May 11, 2019 - Msg 112213: Asa...That is a GREAT link...I’ve watched pieces of it. Brings back good memories being mesmerized as a kid by the whole thing!..It was cool how so much of our lives at that time were connected by all things Space related...

I remember making “Space Food” out of Life cereal, I’d put some in a baggie crunch it up add a little milk to make it mushy, then cut the corner out of it and squeeze it out to eat....
Now THAT is Adventure eating!...

Asa..Speaking of eating...That would be great to have “Businessman” lunches...The STORIES WE COULD TELL!
Amen Brother?...

MDC...WoW...That sounds like a great trip...Don’t think I’ll ever get out that way, so take some good pictures...


May 11, 2019 - Msg 112214: I got caught...Now I have to sweep too!...🤷🏼‍♂️That’s Life!

May 11, 2019 - Msg 112215: Hey GF, Glad you are enjoying the link. I am trying to get my Grand kids into that subject. To us older folks who saw it happen live, it was and still is amazing. But the youngsters of today seem uninterested.
Gosh, I just read my last post and noticed that a large section of it to MDC 's trip is not there. I wonder what happened?? Curious.

Anyway MDC, Old Faithful is fun to see and lives up to it's billing as far as its timing. I went to Yellowstone a few times as a kid. Have fun and let me know if you do have a lay over in Salt Lake.


May 11, 2019 - Msg 112216: ASA--I just went back to the archives and your post and your mention of yellowstone and the sulfer smell, and the "catch my drift" is all there. Was it something else that did not show up?

May 11, 2019 - Msg 112217: Wow MDC. That is odd. The first time I checked it almost everything I had typed about Yellowstone was missing. I just now checked it after reading your post and it's all there now. I think the Count is present. :)


May 12, 2019 - Msg 112218: Nice sweep G-F
You all have a wonderful weekend.

May 12, 2019 - Msg 112219: Curious, curious, such goings on! ASA, you been watching too many
Alfreds? Ha
I wish all the moms here on the porch a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
YOU ARE THE CATS, everone of ya; and I hope you are treated like royalty!!

I am looking over the Bible reading that I get teach on Sunday from John 10; 27-30,
and like where Jesus says "The Father and I are one." It's a good one to bless any
JWs who may ring your doorbell. :)

I don't know if any of you ever buy things at Staples, but I get an emailed coupon from time to time, and this past week I got one with a question mark where the
amount "off" should be. I took it in today to our local Staples, and it was worth 50 bucks! Yup 50 smackeroos! ("That's a lot of money for any sized fella.") ("Finder" same, keep same!") Got some free printer ink cartridges!

Well, good Sabbath to all.

May 12, 2019 - Msg 112220: Oh, hey to Frankie.

May 12, 2019 - Msg 112221:
And ASA mentioned about the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869. Just think, from 'creation' until AD 1869 to get across the US, you either walked, rode a horse, or went by wagon! BUT, in the mere 100 years AFTER the completion of the railroad, we landed on the MOON! Amazing!
Here is a neat link...


May 12, 2019 - Msg 112222: Good Sabbath and Happy Mothers Day to all our porch Moms. :) We love you all.

Good to see you Frankie. I hope you are well.

Love the link MDC. The very first part of it (that shows the dining car restaurant) is part of the area I worked. Kind of neat to see that. Here is a link of that old steam engine pulling in to the area. This particular one was taken just a few miles from where I live. You can see the majestic snow covered Wasatch mountains in the back ground.

Well I hope everyone has a great Sabbath day and Mothers day.


May 12, 2019 - Msg 112223: Wishing the Porch moms a Happy Mother's Day. First one without my mama and it's bittersweet. Frankie, I'm thinking of you and hoping the day isn't too hard on you ,seeing as how you've recently lost your mom too. We have to remember how blessed we were to have them.

Well, again, Happy Mother's Day!

possum u.a.r.

May 12, 2019 - Msg 112224: Aww Possum, I'm sorry. I didn't realize this was your first Mothers Day with out your Mom also. I know how hard that is. Prayers dear.


May 12, 2019 - Msg 112225: Thank you,Asa. I appreciate your kindness & prayers, friend.

possum again

May 12, 2019 - Msg 112226: Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother's, past and present! Especially those who have lost their Moms this year..

Frankie, my Tribal Guys had a couple of challenging games with your “A’s”...Kinda looked like Little League Days..

MDC...Your $50 quote made me laugh!..Nobody but us Mayberry folk would “Get” it...I’ll have to tell Mrs. Goob to watch out for it on her email...Yep those ink cartridges are “Highway Robbery” for sure!


May 12, 2019 - Msg 112227: Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms.

Trying to do my best but it has been a sad day for me.
G-F, I have been enjoying the A`s games. They play again today at 1:00. I will be watching.
Take care,

May 12, 2019 - Msg 112228: Happy Mother’s Day to the porch Mom’s today. You are all a blessing.
Big Maude

May 12, 2019 - Msg 112229: Happy Mother's Day to all the porch moms today, and grandmoms, and those indispensable aunts as well. I had so many wonderful aunts, and older cousins that were accepted as aunts, all of whom made for a wonderful childhood for me. However, there were my two grandmothers, and also two aunts in particular, my mom's sister and one of my dad's sisters, who really just helped to raise me, and to whom I owe so much. I thank God for them all (but especially my own mother) whenever I start to cook a meal, or make a decision or a commitment. Their sweet influence comes to bear, and I am grateful.

Boo, that's great news about Erin. I am so happy for her, and for you and Bruce. I think I see the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel", don't you? Hang in there, dear girl.

Nothing new on the puppy front. I'm just stashing away cash when I can, and letting the world take a turn. Maybe the police will nail those crooks, maybe they won't, but whatever happens, I'm not going to let them make me miserable. I will come out of this with a puppy, the right one, that God has chosen for me, when the time is right.

In the cobwebby recesses of my lace-curtain memory, I seem to recall someone wondering why my son has five vehicles around his house, with its short driveway and limited parking space. Well, history is just repeating itself. When our kids were growing up, and the older two had their licenses, there was a time when we had five cars, with four licensed drivers. David has the same thing. He has a Jeep that he bought before he and Brittney were married, and it was his only vehicle. It's nice, it's in good shape, and he has maintained it well. He has a Tahoe that he bought in 2004, as a work car, because he always had to carry a bunch of stuff. Brittney also had a Tahoe, about the same age, because she was carrying little boys to baseball games, with all their gear and usually two or three friends and their gear. David's Tahoe has 460k miles on it, and runs like a top. He repairs it himself mostly, and keeps it in good order. However, with that many miles, he's a little hesitant to get on a long highway haul with it, so he bought Brittney a 2-year old Suburban, took her Tahoe which just has about 200k miles on it and the interior is less beat-up than his. However, he kept his old one to use for local runs for work. It just seemed a shame to sell it for about $1500 when it runs perfectly. When the older son got his license, David took the Jeep and really spiffed it up, with a light bar, new upholstery, etc., and gave it to him. So, now that's four cars actually on the road at various times. Then Grandpa Jerry got a chance to buy a beautiful Chevy pickup with 12,000 miles on it, dirt cheap. Never one to pass up a bargain, he bought it, and it was just sitting on his driveway. He has an older truck that he works out of. Landry is graduating, so David bought the pickup from Jerry and Landry is now driving it, the Jeep went back into storage, waiting for Hudson who will soon have his license. So, four drivers, five vehicles, one of which is waiting for a driver to qualify, and two of which are used alternately by one driver. Now, aren't you sorry you asked? You know how "talky" I can be!

Well, guess I'll get dressed and mosey over to Eloise's. The family is gathering there for a Sunday/Mother's Day supper. I'm taking some Scottish shortbread. Jerry loves it, and will make a big dent in it, and everyone else will enjoy it as well. It's so good. I sure do wish my little girl was here to go with me. She loved going to Auntie Eloise's house, because Uncle Jerry is a pushover for big soft puppy eyes, and feeds the pups under the table. Also, she got to play with her friend Diesel, who misses her when she's not there. We all do. Oh well, I'd better not go into that, or I'll just stay home and cry, and that won't do any good. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

May 12, 2019 - Msg 112230: Just got home from watching the Amgen Bike Tour of California. It came right through our town. These are the best bike riders and they are from all around the world. They will all be in the tour de france. I was about five feet from them when they went down the street. Those guys ride so fast and close together. Then swish! and there gone. It was exciting to see them.

May 13, 2019 - Msg 112231: Good morning, porch. I trust everyone had a happy Mother's Day, even those of us who have lost our moms, and most especially the recent losses. Our joy now lies in our memories, and those can never be taken away. Add to that, the promise of a happy reunion one day, and when you add it all up, we have a lot of reasons to be joyous. There are those who don't believe in that eventual reunion, but they have my sympathy, and my prayers for their unbelief. How sad they must be! I just have to think, and suppose for just a moment - what if they were right and there is no afterlife, no heaven, no reunion of believers? Isn't it better to believe as most (I hope, all) of us do, that the Bible is true and all of that is real? Isn't our life here much sweeter with that anticipation built in? Christians are the happiest people I know, and hope is part and parcel of that happiness. When I lost my Dale, my despair was deep, but it was for the "now" of my life. Deep inside, I knew the reunion was coming, and that's what I eventually built on to climb out of the depths. Paul states it so well in his letter to the church at Thessalonica: But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. I Thess. 4:13. KJV The New International Version (NIV) says: Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. Obviously, the key phrase there is "no hope." What a sad phrase that is. No hope. That doesn't apply to us, though, and thank God for that! I believe there is hope, thanks to God's Word, and if it turns out that I'm wrong, what have I lost? Nothing! What have I gained? A happy life. Sounds like a good choice to me. The greatest joy is the certainty that lives in my heart, that what I believe is true. God placed that conviction there, and even through losing loved ones, that has always remained. Bruised a bit at times, but it remains, and it always bubbles to the surface in good time. God is good.

Frankie, that must have been exciting, to be right there, within a few feet of all that power and determination. All those young people, so strong, so determined, so dedicated! That must have been a tremendous thrill. I remember when Eloise and I received tickets from our kids, to see the Lipizzaner stallions perform down in Waco. Our seats were on the front row, in folding chairs placed down in the arena itself, and the horses' performing area was marked out by little low boxes placed end to end. We could have rested our feet on the boxes! Those huge, beautiful stallions passed so close to us we could almost have touched them, and the sense of power and strength just radiated from them. Those of us seated in the arena had been forewarned not to stand up or make any sudden moves when the horses were near, but they didn't have to warn me. I was so thrilled and big-eyed I couldn't have moved if I'd wanted to! I'll never forget that day.

Well, back to the realities of today. Guess I'd better go tidy up the kitchen. I left it a little messy yesterday when I went to meet up with my kids, and got home so late and so tired I just walked right through and went to bed! Now the time has come to clean it up! It's not bad, really, but I like a clean kitchen, and the elves are not coming today, so it's up to me. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

May 13, 2019 - Msg 112232: ROmeena--very well said about the afterlife! :) Reminds me of the old joke of the atheist asking a Christian, "Do you really believe in the hereafter?" to which the Christian replied, "Son, that's what I'm here after!!"

Frankie, I had a nephew right there in that bike tour! He has been so amazing on bikes since he was about 5 years old. So cool that you saw it!

All- I saw "Mr. Jackson" on Gunsmoke today!
As we have said before, funny to see tags folks in other shows.
I sure hope all the porch moms had a good one.
I saw some of BOO's photos of her trip to gainville. They stop at an old drive in movie theater, and an 1800s cemetery.
BOO--so glad you got to get away for a bit.

Have a great week!

May 14, 2019 - Msg 112233:
Wow, very slow day on the porch today. I watched tags tonight. The first one was about good ol' Floyd, the lying, deceitful wretch! As I looked at the borrowed 'house' again I thought that was pretty darn good livin' for Mayberry! ha Maybe those women from the historical society lived in that neighborhood too! :) Then I got a phone call, and only caught the last few minutes of the second episode, and that's where Andy, Opie, and Peggy (now in her blue jeans) were going fishing. And that's the last we saw of her. :(

GF--when you mentioned the other day about "getting it," were you referring to
my "that's a lot of money for any size fella." line? If so, you are right, a reg'lar type person wouldnt have'got it!" ha
Also, I see that your Cavs have a new coach. So do our Suns, but I think they will need a LOT more than that!
ASA--very cool video, that is one powerful train going thru some very powerful creation! :) You live in a mighty nice area!
RO--The more I see horses in the westerns that I watch, the more I appreciate them, their beauty, power, antics, etc. Very graceful animals.

Hey LUCY, you out there anywhere? Hope all is well.
Nite all,

May 14, 2019 - Msg 112234: MDC...Yes, That is what I was referring to...I remember finding $5 once as a kid. If I recall Mom & Dad must have watched that episode too, I got the same advice...G-F

May 14, 2019 - Msg 112235: We've lost 2 giants- Doris Day & Tim Conway. Both the best at what they did,and loved by so many. May they Rest In Peace.

possum u.a.r.

May 14, 2019 - Msg 112236: I had heard about Doris, but not Tim.
Both were indeed good, wholesome, special people!
Thanks for posting Possum.
Have an 'alleluia' sort of day!
MDC :)

May 14, 2019 - Msg 112237: Well, I am home from our little trip. I received your card today, MDC. What a very thoughtful gesture! Thank you so much!

We did have a very good weekend and some quality time with the mom in law. Mother's Day was extra special considering I wasn't with my children. We took Bruce's mom for lunch and then a drive in the country, where I saw the cemetery MDC mentioned. It was a special time because everything is so green right now in Texas and the wildflowers!! Wow. The temperature was perfect, too.

We did go to the drive in and saw the Penguin movie that Disney has out now and it was really good.

Ro, I really appreciate your take on the afterlife. I had been thinking a lot about it this weekend because I had a rather strange experience. Now, as a Christian, I had always been taught that we have no contact from our loved ones who have gone on but Sunday morning as I was brushing my teeth, my grandmother's face appeared in my mind and I swear she said something to me. That is the first time it ever happened in my life and she has been dead since I was 5. What she said to me got my attention, though I don't really want to share it. I went on about my day but it was in my mind and I was pondering it. Later, when we took our drive in the country, Bruce mentioned going through a little town nearby called Crawford. I immediately remembered that my grandmother had lived there for a short time when was I was very young. Then we went to a little town called Oglesby where my blind uncle had pastored the Methodist church in the early 60s. I called my cousin and found out that it was in Oglesby that my grandmother had been living with my uncle when she died. I had no idea that when we visited my mom in law in Gatesville, we were just up the road from where my grandmother died. It was kind of a shock in a way and seemed like a strange coincidence. I'm not sure what to make of it and I may never know. My older brother, Dave, told me years ago that grandma is with him and that he doesn't fear death because he knows that she will be there when his time comes. Interesting and kind of spooky.

Anyhoo, enough of that. I hope all of you have a great week and I will try to check in more often.


May 15, 2019 - Msg 112238: Good morning, porch! Boo, what a fascinating and sweet story! It reminds me of the time I very clearly heard my mother's voice call my name, not once, but twice, with an interval of a few seconds, and a change in the inflection of her voice the second time. She had passed about three years earlier. Obviously, I can't explain these occurrences we've experienced, but I can't help speculating. The idea I'm most comfortable with is simple. The Scripture indicates that once a person crosses over, there is no return. It mentions "a great gulf fixed" between heaven and earth. Yet, it also tells of occasions when the long-dead visited the earth. Those were very special occasions, and took place at God's command. Since I don't think I merit any such earth-shaking activity, I fall back on a much simpler, yet no less kind, gift of God. I believe He has given our minds the ability to recall a moment, such as my mother calling my name, to pull it out of the depths and re-create it for me, as a loving gift to me.

In your case, your mind may have been subconsciously wrestling with some issue, and God allowed you to create the image of your grandmother and "hear" her say something to you that would be helpful or comforting to you. Now this is all very deep, and far above my pay grade, but it's interesting to think about, does seem to explain some things, and is so typical of our loving Father, to find a way to vividly communicate with us.

Then there are what I believe to be visitations by angels. I firmly believe in the existence of angels, and the Bible indicates that they do visit Earth at times, when sent by God. I also firmly believe that I was under the direct control of an angel on one occasion. I was stopped at a stop sign, about to enter the one-way access road of the highway that runs through town. Traffic was heavy, and I thought I would never get a break where I could get on the access road. I was looking to my left, watching the stream of cars, looking for a gap big enough to allow me in. A tiny gap came, and I knew I needed to floor it to make it in. I took my foot off the brake, and just as I touched the gas pedal, I literally felt something grab my foot, move it to the left and jam it down on the brake. And then I saw why it happened. I had been looking to my left, to enter the one-way roadway, and had not looked to my right. I should have. A frail-looking elderly man on a rickety bicycle was wobbling in from my right, and I didn't see him, because I was looking sharply to my left. If I had completed my intention to floor it, I would have driven right over him. As it was, I was within a few inches of hitting him. He seemed oblivious, continued his slow, wobbling path across the front of my car and on down the road, while I sat there shaking and thanking God profusely.

Just as I believe in the presence on earth of angels, I also believe that demons are just as real, and roam the earth. If I believe in angels, why not demons? The Bible speaks freely of both, and who am I to decide what's true and what isn't true in the Bible? One of these days, I'll tell you about what I believe was my encounter with a demon. Actually, there are two stories! --Romeena

May 15, 2019 - Msg 112239: ASA? Are you OK buddy? Havent seen you in a few days. Praying that all is fine and that you're just busy. Please check in when you can.
BOO--my pleasure with the card. You have been thru a lot as a mom this year. Actually, GF 'inspired' me as I thought again of the 'copper man' that he had sent
to Asa.
RO-- I agree with what you said in your post.
At Jesus' transfiguration, both Moses and Elijah
were right there with him. Also, ... there are dreams. God has directed folks in dreams several times; to Joseph, for example, to head to Egypt.
On the other hand, it could be our subconscious activity, as you say, yet with God involved to
give us peace of mind,... for example the dream that i shared here about seeing my dad
running down the streets of heaven, when he had been confined to a wheelchair the last
3 years of his life! :) Deep indeed! ha
BOO had posted a picture on FB the other day of an old metal covered tabernacle that she had seen by the 1800s cemetery, and I had a short dream last night of a big revival going on there from years ago! Men were in suits with those stiff collars and the women in long dresses. It was an over-flow crowd with someone banging away on the piano. Just my subconcious at work, or God telling me something? (Like "Stranger in Town".)ha
And your gas pedal story is very amazing indeed too!

OK, how about a little tags trivia... If you watched me-tv last night, or you are just a real tags aficionado...who was Miss Luken?

Well, carpet cleaners coming tomorrow, so gotta go vacuum!

Later alligators,

May 15, 2019 - Msg 112240: ....MDC...Emmett’s Wife Too ....

May 15, 2019 - Msg 112241: Good evening,porch. MDC, Miss Lukens was the sales lady in the little store where Opie went to buy a gift for his latest crush - Helen! (Of all people.) Actually, I think she also appears as Emmett's wife in the color ep where Emmett takes a job with his brother-in-law as an insur@nce agent, but is miserable and wants to go back to his fix-it shop.

My father had an experience somewhat similar to mine one Sunday morning after church. There is a traffic light at the main exit from our church parking lot, where you can either turn left or right out of the lot, or go straight across into another parking lot that serves a small shopping center. My parents were leaving the church lot, intending to go across into the other lot, to a little restaurant located there. Daddy was the first car in line, waiting for the light to change. When it did, he started to drive straight across, but the wheel just wrenched itself out of his hands, and turned the car to the left, very hard and sharp. As that was happening, a speeding car came through the intersection from the right, ran the red light, and very narrowly missed my parent's car. If their car had not been turned by whatever force was responsible (an angel?) their car would have been T-boned, on my mom's side. It likely would have killed her, maybe both of them, because the car was traveling at a very high speed, in a 30 mph zone. He only went another block, and had to skid to a stop, because traffic was stopped at another light. Daddy said he saw his light turn green, had checked both ways before pulling out, and never saw that car coming. It had to have been doing at least 60. Daddy said something or someone just took the wheel away from him and spun it, and he had no idea why, until the car came speeding through. When I think of the times that I have been protected, and people I love have been protected, in such a dramatic way, it makes me wonder just how many times we are protected and we don't even know it. God is good.

Well, I think I'll go pick up something for dinner. A new Mexican food place, sort of a cross between a restaurant and a take-out place, has opened and the food looks very good in their online menu. Good reviews, too. Something a little different - they offer mesquite-grilled chicken, and chicken molè, a dish I love from my childhood in San Antonio, but which is rarely offered in the restaurants here. There was a restaurant in SA called Karam's, owned and operated by a Lebanese family, but they served wonderful Mexican food!

By the way, have you ever heard anyone say they'd like to go out for some English food? British cuisine just leaves a lot to be desired, I guess. I don't even know what it would be. Anybody got any ideas, or experience with their food? I don't. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

May 15, 2019 - Msg 112242: Oops! Didn't see you there, G-F. Since we both have the same thought, we must be right! --Romeena

May 16, 2019 - Msg 112243: Ro and GF, yes, you are correct about Emmitt's wife, but I was talking more about
the character Miss Luken, not the actress.
In last night's ep, it was her store where Bee saw the bed jacket in the

Things have sure changed since mayberry times...I was filling up my pick up with gas today
and I happened to notice that they wanted FOUR dollars for air! What first caught
my eye was that there was a slot for a credit card! I guess they DO make a charge for air, wow.
The station I usually go to does charge 75 cents, but they always let me use it for free.
Nite all,

May 16, 2019 - Msg 112244: Morning all.
I'm here MDC. Just been busy with all the Grandkids and all their end of the school year programs and recitals and everything else they have going on. Been the first time I have been able to attend a lot of the school things and I quite enjoy it, and I think they like me being there.

Some deep topics going on here. I am enjoying reading them.
Well better get.


May 16, 2019 - Msg 112245: Good morning, porch! Well, we have been talking about some deep things here, and I think that's good. We Americans are often reluctant to venture into the spiritual side of life, and I think we may miss some blessings. Perhaps we need to "tune in" a bit more, and let God show us what He can do. In my almost-80 years, there have been some events, some brushes with the spiritual world, that have convinced me that world is real, and operates right alongside of us, unseen. I think it's inhabited by angels, and yes, demons. Occasionally, they're allowed to make their presence known in some way. I believe I've witnessed both, and I know many others who will say the same thing.

My dad was present at his mother's bedside when she passed, and he told the family what happened. She was lying in bed, in her daughter's home, in a sunny room with a glass door to the outside. My dad was seated beside the bed, holding her hand. He said they had been talking, then she became quiet, and was gazing out through that glass door. He said her expression changed, her gaze seemed focused, and she said, "Oh, who's that? Oh my, it's Lon!" Lon was her late husband, had been dead nearly ten years. Then she said, "Who is that with him? It's my mama! Oh my soul, I see Jesus!" Daddy said she had the most beautiful expression on her face, a big smile, and then her face was transformed. All the signs of age disappeared, and she looked like a teenager, for just a few seconds. Then she took her last breath, and passed. Her "old" face reappeared, but had a look of sublime serenity. My dad could never recount that event without happy tears coming. As he said, he literally got to watch her as she met her loved ones, and our Lord, on the way to Heaven.

Now my dad was a very practical, pragmatic kind of guy. He had a great, wicked sense of humor, but he looked at life straight on, and was nobody's fool, and definitely wasn't "spooky." So, knowing him like I did, and seeing the emotion the retelling of that event always brought out in him, I am convinced the experience was real. It's one of my "comfort memories", and I can't wait to see who will be in my own welcoming committee!

Well, back to the mundane world. Eloise and I are going to get our toesies done today. It's been too long, and if I don't get it done soon, I'll be poking holes in my socks! Now, there's a picture for you! --Romeena

May 16, 2019 - Msg 112246: True words Romeena...True Words!...Why don’t you ladies go Whole Hog with those female adornments and get a shot of that “Midnight Madness” spray while you’re at it!...As Andy says..It’s Gooood!..


May 16, 2019 - Msg 112247: RO--you were speaking about british fare, I think Malcolm mentioned a few things like "bubbles and squeak" or some such! On the other hand, he did make a nice egg face! Ha ASA--glad to see ya, and that you are enjoying the shows! :)

May 17, 2019 - Msg 112248: Boy, Romeena, I loved reading that story. I don't remember you ever sharing it before, although you may have (just yesterday I put the tortillas away somewhere and couldn't find them until I looked in the junk drawer in the kitchen. Gee Whiz). I remember my mom telling me about her grandmother's passing and how she was in a coma at home and woke up, spoke to her family and told them that she had seen Jesus and that he had told her to say her goodbyes and he would come back for her. She said what she needed to say, looked toward the foot of the bed, said, "He's here" and died. I have had some interesting experiences with loved ones dying, too, but I think I have shared them in the past. What I find comforting is that the older I get, the less afraid of dying I become. I guess that is natural for most.

Its been a busy day for me. I had to work and I found out that Erin's school is having a graduation ceremony tomorrow evening and I am scheduled to work. Someone agreed to come in for a few hours for me so I could attend but I have to return after the event. It could be interesting going to work, leaving, and then returning all in the same shift. We have so few nurses now that it is just crazy and I heard that the deal fell through with the buyers so we don't even know what is going on and admin isn't talking. Im just taking it one day at a time.

Erin brought home a stray dog tonight from a friend's neighborhood. It appears to be about a 10 to 12 month old pitbull female. As you can imagine my outside dogs went nuts so the dog is in the back pen and the dogs are in the garage barking. Erin is going to take it to the SPCA tomorrow.

I'm exhausted so think I will turn in. Tomorrow is another busy day.


May 17, 2019 - Msg 112249: Well, today was carpet cleaning day. I'm not sure if you all have a company called Zerorez, but we have used them now for the last 3 years, and they do great!! It is a 'no soap' way of cleaning carpets, and it dries faster, and the carpets dont become 'crunchy.'
We just got everything put back, so good night for now! :) MDC

May 17, 2019 - Msg 112250: Good morning, porch! Boo, I'm sorry the deal fell through with the sale of the hospital. That place just seems to be snakebit, for some reason. I admire you for hanging in there with it. Surely something will happen to turn things around. Those kids need your Christian influence. Oh, and it was kind of your co-worker to fill in for you so you can attend Erin's graduation. Nurses have to stick together and help each other at times, and that's a good example.

You mentioned being forgetful, and I can definitely identify with that. I recall the time when I had just finished doing some ironing, and put everything away. A couple of hours later, I opened the fridge for something, and there sat the iron, on a shelf in the fridge! I had no memory of putting it there, but there it was. Scary!

You're right about losing the fear of death as we age. That's certainly been true for me, and I think I know why. When we're young, everyone we love is here with us. As we get older, and some of our loved ones go on before us, the dynamic changes. For those of us who believe that our loved ones are alive and with the Lord, the whole concept becomes less of a frightening threat, and more like something welcoming. Some dread remains, but the focus shifts. I'm no longer afraid of death, of leaving this world, but I do still have some fear of dying, of the journey. How long will it take? How ill will I be before I pass? For my Dale, it was just a second, the blink of an eye, and he stepped through the door into the presence of God, but we don't all get to do that. We have no way of knowing what to expect, so I'm just leaving it up to the Lord, and am determined to make my exit with as much grace as I can. Meantime, I'm loving every minute of my life, but right now, I'd love it a lot more if I had a little canine companion to share it with me. I guess I'd better just leave that up to God as well, since I don't seem to be doing too well at fixing it by myself.

As I look back over my almost-80 years, I remember a surprising number of times when it's obvious that divine intervention took place. Often those times go unrecognized when they occur, but time and memory sharpens our perceptions, after we've given it some thought. Then there are those events, like mine and my dad's, when it's so in-your-face that you can't help but recognize it for what it was. God is good, all the time.

Well, I've got to go to the audiologist today and have another adjustment session with my hearing aids. I'm hearing a lot of strange noises, that I realize are misinterpretations of ambient noise, and it's getting annoying. I'm sure she can fix it, though. It's amazing what she can do, and she does it all with a computer! Yep, she tunes up my hearing aids through a keyboard that talks to a little transmitter that she hangs around my neck. It, in turn, talks to the devices and fine-tunes the settings that control them. Amazing. Sure beats the socks off of a big old ear trumpet! Can't you just picture me with one of those things stuck in my ear, and me saying "Eh? What say?" a lot. So much to be thankful for!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

May 17, 2019 - Msg 112251: Romeena, one thing with having hearing aids, if you get anoyed by people talking you can just hit your “mute” button.
Which reminds me of a funny story, along time ago we had a elderly couple next door. He was like 92 and still cut his own grass, his wife would come out and fuss him out about it.

My Son liked to go over and sit with him on his stoop when he was little...One time I went over as he took a break from mowing, he said she nags me all the time about it, so I just give her the FINGER!...I know my eyes bugged out when he said it so I just let it be...He started up his mower and continued. She came out, but I noticed once she started up on him he just kept tapping his ear...So I did have to ask when he was done why he did that?...“Like I told you Dick when she starts, I just “Give her the Finger”...See this is what I do!...
👉🏻👂🏼His tapping on it also turned it OFF....92 years Old?....92 years SMART!...

Funny TRUE story....G-F

May 18, 2019 - Msg 112252: Just a quick Hello tonight.
I have enjoyed the recent stories of angels and divine interventions.
I used to get the monthly magazine (A Quarter! ha) called Guideposts.
Each month there was a feature call "His Mysterious Ways." Writers told of various supernatural phenomenons. They were all true and pretty amazing!
Prayers for all,

May 18, 2019 - Msg 112253: Funny story, G-F!

Yesterday was one of those days. Mercy! We got through it but not without a migraine. The graduation ceremony went well and was sweet really. There were only 17 students and it took place in an old church that was like stepping back into the 60s (picture the church in TAGS) and you pretty well have it. The service was short and they did something I had never seen before. Near the end of the ceremony, one at a time, each of the students was given two roses to present to two women in attendance. Most gave a rose to their mother and grandmother. Erin gave one to St. Susan and one to me. It was very touching to see. St. Susan isn't one to show much emotion but she teared up when Erin gave her the rose and a big hug. I need to post some pictures on facebook today for those of you who do facebook.

During the ceremony, I started getting a headache and by the time I left I had a migraine. I took a pill and it finally helped. I was supposed to go back to work again because we had 4 kids come in to be admitted at the same time. Thankfully my boss had come in to help and I was able to stay home. I took a hot shower and got to bed and the headache finally let up. I had a major stress attack yesterday morning, hyperventilating and all! I guess it all got to me by the end of the day. I think I am going to have to see a counselor and maybe talk to the nurse practitioner that I see. I really am afraid I am headed for a stroke if I don't get myself taken care of very soon. I try to take on too much and I am like the drowning person who cant save anyone else in my condition. Hard to admit, but I am at that point. No telling what my blood pressure is because I cant find my blood pressure machine.

I am trying to take it easy today but just doing some laundry. The kids were really frightened yesterday at my stress reaction so they are determined to find someone else to talk to about their problems and help out more around here. We will see how it goes.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend.


May 18, 2019 - Msg 112254: Good morning, porch! Cloudy and gray here this morning, but I don't care. We need the rain. The St. Augustine plugs Eddie planted a few weeks ago have begun to send out runners, which will soon be meeting each other, and in a couple of months more, I'll have a nice St. Augustine lawn again. I still can't believe how quickly and thoroughly that invasion of chinch bugs and fungus just totally wiped my lawn out and left nothing but dirt. Weeds, of course, quickly took over, and it just looked awful. Eddie has pulled or dug out the worst stands of weeds, and the St. Augustine will quickly choke out the rest, once it gets established. Amazing stuff, that grass.

MDC, I still subscribe to Guideposts, have for years. It's something I look forward to every month. Wonderful, inspiring stories. The Editor-in-Chief, Edward Grinnan, is a really neat guy with a great personal story. He's a recovering alcoholic, who was really in a bad place, but with God's help, he beat it, and is now living a wonderful life. He's a dog lover, and has written some wonderful books, most notably one entitled "Always By My Side", about his life with his golden retriever, Millie. I would recommend that book very highly. The Guideposts entity also publishes some other small monthly magazines, such as "All God's Creatures" which is a daily-devotion compilation based on stories about animals. Then there's "All Creatures", which is stories about animals as well, but not in the daily-devotion format. I subscribe to all of them, and thoroughly enjoy them, would recommend them to anyone.

Edward Grinnan is a remarkable man, with a remarkable story, and is someone I'd love to meet. Guideposts organizes group trips now and then, like to the Holy Land, for example. The price is above my budget, and with the physical challenges I deal with, it wouldn't be a wise choice for me. Mr. Grinnan is always along on the trips, and I know it would be a wonderful experience, but I guess I'll just have to wait and meet him in heaven!

Well, it's getting along toward noon, maybe I should go hunt up some lunch. Got some tasty leftovers in there, shouldn't be hard to find something to eat. I love leftovers! When I cook, I plan for leftovers, so really only actually cook about three times a week. I cooked every day when I was raising my family, of course, but even then, I used leftovers. I would leap-frog things from meal to meal. For example, if I made a big mac and cheese casserole one night, with pork chops and a green veggie, I'd make the mac and cheese thing big enough to have half of it left over. The next night, I'd fry up some lean hamburger in a big skillet, add some chopped onions, then add in the leftover mac and cheese, and a can of tomato sauce and some canned diced tomatoes, and it made a wonderful cheesy-tomato-beef and macaroni hash. My family loved it! Actually, that's sounding pretty good. I may have to run that by again, in smaller amounts, just for me! I haven't had it in a very long time. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

May 18, 2019 - Msg 112255: Wow your left over ideas sound great !...well got Garden planted and all veggies coming up good..gona put a little miracle grow on maters tonight...when in 90s here at the dog house...well let me read..wife off today so we be gona grill some porterhouse steaks ...yall stop by...prayers and have a blessed day ...SPOT

May 18, 2019 - Msg 112256: Hey to SPOT, good to see you on the porch.
Don't be a stranger. I liked your vienna sausage sammich on FB!
RO--I think my Guideposts subscription lapsed in 2016. Not sure why. I'll look into it again. I did find one in a doctor's office recently, and I was a little disappointed that "His Mysterious Ways" was now entitled just "Mysterious Ways." My goodness, what would happen to the "Our Father" prayer??
That mac and chesse dish does sounds good. My mom used to make a mac and cheese
casserole with cut-up sausage links in it. And I agree about the St. Augustine! :)
BOO--so sorry about your headache. Yes, I think you were right in taking your stress down a notch
by having everyone pitch in. You probably should have done that a few years ago! ha
You and yours are in my prayers.
Good Sabbath to all,

May 18, 2019 - Msg 112257: PS to Boo-do they have a BP cuff at Shorline?
Perhaps you could check it there. Anything over
130 over 80, get to a hypertension doc, but look
who I'm telling. :) You know that. mdc