January 18, 2019 - Msg 111489: Oh, trust me, G-F, it does! I would never have it otherwise. --Romeena

January 18, 2019 - Msg 111490: Good thing that it does, too. I'd never have the breath to sweep without it! --Romeena

January 18, 2019 - Msg 111491: Good morning all.

Boo, so very happy that Sean just got warned. And you are so correct, we need to use these experiences as learning moments. I remember years ago when I landed my first job as an industrial electrician. Although I had been working in different companies for several years as an electrician, I had been an apprentice, also going to school at night. This was my first job as THE electrician. I was the only one on staff. Anyway, my first day I was told they needed power run to this large ancient stamping machine. They needed it running ASAP. I was shown what panel to run it from and that was about it, other than they needed it done yesterday. So I started running the conduit, a fairly long run, but got it mostly run in one day. The next day I got the wire pulled and proceeded to make the terminations on both ends. All the time I was doing this I had people coming to me and asking when was I going to be done? When can we start using it? Why is it taking so long? To say I felt under the gun was an understatement. Anyway, as I was landing the wires in the existing disconnect (this was 480 volt three phase) my boss told me to make sure the motor was wired up for 480 volts. (Three phase motors can be wired to run off of 208/220 or 480 volts depending on how the motor terminal leads are configured). I checked the motor and sure enough it was wired for 208. So I hurried and changed that, while I had a group of people waiting for me to fire it up, including the pllant manager. When I finally got done, I climbed down and flipped on the disconnect. I hit the start button to check for correct rotation, and it was correct. Everyone cheered as they prepared to start stamping out the widgets the machine was supposed to do. All of a sudden smoke started bellowing out of the control panel. I shut everything off at the disconnect and immediately realized what I had done, or actually neglected to do. My boss also knew right away as he came over to me and asked if I had rewired the control transformer. I said no, I had forgot. So he told me to go to the supply house and get a new one if possible. I tell ya, I felt so bad and was pretty sure I was going to be fired. I found a new transformer and stayed late and got the thing wired in and running. The next morning I was called into my bosses office, I figured for sure to be let go. But my boss apologized to me and told me he should have never allowed folks to pressure me like that, especially being brand new on the job. I appreciated him so much, and have tried to show that same compassion to others along the way. And in over 40 years of doing this stuff, I have never again smoked a control transformer. :)

MDC, My new puter is an HP laptop. I like it pretty fine so far. Just don't try growing any of that wacky tobacy in your flower bed. :)

Romeena, I am sorry to read about your 02 issues. But I applaud your determination to keep on keeping on! You go girl!

My Grandkids are in a piano recital tonight and it looks like I will not be able to attend. They deliver Debbies meds on Friday nights, and unless they are delivered before 6:00, I will have to stay here to take delivery of them. So I do hope they get here early. I hate missing those special moments.

GF, I sure hope your big storm ain't so bad. We were supposed to get several inches this morning, but it has not happened yet. I am thinking it went around us, or something else. We don't have a purty weather lady like MDC, So I can't blame it on being distracted. lol

Well off to do some cleaning.
Prayers for all.


January 18, 2019 - Msg 111492: ASA--that's a good story. I bet you could have even fixed aunt bee's freezer with nothing smoking! ha
Regarding that weather lady, it is pretty funny how she over-exaggerates her gestures dealing with a warm front coming in or the jet stream, etc. She is literally "all over the map!" Maybe that's why they hired her. ha
No loco weed here ASA, just just greens or turnips. :)

RO--You are in my prayers. I sure hope you dont have COPD or some such!
Glad your 'tether' can get you all around the house so well.

GF--instead of Shazam shouldnt the word be SnowJoe? lol

Everyone, have a good weekend,

January 19, 2019 - Msg 111493: Morning all.
I hope GF isn't getting buried to bad with snow. Hard to believe we are half way done with January. Winter is a whole lot better looking from the comfort of my Wheeler I must say. But I must confess yesterday as I looked at my garden in the back yard, covered in 6 inches of snow, looking forward to spring coming and getting out there and start planting some stuff. MDC's talk of his raised flower beds has enticed me. :)

Well they delivered the meds earlier than normal yesterday so I was able to attend the recital. The three oldest were in it, and I must say they did remarkable. Mariah (the oldest) can really tickle those ivories. Sure is fun to watch them grow and develop. But mercy sakes, they grow up fast.

MDC, I loved your describing your weather lady's "gestures". HA! Your interest in weather has never been greater. lol

I have been watching some old airline promo films on you tube as of late. These are films that either some of the airlines, or airplane builders were producing back in the 40's, 50's, and 60's to promote flying. Such fun to watch these clips and see what it was like back then. Quite different from today. But then again, when we think back of "the good old days", we tend to only remember the good things and block out the not so good things. As a very popular singer once opined "the good old days weren't always so good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems".

Well I best do something useful. My Wheeler could use a break from my backside! lol


January 19, 2019 - Msg 111494:

Wow, so sorry for the problems you are having Romeena. That is no fun at all being short of breath. I hope things improve now on the portable oxygen.

Asa, very interesting story...thank you for sharing it and I will share it with Sean. It is so true that most everyone has those experiences when starting out at least. Your boss was right to apologize. That kind of pressure almost assures a mistake of some sort. In the incident I mentioned, I was being pressured and rushed, too, because the respiratory tech was whining about wanting to go to lunch and could I hurry and get the patient ready to move.

Asa, I wish I lived closer and could wait for Debbie's meds while you went to the recital. That is a frustration having dear friends that live states away. I wish I could help out. You know the book that came out about "love languages"? It talks about how people have different ways of showing and receiving love. For some it is acts of service, for some loving words, for some time spent with the loved one, for some the giving of gifts. Well, most certainly mine is acts of service, and I wish I could help each of you out when you need it. I can pray and offer encouragement, at least. :)

Well, I worked last night and found out that the facility I work in is up for auction since January 1 and the bid starts at a million..no takers, of course. The place is a shambles. They will put it back up in March if it lasts that long. For now, we still have a very low census and they are taking on kids that would have previously been deemed too much of a liability; meaning the kids are more of a danger. The nurses are having to be more careful and take precaution against turning our backs on them or being alone with them at any time. We have some really rough kids right now, that act very charming and manipulative but are on probation for assault, armed robbery, etc. We have to stay on our toes.

I applied for a few jobs but nothing yet. I got a call-back on one but they wanted someone who already had hospice experience. The school had already filled the position they needed before I even applied, turns out. I am still waiting to hear back about a PRN position. Bruce says we can put the house insur@nce and taxes on the credit card to be sure we have enough in our account to pay the house payment for the next couple of months. I sure hope this government shut-down is resolved soon but not stressing about it. I got a paycheck yesterday for one day of work. lol Well, time to get ready for the visitation and funeral for Cinthia. It is a sunny day here but very cold by Texas standards. Looks like we wont get rained on, though.

As always, thank you for your many prayers and very encouraging words


January 19, 2019 - Msg 111495: Yep Asa we all have those “teaching moments” at out jobs. The main thing, DID WE LEARN FROM IT?...
Like using our meters to check continuity and forgetting to switch it when we check voltage...⚡️💥
Yes I was thankful for patient Bosses back in my early days too!

Ain’t it nice to be a passive observer on these snowy days? Clean ip up when we FEEL like it, instead of having to do it immediately.... But you’re probably like me, and still do it right away anyway...Old habits are hard to break i guess it’s the maintenance guy in us....


January 19, 2019 - Msg 111496: Amen GF. I do like to get out there and ger er done, so to speak. I remember after a big storm, doing a 10, or 12 hour shift, or longer, moving snow at work, the last thing I wanted to do was come home and do it here too. Glad those days are over. And thank goodness for fuses in them multi-meters. lol I blew out my fair share of them neglecting to switch over from continuity to voltage as you said. You really have to be focused when troubleshooting circuits and your switching back and forth. 10-4? lol

Boo, you are such a kind soul. I can tell from your posts how willing you are to give service to others. That, my dear is the definition of Christian discipleship. I pray that you will have the strength to get through this day strong, and that your job situation, and Bruce's job situation will be resolved soon. I have read that a lot of companies are willing to work with those Govt. employee's who have been affected by the shut down. So that might be worth looking into before the credit card route. Just a thought.

Well got my laundry done, and some cleaning done. To cold to mess around in the shop, so now it's "Wheeler and TAGS time! And there just might be a plate of nacho's involved. :)


January 19, 2019 - Msg 111497: A plate of nachos? Asa, you are a man after my own heart! That sounds so good, and I just might have the makin's in the kitchen.

MDC, technically I do have COPD. That's an umbrella term - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder - that covers anything that interferes with your breathing. Usually, people think of emphysema when they hear COPD, and certainly that qualifies, but so does asthma, atalectasis, reactive airway syndrome, and a host of other problems. By a little stretch, my shrinking rib cage capacity qualifies as well. It is chronic, and it does obstruct the inflating capacity of my lungs. I do avoid using the term COPD, however. Someone overheard me say it once, and was horrified. She immediately said, (with her eyebrows in her hairline) "Well, I didn't even know you were a smoker!" I told her I wasn't, and tried to explain the term, but I don't think she ever got it. Later she remarked to someone else that I must have been a smoker at some time, to have COPD. Oh well. You can't win 'em all.

Boo, I'm very concerned about you working there with those high-risk kids. We both know how dangerous that can be, and I'll be very glad when you get another job. I'll bet Bruce will be, as well. And yes, you have a servant's heart. Not too many around with your compassion for others, and that's a shame. God is watching, He will remember, and He will bless you.

Well, maybe I'll go see if I can make that plate of nachos. I'm getting around the house pretty well with my long O2 line. I can even make it to the fridge in the garage, barely. Of course, I can take it off when I need to, but I don't stray too far. I see the pulmonologist on Monday and we are going to have a little talk.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 19, 2019 - Msg 111498: Boo, to offer you some help with your current financial situation, check out https://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/texas_assistance_programs.html

Romeena, you also might be interested in the above link plus the following links https://freefinancialhelp.net/texas-financial-assistance-programs/

from Poor Horatio

January 19, 2019 - Msg 111499: Boo, to offer you some help with your current financial situation, check out https://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/texas_assistance_programs.html

Romeena, you also might be interested in the above link plus the following links https://freefinancialhelp.net/texas-financial-assistance-programs/

from Poor Horatio

January 20, 2019 - Msg 111500: OK PH, we get your point! haha Just ribbin' you for the "double post." I hope those sites are indeed helpful!

ASA and GF, when you guys do yoga do you say "ohms?" :) rim shot
Must be nice tho to wait on having to shovel snow. I wont even mention that it was 70 here today. Oops, I guess I DID mention it. lol
ASA--so glad you got to the recital!

BOO--all my best to you and yours with all that is going on in your lives.
I hope the service was special, and you will all be in my prayers. And yes, as Ro said BE CAREFUL!
Never be alone with one of the new ones. A very bad similar situation happened here not too long ago.

ALL--well, I made my lasagna recipe tonight. I think I have mentioned it in the past. This time I added sausage into the ground beef, and it really popped the flavor. When I was living in an apt and going to ASU, the girls in the apt next door made it for us bachelors, and I asked for the recipe. Have made it ever since!

RO-at one point they thought that i had copd, but found out that the diminished lung capacity was due to my heart failure. Now, since the operation,i am breathing super great! You are in my prayers as you meet with your doc "andrews." We aint spring chickens anymore. :)

GOOD Sabbath to all! hey to Possum, Spot, Frankie, Maudie and all,

January 20, 2019 - Msg 111501: Good Sabbath all.
Well MDC, I wish I lived closer to you so I could indulge in your lasagna. Debbie would make a killer lasagna back in the day.

Romeena, your "eyebrows in the hairline" comment had me rolling with laughter. I have never heard that expression before. I do hope they can get you breathing better.

I heard Andy singing Lonesome Road on Matlock last night. He was pickin a mandolin instead of a guitar though. He also mentioned Myers Lake.

Boo, I hope you did ok yesterday. I was talking to my oldest Daughter last night. She said she had spent most of yesterday helping out one of her friends at a funeral. It was for the friends Niece who earlier in the week had taken her own life. 14 years old, and she hung herself. Just heart breaking.

GF, How much snow did you get? Poor feller. My back is aching just thinking of you.

I was watching the episode where Fred Goss is courting Aunt Bee, and they have him over for dinner. Andy's little joke about the feller who put spot remover in the gravy just didn't land with old man Goss. "And young man there's a matter of grass stains" admonition to Opie, while he is stuffing his face always irritates and cracks me up at the same time for some reason. I really hate it when people talk with a mouthful of food. I always feel like reaching through the screen and punching the "hungry buzzard" right in the chops when I watch that episode. (maybe I need to see a head doctor for this compelshion)

Well I hope everyone has a blessed Sabbath day.


January 20, 2019 - Msg 111502: Well Asa... I just got inside after doing round 3!.. We got about 12” and some places more due to the wind blowing.
“Joe” and I need a break! Coffee ☕️and Tylenol for me, a rest in the garage for Joe...Then some Wheelertime & TAGS, later some hot ham & bean soup...👍

MDC...When you blow the meters fuse, you say more than...”ohmmmmm” 👌🏻....lol

G-Fun Day in Ohio...(That’s For You TOM)

January 20, 2019 - Msg 111503: Well GF, You are a smart feller getting out there and tackling it before it gets too deep. You obviously have ridden this rodeo before.
And I declare, we must be joined at the hip. (I hope it's the good one) :) I love ham and bean soup. Share with me how you make yours buddy. I do like to experiment and try different ideas.


January 20, 2019 - Msg 111504: Asa..No secret recipe on the soup, just the ham & bone, dried white beans water, onions, celery, salt, course black pepper and cook all day!...

Now you made me think of going to those “Bean Soup Suppers” at my Uncles lodge. He loved going to those, so when he could no longer drive he asked me to still take him so I did!...
Funny thing, it got to be more of a criticism of who cooked it, they’d complain about the ham to bean ratio...Poor Horatio! that ham level was never right!....lol...lol

Thanks Asa for the Memory Blast!...”Unk” was a Great Guy so I always tried to accommodate his bean soup compelsion


January 20, 2019 - Msg 111505: GF--maybe they used "half a bean!" ha
BTW regarding your Cavs this year, they have lost more games than my dim Phx Suns!
ASA--Goss was one fella that I just plain did not
cotton to. The character was funny, but wrong casting IMHO.
And when you say "head doctor" does that mean he/she is in charge of the
other doctors in the office? ha

ALL--there is suppose to be a lunar eclipse tonight.
Also, I admit that I watched the last part of the NE vs KC game tonight,
but did not like the outcome. :(

Hello to everyone. God bless.

January 21, 2019 - Msg 111506: Thank you for the very kind words and prayers, friends. The visitation and service for Cinthia were difficult, but bearable. I felt very badly for her children and it was hard to say goodbye to her. I miss her more than ever. Its like I could put it out of mind until the funeral but then had to face it. I know I will be fine and I also know that Cinthia would be scolding me if she could and telling me to get over it and be happy. She tried to mother me a lot. lol

Asa, that is so completely sad and tragic about the young girl taking her life. I feel so sorry for her family and friends! You know, I read an article in the Salt lake Tribune (from 2018) that said that the suicide rate in Utah is 60% higher than the national average and the no 1 cause of death for teens in Utah. Not sure why that is but certainly is sad. Last year I read about how some children kill themselves after being questioned by their bishops about chastity. They felt utterly unable to keep the law of chastity and felt condemned because they couldnt go to the temple. Sad. I think all religions can cause children to see normal s#xual development as something shameful and sinful and it has a hugely negative impact on kids. Its something people of faith need to take a serious look at. I'm not talking about promiscuity, which we would agree is detrimental to our kids, but normal feelings and behaviors that go along with adolescence. I'm not picking on the LDS here, I am talking any Christian faith that shames children for normal s#xual development. It is a common thing to find, even in 2019. And while we are on the subject of religion, I used to sometimes talk badly about other religions here on the porch and I regret that. None of us has all the answers and we are all on our own journey. There are things I used to be very dogmatic about, but am no longer. There are things about every religion that I don't agree with, and things I do. Its up to me to seek the truth for myself. I believe you will find true Christ-followers in the Catholic church, the Mormon Church, the Baptist church, the Lutheran Church, etc. None of us has it all 100% right and if we think we do, we are deluded. I'll put away the soapbox now.

Sean and I sat outside tonight and watched the lunar eclipse. It is in the 40s here so we had to bundle up a little but it was so nice to sit out in the yard under the stars and watch until the moon turned a dusky orange. It got so dark outside! Hope some of you got to see it.

PH, thank you for always being so helpful!

I think I will put my feet up and watch a little "Giant" on TCM. It is a favorite movie for us Texans. :)


January 21, 2019 - Msg 111507: Good morning all.
I really wanted to see the eclipse last night Boo, but it was cloudy. And now it is snowing hard. Supposed to all day they say. Yes, my heart goes out to the family and friends of that young lady who took her life. I think I have mentioned that when I was 19 years old, my best and closest friend since kindergarten took his life. The pain that inflicts upon those left behind is devastating. I know for me, it took a year or longer to get to where I was somewhat feeling normal again. But it still to this day has affected my life. In some ways good, and other ways not so good.
Concerning your thoughts about normal s3xual development, I guess it is something all denominations are grappling with. Certainly our society today has relaxed values on the matter, as compared to even a generation ago. I remember reading about a controversy back in the early 60's I believe. Ed Sullivan had his variety show that was on national tv on Sunday nights if I remember correct. Elvis Pressley was going to be a guest on Ed's show, but Ed Sullivan would not allow Elvis to do his usual "bumping and grinding" gyrations that he was known for while he sang. Finally the show went on, but the cameramen were instructed to shoot only close ups, from the chest on up. Ed Sullivan was not going allow anything that promiscuous to be seen on his show aired during "family hour". Look what's aired on tv today, a generation later. I am reminded of the analogy of the frog and the hot water I am sure you are familiar with. If you have a pot of boiling water and drop a frog in it, he will realize how hot is and jump out. Put that same frog in a pot of cool water, he will stay. And then slowly start turning the heat up on the water, so slowly the frog doesn't even realize he is boiling to death. Of course I don't have a clue if this is really true or not. But you get the message behind it I am sure. The Gospel is, or should be an anchor in our lives. A standard if you will. It doesn't change or lean or bend. No matter what the world thinks. The ways of the world and ways of God are certainly at odds with each other, and growing more so as time moves along. I think a lot of denominations are trying to keep the teachings of Christ pure, while trying not to alienate members. The topic we are speaking about here being a big one I do believe. How do they do it? Some feel very strongly that you just boldly preach the word, and if some can't, or won't listen, that's their problem. Others on the other end I think try to water things down to a point that there are no longer any lines to be crossed. And somewhere in the middle are most denominations I believe. Trying hard to stay true to His teachings, but not wanting to drive anyone away. One of my former Bishops would call Church a hospital for the spiritual sick, not a resort for the sinless saints. He had that ability to connect with people well. A true diplomat. I once heard a diplomat defined as "someone who can tell you to go to h3ll, and yet do it so nice that you look forward to the trip. lol Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble on so. I appreciate that you are accepting of different faiths. I too believe I have come to that point in my life, although I honestly have always felt that there were true and honest teachings in all denominations. I am glad you got through the service alright Boo.

MDC, I caught a little of the end of the Rams/Saints game. I saw the play near the end with the botched no call of pass interference. It was a clear demonstration of why I struggle with tha game anymore. I don't know what the heck constitutes pass interference any more. I was stunned at the no call, and I ain't even a Saints fan lol. As far as the other game, I kind of wanted K.C. to win. I have met Andy Reid, and I feel bad at his inability to win in the play-offs, but I have got to hand it to Belechik. The guy is one heck of a coach and is able to put a team together year in and year out. Amazing.

GF, Hope you survived all the snow. We are getting dumped on today so it's my turn. Trouble is I ain't got the fixins for a good ham and bean soup for after. Oh the inhumanity. :)


January 21, 2019 - Msg 111508: Sorry you missed the eclipse, Asa. It was a good one and I read we wont see another for 17 years, I think.

Funny about Elvis. I remember my parents telling me that he was scheduled to come to Corpus Christi and the city banned him because of his gyrations. lol..he never performed here.

Pretty accurate description of the differences in churches, Asa, and I have been in my share of them. No wonder I get confused. One of my hobbies is studying about various faiths and I am especially 'schooled' in what would be considered cult behavior. I have come to the conclusion that I have attended some very controlling Christian churches that would qualify! I only wish unity was possible but it really isn't in institutionalized religion. Things have gone so far in so many different directions! My hope is that people will be seekers and not believe everything they are told. We each will stand before the Lord when we pass and he will ask US to give an account of our lives, I suspect.

Looks like today is shaping up to be a pretty one. The sun is out and it is warming up. It got into the 30s here at night and that is cold for us Texans!

Well, the dog is tearing up paper so I better go get it away from her. She is a lovable mess!


January 21, 2019 - Msg 111509: GF (and asa and spot) I thought you may chuckle at my "ohm" remark! :)
BTW, I heard that SPOT is treating us to IHOP for breakfast on Tuesday. Ha
I certainly do not want the religion thing to become a moulage. (Actually Barn had this one
right as we don't want it to get 'soupy!' but, my catholic upbringing in the '50s and '60s was pretty much what one might expect on the 'rote' level, but my mom was very devout and taught us about a relationship with Jesus on a persoanl level at an early age. That really helped me understand why He took on human form and died such a death, taking upon himself all of our sins. However, there have been times in my life where my faith waned to the point of being a doubting Thomas, even asking God to let me place my hand into His side. It didnt happen, but yet I still believed (and DO today) I agree that some churches do indeed water everything down to where sin and repentance are not even mentioned at all! The bible calls this the 'tickling of ears' and wrong. I also agree that there are many in all denominations who just go thru the motions and have not really accepted the gift of salvation thru Jesus. On the other hand I believe that many in all denominations do "get it," and are saved!!! :) BUT, beliefs that have many gods, etc, are for sure
missing the mark. OK, my box back under the porch.

It was cloudy here last night as well, and did not get to see the eclipse.

Wish I knew if Medwin, Bill Medwin is doing OK these days. Check in Bill please.


January 21, 2019 - Msg 111510: Well hello porch Been so busy. Hey MDC , possum, Boo , Romeena ! And all. I’m gona set down and read. Well I’m already setting .. lol. Love all y’all. Had an aunt ( moms side) pass last night. But what a celebration. She was 2 days shy of her 95th birthday ! Great Christian lady. Will be at funeral home tomorrow to see all my cousins I have not see in a while and enjoy the life of aunt Frankie ! Prayers. Ok reading. And yea I hop on me in morning ! Love ya porch !! The talking dog of this here porch. SPOT !

January 21, 2019 - Msg 111511: Right, MDC, there is nothing like religion and politics to cause a moulage. I know of a couple of former porch friends who decided to leave because of the political banter we used to engage in years ago. Unfortunate. You were certainly blessed to have a mother who understood that it is really about relationship. I didn't have that advantage and was fairly surprised when I found that out at 16. When I talked about religions, I was meaning Christian religions. I feel as you do, that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

SPOT, very sorry to hear about your aunt's passing. I hope your day with cousins tomorrow is a blessing, as you celebrate the life of Aunt Frankie. Hey, I just realized she has a TAGS name. :)


January 22, 2019 - Msg 111512: SPOT--it sounds like your aunt had a great life! :)
I hope it is a wonderful celebration of her life.
Yes BOO, I agree. I try to keep topics more about TAGS and whats happening rather then the 'heavy' topics.
Good Tuesday to all. :)

January 22, 2019 - Msg 111513: Good morning all.
Cold and clear here this morning. Yesterday morning it was snowing and our weather guy said it was gonna do so all day. Predicted 6 inches. Well it stopped after about an hour with less than an inch here. And it was so wet I didn't even have to clear the driveway. It was melted off by noon. Boy I liked that pretty fine.

Spot, sorry about the loss of your loved one, but it does sound like she had a full and good life.

MDC, You sure it cloudy the other night? Or where you just busy watching the weather? lol

Boo, I sure hope you can find another job soon. I didn't realize you were working in such dangerous circumstances. Please be careful. It's such a crazy world we live in any more. I don't know if you remember me telling of a co-worker a few years ago that was kidnapped and later killed by his captors. He was just about my age, a year or two from retirement, and that happens. It sure made me more aware of my surroundings.

Had a good time on the podcast last night. Great program from Floyd, and nice chit chatting with GF and the gang. Some nice folks there.

Romeena, how did the Doctors visit go? Good I hope.

Prayers for all for a safe and sound day.


January 22, 2019 - Msg 111514: HI ALL, well, we did some serious planting today in our new planters. All flowers so far, but we may still plant some veggies once we know what will grow best here.
ASA- You're pretty funny about watching the weather. You and GF could be a bert and squirt! ha Here is a link to the new weather lady. She's the one on the right. Why do they do that! lol
ALL--I am getting excited because Friday I will 'graduate' my cardio rehab! All has been going great and it has really strengthened my heart.
Now the key will be to keep it up, and not do TOO much wheelertime. That deserves an Amen. :)
I will have to check out those podcasts tho one of these times, and cut back on Monday's Antique Roadshow viewing.

January 22, 2019 - Msg 111515: Thanks Asa, I have a feeling I wont have a choice about another job but we will see. I haven't had a lot of luck so far because everyone wants someone full-time, not part-time. In the meantime, I will be extra careful.

I can tell that Bruce is starting to worry now. We lost a lot of our retirement already and still no paycheck. He is working a lot, too. I hate when he gets like this and overthinks things. He prays and things get worse and he has a hard time with trust.

I have been watching some TAGS today while doing by cooking, etc. I was thinking about the color episode when Aunt Bee does the cooking show and Andy tries to cook for Opie and himself. I always wonder why Aunt Bee doesn't just bring home the food she cooked for the show. She could put it in the frige and Andy could heat it up the next day for dinner. I then remembered that it is only TV and if she had thought of that there wouldn't be much of an episode. :)

Hope everyone is having a good evening and that Rommeena is having less shortness of breath.


January 23, 2019 - Msg 111516: I have a TAGS question. Why when they get in there cars they always go through the wrong side. Then they have to slide across. Just wondering.

January 23, 2019 - Msg 111517: Good morning everybody.
Boo, I am so sorry that the shut down is affecting your family so hard. I can understand Bruce's concerns though. As a bread winner I think it is just normal to be worried when things like this happen. My first pension payment doesn't happen until February 1, and I can tell you I am as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Us older fellers are just wired that way I reckon. I hope it gets resolved soon so he can relax. And I pray the right job for you will come along.

MDC, I went to the link you provided and I must say, if I lived in your market I too would become a weather junkie. lol Congrats on your milestone at the Ticker Institute. Do you have a treadmill or anything at home to work out on? Keep up the good work.

Frankie, I have often wondered about that same thing. They surely did do a lot of seat sliding in Mayberry. Seems to me it would do a lot of wear and tear on your britches as well as your car seat. And the one time it would have made sense to slide over to the other door was when Ellie thought the Drugstore was being robbed and she hollered to Barney for help. He was parked right next to a mailbox and was trying to get out the partially opened drivers door. Right curious. :) I do remember Andy telling Opie if there was a tooth Doctor in town, folks had an obligation to get a toothache every now and again. Or if there was a street sweeper in town, folks had an obligation to keep the streets a bit dusty. So maybe they figured there was an Artistic Weaver in town, they needed to keep him busy. In fact that is my quote quiz to y'all. What episode did Andy use the Artistic weaver line?

I pray everyone has a blessed day.


January 23, 2019 - Msg 111518: Frankie.. I Too wondered that...Maybe Asa and I can pose that question on the podcast sometime...I noticed Miss Peggy doing it on a episode last night..

Asa..That line came from Andy after Barney tore his pants with his gun. I think that episode was “If I had a Quarter Million”

Crazy weather here today was single digits now today in the 40’s ...But That’s Life!....


January 23, 2019 - Msg 111519: G-F & Asa, I watched the Miss Peggy show last night also. Then it got me thinking and remembered other shows where they did the same thing.
Beautiful weather out here today. A little cool but nice and sunny.

January 23, 2019 - Msg 111520: Well, thank you Asa, and I hope that pension payment comes through without any problems. I did get a call from the school today and they want to interview me for the sub position. The nurse told me that she could offer me 2 days a week. We will see how that goes. I have to go get fingerprints and I need to be recertified in child CPR and first aid next week, but sounds like a good thing. Another nurse told me that it is a good way to get your foot in the door so that when they need someone full time, you can fill the slot. Im not sure about how it pays but it will probably be a good fit for someone my age.

Frankie, I have wondered that same thing but don't have a good answer for it. I do remember that it was a lot easier to slide across the seat in the 60s because most were plastic bench seats. I say plastic because they weren't leather and they weren't cloth. Not sure what they were. Do any of you remember those crazy plastic seat covers that had the little raised bumps on them? I loved pushing those bumps down when I was a kid...it was kind of like popping bubble wrap.

G-F, the weather here started out cold but ended up being the best! It was a high of 60, sunny and dry. I loved it. I tried to exercise but have a little misery in my left knee, and some sciatica in my left leg. Man, I hate getting old.

Better git. I am making breakfast for dinner for Bruce and Sean. They are both working late so am waiting to make the eggs and pancakes. I had vegan Spanish rice and some white beans. Hoo-rah.


January 23, 2019 - Msg 111521: Well Boo, the job possibility sounds pretty good. Maybe it will be Barney getting your prints. He's just itching to break out his new finger print set. :) I hope you get the job Boo.

Yea, no bucket seats in Mayberry in the 60's. A person could do him or herself an injury if they tried that slide in todays cars. YIKES! (Barney might make the choir after all, but not as a Tenor) lol

Yep GF. You got the right episode. Barney's old salt and pepper needed some attention. lol

Last night I saw Millie on an episode of Matlock. And I heard Andy singing "Bringing Nellie Home".

MDC, Does your new flower beds have a sprinkling system? You figured out what kind of nutritious plants you can grow yet?

Well best go round up some grub. Thanks to GF I have a serious hankering for some bean soup, but no fixins to make it until I go to the store on Saturday. But Boo gave me inspiration with her breakfast for dinner talk. I'll do that. I got the eggs to swing it!


January 23, 2019 - Msg 111522: I just made a big batch of long grain rice. Now Boo`s eggs are sounding pretty good. You all have a nice evening.

January 24, 2019 - Msg 111523: Boo--so glad to hear of your job possibility! I will be praying for you and yours.
Quick question-when Bruce gets back to work will you be
able to replenish some of the retirement funds?
Sure hope so.
ALL--regarding the 'seat sliding,' most seats were vinyl and pretty slippery as long as you didnt sweat on them. Here in the Phx area they were miserable
during the summer months. We had to 'peel' ourselves off of them, and the backs of our shirts would be soaked after a goodly drive (no a/c back then)! Also, on TAGS, i think they were trying to both show safety by getting out on the curb side, and probably to also keep the episode moving along. Just a thought.
ASA--to answer your questions, Yes i will continue workout at Tempe's city park where they have a recreation center with a small workout room.
Only $12.00 a month for residents.
And also Yes regarding the flower bed sprinklers (bubblers.) we had one small bed before the remodel, so they were able to feed off that line. Glad THEY did it tho! Better than a magnetic map! ha
More flowers went in today. Veggie-wise, i think tomatoes are a good possibility.
Andy sure did include a lot of tags in Matlock! :) very cool.

Do you all have Village Inn coffee shops? They make a southern skillet scramble that is G-O-O-O-D! :)
ROMEENA--are you OK? Please check in soon. POSTOM, you too please, or I'll gonna have to get out my pointy stick! :)

January 24, 2019 - Msg 111524: MDC...No we don’t have any “Village Inn” coffee shops. But there are a few “Village IDIOTS” ones!
You see there is a College town near me and they have a few close to it where they all congregate for their overpriced fancy swill drinks...lol...

Asa...If I may quote Mr. Tucker....”For the Love of Mike Just Do It!...Go to the store, Get some ham, Get some Beans, but Just Do It Man!....(But don’t forget the cornbread) And be SURE of the ham to bean ratio incase any of your “Lodge Buddies” come for dinner....Sorry could not resist that one!....


January 24, 2019 - Msg 111525: LOL GF. My Lodge buddies are welcome anytime if they dare to eat my cooking. :)

MDC We have some Village Inn's around these parts, but I haven't eaten at one in years. I just might to give it a try one of these days. I'll tell them MDC sent me. So I am wondering if you can plant those maters anytime. Does it ever freeze in your parts?

Speaking of Malcom Tucker, I saw him in an old Cannon show the other day. He was a pretty savory character. He obviously has forgotten what he learned in Mayberry. I remember seeing him in an Adam-12 also. He was a Used car salesman and was trying to pull a fast one on a Hispanic customer. But Malloy and Reed stepped in and shot the deal down. Mr. Tucker called them a name, and it wasn't Sport! lol


January 24, 2019 - Msg 111526: ASA--the only time you hear "freeze" around here is if
Reed and Malloy are after ya! ha
Actually, the first week of January it got 'down' into the low 30s at night! :) One night I think it was 31! Who said it earlier "oh the humanity." lol

January 24, 2019 - Msg 111527: Asa, it ain't true about the frog and slowly turning up the heat. But it's such a useful word picture, it has staying power. Sort of like ostriches don't put their head in the sand, but the metaphor is so good, nobody cares.

I am guessing Malcolm Tucker was unsavory, but if he's savory, I guess that's like being ept.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 24, 2019 - Msg 111528: I ain't complaining, but I have noticed the archives aren't starting in a new 2019 column, but are still rolling to the bottom of 2018. No worries, Floyd, I just have a compelsion complex about stuff like that.

Billy Ray the OCD Postman

January 25, 2019 - Msg 111529: Good morning all. Cold and clear this morning on my porch.

Billy Ray, yer as right as rain. I neglected the un in my savory comment about Malcom Tucker.

MDC, I recall visiting an Uncle who lives in Ventura California and him having ripe tomatoes in his garden in April. That always astounded me because we don't plant them here until after Mothers Day. He also had two large Orange trees in his backyard. One variety was an eating orange, the other was for squeezing juice. Oh my goodness, I remember the first time I had a fresh orange off that tree. You had to eat it over a sink it was that juicy. Are you folks able to grow any citrus trees in your area?

GF, You know what? I went shopping this morning at 6:00 and because they are stocking their shelves that time of day, I had a pallet of stuff blocking the aisle where they store the beans. So I figured I would come in from the other side when I eventually made my way down there. Well I plum forgot to do that. So after all my craving for bean soup, and not having the fixins for it, I still don't. Don't that beat everything? I just might have to break my promise I made to myself and go back later today or tomorrow. I beat everything, you know that? :)

APB's out for Ro, Boo, and Possum. And all other missing Porchters.


January 25, 2019 - Msg 111530: You’re Forgiven Asa...Sometimes It’s such a task going to the grocer store...Looking at the same things trying to come up with ideas for something good to make. ESPECIALLY when you cook for a picky eater!...(That’s a whole different subject).
Me...I was brought up to eat what was put in front of you, if not you went to bed hungry...Mom was a good cook but there were somethings that were a challenge for me to get down my neck she even tried to “disguise” things but I knew better...

Speaking of food...Crock pot chili today...Have to be ready for next weeks bitter bitter cold days, they are even talking -0 temps too!....