August 14, 2018 - Msg 110447: Hello Porch: Congratulations to Grandpappy ASA. MBM

August 14, 2018 - Msg 110448: TCNW 491: Why is He always Ernest T?
Have fun watching. :)

August 15, 2018 - Msg 110449: Good sweep MBM, and I see Floyd got in some sweeping too!

ASA- Mucho congratulations! Seth is the name of Adam and Eve's third son.
We hear a lot about the other two, even Opie knows that story. Ha

BOO--glad the A1C is good, but indeed that is a bit baffling about the cholesterol!

RO--so glad you got 'bigger wires' so to speak, and figured out your printer issues.
At least you have ink for a while!

We have been having a thunderstorm each night recently, but tonite seems to be calm.

I hope everyone is doing well as theses summer days begin to wind down.
Cecile and I are planning a short trip to No. AZ soon to enjoy a little respite from the heat.


August 15, 2018 - Msg 110450: Good morning all!

Thanks for all the congrats for Seth. Mama and he are coming home today, much to the joy of everyone.

Boo, you reckon it is genetics? It sure sounds like you are doing everything you can from a dietary standpoint. I sure am proud of your lifestyle changes. I know I could stand to do a lot better with my diet.

MDC, How far north you going? I wish we could get some of those thunderstorms up here. Been a very dry summer.

I don't know if y'all have heard about what happened here in Utah the other day. A plane crashed into a house at about 2:30 in the morning, killing the pilot, and catching the house on fire where a woman and her 24 year old son were inside. They both were not injured in the incident. But what is sad, is it turns out the pilot was the womans husband. The night before they had gotten into an altercation and the husband was arrested for domestic violence. He made bail a few hours later and was released. He flew a corporate plane for an Engineering firm and had access to this plane at a very small airport, so he drove there, fueled up, and went and did his terrible deed. Very sad deal because everyone who knew this guy spoke so very highly of him and could not believe he would do something like that. I guess you just never know what goes on in folks heads.

Floyd, I was in the middle of taking your trivia quiz Monday night when I got the call to come see my new Grandson, so I wasn't able to watch till the end.

Better get moving I reckon. Plenty to do as always.

Prayers for all.


August 15, 2018 - Msg 110451: Yes, MDC, it is baffling but there has to be an answer and I'm seeking it. The Lord didn't bring me this far to leave me without a solution. I'm not the sort of person who likes to try and solve things. I guess I am mentally lazy and like for someone else to just give me the answers. lol..I was that kid in school who just skated by without a lot of effort until I got into nursing school..ugh! For the first time in my life I had to really give something 100% effort and it was certainly worth it.

Yes, Asa, my cholesterol problem is genetic. It has always been high even in my young years when I was very physically fit. My dad had high cholesterol all his life and my sister does too. Genetics is part of the picture, but doesn't explain why it is climbing now. The body does produce cholesterol on its own (the liver does) and for some reason mine seems to be producing more in the last year. I sent an email to an expert dr in this area and received a response saying he would call me, but we will see. I know he is a very busy doctor. I will let you all know what transpires. Boy, you can certainly tell by our recent conversations that we are part of the geriatric crowd, now! ha

Asa, one of my friends posted the news report of that incident on Facebook. I was very glad to see that he didn't kill or injure his family. Sad situation.

I think I am fully recovered now and actually went out and did some exercise on the elliptical yesterday evening, then took a walk with the dogs, played in the sprinklers for awhile and spent some mental health time on the porch swing. I'm back! Feeling great again. Thanks for the prayers.


August 15, 2018 - Msg 110452: Good morning, porch! Welcome to little Seth, congratulations to his parents, and hooray for his grandma and granddad. Asa, are you carrying pictures of him yet?

Floyd, I watched the video and enjoyed it very much. I think I'm going to have to find a little time each day to tune in. Very interesting!

Boo, I copied the lab info and pasted it in a Word page so I can refer to it. That's really a puzzle, and I don't have any answers. One thing occurs to me, but don't know if it's valid or not - I'm wondering if it could be a response by your liver? Make more cholesterol - since you are getting little or none in your diet. Also, many fresh fruits contain fructose, which will kick your triglycerides up. You've probably already covered this ground, but if not, just Google "can fruit raise triglycerides" and you'll find enough to keep you reading all day. How frustrating it must be to diet so rigidly, lose all that weight, and still be fighting the two demons - cholesterol and triglycerides. I know a lot of it is heredity. My dad ate cheese, red meat, and other sources of fat, lots of fruit and sugar, and never gained weight, and his cholesterol was always around 170 and triglycerides were in the low end of normal. My mom counted every gram of fat that went in her mouth, ate turkey bacon and made those disgusting turkey "burgers", and used artificial sweeteners, but her cholesterol and triglycerides were always way high. And - Daddy was the one who had a heart attack and had to have a triple bypass! Go figure. Just for what it might be worth, my cardiologist thinks that cholesterol levels get far too much attention. When my endocrinologist tried to put me on statins when my cholesterol went to 201 on one occasion, I couldn't stand them and stopped after a couple of months. The cardiologist agreed with me, and said just to list them as an allergy, so docs would quit trying to push them on me. I stopped them, I eat cheese, sour cream, cream cheese and such every day, and my latest cholesterol was 187. Again, go figure. Heredity, for sure.

Well, I finally had to link up with my computer guru in Florida, to get this printer properly installed. He rooted around in old files and found some leftovers from previous printers that were apparently interfering. All is running well now. Unfortunately, he also found that my computer's drive is nearly full, at about 87% of capacity. Time for a new one, in the next few months. He said it will start running slow, and may get "hinky" - his word for not working as it should. So, guess I'll have to find about $600 somewhere. Argh. If it ain't one thing, it's another.

Well, better get busy. I've got laundry that needs to be done, furniture so dusty it could support a potato crop, and I might or might not get it done. I might just get in my wheelerette and watch a little TV. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 15, 2018 - Msg 110453: Hello Porch: I simply pressed on “The Andy Griffith Show shoplifters” on Prime Video. Up came season 4. I scrolled down pressed play and there it was on my phone. All original 24:24. No commercials! Worth it to appreciate the fine uninterrupted acting. MBM

August 15, 2018 - Msg 110454: Thanks for the input, Romeena. Something very interesting happened today. Have you ever heard of Dr.Caldwell Esselstyn? He is a cardiologist and author who is really the expert in the field of nutrition and heart disease. He is an expert in reversing heart disease through nutrition and has taken cardiac patients who could no longer be helped and were in heart failure and put them on a program that literally saved their lives for many years. I have seen him interviewed and seen him in several Netflix documentaries such as the most well-known "Forks over Knives". So, I was thinking that I would really love to talk to him and see what he had to say about my cholesterol. he is 84 but still helping cardiac patients so I sent him an email and guess what? He called me this evening and talked to me for 15 minutes. He wasn't selling anything, there was no charge for the consultation, he just called to help me. He told me that I was on the right track and explained that as I am losing weight and some muscle, that my cholesterol, especially the triglycerides might get higher before it gets better (until I lose more weight)...he said besides the genetic factor, my body is producing the extra cholesterol as I am losing and burning fat and some muscle. If I didn't know he was the expert in this field, I would have thought that sounded crazy but the way he explained it made sense, although it is hard for me to say it like he did. He also told me that it is common to see the HDL get lower on a plant based diet because HDL is a marker for inflammation in the body, so less inflammation means a lower HDL. He told me that it drives most cardiologists insane but its true. He was concerned with my family history and told me I really had to get the fat out of my diet (processed fats, not nuts and avocados or omega 3s), and severely limit sugar, which I really am doing. He asked me how often I eat out and he said not to make going out about eating but about getting together with family and friends and enjoying the time, that even eating out in a restaurant 3 or 4 times a month, if you are eating the bad fats, could be enough to damage the endothelial cells in the vessels and cause heart attacks and strokes. He also said that because I have lost a significant amount of weight that I will plateau, which I have, and he said that research is showing that, especially in people over 50, that intermittent fasting will cause continued weight loss push me off the plateau, so to speak. He said he suggests to his patients that they fast on Monday and Thursday of each week, only drinking water. I'm willing to try it. So, wanted to share that conversation with you all. I couldn't believe he called me. I just emailed yesterday. it was so cool. he had me on speaker phone with his wife, too, and she was telling me not to eat tortillas. lol

Well, been a busy day so I think I will end this.

Love to All,

August 16, 2018 - Msg 110455: BOO--that is pretty amazing! Sounds like a good man. Could you give us his email address, or FB messenger it to me? I'd like to talk to him about my heart. Thanks
Have you ever tried taking fish oil capsules?
They make the kind that don't "talk back" to you now!
MEDWIN, Bill Medwin--I dont have all those fancy electronal gadgets, but I have dvds with the full un-cut shows, which I really love!
ASA--I can sure tell that you are "beaming" about the new kid on the block!
That is so very cool. :)
BTW, If we drive about 125 miles north of Phx, temps drop by about 20 degrees.
Even THAT is a nice change.
I sure wish Frankie and Big Maude wopuld check in.
Y'all take care now,

August 16, 2018 - Msg 110456: Found this online which backs up Esselstyns explanation:


August 16, 2018 - Msg 110457: MDC, I tried to copy and paste the link to Dr. Esselstyn's website but it wouldn't work. If you do a google search or him, you can easily find his website. Once you are on the site, click on contact and you will have an option to email. Include your phone number in the email. Someone will read it and email you back. I really didn't clarify that his specialty is in coronary artery disease reversal and prevention, so not sure if he would be any good to you as far as a-fib, etc. You can watch some of his video lectures on YouTube, also, if you want to get an idea of what he is about. He has authored books and does lectures that are easy to find. If you have Netflix you can watch the Forks over Knives documentary that he is in, or you can order it on Amazon.


August 16, 2018 - Msg 110458: Oh, forgot to answer your question about fish oil, MDC. I don't take fish oil and would prefer not to take an Omega 3 supplement...however..after about 6 months on this meatless diet, I noticed some changes in my memory (and not for the better), so even though I was taking ground flax, which is an amazing Omega 3 supplier, I decided to take an Omega 3 capsule from blue algae. After about 3 weeks, the results were amazing. Not more problems with my thinking or memory, so it works for me. I have read that omega 3 from fish or algae sources contain mercury, but at this point I really don't care because it's working. ha By the way, I use a lot of oregano in my cooking and always think of you when I do. lol

Well, have to get rolling. Busy day ahead!


August 16, 2018 - Msg 110459: Wow! The Queen of Soul, the King of Rock & Roll and the Sultan of Swat all gone on the same day. August 16th doesn't seem to be a very good day.

My best to each and every one of you!

John Masters

August 16, 2018 - Msg 110460: Aretha Franklin - R I P :(

August 16, 2018 - Msg 110461: Think 🤔

August 17, 2018 - Msg 110462: BOO--that is great. Glad it is working for you.
The brand i take does say "mercury-free" on it.
Funny about the oregano also! :)
I will look up the doctor on Google.
I hope everyone else is doing good.
God bless,

August 17, 2018 - Msg 110463: Good Friday morning y'all.

I was reading some of the recent posts, especially by Boo and MDC, and it struck me how our vocabulary has changed in recent years due to technology. I mean it wasn't that long ago that terms like web sight, google, google search, you tube, e-mail if used in public would have brough funny looks and maybe even got you locked up in the funny farm because folks would have figured you had a loose screw or something. lol Even lol was meaningless. Makes a body wonder what 10 years from now will be like. Remember when a router was a power wood working tool? And Wi-Fi? What is that? Streaming had something to do with fishing. And phishing was unheard of. Downloading? What's that? Reboot? Wasn't that what you did after lunchtime was over because you had taken the boots off to cool your feet down? Cursor was somebody who swore a lot. Oh I could go on and on I suppose. Amazing how technology has changed our lingo.

I also remember as kids when someone would bring some mercury to school and we would play with it on the desktops. Anyone else ever do that? lol It didn't affect my well being a bit! I also remember when someone would bring some mercury to school and we would play with it on the desktops. Anyone else ever do that? lol It didn't affect my well being a bit! :)


August 17, 2018 - Msg 110464: Asa, you're too funny!! Thanks for the laughs this morning!

possum again

August 17, 2018 - Msg 110465: Yes, I played with mercury! lol Dale Rockhill brought some to school in Junior high.


August 17, 2018 - Msg 110466: Hello Porch: I just visited big brother Don. Wouldn’t you know his name is Don. He sends his Thank you for the prayers said on the Front Porch. MBM

August 18, 2018 - Msg 110467: BILL, so glad to hear that Don is recovering! Before long he'll be downing sandwiches like a buzzard. Thank you Jesus.
ASA--that is so true. In fact I have an old dictionary of my dad's that is copyrighted 1935.
If one looks up the word "computer" it states that it "is a position in accounting, one who computes, a good career." (I liked your 'reboot' definition.)
And as we have said here, Math used to be Arithmetic, and before that "Ciphering." ha
POSSUM--good to see you. Hope things are better for you these days.
I wonder where G-F is these days?
BOO--I emailed that website, but got no response. As you say tho, heart failure is not his speciality.
RO--THey make hard drives now that can store a terabyte or more. (Another new word ASA) When mine crashed a couple years ago, I had one installed. Almost limitless storage.
Well, off to beddie bye. You Hatfields and Carters, take a rest. :)

August 18, 2018 - Msg 110468: Gooooood morning, porch! It's a beautiful, sunny, very slightly hazy morning here on my corner of the porch. Looks like our rain has gone away for sure, I'm sad to say. We could have used a lot more, but still I'm grateful for what we got. I think my area got around 2 inches.

Ah, yes, the evolution of language! That's a fascinating subject, one that has always interested me. This process has been going on for a long time - just search on "use of 'apprehend' in the Bible." It meant the grasping of an idea or concept more so than the catching of a criminal, though that meaning was hinted at as well. It's like it was mixed with "comprehend." Both words suggest catching hold of something, with the ending "prehend." A monkey has a "prehensile" tail, meaning he can grasp with it. Words are fascinating. I wish I had nine lives like a cat, because I would have pursued a different course for my life in each one. God led me to be a nurse, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss that, but I'd love to have been a veterinarian. I'd also like to have been a linguist, and pursued the study of languages. Oh well. We have just one life to live here on this earth, and I'm happy with mine. Still, it's fun to think about.

On a totally different subject - did you know that when you get one of those mysterious phone calls, where you don't recognize the number, that you can find out who it was? Even though I'm on the "Do not call" list for both my home phone and my cell, I still get calls. Well, just run a search on the phone number and it will give you lots of information. I just got a call on my cell phone, and the search tells me it's a scammer supposedly offering me a great deal on a mortgage loan, but really trying to get my personal information. No dice, scuzzy. The web results suggest calling the police and reporting the abuse and intrusion, but I know for a fact that they have neither the interest nor the time to mess with such as that. They have much more serious concerns, so I won't bother them.

I wish you could see the crape myrtle tree in my back yard. I have eight in my back yard, some with multiple trunks. Out of the eight, the prettiest one by far is a volunteer that just came up in a flowerbed and grew up into a lovely little tree, about ten feet tall right now. It has a double trunk, because when it first came up, someone tried to pull it up, not realizing what it was, and broke the little stem. Of course, it just branched out into two at the break, and by then we knew what it was, so left it. At this moment, it's just loaded with gorgeous lavender/purple blooms, and so pretty. The rest are blooming to various degrees, down to one that has a just a smattering of blooms! It doesn't get much sun, and we should have known better than to plant it there, but it does have the pretty trunk that crape myrtles are known for, so I leave it. If I ever lose the sycamore that's shading it, it will come on like gangbusters.

Well, Eddie is here to mow, and I need to talk to him about some things, so guess I'll check out. Dave and Brittney and the boys will get home this evening, so Diesel will be a happy puppy. He has missed his family, but he's such a good little guy, he just waits patiently, plays with Toye Starr, cuddles with me, and is perfectly obedient. He's a perfect family dog, small enough to be cuddly and comfortable in the house, but big enough at about 25 lbs to be able to withstand and enjoy the rough-housing of two teenage boys. Great little granddog. --Romeena

August 18, 2018 - Msg 110469: Hey everyone, just checking in while I have some time at work. It is a slow weekend and it is too warm in here to move around much...what's new? It has been very, very hot here in south texas this month.

Not alot of news to share. Bruce is getting better each day and I am feeling pretty fine. We are having some issues with Erin since she is about to start back to school. She still has her struggles with anxiety and I am really hoping things go better this year when school starts up.

I had better go finish up some to you all later.


August 19, 2018 - Msg 110470: Also fascinating is whenactual foreign language words are used as if they were English words.
I can think of "kindergarten" and "bouquet." Pure German and French words!
ROMEEna--what you said about Deisel is also true on the Porch. Our SPOT can take a little 'roughhousing' but he is also kind enough to serve us breakfast! ha
BOO-- I still cannot believe that 'baby girl' is 17! Wow, where has the time gone.
Prayers contenue for you and all the porch.
Good Sabbath,

August 19, 2018 - Msg 110471: Good Sabbath all.

Another funny thing I have noticed about language is the terminology differences with the British and American use and sentence structure. I'm sure it is because my parents both came here from England. As an example of what I mean is that in England they would say "John is in hospital" while here we say "John is in THE hospital." And yet another similar sentence in England one would say "John is in THE jail", while here we would say "John is in jail." Funny how the word "the" is used and/or omitted at different times. And I get a kick of how the British drop the "H" in there speaking. It's not "hospital" but rather "ospital".

Boo, I sure pray that Erin has a good year at school also. Bless her heart. My youngest Grand daughter starts Junior High this year and she is pretty anxious about it. How is Sean doing these days? We have been plenty hot here this summer also, but nothing out of the ordinary. But lawww we have been dry. Mercy sakes, we have not seen any storms a-tall. It clouded up Friday night and looked like we might get something, but all we got was some wind.

MDC, I was just reading about a hospital (or should I say ospital) in Mesa in which 12 nurses are pregnant at the same time. What's going on down there? A

August 19, 2018 - Msg 110472: Whoops, I must have hit the wrong key or something. I was about to say that I hope that Spot took your hint and will cook us some breakfast this morning. :)

Just a few weeks until Labor day weekend. Kind of signals the end of Summer. I have mixed feelings about that it seems. In one hand I like to see the heat start to wind down, but I dread the thought of Winter snow and cold hitting. It's a real quandary I tell ya!

Well I suppose I best go get myself cleaned up and ready for preachin. I think I am going to suggest they get that Pool table again. I think it would be a big hit! :)

Prayers for all.


August 19, 2018 - Msg 110473: Funny thing yesterday, I was at my Sisters camper and we were fishing. One of the Grandkids caught a small bluegill and while he was reeling it in a “BIG Old Bass” jumped and swallowed it whole!...Best part he was able to haul the Bass in to boot!...Now THAT is what I call REAL fishing!... A 2fer.
So we took a picture, now he can take it to school next week...”What I did on my Summer Vacation”...The grin on his face....PRICELESS!

G-F... 🎣

August 19, 2018 - Msg 110474: Good Sabbath porch folks.
Taking it easy ..Just rockin`and resting. Have a good! ~New Neighbor

August 20, 2018 - Msg 110475: ASA--that IS pretty amazing about those Englishsters! They seem to all be from somewheres else! ha They say the darnest things too..."I opened the bonnet of my lorry, took out a part and threw it in the skip." for example. What?
So sorry about your dry spell. We are getting some of the smoke from the cal fires, but are suppose to have rain on Wed. Thanks for the prayers.
GF--maybe that was old Sam on the hook. Ya think? Just as long as it wasnt one of them carps! :)
New neighbor--sometimes its just nice to set around
and do nuthin'. ha
Well, a good week to you all.
School starts in earnest in AZ this week.
I remember how we used to make book covers out of paper grocery bags!

August 20, 2018 - Msg 110476: Good afternoon, porch. I just got home from a funeral at the church - a true celebration of a life well lived. Bill Fletcher was 88, had been a member of our church since 1956, taught SS in the children's department for 40 years, was a life deacon, an avid fisherman, a leader in these last years in the senior activities, and a fine, fine man. I would imagine he and my dad have had a joyous reunion, since Bill was a building inspector here in Irving for many years, and did the inspections on most of the homes my dad built here. He never hesitated to flag anything he found that might have needed attention, and that's the way my dad wanted it. They worked well together, and my dad had a very high respect and regard for Bill. He will be missed.

Well, David and Brittney and the boys got in Saturday night, plane on the ground at 10 pm. They called when they landed, and I hopped in the Tahoe and drove through the rain to the airport (just about a 20 minute drive) to pick them up. Along the way, my phone kept ringing, but driving an unfamiliar vehicle, in the dark and the rain, no way was I going to try to answer the phone. Once in the airport area, I saw cars lined up along the shoulder, all the way to the gates. So, I pulled over too, and checked my phone. It was Brittney, telling me that while they were on the ground, they were in a terribly long line of planes waiting to get to a gate. The pilot had said it would probably be two (2) hours before they would actually get to a gate! He said in his 23 years of flying, he had never seen it like that. I guess the little rain squalls had something to do with it, but who knows? Anyway, she told me to just return home, not to wait, and they finally arrived at my house at 12:30 a.m., via Uber. Two hours sitting on the tarmac, waiting for a gate! They took it in stride though - they never make a fuss over such as that.

Then while they were here, Brittney happened to walk over near the fireplace with bare feet and realized the carpet felt damp. One more step, and it was wet. David, my HVAC guy, knew immediately what it was, and so did I, because it has happened before. The condensation drain was clogged, backed up and overflowing into the back of the closet, which is behind the fireplace, and the water was running down into that corner and seeping out into the carpet. I rarely walk into that part of the room in the summertime, so hadn't discovered it.

David pushed the thermostat up to 78° to reduce the frequency of the a/c running, took a vent off the space below the a/c closet, soaked up the water he could reach with a big towel, then jammed a big stack of dry towels into the space. That's all he could do, because the Tahoe they left here was not the one he works out of, so he had no tools. He came back this morning and blew the drain line out, and all is working well now. The carpet is still wet in the fireplace corner, in spite of a ceiling fan and a couple of box fans, and now I've got the temp down to 73° to pull more moisture out of the air, but I've also got a call in to a carpet-cleaner friend to see if he can come vacuum most of the water out of the carpet. There's only one little discolored spot, about two inches across, where the end of my mountain dulcimer was sitting on the floor, and it's in a hidden spot. I think I'm going to get through this without having to pull up any carpet - I hope!

G-F, I'll bet your grandson was walking about two feet off the ground, catching two fish like that! Our Hudson is a fisherman, took his gear with him on their trip, and fished a couple of mountain streams. He caught 3, I think, and just threw them back, of course, but he was pretty thrilled. That kid loves to fish!

Asa, you're right about the accents. I remember we had a nursing supervisor who was from Scotland, and though she had been here for thirty years, she still had that Scottish burr in her speech. I loved to hear her.

New Neighbor, it's nice to have you on the porch again. I wish more of our regulars would return. Hoping you'll stick around!

Well, I hear a nap calling me. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 20, 2018 - Msg 110477: Sorry to hear about your leak, Romeena...that is a real pain. I think I may have mentioned that recently sean moved the furniture in his bedroom and we discovered that there had been a leak at some point from the bathroom and there is part of his wood floor that looks to be rotted from water. I haven't even told Bruce yet because he is so stressed and just went back to work today. That section of the floor will have to be removed and the wood replaced. Owning a home is so darned expensive!

I was off from work today so did my grocery shopping with Erin's help. It was super hot today but one day it will cool off again..might be awhile. I am looking forward to fall, as always, even though we probably wont really see any cooler temps for a couple of months, at least. I am already thinking and planning for the holidays. I think I am going to have something here for Bruce's birthday in October and will host Thanksgiving, as usual if I am off. it will be another vegan thanksgiving for me, but I don't mind. I didn't miss the turkey last year and wont this year, either. I will make my own vegan dressing and sweet potatoes and my yummy cranberry sauce. I should shut up. It's too early for this talk.

I just heard Bruce cuss from his recliner..better go check on him.


August 21, 2018 - Msg 110478: Good evening all.
RO-it sounds like you had quite a night; you certainly deserve a good nap!
So glad that they got home safe and sound.
ASA- Yup, 16 ICU nurses got pregnant at about
the same time! Here is a link. Pretty amazing!
BOO--when does Erin go back to school?
She and your whole fam shall be in my prayers.
Take care friends,

August 21, 2018 - Msg 110479: Good morning all.

Romeena, sorry about your drain issue. Not uncommon with those drains that are used for condensate. I try to pour some hot water down my drain on a regular basis, when I can remember that is.

MDC, It was 16 nurses. My goodness. I guess the folks in Arizona really do stay indoors in the summer heat. lol

Boo, I'm ok with you talking about Thanksgiving. But I have to have my turkey with all the fixins! Did you ever see that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond when Marie cooks a "healthy" Thanksgiving dinner? A tofu turkey. lol That'll make Bruce cuss more I bet. haha

New Neighbor, so nice to see you posting girl. I am praying for Grace's situation.

GF, I have been enjoying those Monday night podcasts that Floyd does. There are some real characters in that chat room. That Lydia Crosswaithe has a very witty sense of humor, as does several others, yourself included.

Well prayers for all for a good day today. I am home resting my back a bit. Trying to be proactive for a change.


August 21, 2018 - Msg 110480: Yep Asa, those Monday podcasts are a blast!...You need to jump in the conversation. It is difficult at times because the conversation is quick and it gets hard to type and listen at the same time.
The lady who goes by “Lydia Crosswaithe” is a good friend of mine, She is a enthusiastic fan and does represent the Crosswaithe’s name quite well...And we have 2 Big Maude’s, our porch Maude and podcast Maude...And yes they have met each other at the Meet-Up.. Also we have a “Miss Mayberry” who is a young lady who has Downs Syndrome. Sarah blesses us weekly with her love and enthusiasm of all things Mayberry...

I love ALL my Mayberry “cronies” (as Mrs. Goob calls them!) We are “Family” most definitely!...Amen?


August 21, 2018 - Msg 110481: OK Gang, here is a three part TAGS Trivia question.
"I forbid you to see that girl again!"
#!. Who said it?
#2. Who was it said too?
#3. Who is "that girl"?

Yea GF, I want to join the conversation but I don't know how to get in. I type pretty slow, and think even slower. lol They were answering them trivia questions before I could even think on them. :)

I've been watching Dragnet now on DVD. I am seeing a lot of TAGS folks on there also. Lester Scobey shows up a lot. And sometimes he ain't so good a feller. John Masters is in a lot of them also. He works in the Science Investigation department so he must have got his hive condition under control. I also have seen Bobby Fleet (the one who rehired Jim Lindsey) in several episodes, and in a special clip from 2010 in which he was interviewed. Herb Ellis is his real name and I believe he is still with us. He was pretty old in the interview, but still was very sharp. And very recognizable.

Guess I'll go see what I can rustle up for dinner. I'd love some chicken with crust, but I ain't that ambitious. I ain't even ambitious enough to drive the 5 miles I'd have to drive to see Col. Saunders. Probably good for my waistline that I'm so lazy. haha


August 21, 2018 - Msg 110482: Hello Porch: ASA: I’ll say 1. Barney 2. Andy and 3. Helen. MBM

August 21, 2018 - Msg 110483: Bingo Bill, Well done.


August 21, 2018 - Msg 110484: "Watch Goober string his fingers together." (:

August 21, 2018 - Msg 110485: Hello Porch: ASA: Wasn’t he on a date when he did that? MBM

August 22, 2018 - Msg 110486: HI ALL, I had an 'errand day' today, running here and there to get
a few things done.
I hope you all had a good one.
ASA--Can I borrow your Fugitive dvds? ha
and then Dragnet too? :)
Well, its pretty late, so I will hit the hay.

August 22, 2018 - Msg 110487: Good morning, porch! Well, I was a bit overly-optimistic in my assessment of the water damage. Once my carpet guy got here, the truth was revealed. The pad was soaked to about six feet out from the front of the fireplace, and fanned out down both walls on either side. It was wet under a 3-cushion sofa on one side, and under a huge and heavy cabinet that holds all the components that accompany the TV and music system, as well as the TV sitting on top. He pulled the furniture to the middle of the room, pulled up the carpet and folded it back, and began cutting the soaked pad into large sections. Those went into garbage bags so they could be carried through the house without dripping, and are now spread on the driveway. Water literally ran down the driveway and into the street! The good news is - it's a very good pad and is holding together just fine. It will dry out. The carpet is not stained, and after the tack strips are replaced (soaked) I think the pad will piece back in like a big puzzle, he'll tape it together and the carpet should go back down nicely. One big advantage is that most of it is under furniture, and is not in a traffic area, so it should be just fine. I will be surprised if the bill runs over $300, and if I had called Serv-Pro or one of the big boys, it would have been much more than that, and I'd have had their big jet engine fans in here for at least a week. (Been there, done that, several years ago.) So far, there is absolutely no musty odor or any sign of mold, so I think we're good.

Here's an example of God's timing. I was awakened very early this morning by the sound of my friend Ted outside, power-washing the exterior of the house, preparatory to painting. It hasn't been painted in nearly fifteen years, and is beginning to need it. He finished, and came in the house to visit a while. He was curious about the piles of wet carpet pad on the driveway, and I explained. He said that he had checked them, and thought enough of the water had drained out of them that we could un-pile them and spread them out to dry. "We" turned out to be him doing the work, and the pad pieces are now drying nicely. Turns out the quality of the pad is evident, as it's not torn up, just where Terry cut it to make it light enough to carry. It can be put back down! Ted got it all spread out flat and smooth, and it should be dry by tonight, or at least by tomorrow.

David is going to install a kill-switch on the a/c that will shut the unit down if it senses a backup in the condensation drain, so this shouldn't happen again. That will be nice. In the 45 years I've lived in this house, this is the third time I've dealt with this mess.

Thinking of actors from TAGS who show up elsewhere - Aunt Bee's butter and egg man was a recurring character on Gunsmoke. I don't know the character's name or function, but he had a big fluffy beard!

"Why, Sheriff, there's not a word of truth to that story! Not a word!"

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 22, 2018 - Msg 110488: Hello Porch!
Beena very busy last six weeks. Mom had the shingles and was just getting a little better and then I rushed her back to the hospital. She had e coli in her blood, the Dr. said it came from her gallbladder duck. Was being treated for that and had over fluid from iv`s and was rushed into the ICU for two days. Had to stay on oxygen and came home three days later. After two days at home she got pneumonia and had to rush her back to the hospital. I don't think her lugs were cleared before she came home. So then she ended up in a senior home for four weeks were she was able to get therapy and weaned off the oxygen machine. She just came home a few days ago and is holding her oxygen levels good on her own and slowly being able to eat some solid foods. The e coli really was hard on her digestive system and stomach. It has been a hard six weeks but she is showing progress and I feel blessed for every day we have. Right now she is on her computer. But can only stay up for a short period of time because she is so week. I have been by her side through this with her and taking care of her at the house. We have a rn that will be coming a few times a week to check in on her and the dr. will be here at the house tomorrow to see her. It has been very hard and would like to ask you all to keep us in your prayers. You all take care and I will try to stop by again depending on how things are going. I miss you all!.

August 22, 2018 - Msg 110489: Frankie, so good to see you again. We have been wondering where you had gone, and hoped it wasn't because of your Mom being sick. So sorry she went through this, but it sounds like she is on the mend. How wonderful you are there to take care of her Frankie. Bless your heart. Prayers for you both for sure.

Yes Romeena, I remember seeing that chicken coop Casanova in quite a few old Westerns over the years. I forgot to mention another TAGS actress I have seen in quite a few Dragnets is the older lady that Andy crowned Miss Mayberry. She was also in some Adam-12 episodes. I sent you a picture with my Daughter and all our grandkids. Will you send it to Boo as she was asking to see them. Thanks.

MDC, Next up for me is Adam-12. I only have 4 seasons of that so far though.


August 22, 2018 - Msg 110490: MDC, Erin starts back to school on Monday and seems ready to start. I think she is going to be hurting from not working out all summer. School athletics is no picnic. She seems to have kept her weight down fairly well but has gotten out of shape.

you all may enjoy these interviews with the TAGS cast if you haven't watched them..there are three that I can find..the first seems to be missing:

Asa, I had several people ask me last year if I was going to make a tofu turkey like Marie! lol Actually, I have one in the freezer that I bought on sale after Christmas and I think I will make it for myself but wouldn't think of doing that to the family. Its called a "Tofurkey". ha

More to say but have to run...will be back later.


August 23, 2018 - Msg 110491: BOO!! -- That is ALMOST a bad word!! haha
Erin and you all will be in my prayers, and also that
this school year will go 'smooth' weatherwise.
ASA--you're killin' me man! Love 'em all. :)
I have been watching a lot of westerns, and it seems like Mr Wheeler, Edgar Buchanan, is in a lot of them, mostly as an old timer cowpoke.

FRANKIE--so sorry to hear of your mom's issues, my goodness! But also so glad that you are there to help her.
That is a LOT for ANYONE to go thru, much more so a senior.
Our hospitals here do the same thing ...trying to send you home too soon. When I was getting the IV diuretics last August, they tried to push me out. I called the medicare 800 number knowing that I would most likely lose the appeal, but it automatically 'buys you' 24 hours more whilst the review is going on.
That really helped me get more of the IV that I needed.
Just a thought.

RO--so glad you are getting the carpet dried out. Did he label the pad pieces?
Also happy to hear of the solution to the problem.

Well, Thursday (today) is my final heart cath before the Sept surgery.
Y'all got my prayers, :)

August 23, 2018 - Msg 110492: Praying for you as you undergo your heart Cath, MSG.


August 23, 2018 - Msg 110493: stupid autocorrect called you MSG! Lol


August 23, 2018 - Msg 110494: Porch needs a sweep.

August 23, 2018 - Msg 110495: Thanks BOO, all went well. They had to do another one thru my wrist even tho they did one just 4 weeks ago because that doctor did not look at my coronary arteries! So, that was all they had to do today. BUT, get this...I had to fast from 7 am, arrive at 1:30 PM for a 3:30 cath. After the registration, and 5 or 6 signatures later, they got me to the prep area, then finally get me on the table strap down my wrist, and prep it. Then they also prepped my lower region 'just in case.' Then came the procedure which lasted all of 10 minutes (with no sedation this time).
Then two hours in recovery as they watched the pressure dressing on my wrist; and all because the first doctor didnt do what he should have done four weeks ago.
But I STILL think our health care is the best around.

We got a nice strong rain this evening! Very needed. Thank you Jesus.

Take care my friends,
MSG, er...No MSG.... MDC ha