best of all the price was very reasonable. Makes me feel better knowing it is fixed now.

January 17, 2018 - Msg 108996: Good afternoon, porch. Frankie, your experience with the vent is a good example of good home maintenance. If you had not fixed that vent, and it had fallen off or just far enough out of place, the next rain could have dumped water into your home, who knows where it would have run to. Instead, you spent a little to have it fixed, and avoided spending a lot to repair damage that could have occurred. Whoever said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" said a mouthful.

The sky here is clear, blue and it's beautiful outside. No wind, just a lot of bright sunshine. If the grass wasn't brown, it would look like summer. But the grass IS brown, and the temp at 4 pm is just 35°. Going back down to 22° tonight. I haven't been outside of this house since I got home last Friday after the MOHS surgery, except to take the trash out to the street, and I did that in the dark, around midnight. Didn't see anybody but a stray cat.

Some of the bruising is starting to fade, or migrate. A lot of it has traveled from my nose and eye, down to my lower jawline, and I look just like someone slugged me in the jaw! There's a big purple bruise, nearly three inches in diameter, right along my jawline. Looks awful. My right eye is much less swollen, and the purple and blue bruise is turning that greenish-yellow in spots, should fade out in a few more days. This too shall pass.

Tillie is still on the puny list. I just haven't been able to get much done. I will soon, though. Once I start driving again, I'll have to. The car shouldn't be driven with that hard shifting going on, and my inspection and license are out of date. It won't pass inspection with that "check engine" light burning brightly! However, I'm carrying all the paperwork from the mechanics who have been working on it, so I could prove to an officer that I'm at least trying to get it fixed. He'd have to be pretty heartless to give a ticket to a little old silver-haired widow, who is obviously working on the problem, don't you think? (teehee)

Boo, you're the last person I ever would expect to get tired of the cold weather, but I guess with anything, eventually enough is enough. Cheer up, this won't last forever.

Well, guess I'd better think about dinner. I'm not really hungry, maybe just a bowl of soup. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 17, 2018 - Msg 108997: Ro, its up to 34 this evening and is dry so I like it just fine. I think if the heater wasn't out in the house and I didn't have to keep the fire going in the house all day, I would appreciate it more. Tomorrow should be perfect but I will be sweating it out in the hot box at work, where it is always a warm 85 degrees!

Thanks Frankie. I have been filling myself with lots of nutrient-rich foods to boost my immune system. I had a really good fruit salad for lunch and made a terrific, very healthy 5 bean stew with veggies for supper. I added some purple potatoes, which are full of antioxidants. I will keep sipping the macha tea, too..if you aren't sure what Macha tea is, google it. It is about the healthiest thing you can drink.

I just got a text from Bruce in San Angelo and he is pretty sick and will be trying to drive home tomorrow. It is about a 6 or 7 hour drive, so please pray for his safety. It will be good to have him home but it will be another sick family member in the house to care for and I have to work the next couple of days. Hopefully I can get off early tomorrow since there is another nurse scheduled with me (unless she is still sick. She has had the flu, also). It seems like every family I know is battling flu right now. They even cancelled the mid week service at church tonight because of all the flu.

Well, think I will check that fire and throw on another log.


January 18, 2018 - Msg 108998: Romeena-You take care and I hope your bruising continues to go down. Sounds like your going to have a cold night, bundle up.

Boo-I will have to check out that Macha tea.
Hope your family gets over the flu. And prayers for a safe drive for Bruce.


January 18, 2018 - Msg 108999: Ditto to what Frankie said. I hate to think about Bruce making that long drive when he's sick, but I guess right now, for him there's just no place like home. I can't blame him for wanting to be there.

By the way, Frankie, I just want to say how nice it is that you've re-joined the porch on a regular basis. You used to pop in now and then, but you've been pretty steady here lately, and it's good to have you.

Good night, porch. --Romeena

January 18, 2018 - Msg 109000: Boo,you're not the only one who is sick and tired of the cold weather! If I never hear the words "black ice" or "wind chill" again,I will die a happy possum! Right now, it is 20 degrees out,with a wind chill of 10 degrees. Ding DANG cold! And this is South Carolina,NOT South Dakota-geesh!

Prayers for your family to get over that nasty ol' flu & safe travels for Bruce.

What are the dates for the Meet-Up, G-F? I'll see if I can make it-if I live through this Winter!

Hey to everybody! Y'all take care & stay well & warm.

possum u.a.r.

January 18, 2018 - Msg 109001: Here ya go Possum...6th Annual Mayberry Meet-up in Mt. Airy, NC 20-22 July 2018. The rooms at the Motor Inn are filling up fast....G-F

January 18, 2018 - Msg 109002: Aw shoot,I was afraid of those dates,G-F. Can't make it because I have a family thing going on that same week.Well,dang it! I'll make it back up to Mount Airy one of these days!

possum again

January 18, 2018 - Msg 109003: For some reason I got "blackballed" from the porch yesterday. I guess I should not have sent my salve back! ha :)
When I would click on 'the front porch' it kept saying it could not find that url. hmm
Anyway, all is well, more later.

January 18, 2018 - Msg 109004: Working to much...SNOW go away....in teens here in Ga...Send food...SPOT

January 18, 2018 - Msg 109005: Thanks for those prayers for Bruce, everyone. I am at work but Sean called to tell me Bruce had arrived home safely. He feels miserable and is coughing germs all over the place, but he is safe and able to sleep in his own bed tonight. I wish I was home to take care of him and Sean but have to work tonight and tomorrow night. With the shortage of nurses around here, there is just no taking off a night unless you are dead or half dead.

It is still pretty cold around here but it is about right in the nurses office...imagine that. Some of the kids are having to layer up on clothing and sleep with extra blankets, though. I think the sun is due to come out tomrrow so will be warming up nicely by the weekend. Hope all of you are staying warm..sorry about your cold weather, Possum. I know you dont like it much at all.

Hang in there, SPOT, summer is coming.

I wish I was home watching my own TAGS marathon on Netflix. Oh well, at least I am making money here at work..not alot of it, though. :) I just made myself a bowl of oatmeat with raisins..I figure it is good for me on a cold night like this. Guess I will finish it and do some charting.

Stay Warm,

January 18, 2018 - Msg 109006: Romeena-Thank you so much, I love checking in and saying hello to you all.

MDC-I am glad you were able to get back on the front porch.

Boo-I was out shopping today and saw some of the macha tea and purchased some. After looking it up I was amazed of all the benefits of the tea. I had a cup before taking a nap this afternoon and sleep like a baby. Hope Bruce and Sean get over that flu bug.

January 19, 2018 - Msg 109007: BOO--I thought you had the temp in the office thing fixed with covering the vents? But I declare, now the kids having to bundle up with extra clothes and blankets INSIDE sure sounds like a violation of some sort. Has anyone called the state inspectors office? Just sayin' that I would be pretty p--sed!
A Sears store about 3 miles from my home is closing, and clothing is currently 80 to 90 % off. Got two long sleeve flannel shirts today for a total of 20.16 ! It is sad to see this store closing tho, as it was my go to place for Craftsman tools, auto service, etc since we have lived here.
SPOT--sending you some hot pizza!
Prayers for all who are ailing. God's rich blessings upon all!

January 19, 2018 - Msg 109008: Good evening, porch. I'm up late, as usual, but am headed for bed and just thought I'd stop by the porch on the way.

Boo, I'm glad Bruce made it home safely. About the sharing of germs, any chance you could get him to wear a mask? Just take a couple home for him - it's all in the interest of public health. Other than that, I guess it's just Lysol spray and lots of handwashing.

MDC, I feel your pain about the Sears store closing. Our little old "branch" store here in our local mall is still hanging on, though I'm sure I don't know how. There's never anyone in there. I went in about three months ago, took in a limb-lopper with a broken "beak." It broke about two years ago, and I kept meaning to take it in, but just never did. One day I saw it as I was getting in the car, and just tossed it in the front seat, as I knew I would be passing the mall. I took it in, they exchanged it without any argument, and since the model I had was discontinued, they gave me another one, which was about a $15 upgrade from the one I had! Now that's good service. However, if you wander over out of the tools and tires section, well - good luck finding a sales clerk. I think that's what is killing Sears - they're trying to improve their bottom line by cutting their sales staff to the bone, and it shows. I may have even mentioned this once a long time ago, but here it is again. I heard a comedian on TV who remarked that something was "as scarce as a sales clerk in a Sears store." Now when the comics start commenting like that, you know something is wrong. They should beef up their sales staff, train them well to be aggressive but not obnoxious, and sales would definitely pick up. Sears has nice stuff, but there's nobody around to answer questions, help you find something or make you glad you entered the store. Big mistake.

Tillie update - located the cat converter I need, ordered it from Amazon, of all places, and will get it installed when it arrives. Who knew it would be such a challenge to find the right part? I guess because the car is 14 years old, but it seems to me that it would be the older cars that would need parts, so why aren't they available? GM doesn't carry the GM part anymore. I ordered a Magnaflo brand, suggested by my son-in-law, my granddaughter and her fiance, and the muffler guy who is going to install it.

Well, guess I'll toddle off to bed. I'll get my little Toye Starr up there, and we'll just cuddle off to dreamland. She's a cuddly puppy, and I love it when she snores her tiny, soft little snores. Just lulls me to sleep. --Romeena

January 19, 2018 - Msg 109009:
MDC and Romeena, all of the remaining Sears stores here in Canada closed this past Sunday. Some of the former Sears suppliers got together and opened their own store in Toronto to sell the same merchandise they used to wholesale to Sears Canada. So it is almost like still having Sears but with a different name.

from Poor Horatio

January 19, 2018 - Msg 109010: Good morning, honeys and dears. I'm up a little earlier than usual because - ta-ta-ta-daaaa! - I'm going to get the stitches out of my face today! I've still got some swelling, and significant bruising, but it's that line of blue sutures marching down the side of my nose and onto my lip that evokes thoughts of the bride of Frankenstein. The comfort issue is very real, too. Those sutures pull! And sting. And itch! And ache!! Oh yes, today will be a good day!

Eloise is coming over, and we're going to Uber it over to the medical complex in Dallas, and have lunch in their "Fresh Market." Very good, fresh and tasty food in their small but impressive version of a sidewalk cafe. I ate there last week between sessions of surgery, and it was really good. I had a salad of sliced mozzarella and tomatoes with a great dressing on it, and blanched asparagus spears with a tangy dressing and crumbled feta cheese, and some wonderful stuffed mushrooms. Honestly, they serve chef-quality food in a place where you would least expect it, and the prices are very reasonable. I ate mostly salad-y foods last week, but this week I think I'll explore the main-dish line - they have casseroles and such, and it all looked so good. We'll go early, then at 2 I get the sutures out! Yay!

Poor Horatio, that's just sad about the Sears stores all closing in Canada. I'm sure the US stores won't be far behind. I can't help but feel it was just poor management, poor staffing decisions, that brought about the demise. I used to love shopping in Sears, but you can hear the crickets chirping when you enter these days. Sears was one of the anchor stores at our local mall, but no more.

Well, guess I'd better rattle my bones and tidy things up around here a little, not to mention a little sprucing up on myself! I haven't left the house since last Friday, and I've gotten downright, well, seedy! Wish me luck as I get these sutures out - I'm hoping it improves the over-all appearance as much as I think it will. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 19, 2018 - Msg 109011: Howdy all.

Frankie. I will second Romeenas praise of having you here regular like. I enjoy reading your posts.

I hope the destitching went well Ro. Glad you found the CC for Tillie. I just hope that cures the old gal.

MDC, Maybe you need bigger wires to get on the porch. Might work.

I remember as a kid getting so excited when the new Sears Cat. would show up in the mail. I don't know why, but it was fun just to browse through it. Our local one is closing also. Sad to see, but time just seemed to pass by them. I loved their hand tools, especially the guarantee they had on them. But I would never by another power tool from them. Pure junk IMNSHO. I love my Bosch power tools.

Boo, Glad Bruce is home safe and sound. Nothing like your own bed especially when you're ailing.

Spot, Possum, Sorry for your cold weather. Just think though, Spring ain't far off. I read where GF's neck of the woods is pretty cold also.

Well I think I'll go see what I can muster up for supper. Maybe it will be weenies and beans seeings how Nurse Peggy ain't likely to show up and fry me some chicken.


January 19, 2018 - Msg 109012: BTW, I was just reading about the couple in California who had the 13 children they have been mistreating over the years. My hope is that those parents could receive the same treatment. Disgusting excuses for humans. Sorry, but this just makes my blood boil!!


January 19, 2018 - Msg 109013: Asa it makes me sad and sick to hear about those poor children. I pray that they able to get there lives back together.

Wow! I remember when Sears was the place to go. We still have a small store here in town, they are mostly large appliance items. Not sure how long they will be here.

Romeena I bet your will feel better getting those sutures out. Take care

We finally got a nice sunny day out today. It has been foggy and cloudy all week. Enjoying while it last, another storm coming on the way sometime this weekend.
You all take care and be safe out there.

January 19, 2018 - Msg 109014: Wow, I had not seen the report about the 13 children, ASA. So hard to understand something like that.

We still have a SEARS in a deserted mall in Corpus Christi. That mall is scary, man! There was actually an elderly man killed there a few years ago. He was walking to get his exercise, went into the men's room for a minute, someone robbed and killed him. I dont venture into that place except to rarely go to the Sears, which I enter from the external entrance. It is a pretty deserted place, too, and I am sure it is on its way out. The tools are ok, but the quality of the clothing is not what it used to be.

I am at work, taking my break and eating my supper so thought I would visit the porch for a minute. It is 78 degrees right now and feels pretty good.

To answer your question, MDC, the state is involved and used to receiving complaints but nothing ever changes because no one wants to put any money into this place for needed repairs. Its not state owned but is much needed, so you would think things would be different. Now with the census so low, there is really no money for anything. Coming to work here is a challenge, but I love the kids, so...I try to see it as a mission field, and that helps.

I agree with everyone else..I like having Frankie here.

Hope you are doing well since the suture removal,Romeena.


January 19, 2018 - Msg 109015: Ahhhh Thank you Porch for the lovely welcome.

January 19, 2018 - Msg 109016: Asa, I agree with you about Sears, back in the day the Christmas catalog was the bomb!...The tools were good back in the day too, nowadays just pure junk!...The original Crastsman we a good brand, and they honored their Lifetime Guarantee. I have a lot of them I’ve had for years...That goes for my power tools too, I have a table saw, band saw, and bench sander I’ve had for years too before they cheapen them up...I agree, I wouldn’t give a dime for what the sell now!...

Romeena, hope all went well today at the Dr.’s and ya had a good Lunch to boot!...


January 19, 2018 - Msg 109017: Good evening, porch. Sounds like Sears is on its last leg everywhere. Too bad. Lots of memories with a "Sears" component, but I guess everything changes. I recall a distant cousin of my grandmother's, a very backward, uneducated little woman - she would have made Granny Clampett look like a Rhodes scholar. We knew her as Aunt Bennie. To her, Sears was the epitome of fine living. If you shopped at Sears, well - you were either very, very wealthy, or just a big old show-off. Oh, and it was pronounced Sears-es, according to her. Lawww - I hadn't thought of Aunt Bennie in years! Or years-es.

I do feel better with those sutures out, but after a close inspection with a good mirror when I got home, I have a couple of concerns. I'll have to wait now until Monday to address them with the staff at the surgery center, but I do have questions. The area directly over where the open "crater" was, looks too pale, and I'm questioning whether the graft is viable. Also, around the curve of my nostril, there is an area that doesn't appear to be adhering, it's open now that the sutures are gone, and it shouldn't be. So, I'll be calling them on Monday, unless things improve, and it could. There is still significant swelling, which could be creating the appearance of an open area in the incision. It might smooth out as the swelling subsides.

Well, I felt a tiny tap on my ankle just now. Since it's too early for bedtime, that can only be a request for some "sit in mommy's lap" time. I declare, someone comes in here when I'm not home and spoils my little dog. Oh well. Later, taters. --Romeena

January 19, 2018 - Msg 109018: Regarding the Sears closings, I can recall back in the day my dad would always say "Sears-Rorbuck" as of course that was their name. He had several "big mac"
overalls for car work etc. To add to RO's ideas
as to it's demise, I think on-line shopping has a lot to do with it too. Look, for example, at getting a CC from amazon as opposed to a local retail store. Just my 2 cents worth.
On the other hand, the vinyl floor mats on my 2005 Silverado are plum wore out so i went to our local Chevy dealer today. They did not have any in stock, and the parts guy said they dont even make them anymore. But then he said,"let me check every chevy dealer in the COUNTRY, and sure enuf, in a few seconds he saw that a dealer in Florida had one pair left, right color and all! I called them, and the mats are now on their way to me! Amazing.
BOO--thanks for the explanation. Seems like that place is on the verge of closing all the time! ha, or maybe not so funny.
Praying for RO, and all who are hurting, along with all of you in those storms.
We were 75 today, but are suppose to get RAIN on Saturday!

January 20, 2018 - Msg 109019:
Boo regarding the financial problem that your employer claims is preventing him from making repairs and improvements, has anyone tried applying for a grant? Grants are free money that does not have to be paid back.

from Poor Horatio

January 20, 2018 - Msg 109020: Good morning, porch. MDC, I completely agree with you, that online availability of almost anything you could want is definitely hurting the brick-and-mortar stores. I happily pay the $100 or so fee for Amazon Prime every year, because every year, by April I've already made that $100 up in shipping I did not have to pay.

Yes, I shop online a lot. As you said, most anything you could get (or couldn't get!) in your local stores can be found online, and many times, it's a bit cheaper than it would be in a store. Amazon maintains warehouses, and contracts with small and large sellers, but pays no sales staff - no salaries, and no benefits, which are skyrocketing as insur@nce rates rise. They operate no retail stores, and pay no high rent for mall space. They ship with Fedex (and UPS, I think) and you can bet they don't pay the same shipping rate that you and I do when we ship with one of those.

The keyword here is "volume" - it's what drives everything, and Amazon has really captured that idea and run with it. I wish I owned stock! However, as my grandma used to say, if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

Good idea, PH. Wouldn't it be wonderful if that would provide an answer to keeping that facility open and functional? I declare, your education was worth every penny!

Well, guess I'll go feed little Toye Starr, and maybe myself as well. We slept very late this morning, and it's now lunchtime! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 20, 2018 - Msg 109021: If you cannot find an item, you can always find it on Amazon. They have everything on there. I was looking to replace a part on my Mom`s hospital bed. When I checked with the company the cost for the part was $100 dollars. Then I thought well I will check Amazon. Purchased the new part for $47 dollars. What a great savings. Then I was able to replace it myself. I also buy some denture cushion on there for her that the stores do not carry any more. Best of all it is delivered right to the front door and saves me running around.

Poor Horatio grants are very good for the states also. My niece is a CPA for Colorado and works with just grants to distribute them to cities were needed. Priority to the most needed, like when they had the floods in Lyons Colorado. So many areas in need.

Well so far nice sun out today, I think our storm comes in tomorrow afternoon. There are a few of them lined up out there waiting to come in.
Everyone have a great Mayberry Day!

January 20, 2018 - Msg 109022: Thanks, PH! I will certainly look into it.

It was in the 60s here in south texas today so feeling much more normal. I even put on my shorts for the first time in several days (unheard of).

I used Amazon for a lot of my Christmas shopping this year for the first time, and it was great. No complaints at all.

Not a lot to report today. I had the day off so got some cleaning and laundry done, and made chicken and rice for bruce in the electric pressure cooker. Man, I love that thing! So easy.

Hope you all have a terrific evening.


January 21, 2018 - Msg 109023: Well, we got a little rain today, but not enough to really soak the ground. It was a "run around doing errands" day today.
Prayers for all,

January 21, 2018 - Msg 109024: Good Sabbath all.

Looks like the weather is returning to normal. Boo is back in shorts, and yesterday we got some snow and this morning it's colder than a well diggers behind.

I'm pretty sure I have never purchased anything off Amazon, but I'll be dagblamed if I ain't gonna try it. I reckon my biggest concern is paying for it. Don't you have to punch in your card info on line? That concerns me with all the hacking I hear about.

Romeena, I sure hope your concerns about your stitching job are unwarranted and all will be well in your recovery. You are in my prayers.

MDC, Your description of your Saturday almost sounds like how Andy described a Saturday to Opie when Opie thought he was in love with Thelma Lou. All in all was it a fun day? lol

GF, Have you ever used Propress fittings? I have not, but I would like to see our Company consider trying them out. Even if it is just to install a couple of isolation valves when doing a repair. Most of the buildings I work on are lacking isolation valves, and I end up having to turn water off to the entire building to make a repair. And as you well know, trying to get a pipe to dry out enough so that you can solder it can be a big pain. I have used sharkbites quite a bit to put in valves, and they have not failed me but one time. But I still am not sold on them. Anyway, I was just curious if you have used them and what your thoughts are on them if you have used them?

Off to see what breakfast is gonna be.

Prayers for all.


January 21, 2018 - Msg 109025: Asa, I haven’t used Propress fittings, but I have used SharkBites. They have come in handy in HiRise buildings where it takes FOREVER to drain them!...But in my opinion the jury is still out on their longevity. You know how us Old School Maintenance Men are....LOL One building in particular has a lot of them in it. If you remember our discussions about the pipes eroding because of the vortex effect inside the pipe.
Boy...I SURE don’t miss those days...

As far as Amazon goes Asa, I have bought some things from Amazon, but I buy the gift cards to pay for it. My kids have “Prime. accounts, so I just give them the gift card numbers. My fears are the same as yours about putting my info out there.


January 21, 2018 - Msg 109026: Good morning, porch. I guess I'll be missing going to preaching again this morning. I'm still sporting quite a bit of bruising, which I expected, but that one area that isn't closing has me worried. I haven't left this house but once since the original surgery and that was to have the sutures out. I'm getting pretty tired of this place, comfy though it may be! Will be calling the surgery center in the morning.

Yes, Asa, you do have to give Amazon a number for a credit or debit card, and I share your reluctance to do that, but I've been ordering from them for three or four years now, and have had no trouble. When you really think about it, there is no security anymore. When you hand your check to that pimply kid with the nose ring at the grocery checkout, you have just given him your checking account number. I can't prove it, but I think it's possible that the tax ID thief who gave me so much grief a few years back probably got the information from one of the many here-today-gone-tomorrow people who inhabit the doctors' offices. They have access to all your personal information, even to your employer's name. If you write a check or use a card to cover a co-pay, they have that, too. You can't rent a car or a motel room without a credit card. I pay at the pump for gasoline. It can cost $40-60 to fill my car, and I don't always carry that much cash. It's where the world has gone, and it's almost impossible to avoid going along with it.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. Blessings, friends. Have a peaceful, joyful Sabbath. --Romeena

January 21, 2018 - Msg 109027:
Asa, since you are concerned about making purchases on Amazon with a credit card, check out https://www.wikihow.com/Buy-Things-on-Amazon-Without-a-Credit-Card
Also, regarding trying to get pipes to dry out faster, if you have only a small area to solder, have you ever tried a heat gun or a propane torch?

from Poor Horatio

January 21, 2018 - Msg 109028: Poor Horatio-That is a nice Amazon link you posted, thank you.

Lots of football on tv today. Big games, my brother already wants to make super bowl bets. Our bets are KFC, or a similar food place.

You all have a good evening.