April 11, 2018 - Msg 109615: Boo, Sorry to hear about Bruce`s rotary cuff, I hear those can be very painful.
Romeena, It is always nice when the Dr. says your good to go. Sounds like you have good doctors and they communicate well with each other.
I have been busy mowing the front yard before the next storm comes in tonight. Everything looks so nice and green out and the tree out front looks great with all the leaves growing. Just saw two blue jays flying into the tree.
You all have a Mayberry kind of Day.

April 11, 2018 - Msg 109616: Thanks Frankie. It is getting painful enough for him to want surgery, so it much be bad.

Thanks for the explanation, Ro. I was confused, as usual. :)

Been one of those days for me. I am dealing with some anxiety..nothing serious but it's a drag. I wonder if I will ever get to the point in my life in which the same old issues stop causing me anxiety from time to time?

I am sleepy tonight but just wanted to check in and say goodnight. See you all tomorrow.


April 11, 2018 - Msg 109617: MDC, it is really nice to have that paper work done. Takes a big load off our minds.
Time for sweep!

April 12, 2018 - Msg 109618: Good sweep Frankie! I wonder where SPOT and ASA are at these days?
BOO--Do you have sinus issues by any chance? The reason I ask is because a few years ago, my sinusitis changed a bit, and as the sinus cavities filled, I got a very 'strange' sort of
feeling that made me anxious. My allergist
prescribed Patanase, and it made a world of difference in drainage, and that feeling left!
I will be praying for Bruce!

ALL--The other day I was watching the old TV show "Wagon Train"; and it was a very good one about Major Adams and a love interest that he had.
I realized just how good an actor Ward Bond really was. He showed a lot of emotion for a TV show,
and it even ended with him talking about the power of God! Good TV for sure!

RO--Specken zee Deutsch ? :)

Night all,


April 12, 2018 - Msg 109619: Howdy, all. Just checking in, about ready to hit the ironing board. The "house call groomer" came today and did a bang-up job on Toye Starr. She looks absolutely adorable. Her hair is pretty short, about two inches long, lies flat to her body with just a bit of fluffiness. Her ears and tail are a beautiful pink, and instead of one pony tail on top of her head, it's divided into two, with a big puffy pink bow on each one, sitting right on top of her ears. The bows look a bit like Mickey Mouse ears! The little pony tails are pink, also. Cute, cute, cute! And does she ever know it. She's prancing and posing around here, like Miz Thang, and so proud of herself. Adorable!

MDC, Nein, pero hablo un poco de Español. No hablo mas idiomas, Ingles y Español solamente.

Buenos noches, mis amigos. --Romeena

April 12, 2018 - Msg 109620: Romeena’s talking like she’s from SOMEWHERES else..Wonder if she’s from Edmondwike Endland?
Speaking of that, Floyd did great podcast Monday on A old interview of Bernard Fox, part two of it will be next Monday.
Might be a good one for Asa to check out since he has some Endlandister blood in him...

Hope everyone is fine as a frog’s hair today. We actually are supposed to have a warm day, but I won’t OVEREXPECT


April 12, 2018 - Msg 109621: Afternoon all.

I'm richeeer MDC. Just busy as can be right now.

GF, I hope I can remember that podcast. I'd like to hear it.

Boo, sorry to hear that Bruce is gonna need that. My co-worker is out right now after getting his shoulder operated on. I'm not sure if they replaced the rotator cuff, but he has been in a sling for 3 weeks and they are just starting rehab. for him. He is my only help and this couldn't happen at a worse time. But he didn't have any choice in the matter. I hope Bruce bounces back fast.

Frankie, I still say good on you for taking care of your Mom like you do. I think that is awesome.

I have been watching some old Dallas tv shows at night as of late. That old J.R. Ewing was quite the feller. He was a dirty scoundrel but for some reason I find myself rooting for him, especially when he was going head to head with Cliff Barnes. You reckon I need to go see one of them haid doctors and get checked out? :)

Well better get. They just fed us some nice homemade tacos for lunch, and now they expect me to work? Of all the unmitigated gall!


April 12, 2018 - Msg 109622: Asa, here is part one he did on Monday https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xFda1HdVwss G-F

April 12, 2018 - Msg 109623: G-F, love these video`s you post. Love the mayberry bumper sticker.
Asa, thank you for the nice compliment. I love my Mom so much and would do any thing for her. Just finished washing and curling her hair. Need to fix us some lunch here pretty soon.
MDC, I love those old Wagon Train Shows.
You all have a nice Mayberry Day today.

April 12, 2018 - Msg 109624: Well, I don't think I have ever seen Wagon Train but I will look for it now.

Been an interesting day for me. About 8 hours ago, I started getting abdominal cramps up high in my abdomen and I have done everything known to science and medicine to get it to go away. I have only taken a couple of bites of a salad today to prevent making it worse. Sipping hot tea, walking, hot bath, heating pad, simethicone, and this thing is not budging. Any ideas from the porch? Its not severe (although it was this morning), but it is still bothersome. I have burped a couple of times but no real relief. Maybe a coke? What do ya'll think? Would that just make it worse? I have some carbonated water in the frige.

Thanks for the concern about Bruce, Asa. I don't think his is severe shoulder pain all the time, mostly just when he uses it a lot...like now...he is cleaning the garage as we speak. He had to, though. The dogs tore up a pillow in there and also tore into a plastic bag and there was cotton and plastic strewn over every inch of that garage. Poor Bruce.

My Erin went back to school today and took the only standardized test she had to take because the rest of her classes are honors classes or something..I don't really understand. It was an English/writing class and she said it was an easy 5 hour test that only took her 2. Only 8 more weeks and she will be out for summer. I thought the state would require the kids to stay in school for the summer since they didn't go back until November because of the hurricane, but they are letting them out at regular time. I am very happy about that. We tend to have good summers when school is out and "the livin' is easy," as the song goes. She is talking about getting a job, though, so hopefully she will stay busy and out of trouble. She hasn't had any further anxiety attacks and we have an appointment with the psych doctor next week.

Well, I hear Bruce rooting around in the kitchen. I better go see if he wants me to warm him up some leftovers. My husband never complains about leftovers. It wouldn't do him any good. ;)


April 12, 2018 - Msg 109625: Well gang Is Garden time as all my FB friends have seen...sorry just been so busy...prayers to all...back full force soon..breakfast on Boo and Possum...im gona Pig Out SPOT

April 13, 2018 - Msg 109626: Good evening, porch. Boo, the first thing that comes to my mind is gallbladder. Do you still have yours? If you do, that might be the problem. Upper abdominal pain, more on the right side, radiating through to your back at times, but you know all of this. The timing is a little off for gallbladder, it usually hits in the wee hours of the morning, but not always. If it's still going on, I think I'd go get it checked out at the local ER. You could have an ulcer, and the persistent pain could be a threatening perforation, which of course, you definitely do not want. It also could be a hiatal hernia forming or extending. Or (sorry) it could just be a bellyache, though I'd think more lower abdomen for that! Keep us posted - I'll pray for you.

I'm worn out, have been doing laundry today. I only do laundry about once a month, and it's a big deal by my standards. About six large loads. I could do a load or two a week, by just throwing everything into one load, but I don't like to do that. I sort it into loads of towels and sheets, jeans and socks, dishtowels and white washcloths (bleach load), t-shirts and other washable knits, sleepwear and undies, and permanent press stuff, like shirts and blouses. Once a month usually gives me time to build up big full loads, though I usually have to do one load of sheets and towels in the middle somewhere. I have a large-capacity Maytag and I love it. It's over 25 years old, still runs like a fine watch. Same for the dryer. Anyway, it was a day's work. My t-shirts and permanent press stuff all come out of the dryer while still very damp, and go on hangers. They hang around the edge of the kitchen island until morning, when they'll be dry and go in the closet. The knits don't shrink up that way, like they do if they get completely dry in the dryer. Works great, and the permanent press stuff is nicer, too.

Well, trivia time is over, and Toye Starr and I are heading for the sack. She's yawning and stretching, clearly ready for bed, and I can't imagine why. She didn't do laundry today, the lazy little lout. Well, I guess she wore her little self out, following me on my many treks through the house. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 13, 2018 - Msg 109627: BOO--I too will be praying, as I know nothing of such things, but I think I'd take RO's advice and head to the ER if it continues!!!

RO--I have a confession to make. The lady from church whom we help, (the one who is currently in the SNF) let her laundry go a while back, and had really built up quite a stack of it, so i told her that I would take it all to a commercial laundromat for her. She was very grateful, and told me what to separate for different loads.
Well, I took it and threw it ALL into one of those big "10 loads" machines, threw in about 8 'color catchers' and turned it on! (Most of her clothes are pretty old, so colors are faded.)
Anyway, it all came out great looking, I folded it all in neat stacks by "category," and she was thrilled. Never told her what i had done! I guess that old "college guy" way of washing never left me! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIgz60mpMa0

ASA--Thanks for checking in. Sounds like the grind continues! Hang in there.
My prayers are with you and yours, and for all porchsters! :)

Well, off to the sack!
May God bless,

April 13, 2018 - Msg 109628: Good morning, porch! It's cloudy and cool here, if it doesn't rain it's going to miss a very good chance. Scattered storms are predicted - naturally, on the weekend that Robbi and Richard are coming up for the weekend!

My irises are in full bloom out back, and some of them are just gorgeous. However, I never saw so many white irises, and yellow ones, in all my borned days! I know perfectly well that I didn't plant stand after stand of white or yellow ones. A few, yes, but not that many! Some of the hybrids are reverting back, obviously. Also, Whites and yellows are usually quite hardy in any kind of flower (yellow snapdragons always return year after year) so the white and yellow irises are probably multiplying faster than the others, while some of the less hardy ones have died out. Oh well, they're pretty, just not as colorful as some of the hybrids I've had in the past.

MDC, you got lucky. I'm glad she didn't have any shrinkables in that laundry. You could have ended up with a sweater that would fit her cat. Most colors don't run these days, not like they used to, but I still separate lights and darks. The light colors stay brighter that way, they don't get that "tattletale gray" look to them. And - good on you for doing that for the lady. You're definitely one of the good guys, and I'm sure God is proud of you.

Boo, how are you feeling today? I hope your pain has gone away, but if not, do go and get checked out. You've had a lot of stress lately, and while I realize that we now know that stress doesn't cause ulcers (we now know they're caused by H. Pylori) it can certainly aggravate one if you've got one started. Also, if you've taken a steroid medication, like prednisone, for any length of time, or if you take a lot of aspirin or NSAIDS, you could have eaten a little hole in your stomach. I realize you know all this, but I hate feeling like I'm talking in code for the others on the porch. Anyway, take care of yourself!

Well, guess I'd better get moving. Looks like the weather is going to get a little ugly. The critters are scrambling, squirrels carrying nuts all over the yard, small birds absent, bigger birds swooping around nervously. Yep, they're getting ready for something. Naturally, I need to go to the grocery store. Guess I'd better get that done. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 13, 2018 - Msg 109629: Good Friday afternoon all.

Sorry you're ailing Boo. Hopefully it is just a little bug and will pass soon. (Pun intended) :)

MDC, Your post had me in stitches buddy. A feller has to do what a feller has to do. Now if she had needed a sprinkler pipe fixed, that would have been different. lol I am sure I must drive my poor wife insane when she sees me trying to be domestic. Kind of like trying to teach Earnest T. how to properly enter a room. But she doesn't say nothing unless I ask what I did wrong. Bless her heart. Speaking of laundry, it is my weekend for that. Mine is every other weekend Romeena. And although I do separate the whites and colors, that is about as good as it gets. Thank goodness my work uniforms are taken care of through work. That would change things fast.

Well I hope y'all have a safe and sane weekend. If I see MDC coming with bleach in hand, I'm hiding. lol


April 13, 2018 - Msg 109630: Hey all.
Boy it was a nice day to stay out in the that
big yellow thing?


April 14, 2018 - Msg 109631: Thanks for the great advice and concern, everyone. :) I am feeling much better and am pretty sure I know what the problem was. I made a big pot of Lima beans, which I am not used to eating. I haven't had them in years. I ate a bowl of them, and BAM! I swelled up like a kettle drum and you should have heard the rumbling in the tummy (as Winnie the Pooh would say..fitting). I was distended, in pain and miserable for a several hours and it gradually subsided. I swear it felt like there had been a bear wrestling with my intestines for a couple of days. NO MORE LIMA BEANS...EVER (in my best Joan Crawford voice). Anyway, I went to work today and was fine, but boy, those lima beans not only laid on my chest, but just about everything else!

Good pun, ASA. I kept hoping for it to pass but I think somehow those cursed lima beans turned into some sort of intestinal cement and clogged up the works. I am still waiting for the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius but it hasn't happened still. Not sure why I am feeling better but I sure am glad!

Enough of the noxious dialogue!

Hope you all have a terrific weekend.


April 14, 2018 - Msg 109632: TOM--we see that big yellow thing about 320 days a year here! Glad you enjoyed it!

ASA--don't worry, no bleach, but I forgot to mention that i did use a lot of OxiClean besides detergent! ha Glad you got a good laugh!

RO--I hope the stormed passed without too much rain. Our days here have been windy lately. I found 6 toupees in my front yard! (ha, just kidding!)

All--I may have already mentioned this, but i have been watching a lot of westerns lately,
and I have a new admiration for Horses! My goodness, they were man's only real means of travel from creation up until the locomotive came along
around 1840! The care they need is much more intense than most cars. Feeding, watering, grooming, training, bits, bridles etc. They really are amazing animals, and those livery stable workers sure had a huge responsibility!

Well, off to dreamland...

April 14, 2018 - Msg 109633: BOO--we posted at the same time. Glad to hear your feeling better!! :)

April 14, 2018 - Msg 109634: Boo, good to hear you are feeling better.
MDC, love the laundry story and that was so nice of you to help her out.
Romenna, my irises are starting to bloom also. They are so pretty. Easter Lilly`s are still blooming also.
Good Night Porch!

April 14, 2018 - Msg 109635: TOM...I’m with ya Buddy...it is GREAT to see that Big Bright Thing up in the sky again!..G-F

April 14, 2018 - Msg 109636: Thanks! Its day three and I am still having some stomach cramps, but turns out it was probably a virus because now Sean and Bruce have it. haha I'm still staying away from the Lima beans, though.

It has been a beautiful, perfect weather day here in south Texas! I cant tell you how I enjoyed it! So cool and dry and the sun was out. I pulled my chaise lounge patio chair out into the sun and just soaked up some vitamin D for a little while, while Erin played in the yard with the dogs, then Erin helped me cart some firewood off the porch and clean up. It is amazing to me how much stronger I feel and how much more I can do since this vegan diet started 7+ months ago. I am down 60 lbs and feel better than I did 20 years ago. I bought my first pair of pants in the regular=size section of the store this week. I have been able to only shop in plus size clothing for over 20 years. I hope and pray I can continue this lifestyle and keep off the extra weight for the sake of my health and my liver!

Well, I wanted to thank you all for your prayers again. It has been a good week. Erin is doing much better, no real anxiety or depression for several days.

I am trying to decide if I want to go sit on the porch swing with the mosquitos or go watch some TAGS before bed...hmmm...


April 14, 2018 - Msg 109637: Boo, good to hear you are doing better. And hope Sean and Bruce do not have a hard time with the virus. There seems to be virus`s going around all the time now days. Every time I go to the store I always use those anti-bacteria hand wash towels they have there in the front of the store. Every store has them now over in my area. And I always wipe over the hand area on the shopping cart.
It was nice out here today.
Happy Saturday Porch!

April 15, 2018 - Msg 109638: Good Sabbath friends.

Hey Boo, so glad you are feeling better. As Frankie said, it seems that there is a virus going around all the time anymore. Maybe it's a 2018 version of "the Pip". What was the "Pip" anyway? Anyone know? Speaking of bugs, I read this morning there has been a huge recall of eggs that involves 7 or 8 States. I don't recall who or where, but it may be worth googling to make sure you don't have any in your fridge.

GF, Thanks for the link. That was a very enjoyable interview with Mr. Fox. I was really laughing when he was telling the story about some of the actors on Hogans Heroes and how they would not come out on the set until so and so was out there. HA! The egos of those "stars" had to be a Directors biggest headache. Trying to massage those egos and cater to their whims had to be challenging I'm sure.

GF and MDC, I am leaning towards calling it a career in the fall. Our Company has turned our pension fund over to a third party that now allows me to get on line and easily calculate different scenarios. So I was playing around on it this morning and it looks very very doable. Our Company is currently going through a bit of a shakeup and we may see some major changes take place in the near future. There are a lot of us older fellers that are very concerned about the potential of these changes and the "I need to get while the getting is good" mentality has certainly taken hold. I am going to meet with my Accountant and get some thoughts ironed out so I can make a decision based on facts. It's a big decision, and I think is going to be harder to make than I thought, but reality is that with my Wife needing more and more attention with her health, and with my own ability to do the things I used to do with ease, well, it may just be time I reckon. We'll see.

Well I am taking the day off from preaching. Woke up with a powerful headache. I undoubtedly got into something that had corn starch in it. Now I have to figure out what. That stuff is hidden in everything.

Prayers for all for a wonderful Sabbath day.


April 15, 2018 - Msg 109639: Asa, MDC & I say “Jump in the Water is FINE!”...I know your concerns. Us “ Legacy” employees are concerned when the Younger bunch take over the decision making reigns. No one sees the value of us Old Goats until we are gone, they are just after the almighty dollar 💵 ...But when things go South they’ll see...10-4??... Can You Say...”WHEELERTIME?”....


April 15, 2018 - Msg 109640: Good afternoon, porch. I didn't make it to preachin' either. Robbi and Richard just left, a little before noon. We had a great weekend, just visited and enjoyed each other's company. They brought some steaks with them, something called HeartBrand's Akaushi beef. Wow! I love a good steak, and I can now honestly say I know what a good steak is. I can also say that I'll likely never eat one of those again, because they're crazy expensive, but oh my goodness. I literally cut bites from mine with the side of my fork. They brought the tenderloin steaks, and they just almost melt in your mouth. Naturally, they never said how much they are, but I did a little checking online, and the cost is unbelievable and definitely out of my reach. I would imagine the tenderloin would be the most expensive, and if I was going to buy (highly unlikely) I'd probably go for a ribeye instead. They aren't quite as tender, but they're less expensive and usually have a bit more robust flavor than a tenderloin - it's a trade-off. Anyway, Richard grilled them to perfection, with nothing but salt, pepper and a light dusting of paprika on them. Anyway, I ate a steak that was fit for a queen, for sure!

As always, after they left, the house looked better than it did when they got here. They are the perfect houseguests, even though they're family. They always wash and replace the bedlinen, wash any towels they used, leave their room very tidy, and Robbi putters in the rest of the house, picking up dog toys, fluffing sofa pillows, folding lap throws, whatever. Just a joy when they visit.

Asa, that's a happy thought, that you might be able to join the ranks of the "freed ones." Never fear, you won't be bored. You'll probably ask yourself, as I do, when did I ever have time to work?

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. I have plenty of leftovers (no, no steak). I'm going to stay holed up in the house today, I think. It's a beautiful bright sunny day, and it's cold!! The wind is out of the north/northwest, quite brisk, and it's cold. Our low last night was 39°, of all things. I've got the furnace on! It was 67° in the house when we woke up, and while that might be comfortable for some, it's freezing for me, and little Toye Starr was shivering. I like it around 73°. So we're just going to snuggle in and have some lunch, and make this a true day of rest. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 15, 2018 - Msg 109641: Thanks Frankie and Asa! I am doing much better...just a wee bit of stomach upset. I had fruit for dinner this evening and it was about all I could handle. I found the most wonderful little place near me..its a little wooden house on the highway that someone fixed up and turned into a lovely little candy store and they sell snowcones and amazing fruit cups! I bought one for my dinner and it was so, so good. It contained honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, banana, and cucumber and was sprinkled with that wonderful chili/lime/salt mixture that is so popular here and in Mexico. Boy, was it good! I will definitely go back again and again. I have become very fond of fruit, especially mangos (always been my favorite), red grapes, and bananas.

It was another beautiful day here in south texas and I enjoyed it so! Went to preachin' and it was very beautiful sermon on the Holy Spirit..it brought tears to my eyes, and one of our dear friends gave a testimony about how she and one of her teacher friends were on a flight together and sat next to muslim doctor who asked them about their Christian faith. He was seeking and said his brother had recently converted to Christianity. It was a beautiful example of being at the right place at the right time and being used of God to share His love.

St. Susan and her family came over again this afternoon for a couple of games of croquet and it was fun. I cant say I am getting much better at it but the kids sure enjoy it, so we may good family bonding memories for them.

It had been one of those busy days but good ones and now I can relax after a warm shower. I am very thankful.

Asa, I can't believe you may be retiring in the fall. Wow! I certainly hope you can and that all goes well.

Romeena, in my opinion (even as a vegan,ha) there is no meat I have ever eaten that is as good as beef tenderloin steak. Glad you enjoyed it! I will always remember the first time I had it. It was about 10 years ago and we were boating with some friends. We stopped on a private beach, pulled out the lawn chairs and started up the grill. Our friends took some tenderloin out of the ice chest and cooked it for us...just as you described, just salt and pepper. Man, I loved it!

Well, its back to work for me tomorrow but I'm not complaining. My last paycheck was for less than four hundred dollars because I haven't been working much. With Erin going through what she went though and Bruce had been out of town, I just didn't work for over a week. Things seem do be going better for her, although she did have some anxiety today after another of those dreams last night. She has her first appointment with the psychiatrist on Tuesday, so I hope that goes well.

Blessing to all and I hope you have a great tomorrow!


April 16, 2018 - Msg 109642: ASA, so that's what they called your new pension company, A THIRD PARTY! haha I'd get out too! :)
But really, good for you, hope you have the funds to swing it. GF is right, take the plunge!

FRANkie and all--I too use those towelettes before grocery shopping. Besides eggs, I also heard of a big recall of romaine lettuce! Ya'all be careful.

BOO--I will be praying for Erin. Her anxiety could also be about her coming out to you. I pray
for that situation also.
I enjoyed Day tripper again today on PBS.
He visited a BBQ place in Taylor that is run by a pastor. Food for the body and the soul.

ROMEENA--that beef sounds really good. Every now and again we will get some filet mignon from Costco. Havent been disappointed yet.
In your ESL class have you covered all our "crazy spellings, yet pronounced the same" words? like pair and pear and pare. "Please pare that pair of pears."

ALL--hope you all have your taxes done. If not, we have two days of grace this year.


I hope you all made it thru the late winter storm and snow!

April 16, 2018 - Msg 109643: Good Morning gang...trying to get this garden ready !..NASCAR at 1 today !..Breakfast at waffle house on Boo and Possum and I...prayers...headed to work...but not for long ! (hint)...SPOT

April 16, 2018 - Msg 109644: Look g f stop send all your bad wrathe here,
just for that you and ASA can help with the sandbag to stop some of the flood

TOM :(

April 16, 2018 - Msg 109645: I know what ya mean TOM, we had a lot of rain and my back yard is like a river!...But back to snow today!.
Yep it’s a Fun Day in Ohio today.....G-F

April 16, 2018 - Msg 109646: Good morning, porch! It's beautiful here today, sky is perfectly clear, sun is bright, temp is 70° and heading for 81°, and a very light breeze blowing. Maybe I'll get a little yard work done today. It's hard for me to imagine that some of you are still battling snow. It reminds me of some of the trips Dale and I would make to Michigan from San Antonio in our early years together. We would leave San Antonio, usually in June, and make the 2-day drive to Michigan. Just outside of San Antonio, we would pass cornfields, where the corn was full and just about ready to harvest. As we drove northward, the ears would get smaller, more immature, then none, then the stalks would get shorter and shorter, and finally when we got close to Chicago, the corn in the fields would be about a foot high! Sometimes, the corn wasn't up yet, and there would still be a little snow on the ground. It was a perfect picture of the influence of weather and how it differs from north to south.

In San Antonio, my grandfather always kept a very large garden, probably about 3/4 of an acre, and he would plant corn three times, each section about two or three weeks later than the one before. That way, he had corn coming to maturity in stages, not all at once. We had so much sweet corn (which I love) all summer!

We also had two crops of tomatoes - the first crop would start breaking color in very early summer, and because Grandpa planted different varieties, we would have tomatoes ripening all summer. There would be a brief lull when the summer plants gave out, but he would plant new ones as the old ones quit producing, and in early fall there would be a new crop ripening. We always had fresh tomatoes on the table at Thanksgiving, and sometimes even at Christmas. Turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, fruit salad, and a platter heaped high with thick-sliced, right-off-the-vine tomatoes! Oh, my goodness!

Many times I would stop by the garden on my way to saddle my horse and head out for a long afternoon of just rambling the back roads. I'd pick two or three of those tomatoes and tuck them in my little saddlebag. Sure tasted good later in the day! Every child should grow up the way I did. I was blessed.

Well, off I go. Things to do and people to see. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

April 16, 2018 - Msg 109647: Thank you for those prayers, MDC. Erin has her first appointment with the psychiatrist tomorrow but I am not going to consent to anything other than perhaps a mild med for panic attacks to get her through school.

That's neat about the corn, Romeena. My family and I made that same trip several times when I was a child, but always in the summer. Most summers, though, it was just mom, susan, and I going by train or plane. I think I mentioned before that my mom's family lived in Michigan. Mom was born and raised in west Virginia but mom moved south just before they all moved to Michigan because of my grandpa's job I think. He finally left the mines. Anyway, I certainly loved my visits to Michigan as a child. It was great staying with my grandparents and spending time with aunts, uncles, and LOTS of cousins.

Talking about sweet corn sure makes me want some. I wish we could grow it but the cutter ants just will not allow it. We never could outsmart them completely.

I had a nice day at work tonight. I do still love my job, that's why I put up with the problems with the facility. The kids are great, and so are my fellow nurses.

Well, better get myself up from the computer..long day tomorrow, as I will have to drive the 30 minute drive into Corpus Christi in the morning for a mammogram appointment and then come back and get Erin and drive her back again for her appointment with the psychiatrist. Not looking forward to any of it. It will be a long wait in the psych office.

Hope you all have a terrific day tomorrow.


April 16, 2018 - Msg 109648: Howdy Porch
MDC, when I went to the store yesterday they had almost all the salad bags and bowls pulled. Anything that had the romaine lettuce was gone. I like to get the salad bowls that have everything in it. Have to wait for all is clear on that.
Been a rainy day here, even heard some thunder this afternoon. So I pulled out a old dvd with Audie Murphy and watched the old series Whispering Smith. It is a western tv series and must of been made back in the early 60`s. Was the old black and white shows. I watched three shows and there are eighteen shows in the dvd set. I really like Audie Murphy in the old western shows, he was really good.
You all have a nice evening.

April 17, 2018 - Msg 109649: I have never heard of Whispering Smith, or maybe I just
dont remember it.
Just a quick "Spot-like" hello this evening.
I have been reading a rough draft of a Living Trust
that we are going to sign soon. Sure are a lot of those
"whereas" and other legaleze to read over.

April 17, 2018 - Msg 109650: MDC, That sounds like the perfect thing to read just before bedtime. Would put me right out for sure. :) I just watched Family Visit, my favorite non Barney episode. I just love the scene with Andy and Ollie in bed together. Ollie getting all worked up with Nora poking at him, and poor old Andy in the middle. Poor Andy looks to have about 6 inches of bed while Ollie is flopped out on the rest. Good stuff.

Romeena, I would always stagger my corn planting also, back when I was doing more gardening. Our "window" here in Northern Utah is pretty small. The rule of thumb here is nothing tender goes in the ground until after Mothers Day, and even that is a cr@p shoot. There are some devout gardeners here who will use things like "wall of water devices that will allow them to plant things like tomatoes earlier, but it is a lot of work and effort. I used to but a hardy brand of corn seed out of Colorado that I would plant the first week of April. It could withstand the cold better, but usually 3 years out of 4 we would get a late frost that would kill most of it. And the corn on that variety wasn't that good. Especially when later I would plant my Serendipity brand. Oh my, that stuff I believe would convert an atheist to a believer because it is so good. But because of time constraints and my back issues, I have cut my gardening efforts back a lot. That will change I hope when I retire. I'm gonna need something to keep me puttering a little.

Boo, I'm glad you are liking your job. That makes a big difference for sure. I want you to know that you and Bruce are in my prayers. I know you are going through a trial right now, and maybe wondering why, or how come us, or other things like that. But as Barney told Mrs. Lesch, "Don't look back", I would say the same to you. I know you and Bruce are loving and caring parents, and I know everything will work out good for you. Just hold on to your faith and never let go. Sorry, didn't mean to sermonize you. Just felt inspired to say that for some reason. We love you and your family. :)


April 17, 2018 - Msg 109651: Good morning, porch. It's another bewautiful day today. It's 78° right now, headed for 88°, mostly clear skies, light breeze. Very pretty day.

Boo, ditto to what Asa said. He's absolutely right.

I'm looking forward to a pleasant evening. It's time for the annual Deacon's Fish Fry at the church, and it's always fun. The men fry up a huge pile of fish filets, and make french fries and cole slaw, and usually baked beans as well, and it's good. There's always some fun entertainment, and it's just a nice evening. Widows of former deacons are always invited, and we are picked up by "our" deacon and escorted to the dinner. My deacon happens to be the husband of my SS teacher and dear friend. Another close friend is also a widow and Robert is her deacon as well, so the four of us make a congenial group. Oh, and of course, the fish is always delicious! I just couldn't bring myself to attend the dinner for the first few years after Dale's death, but they kept inviting me, and finally I got past that reluctance, and have enjoyed it so much ever since. My church is diligent in taking care of the widows, not only deacon's wives, but any widowed member. Those of us who can care for ourselves, or who have family to fulfill needs will do so, but there are those who are left completely alone when their husband passes, and need help at times. Wheelchair ramps have been built, home repairs are often done, lawns are mowed, just general meeting of needs. Even though I can still pay someone for certain things - like Ted building those drawers in the kitchen - and David can and does do a lot of things around here, it's still reassuring to know that I could call the church and express a need, and it would be met.

Well, guess I'd better go. Toye Starr is sitting nearby, looking pitiful. I think she wants a cuddle session, the little spoiled thing. Of course, I'm happy to oblige. She is just naturally cute and appealing, but with her new haircut and her freshly pink-dyed ears, topknot and tail, she looks like a plush toy, and I just want to squeeze her until she squeaks! I don't, of course, but it's hard to resist. Mercy, how I love that little critter. --Romeena

April 17, 2018 - Msg 109652: "Bewautiful"? That must be even prettier than "beautiful." --Romeena

April 17, 2018 - Msg 109653: Trust me Romeena....No “Bewautiful” day here... Yep snow AGAIN here today...Oh Well!...That’s Life!..


April 17, 2018 - Msg 109654: Been a LONG WINTER... https://youtu.be/rdsABjAP8Yg

April 17, 2018 - Msg 109655: Oh Asa, I love that kind of sermonizin'! You are a bird in this world and I love you and your family, too. Thanks to you too, Ro, and all of my friends who pray for us. I have to say that I really feel those prayers and my faith has been strengthened. Things are getting better.

I was a little concerned about the screening I had today because of the scare I had last year when they told me I had a mass and they wanted to take a look at it again to make sure nothing had changed. Everything was perfectly fine on the mammogram and sono I had today so I feel good about that.

Erin's appointment with the psychiatrist went really well today. I swear, that is the sweetest man. He is about 80 years old and tons of experience..just a kind soul who listens, bless him. After his evaluation of Erin's history, he told us that it is due to the trauma she has experienced and that it is very important for us to help her so she won't become extremely depressed. He talked about risk of suicide in kids who are going through what Erin has been through. She is exhibiting signs of PTSD and he seemed especially concerned about the incident in which the neighbors were shot and killed. He took away one of her meds and substituted a blood pressure med that is used to treat PTSD. I was happy for that, since it isn't something habit forming or something that can cause bad side effects. I feel that my prayers were answered. Erin will go back to counseling, too, to help her with her anxiety. She has been in very good spirits for several days now, so thank you for your prayers.

Hope you have a wonderful time at the fish fry, Ro!

Sean just got home from work so I am going to Russell him up some grub. I think I might watch the Family Visit episode...I love that one, too, Asa..especially the scene you mentioned. So funny.


April 17, 2018 - Msg 109656: Boo, glad to hear you got some positive news on Erin, I have a friend who’s dealing with PTSD it is complicated to treat because it is hard to put a finger on the triggers sometimes. What is scary you never know what they are and what sets them off...Continued Prayers Sister...


April 17, 2018 - Msg 109657: Boo, very good to hear the news with Erin. Sounds like you have a really good Dr.
MDC, the legal paper work can give ya a headache. But when you have it all done it sure takes a load off your mind.
Was checking the dvd display in walmart and found some good ones. Found a TAGS dvd that had eight shows and a couple of good Bonanza dvd`s. The Bonanza ones had two episodes on them. The best part is that they were only 99 cents each. I love going to that store and finding goodies.
Good evening to the Porch!

April 18, 2018 - Msg 109658: Was that you Frankie? On the porch we get to know each one's style of writing. I bet we could all post without names and all would know who did it! ha

April 18, 2018 - Msg 109659: Oops, I meant to write more. I read a funny line in an article not too long ago that said something like "...the team was as unorganized as the dvd bin in a WalMart." haha
BOO--that is GREAT new about Erin. God does work in mysterious ways for sure.
RO--your weather sounds very nice!!
ASA--good to hear you talk of retirement. Planting sweet corn
sounds like a really good hobby!! :)

I heard that Barbara Bush died today. She was not a glamorus first lady, but more like a
everyone's mom sort of FL! May she rest in peace at 92.

Time for me to hit the hay!

April 18, 2018 - Msg 109660: Frankie, Just so you know, that DVD may not have the regular theme song music on it. Because when those 16 episodes became available on “Public Domain” the rights to the music were not.

Originally only those 16 episodes were copied, but the greedy people at Paramount, Viacom, and CBS went to court and won the copyright battle about “Puublic Domain” and shut it down until years later when they put the series out on their own.

Just a little TAGS History lesson today.....

G-F...”Mayberry Historian”

April 18, 2018 - Msg 109661: Yep GF. Years ago I found those 16 eps in a bin and bought them. Boy was I surprised when I got home and started watching one and the opening theme song was quite different. Had me wondering what was going on. It was a few years later when I discovered this interweb and started coming to these interweb TAGS places and learned a whole lot of TAGS stuff. lol


April 18, 2018 - Msg 109662: Thanks everyone! It's been a good day..caught up and put away all the laundry. Yahoo! Ya'll know what that means to me. ;) I have been a busy bee all day, happily washing, cleaning, and cooking. So thankful that I am well and able to take care of my family. I told Sean last night, though, that I am not going to be making his lunch for him. I told him I have never even made a lunch for your father to take to work, so I am not about to make your's. He is 23 and needs to take care of that himself. He said he would go to the store and buy stuff to make his sandwiches and leave it in the frige at work. Good idea. I already do so much for them, but making a lunch everyday is where I draw the line, I guess. You mom's, especially will know what I mean when I say it sometimes feels like I am either cooking or cleaning the kitchen many times a day! I keep thinking about how, one day, I will realize how blessed I was to have all my family at home with me. I have a feeling Sean might never leave, though. haha

I was very sorry to hear of Barbara Bush's passing, mainly due to the fact that she and George were married for 73 years. I feel very sorry for George. How do you go on when your spouse of 73 leaves you? I hope his faith will carry him through.

Watched some TAGS today while doing the chores. How come the show just never gets old and boring? I always love watching it.

Hope you all have a terrific evening!