January 26, 2018 - Msg 109087: I understand the continuity issues and how different writers would not know if someone else had addressed some "fact" about Mayberry. I also realize the review of TV and movies for such things is a pretty recent phenomenon, and just about unheard of in the 60's. But how in the world didn't the actors notice, especially the "big" stuff? I'll give you the varying distances to Raleigh or what have you, but some of the more important stuff just baffles me. As the most glaring example, how could Don Knotts and Andy Griffith not notice the P., Milton, and Oliver issue?

Billy Ray the Not Getting It Postman

January 26, 2018 - Msg 109088: Well, let's just sweep that under the rug and enjoy the show without nitpicking it to death.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 26, 2018 - Msg 109089: Good evening (in my best Alfred Hitchc0ck impersonation) Remember his intro from back in the day?

Nice sweep Billy Ray. We ain't nitpicking, just enjoying some of those inconsistencies from having watched it so many times. And I get a good laugh at the different names that got used. Your mention of Barney's middle name is a good one. In fact their used to be a feller here who's handle was MPO for Milton P. Oliver. Clara Edwards, Clara Johnson, heck she was even called Bertha in one episode. Then there was the infamous Emma Brand/Watson. Heck even old Asa was a Breeney and later a Bascoumb. I'm sure they never dreamed that more than 60 years later folks would still be watching them, never mind discussing them like this. lol

Enjoy that 50 degrees GF. We are supposed to hit that also by Monday. That makes me a happy camper.

PH, If you want to see a microphone reflection, watch the color episode where Barney tries to get old man Mcabe to offer his house for the Summit meeting. It comes up when Andy is trying to get Barney in the Squad car while the old man is hollering "POLICE, POLICE, POLICE". I imagine reflections off the windows and cars were a directors nightmare. That's why the Squad car always looked so dusty I bet. And in the Pilot episode, they had removed the windows right out of the squad car. I guess they figured it wouldn't show up to much on tv, but it sure did, lol

Guess I'll call it a night and go crawl into bed and watch some of those eps on my DVD's. Yep, that's the plan.


January 26, 2018 - Msg 109090: Asa, Don’t forget that Floyd didn’t have lenses in his glasses 👓 either!...The cars were painted in a matte finish because of the glare too...Mainly I think the inconsistency’s just makes us like Mayberry even more. This way we don’t have to do a lot of thinking while watching, and we can enjoy it for what it is. Andy saves Barney and his ego. Gomer Says SHAZZAM!..Goober says Hey...(and Judy, Judy, Judy) haha

Like George Lindsey once said of his character Goober, he would likely say at the “Great Salt” when speaking of the Diner. Yes, we do love the simple Mayberry kind of life don’t we?....Want some pie Andy?...


January 26, 2018 - Msg 109091: Scratch the “at the” on the last sentence...lol. See what I mean?...We ALL ain’t perfect....Haha...G-F

January 26, 2018 - Msg 109092: I think I may have posted this link to this article before, if not here it is....G-F

January 26, 2018 - Msg 109093: I love what you said about the vinegar, Romeena..so true. Also, I didnt realize we had a POW camp at the naval air station in Corpus Christi. I will have to ask Bruce about that. There was also one in Palacios, which isnt far from us, either..might be fun to go hunt up some info.

PH, I saw that thing you were talking about behind Nora and I was thinking it was a sack of flour. I will have to look at it again.

Well, I am taking a break here at work. Its been pretty busy but now things have slowed down. Its almost time to go. I hope you all have a terrific evening and weekend.


January 27, 2018 - Msg 109094: HI ALL, just a quick pass thru tonight. Been busy, as we are planning a trip to Disneyland next week from Tues. thru Friday! We havent been in 20 years,
and decided to do it up big by staying at the Disneyland Hotel, and everthang!
ASA, here is an article about the great escape from our AZ pow camp. Very interesting that we were so lax with the prisoners: https://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/2014/12/20/camp-papago-escape-german-pows/20651193/
Good stuff about all the bloopers.
Prayers continue for all. More later.

January 27, 2018 - Msg 109095: Asa, Good evening to you. I remember those Alfred Hitchc0ck shows.

Billy Ray, nice sweep!

GF, I never knew that about Floyd`s glasses.

MDC, You have a great time at Disneyland next week. The happy place.

January 27, 2018 - Msg 109096: Hello Front porch: I am passing through Mayberry and I wanted to say hello to you wonderful town folks. I sometimes think the "Front Porch" is worthy of its own sitcom. The premise being some sort of TAGS revival based on all you super fans of the show and what is written here everyday. Or even the front porch with video. I think it would be a challenge though to find the excellent creators, producers, directors, and writers that TAGS had. It might even be shown after a TAGS episode as a countable discussion. Just a crazy though form a TAGS fan. Wishing the show could live on with a extra dimension to it.

Medwin Bill Medwin

January 27, 2018 - Msg 109097: Sorry, forgot to proofread. It should say roundtable discussion, not countable discussion.

January 27, 2018 - Msg 109098: Hey MDC...Be sure to tell Mickey Goober Say’s Hey!...Lol..G-F

January 27, 2018 - Msg 109099: Maybe we could summon up Count Istvan Teleky for that countable discussion.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 27, 2018 - Msg 109100: Boo, if I had to guess, I'd have said it was a sack of flour also.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 27, 2018 - Msg 109101: But you never know...It could be Sugar...🤷🏼‍♂️

January 27, 2018 - Msg 109102: Good morning all
This is for Frankie though. https://youtu.be/Fmeb-f4pthA

Great links MDC and GF. Very interesting reading about those escapees MDC. It does seem like a Barney Fife Guard convention. lol

Hey to Bill Medwin. It's been a while. Are you still in the barber business? (wink wink)

Boo, My Dad was a transport driver in the British Army and he was stationed over in France. At the time his unit was relocating in a convoy when they received orders to stop and abandon everything but their side arms and head for the beach at Dunkirk where they would be evacuated. It was a several day journey by foot, and during the hike he injured his hip and was unable to keep up with his group. When he finally arrived at the beach he said their were bodies everywhere. He just stood their, not knowing where to go, when he heard someone yelling his name. Out in the water was his crew on a small private boat. His Captain was motioning him to wade out to the boat. So being trained like he had, he held his rifle above his head and waded out to the boat. His captain grabbed his rifle and threw it in the water telling him he wouldn't be needing that, and then pulled him on board. After arriving to a large ship, they had barely boarded on that when a slew of German fighters came in and bombed and sunk the ship. He was able to get back on shore, having barely been issued a life jacket. Eventually he was able to get on another ship and evacuate.
What was interesting to me Boo, was just before he passed away in 2005, he told me about after getting safely back to shore, there was a Hotel on the beach, and blaring out of the speakers was the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow". He mentioned he was never able to watch the Wizard of Oz because that song took him right back to that beach. I never knew about that until then. After watching the movie, and as GF said, you felt you were right in the event, I am pretty sure that he suffered some pretty deep emotional scars that stayed with him for life. I know his hip injury was with him for life. I remember once a month in the mail would come a letter for him with a stamp "On Her Majesty's Service" on it. It wasn't until I was older that I knew it was a small check he got for his injury. Anyway, you asked for a story. I hope it didn't bore you too bad. :)

Just got back from the store and got me all the fixins for my home made chili. I figure I better do one more pot before spring gets here.

Prayers for all for a good and safe day.


January 27, 2018 - Msg 109103: Wow...what a story, ASA!! Thanks for sharing it with me. Now I am going to have to see that movie! Strangely, his story reminds me of that old movie The Out of Towners with Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis..everything that could go wrong, did. Poor guy, but thanks to God he survived it all.

Medwin...maybe a reality show about the porch?


January 27, 2018 - Msg 109104: Thanks for sharing your Dad’s story!...Very compelling and with the Wizard of Oz twist too!
My Dad rarely shared his experience but he did serve in both theaters of the War, from both perspectives.
While I was putting my Brothers Vietnam military service pictures and papers together for his daughters, I found a lot of things out I didn’t know too. It’s the ones that DIDN’T say much of their experience that you worry about their deep emotional wounds. As I say my Brother was a delayed victim of the War.

Thanks again for sharing Asa......G-F

Reality Show?....We would be a study!....

January 27, 2018 - Msg 109105: Hi.

I can see Jesus
In the sunshine of day;
I can hear angels
In the children at play.

I can see Heaven
In the bloom of a flower,
Blessings and splendor,
That brighten the hour.

Roses and perfect
If only a few
Secluded in gardens
And Kissed by the dew.

I can see Jesus
Along life;s highway,
In the trees and mountainns
And hills far away.


January 27, 2018 - Msg 109106: Beautiful poem, TOM!

I know that I have mentioned before that my dad served in the amphibious force in the navy (pacific) during WW2. Some things he would share, some things he never could but he had flashbacks in his last years. He was not exposed to as much carnage and suffering as so many others but he had a tender heart and he was certainly traumatized by what he did see. He said he did witness some cruelty towards Japanese POWs.

Well, I have caught up with my work here on the job so eating some soup and checking in. I am feeling tired today and still have another night of work tomorrow. It is rare for me to feel this way so I will go home tonight and go to bed as soon as I can. I hope up not trying to pick up the crud. Poor Bruce is feeling bad again and said he will go back to the doc on Monday. He is paying for going back to work too soon, as I mentioned in an earlier post. It is so hard for him to be patient while he recovers.

Boy has it been raining in my area today! I hear there is flooding in Corpus Christi. The rain will do us some good. My beautiful Bermuda grass is pretty brown even with the sprinklers. I guess its natural, though. It is supposed to go dormant in the winter, and since we have had an actual winter here this year, complete with snow and ice, I guess its to be expected. I told one of my kids when we were out yesterday that it actually looks like winter here for a change.

Well, not much more to jaw about so guess I will sign off. Have a terrific evenin'.


January 28, 2018 - Msg 109107: "We defy the mafia!" :)

January 28, 2018 - Msg 109108: Good Sabbath all.

Boo, Sorry to read about Bruce's set back. I hope he gets better soon. I hope you are not getting sick too. I appreciate your Dads service.

I went to a piano recital yesterday. My 3 oldest Grandkids performed. My goodness, they grow up so fast. Life just seems to fly by so fast sometimes.

Nice poem Tom. I hope you are doing ok buddy.

MDC, I think you gotta a Golf Tournament coming up soon. A sign of Spring coming.

GF, You enjoying those warm temps? I know I am.

Well better go get ready for Preachin.

Prayers for all.


January 28, 2018 - Msg 109109: Wow, I'm not sure why all the space after my post.

January 28, 2018 - Msg 109110:
With our Tom posting so many interesting poems here on the Front Porch, we need to come up with a nickname for him that reflects that talent. He already has earned the nickname of Sheriff. Now we need something for his poetry. Any suggestions?

It was interesting to read the World War 2 experiences of Boo's and Asa's fathers. And although they both survived, they were able to live with their memories of some very bad experiences.

Regarding that disappearing and re-appearing object from the Family Visit TAGS episode that we have been trying to figure out what it is, I magnified it and still can't identify it. But I don't see any words that I would expect to see on a food package. That is why I first thought it was a canister that could hold some kind of food or coffee grounds. But now I'm not so sure.

Asa, regarding all those blank lines that appeared in your last post, after I completed this message, when I went to proofread it before posting it, I discovered a lot of blank lines before my message. So I was able to delete them before posting.

from Poor Horatio

January 28, 2018 - Msg 109111: PH.....The Doctor of Poetry Distribution and Enarculation?..G-F

January 28, 2018 - Msg 109112: Good afternoon, porch. David and Landry blew through here earlier, and just left. They took my Christmas lights down (no way am I getting on that roof!) and wound them on their spools and hung them on the hangers in the garage. They even got the twinkles out of the back yard (I wasn't really ready to give those up yet, but I know it was time.) However, as I sat down here at my desk and looked out the big window, I saw that they missed the ones that are in the shrubbery under the window. Goody, goody! I'll enjoy them a while longer, and then those will be easy to take down myself and store away.

The tree is still up in the living room, and all the other decorations are still out. However, this time I have an excuse for leaving it up. Two years ago, I had carpet installed in the three front bedrooms and the front hall. The guy did a terrible job of installing it, and didn't stretch it properly. Therefore, it has big humps running through it, big enough to trip over. I called the man back several times, and he has done nothing but lie to me and make empty promises. Never comes when he says he will, never calls me back. I'm done with him, don't want him in my house ever again. So, I located someone else, a nice guy whose wife is his helper, he's going to do the whole job for $250 (extremely reasonable) and he showed up when he said he would to give me an estimate. He has a 4.89 rating out of 5 stars on Home Advisor, so I'm expecting a good job. Now, about the Christmas stuff - since it's all stored in the closets in those three bedrooms, there's no point in stuffing it all in there, just for them to have to remove when they're working on the carpet. So there! I can keep my tree up longer, with a good reason.

Boo, I hope Bruce feels better soon. Our Brittney is down with that Flu B, for the second time, and has been sick for several days. That girl has no resistance. She gets every bug that comes along, and has a hard time throwing it off. I think she needs to see an immunologist. I have suggested that she should use oil of oregano, but I don't think she's tried it yet. I'm going to mention it again.

Asa, after having the same thing happen to me (long blank spaces after a post) I've gotten into the habit of hitting the delete key several times before I post. Just hit it until no more blank lines appear, and it should solve the problem. The spaces are entered when something has rested on your space bar and you didn't realize it. If your desk is as cluttered as mine usually is, that can happen very easily.

I like the new title for Tom. I think it has been well-earned. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 28, 2018 - Msg 109113: Make that "space bar or Enter key". Both will produce the blank spaces. --Romeena

January 28, 2018 - Msg 109114: Asa, there's either witchcraft in your family, or you used disappearing type.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 28, 2018 - Msg 109115: Good one Billy Ray ..well Mrs SPOT and I have a nice time in the Ga mts..little fishing and R and R..good grillin and food in town..ok...here at work all night .. let me get busy! Prayers to all..SPOT

January 28, 2018 - Msg 109116: Thanks Ro, Bruce actually looked like he wasnt half-dead when I left for work today. I think he is finally on the mend. Crazy about Brittany. I feel for her! I read something recently about something called Sambocol that you can get over the counter that boosts the immune system to fight flu and colds. Its made from elderberries, and one of my friends said her pediatrician doesnt even prescribe Tamiflu to her patients, she tells them to use the Sambocol. It might be worth a try. A week ago, I thought I was coming down with bruce's flu and I started aching. I took some Sambocol and took a tsp of minced garlic with honey and it went away. Now, maybe the aches were something else, cant say for sure, but I never got the flu.

As far as the tree goes, mine is still up, too, and will stay that way until Bruce and Sean get some strength back to haul it upstairs. Now and then I turn the lights on just to enjoy the glow. I also left the little white lights in my book cases in the living room, where I usually display my village at Christmas. I put the books back up so the lights are behind them and dont show. They give a nice glow,though. I think I will leave them all year. Why not?

I'm about ready to have a few days off. I know there will be lots of catching up to do at home. Maybe I will take Erin to school, have coffee with St.Susan, do some laundry, make some chili...I think I will, for the love of Mike!

I am looking forward to a hot shower and a cup of tea, and maybe some TAGS before bed. I wish my shift would end!


January 29, 2018 - Msg 109117: BOO--sounds like a plan! ha
I think I have mentioned before that my dad flew 65 bombing missions in a single pilot meduim bomber, the A-20. Plenty on the net about that good plane.
He didnt talk about the war until the '60s. He bombed mostly munition factories and marshalling yards etc, but he also knew that civilians worked them just like ours did here. He told me in his latter days that he said a prayer before and after every mission asking for forgivness. War is a nasty business for sure!
I hope you all had a good Sabbath. After church we had a BBQ as it was 80 today!
SPOT, did you catch your limit on trout?
TOM, the Prince of Poetry! :)
We are looking forward to flying to Anaheim on Tuesday and tour Disneyland! Been so long, and we
are both finally feeling better.
Take care my friends!

January 29, 2018 - Msg 109118: M-I-C-K-E-Y......M-O-U-S-E....🎶🎶🎶🎶 Sing it MDC, just be Sure you guys get your “Ears”...G-F

January 29, 2018 - Msg 109119: BTW..Great Video Too!...

January 29, 2018 - Msg 109120: Tom, I loved the poem.
MDC, you have fun on your trip. Count down to Disneyland.
Boo, hope Bruce gets feeling better. Seems like it is harder when you have a set back on the flu.
Asa, how did the chili turn out. That sounds good, your making me hungry.
You all take care and be safe out there.

January 29, 2018 - Msg 109121: Hi
Just sitting here come slow out of three
months of Prozac!
I bin like that for sometime in the padd.


January 29, 2018 - Msg 109122: TOM , take it easy buddy, ease out of it and you will be fine. Jesus is with you the whole way!
OK all, you may not hear from me until Sat. unless I get on a 'house computer.' Thank you for the well-wishes. Pirates of the Caribbean will be our first stop! :)
Prayers for all continue.

January 29, 2018 - Msg 109123: I bet if Tom read poetry like that to Miss Crump over the phone, he'd steal her away from Andy.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 30, 2018 - Msg 109124: Good late evening, friends. This has been a lazy day for me. I fell asleep in my wheeler-ette while waiting for a phone call from the guy who is to install Tillie's catalytic converter. Woke up around 6, and had received no call. I actually had the phone in my hand, so was quite sure he hadn't called. Then later I came to my desk and saw the blinking light on the recorder, and sure enough, he had called, and left a message, around 3:30. At that time, I was sleeping with the phone in my hand, and never woke when it rang! Scary.

Lately, I've received some weird emails, and got one just now, indicating it was from my daughter. It was basically an ad, promoting a safflower oil product for weight loss. That was my first tipoff. Robbi is much too tactful to just blast me with an ad for a weight-loss product. I may need it, but she would find a much more subtle way to bring it to my attention. Then as I read further into the ad's presentation, I could see that all the claims had little subtle disclaimers, and the "free sample" numbers didn't add up. She's too smart for that. So, as I should have done in the first place, I checked the email address it showed for her, and it was not her address at all. I knew about that, because I've exposed some other spoofs lately by checking the address. So - if you get an email from me - and most of you do, fairly often - be sure to check the address if anything looks a little funny to you. It may not be from me at all. This is a practice called "spoofing" where the sender can attach your name to an address of theirs, which encourages the recipient to open it when they receive it. My first revelation of this came when I received some stupid ad and it said it was sent by - wait for it - ME! What will they think of next?

Another scam to watch out for is a company that sends a bill to you for your subscription to a magazine - one that you actually do subscribe to. They make it look like a friendly reminder, to renew your subscription, but the amount is much too high, about twice what it should be. If you look closely, you'll see fine print somewhere that says it's from an independent company, not from the publisher. I got one for "Guideposts" and one for "Reader's Digest", both of which are legitimate subscriptions, but are both paid for about two years in advance. I called the Digest, and they said they're aware of the practice, but there's virtually nothing they can do, because the company that's doing this actually does send them the money - the part that would actually be due for a subscription, and then they keep the excess, calling it a "service charge." So, just be aware, and if a subscription reminder looks too expensive, check it out.

Well, guess I'll head for bed and see if I can sleep. Probably not, after sleeping most of the afternoon! I've got to stop doing that. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 30, 2018 - Msg 109125: Well, I did have coffee with susan yesterday and did some laundry but took it pretty easy. It was a gloriously beautiful day here yesterday so we sat on the porch swing for a bit and soaked up some vitamin D from the sun.

Wow, Ro. You slept right through the phone ringing in your hand? You must have been very tired. Good info about the emails, thanks for sharing.

I found out yesterday that they are demolishing my old elementary school, which is really sad. It was a beautiful old building built some time in the early 1900's. First it was the highschool, then it became junior high and elementary as other schools were built. I attended the school from 1st through 4th. At around 10pm last night, Erin and I decided to take a trip over there to see if it was torn down yet so I could get some pictures. We picked up St. Susan on the way and there we were, mostly in pajamas, venturing out to the school in the dark. It was about 1/4 of the way demolished, with piles of the old brick laying near the fences. It looked so sad with old school desks littering the front lawn of the school...very likely desks that I had used at some point. Erin found a place in the fence that was wired, so we untied it and got into the gate to get a brick as a keepsake. I will miss seeing the school as I drove by it and shared stories and memories with the kids and my sister. Oh well..life goes on and we still have our memories.

I had a terrible migraine last night but feel much better this morning after getting some sleep. Even the migraine med I took didn't seem to touch it. I don't get them often, but now and then I start to feel tired for a couple of days and then WHAM! I should have known after feeling fatigued for 2 days that it was coming.

Well, busy day today. Going to have to go into town with Sean and run some errands. Hope you all have a terrific day. It sure is shaping up to be a beautiful one here today.


PS-Thanks, Frankie. Bruce seemed better yesterday, just tired from work stress. I made him a good dinner and he ate too much, but he went to bed early and got a good night's rest.

January 30, 2018 - Msg 109126: trouble check

January 30, 2018 - Msg 109127: Romeena, there are so many scams out there. Email and phone. We get so them on the phone now and then. Be careful and ignore them.

We had a beautiful day out today. Almost felt like a spring day. Reached 64 today and should be up to 70 on the weekend. Good day to hang out some laundry.

Boo, glad to hear you are all feeling better.

You all take care and have a nice evening.

January 30, 2018 - Msg 109128: Good evening, porch. Frankie, I get those phone scams too. Mostly, I just hang up, and if they keep calling, I block the number. My non-cell phone has that function, and I use it. Sometimes though, I just can't help myself, and decide to have a little fun with the caller. I answer, and usually they will respond with some version of "how are you?" That's my cue. In my best old-lady voice, weak, cracking and croaking, and too high-pitched, I'll say something like "Oh, honey, thank you for asking. My kids don't even call, let alone ask how I'm doing. I'd be fine if my ankles weren't so swollen, and if I didn't have these dizzy spells. And honey, my shoulder hurt so bad last night I couldn't sleep, thought about calling...." and along about here they usually hang up. If they don't, I've got a very long list of complaints to lay on them, and I don't let them get a word in edgewise. A raspy, gaggy cough adds a nice touch, and I just keep griping until they finally hang up. Works every time, and it's fun, too. I usually don't have to block their number, either. They just don't call back. Life, with all its irritations, is what you make of it.

I'm recording the President's speech tonight, will watch it when I feel like it, and will not record nor watch the after-speech commentaries. I can interpret it for myself, thank you very much, and don't need some inflated walking ego to sit there behind a desk and tell me what the President said. I don't need to hear what the perpetually annoyed and offended left has to say either. I could probably write their speech for them, it never changes. Just insert the currently-appropriate names and situations, and let it roll.

Well, right now a fascinating film about hummingbirds is on, and I'm going to go watch it. I've got it recording, but I want to see it now, too. I'll probably watch it several times over the next few months. Such beautiful little creatures! Blessings, porch. --Romeena

January 30, 2018 - Msg 109129: Romeena, that is so funny how you handle the scam calls. I wish my phone had the block number feature. I usually look at the number calling and it is always a weird number from who knows where. When they get the answering machine then they hang up. I love hummingbirds also. They love our hibiscus plants out front. I used to put out hummingbird feeders but they like the flowers on the plants better. We enjoy watching them through the window flying from one plant to the other. Take care and have a nice evening.

January 31, 2018 - Msg 109130: Romeena, another thing that works good too, Ask them..”Do you know Jesus?”...Do you know he died for your sins?...Usually you don’t get to the second question before you hear the click.
But at least you got the main question posed to them...
But I have to admit like Frankie said, I usually just let the machine pick them up because now a days they are mostly robo calls anyway....


January 31, 2018 - Msg 109131: Happy Wednesday porch. thought I would rock a minute with you folks.

Its been cold her on my end of the porch, supposed to get some wintry mix of rain and snow the next few days.

I think we all get those aggravating calls. seems like even when you place your number on the do not call list you still get them. I generally hang up once I realize its one of those calls but not without a loud huff and puff from me.

Mr Maude is getting ready to change his position at work. He is not leaving the company but stepping down out of management into being a staff pharmacist He has had it with the corporate pressures. He will have to drive about 30 minutes to work vs the 6 minutes he drives now but I think it will be well worth it to get away from all the stress he has been under the past couple years.

dinner menu will be: pot roast with potatoes, onions, carrots. green beans. rolls. peach cobbler for dessert.

better get back to work
Prayers for everyone
Big Maude

January 31, 2018 - Msg 109132: hey Big Maude send me some of the peach cobbler?
It bin along time so I has some !


January 31, 2018 - Msg 109133: Big Maude, that sounds like a good dinner. With that kind of cooking you will put the diner out of business.

February 01, 2018 - Msg 109134: Hope MDC and the Mrs. are having a Good time at “Wally World” ...They deserve it!..One good thing, at least they didn’t have to drive the “Wagon Queen Family Truckster” cross country to get there!...They were smart and took the Friendly Skies...But on the other hand, flying these days can be almost as challenging....Like the lady who tried to take her “emotional support” Peacrock with her!..


February 01, 2018 - Msg 109135: Morning all.

Yep GF, Let's hope that MDC and his wife are having themselves a blast. That station wagon Clark bought was quite the machine, wasn't it? lol

Good to see you Big Maude. What a nice supper. I think I gained 5 pounds just reading about it. I hope the change in jobs is a good thing for Mr. Maude. Tom, you can have my Peach Cobbler. I love the stuff, but my waist line doesn't need expanding, and maybe this will keep me out of the pokey. lol

Frankie, we have been having such a mild winter here. They said January has been the third warmest one we have ever had. I am all in favor of it. And the 7 day forecast is calling for temps in the mid 50's for the foreseeable future. Not good news for our water shed situation, but complaining about it doesn't do any good. So I will just enjoy it. That's what I tell folks around here when they start grousing about how dry it's been, and they almost get mad at me when I don't join in. HA! Oh well. what are you gonna do?

Boo, Is Bruce still on the mend? My oldest Daughter had the flu and it morphed into pneumonia. She has been really sick, but heard about some crazy fasting diet she went on. I think she had nothing but water and small amounts of bone broth for 21 days. Sounds nuts to me, but she says she hasn't felt so good in ages. I know if I tried something that radical I would have a gout flare beyond measure. I have tried a lot of things in my diet to avoid Gout with not much success. I avoid all the foods they say to avoid, and still will get flares. I try eating the stuff they say you should eat to avoid it, and still get flares. But one thing I know for an absolute fact that will trigger a flare is to crash diet. That is a guarantee flare for me.

Best get off to work. Lots to do.


February 01, 2018 - Msg 109136: Asa, we are having beautiful weather here. The way the grass is growing in the back yard I may have to mow the lawn this weekend. It looks so pretty and green. We should hit 70 this weekend and I am loving every minute of it. Just go with the flo as they say.
Take care all.

February 02, 2018 - Msg 109137: Wow, sorry to hear that your daughter has pneumonia, Asa. Hope she is soon recovered! I think Bruce is better, but honestly I really haven't seen him for a few days. When I work evening shift, he leaves for work before I am up in the morning and he is in bed when I get home home at night. I am off tomorrow so I will find out. I know he has been going to work the last couple of days. We are supposed to go out of town next week for his uncle's memorial service so hopefully we will all be well.

I have been working so much this week that I am ready for some rest. I keep thinking if I overdo it that flu might catch up to me, so will try to get the rest I need tomorrow. I am going to have to do some laundry but I can rest in between...oh, and I have to go to the grocery, but I can still catch a nap...and oh, I have to cook dinner, but...you get the picture. lol Oh well.

Things were very busy again tonight at work, but I enjoyed it for the most part. Hope you all have a good evening. I think I will go get some rest.


February 02, 2018 - Msg 109138: Good Friday morning all.

I got a call last night from work telling me they had water bubbling up under concrete at one of our sites. So I went back in. I know I have an 8" Fire Line and a 6" culinary line in the same area. So I turned off water to the culinary line and the bubbling stopped. So now we are scrambling to get a contractor in here to cut concrete, excavate, and make the repair. We are just not set up for anything this big. The line is about 6 feet deep, and they will have to be very careful because there is a Fire Line and a Natural Gas line in the area also. This will be the third repair on this water main in 4 years. Oh well, I am just glad I will be a spectator for the most part. Never a dull moment here. Or maybe more appropriate, no rest for the wicked! lol

Yes Boo, try not overdoing it. You don't need to get sick. But I know that is easier said then done when you are the Woman of the house.

Mow the grass Frankie? It must be mild there. I have no snow on the ground here, so I could, but the grass is still dormant. I have thought I might aerate it though. I have one of those units that you pull behind your riding mower. I have an acre of grass to tend so a riding mower is a must for me. Hmmm, Now you have got me pondering on doing it.

Romeena, How are you doing? And how is Tillie doing? I hope you are both on the mend.

Happy Groundhog day everyone.


February 02, 2018 - Msg 109139: Happy Groundhog Day https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h7amSrgtINI

February 02, 2018 - Msg 109140: ....Asa, It’s a Fun Day!...G-F

February 02, 2018 - Msg 109141: Wow, Asa, sounds like a real mess on the job. Good luck with that!

Happy Groundhog day, to you too. It is a gray day here..cool and dry, though at a temp of 55. I like it. I am about to make like a groundhog and crawl back into my burrow for a nap...I am just too sleepy to commence with chores. :)


February 02, 2018 - Msg 109142: Asa, that sounds like the kind of water line mess Floyd would know how to deal with. I bet there's a big coverup.

Billy Ray the Postman

February 02, 2018 - Msg 109143: Y'all don't pay any attention to that dumb ol' groundhog! They smoked me out from under my rock this morning to get me to take a look around,and I didn't see my shadow- early Spring! Yippee! Goodbye, Winter!

possum under a rock

February 02, 2018 - Msg 109144: Well hello gang....grilling deer tenderloin tonight..getting ready for Ice here Sunday night ..hey there Billy Ray !..ok let me read..SPOT

February 02, 2018 - Msg 109145: Asa,hope that water line gets fixed for ya! Sounds like a big project. Yep I will probably be mowing the lawn sometime this weekend. It was like spring out today.
Possum, I am already feeling that nice weather.
Spot, grilled tenderloin sounds very good.
Boo, you deserve a nap.
Went and had my tax forms sent out today. Got Mom`s sent out at the same time. Big load off my mind. Now I can relax and watch the Andy Griffith Show.

February 03, 2018 - Msg 109146: Hey Asa..Did you do like Uncle Jed did and struck oil on your digging job yesterday?..If you did, you could retire and get the Super Deluxe Wheeler 1000.. It comes with heat massage and a built in cooler for your root beers!....👍


February 03, 2018 - Msg 109147: Good Saturday morning all.
Whew, It has been a couple of long days at work for sure. After several hours of careful excavating, we found the pipe in question, and then more digging before the leak was found. I say careful excavating because we knew we had an 8" fire line in the area, but we knew where that was at and how deep it was. We also knew we had a 2" natural gas line in the area. Unfortunately we did not know it's exact location, so the excavator had to use extreme caution digging until we found it. My hats off to him. He was well versed in using that machine. Anyway, they installed what they called a band aide over the hole. It is a large clamp that is bold on with about a half dozen bolts and nuts. They said although it is kind of a stop gap measure, they are used a lot by municipal water company's for repairs and will last for years. Sadly he said because of the age of our pipes, the material of the pipes, and the back fill that was used are all combining to pipe failure. They said to expect more of these failures over the next few years unless the entire pipe is replaced. Well with 800' of pipe, buried 5' deep, and under 12" thick concrete over most of it, that is going to have to be dealt with at the corporate level. We are talking big $$$. 10-4 GF? Anyway, the clamp held so I was there until almost 8:00 last night flushing out lines. They are back filling today, and hopefully they will be pouring concrete next week. We need to get it opened back up because it is in the middle of a high high traffic area. Yea GF, All in all it was a fun day. NOT! lol

Frankie, you almost had me thinking I was gonna do some yard work today, but after the last two days, my back and my feet need some rest. Plus I have all the family coming over tomorrow afternoon for our annual Super Bowl party, so I have got to get this house cleaned up. Looks like some pigs have been in here. Where is Cara Edwards at when I need her?

Possum, I will go along with your forecast. Winter is done and done! (mercy I hope so)

Billy Ray, I had to do some thinking on your post and I finally figured it out. Floyd was on the City Council when a contractor ran a hot water line to a water fountain. Graft and corruption right? lol

Boo, so did you get some rest yesterday liked you was hoping for? I hope so. You gotta have balance in life, right?

Well speaking of rest, my Wheeler is looking kinda lonely. He has been neglected the last little while, so he and I need some quality time. :)