September 07, 2019 - Msg 112888: Tonite's ep can be summed up in two words: Sharon Despain! I forgot how much I like that episode.
It was one of the few "public domain" episodes,
so I saw it many times on early videotapes.
BOO- so glad to hear that about Erin. I will pray that this works out for her.
Good on you for checking your RXs. Maybe you should put them in a secure place for a while, just so there is no such temptation.
I always check ingredients now because of sucralose! Nasty stuff for me too.
ASA--how did your sprinkler work go? My lawn man shaved the tip of one right off the other day. Because of poor water pressure lately, I removed some springs, and I forgot to push one down!
Prayers continue for the Bahamas and the Carolinas! Such destruction in the Bahamas! :(

September 07, 2019 - Msg 112889: Possum is happy to announce that today is Laci's 16th birthday and she is doing well!

So grateful and blessed!

Happy Birthday,Sweet Sixteen!

possum u.a.r.

September 07, 2019 - Msg 112890: Amen Possum...Glad She’s doing Ok now!...God STILL answers prayers!...G-F

September 07, 2019 - Msg 112891: Thanks, G- F! God is good!!

possum again

September 07, 2019 - Msg 112892: Happy Birthday Laci. So glad she is recovering so nicely Possum. Gosh, they grow so fast.

MDC, My sprinkler repair worked out just fine. One of the adjustable ringlets that trips the swing arm doohickey (sorry, don't meant to get to technical for you novices) had come out of it's groove when I was pulling some grass roots out of the cannister. But with a little effort I got it back in place and she is firing off fine and dandy now.
So I have never heard of sucralose before. What is it? Some kind of artificial sweetener?
So MDC, would you like to be a big fish in a small pond, or a big fish in a big pond?

I hope Romeena is ok. And where did Sarah get off to? I need some gossip!

Last night on PM I saw the inspector who loved all the dogs, and Miss Mayberry was a Judge of all things. She just didn't look right sitting in that Judges seat though. Maybe I have just seen her too often directing plays. lol Mr. Simms was also in an episode and he ended up killing a feller. I would have never thought it of him.

Boo, I hope that Erin will connect with that nursing job. It might be just the ticket. I sure hope she is not involving herself with drugs. That is a nasty road to go down, and usually a dead end.

Well I think I am going to relax today. I did some exercises yesterday and my aching back is now asking me what did I think I was doing? It ain't happy. And when it ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Maybe I ought to name my back Helen. :)


September 07, 2019 - Msg 112893: Oh my goodness! I can't believe our little Laci is actually 16 years old! In my mind, she's still a tiny girl with big old glasses and the smile of a little angel. So glad she's doing well, Possum. Please continue to keep us posted.

A dear friend from church lost her 17 year old granddaughter night before last. The girl's mother went to wake her when she didn't get up for school, and found her unresponsive. She was alive, but barely, just occasional breathing and no identifiable pulse. They called 911, started CPR, but she never regained consciousness and was not living when they reached the hospital. The girl had a known heart murmur and an identified heart problem, had been warned against heavy activity, but still was a star volleyball player. Her parents said she refused to "live like an invalid" and just enjoyed life, and they decided not to treat her like an invalid either. Since it was an unwitnessed death, an autopsy was required, and the result is not yet back.

My SS class took food over there today, as they have several family members coming in. Our teacher took a ham, others are taking salads and desserts and veggies. I took a big "mess" of green beans with bacon, and I cut a bouquet of pretty little zinnias from the back yard. Those little things, perched on top of the lanky, tacky foliage that's about four feet taller than it should be, may not look like much, but when cut and grouped in a little vase, they're just charming. Twine a bit of a wild vine through them, add a touch of crape myrtle, and it would have cost me $40 from a florist! My friend has seen them growing in the yard, and she seemed genuinely pleased to receive them. Bless her heart, I just cannot imagine what she's going through.

Asa, you are just the cats! I'm right there with you on the back thing, and PT is tickin' mine off these days. I just keep telling myself it's going to be for the best, and just to keep on keeping on! The doc did order me a muscle relaxer and I think it's helping the stiffness and cramping pain in my neck, at least a little bit. I'm grateful for any help I can get.

Doggone it, guess I need to cut my fingernails. They grow so fast, and they're almost 3/8" long now, so they keep hanging on the key above the one I'm trying to hit. I'll work on them tonight while watching TV. Where is that little gal manicurist when I need her?? I guess she ran off with Pierre.

Boo, I hope the Nursing Assistant thing works out for Erin. That could lead her into a lifelong career, as you know, and might take her focus off her own concerns and help to relieve some of her anxiety. She has a sweet heart, and this might be just her ticket, like Asa said.

Well, I think I'll go watch MASH for a while. I love that show! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 07, 2019 - Msg 112894: Thanks for all of the birthday wishes for Miss Laci! Yes,it does boggle my mind that she is 16 years old- Ro's description of her is how she will always be in my mind,even though she's now a tall,lanky young lady.

That's just terrible about the young 17 year old girl,Ro,and my prayers go out to her family. A similar tragedy just occurred with the 18 year old granddaughter of my third cousin. They found her in bed one morning-gone. I don't know the whole story -could be similar,could've been an overdose of some sort, I don't know. It's tragic,no matter how you slice it.

I'm sitting here cheering Erin on all the way, Boo and I do hope she can find her fit in the medical field.

Well,it has been a wonderful day for ol' possum,seeing my girl healthy and happy and being able to sing " Tra la la la la la la la la Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" to her and getting a big freckle faced smile in return! Love my girl!

possum once more

September 08, 2019 - Msg 112895: Happy birthday to Laci and sending prayers to the the parents of the girl that passed suddenly. I recently saw my favorite episode, Barneys first car, love it. I was also surprised to see that Barney had another girlfriend before Thelma Lou, I think her name was Hilda Mae. My daughter gave me a 1000 piece puzzle and I may never get it together. She told me she doesn't want me to get bored. I told her I have been too busy to get bored. Sarah

September 08, 2019 - Msg 112896: Good Sabbath all.

Thanks for checking in Romeena and Sarah. I don't have the patience for jig saw puzzles Sarah. I usually get my hammer out after a few minutes and force fit them pieces. lol

Had a good day at preaching. Good messages and a good spirit.

Romeena, sad story about your friends Grand Daughter. My prayers for their loss.
Maybe you can train Trinket to nibble on your nails and stop when she gets to flesh. Might work.

We got some rain this morning. Cooled things down a bit, but it brought the humidity up a lot. Yuck! I don't know how you southerners do it.

Prayers for all for safe and wonderful day.


September 08, 2019 - Msg 112897: Good evening, porch. Asa, how do we Southerners do it? We sweat a lot, and the big secret (and you should know this), the big secret is called Air Conditioning!!! It's a wonderful invention, and it works beautifully!

As for training Trinket, that remains to be seen. So far, no way would I encourage her to nibble on anything attached to my body! How my toes have survived, I'll never know. However, she is now up to about three trips to the potty box every day, on her own, no urging from me. There are still mishaps on the floor, but they are getting to be fewer. Maybe there's hope yet!

I have to tell you about yesterday morning, though. I awoke early, lying on my right side, and Trinket was close by, on her left side, little head on the pillow about 8" from my face. I guess the devil made me do it, but I moved a little closer and blew into her nose from about 4" out. She came awake, very startled, looked at me for a few seconds, and I didn't move. Then she took her chubby little paw, placed it on my mouth and very gently pulled my mouth open, moved closer, and peered inside! It was just hilarious! When I could stand it no longer and started laughing, she jumped up, skittered around on the bed and offered me a play-bow. (You know what a play-bow is - little back-end in the air, chest on the floor, clearly an invitation to play.) We got up, and she was wired for about ten minutes - picking up toys and shaking them, tossing them and then chasing them, just having a high old time. I tossed a few toys for her, and she was delighted. She is a destructive, stubborn, busy, toothy, wonderful little angel, and I love her very much. I think I may even miss these puppy days when they finally wear out.

Well, guess I'll go hunt up something to eat. Last night I had an avocado and a mango, rough-chopped in together, with a little sea salt and lemon juice, and it was so good. I still have another avocado, but no more mangoes. (sniff.) I may have a couple of grapefruit in the garage fridge, though, and they're just as good if not better with an avocado. I love avocados, and they definitely help to keep my cholesterol in check. No meds, yet it stays around 175-180, and my cardiologist is very happy.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 08, 2019 - Msg 112898: Good Sabbath to all. ASA, good that you got to preachin'. I think it is important that we gather at least once a week to worship God together. We sing a song each week called The Gloria, it is pure worship in the first person which I really like!
Of course, sometimes one cannot make it, but then there's usually a good message on TV.
You asked about sucralose. Yes it is one of those dreaded artificial sweeteners. It is often way down on the ingredient list, but many products have some in it! :(
RO--regarding your 'sump pump,' (from a while back) I have an Everlast
that we have to use sometimes during our monsoon storms in our backyard.
There is a small screen on the bottom that covers the on/off sensors.
Sometimes that can clog, and it won't turn off automatically. Just an FYI.
Hey GF--our DBacks are hanging in there, even beat the Reds!
On the other hand, I watched the end of the Cards game today, and in OT
it ended in a tie against DE-troit!
RO--glad that trinket is doing better, and giving you a lot of precious fun!
SARAH-- Good to see your post. Yes Hilda Mae was barn's first love interest. She is mentioned in the Christmas ep with her "Barney, parney, poo" comment! ha
Possum--Laci is a tresha! :)
Frankie and Billy Ray and others, how ya doing?
Here's to a great week!

September 09, 2019 - Msg 112899: MDC-Nice sweep~And I love the video of The Gloria. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Happy Birthday Laci! So glad to hear you are feeling better. Gob Bless You.

My A`s are still hanging in there for the wild card. Only three more weeks of the regular baseball season left and then we go to the play offs.

You all have a wonderful day.

September 09, 2019 - Msg 112900: Ha, this old English teacher just realized that he has used a 'dangling participle' up there! It sounds like our monsoon storms are only in our backyard! Also... if I had capitalized "Old" in this post, it would change the meaning
of that sentence! English, what are ya gonna do! ha
Frankie, my D-Backs are still in it too! :)
Good day to all,

September 09, 2019 - Msg 112901: Oh, and RO, that was so nice of your SS class to do that! That is 'ministry' at it's best IMHO.
My prayers for that whole family. God bless you.

September 09, 2019 - Msg 112902: I was trimming my hedges to look like those at “Buckingham Palace” today, I was doing REAL GOOD...Right up to when I cut thru the cord!..🤬..So I opted to just lop off the tops
to finish them...🤷🏼‍♂️ Wonder what causes that?....


September 09, 2019 - Msg 112903: I was trimming my hedges to look like those at “Buckingham Palace” today, I was doing REAL GOOD...
Right up to when I cut thru the cord!..🤬..So I opted to just lop off the topsto finish them...🤷🏼‍♂️ Wonder what causes that?....


September 09, 2019 - Msg 112904: I guess I chewed my cabbage twice...🤷🏼‍♂️

September 10, 2019 - Msg 112905: Good news from my cardiologist today! My heart's left ventricle ejection fraction (the amount of blood pumping out of the left ventricle with each contraction) is now at 51%. That is great because "normal" EF is between 55 and 65 %, so I am very happy with that progress. PLUS, my enlarged heart is getting a bit smaller, so that is good too! Thank you Jesus, the great surgeon, and to the earthly surgeon too!! :)
Tonite's ep was Rafe singing at the Mus-i-CAL. One of the best lines is Rafe's wife seeing him in those gov'ment clothes and saying,"You look good enough to git burried in."
God bless you week from today we leave for Yellowstone!

September 10, 2019 - Msg 112906: Hi everyone, thanks for the words of encouragement concerning Erin. I do hope she does well and am praying!

Romeena, that Trinket sounds like fun! I love hearing about her. My Poopsie is still very active but I can tell that she is losing some of her puppy ways not that she is a year old. Sad, really. She is still very playful, though, and active but I noticed she naps more and more content to just lay in my lap during the day.

I worked a lot last week and the weekend but have a few days off this week and going to try to get some things done. I am trying to get things organized and cleaned on my days off because before you know it, the holidays will be upon us.

I found out yesterday from my big brother that we are going to have a family reunion (my dad;s side) the first part of November near Houston. My only living uncle turned 90 and all the cousins want to get together to spend some time with he and his wife, who is also 90. Wonderful people! My brother, who lives in California is talking about flying down and us going together. I sure hope that works out because years go by between visits and I miss him.

Tired tonight. It seems I never sleep well anymore. I wake up through the night and once I am awake, I start playing that mind game called, "Do I have to go to the bathroom?"...its this mental game where you might not really have to go but then you start to feel the urge and you have to. I hate it. You would think I was an old man with a prost@te problem.

Well, best get myself to bed. Talk to ya'll later!


September 10, 2019 - Msg 112907: Oh, I forgot to mention that I looked up the actor who played Rafe, Jack Pierce, and his birth name was Upchurch! (Does that sound familiar?) Anyway, I was wondering if he really sang, or if it was dubbed in, and sure enough, he DID indeed sing! Here is a bit about him:

HI BOO! Sounds like that reunion will be pretty cool. Always good to catch up with the relations. Regarding the sleep issue. I have read that an evening 'routine' helps. Also, have you ever tried melatonin?
I think you have, but not sure now.

September 10, 2019 - Msg 112908: Good morning all.

MDC, I knew Rafe's real name was Jack Pierce but didn't know about Upchurch. I wonder if he was a moulage expert. Speaking of moulage, that term is showing up more and more in PM. And speaking of PM, Chuck O'Malley is showing up more and more as a judge. And he makes a good one. He looks, acts, and sounds very judgelike. I am also seeing the Jewel thief that Barney thought was a Newspaper owner show up a lot in episodes. That is great news about your heart MDC. So glad it is improving.

Boo, I feel your pain with the sleep issue. I go through cycles, and right now I am in a bad one. I wake up in the wee hours of the morning and then just drift in and out of a very light sleep until I get mad and just get up and go do something. Oh well, this to shall pass.

GF, Sounds like your trimming got a little shocking. lol Maybe next time you will spend a little more time in contemplating what kind of look you want to accomplish. These jobs should not be rushed into, but rather considered from every angle and much deep thought. :)

Romeena, Sounds like you are winning the war with the Toe Terrorist Trinket. TTT. LOL

Well got all my peaches picked. I took some around to friends and neighbors on Saturday. Yesterday I had someone ringing my doorbell. I answered it and there stood one of my golf buddy's wife with a peach cobbler she had made for me. What a nice thing, and mercy sakes, delicious to boot. I am delivering more this morning.

Guess I'll go get some more done in the garage. I try to spend a little time each morning in there before it gets to hot or I get to tired. I love and organized garage and shop, but I sure hate organizing. I love to build and create, but hate to clean and put away.

Prayers for all for a good day.


September 10, 2019 - Msg 112909: Asa..Buddy we ARE so alike!...I’m the same way, my tools and shop are organized...But while I’m doing a project it looks like a tool storm went thru my shop. I just finished restoring a dollhouse I built for my Daughter back in 1988. So now my GrandDaughter can enjoy it too!...
I felt like it was a episode of...”This Old Dollhouse”...Lol

My workbench is a mess!..But when I feel like doing it I do enjoy getting things put back in their “proper” spaces.

You know how us guys are about our tool compelsions, everything HAS to be put back correctly!...10-4?


September 10, 2019 - Msg 112910: Yes, I do take Melatonin fairly often and find that, while it helps me fall asleep, it doesn't help me stay asleep.

Asa, what you described with your sleep issues is exactly what happens to me. I had a very short night last night and ended up giving up and just getting out of bed. I was hoping for a nap today but it isn't shaping up that way.


September 10, 2019 - Msg 112911: Good morning, porch! MDCm, I'm so glad you looked up Rafe Hollister, but I'm a little confused. I thought his name was Jack Prince?? I know I tried to research him once, but for some reason, I couldn't find him. His first name led me into some sites I'd prefer not to visit, and the Prince part just turned up that skinny little singer known as just "Prince", which didn't help at all. Anyway, it's nice to know that I wasn't the only one who thought Rafe was wonderful, and should have had a lot more attention than he got.

As for you tool guys and your compelsions, my son could give you a run for your money. He mounted pegboard on his garage wall, put in those hook things, and hung his tools on them. He then drew the outline of the tool on the pegboard with a marker, so he would know where the tool belonged. This worked out just fine, until he decided to re-organize his tools, and the marker outlines wouldn't come off! No problem, he just got new pegboard and used dry-erase markers from then on. He's definitely a neat, tool-loving kind of guy. He's a do-it-yourself-er, too. He's the one with the 2004 Tahoe that has 460,000+ miles on it. That's nearly twice around the world! It still runs just fine, and he uses it, works out of it, about three days out of a week. He has done most of the repairs on it himself. About the only thing he uses a mechanic for is something that requires a hoist, or a hydraulic lift, or maybe some expensive, specialized kind of tool.

The things I see from this window! I have a hummingbird feeder hanging just a couple of feet from the window, and I learned something! Apparently lizards like sugar water! There is a tiny gecko, about five inches long including his tail, and every morning, he creeps down the little chain that holds the feeder (I haven't been able to see how he gets on that chain yet), walks over the glass bulb that holds the water and gets to the little feeding tray below the bulb, and sticks his pointy little nose into one of the plastic flowers on the tray, apparently getting access to the sweet water. This is all very annoying to the hummers, and they circle around, darting at him now and then, which he ignores. Eventually they give up, move to the other side of the feeder and drink from the ports on the opposite side. Finally, when the little gecko has had enough, he just positions himself on the tray, with his head over the side, chooses just the right spot, and launches himself into mid-air. He lands on a soft and leafy spot on the shrub below, and goes on his merry way.

I love this window! Right now, I can see three huge butterflies on those ridiculous zinnias out back, two squirrels chasing each other around a cottonwood tree, and assorted birds (mostly robins) intent on eating every single berry on the American Beautyberry shrubs. I planted one of the shrubs, the other came up as a volunteer and is as big and beautiful as the original. I have two crape myrtle trees that were volunteers, and they're the prettiest crape myrtles of the eight or so in the yard. Just leave nature alone, and it will do a pretty good landscaping job all by itself!

The piano tuner just left, and my piano sounds so good! It's almost 50 years old, and I paid around $600 for it when it was new. Now, the tuner tells me it has a very pretty voice, is a very well built instrument, should last another 50 years, and I could probably sell it right now for about $600 if I chose to do so! That really made me feel good, since the piano has not been very well-treated, went for years without tuning, has been through a 275-mile move and has been relocated in this house three times - all without tuning. He recommends tuning once a year, and now that I know the condition of the piano, and Hudson plays it, I'll see to it that it gets tuned every year from now on.

Well, guess I'll go hunt up some lunch. I'm not hungry, maybe just a little peanut butter toast. I'd just skip it, but my blood sugar will drop and that's not good. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 10, 2019 - Msg 112912: I had a 20 dollar Old Navy cash to use and went today to use it and this is what happened. I picked out two items that totaled 32 dollars and went to the register expecting to pay an additional 12 dollars. I was told that I needed to spend 45 dollars in order to use the 20 dollar Old Navy cash. The clerk turned the cash certificate over and in one of the corners was what needed to be spent. I put my glasses on and asked where do you see that, it was there in very small print. I said that is deceptive the front says 20 dollars to use in store or online. I told the clerk I didn't want the two items and she hands the cash certificate back to me and I said I don't it you can keep it. I didn't really want the items I picked out anyway but felt I needed to use the 20 dollars. Sarah

September 10, 2019 - Msg 112913: MDC Good to hear your cardiologist visit went well. Thank you for sharing the Bio on Jack Pierce. I enjoyed reading about him.
The A`s are just hanging on by a thread. I sure hope they make the wild card.

Boo & Asa, I get up at night a lot and have a hard time getting back to sleep. I found if I get up and play some games on my computer like Hearts and Solitaire it gets my eyes tired enough to go back to bed.

Sarah, to bad they did not want to work something out for the customer. I had a coupon for a store here in town and when I went to use it I found out it was not good tell a couple of days. The print on the date was so small I never even saw it.

September 10, 2019 - Msg 112914: ASA--another good name to play off of yours would be
Toe NIBBLER Terrorist or TNT!! haha
Glad ya all liked the info on Rafe! :)
More later,

September 11, 2019 - Msg 112915: May we Remember ALL who lost their lives on 911 today. And those who continue to deal with the after effects!

Sarah..As for Old Navy...Shazzam a DECOY as Gomer says!

Frankie...My Indians are in the same boat...They are coming up on a crucial series with the Twins 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


September 11, 2019 - Msg 112916: Amen GF.


September 11, 2019 - Msg 112917: G-F the Old Navy cash was definitely a DECOY. I do have the upmost respect for anyone working retail, it takes a lot of patience. Both of my children worked in retail for their first jobs and they learned how to approach a customer and greet them and offer assistance if they needed it. My daughter worked in a women's clothing store and when she went for her interview the manager handed her a dress and said sell me this. She got the job. Sarah

September 11, 2019 - Msg 112918: September 11, 2001. Never Forget.

God Bless the USA!

possum u.a.r.

September 11, 2019 - Msg 112919: I would bet that each of us can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing on that day, 9/11. I had just gotten home from a 12 hour night shift, was very tired, and just fell into bed. I had just fallen asleep when my phone rang. It was my son, and he just said, "Is your TV on?" I said it was not, and I had just gotten home from work and was sleeping. He said, "Turn it on. You will want to see this." And he hung up. I did as he said, and just lay there in horror, watching as the second plane hit. At some point, I got up and went to the living room, where I remained the rest of the day, watching the events all day on the big TV in there.

My other son and his wife were in Ireland on that day, on vacation. They had heartwarming stories to tell. The Irish people would approach them on the street, ask if they were Americans, and then offer their condolences, even giving them contact information in case they needed any help or a place to stay. They had a hotel room, of course, but were just overwhelmed by the generosity and concern from the Irish folks. One couple just would not take no for an answer, and took them home with them for lunch! I would like to think that Americans would do the same for people visiting from another country that was under attack, but in reality, I doubt we would even notice that someone on the street looked a little different and might be a guest here. Needless to say, my kids had nothing but the highest regard and praise for beautiful Ireland and its remarkably hospitable citizens.

Pray for America. We are on a dangerous and slippery slope right now, and unless things turn around, this country will be unrecognizable in not very many years. It makes my heart hurt.


September 11, 2019 - Msg 112920: Romeena, I remember I was up early that day and was sitting in the recliner feeding Erin (she was a month old). I always sat down to feed her and always turned on Good Morning America. When I turned it on that morning, the first plane had already hit and I was watching that live when the second one hit. I remember my feelings watching the first idea it was a terrorist attack, I just thought it was just an accident..then the second hit and I knew. I remember that feeling of terror and I will never forget it. I picked up the phone and called my dad. I told him to turn on the tv because terrorists had flown planes into the twin towers. After I called Dad, I tried to reach Bruce who was at his job at the Army base. I was afraid military bases would be the next targets so I was worried. He talked to me briefly and told me he couldn't leave and that I should ask my parents to come over and we should all be together. I watched the horror unfold on the tv and it felt like living a nightmare. So incredibly painful. My sister's husband and son also worked on the military base and could be there, so susan and my parents came to my house and we watched together. I remember that a special prayer meeting was called at my church that morning and I met with my church family that could be there to pray. For the next few days, I sat in front of the tv watching everything. I wish I hadn't but I just couldn't turn away from it. I remember people being more loving in my community, and compassionate. people who didn't attend church started to.

One thing that I will always remember is the shock I felt when I had to take Bruce to the airport in Corpus Christi to catch a flight soon after and thee were military personal patrolling the airport with rifled. I remember thinking that things were different now and would never be the same.

Hard to believe it was 18 years ago.


September 11, 2019 - Msg 112921: sorry about the typos..was typing too fast.


September 12, 2019 - Msg 112922: Yes, it was 'our' Pearl Harbor. Just as our folks taught us to never forget, we must continue to tell our upcoming generations to not forget 9/11.
The only problem is that this new enemy hides in the shadows, and is all over the world. As Boo mentions above, things are not the same. I again ask the Lord's hand to be over our nation, and that our people will realize what we face. I thank God everyday for all the brave men and women who continue to defend our freedoms around the world, wherever this cowardly enemy shows it's ugly face.


September 12, 2019 - Msg 112923: Good morning porch! hope everyone is doing well.
stopping by before my day gets busy.

It surely has been hot here on my end of the porch. hot for September... most days have been in the 90's with no rain to cool things down. we have not had to mow our yard much the past 8 weeks
which is ok but still very hot and dry.

not much new with the family, kids are working and staying busy with their lives. which is good news and a blessing as well.

No job for Mr. Maude at this point. he is still hoping. Job hunting is so different these days. everything is online and only posted when they have an opening.I fear his age (60) is part of the problem. Although they can not ask on the application I am sure they can figure he is older when he lists his education and work history on his resume'. so they continue to hire people younger and who are just graduating.

better get ready for my first patient. I have every hour filled from 9 am til 6pm today so it will be a long day.

Lunch menu will be: chicken salad sandwiches, potato salad, chips. brownies with homemade peach ice cream for dessert. tea, lemonade to drink.

prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

September 12, 2019 - Msg 112924: Good morning all.

Boy, between Maude and Spot, we always have some good eating going on here. Maude, so sorry Mr. Maude is having a hard time finding a job. I agree, his age may be a factor. What a shame though. With age comes wisdom and experience that should be an a$$et to any employer. I surely do hope something will turn up for him soon.

Yes, yesterday was a hard day for many. I had a distant Cousin who was a first responder who lost his life that day. I had never met him, but sad just the same. I was watching an old episode of Chopped the other day and there was a fellow on who was a Fire Fighter for the NYFD. (This was an amateur episode) Anyway, he won the prize and was back a few months later in a Chopped Champions round. Then I noticed at the end the had an In Memory of him mention. So I had to go look up his name on the internet and saw that he had passed away from an illness he had gotten when responding to the 9/11 event. So that still reaches out 18 years later and affects people.

Well we had an Autumn like storm roll through yesterday. Dropped the temps down big time. Had some good rain down here in the valleys, and yep, actually got some snow in the mountains. But supposed to be back to near 90 by the weekend. MDC, You may get some cool weather when you go to Jellystone in a couple of weeks.

Boo, hard to imagine you talking about feeding Erin on 9/11. Gosh, time flys by.

I had a brother in law who had flown out to Reno to watch the air races that year. He had to find a ride on a Greyhound bus to get back because all flights had been cancelled for a few days. I remember how odd and quiet the sky was those few days. We live close to an Air Force base and are quite used to having fighter jets in the air nearby.

Well guess I will take advantage of this cooler air and get outside and do some work. Well at least contemplate doing some work. Wish me luck.


September 12, 2019 - Msg 112925: They are getting ready for you guys MDC

September 12, 2019 - Msg 112926: MDC, Cute video it brought a smile to my face.

Asa, Good luck on the work and don`t over do it. Take your time and take some breaks.

Big Maude, Sounds like a good lunch, can I come over early.

Sarah, Your right it does take a lot of patience to work in the retail business. I worked in retail for over 35 years and have seen about everything. Or at least I think I have. When you think you have seen it all something else comes up the next day. I worked with some wonderful people and made some nice friends over the years.

Everyone have a Blessed day.

September 12, 2019 - Msg 112927: Frankie, methinks that video is the work of G-F! :)
I think he is getting me ready for Jellystone, er, I mean Yellowstone! ha

September 12, 2019 - Msg 112928: Yep...It was Me!..I forgot to tag it. I guess it was worded like it came from MDC ...Sorry!....
I think Yogi & Boo Boo are hoping they bring picnic baskets with them too!..👍..G-F

September 12, 2019 - Msg 112929: Im very, very jealous of your cooler air, ASA (what's new). ha It has been so very hot here with no relief, ever. It has to change soon.

I feel so bad for Mr. Maude. Very unfair what he has been through. Certainly hope something comes through for him.


September 13, 2019 - Msg 112930: Maudie, One suggestion for Mr. there any way
that he could put a little LESS work experience on his resume? Just a thought, but it might help.
Not much to report tonight, except that we started packing tpday. The forecast for yellowstone next week is 50s daytime and about 30s at night!
Prayers for all,

September 13, 2019 - Msg 112931: Now Boo, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors weather. lol Remind me of that in January when I am boo hooing over the cold winter while you, Ro and MDC are relatively comfortable. ;)

Frankie and Sarah, I worked in retail many many moons ago. I has a love/hate relationship with my customers. Some I loved to see, and others I hated to see. Seems that some enjoyed coming in and making my life miserable. They were just perverse I decided.

GF, Was that video promoting dancing cheek to cheek> lol Bear cheek to cheek.

MDC, Yea buddy, you better pack some long johns for sure. We are supposed to get another cold front in here early next week again. But near 90 this weekend so I am going to Stacey's tomorrow for an end of summer swim before they shut it down for winter.

I hope everyone has a great Friday.


September 13, 2019 - Msg 112932: Hey Gang ! Lunch menu: Grilled sirloin burgers with cheese (swiss or cheddar) krinkle fries..GOOD pickles...fresh tomatoes and all the fixings...sweet tea and apple pie...grill is fired up and ready...come on by ... also RIP Eddie Money...good singer...prayers SPOT

September 13, 2019 - Msg 112933: SPOT, you have a great menu sounds delicious. You and Maude put out some good lunch`s.
I have a half Philly cheese steak sandwich left over from yesterday. Warm it up in the nu-wave and that works out great.

MDC, you have a good trip to Yellowstone.

Heading out to warm up that sandwich. I need my energy to do some more work.

September 13, 2019 - Msg 112934: Frankie, you are right Spot and Big Maude certainly do know how to spread a good lunch. My lunch today was saltine crackers with peanut butter along with my leftover strawberry scone from breakfast. I walked a mile this morning and on my way home stopped by my neighborhood bakery. Did everyone watch the debate last night? I changed the channel half way thru. Sarah

September 13, 2019 - Msg 112935: Saw on facebook that Romeena's grandson Hudson cut the tip of his finger off today. Hudson is the boy who is so musically talented and plays piano and bassoon. Remember him your prayers for speedy recovery please.


September 13, 2019 - Msg 112936: BOO--I do pray that they were able to reattach it!
Also, I know how hot it can be in your area, but keep focused on
your Colorado trip! I think you are going there sometime in the future.
While on the treadmill today (Sarah, that how I do my mile! ha)
I was watching Wagon Train, and there was a very young Susan Oliver! She was the one in the "Prisoner of Love" tags ep, a rather 'noir' episode. She looked to be about 16 in the WT episode!
GF--I hope your tribe can do it!
Frankie-any hope for the As?
Well, back to packing what few winter things that i have! :)

September 13, 2019 - Msg 112937: Oh, hey to SPOT!

September 14, 2019 - Msg 112938: Good morning, porch! Yes, our Hudson lopped off the very end of his finger, and apparently the part was too mangled to have any hope of reattaching it. The picture I've seen looks like it might not be as bad as it sounded at first. It appears that the missing piece is about the size of a shirt button, the very tip of the finger. It could have been so much worse, as he was using a bandsaw at the time. I have high hopes that it won't interfere with his piano and bassoon playing. Right now, of course, it's too painful to use like that, and he's missing out on some very important concerts and auditions, but he's a strong kid, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and tomorrow is another day. My prediction is that once he heals, this will all be forgotten, just a little bump in his road.

Thank you, Boo, for the mention, and thank you and everyone else for your prayers. His mom says he's having a lot of pain in it - I can only imagine. Think of how annoying a simple paper cut can be, and then think of cutting off a button-sized piece of your finger. Wide open, no loose skin to suture and close it. It will have to heal by secondary intention, which means the surrounding edges of skin will have to just gradually grow over it. Apparently, in order to stop the continuous bleeding, the doctor had to cauterize the whole open area, and it was done without any local anesthetic, as those shots hurt just as much as whatever treatment is being done. I remember when David (Hudson's dad) was having a persistent wart removed from a finger. The doc did it with a local injection first, and told me that he was doing that only because it hurt just very slightly less than cutting the thing off without the shot would have hurt. David was a very stoic kid, never cried when he got hurt, but he let out a caterwaul scream with that shot! I was so surprised, because it was so un-typical of him, but the doc said he had seen grown men scream with that shot. Like most of us, I've had local deadening injections, and they sting, but not that bad. Apparently, when it's in your hand or fingers, it's a different story. Anyway, please pray for Hudson, that he won't have any impairment with regard to his music, and that his finger will stop hurting and will heal rapidly and cleanly. Poor guy, he really didn't deserve this. He has a brand-new driver's license, and was just beaming from ear to ear on Thursday night, at his granddad's birthday party. From a high to a low - why does it always seem to be that way?

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 15, 2019 - Msg 112939: Prayers to all those in need.

MDC, the A`s are still hanging in there. We lost one of our main starters today with a nerve injury to the elbow. Bad time for that to happen but they still won today.

You all have a wonderful Sunday.

September 15, 2019 - Msg 112940: "All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..."
HI ALL. Well, we are all set, except for a few last things to tuck in, like my razor, toothbrush, etc, and It's off to see Yogi and friends on Monday morning. Please say a Sabbath traveling prayer for us. Thanks.
The really neat thing is that it is exactly one year Monday since my open heart valve surgery. What a difference a year makes. My wife says this is my 'reward' for doing all my rehab and keeping up my exercise! :)
RO-- I'm glad Hudon will be OK. My big question was his bassoon playing. On This Old House they have shown various bandsaw guards. He may want to look into that.
God's blessings on us all as we gather for Sabbath preachin'. :)