June 29, 2018 - Msg 110086: Danger...Danger...Will Robinson!...https://youtu.be/RG0ochx16Dg For those of you who donít remember...Good Show...G-F

June 29, 2018 - Msg 110087: Iíll ask The Robot to sweep...Too a Dang Hot!...G-F

June 29, 2018 - Msg 110088: "Ohh...the pain, the pain."
;) I watched it too.

John Masters

June 29, 2018 - Msg 110089: Hot. Dang hot ! Been in the 90Ēs here in ga. Good sweep GF. Iím gona go back and read ! For tonight itís grill ribeye steaks. Baked sweet taters and salad. ďGo My 1st place Braves !! Prayers. SPOT

June 29, 2018 - Msg 110090: I think that is a wise idea, Ro. How awful it would be to fall and not be able to get help. Certainly hope you are feeling much better soon, and sorry about the crowns!

I am stuck here at work and nothing to do right now. It is very quiet and my eyes want to close.

Forgot to mention that Sean bought himself a car this week. We had to drive to San Antonio to get it but it was worth it. He really got a great deal on a 2013 Impala with low miles. It is beautiful, too, and was taken care of. It has gray leather interior and is black with chrome accents. Really pretty car and with the down payment he saved and a trade in, his payments will only be 188 a month. He is pretty excited because now he as air conditioning!

Well, just wanted to check in but not alot to say. Hope you all are having a good evening.


June 30, 2018 - Msg 110091: ROMEENA--you may not like this, but I am now going to suggest a cane or, drat, a WALKER. I know that sounds drastic, but isnt swallowing a little pride better than swallowing tooth crowns, or worse yet, floor tile! Just sayin'. :) Actually, I use my dad's old walker when I first get up in the morning; not because of trick knees, but
rather because of the arthritis in my lower back. It takes a few minutes to get the stiffness out. I straighten my arms out as tight as I can,
and it takes some pressure off my back. Oh, and Spot's potatoes sound nice and soft for those teeth.
BOO--glad to see that Sean got a car. Saw it on FB. I just hope it was not from
Ms. Lesh's used car lot and reconditioned repos! ha
ASA-- So sorry that you are so busy. I pray for all the porchsters each morning. I hope you can 'feel' them a little bit.
Tonight's TAGS ep was Ernest T joins the army. My fav quote from that one is "Shut your mouth, and open it!" lol
Thank you for your prayers.
SPOT-- yup, your tribe has been pretty consistent for sure!
Have a good evening all,

June 30, 2018 - Msg 110092: Good evening, porch. Or more correctly, good morning, as it's now about 3:30 a.m. As usual, I'm up very late, and since I'm not planning to leave the house tomorrow, I'll sleep until I'm ready to get up.

MDC, I appreciate your concerns, and understand what you're thinking, but trust me, a walker would not be a solution. I have one, as I needed it after my knee surgery in 2005, and used it again in the first week or two after my big back surgery in 2012 or 2013, whenever it was. It was very handy in the first days at home, and I needed it, but as I got better, it became a liability. Quite simply, it got in my way. Same with the cane, which I've had since the knee surgery, compliments of my daughter. I've tripped over the thing several times.

Now I'm not saying that the day will not come, it probably will, but not now. I'm still much too active and busy to bother with such encumbrances. This present fall was a wake-up, that I can't rely on that knee. I'm learning, and developing little skills that will help. Such as - if I'm having to execute a step that will transfer a lot of weight to that weak knee, especially if it's not planted solidly, like I did Sunday night, I'll make sure I've got my hand on something for balance and support. For example, I watered the orchids again yesterday evening, and as I stepped through the doorway where I fell, I kept one hand on the door facing until I was safely on both feet again, and felt secure.

It's not a matter of pride, when the time comes, I'll get one of those UpWalker things (I refuse to hunch over a standard walker and just make my back worse) and will use it gratefully, but that day isn't here yet. I think I'd look a little silly, rolling a walker around in the back yard as I pull weeds, and it would probably be a little difficult to carry my trash and recycle stuff to the street and manage a walker or a cane at the same time. Your suggestion is well taken, but you're at a disadvantage, because all you really know is what I've written, you don't have a complete picture. My kids would be horrified to see me come trundling a walker through the door. As I said, it's probably coming some day, but not yet. If I continue to fall, I may have to revisit the idea, and I will, but not now.

Boo, that's great news about Sean's car. Good for him! He must be so proud. He has worked so hard, and deserves that reward.

David and Brittney left this afternoon, going to Wales on a mission trip with a group from their church. This will be David's third trip, Brittney's second, and I'm so proud of them. The boys will be at summer camp next week, and I'll have Diesel. No problem there, he's such a good and obedient boy, and he'll keep Toye Starr entertained and busy. It's good for her, to get her stirred up and playing.

Well, guess I'll head for the ironing board. Blessings to all, and sweet dreams. --Romeena

June 30, 2018 - Msg 110093: Hey SPOT your Braves and my Indians...It could be a ďTribalĒ World Series this year?..G-F

June 30, 2018 - Msg 110094: Sorry donít want to leave out MDCís snakes 🐍 they are top of their division too!...Maybe they can put a hurt on those Washington ďsnakes in the grassĒ and take them to the woodshed a few times to help out....

G-F again

July 01, 2018 - Msg 110095: It is very late, so I'll read messages and leave a post on Sunday. Good Sabbath

July 01, 2018 - Msg 110096: Mayberry has lost another...Dean Webb the mandolin playing Darling Boy passed away...😥

July 01, 2018 - Msg 110097: Good morning, porch. I know, I should be in the car, on my way to church, but I thought I'd keep my bruised and not-too-pretty self at home this morning, especially with my crowns gone from my two front teeth. I look like a snake. Also, my grandsons - Landry and Hudson - are on their way here right now, bringing Diesel to leave with me. They're going to Pinewood Camp in East Texas for the coming week. It's a faith-based camp, and this will be their third year to go. It's really a fine camp - all sorts of sports and activities, like archery, and even horses to ride. It will also be Landry's last year, as he graduates high school next June. I think he might be able to go next year as a junior counselor, but I'm not sure about that.

I'm just not ready for those boys to be so grown up. David fixed up his Jeep, which he bought not long after he got out of high school, and drove for many years. When he needed a different vehicle, he bought a Tahoe in 2004 and drove it until the present, it has 470,000k miles on it, and still runs fine. He kept the Jeep and put it in storage. As Landry was preparing to drive, they got the Jeep out of storage and fixed it up, really snazzy. It has a light bar, programmed underlights, and has lots of other bells and whistles now that it never had while David drove it. Landry will drive it until he goes to college, then it will remain with Hudson until he graduates. After that, who knows? David has spent some money on the thing, but he's already had some offers from people wanting to buy it, and it's worth more than he has in it. I don't think he'd ever sell it, though.

I'm not really comfortable with those boys driving alone to the camp, but I need to get used to it. Landry is 17, a careful and competent driver, and they will be fine. I was driving when I was 14. I can't imagine what my mother went through! The camp they're going to is about fifty miles east of Dallas, so they have to get across Dallas on that spaghetti-bowl of highways and interchanges, and then they have a pretty clean drive to the camp, which is just this side of Tyler. I don't drive into Dallas, and those two kids are about to do it??? Lord, protect them!

Well, enough. I'm going to talk myself into a perfect tizzy! They'll be fine. Blessings, porch. Have a lovely Sabbath. --Romeena

July 01, 2018 - Msg 110098: Correction - it's not Pinewood Camp, it's Pine Cove. I don't know why I'm determined to call it Pinewood. this is not the first time! Could it be I'm getting old? Naahhh!

Sorry to hear about Dean Webb. Those Darling Boys were something else! Guess Heaven's music is even more beautiful now, with his mandolin joining in. --Romeena

July 01, 2018 - Msg 110099: Well, the boys have come and gone, and are now on their way to Pine Cove Camp. To my immense relief, and to the credit of their parents' wisdom, they were not driving the Jeep. They're in their mom's Tahoe, a couple of years younger and with considerably less mileage than the other one. Very wise decision by the parents. That tricked-out Jeep just invites even the best-behaved young men to do something stupid, and once at the camp, there will be a lot of young people, all with active imaginations and ideas about what could be done in that Jeep. Believe it or not, I was young once, and my memory has not failed me completely. I recall some pretty dumb things I did at their age, when I had a couple of hundred horses at my disposal, with the turn of a switch. So, the Jeep is safely at home, and the boys are safely encased in a big black tank. Whew! --Romeena

July 01, 2018 - Msg 110100: Ainít nothin worse than a whole town on a crying Jag.. LeBron is going out West to be a Kardashian...G-F

July 01, 2018 - Msg 110101: Well, at work and decided to drop in for a minute. The porch seems quiet the last few days.

Hope you are healing well, Romeena.

The census here at work has been very low..lower than ever and there just is not enough to do. It makes for a long shift. I just finished reading a book that my late Aunt Linda had published, posthumously. She had one novel published in her lifetime but then her husband was ill and she never had another published although she did write several more romance novels. Her sons decided to have them published one by one. I am not a fan of romantic fiction but I find her book to be well-written and interesting. It was fairly predictable, though.

I have also been working on my knitting. I had put it aside for a year but picked it up again this past month. It is relaxing for me so I am going to try and keep at it.

I just finished watching a documentary on Patsy Cline on youtube and didnt realize that she was only 30 when she was killed in the plane crash. So tragic.

well, not much to share. It's been a lazy Sunday..didnt get in a hurry. :)


July 01, 2018 - Msg 110102: Hello all! Happy July! We made it thru another dry but hot June. Now our humidity will start to kick up a couple of notches. But I see on the news that most of the country is to get a heat wave of sorts.

RO--I heard that Dallas will be about 105!
Glad you are doing better, and I can't blame you
for not attending preaching today. (Those gossipin' ladies
would have a field day!) Just kidding with ya.
I am happy that you are taking some precautions
however. You already know what doc Andrews would say! :)

GF--where is he headed to?

BOO--I hope the A/C is holding up this summer in the facility. Also, how long have you been in your home now? I was thinking that it's only been about 5 years.

So sorry to hear that another Darling has "moved on." God rest his soul.

ASA--my "3 hour tour" of an MRI machine is on Tuesday. Thanks for your prayers! Mucho appreciated.

Have a nice Sunday evening all,

July 02, 2018 - Msg 110103: MDC...LeBron is going to the Lakers. Iím not a basketball fan so it matters not to me, but Cleveland needs a Hero!... He has done ALOT for the city and his hometown Akron which is just South of Cleveland...But at 154 MILLION dollars 💵 who could blame him...But as Forrest Gumpís Momma said ď Thereís only so much mon a man needs, the rest is just for showing off,Ē
AND THATíS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT!..So Good Luck tomorrow MDC on your tests Buddy...


July 02, 2018 - Msg 110104: Good Monday morning everybody! What happened to the weekend? They seem like they are about 8 hours instead of 48 hours.

Well GF, sorry you are losing your star player. It's kinda like when Barney was gonna take that Greendale Sheriff's job. Maybe he will decide at the last minute that Ohio needs him! But I bet that don't happen.

Good luck and prayers for you Steve for tomorrow. I know you are a bit anxious for this, as I know I would be. But as Barney told Andy, "just let your mind go blank". And I am sure they will give you some juice to help you do that. ;)

Hiya Boo, Good to see you posting. I am glad you have found a hobby to relax you. I need to do that also. A nice relaxing hobby. I need to get out on the golf course again. That always relaxes the bejeebers out of me. lol

Romeena, I hope your recovery is going well. Glad you are going to get you one of those fall down meters. If nothing else it will bring a bit of peace of mind to your family and us here on the porch. We need you!

I think I mentioned that I got all 4 seasons of "The Fugitive" on dvd. I finally started watching them last night. I can't believe all the TAGS folks I have seen so far in just the first few episodes. Susan Oliver (Prisoner of Love), Frankie Flints daddy, Aunt Nora, (No, she wasn't trying to hook up Dr. Kimball with Racine Tyler), The feller who played Mr. Simms, and the escapee that Barney accidently captured (I'll get you for this Deputy!", and Jennie Boone. Seems like there were a couple of more, but I can't remember now who. Love to see these folks in different roles.

Well I guess I best roll up my sleeves and see what Monday has in store for me.

Prayers for all.


July 02, 2018 - Msg 110105: Oh, and I wanted to do a shout out for Frankie Flint. She has not been posting much. I pray her Mom is ok. Check in when you can Frankie.


July 02, 2018 - Msg 110106: Good morning, porch. I trust everyone slept well last night. I surely did, in spite of having not one canine companion, but two. I'm used to little Toye Starr, she walks around on the bed and I don't even feel the motion. It's a tempur-pedic, which doesn't transfer motion, and she weighs next to nothing anyway. Diesel, however, is another story. He weighs right at 30 pounds, and his paws are the size of a child's fist. If he steps on you, or even near you, you know it.

When he's here, I always have the same dilemma, and it's funny. He's far too well-trained and polite to just jump up on the bed. He will not get up there until he's invited, or (and this is the funny part) until he's sure you're asleep. If I can convince him I'm asleep, he will creep up onto the bed. The TV is on, so I can see him, but I have to be sure he can't see my eyes or he won't do it. He's tall enough that he can stand on his back legs and put his front feet on the bed. Then he just sort of oozes up onto the bed! It's like when a cartoon animal slides down a stairway, with their body conforming to the steps as they go, only he's going UP onto the bed! It's just too funny! If I just quietly say "Diesel", he stops in mid-ooze, reverses it, and oozes back to the floor. So, what's my dilemma? Well, I can't stand to let him feel rejected, while little Miz Thang snoozes on my pillow, so I always give in and invite him. There's no "oozing" then! Oh no! He leaps straight up and lands in the middle of the bed. You can bet I had my sore knee covered with a pillow before I invited him! He's one sweet and funny little dog, believe me, but he has big paws!

I'm going to the dentist this morning to get my temporary crowns put back on. At least I hope he can put them back. They're pretty gnarly-looking little things when you see them outside your mouth. The real ones won't be in for another two weeks, so he's going to try to put the temporaries back on. I hope it works.

Well, better get ready to go. This will be my first time to drive since I fell, my left knee is still terribly sore, but the right is okay, so I should be able to drive without any problem. Still, I'm going to stay off the highway and take the back streets, until I see how things work. I don't expect any problems.

Blessings, everyone. Frankie, let us know how your mom is doing! --Romeena

July 03, 2018 - Msg 110107: "What about these cottonpickin' rocks??" :)

July 03, 2018 - Msg 110108: ďIím gettiní to It!...Iím gettiní to it!Ē.....

July 03, 2018 - Msg 110109: First, we need to let the boys at the lab analyze those rocks to see if they are local rocks!!

July 03, 2018 - Msg 110110: What lab? What boys?

July 03, 2018 - Msg 110111: Our staff artist will recreate his face...

July 03, 2018 - Msg 110112: A safe, fun, happy and healthy Fourth of July to each and every one of you in the Porch family!

You know what'll happen when you light one of those fireworks?!..... Blooey!

Take care, folks!
John Masters

July 04, 2018 - Msg 110113: Good Morning all and Happy Birthday America! I hope and pray everyone has a great 4th of July.

Hey MDC, I was hoping to see a post from you that all went well with your MRI yesterday. Check in when you can buddy.

Romeena, so did the dentist get you fixed up? I hope so. That's a funny story about your house guest puppy. He sounds like a special pup.

Hey to John Masters. Does fireworks five you the hives? :)

I hope everyone has a great day.


July 04, 2018 - Msg 110114: Sorry John Masters...Frankie Lindor beat up on your boys pretty good yesterday, hope we can still be friends.

G-F. ....Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

July 04, 2018 - Msg 110115: Happy 4th of July, y'all! Be safe out there on the roads and with those fireworks!

possum u.a.r.

July 04, 2018 - Msg 110116: Wanted to drop in and say Happy 4th! We are having family and friends over today for a cookout..nothing fancy, just burgers and hotdogs. Bruce hung the patriotic banners across the front porch and they are so pretty! I will post a pic on facebook later.

MDC, we have been in the house 9 years now, can you believe it? Time flies.

Asa, the air conditioning is doing great right now, in fact Bruce is about to freeze me out. He set the thing to 68 degrees last night to get the house cool. Once guests show up and the doors get opened and closed a lot, it will warm up, but I swear I had to put on my winter robe when I got up this morning. I think the dehumidifier we have in the house makes things feel even colder. I am enjoying it, though. Looks like it will be a fairly temperate day here today with some cloud cover and highs only in the low 90's. The mosquitos are still horrific, though, since the rains last week. I expect we will be enjoying the day from indoors, for the most part. Pity, really, because we have a nice porch swing out front.

Would live to leave further comments but things to get done before company arrives. Hope you all have a tremendous day!


July 04, 2018 - Msg 110117: Good morning, porch, and Happy Fourth of July! I got my little flags out along the driveway this morning, and they look so pretty! It's bright, sunny and breezy here today, a perfect day for a July Fourth celebration.

Does anybody other than me watch "The Incredible Dr. Pol"? If not, may I suggest it? He's hilarious, inspiring, and just fun to watch. He's a veterinarian, who practices in Central Michigan, and has a huge practice. He takes care of any critter that moves! He has a large farm animal practice, and a large small animal practice as well. There are about four female vets who work with him, and they're all good. Dr. Pol himself is in his late 70s, spry and strong as a man half his age, and funny as can be. Always laughing, always busy, very entertaining. He's from the Netherlands, but became an American citizen in 1976 and is very patriotic. He says he's not Dutch-American, he's just a Dutchman who became an American. If you're terribly squeamish, you might cringe at some of his activities, but it's life. He pulls calves when a cow can't deliver, he "creates" steers, he does manual pregnancy checks on cows - a lot of what he does is "icky" to some, but again, it's life. I've seen him wrangle a really cantankerous young bull and make a steer out of him, and on the same show, repair a broken leg on a tiny bird. He's really fascinating, and if you get the NatGW channel, check him out.

Getting better every day after my Bumble Tumble. My left knee is about the only problem now, still sore as all getout, still lots of spectacular bruising, but this too shall pass.

Well, got to go change the dressing on my SS friend's chest. That hole, that started out the size of an egg, is now about the size of a bean, and I think we're about done with her. She's finally getting up and moving around, actually drove her car a short distance last week, so I think she has realized that she still has a life, too.

MDC, what's the word? We care about you!

Well, guess I'll see about some lunch. I've run out of leftovers, guess I'll have to break down and cook something that makes a lot. If it was cold weather, I'd make a pot of chili, or a good beef stew, but in this weather? I think not! Oh well, I'll think of something.

Happy Fourth, y'all! Don't forget to thank God for those first Patriots. Without them, we wouldn't even have a country! --Romeena

July 04, 2018 - Msg 110118: Happy 4th all. 95 degrees in Ohio and I'm without AC. Long story why, it involves switching from my old oil furnace that was barely functioning to a new gas one, and the furnace guy not being available to install the new one when he said he would. When I'm home, I'm in the basement. It's 82 upstairs. Feels hotter inside than out in the sun.

I'd like to take Andy's advice on this one. I want to call the man, all right.

Billy Ray the Heat Stroke Suffering Postman

July 04, 2018 - Msg 110119: Hello Porch: I think you call it a interloper when someone doesnít sign their name. The above unsigned messages are funny lines though. Itís not me. Just so you guys know. I have much respect for the original Porch. Even though I am ot a very popular TAGS character. Itís just that Herb Vigran has a respectable radio and tv career. Medwin Bill Medwin

July 04, 2018 - Msg 110120: I was just thinking...even if my furnace ain't working right, at least my basement ain't flooded.

Billy Ray the Looking on the Bright Side of Things Postman

July 05, 2018 - Msg 110121: Hey Romeena I have to ask this for my BIL...Is the Babes Chicken in Carrollton a good one? That is the area he is going to be working at next week. Or should he go to another one?
We looked on line and there seems to be several ones around.
Or do you a another place to recommend to him in that area?


We just watched a Capital Fourth on PBS. Always like that show.
Well, the MRI was indeed a success! It lasted about 3 and a half hours, but I was totally 'knocked out' for the whole thing. They actually had me on a
ventilator to control my breathing to get good pictures, so my throat is still sore, and that darn
muscle below my left shoulder blade was REALLY hurting when I was going thru recovery and most of last night. It happens when I lay on my left side or on my back for a long time. But all things considered, it is done! My wife told me that after about two hours a nurse came out to the waiting room, and said it would take another hour or so. One very good thing is that they were using a brand new MRI machine, installed about a month ago.
THANKS for all the prayers!! Next is my right heart cath on the 13th.

An interesting thing happened this morning, however. Citicard (my Costco c card) called and asked if I was trying to buy $3300.00 worth of specialty off-road tires. I said no way. Someone had tried to use my number for an online purchase! So they cancelled the card and a new one is being sent to me. Weird times.

Take care all, stay safe. God bless America,

July 05, 2018 - Msg 110123: Good morning all!

MDC, Great to see you buddy. I was starting to worry. I am glad all went well. Them were some pricey tires someone was trying to get you to buy. Mercy sakes, I'm glad they called to make sure it was you.

I read about the feller who one the hot dog eating contest. 74 of them in 10 minutes. Yikes!

Bill Medwin, I enjoyed those posts also. I was responsible for one of them. The one about getting the rocks analyzed by the boys at the lab. Not sure who did the rest. It is kind of fun how you can throw one line out there from an episode and for the unschooled, they have not a clue. But for us real fans, we know the episode and the scene and can respond with a suitable come back. I know that my response was for a different episode, but it all revolved around Earnest T. Bass. For example, I will say one word from an episode and I bet there will be numerous porch dwellers who will know what episode it is about. The word is "Five".

Romeena, thanks for the heads up about that vet. show. I turned it on and watched it for a bit, but the commercials were driving me nuts. But I recorded a few of them I will watch today where I can blip through the commercials. I do love my dvr feature. I know you enjoy James Herriot's books. Have you ever seen any of the shows? You gotta hand it to those actors who were playing the parts of Sigfried, James, and Tristan. For actors and not Vets, they did some remarkable stuff.

I saw our Jim Lindsey on a "The Fugitive" episode last night. He was a heavy equipment operator right here in Utah of all places. But he wasn't a very nice feller a-tall. In fact he got himself inarculated at the end for forcing himself on his bosses wife. The boss was played by Jack Klugman (Quincy). Oh what a tanbgled web we weave.

Well I better get me some breakfast. I'm off work until Monday. A little mid summer mini vacation.

Prayers for all.


July 05, 2018 - Msg 110124: As far as the ďWhatís the line ď quotes a couple of them were me. Wasnít being rude just went with the flow....lol
I guess thatís what happens when you know the show as well as we do, the lines they just come to ya!....

Asa....Ē5Ē...Real Stainless Steel Too!..Lol......G-F

July 05, 2018 - Msg 110125: Bingo GF. LOL That took you all of 5 seconds.


July 05, 2018 - Msg 110126: Good morning porch. hope everyone had a good 4th.

I am working today until about noon. gotta pick my car up from the dealership. I had to take it in for a trouble check. a couple weeks ago, the ABS light and the traction control light came on and at the same time, the cruise control stopped working. figured I better take it in before I make my journey to Mt. Airy in a couple weeks. hopefully it will be a simple fix and not to $$$.

hope everyone is staying cool these days. hoping for some rain to cool things down in next couple days.

Romeena. I do watch Dr.Pol and love his program. he is not afraid to tackle any issue with the animals and seems to truly love what he does for a living.

better get to work.
Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

July 05, 2018 - Msg 110127: Hello Porch: Asa: geez, youíre right. I can almost hear Barney and see the look on his face. Five. Medwin Bill

July 05, 2018 - Msg 110128: Good afternoon, porch. I confess, I was one of the "mystery posters." (What boys? What lab?) Just a reflex, couldn't help it. Fun, fun, fun!

MDC, it's good to hear that things went well. They're going to get your problem solved yet, I just know it! Please keep us updated!

Asa, I almost never watch commercials. I plan my "watching", and turn the TV on just as something I want to watch is starting, but I mute the sound. Then I go about my business, cooking, cleaning (maybe), visiting the porch, whatever. After an hour, I go back, rewind to the beginning and watch the show in about 40 minutes, by zipping through the commercials. I don't know about the other providers, but Dish Network has a feature that lets you advance in 30 second bites, and rewind in 10 second bites, as well as the forward or back buttons that go very fast. Those 30/10 buttons are great for managing commercials. When one starts, I just hit 30, 30, 30 until I see the program again, then hit 10 to go back a notch or two, so I don't miss anything. Very convenient. I wonder if the advertisers realize that very few people are watching their commercials anymore? Surely they're not going to take that lying down. They'll come up with something. What did they expect, though? When they squeeze 14 commercials into one break, and it lasts 5 to 5 1/2 minutes, do they really think people are watching and paying attention? Not me. If I run into another program, and my "reserve" time runs out, forcing me to sit through commercials, that's when I just read the newspaper or play with my phone until the show returns. When it comes to commercials, I have the attention span of a moth.

Well, gotta run. Eddie is here, mowing and making the yard pretty, and I'm almost out of cash. Guess I'd better go to the bank, and maybe the grocery store. I'm ready to cook something. I'm tired of soup and crackers and such as that. Now that I'm mobile again, gotta fix that problem. Blessings, all. --Romeena

July 05, 2018 - Msg 110129: "I got me a rude." (:

July 06, 2018 - Msg 110130: HI ALL,
ASA--I was going to ask you if you had time to watch your Fugitive DVD yet, and I guess you HAVE!
Very cool. Did you buy it online? Enjoy your mini-vacay.
MAUDIE, I hope it wasnt anything too badly wrong with your car. They have those ports under the dashboad now that they can plug into to diagnose it.
We had one of our dust storms tonite, but no rain behind it this time. We need rain very badly.

RO--glad you have Eddie, especially after your fall. Dont work too hard in that humidity.
BOO--your house looked very nice in the FB pic.
All decked out for the 4th!

I am feeling much better today compared to yesterday. Thanks again for all the prayers.

"Ernest T, now you're not no account."

July 06, 2018 - Msg 110131: ďI want to thank my Mother FigureĒ....
Maude, hope your car checked out out Ok, you sure donít want any problems going to the Big Meet-Up!..
I will buy 2 of those huge bags of Theatre Popcorn 🍿again for snacking on whilest we watch the TAGS episodes under the stars ✨ Canít say enough of how much fun we have! Hopefully Floyd will do some ďliveĒ feeds again this year so yíall can see some of it too...


July 06, 2018 - Msg 110132: Morning, folks!

Quick drop in to say Hi! Well wishes to everyone!

So are you all just dropping random TAGS quotes?

John Masters

July 06, 2018 - Msg 110133: "You're just..ignorant."

July 07, 2018 - Msg 110134: Just a quick hello this evening.
All is well, but very hot, on my end of the porch.
I made a big pitcher of ice cold lemonade
for y'all! :)


July 07, 2018 - Msg 110135: Tell me bout Myra Coons

July 07, 2018 - Msg 110136: Good morning all.

MDC, We hit 102 yesterday. I am sure for you folks, that would be a cool wave, but for us it was hot! Dang hot! Glad I have had the week off. We are at about 10% humidity, so that helps in one regard. But it seems half the State is on fire right now. And the air quality is really bad. They are calling for some possible thunder storms to boil up this next week as the monsoon season starts. I hope so. We haven't seen a drop of rain in weeks.

Hey John Masters. We still got Choir practice today? I need to warm up the old larynx I reckon. Maybe hit it with some of that bug juice concoction.

Romeena, I use those same features on my DISH system. Ain't it wonderful? It is probably the only reason I have not cancelled my DISH. I can't bear watching live tv anymore with all the commercials. The only thing that would be better is if the advance feature would just jump all the commercials with one push instead of having to hit it multiple times. Wow, that makes me sound kinda lazy. lol

GF, So if Floyd does a live feed on the meet-up, where would I find it? I would like to see that.

Guess I best get rolling. Gotta go do my grocery shopping. The store opens here in about 20 minutes and I like to get in and get out before it gets very busy. Then home to cut some grass before it gets too hot. I sure hope I don't upset the neighbors by starting to early. They might give me a rude also. :)

Prayers for all.


July 07, 2018 - Msg 110137: Asa, Iím not sure where he will post it, Iíll ask him to post the link here too, or I will...10-4?...G-F

July 07, 2018 - Msg 110138: Happy Saturday, folks!

Asa - No practice with me today. Gonna send everyone over to Eleanor Poultice's to work on their breathing.

I believe my random TAGS line will be......

You're a, you're a chip off the ol' block, aren't ya'? Huh, Huh, Huh?

Have a good one, Porchsters!

John Masters

July 07, 2018 - Msg 110139: Hey y'all- Wanted to let you know that my mama's health has declined and she is now in hospice care.Please keep her (Bobbie) and our family in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks,friends.

possum u.a.r.

July 07, 2018 - Msg 110140: Oh, Possum! I'm so sorry to hear that. This is a difficult time, I know, but just hang in there. You and your family will be in my prayers for sure.

Well, Landry and Hudson just came by and picked up Diesel, on their way home from camp. The house seems a bit empty without him, and he's such a sweet and well-behaved little guy, he's no trouble at all. Just keep him fed and pottied, and he's a happy camper. The boys had a great time at camp, and now will be on their own (ages 17 and 15) until their parents return from Wales on Tuesday night. They know they can come and stay here, or with Eloise, if they wish, but I think they're enjoying their new independence, and I would be very surprised if they chose to abuse the privilege. They're good, responsible young men, and I think they'll be fine. They have my number if they need it!

"Little old ladies ought not to clank." - Andy
"Unless they're headed for the clink." - Barney

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

July 08, 2018 - Msg 110141: ASA and RO, I get broadcast TV, and when the commercials start, I hit the mute button, get up and fix a sandwich or use the facility, come back, and it's good to go. ha
ASA--that IS dang hot for you folks! Keep cool and stay hydrated!!
POSSUM--you bet, your mom is in my prayers. May the Lord be with her in these final days. I prayed the Lord's Prayer with my dad about once an hour as he was going, and he seemed to have a lot of peace when I did it, as he could no longer speak.

Friends, I dont know about your end of the porch, but we have had a rash of wrong way drivers lately on our freeway system. Cant they see the huge WRONG WAY signs as they turn onto the exit instead of the entrance? Of course, the wrong way vehicle ends up crashing with an innocent driver, and the end is not good. Lord help us, why are things so crazy?

Well, you all have a good Sabbath Day. Oh, and to message 110135..."You dont know about Myra Coonz?" :)

July 08, 2018 - Msg 110142: Idk. Some fellow came through from Chattanooga.

July 08, 2018 - Msg 110143: Thanks, Ro & MDC. It's hard,but trying to stay strong. The prayers truly mean a lot.

possum again

July 08, 2018 - Msg 110144: Good Sabbath all.

Possum, I am so sorry to read about your Moms declining health. I know how challenging that is to see someone you love go through that. But my experience with Hospice care has been nothing but good. You, your Mom, and your family are in my prayers for sure.

MDC, If you were watching tv land you'd have enough time during their commercial breaks to go cook a 7 course meal, eat it, digest it, and go find some Pepto-Bismol. Just saying...

Romeena, glad your Grandsons got to camp and back safe. Was your dentist able to get you refitted until the new ones come in?

Guess I better get ready for preaching. Sure hope the a/c at Church is working. If not, the sermon is gonna be drier than dust. :)


July 08, 2018 - Msg 110145: Possum, Iím sorry to hear that too about your Mom, But I know you Possumís are tuff when they need to be, so hang in there ya hear...


July 08, 2018 - Msg 110146: Thank you too, Asa & G-F. I appreciate that.

possum once more

July 08, 2018 - Msg 110147: Possum, my heartfelt sympathy as well. My family has had it's share of health issues like this and I know it's difficult.

Good Sabbath and my best to you all!

John Masters

"That stuff sticks to yuhh"

July 08, 2018 - Msg 110148: For your Sunday listening pleasure...


July 08, 2018 - Msg 110149: Good Sabbath to all. GF my Braves gona have to step it up ! We should have at least 2 starters in the all star game. Well Iím gona read and put steaks on the grill. YLl head over ! Prayers ! SPOT

July 09, 2018 - Msg 110150: Good Monday morning y'all. My goodness, been off work since last Tuesday and the week just flew on by. Now it's back to the treadmill.

Thanks GF, I appreciate that link if you can post it if Floyd streams it.

Prayers continue for Possum and her Mom, and for MDC and his procedure on Friday, and for Romeena and her healing, and for anyone else who needs them. I sure am worried about Frankie and her Mom. She hasn't posted in a while now. I hope they are ok.

I got a good chuckle this morning. I was reading on The Blaze about this guy pretending to be a news guy asking college students (I think it was at NYU) about what they thought about Trumps pick for the Supreme Court. Many of them drolled on about the pick was all wrong, they were racists, they were homophobics, they were all the typical claims the left uses on the right. The only problem is, Trump has yet to name his nominee. lol. Talk about programed robots.

John Masters, Miss Poultice gave me an A in breathing. Not bragging, but I just thought you ought to know.

Well best get rolling. As expected, plenty to do.

Prayers for all.


July 10, 2018 - Msg 110151: HELLO ALL! ASA--I hope you didnt have too much work stacked up when you got back today.
That was one thing I encountered when taking a vacation, even tho they were suppose to, no one did
my work!! Ah, retirement! ha
ROMEENA--how goes the recovery. Hope you are feeling better and not "worse for wear."

We got lots of precious rain here today! So refreshing. It really came down good too.

Judge has been named, let's hopeall goes well.
ASA--that is very funny and sad at the same time about the NYU students!

Took my VE hicle (2005 Chev pick-up) in for routine service today, oil, trans fluid, alignment, brake check, etc. and found out
that the rear (drum brakes) wheel cylinders are leaking, and some fluid is on the brake pads, so will have to
get those fixed straight away.

FRANKIE, please check in when you can...prayers continue for your mom.

The blessings of Jesus,