July 23, 2018 - Msg 110267: Hey Y'all- Worn out emotionally,which I think sometimes is worse than being physically tired. Mama is almost to Heaven,we're being told within 72 hours. She is going peacefully and with no pain,which is a true blessing for the family. Two days ago,she told my daughter she could heard the angels singing.I rejoice for her,yet I cry for her -well, no,I'm crying for ME. I know she's going to be fine where she's headed. And with the love and support of y'all and my other loved ones, I will be fine too. But,it sure hurts right now.

Thank you G-F, Asa, Boo,MDC,Ro, and if I missed anyone,my apologies. Love to you all.

Oh,and Boo, thank you for sharing Sean's post. God bless him.

possum u.a.r.

July 23, 2018 - Msg 110268: Well gee, looky here, I swept the Porch! Didn't know I had it in me!

possum again

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110269: Oh Possum, I wish we could all grab you up in a big hug. Remember when we used to give cyber hugs here on the porch? I think they looked like this: ((((HUG))))...hope you can feel it in your heart. I sure wish we lived closer at times like this. Thinking of you and praying...In fact, maybe we can just pray right now together...Dear Lord, you are good, even when it hurts so much. you are the comforter and redeemer of our deepest pain. We love and thank you for the gift of eternal life; for keeping our dear loved ones safely with you until we are reunited. I ask you to please give our dear Possum an extra measure of your grace and strength at this time and that you would carry her through when she can't do it on her own. We pray that you would please allow her mother to pass peacefully from this earth and into heaven. We love and thank you in all things, In the name of your son Jesus, Amen.


July 24, 2018 - Msg 110270: and thank you for your kind words concerning my son, Ro, Asa, and G-F. You are such good friends.


July 24, 2018 - Msg 110271: I woke up early and came to the Porch to post a birthday greeting because I remembered that today is Ro's birthday. I find the most beautiful prayer from Boo. I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face,just filled with love. This Porch is a love connection-we celebrate birthdays,we mourn losses, we do it all with love. I'm overwhelmed by it. Thank you,my "bestie" Boo for touching my heart with your comforting prayer. And I hope Ro has a wonderful birthday! I LOVE you all.

possum again

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110272: Oh, and here's a big hug from me to the Porch- (((((PORCH)))))

possum once more

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110273: On behalf of myself and the porch, here's a hug right back! -- (((((Possum))))) --Romeena

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110274: I just got home from a birthday breakfast, organized for me by my SS class friends. Good food, good friendship, beautiful cards, and a lot of fun and laughter. Possum, I told them about you and what you're experiencing right now, and asked them to pray for peace and comfort for you and your family, and a peaceful passage for your mom. Trust me, they will! --Romeena

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110275: Hard prayers Possim. You are a true friend ... wife praying. Ok gang. Whew. This retirement is wearing me out !! I told my wife this morning I will set down and read the porch mail. And Iím going to. Prayers to all. Your porch dog SPOT

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110276: Wanted to mention...I'm sure you all remember our old friend Hazel from the porch..she is going through what Possum is going through right now, too, so please say a prayer for her in her situation.

I wanted to share a poem in honor of TOM, Possum, and Hazel:

Of stepping on shore and finding it heaven;
Of taking hold of a hand and finding it God's hand;
Of breathing new air and finding it celestial air;
Of feeling invigorated and finding it immortality;
Of passing from storm and tempest to an unbroken calm;
Of waking up, and finding it home.
~Robert E. Selle


July 24, 2018 - Msg 110277: Hello Porch: I watch the Catholic daily Mass on YouTube a few times a week. It comes out of Canada. Lately while Iím watching I direct my prayers for the Front Porch. Some really troubling times for folks here lately. Medwin Bill Medwin

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110278: Good afternoon all.

Happy Birthday to Romeena. I hope it's a grand one for you.

Nice poem Boo, very nice. Thank you.

Prayers continue for our sweet Possum, and for Hazel as well. I miss our Hazel.

Spot, slow down, take it easy. What's your hurry?

Hey to Bill Medwin. I saw you on a Fugitive episode the other night.

I am watching Barney tell Thel from now on it's not gonna be soup or sandwich. It's gonna be both! lol


July 24, 2018 - Msg 110279: Mama went peacefully and without suffering to Heaven earlier tonight. She is whole again and has been reunited with my Daddy after 52 years. Oh, that makes my heart so happy!!! But at the same time,it's breaking,but that's for me. I'll be ok,as long as y'all keep me lifted up with love and prayers. Thanks y'all. I love you all.My Mama is with Jesus!

possum u.a.r.

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110280: Possum ((((HUG))))

Boo - Hang on with both hands and keep kickin!

Romeena - Happy Birthday! I got ya' a case of Mason jars, salt and pepper shakers and a bed jacket! Hope you like them.

To the whole Porch.....we may be many, but we are one.

John Masters

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110281: For Possum:


I hope this works.

John Masters

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110282: You have those prayers Pam. God bless you for all you did in those final days.
We all love you.


July 24, 2018 - Msg 110283: Hello Porch: Are Tate, Fletch, and Parnell Rigsby the same actor? Or is my mind playing tricks. Itís like playing the old TV game show Concentration but I think I have a match for three. Medwin Bill Medwin

July 24, 2018 - Msg 110284: Maybe one more. The guy with the bows and arrows and chickens driving the pickup in LakeLoom. MBM

July 25, 2018 - Msg 110285: Dear Possum, my deepest sympathies to you and yours. I saw a picture of your sweet mama on FB.
John's posted song says it all so beautifully. I KNOW she is happy. Take care good one! :)
July has been a rough month here on the porch,
but at the same time it has been a place of consolation prayer, and peace in this crazy world.
My abdominal MRI went OK today, but I am still feeling some 'fog brain' 6 hours later, but this should
be my last test for hopefully some time to com.
SPOT and all, hang in there.
Bill--I think they are the same peron, yes.
RO--hope you had a good birthday, but who's counting anymore. ha
I watched a tags on me-tw tonite, and it was the ROGER one! :( Oh well,


July 25, 2018 - Msg 110286: Bless your dear little heart, Possum. I'm so glad you're able to think of your mom being with your daddy now. That reunion is what carried me when my dad passed, knowing that he and my mom were together again. It's a beautiful thought. We don't really know what Heaven will be like, but we do have scripture that says we will "know, even as also we are known", so I just hang onto that. Whatever the reality of Heaven is, it's going to be more wonderful that our imaginations can grasp, and your mom is there now. When you think of it, that's just pretty wonderful. Rest easy, friend, and take the coming days one step at a time. May God bless you, and give you peace. --Romeena

July 25, 2018 - Msg 110287: Possum..My heart goes out to you, but we find hope and strength knowing we will see our loved ones again someday as Ro has stated, what a wonderful day that will be!

God Bless.....G-F

July 25, 2018 - Msg 110288: Thank you all so much. Feeling all of the prayers,support & love. Love, Pam/ possum

July 25, 2018 - Msg 110289: Possum, I canít help but to think TOM is waiting at the gates ready to say...ĒHere at the Pearly GatesĒ We Have NO Rules anymore, you can DO what you want WHEN you want to do it, and we have heavenly peanut butter..And I bet REV is singing away too!... Just my opinion...(Metaphorically Speaking)


July 25, 2018 - Msg 110290: Ha! No telling what kind of moulage Tom and Rev have going on up in Heaven, G-F! My mama would give ol Sheriff Tom a run for his money and oh,she probably has Rev singing all of her favorite gospel songs. I am drawing SO much comfort from knowing where she is- Heaven! Thank y'all again for all of the love and prayers.

possum u.a.r.

July 25, 2018 - Msg 110291: That is very true, Possum...Just think, some of our sweetest porch friends are together there now, and they are getting to meet our loved ones that we talked about that have gone on. It's a very comforting thought to me.

Possum I am very relieved and thankful that your mom passed peacefully...that is such a comfort for you, I'm sure. Now comes the grieving and I pray you grieve in a healthy way and that you work through the process just as God intended. You are in my heart and in my prayers.


July 25, 2018 - Msg 110292: Shame on my for forgetting to come to the porch to wish Romeena a happy birthday yesterday. I have been taking care of 1st graders in vacation bible school all week and I have been pretty busy!

Love to All,

July 26, 2018 - Msg 110293: HI ALL, feeling much better today, plus I think
i finally flushed all the contrast out of my system!
GF--when you think we're ready, I'd love to hear about the meet-up.
I was watching a Twilight Zone last night, and it was the ep of an old man (who played Wakfield on tags) and his dog. They both died together in an accident. The first gate he came to the gatekeeper would not let his dog in, and the dog growled and snapped at the gatekeeper; so the man kept walking along the fence until a guy came along and said, "sure, we welcome dogs; that first gate was THE OTHER place!"
A lot of people think Rod Serling was creepy, but he wrote some pretty profound stories, IMHO. Here is the ending of that ep:
POSSUM, prayers continue for you and yours. Take care friends.


July 26, 2018 - Msg 110294: Thanks, Boo & MDC- you're both "the cats"!

possum again

July 26, 2018 - Msg 110295: You are the cats, Possum. I'm hoping things are going as smoothly as they can at a time like this. Come and rock here on the porch when you can. I think it is interesting how all of us, I believe, have family and friends aside from the porch that we turn to for support and comfort, and still we come here because our porch family is so important to us. It is a wonderful support group when times are tough. You all have been some of my greatest friends and blessing.

Well, have to get ready to go back to VBS (the last night), but wanted to check in. Talk to you all later,


July 26, 2018 - Msg 110296: Hey Boo,and everyone. I'm doing okay so far,but I think that's because I've been running around like crazy getting everything planned. Had the wake earlier tonight & it was nice. Tomorrow morning at 11 we will have a Celebration of Life for Mama and I pray it does her proud. Gonna be hard,so please keep us in your prayers. Thanks,and my love to all.

possum u.a.r.

July 26, 2018 - Msg 110297: Will be thinking of you tomorrow at 11, Possum. Certainly will be praying...love you.


July 26, 2018 - Msg 110298: Possum--you bet we will be praying during the celebration of LIFE for your mom. So much better than a 'funeral.' :) God bless you and yours.
I have to tell you all something kinda neat...when I woke up in the PACU recovery area after my MRI on Tuesday, the nurse attending me was named Andelina! Really! Coincidence? I think not. She was the nic@st, most helpful nurse. On Wed I took a small plant and a thank you card to the area for her.
ASA--where you been guy? Hope your back is OK.

July 27, 2018 - Msg 110299: Can I get a Amen?

July 27, 2018 - Msg 110300: Possum, when my Mom passed away years ago, I was in somewhat of a trance for about a week I guess. I was just kind of numb, but had not really allowed myself to grieve about it I suppose. I remember going back to work after a week off, and it hitting me full force at work that she was actually gone, and I had to go to the restroom so I could cry my eyes out. But she died fairly young, and it was unexpected, so I am sure that didn't help. But you might have the same thing happen to you, kind of a delayed reaction to it all. Especially if you are all tied up with all the things to deal with as you alluded too. Prayers for you today and in coming weeks as you deal with your loss.

MDC, I'm ri-cheer buddy. The back is still sore, but I am back to work. I just need to be careful. That was a funny story about your nurse. The real kicker would have been if her name was Peggy or Mary. Old Ang seemed to have a thing for them nurses, didn't he. Which brings me to a question I have always had. There were two different actresses who played Nurse Mary on TAGS. Were they supposed to be two different characters, or the same one, because they surely didn't look the same a-tall. Any thoughts anyone?

Hope you are having fun at VBS Boo. You are so correct about the porch being a special place. And what is so neat is that we come from so many different religious denominations, but we never get bogged down in those differences. Instead we enjoy the common things we all agree on. And I have always thought that most religions have more in common than not, so why not focus on that? And we seem to do that here, and I love it.

Well the clock in my stomach is about to go off, so I best go feed the beast.

Prayers for all for a safe and sound Friday and weekend.


July 27, 2018 - Msg 110301: Thank you,all. The service was very uplifting and a nice tribute to Mama. Some tears,but not a whole lot.Not a whole lot of people attended,but all of her family were there,and that's what counted. Had to hustle to put it all together while the Wyoming part of the family were here,but we did it. They fly home tomorrow.
Asa, I can relate to your delayed reaction to your mom's passing & I think it will hit me the same way. I've been telling everyone that I'm sure that I will have a moment when it hits me full force. I'm just trying to stay strong & do my best. Please continue to hold all of my family in your prayers. Thanks,y'all. Love you!

possum u.a.r.

July 27, 2018 - Msg 110302: ((((HUG)))) Possum

John Masters

July 27, 2018 - Msg 110303: Good Evening Porch,

I am praying for you and your family, Possum. I am glad that she wasn't in pain. Now I pray that you won't be either. Hugs!

GF and Maude - I'm glad y'all had a nice get together!

Boo - I love what Sean said. God is working in him. You're doing a wonderful job by just showing him support and love. Thank you for letting us know about Hazel.

Spot - Sounds like you're enjoying retirement!

John - I hope you didn't have to sell Eagle Eye Annie for Romeena's presents!

MDC - I hope you get a good report.

MBM - TAGS was always so good about using the same actors in different roles. I think it showed that they had different emotions as actors.

Asa - I hope your back is doing okay.

Hey to everyone I missed on the Porch!

Nicholas is in Germany getting tests then they are bringing him back to the States for treatment.

I hope everyone here feels the love from The Lord today. What a blessing we have in Him.


July 27, 2018 - Msg 110304: Good evening, porch family. Possum, I'm glad the day went well, and I pray for a peaceful, restful night for you now. Asa is right, don't be surprised if you have a delayed reaction. I did, at the passing of both my parents. I think it was about two years after my mom passed that I found myself sitting right where I am now, with the phone in my hand, about to dial her number! I still miss her and my dad very much, but I find so much comfort in knowing they're together, and with the Lord, and I'll see them again. Just keep your heart focused on that, love. It will get easier.

Lucy, that's good news that Nicholas is to be brought back to the States. Where will he be? I hope it's close to you.

Asa, when was the last time you let a qualified spine specialist check your back? I don't know what's wrong, and maybe it's nothing that can be easily fixed, but maybe it can! I know I said I wasn't going to nag you about it anymore, but I just hate to see you, at this stage of your life, putting up with all that pain when it's quite possible that it's not necessary. My dad endured chronic periodic spells of debilitating pain for many years, vowing that he was not going to let anybody "cut on" his back, until it finally got so frequent and so bad that he just had to give in. He had a thirty-minute procedure done, left the hospital four hours later with a 2"-wide bandaid on his back, and zero pain. He never had pain in his back again, and could work circles around men half his age.

Well, I think I'm going to have to buy a new printer. I have an HP 8600 4-in-1, and I love it. It's several years old and has never given me any trouble. A few days ago, my phone rang, and when my answering machine picked up on the second ring, the FAX in the printer intruded, sent that annoying squeal into the ear of the caller, and overrode their voice so I couldn't understand a thing they were saying. I have gone through all the install/configure steps, the FAX is set to pick up at 6 rings, but still intrudes when the answering device picks up. If I didn't have my cell phone, I'd have no phone at all. Since this happened so suddenly, with nobody changing anything or bothering anything at all, I can only conclude that the printer itself is failing. So, I began checking on new ones. I can get a new HP 8710 4-in-1 for $119, or pay $179 for an 8720 that will scan both sides of a page. I don't need that, so for $119, not much more than I would pay for a new ink array, I can get a new printer, which would include ink. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I think these machines come equipped with a little gremlin with a tiny sledgehammer in his hand, and at a pre-determined time, they smash something in the works so that you have to buy a new one. Planned obsolescence. No wonder the landfills are overflowing.

Well, guess I'll go feed my tiny roommate, and myself as well. Blessings, friends. Have a restful, God-blessed night. --Romeena

July 28, 2018 - Msg 110305: Good Saturday morning all.

Romeena, You're not a nag. I know you just want me to be more pain free, and I do appreciate your concern. Last fall when I hurt it real bad, I was just fixin to go see a specialist, when mt co-worker injured his shoulder. He ended up having surgery on it and has been off work since then. He has an appointment with the company Doctor on Monday and is hoping to return on Tuesday. So once everything gets caught up I think I will go get an MRI done and see what they say. I just have to be so very mindful that as a care giver, I can't chance doing something that will make me worse off, and I know a lot of folks who have had that happen to them because of surgery. It weighs heavy on my mind. But you are not nagging. :)

Possum, bless your heart, you will be in my prayers for sure. You're a good Possum.

Lucy, I'm glad Nick will be back on U.S. soil again, as I imagine you are also. My continued prayers in his recovery.

MDC, I hope you didn't use any plastic straws while in S.B. I was just reading on a new law they have passed. I declare, I think our Country has lost it's collective mind.

Well off to the grocery store for me. Then home to mow before it gets too hot.


July 28, 2018 - Msg 110306: Asa, I think we need to worry less about the straws and worry more about those little Keurig coffee cups that everyone is using. I don't think there is a good answer for the straw issue because if you go back to paper straws, you will have to cut more trees. Maybe we can just stop going to so many fast food joints and drinking so many sodas...hey, there is a no-brainer. ;)

I am concerned with so many environmental issues right now, the least of which is straws. We really are doing so much to damage the planet because of our want for excess and convenience, and I'm as guilty as anyone. I was so shocked at the environmental effects of the beef industry when I started researching what we eat in this country and how the food is grown and processed. Scary.

Well, enough of that. I heard a good quote from Philip Yancey (Christian author) yesterday. He said, "Politics is about winning. Christianity is about loving...even our adversaries". That kind of sums up how I feel about it, although I know many will disagree.

Went back to work last night and had a quiet night..working alone again tonight so may check in on the porch tonight. It has been an average of 82 degrees in the nurses office all summer, which beats 90. We can tolerate it ok with the fans going. It is still the easiest nursing job I have ever done and I still love the kids.

I have to say that while I enjoyed VBS very much, the children I dealt with were a real handful. I was with some very disrespectful and unruly 1st graders. Out of 9 children, I would only consider one to be well-behaved. One of the children was autistic and has ADHD but he was sweet..we had to constantly remind him to be quiet or listen but he was respectful to us. Some of the children totally ignored adult instructions, never sat still, talked back. It was bad. Most of the kids weren't children who attended our church (we have difficult kids, too) but most were from families we had never met. I was just shocked at the behavior and wondered what is really happening with these kids. Is it because of their constant use of technology these days that they cant sit still long enough to listen to a short bible lesson? How do teachers deal with it in school? I don't think corporal punishment is practiced anymore and it seems kids don't respect adults. Are parents just giving up and not teaching the kids at home and that along with the poor teachers not being able to discipline at school is a recipe for this kind of thing? Is it the poor American diet that is contributing..environmental factors? I would not want to be a school teacher, that is for sure. I was happy to get back to work where I only had to deal with potentially violent, drug-addicted delinquents. And that is not a joke. :(

Well, better get off here and try to grab a nap before work..

Hope today is a better day for you, Possum..thinking of you, dear friend.


July 28, 2018 - Msg 110307: Good afternoon, porch. Asa, thank you for not telling me to mind my own business. You're right, I am concerned for you, and I admit, sometimes I forget about your responsibility as a caregiver. You have a very valid concern there, that must be addressed when you're considering anything that could affect your mobility. Just know that I pray for you and your dear wife.

Boo, with your loving and understanding heart, I think God has put you in exactly the right job - those kids must love you a lot, and they have no idea how fortunate they are to have you there to help them through their troubles. I pray for you, too.

As for VBS, things have changed a lot, of course. Many kids are much less respectful than they should be, and it makes it very difficult to teach. When I taught, many years ago, I had about ten 5-year olds in my class. Nine were adorable, one was a holy terror. I asked the group to put away their craft thing, and come to the "story" area of the room, so I could read a Bible story to them. Nine did. One didn't. He ignored me completely, and just kept smearing paste on paper. I invited him again, and he looked at me and said very politely, "No, thank you, I don't want to." I explained that it wasn't optional, and he repeated his answer. I said, "Billy (or whatever), close up your paste and come join the group - now." He glared at me and said, "I guess you don't understand. I said I don't want to, and I won't." The other children were watching, and a couple of them were making moves to go back to the craft table. One little girl even said, "If he doesn't have to leave the table, I don't either" and started to get up, so I had no choice. I went over and picked Billy up bodily and carried him over to the story area, and placed him in a chair, fully expecting a meltdown. It didn't come. He sat and glared at me like a cobra the whole time. Of course, I was wondering what his home life was like, and at the end of the class, I found out. His mother came to get him, he loudly told her the story, quite accurately, pointing an accusing finger at me, and his mother revealed all. She said, "Well, don't worry, sweetie. You don't have to come back tomorrow." And he didn't. And I was glad.

Well, got to go get gussied up. I'm going out to David and Brittney's house tonight, along with Brittney's mom and dad, and David is taking us to Uncle Julio's for my birthday. That's a very good Mexican restaurant, great food, good service, and they have a "chocolate piŮata" dessert. It's a big hollow ball of milk chocolate, suspended from a little stand. The birthday person is given a little hammer and uses it to whack the chocolate ball, which shatters. When it does, all sorts of fresh fruit - strawberries, chunks of pineapple, blackberries, blueberries, mandarin oranges - comes tumbling out onto the big tray it's all served on. Around the edges of the tray are piles of whipped cream, little bowls of sweet fruit sauces, and sweet sprinkles. There are fancy toothpicks for everyone to skewer their fruit with, and you just pick up the shards of chocolate with your fingers. It's delicious, the thing serves at least six, and it's a lot of fun. Toye Starr will stay with Diesel while we're gone. They get along so well, and play nicely.

Well, off I go. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

July 29, 2018 - Msg 110308: Just checking in to thank y'all again for all of the love and kindness during the loss of my mama. Well,no,that's not exactly right- y'all are loving and kind to me ALL of the time,so I don't quite know how I should word this. I think y'all know what I'm trying to say,and it comes down to this: I love you , Porch Family. I'm doing ok, but do continue to keep me & my family in your prayers.

possum again

July 29, 2018 - Msg 110309: That's the problem with kids today...NO ONE nips it in the bud!

Good Sabbath all!

John Masters

July 29, 2018 - Msg 110310: Even if you want to nip it in the bud, you can't take them to the woodshed.

Billy Ray the Postman

July 29, 2018 - Msg 110311: True. You can't even swat a kid on the bottom when he's acting like an idiot in a public place. You'd find yourself staring at a badge. I don't believe in "beating" a kid, but a little keen switch on the bare legs of a four-year-old runaway on a tricycle sure made the point and he never rode out of sight of home again. We made it back to our own front yard in record time, with his little legs just pedaling as fast as they could, and me alongside, with my little switch making stinging contact right regular! Proverbs 29:15 (KJV) says: The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame. That pretty much says it all, and we have the living proof of it all around us these days. --Romeena

July 29, 2018 - Msg 110312: We love you, too Possum. Thinking of you and praying for your family.


July 29, 2018 - Msg 110313: HI ALL. So sorry I havent been posting the last couple of days, but somehow I picked up a nasty COLD! I thought I had experienced every cold virus they is in my 69 years, but alas, I guess not!
Left nostril is running like a firehose!
I've taken vit C, zinc, garlic, and oregano, but this
thing is just full-blown. No pun intended.
I sure hope I can shake it before my upcoming doc appts.
Interesting topics lately. As most of you know I taught jr high in the '70s and '80s, and things went pretty good. But about 5 years ago I volunteered in our RE (Religious Education)
program to teach fifth graders. Toughest thing I think I have ever done!! The kids were, as BOO said, VERY different for sure.
ASA--regarding the straws in SB, they are going to give JAIL time to offending restaurant owners!
As you say, really takes the cake. Heard on fox that plastic straws make up .00001 % of the plastic problem,
but let's jail entrepreneurs!?
You all hang in there. Prayers continue for Possum's family.
Good Sabbath to all,

July 29, 2018 - Msg 110314: Sorry about your cold, MDC. I think that statistic on straws is probably correct..there are much bigger plastic problems out there. Think of all the solo plastic cups and plastic coated diapers, just to name a couple. We are really ruining the environment because of our need for convenience. I say this as I drink out of a red disposable solo cup...such a hypocrite! And why do I buy solo cups? Because I get tired of the never-ending glasses that have to be washed. I think I should stop being as lazy and wash the glasses. It's a step in the right direction. I have some of the plastic Keurig cups but only use them occ. for company.

Yes, I hear you about the unruly kids. Don't know if there is a solution because things seem too out of hand at this point. I think back to the days when nearly all moms stayed home and raised their little ones from infancy. I think most of the manners and respect are taught in those early years and moms were good at it. Now it seems most little ones are placed in daycare or preschool with a group of unruly children and don't learn the basic manners and respect that were taught in the home when mama was there. I don't consider myself to be old-fashioned or ultra conservative but a person would have to be a fool to see that having mom in the home in those early years is a very good thing in nearly all cases. Unfortunately it isn't possible in many cases and there are special circumstances, but I feel for young ones these days. I had the dream life when I was a youngster. My mom was the best! She was real "Mayberry". We lived in a small town and she didn't work. She was there when I woke up, there all day, and there when I went to bed. She fed me (very well, I might add), played with me, read to me, comforted me, taught me, and was a wonderful mom to me when I was a little girl. By the time I was 5, I was ready to move on to kindergarten and then gradeschool, but I always knew as soon as school was out, mom would be there to take me home and give me a snack and let me play or watch reruns on TV. She never insisted I do my homework as soon as I got home because she understood that I needed to destress for a bit. She was great and I feel so fortunate to have had her there in those very formative young years. Oh, if only all children had that advantage!

Well, enough of that. Today has been one of those rather stressful days and I have a bit of a tummy ache over it. Erin has a friend visiting her from Missouri and the girl is having a terrible time of it. She is very anxious and homesick for her mom. She is crying almost all the time and it has been almost a week. I think we are going to send her back early, poor girl. I think the biggest issue is that she has a little dog that she loves and the dog is about to have puppies so that is worrying her a lot. She is afraid the dog will have problems and she wont be there. So, best to just send her on and put us all out of our misery. lol..Poor Erin is stressing out trying to comfort the girl but nothing is working.

I have a busy week coming up and have lots to do. I am hoping things go smoothly. Better hop off the porch and get some things done.


July 30, 2018 - Msg 110315: Quick trouble check! Let me get my coffee and read ...SPOT

July 30, 2018 - Msg 110316: Good morning all.

Boo, nothing worse than a teenage girl on a crying jag! lol They are so emotional at that age. I am glad the temps in your work place are at least manageable. Our shops are cooled with evap. coolers. They are decent enough I suppose, but the very best you can get out of them is a 20 degree temp drop, and that is if conditions are perfect. June and early July are pretty good for them, because although it gets hot, the humidity is low, and evap. coolers need that. When we get into the later part of July and early August, we often get monsoon flows coming up and that raises the humidity, and that makes an evap. cooler almost useless. And then do I ever hear about it. Nothing worse than a fat diesel mechanic on a crying jag! These "men" are way worse than the female office workers about their working environment. Cry babies! lol I think I need to retire.

MDC, sorry you're ailing buddy. I bet you picked up something on one of your Doctor visits. Seems like I almost always do. I find it fascinating how there is always a flavor of the month with the left, and how folks can't seem to line up fast enough to join the club. Like Boo said, Straws? Seriously? There are probably much worse things we could focus on I bet. If Mayberry had the Straw Law, Barney would have the whole Town in jail again.

Where's GF hiding? You ok buddy?

Guess I better get moving. Another hot day on tap.


July 30, 2018 - Msg 110317: Boy, Asa, I don't know which is worse a teenaged girl or a fat diesel mechanic on a crying jag! lol
I got the girl on the plane this morning so that is over. I ended up having to pay 260.00 to get her on an earlier flight because her mother didn't have the money, but it was worth it to me to not have to deal with the drama, etc. I got pretty stressed out this morning, though, because we got stopped on the highway due to a wreck and had to sit there for 20 minutes until that was cleared. Thankfully, I left early enough.

Wanted to wish happy birthday to Possum. I doubt she is feeling very happy today, but I hope she is blessed.

I held back from mentioning this on Friday since we have had a lot of heaviness to deal with here on the porch recently, but when I came home from work Friday night I saw on the news that there had been a fatal shooting at the little nursing home I worked in while I was getting clinical hours for my nursing license renewal. Im sure you remember me talking about it and how much I loved the staff and residents. Events were still unfolding when I first heard about it and I was so afraid. I got a little hysterical at first because I have friends that work there. I think after having my neighbors shot and killed 2 summers ago, I just have some traumatic memories. As it turns out, none of the employees were not killed, but two of the residents were killed by a relative who shot two other family members down the street and then came to the nursing home and killed his parents. I am so tired of gun violence. Don't know if there is an answer.

I think I will go get dinner finished up for Bruce and Sean. Erin is out having dinner with a friend who has a birthday today. Talk to you all later.


July 30, 2018 - Msg 110318: none of the employees were killed, rather


July 31, 2018 - Msg 110319: A solemn but Happy Birthday to Possum.

John Masters

July 31, 2018 - Msg 110320: Yes, ASA, I think I got the cold at the hospital of my last MRI. The contrast probably didnt help either. I am still sneezing, but I think I am shaking it with what I have been taking. Summer colds seem the worst. Havent had one in about two years.
BTW, I grew up in Phx with only a swamp cooler.
As you say, pretty decent during June and July,
but come August forgetaboutit! ha
BOO--glad things are simmering down at the house now. Prayers continue for your family.
RO--that dessert sounds really interesting! I actually found a short video on youtube... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZSVpAlOb8Y
POSSUM--I hope you had a good day. I sure hope they are getting easier as time passes.
God bless,

July 31, 2018 - Msg 110321: Happy belated Birthday Possum. I hope you are doing ok sweetie.
And Happy Birthday to Boo. I do believe hers is today. I heard about that shooting on Saturday. Terrible thing. I guess no one is immune from this craziness. I just can't imagine what drives folks to such acts of inhumanity. BTW, I am pretty sure a fat diesel mechanic on a crying jig is the worse. :)

I sure am enjoying watching The Fugitive DVD's. There are so many TAGS and MASH folks on there, it's quite amazing. Opie and Leon and Rance Howard to mention a few. In fact I believe I saw Ron Howards Mom on one episode just briefly. The other thing I have noticed is that the tobacco industry must have been big sponsors of the show. Everyone is constantly smoking. Same as in Perry Mason.

Glad you're feeling a bit better MDC. Those summer colds are miserable for sure. With all this heat, it sure makes you wonder how former generations were able to handle the heat. I guess it is just a matter of being acclimated. For example a good part of yesterday I spent on a Kabota tractor mowing pastures. It gets pretty warm on that thing. Along with the 98 degree temps, the engine is throwing out a lot of heat. So when I finished for the day, it felt pretty good to walk in to the shop and 77 degree temps. And all I get is complaints about how hot the shop is and how the coolers are not working right. I had one bellyacher say they were not doing anything. So I told him if that's the case I'll just turn them off then. It's stupid to run them if they are doing nothing. That shut him up for a while. I wish I could put him out on that tractor just for one day.

I just heard on the news that today is National Mutt Day. How about that! I might just have to go pay the Morrison sisters a visit for some celebration juice.

Prayers for all for a great day.


July 31, 2018 - Msg 110322: Thank you for those prayers, MDC! Hope you are soon well.

Thanks for the birthday wish, Asa. I talked to Possum yesterday, and while it was a tough day for her, she will be ok. Bless her heart and soul.

National Mutt Day, huh? I have two of those. A lab/shepherd mix and a Heeler/something else mix. One a pound puppy and one rescued off the side of the road when he was a pup. One of his little siblings had already been killed and he was terrified, poor baby.

Well, I am going to meet a friend for lunch today and then do whatever I want to. Sounds like a good birthday. I was hoping to spend some time with my friend Cynthia, who I mentioned recently, but she is in Austin seeing a specialist and has a PET scan on Wed to find out how much the cancer has spread. I am praying for a good report but all is in God's hands. She and I will get together and do something when she gets back.


July 31, 2018 - Msg 110323: Hey y'all.Like Boo said- yesterday was kinda rough,but I will be okay. Just keep lifting me and mine in prayer,folks. Thanks.

Thanks for the birthday wishes & I'm sending some out for Boo today- Happy Birthday, Boo! Let's rest up for our traditional double birthday bash out at O' Malley's cabin this weekend! Spot,you're in charge of music and refreshments!

Y'all take care.

possum u.a.r.

July 31, 2018 - Msg 110324: Thanks, Possum! If you are up to it, so am I. I will bring the squeezins.


July 31, 2018 - Msg 110325: Happy Birthday to Boo! I'll be at O'Malley's. I'll bring the pop and chips.

MDC - My best to you on shaking that cold.

Have a good one today, folks. Go grab ya' a SONIC drink on me.

John Masters

July 31, 2018 - Msg 110326: Happy Boo-th Day Boo!..And I hope Possums had a good as she could one too!....
Floyd did the podcast last night on the Meet-Up, Iíll post the link as soon as he is finished going over it...