April 27, 2019 - Msg 112129: HI gang, I did something kinda quirky and fun today. I took the Christmas address list and looked at where y'all live using google maps! Kind cool.
For example, ASA has two basement windows in the front, and a neat pine tree there. Also, a mailbox encased in brick. And wow, yes that is one big lot to mow! It kinda makes me feel like I know y'all a bit better now. Like Stranger in Town, Mr Sawyer getting the Mayberry gazette! ha You may want to try it and see the 4 spanish arches in front of my home! :)
RO--that lentil stew sure sounds good. God-given talents are amazing arent they! I was gifted with art, tho not the caliber of Michelangelo, but just fun drawings and lettering.
But musical instruments, no way, no how!
The class of 1979, where I once taught 8th grade is having a reunion this Sunday, and I was invited! It should be fun to see my old students again.
Well, all for now, God's blessings,

April 27, 2019 - Msg 112130: I didnt even realize that the porch needed sweeping, but I was happy to do it! mdc

April 27, 2019 - Msg 112131: Good Saturday all.
Mercy sakes MDC, You described my place pretty good. I better make sure I close my blinds when I get dressed. :) Good job sweeping.

Romeena, I am praying you can hook up with the right companion soon like. I'm sure that is very lonely for you.

Boo, Hang in there. Remember the Lord won't place more on us than we can handle. I am so sorry that Erin and Bruce are at odds. She so needs that relationship with her Daddy right now. I pray that Bruce can get to a point where he can deal with it better. I know that's easy to say. Tougher to do sometimes.

Romeena, I'm not sure I have ever eaten lentils. I'll have to try it. That was a nice thing you did for that service guy. What a nice woman! (in my best Floyd voice)

Well off to do some laundry. Stacey always gets a good laugh when I tell her it's laundry weekend (usually every other weekend) With 7 young-uns she does laundry every day.

Prayers for all for a great day.


April 27, 2019 - Msg 112132: "young-uns, young-uns, young-uns!" (:

April 27, 2019 - Msg 112133: Good evening, porch. It has been a very quiet day. Landry's ball game was played, but we didn't get to go. The decision to play it was made at the last minute, they played at noon, and Brittney didn't notify us because she knew we'd try to make it, and probably would have gotten there after it was all over. She was right. There were only 4 1/2 innings left to play, they went fast, and Landry's team won. That's the important part. We got to see the senior recognition thing, got pictures, and saw the first 2 1/2 innings, before the rain came. He played the whole time, and I must say, it's beautiful to watch him whip that lanky frame of his around and snag a ball thrown from the outfield, then tag the runner trying to make it back to base, and all without ever letting his foot leave first base. He's very graceful, and very fast-moving, just a joy to watch. Do I sound like a proud grandma?

Asa, those lentils are so easy to cook. Just take a large pot, like a dutch oven or something, and start some bacon or maybe leftover chunks of ham to cook in it. I buy the bacon "ends and pieces" at the grocery, in a big package, and break it down into smaller packages and freeze it, just whatever you think you would put into a pot of beans or whatever. As the frozen stuff warms up, you can break it up with a wooden spoon. At the same time, cut up an onion into the thawing, browning bacon pieces, and add some diced garlic if you like. I use the jarred stuff. It's easier, quicker than dicing fresh garlic, and the oil it's packed in helps to distribute the flavor. I use about a heaping teaspoon out of the jar for a pot of lentils.

Dump the bag of lentils out on a clean counter, a little at a time, and spread them out a little. My mom used to call that "looking over" the beans or peas or lentils or whatever. You are looking for any foreign item, such as a little rock or a hard stem or whatever. I do this with any dried legume. Scrape them off into a strainer and rinse them well, then toss into the cook pot with the bacon and onions. Add about a quart of water to start them cooking. Bring them to a boil, then lower the heat to medium, cover them, and watch, watch, watch! They will absorb the water quickly and you will probably need to add water a cup or so at a time. They cook very quickly, usually are done in about thirty minutes.

How much water you add depends on how much "soup" you like with them, but just be sure to stir often. I use a wooden spoon that has a straight, flat end, so I can scrape a wide swath in the bottom of the pot. The lentils will settle, and stick, if you don't keep enough water in the pot and stir often. Also, keep the heat no hotter than medium. You can add a can of diced tomatoes if you like - I do. I also add just a pinch of sugar. Taste for salt - if you use a lot of salty ham or bacon, you may not need to add much. You can serve the lentils in a bowl like soup, or if you let them get pretty thick, they're great served over rice. Very easy to prepare, you can do them in an hour, very cheap, and very versatile.

By the way, dried split peas can be cooked in much the same way, and are so good. They also cook very quickly, and will definitely stick if you don't keep up with them. I don't put tomatoes in them, but I guess you could. On both lentils and peas, I shake some vinegar/pepper sauce on them when I'm ready to eat a bowlful. There's very little heat in that vinegar, but it adds a little tang and zip to the dish.

Well, guess I'll go finish off what's left in my lentil pot. I've gotten about five meals and a giveaway out of about $5 worth of ingredients. Can't beat a deal like that! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 28, 2019 - Msg 112134: MDC, nice sweep!
Went to church this afternoon and it was very nice. The music was so beautiful. I seated myself over to the side by the piano player and organ player. We are Blessed to have such a wonderful priest and deacon.

I have another roofing business coming over Monday for a bid. Then I will make my decision on which one to choose. I would like to pick a local business for the work. The one coming on Monday I have heard very good things about them from people who have hired them.

Take care porch.

April 28, 2019 - Msg 112135: As always, thank you all so very much for the kind words of encouragement and the prayers! They are being felt, I assure you. Asa, I agree completely about Bruce's importance in Erin's life right now. He is a good man but it seems to me that he is rather negative by nature. His initial response to many things tends to be negative. I wish he was more go with the flow, but it just isn't him and I don't see him changing much at 61. He does love Erin very much, though, and I just wish he could learn to relax and let things go that he has no control over.

I got a nice phone call from my older brother, Dave today. He was just calling to check on me, which was such a blessing. He has a son who was married and has a young daughter. He divorced and came out as gay after. My brother had no clue, so needless to say, it was quite a blow to him at first. He has learned to understand and deal with things but it is no easy road and he understands. I don't talk about my brothers much since they are out in California but they are amazing men and I love them dearly.

I think I mentioned that we were really having trouble with Erin and her schooling. Well, I actually enrolled her in shoreline's school. It is open to the public, does the public catching up program so she should be able to catch up and be ready for school next year. The classes are very small and quiet. No drama whatsoever and there is a teacher in the class to help them with the online work. The day is only 4 hours long and they don't do extra curriculars, so the focus is on required academics. The principal told me that if it works out for Erin, she could go back next year and graduate in December. That may be an option if panic attacks continue to be an issue. I am nervous about it because just talking about going back has her very anxious this weekend. I hope and pray she will be able to handle things. We are really at our wit's end.

Ro, I really like lentils because they are so very healthy. I like to use them in my veggie soups and stews. Since I don't eat meat, I have to be careful to include legumes in my diet. I have never just made lentils by themselves, though, and I think I will try that. I don't use pork but find that if I use garlic beans are just as good (I think, anyway). ha

Well, had a busy night at work so going to go get a little cereal and kick back with some TV.

Ro, I had the same experience trying to find a Maltese before we got our poopsie. They are such wonderful little dogs that you just don't find people trying to rehome them. That's not to say it couldn't happen and I will keep my eyes open.


April 28, 2019 - Msg 112136: Good Sabbath all.

Boo, thanks for checking in. As I read my last post I thought it might come across as being critical of Bruce. Please know that isn't the case. I am the last one to be offering parental advice, especially with what you and Bruce are dealing with. I know he loves his family. You two are hitting the age with your kids that I found for me to be the most challenging as a parent. That point where they are now young adults, and although they are still our "kids", they have to start finding there own way. As a parent, it's so hard to watch them make questionable choices, often the exact opposite to what they have been taught. And yet other than try to offer quiet nudging in the right direction, they have got to find there own way. Will they make mistakes? Yep. But that is all a part of that learning process. My Son made some terrible choices, and as a Dad, it was so hard to watch. I would offer him advice, sometimes not so gently, and that did nothing but build a wall between us. I finally had to come to realize that advice was all I could offer. If it was rejected, there was really nothing I could do about it, but still love them. I always tried to let him know that I loved him. And also let him know that HE would be the one who was paying the ultimate price for his poor choices. It took him quite a while to understand the law of accountability. But in time he did, and he is quite responsible today. Anyway, I didn't mean to sound preachy. I do understand somewhat of what you guys are going through. His wasn't same s3x attraction, but I'm sure issues just as hard to deal with. I didn't realize Bruce was that old. Well I am not calling him old. Him and I are very close in age, and I ain't old. lol You guys must have started later in life with family. We started pretty young. Anyway, you are as always, in my prayers.

Romeena, I will give those lentils a try sometime. You mention bacon and onion and that can't be bad. lol Sorry you missed the end of the game. Yes, you sound like a proud Grandma, and there is not a thing wrong with that. :)

Frankie, It sounds like you are coping well. Glad to hear it. I am in the same boat concerning my roof. Time to get it re-shingled. That is still gonna be a challenge for me to hire it out. Just not in my DNA I reckon.

GF, I was visiting my Son yesterday and he took me out to his shed to show me something he had just acquired from work. He opened the door and there was a snow blower. Not just any old blower. A snow Joe blower. He said he had not had a chance to use it, and wasn't sure how good it could be being battery run. But I told him about you, and yours, and he was glad to hear that. Sure looks like a nice unit.

Well better go get prettied up for preaching. I have a nice chuck roast in the crock pot for later. It sure is nice to get home from church, walk in the door, and be greeted by the smell of a nice roast dinner cooking. (sorry Boo lol)


April 28, 2019 - Msg 112137: HaHa Asa...Although mine is a corded Model, I have been surprisedly pleased with itís ability to move the snows we have had since I got it...No, itís not going to have the power to move mountains of snow like a gas powered two stage one but works fine for what I use it for!...

Speaking of that, I think I can safely put it away now lol...Just tell him it helps to spray it down with silicone spray. It keeps snow from sticking and clogging it up...


April 28, 2019 - Msg 112138: Good afternoon, porch. Boo, it sounds like things are a bit better with Erin. I hope the trend continues. Also, Sean seems to have found a "happy place" and I pray that things continue to go well for him in that respect. As always, you and yours are in my prayers.

As for the lentil stew without bacon, I think I would probably miss it, but you likely won't, since meat has not been in your diet for quite a while now. Do you still use butter, or do you use margarine? I guess it wouldn't matter, but if you will brown some crushed garlic in some butter or margarine, (maybe a bit more than you would use if you were including bacon), let it caramelize well, it will add a pop of flavor to the lentils. Green onions, with the tops, chopped up in it wouldn't hurt either. You are probably way ahead of me on these ideas, but just thought I'd mention it. Now, I have a bag of dried split peas in the pantry, and since my lentils are all gone, I think I'll just cook up a pot of split pea soup. Asa, the procedure is pretty much the same as for the lentils, really no difference, but the result is much different, of course, because it's split peas! So good, too.

I've been online for about an hour, and found several promising ads for Maltese puppies in the Dallas area. I even found some purebreds, at prices no higher than the "rehoming" fees charged by the rescues, and they're beautiful little dogs. I've responded to three of them, but have not been contacted yet. I'm learning that you really have to be careful about buying from a "rescue." Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. When the picture of a particular dog shows up in the listings for shelters, rescues, breeders, Craigslist, PetFinder, and "family needs to find home for their dog" - you have to wonder. So frustrating. Anyway, pray for me. I have been asking the Lord to lead me to my puppy, and suddenly today I found a lot of listings that I hadn't seen before, so I'm hoping......

I'm so glad I live in Texas and don't have to worry about snow and the removal of it. That's one expense I don't have!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 29, 2019 - Msg 112139: HI Porchsters, today was another run around day to the vein doc for a follow up. All is well. then to cardiologist to straighten out an Rx issue. Done. Then to an insur@nce co where we have an annuity investment to talk some turkey and make a small withdrawal. It still amazes me that I got all such things done when I was working full time! ha
RO--how is your oxygen levels these days?
You havent mentioned it much lately, but pray all is ok.
On google maps I saw Tillie in your open garage! Also, boy, those houses are packed in tightly, like you could jump from roof to roof! haha
FRankie--be sure to look online about the roofer. But glad you got some good reviews from people that you know.
ASA, GF, and SPOT, men and machines! I saw spot's toys on FB, and then there is the 2 SnowJoe
meisters! :)
BOO--how did Erin's prom night go? She looked so good on your FB pic.!
Prayers for all,

April 30, 2019 - Msg 112140: I think I posted this here one time before, but a couple years ago, the weather computer at our channel 10 went a little bonkers, but our weather guy here handled it really well...

April 30, 2019 - Msg 112141: Good late evening or very early morning, porch! It's about 1:30 a.m. and I'm still up. Just having a lot of trouble sleeping without my little angel, Toye Starr. I sure do miss that puppy.

Wow, MDC, it does look like the roofs of the houses are just inches apart. Actually, the roof edges are about 8 feet apart. The lots are just over a quarter acre. The Tahoe on the driveway belongs to my son. He has run out of room on his short driveway to park the five vehicles he now owns, so sometimes he leaves the black Tahoe here. I welcome it, as it makes it appear that there's somebody here besides me. Good safety feature. Also, he leaves me the keys and I can use it if I have to pick up bags of mulch or whatever from the garden center. Evidently, Eddie had just finished mowing, since the two chairs were in the garage doorway. When he finishes, we always sit there and talk a while while he cools down and drinks a soda, then he gets in his truck and heads home. We have had some good long talks, Eddie and I. He's a good man, and a valued friend.

You asked about my O2 levels? Pretty darned good, I'm happy to say. Since I lost nearly 30 pounds, at least 15 of which was fluid, I'm breathing much better. I still get short of breath on exertion, but it takes more exertion to bring it on than it used to, and I recover more quickly. I have no need for any carry-around O2 now, so have ceased to pursue that idea. I had said all along that it was a two-pronged problem, respiratory and cardiac. I had no visible signs of retained fluid, no ankle edema at all, but my cardiologist insisted that I had some fluid hidden somewhere, and put me on that powerful diuretic. I lost 15 pounds in a week, the first 4 1/2 pounds on the first day. I started breathing easier immediately, so the fluid must have been around my lungs, yet they sounded clear and nothing showed on xray. The doc thinks it was just in pockets here and there, that took up the limited space and kept my lungs from expanding. I agree, because I went from pulling a puny 750cc on the incentive spirometer, to pulling 1250cc now with ease. When I get short of breath now after mild exertion, it's cardiac insufficiency, not respiratory, and it takes more to trigger it. Now, aren't you sorry you asked? Never ask a nurse a medical question about herself, because she'll tell you more than you ever wanted to know. (teehee)

That weather report is hilarious, and yes, the weather guy did a stellar job of dealing with the problem, he just took it and ran with it! Very professional, he deserved a bonus for that.

Frankie, just be sure that the roofer you hire is locally based, well-recommended, check Yelp and BBB, and talk to some people they've served. Ask the company directly if they're using local workers - be sure they're not hiring those traveling gypsy crews. Unless you've recently had a lot of local damage, they probably aren't hiring them. It's after a big hailstorm or whatever that you have to be especially careful, when they can't keep up with the demand with their own crews and they hire anybody that can climb a ladder.

Well, guess I'll go see if I can get to sleep. I don't know why I have such a hard time without Toye Starr, but I miss her tiny, soft snore, and her warm little self cuddled up to me. I've just got to find another puppy. I'm not myself without one. Blessings, all. --Romeena

April 30, 2019 - Msg 112142: Asa...Check your email...I sent you some ďJoeĒ information...G-F

April 30, 2019 - Msg 112143: Hey Gang !..MDC I also have used Google maps to look at the locations of all my friends here !..It is kinda neat..well garden is plowed and ready for planting this Friday..Shop is finished and I will be running my UG power tomorrow..well let me read...prayers to all....SPOT

April 30, 2019 - Msg 112144: Spot, that's cool! Your shop looked great.
BTW, I just checked my house, and it has my Christmas display showing, so I know when the 'googlely van' came by! ha
More later friends.
Prayers for you RO, God will come thru. :)

May 01, 2019 - Msg 112145: Just dropped in for a quick hello. Been busy and working a lot the past week. I do have good news I wanted to share. The shoreline school is working out very well for Erin. She has had not panic attacks or severe anxiety and the online program they use is easy enough for her and she is quickly catching up. So, thank you for the prayers. Things are going well in that respect.

Praying you will soon find that puppy, Romeena!

I googled my own address and the place doesn't look so good. I don't know how it long ago it was but I didn't have much grass, and a lot of sand.


May 01, 2019 - Msg 112146: Hey to BOO, good to see you and good to hear that Erin is doing better these days. Is the Shoreline school part of where you work? I hope yo are doing well too.
RO--ha, thanks for the O2 report! Yup, a nurse's answer for sure. My shortness was definitely cardic related, as nowadays i am a different fellow! Praise God. Interesting about your house, now I can 'picture' you and Eddie sitting there after a job well done! And I won't even ask WHY your son has 5 veHICcles! ha I pray that you can sleep better, and that the Lord sends you a beautiful puppy.
ASA and GF, you must be out doin' what us retired guys do. harhar
POSSUM--come on out from under rock and give us a hi di ho.
You too Big Maudiie.
ALL--I was doing a little fishing at a small mam made lake (I call it a 'fake-lake' ha) in my town the other day, and one of the fish breeds in the lake is carp. When I arrived, I asked a guy near me if he had caught any carp, to which he said, "Oh, I don't like those Carps." to which I replied, "I usually hit a carp between the eyes with the blunt end of an axe." He started laughing, and told me that i watch too much Andy Griffith! He was one of US! :)
Well, keep cool,

May 01, 2019 - Msg 112147: Hello Porch!
I finally picked a roofing business to do the job on the house. I picked a local business that has good reviews and I have heard good feedback from people who have hired them. They charge the same amount as the other roofers and I am getting shingles that are guaranteed for 50 years instead of the 30 years from the other guys. Also getting good quality cool roof shingles. They reflect the heat back off the roof and really keep the house cooler in the summer when we get the heat out here. This roof will surely out live me. They have so much new technology in the material now days. Probably will be installed around the first of June. The roofers around here got behind because of all the spring rain we had.
Was busy today doing some painting inside the house and some cleaning out int he garage. I have been keeping myself kind of busy around here. It helps me get through the day and to think about different things.

Romeena I hope you find a special dog. There is one out there some where just waiting for you.

May 01, 2019 - Msg 112148: How about this instead, MDC??


Happy First of May to all!!

possum u.a.r.

May 01, 2019 - Msg 112149: Funny One MDC...Always Good when we come across people who speak our language..lol....G-F

May 01, 2019 - Msg 112150: Happy May to all the Porch People! Checking in from work this morning before my day gets busy.

Hope everyone is doing ok today.

Mr. Maude has had no luck in the job search. trying to keep the faith.

Everything else on my end of the porch is about the same. Patrick, Daysie and Beth are all doing well. Patrick's best friend since elementary school is getting married on Saturday. Patrick will be best man ( Justin was Parick's best man). They are serving BBQ at the reception so Justin asked me to make the Baked Beans. I guess he must of liked the baked beans he has eaten at our house over the years he spent with us as he grew up. Anyway, I will be making Baked Beans to serve about 80 people. The wedding will be an outdoor venue with the reception in an old converted barn. it will be a fun time I am sure.

Praying for Romeena to find her fur friend soon
and prayers for everyone else as well.
better get my work brain turned on...

Lunch menu: chicken salad sandwiches, chips and a
Mr. cookie for when we get our sinking spell in the afternoon.

prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

May 01, 2019 - Msg 112151: Good morning all.
Cool crisp clear morning here. We got a little snow last night, but not enough to worry about. Supposed to be up to mid 70's by the weekend.

Good to see you Possum. Hope you are well.
Same with you Maude. My prayers for your Hubby's job search. As for the bean bash, all I can say is gas it up chickee. lol

Frankie, glad you found a roofer you feel good about. I need to quit thinking about mine and make some calls I suppose. Stupid roof!

Romeena, I am glad you're breathing easier these days. My continued prayers in your search for a companion. I know you will find one.

Boo, So glad to read that Erin is doing better with the new school situation. That has to help out some. Have things settled down with Shoreline yet?

Waiting on our home healthcare nurse for Debbie. She comes on Wednesdays to change out her port. Sometimes it goes really smooth, other times not so much. We always pray for the good ones.

GF, Thanks for the Snow Joe info. Mercy sakes, those battery voltages are getting up there. But I reckon you need it with some of the things they are running on batteries these days.

MDC. I didn't know you were a fisherman. I hope you are quiet and not like Howard out there, beating the water to a froth. lol

Well prayers for all for a safe day.


May 01, 2019 - Msg 112152: Hi Porch
We have been having wonderful weather over here. More like a regular spring day. Really enjoying not having to turn on the air conditioner yet.

May 02, 2019 - Msg 112153:
POSSUM, thanks for that May video with Barn...may-d my day! :)
ASA, I do throw a line in the water every now and then, but 'fisherman' would be an over-description! ha We would fish in northern AZ when I was growing up, mostly for trout. Also did a little bass fishing back in the '80s. Our neighbor back then had a bass boat and we would go to nearby Lake Pleasant to fish. Newcomers here marvel at boats in the driveways of this desert area, but thanks to a good series of dames on the northern AZ watershed, there are several lakes not too far away.
Frankie- good to see you. Prayers that your roofer is a good one.
Big Maude, nice lite lunch, thanks, and thanks for the update on the kids.
I will also re-start some prayers for Mr Maude!
Watched Wagon Train today, and really relished how good it was back when the show was made that they included God in a positive way. It happened to be a Christmas episode,
and they sang Christian hymns and mentioned the Bible story!
BOO--hope all continues to be better for you and yours.


May 02, 2019 - Msg 112154: Ha! I don't know how many DAMES are along the watershed, but I know there are some DAMS! :)

May 02, 2019 - Msg 112155: Hellen ainít a Dame either MDC...ha!...Well my morning routine was disturbed when the van that picks up my neighbor girl backed into my mailbox 📫 and broke it!...Now I have to get out there and fix it..Hope I remember how....lol..Amen Asa? But I DO have the tools to swing it though....👍


May 02, 2019 - Msg 112156: You gotta watch out for them dam dames MDC. They are usually wearing little. lol Funny how one little old letter changes everything. I was big into fishing when I was younger, but lost interest in it when I got older. I wonder what causes that?

GF, Now don't that just tear it?! A broken mailbox. I bet you can fix it up good though.

Frankie, I had about a week there where I didn't have to run the furnace or the A/C in my house. But then it turned cold. It got down to 55 one morning inside, so I had to breakdown and turn the furnace back on. You know it's getting bad when you can see your breath indoors. lol

Well off to mow I go. Hey, I'm a poet and didn't know it! :)


May 02, 2019 - Msg 112157: Oh, and A quick joke.
One day GooberFife is repairing his mailbox out in front of his house. The mailman shows up and see's Goober there with his large dog by his side. He tells Goober "Hey, that's a nice dog. Does he bite"? Goober says "no, my dog don't bite". Then all of a sudden the dog lunges and bites the mailman. The mailman screams "I thought you said your dog doesn't bite"!! A unflappable Goober responds, "He don't, this ain't my dog"! Bu-bumm!


May 02, 2019 - Msg 112158: Bada Bing Asa!...Good One Buddy!...I Got it fixed, now off to babysit my youngest Grandkidder Olivia...
She better give Grandpa Goob some of her good Mojo today I need it.....G-Fixer-Upper

May 02, 2019 - Msg 112159: Say, where has Billy Ray been lately? He won't deliver mail to GF's unless he's got official verification that it is a proper receptacle again. ha Also, a "rimshot" for ASA.!
And GF, look at ASA's mailbox...now THAT's a mailbox! :)

In watching westerns lately I've noticed that Mayberry's own Jim Lindsey had an earlier life as
some pretty shady western dudes! Anyone else notice that?
Both TV programs and movies.

GF, aint no one gonna 'run with' Helen neither!
And Asa. will mow and mow and mow... :)

Well, I'm off.
Prayers for all,

May 02, 2019 - Msg 112160: Thanks, All. MDC, yes, the school Erin is attending is a part of the facility where I work. They opened to the public a year ago to help assist kids with needs such as Erin's. It is working out great so far because they are very understanding of anxiety and panic. Her teacher is very relaxed and helpful and zero classroom drama. The facility is very peaceful and quiet for the most part.

Erin broke up with her "girlfriend" today and hate to admit that I am glad. The girl has so many issues and that is not what Erin needs right now. The day Erin was to start school, the girl started texting her and telling causing her stress. The timing was terrible. Erin has been sad, but is doing pretty well. She will get over it and be better off. Thank you for the prayers, as always.

I am wondering how the puppy search is going for Romeena. Hope she finds her pup soon.

Glad to hear about the kids, Maude. Hope the baked beans are all you hope them to be! :) I always make the baked beans for gatherings, too. Everyone wants Julie's baked beans in the family. Just another one of the things I seem to have to cook for the family.

I was just talking to Erin about our trip to Colorado in December (I hope, if all goes well). I am already thinking and planning for Novemeber and December, but you all know how I am. We will probably have a bit of a crowd for Thanksgiving this year because St. Susan has a brother in law and his family coming from Michigan for Thanksgiving this year and I have a niece and nephew from Dallas that will probably come, too. It should be a lot of fun. After that, I will be doing minimal Christmas prep, hopefully, and getting ready to spend Christmas in Colorado, snow tubing and snow mobiling. We will see. You never know what financial issue/burden is around the corner. In the meantime, I am getting out there on the elliptical and getting into better shape. Snow tubing on is so great.
Here is a little example of where we go to snowtube:

Well, off to do some laundry!


May 02, 2019 - Msg 112161: And then I will be doing this, hopefully:



May 02, 2019 - Msg 112162: Looks like a lot of fun, Boo. I sincerely hope and pray that nothing pops up to spoil your plans and you get to go and play in the snow to your little heart's content! You deserve it. Also, glad to hear that Erin is doing well in the new school situation, and I'm sorry she's hurting over the breakup, but it was probably for the best. As my mom told me once after one of my teenage "romances" fell off the track - "If you and he could break up, then you very likely should have. Was she ever right! It was just about two months later that I met Dale, and I promise you, breaking up was never on the radar with the two of us.

And now -- ta-da! Follow this link: https://maltesemode.online/product/kami-maltese/ and go to the "Puppies for sale" heading, and look at the pictures until you come to Kami, with the ball in her mouth. That adorable little angel will be arriving at Love Field, probably this weekend, in a carrier inside the cabin with the flight attendants, and she will be carried out and handed to - guess who? - yep -- ME! She's coming from Midland, TX, about a six hour drive from me, so it will be a short flight. I can hardly wait to get my hands on her. I had seen her online about a week ago, then lost track of the website and couldn't find it again. This morning, I opened my browser, started a search, and the first website link I saw was the one she's on. I followed their contact instructions, and by now little "Kami" (I'll probably change that) is officially mine and will be on her way to me. She's a little doll, and the breeder said she will weigh 4-5 pounds, so that's perfect. Light enough for me to just carry around everywhere! Actually, I have a little puppy sling, with openings for her back legs, that fits on me like a backpack, only on the front. Toye Starr seemed to enjoy it, we'll see if this one does. Truly, God is good.

Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

May 02, 2019 - Msg 112163: .....AWESOME Romeena!...SO Happy for you!...G-F

May 03, 2019 - Msg 112164: RO--she's a peach! Wonderful! And I like in the description where it says that she likes to be the center of attention! Lord knows that you will make sure that that happens! ha
So happy for you.

May 03, 2019 - Msg 112165: Yay Romeena. I am so glad and happy for you. Kami is one lucky puppy. :)

Boo, that is a lot of fun, snowmobiling and tubing. I did a lot of that back in the day. But my back today says no way Jose. Sorry about Erins breakup. I hope she doesn't get to down.

Well I hope everyone has a great day.


May 03, 2019 - Msg 112166: Oh my gosh!! I am so glad I checked in before work! I am also very glad I haven't put on my makeup yet. I cried in Romeena's first paragraph(the part about breaking up never being on the radar with Dale..its been the same with Bruce and I), then I saw the part about the puppy! She is the cutest little thing in the world!!! I am so happy. Thank you for making my day, Ro! Now, to see what her final name is. I guess it will depend on what you say the first time you actually see her. Let's just say I hope she is luckier than my pup, who is now called Poopsie-Doo most of the time. ;)

Thanks for the kind sentiment, Asa. Erin already seemed a lot better last night. lol I know these kids feel things deeply but seems she gets over things pretty quickly. That is how it seemed when she broke up with boyfriends before but I could tell that her relationship with this girl was much more important to her. Poor sweetie came home from a friend's house yesterday carrying two stuffed animals she had given her girlfriend that were given back to her. She looked so sad, but this too shall pass and teen angst and heartache are just part of growing up. Now I am really hoping that some boy comes and sweeps her off her feet at some point. I guess it could happen. I told Bruce a year ago that I had a feeling that Erin would go through some relationships because that is just how she is. She is romantic by nature (unlike myself) and I think she will probably end up married someday (hopefully to a man) but she may be involved in some not so healthy relationships until that time. Only God knows, but she will live her life and we will love her.

We are having some real storms here this morning and I thought I even heard some hail. It got so dark it looked like it was night for awhile and I was listening for the sound of a freight train!

Better go get some things done and get ready to take Erin to school and go to work. Hope you all have a great day.


May 03, 2019 - Msg 112167: Hey y'all- Really happy for Ro! That lil' Kami is as cute as cute can be! I know you will love and enjoy her, Ro-congrats!

Boo, I'm sorry about Erin's heartache,but it is probably a good thing,from all the drama and stress the girl brought to Erin. My hopes for her are the same as yours and I'll be praying she won't make a lot of mistakes along the way.

Bad storms here too- I got into tow heavy downpours coming home from town and now it is thundering like crazy out there. Seems like we get the worst weather on Fridays! Strange..

Well,everyone stay safe and have a nice weekend!

possum u.a.r.

May 03, 2019 - Msg 112168: TWO heavy downpours,not tow! Sheesh,possum!

possum again

May 03, 2019 - Msg 112169: Oh,and MDC,steer clear of those dam dames! Ha!

possum once more

May 03, 2019 - Msg 112170: Good evening all.

I have been smiling all day knowing that Romeena has found her a companion. That truly makes my heart happy Ro. :)


May 04, 2019 - Msg 112171: Amen! :) <3 <3
ASA-- I just gotta ask, do you have a riding mower, or do you use a push mower? Just seeing your layout makes me tired! ha

BOO-- One small thing you could say to Erin is "Just walk with Jesus, he's always there for you." One time, years ago, when I was down in the dumps over something, my pastor at the time said that to me, and it sure helped!

POSSUM--you stay safe and dry there ok? Be careful for those
falling tows and dames and cats and dogs. :)
I bet SPotty got in on some of that too.

RO--be sure to let us know when your new little companions is safe n sound in your home!

Medwin, Bill Medwin was on TAGS tonight. That boy has got to reform his ways! Starting Sundays here Dick Van Dyke will be on Me_TV. And a Twilight Zone and a MASH I was watching the other evening
were written by Jim Fritzell, a well-know tags writer! Glad he had work
before and after tags! ha
Sweet Dreams,

May 04, 2019 - Msg 112172: Good morning, porch. I wish I could say the puppy is here, but she isn't coming until tomorrow. There aren't a lot of flights out of Midland, maybe two a day, and the airlines limit the number of animals that can be in the cabin on any flight. I don't know if that's the reason, but the breeder texted me that she will ship tomorrow morning. So, I wait. Wonderful things are worth waiting for.

I still haven't thought of a name, probably won't until I meet her. She'll tell me her name, I think. However, I've been giving some thought to "Trinket."

I will be glad when all the threatening weather gets tired and goes away. Everybody stay safe now, you hear!

Speaking of hearing, boy can I ever hear now. I got my new hearing aids yesterday, played bunco last night, and actually had to turn the devices down, as it was so loud! The new ones have a wide range of volume, about six or eight adjustments, and my old ones only went up or down one notch. The sound with these is so sharp and crisp, background noise is filtered much, much better than with the old ones, and I have to say, so far they are worth every penny. Sounds coming from my right (my deaf ear) are picked up by the device in that ear and "radioed" over to the left device, and I hear it with that ear. Now when Eloise and I are in the car, she doesn't have to practically scream at me to be heard. I hear a normal conversational voice, and my brain is actually already adjusting, and telling me that I'm hearing it with my right ear. Exactly how that happens, I'm not sure - just another example of the wonder of God's creative abilities. They tell me that this adjustment will be limited, and I'll never have binaural hearing completely, but it will approach it. However, the audiologist was really surprised that I was already "hearing" on my right to a small degree, before we ever left the office. She said it usually takes at least a week for that adjustment to begin. What an adventure!

Well, guess I'd better get busy. I got my bedroom and bathroom all vacuumed and cleaned yesterday, prior to the puppy's arrival. Guess I'd better do a bit in the rest of the house as well. And - I've got some good stew meat in the fridge, maybe I'll cook a pot of good chili so I won't have to cook tomorrow, and can just play with her. God is good! --Romeena

May 04, 2019 - Msg 112173: Afternoon all.

MDC, You bet your sweet bippy I have a riding lawn mower. Our entire development are 1 acre lots, and all of us fellers have riders, and we take them seriously. lol

Romeena, I'm, sorry you have to wait a day, but as you said, it'll be worth it. Again, I am so glad you found a companion. And your breathing is improved, and hearing is improved. And your out look is so upbeat and positive. You, my girl, are the poster girl for aging with grace. You inspire me. Thank you.

Pushing 70 here this afternoon. Real nice. I just noticed a pile of bird feathers in my front yard. So I went out to get a closer look. Saw a couple of broken eggs on my lawn also. All under one of my Austrian Pine trees. No carcass, but a lot of feathers. Oh well. Stuff happens. I hope it wasn't a lake loom.

Thinking I might go get me some Chinese take out for dinner. That sounds kinda good. By golly, I had an outstanding idea there. :)


May 04, 2019 - Msg 112174: Asa...You going to Aunt Bees Canton Palace?...Just be careful of the fortune cookies 🥠 advice...lol..G-F

May 05, 2019 - Msg 112175:
RO--can you tell me the brand of your new hearing aids? My wife needs new ones. Her current ones are not working like they should, and they are pretty old.
ASA--do u ever have 'street races?' ha I bet you could do a Tim Taylor number on yours! And Chinese! Excellent idea.
ALL--my brother and I went to a bank today to get his will notarized. Only problem is, we needed to have 2 unrelated witnesses also sign it.
I saw a couple people waiting in the lobby to see a banker, and I just went up to them and asked if they would be willing. They said sure!
My little prayer was answered! God is pretty amazing! :)

Well, Good Sabbath to ya all.