October 13, 2019 - Msg 113065: Good Sabbath all.

Yes sir MDC, You best keep Cecile happy. Happy Wife = Happy life. Can I get an AMEN brothers? :) (and any Sisters who would like to) I know how much you have enjoyed that, but I know there are other opportunities that will arise. Good on you for your desires to serve.

GF, Sounds like you all had a grand time. You went to the fights and a hockey game broke out? lol It's fun to have a boys night out like that every now and again.

Romeena, so glad they found the right nerves on the first go around. I hope the actual ablation goes/went well. Now you can focus more on little L.B. and learning her some proper manners. :)

Boo, Yep, Maddie turned 8 on Friday and was baptized yesterday. Wow, she looked so beautiful in her baptismal dress. And she was so very excited. When Matt and Stacey moved last year, they now attend a different Ward and she only has one calling. I tell ya, after 7 kids, she still looks like she is a teenager herself. And she is the same weight that she was when a teenager. I think it's because with 7 kids she is always on the move. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. I hope the rest of your family doesn't get it.

Oh Romeena, I was watching an All Creatures episode last night. James had been called out to a farm because a cow that had just given birth, refused to get up. When James got there, there were a group of neighboring farmers there, and they all had there own quack remedies to "shift er" I was rolling in laughter at some of them. "Try pouring cold water down her lug ole" ( I think that meant ear) was one of them. James looked at him like what? And the feller repeated it with this look of disgust, and asked "Aven't you ever heard of that one either"? Bring in a strange dog was another. And shout in her lug ole was yet another. James was just astonished how other farmers are experts concerning their neighbors stock. lol The Vet was usually called in as a last resort, after all the other home remedies had been exhausted, and usually by that time the poor beast was beyond any help and would die, further proof that any Vet was useless. That had to be a difficult time to be a Vet I am sure.

I hope Frankie got her power back on. I read they had got most of it turned back on yesterday. What a pain that would be.

Well I hope everyone has a great Sabbath. Prayers for all.


October 13, 2019 - Msg 113066: HI GANG! I made it back safe and sound, no lockdown or anything like that this time, but heard another strong commitment to Christ! I told our captive audience that this was it for me, and got some good hugs and one guy said "Your free at last!" smiling, and I said
you too someday bro! Very cool! :)
GF and ASA, yes, I adhere to that very UNpolitically correct adage of happy wife, happy life! We guys have to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.
ASA--very funny about the hockey game breaking out! One quick story. We used to have a AAA hockey team in Phx, The Roadrunners, (before our NHL Coyotes) and I took a girl there on a first date when I was a freshman in college. To impress her, I got the "7 dollar seats" right in front of the glass. About midway thru the first period,
a player body checked another player right into the glass... right in front of us!
His bloodied nose slid down the glass, leaving a long streak of blood!
Needless to say (why do we even SAY that preface? ha) she wanted to leave and there was no second date!
RO--Great news about the injections. Hope it works!


October 13, 2019 - Msg 113067: Handsome, handsome, handsome. Handsome is as handsome does.

October 14, 2019 - Msg 113068: Well Asa, with 7 little ones, I don't know how Stacey hardly has time to eat! :) I cant even imagine how challenging it must be to parent a large family.

Ro, sure hope all continues to go well with the pain.

MDC, are you finishing up will all prison ministry?


October 15, 2019 - Msg 113069: Yes BOO. It was time. As mentioned above, my wife was very worried after the lockdown incident, so the ol' marriage compromise thing kicked in and I said OK.
Tonite's tags ep was the one with ol' Blue. Always have liked that one.
Speaking of tags dogs, where has our SPOTTY been.
Spot, are you out there somewhere??

October 15, 2019 - Msg 113070: 95 degrees here today and more of the same tomorrow. Yuck.


October 15, 2019 - Msg 113071: Gomer, Gomer...Gome...

October 15, 2019 - Msg 113072: Andy! Andy! They got Gomer! Hey Big Maude, you from east Tennessee? Saw you went to a concert in Knoxville.

October 16, 2019 - Msg 113073: Tonite's ME-TV ep was the one of Opie finding 50 dollars.
I have always liked that one too, especially when Opie says"That's a lot of money for ANY size fella!" ha
Hey to message 113072. You must be a tags fan to have found your way hereabouts. Welcome.
Anyone see the race at talladega? A bit of some airborne action:
Our weather still flirting with us here. 82 one day then a 98, etc.
I hope everyone is OK. Check in when ya can.

October 16, 2019 - Msg 113074: Good Wednesday porch family, its a rainy day on my end of the porch. we desperately need the rain so I am trying not to complain.

Msg 113072, Yep, I am from East Tennessee. Northeast Tennessee to be exact. I live in the upper corner, in the Kingsport area. been here all my life. Knoxville is about 90 minutes from us.

not much going on to report but thought I would post a lunch menu:
loaded potato soup, cornbread. cookies for dessert.

Everyone have a blessed day.
Big Maude

October 16, 2019 - Msg 113075: Tater 🥔 soup....Now that’s good eatin’ Maude, sorry you guys couldn’t make it to MD’s....G-F

October 16, 2019 - Msg 113076: I'll take a bowl of potato soup and two slices of corn bread please Big Maude. I grew up just South of Kingsport. Sarah

October 16, 2019 - Msg 113077: Sarah, where did you grow up, please
Big Maude

October 17, 2019 - Msg 113078: Morning all.

Been having some equipment issues here. Not sure if it is me or my wifi or just what is going on. I wish I was more ept with this electronal stuff.

MDC, I always liked the Rigsby's in that episode. Parnell might be related to old Fletch, don't you reckon? lol I love how his wife hollers at him, Par-nell, Par-nell.

Maude and Goob talking about tater soup reminds me I need to go find a roadside stand and buy some fresh taters. I can usually find a bushel of fine Idaho russets for 20 bucks. Dang, so much better than what you get in the store. And if stored correctly, they will last quite a spell.

Sarah, I know you told us where you are living now, but danged if I can remember. Where is it again?

I hope Frankie is ok. Haven't heard from her since the power was out.

And I hope Romeena's ablation went well and she is feeling better.

Boo, I hope you got over your flu bug. I did get inarculated for the flu and for shingles. The shingles shot was given by a nurse that I have known for years. Come to think of it, she does look a bit like the Nurse Mary who gave Rafe his shot. Very sweet gal. The flu shot I got at my Pharmacy though. And it was from a feller, and he didn't look a bit like Mary.

Well I received my mail in ballots yesterday. Not much to vote on this year. We do have 3 opening on the city council. So I need to decide who I like there. Growth, and trying to manage it is a big concern for most of us old timers. Our country atmosphere is quickly urbanizing, and a lot of concern about how to best handle the growth is at hand. My little Mayberry is turning into Mt. Pilot, and I don't cotton to it, not a-tall!


October 17, 2019 - Msg 113079: You are too funny, Asa. I just love your take on things when it comes to TAGS. I am much better, thank you. In fact, a funny thing happened. I guess since I was forced to get plenty of sleep and rest while I was sick, I seem to have an incredible amount of energy the last couple of days. I think I was up on my feet and working or shopping every hour of the day the last couple of days. We had a nice cool front yesterday which also gives me energy, and St Susan and I did some shopping. I am working on my Christmas gifts already this year because I am making Christmas plates for my coworkers and family. You actually use a kind of glue made for glass and fabric, and you glue Christmas fabric to back of clear glass plates and then put several coats of a special medium that makes them dishwasher safe. They take a month to cure so I have to start early. So far I am very pleased with the results. I ordered a really neat rolling pin that puts Christmas imprints on cookie dough so I think I will make cookies, put them on the plates and tie up with cellophane and ribbon for gifts this year.

Asa, I can so relate to what you are feeling about your town. This area we are in has exploded in the last couple of years and it is just beginning. Several plants have come into the area and they are building a huge Exon plant about 8 miles up the road from us, which I hate. You cant imagine the construction of new roads to handle the trucks, so many trucks! Thousands of new families moving in, too. There are parts of town I never, ever go to during certain times of the day due to heavy traffic. Hundreds of people come out of Corpus Christi to work over on this side of the bridge and it is getting really crazy. Bruce and I want to get out of here as soon as he can retire. Already there is not enough of anything. For instance, Corpus Christi has a population of about a half million, throw in the surrounding towns and it is higher because everyone goes into Corpus for things. In Corpus there is one Target, one mall, one just about everything and they are always jam-packed. We avoid going anymore but you have to go for doctor's visits and any major shopping. Yesterday Susan and I went to a town outside of Corpus that has some pretty good shopping but it is about 40 minutes from us if the traffic is good. I am ready to move to a very quiet, small town.

Enough griping. Hope all is well with Romeena and that she is resting. Hopefully she will check in soon.

I would love to chat longer but have to go get ready for work. Hope you all have a good evening. Love to all,


October 17, 2019 - Msg 113080: Oh, one more thing Asa, I wanted to tell you about a documentary I watched yesterday on Netflix. It was called, "Unacknowledged". It was really interesting! I am very skeptical about conspiracy theories and such, but this one really got to me. It talks about the cover up by the government of the existence of ETs and UFOs. Not weird, rednecks talking about spotting flying saucers, but world experts sharing their take on things. Absolutely fascinating, in my opinion. I think you might find it interesting. If you have Netflix, give it a watch and let me, if you feel so inclined. (or anyone else who would like to chime in)


October 17, 2019 - Msg 113081: Nurse Mary surely aint no BOY! (:

October 18, 2019 - Msg 113082: ASA and BOO, thanks for checking in. ASA, I'm glad that it was 'only' your wifi. I was praying that it was not something up with Debi's health. Thank you Jesus. I hope there are no hanging chads on your ballot! ha I know what you both mean about urban 'sprawl.' I have sure seen it here. 400 thousand in 1952
and now it's about 4 MILLION!
BOO, you're creepin' me out with the UFO talk! Ha! But your Christmas plates sound real nice! :)
ROMEENA--you doing ok? Trinket doing ok? Please give us a hi-di-ho when you can.
Sarah and Maude, hello! Thanks for the lunch vittles.
G-F-- what, no yarns to spin?? Where are you buddy?
Tonite's ep was one that has always bugged me...Andy and Helen go on a picnic after Barn says he'll handle everything, and then he keeps bugging them the whole ep. Just sayin'that it just ruffles my feathers.

October 18, 2019 - Msg 113083: I’m right here MDC....That Space Talk reminds me of the “Stranger in Town” episode....
Andy: Do you think people will ever go to the moon? 🚀
Ed: Sure. I'm going there myself someday. 🛸
Andy: Boy, you're already there! 👽

I had a nice experience Monday, I went to one of the TAGS Rewatchers Club Meetings that a couple of my Mayberry friends belong to. They have about 35 in their group and they meet every other month...It was a hour away, I wish there was one closer to go to, but it was a nice time. They had a speaker, those of you who watch or listen to Floyds podcast will know Randy Turner who does a segment “This Week in Mayberry History” where he usually spotlights a lesser known person who was on the show...Check him out..https://m.facebook.com/gomerandgooberTAGSpage/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0


October 18, 2019 - Msg 113084: Good morning all.

Hey GF, That is cool you got to hear Randy Turner in person. His segments are very enjoyable. You da man!

MDC, Thanks for the prayers for Debbie buddy. They are appreciated. I'm not sure why I am having connection problems though. You would think being an electrician by trade, and specializing in industrial controls, I would be a bit more skilled at electronics, but that is an entirely different world. Oh well. I always have Grand kids to help me out. lol Pretty bad when you have to go to your 10 year old Grand Daughter and ask her how to turn on your new I-Pad. I love the ending of that episode when Andy sends Barney on vacation so Andy can finally get some rest. Or am I thinking of a different episode? Anyway, I always enjoyed that episode.

Boo, I don't have Netflix, but that sounds like a neat show. You just never know. Glad you are feeling better. Gosh, we will be doing Christmas movie quotes before long. Those Christmas plates sound way cool.

I do hope Romeena is ok. I worry when she is absent for a while.

I hope everyone has a great day, and acts like someone.


October 18, 2019 - Msg 113085: Good morning, porch! So sweet of all of you to be concerned for me, but I'm fine. The steroid injections into the nerves in my back - T8 through T12, has worked wonders. The pain is not completely gone, but is so much better than it was that I can mostly just ignore it. When that doesn't work, an extra-strength Tylenol does. I can't take any pain pills, no opioids at all, but can take Tylenol and Advil. Since that's all that's available to me, I try very hard not to take much of it, so my body will respond to it when I do take it. One Tylenol tablet will help me a lot. I've been pretty comfortable since the injections, so I think she's working on the right nerves. The injections were just a scouting expedition, to determine whether we have the right nerves. Since we apparently do, the next trip will be the actual ablation injections, that should stop the pain completely. I'm ready!

Boo, I hate hearing that things aren't what they used to be around your home. I know how excited you were when you and Bruce built it, and it's too bad that the area is changing so much. I guess nothing stays the same, does it? Things aren't as nice as they used to be in my neighborhood either, but it has taken it 45 years to get to where it is now. It seems like your problem began quickly and progressed rapidly. I'm sorry for that.

Asa, I'm glad you got your electronal problems solved. I know what you mean about having to ask the youngsters for help. I do that all the time! My grands don't even wait to be asked! I wish I had a nickel for every time I've heard "Here, Nonnie, let me show you!" I want to respond with "Go away, kid, you bother me!" but instead I just say "OK, honey, and thank you!" If I were to alienate my support system, I might never use my phone again!

Trinket is doing fine. She is so big, over 8 lbs now, and not what I expected at all, but she's a sweet girl. Big, rowdy, energetic, willful, resistant to housebreaking (as all Maltese are), but sweet and loving. She is so eager for attention that she nearly bowls me over at times, but she's calming down a little. She's just over five months old now, will be spayed the first week in November, and a little age and the spay should settle her down some. I'd say she's about 50% house broken, and that's the major issue right now. She wants to be right next to me at all times, has even dragged one of her cuddle beds over next to my chair. It started out in front of the fireplace, and it's a big, bulky, fluffy bed, but she dragged it across the room several times and left it there, until I finally caught on that she was trying to be close to me. So, it now stays next to my chair! When she begins to tire out in the late evening, I let her into my lap, where she falls asleep. Any earlier than that, and she practically beats me up, she's so wiggly and rowdy. Once she finally gets tired, though, she's a great snuggler!

That mention of loaded potato soup up there really gave me an idea. I don't have any fresh potatoes, like Asa mentioned, but I do have a couple of big Idaho taters, lots of sour cream, cheese, and I can pick up a bunch of green onions when I get the bacon. I used up the last of my bacon stash a few days ago, in a skillet full of cabbage. I've got some mushrooms to cook first, but those taters will keep a few days more.

Well, I've got to tidy up the living room and kitchen a little. A friend is coming by sometime after 1 pm, and the house looks like a storm hit. Hurricane Trinket has been busy. My visitor is a good friend, and would never condemn me for a messy house, but I don't want to scare her, either!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

October 18, 2019 - Msg 113086: About the soup - I don't have any milk, because I don't drink sweet milk, can't stand it. I can always get a pint, but I'm just wondering. I do have buttermilk, which I love, and am wondering how it would work in potato soup?? That little tang just might be pretty good! Maybe I'll get a pint of half and half. I know that will be good, quite rich and good. Yep, that may be the safest thing. I can always dip a little of the soup out and add some buttermilk, just for future reference. --Romeena

October 19, 2019 - Msg 113087: ASA and ROMEENA--good to see you posting.
ASA--in my post above, I was going to say 'hope it's just your wi-FI and not your wi-FEE' but then my brain clicked in to first see what your answer was. :) I hear what you are saying about electronal advancements!
When I first had a '68 Chevy truck, I did almost all my own work on it...plugs, points, dwell, alternators, etc. But as I moved on to an '84, '96, and '05, i was lucky to even FIND the alternator do to all the stuff in the way! :(
RO--so glad to hear that the injections are at least helping a bit.
How is your hearing doing these days? Have been praying about that.
I'm going to make pork chops in the crock pot on sat with a recipe of cream of chicken soup, ranch dressing mix and a few spices. Good eatin'.
GF--when you go to those TAGS meetings do you have to say "My name is GF, and I'm a TAGS-aholic"?? haha
Hang in there my friends,

October 19, 2019 - Msg 113088: Lol MDC...Actually we call ourselves “Compelsion Nuts”🥜...We All Got the Compelsions!...G-F

October 19, 2019 - Msg 113089: Morning all.

MDC, Will you e-mail me that pork chop recipe please? Ro and Boo have helped me so much in my cooking war, and I am always looking for new ideas and ways. I am getting a little more adventurous in the kitchen thanks to Romeena. It used to be boiling an egg was a feat for me. And I would get very flustered and angry if things didn't go well. But I have calmed down a lot, and try to learn from past mistakes. I was the same way in working on my own vee-hickles, but now days, it's all high tech stuff.

Romeena, so glad you posted and the report is good news. I am so glad you are getting some relief from your misery. And that Trinket is calming down some for you. So let us know how the soup turned out. Hard to beat a good hot homemade soup on a cold winter day. There is something satisfying about having it simmering away on the stove or in the crockpot all day. Maybe I am just weird. Well, no maybe's about it.

GF, Yesterday I was looking at the copper pipe statue you sent me last year and admiring your soldering skills. It sits proudly on my desk in Manland BTW. Hard to believe it has been almost a year. I stopped in to a plumbing supply house yesterday to get some parts I needed for a toilet I'm repairing. Haven't seen those fellers in a year, and I felt like Norm in Cheers when I walked in because they all yelled "KEL". Made me feel kind of good. Even the owner came out and talked to me.

Well I hope y'all have a great day.


October 19, 2019 - Msg 113090: Yep Asa...I know the feeling, I ran into a guy who was one of my cleaning supply vendors. He said “l loved calling on you, You had the COOLEST office with all your Mayberry stuff!

It DOES make a guy feel good that he left some footprints 👣 behind!..I can’t believe it’s been 6 years for me on the 31st😳


October 19, 2019 - Msg 113091: Good morning, porch. Asa, I can't tell you how the soup turned out, because I haven't made it yet. I'm still waiting for that cold winter day! It's cooler here now, but by no means can it be called cold. The day will come, though, and I'll make that soup.

Trinket is indeed coming along. She's got a long way to go, but she's improving. Last night, in my lap, she was pestering me, moving around, climbing on me, nibbling on my hands, just generally making a nuisance of herself. I said, "Trinket, lie down and go to sleep!" To my surprise, she did exactly that. That's the phrase I used at night, when she would be romping all over the bed and I'm trying to sleep. I would catch her, pin her down and hold her until she got still, which doesn't take long, and it works. Now I find just saying the phrase, even in our chair, works just fine! We'll get there yet. She's just a puppy, after all, like a little kid, and it takes a lot of patience.

MDC, I'd like that pork chop recipe too. I love pork chops, usually just fry them and make gravy, but that sounds like something different that could be just really good. Thanks!

Asa, I can imagine how good it felt when the staff at the plumbing supply house greeted you so warmly! I experienced that the first time I went back to visit my old nursing unit. Then it was a year or more before I went back again, and there were a lot of folks I didn't know, and many of my old crew were not there. There had been a big staff turnover, due to some bad management choices, and nothing was the same. I haven't been back.

I'm sitting here at my window, and am amazed at the critter traffic in the back yard! Birds and squirrels everywhere. I think there's a seasonal migration going on, because I'm seeing some birds that I haven't seen in months, and probably won't see again until spring. As for the squirrels, it's just the same old silly, funny critters that are always out there, about six of them, but the birds? There must be at least a dozen different kinds, and they are so busy. They're all over the mixed seeds I've put out on the stones, and the way they're working over the beautyberry shrubs, there won't be a berry left by sundown. I tasted those berries once, and didn't find them to be anything to write home about, but the birds seem to love them!

I just love this big old window. There's always so much to see out there! I'm enjoying the sight of several large, overstuffed robins, with their bellies so full of beautyberries they can barely fly! The cedar waxwings will be coming through soon, on their way south. They are so beautiful, with their unbelievably smooth and soft plumage, their "wax" dips (red on their wingtips and yellow on their tails) and their little black bandit masks. Such pretty birds, and so impressive when they pass through on their migratory flight, in groups of dozens at times. Yep, I love this window on the world.

Well, gotta get a haircut today, so better get the old gray crabgrass washed. I can't lean back over a shampoo bowl anymore, so I wash it in the shower before I go to get it cut. I've been going to the same beautician for about 40 years, and she knows exactly how to cut it to the best advantage. Fortunately, it has just enough curl in it, that I can wash it, put some product on it, and comb or push it into place and let it dry. I'd go bankrupt if I had to pay to have it "done" all the time. A couple of strategically placed curling iron hits, and it's done.

Have a great day, everyone, and don't forget to go to the Lord's house tomorrow. He'll meet you there! --Romeena

October 20, 2019 - Msg 113092: Hello Porch
I have been under the weather this last week and have not been on the computer.
You all have a wonderful Mayberry weekend.

October 20, 2019 - Msg 113093: I pray you will feel better very soon, Frankie! --Romeena

October 20, 2019 - Msg 113094: Good Sabbath afternoon all.

Frankie, I will join Romeena in praying for you to get feeling better quick. It's that time of year for sure.

Romeena, I have only gone back to my old shop once, and that was after about a month after, just to pick up a few tools I had left in my service truck. I know the one guy I worked with is going to retire at the end of this month. I have no idea what has happened to the guy who got the bid on my job. I heard he had blown out a knee and was having surgery on it and would be out for 3 months. He finally returned and worked for two days, and has been off since July. So I have not a clue what is going on there, and I really don't care to know. Had to deal with that for 35 years, but no more. :):)

Preaching was good today, but dang it was hot. I declare, I see some of the elderly ladies sitting in there, all bundled up in sweaters, and I am roasting like a stuck pig. lol I know, I am sounding like the folks I used to work with, but I keep mt comments to myself. Well I share them with you all because you are all well adjusted mature human beings. :)

Well off to fix some supper I reckon. MDC talking about pork chops got me hankering them, but I ain't got any in my freezer, so something else will have to do.


October 20, 2019 - Msg 113095: Hope you are feeling better, Frankie.

I had a rather sleepless night last night so dragging around here trying to finish up the Christmas plates I have been working on. So, I worked last night and it was a rough shift. I worked alone and was very busy because we keep getting new admits on the weekend. I drug home and finally got to bed and asleep when the phone rang at 2am. It was Erin asking me to come and pick her up because she was huddled behind some trees in a park. Turns out she and some of her friends went to a senior party that ended up getting raided by police. Erin ditched her car, ran through the woods to a nearby park with three of her friends. She at least had the wits to call me and tell me the truth. I could tell that they were not high or drunk but she was pretty scared. I think sometimes that Erin has rocks for brains. I did hear her tell her friends that she is out of school now and wont be attending anymore parties. I think it really put some fear into her. I guess it is normal to want to party with your friends at that age and since she skipped her senior year she is missing out of the senior things. I remember attending some very wild parties my senior year. I used to drink like a fish. I guess I had rocks for brains, too.

Well, just wanted to check in and say "Hey" but think I will retire to the couch for a bit.


PS- Ro, a few minutes ago I heard Bruce grouching and grumbling in the living room and I heard, "Bad dog"....When I went to investigate, Bruce had left his wallet beside his recliner when he went to shower and Poopsie got ahold of it and there was cash and cards all over the living room floor. LOL She is an angel with dirty wings!

October 20, 2019 - Msg 113096: Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate them. I am feeling better but this bug has been a hard one to kick.

Was a beautiful day out today and we should be in the mid 80`s this week. Last week I packed up my fans and stored them in the Tuff Shed. If it gets to warm I may have to bring one back out.
You all take care

October 20, 2019 - Msg 113097: Prayers for you Boo and Frankie. So sorry to hear of both your situations. My ear ache has finally healed up. (I think I got a little something from the airplane air.)
Thanks for checking in tho. Boo, just curious, why did Erin ditch the car?
Last night on Me-TV Star Trek, our sweet Ellie was on as an ambassador, and she ended up staying on another planet! So THAT'S what happened to her! ha
ASA--your darn Utes beat my Arizona State on Sat. College ball is still
fun to follow. Utah has a very good team this year! (But the weather also 'got us' I think!) Yup, that's it, it was the weather. ha
Now about your visit back to the shop: "You're funny for a retired HVAC guy!" :)
-3 or 4 boneless center loin pork chops. (Trim off some of the fat)
-One can of Campbell's low sodium Cream of Chicken soup (Can has a heart on it) You can use the reg'lar kind, but it is pretty salty.
-1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix.
-Some Pepper and/or Tajin to liking.
-In a crock pot, lay out pork chops, pour the soup over the chops, and also only one half can of water.
-Next, sprinkle the dry ranch dressing all over the top of the soup, and season to likeness.
(I also add some petite potatoes around the sides of the pot)
-Cover and cook on High for 4 hours, or on LOW for 6 hours.
(During the last hour I usually add some fresh string beans on top.)
Results will be the tenderest chops ever with a great gravy for the spuds! Enjoy.
(Also, for easier clean up, line the crock first with a Reynolds crock pot liner.)
Hope everyone had a good Sabbath day.
God bless,

October 21, 2019 - Msg 113098: Mayor Stoner: Don't they ever CLEAN this crock? (:

October 21, 2019 - Msg 113099: I’m waking up hearing about a tornado 🌪 in the North Dallas area...You Ok Romeena? Please check in..G-F

October 21, 2019 - Msg 113100: Yes, I came here to put out a trouble check for Romeena too, G-F. Sounds like the Dallas area got hit hard. Please do check in when you can, Ro!

possum u.a.r.

October 21, 2019 - Msg 113101: Good morning all. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Frankie, glad you are feeling better.

Boo, It's good that Erin called you for help. Hopefully she learned from this experience. How did Bruce take it? Oh the joys of raising teenagers. :)

MDC, That sounds like a good and easy recipe, just the kind I thrive on. I must confess, I have never heard of Tajin before, so I had to go look it up. Sounds like a little could go a long way. Is that the case? I don't mind things kicked up a bit, but I don't like it blazing hot, or at least my tummy doesn't. I will give it a try.

I had not heard about a tornado in Dallas. Yes Ro, I pray you are ok.

Oh MDC, I am not a Ute fan so I will not gloat. lol. But they do seem to have a good team this year.

GF, The battle of the leaves is on in my yard officially. You also? I am having three maple tree's removed this week out back. I was hoping to have them out of here before they dropped their leaves, but it looks like I am too late.

Hey to Possum. Has your weather cooled down yet?

Well prayers for all for a great day.


October 21, 2019 - Msg 113102: Hey Asa- Yep,we've cooled down a little. Had a few nights where it got down to upper 40s,but the days are still fairly warm. We're getting there,though! Love Fall weather,but am not looking forward to cold weather-hopefully we will have a mild winter.
Hope you feel better,Frankie. Sorry to hear you've been sick.

Oh gosh, Boo- glad all turned out ok with Erin there. Good that she reached out to you like that. Poor Bruce and his wallet!

Still no word from Ro,huh? Hopefully,she is okay!!

Y'all take care!

possum again

October 21, 2019 - Msg 113103: Prayers for Dallas...I too just heard about the tornado. Lord Jesus be with us.

October 21, 2019 - Msg 113104: Good afternoon, porch! I'm here, safe and sound. Thanks for your concern, though. Actually, I wasn't aware of any of the serious stuff until I got up this morning. Looked out my window, and there was one of my plumeria trees - about 8 ft tall, and it lives in a big pot, all together probably weighs around 100 lbs - it had blown over, not broken, just laid out on the ground unharmed. That and a dry, lightweight twig about 4 ft long is all the damage I have, if you want to call it damage. I think we may have gotten a sprinkle of rain as well, but nothing much. I only know that because when I checked some entries on my Ring cameras, I noticed the driveway was wet in one of them, dry in the next one, about an hour later. David and his family were here all evening, but left at halftime of the Cowboys/Eagles game because Landry had to get back to his North Texas dorm, as he had early classes today. NTU is in Denton, just about 30-40 minutes from their house, so he stays in the dorm during the week, but comes home on weekends. They didn't have any storm either, just a little rain.

I know this isn't true of everyone's location, but it is true here. Everything is so sprawled out, so wide-spread, that when you read of damage in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, it could easily be 40 or 50 miles from me. Irving sits on the edge of a long expanse of concrete, what with D/FW airport just out our 183W highway about three miles, and from there to Ft. Worth, it's basically one long shopping center! That's a lot of concrete, and the thermals that rise from all that cement basically break up and divide a storm coming from the west, which most of them do. Part of it will pass south of Irving, and the rest passes north, and leaves us basically untouched. Now if the storm comes from the north, that's another story. That little theory came into my mind a couple of years ago, and I asked a friend at church who has some meteorology experience, and to my surprise, he confirmed it! I know a little about thermals (very little) thanks to my son sending me up in a glider in Florida for the most fun plane ride you can imagine. We stayed up for an hour, and our plane didn't even have an engine. What a thrill! The pilot spent a lot of time telling me about thermals, how to locate them, even without a thermal map (yes, there is such a thing) and how to get the best uplift from them. My son had often told me about it as well, because he flew gliders for fun, and once stayed up there for six hours, landing only because he forgot to bring a potty jar. (Sorry!)

Boo, I'll bet Bruce won't put his wallet down in Poopsie's reach again. I know the drill very well. Trinket will shred anything she can get those little needle teeth into, and that would be pretty much anything in her reach.

I'm so glad that Erin had the presence of mind to call you. I'll bet she studied on it for a little while, not wanting to do it, but finally made the right choice. Growing up is hard to do.

MDC, I'm going to have to give that pork chop recipe a shot. I will definitely put Tajin in it - around here, it's pronounced "ta-heen", and is very popular. Good stuff. I also favor Tabasco, and put it in some very surprising things, for instance, in mac and cheese!

Well, blessings, everyone, and thanks again for your concern. God was watching! --Romeena

October 21, 2019 - Msg 113105: Relieved to know you're okay,Ro!

possum once more

October 21, 2019 - Msg 113106: Romeena, So glad to hear you are safe and sound. I saw Dallas on the news this afternoon and that looked scary. Prayers for the people in Dallas.

Just taking it easy around here.

October 21, 2019 - Msg 113107: Hey all, I just 'chatted' with Goober-Fife on the podcast tonight, but I'm being called for supper
by my female Malcom Merryweather , so I best scoot!

October 21, 2019 - Msg 113108: SHAZZAM...MDC on the podcast!....Nice Surprise..G-F

October 22, 2019 - Msg 113109: Morning all.

Romeena, I am glad all is well for you. I was worried. That gliding you are talking about sounds fun, although I'm not sure I could do it. I am a nervous flier. Yet I would love to be a pilot. Odd, ain't I? Maybe it is just a control issue for me. I remember when going up in a man lift at work, if I was alone in the bucket I was fine. But if there were two of us, and the other person was at the controls, I wasn't excited about that a-tall.

MDC, You made it to the podcast. Good deal. I keep forgetting that until it's to late. GF is there every Monday I think. Some very nice folk there.

Frankie, yes, you take it easy. No need to get yourself sick again.

Last night on one of the All Creatures episodes I was watching, one of the assistant vets in the practice is getting married. And he has been offered a job with the Canadian Govt. So he and his new bride will be off to America on the Queen Elizabeth that will take them to New York. And from there they will go up to Nova Scotia where the job is. The year is 1951 this is happening in, May of 1951. This really hits home for me because it was in May of 1951 that my Parents and my 6 week old sister came to the USA on the Q.E. At the end of the episode as they are rolling the credits, they show some vintage footage of the Q.E. leaving England on its way to America. I have no idea if it is footage of that actual voyage, but it is kind of neat to think it might be. It kinf of made me tear up to think of my folks saying goodbye to their birthplace, knowing they would probably never return, and yet at the same time, be very excited for the next chapter of their life. I can't imagine my Dad getting on another ship after what he experienced at Dunkirk during the war, but he did. Had they not, I might be sitting today in a pub, sipping a dark bitter, throwing darts. lol Makes you think how events in life come about, don't it?

Prayers for all for a great day.


October 22, 2019 - Msg 113110: For ASA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCQ-GjHfbYw

(: mdc

October 22, 2019 - Msg 113111: Thanks MDC. That song always clutches me.

Just on a whim I typed in Q.E. 1951 and this little clip showed up. I don't see a month on the voyage, but it does say 1951.


October 22, 2019 - Msg 113112: Cool Stuff Guys...Makes a Guy Wonder What if....G-F

October 22, 2019 - Msg 113113: Yea, makes ya think Asa. Any little change in plan can change everything.

Ro, Erin told me that when she was out there in the dark, she told her friends she would call me. They were surprised and she said, "My mom will come, no questions asked". I told her long ago that if she was ever in a risky situation and was afraid, that she should call me no matter what the circumstances and it would be ok. I had to bite my tongue more than a few times because I wanted to get angry, but that wasn't the time and we were able to talk later.

Erin moved out today. She is going to be living with a friend's family for now and I think it is for the best. She needs a dose of reality and to be more appreciative of what she has. There is a good chance that she will land back here at home later but hopefully wiser after having to do more for herself. I am feeling relieved because it will take off some of the stress of wondering what and why she is doing certain things and not knowing if she is being honest with us. Anyway, she is in God's hands and I am praying for her. She is still working, although she has had some pretty tough anxiety attacks lately..she pushed through and stayed at work, though so that is a good sign. She has a longer commute from where she is living now but hopes to transfer to a grocery store near where she is now living. We will see how it goes.

Been a long, busy day and last night was another rough one at work. I have to be up early tomorrow to go with Sean to a chiropractor appointment. He has been having terrible upper back pain since starting his job. I think it has to do with making the beds but he needs to get some help with it.

Hope you all have a good night. The weather here is lovely. Cooler and dry. Goodnight


October 23, 2019 - Msg 113114: Hey Porch...John Masters here. I know I haven't been here in quite a spell, but I had a really neat thought. Wife and I have been watching every episode of "Little House on the Prairie" and I thought...can you imagine if Andy Taylor lived in Walnut Grove and was sheriff there?! Couldn't have been two nicer guys than Andy Taylor and Charles Ingalls.
Sheriff Andy Taylor of Walnut Grove. Has a nice and happy ring to it, doesn't it?!
My best to you all!

October 23, 2019 - Msg 113115: Hey John Masters, good to see ya. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, that would be a great match up! I hope you are well, and that your research is going well too.
BOO--tonight's tags was the ink blot episode where barney tells Otis to call him anytime day or night. Maybe that is where you got your inspiration to say that to Erin! :) Well, as you say, this may be a good thing for Erin to try her wings in the world...doing her own laundry, financing, cooking, etc, could be a really good
'eye-opener' for her. I will continue to pray that her anxiety issues get better too. BTW, in that same episode, when Otis is in the Mt. Pilot jail, he tells Andy and Barney that his buddy Luke's mother was OK, because she was a nurse! :)
It looks like POSSUM< ASA< RO> are all going to get some "weather" from what I have seen on our news. Hang in there. ASA, in the words of Briscoe Darling about a song...that 'un makes me cry." :)
I still enjoy watching baseball, and the World Series started tonight.
A lot of talent on both teams!