May 30, 2019 - Msg 112305: Steve’s new truck.. His new motto...”Go BIG or Go Home!”..tehehaha!...G-F

May 30, 2019 - Msg 112306: Now after that joke, I’d might as well sweep up now too!...

May 30, 2019 - Msg 112307: Well now we know how the shimmy came about. :)


May 30, 2019 - Msg 112308:
HI ALL! Finally settling down a bit after a whirlwind week. But first let me tell BOO a bit more on the hearing issue. For Cecile and I it is just the opposite. My ears are excellent, like ol' Blue's, but she wears aids, and needs new ones. Some of her responses to my questions are hilarious, and others lead to a bit of a 'discussion' shall we say!
She will tell me "You did not say that," to which I say "Oh yes i did," and we are off to the races. She is looking at new hearing aids, but you may want to share that with both Erin and bruce. Both of her folks were hard of hearing, and if I say, your sounding just like your dad did, that doesnt go over too good either! :)
And yes, prayers for all in the tornados and in Possum's sauna! I saw her FB posts on her heat wave. Even the birds are walking.
As for the truck, we got a new Nissan Frontier. It is made in the USA of 85% US parts. I wanted the long bed (6 foot), and searched the entire state inventory on-line!
Found one about 40 miles from us, and we snatched it up with a good deal theu the Costco car program...getting a great no haggle price.
None of this "let us add undercoating" etc, or trips to the famous "manager." It didn't have everything my Chevy had, but such is life, and on we go...! God was with us thru the whole process, from my not being hurt to the purchase of the new one.
I recall how SPOT had quite the accident years ago, and i thought about him all this week. Funny how that happens.
A quick look, but mine is white...
Well, my hardest prayers continue for you all, especially for Ro and Boo, but indeed all. FRANKIE and MAUDIE, and ALL, please check in when you can.

May 30, 2019 - Msg 112309: Oh, and no shimmy like that monster truck! ha

May 31, 2019 - Msg 112310: Thank you Asa, I appreciate those words and prayers so much. I believe we will all be ok but this is something we have to walk through. I think I just need to cast my cares on the Lord and stop thinking for awhile.

Thank you for your prayers, MDC, as always! Yes, there are special challenges involved in communicating with a hearing impaired family member. At least you and Cecile are still talking to each other. Many days I find myself avoiding. Congrats on the new truck! St. Susan's husband has a 2 year old Nissan Frontier and he likes it.

Had a hard night at work tonight and it was hot, so that made things harder. I am wondering how we are going to get through the summer!

I saw Erin tonight for awhile and she seems to be doing better. She is staying with a friend this weekend but said she will be home after that.

My Poopsie dog is acting under the weather today. She just isn't herself. She is eating and drinking, etc. but its as if she is sad. She almost acts like she did something wrong...guilty-like. lol Maybe she is missing Erin.

Think I will put my weary feet up and relax before bed. Tonight when I left work, the little old Asa-like security guard had his laptop and was watching an episode of TAGS. He told me he watches it every night!


May 31, 2019 - Msg 112311: PS-the color of the Nissan in the video is the color of the little Nissan we bought for Erin to drive.


May 31, 2019 - Msg 112312: BOO, my guess is that Poopsie is missing Erin. Also, pets are very perceptive to family tension.
Our last cat would come right between C and I if we were arguing, and meow up a storm until we would simmer down. :)
Can you report Shoreline to the health dept??

May 31, 2019 - Msg 112313: I was just reading an article in my Learn a Month magazine and there was a story about a cat in the Phoenix area that was being treated for a worn out larynx. Seems it was the first ever case of a cat with a horse throat. (ba-boom)

MDC, That is a fine looking machine. My Tacoma is white also. Is yours a 4X4? Mine is, but with the snow we get it is almost foolish to have a pick up that isn't 4 WD.


June 01, 2019 - Msg 112314: ASA, it is NOT a 4x4, but not really needed here
unless i were to go off roading up north. I was leaning toward Tacoma, but the leg room didnt quite do from my 6'5" frame! ha
I think this truck will 'grow on me' tho. The Lord works in
mysterious ways.
I only have 268 pages to read in the owners manual. I think I am one of the few who actually reads all that applies. I'd just hate to find out 10 years from now that it has some bell or whisle that i didnt know about.
We shot back up to 100 degrees today, and it will be so for a while, so I guess summer is here! ASA, did you see my post about our layover in SLC? I think we can actually meet!

June 01, 2019 - Msg 112315: OOPS, wretched me, that's MDC

June 01, 2019 - Msg 112316: Wow, you are 6 foot 5, MDC?! I didn’t realize. How tall is Cecile? I can’t imagine being comfortable driving at your height. I am 5’6 and still put my seat way back in my suburban! I seem to have inordinately long legs. Bruce has to rush to keep up with my stride, even.

The air conditioner went out at work yesterday and with it being nearly 100 degrees outside it was awful! Another summer at Shoreline 🙁

Wonder how the puppy search is going?

I am going to take a nap and then start getting ready for Zach’s wedding today! It’s a happy day!


June 01, 2019 - Msg 112317: And kids are suppose to rehab in that $%^&* place???!!
I think I will call the TX health dept on Monday.
That is absolutely terrible!!! Enough is enough.

June 02, 2019 - Msg 112318: Good evening, porch. It's been a busy couple of days, and I haven't been in touch. Our seniors group from church went to Dallas Thursday and toured the Holocaust Museum. Very enlightening, and very moving. When Hitler was defeated, the world vowed "never again", and yet the same thing is happening again in the Middle East, with ISIS slaughtering Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and even some Muslims whose thinking isn't as rigid as ISIS thinks it should be. Christians have been bombed, shot, burned, beheaded and taken into slavery by jihadists, by the hundreds and in some areas, by the thousands. And the world is letting it happen. Again. God help us.

After that sobering day, yesterday was a great day. Landry graduated from high school, and it was such a pleasure to see him walk across that stage and receive his diploma. Afterward, David and Brittney took us all to lunch at BJ's in Ft. Worth, a really nice and fun place. Landry received his gifts (mostly cash) and a beautiful and extremely thoughtful gift from his mother. Almost from his birth, she had been preserving some of his clothes, specifically his baseball shirts from all the select ball teams he played on, one from the trip he won to go to Cooperstown, his Upward basketball (a church league) shirt, and other meaningful garments. From them, she cut out the squares to the specified measurements and sent them away to a place that turns them into a really beautiful, well-made quilt! He now has a quilt that will go with him into his adult life, that is made up of memories of his childhood. His mom has spent 18 years looking forward to giving him that quilt. I wish I had been that thoughtful with my kids! She is such a good mom!

The puppy search is still sort of in limbo, though I think I'm probably going to give up on the rescue thing and go for another Maltese. After having Maltese for the past 24 years - The Plum for 12 1/2 years, and Toye Starr for almost 12 years, I just can't see myself with anything else. I want (and need, actually) a tiny dog that I can just tuck under my arm and go, and who will be content to sit and be still in a lap when necessary, but is ready to play when it's appropriate. That pretty much describes a Maltese. I've been to shelters, and searched online, and seen so many precious little waifs who need a home, and they just break my heart, but they're always just so much bigger than I want. There are some little chihuahua mixes, and they're so cute, but I love a fluffy little dog, and again, that's a Maltese. So, I will continue to send a small donation to the ASPCA every month, visit our shelter occasionally and leave a donation and encourage everyone who just wants "a dog" to go for a rescue. I usually leave off a bag of food on those visits. I used to save my newspapers and take them out there about every two months, but they stopped taking them - some city ordinance is now forcing them to use washable bedding instead of shredded newspaper. Dumb. Instead of using compostable bedding, let's use something that has to be washed, using electricity and precious water and dumping more detergent and such into the water table. Go figure.

Well, our new pastor will preach his first sermon at church tomorrow, and I plan to be there. Guess I'd better get to bed and try to get to sleep at a reasonable hour for a change. I've been missing a lot lately, arthritis has been a challenge and still is, but if I could make that trip to the Holocaust Museum, I think I can make it to church! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

June 02, 2019 - Msg 112319: BOO--is Shoreline located in Taft? I found a toll free number for the health dept, and want to make sure I will call about the right place. I sure hope something can be done to improve conditions there.

June 02, 2019 - Msg 112320: MDC- I see that Boo hasn't answered your question and if she doesn't mind I can answer it. Shoreline is one of my "likes" on Facebook,so I just checked the info. Boo has so much going on with her work,Erin,and all,that she might not see your question for a while. (Prayers and love to you,Boo!!) Anyway, here is their address: 1220 Gregory St. Taft, TX 78390

Give 'em HECK, MDC!! That's just beyond insane to have those kids and staff in such awful conditions.

Hey Spot- I met a dog named Possum today! LOL

possum u.a.r.

June 02, 2019 - Msg 112321: Yes, it is MDC


June 02, 2019 - Msg 112322: Thanks BOO

June 02, 2019 - Msg 112323: Oh, I see you already answered Possum. Thanks.


June 03, 2019 - Msg 112324: MDC, the air conditioning is only part of the problem. The place is a shambles. Bad plumbing (the sink in the nurse's station has had black sewage standing in it for 3 months. I have trash bags taped over it to hold in the smell. There is a roach problem and spiders, too. Just disgusting. Something has got to be done or it needs to close its doors. I hate it, but it is just a bad place for kids to stay, especially while detoxing.

The temperature is down to 80 degrees inside and I heard someone say they are supposed to buy some window units for some of the kid's rooms this week. They wont help us in the nurses office but it might help some of the kids. I think they are going to try and fit them all into the cool rooms or something. I had a kid withdrawing this weekend and vomiting. I hated that it was hot, too.

Tomorrow I am going to ask Erin to come home because I have to have a talk with her about the car. She is already breaking some rules and I am going to have to take the car for a time. It wont be easy but has to be done. She needs to grow and realize some things. Prayers appreciated. Bruce and I have an appointment on Tuesday with a counselor to seek some help.

Hope you all have a good night and a great day tomorrow.


June 03, 2019 - Msg 112325: I'm on it Boo. If anyone else wants to call toll free to the TX Health Dept, it is 888-963-7111.
Just be aware that when dialing a toll free line, you cannot block your identity. The non-toll free is 512-776-7111.
I'm doing it for the kids AND the nurses.

June 03, 2019 - Msg 112326: Thank you, MDC. We will see if anything improves.

This is a bad day for me. Not going to lie. I will be ok, but things are super tough right now. I called in and told them I wasn't coming to work this week, and maybe not next week and they can do with that what they will. I am taking Erin and I am going away for a week, at least. I have to try and spend enough time with her to help her. She is my priority right now and she is hurting something awful. Bruce is on board with it and wants me to do whatever I can to help her. Right now she wont come home and is going from friend to friend. When I talk to her on the phone she is crying and she needs my help, so I will do what I can. Sean is having his own battles and it will be hard on him for me to leave but he will make it. We are beginning to see the same pattern he has had before. He gets anxious, stops eating and have nausea and vomiting. It usually gets to the point that he cant work. I am hoping and praying it doesn't this time. Why are my kids so messed up? They were raised with so much love and care, taught that God loves them, but they seem to be completely debilitated by anxiety and depression. The meds don't cure it, counseling doesn't cure it. I think alot of it must stem from their gay feelings and getting the message that they are bad or sinful for what they are. There is a self-loathing that destroys the mental health of my kids and there is nothing I can do about it. I know life isn't fair and we all have such battles, some much worse than mine. I try to focus on the positive but I have a real problem when it comes to watching my kids suffer. I guess we all do. Anyway, one day at a time, one minute at a time. We will get through this because we have to. Again, thank you for your continued prayers. It means the world to me.


June 03, 2019 - Msg 112327: Sending much love and many prayers your way, Boo. My heart is with you,girl. Love you muchly-God bless you and your family.

possum again

June 03, 2019 - Msg 112328: Boo, that sounds like the right prescription right now...Prayers 🙏🏻 from your Porch Friends...G-F

June 03, 2019 - Msg 112329: Good afternoon all.

My goodness Boo, I am so sad to read what is going on with your family situation. I do think you have your priority's right. Poor Erin sounds like she is at a critical point. Please watch her close Julie. I'm glad Bruce is on board with what you are doing. The last thing you need is a battle there. And I am glad you have a "we will get through this" attitude. I think that is so critical, for you and your family. Just know we all love you and your family and will hold you all up in prayer.


June 03, 2019 - Msg 112330: Good afternoon, porch. Wow. Boo, bless your heart! Bless your battered, aching heart. I knew you had challenges with your kids, you've shared it here, but this is the first time you've really revealed the depth of the problems. I don't know if it has just suddenly worsened, or if you just decided to unburden completely. Either way, we are here for you, to pray, to listen, to try to encourage. I wish I had some wonderful magic words to share, some answers, but of course I do not. I can only speak from my heart.

All teenagers go through some angst-ridden years, it's normal. We can all remember some times in our own lives, dramatic scenes as we tried on all sorts of attitudes and personalities, trying to see what fit, to "find ourselves." My father settled that one for me, when I told him I was trying to find myself. He said, "Just locate your feet, look directly above them, and there you are!" Of course, that made me laugh, and the dramatic moment passed. Daddy had a knack for puncturing balloons at times and making people laugh, and thank God, Dale had the same ability. Big dramatic scenes just didn't make it in our house, but it was done with gentleness and love, and we all survived.

Your kids are almost grown - well, I guess Sean is, but Erin is still a teenager, and that's a guarantee of drama and angst. For both of them, to throw in the gay issue, it's going to be tough.
I know that "gay" is a reality for some people, but I don't believe that's true for everyone who "comes out" these days. With the LGBTQ people pushing the issue, teaching it as a normal alternative in the schools (yes, they do that, in some areas) and glorifying it all with parades, demonstrations and pushing it on TV and in movies, it's no wonder that kids get confused. When I was a teen, there was one - one - kid in my high school that was thought to be gay. It was definitely not the issue it is today. So I can only conclude that either there is a "gay" virus that has gone epidemic, or we are shoving it in front of our kids and confusing them about themselves, as they deal with the natural confusion of the teen years. I think we all know it's not a virus!

For those who are genuinely attracted to their own gender, and I know for some it's real, I knew a young man who had it all figured out. He was a member of my church, a fine man, kind and thoughtful, always helping someone with something, and lived alone. Alone. I knew him for about thirty years, and was his home health nurse for a few weeks about three years ago, when he was dealing with a very aggressive cancer, which finally took his life. He said he never knew why God allowed him to be the way he was, but he knew that practicing the lifestyle was not God's will, and so he lived a celibate life, as his gift, his offering, to God. That took courage and self-denial beyond anything I could imagine, and I was in awe of his spiritual depth. He just devoted his life to helping other people, in ways big and small. He would help someone move furniture to a new home, he picked up three people every Sunday morning and brought them to church, he drove people to doctor's appointments, just anything he could do to make things easier for someone. I think he gave many "gifts" to God, not just his celibacy.

Boo, like I said, I don't have any words of wisdom. I wish I did. All I have is some observations, which are probably of no help at all, but please know that my heart is praying for you and your family. Just keep leaning on God, and trust Him to provide some guidance. We love you. --Romeena

June 04, 2019 - Msg 112331: GOOD FOR YOU BOO!!! :) You are doing the right thing. Erin is priority one right now, and a good mother-daughter trip and talk is an answer to my prayers...really, I was praying for something like what you are doing. If you havent already, and you do read this, I suggest that you also turn off phones, etc, and just have a really good talk about everything.
Praise God. I also agree with all of the above!
As for the health dept, it was like trying to contact the AZ MVD! I got transfered around til i was dizzy! I will try again Tuesday and see if i can get to the right dept to lodge a complaint.
All else is OK here. We have now reach 100 degree days for the forseeable future. Summer in phx.
ASA, how are your friends liking Mesa, AZ??
God bless,

June 04, 2019 - Msg 112332: Aw, you all just don't know what you mean to me. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I am sorry I dumped so much on you. We all have hard trials in life but I guess we need to be there for each other and I am here for you, too. Last night I think I got a glimpse of hope and I haven't had that for a long time.

Thank you for your prayers, MDC. I will make the trip count and please pray for success and safety. Ive decided to drive to the Texas Hill country to Kerville, which is kind of a favorite of mine. We can swim in the river there and then we will take a drive to Fredricksberg (which is where Romeena's daughter still lives, I believe) and we will do some shopping and sight-seeing. I will check in and let you all know how it is going.

Ro, I think I could agree with your assessment. Im sure there are some confused individuals out there, and I suspect the ones who are only confused will probably end up with someone of the opposite s*x in the longrun, but there are many who are just what they are. I hold out hope the Erin may end up with a husband, but Sean is one of those I am sure about. He is trying to live a Christian life, but it is a real difficult place to be for him. God is not going to forsake him, though, and will get him through.

Well, Erin is here and ready to go, so better finish packing.

Love to All,

June 05, 2019 - Msg 112333: Hello all! I think we could all use some West Indian mocha delight ice cream delivered by a smiling deputy. :)
So glad that Boo is getting away with Erin for a bit. My prayers were for a 'breakthrough,' tho I didnt know
what the Lord would do. Let's all keep praying.
ASA--on a building recently I saw a conduit that said...danger 480 volts. I thought of you when you did that long length. And just for the fun of it, here's a video to keep up your skills! ha
(GF and SPOT--U 2)
Also, the narrator is easy on the eyes.

As mentioned yesterday, the heat has arrived here now for the duration. I have mowed my lawn a few more times, but I think i will now re-hire the service for these hot months. Those 20 year old go-getters can do it a lot easier than I can.
Hang in there folks,

June 05, 2019 - Msg 112334: MDC ...Was That AC⚡️DC voltage?....

June 05, 2019 - Msg 112335: No...I was NOT a fan of their music but it just came to my

June 06, 2019 - Msg 112336: Hello Porch
MDC, I hear you on the heat. Once it comes it is hear to stay.
Hope everyone is doing OK. You all take care and have a good day.

June 07, 2019 - Msg 112337: HI Frankie, yes, I heard that your end of the porch is also seeing some 100s! Oh well, it IS summer in the city, back o my neck gettin' hot and gritty...Ha
I hope everyone else is OK. it appears we are taking Boo's lead and all taking a little hiatus. I hope and pray that her trip is going good with Erin.
Tonite's ep was Barney and the cave rescue. I have always liked that one.
Wonderful D-DAY 75th anniversay ceremonies today. What a generation. I posted a bit on FB for those who are on there.
Not much else going on here, but life is good. I was asked to help out at our VBS that is going on this week. Ya never seen so many screaming kids in your life. lol It went good, but today was my lone stint for this year. Praying for all the other volunteers.
Prison ministry coming up on saturday tho. Always interesting.
Thanks for prayers.
More later,
Lov u,

June 07, 2019 - Msg 112338: Thank you for those prayers, MDC. I am home now and I have to tell you that the last few days have been some of the best of my life. I think going from being in so much pain and anxiety, to being completely relaxed and blessed (I felt the Lord with us in so many ways), was just amazing. Zero stress and wonderful rest. Erin opened up about so many things and we talked and sorted out things and I think we have a plan. Bruce went to counseling for the first time with a family counselor while we were gone and it was helpful. She wants to meet with me soon and then both of us together to work on a plan to help Erin and mend the relationship between Bruce and her. You know, sometimes when kids are acting out due to pain and depression, anxiety, you have to look for the good. During our trip, Erin was calm and more mature and I noticed some things that she did that made me very proud. We ate at an IHOP one evening, and when we left and got into the car, we noticed an elderly man with a service dog and a walker headed for the entrance. He was followed by a very frail elderly lady with a cane who was walking very slow. Erin immediately said, "Wait, I'm going to help them". She jumped out and held the door for both of them. The sweet little old lady said, "I'm sorry I'm so slow," and Erin said, "That's ok as long as you get where you are going". I saw them smile at each other. I was proud of her for that. The next day, we witnessed and accident at an intersection and a woman was turning left and struck by someone who ran a red light at a pretty high speed (she was using her phone). Erin asked me to stop, which I would do anyway, as a nurse), and she jumped out to render aid. The lady was shaken up and couldn't get out of her car but was ok, as far as we could tell. EMS soon arrived and Erin stayed right there and tried to comfort the woman's son and daughter who were at the scene. That made me proud, too. I think she will be a good nurse.

The town we stayed in is called Kerville and is really a nice place. Still fairly small and very friendly people. It is surrounded by hills, which is uncommon where I live. The Hill Country is really lovely, with rivers and hills. The drive there was very scenic, too, just good medicine for the soul!. Picture lots of oak trees, Cyprus, streams, cattle grazing in the fields, wildflowers, an occasional old stone house or red barn. Lovely! We did go to Fredricksburg for the day and did some shopping along with the other tourists and can you believe when we were in the Christmas Shop, we ran into Zach (my friend's boy who just got married last Saturday)? He and his sweet bride are honeymooning there and we just happened to run into them, which was a blessing! I really love that boy. He is like a nephew to me.

We did some shopping in my favorite store ever called (and Romeena knows this place) Dooley's five and dime on mainstreet. It is like going back in time..the old wood floors and the kind of merchandise you used to find in dime stores. So much fun! I actually found an apron like Aunt Bee's..and it fit me! I grabbed it up, along with a very cool hippy purse and some old perfume in a heart-shaped bottle called Blue Waltz perfume. I just bought it for fun. After shopping Erin and I ate at a great old restaurant and I hade a Portobello mushroom sandwich and some sweet tater fries. Good eatin'! When we got back to Kerville, we swam in the river, and I slipped and fell on some mossy steps (as usual). Luckily, I just fell on my leg and not on my backside. I have a bruise or two but nothing serious.

Anyway, I couldn't have asked for a better time with my daughter. Very productive in so many ways. Thank you so much for your prayers!


June 07, 2019 - Msg 112339: Boo...Sounds like it was the perfect Rx for you guys....G-F

June 07, 2019 - Msg 112340: Afternoon all.

Hey Boo, your post made my day. I am so very happy you and Erin had a good time and got some things sorted out and a game plan figured out. My deepest prayers this will all work out good for everyone. And I am glad Bruce is willing to seek out some help. I think his role is critical.

MDC, So you survived your one day of VBS. HA! Glad to hear it buddy. Them kiddos are full of energy. Good luck on Saturday.

Romeena, my continued prayers for a hook up for you and a fir kid. I just know it will happen.

And I stumbled across this video taken yesterday at Heber City Utah. Some neat old aircraft and some neat old vets there to remember the 75 year anniversary.


June 07, 2019 - Msg 112341: Great Video Asa, I love air shows!.. Matter of fact I have seen that B-17 before at past air shows...
Many good memories taking my Son & Grandson to them. I might have mentioned it before, that is why my Son’s kids call me “Grandpa Airplane”...I’m A-Ok with that...

I met Jimmy Dolittle years ago and got a autographed pic with him and his bomber...Thanks to all who served, without them we wouldn’t be here today!...Amen?


June 07, 2019 - Msg 112342: * I have one of Colonel Paul Tibbets, Pilot of the Enola Gay too!....G-F

June 08, 2019 - Msg 112343: Good morning gang !..MDC thanks for the video !..been there many times !...I cant stay on here long BAD storms brewing here...gona read right quick...Praayers to all...SPOT

June 08, 2019 - Msg 112344: Good evening, porch. Boo, your post just made my heart sing! I'm so glad you and Erin had that chance to just re-bond and spend uninterrupted time together. You got to see your daughters's sweet heart and kind spirit in action, and that's wonderful. The Bible says "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help." The Texas hill country has always been the embodiment of that scripture for me, since I was a small child. Summer vacations spent on the Frio river, in the heart of those hills, had a great deal to do with shaping who I am today. I thank God for parents who gave me those experiences, and encouraged me to enjoy God's world. My prayers continue for you and your family. I sense that healing is within your grasp.

Asa, things are looking up. I've found a source for a Maltese pup, that I should be able to get in the next month or two. I've about abandoned the idea of a rescue, though I still think it's a wonderful thing to do. There's something for everyone, I guess. I would happily rescue a Maltese if I could find one, but they just don't seem to exist. They are just my heart's breed, and I can't deny it. For someone who just wants or needs "a dog", and that would be most people, rescue is the way to go. When you've had a particular breed for the past 24 years though, and loved every minute of it, it's really hard to consider anything else. I've been in contact with the breeder, she lives in Dallas, and before I said anything about my recent experience, she told me that she likes to meet a prospective buyer personally, that if someone wants one, they must come to her and get acquainted, and the exchange will take place in person. Well, that was music to my ears! She also requires references before she will sell a pup. I won't have a problem there. My vet says any dog I get has won the "puppy lottery." I heard that he described me as a "very caring owner." Perhaps that's because I don't consider myself an "owner", or my dog to be my possession. We're family, for pete's sake! Depending on the personality of the individual dog, we can be dear friends and roommates (like Sugarplum) or we can be mom and baby (like Toye Starr.) I may buy the puppy, and I may be totally responsible for her care and safety, but I don't own her. There's a fine line there.

Well, if I'm to make it to preaching in the morning, I'd better get to bed at a reasonable hour. I've been writing all afternoon, just some stories that have been rattling around in my head, and I'm working on a little poem about Toye Starr. It's coming along slowly. I think I've not really given her up yet. You can't rush these things.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

June 09, 2019 - Msg 112345: Hey Possum...Funny thing happened tonight when I was coming home from a Bluegrass festival...
A Possum ran out in front of me, then proceeded to run down the center line of the road for quite a ways, It was like he was giving me a escort...Made me laugh 😂 Some of your people?


June 09, 2019 - Msg 112346: HI ALL. SPOTTY, good to see you posting. Hope all is well.
ROMEEna--I pulled an "Eddie" yesterday and bought some St. Augustine plugs for my back yard where some of those chinch bugs got to it last season.
Am glad that you are getting closer to a new pooch-kins!
Well all, i did prison ministry this morning, and i gotta tell ya, every visit is an adventure.
Today, I was the problem!! Yup, I wore shorts today as the weather is warming up and sometimes the AC isnt the greatest there, (tho it DOES work:). BUT, as we were going in, the guard said that my shorts were not LONG enuf! Yup! Apparently they must go down to the knees, but with my long legs they were about an inch above the knee. The rule is really meant for ladies so they arent too 'provocative', but i thought a guy's would be OK. Wrong! Well, the prison is out in the middle of nowhere, so i drove 10 miles to a small town and bought a pair of jeans, and returned to the state pen. I felt like Otis on deputy duty, but without a tomata. ha Anyway, all in all the visit went well. Today we spoke about Pentecost,
tongues of fire, etc. It seemed to resonate. Sometimes that's all you can hope for.
BOO--I am so happy for you and Erin. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. May it now continue for Bruce and Sean too.
RO--please tell us how things are going with the new pastor? Did he say if the church is tilting just a bit? :)
Happy Sabbath,

June 09, 2019 - Msg 112347: Oh, GF, great video...I do believe that's a five string guitar!! :)

June 09, 2019 - Msg 112348: Could be, G-F! Hey, I think I know that possum- that's Uncle Malcolm. He used to be in the Cold Cream Guard,so that explains about him giving you an escort! Ha ha

Wonderful news, Boo! Just wonderful.. continued love & prayers.

Spotty,take care in these storms- we're getting them over this way too, Sure need the rain,but not the nasty storms that come with them.

Good Sabbath to all!

possum u.a.r.

June 09, 2019 - Msg 112349: Rain shouldn't be "them"- how about let's change that to IT!

possum again

June 09, 2019 - Msg 112350: Good Sabbath all.
I woke up with a massive noggin ache this morning. No Preaching today for me. I must feel like Otis on the morning after, but unlike him, I don't know how I got mine. Got into corn starch somewhere.

GF, I remember that was another thing we have in common, a love for them old planes. That 17 just exudes history, don't she? What a workhorse it was. That is cool about Dolittle. I'm envious.

MDC, I'm glad your shorts were just a little short, and not those short shorts from back in the day. That is awesome that you do the ministry. I just hope they don't lock you up one day by accident. I hear you're a little hard looking in your civies. lol

Romeena, so very glad that you have found someone you feel good about in your search. Praying for a good outcome.

Wow Possum, an Uncle in the Cold Cream Guard. I've heard about them. A very exclusive group. :)

Well off to rest my head. This is going to be one of those headaches that just hangs around all day. I hate those. And it just dawned on me where it came from. I bought some fried chicken at the deli yesterday. I remember a lot of folks use corn starch when they are frying stuff. I bet that's where it came from. DOGGONE THEM!!


June 09, 2019 - Msg 112351: Yep Asa, those old war birds give me chills just hearing them. The 80’s &early 90’s they had air shows at the Goodyear Aerospace blimp hanger in Akron Oh. We go there and they had all the old birds P-40’s T-6’s B-17 & the B-24-25’s.

During the war they made the Cosairs in the blimp hanger and would test fly the at the runway right next door. A lot of the WAC’s would shuttle them off to be put into service too.

Yep Great History!...Still waiting on my Son, we are suppose to go to the Airforce Museum in Dayton and see the restored Memphis Belle..Guess it’s the old “cats in the cradle” thing these days but we’ll get there....


June 09, 2019 - Msg 112352: Is the cold cream guard something like the Esquire Club? (:

June 09, 2019 - Msg 112353: LOL

possum once more

P.S. Asa,sorry to hear that you're ailin'. Hope you feel better real soon!

June 09, 2019 - Msg 112354: Please pray for St Susan’s son, Matthew. He is in ICU after a heart attack. He is only 39. We don’t know prognosis yet. He is awaiting a heart cath and BP is 225/145! Thanks


June 09, 2019 - Msg 112355: Oh my.. prayers for Matthew, Boo. So sorry to hear this. Keep us posted. God bless!

possum again

June 09, 2019 - Msg 112356: Good evening, porch. Just got home after a nice dinner at Red Lobster with Dave and Brittney and the boys, and Jerry and Eloise.

Boo, I'm so sorry to hear about Matthew, and hope his MI was mild, and he will recover nicely. Prayers, of course! Not just for him, but for his family as well. He's very young to have such an event.

Asa, sorry about the headache. I hope it's all better by now. Many years ago, I used to have terrible headaches, quite frequently. Never before had I been bothered with them, but when they began, they stuck around. The doc classified them as migraines, and perhaps so, but fortunately I was able to identify the cause after a few months, and avoid it thereafter. Dale and I had gone on a binge to lose weight, and had started drinking diet Pepsi instead of the regular Pepsi we both enjoyed so much. The headaches began shortly after that, but we didn't put the two together. I tried everything, but had almost constant headaches, sometimes so bad I had to leave work and come home to lie in a darkened room. Then Dale and I both decided we just couldn't stand the awful taste of diet drinks anymore, and abandoned that project. We hadn't lost any weight, so why torture ourselves? About two weeks after losing the diet drinks, Dale remarked that I hadn't had a headache in over a week. He was right, and the only thing we could pin it on was giving up the diet stuff. I have not touched an artificial sweetener since then, and cannot recall having a headache, either, not even a mild one. It has been at least 30 years. Fortunately, the diet stuff is easy to avoid. Corn starch, not so much. It hides everywhere! I can see where it would be a difficult problem for you. I will certainly pray for you.

We had a terrible wind storm today, hit just about ten minutes after I got home from church. It was whipping the trees around, blew over and broke some beautiful gladiolas I had blooming, and broke several tree limbs, though nothing terribly big. One, however, did hit my satellite dish, and was big enough to bend it over and fold that dish like a taco shell. So, I have no TV, other than what I have recorded. Fortunately, I have a lot of that, and won't lack for entertainment. Besides, maybe I'll get off my lazy duff and get a little bit done around here!

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

June 10, 2019 - Msg 112357: RO--I heard about your storm on our news today,
including the crane falling over onto a building!!
My prayers for all those folks and for
boo's nephew. So sorry to hear this boo.
I sure hope he will recover well.
We give God all the glory.
We had such an uplifting sermon today from our pastor.
Most certainly NOT dry as dust, but rather about the gifts, fruit, and charisms
of the Holy Spirit, our here and now counselor, and the wonder of Pentecost!
"Now is the time to come to the aid of your porchsters." :)

June 10, 2019 - Msg 112358: Good morning, porch. I just fell awake, so figured I'd get up fairly early for a change.

MDC, I didn't know about a crane falling over in the wind storm! With no TV at the moment, and since I canceled my newspaper, I get my news by word-of-mouth, or online. I'll Google that crane thing when I get off the porch. I'm not surprised, that wind was terrible.

Yes, I canceled my newspaper. Dallas only has one major paper, which is ridiculous. Any city of this size needs two voices at least, and we only had the one. It was getting pretty expensive, about $45 a month until I called and talked them down to $32. Then they started tacking another $3 on it, making it $35, because I refused to have it automatically charged to my bank account, but wanted a paper bill. The paper leans hard left anyway, and finally I realized I was paying $35 a month to read Dear Abby and the comics, and it just wasn't worth it. I do miss the comics, but that's all. I don't miss having my blood pressure go up from reading the biased reporting, the slanted op-eds, and the snotty letter I got from the editorial office, when I suggested they allow a contributor to use a pseudonym rather than signing their own name. I told him I would be willing to register that pseudonym so the paper would know who was writing, and pointed out that any 8 year old with a smart phone can get the address of a contributor when they sign their own name. It happened to me, and my garage door was painted with obscenities a few days after I wrote a letter criticizing Mr. Obama for decorating the White House with rainbow lights after the gay marriage law was passed. The vandal's letter to me, to my home address, just before the painting of my door, was anonymous, of course, a privilege not allowed to me when I wrote to the paper. I still think I'm right about protecting the identity and location of anyone who writes to the editor, but the editor's letter to me sounded like I had attacked every freedom America affords. Oh, well, rain on them. I'm much happier not reading their leftist propaganda, and not having to deal with recycling the papers, since I don't have a bird cage.

You asked about our new pastor. From what I hear from friends, he's great! I'm a little disappointed that he doesn't have that Alabama drawl - I was hoping I would be able to understand him better, but he has a pretty rapid-fire speech pattern, which doesn't come through in my hearing aids terribly well. Still, what I have understood seems to be well-grounded and well thought out, true to scripture, and so far, I like him just fine. As always, two or three families who left years ago when our former pastor came, have returned. Of course, I've heard of two or three other families who are talking of leaving because they don't like the new pastor. Ridiculous, but very typical of Baptist churches, and probably of other denominations as well. I suppose it's okay. After all, God gave us free will, and if we choose to exercise it in a petty manner, I guess it's allowed. I know of one returning family who originally left because they said our former pastor "stepped on people's toes" too much. Well, I think their toes wouldn't have been stepped on if they hadn't been sticking out in the road so much. My own have been trodden upon a time or two, but when I thought about it, I could see that my "toes" deserved it. I do believe the apostle Paul walked all over the toes of the people of his day, and left letters that will do the same today, if they're read and if preachers base sermons on them. I'm not saying that a preacher can't be wrong, but when 99% of a church's membership loves and is happy with the pastor, and a tiny percentage gets bent out of shape and leaves, it's not hard to figure out who's in the wrong. I just pray for them.

Well, guess I'd better get busy around here. My desk looks like a war zone, really need to clean it off. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena