November 26, 2018 - Msg 111125: Good afternoon everybody.
What some great thoughts and ideas being shared by Romeena MDC, and GF. Sure makes me proud just to be here. There is an older lady who goes to our Church who always sits by me in the back row. And she is such a sweet thing. A widow for many years now. Anyway she took a fall at her home several weeks ago and broke some ribs. She was in the hospital for a few days, then in a rehab center for a few weeks and now her family has her in an assisted living home. So last week I bought a small flower pot for her and went to visit her. My goodness, she carried on like it was nobody's business. She was so happy to see me. I really didn't think she would care much one way or another if I went to see her, but she sure did. And she made me promise I would go back and see her often. So that's what I aim to do.

Romeena, I am so glad you have your kids willing and ready to help you. What a blessing that is. It is fruits of your labor in my opinion. Too often adult kids are pretty detached from their parents. So very sad. That's one of the reasons I am so glad to read Frankie's posts about her taking care of her Mom. Good on you Frankie Flint!

Romeena, Yep, I need a dog for sure. I want to get a bigger one this time I think, one I can let roam in the back yard. I sit on an acre lot, so it is a big yard. But I have some fence I still need to install to secure it. So that is on my list for next spring. Once that is in, a puppy will be forth coming.

Boo, You haven't indulged us with any Christmas movie quotes yet. Your not gonna let me down are you? "Marv, I'm coming in"! :)


November 26, 2018 - Msg 111126: Asa...That’s what makes us proud to call ourselves Mayberry citizens!...BTW..Thanks for the sweep we retirees have to stay active ya know!....


November 26, 2018 - Msg 111127: Oh Romeena, you made me cry with that little story of being Jesus to people. I, too, have been ministered to with love by others in my deepest need and what a blessing it is. I will never forget the sunday sermon my friend and pastor, Mark preached the day my best friend had her brain bleed and was on life support. The sermon was about being Jesus to people in need. That night, as I sat in that ER with Zach, in so much pain and turmoil, I saw Mark coming into that ER and he took that boy in his arms and held him. It felt a huge weight was lifted off of me for a time and then I felt Mark's wife slip her arm around me and I knew they were being Jesus to me. Such a blessing that I will never forget. Thank you for the reminder. Its so important to be aware of what others are going through so we can fulfill the law of Christ and help to bear their burdens. That is what my porch family has done for me so many times. You have been there for me through every trial for the past 16 years. Thank you so much.

Well, I have to say we had a much better visit with mom in law than I expected. She only acted up once and brother in law stepped in and used some tough love. I think she had a very nice time and we certainly worked hard to make it so. She was very appreciative when it was time to leave. She is still stubborn, and rather selfish, but certainly less bossy and seems to be a bit more humble. She did say something mean to one family member and he isn't the type to forgive but that's the way it is. She is just one of those people who always thinks of herself first and is very jealous of anyone who has something she doesn't. As an example, she told me, "You sure are getting thin. I am so mad!"..ok, then. lol..just the way she has always been. Now that she is older and has dementia, the crazy is amplified. As we say in the south, "Bless her heart"..and you southern ladies know what that means. ;)

It was a good gathering on Friday with the family and my sister in law was sober, which is great. No real drama..just mild drama.

Romeena, St. Susan bought a white tree this year. She has always wanted one but felt like they turn yellowish after awhile. She went ahead and bought it anyway, but is wondering if there is something she can do to prevent the discoloration that comes with years. I suggested storing the tree in a plastic container and keeping it indoors, rather in the outside storage due to the heat. Any suggestions? It really looks pretty. Its just a 6 footer and has white lights but the things just glows at night!

I still have the thanksgiving décor out, even thought the tree is done. I got too busy today to do any further decorating. I think tomorrow I will start on it. The weather here is spectacular! Dry, cool, and sunny today. I have had the windows open and what a treat that is. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, too, so will try to take advantage of it and put on some firestone records (MDC) and Christmas up the place.

Sean applied for a job today and a nearby oil-change, mechanics shop. It is locally-owned and the owner seems very nice. Sean is still working for avis but it is quite a drive for little money so he is hoping to find something locally. He is going to take his last course this coming semester to finish up with his mechanic certification.

As far as puppies go, Asa, they are sweet but this one we have is wearing me out. She is one active little thing. They are fun, though.

Asa, that quote was from Home Alone. I wont let you down. I will get the quotes going. Here's one:
"There's no singing at the North Pole!"


November 26, 2018 - Msg 111128: ROMEEna, been meaning to ask you how the bassoon-playing nephew is doing these days? Not an easy instrument to play!
BOO--how did you get that 'accent' mark over the word 'decor'? I am happy that all your visitors 'behaved' themselves! ha
ASA--you are a bird in this world! Just think, if you were still working, you may not have visited that lady! All things work together for good of those who love Jesus! :)
Well, Joan's only child (daughter) is flying to Phx on Tuesday from VA. Me and another
friend have bagged up clothes for Goodwill. It is amazing how 'permanent'
one's passing is, how we indeed leave everything behind.
We all know that her pain is now gone, and that is also so 'permanent!' (in a GOOD way) :)
HEY to all porchsters!
"George Bailey lassos STORK!"

November 27, 2018 - Msg 111129: Good morning, porch. What a beautiful day, though it's cold. Bright blue sky, golden sun, and we even have some beautiful leaves this year. There's a big oak tree at the end of my street, huge thing, and it's just glorious, a blazing riot of red and gold. I'm seeing trees like it all over town. That doesn't always happen, but it's surely doing a good job this year.

MDC, the bassoon player is my grandson, and he's doing great. Entered high school this year, auditioned for their top-level orchestra, and won first chair. He has also taken up the piano suddenly, and plays beautifully. No lessons other than about six months worth when he was in early elementary school. No music, he just sits down and plays. This was very sudden, just started playing about a year ago, out of the blue. He shuts himself up in here with my piano, and the music just fills the house. He's all over the keyboard, with not a note of music on the stand. How did we, and he, get so blessed?

That accent mark you mentioned can be found here: All sorts of little goodies in there. There are other sites, but this one is pretty comprehensive.

Well, guess I'd better go take my prednisone, though it's not helping my deaf ear at all. I think this will probably be permanent, and it's very annoying. I can't locate sound, everything seems to be happening to my left, even when it's clearly on my right. Well, at least I can hear, even if it is coming from the wrong direction.

Blessings, porch. I don't know what I'd do without you. --Romeena

November 27, 2018 - Msg 111130: Romeena, We don't know what we would do without you. I am so sorry that your hearing issue has not improved. As always, you are in my prayers. That has to be very annoying. I am glad it hasn't messed up your balance. At least I hope it hasn't.

Boo I hope Sean is able to get the job that is closer to home. How is Erin doing? You mentioned your families version of Cousin Eddy. We kind of have one in our family also. He is kind of a cross between Goober and Eddy. Has a heart as big as all outdoors, but has an Alabama drawl that makes him sound just like Goober. "Yo, that there is an R.V." lol

Went out and did some more gutter cleaning out this afternoon. I am ashamed at how I have neglected them. Shame on me. But I know why my shingles are looking so worn out. All the dadblame shingle grains are sitting in the gutters.

Well I best go rustle up some dinner.


"You can't see the panty lines, huh Rusty."

November 27, 2018 - Msg 111131: "NOT A FINGER!"

John Masters

November 27, 2018 - Msg 111132: Just watched that one yesterday John Masters!...Lol....G-F

November 27, 2018 - Msg 111133: BESURETODRINKYOUROVALTINE!

November 27, 2018 - Msg 111134: Crummy Commercial!

November 27, 2018 - Msg 111135: Thank you Asa for the kind words. My mother means the world to me and I would do anything for her. Her and I even think the same and get along so good.
We have had some more rain today. It is so nice to have the air so clean and fresh out. Been busy keeping the tree leaves cleaned up from the front yard. It is kind of funny I rake so many leaves and looks like the tree is still full.

November 27, 2018 - Msg 111136: Our leaves are just STARTING to fall, and no beautiful colors
as RO describes. They go from green to brown to ground.
Oh, and into the gutters with all of my shingles' grains! (per ASA.)

APB for MBM, Billy Ray, SPOT and all!

I helped some more at the apt today. Kinda tuckered out.
Don't want to hurt my healing. :)
God bless,

November 28, 2018 - Msg 111137: Grrrr. The roofers are here, have stripped the old shingles off the roof, and finding one shocker after another. There are ten agile young men up there, and they were peeling huge sheets of shingles off, like a bad sunburn. The boss says shingles normally have to be removed in small pieces, because they're nailed down solid, but these are just stripping off, like taking sheets off a bed. They were just barely tacked on, shallow overlaps, and when they're off, the decking underneath is sagging, rotted and pathetic. In one large area over the sunroom, the decking was bad, and rather than replace it, they just tacked a big piece of tin over it. It had a foot-wide hole rotted out underneath. Yes, I have gone to BBB and written it up. I hope whatever that female roofer bought with the profits from that job, just seven years ago, either broke, rotted or bit her. Real hard.

This guy is doing a great job. He's replacing large areas of decking, texts pictures to me as he goes so I can see what he's doing, has already hauled one trailer full of rotted decking and shoddy shingles to the dump, and is working on another. He's using Timberline shingles, which were my dad's choice always, and it's going to be a good, solid, dry roof when he's finished. Well, back to my Christmas tree. Lots to do. --Romeena

November 28, 2018 - Msg 111138: Morning all.
Getting some rain on my porch this morning also. I think Frankie sent it to me. :) Supposed to turn into snow by tomorrow, even down here in the valleys. Then get colder than a well diggers bottom by the weekend. And I won't have to be out in it! :) Hot diggity dog!
MDC, Yea buddy, don't you overdo it with that apartment. We don't need you having a setback for the holidays.
Does anyone else watch any of those Holiday baking shows on Food Network? I have been recording them. My goodness, those folks have some talent. They sure put together some amazing stuff. Some of the teams have 3 cake decorators and 1 sugar expert.

I hope everyone has a blessed day.


November 28, 2018 - Msg 111139: Ya snuck in on me Romeena. Sure sorry to rad that about your roof, but good thing you are getting it done right this time.


November 28, 2018 - Msg 111140: The Christmas card list just went out to those whom I know wanted it. If anyone else wants to receive it, just tell me here, and I'll get it to you. --Romeena

November 28, 2018 - Msg 111141: To get into the Spirit of Christmas In honor of our TOM and his Cleveland connection. If you remember him saying he grew up near the Christmas Story House. Here is the link... And to the West of Cleveland is a place called Castle Noel where they have any props and displays from Christmas movies...They even have the actual Cousin Eddie RV check out this link too.. RIP TOM.....


November 28, 2018 - Msg 111142: Asa, I like to watch the holiday baking championships, and the Christmas cookie bakeoff. It is amazing what people can do without a recipe and with a lot of imagination.

Been watching some Christmas movies and thinking about some Christmas quotes..trying to find some that will trip you up. :)

Thanks Romeena, I bought some Christmas cards today and will be working on those in the coming week.

We had our annual church greening service tonight and it was not our traditional service. Don't want to be negative but I just wasn't feeling it. Oh well, things change and now I am one of the older folks wanting things to stay the same.
One thing I can say about tonight's service is that it was joyful, and that is a good thing.

I intended to do some decorating today but that didn't really happen. Erin had a panic attack at school today but dealt with it enough that she could stay in class. I did take her a dose of anxiety medication because the nurse wasn't there to give it to her. I have an appointment with a new doctor for her to see next month so hoping that goes well. Compared to last year, she is really doing great so I want to keep her that way. I think the little dog has helped a lot, as I suspected it would. What a pleasant little pup she is! She is very social and loves everyone she sees.

Well, Sean got the job today that he applied for. He will be making 2 dollars more an hour and driving less than a mile to work. Also, he is off Fridays so he can finish the class he needs for his certification. I think he will like it because right now he will just be doing auto maintenance, oil changes, and inspections. There is a good mechanic there, though, that is willing to train him when the time comes. He could double his salary if he goes that route.

Its been a long day and tomorrow promises to be the same so think I will get myself to bed.


November 29, 2018 - Msg 111143: HI ALL, I guess the Christmas Season is 'officially' underway, as they lit the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center tonight! m(and they said CHRISTMAS a lot!) :)

G-F-- that was cool the see the Christmas Story House. We have an 1890s house here in Tempe also, but they doll it up as a Danish Christmas
as a remembrance of the family that first lived in it.

And here is one of my favorite Christmas songs...

ASA--you're funny for a retired guy! :) "And I won't have to be out in it! :) Hot diggity dog!" Amen bro.

RO--glad you are getting a good roof this time!

BOO-- please tell me what a greening service is. Thanks.
Good to hear Sean got the job. Prayers continue for Erin.

Frankie, please send us some of that rain. :)

Yuletide peace to you all!

November 29, 2018 - Msg 111144: Good evening, porch. So good to hear about Sean's victories. He deserves it! Also, glad the puppy is helping Erin. Dogs can do so much for us. I know God had that relationship in mind when He set things up. I can't imagine what I'd have done through the years without my little furry friends. You know, it's funny. They all different personalities, different "gifts", if you will. However, what they had to offer always seemed to be just what I needed in my life at the time. I won't name them all, but Sugarplum was dignified and sedate, could be funny, very loving, but mostly conducted herself like a little lady, so I could take her anywhere and mix with any crowd. Now little Toye Starr is a bouncy, silly, happy and loving little sprite that livens up what could evolve into a too-quiet household and way of life. However, she keeps things stirred up just enough, yet is loving and sweet and is nice to everyone.

I can't believe it, but the roofer has come and gone. He had blocked out three days to finish this house, and he completed it today, on day one. He brought ten young men with him, all of his regular crew, undivided, and they tackled it in force. What really helped it along, though, was the tear-off. Usually they have to scrape the shingles off, maybe pry some off, but these were coming off in such large sheets and so easily, that they had the roof completely bare by about8:45. It looks great, and when all is settled, it looks like my deductible will be covered except for a couple of hundred, out of a $2400 deductible. You can't beat a deal like that. As for the overall job, I kept my little beak out of it, even let the guy choose the shingles, and he chose exactly what I would have. It's quite pretty, and really looks like a good job. Now Ted will come om and tear out the stained ceiling in my bedroom and repair all that, and all will be well. I know Ted' work, and when he's finished, you'd never know there had been damage. He's a wizard, and I even still have popcorn ceiling. He'll match that perfectly. No comments about the popcorn. I know all the home shows want it removed, but I don't. I like it, and it makes the home a little quieter, great sound-absorber.

Well, the Dish guy comes tomorrow to reset my satellite dish, which they had to remove. No problem, I have enough stuff DVR'd that I could watch TV for three months before I'd run out of choices. You gotta love Dish! Then Joe comes on Friday to check my sprinklers out, though I think they're okay, and he'll plant a bunch of bulbs I've accumulated. I'm so blessed. Between Joe and Ted and Eddie and a couple of others, there are a lot of guys, plus my kids, looking after this old gal. My security cameras are working, and that's neat! I answer a lot of squirrel calls, got to reduce the sensitivity on one of them, that's set right over a squirrel pathway on the fence line. It's fun to spy on the little rascals, though.

Well, off to bed. Toye Starr is huffing tiny sighs at me. At eleven, she likes to go to bed fairly early and I will always and forever be a night owl, I guess. Blessings! --Romeena

November 29, 2018 - Msg 111145: Wow. I just read back over that post, and what a bunch of typos. Between arthritic fingers, and a keyboard with sticky keys (thanks, kids), it just happens. Missed spaces, wrong letters, extra words (result of starting to say one thing and changing it mid-stream), the errors just pile up. Please forgive. --Romeena

November 29, 2018 - Msg 111146: That’s a AWESOME crib MDC...That’s good roof news too Romeena...G-F

November 29, 2018 - Msg 111147: Good morning all.
Romeena, Thanks for resending the list. I appreciate it. It's kind of fun to see folks non TAGS names. lol Glad your roof job went quick and isn't going to take to big of a bite from your checkbook. And I know what you mean about DISH and the DVR. I use mine all the time. It has spoiled me in fact because I can burn through the commercials. An hour long show is now 40 minutes. In fact about the only thing I watch in real time anymore is the local news. And when they break for a commercial, I grab my remote to forward through the commercials, only to have the tv tell me it's a live show and I can't do that. lol

MDC, Great story on that Tempe House. I just love those older homes like that. There are several older "Victorian" type homes around here that I just love.

GF, Have you ever toured that Christmas Story house? That sure looks like it would be a fun tour. I suspect if you or me went under the sink though, we would do so with a pipe wrench in one hand and a pair of channel locks in the other to fix a sink or clean a drain. 10-4 buddy? lol

Boo, I am so glad that Sean got that job. I hope it's a perfect match for him. And glad the Erin is doing better with her anxiety issues. I enjoy those Christmas Cookie shows also. Pretty amazing stuff those folks produce.

Looked out the window this morning to see nothing but gray. A heavy fog. Again I don't have to be out in it. I think of all the wintery driving conditions out there, I dislike driving in fog the most. And we can get some thick stuff around here sometimes.

I pray y'all have a safe and sound day.


November 29, 2018 - Msg 111148: Believe it or not Asa I have not gone there..But you are right we could fix that drain AND we are “Furnace Fighters” too ya know...Not to brag, but we could have fixed the Leg Lamp..
......NOTAFINGA!... “You used up ALL the glue on PURPOSE!”.....Great Line..Lol

Between that movie and Christmas Vacation there are SO many GREAT lines...10-4?


November 29, 2018 - Msg 111149: Good morning, porch! Asa, I'm getting the biggest smile out of hearing you rejoicing about not having to go into work! I know the feeling, and it's wonderful. At least I worked in an indoor environment, yucky though it could be at times. I can't imagine waking up to the sound or sight of a cold, icy day and knowing I was going to have to work out there in it, or now - NOT! Good for you, my friend! How is Debbie enjoying having you around these days?

I'm waiting for my follow-up call from Dish, where they will narrow the time frame down for me. Right now, it's between 12 and 5 pm, but they'll cut that down to a 75-minute window and notify me. If it's late enough, I may go kidnap Eloise and we'll find some lunch somewhere. I'm ready to get out of this house. Meantime, work on the Christmas tree continues, a little at a time. It's nearing completion. Then I've got to finish the fireplace, all the snowmen on the mantel.

Also, my Nativity is ready to put out on the credenza in the dining room, and that's one of my favorite parts. It's a ceramic set that I cleaned, fired, painted and fired again many, many years ago. "Right pretty", if I do say so myself! It's the old classic Atlantic mold, and I've finished about five sets, back in the day. About 60 hours of work in each one. The first one was done over fifty years ago, made for my mom, took a blue ribbon at the state fair, and I think one of my daughters has it now. My nursing unit at work commissioned me to make one for them back in the early '80s, and paid me $250 for it, but much of it was destroyed when it fell off the top of a locker bank where it had been stored, during a remodel project. I brought the unbroken pieces home and blended them in with my own set, which I had made around 1970 so now I have extra dressed camels and other livestock. Most of the principal pieces were too broken to salvage. My set was finished in fired stains, and the hospital's set was finished with hand-rubbed-in colored chalks, which gives a beautiful finish, like old antiqued wood, quite lustrous. The two finishes blend well together, especially if there's some gentle light playing on it to give it a glow.

You know, I still have my kiln, in a corner of the sunroom, and if I could find a good greenware supplier, I might just get into ceramics again. It's something I enjoy very much, and I'm sure there are new and wonderful paints available now. The problem is finding the greenware, it's sort of fallen out of popularity these days as a hobby. I never got into pouring my own. The molds are expensive, and it makes no sense to buy them, pour one or two sets, and no more, and then you have to store the bulky things. Better to buy the pieces already poured, unless you need a lot of the same thing.

Well, how did I get off into that? Gabby old woman. Later, taters! --Romeena

November 29, 2018 - Msg 111150: Yup, G-F and ASA were "right there in it!" (:

November 30, 2018 - Msg 111151: Good Friday morning all. At least I think it's Friday. lol

Romeena, you are so sweet to be so happy for me. Debbie is very happy to have me home. She and my kids were really campaigning for me to do this. We also have a kiln. Debbie was really into ceramics back in the day. But I want to sell it if I can. I just don't have a clue what it might be worth. We bought it brand new and it has only been used a few times. Do you have any ideas for a price?

GF, That show reminds me so much of my childhood, although it's setting is probably 10 years earlier. We had a coal fired furnace that my Dad would do battle with constantly. We didn't have a basement, but he did have a small "furnace room" off the back of the house. We also had a party line where several households shared the line. That seems so odd compared to today, doesn't it? And I remember in Grade school everytime there was going to be a space ship launch, they would roll in a TV into class and let us watch it. I loved it because there was almost always a delay in the launch, which meant less teacher time. And I remember in 3rd grade, sitting in class when all of a sudden the janitor came rushing in, pushing a TV set. He informed us that President Kennedy had just been shot. Very sad.

Well I hope and pray everyone has a wonderful day.


November 30, 2018 - Msg 111152: Wasn’t it great growing up in the early Sixties?...Those Space launches were such a event. And remember all the things we collected to do with that...I collected all the books and stickers that the “Gulf” stations gave away. Which was a challenge since my Dad owned a “Pure Oil”
I guess Gulf was Big in Florida and committed to NASA and the Space race..Yep great times!...I remember working at my Dad’s station when they landed on the Moon 🌙Dad brought the portable TV with us and we had to adjusted the rabbit ears to get a picture. Great Memory....Thanks for the memory blast Asa.....

Romeena, glad you got a proper roof over your head now!...

Continued prayers to all who are feeling low and lonely this time of the year...Give them a call 📞 and give them a Howdy

November 30, 2018 - Msg 111153: .....Gooberfife

November 30, 2018 - Msg 111154: Good morning, porch. The only thing I can think of that was a little better than growing up in the sixties, was growing up in the forties and fifties. I graduated from high school at age 16, in 1956. I had a poodle skirt, wore bobbysox, and swooned to the first songs Elvis released. We finally got a TV when I was about 12, and I sat on the floor and watched a "test pattern" for a few minutes every afternoon, waiting for programming to actually start.

We started out with a 4-party line telephone, and felt very high class when we finally earned a 2-party line. The other party spoke Spanish as well as English, and I can remember my grandma's irritation when she would pick up the phone and hear Mrs. Perez "jabbering" (as Grandma described it) in Spanish on the other line. Mrs. Perez was a nice lady, with three dorky little kids and they lived next door. My cousins and I would lie on top of our wash-house roof and toss chinaberries at the kids, and the little goofs never, ever figured out where those missiles originated. We were kinda mean kids, I guess.

Well, I think I'll mosey out of here, go by the grocery store, drop off the final insur@nce claim with my agent so I can get the final check, and then come home and get more decorating done. The tree is almost finished. There are two more bins of ornaments, and I do NOT know where they're going to find a home on the tree. The poor thing is loaded now!

I had my piano tuned yesterday, first time in years. Actually, it was in fair tune with itself, but it was at least a full tone low in pitch. He raised the pitch, but said it will probably not stay, it will drop again, at least some of the notes will. So we have to do it again in about 4-6 months, and then it should stay. I'm ashamed that I've let it get so bad. I play only minimally, when no one is around, but it has found a new friend in Hudson. That child, a few months ago, just sat down and started playing, completely by ear. He's our bassoon player, and he reads music, but just has to hear a song once or twice and he can play it, no music needed. Amazing. He's now playing beautiful classical music, all over the keyboard, and no music. I don't understand that, but I'm watching it happen. So, I'm going to start loving that piano again, take good care of it, and someday I'll give it to Hudson. He doesn't know that, but I will.

The tuner guy said it was actually a very nice instrument, has a pretty voice, and has at least 30 years of good life left in it. It's about 47 years old now.

Well, off I go. Things to do, people to see. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 30, 2018 - Msg 111155: IF you all get a chance to see "First Man," it is well worth it! More later, or as Paul Harvey would say, "Good DAY!" :) MDC

November 30, 2018 - Msg 111156: Asa, our local paper had an interesting article on Sunday about a surgeon who was in the ER at parkland hospital in Dallas when they brought the president and gov. Connally in after they had been shot. He was the one who worked on Conally and saved his life. He talks about not knowing what in the world was going on when he was called down to the ER. He remembered seeing many people running in and seeing a lady in pink standing beside a stretcher. He didn't know at the time that it was the first lady and she was standing next to the president. Very sad, indeed. As we know, Connally survived even after having a bullet enter his back and exit his chest. The surgeon said he was a most gracious patient and they remained friends until her passed away much later in life.

Asa, keep watching those cooking shows. Now that you are retired, you can try out some new things and become quite a chef, if you have a mind to. I got another electric pressure cooker the other day..a small one for everyday use. I find it really helps me to stay on my healthy eating plan. Just a suggestion...sure makes meals easier, too.

Glad things went well with the roof, Romeena! I am still dragging my feet and trying to finish the decorating. St. Susan helped me take down the Christmas dishes from the top cabinets and I am slowly doing some decorating in the kitchen. I had planned to work on it tonight but we have a family birthday dinner to attend and tomorrow is a full day, too. They are having the parade in the little town I work in and shoreline always has a float in the parade. I think I will go out tomorrow and support the kids, then Matt and I are going to attempt, once more, to go to the mission in Goliad for the annual Christmas concert. I have mentioned it before and went a few years ago and it was the highlight of the holidays for me. Since then, Matt and I have attempted to attend and something always comes up for some reason. He shares my affinity for the missions and texas history so I think he will enjoy it if I can ever get him there. Im not holding my breath, though. There are some things going on with his daughter, Emily, who is 11 now. Her older sister has some mental health issues and we are learning that there are some things going on that have to be dealt with.

Better go get some things done before I have to get ready. For us, it takes a good 40 minutes to drive to the south side of Corpus Christi and there is a lot of construction going on because they are building a new, huge suspension bridge over the harbor into Corpus Christi. The traffic sometimes gets very backed up, so we try to be sure we give ourselves plenty of time to get to events.

Hope you all have a great evening.


Here's today's quote:
"He's got some Mississippi Leg Hound in him..."

November 30, 2018 - Msg 111157: Hey Y'all! Been talking "Mayberry" earlier with my daughter (she tells me that Laci enjoys TAGS & especially loves Ernest T.!) and it got me to thinking that I need to rock a bit on the ol' Porch. So,here I am!

Ro, I sure am sorry about your hearing loss in your right ear. Is it possible it's some weird viral thing and will leave as quickly as it came? Hope so!

Asa,I'm happy for you too that you've retired! Enjoy every sandwich! ( That's a Warren Zevon quote,BTW)

Saw over on Facebook that today marks a year since we lost Jim Nabors. What a talented man he was! Loved him as Gomer,and that singing voice-wow!

G-F,I also saw on FB where Mayberry on Main has been sold. That surprised me. I haven't been up to Mount Airy in quite some time because of all I was dealing with this past year leading up to my mama's death. I sure hope nothing is wrong with either of the Miles(es)- do you know if they are both doing well, G-F? I wish them well and will surely miss seeing them when I visit Mayberry on Main. They are good folks!

Well, I have had a bad sinus headache all day,so I think I'll go rest a spell. Y'all take care!

P.S. Congrats to Sean on the new job, Boo-sounds right up his alley! Prayers for Erin.

possum under a rock

November 30, 2018 - Msg 111158: his passing,

November 30, 2018 - Msg 111159: Oh hey, Possum...we must have been posting at the same time.


November 30, 2018 - Msg 111160: WoW Possum I have not heard that about the Miles’s..I
talked to them at Mayberry Days and all seemed find. I will ask around and try to find out for sure...I hope not!


November 30, 2018 - Msg 111161: Possum the word on the street is they are retiring, and another couple are taking it over. I will miss not seeing them, but it is good to hear it’s because they are retiring and going to enjoy the fruits of their efforts...Retirement Must be in the air these


November 30, 2018 - Msg 111162: It was a bit of a shock to me too,G-F. I was worried that illness might have been behind their decision to sell the business,and I'm relieved to know that's not the case. I wish them a wonderful retirement! Will miss seeing them,though. Thanks for finding out for me, G-F!

Hey to Boo- yeah, I thought I bumped rockers with someone earlier!

possum again

November 30, 2018 - Msg 111163: Well I got out this morning and cleaned up the last of my leaves out front. Wow it was a big pile and I really got a work out. When my sister came over I had her hold the ladder for me so I could clean out the rain gutter in the front of the house. It was so full that on the last rain the water was overflowing out the side. Trying to get ready before the next rain which should be tomorrow. After that we should have a few days break. It was beautiful out today. I really enjoyed getting out in the sunshine.
You all have a wonderful weekend.

November 30, 2018 - Msg 111164: The weather man said the rain we get from this storm should come in the middle of the night. Great! We should have a gorgeous weekend.

December 01, 2018 - Msg 111165: R.I.P. George H.W. Bush....God’s Speed....

December 01, 2018 - Msg 111166: Whoever posted above, I just heard about George HW's passing also. May he rest in peace indeed after his rough
battle with Parkinsons and Barbara's death.
I also just heard about Alaska's earthquake.
Some of the footage is remarkable!
Frankie, we got some of that rain last night, and we
really needed it!
HI To Possum, so good to see you back on the porch.
Now if we can get Randy back too! ha

Have a good weekend all,
Christmas Hope,

December 01, 2018 - Msg 111167: OOPS! Should have said "SPOT!"

December 01, 2018 - Msg 111168: Good very late evening, porch. I must ask you for your prayers tonight. I haven't mentioned it, but my son in Florida has been very ill, for several years now. He has been in liver failure, and recently his kidneys began shutting down. A few days ago he was admitted to the ICU, found to have sepsis of unknown origin, and serious pneumonia. This afternoon my youngest daughter called me from the road, told me she was about half an hour away and headed here. Of course, I knew there was a reason, and there was. My son's wife had contacted my girls, told them that he was probably not going to make it through the night, and so Heather hit the road in order to be with me when the news came. And it did, just about half an hour after she got here. He passed peacefully, at 6:30 Florida time. His wife was in touch with my other daughter, Robbi, by phone and text, and Robbi kept the rest of us informed so that Carrie didn't have to keep repeating.

I knew it was coming for a long time, and a lot of my grieving has been done, but I'm still in a bit of a shock, I guess. I wasn't out there with him, because he didn't want that. He didn't want me to remember him sick and dying, but rather remember the good times, the fun times. The plane trips with him at the controls, the glider flight, the seadoo runs on the Oklawaha River, the sunsets over the lake behind his house. I will remember him as my handsome, creative, talented, funny and kind son, not the illness-worn man with the toxin-befuddled mind.

This is extremely painful for me, and I'm still not fully accepting that he's gone, I guess. Actually, I must remember that he's not gone, he's just stepped into that other room, and I'll see him there some day. He's with his Father now, and his dad as well. I cannot wish him back in the state he was in, I would not do that.

Please pray for me and my family. I'm so grateful to them, for the support and love they're showing me now, and please, please, pray for his wife, who loved him I think as much as I loved his dad, and has gone many an extra mile to care for him. I will always love her. And now, it's time to settle down and try to rest, though I'm not sure that's going to happen. I know it will come eventually, but I think this is one of those nights when my motor won't turn off.

Thank you, friends, and may God bless each of you, and give us all peace. --Romeena

December 01, 2018 - Msg 111169: Hey MDC ! Possum,Romeena, asa and all. Well rain here in the south all day ! It’s about 6 am. Gona do some porch reading.. catch up ! Breakfast will be country ham and egg biscuits ! Get 2 ! Prayers. SPOT

December 01, 2018 - Msg 111170: Good morning all.
Oh my Romeena, I am so very sorry to read about the passing of your Son. My deepest prayers indeed go out for you and your family for sure. I agree with your thoughts that he isn't gone, just stepped in to another room, or graduated as I once heard someone say. I am so glad you have your faith in God and are able to lean on Him. If there is anything at all I can do, please don't hesitate to ask. I love you Ro.


December 01, 2018 - Msg 111171: Prayers for your family, Ro. I'm so sorry,dear friend.I love you and wish you peace.

Prayers for the Bush family as well.

possum u.a.r.

December 01, 2018 - Msg 111172: Oh My Romeena, I am so Sorry to hear about your Son. I know it’s especially hard with him being so far away and you not being able to see him. But you said it well that you remember him in ALL the good times you had....You and your family are in my prayers... I know you Texans are a strong bunch, but KNOW your Porch Family grieve with you too!..


December 01, 2018 - Msg 111173: Oh my, my heart is so grieved by this news, Romeena. It came as a shock and it hurts so much to know what you and your family are going through. I promise to channel this hurt into prayer for you. It is comforting to me to know that you have a loving family, church family, and porch family to walk with you. If you need me in person, I am a phone call away and could hop in the suburban and be there in only 7 hours, which isn't such a long trip for a Texan.

You never mentioned that your son was ill but I knew something was wrong. You were absent from the porch more than usual and you just didn't seem like your usual self for months. I told myself that maybe you just weren't feeling well, physically, but now it makes sense. I am so, so sorry for what you have been going through and are going through. There isn't anything anyone can say, I know, but I believe because we all share the same Spirit, we are connected somehow and we are together in way we cant see, and that includes those who have passed on into the other room, as well. I pray we all feel that connection more strongly and that it brings comfort. I will have you and your family, especially your daughter-in-law, in my prayers daily.

We love you, Ro,

December 02, 2018 - Msg 111174: Dear Romeena, I too add my condolences and deepest sympathies on the passing of your son. I think he is the
one who amazingly survived that plane crash some years ago. He is indeed with the Lord, and best of all, he is out of his pain!
You and your whole family will be in my prayers that you would find
solace and comfort in knowing that he is now standing in the very presence
of Jesus!
Love you,

December 02, 2018 - Msg 111175: Good evening, porch. Thank you all so much for the loving words, the prayers, the sweet thoughts, and the understanding. It means so much. Heather and I have spent the day in mostly happy reflection of times spent with that beautiful guy. I remember the chubby baby, my firstborn, who smiled constantly and was always so happy. The adventurous young boy who had the daring to get his pilot's license at age 16, unbeknownst to his parents until the day he soloed. I remember the adult pilot who learned to fly a glider as well as a powered plane, and who leaned on that glider experience to help him survive a forced landing in a plowed field after engine failure. I recall the tender-hearted young homebuilder who threatened to fire an entire crew after he caught them trapping little field mice on the job site. They were using sticky paper, and then throwing the little mice, still stuck to the paper, into some woods for the ants to kill. The crew protested that the mice were getting into their lunches, so he repeated his intent to fire the whole crew if they did it again, then showed up the next day with metal lunch boxes for everyone.

He was daring, a risk-taker, but once he stated flatly that he saw absolutely no reason for skydiving, that he would only jump from an airplane if it was on fire, and maybe not then. He built absolutely gorgeous homes, in the $500k range, and built a beautiful retirement facility, with accommodations ranging from just residential retirement apartments, through the continuum all the way to total personal care. He was unique, a kind and gentle, fun and interesting guy. Heaven will be a bit brighter still, with him in residence. Earth is going to seem very empty.

Thank you again for your caring and your love. You folks mean so much to me. Most of us will never meet this side of Heaven, but I pray that we will all meet over there. --Romeena