February 10, 2018 - Msg 109206: Tom, prayers for your family.
Romeena, sure hope you get Tillie back soon.

We have enjoyed watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics tonight. S. Korea really did a good job on the show.
You all have a nice weekend.

February 10, 2018 - Msg 109207: Wow, MDC, I got two minutes into that video and knew I was in way over my head. You're right, no wonder it costs so much to work on that thing! You're right - the car is 14 years old, and even its mileage is relatively low, at 94k, still age is a factor too, not just mileage. I'm glad it's going to be replaced. Tillie and I have many more miles to travel.

TOM, many prayers for you and your family. Seems like you've been hit really hard recently. Just keep the faith, God will get you through it.

Boo, have fun with Leroy. Love the name! You have the right place for him and will be able to keep him happy, but don't be surprised if he grows into an enormous porker. Those little potbellies are so cute when they're little, but boy, do they get big sometimes! You're smart, having him neutered, and the sooner, the better.

As for why management didn't ask the staff about carpeting the halls where you worked, it's because they knew they would meet resistance, and they were determined to get it done. Why? Because when the big kahunas are escorting visitors (potential donors, potential partners, etc.) they want a showplace, and carpet makes a good impression, assuming the people they're escorting aren't medical types, who would know better. They will always gild the lily, and then let the staff take the fallout. I'm sure it's the same anywhere, not just hospitals, but hospitals are all I know.

So our Otis got to be a "moulage man" on another show? That's hilarious!

Well, I'm off to bed. It's late, I'm tired, and tomorrow is another day, God willing. --Romeena

February 10, 2018 - Msg 109208: That should read "even though its mileage is relatively low" in the first paragraph above. --Romeena

February 10, 2018 - Msg 109209: Well FRANKIE swept!!! :) Good job. mdc

February 10, 2018 - Msg 109210: Good Sabbath to all!

February 11, 2018 - Msg 109211: Good Sabbath friends.

MDC, That is funny. Otis a "Moulage Man". It is always fun to see Mayberry folks show up in other shows. And it's extra good if there are other things that tie it in. The casual viewer would think nothing of Otis and moulage, but us hardcore fans are all over it. lol

Ro and Boo, Yea buddy, carpeting in a Hospital, sounds like someone has either to much time on their hands, or is trying to justify their jobs. I see that a lot where I work today. They have become so top heavy with management. And it seems like in order to be relevant, a lot of these folks dream up idiotic ideas that now must be implemented. Often these are things that have been tried before, and failed miserably, but the warnings fall on deaf ears and here we go again becomes the chorus. The definition of stupid is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. Oh well, as GF says, "we tried to tell them"! Do I sound like an old crank that just needs to be put out to pasture? lol

Well Boo, this little piggy went to market, huh? Just remind him to act like somebody or he may be invited to dinner one night. lol

I hope you are doing ok Tom.

Guess I better go get ready for Preaching. I'm tired this morning, so it better be a good sermon. If not you gotta nap coming up.


February 11, 2018 - Msg 109212: Asa, when Erin asked Bruce if she could have the little pig his first response was, "Should be ready to eat by Christmas"..haha. He was kidding, of course. :)

I finally have a day off and am going to get to go to church this morning. It has been several weeks since I have been due to either working or the family having the flu.

It is dreary, wet, and 45 degrees here this morning, which I don't mind. I have to figure out what to wear to church, though. Most of us Texans don't have many warm church clothes.

So true what you said about management, Asa. I guess it is a universal problem. We have some really serious issues with management in my current job. So crazy you just wouldn't believe. I hear something everyday that blows my mind. I really don't know why the facility is still up and running other than it is so needed for the kids in foster or on probation.

Well, better go finish getting ready. Hope you all have a terrific Sunday.


February 11, 2018 - Msg 109213: Good Sabbath morning, porch. I'm staying home this morning. First of all, Tillie is in the shop. I could call Uber, it's not that far and wouldn't cost but about $6 or so. However, it's 28° out there right now, with a wind chill of 17°, and a threat of sleet and freezing rain later in the day. Second, I think I'd like to give the flu a few more days to settle down before I get into crowds. So far, I've managed to avoid it, and would like to continue the trend. So, I think I'll just snuggle in here at home, maybe catch a service on TV, and stay warm. Stay well, everyone! -- Romeena

February 11, 2018 - Msg 109214: I just made an executive decision. I'm going to cook up a big pot of grits! I'll eat some this morning with butter and a wee bit of sugar, and the rest I'll have tonight or tomorrow, with cheese stirred in to make - wait for it - "cheese grits" and they're so good! I'll make a big pot, so if you're in the neighborhood, drop on by! --Romeena

February 11, 2018 - Msg 109215: Hi all
Romeema keep a eye on the grits to see if it all there or someone came in and help them self to some.
You no now the angels are.


February 11, 2018 - Msg 109216: Yes, TOM, and I'm sure angels would love grits as much as I do. However, if anybody tried to sample the grits today, they'd probably be surprised at how much they taste like steel-cut oatmeal! I found, to my surprise, that I was out of grits, so I just made steel-cut oats instead. Not as good as grits, but not bad on a cold day. --Romeena

February 11, 2018 - Msg 109217: this is an "official verification!" (: guess who?

February 11, 2018 - Msg 109218: Romeena, That sounds so coldddddd Burrrr I would probably stay home also if it was that cold here.
Asa, It`s funny how many of the actor`s from the Andy Griffith show that I see on other shows and movie`s. I just saw the guitar player in a western movie yesterday. Seen Uncle Ali in a few western`s also. I love those old western shows and movies.
You all have a lovely Sunday.

February 11, 2018 - Msg 109219: Barney is waiting for the official verification and at that time he will change the bulletin board. He was waiting for verification to fix the street sign also He is all business but I sure love him.

February 11, 2018 - Msg 109220:
OK folks, I have got some trivia for you all. Below is a link to some behind the scenes from the Andy Griffith Show. Can anyone name the specific episodes that appear in this video?

from Poor Horatio

February 11, 2018 - Msg 109221: I believe Barney’s First car PH....G-F

February 12, 2018 - Msg 109222: I agree with G-F, That is when Barney purchased the car from Mrs. Lesh.

February 12, 2018 - Msg 109223: Poor Horatio, that was a nice video clip. Thanks for sharing it with us.

February 12, 2018 - Msg 109224: __PH-- The only ep that I also can "verify" is Barney's New Car. The other clips seem to be between scenes, but i cant tell which eps they would be from. You must be a good noticer! :)
Hope you all had a good Sunday afternoon. I am big on putting photos in albums in chrono order. I have 25 albums filled since we married in 1976.
I just got everything caught up right to our recent Disneyland trip! I commented to my wife how we used to have to watch which photos we'd take because there was only 36 photos on a roll! ha This past trip we took about 150 pics, I deleted a bunch, and printed about 60 of the trip. God blle you all,

February 12, 2018 - Msg 109225: "BLLE?" ---make that BLESS!

February 12, 2018 - Msg 109226: Good Monday morning friends.
So MDC, You are one of them shutter bugs. It is amazing how technology has changed that industry. The contractor working on our water line asked if he could look at my "as-builts". As we were going over them, I knew he was going to ask if I could get him a copy of the few pages he needed (have had to do that numerous times over the years) but he surprised me when he pulled out his phone and asked if he could take a picture of them. He did, and wow, talk about cool. With the picture he is able to enlarge easily if needed. These phones today are something else.

When I first saw that clip q few months ago, I was curious as to why some of the clips are reversed, meaning that the driveway at the Taylor house is on the opposite side of the house than we are used to seeing it. There are a couple of scenes in the show where they did that. One is when Opie is in bed and Andy is sitting on the edge of the bed talking to him. A couple of the close-up shots of Andy are reversed. I always thought he looked different in those shots, but could never figure out what it was. Then someone one day on one of the TAGS boards mentioned that the film had been flipped. You can tell because the part in Andy's hair is on the opposite side of his head than usual.

I see where John Mahoney passed away. He was the Dad on Frasier. I enjoy that show as well. I don't know why, but in real life, pretentious twits really irk me, and I have no use for them what so ever. But I seem to enjoy watching tv characters like that. Frasier and Niles Crane. Charles Winchester on MASH is another one. In real life someone like that I would avoid like the plague. But for some reason, he is one of my favorite characters on MASH. Go figure. I reckon I'd be a real study for a head Doctor.

Well better get off to work. Won't be long and I will be getting work orders to start prepping things for summer. :)


February 12, 2018 - Msg 109227: Uncle Ollie & Miss Ellen Brown are on an old Perry Mason episode that's on now! Uncle Ollie finally got his wish-he's a sheriff! LOL

possum u.a.r.

February 12, 2018 - Msg 109228: MDC, We love to save and share pictures. So many memories when going through pictures.
Asa, yes those phones are something else. I don`t have one but people I know that do have them can store so many pictures and music on them.

February 13, 2018 - Msg 109229: Happy Abe Lincoln's Birthday!I bet POSSUM is getting some of that elixer for special occasions! ha Any one know what the Emancipation Proclamation is? So Ollie finally got to use the siren!? lol
ASA--I took a semester of photography in college to round out some credits, and the course really taught me a lot. I bought a used 35 mm and stuck with it as opposed to the instamatics, etc. Glad I did. Now I have a Nikon, but is digital. I even splurged and got two additional lenses for it. Have had it about 5 years, and love it!
RIP John Mahoney.
Prayers for all,

February 13, 2018 - Msg 109230: Barney does MDC https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yupu8DE6vzw One of my fav’s G-F

February 13, 2018 - Msg 109231: Here ya go Asa...A good one you can relate to... https://youtu.be/EdvudE0W6pw. Amen?..G-F

February 13, 2018 - Msg 109232: Asa, ya gotta check out his other videos...It will make you feel SO MUCH better after a hard day dealing with those “ armchair construction workers”...Dr. Gooberfife

February 13, 2018 - Msg 109233: You'd better believe it, MDC! Toot,toot,tootsie,goodbye!

Hey,Dr. Breen was on tonight's episode of Perry Mason. He was mean & his drunkard wife killed him.Uncle Ollie should've shown up and arrested him-might've saved his life! It's getting interesting seeing these TAGS actors in such out of character roles.Maybe Helen Crump will show up in the next episode as a nice lady- LOL

Time to hit the old ironing board, I think-y'all have a good night!

possum again

February 13, 2018 - Msg 109234: Good evening gang...Sean White wins gold !SPOT

February 13, 2018 - Msg 109235: HI all, yes SPOTTY, a very emotional finish for him!
GF--thanks for the videos. Cool!
My wife and I went out to dinner tonight because tommow the restaurants are so busy, plus it's ash wednesday. Anyway, we went to Ruby Tuesday, which is normally good, but tonight the food came very late, was semi-warm at best,and they never brought Cecile's side dish. I asked to see the manager, and he comped the whole meal!! I think he did good. He has seen us there before, and was very apologetic about what had happened. I told him we'd be back.
Well, have a Happy St. Valentine's Day! :)

February 14, 2018 - Msg 109236: Good morning and Happy Valentines Day to all.

Great videos GF. Thanks for sharing them. It is pretty interesting to see how the different generations are. We utilize temp. workers quite a bit, and I end up often supervising them. The biggest challenge is first finding people to pass the drug screening. Then to have them show up sober, if at all. I'd say maybe 1 out of 10 are worth hiring. Kind of sad really.

MDC, Glad you got good service, or should I say a free meal for poor service. Good of the Manager to make it good.

Possum, HA, Helen showing up as a nice lady. Yer a hoot! lol I really enjoy the same thing, seeing the different TAGS actors in different shows as totally different characters. I think I have seen that P.M. one with Ollie and Ellen. I have seen one with Aunt Bee. I do believe she was an Aunt in that one as well. The Fugitive and Twilight Zone are full of TAGS folks as well.

Well the new water main is in, but not yet hooked into the meter or buildings. Yesterday they pumped a chlorine solution into the new line and it has to sit for 24 hours (to kill any bacteria. Then a 2 hour pressure test today, then I believe tomorrow they will make the big switch over. Then it will be prepping and pouring of concrete. I think the thing that has so impressed me is that no other underground lines have been damaged, and that was a feat because there is a lot of stuff buried underground at this site. The feller on the excavator was very mindful.

Well I hope everyone has themselves a grand day. And don't forget to tip the violin player. The last thing you need is a moody Gipsy on Sweethearts day.


February 14, 2018 - Msg 109237: Happy Valentine's Day,y'all!

possum u.a.r.

February 14, 2018 - Msg 109238: Have a bad Valentines Day

February 14, 2018 - Msg 109239: Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. You too, #109238. I'm sorry you're unhappy. Many of us are, or could be. I'm not exactly thrilled that my "valentine" is no longer here with me, but I would never wish you unhappiness. Also, I have refused to let my circumstances make me unhappy. I just try to be grateful for the joy in my life, and especially look forward to the joy that is to come in the next life. It is a choice, you know. --Romeena

February 14, 2018 - Msg 109240: Happy Valentine`s Day Porch! Hope you all had a lovely day.

February 14, 2018 - Msg 109241: HI Porchsters, Hope ol' Barn doesn't get weaseled into a breach of contract tonight! ha
I forgot to tell you all that I did the prison ministry again last week, and this one guy with scars on his face and tattoos covering his arms and necks... loves TAGS; so the show is still impacting lives! He and i were talking about the show several sessions back, and now when he sees me he starts talking about the latest ep that he saw, (AND about it's lesson or moral.) Amazing.
Well, take care all. A special prayer for messenger 109238.

February 14, 2018 - Msg 109242: MDC...Did you take them a Mr. Potato 🥔 set?...Kidding aside, it’s a good ministry you do!...G-F

February 14, 2018 - Msg 109243: Hi G-F
I see where you lake is a big ice in it
MDC that a good thing to do, go out and talk about the LOAD,


February 14, 2018 - Msg 109244: MDC, that is great to hear about your ministry.
My goodness I had to go out and mow that back yard again today, but loving the weather.

February 15, 2018 - Msg 109245: Good morning all.

Not mowing here yet Frankie, but will be soon. We are still brown and dormant for the most part, although I am starting to see some weeds growing in the joints of my driveway. Time to hit them with some spray I reckon. I wish my garden soil was as fertile as my driveway joints. lol

That is a nice story about the prisoner MDC. I have a co-worker who found out I love TAGS and he will often ask me trivia questions. He is a casual fan because some of the questions he asks are quite simple. But he looks at me as a marvel when I cam answer them. lol Over the years I have yet to find anyone who bad mouths the show. Most everyone remembers it with fondness from their childhood.

Well I suppose I best get going. Gotta 3 day weekend coming up, and boy do I need that.

Prayers for all, especially for those poor families in Florida this morning. What on earth has happened to us? :(


February 15, 2018 - Msg 109246: Thank you for the Valentine wishes. I worked last night but it was a good night. I am helping to train a new young nurse named Jericho, who is in the process of getting his RN degree. He is only 24 but has been working in the county jail for the past two years. He is going to be a good fit for our facility.

I came home last night to find out about the school shooting in Florida. I watched news coverage for about an hour and decided it was time to turn it off. So very disturbing. It is hard to send Erin off to school this morning. I know the odds that it would happen to her are incredibly small but it seems to be happening so much more often now. What can we do? What a horrible thanksgiving for those families involved.

I think I am going to have to watch some TAGS today...I need to go to Mayberry for awhile.

So glad you are doing the prison ministry, MDC, and how neat about the inmate who loves TAGS! (good one about the mr potato set, G-F)!

Well, have to get Erin off to school...talk to you all later.


February 15, 2018 - Msg 109247: Oh my gosh...I said THANKSGIVING....I need more sleep! ha


February 15, 2018 - Msg 109248: Hey Gang...Here is a Video about the ice on Lake Erie that TOM’s talking about....Big Ice!..

February 15, 2018 - Msg 109249: Taking pictures of ice? Yep it’s a fun day...Welcome to Northern Ohio!...G-F again

February 15, 2018 - Msg 109250: Dear Lord! Again? Another mass shooting! What is happening in this country? I didn't watch the news last night (Olympics) so I got up to this horrible story this morning. What on earth drives someone to do such a terrible thing? Psychiatrists will debate this question interminably, and they will never find an answer. I think there are as many reasons as there are shooters. There are common denominators, certainly - a feeling of rejection, not fitting in, grudges for real or imagined slights, whatever. But what is the thing that finally pushes them over the edge? In that kid's picture, you can see that his eyes don't look right, there's a blankness there.

In spite of the fact that I'm very firm on the right of citizens to "keep and bear arms" - I have one myself, and can and would use it - still when something like this happens, my first thought is that he couldn't have killed that many without an automatic rifle, and that's true. No one but the military and SWAT teams have a need for a weapon like that. However, then reason intrudes, and I realize that legal or not, he would have had that AR. When alcohol was outlawed, "speakeasy" bars sprang up like weeds. Heroin is illegal, but addicts have no problem getting it. It would be no different with the ARs. That tired old cliché is so true - "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." When a demented person has decided to do something like that, he'll get the guns, and nobody will have the means to stop him.

There is no single answer. The problem has so many facets, and each one of them is a study within itself. What's that boy's background? We know he was adopted. Why, and at what age? How was he treated by his adoptive parents, both of whom passed away recently. Who were his turn-to people? Did he have anyone? Was he the "chosen victim" by the school bullies? Did anyone try to help him? Is there a genetic factor at work, and how would we determine that, since he was adopted? Do we know who his birth parents were? It can go on and on, and we will probably never know the answers. And then finally, as a psychiatrist I knew and respected very much once said, "Sometimes a nut is just a nut." I think he was right.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

February 15, 2018 - Msg 109251: Supper menu: Fried Pork chops,cream taters,corn on the cob,green beans, sweet tea...jar of hot peppers..SPOT

February 16, 2018 - Msg 109252: Good eatin', thanks Spot. Hope all is well at the IBEW. :)
ROMEENA--In listening to the news, apparently the FBI was actually notified of his behavior. Why after all these shootings, authorities still do not
check people out and take it seriously is beyond me.
ASA--cool that the co-worker enjoys tags. Glad the big job is almost done.
Regarding characters like Major Winchester, I always like it when the writers made him a bit of a "good guy," like the time Radar gave him the stocking cap at Christmas and gave a donation to Fr. Mulkahey; or when he paired with Hawkeye to get back at Hunnicut. ha
GF--wow, that is some serious ice!

Well sports fans, BASEBALL is back! Pitchers and catchers showed up yesterday. yea for spring training! Also Larry Fitz says he will play one more season, and Daytona soon too!
Prayers for all,

February 16, 2018 - Msg 109253: Ro and MDC, Bruce thinks it should be handled as a homeland security issue and that we should have armed guards and security in schools now. I used to think that was over the top but with 18 school shootings already in 2018, I am changing my mind. Even if there were stricter gun laws, it will take time to get those laws through congress, won't it? Something needs to be done to protect the children as soon as possible. I heard something about a military parade that is going to cost 3 billion dollars? How about using that money to bring together a committee of the best minds to try and deal with this thing now and do something.


February 16, 2018 - Msg 109254: Hello Porchers: LOL. Thank you all or y"all for the past four years of reading "The Front Porch". Because to me it is entertainment. Medwin Bill Medwin

February 16, 2018 - Msg 109255: Spot, that sounds like a very good dinner. You are making me hungry.
MDC, I saw that on the news also with the baseball players going to spring training. Looking forward to baseball to start.
A Big Hello to Medwin Bill
Boo, 3 billion for a military parade. I agree with you the money can be used in a much better way.

February 16, 2018 - Msg 109256: GF, nice video but to much ice and way to cold.

February 16, 2018 - Msg 109257: Hello Porch: Mel Blanc was on Dennis the Menace today on Antenna tv. Mel Blanc played a dog catcher. Also featuring in the episode our BLUE. Good old black and white tv. Medwin Bill

February 16, 2018 - Msg 109258: Good morning, porch. Boo, I agree with Bruce, that it should be treated as a homeland security issue, because that's exactly what it is. However, I'm not really on the bandwagon for the stricter gun law goal, except to reduce the number of ARs on the street. We'll never get them all, but we can get a few of them. Now, let's say we succeed, and actually accomplish the impossible - getting all guns out of the hands of the public. Those nut jobs (for lack of a kinder term) who do these shootings, have a grudge of some kind that they're going to satisfy, one way or another.

So, no guns? What's next? Firebombs? Gas bombs? A planted shrapnel bomb? When they can go online and get detailed instructions for building a bomb - any kind of a bomb you can imagine - a few little laws aren't going to stop them. We have laws now. You're supposed to be licensed before you carry any kind of concealed gun, anywhere, but if all the school shooters were licensed, the media has not reported it. It's illegal to carry a weapon into a school, and there are warnings to that effect posted everywhere. Most schools have a modified "lock-down" policy and no one, even parents, are allowed to just wander in. Yet these guys get in, weapons and all. It's called determination, and a demented person with determination is a scary thing indeed.

My dad used to say "You can't legislate morality" and he was right. People will do what they're determined to do, law or no law, whether it be man's law or God's. Somehow, these people have to be identified before they strike, and some measures taken to put a stop to their plans. If that occasionally causes offense to a few innocent people, then so be it. They can read the papers, think about it, and get over it. One person's "offendedness" is a small price to pay for the safety of a school full of kids.

I agree, that many times the shooter is a youngster who needs help. As MDC noted, apparently people saw the problem with this kid, the FBI was notified, and nobody did anything. We're so afraid that we might offend someone, or violate their "rights" that a person like that just walks among us unhindered, because he has his "rights." Well, what about the rights of those people who died this week? They had a right to expect to be able to go to school and to work without getting shot, but it didn't work out that way. However, the FBI can feel good, because they didn't act on information they received, and therefore avoided accidentally violating somebody's "rights." We are on a slippery, slippery slope, my friends, and the bleeding heart liberals are out there greasing it as fast as they can. --Romeena

February 16, 2018 - Msg 109259: BOO--your email address may have been hacked somehow. I got one from you today, but the email it was from started out "tim@tim..." strange.
More later,

February 16, 2018 - Msg 109260: "Hey" to Bill

February 16, 2018 - Msg 109261: Yes, MDC...I have been getting some crazy friend requests on facebook, etc., so something is going on. Thanks for the heads up and don't open anything. I will get Bruce on it.

I feel like you do, Romeena. Its a much bigger issue than gun control. One of my nephews told me that he had researched Austria and that when the guns went, the violent stabbings went up, of course. I would rather be shot than stabbed..just saying.

Well, whatever happens, it isn't going to happen overnight because we didn't get here over night. Things probably wont get any better with the breakdown of the family unit, absent fathers, lack of mentors and discipline, and who is teaching morality? Parents are taking kids to church much and they certainly aren't hearing about God in school. Its a huge, cultural crisis that only love and goodness and solve...but do we have enough time and how many more will die?


February 16, 2018 - Msg 109262: Been really enjoying the Olympic Games on tv. Going to miss it when they come to and end.
You all have a wonderful evening.

February 17, 2018 - Msg 109263: You're right, Boo. I shudder to think how much worse it can get, unless we find the handle and fix it. Outlawing guns is not the answer. Chicago has the most strict gun laws of anywhere else in the U.S., yet their murder by firearm rate is higher than any in the nation. As has been said many times, you just have to look at Prohibition, immigration, and drug traffic to predict how well a gun ban would work. I think it would just give rise to a whole new line of criminal activity - blackmarket gun sales. Whole new fortunes would be made, and they would be tax-free, of course, just like drug sales. Really, can't you just see it now? Guns are illegal, so the angry young man who feels like he has no place in this world and wants to kill the bullies and just thoughtless people who have offended him, has to just say "Well, drat. I wanted to go shoot up that school, but guns are illegal, so I guess I'll just sit here and fester in my rage until I'm a little old angry and bitter man." Probably not. I'll bet he'll go down to Home Depot and buy the materials to build the bomb he saw online, and so - nothing has changed except the method.

You are so right - too many people are not teaching morality, and worse yet, they're not modeling it. We have too many young men who parade around bragging about how many "baby mamas" they have. All those little kids growing up without a proper father figure, and they see the drug lords driving nice cars and wearing diamonds, and they know they're well-armed. One thing leads to another, in their minds. Indeed, as the king said in "The King and I" - is a puzzlement!

"Even so, come, Lord Jesus!" Rev. 22:20. --Romeena

February 17, 2018 - Msg 109264: On ME-TV last nite was my favorite ep---Miss Peggy helps the poor helpless bachelors. Even tho we've all said it a million times, tags sure missed the mark when they let her go.
Hope your weekend is going well.
FRANKIE, we too are enjoying the Olympics, but we only have broadcast NBC, not cable, and they have not shown a single medal ceremony! Not sure what the deal is on that!
I emailed them about it.
I am ready to head to a baseball spring training session with all the
various teams now in town.
God's blessings,

February 17, 2018 - Msg 109265: Romeena, I agree with you 100% on your message above.
MDC, I have not seen any medal ceremony`s. Kind of strange usually we see them right after the competition.
That sounds really exciting watching the spring training games, have fun.
You all have a Mayberry day.

February 17, 2018 - Msg 109266: Watching on old Gunsmoke show this afternoon and Floyd was a storekeeper and Uncle Alli was planning on robbing the bank with his friend.

February 17, 2018 - Msg 109267:

MESSAGE: Wanted to drop in before I retire for the night. I had to go into work at 6am, and ya'll know I am just not a morning person. I swear I was dizzy and half asleep trying to drive to work at 5:30. I woke at 3:30, couldn't go back to sleep so I was tired. Luckily, I had a full day at work so no time to fight sleepiness. I have to go back tomorrow, bright and early. It was hot in there, too, and humid. The air conditioner went out again (big surprise). Oh well, I deal with it. People are still talking about the shooting and throwing around solutions. I am praying! Sean is going through a bout with depression, as I probably stated before. Please remember him. He has such struggles with feeling worthless...most of it stems from his s3xual orientation. He was asked to lead worship at his church but he had to step down because he cant bear to try and lead in worship with the feelings he is fighting and the temptation to sin. Its rough. Thanks for your prayers for sean now and all the prayers of the past.


February 17, 2018 - Msg 109268: It says message because the censor caught me and I had to copy and paste the message and edit it.


February 18, 2018 - Msg 109269: BOO--prayers for healing for your whole family.
All--have a great Sabbath Day! Jesus is Lord! :)

February 18, 2018 - Msg 109270: Good Sabbath everybody!

Hey Boo, I am so sorry for what Sean is going through right now. That has to be difficult for him, you, and Bruce. My prayers for you all. You might want to point out to him that any feelings of worthlessness he may be feeling are coming from the adversary and not from God. Perhaps that leadership position is just what he needs to combat those feelings of despair. But it is easy for me to offer advice from my vantage point. I am sure you and Bruce are encouraging him every way you can. Prayers for sure.

Frankie, I used to enjoy the Games back in the day. But when they came to my State back in 2002, I saw first hand what they were all about, it just left me very discouraged. Money, money, and more money. It was so bad that a local farmer who does corn mazes every fall to earn a few extra dollars, made a maze cut into the Olympic rings. He was told to cease running it. It seems that the ISOC and the USOC have a trademark on anything (and I do mean anything) that might have the slightest connection to the games, and if you are not authorized by them (in other words paying them a percentage of any of your profits) to operate whatever it is you operate, they will shut you down with threats of law suits. I saw what a money grab this thing really is and it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Don't get me wrong, I love the athlete's (at least the ones who come to compete and leave their politics out of it), and the high level of competition. But again, I struggle with the network that is carrying the Games, and some of the announcers who again feel the need to enter politics into it. Do I sound like a bitter old man? lol I hope not.

Romeena, as usual I believe you are spot on with your comments concerning all these shootings. As usual, the regular groups come out, as predicted, with the ban guns montage. A few years ago we had a local shooting in a shopping mall take place, and there happened to be an off duty police officer there, who was armed and who took the shooter out fairly early in the event. Who knows how many lives he saved that night? My guess is a lot because the perp was loaded to the hilt with ammunition. As you and others have said, the problem goes much deeper than that. It is a moral breakdown in our society. Is it the graphic video games, the graphic music videos and lyrics, the graphic movies on tv and in theaters, the lack of Gods teachings and values being a part of our lives? It seems to me the answers are obvious. It just breaks my heart to see where we are at as a people today.

GF, You keeping warm buddy? We are supposed to get a pretty good snow storm in here later today. Oh well, I reckon we need the water.

Better go get ready for preaching.


February 18, 2018 - Msg 109271: Thank you so much for the prayers...they mean the world to me.

Yes, Asa, it isnt an easy road, and frankly, it is something we deal with with both of children. I havent mentioned it, but Erin believes she is also "g@y". She came out to me 6 months ago and I couldnt even breathe. Another child of mine...both children. The "whys" brought me to my knees, I can tell you. Despair, fear, weeping...and then being able to turn it over to God. In my mind I was always hanging onto, "Well, this is so tough with sean but AT LEAST Erin is straight". None of it makes any sense to me. They couldnt have been raised in a more "normal" family. Neither have suffered abuse, they were raised in a Baptist church, etc..even in christian schools and homeschooled. I always knew Erin was a tomboy, athletic, etc, but really held onto the hope that she wouldnt have to struggle the way Sean has. She finally sat me down and told me that the panic attacks, the extreme anxiety that she had been dealing with was because of her feelings. She had tried having "boyfriends" so she would have the "right" feelings, but they didnt come. She was terrified of being rejected by God and because she had seen the suffering caused by Sean's feelings that she didnt want to lay this at my feet, too. As you can imagine, it was very difficult for me but I had to let her know that she is only a girl and her feelings are subject to change...but no matter what she is loved. She doesnt struggle nearly as much as Sean but believe me, Bruce and I have been through it over and over. We are not without hope, though, and we lay things at the Lord's feet when we dont understand. OK, I didnt know if I would ever share this with you all but you are family to me.

Thank you for always encouraging, sympathizing, and praying.


February 18, 2018 - Msg 109272: Boo, I can’t begin to know what you are going through right now, but a can offer my friendship and prayer for you and your family. Here on the Porch we have become close as we ALL have gone through the difficulties of life. Know you Porch family have you in our prayers Sister!....


February 18, 2018 - Msg 109273: Thank you, G-F, I dont have many people I can talk to about all of this. It helps to talk sometimes. I know its a tough subject and might be too hard for some. I understand that and will try to be careful about what I share out of respect for others. You just cant imagine the challenge this has all been for our faith..in some ways it has strengthened it, though. We learn that we have to hang on and trust when nothing makes sense. It hurt alot in the beginning, though, and I had to grieve through some loss over the years. We have hopes for our kids. I had always desired for Sean to someday grow up, get married and have a child of his own. I had to let go of that and be content with whatever God's will is for the future. It hurt alot to know that we raised our children to love family and home and their deep desire is to have a family of their own someday...and yet, Sean feels that he never will be able to. He told me once, "Mom, I want so much to have a family and to be able to love a woman the way I should but I could never marry and do that to a woman I care about because I know I could never make her happy."...so sad. So, despite all of this, I came to a good measure of peace several years ago but I still hurt for him in his lonliness and self-loathing. I want to rescue him but I can't. I was in a pretty good place when Erin told me how she was feeling and that plunged me back in again, but it didnt last long. I think I have worked through alot of my anxieties and have become much stronger. Bruce has been through a similar journey but it took him longer. He has grieved alot over Sean and when I was faced with telling him what Erin shared with me, I thought it would kill him, but he was as ok.I think he is somewhat angry with God, still, but maybe in time things will make more sense. We try to remind ourselves that there are parents out there..(and many), who would give anything to see their children walk through the door at the end of the day, who never will. There are so many parents dealing with children who are drug addicted and they dont even know if they are dead or alive. We can handle this with God's grace. It could be worse.

Thanks again,