February 08, 2019 - Msg 111635: Romeena,Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Boo, they have the online public schools out here and are doing good. I have seen where they will send out the books for free and have a online teacher for any questions and help.

Asa, they have a great cosmetic department over at walmart. I love to go wondering in there and seeing what new products have arrived. Lots of cool do-dads there.

February 08, 2019 - Msg 111636: Big Maude, the menu looks very good!

February 09, 2019 - Msg 111637: Good sweep Frankie. You trying to 'sweep' those fellas next door off their feet? ha
I think we will get some of your cloudiness here tomorrow.
BOO--I am happy it is not heart-related. Have her
look at Phillipians 4:6-7 and also at the sermon on the mount. Several references to not being anxious.
Also, I found this webpage that may help her. It is kinda like "getting back on the horse" type of outlook. https://www.anxietycoach.com/anxietytrick.html
It scares me when our teens start taking so many drugs. My prayers for her and all of you. :)
ASA-- wow, that IS cold. As we used to say when I was a young-un, "colder than a witch's er, well, I think you know." ha
Another benefit of retirement is you can make it to the grandkids sports
games. My niece raelly liked my presence at her badminton matches.
RO--when I was in the hospital with my lower extremity fluid retention, I got
IV bumex. Whoa doggies did that stuff work fast! :) Good to hear that you are finally
getting some answers. Prayers continue regarding your hearing problem.
MAUDie, nice to see you posting. So sorry to hear of the flooding tho.
BTW, has Mr. Maude looked into being a sub? Just a thought.
SPOTTY, where are you? Please check in.

Good weekend to all,

February 09, 2019 - Msg 111638: Good morning everybody.
Just got back from the grocery store and got all the weeks stuff put away. Maybe it's just me, but the part of this weekly adventure I like the least is the putting stuff away part. I don't mind the shopping, as long as I go when it isn't to busy. (6 A.M. on a Saturday works well) I don't mind unloading them from the Jeep into the kitchen. But then unbagging them, and then putting them away is something I really dislike. I wonder what causes that? Go figure.

Romeena, I am so very happy to read that you are feeling a bit better. Makes me happy. Thank you Lord.
Big Maude, I am so sorry about Mr. Maudes situation. I was wondering the same thing as MDC I suppose. Could he teach his skills at one of those schools maybe? You folks are in my prayers for sure.

Boo, I'm glad I can bring you a little smile. It helps to lessen the burdens we carry. I am glad that Erin has you and Bruce as parents though. You guys are loving and nurturing which is what is needed for her right now. Too many parents would tell their kid to knock it off and quit being a pain. Prayers for you all.

MDC, I believe it was Sherman T. Potter who cleaned up the phrase by saying it is colder than a witches thorax! lol Has always made me wonder why the thorax region on a witch would be cold though. :) Colder than a well diggers you know what is understandable. Oh well, maybe some things are best left a mystery. Just like the decades long mystery of who was Mr. Scwhump. If we ever did find out I think it would be a bit of a let down. As it sits right now, we are all a bit like Barney when he was trying to solve the Walker Drug Store holdup. Andy was telling Opie that when folks would ask Barney how the case was going, Barney could proudly respond, fine, just fine. Closing in all the time. Or like the time Howard snagged Old Sam. Folks had been trying to catch him for years. He was legendary. But what happened when Howard caught him? Why folks were pretty disappointed. Let down sort of. Howard wasn't a hero, he was disliked. Gosh, how did I get off on this topic? lol

Frankie, you just be careful with that female war paint now. You don't want to be gushing yourself up too much.

Well better go get some things done. Prayers for all.


February 09, 2019 - Msg 111639:
So true Asa, so true.
Oh, and speaking of all those characters, I was watching Gomer Pyle USMC last night on me-tv (go Frankie:), and forgot about the big part that Allen Melvin played on that show as Sergeant Hacker,
head of the commissary. He was also Sam the butcher on Brady Bunch!
OK, back to your regularly scheduled Saturday. :) have a good one.
PS: We got Frankie's clouds today. Very overcast.

February 09, 2019 - Msg 111640: Good afternoon, porch. Still very cold here, at least by Texas standards. It's 36° and drizzling rain, but at least there's no wind. I don't mind the cold temps so much, as long as there's no wind. It's that icy wind that just cuts like a knife, goes through clear to the bones! I'm staying tucked in here in my wheelerette, fluffy throw over me, cuddly puppy in my lap. It doesn't get much better than that, and I even have some good leftovers from yesterday, so don't have to cook.

Thanks for the kind words, prayers and good wishes, friends. I realize that at nearly 80, I can't expect to feel like I'm 25, but I surely am happy to see the improvements that have come, and am hoping for more, God willing.

Well, guess I'll go get back in my chair. Blessings, to each and every one of you. I love you folks like family! -- Romeena

February 09, 2019 - Msg 111641: MDC-We had a lot of clouds today. Looks like those storms are lining up and coming in. Get a little break in between the storms.

I got a email today and my granite rock fry pans are on the way. Coming from Reno so I should have them sometime next week. Will give you a post to let you know if they are any good.

February 10, 2019 - Msg 111642: Good Sabbath morning all.

Alright Frankie. Look forward to your pan review. They sure make it look dandy on the tv. But who would expect anything different. lol

Romeena, I am so glad you are feeling better. I think your attitude is a big factor in it. Yours is always good. We love you.

MDC, Allen Melvin got around didn't he? He was also a neighbor to Archie Bunker of 704 Houser Street. :) I watched an old Alfred Hitchc0ck show last night and the feller who played the visiting Reverend from New York (Dr. Breen I think was his name) was playing the part of a wealthy drunk. Seemed so odd to see him so out of character. But I think this one was made before TAGS, so he must have reformed and then became a preacher. Just goes to show you it's never to late. lol

I have to share with you the nuttiest dream I had last night. I was in my kitchen doing something, and I happened to look up at the ceiling in the dining area, and noticed about a dozen bats sound asleep hanging from the ceiling. Let me tell you, I was freaking out. I was never so happy to awake from that one.

Well off to spruce up for preaching. Prayers for all.


February 10, 2019 - Msg 111643: MDC & Asa....Funny Allen Melvin Story....About a year before he passed away, I sent him a picture, I asked him to autograph it for my collection. I even sent a postage paid envelope with my address on it so all he had to do was sign the picture and slip it in and drop in the mail....

About a month after I sent it to him I got it back...Inside was a strip of paper that was typed out on a old typewriter that said:
I want $20 for autograph .....Nothing more on that paper but that, along with the returned blank picture....I just pictured him at his typewriter pecking it out!...It Made me Laugh 😂 He was a GREAT character actor...Emphasizing “CHARACTER”...LOL


February 10, 2019 - Msg 111644: Back home from Preaching. They let me out early for good behavior. lol Just kidding, I didn't even go after all. Debbie is feeling pretty poorly the last few days so I figured I would stay home to tend to her. I'm sure the Lord understands.
Mercy sakes GF, That's kind of a sad story about Allen Melvin doing that. But then again I have never been in a position of folks wanting my autograph, so maybe there is more to it than we know. Who knows.


February 10, 2019 - Msg 111645: Hey hey hey ! All good here ! Gona read back. Got my shop started ! Slab poured and my row of blocks layed ! Framing package will be here next week. Just a 20x30 but will get my big and tools in there ! Hey all ! And prayers Gona read !! SPOT!

February 10, 2019 - Msg 111646: bug...not big..jeez SPOT

February 10, 2019 - Msg 111647: Good morning, porch. One more time, I have stayed home from preaching. I'm feeling better than I was, but still not sure I can handle being off the O2 for over three hours, and the weather is scary. All I need is pneumonia! I'm pretty sure the Lord understands that, and Asa, I'm ABSOLUTELY sure He understands you staying home with Debbie.

It's 41° here, with gray, leaden skies, and drizzling rain. Personally, I'm ready for Spring! Every time we have a decent day, the critters are out by the numbers, scampering around and enjoying the sunshine. Right now, I can see that there's somebody holed up in one of my squirrel boxes, and it isn't a squirrel. Not sure what it is, but it looks like a bird, maybe an owl. That would be cool! I just hope it isn't that confused little wood duck again. She has no chance of raising a little family and then getting them to a proper body of water. The little ducklings can't fly, so she has to lead them overland to a pond or lake, and the nearest site is at least a mile away, maybe two, and they have to cross several main roads, one being a main highway. And that's not to mention the cats, dogs and other predators they would encounter. Not a chance. I really hope that's an owl in that box.

Well, guess I'd better go rustle up some lunch. Actually, I've still got leftovers, they're good, and I think I'll just enjoy them once more. I don't know if anyone else shops for the marked-down meats at the store, but I do. As long as it looks okay, not discolored, I figure if it was good yesterday, it's probably still good today. Anyway, they age beef on purpose! I bought a package that contained three beautiful tenderloin steaks, originally over $20, and I paid $6.23 for it. So far, I've gotten two meals, and probably will get at least two more out of it. Pretty cheap eats, folks.

Asa, here's an easy recipe for you. With those tenderloin steaks (you can use just about any meat, even a coarse chili-grind would work) - I put a little olive oil in a non-stick skillet, enough to cover the bottom, and I had a bag of those little tiny "gold" potatoes, about the size of pingpong balls. I rinsed them, than cut them in halves, or quarters for the bigger ones, added them to the skillet, and put a lid on it to speed the cooking of the potatoes. When the potatoes started to soften, I rough-diced an onion, sliced up some mushrooms and added them to the pan. Then I sliced up those tenderloins in little strips, like for stir-fry. I added them and stirred them around long enough to start browning, but still left them a little pink here and there, the way I like beef. Make that a lot pink. I added a generous dash or worc3stershire sauce and a couple of ploops of steak sauce. (A ploop can be whatever you want it to be, a little or a lot.) At the end, I put a couple of tablespoons of flour in a little shaker thingy I have, with about a half cup of water, shook it up, and then poured it into the skillet, spreading it around. It immediately thickened and blended with the juices that had cooked out of the mushrooms and onions, and after a dash of sea salt, I had a pan full of good stuff! It's still good, and sounds pretty inviting to me right now. A small salad on the side, and I've got a good meal.

I reheat it on a low heat on the stove, not in the microwave. I use my microwave a lot, but I don't reheat meats in it. Seems like it changes the taste somehow, and it definitely turns "rare" into "very well done."

Have a blessed Sabbath, everyone. Stay warm! --Romeena

February 10, 2019 - Msg 111648: Uh, that's "generous dash OF Worc3stershire sauce". Oh, and the "3" in the middle of the word is to satisfy the censor. It gagged on the word, when spelled normally. --Romeena

February 10, 2019 - Msg 111649: Sounds like a Big barn just to store some bugs & tools 🐜🕷🐝🐛🐞🦗 🔧🔦🔨🗜🛠...G-F

February 10, 2019 - Msg 111650: Asa, Hope Debbie is feeling better soon.

Spot, Sounds like a nice size work shop. You have a good time with all those tools. Like having a tiny house full of tools.

Romeena, its good seeing ya. You stay warm and cozy inside.

I went up to the store today and purchased some weed and feed to put on the lawn when the next storm comes. I do this every year and it really keeps the weeds from coming up. Some of the trees are already blooming there buds on the branches. Can`t wait tell spring.

February 11, 2019 - Msg 111651: FRankie, soon the trees will be "nice and full!" :)

GF, Asa, SPOt and other fans, pitchers and catchers report on Tuesday! Play ball! :) woohoo.

ALL--I did prison ministry today. We had a good group. Everyone pretty sincere. One guy excited...a few months to go of a five year sentence. He was happier than Ernest T with a full contingent of rocks! ha
One guy, tats all over his face. Prayed to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Made ME feel good too. :)

GF--I think spotty has a VW bug/dune buggy to go into
the new shop. ha Man, think of the pegboard of tools that would fit in there!

ASA--my prayers for Debbie this week bro. God bless you and yours.

RO--Bless your heart, as spot used to do in the control room, you can always catch a good sermon on tv. Sure hope you and your weather improve soon.

Love to all,

February 11, 2019 - Msg 111652: I can't say I'm too impressed by Allen Melvin doing that, but at least he sent the picture back. He ain't exactly a Tier 1 actor to be asking for $20 though. Maybe that's the going rate.

I've always thought I'd be a really lousy celebrity. I'd despise people coming up to me when I was trying to have a nice meal at Morelli's or wherever and being interrupted by an autograph hound.

One time I was surprised by a celeb going beyond the call of duty was when my 6 year old niece sent a letter to the star of the stage production of The Phantom of the Opera. Just a little kid's scrawled note saying she liked it. Some months later, she got a letter back, I think it was Michael Crawford in that production, thanking her for writing and attending the show. And he apologized for taking so long to write back, explaining that he usually waited until a tour was over and took a few weeks to unwind before getting to his mail! I thought that was nice, reallll nice.

Billy Ray the Postman

February 11, 2019 - Msg 111653: Good morning all.
Thanks for all the prayers for Debbie. They are felt and appreciated for sure friends.

Frankie, I'm looking forward to Spring also. This time of year I always start getting anxious for the weather to start warming up. But it will be a couple of months before I start thinking about weed and feed and things like that. But I do plan to get out and prune my peach tree sometime in the next week or so. All the commercial orchards do their pruning this time of year. But not today. Got some fresh snow last night, and we will be lucky if we hit 32 this afternoon for a high. It'll keep.

Spot, sounds like a nice shop. I have a big shop also, and again am just waiting for things to warm up a bit. I can't wait to get out there and do some things.

MDC, I imagine that prison ministry is very fulfilling. Good on you.

Romeena, thanks for the recipe. I will give that a try. Sounds good but simple and warm for a cold winters night. My prayers that you continue to improve.

Billy Ray, I always figured it would be an honor if someone wanted my autograph, but I imagine it could get tiresome if you are constantly hounded. I dunno, seems to me if you had spent your life as a public figure, and went somewhere out in public, and no one asked for your autograph, that might be more bothersome. lol That is not a problem I will ever have to worry about. HA!

Well speaking of autographs, I need to get some bills paid. Got a few checks to sign. Yea, they sure want my autograph then. lol


February 11, 2019 - Msg 111654: Hello to all. Been a busy day but wanted to check in with my porch friends.

G-F, I think that was a lousy thing for Allen M to do, especially when he should have been humble enough to appreciate that there was still someone out there who even wanted his autograph.

Well, I will start working at the school tomorrow because one of the sweet nurses who works there just had surgery for breast cancer yesterday and will be on leave for at least the next 2 week. So, this will be a good opportunity to do the job and see if I like it. I certainly hope the sweet woman recovers and comes back to work but if for some reason she decides it is too much for her, they might hire me full-time. I am also working at the rehab on weekends so might be a long 2 weeks ahead.

Thanks for the link, MDC, I will have Erin check it out. She has been doing much better this week, staying home in a quiet environment and we are setting up the counseling for her.

Better go put the clothes in the dryer!..


February 12, 2019 - Msg 111655:
Here is another "one liner" that we can all place in the right episode: "A decoy; Shazam!" ha

BOO_good to hear about both the job and Erin.
My prayers continue. I only hope that you do not
tear yourself up trying to do two jobs.
One other thought that I had regarding Erin, and it came to me in
the prison yesterday. Maybe you could ask the counselor if anyone, to put it delicately, has 'approached' Erin about anything inappropriate. Just a thought that
I really pray hard is not so.
ROMEENA--Hope you continue to be on the mend. The GOLDEN years, ha, who ever came up with that one. All the best to you and yours.

Oh drat, I was going to listen in on the podcast tonight since T-Mobile has given me some free internet time, but I plum forgot! Hope it was good.

Billy Ray, at least that one story is good about the Michael Crawford autograph. I have a few that I have gotten for free over the years...Bill Medley,
Joe Garagiola, Kurt Warner, and a couple others.

Frankie, we are to get more rain on Thursday coming from Cal again.

POSSUM, please check in, the gold truck is comin' thru and I dont want ya to miss it!!

MDC :)

February 12, 2019 - Msg 111656: Good morning all.
Hey MDC, You missed a real good podcast last night. But you can see it later today when Floyd posts it. He played an interview with one of the producers of the show and he was great to listen to. It was the quietest I think I have ever seen the chat room because everyone was immersed in his stories. This was only the first part of several parts I think Floyd was going to air. I think you'll enjoy it if you like the behind the scenes kind of stuff. And you will even hear about a guard named "Tiny". And he says he knows who "nice dress Nellie" is and he will reveal her. I am very interested in that because I swear I saw her in an episode of My Three Sons a few years ago. And she spoke with a very strong European accent, at least I think it was European.

Boo, Glad to read that Erin is doing better. MDC's concern sounds like it might be looked into deeper. I hope that it's not the case, but certainly worth looking into. Good luck on the new job. I hope it is a good fit.

Compare it to a witches thorax or a well diggers rear end, or whatever you want, it's dang cold here this morning!

GF, How is your hip doing buddy? OK I hope.

Hope everyone has a great day.


February 12, 2019 - Msg 111657: Well Asa, It’s cold freezing rain today so it’s a Walk Like Chester Day...That’s Life!...🤷🏼‍♂️

MDC, Floyd started a 4 part interview with Bruce Bilson who was the Assistant Director for TAGS. It was a good show, Bruce is REAL SHARP and has many memories of his job on the show....Amen Asa & Maude?...They were right there in it too last night....


February 12, 2019 - Msg 111658: I just watched Gomer Pyle USMC and Sgt. Carter went to Wichita to visit his mother....and guess what, his mother was living in Andy's house. Yup, I'd know that house
anywhere! Very funny to see that. :)

February 13, 2019 - Msg 111659: MDC, We have a big storm coming in tonight. Should be raining for a few days. I went out and put some weed and feed on the front yard this evening and have enough left over to do it one more time. Will wait and see how this works out first.

Oh heck I forgot to check in to four chairs and no waiting this evening. Was so busy with Mom I forgot about it. Maybe next time.
You all take care.

February 13, 2019 - Msg 111660: Whoops, that is two chairs and no waiting.

February 13, 2019 - Msg 111661: This has to be the best "party line" wireless in the whole lower 48! Real folks! Do you offer a home newspaper by mail?

February 13, 2019 - Msg 111662: Thank you for your concern for Erin, MDC and Asa. You both are like porch uncles. :) She has been doing much better since she is out of the classroom environment and getting a mental health break. As far as the above mentioned concern, good thinking, and yes, we have had counselors approach the subject, as have I on more than one occasion and she has no recollection of any event. She could have repressed something but it hasn't come out in any counseling sessions. She did have one minor "event" when she was four, but it was with a young child near her age. I sought the advice of a counselor at that time and learned ways to help her with that. She was always a very calm, normal child until she had that MRI 5 years ago. That changed everything. Then, having her little friend next door murdered did a lot of damage, too. That is all we have to go on..that and knowing that there is a genetic component to all of this. My mother had some severe anxiety and depression, and then so did I in my earlier adult years. They didn't treat with meds back then, really, so I just got through it. I didn't have panic episodes like Erin has, though. Its pretty awful. Again, that you guys for your concern; it's awesome.

Had my first day at the school yesterday and I have to say it was pretty darned easy for a nursing job. They have me a nice clinic in a fairly small middle school and the staff seems very helpful, too. Most of what I do is give a few meds and inhalers and just take care of boo-boos, headaches and tummy aches, TLC. They sometimes come in like a revolving door, and it is not easy to get them to sit and wait their turns but the paperwork is very little compared to what I do on my other job. The only real problem I had yesterday is that my boss left me alone at about 11:30 and the 2 ADHD boys came in for their meds. One looked like Opie, but didn't act like him! I seriously have never met 2 more obnoxious, ill-behaved children. I tried ignoring their unbelievably disrespectful comments but then they started to fight so I stepped into the hallway and grabbed the first teacher I could find and said, "Excuse me, could you help me? I have 2 out of control boys in here and I don't know what my options are."..I remained calm and collected so the kids would see that and the teacher came in and set them straight. They sat down and shut up until one of them said, "You aren't nice like Miss Connie (the usual clinic nurse)," to which I very cooly replied, "I can be very nice IF you do as you are told". They improved after that but they will probably come in the same way next time. When I told my boss about it she said you have to be firm with them because Miss Connie has spoiled all of them and that is why they want to come in here. Yikes, thanks a lot Miss Connie. Well, they wont like me as much, I can tell you that. LOL..I wish I liked middle school aged kids more. Anyway, its a pretty easy job. Yesterday was probably a little slow and I know some days can get hectic but nothing I cant handle, I don't think.

MDC, I hope I don't wear myself out, too, but it is only for 2 weeks..AND I am making the rest of the family step up with the chores around here. Erin went and did the grocery shopping and put away the things yesterday. Yahoo! and she has chores to do during the day.

I will cook dinner at night but they are going to have to help with the clean up and do their own laundry.

Last night while I was cooking dinner, Bruce was on the computer in the office and the kids weren't home. I slipped on a cherry tomato that I had dropped and I fell..splat! in the middle of the kitchen. All I remember is slipping and landing on mostly on my right knee, laying there and wondering if I could get up and would bruce hear me if I yelled for help, as the dog was trying to play with my face and hair. I yelled loudly and Bruce was actually able to hear me, came wondering in the kitchen confused and helped me up. I had a pretty good hematoma on my knee but didn't hurt anything else. I actually feel fine this morning. The motto of the story is, if you drop a cherry tomato on the floor, please, for the love of Zeus, pick it up right away!

Well, I hear Erin throwing up in the bathroom. Great. I have to check on her and get ready for work.


February 13, 2019 - Msg 111663: Boo, My card if you need my services!

Neil Bentley: Attorney at Law

February 13, 2019 - Msg 111664: Lol. Too funny Mr Bentley!!


February 13, 2019 - Msg 111665: That was me Boo. :)
Loveable, adorable, huggable
Asa T. Breeney Bank Guard Extraordinaire

February 13, 2019 - Msg 111666: Afternoon all. I just saw on another web sight that Julie Adams (the dark haired Nurse Mary who gave Rafe his inarculation) passed away back on Feb.3rd. I had not seen that anywhere. She was in her 90's, so she had a good long visit here. Bless her heart.


February 13, 2019 - Msg 111667: Sorry to hear about nurse Mary.
Hang in there Boo, hope your knee is OK.
We are having a atmospheric river storm. That is what the weather man calls it. The county roads out side of town are beginning to flood over. And the rain is still coming down. Should be raining the next few days before we get a break. A good day to stay in and keep warm. That weed and feed I put on the lawn last night will get a good soaking. Then I will have to call Mr. Wheeler to help me with the lawn?

February 13, 2019 - Msg 111668: Wow, Boo, was that hematoma on your petulla oblondalla?

Billy Ray the Postman

February 14, 2019 - Msg 111669: Welcome Neil Bentley! We already have an Asa, so Neil is a great handle. Glad you found us.
We talk about most everything here, but also try to keep it
TAGS related.
Boo--glad on both accounts. Just please be careful. The fewer meds the better. Good to see everyone pitching in with the chores.
Opie cleaned the garage, AND emptied the ashes for 25 cents a week! :)
My wife and I went to see Aladdin tonight at ASU center for the arts. It was a great performance.
Stage special effects are sure getting fancy these days.
Maybe it will come to the Grand and barn can watch them change the marquee! ha
Prayers for all,

February 14, 2019 - Msg 111670: Oh Frankie, we should get that rain all day Thursday!

February 14, 2019 - Msg 111671: Morning all.

My goodness, it has warmed a lot on my porch this morning. Low 40's and rain sent from Frankie. Sure beats 20's and snow.

MDC, It was me doing the Neil Bentley impersonation. Just seemed fitting with Boo's story of falling down. I always get a laugh out of that episode when Floyd learns he is going to be the star witness. He gets so excited at the prospect. lol

Frankie, I always thought that the dark haired Nurse Mary was a beautiful woman. Andy even said her little kissy on the cheek felt better than a mules nose. I mean that's pretty high praise there. lol

Well I have to take the Jeep in to get it serviced, emission tested, and then registered for the year. Property taxes, don't get me started on THAT subject. Makes the vein in my neck bulge out!

GF, Sorry the old hip is being a pain buddy. I hope you can find some relief from it.

I hope everyone has a great day.


February 14, 2019 - Msg 111672: Popping in to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Will spend more time rockin' soon- sore finger hinders my typing today. Anybody got an incant for that? Sending prayers and love out to all!

possum u.a.r.

February 14, 2019 - Msg 111673: Soak it Possum...SOAK IT,...lol

February 14, 2019 - Msg 111674: HAPPY ST. VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL!!! :)
GF and ASA--the love and care you give your wives
is a lesson in love for all of us. God bless you and yours, and everyone and your loving families on
this special day! Ya all are the cats, even the 'fake' Neil Bentleys. ha


February 15, 2019 - Msg 111675: Happy Valentine`s Day Porch.

MDC, we are still getting rain out here. Have quit a few country roads flooded over.
Asa, I always thought nurse Mary would had been a good girlfriend for Andy. But I think she was only on that one show.
You all take care.

February 15, 2019 - Msg 111676: Good morning all.

Been raining like cats and dogs here too Frankie and MDC. Supposed to turn into snow by tonight.
Frankie, I agree, I think Nurse Mary and Andy were a good fit. Andy seemed to cotton to her a good bit. In fact as I am typing this out, that very episode is playing on tv land. I just love the back and forth between Andy and Rafe about listening to their heart beating with the stethoscope. You just gotta love Rafe's logic, "I'm alive, ain't I? Well then I know my hearts beating". Funny stuff.

MDC, Thanks for the compliment concerning being a care giver. You know when you make those vows, it is just part of the deal. I am glad I can tend to her. But I must confess that since retiring, I am missing some of the interaction with my friends at work. I guess I didn't realize going to work was kind of a break from being a care giver. It does get a bit lonely at times. But as Barney said, sometimes them roads are paved and sometimes they are dirt. And the dirt road that I am on right now is still a smooth, smooth road compared with what many others are dealing with.

Great to see you Possum. Sorry you're having possum paw issues. A sore pawed possum ain't fun a-tall! :)

Boo, I do hope Erin is doing better with the home schooling.

Well Rafe just got his shot, and Barney is now getting his shot. lol

Prayers for all for a safe and sane day.


February 15, 2019 - Msg 111677:
ASA--you may try what I have been doing since retiring. I went thru some of the same feelings
that you are, so I started going to lunch once a week with a friend, or with someone from where I used to work. It works out well. Sometime I have to bow out due to doc appts etc, but it helps with my
"other people" interaction. :)
Regarding nurse Mary, yes indeed, the producers missed out on that one! Seemed like andy and her had good "chemistry." A little kissy square on the jaw! ha
Did ya get the Jeep all set to go? At least Mrs Lesh didnt work on it! ha
POSSUM--thanks for checking in. So sorry to hear
that you are ailin' a bit tho. Bless your heart. :)
FRANKIE--we had rain all day Thursday, just clouds today, but maybe more
rain on Sat. or Sunday.

I hope everyone else is doing well.
Prayers for all every morning and night,

February 16, 2019 - Msg 111678: MDC, it was kind of hit and miss with the rain today. Looks like we have a couple days break around Sunday or Monday.
I see my Oakland A`s are out there practicing over in Mesa Arizona. Can`t wait to see them on TV playing again.
I finally got my granite rock pan with the free small pan late today. Will have to try it out tomorrow.
Good night everyone.

February 17, 2019 - Msg 111679:
HI GANG, my wife and I went to the Saturday evening service tonight, and the deacon gave a good talk on Luke 6:17-ff about the sermon on the plain, similar in message to the sermon on the mount, but not quite as well known. :) Jesus speaks in more "down to earth" terms in this one.
Deacon Steve mentioned how Jesus probably gave many similar talks, just as a
politician may give similar "stump" speeches. (His example, not mine. ha)
But it makes sense that Jesus would have talked about the Golden Rule in many different places. Anyway, very interesting for sure. This world needs the Lord so badly. We all need to be 'Reverend Tuckers' for sure.

I hope everyone is doing OK.. I do miss ROmeena's daily posts. RO, are you doing OK?
We are still planting various plants in our new raised beds. Waiting for the nurseries to get more seedlings in. Certainly will not be like SPOT's fields,
but we are still hoping to plant a few veggies!
Well, Good Sabbath and God bless,

February 17, 2019 - Msg 111680: Oh, Frankie, yes SPRING TRAINING is in full 'swing.' :)

February 17, 2019 - Msg 111681: Go A`s
Sounds like a good sermon MDC. You are blessed to have such a good Deacon at your church. And I agree the world needs the Lord so badly. Mom and I watch the Daily Mass on TV everyday together.
I tried out my new pan this evening and it worked just like it showed in the commercial. I was very happy with it. The egg was sliding around in that pan just like it did on TV. I may have to order some eggs from the egg man. I am sure Aunt Bee can put in touch with a good one.
You all have a good Sunday.

February 17, 2019 - Msg 111682: Good Sabbath all.
Frankie, thanks for the pan update. Glad it is working as advertised. Now you are in the market for a chicken coop Casanova are you? You can egg him on, or butter him up. :)

MDC, Thanks for sharing your preaching message. I will go look that verse up. Speaking of Reverands, do you remember that one that visited Mayberry in the color episode? The one when Aunt Bee was sporting the blonde wig? Anyway, I saw him on an episode of Bonanza the other day. And either this was before he became religious, or he fell from grace because he was a real scoundrel. A very prosperous lout. Prosperity is sure a two edged sword, ain't it? We all strive for it, all desire it. It seems a worthy pursuit. But once attained, it seems so very few handle it very well. Pride and vanity seem to soon take over and we forget what we once knew for sure. I guess we need to be mindful in our pursuit of worldly achievements. (Boy, I'm preachy this morning)

Yes, I am missing Ro as well. She is always in my prayers, as you all are.

Have a great day all.


February 17, 2019 - Msg 111683: Good afternoon, porch. I'm writing this with some difficulty, but I'll try. I have my new computer, and things are not what they were. A great deal of tweaking is in progress! The new versions of all lthe programs I use are very different. Nothing is where it was! I can't even find a search engine on my homepage. Can't find a word count function on my MS Word program, and for a writer, that's not optional. All displays are so tiny I practically need a magnifying glass. I can barely read what I'm typing right now, and my vision is 20/20 since my lens implants. I know all this is fixable, I just don't know how. Some of it I can, some I can't. Bruce was linked up with my computer yesterday for about three hours, and worked through a lot of things - the transfer of the contents of my old machine to this one, for one, but there's a lot of internal work to be done. I'm pretty computer-savvy, and can use one quite comfortably, but I leave their innards alone. I don't mean hardware, I'm referring to settings and preferences within programs. Bruce will go where angels fear to tread, and I just sit here and watch my cursor move at his command, and tell him over the phone what my preferences are. I can do the simpler things, but he goes into areas I didn't even know exist, and tweaks scary-looking things. Guess I'm just a sissy.

Also, we haven't been able to get my wireless mouse and keyboard to link up with the computer, so am using the wired keyboard and mousse that came with the machine, and I've never seen such a dinky keyboard and puny little mouse in my life. The keys are tiny and close together, and my fingernails hit the key above the one I want. Grrr. Oh well. This too shall pass. Bruce will link up again today, I think, and we'll iron a lot of this out. I love the computer, it's the new software that's giving me trouble.

Later, taters. --Romeena

February 17, 2019 - Msg 111684: "Mousse?" See what I mean?? --Romeena

February 17, 2019 - Msg 111685:
HI ALL, I am actually watching some of the Daytona 500 today. Havent done that in a good long time.

RO--good to see you. So sorry about your computer woes tho. Maybe bigger wires would help. ha
These new electronal contraptions can be pretty intimidating sometimes. One thing I do know is that you can hold down the "Ctrl" (Control) button and then press the "+" key and it should
increase the size of the screen and typeface. But there is also a more permanant way to do it as well.

ASA-- yes, it was a very good sermon for sure. Frankie and MBM know that each Sunday the Bible readings are the same in any catholic church, so that helps us 'connect' on such topics.
I'm not sure if all denominations do that or not.
I havent seen too many color eps, sorry; but i have noticed that Colonel harvey sure shows up in a lot of old westerns
that I see on GRIT tv. And usually as a scroundrel! :)

BOO--how did your week go with both jobs?
Well, back to TV and maybe a nap.


February 17, 2019 - Msg 111686: MDC, I have the GRIT station on the TV`s in the bedrooms with the indoor antenna`s. Kind of funny because I do not get this station on cable in the living room. Also get the ME and THIS stations on the indoor antenna.
Romenna, It is nice seeing you post. Hope all the kinks work out of the computer for you. I know when my Mom got her new computer the keyboard was smaller and that was hard for her to adjust with. She likes to play games on her computer so the only time she uses the keyboard is to sign on. Then plays her games with the mouse. Since she came home from the hospital I just get her signed on and set up for playing. She has so much fun on there and I really get enjoyment watching her.
Off to the showers for me. Nite all

February 18, 2019 - Msg 111687: Forgot to mention what a nice Deacon we have at our church. He is retired now but he comes to the house once a week to bring the Holy Communion to Mom and I.

February 18, 2019 - Msg 111688: Good morning everybody.
I hope the new week has everyone happy and healthy.

Frankie and MDC, I don't have GRIT tv here. At least I don't think so. I'll have to do an Inventory Scan. :)

MDC, I wish I would have remembered the 500 was on. I would have tuned it in. I was all set to watch some golf, but Tiger Woods was having a decent day and that is all the network commentators would talk about. I haven't any thing against Woods, but I get so tired of how the media just gushes over him. Yesterday he finished up like somewhere in 20th spot, but they follow his every shot and go on and on about every move he makes. Boy, I sound like an old crank, don't I ? (don't answer that lol)

Romeena, So good to see you. I hope you can get your computer issues resolved. You are more ept at it than I am. Fortunately for me I have 7 Grandkids who can get me going when I have a problem. lol

I see tv land is showing commercials all day today with a few scenes of TAGS thrown in just for the heck of it. It's shameful how much they edit out to stick in more commercials. Half of them are drug companies trying to get you to use their drugs, the other half are lawyers trying to get you to sue the drug companies because your armpit itches after taking some of their pills. Boy do I sound like and old crank? (again, don't answer that) I just can't wait for spring to get here so the neighborhood kids start playing outside again and I can stand on m y porch and yell at them to get off my grass! lol

GF, Where you hiding buddy? I hope everything is ok.

Boo, I hope you are not spreading yourself to thin. You tend do that you know. Check in when you are able.

Just a reminder, the podcast is tonight at 6:00 M.S.T. If you don't live in the mountains, you do the math. lol

Prayers for all for a great day.


February 18, 2019 - Msg 111689: Asa...I’m right Cheer!.You are not a “Old Crank” ...We just get less tolerable to all the “Spin” that is out there!...Yep a good “Wheelerday” to watch TAGS in honor of O’l George & Abe.