February 23, 2019 - Msg 111738: Oh, and one other thing that is interesting...my daughter never misses church. She has been discriminated against, even though she has never had s#x with anyone. Bruce and I have almost walked away from church, but she never has. She knows what has been taught about homos#xuality in church her whole life but she cant make the feelings go away. She helps other kids in church who are going through similar struggles and would have likely walked away if she hadn't been there for them. She is committed to her faith in Christ but sits in church and listens to jokes and slurs against "que***" but keeps going back to help someone else. I told her that if that is what she is being exposed to, she should probably stay away until she is feeling less anxiety. She still goes. she told me that the other night, she was in her truck and just crying out to God because she felt angry at him, and at her dad and she didn't want to feel that way. God was with her and lifted her burden for awhile but something always comes along to drive her despair again. This isn't something she chose and me telling her that she is a sinner, which we all are, will damage her even further. She has heard it all and is where she is because of it. I don't get the double standard among Christians. Billy ray said that being gay was "detestable" years ago. Well, I know that Jesus didn't mention it, specifically, but he did have some strong words about divorce that didn't include adultery but the church doesn't speak out against that anymore because there is so much of it. If they didn't allow divorced people to join the church and serve in it, the church would dwindle to nothing. Divorce is not considered detestable, but it used to be, so social change does change the church. Its just something I think about.

Gotta run!


February 23, 2019 - Msg 111739: My goodness Boo. Handled with such class and diplomacy. It is obvious you and your family have spent a lot of time in dealing with this from every angle. And I think your approach is spot on. You are so correct about the suicide and other conflicts going on with these circumstances. As you know, I am very sensitive to the suicide concerns. Bottom line, I know you and Bruce know and love the Lord. And I know you are walking and talking with Him. And I know you are doing what you need to do for your family and situation. This isn't an unusual case either Boo, at least from my perspective. The issue may not always be same s3x attraction. It may be a host of different things that our children stray into that is in direct conflict of what we have believed and try to teach them. As a parent it can be very agonizing. I applaud Erin for her Faith and her continuing to attend Church meetings under the heartbreaking conditions you have described. It says more about her, (and also about her peers at Church) than anything else. I am so glad she has you for her Mom Boo. Prayers.


February 23, 2019 - Msg 111740: Wow, very hard to soak all of this in, as I was just thinking that I have now been 'on the porch' for 16 years with my first post in 2003. Boo had just had Erin and referred to her as her baby girl, and we 'watched' her grow up. In Billy's defense, in a way it does come back to the 'frog in the water' story,
as some years ago the 'movement' got a claw hold into the public schools, and in TV programs, etc, and that has supposedly made it more tolerable and aceptable as normal. The church is far from perfect, God knows my catholic church has been thru a lot, and now the SBC is dealing with similar issues, but because something like divorce is now 'accepted,' that
still does not make it 'right.' Boo, I know you and Bruce must be dealing with so much grief over this to have both your children involved. You have mentioned that Sean has said that he is not 'practicing' and that is very commendable.
St. Paul spoke of it in his letters, and he used the term 'practicing' as being the sinful part. We ALL are sinners and come short of God's glory. Barney's little faux paux of saying that sin was a good sermon topic was really right. We need to hear more about the commandments. May Jesus help us all. I can still recall how REV would end his posts with Jesus loves you. Amen to that.
Have a good Saturday and weekend. We will be thawing out here! :)

February 23, 2019 - Msg 111741: Amen to All

February 23, 2019 - Msg 111742: MDC, We watched some cactus leagues games on cable today. Good change to be able to watch some MLB on TV
. Right now the Angels are playing the Giants. I am sure it is a rerun of earlier today
because the sun is out and it looks real nice out there. The station said they will be showing 200 pre-season games.
Asa, I think I will put the rest of the weed and feed out tomorrow sometime because of the big rain storms heading this way. Just putting it out in the front yard. Then I can get rid of it all.
You all have a nice Sunday.

February 24, 2019 - Msg 111743: MESSAGE: MESSAGE: Good Sabbath all. I hope everyone is having a great day and a great weekend. MDC, How are your legs (or I guess it is a leg) doing? Healing up well I hope with minimal discomfort.
I have been so very nervous this past month to see how well the new insur@nce for Debbie is going to do. I am happy to report, so far, so good. When I retired I went to a COBRA thing with my insur@nce. To keep her on mine was cost prohibitive. So she found a supplement to her Medicaid that is very affordable and offers the best coverage for her specialty medications she takes through her port. The jury is still out on that stuff, but all of her regular pharmacy meds have been covered nicely.
I watched an interview last night with the three astronauts that flew on Apollo 8. It was done last year for a 50th year reunion. Just fascinating to hear the stories they told about that flight. Gosh, these fellers are in their 80's now, pushing 90, and yet they are still so very sharp and remember so very much. I was very much impressed that at one point, they all mentioned how big of a support their Wives had been back in the day. The hours and hours they had to spend in training and preparing, and the total immersion it required, yet these women supported them fully. The tribute these guys made to their Wives was really touching. Well off to preaching.
Going to Stacey and Matts Church today. Mariah is receiving a special Young Womans medallion for achieving certain goals as a young woman. She will be 13 next month. Mercy sakes, the years just fly by.
Prayers for all.


February 24, 2019 - Msg 111744: Sorry my message above was a little jumbled. The censor nailed me twice.


February 24, 2019 - Msg 111745: I finally am here in front of the computer and can comment. Asa, when I read your comment to me I was at work. I was feeling pretty low but after reading your response, I just sat there and cried. It felt like a burden lifted off my soul. Bless you, my brother. As I have said before, you have a gift for expressing godly love through words. Your words have brought comfort to my soul so many times. You just don't know. I think that you must be a soul who knows suffering because you exhibit so much grace, compassion, and understanding. I think about the bible's words about Jesus, describing him as a man of compassion, who knew grief well..a man of sorrows. He is compassionate because he understands the human condition.

Thank you also, MDC, for your never ending concern and prayers for my family. As you said, you have been there through all of it and your prayers have certainly helped to get us through. I cant thank you enough for that.

Now, let me say that I hope that I have not made Billy ray feel marginalized for his comments. I have no doubt that he is sincerely concerned and caring and it might not have been easy for him to share his thoughts on the subject. I never want to shut anyone down or make anyone feel badly for being caring and sharing their opinion. I always appreciate it, no matter if I always agree. So, thank you for sharing your thoughts, Billy Ray.

Well, today was a good day...a restful one for my family, as Sunday should be. The weather was perfection and Bruce and I had lunch, I took a wonderful nap, sat out on the porch swing..just got some needed R and R. Tomorrow its back to work again.

Be back when I can!


February 24, 2019 - Msg 111746: Boo...Here’s a short clip from my favorite movie...Along with everyone else’s encouragement hope you find comfort in this too..https://youtu.be/OnZg4txrQXQ.


February 25, 2019 - Msg 111747:
FRANKIE...200 baseball games?! Now that's a lot of hot dogs! ha Have fun watching at least a few of them.

Not much on broadcast TV today. I watched a little golf, but as ASA said last week, Tiger was all the talk and i just couldnt take that.
Same with the Oscars tonite, I watched a little bit, but i am just not as interested in them anymore. At least it appeared that everyone was fully clothed!

We had beautiful weather here today! About 65 and sunny. I was able to sweep up after our rains. It is so strange tho to see snow on the surrounding mountains here!

BOO-I'm glad you had a chance to just relax today. I sure hope things go better for you this week.

ASA...recovery going good except that one of the 8 sutures pulled out when I stretched my leg yesterday. Being on coumadin didnt help either, but all is well now,
all patched up! Monday I get another echocardiogram to see how the heart is doing, and on Tuesday I get an ultrasound of my leg to see how it is doing, so the beat goes on brother. ha
Happy to hear that the insur@nce stuation is going ok tho. What no obamacare? sorry, bad joke. :)

Well, everyone have a good week.

February 25, 2019 - Msg 111748: MESSAGE: FRANKIE...200 baseball games?! Now that's a lot of hot dogs! ha Have fun watching at least a few of them.

Not much on broadcast TV today. I watched a little golf, but as ASA said last week, Tiger was all the talk and i just couldnt take that.
Same with the Oscars tonite, I watched a little bit, but i am just not as interested in them anymore. At least it appeared that everyone was fully clothed!

We had beautiful weather here today! About 65 and sunny. I was able to sweep up after our rains. It is so strange tho to see snow on the surrounding mountains here!

BOO-I'm glad you had a chance to just relax today. I sure hope things go better for you this week.

ASA...recovery going good except that one of the 8 sutures pulled out when I stretched my leg yesterday. Being on coumadin didnt help either, but all is well now,
all patched up! Monday I get another echocardiogram to see how the heart is doing, and on Tuesday I get an ultrasound of my leg to see how it is doing, so the beat goes on brother. ha
Happy to hear that the insur@nce stuation is going ok tho. What no obamacare? sorry, bad joke. :)

Well, everyone have a good week.

February 25, 2019 - Msg 111749: OOPS! Sorry about the double post. Darn insur@nce censor! :)

February 25, 2019 - Msg 111750: Oh, ASA, one more thing, those early astronauts were literally flying by the seat of their pants! ha

February 25, 2019 - Msg 111751: MDC, Glad to hear you are doing good. Hope your test this next week go well. You take care.
I will have to go pick up some hot dogs for future games.

Asa,Those early astronauts were such brave men. When you think of all the test runs they took not knowing what would happen.

We got some heavy storms coming our way. I went up and did a little extra grocery shopping so I would be stocked up. I just don`t like going out in the bad weather.
Take care all,

February 25, 2019 - Msg 111752: Good morning all.
Gosh it is a warm 42 degrees on my porch this morning. All last week we were barely getting above freezing for afternoon highs. The weather guy is calling for much warmer temps all week. Finally!

Boo, Gosh, thank you for the kind words. You make me want to just blush. I feel as friends we should support each other whenever and however we can. You and others here have seen me through plenty of trials. I am very glad if there has been anything I have said that has helped you. I'm glad you had a restful Sabbath and got to recharge your batteries. That is essential for us all.

MDC and Frankie, the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions were something else, weren't they? I know there are a lot of folks who felt that all the money spent on the space program was such a waste. But I contend that the things we discovered and/or created to make these missions happen has been a huge benefit for mankind.

MDC, Have you discussed with your Doctor about any of the newer blood thinners on the market? I know there are at least two other products that do not require the close monitoring that coumadin does. Just a thought, but I suspect I'm not telling you anything new. :)

Well I just might venture out to the shop today and do some puttering around. I have a lot of organizing to do. Right now it looks like I took a Frank Myer interior decorating class and got an A plus. lol

Prayers for all.


February 25, 2019 - Msg 111753: Good Evening. Tonight's episode...oops, I've
been watching too much Alfred H lately. ha
All is going well. I had my heart echo today, and I told
the tech that I sleep better on exam tables now-a-days than I do in my own bed! ha
Tuesday they ultrasound my leg and remove the sutures. Sure am glad that all these offices are within a 5 mile radius of my home!
I also went to Costco today. That is always an adventure! I usually end up with a polish dog
before leaving as was the case today. I can only eat
so much chicken and fish! It reminds me of the M*A*S*H episode where all they got was liver and fish. "I've eaten a river of liver and an ocean of fish!" Which then leads to "we want something else" which then reminds me of "we will not sing!" haha So easily entertained.
I think I need to go watch Frankie's team play GF's team. Yup, that's the plan :)
ASA--oh yes, I have had the whole run down on other thinners, like Xeralto, but the side effects could fill the Library of Congress! I am good
with coumadin, very low dose, and my monthly number is always in range. The phleboto...flebo..., 'blood taker' knows me and she is
always very gentle with her sticks.
Also, regarding Apollo etc.,I think the space program brought us together as a nation. I can still remember watching
the moon landing like it was just 50 years ago! :)
Our Grand Canyon Park turns 100 this week, such an amazing wonder of God's handiwork.
SPOT--your new shop is shaping up. Saw your pic on FB.
Take care all,

February 26, 2019 - Msg 111754: MDC....”We Want Something Else!... We Want Something Else!”....That was a good episode.

My Tribal Guys Are off to a rocky start, but it IS only Spring Training!..Hopefully is not going to be the curse of “Chief Wahoo” since they benched him starting this year!..


February 26, 2019 - Msg 111755: Good morning all.

HA MDC, I love your train of thought. Much like my own. I just hope you don't heave your chicken dinner through the screen door. lol Glad everything looks good with your ticker. And you mentioned that your blood taker is a she.... What does SHE look like? Is the reason you prefer the coumadin have anything to do with your love of the weather? :) I was a bank guard you know? lol
I am really enjoying old Alfred H my own self. You see a lot of TAGS folks on there.
And I sure agree about the space program uniting the Country. For the most part. There was a small minority that was bellyaching about it though. Probably parents of all the snowflakes of today who say the moon landings were all fake. Personally I think there tin foil hats are too tight.

GF, See, your speaking of baseball takes me back to the episode of MASH where they speed through an entire year in one 30 minute episode. Winchester decided to start covering Klingers bets, and we all know how that ended up. lol

It's funny, but when it comes to TAGS, I like the early episodes the best by far. Not saying I don't enjoy the color eps, just not as much as the black and whites. Yet with MASH, I much prefer the later episodes over the early ones. I really enjoy Col. Potter and his wit and wisdom. And although someone like Winchester in real life I can't stand to be around, I really enjoy his presence on the show. Go figure? Kind of like Fraiser. In real life I can't stand pretentious and arrogant prigs like the two brothers, but for some reason I love them on tv. Maybe I need to see a head Doctor. :)

Boo, I hope all is well with Erin and Sean. I hope his new job works out.

And hope Romeena is doing ok and got her computer issues resolved.

I saw Henry Bennett on Bonanza yesterday. I don't think I have seen him anywhere other than TAGS until yesterday. And I saw the new Doctor on Alfred H. the other day. It took me a while to remember where I had seen him before.

On last nights podcast we found out the name of the actress we all refer to as "nice dress Nellie". Her name is Marvel. But that's all we got. I was hoping we might have learned more about her. I was surprised that this didn't seem to matter all that much to the folks in the chat room. I thought this was big news. Almost right up there with who played Mr. Schwump. Maybe Randy Turner can find out more about her. What do you think GF?

Well I meet with my tax man (actually it's a woman this year as my accountant has retired, I'll give you the run down on her on Thursday as to if she is Weather girl worthy) tomorrow. So I need to get all my stuff in order for her.

I hope and pray everyone has a great and safe day.


February 26, 2019 - Msg 111756: I think Mr. Schwamp was in the witness protection program is why we can’t find anything on him!...
As for “Nice dress Nellie” we have had that discussion before so it was not “New News” for some of us..

Asa, I too like the later episodes of MASH for the same reasons. Colonel Potter, BJ, Charles were great replacement choices. I’m not a big fan of Trapper or Henry. I thought with Frank, he was good but they just ran the coarse with his character and pulled the plug just in time....IMO


February 26, 2019 - Msg 111757: Yea GF, I thought they made Frank Burns look to foolish. I never understood that until I got older and discovered the folks in charge were quite politically engaged shall we say, and took it out on poor old Frank Burns.

So the reveal of NDN was not new news huh? I need to get out more. lol


February 26, 2019 - Msg 111758: Asa, good luck with the tax`s.
G-F, I have been watching a few spring games on TV. Been hoping to see the A`s. Seems like I see everyone except them.
It sure has been raining big time over here. We could break records for total rainfall for the year. At least we have been having a few days break in between storms.
Take care all,

February 27, 2019 - Msg 111759:
Frankie...I hope your rains put a bit of a damper on the drought there. Just so sorry to hear of the mudslides now.
ASA and SPOT, have you watched any of the "Fill in" football league, the AAF? I see that Salt Lake and Atlanta are 2 of the 8 teams. AZ is named the Hotshots in honor of the 19. Salt Lake beat us last week.
A quote from tonight's TAGS is by Thelma Lou "There you go throwing your education in my face."
ASA--listen to this on the way to the tax office... :)


God's blessings,

February 27, 2019 - Msg 111760: Afternoon all.
Frankie and MDC, the tax meeting went as well as expected. I sure felt like going on a rant like Barney did. Oh well. Frankie, we are getting a few little bits and pieces of the rain you have been getting. The temps are sure nice though.

MDC, I have not seen any of the new football yet. I need to keep an eye out for it. I saw we won our first game last weekend. Floyd showed a small clip of Betty Lynn on his podcast Monday night. Gosh, I guess she is about the last remaining regular. And she said she never was on contact. They would just call her in when they needed her for an episode. Hard to imagine that. She seems like a real sweet gal. I think GF has met her, ain't you GF?


February 27, 2019 - Msg 111761: Yep, I have several met her several times and Yes, she is a sweet person!..He autograph lines are long, mainly because she talks to each person as if they were the only one there!
A National Treasure!....👍


February 28, 2019 - Msg 111762: HI ALL, yet another chant, and from tonight's episode...
"We want a ghost story!" Aint no decent minded
web footed lake loon gonna pass that one by.! ha
Hope all is wel with everybody.
Today is the 4th anniversary of my dad's passing,
so I went out to the cemetery to say 'hey' to both mom and dad. Can't believe it has been that long, but I know they are both happy, so I'm good with that! :)
Our weather is back to 'normal' in the 70s, and nice and sunny.
Praying that all goes well in Vietnam, and that the mikes stop working in DC! :)

February 28, 2019 - Msg 111763: Wow! our rains have been kind of crazy. Two small towns around me have been flooding. Country roads are flooding over. The north of our town is in evacuation right now. Thank goodness we should have a two day break before the next storm. I was getting very nervous. We have not had rain like this since the 1998 flooding.

Betty Lynn seems like a very nice lady. I was watching a video of her a while back. She was on so many shows I always thought she was a regular on the show. Does seems strange that they would just call her when they needed her. Well I know one thing she got a lot of calls. I cant imagine Barney without her.

February 28, 2019 - Msg 111764: Morning all.

MDC, I think the funniest scene of that episode is the shot we see following Andy's story telling, when they show Gomer and Barney snuggled up so close to Andy, wide awake and scared half to death. lol Somewhat reminiscent of when the three of then enter into the Rimshaw's house and bend over to pick up the baseball. Wow, it is hard to believe it has been 4 years since your Dad passed. Now that you say that though, it has been 14 years this month since my Dad passed away.

Frankie, I hope you guys can dry out a bit. We are supposed to get hit with snow again this weekend. But we are supposed to hit the low 50's today.

The old Porch sure has been quiet lately. I guess everyone is busy with life.

Well I hope everyone has a great day.


February 28, 2019 - Msg 111765: Today’s Weather Report.... https://youtu.be/mNWZo0UjLNQ HVe a Great Day!...G-F

February 28, 2019 - Msg 111766: Hello to all. Been working a lot but have a day off tomorrow, thankfully. I work the weekend at Shoreline, though. The school nurse job has been good this week. Lots of sick stomachs and a couple of confirmed flu cases, but not much else. Sure hope this becomes a regular gig. The boss said she was getting positive feedback about me, so that's good. I am becoming fond of the kids and they are getting used to me but now the regular nurse is coming back on Monday. I am supposed to work a couple of days next week at the junior high and high school.

Not too much else to report. Sean is still doing well in the new job, learning to do auto inspections. He works for kind of a county bumpkin of a guy with his own auto shop. It is a very modest shop. Sean said he was very surprised today when a really lovely middle=aged woman, well-dressed and driving a new model Mercedes came into the shop and turned out to be the owner's wife. I think they are pretty opposite. Turns out she is the one handling the business end of things and issues the checks, etc. He said she seemed very nice.

Erin is doing fairly well. She did have one panic attack this week while at church service, but overall, things are better.

Bruce is working less this week, and actually borrowed a kayak from a friend to do some fishing this weekend. He is considering buying one since we live literally down the street from the bay and he could easily access good fishing. He wants to try one out first before making a purchase. Anyone have kayak experience?

Hope Romeena is doing ok. Would be great to hear from her soon.

Talk at you later.


PS- GF, thank you for that clip. :)

March 01, 2019 - Msg 111767: Asa, We had a dry day today. And should be dry tomorrow before another storm. At least it will be a regular storm and not a atmospheric river storm. Nice to see it dry out a bit.

G-F, I love the video of Don Knot`s weather man. I have never seen that video. Really made me laugh. He was such a good actor.

Boo, glad to hear things are doing well.

A big hello to the porch and everyone have a nice evening.

March 01, 2019 - Msg 111768:
BOO--good to see you posting.
Sounds like things are pretty good there right now,
so glad to hear. I did some kayaking in Washington State about 20 years ago. All I can say is I'm glad i had a lifejacket on as the darn thing
turned over!!
ROMEENA? You doing OK girl. I got a couple of your general emails recently. Please check in on the porch
when you can. :)
Last night I went to close the drapes on the french doors that we have in the den, and the darn
drawstring broke. Went to the Ace a few blocks from our house this AM and got a new length of cord, but then the "fun" started. It is a 'double draw' where each side meets in the middle
and I just could not figure it out. A youtube video helped a little, but not much. Then I remembered an old Readers Digest "Fix it Yourself" book that I bought back in the 70s. Sure enough, it had a diagram of how to thread it. Got it done, rehung, and working! woohoo.

Now I have to figure out why my Chevy truck has started to shimmy in the front when I get to about 65 mph.
I had the tires balanced and an alignment done. hmmm
No more vein work until the 8th. Doc has an emergency surgery tomorrow.
Happy March!

March 01, 2019 - Msg 111769: Frankie, you sneaked in there! I have seen the flooding on the news, so sad to see. Hope all is well
in your area. Sounds like it.

March 01, 2019 - Msg 111770: MDC....In my best Gomer voice...”It’s Your Shocks!”...Lol....G-F

March 01, 2019 - Msg 111771: Good morning all.

LOL GF, You posted it before me. I was gonna tell MDC the same thing about it being his shocks. Great minds buddy. I just hope his steering column doesn't come poking him in the face. :)
MDC, Don't it just make your day when you can be so resourceful like repairing those blinds? I know it does me good.

Frankie, I just saw on our local news about a young woman who was from Utah got buried in a landslide on a beach near San Francisco because of all the wet weather. Very sad. We have problems every year with avalanches, but it is always snow. It almost always comes from skiers or snow mobiles riding in areas they shouldn't be in. Often the Highway Dept. will close down a canyon while they shoot artillery into the hillsides to bring any potential slides down so cars don't get caught in them. Now that would be a fun job. :) I hope you all can dry out.

Boo, So good to see you posting girl. I have never kayaked so I can't offer much help. I wouldn't think you could fish very well off a kayak though. They seem a bit unstable to me for that. But what do I know. I'm glad Sean is doing well with the job and that Erin is doing a little better.

I hope Romeena can get her computer working better so she can join us again. We miss her wisdom.

GF, I have always loved that nervous weatherman skit. Here is another of his classics I'm sure you have seen before.


March 01, 2019 - Msg 111772:
HELLO ALL! Cute, I liked the shocks remarks! I looked on youtube today about my truck, and apparently it is somewhat common for them to do that, even has a name...Chevy shake!
Could be several things...warped rotors or stuck caliper, drive shaft not true, front bearings needing repack even tho they are 'sealed,' or a bad torsion bar or tie rod. so I guess
i'll take it to the dealership and have them give it a look see.
I was thinking about TAGS use of words for liquor, such as moonshine, booze and hooch. I wonder how in the world those words came about? I can understand 'firewater' as it kinda burns going down (so I have heard! ha),
but not sure of the others. Maybe Johnny Paul will know. :)
BOO--I hope you are not working too hard. Could you ask Sean if he has ever heard of chevy shake? Thanks. Still praying for ya all.
Happy weekend,

March 01, 2019 - Msg 111773: Hello Porch, Doing OK over here. At least we are getting breaks in between the rain storms which really helps.
I finally got my shingles booster shot today. There was a national shortage and was not sure if I would get it in time. First they said come back in two months. Then they said as long as you get it within six months. I was about a week out from six months and got the call today. Wow! that was close and glad that is all over with.
Asa, enjoyed watching the clip on Barney.

March 02, 2019 - Msg 111774: MDC....All ya have to do Buddy is put this on while you drive your truck.... https://youtu.be/4sLmVEGlbOY !
All your problems will just go away!...lol


March 02, 2019 - Msg 111775: Good morning, porch. Please forgive my absences, I'm okay, it's just that I'm still struggling with this new computer (especially the keyboard, which I'm going to replace) and it just wears me out. I've finally gotten the display set up so it's comfortable for me - bigger print, specifically. The default is so tiny I have to lean forward and squint to read it, and I have 20/20 vision. I do need to clarify that it's not actually the machine that's the problem, other than the keyboard. It's the new versions of my old favorite programs, and I don't much care for Windows 10, either. I need another link-up session with my compute guru, Bruce, to iron out some glitches, but he's not available right now. Oh well, it will all work out in time. Meanwhile, I need to replace this little toy keyboard.

I'm very happy to say that I'm breathing much better than I was. I may not even continue to pursue getting that "traveling O2" - we'll see. I do still use O2 here at home, since it's here, paid for, and does make my O2 saturation much better. When I'm away from it, my O2sat used to go down into the 80s, which is not acceptable and I feel frantically short of breath. These days, with the improvement that has come in my breathing, it only goes down to about 92, and while that doesn't permit any real exertion, it's acceptable for most mild activity. I can grocery shop, for example. Also, I went and played bunco last night with my friends and had a lot of fun, didn't get short of breath at all. So, things are looking up. Now if my hearing would just come back....

Now, enough about me. How's everyone else doing? Frankie,I hope you haven't washed away. MDC, how are the vein surgeries going? I think you're going to feel much better when that's all finished. Boo, my heart breaks for the kids. They're such good kids, both of them - well, they're really young adults now, especially Sean. I hope their road gets a little smoother very soon. Asa, I pray for you and Debbie, for comfort for her, for patience and strength, and especially for joy and happy moments for you both. Spot, I wish I lived close enough to get some big old green tomatoes from you when they start to bear. I love fried green tomatoes, it's very hard to find them in the grocery stores, and while you can get them at the little farmer's markets, you have to get there before the roosters wake up, or they're all gone.

Well, guess I'll go feed my little friend, and maybe find something for myself. Blessings, everyone --Romeen

March 03, 2019 - Msg 111776:
BOO--I was watching a PBS show today called Feel Better Fast, and Make it Last. The doctor who was speaking said that anyone with panic attacks should get a brain scan done. His own nephew was acting strange and having panic attacks, and a brain scan discovered a cyst in his brain.
Once it wsa drained he went back to normal.
He also said that daily fish oil, multivitamin and vitamin D can do wonders to help.
Here is a link to his book. It might help Erin.
ROMEENA--good to see your post. My left leg is half done. It was so bad he has to do it in two stages. Then the following week will be the right leg. Then some recovery time. Ahhh...aint getting old Grand! ha Regarding the computer keyboard, do you have a Staples nearby. They have the full size ones.
ASA--I saw Mr. Maxwell, Mayberry's music man on Alfred the other night! And some other tags
stand ins on Bonanza today.
I hope everyone else is doing well. Good Sabbath to all! Jesus loves you,
MDC :)

March 03, 2019 - Msg 111777: Romeena, Nice to see you and happy to hear your breathing is doing better. Still doing OK here but have more storms on the way.
MDC, Hope all is well with the legs.

You all have a Blessed Sunday.

March 03, 2019 - Msg 111778: Good Sabbath all.

Hey Romeena, so happy to see you posting and to read you are breathing better. That makes me happy. And thank you for your prayers on our behalf. They are felt and appreciated for sure. You are always in our prayers.

MDC, There are a lot of TAGS folks on Alfred, aren't there. I saw Ernest T. Bass on a Wanted, Dead or Alive episode yesterday. And I saw Briscoe as a Sheriff on Bonanza the other day. I don't have a clue what happened to Roy Coffee. lol Prayers for your leg situation. (that sounds weird, but you know what I mean lol)

Frankie, I sure hope your next round of rain storms are not to bad. You mentioned getting a shingles booster shot. I wasn't aware you needed boosters shots for shingles. I received one shingles shot a couple of years ago. No one said anything about a booster. I better follow up on that.

Well we seem to have shifted into the spring storm mode here finally. And I love it. Yesterday we had a series of storm squalls move in. They roll in and it starts snowing very hard. Big fat flakes. And then 5 minutes later it's done and the sun is out, bright and beautiful. And then an hour later here comes another storm. I love to find somewhere to park my car in the foothills and watch these things roll in off the lake. Just spectacular to watch, and quite enlightening. It's kind of like life. We can have a major storm hit our lives, and all seems to be lost, but eventually the storm ends, and the sun returns, and all is well. :) That's my sermon for the day.


March 03, 2019 - Msg 111779: Well hello gang ! Good Sunday ! Gosh been trying to get my new shop built ! Got lots of reading to do here ! All good at the dog house ! Prayers to all. SPOT

March 03, 2019 - Msg 111780: MDC, I have thought about that. I have seen similar videos about the science of head injuries and am wondering if Erin could have suffered an injury while playing basketball..I am wondering if insur@nce will pay for a scan in such a case. Things are getting worse with her in some ways. Now she is having recurrent nightmares nightly so she doesn't really rest day or night. It is getting scary.

So good to hear from you, Romeena, and to hear that you are less short of breath. Thank God for that.

We got rid of cable this week and now just have Netflix so I have been watching more TAGS and spotting more bloopers. I need to write them down so I can share them here.

Well, I got a paycheck on Friday so that's good. I heard last night that the bank forclosed on the loan so it now owns the facility, so that should secure our paychecks. It is supposed to be auctioned again on Tuesday and I think the bank may be willing to settle for much less than the loan in order to get something back. We will see. Our fulltime evening nurse quit without notice on Friday night. She got so stressed out she was having chest pain and just had enough. My boss leaves this am for Europe so that leaves the rest of us (few) holding the bag. I will be working extra evenings to cover. It will be good money if I get paid. Lol.

Well, speaking of work, I had better get ready to go. I have to go in early today. Hope you all have a terrific Sunday!


March 03, 2019 - Msg 111781: SPOT, glad to hear your shop is coming along...Ya know a guy NEVER has enough shop space, and by the time it’s build you’ve already outgrown it...lol Amen Asa?

Romeena, glad to see your post, it’s good you’re air therapy is helping you. To bad that portable air thing is so expensive!..
Maybe check with Wally, air is ALWAYS Free at Wally’s station ya know...lol

Asa...Ain’t it GREAT when we get to the point in our lives where we can just sit back an enjoy all Gods Gifts?
Hopefully soon I can get back to my porch rocking and my morning critter entertainment....I got a bag of peanuts 🥜 yesterday to try to “woo” my squirrels from their winter nests. But with ALL the acorns from my trees, I think they are already good to go!....


March 03, 2019 - Msg 111782: "...at the end of the storm is a golden sky..." (:

March 03, 2019 - Msg 111783: AMEN X4 GF. If you build it, they will come! (I speak of tools) lol A co-worker of mine a few years back was extending the roof line on a small out building. I tried and tried telling him to extend further, but he said he didn't that much room. Well he hadn't been in it for more than a couple of months when he was saying he sure wished he had gone bigger. lol
And yessir, it is nice to step back and smell the roses. I went out last week and spent a couple of hours carefully pruning my peach tree. I didn't have to rush through it like I always have had to do in past years because of time constraints. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that. :)

Boo, I am sorry that Erins situation is getting worse. I wish I had something to offer you that might help. Prayers is all I have dear, but you have them. I'm glad you got paid and hope the checks continue. I look forward to reading your TAGS bloopers list.

Speaking of getting paid, I thought I was supposed to get my first pension check back on Feb. 1st. Well it didn't happen because they were still "processing" it. They promised it would be March 1st. Well Friday was March 1st and when I checked my account on line, whamo, there were two months of payment there. And I was shocked at the amount. More than I had figured for sure. Thank you Lord!

MDC, I was just watching a Bonanza I DVR'd last week and it was a TAGS alumni reunion show I think. I think I counted 6 TAGS folks on it. The big feller who was visiting the Bookie Barber got in a fist fight with Hoss. Hoss eventually won (of course) but it was a pretty good fight there for a while.

Well we had a good lesson in Sunday School today. It was about the Sermon on the Mount. Always one of my favorite subjects. Our instructor wrote down a long list of all the things that Jesus spoke on in that sermon, and then she asked us all to pick one subject, and to share our thoughts on it and what it meant to us. Pretty good class and it wasn't dry as dust neither.

Well I think I'll go see if I can find Leonard Blush on the radio. Good old Leonard Blush! Yep, that's the plan. Listen to Leonard Blush!


March 03, 2019 - Msg 111784:
BOO--with what you said about Erin getting worse, PLEASE look into the scan ASAP! This may be the sign from the Lord
I have been praying for. I also pray that insur@nce will say OK! :)

March 03, 2019 - Msg 111785:
ASA--I saw that Bonanza! the one with the guy named the weasel? and one of the county nurses? Of course a love interest for little Joe too. Is that the one? Always have liked Bonanza.

March 03, 2019 - Msg 111786: Asa, You will have to check with your Dr. on the booster. The shoots they gave some time back they never said anything about boosters. The shots they are giving out now they recommend boosters.

We have been watching a boy`s choral on PBS at the Basilica in Washington DC. Singing so beautiful and church hymens. Some of the best singing I have heard in a long time. There music is great!

March 03, 2019 - Msg 111787: Boys Choir

March 04, 2019 - Msg 111788: Good morning all.

Yep MDC, I think it was the same episode. Along with barber feller I mentioned, there was:
the blonde Nurse Mary
The Preacher who was visiting when Aunt Bee was sporting the wig
The feller who ran the printing press when Goober ran the contest
Another feller who used to hang out at the barber shop a lot. (Don't know if he had a character name) I was just waiting for Barney to show up and arrest them all for illegal assemblage or some such thing. :)

A very sad story on the news this morning. In a nearby town, a 4 year old boy, who loves dogs, had put a sock on his hand and slid his hand under the back fence to play with the neighbors two dogs. The dogs went after his hand and did enough damage that they had to amputate his hand. The neighbors said that there dogs had never been aggressive before, and are quite saddened about what happened. I suspect they will have the dogs put down, but who knows. Very sad story.

Frankie, I guess I better check with my Doctor about that shot. My name ain't Rafe! lol I just hope they don't bend the needle trying to poke it into my muscular arm don't you know. :)

Well off to do some housework. I hope everyone has a great day.