October 31, 2018 - Msg 1109511:
--Recovered Message--

and I do love the very ending as Andy starts reading off all of the letters og resignation the Barney has submitted over the years. lol
Another observation on another episode. The one where the cave rescue takes place. Helen gets on the phone to call the Courthouse and let them know they are O.K. but Andy stops her. Sarah would have known it was Helen trying to get through, and Sarah wasn't one who would keep that hush hush. I guess as Any might say, "Asa, your over thinking it. Just shut up and enjoy the show"! Andy was a smart feller. :)

Well off to it for the last day. Maybe I can help GF do some of the sweeping around here now. 10-4 GF? lol

Prayers for all.


October 31, 2018 - Msg 110952: Good Morning porch, checking in from work today.

Its been a while since I rocked. been busy at work and other life events.

Beth and I traveled to Pigeon Forge for a wedding 2 weekends ago, then last week I traveled Asheville NC for a workshop. I came back from the workshop with an upper respiratory infection, went to the doctor who prescribed an antibiotic and prednisone. Been taking cough medicine and sinus medication as well. also using vaporizer and VICKS.

in the mist of all that, my friend of 36 years passed away over the weekend. He had been sick for 2-3 years and it all took a toll on him. He was tired and worn out with it all and was ready to go where he could be well. He lead a very sad life the past few years in lots of ways. Please pray for his son and his siblings. there will be lots of sort out as the deal with this.

sorry to be telling my troubles today.

ASA: prayers as you retire. you deserve some time for you and Debbie.

MDC: thanks for the APB.
thanks for sweeping GF.
guess I better get to work mode.
Lunch menu will be: homemade chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese sandwhich. tea to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

October 31, 2018 - Msg 110953: Happy Halloween! Be at the Remshaw House after dark- if you dare!

Sorry about the loss of your friend,Maude-will be praying for the family and you as well.

possum u.a.r.

October 31, 2018 - Msg 110954: Good morning, friends. I've already been to the church for ESL class, am back home and getting ready to call Uber to take me over into north Dallas to my back surgeon. He's got the results of that CT-myelogram I had, and we will decide what to do after we review the results. It's raining here, there's a lot of construction on the route to his office, so driving is hazardous, and I just don't want to drive in it. Uber is so easy, cost is reasonable, and is a lot less than the deductible on my car!

Asa, it's Emancipation Day for you! You are a free man after today. Trust me, you're going to love it. I only got a little taste of that "first day of freedom" feeling, because of the way I just sort of didn't go back, but once I got that last disability check, and knew I was no longer attached to the hospital in any way, there was a sense of "today is the first day of your new life." It was great! It made me think of what it must have been like for my Dale, when he took his last breath, stepped through that doorway into heaven, and got his first look at his new home and his new life. I can only imagine! (I love that song!)

Maudie, I'm sorry about the loss of your friend, that's always so hard. Friends are such an important part of our lives, and the loss is always difficult. Prayers for you, love.

Well, guess I'll tidy up a bit and get ready to call Uber. I need to leave here in about twenty minutes. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

October 31, 2018 - Msg 110955: Hello Front Porch: Is that the best we got when making lasting decisions about our leaders is to get bombarded with with sometimes juvenile like commercials

October 31, 2018 - Msg 110956: Gomer, Gomer, Gome...

November 01, 2018 - Msg 110957: Happy First Day of Retirement, Asa! You deserve it,so enjoy it! Wishing you all the best,my friend.

possum again

November 01, 2018 - Msg 110958: Good morning all.
Why thank you Possum. I appreciate that. Yesterday was a bit challenging for sure. I had a steady stream of folks coming in to my shop to congratulate me. A lot of memories for sure. Thanks again to all my friends here who have walked me through this process. It has been way more difficult than I would have ever imagined.

Big Maude, great to see you, and was nice to see you in the podcast the other night. I am so sorry to read about your friend. It sounds like he had a rough few years at the end. My prayers for his family. And I hope you are feeling better.

Not many trick or treaters at my house last night. That's too bad. I enjoy seeing all those little kids all dressed up in costume. And it is so refreshing to hear them say Thank you when you give them some candy. There was one little girl, she couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 who had white cloth wrapped around her head. I thought it was a bandage and asked her what she had done to warrant such a drastic bandage. She very seriously informed me that it wasn't a bandage, but she was a mummy. lol She looked at me like I was some kind of alien that I couldn't see that. So when I said ohh, ok, now I see your a mummy, she smiled, said thank you, turned and walked down the steps. Her Mom who was standing at the bottom of the steps just smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders. Sweet little girl.

Well I guess I best get to wo... HAHA Hmmm get what? lol


November 01, 2018 - Msg 110959: Asa...Check up on the Porch posts, Make breakfast, clean up dishes, take a break, find out times for TAGS, watch a few episodes of Perry Mason, make lunch, clean up from lunch, watch Gunsmoke and Bonanza, take a nap, wait for the mail, decide what’s for dinner..The rest of the night is “as usual”...

Yep....It’s a FUN Day!....Lol....G-F

November 01, 2018 - Msg 110960: p.s......Welcome to the First Day of the Rest of your Life!..

November 01, 2018 - Msg 110961: LOL GF. That is exactly what Debbie said to me this morning. "Welcome to the first day of our new life". Funny you should say that about Bonanza. I already have it programmed to record on the DVR. And speaking of TAGS, I was watching "Aunt Bee The Crusader" last night. Mercy sakes, she was just nasty mean to poor old Andy about Mr. Frisbee. Andy didn't kick him off his land. He was just doing his duty as the Sheriff. She was acting quite Helenish! :)


November 01, 2018 - Msg 110962: Good morning, folks

MDC - Yeah, I'm still around. Just been dealing with a lot on my side of the Porch.

Asa - Happy retirement! Now you get to just relax, sit back and read the "Geographic." I really think you should catch that sunburst special to that Miami beach. ;)

John Masters

November 01, 2018 - Msg 110963: Good afternoon all.
Well if all my retirement days are like this first one, I'm gonna like it pretty fine.
It started off with Stacey taking me to a movie (we saw "First Man", highly recommend it if you like NASA history). Then we went and had a fantastic lunch. I had a big old chicken fried steak. Then I had to go visit with my Lawyer to get a few things signed. Then I just got home and found a delivery on my door step. I saw it was from our very own Goober Fife. A nice note of congrats, a small rocking chair with an upside down bat attached to it. lol And a little stick man made of copper T's, elbows, and other parts, all soldered together very nicely, and attached to a wooden base with a nice sign on it. And also a nice little Mayberry type news letter. My goodness GF, What a swell friend you are. Thank you so much. You are very kind. I still hang up your little bat on my Christmas tree you sent me years ago. Thank you for your kindness.

Yep John Masters, catch up on all my Nat. Geographic reading. I get to reading those I just get so immersed in them I don't pay any attention to anything else.

Well I think I'll go deal with some leaf pick-up.

Thanks again GF.


November 01, 2018 - Msg 110964: You are Welcome my friend....Since you ARE one of my own I thought you needed an Trophy 🏆!!...And of course a “Larry” The Wheelertime bat 🦇 to keep you company while watching TV until you get that dog 🐕...

Glad you had a good first day!...The leaves, 🍁 Remember now you can say...I’ll get to them when I get to them...Lol


November 02, 2018 - Msg 110965: ASA, glad you have the magazines to swing retirement! ha I want to see that movie too, but am waiting for it
to come to our $3.00 movie theater. (We retirees can do that, ya know) We also hit the early bird specials at Golden Corral. :)
That is very cool of our GF to do that for ya!
GF--you beat everthing, you know that. And, as far as those leaves go...there's always TOMORROW! ha

MAUdie...glad you checked in. My condolences on the passing of your friend.
That lunch sure hit the spot...i love soup and sandwich.

Blessings upon all you wonderful saints,
MDC :)

November 02, 2018 - Msg 110966: SHAKEDOWN! That's right folks, this is a SHAKEDOWN! Everybody out why I check for any illegal contraband, not that I think that any of you would be so foolish to try anything here at the Roc..... Hey, where did everyone go!?


November 02, 2018 - Msg 110967: https://youtu.be/YtsvsLFYYSg

November 02, 2018 - Msg 110968: ASA, dang, we shoulda known you'd pull a shakedown on your first official day of retirement! ha
Maybe we will soon have to re-name the porch
to the "Retirees' Front Proch!" :)


November 02, 2018 - Msg 110969: Oh ASA, you better see if that copper stick man has any pinhole leaks! Ha After all, you want... "No more pinhole leaks to deal with, no more backflushing to do..." :)

November 02, 2018 - Msg 110970: Hello everyone, been busy with work and such but wanted to check in.

First of all, I am very sorry for your loss, Maude. It is so hard to lose a good friend and I feel for you.

Hope everyone had a nice, safe Halloween. I worked and got to pass out some candy to the kids at work, but otherwise it seemed like any other night to me.

It was encouraging to read your words about retirement Asa. I am looking forward to all the Lord has for you! Bless you for having that attitude. You're right, caring for Debbie is your most blessed ministry, but there is always something we can to do to bless the Lord with our service...just don't get too stressed out. Now, imagine that advice coming from ME. lol

Thank you for your advice, Romeena. We already have our new baby. Yesterday Erin saw a picture of a pup in a shelter near us and she was available. We picked her up yesterday and I had her to the vet this morning to get her shots and such. The vet says she is about 6 months old and appears to be a chihuahua/jack Russell mix. She is very tiny and right at 5 pounds. She loves nothing more than to be carried and held, and loves to sleep on our laps. She is playful when we want her to be, but a real love bug and a cuddler. She is a soft beige color with white markings. Her hair is mostly smooth like a chihuahua but she has a touch of the wirey terrier hair on her eyebrows and a hint of a little wirey beard. So cute with the sweetest face! Erin is over the moon, as you can imagine, and already Bruce is holding the pup while she sleeps and speaking more sweetly than he has spoken to anything since the kids were babies. I think she might be his new best friend. So, we are in the middle of house training but she is already going to the door to be let out to go, so I think it will go well. We don't have a name for her yet, but we want it to be just the right one. Any suggestions are welcome. She is a very sweet and sociable baby..just loves everyone, even the vet, seems to be very curious and bright-eyed, and has a touch of the terrier independence when she is outside.

Hope all of you have a good evening...


November 02, 2018 - Msg 110971: Hello Porch, you all have a wonderful weekend.

November 03, 2018 - Msg 110972: Here's a thought...Arizona has a LOT of pick up trucks (mine included), but I'm betting that Texas or Wyoming has more.

November 03, 2018 - Msg 110973: Hey Boo..How about “Pebe” short for pequeña bendición “Little Blessing” in Spanish...Just a thought!..


November 03, 2018 - Msg 110974: Congrats on the new family member Boo. Sounds like you got a good one. She even has Bruce cooing her.

Hey to Frankie. I hope all is well.

GF did a fine job of soldering up the copper man. No pinholes for sure. :)

Last night I was watching the ep. where Barney see's Andy kissing Helen in the jewelry store and then tells the entire town about it. I have seen that episode probably hundreds of times, and yet last night for the first time I realized that Rance Howard was in that episode. I had never noticed that before. And of course that was the episode in which we learn that clean underwear and whims are incompatible. lol And lot's of people lie at lunch.

Well better go do something useful. Kitchen needs cleaning, bathroom needs cleaning, garage needs cleaning. Hmmm, maybe I better go sit in my Wheeler and contemplate it for a while. I hate to rush into things without fully mentally preparing myself for it.


November 03, 2018 - Msg 110975: Good morning, porch! MDC, you would probably win that bet. I've never been to Wyoming, but as a native Texan, I can tell you that pickup trucks are as common as ants at a picnic around here. Everything from rusty old work trucks to sleek and beautiful jobs that you could live in. I like trucks, and drove Dale's pickup frequently.

G-F, that's a good name suggestion - picks up on the Mexican background of a chihuahua. Following the Spanish thread - "Mija" (me-ha) is a term of endearment, means "my little girl" and is used by mothers when speaking to a small girl child. It's actually a contraction of "mi hija" and can be made masculine by changing the final "a" to an "o". I sometimes call Toye Starr Mija, or even Mijita, which is a contraction of "mi hijita", an even more extreme diminutive term. Erin's little pup looks like she'd qualify for that, being so small. Then there's always "Chica", an affectionate term for a young girl. She's really cute, Boo, and looks like she'd be a snuggler, though maybe a pillow hog. Hooray for you for doing an adoption! I think that little pup just hit the puppy lottery.

Well, guess I'll go hunt up some lunch. I may just go up to my favorite little tortilleria and get some fresh tortillas, and a couple of their wonderful avocados. I don't know what their secret is, but they have the biggest, most delicious avocados in town, and they're always unbruised, and ripe but not too ripe. I usually buy two, one that's just right, and one that's still a little too green, because it will be ready to eat tomorrow! I love avocados, and can't believe that I thought they were just nasty when I was a little kid and wouldn't even look at a bowl of guacamole. I told my mother it looked like owl poop. Being my mother, she countered with "and just what do you know about owl poop?" So, I said that it looked like goose poop, because THAT I had seen! She told me to go outside and play, and that I couldn't have any of her guacamole. She loved to tell that story.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 03, 2018 - Msg 110976: Saw photos of Boo's new furkid on FB...I suggested Andelina! ha
RO--That's what I figured with the pick ups. We have many ranches here, and even us urbanites like our trucks, but TX is about 3 times as big! :)

November 03, 2018 - Msg 110977: Yep MDC, we have two trucks in our immediate family and my suburban is really a chevy Silverado with extra seats and the back closed in. ha

Thanks for the kind words and suggestions for puppy names. I think we are still trying to decide. I really like your idea, G-F.

I have been hanging around the house nursing a little cold. Nothing major, just an annoyance. The weather is very nice right now. Not cold, not hot but just comfortable. Its not cool enough to turn off the air conditioner but its nice to be outside, except for the mosquitos.

Tonight the clocks fall back if you are in my time zone.


November 04, 2018 - Msg 110978: Good Sabbath all my Porch pals.

Boo, maybe you have a touch of the pip, whatever that is. That and the versitis seemed to be common in Mayberry.

Well Romeena, Goose poop notwithstanding, I am glad you overcame that dislike. I don't mind a little as an adornment to a meal, but that's about it. Now do you have any recipes for brussel sprouts? I remember one day actually puking when forced to eat one at the dinner table. That's how bad I hated them. But for some odd reason, I would like to try them again. But I am sure cooking them right is a big factor.

MDC, Trucks are big here in Utah as well. Come to think of it I have had one in my driveway always. And almost always they have been 4WD. But with our winters you just about need that.

I hope y'all remembered to "fall back" last night. Sure hate it getting dark so early. Well I used too. Now that I am retired, I could care less. HAHAHA! I hadn't even thought about that till just now.

Last night I watched the episode where Barney is about to lose his Deputy job because he is a squirt. Pretty good episode. And then I saw my favorite non Barney episode, "Family Visit". I just love that feller who played Uncle Ollie. The scene with him and Andy in bed is priceless. Andy has about 4 inches of bed, while Ollie is spread out like peanut butter on a slice of bread. And the word of wars over Ollie's Goose down pillow. And it has one of the more prominent errors in it when on the radio it says that 3 men had escaped from prison, and then later on when Andy is on the phone, Andy says "so you got both of them"? Hard to believe that no one caught that one. Maybe they all had hard cider for lunch that day. :)

Better go get ready for preachin. I hope they don't talk about idleness. I just don't wanna hear about it right now. lol


November 04, 2018 - Msg 110979: I was just in Wyoming last month and while they do have a lot of pick up trucks,they also have a lot of Subaru & Honda 4 wheel drive small SUV type vehicles.I am not a big car buff,so don't know if I even explained that right! Maybe I can post a link to a pic of what I'm talking about.??
Hope you feel better,Boo!

possum u.a.r.

November 04, 2018 - Msg 110980: This kind of vehicle..

possum again

November 04, 2018 - Msg 110981: exactillioso! (:

November 04, 2018 - Msg 110982: I'm not sure what happened but the page was corrupted. We lost about 6 messages from back on 30-31 October. Maybe things are okay now.

November 04, 2018 - Msg 110983: Okay, it's working now. I'm going to be gone on the Mayberry Cruise for the rest of the week so, if this happens again, I won't be able to help until I get back. Asa, thanks for letting me know there was a problem. -Floyd

November 04, 2018 - Msg 110984: Asa... Try to open this https://goo.gl/images/Ug63w7 G-F

November 05, 2018 - Msg 110985: Good one GF!! So true.
FLOYD--thanks for the new porch planks! No more spiders.
Have a good cruise.
So did I start a pick up truck moulage? ha
Even Possum mentioned her recent trip to Wyoming!
Next will be the Chevy, Ram, or Ford discussion. :)
SPOT's Dawgs keep winning, and even my ASU beat
Utah. (sorry ASA).
I hope y'all had a good Sabbath day.
I asked RO for the Christmas address list, so y'all might
hear from me this year!
ASA---Just think, from now on Monday is JUST the day after Sunday! woohoo!


November 05, 2018 - Msg 110986: Oh, regarding that episode, maybe one of the three men
found the 'straight and narrow' and turned himself in. :)

November 05, 2018 - Msg 110987: Good Monday morning all. And I do mean GOOD MONDAY morning! :) Right on GF, on the link. lol

Floyd, Thanks for the porch repair. Ya done great. So you are cruising this week? Are you doing a podcast tonight?

MDC, No need to say sorry. I am not a U of U fan.

Looks like I need to go see the tooth Doctor today if he can squeeze me in. Yesterday I noticed an achy jaw. Not too bad, but let me know something wasn't right. Well I woke up in the middle of the night in much more pain and a tooth that is tender to the touch. I think it is an abscessed tooth. Oh boy. Another root canal I reckon.

Yep Possum, SUV's are big out here also. In fact I have one of those as well. A pick-up and an SUV.

Hey GF, I wish we lived closer. We could do a monthly lunch meet up. Me and another retired friend are going to do that. Sit around, gab, resolve all the worlds problems.

Ro, Maybe you could send me that Christmas list as well if you don't mind. It's going to be sad not getting a card from Tom this year. He always sent one out.

Oh MDC, about one of the three turning himself in. I hadn't even thought of that. I reckon it could have been. Last night I watched the one with Rodger Hanover. I bet Andy was mighty relieved when that one fell through.

Well I hope everyone has a great Monday. Have fun on the cruise Floyd


November 05, 2018 - Msg 110988: Jan and I are leaving the hotel now. Everyone have a great week. Go on the cruise with us next time.

There will be a Two Chairs No Waiting podcast this week. I pre-recorded the episode. It will be in the "Live" feed tonight http://live.twochairsnowaiting.com so drop by at 8pm ET to visit in the chatroom and play trivia.


November 05, 2018 - Msg 110989: Roger Hanover is synonymous with fingernail on a blackboard! :(

November 06, 2018 - Msg 110990: Good Tuesday morning all.
And Happy election day. Makes me happy because at least all the ads, fliers, phone calls will stop for a while.

I sure hope that Floyd doesn't find some quiet remote island and decide to just stay there. I just can't see him building ships in bottles.

Boo, How is the new puppy doing? Have you come up with a name yet? I watched the episode with Blue the other day. And Barney trying to train it. I loved Andy's line, "I don't think that dog could find it's own dinner dish" was hilarious.

Well my tooth doctor did a little poking around yesterday on my tooth. Going back in today for a root canal. Boy oh boy.

I hope everyone has a blessed day and gets out and votes.


November 06, 2018 - Msg 110991: Root Canal ....Yep it’s a FUN Day!...Much like finding pin holes in copper lines? Lol.....G-F 🇺🇸VOTE🇺🇸

November 06, 2018 - Msg 110992: Oh yea GF, A fun day. lol
I have said for years that Mr. Schwump was Jerry Mathers daddy. Don't you see the resemblance?

November 06, 2018 - Msg 110993: Lol Asa...I AGREE I sent a side by side comparison picture to Floyd for his podcast...Great Mjnds think alike!..G-F

November 06, 2018 - Msg 110994: Thanks Floyd, I thought something must be amiss because yesterday when I tried to post, the censor kept catching me but there was nothing highlighted or questionable in my post. When I tried to copy and re-paste it, it disappeared. Curious.

I'm feeling fine now, thanks. It was a very mild cold, hardly anything to it and it was quickly gone.

Asa, the pup has become lively and happy and it is like having a toddler in the house. Puppy pads everywhere and having to take her outside ALOT to train her. She has a very small bladder. Luckily, she already has most of her adult teeth so she isn't chewing anything up. she is so very sweet-natured and just loves everyone she sees..not much of a watchdog. Anytime any of us leaves the house, she flies to the door and stares at it for the longest time, waiting for the person to come back. Poor sweetie. She sleeps all night with Erin and Erin is a very good puppy mom. She takes good care of her, but when she at school, the job falls to me and when I go to work, the pup goes into a kennel for about 3 hours until Erin gets home. She wont like it, but there is no other option. I know she will get used to it and realize that someone will always come home and take her out again. She's a keeper, for sure. Last night Bruce was sitting in his recliner eating pizza and I saw him toss her a little piece. Bad idea. I told him not to because I don't want her eating people food. After tossing her a piece, she wouldn't leave him alone. He will learn along with her. He loves her to pieces already. As far as a name, still undecided, although I think we are leaning towards "Angel".

Thanks for mentioning the Christmas list, Asa. I am definitely sending cards this year. I have been working on knitting slippers but have been a little disappointed with some of them. I might be doing hats instead...we will see if I get them done.

Sorry you need a root canal, Asa. No fun and pricey!

I better get ready for work. Blessings to all!

PS-can you all believe it is less than 3 weeks till Thanksgiving?! Yikes! What will each of you be doing?


November 06, 2018 - Msg 110995: Just got back from the Dentist. It wasn't too bad, although my jaw is still numb from the Novocain. Hopefully it will still feel ok after that wears off. I go back on Monday morning. Glad your cold has passed Boo. Angel sounds like a dandy name for your puppy. I have said before that all though I don't believe in reincarnation, if I did, I would want to come back as a dog and get adopted by Romeena. But I bet a Boo puppy would be a pretty good deal also. :)

As far as Thanksgiving, we are going to Stacey and Matts house. I sure do love them little rug rats. Sounds like you are going to have a full house. Don't you just love the Holidays. I do, and I know this year with no work to worry about it is going to be very nice indeed.

Well off to deal with leaves. What a mess.


November 07, 2018 - Msg 110996: GF--In this case, ASA may LIKE pinholes in pipes better that that tooth work!! Just saying. :)
ASA etal, YES! the ads are finally over. Here in AZ they were pretty nasty on both sides. I just dont get it, but "mudslinging" is no longer a good name for it!
ASA, wasnt coming HOME after the dentist better than a mule's nose, if you catch my drift?
BOO, I am betting that your better eating habits helped stop that gold, er I didnt say gold, I mean COLD. :) I think your immune system is a happier camper these days.
OH, good news, our elderly friend, Joan, was discharged today from the hospital, but she was transported to a rehab center for about 10 days to learn to use her walker again, etc. Please continue your prayers for her. Thanks.
From pics on FB, Floyd seems to be liking the cruise.
I am still praying that good candidates will be elected today.

November 07, 2018 - Msg 110997: Started cutting cabbage today....looking good fixing to read...SPOT

November 07, 2018 - Msg 110998: Hey SPOT, if you need a sauerkraut shredder and stomper I have many years of experience... G-F

November 07, 2018 - Msg 110999: And I make a killer coleslaw if I do say so myself.


November 07, 2018 - Msg 111000: And yes MDC. Way better than a mules nose, although I would have liked a little sugar from Nurse Mary. :) Great news about Joan. I pray her rehab will go well.

I am very pleased with how my tooth is feeling today. No tenderness at all. I hope it stays that way when he puts in the permanent filling on Monday.

Last night I was watching the episode about the chain letter. I just love Barney's claim that he is not superstitious, just cautious. lol One thing I did notice is when he and Andy are at the dump looking for the letter, you can see something in Barneys shirt pocket that sure does look like a pack of cigarettes. I'm sure it is in fact. We never saw Barneys character smoke (except that time he locked himself up in jail over the citizens arrayest incident, and he was coughing pretty good). So I am guessing Don Knotts must have been a smoker. Does anyone know if he was? I just loved the interaction between Andy and Barney when Andy finds the girlie magazine with Barneys address on it. Barney nervously trying to talk about the interesting articles written by some very famous writers in it. Great stuff.

Well I hope everyone sleeps tight.


November 07, 2018 - Msg 111001: I heard that the Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts...good for them, some things just need to be for boys and for girls! :)

November 08, 2018 - Msg 111002: ....I bet the “Girl Campers of American” wouldn’t put up with that either!.. Right Big Maude?...G-F

November 08, 2018 - Msg 111003: Good Thursday porch. hope everyone is A OK.

GF: lol the Girl Campers of America would not put up with that at all.

the time change has got by sleep clock all messed up. been waking up at 3:30 am the last 3 nights and not going back to sleep. not sure what is going on but ole Maude is frustrated with that.

the elections are over and now we get ready for the fall out from it. I am glad the negative mean commericals are over.

hope everyone has a good day.
Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

November 08, 2018 - Msg 111004: Good morning, folks

Well, think I'll walk away from the news for awhile. After Jim "Look at me, look at me" Acosta at the White House, the mob at Tucker Carlson's house and this college bar shooting, I believe it's time to turn off the politics and news.
Sometimes....it's better to just walk away. Amen?
Hey to Asa, Boo, Maude, G-F, MDC, SPOT, possum and everyone else who's fed up with the way our overall society is today!

Have a good one, folks!
John Masters

November 08, 2018 - Msg 111005: AMEN!...JM

November 08, 2018 - Msg 111006: Glad your tooth is doing well, Asa. When I had my root canal last year it did well, too. The one that gave me some trouble was the one that didn't require a root canal but a crown. That sucker was sore for a year when I bit down on anything hard. It's fine now, though.

You are right about my pup. She is pretty spoiled with love already. She is about to wear me to a frazzle, though, so I just had a conversation with Bruce about the best way to pad train her. I can't just let her outside by herself because we have a big fat hawk that has been eyeing her. I take her out frequently on a leash and she goes everytime I take her. Its so cute the way she now tinkles and looks back at me to see if I am going to praise her. Cute little thing! I think, though, that I am going to have to keep her in a small area in the laundry room with a puppy pad and just take her out for periods of time to play and then put her back in until she gets the hang of it. She is trying to please but I can tell that my methods are just confusing her. Any advice, Romeena? she is so sweet, everytime I sit her at the computer, guess what she does? She curls up near me on the rug and naps. She still has no name. I usually call her poopsie whoopsie and I call Gracie Kiddy-Widdy. So, it gets interesting. I can't even go to the bathroom without the both of them following me in there. They are getting along better, so that is good.

Asa, sounds like you will have a great Thanksgiving now that you are retired! That is exciting. I wish I Bruce could retire. We started our family too late so we are both going to be working for awhile. Yes, we will have a houseful for thanksgiving, as is custom, however Friday will be a bigger group than Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving it will probably be just us, Susan's family, Bruce's mom, brother and sister. On Friday, though, the rest of the family that couldn't make it on Thursday will be coming to see Bruce's mom. So, hopefully her grandchildren and their kids will be here, too. It could be quite a group. It will be easy, though, because my niece's new husband came up with a smashing idea. He suggested we all meet here and pool all our Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner Friday evening! Yay! No extra cooking for me. I am looking forward to it. I will make my vegan versions of the traditional food, as well as the traditional way I have always prepared it for my family on Thanksgiving. I am not as strict as I used to be and will sometimes eat something with a little cheese in it or something, but I don't eat meat, ever.

MDC, I believe you are right about my immune system. It has been over a year since I have been really sick and remember I didn't catch the flu last year even after caring for the family with it. Pretty thankful.

Hey to you, John Master, hope you are doing well.

Hey to G-F and Maude!

I guess I will sign off. Between the chores and the puppy..and making a giant casserole for Bruce's thanksgiving lunch at work tomorrow, I am tired.


November 09, 2018 - Msg 111007: John and all, this is how the media used to be. My, how things
have changed...

Boo-sounds like you will have another big thanksgiving. I hope
your Christmas will be a little "quieter" for you this year.

Big Maude--I hope you can get your sleep clock back in order. I am so glad that we don't mess with our clocks here. Darkness at 5:30 is enough for me.

Regarding the elections, it will be interesting to see if anything will really get done, or if our fine
officials will will just collect their 180 grand each for their 128 days of "work!" ha
Our senate race here is still to close to call.

Well, God's blessings on you in this crazy world. And thank God for tags. :)

November 09, 2018 - Msg 111008: Morning, Folks

Cold, cold here in southern Missouri. I live just at the top of a shallow valley and that wind can blow and swirl. Was watching a couple of clips of Allan Newsome and David Browning doing their Floyd and Barney and they are right ON the button! I think the most impressive thing in their inpressions is not the physical quirks, but the voice quirks!
Hope everyone has a good day and starts the weekend off right!

John Masters

November 09, 2018 - Msg 111009: I hope everyone has a real nice weekend. My wife and I
are going to the ASU vs UCLA game on Saturday, our
first "big" outing since my operation! I am now
8 weeks out and feeling very good!
ASA--The Uncle Ollie ep was on me tv tonight, and I caught your 3 verses 2 blooper!
JOHN, yup, them two is quite a combo! :)
Prayers for all,

November 10, 2018 - Msg 111010: Afternoon all. I think it's Saturday. But not sure. lol I have been off a week and a half now and I just realized this is the longest I have been off in a number of years. I had to go over to our Church this morning and help clean. But there were 4 other families helping out so it went pretty good. Glad that duty only rolls by once a year or so.

MDC, Have fun at the game. Glad you are feeling good my friend. It has been quite a year for you.

John Masters, although I am like GF, and not watching any NFL games, I have been keeping track of the standings. It looks like Andy Reid has your team on a roll. He always seems to fall flat in the play-offs for some reason though.

Boo, I love reading your posts always, but especially during the Holidays. You always get so pumped for them. Those are things that your kids will remember forever.

Well I think I'll see if I can find a good game on the tube. Maybe I'll see if that ASU/UCLA game is on. Maybe I will see MDC and his Sweetheart in the stands.


November 10, 2018 - Msg 111011: Yep Asa...Now EVERYDAY is Saturday!..👍 I know what ya mean there Buddy, I have to still have to think what day it is when I get up in the morning...

We had our first measurable snow fall this morning, not a lot but enough to get our attention to what is on the way...


November 10, 2018 - Msg 111012: Thanks Asa, I do go on about holidays sometimes. For some reason things just turn into a big deal. Sometimes it is too much, but it's ok for now. I am making memories for my family. One good thing about this year is that many in the family are having some really tough financial struggles so we aren't doing gifts this year. I will buy something for the kids and something for Emily but that's it, and it is a load off my mind. I think I may actually be working Christmas Day this year so that will cut into the festivities.

Erin finally decided on a name for the pup and named her Bailey. It seems to fit her ok. things were better today and less accidents.

Well, I am wondering where Romeena got off to. The porch seems so empty these days.


November 10, 2018 - Msg 111013: Evening folks,

Asa - Yeah, the Chiefs are an offensive juggernaut. They are putting up 30 points or more EVERY game. Our rookie QB could be the next Tom Brady. He has 29 TD passes at the half way point in the season.

G-F - We were supposed to get snow two nights ago. Just a dusting that never materialized.

Boo - I love Christmas! I used to be one of those that saw Christmas decor in early November and think "Already?!" But the way things are THESE days.....hey, we need as much happiness and things to smile about as we can get!

I had an interesting little tidbit for the porch... I am doing research on a cemetery in Kansas City where I used to be the historian. There is an old silent movie star that didn't make it big (or should I say Big, big). He did have a good career and was successful, but wasnt a Chaplin or Keaton. Anyway, I found he starred in several movies with this one certain young actress. He married her in two of them. The young actress? Enid Markey. Otherwise known as Mrs. Mendlebright!
Cool, huh?

Hey to Romeena, possum, MDC, SPOT, Maude, Frankie and everyone else Ed Sawyer knows a little something about.
Have a good night!

John Masters

November 10, 2018 - Msg 111014: ^^^^^
I should've said "There is an old silent movie star buried there....etc,etc.

John Masters

November 11, 2018 - Msg 111015: ASA--Yup, sometimes I know what day it is only by looking at the next big consonant on my pill box! ha Su M Tu W Th F Sa
All went well at the game today, and ASU even won!
JOHN...that IS pretty cool about Miss Mendelslight,
er Mentalglight. Dang, I got into some of that hard cider. :)
Good Sabbath to all. We continue to pray for California!
My goodness, so devastating. (Again!)

November 11, 2018 - Msg 111016: Good Sabbath all.
MDC, Yes, your alma=mater had a good day yesterday buddy. Good for them. Glad you had a good time.

John Masters, that is an interesting find about Mrs. Mendelbright. I always got a kick out of her anger to Barney for cooking in his room on the chest of drawers that came by bus all the way from Ft. Lauderdale.
So last night I was watching the episode "The Church Organ". After finding a used organ for $2,000.00 for sale, and they only had $1,200.00 in the fund, Andy had a total of 6 fellows pledge $150.00 each to the cause, making the total $2,100.00, a hundred bucks over the asking price. And then Andy says that they can pick up a few more donation along the way and that should give them enough to buy the thing. ??? Right curious if you ask me. And watching and listening to Clara serenade the former Chicken coop Casanova with a rendition of "Some enchanted evening". Mercy sakes. lol
Boo, I'm not sure where our Romeena is. I hope she is ok.
GF, I used to sign my name Asa Breeney M.D. (Maint. Dept.) You reckon I can still sign it like that even though I am retired? You know they say once a maintenance guy, always a maintenance guy. I am interested in your take. I don't want to overstep any boundries or anything like that. :)
Better go get myself properly groomed and attired for preaching. At least I hope I can make it. My Dentist put me on some anti-biotics after the root canal, and my stomach is protesting some.
Prayers for all for a wonderful Sabbath.