November 11, 2018 - Msg 111017: Yes Asa, Once a MD ALWAYS a MD in my book, ya never know when a Maintenance Emergency will pop up!
Much like Under Dog we are ALWAYS ready to Save the Day? 📐🚽🚰🔧🔨🔩💡🔦 We have the tools!..


November 11, 2018 - Msg 111018: I DECLARE!...ANOTHER SWEEP!...Asa speaking about tools how about a extra broom and dust pan?....

November 11, 2018 - Msg 111019: With honor and respect to all who served our country- Happy Veteran's Day.

possum u.a.r.

November 11, 2018 - Msg 111020: We're home! Made it back from the Mayberry Cruise 2018 last night and wanted to check on the porch. Looks like all has been going fine since nailed down that loose board that caused a problem last week.

If your interested, the link below will take you to the photos I took during the cruise with my phone.


November 11, 2018 - Msg 111021: A fitting video... G-F

November 11, 2018 - Msg 111022: Welcome back home Floyd. Glad you had a good trip.

GF, Very nice video link. Gave me the allergics.

Boo, so welcome to Bailey to the Porch. Sounds like a match.

I didn't make it to preaching. My tummy was protesting to much. So I stayed home and studied my scriptures. I hope it takes. :)


November 12, 2018 - Msg 111023: ASA--I'm sure your Bible knowledge is wonderful, just don't flaunt it. ha
GF--I think Mighty Mouse "saved the day," and
Underdog saved sweet Polly! :)
But most astounding is that I still remember that
after 60 years!
HAPPY VETERANS DAYS to all porchster vets. I know that Poor Horatio
served on a ship. God bless you and thanks!
SPOT, MBM, ROMEENA and others, come on down!!! :)

FLOYD---thanks, you are a treasha !


November 12, 2018 - Msg 111024: Oh, anyone catch the race today in Phoenix? Perfect weather. Kyle took it.

November 12, 2018 - Msg 111025: Nice sweep GF
Floyd, welcome back. Nice pictures on the link you shared.
We have been smothered in smoke over my way. Been very smokey for days now due to the horrible fires. TV news said to wear a mask if we go out. I have been staying inside. Prayers for all the people who lost there lives and homes in this fire. My neighbor`s Mom lost her home in the fire. He told me she had just enough time to grab her dogs and go. And she just made it out with fires all around her.
So scary and sad
You all take care

November 12, 2018 - Msg 111026: MDC...I stand corrected, I guess I got my Cartoon Super Hero’s mixed

Stay Safe Frankie, And prayers too all who are dealing with the fires out there!

SPOT, Sorry that the Browns FINALLY found their stride against your birds, but you guys DID beat Auburn tho...

Hey Asa...It’s MONDAY!....Just So Ya Know Incase you forgot!


November 12, 2018 - Msg 111027: Another one for you G-F... :)

Boo- thought you may like to know that 2 radio stations here have
started Christmas music! Also, I saw my first Kay jewelers commercial
of the season tonight! (inside joke) I guess it's time to get
out my Goodyear and Firestone albums...ah vinyl.

It decided to get "cold" here last night. After night temps no lower than
59 for many nights, it "dipped" into the 40s last night!
Our "winter" is officially here. ha

Prayers continuing for California!

November 12, 2018 - Msg 111028: Hello Porch
Well another real smokey day out here again. Air quality is listed as very unhealthy tell we get some wind to blow this smoke out of the valley.
At the Sacramento Kings game the other night against the Lakers the news man from Sacramento showed the smoke in the arena. When they had the camera`s at a certain angle you could see the smoke. The doors opening to let the people in also brought the smoke in. Found out that my niece`s father in law just lost his house in the fire also. News said we had the hottest June in recorded history and had the hottest summer. And now here we are in the middle of November and in my area we have not had any rain. I always remember getting rain in October.
Mom and I are doing ok and watching some TAGS.

November 13, 2018 - Msg 111029: Good morning all.
Frankie, so sorry about all those fires you folks are dealing with. I totally get the air quality issues. We were real bad the last half of the summer with all the wildfires burning. Makes your eyes and your lungs burn. I sure hope you can get some rain. And I know this can't be good for your Moms health. Prayers for sure.

MDC, Yes they are playing Christmas music here also. Although I am not listening to the radio much since I retired. I remember those Firestone Christmas records my Dad had.

Hey GF, Good talking to you last night in the podcast. What's funny is that people who know me think I am some kind of TAGS genius. They are always asking me trivia questions trying to trip me up. They get me feeling pretty good about myself, then I see those questions Floyd was asking last night and I realize I'm a novice. I think I got maybe 4 questions correct over the two podcasts. Mercy sakes, talk about being humbled.

Guess I better go find something to do before my Wheeler captures my innocence.


November 13, 2018 - Msg 111030: HaHa Asa....I was AT the trivia contest at Mayberry Days and I couldn’t get many of the questions right last night!
They are tuff ones for SURE! But the last couple of years they have done it a bit different, they do rounds where former winners are in a bracket and play during the “Championship” round so others has a half a chance..

Glad you got to see pictures of our “Miss Mayberry” and her Birthday extravaganza She is one special young lady with a abundance of love and joy for all things Mayberry.
My daughter made her the shirt she was wearing, a girl HAS to be properly adorned on her Birthday don’t ya know...

Romeena, Floyd showed pictures of this years cruise too, which I’m sure would bring back memories for you.


November 13, 2018 - Msg 111031: Well Frankie, I guess I should check on my brothers in California. I just heard about the fires this morning.

MDC, the weather here is great! We actually had some sleet this morning. Its in the 40s now, though, and a freeze is predicted tonight. My poor plants! I need to text Bruce and tell him to cover them. The good news is the new heater is working swell! I didn't have to freeze this morning.

Thanks for the welcome for Bailey, Asa. Of course, so far no one is actually calling her that. I keep calling her puppy or poopsie. The poor dog is going to be very confused. ha..she is doing much better with the house training, and that makes me happy.

St. Susan and I made our annual trip into Corpus Christi to do our thanksgiving shopping (all but the most perishable items). I bought my frozen turkey (a 20 pounder) and stuck it in the freezer. I will put it in the frige to defrost in a few days. We had fun going out in the cold and we found an old grocery store that is more like they used to be in the old days. It was fun and kind of nostalgic..AND..what I loved was that some brilliant manager decided to take one section of the store near the front and stack up nearly all the normal thanksgiving ingredients so you were able to get most of what you needed without roaming through the entire store (which we did anyway), but I thought it was a great idea.

Well, would love to stay and chat longer but have to get ready to go to work, where it will be at least 80 degrees in the nursing office because the heat will be blazing. I will be taping up the vents with my silver duct tape tonight. You all have a good evening!


November 13, 2018 - Msg 111032: Asa, thank you for the prayers.
Boo, what area of California are your brothers living.
It looks like another foggy day out but it is just smoke. Hopefully we will get some relief in a few days.
Take care all.

November 14, 2018 - Msg 111033: ROMEENA, please check in. I hope all is OK with you and yours.
BOO--you are defintely a Texas girl with the duct tape! ha
FRAnkie, I am praying for California.
Many have lost everything. So very sad.
ALL--I was thinking back to about 13 years ago when I worked consession at the race. Dont think I could
do that today, but I thank our Lord Jesus daily for
all that he has done to help me and heal me!

Medwin, Bill Medwin, please check in also.
We miss your wit. And POSSUM too!

GF--how long have you been porch sitting?
I am guessing about 6 years. Boy, times does fly.

Peace, and thanks-giving

November 14, 2018 - Msg 111034: Good morning to all my porch peeps.

Frankie, you are most welcome. I am so sorry about your situation. I have a lot of family in California, mostly Southern California, but they are all good as far as these fires are concerned. One Uncle in Ventura has been worried with a fire nearby in Thousand Oaks, but it is still a long way from him.

MDC, I remember when you did those concessions. Didn't you also do them at the Golf Tournament? I e-mailed Romeena a couple of days ago and she responded right back. She is fine, just very busy right now.

Yes Boo, talking about duct tape makes you one of ours. lol 10=4 GF? A good maintenance man always has duct tape to keep things that shouldn't move in place, a can of WD-40 to keep things that should be moving, moving, and a good healthy hammer for everything in between. :)

I noticed a small TAGS blooper last night. I was watching the episode where Flo steps in for Goober at the filling station so Goober can go fishing. At one point, Andy and Floyd drive over to the station to see how she is doing. We see a shot of Andy and Floyd as they drive up, Floyd is wearing a dark colored suit type jacket. Then they shoot a close-up with Andy and Floyd in the car and now Floyd is wearing his white Barber jacket.

Well I hope everyone has a blessed day.


November 14, 2018 - Msg 111035: MDC...6 years sounds about right...I bet Poor Horatio could tell us for sure....It’s been a GREAT ride or should I say ROCK being here with y’all!...You are my Mayberry “cronies” ( As Mrs. Goob refers to you guys ) She’s Just jealous she don’t have Cool friends like you guys!...

Maude, today is Sarah’s Birthday 🎁 betterly known as “Miss Mayberry” to those who know her on the podcast and at the Meet-Up...She had a big party Saturday, even David Browning came to celebrate!....It was....BIG!..I think even Possum may have met her too...

Oh Yes Asa, Duct tape and Water Displacement 40 is a MUST in our arsenal!...AND a Bigger Hammer 🔨 for those little “ADJUSTMENTS”...10-4?


November 15, 2018 - Msg 111036: HI Gang,
Glad to hear that ROmeena is OK. I hope PH is too,
as he would always pop in on Veterans Days in the past.

ASA-yes, I worked both for a while. Great place to meet some very interesting people. Golf fans were the better tippers tho! ha
Boy, that Floyd was a 'quick change' artist wasnt he? ha Looks like the "continuity person" messed up on that one.

ALL- I saw Ellen Corby (Mrs. Lesh) on Wagon Train the other day. She was trying to sell a wagon with sawdust in the wheel hubs! haha Actually she was just one feisty pioneer woman!
And in an ep of Wyatt Earp, I realized that Doc Holiday was portrayed by none other than the Robin Hood hobo, sans the whiskers.! Interesting.

Frankie, my prayers continue for california! Lord help us.

November 15, 2018 - Msg 111037:

November 15, 2018 - Msg 111038: Good morning all.
GF, I have a pretty decent selection of hammers. I rather enjoy collecting tools. In fact right after collecting tin foil, tool hording is next on my list. And it's kind of funny because my family and friends always seem to be giving me there tools they no longer need or want. I wonder if I should seek a head Doctor. I might have something loose. :) Speaking of such, do you have any thoughts on a good leaf mulcher? I was looking at a video last night for a B&D combo. blower/mulcher that I liked. It was electric which I am ok with. I would just like to find something to make managing fallen leaves a bit more manageable. I saw this unit take a fairly large pile of leaves and reduce it down to a small bagful of chopped up mulch. Exactly what I am looking for. I use roughly half of my leaves for compost and the other half just goes to the dump. Any thoughts on a unit you might like? I was reading about one that SnoJoe makes, but it is battery operated and a lot of the reviews I read said that battery life was a major problem with it.

MDC, I just love catching those little bloopers like that. Right next to tin foil and tool collecting you might say it's an obsession with me. lol Last night I was watching a couple of episodes, one was when Howard was wanting to join the Lodge. I noticed at one point in the episode, Andy called "Judd" Burt. I thought I had found another boo boo (Burt Mustin is the actors name), but then later I watched the episode of the Barber shop quartet and Judd was a member of that 4 some but was referred to as Burt numerous times. So I reckon he was supposed to be a different character all together. BTW, near the end of that episode, they are singing as a quartet and to me it sure looks and sounds like they are truly singing it. No voice over. Has anyone else noticed that? They actually sounded quite good I thought.

MDC, Ain't if fun to see them TAGS folks in other shows, and in characters quite different that they were in Mayberry? Your comment about Hubcaps Lesh selling a wagon with sawdust in the wheel hubs made me chuckle. Good one buddy.

Well off to go clean out some roof gutters. I believe the English refer to them as "Eaves troughs". What ever you call them, mine are full of leaves.


November 15, 2018 - Msg 111039: Well Asa, I don’t have much experience with mulchers, I just Whack them with my mower. Which I have not been able to do since we have had rain or snow...I just need one more good day to wrap them up!...I compost a lot of them too. BTW I see SnowJoe makes a corded mulcher too. If their mulcher is anything like their snow blower it “should” be good...


November 15, 2018 - Msg 111040: Hello Porch
The tv news has listed us from unhealthy air to Hazardous air. The bad air is just hanging over us and not leaving and getting worse. I even had to put a mask over my nose and mouth to put the garbage out tonight. I have never seen anything like this in my life. We are all just staying in with doors and windows closed. Hopefully we will be getting some relief by Sunday.

I have been seeing so many of the TAGS stars in other movies and shows lately also. Been seeing Mr. Darling in a lot of westerns.
Take care all

November 15, 2018 - Msg 111041: ASA--glad I got a little chuckle from my little quip.
Warms my heart. :) BTW, I have my dad's old stanley plane from the 1940s.
Probably not worth much, but sure has a lot of sentimental value.

ALL--Saw a PBS show Veterans' Day night about the real great escape without all the Steve McQueen added fiction.
Man, those guys were something else. What a generation! So clever with what they had to work with. Makes me wonder what a 'millennial' army would do
under similar circumstances.

GF--so glad that I dont have to deal with snow blowers! ha Many of our "snow birds" "plant" a snow shovel in their front yards with the shovel part up, and usually a saying like "no more!!" ha


November 15, 2018 - Msg 111042: Oh Frankie, so sorry about all your smokey air.
My prayers continue

November 16, 2018 - Msg 111043: Thank you for the prayers. It is so sad to watch the news and see how many people have lost there lives and so many more missing. All the people who have lost there homes, its just heart breaking. When I get down then I look for some TAGS on tv or a good western just to get my mind on something else.

November 16, 2018 - Msg 111044: Good afternoon, porch. I apologize for being absent for so long, there's just been a lot going on, and I haven't been able to find the time to sit down here and chat. It's so sad to hear the terrible stories coming out of the West Coast fires, just tragic. I can't imagine anything more horrible. I have been praying that the fires will be brought under control without further loss of life, and that those who have lost everything, including loved ones, will somehow find peace.

All of us teachers in the ESL classes at church cooked and provided Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday morning, for the students. That was a lot of fun, and they enjoyed it. So did we! We got to eat too, after they had all been served.

I came home, and was sitting peacefully watching TV, with my surround sound providing impressive audio, when suddenly it wasn't "surround" anymore. All the sound was on the left side of the room. Thinking the system had failed, I was reaching for the phone to call David to ask him to drop by at his convenience and see if he could fix it, and I happened to say something to Toye Starr. To my shock, I only heard my own voice in my left ear. The right ear is almost completely deaf - just like that, from one second to the next.

I spent 2 1/2 hours in my ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor's office, his audiologist did a complete hearing test, and confirmed the deafness. I registered just a tiny hair above the bottom line. Left is unchanged from a test done a year ago. The doc is baffled, has no idea what's causing it. There's no blockage, no fluid, the ear just doesn't register sound. It's on the same side where I've had the painful area around the TMJ, and when I swallow, I can "hear" fluid in my ears, but they didn't find any. Very weird. The doc says he's seen this before, but no one seems to know the cause. Sometimes it responds to steroid treatment, sometimes not, but we're trying it. I have 80 Prednisone tabs to be taken over the next 16 days, in incrementally decreasing numbers. I took three this morning, will take three more tonight, and repeat to total 7 days, then decreasing numbers in three-day stages until they're all gone. After taking just those first three, my blood sugar quickly went over 350, but I was ready with my insulin. At least I know I can control that!

I never realized that losing the hearing in just one ear would be so disorienting. I cannot tell where a sound is coming from! I'm not happy about this, and am really hoping that the steroids will fix it, but the doc warned me, that most often, it does not.

Well, thanks for letting me unload. Now to happier things. Boo, hang in there with the puppy. You asked for ideas. With Toye Starr, as tiny as she is, I knew I couldn't be letting her outside to potty. A couple of hawks are frequently seen around here, and with her just weighing 4 1/2 lbs they could easily carry her off. Obviously her pottying would have to be done indoors. I started using little piddle pads, and she did use them, but they looked enough like a small throw rug that she used those, too. So Ted built a little frame, with a solid light plywood bottom, and sides about three inches high. It's about 30" square, and I line it with three of the cloth hospital underpads for extra security, and then put the disposable paper pads on top. Those get changed daily, and I only wash the cloth pads if there's a leak-through, which almost never happens. Having the pads in the frames seemed to help her distinguish the difference, and she very rarely soils one of the little rugs in the sunroom, which is washable. As for chewing on things, just distract her, give her a toy and a treat, and she'll get the idea.

Well, I hear David and family on the driveway. They're on the way to Florida for Thanksgiving, and are dropping Diesel off with me. Gotta run...

November 16, 2018 - Msg 111045: Romeena, That has to be very strange..It has to be a weird sensation to go from hearing stereo to monotone...Gee I hope and pray it is only temporary...

Asa...4” of wet heavy snow here this morning...Too wet for Old Joe, so I just let it lay and Mother Nature took care of most of it but not ready for all that yet....But...That’s Life.....


November 16, 2018 - Msg 111046: Romeena, Prayers for you that the hearing will come back in the right ear. I have never heard of something like that coming on so fast. Sure hope the medicine will help you.

Well I had to break down and put my mask on to water my plants outside this afternoon. They were so dry.
You all have a good evening.

November 16, 2018 - Msg 111047: I don't know when I've ever seen anything more insane. Have you all seen the news about the professed atheist woman preacher who just made an agreement with her church to keep preaching after they tried to fire her? You can google it. Happened in Canada. What in the world is the world coming to?

Billy Ray Postman.

November 16, 2018 - Msg 111048: Wow, Ro! That hearing loss is baffling! I am so sorry. Must really stink. I will be praying for a good outcome. Hope you and Toye Starr have a good time with Diesel. Thank you for the tips on the dog training. I think that is a pretty great idea about the box. I too, think that my pup is too small for outside. She weighs just 5 pounds and the doc said he didn't see her growing much more. We have our share of hawks around here and lots of open space for them to swoop down and grab her.

Asa, I cant tell you much about my duct tape other than it is silver. I have no WD 40, although that is a smashing idea. All I have at work besides the duct tape is come copper tubing, a fountain pump, and some zip ties (don't ask). lol I lucked out this week, though, because the maintenance man, Milton, taped up the vents for me with his own duct tape. I couldn't believe my luck! ha I think I will invest in a small toolbox with a few needed items for work. Most of the time I work, the maintenance man has already left for the day. We are down to two working sinks in our office and I don't do plumbing...yet. By the way, are you enjoying retirement, Asa? Bruce took the day off today to work on the place and get the Christmas lights ready to put up. We don't usually do them this early but he wants to have them up for his mom to see when she comes for Thanksgiving, since she wont be here for Christmas. I also put our tree up for her but haven't don't the ornaments yet. I wont do the remainder of the Christmas decorating until the first of December. I just don't have the enthusiasm to do it yet.

Frankie, that is a terrible situation. I feel for you. My brothers live up in Santa Rosa.

Better get off here and think about getting to bed. I have to get up at 5am to be at a volunteer project at a prison and hour from here. Will tell you all about it tomorrow.


November 16, 2018 - Msg 111049: RO--my prayers for you also! I sure hope the steroids work, as that is so strange.
Frankie, same for your situation. I head tho that some of
it is finally contained.
Regarding westerns, have you noticed how many have our James Best (Jim Lindsey) in them!
BOO--no lights on the roof for me again this year, but I hope to do the front yard again.
Billy Ray, Canada is for sure going bonkers.
Most of the world seems to be these days.
We just have to do waht Jesus said and be "in it"
but not "of it."
I think I'll go watch some tags too.
MDC :)

November 17, 2018 - Msg 111050: Good morning all. Romeena, so very nice to have you back and I am so sorry to read about your sudden hearing loss. That must be unnerving. I hope it hasn't affected your balance. Prayers that the steroids will work. It is sure amazing how many things can go wrong with our bodies, ain't it? Boo, so far my retirement is going along quite nice. I was thinking recently that I have been on call with that job 24/7 for 35 years. And I would get called a lot over the years. And usually they were not social calls. That, I don't miss one bit. I have been able to spend some time getting some projects done around the house. It has been very nice to be able to stop and go relax for a bit if my back starts to get the "misery". I hope Bruce will be able to retire soon. I am still concerned a bit how the insur@nce switch is going to go come the first of the year. But it should be a smooth switch I hope. MDC, I guess I have not seen the same westerns you have. I have not seem a lot of James Best that I can recall. I see Uncle Ollie in quite a few. And the feller who was wanting to buy Andy's house when Barney thought he was a Real Estate salesman. He got around quite a bit. GF, Sorry about the snow. We have been dry here. We actually need a good winter this year. Our water situation is bleak so they say. Frankie, it sure sounds miserable with all that smoke. I hope they can get a handle on things. Our news here reported that several fire agency's here in Utah have sent crews and equipment to California to help out. Prayers for you all. Well I have a couple of the Grandkids coming over to spend the morning. I am going to cook some breakfast for them and play some games. I sure love them little rug-rats. Prayers for all for a safe day. Asa

November 17, 2018 - Msg 111051: Sorry about the long run of words, The censor got me.


November 17, 2018 - Msg 111052: Good afternoon, porch. Our frosty, below-freezing cold spell has lightened up, and it's quite pleasant and balmy out there today. If I had just a little more energy, it's a good day to wash my big window, which needs it badly, but I think I won't. Eddie will be here Monday or Tuesday, and perhaps he'd like a little break in the mowing and leaf mulching. I've got a soft brush and a squeegee on a handle, and the garden hose is right there. Eddie seems to enjoy the little out-of-the-ordinary things I ask him to do now and then, and since at one point I'd have to either stand on a boulder to reach the window, or climb over it, I think I'll pass. The hearing loss has affected my balance a little, just a very little bit, but I'm still not going to take foolish chances.

Boo, I think you would find that the potty box thing works pretty well. I started that right after Dale passed, when Sugarplum was here. With both of us here, she had ample opportunity to go outside, and we went out with her. Then when it was just me, and I was working nights, so was out there at 10 pm, dressed to go to work, and she was just nosing around finding to find the right spot, I knew something had to change. Then I went to 12 hr shifts, which left her alone for about 14 hours, and her little bladder just couldn't hold it. That's when I introduced the pads, and it worked for her. She made the distinction on her own. Little airhead Toye Starr needed the visual aid of the walls of the box to distinguish it from a rug. Oh, and one big key - find a quiet, out of the way spot for the pads. Dogs like their privacy if they can get it, and you don't want the pads greeting visitors. Starr's is in a corner of my bedroom, not visible unless you deliberately walk around the bed into that corner. No one goes there but me.

Asa, I'm so glad you're beginning to enjoy your retirement. It won't be long until you'll be wondering when on earth you ever had time to work! By the way, when you copy and paste an entry after censor monster gets you, you can read through it and re-paragraph the text. It will work.

Well, the kids dropped Diesel off yesterday evening, and headed for Florida. Poor Diesel is pretty droopy and mopey, but he'll get over it. Starr brings him a toy now and then, and sometimes he gets up and plays with her for a while, but then he gets back in his big old cuddle bed, heaves a deep, dramatic sigh and drops his head down on his front paws. Those sighs! He repeats them every few minutes. That sweet boy misses his family!

Frankie, I pray that the smoke will soon clear out. That has to be just awful. Anybody with respiratory issues would have a very hard time, I'm sure. Hang in there, dear heart.

You know, there's just nothing as great as a good granddad. G-F and Asa, you guys make my heart happy when I read your comments about your grandkids. I remember my dad, and I still "hear" him when my children speak of him. He taught them so much some of it he could have kept to himself, like teaching them to lick their fingertip and stick it in the sugar bowl and repeat. My mom swatted him with a rolled magazine when she caught him doing it, but he just laughed and kept going. The kids thought it was hilarious.

Well, I want to tell you about what happened at the mechanic's shop yesterday, but this grows too long. I'll save it for a little later. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 17, 2018 - Msg 111053: Oops!
There, that should fix it. --Romeena

November 17, 2018 - Msg 111054: Aw, what the heck. I'll tell you about it now. Yesterday morning I noticed the "service engine soon" light was on, and I was in my favorite mechanic's area, so I dropped in. He was able to get right to it, ran a diagnostic, and came in to tell me it was an emissions problem. That leads to a "smoke test", so I okayed that. He was back shortly to report that the smoke test had led him to some kind of a box (I don't know what it is) that has a lot of wires running through it, and some of those wires were - wait for it - chewed right through! Yep, that miserable rat. I knew there was one out there, because I found a bag of horticultural cornmeal with a hole chewed in it.

So, Richie said he had time and they could splice those wires and fix the problem. They also found he had roughed up the air filter, apparently gathering nesting material, so it needed to be replaced. OK, go for it. Very soon, he came literally running back into the waiting room, laughing like crazy, and when he could get his breath, he told me they found the rat! Definitely not dead, it had leaped out and right over the head of one of the young boys he pays a little bit to do clean-up work and such and teaches them a little about cars. There are two of them, around 17 or 18 years old, and they speak very little English, probably haven't been here very long.

Anyway, it scared the bejabbers out of the kid, and now the whole shop crew, about four mechanics and Richie and the boys, are hunting the rat, which is running around in the shop. I was sitting in the waiting room, next to the front window, and suddenly I spotted the rat - boing, boing, boing - running across the parking lot out front. Right behind him is the kid he scared, Ramon, chasing him and swatting at him with a big broom. Ramon: @#&& raton! (swat, swat) &$%@# raton! (swat, swat). The rat is making tracks, and crosses the lot, has sense enough not to run out onto Beltline Rd, which is essentially a highway, so he's running along the shoulder of this main thoroughfare, with Ramon in hot pursuit, cussing in Spanish and wielding his broom. I laughed so hard, my ribs are still sore. Mercy, that was funny!

Well, at least the rat is gone for sure from my garage, but there will be others. So I stopped by Lowe's and bought a huge metal garbage can with a tight lid. All my "grainy" stuff is now safely stowed in there, so maybe that will reduce the attraction. That little visit cost me $297, but it fixed the "service engine" light, repaired the damage that had been done, got rid of the rat before he could inflict more damage, and gave me the best laugh I've had in a long time, so it was worth it.

Blessings again, friends. --Romeena

November 17, 2018 - Msg 111055: I forgot part of this little story. I had stepped outside to get a better view, so could hear what was being said. Someone is building another business right next door, and the crew was there setting the forms for the foundation. Mostly Hispanic men, and when they saw Ramon chasing the rat, coming in their direction, they started watching. Finally, the rat ran right into their work area and took cover in a stack of lumber. The conversation went something like this, in Spanish but I speak enough of it to get the gist of it pretty well: Ramon: Cussing the rat and threatening to kill it. Men: You got to run faster than that, boy. That rat can run a lot faster than you. My grandmother can run faster than you. Ramon: You'd better be able to run faster than me, if you don't shut up! Men: Thanks a lot, brother. Now we have your rat to get into our lunches. Ramon: Lock them in your car, stupid!

Can you understand why I was laughing so hard? And all the time, it was actually MY rat, carried in in my car from home. I'm just thankful to the Lord above that the thing didn't enter the car's cabin while I was driving.

That happened to me once, when I was about two weeks from delivering my first child. I was driving to work and a little mouse appeared from nowhere, walking along the ledge just inside the window on the front passenger door. He dropped off, landed on the seat, then the floor, then disappeared. I had no idea where he was, and since I was wearing jeans, I was really praying he didn't try to climb up in my pantleg.

I pulled into a gas station, and came tumbling out of that car in a hurry, looking like I was smuggling watermelons, and the attendant was a young 20-something guy. When he saw me, his eyes got huge, and in a trembling voice he asked if I needed help. I said yes, there's a mouse in my car, I saw him! The relief that knowledge gave him was obvious, and he obligingly poked around in the car, but we never found the mouse. I reluctantly got back in the car and drove to work, without mishap, and I guess the mouse left the car at some point, because I never saw him again.

Now, don't you all wish I'd take my rat stories and go back into hibernation? --Romeena

November 17, 2018 - Msg 111056: Ahh, rat stories. I got a few, share them from time to time, might have on this site, but so what, reruns are allowed in these parts, ain't they?

We had an automatic watering system in our barn for our cattle. In the winter, it was prone to freezing up, so we put a huge heat lamp on the water pump. The water pump also had a spigot so we could draw water to carry in 5 gallon buckets if the water froze up somewhere in the lines between the pump and the water trough the cattle drank from. The pump was inside a rather large wood box with a small square hole cut out to access it. One fine morning, I reached into the hole to turn on the spigot, and managed to grab a holt of a rat. Smart rat, was enjoying the heat lamp, probably laying back on that spigot wheel like he was on Miami Beach, when I rudely interrupted him. I jumped straight up, screamed, and ran to the house faster than Gilly Walker can drive. I guess I'm lucky I didn't get bit.

Another time, my brother was talking to me as I was preparing some feed for the cattle. We had show cattle, expensive, and fed them a high quality mix of grains. The base grain we had in chutes that ran down from the hay mow, and we added a couple other things, maybe bran and barley, that were in barrels. As he talked, my brother put a hand on each of two barrels. A rat ran up one arm, across his shoulders and neck, and down the other arm into the other barrel. I fell down from laughing so hard whilst my brother was unable to speak or scream, but just kept saying something like "Buh buh buh buh". I don't reckon I've ever laughed harder.

Billy Ray the Postman

November 18, 2018 - Msg 111057: Boo, not sure if Santa Rosa is getting smoke. I am in the Sacramento area and it has been bad here. Looked like the sun was trying to break through the smoke but could not make it. Should be getting better they say in the next few days. Maybe some rain next week. We usually get rain by the end of October and in my area we have had no rain at all yet. The weather man said on tv we had one of the hottest summers in record history and it is so dry out here.
Been enjoying a nice visit from my sister from Colorado. Mom has really loved seeing her and having nice visits. We are planning on having Thanksgiving together. Every day we have is a blessing from God and I am so happy for the family members still here with us. You all have a nice Mayberry weekend.

November 18, 2018 - Msg 111058: Love the rat story Ro and Billy. Now you put wings on those rodents and what do have? Bats! And bats lay eggs in your hair and make you go crazy! :)

Billy, your pump story reminds me of one. A number of years ago I would have to pump water out of an irrigation ditch to water my grass. I had a nice 2" pump that did a pretty nice job of running about 6 large rainbird impact sprinklers. One day I noticed the pressure was way low so I went over to the pump station to see what was going on. I noticed the pump motor was very hot, so I killed the power to it and let it cool down for a bit before pulling everything apart to see what was up. When I removed the pump housing I saw something like a rope wrapped around the impeller very tight. It didn't take me long to realize this wasn't a rope but rather the remains of a water snake. Somehow the screen I had on the suction line had come off and some poor water snake who happened by got sucked right in and met his fate. I bet it took me an hour to get that thing unwound. Sheesh, talk about a mess. Dang near smoked my pump motor also.
Romeena, I hope Diesel is on his best behavior with your hearing loss. We don't need you taking a fall.
Well off to bed to watch some TAGS. I think Helen the Authoress is in the que tonight. That means Mavis Neff getting all bubbly wubbly on Sandy. :)

Good night to all.


November 18, 2018 - Msg 111059: RO-- I think Goober can take off on James Cagney, "Ohh, you dirty rats!" haha Very funny stories from you and Billy Ray, and ASA too!
Since I have seen a picture of you, I can just "picture" you laughing as you
describe, especially watching that guy running around like Pepino on the Real McCoys!! lol
Billy Ray, was that grain quatro-trid-a-kay-lee?
(If you're a Star Trek fan, you'll get it!)
FRankie, so glad you can have some family in for Thanksgiving.
I hope the air quality improves soon.
BOO-- you had asked about plans, well, this year we are going to go to
my older sister's house here. Her son, who is about 38, and (was) the consummate bachelor, is going to announce his engagement!
He has been a dealer in Vegas for about 20 years, and never married;
but about a year ago, a lady sat at his blackjack table, their eyes met,
and that was that, as they say. :)
Good Sabbath, prayers continue for all,

November 18, 2018 - Msg 111060: You guys crack me up!..Great stories!..Come On Ro, Let’s hear you take off on James Cagney You Dirty🐀!
That’s one thing about being a Maintenance Guy we’ve got many stories don’t we Asa?..Sorry Asa But a couple of my best ones have to do with bats 🦇 ...I had a Big muscular guy who was also a bouncer who worked for me. I got a call one night from a frantic lady who had a bat in her house. So I called “Tony” who lived close to help me. I asked him to bring tennis rackets if his kids had any. So when we got there the lady said it was upstairs, so we cautiously went up. I spotted the bat hanging on the curtain across the room. So Tony being the aggressive bouncer in him had to charge him, missing the bat completely and tearing down the ladies curtains!..The bat flew straight at ME, so being the “neighborhood badminton champion” I hit him with backhanded shot back to Tony who beat him down!
So You see Boo...Badminton isn’t a woosie game after ALL!..Lol....

Y’all Made My Day....Allways Good medicine to be able to remember these funny times in our lives..10-4?


November 18, 2018 - Msg 111061: GF, That sounds more like BaTminton y'all were playing. lol Yessir, the Fall was always rodent issues as they were looking for warm places with outdoor temps lowering. Always something wasn't there?

Well MDC, Your Nephew got caught huh? Well good for him. and her. I was just reading an article about a Mcdonalds in some town in Arizona that has aqua colored arches instead of the usual yellow arches. I guess the local city powers felt the golden arches would be unbecoming to the natural beauty of the city or something like that. lol

Just got home from preachin and I feel a nap is coming on. Yep, turn on a little tv, change into some comfy loose fitting clothes, nestle down in the old Wheeler, and let mother nature take over from there. :)


November 18, 2018 - Msg 111062: For the Love of Mike Asa...Change clothes, watch some TV take a nap,...Just Do It!....
In my best Malcome Tucker

November 18, 2018 - Msg 111063: Don't miss the latest issue of The eBullet! It's on the web!


November 18, 2018 - Msg 111064: Floyd, thanks for sharing The Bullet link.
Really enjoyed looking through it.

November 18, 2018 - Msg 111065: A nice lazy afternoon for me too. ASA--so you're saying
that GF used a "batdie" instead of a birdie?? haha
Oh, and I forgot to mention in my last post about the actor you mentioned.
Yes, I too have seen him a lot. He was also in Little House on the Prairie.
His name is Dabbs Greer. He played the reverend for a spell.

Monday I go in for an echocardiogram. In the past, of course, it always showed very leaky valves, so hopefully this one will now show good, tight valves. Why do i sound like I'm a car engine? ha Let's just hope they
don't find any RATS in there. lol

Floyd, thanks, very cool indeed!

All the best to you and yours,