April 19, 2018 - Msg 109663: MDC, yes that was me. I forgot to sign off.
G-F, The TAGS has the regular theme music. The Bonanza dvd`s has different music in the beginning.
Boo, It was so sad to hear about Barbara Bush. I did not know that her she was having health problems. I remember seeing him on tv with health issues, very sad.
Take care all

April 19, 2018 - Msg 109664: Sweep Time!

April 19, 2018 - Msg 109665: Good sweep Frankie. It looks real purty!
BOO--I am glad to hear that you put your foot down about the lunches.
At 23 he should indeed be making his own.
I know he has had some special issues, but there is a limit. ha
I remember when I turned 21 and was still living at home, but attending AZ State University, and working at a local drug store,
my dad called me aside and said, "Steve you are now 21, and you are most welcome to live here you know that,
but your mother and I will now expect X amount each month as "rent" to help with water, electric, etc, and you will have to start doing your own laundry. Mother will still be cooking the evening meal, and that will be included in your "rent;" but if you are not here for it, it will be up for grabs by the other kids."
I did that for the next semester, but then moved into an apt near ASU with a couple long time classmates, and bingo, I was out on my own. It was a really good life lesson.

We have been having MA-vell-las days here lately. Even a few days recently have dipped back down into the '70s!

Have a good evening.

April 19, 2018 - Msg 109666: Hello porch family, thought I would rock a few minutes since I had a break at work.

hope everyone is doing ok. I have not rocked in a few days and have missed everyone.

Boo: I am glad Erin's appointment went well and you liked the Psychiatrist. seems like he knows what he is doing with the meds.

My Beth has been working at her new job for about a month now and things seems to be going well. They like her and she likes the folks she works with. I think this particular bank will be a good place for her to start as its not huge and there is no pressure to push loans, credit cards and such at the customers. From what I understand some of the bigger banks do that and the tellers and other folks performance evaluations and pay scales are attached to how many they can secure for the bank.

weather here has been crazy, warm one day, cool the next and cold the next. lots of rain and wind as well. The Sunday Bristol race had to be completed on Monday due to rain. From what I understand attendance was low for both days. Maybe the race later in the year will have better weather and attendance.

The redbuds, dogwood trees have been in full blood around here but with all the wind the blooms don't last long.

better get ready for my next session
lunch menu will be: club sandwiches on sour dough bread with bacon, chips of your choice. double chocolate chip cookies for dessert. tea or lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

April 19, 2018 - Msg 109667: Good morning, porch! Good to see some of you who have been absent, returning to the fold. You're missed when you're not here.

Boo, you are absolutely doing the right thing, to shift some responsibility to Sean. He'll feel better about himself in the long run. All youngsters, whether male or female, need to be self-sufficient, able to feed themselves and clean up after themselves. I was never overworked, but I started learning to cook at around age eight, was expected to hang up my clothes and make my own bed, help with the ironing, (and not just my own clothes, either) and later when I got my horse it was made quite plain that he was totally my responsibility. I fed him, groomed him, dug mud out of his hooves, kept an eye on his shoes and rode him over to the blacksmith when he needed to be re-shod. My dad bought his feed and brought it home, but that was about all. I wanted a horse, I got a horse, and all the responsibility that went with him. Talk about a life lesson!

Well, my responsibility now centers on a tiny dog, and at this moment she's hungry, so guess I'd better go feed her. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 19, 2018 - Msg 109668: Big Maude, good to see you. The menu sounds great!
I purchased one of those rabbit tv`s usb port for the computer today at walgreens. Get over 5000 tv and internet channels. Hundreds of radio stations also. I think what got my eye was they have the classic tv stations from the 60`s and go to 2000. Lots to pick from. The usb port was 9.99 and good for one year. Can watch real good on the laptop. There is a cord if I want to hook it to the tv and watch. Spent time just searching around and seeing what is all on this, kind of fun just searching around.
It is beautiful out here today so I put two loads of laundry on the line.
You all have a Mayberry Day!

April 20, 2018 - Msg 109669: Frankie, Just dont let Barney take down your laundry; he may borrow a dress! haha
I always wondered about those Rabbit usb drives. Sounds like a good deal for the price.

BIG Maude, glad you heeded my APB from a while back.
I thought maybe you had escaped from the state pen again! :)
I bet some days work may seem like the pen. ha
Glad your Beth is liking her job.

All--I made a crock pot beef roast today. Our Fry's (Kroger) store has beef chuck for 2.97 a lb. I added some small, whole red potatoes, chopped onions, carrots, celery, onion soup mix, and some spices. Six hours in the crock,
and the beef just fell apart! MMm, good! :)

Weather is staying nice in the low 80s. That is our average for this time of year.

I watched the original 3:10 to Yuma with Glenn Ford on Grit TV tonight. I had never seen it all the way thru. Now I'll be Glenn Fording all over town. lol

RO--I meant to mention how nice it is that your houseguest kids clean up after themselves. That really says a lot about their upbringing!

ASA--how goes it on the maintenance front?

Have a nice evening all.

April 20, 2018 - Msg 109670: Good evening, porch. Thanks, MDC, but I can't take much of the credit. It goes to their dad. He insisted on respect and cooperation from our kids, and we got it. It really rubbed off on them, too. Our oldest son's wife has a dear and cherished friend, a former co-worker from when they lived in Texas. The friendship has endured the distance, and about once a year, the friend goes to Florida and spends a week with them. She has one son, and he usually accompanies her when she goes, because my son's place is fun to visit, with the seadoos, pool, etc. Well, this "boy" who is now nearly thirty, is lazier any human ought to be. He is constantly fixing himself a snack, or making a full sandwich, whatever. Anywhere he sits, he leaves the area messy. He gets sandwich stuff out of the fridge, makes his sandwich, and leaves the stuff sitting on the island rather than returning it to the fridge. He reads a newspaper and leaves it crumpled on the floor. He leaves wet towels on the floor. It just makes my son see red, but he doesn't want to make trouble, as the guy's mom is very defensive of him. So, one day after cleaning up the kitchen for the third time, my son had enough. He got a small sticky note pad and a pen, and took it to the young man. Very kindly and sweetly, he said to him, "I know you aren't accustomed to policing your own messes, and when it's just you and your mom, it's not a problem. However, since when you visit here, there are three other adults in the home, it causes a little confusion. We're not sure exactly sure whose turn it is to clean up after you. So would you do us all a favor, and when you're leaving a mess, just jot down the name of the person you expect to clean it up, and stick it to the plate, or the papers, or whatever, so we'll know when it's our turn? Thanks a lot!" The guy just looked at him with his mouth hanging open and never said a word. My son said he was a little better at cleaning up after himself for the remainder of that visit. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My Dale would have done that, for sure. Just his style!

We had our monthly senior adult dinner at church tonight, and it was so good. It was catered by the cooking and hospitality department of one of our local high schools - the Academy. It's not a public school, they charge tuition, but those kids learn life skills! They come out as musicians, artists, dancers, chefs, hotel managers, engineers, and with a solid background in the usual school curriculum as well. They cater our dinner about six times a year, and it's always just great! They have developed a lot of their own recipes, and are about to publish a cookbook, or so we were told. I want one!

Well, guess I'll turn in. It's late, I'm tired, and Toye Starr is past ready for bed. Lots of little deep sighs! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 20, 2018 - Msg 109671: Good Friday morning everyone.

MDC, Just as busy as ever here, thanks for asking. Your dinner sounds good. Try as I might, my roasts in the crock pot never seem to come out to good. Not sure what I do wrong. If you insist on Glenn Fording it all over town, save the bank for last. That way I can go get some screws for my gun and some bullet polish. I gotta tell ya though, I hate to get this ambitious on a Friday. :)

Romeena, It sure is amazing how some folks are raised, ain't it? I just love Proverbs 13:24. Should be mandatory reading for anyone wanting to be a parent.

Hey to Big Maude. Good to see you. Remind me to tell you a story about my oldest Daughters first banking job. It was wild.

Well I went to see the Doc yesterday about my "trigger finger". He gave me a cortisone shot and I gotta tell you, It hasn't done much. Still locking up and hurting. I feel kind of silly when I tell folks I am limited to what I can do somewhat. They ask why and I tell them I have a sore pinkie. Boy, not much sympathy but a lot of teasing. lol

Well GF, I think we have finally broke winters grip here. We are supposed to be in the 70's, or close to it for the next 7 days. Yabba dabba doo!

Frankie, I have never heard of that gizmo you were talking about. Sounds pretty nice though. I might have to check into it.

I was watching an old Dallas last night and saw Mayor Stoner playing a preacher. He married J.R. and Sue Ellen. And I saw John Masters selling J.R. some flowers. I was waiting to see Earnest T. jump in and stop the wedding, but he didn't.

Well I best get going. Use or lose on my vacation so I am off on Monday. ; :)


April 20, 2018 - Msg 109672: ..Garden planted and it went down to 41 degrees last night...I think I it will be ok..FB friends I will post pics ..Lunch at Olive Garden on Boo and I,.prayers...now back outside...SPOT

April 20, 2018 - Msg 109673: Hi Family.
Will it stop raining here and now we will git some nice days.
Will you can tell Spring is here by the city worker are going crazy.
Romeena have you every heard of a flower called Hanging Naked Men?
Literally look like a Purple Men with their ---- out?
there is a pic of it on fb,


April 21, 2018 - Msg 109674: ASA--here are a few tricks that I use. I first find a chuck roast with some good 'marbling' and then I cut in into 2 inch by 2 inch sections. I place them on the bottom of the crock. Next I add the small red potatoes with skin on. That way they dont turn to 'mush." I then add a cup of water and a packet of onion soup mix, and a couple beef bullion cubes. After that cooks on High for three hours, I add the onions, celery and carrots, cut in about two inch segments. Cook for another three hours and it is 'fall apart' good! I believe you are ept!! :) Have a good long weekend!
RO--One of the first people I will ask to see in heaven will be Dale! He sure had his thumb on the pace of all things family! :)
TOM--I sure hope your weather turns nice real soon!
SPOT- I shall check out FB for ya.
Well, good night folks!

April 21, 2018 - Msg 109675: Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good weekend so far. I have to work this evening but don't really mind. My last paycheck was rather skimpy due to working less. Thanks for the encouragement Ro and MDC. Sean has decided to try and eat better, less fast food, etc. so that will mean he will have to be more involved in his eating. He took care of his own lunch today. He will do his laundry but here is what keeps happening...I try to keep the laundry up by doing a load daily, which means when I put my clothes in, it is too small a load so I go looking for other dirty clothes to add to the load to conserve water, etc. That usually means I am washing everyone's clothes. So, I am sending a confusing message about laundry. They will do it if they need clothes, but usually it is already done. You all know about my compulsive laundry habit. ;) Sean is paying is having to pay his own car insur@nce and will be getting on his own phone plan as soon as our contract is up. His old car is always needed repair so the plan is for him to save up and buy another one in a few months, which he will be responsible for paying for. As far as rent, we will have to wait and see if he can afford it. Right now we are really waiting to see how he does longterm on this job. Thanks for all the great advice! Maude, happy to hear that Beth is doing well on her job. :) Good to see you on the porch.

Sorry about the trigger finger, Asa! Might I suggest daily use of Tumeric spice? Its is a powerful anti-inflammatory that you can add to food or buy in capsule form. Also, it might help to do an internet search on foods that reduce inflammation in the body. It can't hurt, and it might really help.

The weather here has been unseasonably cool and we are really enjoying it. It is cloudy today but no rain that I can see. I wish it would rain. My grass could use some nitrogen..not as green as it was last month. Better get going...Love to all, Boo

April 21, 2018 - Msg 109676: "Hanging naked men" flowers, TOM? Can't say I've heard of it but sounds like a floor show down at the Gigolo Club. ;)


April 21, 2018 - Msg 109677: Good morning, porch! Looks like we're going to get some rain today - yay!! I can water all I want, and run my water bill up, but nothing does it like rain. Boo, you're so right. The nitrogen the rain brings with it really boosts the green-up in the grass.

It sounds like you're laying out a good path for Sean to follow. Every young man should know how to do laundry, and also to feed himself with something besides fast food. Some basic housecleaning skills are good, too. David lived with us well into his twenties, and it was a joy to have him here. I hated it when he finally moved out. We never charged him rent, but he would come in with a sack of groceries on a regular basis, he mostly did his own laundry, though I would grab a few things now and then to complete a load, like you said. He kept his area clean, (which was the whole front part of the house) and didn't leave messes in the kitchen and living area. He helped with the lawn care, supported his own car, and put a little into savings on a regular basis. The "savings" part mostly stopped when he did move out, going to his share of the rent when he moved in with a buddy from church. He was a joy to have around while he was here, and we missed him when he moved out. At the same time, it was very gratifying to see our last little bird finally leave the nest, and fly away. When he did, he flew high and straight, and is doing well. He's raising his boys the same way. They have plenty of parental support, but they also have responsibility, and are taught how to meet it acceptably. They have freedom. Landry has his license now, and the use of his dad's old jeep, but David has a tracker app on his phone and knows exactly where Landry is when he's away from home. They're in church regularly, and participate in activities there. They're good boys.

Asa, I'd love to hear about your daughter's first banking job. My youngest daughter worked in a bank for a while too, and had some stories to tell.

Well, guess I'll go feed my tiny roommate, my baby girl, whatever she is. Some people see her and think she's just a dog, but trust me, she is much more than that. She's a companion, a little kid, a small angel, all wrapped up in a puppydog suit. She will be twelve years old in July, and still acts like a puppy - playful, goofy, cute as a button, loving, and thinks she's as big as anybody ever was. Truly a gift to me from God. --Romeena

April 22, 2018 - Msg 109678: It is late on my end of the porch, and i should be getting to bed soon. It seems like Saturdays are still Saturdays when retired... I always seem to end up at the hardware store. ha We have a small Ace a few blocks from our house, and they have a whole wall of bins with just about any washer, spring, or screw available! I have never seen so many sizes of o-rings! Also, they always have a pot of coffee and are the friendliest people around, unlike some of the big box stores where you search for someone to help you.
Some days I expect to see Tim Allen walk in! :)
Anyway, thank God I didnt need a sprinkler part, but rather
I did need a small washer for the 'seat' on an outdoor faucet. Found the exact size needed.
Well, that's about it, except to say we had the rest of the pot roast for supper.
I hope RO got rain. Our weather lady showed all the 'green' over Dallas.

April 22, 2018 - Msg 109679: Here you go MDC...Since you didn’t get to see Tim..https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0V9YZ7C88iU
Is your sprinkler a Turbo Charged Binford 1000?..ha!


April 22, 2018 - Msg 109680: Good Sabbath all.
MDC, Our secondary water was turned on this week so yesterday I fired up my sprinkler system. Very happy to report there were no leaks. Just a couple of minor issues that I was able to quickly resolve. I blow my system down each fall with compressed air and that saves me a lot of problems in the spring I believe. We have a small farm store close to us that I go visit for parts and small things like that. I swear they have one of everything. Sure better than going to a big box store on a weekend. What a zoo they are.

Romeena, my Daughter was fresh out of High School when she landed a teller job with a National Bank. As a newbie, she had to work Saturdays. On her first Saturday their, she was working with another female teller. They only were opend half a day on Saturdays, so after they closed up at noon time, they still had all the usual stuff to do such as reconciling their tills and locking up the safe and all the other stuff they did as a matter of routine. Well the experienced teller told my Daughter that she could handle everything herself and to go ahead and take off and enjoy the rest of her weekend. My Daughter, not knowing any better, said ok and left. Well come Monday morning when they came and opened the Safe, it was pretty much empty. The other teller had and her boyfriend had stolen all the money in it (several hundred of thousands of dollars) and were gone. Of course my Daughter was a prime suspect. Was interviewed by the local Police and the F.B.I. When she informed them that the other woman had told her to go ahead and leave, they were incredulous. That is a big no no in the Banking world. There must always be two present when counting the money. Of course my Daughter, being brand new, knew nothing about that. I think she was still considered a suspect until a few days later when the actual thieve were captured in Southern California. They eventually confessed and were convicted. My Daughter was innocent but she was pretty sure her Bank career was over. But the Bank realized she was not involved in any way, and kept her on. She went on to work her way up the ladder their and eventually has become a Loan Officer. Has done very well for herself. But it was a shaky start to say the least.

Boo, I'll try some of that Tumeric spice stuff. The finger is still locking up some, although not as bad, and the pain is a lot less. Good on you for insisting that Sean learn to be responsible like that. My Dad told me that after High School I was welcome to stay at home, and if I was going to College, I could stay home for free. But if I wasn't, there would be a small charge for room and board. He made it clear that the one thing I would not be doing is just hanging around, with no job and no purpose in life. He instilled in me a strong work ethic, something I am most thankful for, and something I have tried to instill in my kids.

Well my other Daughter is speaking in Church today so I am going to her congregation to listen to her. She was recently called to be a leader in her Church's childrens group. That little girl is a gem.

Prayers for all.


April 22, 2018 - Msg 109681: That’s why they call them Daddy’s Girls..Amen Asa?...G-F

April 22, 2018 - Msg 109682: Amen GF. She is the apple of my eye for sure.


April 22, 2018 - Msg 109683: Hello Porch, had a pretty stressful weekend. You all take care.

April 22, 2018 - Msg 109684: That is some story about your daughter, Asa. Poor thing! Must have been really scary at the time. I'm glad things went well for her after that.

Bet you are very proud of your daughter who spoke in church. Hope she loves being a leader in the children's group.

Romeena, I know from what you have shared here on the porch that your sons are good men...much like their Daddy, I am sure (you had something to do with that too;).

It's been a nice, fairly restful Sunday. The weather is still so nice here. It warmed up a lot this afternoon but was still cool in the shade. As is becoming our custom, St. Susan and her family came over to play croquet in the backyard. I told little Emily that when summer comes, we can play croquet with the sprinkler system running. That should be fun and keep us cool! Bruce says he wants to have a gathering here for Memorial day this year. I am thinking about how it might be a good gag to get unsuspecting folks out on the lawn for a game and then turn the sprinklers on them. Fun! ha

I have been trying to coordinate a little trip to a state park north of San Antonio in June, so we and St. Susan;s family can go swim in the river and camp overnight. Susan has a small camper but the kids and I would have to stay in a screened shelter. I could handle it for one night. It has a great place to swim..deep, green water, and so cool...lots of shade. It's Blanco state park. Have you been there, Romeena? It's very clean and not a lot of people most of the time. We can reserve a spot during the week. It's not like the frio but I am getting too old for tubing, I think, and I just want to go for one night so want to be closer to home.

Well, it's getting late so going to go get my Melatonin and start winding down for the night. Love to all,


April 23, 2018 - Msg 109685: BOO--glad you are feeling better these days, and that your
Sabbath day was somewhat relaxing.

ASA--boy that is quite a story. I figured it was going to
be a 'hold up' of some sort, but never figured that it would be an "inside job!"
My first year out of ASU i did not get a teaching job, but i did get a job at a Pizza Hut. Well, one night, after I was there about 6 months, the manager had to leave early (about a half hour before closing), and he asked me if I could lock up. I said sure, there is just one customer here having a beer. As the manager left, the man walked up to the counter to "pay for his beer" when the next thing I know I was looking down the barrel of a pistol. He asked for all in the till, which I gave him, and then he told me to go in the back room and count to 500.
I did a fast 100, ran out to lock the door and called the police. He was never found.

Frankie--I sure hope all is OK with you and yours.

Well, I had a pretty relaxing day. I was warm here, but that's OK, cuz my wheeler got the workout. ha

God bless,

April 23, 2018 - Msg 109686: Meant IT was warm...

April 23, 2018 - Msg 109687: Well..I hope this “Counter Omen” works. I took a leap of faith and set both my rockers out on my front porch today. This way it will chase away the cold weather I'm hoping. But I DO live in Ohio the land of never OVEREXPECTING ...It’s a warm and beautiful 72 degrees here right now!..Whooohoo!


April 23, 2018 - Msg 109688: Wow, Asa, that's some story! It turned out well, but I'll bet your daughter (and mom and dad) were pretty scared. It could have gone badly if the actual thieves hadn't been caught. Scary stuff! I'm happy to hear that the bank kept her on and I'll bet they're glad they did, too. Also - and this just occurred to me - it's probably a very good thing that she left when the woman told her she could go. If she had refused, and tried to stay around, they might have harmed her, or worse.

Yes, Boo, I've been to Blanco State Park, but it's been many years. I remember it as being beautiful, with a clean river and lots of big pretty trees. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun. Wish I could go too!

MDC, I'll bet you learned the meaning of the word "scared" that night when the robber pulled the gun. Sounds like you did exactly the right thing, no arguing with him, just give him the money.

You know, one of these days, somebody is going to design a robbery-proof concept, than can be adapted to different kinds of businesses, and would be useful in everything from fast-food stores to convenience stores, maybe even banks. Make the counter between the employee and the customer/robber bullet-proof, and leave a hidey-hole open on the employee's side. He or she could just drop to the floor and roll in there, sliding a door shut behind them. Then alarms would go off, the police would be automatically called, and the cash drawers would close and lock. The exits could all lock automatically too, and when the police arrive, their thief is nicely bottled up for them. Costly, yes, but it could save a lot of money in the long run, not to mention saving lives. If we can program our HVAC, lock our doors, and arm our alarm systems from our smart phones these days, then none of the things I mentioned are impossible.

Frankie, I hope your week goes better than your weekend! Sorry it was stressful. That just happens sometimes, doesn't it?

Well, guess I'll go take some pictures of the spectacular irises, amaryllis, roses and sundrops that are blooming in my yard right now. The yard has finally awakened, and is really pretty right now. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 24, 2018 - Msg 109689: RO--I was definitely doing a lot of silent prayer!! I have heard that some places are experimenting
with a "no cash" concept now, only credit, debit, or that other way with waving one's phone for payment. Signs are on all the entrances, and at the ordering counter...NO CASH.
BTW, many of our bank tellers here are now behind bulletproof glass.

Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but i write a quarterly newsletter for my high school
alumni association. It goes out via broadcast email, but I also get 100 copies printed up for our more
senior alumni. We have 1 guy from the class of 1942 and 3 from the class of 1949 on the mailing list as our most elderly! That's pretty old if you do the math as most graduated at age 18!

Well, it is going to be back in the mid 90s all this week. I think they may be here to stay for a while. :( GF--I'll take your 72 any day!

BOO--that state park idea sounds like a good one!

Prayers for all!

April 24, 2018 - Msg 109690: MDC, Romeena, Mom has been having problems with her knees. I have been worried sick about her. Was helping her to the bathroom the other day and both of her knees went out. I hung on to her with all my strength but was not strong enough. So I gently set her on the floor and a wonderful neighbor came over and helped me get her back in the wheelchair. She is feeling better today just a sore knee now.

April 24, 2018 - Msg 109691: Good Tuesday morning all.

Frankie, I am so sorry to read that about your Mom. I am glad you and your neighbor were able to help her get back up. It is so hard to watch those we love age and have those kind of issues. I pray for her and for you for better days.

Romeeena, I have often wondered what might have happened had my Daughter refused to leave early that day.

Stacey gave her talk in Church on Sunday and did a bang up job. (but I am biased) lol She has grown into a lovely woman, Wife, Daughter and Mom in spite of me, not because of me. lol

I went and watched 3 of the Grandkiddies play soccer on Saturday. So much fun to watch. The older two girls have been playing for several years now, and have gotten quite good and quite competitive. Where as my Grandson is in just his second year and is still learning a lot. He had me laughing Saturday as he and another kid were going to kick the ball at the same time, just before they arrived at the ball, both stopped just short of kicking it and covered their faces thinking the other was going to kick it and hit them in the face. I wish I could have got it on film. Dang funny.

Boo, Glad you have had some good weather to enjoy your time off of work. Sounds like you are planning a fun summer. Good on you.

MDC, That had to be scary to say the least buddy. When I was 17 I had someone try to rob me at the Gas Station I worked at. But he wasn't carrying a gun. He did have a tire iron in his hand, but before it got very far a car pulled in for gas and he fled. I called my boss to tell him what had happened. The whole event was odd and almost didn't seem real. Well he called the Police, and within a minute the place was swarming with cop cars. At least a dozen. They never caught the perp, but it was quite a night.

GF, You're pretty brave setting them rockers out there already. Is this the final act of defiance on your part? :) Haven't you learned you don't fool with Mother nature!? lol

Well back to work after a 3 day weekend. This weeks agenda, Sprinkling systems. My back hurts just saying it.


April 24, 2018 - Msg 109692: GF--I forgot to say that I liked the Tim Allen video! More later, MDC

April 25, 2018 - Msg 109693: Thank you Asa

April 25, 2018 - Msg 109694: HI ALL,
Hope you had a good day.
ASA--please dont say that word spr---lers! ha
I am glad that you at least blew the water out of your own before winter. we dont have to worry about that here.
Well, eye doc tomorrow and then CHF doc on Thursday. Good thing I'm retired! haha
God bless,

April 25, 2018 - Msg 109695: Very slow day on the porch I see.
I hope you are all well.

April 26, 2018 - Msg 109696: .....Sunny ☀️ Day in the Neighborhood Today..Whoowho!....G-F

April 26, 2018 - Msg 109697: Good morning all.

GF, Enjoy that sunshine buddy. Just don't get a sunburn.

MDC, Maybe everyone is out repairing their sprinklers. It's that time of year.

Frankie, I hope your Mom is doing better.

I have a staff infection.... Whoops, I mean staff meeting in Salt Lake today. An hour drive in both directions, with a two hour meeting and an hour lunch in between. That just about has my day planned out for me already. lol Now if I can get GF or MDC to dig up and replace a few valves for me, I'll be set. Maybe have someone bring me out a pitcher of nice cold lemonade, ahh, just hits the spot! :)


April 26, 2018 - Msg 109698: hello porch. made it to Thursday this week. been a busy week for me here at work. looking ahead at my work schedule and realized I do not have any openings in my schedule until June.

my end of the porch has been wet this week. rain off and on and cool. supposed to start
raining this afternoon and into the evening.

not much news to report from my end of the porch so guess I will post a dinner menu and get busy cooking

dinner menu: salisbury steak with mushrooms and onions , mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, rolls. peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. tea and lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

April 27, 2018 - Msg 109699: Howdy Porch!
We have been having wonderful weather over here.
Asa, Mom is doing better still taking it very easy and slow. Trying to be as careful as we can. As we get older it takes a while for the body to heal up. Neither one of us can do the things we used to. Mom just turned 93 the other day and right now she is playing on her new computer. She loves playing games on her computer and watching tv at the same time. That is when I hop onto my laptop and catch up on things.
Big Maude, you sure have good menu`s. Makes me hungry just ready about all that good food.
Take care all.

April 27, 2018 - Msg 109700: ASA--when I was working in an office before I retired, "corporate" from california, would come by about 3 times a year; and we would have those kinds of meetings. All I can say is "the lunches were good!" haha
BIG Maude--good to hear from ya. Sounds like you need to take Dr Breen's advice and slow down a bit. We could sure use some of that rain here! And thanks for the prayers and the dinner!
GF--don't that sun feel nice?!
I suppose some of you have heard about the teacher walkout here on my AZ end of the porch. It is a very complicated issue, and I am mixed on what they are doing. Let us pray
that it gets resolved quickly.
Have a good evening all,
MDC :)

April 27, 2018 - Msg 109701: Frankie, you nudged in there on me. Howdy!

April 27, 2018 - Msg 109702: .....Thanks MDC...Always liked me some John Denver, I STILL listen to his music today!....G-F

April 27, 2018 - Msg 109703: Good Friday morning all.

Frankie, I am glad your Mom is doing a bit better. I know what you mean about Maude's suppers. I declare I gain 5 pounds just reading about them.

MDC, Yep, they fed us pretty good. Some good Philly cheese steak sammiches.

GF, Speaking of John Denver, I always thought he wrote Country Roads, but it was in fact written by another feller. This other feller and his wife became good friends with Denver and she was actually the back-up female vocalist you hear on some renditions of Country Roads. Anyway, this feller and his wife, Bill and Taffy Danoff a few years later joined with another couple and became th Starland Vocal Band. They had one really big hit "Afternoon Delight" back in the mid 70's. I don't know why, but that kind of stuff interests me for some reason. Maybe I gotta compelshion. lol

This is Asa Casey Kassem" Breeney saying keep reaching for the stars. :)

April 27, 2018 - Msg 109704: Here is a clip of John Denver and Bill and Taffy Danoff singing it in 1973.


April 27, 2018 - Msg 109705: Good One Asa!..I saw John Denver and the Starlland Vocal Band Up in Cleveland I think it was in 73-74. I remember him saying they wrote it. The good old music is like connecting with Old Friends again Amen?...

Well ANOTHER first round QB for the Browns...Now you can add Mayfield to that growing list of hopefuls!....


April 27, 2018 - Msg 109706: Hi Porch.
Now that we have some nice weather for now, so lit stay are spring clearing?
MDC can sweep the sizdwalks and G-F and do the pain and Rom can make some plant box.


April 27, 2018 - Msg 109707: Tom, I will sip lemonade and supervise them folks.

Indeed GF, amazing how old songs can bring back memories. There are some songs from a couple of year span that I thought I hated, until I realized it wasn't the song I hated but rather a particular bad time I was going through at the time. But the song would take me right back to that time.
Good luck Tom and GF with yet another great hope.

Y'all have a great weekend. I am doing another 3 day one. A feller could get used to this.


April 28, 2018 - Msg 109708: TOM--I'm afraid that I sweep like Fred Plumber! ha
GF--another good one by John Denver. (RMH still his alltime best tho, IMHO)
Was 103 here today! What? Yup, but, get this,
forecast says 73 by Tuesday. Go figure.
ROMEENA and BOO, y'all OK. POSSUM too!
Happy weekend,

April 28, 2018 - Msg 109709: Good morning, porch! Yep, MDC, I'm fine. Just been busy. A member of my SS class has been very, very sick, and just got out of the hospital a few days ago. She had heart surgery, and her recovery was very slow and difficult. She has other issues with her health that affected her recovery. Anyway, she's home now, but still has some unhealed places in her incision that require dressing changes. So another nurse in the class and I are going by and doing those changes, as she is not old enough for Medicare and her insur@nce doesn't cover home health visits. One or both of us will go by every day until she's all healed up. It may take a couple of weeks. We're enjoying it - old retired nurses are like firehorses, we hear the bell and we want to run - and I guess we never really fully retire in our hearts. Besides, we're old friends for about forty years, and it's fun working together.

I've made a discovery. Most of you probably know that most of the hybrid roses we plant are not own-root plants, the branded rose is grafted to root stock from a different, very hardy rose, usually a climber. You get some beautiful roses that way, but a severe cold spell can freeze that graft, and you're left with the root stock, which will then promptly start sending out long canes, as the climber that is the base takes over. They're not particularly attractive at that stage, just long, gangly canes waving in the breeze with little dark red, nondescript flowers on them. That has happened to me several times, and I've always just dug them up and trashed them. Well, I have three of them right now - not sure whether the grafts froze or were killed by the rose rosette disease, also called "witch's broom", that swept through here and killed about 80% of the roses in this part of the country. Just out of curiosity, with the most recent three, instead of digging them up, I just started pruning those canes back, leaving about a foot of growth. It worked! The pruned canes would then start sending out side-growth, at least two or more new canes from the single one I had pruned. I've kept doing that, and pruning the new growth as well, and I've been rewarded with amazing little bushes, just covered with lovely, blood-red roses. New long canes still reach out, but I just prune them back, and they branch out to make the bush even more full. They're really very pretty, and I'm encouraging them. I guess if you can't lick 'em, then join 'em!

I'm about to get into a major re-do on my fishpond, or rather on the screening over it that keeps that murderous egret out of it. What's there now has stretched, sunk in and looks just horrible. The bunco girls will be here next Friday night, and I want to have it all looking pretty by then. Right now, it looks terrible. Like Tom said, it needs some spring cleaning.

Have a great weekend, everyone. --Romeena

April 28, 2018 - Msg 109710: MDC & Asa, love the John Denver clips. He had a voice like an angel. I loved his music back in the days and still do.
Romeena, sending get well message for your friend.
You all have a wonderful day.

April 29, 2018 - Msg 109711: Speaking of John Denver, I was watching a program on TV about his plane crash. The NTSB determined it was pilot error, he ran out of gas in one tank and the lever to switch tanks was behind him and difficult to reach...Sad, because it could have been prevented if he had just filled up before he took off like his instructor suggested. Plus relocating the tank valve levers..
The plane was called the Big Eazy, I guess it did not live up to the name...Anyway....Another one gone too soon!


April 29, 2018 - Msg 109712: Good morning, porch. Just got a minute before heading off to church. G-F, I never knew that about John Denver's crash. So sad. Makes me think about my son's "unscheduled landing", as he insists on calling it. He refuses to call it a crash, and technically, it wasn't, as he chose where he would set it down. He ran out of fuel in one tank, switched over to the other tank, which contained 40 gallons of fuel, and flew for a few minutes, doing just fine, when the engine suddenly just quit. The reason for the engine failure has never been determined. Using his skills acquired flying gliders, he managed to set the plane down in an open field, but it skidded through some piles of plowed-up tree roots, and just demolished that beautiful little plane, a 6-seat Beechcraft Bonanza. It didn't burn, in spite of the load of fuel it had, and he came away with 88 stitches, some amazing bruises, but no broken bones or internal injuries. I believe God was riding with him that day.

Well, got to get dressed and head on up to the church. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 29, 2018 - Msg 109713: Hey to all! No time to read back over the last couple of days cause I have to get ready for preachin' but will read later. I noticed the discussion of John Denver. I am a big fan. His last concert was here in Corpus Christi and I missed it, unfortunately. I had seen a video about his death and the plane crash, G-F. Very sad that he was still fairly young. I think I related to him because of his love for Colorado and his folk music (in case you haven't figured it out yet, I am a hippie at heart). I don't use drugs or drink, I am just on a mind-trip most of the time. hahaha Seriously, though, I tend to dress in a style that could be seen as hippie-fied and listen to 70s music almost exclusively. I adore tie dye and well, ya'll know I'm vegan. wonder what will be next...pass the brownies. ;)
When we went out to west texas for Hurricane Harvey I had one of those surreal, soul-grounding experiences of riding in the car, looking at those vast expanses of texas desert and listening to a CD of the best of John Denver live. Man, it was groovy. ;) The only thing that would have made it better is if Possum had been with me. The girl and I have GOT to take a road trip one of these days.

I think I mentioned before that one of my favorite places is Georgetown Colorado, where John Denver filmed a movie called The Christmas Gift (I think). I always spend a night or two there when we go and it is the most charming little town in the valley of a gorgeous mountain range. The first time we went, the big tree on mainstreet was decorated in honor of John Denver, with his pictures on it and little guitar ornaments. What a magical place.

Romeena, I wish you could be with us in Blanco. I can offer you a place in the screened shelter if you want..if you are up to real camping. I would love to have you! June the 6th and 7th and you could bring little Toye Starr. Its going to be nice...just swimming, sitting in the shade, sitting around a fire and roasting marshmallows, trying to sleep in the heat...you know the drill. :)

Better get myself off here and get to church. Love to all!