March 24, 2019 - Msg 111924: Here is the one I watched last night if you're interested.


March 24, 2019 - Msg 111925: Oh, I'll sweep up. It's the least I can do. :)


March 24, 2019 - Msg 111926: Mornin' Dears!

I stayed home from church this morning but watched it online. It doesn't feel the same but am so glad to be able to still worship. I can turn the music down. Haha!

Asa - Nice job sweeping! I too use the crockpot more during the summer but we cannot grill where we live. We are contemplating buying a tabletop convection oven/air fryer. It's bigger than a toaster oven but smaller than a regular oven. We are thinking that we could save money on the air conditioning bill by not heating the big oven up.
MDC - Happy Belated Birthday to the Mrs! I hope y'all had a great day! I watched the new Mary Poppins last night and though it was entertaining (and much better than many movies out now) you are right that it is not nearly as good as the original.
Maude - I hope Mr. Maude finds something soon!
Boo - Besides prayer, is there anything else we can do? And I agree with everyone else...depend on Jesus and turn on TAGS when possible! I think everyone has the run away syndrome when things get tough. I hope that the changes that are needed are made at work!
G-F- What types of shows does Karen do?
Romeena - How is Barbara? How awful for John.
Spot - Are you getting your garden planted in this gorgeous weather?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sabbath and week ahead!


March 24, 2019 - Msg 111927: Lucy, she does some shows telling stories of being a Don Knotts daughter, some she does a combination of her and her fathers type of comedy. She does one featuring her quirky type of humor and costuming...I think she is trying to honor her fathers legacy and trying to find he own nitch in the business, which I’m SURE is a difficult thing to do...
Here’s a video of one.


March 24, 2019 - Msg 111928: ...Asa....SPOILER ALERT!!...You MAY NOT want to click on the link since you are seeing her tomorrow...

March 25, 2019 - Msg 111929: Hello Porch
Nice sweep Asa
Mom is on Hospice now and they sure have been a blessing and helping me. Mom has been to weak to get up the last three days. Not sure if she will be able to get up anymore. I have been taking my laptop in her room and hooking it up to her TV so we could watch the Daily Mass together. Been trying to keep her as comfortable as I can. Just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone.

March 25, 2019 - Msg 111930:
FRankie, thank you for checking in. What a blessing...daily church service for her.
Sounds like her transition to the other side of the Jordan is near. Prayers indeed for you both.
ASA--I watched some of that video just now.
My goodness, those early computers had to make precise engine burns. (And RO thought
her keyboard was hard to work with!) Amazing!
A very good day today. I did my AZ taxes, so now both Fed and state are done!
This is the first time, tho, in my 50 some years of tax forms that the "Wages, Salaries, & Tips" line was a zero!
Lucy, thanks for dropping by. Always good to hear from you.
RO--how did the new preacher do?
Happy springtime,

March 25, 2019 - Msg 111931: Good morning all.

Frankie, thanks for checking in. I'm sorry to read about your Mom, but I'm glad you got Hospice involved. They were a tremendous help to us when I was going through with my Dad what you are going through with your Mom. You are in my prayers for sure.

Well GF, It looks like I will not be going to Karen Knotts show tonight. Stacey is unable to make it, and everyone else is busy. I just hate going to things like that alone. Bums me out because I really wanted to see it. We never get much stuff like that around here. Oh well, such is life.

Great to see you posting Lucy. I do hope all is well with you and your family.

Big Maude, I keep praying that something will become available for your husband. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this struggle. It has to be frustrating for sure.

Romeena, my prayers continue for Barbara and John. That is such an awful thing they have been handed. I hope you had a nice visit with your visiting family.

I have my two youngest grand kids coming over this morning for a spell. Allison and Charlotte. They are so darn cute. 5 and 3. Well Seth is the youngest, but he isn't staying. :)

I hope everyone has a great day and a great week.


March 25, 2019 - Msg 111932: Well Asa...It’s Ok to watch the video then...Sorry Buddy you cannot make the show, but this video at least let’s you get the jest of what she does in her show....

Continued prayers Frankie...Hospice does a great job for both the patient and the family during these hard times.

Continued prayers for everyone who is struggling right now, the sticks are bundled up for sure!...


March 25, 2019 - Msg 111933: Good afternoon, porch! It's a beautiful, blue and gold day here on my end of the porch, after a big old rainstorm last night. Can't ask for more than that!

I just spoke with Barbara's daughter by phone. Barbara is still intubated. She is not fully conscious, but does open her eyes, and will at times look toward someone who speaks to her. She moves all extremities, frequently. She now has pneumonia (not surprising, with the intubation in place - the tube is a perfect highway for bacteria to travel from the mouth to the lungs) but they're treating for that. The plan is to remove the tube and put in a trach tube. It's a lot cleaner, and is much more comfortable for the patient.

John is still pretty much a mess. I learned that the police treated the house as a possible crime scene, and processed it thoroughly, but found nothing. It does appear that someone came up behind her on the porch and struck her before she even got the front door unlocked. Apparently, after hitting her, they ran, because no other harm was done to her. Thank God for that. I told her daughter about this porch, and that people from all over the country are praying for her mom. She was very moved, and very grateful.

Now I have another prayer need. My grandson, Hudson - our young piano and bassoon player - has been running a high fever since Friday. It has been as high as 104.6, and is now hanging around 100-101. He has been to the ER, had blood tests and a chest x-ray, and sent home. His white blood count is normal, so that rules out bacterial infection. They think it's a viral meningitis, no treatment for that, it just runs its course and makes you miserable as it does. If he's not better by tomorrow, they may do a spinal tap, just to be sure it's not bacterial, but the normal white count pretty much rules that out anyway. His mom has learned that a friend of his had viral meningitis about three weeks ago, so apparently it's present in their school community. Poor kid has really been miserable.

The Orkin man will be here again in a little while. I'm still seeing evidence of a rat in the garage. Asa, you asked a while back about the electronic devices to scare them away, and I never responded. I do have one, it sits on the garage floor, aimed beneath my car, and still they get in the car. They don't seem at all impressed by the device. I thought we had gotten the last one with one of Orkin's traps, but last Friday, I moved that trash bag and found the newly-constructed nest, so I know there's at least one more out there. He is not long for this world!

Well, guess I'll go scare up a little lunch. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

March 25, 2019 - Msg 111934: I checked in to see if you had posted an update on Hudson, Ro. I have been following Brittany's post on facebook but hadn't seen anything new. Poor boy must feel pretty miserable. I suspected viral meningitis when she mentioned him vomiting, but certainly didn't want to scare Brittany by saying as much. Those nasty viruses have caused me many gray hairs, I am sure. I used to worry so much about Sean when he was little. He would get a virus and his temps would shoot up for days and days. Praying for Hudson's full recovery very soon.

Poor Barbara and John! What a terrible thing. May the Lord work all of this out through his grace and bring physical and emotional healing.

I had a good weekend at Shoreline and our new nurse showed up to work saying that she had taken a migraine pill and muscle relaxer on Friday and didn't wake up till Saturday morning, hence she didn't show up for work. I think it is strange that she didn't call and let someone know the next morning, if her story is true. Never the less, I was very happy to see her come into work on Saturday. I heard through the grapevine that he company who bought shoreline is one that buys, fixes up, and then sells businesses. It will be interesting to see what happens. I work at the high school and junior high tomorrow so that should be easy.

Things are going fairly well here at home today. I am feeling a mild anxiety and depression but certainly better than it had been. Thank you again for your prayers.


March 26, 2019 - Msg 111935:
"I can do all thing thru Christ who strengthens me." Another one for you Boo. Hang in there.
Just a quick hello tonight. We planted more flowers today. The new raised beds are now almost full!
Prayers for all

March 26, 2019 - Msg 111936: Good morning all.

Romeena, I am so sorry to read that about Hudson. I am honored to pray in his behalf indeed. Poor fellow. And my continued prayers for Barbara and John. What a terrible thing to have happen.

Boo, I'm glad things have at least somewhat improved for you. Both at home and at work. Is Sean still enjoying his new job?

MDC, Maybe you can hire Mr. Wheeler to come spray those flowers in a few weeks. That is if you have a spare bedroom. lol Speaking of Mr. Wheeler, he was the subject on last nights podcast on Mayberry history. Mr. Wheeler was in real life a Dentist, if you can imagine that. In fact both he and his Wife were Dentists. Someone posted in the chat room that he had soft hands for a Dentist. That had me rolling. What do thing GF, Would you let him come close to your mouth with a drill? :)

I stumbled across this little gem this morning and thought you might enjoy it if you haven't already heard it.


March 26, 2019 - Msg 111937: Asa..Nice link! Last nights podcast about Mr. Wheeler being a Dentist got me to thinking about the Tim Conway skit G-F

March 26, 2019 - Msg 111938: Speaking of Tim Conway...I was at this event where he told this story...He had us cracking up!...He was SO on that day, here’s the link Enjoy...

G-F ...Again

March 26, 2019 - Msg 111939: Good morning, friends - and good news. Brittney just texted me that Hudson's fever is gone this morning, and he's feeling a little better. We're pretty sure he had a viral meningitis, it has run its course, and he'll be fine.

Basically no change with Barbara. She's not fully comatose, but not functionally responsive either. This is going to be a long road, I'm thinking. Thank you all so much for your prayers, both for Hudson and still for Barbara. Like someone so truthfully said - when prayer is all you have, prayer is all you need.

Boo, that new nurse's story could be true, but it sounds a bit fishy to me. Like you said, why didn't she call in when she finally woke up? I guess time will tell, whether she's worth her paycheck or not. I pray the new owners of the place will really fix it up nice, someone with a heart for such a place will buy it and run it, and all will be well.

Eddie and his helper, Tommy, are here today. They're going to get started on my back yard, to try to restore the lawn. I think I told you that due to a fungus and an invasion of chinch bugs, I lost my lawn out back at the end of last summer, and part of the front was affected, but we stopped it pretty fast. Now in about 2/3 of the back, there's nothing but bare dirt and weeds. Eddie is going to mow it down very close, then dig up the larger clumps of weeds. He'll bring in a small pallet of St. Augustine blocks, cut the blocks into about 8" pieces, and set a block into the divots where he has dug out a weed clump. Once that's done, he'll spread about a half inch of good landscaper soil over the whole thing, and then it will be my job to water it gently twice a day until it takes hold. The St. Augustine will spread, and will eventually choke out any remaining weeds. At least, that's the plan!

Well, guess I'll go find some lunch. I think I have some leftover Thai take-out in the fridge, and it's so good! I love Thai food! Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

March 26, 2019 - Msg 111940: Romeena, So glad to read that Hudson is doing better. That has to be a relief for you all. I wish the news on Barbara was better. Prayers continue.

GF, Great clips. Tim Conway has one of those faces you just look at and start laughing, don't he? Chevy Chase is the same way. J was thinking Harvey was gonna have himself an accident in that Dentists chair. lol


March 27, 2019 - Msg 111941:
HI Porch folks...nice day here today, about 81.
Ran errands and even got a bike ride in just before sunset. My goodness, I gotta tell ya, with my new heart valves, and now leg veins that are actually pullin the blood back up like they should I felt like a kid with a paper route again! Back in the day Phx had an afternoon paper,
and my route was about 60 papers. Got home from school, hop on my bike, then fill up my bags, and off to deliver. It was my first job, and I was just ELEVEN years old! Just as RO's horse was her 'getaway,' mine was my bike! I knew every nook and cranny of our neighborhood for about two miles in each direction. "Collecting" was the worst part of the job, customers would get way behind, but as a whole it taught me
early on about such things in life.

Tonight's ep was poor Emma and her pills. She was a really good actress, perfect for the part.

RO, I sure am praying my best for Barbara. Whoever did this will have to answer to the Lord someday.
As for your lawn, yes, I have had dreaded cinch bug issues in the past. Not fun.
ASA--I really liked the Paul Harvey on youtube. What a great guy he was.
GF--Yours too, Tim is a gem.
You two may remember that we got a new AC unit about 3 years ago, well they finally figured out how to
get our 2 stage compressor to work! Should save us a lot this summer.

March 27, 2019 - Msg 111942: A lot of good memories...

MDC :)

March 27, 2019 - Msg 111943: MDC...That boy has a good arm 💪🏻....G-F

March 27, 2019 - Msg 111944: Good morning all.
Yea MDC, I agree with GF. I loved the English he had with that first paper he heaved. Curved that sucker right up on the porch. I grew up out in the country so our papers were delivered by car. But when I was in my later 20's, I took on a part time job delivering bundles of papers to the carriers on weekends. But the pay was a joke and the hours terrible. So I only did it one summer. When winter arrived, I split!
I thought Cheerio Meredith was great too. I wish her and Mayor Pike both had been in more episodes. And I always wished that Henry Wheeler had become a regular on the show. Heck, he could have been the town dentist. lol

Well tomorrow is Debbies birthday so I need to run to the store and get the fixins for a cake. As bad a cook as I am, I seem to do better with baking than you might think. I think it's because you have to be precise with your ingredients, then put it in the oven and let it do its thing. I find I get into trouble in the kitchen when I am trying to bring a meal together. Trying to time it out so all components of the dinner are ready at the same time. It usually ends up a mess. lol

Well I'm off.
Prayers for all.


March 27, 2019 - Msg 111945: Well Asa, I too had to dust off my tools today. Our dryer broke and I “Stuck it to The Man” and fixed it myself.
Saved $122.00 in the process!...Always feels good when us Old School Guys can strike a blow again those YouTube Wonders and fix things with good Old Repairman Moxie!

*But I won’t say 🤫contorting myself in those tight places is as easy as it use be...10-4?..Now, Can You Say,”Wheelertime?”


March 27, 2019 - Msg 111946: Good evening, porch. It's been a busy day. Eddie and Tommy were here again today, this time tilling up the worst weedy areas of the yard, raking it smooth, then digging divots in the dirt and setting 8" blocks of St. Augustine in the hollows. This lawn repair is a first for me. When we moved in here in October of 1973, there was no grass. None. We bought enough St. Augustine to sod the front yard solid, but in the back, which is 75'x66', we just set little 4" blocks in hollows in the dirt about every three feet and kept it watered. It spread a little in October and November, stopped and turned a little brown in December, January and February, and in March it took off like gangbusters. By the end of the summer, we had a solid, deep, lush lawn of St. Augustine that looked like it had been there for years. Since then, all we've done is mow and water, and put dry molasses, corn gluten meal, and horticultural cornmeal on it. In 46 years, I've had a beautiful lawn, until the end of last summer. I will not allow that to happen again. Eddie is to report to me any little sign of the decline that he sees, and we'll be on it like ugly on an ape. Also, I'll be patrolling the yard myself, and if I see any indication of the blight that hit last year, it will be treated immediately.

Hudson is much better, the doctor now says it was a viral meningitis, which usually runs 7-10 days, and he's on day 8, so he should be about done with it. Poor kid. I'll be glad when he can get back to school. The band members are calling him and urging him to get well. They have a statewide competition to enter, and they need him. As for his grades, his counselor just laughed when Brittney called to see about getting his assignments to work on at home. She said he'll be caught up before the end of his first day back, so just let him rest. She's right. The kid is in all advanced placement classes, and makes straight A's. On the standardized tests they took, he was #2 in their district on one test, and first on another. He never cracks a book, never studies, just retains what is taught, skims over the reading assignments, and that's it. His brother also makes straight A's, with an occasional B+, but he has to work for it. He graduates in May, and I just can't believe it. Where did our little boys go?

To answer the question that was asked earlier - we did vote to call the young candidate as our pastor. He's just 28, and that scared a few folks I guess, but still he got 97% to accept. He will be our new Senior Pastor. That's Senior in rank, not "pastor to seniors." We also have an Executive Pastor (about age 60) who handles the business of the church, and of course, several other pastors, to singles, youth, missions, etc. I liked him very much. He's coming from Alabama, and I was hoping to get to revel in a sweet southern accent, but he doesn't have one. It may be that he hasn't been in Alabama forever. I don't know where he grew up. They have a 2 year old son, adopted from India, who has been theirs for eight months. They will welcome their own birth child in May, so they won't be moving here until after that baby is born. He may visit back and forth, but the actual move and taking control will be in May. We've waited and prayed, and I have no reason to believe other than that this is the man God chose for us, and I intend to welcome him and cooperate with and encourage him as much as I possibly can.

Well, time for a little supper. I think I'll see what the fridge has to offer. I can usually resurrect something out of there. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

March 28, 2019 - Msg 111947:
Good evening all!
Hey GF- did you pull a Tim Allen and hook up a jet engine to that dryer? The clothes would be against that drum wall pulling about 5 Gs! ha
ASA and GF and Spotty, one thing I forgot to mention about all my hospital visits is how I noticed that each
receptacle was clearly marked with label tape, such as PNL 2, CIR 36.
That way a maintenance worker could go right to the correct panel and circuit breaker. I also learned that all the outlets with red cover plates are ones that are hooked up to the back-up generators. When you lay around
hospital rooms as much as I have lately ya get curious about such things. lol

Friday we're heading up to northern AZ for a couple days. Just want a
change of scenery and get out of town for a bit.

RO--I sure hope the new pastor is a good one. Sounds like he was vetted pretty good. As someone mentioned last week, maybe some young blood will be just the ticket for your congregation.
Also, so glad Hudson will soon be back in 'bassoon form.' :)

ASA--I think Edgar Buchannan was too busy doing various character acting roles than to be a tags 'reglar. I see him on a lot of old
westerns of the same time period. For a while he was the doc on
The Rifleman. He distributed pills from time to time, but I always thought pills were a 20th century, so i looked it up, and the first ones were mass produced in the 1850s. Up until then patients were given
'powders' like when Andy got some sulfa powder for Barney's finger.

Well, ya all have a good day.

March 28, 2019 - Msg 111948:
PS: I think Johnny Snell went on to become a
pitcher for the Cleveland Indians! ha

March 28, 2019 - Msg 111949: Happy “Opening Day” Crank it Up!....⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

March 28, 2019 - Msg 111950: Good opening day everybody!
GF, I hear you concerning the contortion concern. We seasoned fellers just don't bend like we used to. And I find myself, if I need to be laying down to work on something, deciding to take a little break while I am in this position, what's wrong with that?

MDC, Yes, labeling those outlets are a real time saver when you are troubleshooting. 10-4 GF? And the red outlets for emergency power is code in the NEC. That is essential for Hospital Personnel to see at a glance in the event of an outage where power is available.
What is the time frame of the Rifleman set in?
You asked me a while back where my retiring co-worker was moving to in Arizona? He is looking at the Mesa area. I guess that is just on the outskirts of Phoenix, is that correct? Anyway he is pretty excited. His last day will be in June. His wife just retired about 2 years ago, but was just diagnosed with cancer. But her Doctor feels confident that they can get it all removed in surgery next month.

Romeena, Glad Hudson is on the mend. He sounds like a remarkable young man.

Guess I better go try my hand at baking a cake for my sweetheart today. I will start by making sure my fire suppression systems are good to go. lol


March 29, 2019 - Msg 111951:
ASA, the Rifleman is set in the New Mexico territory in the 1880s. In one ep Lucus refers to the Civil War as ending some 16 years ago.
Mesa is the town just to the east of Tempe! The towns all 'run together' here like LA. Cross over one main street and you've gone from Mesa and into Tempe. (and Tempe is just east of Phx.)
I will be praying for your friend's wife, so sorry.

BOO--how are things going these days? I guess you have been working
at the schools.

RO--did the rat traps work?

GF--always fun to have opening day! That clip reminded me how
the president would always throw out the opening pitch.
As for my paper route days, I also always had my little 6 transistor radio with me
to listen to the daytime ball games! :)

New grass on the field...

March 29, 2019 - Msg 111952: Oh, ASA Happy Birthday to Debbie!!!

March 29, 2019 - Msg 111953: Good morning, porch! Gray and overcast here today, but not cold. It's the kind of day that newly-sprouted growing things need now and then. No punishing sun, but plenty of light and warmth. They need the sun too, but it's most helpful when the new sprouts have gained a little toughness. I guess it's like little newborn anythings need protection and tender care before they have to meet the realities of life.

Toye Starr is still having her little wreck-ups, as often as two or three times a day. She seems to just fall over and then lays there screaming. I pick her up, she's limp as a dishrag, but she stops crying as soon as I pick her up. I hold her and comfort her for a few minutes, then put her on the floor, and she goes trotting away as though nothing had happened. I'm not convinced it's a displaced kneecap. We have an appointment next week with her vet. I couldn't take her in sooner, because he's been in the hospital having knee surgery himself, and I didn't want to take her to a stranger. Mike has known her since she was a baby, he did her spay when she was five months old. So, meantime I just run and pick her up when I hear her cry, poor little thing.

Oh yes, a very, very Happy Birthday to Debbie. Though we haven't met, Debbie, we all feel we know you through the sweet and loving things that Asa has said about you here on the porch. He thinks you're the cats, so naturally, we think so, too! Have a great day!

Eddie and Tommy did a fine job of putting the grass plugs out in the back yard. Eddie tilled up the bad areas, then they went through and raked out the weeds that had come up. Next, with a hoe, they dug out little shallow hollows and set the grass sections down in them. That way the grass plugs weren't just perched on top of the dirt, and as they start sprouting, they'll be level with the rest of the area. The plugs are bright green and healthy, and I would predict that by midsummer, I'll have a healthy St. Augustine lawn once again.

No, MDC, so far the traps have caught nothing. The rats did tear up a sack of trash sitting right next to a trap, though. Tore it up and just made a big ol' mess! Miserable wretches. Cats all over the neighborhood, and I have rats in my garage. Go figure.

Well, better get busy around here. The kitchen needs attention, Toye Starr is hungry, and so am I, a little bit. Guess I'd better take care of business. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

March 29, 2019 - Msg 111954: When I hear Romeena talk about her rats 🐀 it reminds me of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Rat Fink character.
Rat Fink was BIG back in the 60’s with the car culture guys and we all had the stickers on our bikes. Right Guys?

Asa, how did your cake turn out? Debbie said...You Da Man!...👍


March 30, 2019 - Msg 111955: Hello everyone. Glad to hear that Hudson is on the mend but very sad to hear that Toye Starr is having problems, poor sweetie. I pray Dr. Mike will find the problem and be able to help her.

MDC, I have been working a lot and am tired for sure, but I told the nursing director at the school that I will only be working 2 days a week because if I do 3 I sometimes don't have a single day off in the week. Its just too much. I have been having a health issue that is bothering me and am seeing doctors about it but no answers yet. I don't want to get into it but I will say that I have been pretty uncomfortable for 2 months now and it is wearing on me. Please say a prayer for answers and some relief. Thanks in advance. :)

I would love to stay and chat longer but I have to go take a rest. One thing I wanted to mention is that I have been watching youtube lately since we no longer have cable and I discovered a show from the 50's called the Loretta Young Show. Some of you may be familiar with it. It is a 30 minute program that tells a different story each time and it always has a good moral and is very clean. Some of the subjects are very serious ones but always handled with grace. It gives me some of the same feelings that TAGS gives me so wanted to pass it on. Also, I do catch a TAGS actor now and then. Its fun to watch for them.

Gotta go! Take care, everyone.


March 30, 2019 - Msg 111956: Sad news this morning. My Mom passed this morning. I stayed up all night by her side with her tell the end. Comforting her and praying to her all night. The priest came yesterday and gave her the anointing of the holy oil. And the Deacon was here yesterday also and we prayed over Mom while she sleep. She was in peace and in heaven now. God Bless her.

March 30, 2019 - Msg 111957: Frankie, I am so very sorry about your Mom. Sorry in that I know how you will miss her. You seemed to be very close to her, and being a caregiver makes it even more so. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family as you grieve. You can rejoice though in knowing she is out of her pain and suffering and is with the Lord. I have been wondering how you were getting along. Thanks for letting us know, and my prayers for you, especially for the next few weeks. I think they are always the toughest.

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Debbie. She told me to tell you all thank you. GF, Stacey bought an ice cream cake for her party, so I put my cake baking off until next week. So the fire brigade is off of amber alert duty. lol

I hope MDC and his wife are having a good time on their little get away up north. You know they say what goes on in Northern Arizona stays in Northern Arizona. :)

Boo, I'm sorry to read that your ailing with something. I hope it is nothing serious. Prayers dear. I remember the name Loretta Young, but not much about the show. I guess I'll have to go look it now. I dig those old shows. I have been seeing Henry Bennett show up in a lot of the Alfred shows. Him and Emmett Clark. And Darren Stephens (Dick York) seem to be in quite a few also.

Romeena, I sure am sorry to hear that Toye Starr is having some issues. Poor little thing. Prayers for her.

GF, You're talking Drag racing legends, you're talking my language buddy.
Ed Roth, Don Garlits, Don Prudohme, Jerry Ruth. I think I have mentioned before that a kid I grew up with (well he is actually 7 or 8 years my elder) got into Drag racing in a big way. By the mid 70's he was running a Top Fuel dragster. This was back in the days when you could do stuff like that. He did pretty good too. At one time he was ranked 8th in the Nation in the Winston points system. But as time went on, the cost to run these things became to much, and unless you had big corporate sponserships, you were pretty much done. But I went with him and his crew to a few major events in Southern California. Went to the Winter Nationals a couple of times, and the World Finals. Fun days back then. One of the reasons today I have constant ringing in my ears. lol

I hope everyone has a great and safe day, and again Frankie, my prayers for you and your family.


March 30, 2019 - Msg 111958: GF, This is the same car he raced back in the 70's. I think it was built in 1976. This video is from just a few years ago I believe. I'm not sure who owns the dragster now, but he just runs it in nostalgia races.


March 30, 2019 - Msg 111959: Frankie ...SO sorry to hear about your Mother, there is peace knowing your care made her comfortable to the end.
We try to do our best to repay those who sacrificed for us as we were raised over the years..l sure Momma is saying....
PAID IN FULL! Jimmy say’s it best in this song


March 30, 2019 - Msg 111960: Asa...Yep, I I was a Big fan of “Big Daddy” & “The Snake” But ya can’t forget Shirley Muldowney, the girl had guts!
That video was COOL 😎🏎💨 Don’t ya just love the smell of Nitromethane in the evening...Smells Like...VICTORY!


March 30, 2019 - Msg 111961: Sorry for the loss of your mother, Frankie. It is a blessing that she went peacefully and that she had you by her side. You have certainly honored your mother by being such a devoted caregiver. My sympathy to you and all the family.

possum u.a.r.

March 30, 2019 - Msg 111962: Good afternoon, porch. Frankie, I am sorry to hear of the passing of your mom. While it is a release and a relief for her, and she is now experiencing unspeakable joy, still you will miss her and there will be a big old "empty" in your days for a while. You may experience a feeling of relief, from responsibility, from demands on your time and energy, and from worry. That's absolutely normal and justified, and you definitely must not accept any feelings of guilt when that relief is felt. You are perfectly free to laugh, to smile, to sing, to be happy. You did all you could do for your mom, she knew it, and she is now beyond any need for anything, and she is happier than we can even imagine. Rejoice for her, sweet girl!

Boo, I'm sorry you've got a "misery" and I hope you and your doctors can get it figured out very soon, and corrected. Prayers for you, my friend.

Well, I've had the a/c on for a while now, and woke up shivering this morning! It's 50° outside, with a wind chill of 44°, and it was cold in this house! I kicked it over to heat, and it feels a bit better now at 72°, but I think I'm going to bump it up another degree or two or three, as I need to shower and wash my hair. Also, I have to remember that little Toye Starr is down on the floor, and it's colder there than up here where most of me is. She's so tiny, she doesn't have much insulation, and she gets cold easily.

Well, got a few things to do, a little tidying up in the house and a little laundry. Better get to it! Blessings, all. --Romeena

March 31, 2019 - Msg 111963: We had a nice couple days up north. Home now. More later.

March 31, 2019 - Msg 111964: Good Sabbath all.
Great to see you back safe NDC. Hope you had a blast.

GF, Nothing compares to the sound, the smell, the ground pounding feel of a Top Fuel nitro sucking fire breathing dragster. Going from a dead stop to over 300 MPH in under 6 seconds with your behind inches above the asphalt would have to be something. I sat in the dragster I linked above and was struggling with claustrophobia. And I was in street clothes. Being suited up would make it even tighter, so probably not something I could ever do.

Romeena, I do hope little Toye Starr is ok. Poor little thing. Sounds like you will be doing a lot of watering this summer in your back yard.

Well I woke up with a pounding headache this morning. I suspect I got into something with corn starch in it. And sure enough, I figured it out. I bought some deep fried chicken at the Deli grocery store yesterday and I bet they used it in the batter. Of all the nerve! So I stayed home from preaching. Looks like a "Wheeler" kind of day. 10-4 GF?


March 31, 2019 - Msg 111965: Good afternoon, porch. It's a beautiful, hazy kind of day here. The sun is shining, but the sky has a thin veil of clouds, and there's a playful little breeze dancing by now and then. Very nice.

Yes, Asa, I have to keep the new St. Augustine plugs moist, or they'll dry out and die, until they get their roots down. At least I don't have to stand out there with a garden hose in my hand. I just sit here at my window and push buttons on my handy-dandy little sprinkler remote, and water pops up out of the ground! I have three big rotors on each side of the yard, aimed toward the center. I run each side for about eight minutes. Then I run the fan-sprays that aim toward the side fences for about eight minutes, and when it's all done, there's not a dry blade of grass out there! I do this two or three times a day. Modern conveniences - gotta love 'em!

Toye Starr got through the whole day yesterday without a "wreck-up", and so far, nothing today, but we have an appointment with her vet on Tuesday nevertheless. She is so pitiful when it happens - just lays there on her side, little legs all stiff, and crying so frantically. It just breaks my heart. I pick her up, she's limp and just melts into me, making little soft cries. I hold her and cuddle her for a few minutes, until she stops crying, and when she begins to move around, I put her gently on the floor. She stands up, shakes herself, and trots away, all better! It may be that floating patella, like Dr. Mike said, but I want to be sure it's not some sort of seizure. I love that little pup so much that it scares me.

Well, guess I'll go get a little laundry done, or I'm going to be running around here wearing a bedsheet. Now, that would be an awful sight! Blessings, friends! Have a lovely, restful Sabbath day. --Romeena

April 01, 2019 - Msg 111966: Thank you all for your prayers and support during this difficult time. G-F that was a nice video you shared of Jimmy Dean and the IOU`s.
My brother drove down from Washington and is with me now. It is so nice to have him here. Mom`s Dr. even called me this evening to make sure I was doing ok. She has been so nice and helping through all this.

April 01, 2019 - Msg 111967:
Hi ALL. Frankie, my condolences on the passing of your mom.
As others here have said, it may take a while to fully 'hit' you; but you
have been an absolutely amazing caregiver to her, and now you can
finally relax a little. May God richly bless you and yours!

Well, I didnt make it to preaching either today. I dont miss very often,
but we got home a bit late on Saturday, and just slept in a bit.
We were in Prescott, which is between Phoenix and Flagstaff, sits at
about 4500 feet, so its pretty nice weatherwise. But like so many other places, it is being overdeveloped IMHO. Many Californians are moving there now. I just dont want them to do to AZ what they did to CA! Grrr. We had a nice time tho with our friends.

ASA and GF, we are of that 'era' when fuel dragsters (here it was Beeline Dragway) were my Saturday go to place in the '70s before I was married! Like in the video, there was no fencing, no earplugs, and top fuel dragsters racing by me at 300 MPH!! I also liked the Funny Cars. Seems like "Mongoose" was
one nickname.
Well, this week I am taking my Silverado in to see about the shaking problem. It needs brakes anyway,
so if it is a sticking caliper, it may not be too expensive.
Hey to BOO, Possum, Spot, Billy Ray and ALL, have a good week.

April 01, 2019 - Msg 111968: Good morning all.

Frankie, I'm glad to read your Brother is there with you to support you. And that was very nice that the Doctor would take the time to call you and see how you were coping. I hope and pray you are doing ok.

MDC, We are having the same thing going on here with growth. We have very real concerns with air quality here in the winter months when we have temperature inversions. Living in a valley like this, it can only handle so many folks. I don't know how many more transplants we can handle. We are right around 4,500 ft elevation here in the valley. But are surrounded by mountains, thus the inversions.
I remember hearing about Beeline Dragway. Here it was Bonneville Raceway (not to be confused with Bonneville Salt Flats where they do the land speed runs). Later it became Rocky Mountain Raceway. Sadly last summer it closed for good, due to population growth. It was out in the middle of nowhere when it was first built back in the 60's, but is now surrounded by homes. There is talk they may build a new strip further west. I hope so, although I have not gone to a race in many years.
Good luck on the shimmy shammy in your truck.

Romeena, It almost sounds like little Toye Starr may be having some type of seizures. Hopefully it is nothing serious and they can get her feeling better. My prayers for you both.

GF, Any suggestions for me in fixing a flat on my riding mower? It is a tubeless tire, and I found a small hole in it. I have tried to plugs in the darn thing, and can't get them to seal it off. Any ideas for me?

Well I am doing some yard work this week. The weather has warmed up nice. No snow in the forecast. No more putting it off. Today is the day! Although my back is a little sore this morning. And I still have some remnants of that headache from yesterday. And it is still a little cool out today. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. And I am concerned that I might bother my neighbor who has Mondays off. I would hate to bother her with noise on her day off. Hmmm....


April 01, 2019 - Msg 111969: Yep, MDC we can’t forget Tom “Mongoose” Mc Ewen on that list. Here’s a memory
...And those Frankie & Annette beach movies with Don Rickels as “Big Drag” and Eric Von Zipper & his “Rat Pack”
If you remember “Flora” from TAGS was one of the Rat Pack Girls...

Frankie, Glad your Brother is there with you for awhile during these hard times...


April 01, 2019 - Msg 111970: Asa looks like we posted at the same time. Did you ever try SLIME? It worked for me.

April 01, 2019 - Msg 111971: But on the other hand, if you already tried plugging it you may have to pull it off and patch from the inside...

April 01, 2019 - Msg 111972: Finally have a day off. Thank you all for the kind concerns. I have been somewhat better the last couple of days. I have good ones and bad ones.

So very sorry to hear of your mother's passing Frankie. I think most all of us here on the porch have lost our dear mothers and we can sympathize. Please come by and talk any time you need to and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Asa, guess who was in an episode of The Loretta Young Show that I watched last night. None other than our own Aunt Bee. It was great, and today I saw a movie with Ralph Henderson (snicker). It was a really shallow movie from the 70s with Barbara Eden and Dean Jones.

Well, I am very sorry to hear about little Toye Starr continuing to have the problems that she is having. I certainly hope they have an answer soon and a solution!

Not a lot to tell, just been working and trying not to fret over things I cant control. I had a long talk with Bruce last night and he told me he was going to step down from being a deacon in our church. He is struggling with his faith right now and just doesn't even know if he wants to continue to go to church. Its hard to explain but something I find happens a lot with Christian parents of g@y children. I know he will be ok, he just has to keep pressing on, day by day, like all of us.

Hope all of you have a good evening.