August 03, 2019 - Msg 112690: Thanks for the birthday wishes! Romeena, your party sounded like a blast and just exactly as it should be.

I worked Thursday and Friday but requested tonight off for Emily's birthday party. She wanted to have some of her friends over to swim in the pool and have bbq. I cant believe baby Emily is 12 already. I helped susan prepare and made a big pan of baked beans and a cake. I was ready to make an apple cake out of some sliced apples I had in the freezer so I made the cake batter and got ready to throw in the apples...I decided to taste them first because I got a whiff of a freezer smell, if you know what I mean. Sure enough, the apples had that freezer burn taste so I had to throw them out. There I stood with batter but no apples. I decided to crush up some fresh strawberries that I had in the fridge and mashed up a banana, threw in some walnuts and baked it. While it was still warm I glazed it with a powdered sugar and lemon juice glaze. I don't want to brag now, but I think that was about the best cake I ever made. Funny how that can something bad can turn into something very good. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

Well, I am fairly tired from the day so I think I will rest awhile before turning in for the night. I am working tomorrow evening.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


August 04, 2019 - Msg 112691: Good Sabbath all.

Well Boo, my cooking adventures tend to be the opposite of yours. Something starts out good and I turn it to something bad, very bad. lol (good old weenonies and beans.)

What a horrible day yesterday in Texas and Ohio. My goodness, what is happening to us? Prayers for all impacted by these senseless shootings.

Not sure if I am going to make it to preaching today. Got some misery in my back this morning. I must have slept weird or something because I was fine last night. Boy, it is sure fun to get old.

Prayers for all for a great day.


August 04, 2019 - Msg 112692: Good afternoon, porch. Boo, I know what you mean about that freezer taste. Not spoiled, just stale, or "old" or something. Not at all pleasant, for sure. I've thrown away things for the same reason. Even nuts, like pecans, will absorb it. You could use the food, and it wouldn't make you sick or anything, but it just tastes a little "off." Sounds to me like you just hit on a great recipe, thanks to the bad apples! Good for you. I'm going to try it myself.

Asa, never give up trying new cooking ideas. Just let your head and your taste buds lead you. No one understands why I put a couple of tablespoons of sugar in a pot of pinto beans, but I can tell the difference, and the ones with the sugar are better. They don't taste sweet, you would never guess there was sugar in them, but they're better. Sometimes I add just a splash of apple cider vinegar to beans as well. I taste them first, and decide. I also put a couple of pinches of sugar (literally - I pinch it out of the sugar bowl) in pan gravy when I fry pork chops or round steak. Fried chicken gravy - not so much, I don't know why, it just doesn't seem to need it.

Actually, I put a few pinches of sugar in a lot of things, especially veggies. Green beans, with some pork of some sort added - bacon, bits of ham, whatever - and a pinch or two of sugar are delicious. Just experiment, Asa, and add different things that come to mind. Nothing in your pantry is going to kill you, and you never know when you'll hit the jackpot. Trust me, my experiments have led to many disasters, but we ate them anyway, and I made a note not to try that again! Let your imagination work - cooking should be fun!

Use up leftovers. I had a large bowl of macaroni and cheese left over, because I made waaaay too much. The next night, I fried up a pound of hamburger, with some onions sliced up in it, in a big skillet. I drained most of the rendered fat off (there wasn't much) and added the macaroni. Then I dumped in a can of tomato sauce and a can of diced tomatoes. I let it simmer on low for a little while, added a pinch of sugar and a dash of dried basil, and it was just really good! Very simple - instant goulash! I leapfrog leftovers that way quite often.

I didn't make it to preaching either, for the same reason - back pain. I'm just about to get enough of this hot/cold grabbing pain in my back. It's squashed nerves, being pinched by the vertebrae that are curving from my scoliosis, and the doc says he will not operate to put a fixator on that area, because my bones will not hold the screws. I trust him, if he refuses to do a surgery, he has a good reason, so we'll abandon that idea. I saw the pain management doc he sent me to, and just loved her! She gave me some lidocaine patches to use, and I just put one on, about a half hour ago. It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I would swear that it's working. I checked to make sure that the lidocaine wouldn't have any cardiac effect, and got clearance on that. If these simple patches will do the trick, that would be wonderful, because the next step would be nerve ablation, as many as three, and I hesitate to do that. Those nerves serve a purpose, and I hate to destroy them, but will if I must. This pain is wearing me out!

Well, back to my chair. Trinket is nibbling my toes, and if I get in my chair with her in my lap, she'll be asleep in five minutes and my toes will be safe. The little buzzsaw got my "Calvin and Hobbes" book from the bottom shelf of the coffee table, and was intent on shredding it. I rescued it before she got very far, but I love that book, one of my favorite comic strips that is no longer produced, and I could have pinched her little head off. I will be so glad when she finishes teething! She has a rubber teething bone, but she prefers to shred books.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 04, 2019 - Msg 112693: Romeena, I have noticed something that great cooks seem to share, including you. The ability to add different ingredients together and come up with a delicious dish. We had a feller at work a few years ago who always cooked for our shop lunches (usually once a month) and he always had at least one item that was crazy good. I would ask him for the recipe and he would say that he really hadn't followed one. Just added this, that, and the other that he had and threw it together. Just as you described your goulash. I do try different things now and again, but they just never seem to work out much. But I have come a long long way from where I was just a few years ago thanks to your help. So don't give up on me. I add a little sugar in my deviled egg's and they are my signature dish. lol My kids and G-Kids rave about them. I look forward to winter coming this year so that I can do some cooking. Too dang hot to get to serious right now. I sure hope the pain patch will help you Ro.

I was just reading some news stories on our local station, and I always like to read about stuff from areas our porchters live. Two stories I was just reading, one from Cleveland about a feller who robbed a bank by writing a note on a piece of paper. The trouble was on the other side of the paper was his name and address. lol He was busted pretty fast. Whattya think GF? Are you aware of that story?
The other one came from Arizona where some of the Postal workers are complaining about how hot there delivery trucks are getting. I guess a lot of these trucks are not equipped with a/c. One worker said she was able to cook a steak on the dashboard to an internal temp. of 142 degrees. Holy smoke, if that is true, those poor folks have a legitimate beef. (pardon the pun) So MDC, turn the oven off and have your mailman do your cooking buddy. :)


August 04, 2019 - Msg 112694: Asa...I saw that story on the Cleveland news, I don’t think he was the sharpest pencil ✏️ in the box!..G-F

August 04, 2019 - Msg 112695: I got a couple stories about dumb criminals. I might have told them before, but I don't recall, and they seem amusing enough to repeat them, and I have nothing against chewing my cud twicet. Anyway, I had a high school history teacher who ended up on jury duty, and heard some cases. One involved a bank being robbed on a Saturday. The bank shared a building with an insur@nce company. The plan was for a husband and wife team to pull it off. The wife was to go in and pretend to buy an insur@nce policy while the husband snuck over to the bank part of the building. Sort of like Barney busting through the beauty shop. There was some inside knowledge involved, as to the alarm system and all. Anyway, they got caught.

Because.....the stupid wife had used her real name and address on the fake insur@nce policy she had written up!

Asa, those mail trucks are boiling hot. They have no AC and only barely working old fans to recycle the hot air. They are dangerously hot all day. Any time the temps get round to 90 or so, I put my flag up and leave a bottle of semi-frozen water and a bottle of semi-frozen Gatorade in the mailbox. Or I meet the mailman at my mailbox and hand them to him, along with a wet towel I stuck in the freezer for 5 minutes.

I reckon those Arizona people can complain all they want about the hot weather, but nobody will do anything about it. I think it was Calvin Coolidge that said that.

Billy Ray the Postman

August 05, 2019 - Msg 112696: My prayers go out to El Paso and Dayton, and Gilroy. Jesus help us!
Billy Ray, we have gang boxes in our neighborhood, and the one for our block is right across the street. I often take a bottle of ice cold water our mail lady.
She has water with her, but it gets warm fast. Monday is to be 115! Asa, you want your steak rare, med or well on the dash board? ha
RO--I use Aspertame Lidocaine patches about twice a week on my lower back,
and see the Chiro about every two weeks. That combo keeps me going.
We went to a Diamondbacks game today and witnessed an inside-the-park homerun. That was pretty cool to see live.
GF--Hall of fame weekend in the books. Hope all went well.

August 05, 2019 - Msg 112697: Ha, not Aspertame, Aspercreme!!

August 05, 2019 - Msg 112698: Boo, I'm thinking that freezer burnt taste came from a mouse that crawled in there to get warm. Maybe you should just call the man!

August 05, 2019 - Msg 112699: MDC, lol! I wondered if sugar free Lidocaine was better for you! Night all.

August 06, 2019 - Msg 112700: Hello Porch! Doesn't seem to be anyone on the porch today...just the wind blowing through some empty rockers! Hope everyone is having a great day!

August 07, 2019 - Msg 112701: I need help I'm talking back to the TV to a certain person that hopes to run for president. Sarah

August 07, 2019 - Msg 112702: Good afternoon, porch. Sarah, if you need help, then I think you're in good company. I think most, if not all of us do the same thing. My only other choice is talking to Trinket about it, and frankly, she cares even less than the TV does. So, the TV gets my comments. Things sure are a mess, aren't they? One thing seems obvious. The old saying about giving someone enough rope and they'll hang themselves, is proving to be pretty accurate. A certain political party has been allowed to rage unchecked through the country, scoffing at laws, initiating other unenforceable laws, dictating how we must act, think, feel, and respond to those who are obviously confused, conflicted and miserable. We have permitted them to censor the sensible and promote nonsense, and it doesn't have much further to go before they self-destruct. 'Nuff said.

I'm having a fun week, truly. Not only do I have Trinket to love and play with and laugh at, but I'm keeping Diesel, my granddog, while David and his family are on vacation. Diesel is extremely well-behaved, polite and sweet, and is a joy to keep. He and Trinket play until one is worn out, usually Diesel. She pursues him relentlessly, nipping at his ears and feet, until he finally retreats to the couch, where she can't reach him. When she discovers that she can jump up there, he will be in a world of hurt. So far her little round puppy belly keeps her from doing that. Anyway, watching them play is so much fun. She runs at him in full attack mode, he sidesteps and snags her tail as she flies by. Then the wrestling begins, with him rolling her over on here back, and then running before she can get up. She chases, in her little high-stepping puppy run, and it all repeats. Too funny. He is very gentle with her, obviously pulls his punches, and she bites his heels and ears unmercifully. She became mesmerized by his fluffy 5" tail, which wags constantly, and was trying to catch it! She has to jump up a little to reach it, and he got tired of her crashing into his back end, so he turned around and growled and play-snapped at her (missed her by a foot or more) and went to his perch on the couch. She was a bit chagrined by his scolding, and just sat down, looking confused. They are a riot!

Well, guess I'll go catch the next episode of the Diesel and Trinket show. Better than most of what's on TV anyway! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 07, 2019 - Msg 112703: I'm watching my grand dog this week too Romenna. On our walk yesterday I spotted a peach tree limb hanging over the sidewalk loaded with peaches and I picked several and stuffed them in my pockets. While I was busy picking peaches my grand dog did his business and I stepped it in. I was wearing my favorite comfy shoes that are now in the trash. Sarah

August 07, 2019 - Msg 112704: Oh.. The joys of pet ownership! Sometimes ya gotta take the bad with the good!..Like Gomer says..That’s Life!
But if you got a good peach 🍑 cobbler out of it, it’s not so bad then!....🤷🏼‍♂️...G-F

August 07, 2019 - Msg 112705: G F the peaches are delicious, small with white flesh. I planted one of the seed in my flower bed and hopefully it will sprout. Sarah

August 07, 2019 - Msg 112706: Hello Porch! Whew! Between working at shoreline, helping out at the school with registration, and preparing for Erin's birthday dinner on Friday, I am busy. Looks like most folks are..not many posts recently.

Ro, I saw Brittany's pics on facebook and looks like they are having a great time. Deisel and Trinket sound like a blast! I am so glad they are there for you to enjoy. Last night I was going through my yarn basket to get rid of some things and I threw a yarn ball to Poopsie and the fun began! It was hilarious the mess she made with that thing, got wrapped up in it, shook it fiercely and kept coming over and trying to sneak new balls of yarn from my basket very slowly and sneaky-like. She is a trip! Absolutely the smartest dog I have ever dealt with. She is a thinker and you can see it on her little face. She stares with her little ears up and doesn't move a muscle and you can tell she is trying so hard to figure things out. Ive never had a dog that did that, at least not that held onto a thought for that long. Usually they lose interest at trying to figure things out. This dog loves to play chase and she will get down close to the floor and peek under out coffee table to see where my feet are so she knows where I am. Now, I think that is pretty clever. OK, enough bragging. Keep the Trinket stories coming because I love them!

It was hot as blazes here today and this humidity! I swear, everytime I get out of the house or the car, my glasses immediately fog up and I cant see a thing. Crazy. The heat index was in the 110's they say, but honestly, this has not been a terrible summer up until now so shouldn't complain.

I made tacos (Sean's request) tonight and just finished cleaning the kitchen and showering so now its my time to kick back and watch a little tv or something.

Please remember Sean in your prayers. He is still searching for a job and the last two attempts didn't work out. He was interviewed to work in a house for disabled people and he wasn't chosen for that, and today he went to apply for a driver jobwith the city of corpus Christi but they told him it only paid 9 dollars an hour and he would be required to buy the health insura@e which would cost 100 per month and he is already insur*d se would be paying fr insur@ce that he didn't even need. It would be useless for him to drive all that way(30 miles one way), make 9 dollars and hour and spend over 100 dollars in gas each month. He would be working full time for almost nothing. He is disappointed because he was hoping it was something he could do. One would think that the city would pay its employees a little better than that. Minimum wage isn't enough to live on for anyone. Sean has a caseworker because of his disability and they gave him a person who runs an employment agency who is trying to help him find something, prepare him for interviews, etc. It is a challenge. The goal is to find him something that isn't terribly high stress that he will find some fulfillment in and be able to make enough money to survive.

Better scoot. Hope you all have a great rest of the week.


August 08, 2019 - Msg 112707:
It is always hard for me to get back into a 'chit-chat' mood after terrible things like what happened last weekend. The first thing that comes to mind is Revelation's quote of the end time having increased violence as the love of most grows cold.
I know that Jesus is always with us however, and that encourages me to keep moving forward.
BOO--did I miss something? I thought that Sean had a good job at a dealership with a
good Christian owner. I will pray for him.
RO--Trinket is a pip! My goodness, what antics with her and Diesel! ha
I finally started watching tags again tonight, and it was the ep where Thelma Lou calls the lady a "poor little lost lamb." And Barney's classic line of how she held his hand the whole time they were in the Post Office may just be a custom of where she comes from, always cracks me up.
We had another good rain the other evening, but we are still very hot these days.
Prayers for the world,

August 08, 2019 - Msg 112708: Morning all.

Mercy sakes, we are having some connection issues here right now. My signal is in and out, mostly out most of the time. I think Century Link needs bigger wires for sure.

MDC, I understand your feelings about posting after the events we have seen. I am angry about it happening. But I am wetter than a wet hen about how some of these stinking miserable worthless politicians and news media are using it for political purposes. Shame on them all. I hope Romeens is correct in that they are hanging themselves.
The episode you mentioned MDC, I love the part when Barney is on the sofa with that honey all over him, and he's got his head up in the lampshade being amazed at how much heat that little 60 watt light bulb puts out. lol

Sorry about your heat Boo. Been hot here as well, but not all that humid. Seems like MDC is hoarding all the rain for himself. lol Prayers that Sean can find the right fit for him Boo.

Romeena, sounds like you are in hog heaven with Trinket and Diesel there with you. Are the patches giving you any relief from your back pain? I hope so.

Sarah, Those peaches sound good. I was looking at my peach tree yesterday. They should be ready to pick in about a month. I love fresh peaches. I may even try my hand at a cobbler or something this year. Any tips anyone? Debbie used to put up a peach/raspberry jam that would curl your toes it was so good. But jam is way over my skill level. Your shoes were not salvageable? That's too bad.

Has anyone here ever watched the show "The Middle"? My kids have been after me to see it. They said I would love it. Well Sarah bought me the first two seasons for a Fathers Day present, and I started watching them last week. And I have to tell you, they were right. Very funny show. At least for my sense of humor. So very relatable.

Guess I best get moving. To dang hot to do much outside. Plenty to do inside though. I have decided that I do need to install a cooler in my shop though. It is just to blame hot during the day to be out there, and I really want to be out there. I'm thinking a decent evap. cooler will do the trick. Offer just enough to make it comfortable and still affordable to run. But I will have to figure out how to get water to it is all. Maybe I can talk GF into dropping by and digging a trench for me. How about it buddy? You still remember which end of the shovel is up? lol I have forgotten already. :)

Prayers for all for a great day.


August 08, 2019 - Msg 112709: Asa..That is what they make “Ditch Witches” for Buddy! “Call the Rental Man!”


August 08, 2019 - Msg 112710: Howdy, porch! Sarah, I'm sorry about your shoes. I know how it is, when you find a pair that's really comfortable, you sure do hate to give them up. If they're still retrievable from the trash, why not just toss them in the washer with a couple of old towels, and see what happens? If they fall apart, you haven't lost anything, because you were throwing them away anyhow. If by a stroke of luck, they clean up, you've got your shoes back!

I'm sitting at my window, looking out over my back yard, and I declare, that stand of 4 ft tall zinnias is about the tackiest thing I ever saw. They were supposed to be 8-12" tall, and they are at least four feet. The blooms, in true zinnia style, are just on top, above the foliage, and that foliage is droopy, and ugly, and from where I sit, the whole thing looks like something that needs to be pulled up. However, those tiny blooms (appropriate size if they were a foot tall) are just lovely when cut and put in small vases. Also, huge and spectacular swallowtail butterflies love the flowers, and anytime from sunup to sundown, there are several of them flitting around over the bed. Now, here's my dilemma. After those big plants finish and are pulled up, I'd like to try again and plant dwarf zinnias and marigolds, but the existing ones are already dropping seed, and I won't be able to tell what's dwarf and what's giant! Is a puzzlement.

My poor yard. It just doesn't look like it used to, when I was working as hard out there as the yard guys do. I would spend an hour or two every day out there, and kept the weeds under control, the flowers deadheaded, and new, pretty things planted regularly. Now I have a lot less money to work with since I retired, and a LOT less energy to get the work done, and the yard shows it. Eddie and Tommy try, and they do their best, but they're only here one day a week, and it just isn't as pretty as it used to be. Woe is me!

Asa, I have to say, the patches didn't do much, if anything at all. For one thing, it's pretty hard to apply a super-sticky patch to your own back, and get it smooth and straight, especially when it's determined to fold over on itself.

I gather that you have low humidity in your area, or you wouldn't be considering an evap cooler. I remember when I was a child in San Antonio, where the humidity can be very high, just oppressive. As their fortunes improved, my dad bought a little house, and it had an evap cooler in it. We all sweated (forget "perspired") like plow horses, and only by self-hypnosis could we convince ourselves that we were cooler. My parents' bedroom furniture was pretty, but cheaply built. What looked like "turned" legs on the dresser and bed, were actually imitations. There were rounded pieces glued to straight legs, that looked like turned rings, and the humidity in the house was so high that the glue let go and those pieces fell off! My mom was pretty mad. My dad, true to his nature, just laughed. His family had laughed all the way through the Depression, made a game out of seeing who had the most patches on their britches, and joked that they might have to eat salt sandwiches, because all they had in the house was a little bread and a box of salt. They were irrepressible. My mother's family, on the other hand, were of German descent and of a much more serious nature. Daddy's family finally made a convert out of my mother, and she joined in the fun eventually. Family gatherings with my dad's family were always so much fun.

Boo, I will continue to pray for Sean to find a good job, one that he will enjoy and do well with, and that pays a decent wage. It's just a shame when a good guy like Sean has such a hard time finding a job.

Well, looks like Eddie and Tommy are finishing up, guess I'd better go pay them. Then I'm going to splurge and make a big bowl of mac and cheese with canned tomatoes and sauteed onions in it. (Asa, I'll email you the recipe if you want it.) High carbs, not ideal for a diabetic, but it's my go-to comfort food, and I treat myself now and then. That's what insulin is for, after all.

Blessings, everyone. Stay cool, if you can. --Romeena

August 08, 2019 - Msg 112711: Yes Romeena. Most of the summer we have very low humidity. The evap. coolers work fairly well in May, June, and most of July. Then we often will get the monsoon flow that MDC gets come up from the south. That brings the humidity up and, as you said, the evaps aren't worth tiddly poo. In fact at work I would turn the pumps off and just run the fan only. I'd love the recipe Ro, although tomaters don't set well with me anymore. Dag gum old age.

GF, The area I would have to excavate has to many sprinkler lines in it now. I am afraid I would do to much damage with a trencher. I did run two separate 2 inch conduits to it before I laid the cement. One for power and the other for who knows what. I could pull a 1/2 pex line through that second one I bet. I only have about 30 feet total to pull with 3 90's. You think pex would pull through that?


August 08, 2019 - Msg 112712: Asa...On a good day...If the Count ain’t watching you may be able to....🤷🏼‍♂️

August 08, 2019 - Msg 112713: ASA--why not just use a garden hose with a quick disconnect? See video...
RO and Asa--I also grew up with just an evap cooler.
We had one on the roof with continuous water flow,
with the drain hose always putting a little water on the back yard. My dad started with a recirc pump, but if it clogged, and the water flow stopped, the house would soon smell like dead fish as the excelsior pads dried out!!
The house had only a cooler from 1952 until 2000 when my folks sold it. One quick funny story, My brother and I were carrying out a china hutch for a moving yard sale, and I accidentally hit it up against a wall, and the whole thing collapsed like a house of cards! We were all laughing so hard, as all the glue just let loose from the expanded wood!
More later,
MDC :)

August 09, 2019 - Msg 112714: Thanks for the prayers for Sean. I really appreciate it.

MDC, when we talk about heat in Arizona, I always think about the story about your grandparents wrapping in wet sheets and sleeping on the porch or something! lol If you tried that here on the Texas coast all you would be is hot and wrapped in a hot wet sheet.

Been busy, as usual. I made Erin's birthday supper tonight..she wanted cranberry chicken, real mashed potatoes, and buttered corn with rolls. I got her a cake but Bruce went and got the stuff for homemade ice cream and I put it together. I couldn't remember the exact recipe but man, I hit on perfection this time! Here's the recipe: I mixed 2 cups of sugar with 2 cans of eagle brand milk and a quart of heavy whipping cream until I got the sugar about dissolved. I put it in the ice cream canister and added whole milk to the fill line. Oh, and about 2 tsp of vanilla. Man-oh-man, was it good. I even broke my vegan diet to have some and it was the best!

Not much else to tell. Tomorrow will be laundry day and then I go back to work on Sunday.

Hope you all have a peaceful summer evening!


August 09, 2019 - Msg 112715: Hello Porch,
You all have a good weekend. Been a little under the weather here.

August 09, 2019 - Msg 112716: Hey, ever'body! Haven't checked in in ages. I hope one and all are doing well ... and Frankie, you feel better.

Best of luck to you and yours!


August 09, 2019 - Msg 112717: FRankie, so sorry to hear that. You will be in my prayers for sure.
. Not too much happening today, which is good, I guess. My lawn service guys came this morning. Ah, youth! Amazing to see them push my mower so quickly. I think I mentioned earlier that I COULD do it now with my repaired heart, but it's the heat that is now the factor. As RO mentioned with her yard, it just isn't the easy task that it once was.
It was about 40 % humidity today with our 109 day, ...AUGUST!
And all our schools are back in session already, as they now have more breaks during the year.
To me, it just isnt 'school time' until after Labor Day!
Prayers for all,

August 10, 2019 - Msg 112718: Got a smile out of me when I noticed this at the top of the page, from Boo:

"I think I will rest awhile before turning in for the night."

Yep, that's the plan.... Reminds me of a meme I saw recently that said something "Everything that was a punishment for me as a kid is my goal as an adult: Required naps, can't leave the house, have to go to bed early.

Billy Ray the Postman

August 11, 2019 - Msg 112719: Oh BOO, regarding the wet sheets, WE did that sometimes as kids, and early settlers also did so. It works pretty good for June and July,
But like your area, it would never work well in August. So Erin is all 'growed up' now!! 18 going on 30, ha Congratulations to her.
We attended services this evening, because it is off to the prison on Sunday morning again.
Please keep us in your prayers that many will come to Jesus! :)
RO--you know, they also make Lidocaine in a roll-on. Much easier to apply to one's back. I use it PRN.
Hey to GOMER! I hope you are doing well. It has been quite a spell since you've been by to visit. What's your hurry, please set for a spell. ha
Good Sabbath to all,

August 11, 2019 - Msg 112720: Good Sabbath everyone.

MDC, When you said you would wet your sheets as a kid, I must confess I thought you were telling us you had a bladder problem. lol Prayers that your prison visit today will go well and the spirit will guide you and lead others to the Savior.
BTW, Did you get your sprinkler leak fixed? I have thought about a garden hose for the cooler, but I don't think it would be a permanent fix. I am going to have to Dave Browne it for a spell. :)

Hey to Billy and Gomer. Good to see you both dropping by.

Boo, sounds like your ice cream was a hit. When you said "heavy cream" it made me chuckle. Last night I was watching an episode of All in the family, the one where Edith had lost control of her shopping cart and a can of cling peaches in heavy syrup had jumped out and landed on a car and dented the hood. As she is retelling the story to Archie (in the only way Edith can tell a story) Archie becomes agitated and tells her to quit saying cling peaches. So as she continues the story, every time she needs to say cling peaches, she says hmmm. hmmm. Funny episode.

Well I guess I'll go see what I can round up for breakfast. Don't need anything to substantial, but enough to keep my tummy from growling during preaching. I declare, the older I get, the higher maintenance I become.


August 11, 2019 - Msg 112721: MDC, are you saying that in Arizona, 40% is considered high humidity? That's interesting. We never even see 40%, I don't think, but that is because we are on the coast. It is in the 90% range here all summer and beyond. I get so tired of leaving the house and having to take my glasses off to clean them because they are fogged up! lol it stinks. I am really looking forward to Bruce retiring and getting out of here for extended periods of time, especially in the summer. The heat and humidity are so horrible. We just live indoors as much as possible and really only enjoy the outdoors in the cooler months and even then we almost always battle mosquitos.

Exactly, Billy Ray. Being able to put one's feet up and just rest is a blessing as we age! Last night I decided to lie down on the loveseat and watch TV. Before long, there was a cat AND a dog trying to crawl up there with me. Typical. The poor cat longs for attention and the dog is jealous, so end up with both of them trying to get in my lap or lay on my side. Luckily, they are fairly small. It's hard to remember what life was like without indoor pets, they just bring so much to us. Yes, they are work sometimes, but the laughter and the love they bring are priceless!

Speaking of..I wonder how things are going with Trinket and poor Diesel?

Asa, I love the cling peaches episode of AITF! One of my all-time favorites is when Archie eats canned mushrooms and finds out there is a recall and he may have been poisoned. Edith asks him frantically, " Do you want an enema?!!" Sean and I just crack up over that one and even use that quote in our best Edith impersonation. lol

Woke this morning too early and have to work today so think I will try to sleep a little longer. Talk to you all later!


August 11, 2019 - Msg 112722: Good evening, porch. Boo, Diesel went home Friday evening. His family came after him around 7 pm, and he was one happy guy. If he could have ordered a brass band and a parade, he would have done so. Since he couldn't, he just settled for nearly wagging his tail off, giving big wet sloppy kisses to one and all, and pushing Trinket out of the way if she even looked like she was going to approach one of his loved ones. When Brittney picked her up and squeezed her and talked lovingly to her, I thought Diesel would curl up and croak. When they got ready to leave, he was the first one to the door! He loves me, tolerates Trinket, but he was ready to go home!

When we went to bed the first night, I put Diesel's big old bed/pillow on the floor beside the bed, put Trinket on the bed, and climbed in myself. Trinket was tired, and soon curled up on my pillow between my head and the headboard of the bed, and promptly went to sleep. Soon after, I saw Diesel's big old head rise up over the foot of the bed like a shaggy moon, and knew he was checking her whereabouts. I just whispered "come on" to him, and he jumped up, landed as light as a feather. I have two long body pillows on each side of the bed, to keep puppies from falling off, and he stretched out on top of one of them, and was soon snoring softly. That became the routine for every night, as long as he was here. We all slept very well! Yes, the joy they bring is priceless, for sure.

As for the weather, it's 102° right now, with 33% humidity, and no rain predicted for the next week. I guess my water bill is going to go up considerably for this month, but it's August, and it always does. It's hot, and it's humid, but it's not as humid as San Antonio, and nowhere near as bad as along the coast.

I made it to preaching this morning, and about wore myself out. I had to stop at the grocery store too, and was really ready to get home. I've spent the afternoon in my chair, with Trinket in my lap, and we both took a nap. On Tuesday, I go for my first visit to a physical therapist, to see about building my strength back up. During those months when I couldn't breathe worth squat, I mostly stayed in my chair, and have become very de-conditioned. No strength, no endurance, actually pretty useless. I hate it. At least I can still type, so I can still write, and at the moment I have a nice little check from Charlotte Tucker lying on my desk, for a couple of my little stories that she published. I do so appreciate her!

Well, guess I'll go feed Trinket, and maybe scare up something for myself. Tomorrow, she goes back to Dr. Mike for her last shots, a weigh-in, and a well-check. I know before he even tells me, that she's going to be a bigger dog than Toye Starr, much more robust and solid. Starr was like a little butterfly, so light and just flitting around, at just 4 1/2 lbs. Sugarplum weighed 9 lbs, big for a Maltese, but she was beautiful. Trinket is going to be somewhere between the two of them. I think she'll probably hit about 7 lbs. I was hoping she'd be smaller, but it is what it is, and I love her.

Blessings, all. --Romeena

August 11, 2019 - Msg 112723: Well gang, TWO interesting things at the prison today. Last time, it was my shorts, and this time my WHITE pants were rejected, as they were too "off white" and similar to the guards tan pants! This time tho I had a pair of black pants, so out to the parking lot to change. We have a whole list of what NOT to wear, but off-white was not on it. Sometimes i think it is just that guard's hang up or whatever.
The other was a brief lockdown. I'm not sure waht sparked it, but an announcement said no leaving until the all-clear, which was about a half-hour later, but two guys accepted Jesus during that time! So, all good! :) but a little scary. Well, more later tonite,

August 11, 2019 - Msg 112724: At The Rock they have RULES MDC...No Off White Pants!....Just Sayin’.....G-F

August 12, 2019 - Msg 112725: You got it GF... Obey all rules! ha At least the lockdown did not involve a shakedown! (Tho, I actually think it did. We were in a rec room, not in the dorms where the guys bunk, but some of the guys said the staff was probably looking for something.)
BOO--your humidity must be insane!!
Your poor AC unit must work so hard to keep your
home cool.
I have not seen the cling peaches ep of AITF, so looked it up...very funny indeed...
RO--glad all went well with Diesel, and also that things are now
'back to normal' a bit.
All the best on getting conditioned again. I am so glad that
I continued my 'cardio rehab' by going to our town's rec center/gym.
I am also eating more protein, tuna, salmon, nuts etc. I am feeling
so much better, and know that I will really enjoy our Yellowstone trip.
We go in mid-Sept. If all goes well, I hope to meet asa at the airport.
Take care my friends,

August 12, 2019 - Msg 112726: That’s Awesome MDC!...I hope you can meet up with Asa. Have a ice cold root beer on the O’l Goob!... Be sure to say Hey to Yogi, Boo Boo, and Ranger Rick...Wait a minute, that’s Jellystone wrong


August 12, 2019 - Msg 112727: Good morning all.
Boy I like Mondays pretty fine now days. :)

MDC, Glad you didn't get yourself inarculated in the big house, and I hope you didn't write on the walls. I hear they hate that. Glad you had some success there. I hear there are no atheists in jail and in foxholes. One things for sure, you have a captive audience. :) Let me know when you will be at Salt Lake Int. and I will try to hook up with you buddy. Would love to meet you and your wife.

Romeena, so sorry the patches are not bringing you and relief. I hope the PT will help. I just loved your describing Diesel and his desire to go home. Funny stuff.

Old A. Bunker was quite the study, wasn't he? I watched an episode last night where Edith is going through "the change" and Archie is not happy about it. He and Edith come home from the Doctors office and she runs upstairs all upset. Meathead asks Archie what the Doctor said. Archie reply's that the Doctor said this can be a very stressful time for nervous people so he prescribed these pills. Meathead says that's good. Archie responds with Yep, I am supposed to take one every 4 hours. lol Good old Archie.

Boo, 40% humidity here would be very high as well. I think we are often at 20% or less. Makes it nice in the evenings because it cools down quite a bit as a rule.

Guess I'll go fire up the mower. Grass is looking like it needs some TLC. The Kentucky blue grass here doesn't grow to much in this heat, but as summer is starting to wind down and temps start to drop, it will kick in again. Then the leaves will start to turn and fall, and that battle begins. But all in all, what a great life. :)


August 13, 2019 - Msg 112728: Headed out this morning to do errands and the first stop was the post office, got there at 8:40 and found they didn't open till 9:00. I'm standing in the lobby with my package in hand thinking 9:00 o'clock, when did that happen. I was thinking 8:30 for sure. I drove around for fifteen minutes went back and went inside and found five people in line already and when they finally opened the roll up window thingies there was one clerk. I've got to learn to go with the flow after all I am retired. After years of working it was always rush here rush there...Sarah

August 13, 2019 - Msg 112729: Sarah..All us Retired Folks have had to learn how to adjust to a slower pace too!..Slow Down..”What’s Your Hurry?”
Next, you need to get you a “Wheelerette” then kick back and enjoy some Wheelertime!...We ain’t lazy, but we just learn how to pace ourselves.... Right Gang?...


August 13, 2019 - Msg 112730: Don't that just frost you Sarah. You go someplace early to avoid crowds and stuff like that happens. But as GF said, you just have to adjust. One thing I do try and do now though, is if I have a Doctors appointment I will try to schedule the first one in the morning. It used to be sometime after 4 o'clock when I got off work, and he was almost always running behind. I understand that sometimes, but it still gets old. Especially when they harp on you to make sure you arrive 15 minutes early and have all your in$urance papers and co-pay ready. Well that works both ways. Somebody give me an Amen :)


August 13, 2019 - Msg 112731: Amen Asa! Doctor offices schedule three or four appts. at the same time it's all about the money. I waited once for an hour then another hour in the examinations room, got mad got dressed and went out to the office and told them I was leaving and did so. I got a call on my cell while still in the parking garage and told me to come back the PA would see me. I had a sinus infection so I went back to get a scrip. My husband requests the first morning appt. and I will do the same now. Sarah

August 13, 2019 - Msg 112732: Good evening, porch. This is one of those beautiful evenings that I just love. The light is a golden glow, and everything is so still and quiet. There's just the barest movement of the leaves on the trees, and the birds and squirrels are already tucked in for the night. So pretty.

I went for my initial visit to physical therapy this morning, and I'm so excited about it! I'm paired with a delightful little Asian girl, who is very sweet and kind, and seems to be quite knowledgeable about PT. This visit was mostly just an assessment of my problems and forming a treatment plan. She seems to have a really good understanding of what I need and don't need, and I'm quite encouraged. The goal isn't to fix my back pain, because that's another story, (trapped nerves, probably will need ablation) but rather to strengthen the muscles that have grown weak while I was stuck in that dratted chair because I was so short of breath. That's improved so much, and I feel like doing so much more, but my body just refuses. It doesn't take long to become de-conditioned, especially at my age. Kristina was quite encouraging, though, and says she feels we can make some great improvements. She will also form a plan that I can take with me when Medicare says I've done all they'll pay for. We have a senior center here in town that has a very well-equipped exercise room, and I can continue there on my own. It's like $10 to join, and unlimited use. She's going to work on my balance as well, which isn't quite what it used to be. Actually, I think my total deafness in one ear has something to do with that. You wouldn't think so, but the ENT doc says it does, and I can tell it. Anyway, I'm looking forward to these twice-weekly sessions, and am expecting some good things to happen.

Trinket is doing well, eats like a little piglet, and is growing so fast. She's going to be quite a bit bigger than Toye Starr, which is a bit disappointing, but may be a blessing in disguise. She's just generally a more robust dog, and should be quite healthy. Her vet said he's delighted with her. Starr was so tiny and delicate, yet seemed as tough as a boot, and feared nothing! I really miss her, but Trinket is rapidly carving out her own place. She's a wart and a pestilence, as all puppies are, but we're getting there.

I finally gave up and admitted that my fishpond needed help, and I just can't do it. I used to maintain it myself, and I now have a man who comes once a month and cleans the pump filters and gives the pond a little grooming, but it's about 14 years old, same water, just topped off as needed. It was time for a water change, a total cleaning of the bottom, repotting the plants, and cleaning of the three pumps. That meant pumping some pond water into a large bin, transferring the fish, shop-vacuuming the walls and bottom, refilling, then returning the fish to the pond once it was clean. I could not have done that myself. I haven't gotten the bill yet, am pretty sure it's going to knock my socks off, but it had to be done. Thank heaven for income tax refunds!

Well, guess I'll go get my little buzzsaw in my lap and we'll watch a little TV. I'll probably stay up very late, since I fell asleep in the chair this afternoon, and took about a two-hour nap! Oh well, I guess sleep is sleep, whether in the afternoon or at night. Blessings, friends! --Romeena