August 24, 2018 - Msg 110496: Hello Porch: Iím complaining that I have to take time to address high blood pressure. A big toe issue. And a knee issue. Iím 62. MDC: hang in there. You have serious issues with your heart. Not sure how I would react. Saying prayers for you for sure. MBM

August 24, 2018 - Msg 110497: A quick good evening, porch. MDC, that's very annoying and frustrating, to have to go through something like that because a doctor dropped the ball at some point. However, if it's any consolation at all, even a little bit, that doc will have his chance to explain to a panel of his peers, who will be asking him why he "decided" not to look at the coronaries. It does sound very odd, but there's always the possibility that he has an explanation. Sometimes the patient isn't reacting well to the sedation, and they have to decide to cut the procedure a little short and get out. I'm not saying that was the case - probably wasn't - but it's a possibility. Or - if I understand correctly - your cardiac issues are more in the realm of electrical misbehavior, with the A-fib, so the coronary arteries may not have been a big question at that particular time and he didn't want to extend your time on the table. Lots of possibilities, and they don't always disclose everything, unless there's a reason for telling you. Having to repeat the procedure would certainly constitute a good reason! Hang in there, my friend. It's going to get better.

Well, I'm off to dreamland. Ted will be here early in the morning to start painting, so I'll have to get up earlier than I usually do. Oh well. I'm just grateful I can still get up! My poor little neighbor can't. --Romeena

August 24, 2018 - Msg 110498: Good Friday morning all.

MDC (AKA MSG) You are in my prayers my friend. A lot to go through for a 10 minute procedure. One things for sure, no one can call you heartless! ;)

Good sweep Bill Medwin. I saw you on Dragnet last night. You were a bartender, not a pretend barber though.

Romeena, sounds like a good idea about the sensor to shut down the a/c when it detects water. A little water can do a lot of damage.

Boo, As we are getting into the end of August, the days are starting to get shorter, and the temps are starting to drop a little here. They are calling for a 90 degree high for today and tomorrow, then the rest of the 7 day forecast has everything in the mid to low 80's. But I have noticed in the morning is when you can feel the difference the most. I'm not sure what it is, but you can just feel Fall is on the way. I just wish our smoky skies would clear up. Been a bad year for wild fires for sure.

Well I pray y'all have a great day, and act like you got some smarts. :)


August 24, 2018 - Msg 110499: MSG GMO GLUTEN FREE....Youíll ALWAYS be MDC to us Buddy!
Continuing prayers to ALL porchsters who are ailing and dealing with serious family issues.

Asa...Just thinking, as you do your filter changes this fall, you may want to sign them...ĒAsa Was HereĒ..Or, Asa says..ĒGood Luck and Happy MotoringĒ...Asa OUT!...Just Sayiní
You need to work on your retirement speech...ĒI stand before you a humble man, all filled up with humblenessĒ.....


August 24, 2018 - Msg 110500: Good morning gang!..whew been busy around the farm..gona set back and read the mail...will be in here tonight...Breakfast at I-HOP on possum and I...prayers SPOT

August 24, 2018 - Msg 110501: Good sweep Bill. Do you know how to check
the archives? Just asking.
More later,
the real non-gmo MDC haha

August 24, 2018 - Msg 110502: Hello Porch: MDC: I never had a reason to check the archives. I see ďarchives ď on the bottom of the page. So Iím sure that will take me there. Is there anything specific I should be checking? MBM

August 25, 2018 - Msg 110503: Glad you are cooling off a little, Asa. It has been brutally hot here with no change in sight. At least we don't have wildfires! It has been in the 80's in the nurses office at work for weeks but I seem to have gotten used to it. We keep 5 fans blowing at all times so the paperwork flies around, but who cares? I wear long shorts and tshirts to work during the summer. Its not a very professional look but its survival!

I do have fall and winter on my mind a lot these days so have to be patient. I cant wait until I can comfortable sit on the porch swing and such.

Bruce is doing a little better each day and is back at work. He still has to wear the sling and can't sleep in the bed yet, though.

Well, better get off here and think about getting some rest.


August 25, 2018 - Msg 110504: Asa, my memory ain't what it used to be, played with too much mercury as a kid, but did Barney forbid Andy to see Helen again? I know Barney didn't much care for her as she didn't cook.

Billy Ray the Memory Challenged Postman

August 26, 2018 - Msg 110505: R I P Senator John McCain. He was a good statesman, a war hero, and a senator willing to listen. May he finally find his restful reward.

BILL- Just thought you may like to look back at some previous comments. Click on archives, and then on any date. The date represents the day the porch was "swept."

I hope all are having a good weekend.
Cecile and I are heading up north tommorrow.
Two hours from Phx area and it's 20 degrees cooler. We will return on Wed.
If I find a computer up there, I'll check in,
otherwise I will be "unplugged."
Good Sabbath to all.

August 26, 2018 - Msg 110506: Good Sabbath all.

MDC, I join you in your tribute to John McCain.
Have fun cooling off up north.

Billy Ray, yep, and that is the wording Barney used to Andy. "Andy, I forbid you to see that girl again"! lol All because she couldn't cook and planned to keep on working after she got married because it is the 20th century. The other line off that episode I love is when Andy arrives at Thelma Lou's house and Barney greets him at the door (somewhat nervously) " Thel, Andy lous's here." Always cracks me up.

Boo, glad Bruce is improving. How is Erin doing?

GF, I could leave some messages like that for sure. lol

Well off to see what I can rustle up for breakfast. I might just make me some French toast. That sounds kind of good.


August 26, 2018 - Msg 110507: But can you speak French Asa?...Like the episode a Feud is a G-F

August 26, 2018 - Msg 110508:

August 26, 2018 - Msg 110509: Hello Porch: MDC, you are correct. The archives are interesting. I searched October 2005 for the fun of it. No mention of the Chicago White Sox winning the World Series. I could understand that. Then I searched 911. Message 2111 has ASA saying itís gonna be a great day. And it should have been. But just a few messages later our lives changed. New rules to live by. I should have not looked up 911. It still hurts. The day starts out with sunny skies and birds singing. Then in a split second the bottom falls out. Makes me think anyway. Donít take life for granted. Be kind, loving, etc. As much as possible. Just do it by the BOOK. MBM

August 26, 2018 - Msg 110510: Good afternoon, porch! Thanks to MBM's post, I went back and read the entire page that contains the 9/11 days. I'm glad I did. Thank you, MBM, and thank you for your very valid comments. It reminded me of how we as Americans came together for a while. People were kinder to each other. Cars bore little flags, yards displayed flags. Drivers were more courteous. People waved at each other. Church attendance rose noticeably. For a little while, at least, we looked a lot like Mayberry. Unfortunately, it didn't last. Gradually, we fell back into our old ways. I hope it's not going to take another disaster to get our attention once again. "For whom God loveth, He also chasteneth." (Hebrews 12:6, Proverbs 3:12) If the discipline doesn't bring about the needed correction in our thinking and behavior, the Bible says that eventually God will "give us over to a reprobate (unrepentant) mind" and will leave us there. (Romans 1:28) This applies to a nation as much as to an individual. There are examples of both in the Bible. Somehow, America absolutely must return to her roots and become a nation of God once again. I know there are those who try to write out that part of our history, but it's there, like it or not. It's in the wording of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, all the documents of the day. It can be found in the preserved correspondence written by our original leaders. You can re-write history if you wish, but it doesn't change what happened. There are those who say they can "prove" that the Holocaust never happened, but in 1981 I took care of an elderly Jewish woman at the hospital who had the ID numbers tattooed on her forearm. I learned from her granddaughter that she was a survivor of Auschwitz. For me, that's pretty clear evidence. So too are the surviving copies of this country's original documents, where God and His will and mercy are clearly invoked. We had better get back to those days and that way of thinking if we hope to survive as a nation.

Well, enough of that. My wet carpet has dried, it's not stained, and the pads dried out nicely on the driveway. Happily, it was just a strip about five feet wide, across the front of the corner fireplace and down both adjoining walls for about ten feet. When all is back together, most of it will be under large pieces of furniture, except for the part in front of the fireplace. The man is coming back at noon tomorrow to put the pads back down and re-lay the carpet. The best thing is, there is no musty odor at all, and no visible signs of mold. We caught it in time. Still, I'm going to spray the floor with Lysol, and spray the pad before it goes down. Then a little light spray over the carpet surface before we put the furniture back in place. I think when we're done, there will be no sign of what happened. Insur@nce would have replaced it all, and would have included two adjoining rooms, but I have a 1% deductible, which these days amounts to $2500! I'd have scraped it up and let them do it if the carpet had been worn or stained, but it's only about 6 or 7 years old, is beautiful and looks like new. Why spend all that money, since there was no visible damage? Nope, I'll spend a couple of hundred with my carpet man, and have a pretty room once again.

Well, guess I'll go heat up some leftovers and have a little lunch. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 26, 2018 - Msg 110511: Went back to the archives on 911, too..wondered where on earth I was and remember I didn't join the porch for another year. I do love going back into the archives because it is like an ongoing diary of my life for years..I love reading about what was going on my children, especially. What a blessing. Thank you again, Floyd!

Glad your carpet dried, Romeena. Hope there are no more disasters in the future.

Speaking of disasters, yesterday was the year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey. This morning in church, the pastor prayed for several families in our church who are still not back in their homes after a year. If you drive through town here, you can still see homes abandoned without roofs and businesses that have not reopened and it is even worse a few miles north of us. Crazy.

I envy your little trip, MDC! I have been thinking and dreaming about new mexico and Colorado lately and Bruce and I decided, Lord willing, that we will take a family trip to Colorado in December of 2019. I just cant stand to wait until then but I have to. We are planning to go to Winter Park for snowtubing, then on over to Grand Lake for snowmobiling and will spend Christmas in Colorado. I cant wait!...but I have too. :( I will hopefully be in better shape by then because I finally committed to exercising for my cholesterol. I have been doing burst training on the elliptical and walking. Now I have an extra incentive to get in shape for the snowtubing, etc. I was watching an episode of House Hunters yesterday and a couple was looking for a house in Colorado Springs and I was drooling! Lucky, lucky people..beautiful scenery, beautiful weather, beautiful weed brownies (joke). Seriously, though, I just need to get back there. I want to go back to the North Pole amusement park at the foot of Pike's Peak. So, Colorado in 2019, then I start planning a road trip across the southern states (want to do an historical trip through there) and up to North Carolina.

Wanted to thank you all for your prayers for Sean. He doing so committed to God and is a godly young man. The Lord is showing him so much and Sean wants to follow, wherever that leads him. I dropped by the church he attends today after my church lets out so sean and I could go to lunch. When I got into the sanctuary, I could see Sean up at the front praying and crying. He was so full of the Lord's joy and peace. I love that boy and I know you do too. I have learned so much by being his mother. Thanks again, friends.

MDC, Erin is doing well, thank you. She is gaining some maturity and the anxiety has been better. I know she is nervous about going back to school tomorrow and I know there will be a lot of pressure. She is taking some tough courses but will be doing athletics so that will help (if she doesn't get injured again!)...let's see...first it was her knee..then her shoulder...then she broke her nose...what's left? ;) I trust her to God but she makes me pretty nervous sometimes.

Poor Bruce has had a setback with his shoulder and it is hurting worse but we see the doctor on Thursday. A funny note: yesterday the family wanted me to make my lasagna for dinner and I made it..and made a vegan veggie lasagna for myself with no cheese. I stuck my leftovers in the frige inside, and their lasagna leftovers in the frige outside because I was out of space. When Bruce and Erin came home after church they grabbed my lasagna to heat up for lunch. haha...they didn't think it was so good. They are learning to look before they eat. ;)

Well, better to put the towels in the drier. It may be sunday, but I go back to work tomorrow and have to get some things done.


August 27, 2018 - Msg 110512: Hey all, it's been a long time since I had a little time to sit in my rocker on the front porch. Truth be told I came to visit to try to find Romeena. I have emailed her a couple times and not received responses. I was getting worried so I thought I'd better check on her. But now I see she is here good as gold keeping company on the porch! Good to see your faces, Boo, Asa, and MDC and anyone else I missed! Ya'll take care. Romeena, check your email! : )
Charlotte Tucker
P.S. My husband is doing OK. He hasn't been falling down as much.

August 28, 2018 - Msg 110513: Hello Porch: Almost feels like the big freeze today on the porch. Charlotte Tucker, rings a bell but I canít place you on a certain TAGS episode. Not sure but I think Andy mentions Charlotte Tucker. Any relation to Tucker Malcom Tucker? Sorry, had to write it like that. Medwin Bill Medwin

August 28, 2018 - Msg 110514: Hello Porch
Had a little spare time this evening and while checking up on my computer I wanted to stop by and say hello to the porch. Our weather out here has finally started to cool down and I love it. Have had my brother from Washington visiting since Mom has been ill. It has been nice having him here. Mom is doing better since she has come home. There is no Place Like Home. And it is so nice having her here. You all take care.

August 28, 2018 - Msg 110515: Good morning all.

Hey to Charlotte Tucker. So nice to see you again. I now have a Grand Daughter named Charlotte. Hope to see more of you in your rocker.

Frankie, I'm glad to read your Mom is improving. I do believe you are as right as rain when you say there's no place like home. And glad you are getting a visit from your Brother. Prayers continue for you and yours.

Bill Medwin, I saw you again on Adam 12. This time you managed an apartment building. You sure are versatile. :)

Boo, What a sweet story about Sean. Bless his heart. You and Bruce must be wonderful parents.

Romeena, Glad your plugged drain incident wasn't worse. And now you are being proactive with installing the sensor. You are my kinda lady! lol I am a firm believer in doing things like that, especially if it has happened more than once. One of the responsibilities I have been given at work is to produce task sheets for preventive maintenance on all of our equipment. I was required to make sure all the manufactures suggested P.M.'s were included, plus things that I felt should be added based on my experience with the equipment. So I added some checks to be done on different things that I have felt needed it. I like to think these added things have been positive.

I hope MDC and his Wife are having a "cool" vacation up north. We only got to 75 here yesterday. Very nice. And I noticed my peach tree is ready for picking. I had one peach Saturday, and it was good!!

Prayers for all for a great day.


August 28, 2018 - Msg 110516: So youíre saying Asa that your peaches 🍑 are All fuzzed up and ready to go? Itís a Peach Cobbler Conundrum...
What to make, What to make!... Maybe this will help


August 28, 2018 - Msg 110517: Asa, thank you for the prayers.
G-F, those are great recipes that you shared.
Getting ready to watch the A`s game this evening. Found out that two of the starting pitchers are out with injuries. Oh no! And they have been doing so good. Go A`s.

August 28, 2018 - Msg 110518: HI all...our little motel has no public computer, but the mgr let me use his quickly. So 'hey' to all! All going well.
We were in a quaint antique store today, and my dear
wife says..."dont go off too far or i wont find you amongst the other antiques in here!! harhar."

August 29, 2018 - Msg 110519: Good Morning porch family. hope all is well this Wednesday morning.

I have been missing in action lately here on the porch. Staying busy with work and home chores. Mr Maude and I will be taking a much needed vacation the week of September 16th and am looking forward to getting away. our plans are to go to the beach for the first part of the week and then head to Mt. Airy on Thursday til Saturday evening for Mayberry Days. hope to see some of my Meet up friends as well. GF: you will have to let me know if you will be lurking at the auction on Saturday afternoon so I can visit with you for a spell.

Its been hot and humid on my end of the porch. In the upper 80's and 90's this week.

All is well with my kids. they stay busy with jobs and such. Patrick and Daysie are busy with learning that home owning is a big job and expensive. They are doing some cosmetic work to the outside and inside of their home. Nothing big
but just time consuming and the costs adds up. they are both talented and handy and have a lot of know how which is good.

guess I better get busy here at work.
Lunch menu will be: BBQ chicken, SLAW, baked beans and potato salad, sourdough rolls. Banana pudding for dessert. tea and lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

August 29, 2018 - Msg 110520: Yep Maude I should be learking at the auction as usual. Hope you guys have fun at the beach and hope to see you guys at the Big Weekend...


August 29, 2018 - Msg 110521: Glad you are enjoying yourself, MDC..pretty funny antique comment. :)

Thank you Asa, don't know if I would qualify as a wonderful parent but don't suppose I am a bad one, either. Sometimes I am lazy and avoid dealing with issues at hand, but usually I manage. I do try to show love and respect and I listen. It's nice when your children get old enough to understand and agree with you. A little maturity is a wonderful thing. lol Honestly, I am just very thankful for what God has done and how the love and acceptance of others has helped us as a family. Having a g@y child in the church world is no picnic, but our friends and family have shown compassion and love to all of us. I have learned something important after praying over and over again for wisdom in our situation. I have heard many stories of Christian parents abandoning their children who struggle with same-s#x feelings, and those children run straight to the gay community where they are accepted...or they destroy themselves with drugs or suicide because of their self-loathing. We love our son, so we listened and struggled and prayed along with him, always letting him know that we would love him forever and help him. I felt in my heart that God would do the work in Sean if we gave him a loving family and home, and God is doing that. If we had turned away from him when he needed us most, it would have destroyed Sean, and I know that. We all have to walk our own spiritual path and if we are children of God, he walks with us. He does the work in the heart that leads to repentance and freedom. Now, if I am totally honest, I am not sure where I stand on the issue, as far as sin goes, and I don't want to get into that, but Sean can't live a g@y lifestyle because to him it is wrong, and he believes that God doesn't want that for him. He is putting himself in God's hands for the future. Thankfully, the Lord is giving him grace to live his life in celibacy. I know it wont be easy for him but we just have to wait and see what the future holds for Sean. What I have told my children is that we are called to holiness, whatever our s#xual orientation. Its very hard when they are young, but it can be done and waiting for the right person is worth it. I waited for their dad and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am so thankful. Another thing I am learning is to not worry so much. Sometimes things have seemed to hopeless and discouraging, but then something wonderful happens that only God could do. I try not to get lost in the dark days.

Well, it certainly is hot here in south texas! I have been helping to train a new nurse at work and the poor girl keeps saying, "It's so hot in here". I tell her she will adjust, but I get the feeling she will jump ship at some point soon. She doesn't seem very motivated to learn anything. Probably the toughest nurse I have tried to train, but I like her as a person and she is interesting to talk to.

I am really looking forward to the cooler weather that will come months from now! lol!! Let's see..we may see a cool front in 2 months. It's really not so bad. We haven't had any rain for awhile so the mosquitos are better. I am going to mow this evening since Bruce cant yet and I love doing that. I don't think Imentioned that he recently taught me how to use our zero-turn Bad-Boy mower and that thing is a blast!

Wonderful to see Charlotte Tucker on the porch! Please don't wait so long to come back and sit on the porch. you are missed.

Hey to Big maude. Glad the kids are well. Hope you have a good vacation!

Better go get some chores done around here.


August 29, 2018 - Msg 110522: Howdy to the Porch!
My A`s won last night and are playing a day game right now. Trying to catch up with those Astros.

The physical therapist just left and was happy with Mom`s progress. Another therapist coming in this afternoon. They are keeping us busy.

You all take care and be safe out there.

August 29, 2018 - Msg 110523: Good afternoon, porch. Boo, thank you for sharing your heart with us. I know it can't be easy, to be so open about such a controversial situation, but the fact that you did, speaks volumes about the level of trust and friendship on this porch. Personally, as I've said before, I have several g@y friends, and I may not have shared that I also have two g@y extended family members. With one exception, I have a loving relationship with them all. Their orientation is not a topic of conversation, and is definitely not subject to my judgment. I am not called to be their judge, that's God's department, and I think He will handle it very well, thank you. Again with that one exception, all are professed Christians, hard workers in God's service, do not flaunt or call any attention to their lifestyle, and are some of the kindest, sweetest people I know. They appear to have reconciled to their orientation, and are happy with themselves. The "exception" is a rude, disrespectful and hateful individual with a sour attitude, who alienates everyone but about three people in his family, who put up with his behavior for some reason. I think he'd be a jacka$$, gay or straight. Frankly, if he ever speaks to me the way I've heard him speak to his mother and his sister, I will probably slap the snot out of him and be done with him. He may suspect that, because he leaves me alone. Actually, I think he doesn't like himself very much, takes it out on others, and that's pitiful.

Well, my living room carpet is all dried, pad put back together, carpet replaced flawlessly, and there is absolutely no musty odor. "The man" did a beautiful job, charged me just $275, and the carpet looks like new. I'm so glad it wasn't stained, and I didn't have to get insur@nce involved. That would have cost me $2400, been a big mess for days, and really wouldn't have looked any better than it does now. My carpet is just a few years old, shows no wear and is not dirty. One old lady and a dog that's half the size of a housecat just don't cause much wear and tear. It would have been a shame to replace it.

David and Brittney took me to dinner last night, to Carraba's (Italian) and it was sooo good! Huge portions, so I brought half of mine home, just couldn't eat it all. I'll have it for dinner tonight. I don't know if Carraba's is a chain, but if you have one near you, it's a really good place to eat. Excellent food!

Well, guess I'll go get in a little wheelerette and TV time. Toye Starr is asking for a cuddle. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 29, 2018 - Msg 110524: Good evening all. Well still afternoon here.

Boo and Ro, what powerful and thoughtful posts from both of you. I know as I have aged (and gotten wiser I hope), my way of looking at those who are g@y has changed dramatically. A number of years ago I worked with a man that I really liked. He was always respectful, kind, compassionate, just a really decent chap. One Monday morning when we arrived at work, we found hid in his office. He had committed suicide and it was a complete shock to us all. It wasn't till a few days later that we discovered he was g@y. I think we were all stunned, first at his death, and second to find out he was g@y. No one knew that. I felt so sad because we later found out how challenging this was for him. I think he tried hiding it from co-workers and even some family. Just heart breaking, and it caused me to have to really take a hard look at myself and my pious opinion of "those people". Shame on me. I have repented and although I certainly don't condone the lifestyle, we are all Gods children by golly and we need to reach out to all. Boo, your post really touched my heart, and it is very obvious why Sean is the fine young man that he is. Bless you and Bruce. And Romeena, I have a nephew that sounds just like the one you described. He is a selfish little snot faced twerp that needs his you know what kicked a few times. And it's not because of his lifestyle. He is a jerk, period! Sadly, those are the folks that seem to make all the news and leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

GF, Thanks for those peach ideas. I wish I was retired now so I had the time to try them. It's coming. :):)

Great to see you Big Maude. Glad all is well with the family.

Sounds like the MDC's are having a big time. I wonder if he makes her get up at 5 in the morning to get that breakfast special though. :)

Well off to do more pickin.


August 29, 2018 - Msg 110525: Ohh and Frankie, so glad your Mom is doing better.


August 29, 2018 - Msg 110526: Time for a sweep:

August 30, 2018 - Msg 110527: Thank you Asa

August 30, 2018 - Msg 110528: Hello Porch: Iíve been watching TAGS via Amazon Prime Video. Itís awesome. Picture perfect. Canít possibly be better than this. Including DVDíS. Just sayin. But it is good. MBM

August 30, 2018 - Msg 110529: Hello Porch: I hope everyone is having a good day. I just paid the current cable bill. As you guys know it isnít cheap. Itís just that at this point in time there must be a better way. Smart TVs, streaming. Iím not sure yet but I have to find a better value. I am not comfortable paying for what seems like 33% commercial time. And 66% tv time. I donít expect to completely get rid of commercials but somehow cut it down some. I might have to get a second job like Asa. Working in the bank in the morning and at Weavers at night. MBM

August 30, 2018 - Msg 110530: Good afternoon, porch. MBM, I long ago solved the ridiculous commercial situation. I have Dish Network, have a customized package that gives me all the channels I want - NatGeo and Hallmark - both of which actually have several channels and I have them all. I get the major networks, I get the local things like MeTV, and all the "home" channels - I like the "fixer upper" shows, the cooking shows and all that - anything I want is there, including classic movie channels. I don't get HBO, don't want it. My bill is $131/mo, but that includes coverage for four TVs in the house. If I dropped a couple of those, it would eliminate about $30/month. Now, to the good part - I almost never watch a commercial. When I'm ready to settle down and watch a movie or TAGS or a MASH marathon,I just turn the TV on, tune it in, and then go get on my computer or do laundry or whatever, and return at the end of the hour, "rewind" the TV and start watching. When a commercial begins, I hit the "FF" button and buzz through. My remote even lets me advance in 30-second increments, so I'm not over-shooting it and see-sawing back and forth. Of course, there's a regular fast-forward button that zips to the end. On most of the commercial breaks, it takes 8 to 12 hits on the 30-second button to get through the commercial, so that tells you how long those breaks are - from 4 to 6 minutes! Ridiculous. One night, I carried my supper dishes to the kitchen, put them in the dishwasher, took the trash out to the street, and still got back in my chair before the commercials ended!

Well, guess I'll go round up some lunch. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

August 30, 2018 - Msg 110531: Hello Porch: ROMEENA: You have a very good option. $131 sounds about right. Iím at $179 for 5 TVs. But that includes internet. Looking to the future, I donít need cable programming. I have a very good OTA antenna that will support my TVs. That and internet service is what Iím after. Verizon is coming out with a 5G home internet service. Not sure when it will be available though. Commercial tv is out of control. Iím paying to view constantly the Plaxaderm commercial, the dogs in cages, reverse mortgage, St Jude hospital, countless lawyer commercials, a few good causes here but they are forcing them down my throat. I have doggies. And I donate a few dollars to APSCA, our Veterans and a few others. I feel good I do my share. But geez, the commercials want to lock you in monthly. Then they and everyone else floods your mailbox with a waste of paper that goes directly into the trash. Thank you ROMEENA for all the sound advice you share on the front porch. I plan on reading your book soon. I think I will enjoy reading rather than watching the guy remove bags under his eyes. What is the title of your book and where can it be purchased? MBM

August 30, 2018 - Msg 110532: I..*sniff, sniff*...I just got...*tears and wailing* very first....*Whaaaaa*...AARP Membership application in the mail! I turn 50 in 7 days.
*Sniff, sniff...Whaaaaa!*

John Masters

August 30, 2018 - Msg 110533: Fight them tears John...I get them all the time!...Now Iím getting pressured from Walgreens too!..
I guess they partnered up, and you can get a ďFreeĒ one year subscription with their reward points....


August 30, 2018 - Msg 110534: John Masters, I was terribly depressed about turning 50. It was awful. And then the very first business day of the month I turned 50, there was the AARP membership application. My birthday is on the 27th, and instead of letting me try that month on for size a little, they had to hit me TOO EARLY. At that moment, I decided I'll never join. Period. You'd think they could let people ease into that half a century thing a little, but nooooooooooo. I'm surprised they ain't more people like me.

Billy Ray the Past His Prime Postman

August 30, 2018 - Msg 110535: John Masters, don't feel too bad-they started sending me AARP membership applications when I was 47 years old!! I even wrote on one something like " I am NOT 50 years old yet. I am unable to join AARP,so please do not send me any more info" and mailed it back to them! But that didn't stop them ,they kept sending me mailings! I did join a few months after I turned 50 ,but boy,they sure were rushing things there a bit!

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing pretty good and am planning a trip out to Wyoming in two weeks to visit my sister & her family.We really didn't get a chance to visit and have fun when they were here in July,because my mama passed while they were here.Hoping to have wonderful time with them in Wyoming and make some special memories.

Frankie, I'm glad to hear that your mom is doing somewhat better. Bless your heart, I know what it's like caring for an aging/ailing parent.

I know I'm not here as much as I used to be,but I do check in enough to realize that Sterling has gone AWOL. Has anyone heard from him? Seems its been a mighty long time since he's posted. Hope he and his family are well.

Y'all take care now!

possum u.a.r.

August 30, 2018 - Msg 110536: Thank you for the support, friends. So very sad about your coworker, Asa.

Hang in there John Master. fifty isn't so bad. :)

Not much to talk about tonight but wanted to drop and say hello.


August 30, 2018 - Msg 110537: Hello Porch: Two quick things. Where is POOR HORATIO? Also, How did the name Mayberry come about? MBM

August 31, 2018 - Msg 110538: HELLO PORCHSTERS! We got back safe and sound a while ago. I have a lot of reading to catch up on.
All went well. Weather was about 75, it had rained the day before and the cool pine scent filled the air. We stayed in a little (8 room) quaint motel. BOO, you would have loved it! :)
If you want to see their website here is the address: (We were in rm 4.)
We even had a chance to do a short hike in the woods.
I can hike by compass, and my wife is always surprised that we return to within 50 feet of the car! (thank you Boy Scouts) We also visited some antique shops, ate in some unique little restaurants, relaxed, played scrabble, dominoes, etc.
For those on FB, I will post some photos tomorrow. Many dont realize it, but the upper 3rd of AZ has the largest contiguous ponderosa forest in the country.
Now I am going to 'gear up' for my operation in two weeks with exercise, protein shakes,prayer,
and hope.
I heard that AZ had a very nice service this AM for Senator McCain, including a talk by Larry Fitzgerald.
Well, off to read some posts.
MDC :)

August 31, 2018 - Msg 110539: John Masters, your just a youngster
GF, I just sent in a coupon from Walgreens to get a one year subscription to AARP for free. It was a extra coupon they gave me with the receipt.
Possum, thank you for the kind words. I have been very busy taking care of Mom and it gives me a good feeling deep inside. Makes me feel better knowing I am doing all I can.
MDC, Glad to hear you and the wife are back and had a nice vacation.

August 31, 2018 - Msg 110540: Does the Porch have a facebook page?

August 31, 2018 - Msg 110541: MDC...Glad to hear you guys had a nice Get-a-Way..Your State did a proper send off to a American Hero and Statesman. I did catch the tribute from Fitzgerald, he did a nice lighthearted speech to honor him...

Frankie...I donít think we have a Facebook page, but since I donít do Facebook I wouldnít be the one to

Possum, I was wondering about Sterling and Poor Horatio too, check in guys soís we know youíre Ok...

Asa, You get all those peaches 🍑 picked yet Buddy? Hopefully you used the pick 6 eat 1


August 31, 2018 - Msg 110542: Frankie, no, we don't have a Facebook page, and honestly I would prefer we didn't. I have shared so many personal things here that would become easily available to practically everyone I know on facebook. Lol. I prefer to keep the porch more intimate. Of course that is only my opinion. 😊


August 31, 2018 - Msg 110543: I want to take a little poll. If you had to pick a TAGS episode that you think has the most ridiculous story line or scenes, which would it be? I know which I would pick but will wait to share. There is one ep that really bugs me and I wonder if it was written by a guest writer or something. Lol


August 31, 2018 - Msg 110544: Hello Porch: BOO, one that comes to mind immediately is Meddlin, Meddlin. Burt the walking peddler. MBM

August 31, 2018 - Msg 110545: Good morning, porch. I can "sympathize" with those of you who are discombobulated about turning 50, but I can't really "empathize." That is, I have never experienced that emotion myself, and there's a reason for that. Trust me, getting a diagnosis of Stage IIIb cancer when you're 40 will make you forever grateful for each birthday you celebrate from then on. I enjoy each one, especially the milestones, the 10-year marks. I had no reason to expect ever to see 50, but I did, and then 60, and 70, and if God is willing, next July I'll be 80. 80! Wow. That sounds so old, but I don't feel old. My body does, at times, but "I" don't, if you know what I mean. It still surprises me when I tackle some little job or project and wear out before it's finished. In 2003 and 2004, when Joe and Jorge and I were doing my back yard landscaping, I worked from "can see to can't" every day for weeks! I shoveled dirt into the wheelbarrows that they were moving to the back yard, I carried many, many flats of flowers from the driveway to the back yard and planted them. I carried flagstones for the pathway, and dug holes for shrubs. Today, I'm proud if I can pull weeds for half an hour at a time, but at least I can do that. I know several women who are younger than I, who cannot. God is good.

MBM, I agree with you completely. I am so tired of that baggy-eyed man in that commercial! I just buzz right past him. By the way, I just paid my Dish bill, and I was wrong, it isn't $131, it's $121. Oh, you asked about my book. The title is "A Flat of Petunias", and it's available from Amazon and also from Barnes and Noble, in both hard cover and paperback. I appreciate your interest, and hope you enjoy it. It's primarily aimed at those who have lost a loved one, but sooner or later, that's pretty much everyone. I tried to make it honest and truthful, but not depressing. Depression is one stage of loss, but I hope the book leaves a reader with the knowledge that it's natural, shouldn't be permanent, and with the tools to overcome it.

I'm concerned about Toye Starr, and have an appointment with her vet this afternoon. She has been eating poorly for the last few days, and yesterday, I noticed that her fluffy little tail was not waving over her back, but rather was clamped down, with the plume dragging the floor. This is definitely not a good sign. Also, her gait is off, she sort of "scuttles", with her little rear tucked under. It's like her back is hurting, the lower part, near her tail. She walks like I feel, when my back hurts. She has, however, left my side and taken up her self-appointed post as guardian of the mail slot. Long ago, I put a cuddlebed in the entry for her, because she was lying or sitting on that cold tile for hours, waiting for the few seconds when the mail slot opens and envelopes drop into our house! She doesn't bark, she just grabs each piece of mail, gives it a good shake and drops it, and then she's done for the day. The slightly tattered mail is left there for me to pick up. She has never seen the postman (solid door and walls, no glass) but she has her duty as she sees it, and she does it faithfully. I pray there is nothing wrong with her, because I don't know what I'd do without my tiny protector.

Well, guess I'll go hunt up some lunch. I've got half a can of chili, some Fritos and some shredded cheese - that sounds like a good start. I'm out of onions, though, and they will be missed! Or - I've got some good soup, too. Has anybody else tried the Progresso brand of tomato basil soup? It's goooood! With a dollop of sour cream dropped in the middle, to provide tiny bits of interest as you eat the soup, it's really good!

Have a great day, everyone. If you see someone who could use a smile, give them one of yours. --Romeena

August 31, 2018 - Msg 110546: I'm praying for Toye Starr


August 31, 2018 - Msg 110547: Hello Porch: ROMEENA: I purchased your book from Amazon. Sounds like it is directly aimed at me. My wife passed away 14 years ago from breast cancer. She was 45. We were married 29 years. My life has been upside down since. I never got through it. Iím hoping your book will give me a different angle to live life to the fullest once again. I hope nothing serious is wrong with Toye Starr. MBM