December 02, 2018 - Msg 111176: Beautiful memories, Ro. It's 3am and I can't sleep..wondering if you are able to rest. Praying for you and your family.


December 02, 2018 - Msg 111177: Good morning, porch. Boo, I'm sorry you were not sleeping well, and I'm sorry to be the cause, but ironically, I was sleeping like the proverbial baby. These past two nights, I've slept better than I have in weeks and months. I think now that he's out of what had become suffering, I am at peace as well. Everyone, please know that God has given me release from the worry and the fear of what we knew was coming, and what I'm experiencing now is mostly just relief and gratitude. Grief, yes, of course, but as God is good. Paul stated it so beautifully in I Thessalonians 4:13-18. He said we sorrow not as those who have no hope. The whole passage should be read, not just that part, because it's so beautiful, and offers such promise. God is good.--Romeena

December 02, 2018 - Msg 111178: Good Sabbath porch family.
Romeena, I am so glad that you are dealing with this so well. It is a testament of your faith and knowledge of God. And your strength and peace shines through and really lifts me up. Thank you and my continued prayers for you and your dear family.


December 02, 2018 - Msg 111179: So glad you could sleep, Ro, and relieved that you are experiencing peace even in this. You were only part of the reason I couldn't sleep..I drank an iced coffee at 8pm (dumb)
when I was in Goliad at a Christmas concert at one of the missions. It takes an hour to drive back home so I
drank the coffee to keep myself fully
awake. It was a mistake. The concert was beautiful and every song lifted up Jesus and the hope he gives. I was thinking of all of us here on the porch. I needed reminding about what Christmas is really all about. There was something so comforting about being there in the dimly-lit old chapel...knowing so many had worshipped there for so many years. God remains faithful.


December 02, 2018 - Msg 111180: My condolences to Romeena.
Another sad note, it appears Ken Berry died yesterday.
Billy Ray the Postman

December 03, 2018 - Msg 111181: Boo, I saw your post on FB of the concert. It sure looked very easy to worship or Lord there.
RO, my prayers continue for you and your family.
I experienced a similar feeling when my mom, dad, and most recently, when our elderly friend died.
There was a sort of relief that their pain was now gone!
Isaiah 57:19--"Peace to the far and near, says the Lord; and I will heal them."
Billy Ray, sorry to hear about Ken Berry, another good actor.
May he rest in peace.
Love to all,

December 03, 2018 - Msg 111182: Hello porch, just wanted to stop in a off my very deepest sympathy to our dear Romeena. I am sorry for the loss of your son. Please know that you and your family are my thoughts and prayers.

Big Maude

December 03, 2018 - Msg 111183: Sorry, that should of read offer my deepest sympathy.. not off.

Big Maude

December 03, 2018 - Msg 111184: Thank you, Big Maude, and I appreciate the thoughts and prayers of each one of you. This has been a hard time, but he had been very sick for a while, and we knew it was coming. I am grieving, of course, but I also feel great relief for him now, knowing he is at peace, and gratitude to God for ending his pain. I will see him again. --Romeena

December 03, 2018 - Msg 111185: Romeena - I am a late comer to your news, but I offer my sincerest condolences and prayers as well. So sorry you are dealing with this at the holiday season. I can't imagine your sorrow. My deepest sympathies!

John Masters

December 03, 2018 - Msg 111186: Romeena, prayers for you and your family. So sorry to hear this, my God be with you during this time.

Just a note to say hello to the porch. And good sweep Boo.

December 04, 2018 - Msg 111187: I can't believe that it is december already.
For some reason it just seems to have come in
the back door, so to speak.

ROMeena, I am happy that you are grateful that your son is
now over his long illness. I know that I should know this, but could you please tell me his name again. Thanks God bless you and yours.

I tried to do a little shopping over the weekend.
We don't give too many gifts these days, but I was surprised to see the stores just sparsely occupied.

I am trying to observe this advent season by focusing
more on the miracle of Jesus. He loves us so much.


December 04, 2018 - Msg 111188: Romeena...We are Continuing to keep you and your family in our prayers...#frontporchstrong.....

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer will retire after Rose Bowl
He will join Goob and enjoy life in his “Wheeler” watching TAGS...AND Ohio State football 🏈 from the sidelines!...


December 04, 2018 - Msg 111189: Checking in with everyone. You are all in my thoughts often these days, even though I don't probably check in as much as I should. This is a very busy time of year for me and I am feeling the stress of it instead of the joy of it. I need to step back and evaluate the way I am doing the holidays, I think.

I took my pup to be spayed yesterday (proper spelling?) and have to go now to pick her up and then off to work this evening.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers...


December 04, 2018 - Msg 111190: Good afternoon all.
Boo, we love you too, and miss you when you are not rocking as much. But I know how busy you can be this time of year. Try not to stress though. That just kills the spirit. Maybe that is your best gauge to tell you if you are doing to much.

GF, I heard that Meyer was going to retire.... again.. He sure had some success here at the U when he coached here.

MDC, Good for you for putting your focus on Jesus for the season.

Hey to John Masters and Maude and Frankie and Billy Ray.
And continued prayers for our sweet Romeena.


December 04, 2018 - Msg 111191: Romeena I am so sorry for your loss.You are in my prayers.I haven't stopped by the porch in a while but for some reason I have had it on my mind girl

December 04, 2018 - Msg 111192: Sorry that should be Kentucky girl

December 04, 2018 - Msg 111193: Thank you, Asa. --Romeena

December 04, 2018 - Msg 111194: And thank you, Kentucky Girl. It's nice to see you again. You're missed. --Romeena

December 04, 2018 - Msg 111195: I think we all may like this...

December 04, 2018 - Msg 111196: So wonderful to see you on the porch, Kentucky Girl. I have certainly missed you and hope you will come back.

Prayers continue for Ro and her family. I think about you often throughout the day.

Something happened today that was a blessing to me that I wanted to share. It was a simple blessing, but a blessing that warmed my heart at a time I really needed it. When I went to the vets office to pick up my puppy, I had to sit for awhile in the waiting room while they got her ready to go. Well, standing near the counter was the largest dog I had ever seen in my entire life! He was a black Great Dane and was the size of a small horse, I think. He was a bit unsettled and his owner was having a bit of trouble calming him down. Before long that huge dog sidled over to me and began to lean against me with all his weight. I could feel him trembling a little and I think he was hoping for some comfort. I let him lean on me and I put my arm over his massive back and just pet him. The trembling stopped and he calmed down. I told the owner to let him stay there because it was helping him to calm down. What was so cute is that every now and then he would lift his huge front leg and try to climb into my lap! I got the biggest kick out of it. He just blessed my heart so much. There was something about the feeling of comfort I felt as his massive torso was resting against me and it was just so great to be able to be close to such an awesome creature. It really made my day and I hated to leave him. I was glad to learn that he wasnt sick, only there for routine shots. Anyway, I love those unexpected joyful events that you just dont see coming, especially when love is rough.

I am at work so have to get off here and get ready for the oncoming nurse to arrive.

Thanks for you kind words and advice, Asa. :)


December 04, 2018 - Msg 111197: what an interesting typo.."especially when love is rough" sure why I typed that. I meant when life is rough, of course. ha


December 04, 2018 - Msg 111198: Who was comforting WHO Boo?....Just Sayin’ ....Sounds like a case of a “Godwink” to me!.....G-F

December 04, 2018 - Msg 111199: Good evening, porch. I just got home from a lovely dinner at the church. It was the annual Deacons and Wives Christmas dinner, and widows of former deacons are always invited, escorted by a member of the deacon body, and made welcome. I almost didn't go but thought maybe it would be a pleasant break from the heavy atmosphere around here. It was. The food was delicious, catered by a family in the church that knows their way around a kitchen, and the entertainment was Chris and Diane Machen, who have been in Christian music for years and sing so beautifully. I'm glad I went. Now I'm pretty well "beat to the socks", am going to bed shortly, (before midnight? Me?) and have arranged for someone to fill in for me in the morning at church to teach ESL. I'm going to sleep until I get tired of the bed.

MDC, my son was a junior, and his name was Dale, like his father. I called him Sharkey. My little brother hung that nickname on him when he was born, and it stuck. He didn't use it in business, but in the family, he was and will always be - Sharkey. (Sometimes just Shark.)

Boo, what a beautiful story about the big dog at the vet's office. I know exactly what you mean - I've had animals "adopt" me temporarily like that (they know who likes them) and it's always a thrill. I love big dogs, just love them, and enjoy other people's big powerful animals, but for myself, I love my tiny, very portable and easy to manage little girl. There's something special about that connection, though, when a huge animal seeks comfort from you. My horse had a habit of leaning on me at times, would nearly push me over, or he would come up to me and put his head over my shoulder, like he was wanting a hug. He got one, too. The human-animal connection is a special one, and folks who have never experienced it, or worse yet, who have refused or avoided it, just don't know what they're missing.

I remember a time years ago when I went with Brittney to the baby-sitter's house where Landry went when he was about two. The place was in the country, the woman had horses and we rode them, and she raised little Schnauzer puppies. She had a litter of eight that were about three months old, closed up in the laundry room while we were there. I was seated on a sofa in the den when someone accidentally opened that door, and eight very enthusiastic little Schnauzer puppies poured like a river out that door, saw me, and all eight launched a full attack so that I was suddenly just engulfed in warm, wiggly, very affectionate puppies. I was laughing so hard, and that got them more wound up, and I just had a wonderful time!

Well, I'm off to hibernate for a few hours, and see if my batteries will recharge. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

December 05, 2018 - Msg 111200: MDC, enjoyed watching the cute link. Thank you
A big hello to everyone.

December 05, 2018 - Msg 111201: I was shocked the boys over at the Post Office gave me today off as a federal day of mourning. I had already signed up to have Thursday off, so a little 2 day mini-vacation in December is a happy surprise.

Billy Ray the Postman

December 05, 2018 - Msg 111202: Good (colder than a well diggers bottom and I don't have to be out in it) morning everyone.

What a touching story about that Great Dane Boo. I agree with what Ro said. I believe dogs know when they have a friend and will cozy up to them. I had an experience years ago with a Doberman Pincher. The company I worked for was renting out one of our old shop buildings to a guy who was running a welding business. I got a call one day from my boss to go over there and see what was going on. They had not received any rent checks from the guy for several months. So I drove over there and found the place was mostly empty. As I tried the door (it was locked) I was greeted by this horse of a dog on the other side of the window door. He was snarling and barking like a maniac. So I left and reported back to my boss what I had found. But I was worried about the dog, if he was getting fed or watered. The next day I took a bucket of water with me over to the place and somehow managed to get it in the door without the dog ripping into me. That poor thing started drinking like there was no tomorrow. So I ran over and bought a hamburger at a drive through and slipped that through the door to him. Again, he devoured that like he hadn't eaten in weeks. Over the next couple of days I continued this, until I finally felt comfortable in trying to pet him. And he responded with great joy to that. He was now my best and most trusted friend. I wanted so bad to take him home and keep him, but I just didn't have anywhere to house him at the time. Anyway, the owner must have come and collected him up because one day I went over there and he was gone. I had been ready to call Animal Control to come get him, but I was too late. I considered calling them after the fact to report his negligence but never did. I probably should have. People like that should not have animals.

Enjoy your vacation Billy. Get your Christmas shopping all done.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


December 05, 2018 - Msg 111203: Nice story Asa ...You ought to be on one of the ASPCA commercials Buddy...Kind gesture on your part.


December 05, 2018 - Msg 111204: Just watched the funeral for President Bush.
It was a very moving ceremony. He was one of the good ones, for sure!

December 05, 2018 - Msg 111205: MDC, I agree with you he was one of the good ones.
How things have changed over the years.
Billy Ray, enjoy your mini vacation.

December 06, 2018 - Msg 111206: Good evening, porch. Asa, what a kind and compassionate thing to do, providing water and food for that poor dog. I believe God will reward those who help His helpless creatures, whether it's helpless people or helpless animals. To abuse or neglect a captive animal, just because we can, is wrong. We were given "dominion" over the animal world by God, but that doesn't mean we have the right to mistreat them, anymore than we have the right to mistreat a child. To me, it means more like responsibility, and means we are to protect and care for them. Don't ruin their natural habitat or cause them to be deprived of natural resources. In the case of domesticated animals, we are to provide food and shelter, and yes, love and companionship for those whose nature enjoys and returns those things.

I may have told this story before (hey, I'm old!) but here goes. About ten years or so ago, my daughter and I were standing on my driveway, watching the fireworks display being sent up from the old Texas Stadium site. It was Cinco de Mayo, and in this part of the world, folks of Hispanic background still celebrate it. My neighbor across the street had a massive, powerful and pretty scary Doberman in his backyard. I would often see him walking the dog, with a spiky "control" collar and strong chain, which was a "beware" sign to me. At each skyward explosion and big boom, we would hear a crashing sound from that yard. Finally, there was a huge crash, and I realized I could see into the yard! The dog had knocked a section of wooden fence down to the ground. Then we heard the sound of running feet, and that fearsome-looking dog was charging across the street, straight at us. We froze in our tracks (don't run and trigger a predatory responses) and that enormous dog, with the two-inch teeth, ran up to us, got behind us and dropped to the ground, her body pressed up against the backs of our legs! She was trembling and whining, absolutely terrified. We spoke kindly to her, led her to my garage, and closed the door. As soon as that door came down, she relaxed, licked our hands, and looked so grateful. We put down some bedding, gave her some water and made food available. I left the garage lights on for her, and she spent the night in my garage. Her owner had been out of town, with another neighbor feeding her for the weekend. In the light of the next day, it all got sorted out, her owner fixed the fence, and resolved never to leave her out alone again when there might be fireworks! Turns out she was a sweet dog, just had a strong prey drive, and required a control collar on walks where she might encounter a squirrel or cat or small dog, but she saw people as her friends. I personally prefer my little powder puff, but I respect her owner's right to have the dog of his choice, so long as she's properly controlled and cared for, and it felt good to be able to comfort that dog in her fear.

Well, speaking of powder puffs, mine is lying at my feet, huffing tiny sighs. She's ready to go to bed, and I'm not. Oh well, she'll survive! I'll go watch "Barney Miller" and get her in my lap for a while, and she'll be happy. Nitey-nite, porch! --Romeena

December 06, 2018 - Msg 111207: What sweet stories, Ro and Asa! You are both so kind. One of the best and most intelligent dogs I ever knew was a Doberman that we rescued from some very neglectful neighbors. The poor little thing was starving and cold so we began to feed her and shelter her in the garage until my cousin came to see her. He was recently back home after the Viet Nam war and he took that pup home and she had the most amazing life with him and my Aunt and Uncle. That was in the 70s but I remember so clearly how that big dog would sit in the recliner with my uncle at night and her head would tower over his. She had her own designated chair in the living room but often sat with him instead. The poor girl slipped a disc in her back when she was several years old and never could recover. She had to be put down and it was a sad day for all of us. Talk about smart, I think that dog understood every word said to her.

Speaking of pup is wearing me out. I thought the surgery would wear her out a little but seems to have had the opposite effect. Sean said we should have named her "Luna" (short for Lunatic). She is great fun and so sweet but very active. She is doing better about using the pads but still has an occasional accident. The really trouble is she is constantly foraging for something to play with and drags everything she can find into the middle of the living room. I hear her getting into something now so had better go..


December 07, 2018 - Msg 111208: Love the animal stories! (Got any about possums?!)

Just wanted to send a special shout out to Goober- Fife for the fantastic Christmas card! I won't spoil it for y'all in case you haven't received yours yet,but well done,well done, G-F. Especially touching was what was in the tree.

Well, I'd better go fold this basket of laundry. Y'all take care!

possum under a rock

December 07, 2018 - Msg 111209: Pearl Harbor Remembrance day today. Only 5 survivors of the Arizona are still living.
Sorry I havent been around much. been doing my heart PT, and then trying to decorate and enjoy
the Christmas season. I have loved reading the animal stories tho.
RO--my prayers continue to go up for you and your
family. May God bless you, and may Dale Jr rest in the peace of Jesus. More later friends.
I'm doing prison ministry again on Saturday! :)
Christmas Kindness,

December 07, 2018 - Msg 111210: Afternoon all, on this day of infamy.
Yep MDC, That generation of hero's is dwindling mightily. I meant to mention to you my Daughter Stacey took me to go see First Man on my first day of retirement. Excellent movie. Best one since our little Opie directed Apollo 13.

Possum, I agree with your praises to Goober. Wonderful card. He even drew a picture of a butterfly on mine, 10-4 GF? LOL You're a bird in this world buddy.

Boo and Romeena, My other Daughter, Sarah, has just moved back here from N. Carolina. She had us over to her place for dinner last night and she has just taken in a shelter dog who had been abused. A 2 year old short hair hound. I can't remember the breed she said, but wow, is she ever a sweet tempered thing. A great addition to the family for sure.

Well best go change the laundry.
Prayers for all .


December 07, 2018 - Msg 111211: Aw, so happy to hear that Sarah took in the pup who needed to be loved. Im glad they moved closer to you, too, Asa.

Pearl Harbor..must have been such a sad Christmas Season for so many that year. Just terrible.

I haven't gotten G-Fs card yet, I don't think..I need to go out to the mailbox and check. I have mine all made out but haven't mailed them yet.

I finally have most of the decorating done and St.Susan and I went into Corpus Christi today to the mall and bought a few things we needed. I bought a gift for Emily and something for Sean's stocking, a gift for our sunday school party, and I think that is about it.

I had lunch at Chipotle and it was good! I am feeling a touch of the old heartburn though. I think it might be worth it.

Bruce is talking about wanting to go out on a date tonight and we haven't been on one in probably a year. I don't think I will be wanting to eat but we can grab something for him and maybe go look at some Christmas lights or something.

See you all later,

December 07, 2018 - Msg 111212: No Asa that wasn’t a butterfly 🦋 it was a BAT 🦇 that’s the difference between you and me, you see butterfly’s and I see Bats!...(One of my favorite epesodes), but then again I have ALOT of

Sometimes when ya go Christmas card shopping you find the PERFECT card!...But sometimes they just need a “Little” enhancement....Funny thing tho...That was the ONLY box they had of that kind...Just a coincidence?...I think not!..It spoke to me like a Godwink.....


December 09, 2018 - Msg 111213: Porch! You all have a nice weekend.

December 09, 2018 - Msg 111214: Well, I did the prison ministry today. It went well. The guys wanted to see my "scar" so I showed
it to them, but it led to the perfect "segway"...
Just as my operation has given me "new life," so can YOU have NEW LIFE in Jesus! The other "ministers" then pitched in from there.
We keep the message simple, we don't push any denomination, just the
fact that Jesus, true God and true man, can live in them!! :)
We even had some tears today. But I gotta say again, those slamming metal prison doors still really get to me.
I hope everyone is getting out and absorbing the season.
God bless you all.
Christmas Prayers,
MDC :)

December 09, 2018 - Msg 111215: Good Sabbath morning all.
MDC, Good on you for your Ministry work. You always inspire me with your love for Jesus, not only in words, but also in how you live your life.

GF, I have studied and studied over that card, and I still say it was a butterfly you drew. Maybe an angry butterfly, but a butterfly non the less. :)

Well I got all my cards off in the mail yesterday. It got me to thinking about our Tom. I sure do miss him and his wonderful poems he would post.

Romeena, I pray you are doing ok. We love you.

Boo, I hope you are able to find the time to enjoy the season. How did the date go?

Hey to Frankie, or is it Francis? Frankie sounds better to me.

Well off to get ready for preachin. We have been studying the Old Testament this year in Sunday School. The coming year is the New Testament. Always something to learn.


December 09, 2018 - Msg 111216: ASA-thank you for the compliment. I try not to flaunt
my bible knowledge, but sometimes the Beeman's walking by just brings it out in me! ha Or maybe it's Johnny Paul.
RO--as Asa said, we love you and pray all is going ok.
Til later,
Good Sabbath

December 10, 2018 - Msg 111217: Shakedown....Shakedown!..

December 10, 2018 - Msg 111218: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our wonderful FLOYD!! :)


December 10, 2018 - Msg 111219: Asa, can't say I am finding a lot of time but I am trying to make the time I have count. St. Susan and I took Emily and Erin to Corpus Christi last night to see some Christmas displays and it is always nice being together. We saw an interesting and somewhat creepy display of animated mannequin carolers on someone's lawn. I think it reminded me too much of a Twilight Zone episode I remember seeing. As far as the date Bruce and I went on, it was ok. We were pretty tired after a long day so we went to eat at our favorite local diner..sat in a red booth and I ate the best onion rings ever. Shouldn't have, though because they made me nauseous because I'm not used to that much oil in my food. Anyway, we chatted and enjoyed the time together.

I hope Romeena is hanging in there...don't want her to feel like she has to come to the porch when she doesn't feel like it, though. If you are reading this, Ro, we love you.

Great ministry you are doing there in the prison, MDC. Thank you for doing it.

I just heard the alarm on the dryer go off, so better go get the clothes out before they wrinkle.


December 10, 2018 - Msg 111220: I used to be skeptical of the sincerity of prisoners adopting religion, thinking they just pretended a bit to get something out of it, whatever that might be. But I had some who have been in prison ministry tell me that sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you look up. Which sort of taught me not to read other people's minds and hearts.

Billy Ray the Postman

December 11, 2018 - Msg 111221: So true Billy Ray. When I went for the first time a few years ago, I wondered how many were there just "for something to do." Some i belive ARE doing that, but most are sincere. They are a "captive audience,' and they realize that THIS may be it, both in time and in really coming to the Lord!

I got Goob's card today! Thanks, your education was worth every penny! :) Very clever and creative.

RO, as Boo said above, return to the porch when you feel ready to
do so. Our prayers continue for your whole family. Love you.

Christmas Piety,

December 11, 2018 - Msg 111222: Good morning all my porch dwellers.

MDC, I don't think you flaunt your Bible knowledge a-tall buddy. I like how you back up your words with action. It reminds me of this declaration of St. Francis of Assisi: "Preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary use words".

I received several cards yesterday and really enjoyed them. Thank you.

Boo, I hope you are finding some time to watch some Christmas movies at least. We watched Home Alone the other night. There is a subtle Christian message in that movie that I am not sure many have noticed. The older neighbor man who has rumors said about him, in the scene when Kevin is at the Drugstore buying a toothbrush, this man comes in the store with a rag around his hand indicating he has cut the palm of his hand. Then later, the scene when Kevin is sitting in the Church, we see this same guy come sit next to Kevin, and he sticks out his hand to shake Kevins hand, and you see a bandage on the back of his hand. Interesting huh? Then in the very end of the show, you see the man greeting his son and his family in the front yard. He waves to Kevin with the same hand, and there are no indication of any injury to his hand. All this is done with the story line that the man had gotten into a fight with his son years ago and they had become estranged. But they had overcome their differences now and were reunited. A healing had taken place. And the injury to the hand is not insignificant to a Christian. Anyway, I thought that was interesting.

I chatted with Goober last night on Floyds podcast. He is a fine feller our Goober.

Well off to get something done. Not sure what, but I'll find something that needs attention.

Prayers continue for our Romeena.


December 11, 2018 - Msg 111223: Good Morning Gang ! busy all winter crops in and put up...can slow down a little now...I have been " Dog in a Hurry"...Lunch will be Honey baked ham sandwiches and tomato soup !..Goober Fife the card was unreal...just saying...prayers to all..gona get busy...SPOT

December 12, 2018 - Msg 111224: ASA--some of my friends call me the "Evangelical" Catholic! What can I say, I just plain love Jesus! :)
SPOT--good to see ya. We miss your visits to the porch. Slow down man, you're retired, remember? ASA can fill you in on that. ha
BOO--so happy you are not trying to go "all out" this year.
Rather, enjoy the sights and sounds of the season, and your days
will be merry and bright. I will keep your family and all
your kids at work in my prayers.
I was at a local Sears today that is closing. So sad to see that company go down like that. Craftsman used to be the only tools that I would buy. Now they are getting hard to find.
Well, peace to all
Christmas Love,
MDC :)

December 12, 2018 - Msg 111225: MDC...I’m seeing Lowe’s are carrying Craftsman tools now I guess to keep the brand moving?
But I’m guessing Asa the “tool junkie” already knows that! 10-4 Good Buddy?

BTW...I got a card from Papa Bear along with a nice hand written note to go with it too. He’s been having some health issues, he asks for prayers for his situation..

SPOT...Do Asa and I need to come and do a “Wheeler” intervention?...It’s good to keep busy, but you’ve EARNED some Wheelertime too don’t forget!

Hey to everyone else, Hope Romeena is doing Ok...Tough time of the year, it’s not all candy canes and syrup for everyone ya know


December 12, 2018 - Msg 111226: Good Wednesday porch, just sledding by for a minute this morning.

We had about 13 inches of snow on Sunday and it is sticking around. The main roads are mostly clear but the other roads are snow covered and icy. It has been in the upper teens and lower 20's the past couple days so not much thawing has taken place. Mr. Maude has been able to drive both Beth and I to work this week which has been a big help. Its supposed to start raining Friday and Saturday which will make things messy and result in

Glad you are doing ok Romeena and have found peace. many times there is a certain amount of peace and relief with death as we know out loved one is no longer struggling and in pain.

thanks for the Christmas cards I have received thus far. It makes my day to find them in the mail box after a crazy work day.

Guess I better get busy .
Lunch menu will be: grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches, homemade tomato soup. brownies for dessert

prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

December 12, 2018 - Msg 111227: Good morning, porch. Thank you all for your cards, kind words and prayers. I'm doing well, just glad he's at peace now, and his sweet wife's burden has been lifted. We haven't lost him, he's just stepped over into another room, and eventually, we'll all go there too, and as I Thess. 4:17 says, "and so we will be with the Lord forever." What a wonderful promise, and God keeps His promises!

Physically, I'm having a few challenges. I think I may have a touch of pneumonia again, if I don't feel better by tomorrow, I'll call my doctor. I just don't have much energy or initiative, and I get short of breath too easily. Bette Davis said it well, when she said "Old age ain't no place for sissies." Very true. However, I've been on this road before, and have learned that this too shall pass, and I'll feel better. Later, taters. --Romeena

December 12, 2018 - Msg 111228: Howdy Porch Pals.
So good to see you posting Romeena, but so sorry to read you are ailing. I wish there was something I could for you dear. Know you are always in our prayers. Please know you are loved by all here, and we are all praying and grieving with you at this time. But yes, things will get better. I know you know that.
Love ya.

December 12, 2018 - Msg 111229: Thank you, Asa. You are so kind. I'm not really sick, just don't feel as well as I usually do. I didn't go to teach ESL today, but my co-teacher can handle it. I have a lot of errands I was going to do after classes, but I'll just do them tomorrow.

Well, drat! I have five cottonwoods and numerous crape myrtles, and a straggly little elm, and they've all dropped their leaves, just a few still remain. Eddie cleaned them up, and the remainder will be caught up and mulched in the next mowing. However, there is a big sycamore out back that still has its leaves and refuses to drop them. It does this every year. It waits until all the others are bare, the yard has been cleaned up, and then overnight - floop! - it drops the whole load of leaves at once. The yard is to be done over again. Enormous leaves, slightly dish-shaped, and they float like little sailboats on their way to the ground, some even ending up in the front yard. Contrary tree! We've tried waiting it out, but I swear it would hold those leaves until Valentine's Day. It just won't drop them until all is cleaned up. Fortunately, they scatter widely enough that Eddie is able to mow/mulch them and just leave the mulch on the yard. Still, it's an extra mowing that I have to pay for. Silly tree!

Well, back to my wheelerette, a glass of tea, and TV. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

December 13, 2018 - Msg 111230: Good afternoon all.
My goodness, it sure has been quiet around here. I guess everyone is busy with Christmas preparations.

Romeena, you are as right as rain concerning those sycamore tree's. A beautiful tree, but they do hold on to the leaves for a long time in the fall. There is a school I drive by on my way to the Pharmacy all the time, and they have a long line of those tree's out front. And I noticed today when I went by, all the leaves are still on them, brown, dried up, just looks terrible. Another interesting thing I learned about those tree's is that the leaves on the Sycamore provide nothing in terms of compost. At least that is according to our County agent. He said it is a waste of time composting them because they provide zero nutrients. But they sure do look pretty in the summertime. Huge leaves and ample shade.

GF, I have seen Craftsman tools at Lowes and in a few other Hardware stores. I really like there hand tools. Not a fan of the power tools though. I'm a Bosch man through and through on power tools.

Oh, Romeena, I hope you are feeling better today and if not that you get in to see the Doctor. Don't make me fret about you. :)

Well we got a dusting of snow yesterday, and that was it. Cold though. But the sun is out and it is supposed to hit 40 by the weekend. Pretty unusual for us this time of year.

Guess I'll go see what I can rustle up for dinner. I had another dentist appointment today and was going to pick up some Chinese take out to bring home. But my tongue is still numb so I couldn't taste it anyway. I am in search of a new Chinese place. The one we had gone to for years sold to another outfit and the food went south big time. Sure seems hard to find good Asian food here. Oh well.
Prayers for all.


December 13, 2018 - Msg 111231: How wonderful to see you on the porch, Romeena. It really made my day to see you posting about your cottonwoods and crepe myrtles. I certainly hope and pray you are soon feeling well.

I have received a few cards in the mail and they are a blessing! I walk the pup out to the mailbox each day to look for them and can you believe that every day I get bit by mosquitos in December?! Oh well, that's the Christmas season in South Texas.

Have to run but wanted to check in..


December 14, 2018 - Msg 111232: ASA--so you like the "flyed" rice? :) We have a great Chinese buffet at a corner strip mall near us.
They make the best, and no msg either. You name it, and it's on their line. Only $9.99 too!

ALL--I have rec'd some cards, thanks. PappaBear says hi to everyone.
I sent out some today myself. It is interesting to get cards from
people that we will probably never meet except
on the Big Porch upstairs! :)
God bless,
Christmas Fortitude,

December 14, 2018 - Msg 111233: Attention ALL coffee ☕️ drinkers...Available now at Weavers online store..”Mayberry’s Finest Coffee” they have 3 different blends and have a DeCaf one too for those who don’t want the caffeine jolt... Here’s the link

For those who don’t know, it is operated by Allan and his wife Jan. If you are looking for ALL THINGS MAYBERRY it’s the place to go!.....(This is a unpaid customer review)


December 14, 2018 - Msg 111234: Blessings!


December 14, 2018 - Msg 111235: Good one Boo...It just clutches ya...It’s Important to be kind to others all year long, not just at Christmas!...G-F

December 14, 2018 - Msg 111236: Hello Porch

December 15, 2018 - Msg 111237: I got a couple more cards today. You are the "cats!" Thanks for the nice sentiments too! :)
BOO--that was a very moving hymn and message, thanks for posting. Did you ever see my question about what is a greening service?

ALL--if any of you know of anyone who could use free
lymphedema compression sleeves w/ pump for legs, please let me know. I have them boxed up from my misdiagnosis of last year, and will send them out.

ASA--I saw Mr. Tucker on an Alfred ep the other night!
Hey to Frankie
RO-you continue to be in my prayers.

Christmas blessings everyone,

December 15, 2018 - Msg 111238: MDC..At our church we call it “Hanging the Greens” is when some of the people get together and decorate the church by hanging pine roping decorations and such to adorn it for Christmas 🎄 We then have a meal and finish it up with a praise service to kick off the “Reason for the Season” ....


December 15, 2018 - Msg 111239: Good Saturday morning all.

Just got back from my Saturday morning grocery shopping. I like to get there early before it gets crowded. Me and crowds don't cotton to each other.

MDC, I agree. It sure is nice to get those cards. I sound like Andy after getting a card from the H. brothers in the State Pen. lol I would imagine my Wife could use that medical device if no one else is in need of it. That's very kind of you. I would be happy to pay you for it, and/or the cost of sending it.

Boo, I must have been cutting up some onions when I watched that video. I did some digging around on that trio, and discovered they live in my backyard just about. They are all local fellers here in Utah. Thanks for sharing the link.

Hey GF, I see that Ace Hardware also sells Craftsman tools now. I do hope they maintain there warranty on their hand tools.

Hey to Frankie Flint. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Romeena, As always, you are in our prayers also. There is another singing group that hails from around here called the Piano Guys. They are so very talented. I think I have shared their videos here before. But Google them, and you will find one in particular that I would hope would have special meaning for you Ro. One of these guys lost a Daughter in the last year or so, and the song they do is for anyone who has a void in their heart this Christmas season. I thought it was very touching. I hope it will help you dear.

Prayers for all.