October 02, 2019 - Msg 113020: Everyone have a Mayberry kind of a Day!

October 02, 2019 - Msg 113021: http://imayberry.com/remshaw/

Mr. Remshaw has found it in his heart to light the way to the old Remshaw place with pumpkins carved to look like our favorite Deputy. Remshaw saw this baseball hunting trespasser as he was looking onto this world from the world beyond through that haunted painting above the fireplace.

Sure does feel like them eyes are following you everywhere, doesn't it? Also, be on the watch out for a floating axe Barney said he saw when he was here at Remshaw's place.

WBMUTBB Chapter member Paul Mulik created a pattern so that you can join old man Remshaw in leading folks to your home with the lovable face of Barney Fife shining the way from his Barn-O-Lantern.

We also have Floyd, Goober and Opie joining Barney with their own patterns (also created by Paul).

Your house will be the envy of your neighborhood this Halloween, or anytime, when you carve this Barney Fife, Floyd the Barber, Goober Pyle, or Opie jack-o-lantern...or all FOUR!

October 03, 2019 - Msg 113022: THANKS FLOYD,....I have done them, the Barney & Goober ones turned out the best!..If any of y’all try them I recommend you buy the carving set from Pumpkin Masters as he said.
You can get it at the Walmart for a few bucks, and it really helps with the small details...It comes with a assortment of tools whic make the job a whole lot easier...
I also did one of those fake pumpkins 🎃 you buy and instead of carving it I used permanent marker and it really turned out cool I have It year round in my Mayberry Room to enjoy...

MDC, Asa...Come On...Give it a Whirl!...The rest of Y’all too!

Hey Maude did you guys make it to Mayberry Days?..I didn’t see you guys..

Here’s a nice interview with Clint Howard... https://www.wbtv.com/video/2019/10/01/mount-airy-museum-clint-howard-one-one/


October 03, 2019 - Msg 113023: Morning all.

GF, Thanks for the clip buddy. Good to see Clint. Looks like he visited Floyd before the interview. Looks much better with the hair cut short. And I did see the picture with a motorcycle and sidecar in the clip.

By golly, I just might try carving me a pumpkin this year now that I have more time on my hands.

Hey Frankie. I hope you are doing well.

Boo, I hope your night at work alone and went well and you and Bruce can make your little get away happen. Sounds like the new job situation will be a real blessing for Sean. I had several job advancement opportunities I passed over, over the yeas because it would have meant either moving to Salt Lake City, or having to drive 40 miles one way each day. And I was not about to do either. My 15 minute commute was long enough for me. I hope Erin's new job is a fit for her.

MDC, Thanks for the kind words buddy. I appreciate and enjoy your posts as well. I keep seeing all these TAGS folks on P.M. Last night it was the hobo with the bum leg that Opie was hanging with. I hardly recognized him. And the fake F.B.I. feller has been in several episodes. And Melissa Stevens Daddy/Husband has been in a few. I even saw Jerry Vandyke in one the other night.

My goodness our weather has been just perfect here. Sorry Boo, I know you don't want to hear it. But boy, when the good Lord blesses you with 7o degree highs and 40 degree lows, I just gotta brag on it a little. :) Supposed to be like this for the next 7 days a believe.

Romeena, So glad you are winning the battle with Trinket. I know you will.

Guess I'll go find something to munch on. Hmmm, I still haven't made it to Lowe's, and that means I still ain't fed the breakfast burrito craving I had last week. I wonder.....


October 03, 2019 - Msg 113024: Happy 59th Birthday to The Andy Griffith Show!!

This calls for some celebrating elixir- Spotty,swing by the Morrison sisters' place in that cool VW bug of yours and pick up a few jars for us!

Weather? Ha! How about the forecast here at my rock for today and tomorrow? High temp of 98 with a heat index of 101!! DANG hot!! Spotty,bring me an extra jar of that elixir! LOL

possum u.a.r.

October 04, 2019 - Msg 113025: HI ALL! I have had a busy day! Will post on Friday! MDC

October 04, 2019 - Msg 113026: All I know is that Remshaw house is no place for me.

G-F, I enjoyed watching the video of Clint Howard. And the Mayberry Museum looks like a cool place to visit.

Asa, I am doing better. Have my last physical therapy visit next Wednesday. The therapist said she will evaluate me at that time. The stretches and exercises really help.

Things seem to be going better with the niece now that she has a new therapist that deals better with her needs.

And a Big Happy Birthday to The Andy Griffith Show.

October 04, 2019 - Msg 113027: Another MD’s parade video...https://youtu.be/6LyI9HJJt20

October 04, 2019 - Msg 113028: ASA-- I forgot to tell you that I saw "Paul Drake" in a Wagon Train episode the other day! It was weird seeing him as a cowboy!!
Interesting what you mentioned about promotion opportunities.
I did that a couple of times myself. I was enjoying my job, so why ruin it?! ha It was sort of like Emmit trying to sell insur@nce, we we all know how that went over!
FRANKIE--did your A's advance? I lost track. Glad things are better with your niece.
POSSUM--we are in the low 90s these days. Feels so good after long summer!
May the Good Lord bless you all!

October 05, 2019 - Msg 113029: Howdy all.

Possum, sounds like a hot rock for sure. I had some frost on my lawn this morning. Went to Cache
s soccer game and they were playing on frosty turf early on. Hope y'all get a break from the heat soon.

MDC, Yea, I don't think I have ever seen Paul Drake anywhere else. Can't see him as a cowboy for some reason. I saw Lt. Tragg in an old Alfred Hichc@ck show a few days back. That seemed odd also.

Frankie, so glad your therapy is going well. I agree, those stretches help, although they can be tedious. And good to read that your Niece is doing better this go around.

GF, Did you get over your withdrawls ok? Did you see any of the Monday night podcast gang there? I keep forgetting to tune that in on Mondays.

Well I hope all is well with everyone.


October 06, 2019 - Msg 113030: HI ALL! I attended a funeral today of the mother of a fellow that
I have known since first grade. His mom was 100!
The service was in the church in the neighborhood where I grew up.
Havent been there since my dad's funeral in 2015.
The house that i grew up in is right nearby. My folks had it from 1952 until 2000. The current owners have let it run down a bit, which is hard to see because my dad and us sons kept the yards pretty well trimmed, etc. That's life I guess. It was a very nice service and my classmate and I did a lot of reminiscing since I havent seem him
since 2015. All in all, it was a nice day.
On the other hand, there is that new music guy in our current church.
He's been there 2 months now and I just can't cotton to his style of music. I am a "How Great Thou Art" sort of guy, and he is more of a "Jesus is drivin' the bus, so ya better hop on" sort of guy! We have talked to him and the pastor so that some servies can be more traditional, and others 'contemporary.' So right now I'm in a wait and see mode.
GF--thanks for the email pix of you and Leon with his sammich! Very cool. You did a
good job.
ASA--Tragg could BE Alfred!! ha
Good Sabbath to all!

October 06, 2019 - Msg 113031: Good Sabbath all.

MDC, How far do you live from your growing up house? I am less than a mile from mine. Nice you got to see an old buddy and relive those glory years. That is always fun. I still say y'all need to chant "We will not sing" when your music man wants to go contemporary on you. :)

Well I am done with my Perry Mason cycle and am now watching All Creatures Great and Small. Pretty sure I will not see any TAGS folks show up there. lol

Well I hope everyone has a great Sabbath and all is well.


October 06, 2019 - Msg 113032: Good afternoon, porch! Asa, how nice that you live so close to your childhood home! Actually, I'm glad I don't have to see mine anymore. It was a lovely place, on six acres, with an acre and a little more fenced for the house and vegetable garden, beautiful lawn, lots of flowers, a paved tennis court, stable for a horse, pony, and a cow, chicken house and run, corral, and the rest was pasture, with lots of mesquite and small oak trees for shade and soil protection. My dad sowed it with oats once or twice, and some coastal bermuda, and the stock had green pasture most of the time. We supplemented with grain and hay, and they were fat and sassy! Well, after I married and left home, my parents sold the place and moved with a job transfer to Michigan, where they remained for two years, then came back to Texas, to Dallas. Meanwhile, urban sprawl engulfed the area where our home was, the six+ acre tracts were sold off and subdivided, and our country home is now in the middle of a subdivision of cookie-cutter houses, and the people who bought ours ruined it. It had a big deep front porch, shaded by a huge oak. They cut the tree down, and enclosed that lovely porch into what I suppose is a bedroom, and the house now looks like it is sitting right on the road. It used to seem so far back, with a winding sidewalk from the road to the house. My mom had lined that long walkway with little low cedars and China doll roses. It looked like a magazine cover. Now it looks like Tacky Flats. The last time I saw it, it brought me to tears, and I will not go back. I have my memories.

MDC, don't count on winning your music battle. You probably won't. We have the same problem at my church, and I know people in other churches who say the same thing. The younger generation has become convinced that the more often you frenetically repeat the same phrase, the more "in the spirit" you are, I suppose. I haven't used a hymn book in years - don't need one, because I know all the older hymns and could reproduce the book if they all got destroyed. These days, I can't even sing one to myself on the way home, because they are just not memorable. We don't use a book, either - the words are projected onto screens in the front of the church. One Sunday, after we had endured a long, tedious, non-rhyming and often very repetitive modern "hymn", I whispered to a friend "Well, don't you just know that one will be replaying in my head all the way home!" She thought it was funny, repeated it to her neighbor, and I think it made it all the way down the pew. Now, I have no quarrel with our music minister's talent and qualifications, he's a nice guy and I like him. It's his taste that loses me, but he's a product of his generation. Actually, he's in his late 40s, but relatively speaking, to me he's a young man. He has a beautiful voice, his wife is also a singer, with operatic tendencies, and is a bit screechy if you ask me, but what do I know? We have considerable talent in our church, but mostly we hear from his wife, and two or three others who have his favor. Too bad, but I guess time marches on.

Well, I guess since it's Sunday, I thought I should preach a little! Sorry 'bout that, one of these days I'll tell you how I really feel! (heehee) Hope everyone is well. I stayed home with my burning, aching back this morning. I can hardly wait for Friday, when my pain management doc will inject the squashed nerves with a steroid, to see if they respond. If they do, she'll know she has the right ones, and I'll go back in for an ablation procedure on those nerves. She'll just fry 'em, and that should solve the problem. I'm ready! Blessings. --Romeena

October 06, 2019 - Msg 113033: Romeena, My Dad built that house completely not long after coming here from England. It was his pride and joy for sure, and for good reason. He had never built anything prior to that. I am glad that the house is still in the family. Matt and Stacey own it and rent it out. They lived in it until they outgrew it 4 or 5 kids ago. It sits on an acre of ground, but the area all around it is growing houses today when I was a kid it was growing alfalfa and corn and tomatoes. Kind of sad to see, but it is what it is.
I do hope they can identify and then fry those nerves Ro. Ease your pain. Breaks my heart to think of the misery you are in. Not easy, especially in dealing with an active little furkid.


October 06, 2019 - Msg 113034: Thanks, Asa, and what a lovely story about the house your dad built. I'm so glad your family has kept it! He must have been quite a guy!

Yes, the "mizry" in my back has made it hard to deal with Trinket, and she has no sympathy at all! Honestly, I've had a lot of dogs over the years, but I've never had one like her. I think she's got a screw loose somewhere! She just wears me out, going from one thing to another, but just about the time I'm considering giving her to a shelter (not really) she'll come and get all lovey-dovey, and all is forgiven. She has two nicknames - one you already know (Lardb#tt) and Shredderteeth. Oh, and Buzzsaw. She can make tiny confetti out of a one of those 4-page ad things in about a minute. It looks like it's gone through a shredder, truly. The cross-cut kind! One good thing about that, the pieces are so small that I can use the vacuum to clean it up. She's five months old now, still has her baby teeth, so maybe when her permanent teeth come in she won't want to chew so much. Also, she'll be spayed on Nov. 4, so that may calm her down a little.

As for back pain, my sweet DIL, Brittney, has been suffering with her back for months now, and finally told me yesterday that she has made an appointment with the spinal surgeon who fixed my lower back in 2014. I have zero trouble in that area, he fixed it very well. He's the same one who said there is no surgery that he's willing to attempt that will fix what I've got now. It's in a different area, and is the result of scoliosis, and there is a surgical procedure for it, but he won't do it. He says a "few" people get relief, but very few, and of the rest, about half are left just like they were, and the other half are worse off than before. Therefore, he won't do it. I trust him, and if he doesn't want to do it, then I don't want it done. Oh, and the surgery has a months-long recovery time, with lots of pain before it gets better, if it does. Nope, that's not for me. Nerve ablation sounds a lot easier, and gets good results.

Well, better go feed Shredderteeth. She's asleep in her little cuddlebed under my desk, with her head on my foot. She looks like a little angel right now. Looks are deceiving! --Romeena

October 06, 2019 - Msg 113035: ASA--I now live in Tempe, a suburb east of Phoenix. (And Mesa is east of Tempe BTW)
Anyway, I am about 35 miles from my childhood home. The house was built in 1950, and across the street a new Catholic church and school was forming, so from 1950 to '52, the 3 priests were using it as their temporary home until a permanent 'parsonage' or 'rectory' was built.
They had added on a den in the back with an AC window unit for the older pastor.
Once the new building was done, my dad heard it was for sale and got it for $7000! It is a neat house because the den became our summer sanctuary, and that addition allowed us to make a full circle walk thru....from living room, down the hall to the 3 bedrooms, thru the den, and up thru the kitchen and dining room, back to the living room! :)
RO--regarding the music, I THINK the 9 AM will now be more "traditional" as it is mostly an older crowd at that time, and the 11 AM has more families, and the guy can 'wail' all he wants to! ha One issue we have is that he has a Rod Stewart type of voice, sort of raspy,
and I just cringe a bit. Here is the actual lyrics to one of the songs...Gotta go out into the world, gotta go out into the world, gotta go out into the world, and say the Lord is good. Now sing that about 5 more times with a tempo so fast that even a cow's tail in fly season couldn't keep up! haha! Seriously! Oh, I guess I'm preachin' a bit too! (Sorry) We're hanging in there and giving it more time.
Honestly, I should be happy and full of joy that we CAN worship God in this country, and pray that such
freedoms endure!
Prayers for all porchsters and families this day, for back miseries to offspring and grandkiddos! Good Sabbath!


October 07, 2019 - Msg 113036: By the time at get to Tempe, she'll be sleeping... Hmm, just ain't the same MDC. LOL I have another friend who is moving to Gold Canyon Arizona. Are you familiar with that place? Your old house sounds pretty cool.
One thing about your music guy, sounds like the lyrics are easy to remember. Second verse, same as the first! lol

Romeena, my Dad was incredible. He never made a lot of money, but he made lots of stuff. If he couldn't afford to buy it, he built it. Case in point, His house sat on an acre of ground. In those early years he really wanted and needed a small tractor to help level it, but it was just not in the budget. So he did the next best thing. He built one. He found an old front end off a car, an old rear end off another car, fabricated a frame out of some steel he had salvaged, put an old 20 H.P. B&B engine he had gotten somewhere, and made a tractor out of it all. He even made his own implements for it. And it worked pretty good. When we were little, I guess my Mom and Dad had taken my sister and I to a local public swimming pool. We must have had a great time, because my Dad decided we needed a pool in the backyard. Not being able to afford to have one put in by a contractor, he did it himself, including all the excavating that it needed using his homemade tractor. He salvaged a bunch of old cement blocks from somewhere and built a very nice in ground pool out back that our family enjoyed for many years. He and my Mom were hard working and although very proud of their British upbringing, very proud on the day they were sworn in as American citizens. My Dad frequently would talk about how coming to America had given him the opportunity to do things he would never have gotten elsewhere. And he instilled in me that success was not guaranteed, but the chance to try was, and that was all he wanted for himself and for his family. As you can see, "I was born of goodly parents". Wow Ro, you put me on memory lane there for a bit. LOL, Thank you. It is always good for a soul to go back in time and visit those periods that developed us.
Trinket (AKA Lardb#tt) sure sounds like my Barney. I had nicknamed him "The pestilence" because as Dud Wash said, "you don't need to look for a pestilence, a pestilence will find you", when talking about Ernest T. And that was Barney, another Ernest T. Bass. He was a nut! lol

Well better get outside and get some stuff done. We are supposed to get another cold front in here on Wednesday, and this one is more intense. May bring some snow to the valley floor. I hope not. Our tree's still have leaves, and if we get an early snow, it tends to be wet and heavy and will see a lot of limbs busting off.

Prayers for all for a great day.


October 07, 2019 - Msg 113037: Asa...The Apple 🍎 don’t fall far from the tree!..Just Sayin’ Wasn’t it great to be let go to build, fix, and imagine?
We made forts, treehouses, Go carts, making our own baseball field, ect. ect. ect!....Glory Days indeed!....


October 07, 2019 - Msg 113038: Loved reading about the childhood homes here and how close some still live nearby. I live about 500 miles from my childhood home and will be visiting in about two weeks. Love the mountains in East TN and the colors should be beautiful this time of year. Sarah

October 07, 2019 - Msg 113039: ASA--so you have some of that "Englishter" blood in you! I knew I detected an accent in your voice! ha. And yes, I know exactly where Gold Canyon is, just east of Mesa. Pretty ritzy place! I pass by it when I head to the State Pen.
GF--cool email about the sandwich you made for Leon! Glad it went well at the auction.
I'll try to see the podcast tonight.
SARAH--Sorry I missed saying your name in my shout out up there! Would love to see TN someday!
BOO just kills me...she's on vacation with Bruce, but she posts about a very heavy topic on FB! BOO... if you see this... ENJOY your vacay!! ha You're too much! :)
Well, have a good day y'all.
Love ya,

October 07, 2019 - Msg 113040: GF: I tried the podcast tonight, but I tuned in too late. Maybe next week! mdc

October 08, 2019 - Msg 113041: Good morning, porch! Asa, something you said earlier just now really registered with me! You mentioned watching "All Creatures Great and Small" and I want to know on what channel you're receiving it! That is one of my all-time favorite shows, I have Herriot's books, and just really enjoy them. My checks, for years, have borne this inscription: "All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all." It's a contraction of the full quote, of course, due to space limitations. The checks also have pictures of baby animals on them, like a background mural. There are four baby animals - a tiger, an otter, a panda, and a wolf - in a rotating sequence on the checks. I love the entire poem by Cecil Alexander, written in the 1800s, and it can be easily found by searching "all things bright and beautiful."

Anyway, James Herriot chose the poem as his model for his books, and it was an inspired choice. The TV series, produced in the UK, was so good, but I haven't seen it on TV anywhere in years. Our local PBS station ran it, but it was a long time ago. I wish they would re-run it. Hmmm. I wonder if Netflix is carrying it? Probably not, they're obsessed with obnoxious, "progressive" stuff right now. Maybe I'll check that out.

Well, better go feed my big old baby. She's gradually improving on the house-breaking. Now and then I go into the bedroom and find evidence in her potty box that she has visited it without being led there by me. Very encouraging. She's still the busiest little thing I ever saw. I wonder if dogs can have ADHD? If so, I think she would be living proof.

She did settle down quickly when we went to bed last night, and slept the whole night without waking me by biting my toes, snuffling in my ear, or sitting on my chest. That was nice! Oh, the joys of being a Maltese Mom! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

October 08, 2019 - Msg 113042: Romeena, I actually bought all 8 seasons on DVD a few years ago. Very pricey, but I sure do love it. The Dales is where my Dad was raised for a time as a kid, so maybe there is just an extra connection for me. And the DVD's contain a few extras that I enjoy. One is an interview they do with Alf (his real name) and when he was out doing his actual rounds. Even though his books eventually really took off, he continued to work in his Practice almost up until he passed away. I don't recall what I paid for them, but it wasn't cheap. The actress they cast for Mrs. Pumphry was spot on, or at least just how I envisioned her from the books. And Tricky Woo is a hoot.

MDC, My Wife teases me at times because I don't have an accent, but at times the phrases I use are quite British, or so she claims.

GF, I wish I had even a smidgen of my Dads abilities and ambition. His ability to create stuff in his shop was truly amazing. But I think a lot of folks from that generation had that ability and drive.

Sarah, good to see you posting. I hope you have a nice visit back to your old stomping grounds.

Had to run some errands this morning and found myself right next to an In-and-Out and decided a hamburger and chocolate shake were in order. Funny how the timing of all that just happened just right. lol


October 08, 2019 - Msg 113043: Oh BTW Romeena, The three Actors who portrayed James, Sigfreid, and Tristan deserve awards for some of the things they had to perform for the show. Pretty intense stuff, aye?


October 08, 2019 - Msg 113044: I’m home but I think I have the flu. Feel really awful. I’ll be back when I’m better


October 09, 2019 - Msg 113045: Hi FOLKS! Just a quick hello tonight. More on Wed. mdc :)

October 09, 2019 - Msg 113046: Hello Porch!
Not sure if I will lose my electricity tomorrow due to the high winds and heat. We are on a Red Flag Warning. The electrical company announced that at least 800,000 customers power will be shut off. Looks like I might be OK but on alert. I know one of the schools about 12 miles from me has been given notice that they will have there power shut off. The school made an announcement that they will be closed the rest of the week. When they shut off the power like this it takes days to come back on. They check every wire before turning the switch back on and that takes a lot of time. I am just keeping my fingers crossed. Went to the store and purchased a small BBQ and briquettes in case I need to warm up some food.

Boo hope your feeling better. Those flu`s can really be hard on the body. You take care.

October 09, 2019 - Msg 113047: Frankie...Is that “Red Flag Warning” any thing like Barney’s #2 Amber alert?”...One of us awake at all times!...
Ain’t it funny how we think about Mayberry quotes all the time and comparing them to everyday situations?

Or is it just me?..lol......G-F

p.s. Boo ..Hope ya feel better, 🤒 that reminds me, I better get my flu shot when I see the Dr. Friday ....

October 09, 2019 - Msg 113048: Morning all.

Hey Frankie, I have been reading about the power shut down in California. What a pain for you guys. I hope it is not out for to long.

Boo, sorry you're ailing girl. Maybe it's not the flu and just a touch of the pip. You got something we can loosen? :) Get better soon.

I went in yesterday to my Doc's office to get my shingles booster shot. So hopefully that will be good. I was going to get a flu shot while there, but decided I would wait for a spell. Probably doesn't matter, but I hate to get to inarculated up at once.

Yessir GF. Seems like we can incorporate TAGS stuff into most everything. One of my favorite lines I use on my Wife is to tell her she's a strange woman. She usually responds with "I'm going downhill fast and you're the one who pushed me". lol

MDC, What's your hurry? Slow down. Take it easy, Relax. What indeed, is your hurry.

Big storm is supposed to hit us around mid day today. And then get cold. They are predicting snow even on the valley floor. I guess it is that time of the year though. I hope Helen is in a good mood if I need her.


October 09, 2019 - Msg 113049: ASA--we are part of that same low pressure system,
and we should be in the 70s by this weekend!
I have been 'fighting' an ear infection since we got home from our trip. It may have been from the airplanes, but I see the doc on Thursday.
Well, first it was the NFL, and now I've had it with the NBA! This whole China thing has gotten bad. I have never understood the whole politiking in sports, but i guess it is what it is.
FRANKie, I have seen on the news about the California blackouts coming. Why is that? Not enough power being generated there anymore??
Well, have a great Mayberry day all!!

October 09, 2019 - Msg 113050: Oh ASA, thought your shingles comment was funny...you got shingles on your house, but you DON'T want them on you! ha

October 10, 2019 - Msg 113051: Boo is still dealing with a bad cold (posted on FB)
Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks,

October 10, 2019 - Msg 113052: Morning Dears.

Well our big storm was a dud, as far as moisture. A lot of wind, and a drop in temps, but not a drop of rain or a flake of snow.

MDC, LOL, I was thinking about that shingles thing as I was typing it out also. Way to much shingles worry in my life as of late. Hope your infection clears up soon. I guess I have not heard about anything going on with the NBA. I will have to check it out, although I don't follow basketball. I agree with the politics in sports. That is a big part of why I no longer follow the NFL. And the issue with California power is they were expecting big winds (from the same front you and I are having) and they were concerned that sparking wires would create wildfires. So they shut the grid off, and as Frankie alluded to, they then have to inspect the transmission lines before they energize them again to make sure all is good.

Sorry Boo is still ailing. My prayers for her for sure.

We have three birthdays in early October, and Madisen (one of my Grand Daughters) is getting baptized on Saturday, so we had a multiple part for them all last night. Had a great time. Romeena, Stacey will get with you as soon as she gets a minute to catch her breath. She was telling me her schedule yesterday about running kids to piano practice, violin practice, choir practice, soccer and basketball practices and games. And then trying to get things ready for the Baptism on Saturday because there is family coming from out od town for that. Whew, I got tired just hearing about it all. But she for sure wants to talk with you.

Well best be off and get somethings done around here.

Prayers for all for a great and safe day.


October 10, 2019 - Msg 113053: Good morning, y'all! Finally some cooler temps here at my rock-59 degrees this morning! Just wish the daytime temps would drop a little bit,but it's not too bad-much better than 100 degree temps,for sure!

Happy Birthday to Asa's birthday crew and that is wonderful regarding your grandchild's baptism. Enjoy all of the family coming in for the occasion and what a special one it is.

MDC,and everybody, Boo thinks she has the flu,so do keep her in your prayers. Says she feels awful and VICKS didn't even help!

Well, guess that's it for now. Y'all remember to "act like somebody" and have a great day!

possum u.a.r.

October 10, 2019 - Msg 113054: Good Thursday Porch family, hope all is well.

I am taking the day off today. doing some long overdue household chores this morning and then this afternoon I am going with Beth, Patrick and Daysie to Knoxville to a concert. They decided I needed to go with them for some reason. Not sure why they needed a little ole lady tagging along but just glad they do. lol

GF: looks like a grand time was had by all at Mayberry Days. Mr. Maude and I did not make it at all this year. seems like we just couldn't get it together. Hopefully next year! I will certainly be there for the meet up tho.

Hope you are feeling better Boo.

Lunch menu: tomato basil soup, grilled cheese with bacon. brownies for dessert. tea, raspberry lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to everyone
Big Maude

October 10, 2019 - Msg 113055: Good afternoon, porch! Maude, would that tomato basil soup be made by Progresso, or do you make it from scratch? I have never made it myself, but the one made by Progresso is so good, I don't think I'll ever go to all that trouble. And guess what? My go-to to have with that soup is grilled cheese with bacon! Apparently, great minds think alike!

I just completed the online pre-registration form for the surgery center where my spinal nerve injections will be done tomorrow. I'm glad I could do it online, because it took me three (yes, 3) hours to do it on the computer. I'm glad I wasn't sitting in their office, doing it with a pen! I have never seen such a detailed questionnaire in all my life. You would think I was going to have open-heart surgery! If Barney was filling it out, he'd have to list that episode of hiccups - it's that detailed.

I hope Boo is feeling better by now. She's not one to complain, and for her to even mention it, makes me think she must be feeling just awful. Get better, Boo!

Asa, tell Stacy to call me anytime she has a break. If I don't answer, just leave a message on the machine, and I'll call her back. If she's one to stay up late at night, tell her that I do the same, so late night calls are not a problem. I look forward to hearing from her, and hope I can be of some help.

Well, guess I'll go tidy up the kitchen. Don't want to leave things in a mess tomorrow. Eloise is picking me up at 8:30 to take me to Addison to the surgery center the pain management doc uses. We have to be there by 9:30, but we'll be driving in Dallas rush hour traffic, so need to allow a lot of time. I hate traffic. Then she'll bring me home, and after the sedation they will use, I'll probably sleep all afternoon. After that, I should be good to go.

Blessings, all. --Romeena

October 10, 2019 - Msg 113056: Hey Romeena, Prayers that it all goes well tomorrow and the injections will bring you some relief from your misery. I will pass that along to Stacey for sure. Thank you.

Great to hear from Maude and from Possum. Have fun at the concert Maude. My prayers continue for Mr. Maude and the job search.

Possum, I just went out to get my mail. It is blue skies and sunny but only 40 degrees. Not bad, but with a stiff wing blowing from the north, that 49 feels more like 10. Mercy sakes I am glad I don't have to work in that anymore.

I was thinking some soup for supper tonight my own self. One nice thing about the cooler weather. Soup hits the spot. I did get my flu shot this morning, so I hope that it does the job.

Well I hope all is well with everyone.


October 11, 2019 - Msg 113057: Hello all! A while back I mentioned how with one word most of us know what episode we are thinking of. Well, today I got to thinking that we often use tags lines in our everyday conversations here, and we all know what someone means! It is sort of like our own code. For example, we may say "I've got the (fill in the blank) to swing it." or "that's very democratic of you." or "Oh, we don't mind killing a carp." ha Anyway, you get my drift. I just think it's kinda cool.
Our State Fair started here last Friday, and an article in the paper mentioned a lady who has entered he baked goods for the past 40 years! She's a regular Clara Edwards winning many blue ribbons!
ASA--I love baptisms too, many angels rejoicing in heaven! Lots of Birthdays too for you. You sure have some great mountains to look at when you go outside! Thank you for the electronal explanation. That's not a problem here! ha
RO--I sure do hope that the injection works. You will be in my prayers. 3 hours of forms! Wow. I never had that many to do, and I HAD open heart surgery!! haha
POSSUM! Good to see ya posting. So happy that the weather is getting better there.
MAUDE, you can take the cotton out of your ears now! Hope all went well.
Prayers for all!

October 11, 2019 - Msg 113058: Thank you all for the prayers, I really appreciate it. I am finally feeling better today. I really believe it was flu because I had a temp for several days and felt so bad. Body aches and chills and weak as a kitten for a day. I am still on the weak side but so much better.
I haven't gotten my flu shot yet because they are supposed to start them just now at work. I am sure I picked it up in East TExas because flu season started early there, I hear.

Well, we just got our first real cool-down of the season and it is raining right now. Such a nice break from the heat!

My boss made me promise to make the mandatory training at work today so have to get ready for that. It should only take and hour and I can leave.

Asa, sure sounds like Stacey is burning the candle at both ends but that's what we moms tend to do at her age and she has more children than most. I think you also mentioned that she is holding at least one calling in her ward, didn't you? She must be tired. So Madisen must be 8 now? Time flies!

Better get going.


October 11, 2019 - Msg 113059: BOO--be sure to get it all out of your system before you get a flu shot; but I guess I'm preachin to the choir with that remark! ha
As for my ear infection, doc says yup, probably got it from the airplane rides! On an antibiotic for a bit and all should be good in the ol' estashin (sp) tube.
For lunch today i had some Campbells hardy chicken noodle soup, but I added a can of Bumble Bee gold label tuna (30 gr protein!) and a can of Valley Fresh white chicken. Oh my did that hit the spot!
GF--in tags ep the other nite Andy had a line about a girl in Cleveland! Ha, i don't think
I ever picked up on that one before!
Our weather is so very nice right now. High today was about 85, Sat. should be about 78!! Woohoo, thank you Jesus!
God bless, prayers,
MDC :)

October 12, 2019 - Msg 113060: Good afternoon, porch! All went well yesterday, the doc injected five nerves, from T8 through T12, while I was under light conscious sedation. I remember feeling some tiny pinsticks at some point, but that's all. Usually they use fentanyl and versed for those procedures, but since I can't tolerate opioids, I just got versed. It worked.

Eloise brought me home and I got in my recliner and went to sleep. Slept all afternoon, then watched TV most of the night, slept another three hours or so in the early morning, and have been up all day. When I first got out of bed, after sleeping on my left side - my favorite position, and one I haven't been able to use for months - the pain hit hard. I expected it might, since they told me the pain might even get worse for the first couple of days, but would then subside. Well, after I was up for a little while, it went away, and I have felt great ever since.

I think she got the right nerves, which is what we were trying to confirm with this procedure. In a little while, I'll go back, and she'll actually ablate those same nerves, and the relief should be relatively permanent. The nerves could regenerate, some do, but not all. If they do, it takes several years, and I'll cross that bridge when and if I come to it. God is good! I'm loving sitting here typing, and not squirming in my chair from back pain.

Boo, I'm glad you got over your flu! That's really no fun. I hope things go easy now that you're back to work, so you have a little time to get your strength back.

Asa, you and G-F make me smile with your talk of the joys of retirement. I definitely know what you mean. Actually, I still miss nursing at times, but I wouldn't go back even if they'd let me. I doubt that they would re-hire an 80 year old nurse, and if they did, I'd have to do so much catch-up education, it just wouldn't be worth it. Nope, I'll sit here with my wheelerette and my very annoying little dog, go out with friends and family, do whatever I can to maintain this place, hire the rest of it done, and thank God that I'm still alive.

I'll write a story now and then, or maybe a poem. I've got several poems written over the years, four of them about my furkids. There was one I wrote when my beloved pastor's wife died nearly thirty years ago. I enclosed it in a card to the family, and received a call from the church a few days later, asking my permission to print it in the church bulletin, and in the newsletter. Of course I agreed, gladly. I didn't save a copy of that one - thought I had, but can't find it. The church no longer has the copies of the bulletin or newsletter, they purge those files every few years. It wasn't written on the computer, because I didn't have one then!

Actually, I was having trouble sleeping on the night she passed, and couldn't settle down. Finally, I sat up and turned on my bedside lamp, waking Dale, but he was used to it, and got my trusty pad and pen, and sat there in the bed and wrote that little poem. I recopied it the next day and enclosed it in the card. That's just the way it happens sometimes. It was in my heart, kept me awake, and had to be released. Then I went to sleep. I wish I could find it. I remember a few lines from it, maybe the best one was "There's one more to welcome us, Tina is there."

My little reminisce stories just pop into my head, too. Some little insignificant event will come to mind, and I just "spin a little yarn" about it. I just sent one to Charlotte Tucker about the day a tiny, little aromatic female dog was pursued into our front yard by a howling, snarling pack of big male dogs. She sat under a bush and watched them, as they tried to outbluff each other and win her favor. Then a little scruffy mutt came down the street, sneaked in under the bush, and led the little lady away down the street while the pack kept fighting. Finally they realized she wasn't there anymore, and the look on their faces was a sight to behold. So funny! He just stole her away, and they never saw them leave! I haven't heard from Charlotte yet, whether she'll use it or not, but whether she does or doesn't, I had fun writing it.

Well, guess I'll rustle up some lunch. I cooked a head of cauliflower in the microwave a day or two ago, then rough-mashed it up, added a little butter, some sour cream and a generous helping of shredded cheese, and a good dash of Tabasco, and stirred it all up. Good? Oh yes! Of course, a whole big cauliflower goes a long way for one person, but I'll finish it off today. Blessings, all! --Romeena

October 12, 2019 - Msg 113061: Romeena, You made me laugh..You put Butter Sour Cream Cheese & Tabasco on ANYTHING and it will be good!
The “Go To” ingredients for any Texas cook!


October 12, 2019 - Msg 113062: You are so right! Can't eat without those things. I'll put Tabasco on anything, probably even ice cream, though I've never tried it! And sour cream? I don't use a "dollop of Daisy" - I use a big healthy plop of Daisy. And I do use Daisy. Read their ingredients, then read the ingredients on the slightly less expensive store brands. Not worth the few pennies saved. --Romeena

October 13, 2019 - Msg 113063: Good Sabbath all. Please keep me in your prayers.
I do prison ministry today (Sunday), but it will also
be my last one. I told my wife about the lockdown the last time I was there (you may recall my mention of it here),
and she said that's it, so I guess that's IT! I had already
committed to this one so she said OK. But I kinda agree
that as I approach 70 in December, I have served long enough
in this ministryy. But it has been very gratifying to see so many
lost souls come to accept Jesus as their guide! :)

October 13, 2019 - Msg 113064: MDC...I guess your wife said to you...Here at THIS rock We Have RULES!....Rule #1...Obey ALL RULES!..
Sorry Buddy couldn’t resist that one!....

Last night I went to the Big City (Cleveland) with my Son & Grandson to watch a hockey 🏒 game. We had real good seats, Center ice and 5 rows up!...The Caterpillar Co. that my Son works for have a block of seats they make available to employees...Nice perk!..