October 29, 2019 - Msg 113162: lol Glad you clarified that MDC. I thought maybe Cecile had gone south on ya there.

Frankie, I sure hope all is well. I just saw on our local news that we have sent quite a few fire fighters and trucks to California to help out.

GF, Sorry the old hip is misbehaving buddy. Prayers for guidance as you ponder what to do my friend.

Romeena, what cut of meat do you suggest for chicken fry steak? I watched a clip with Alton Brown cooking some and by golly, I just might give it a go someday soon. I imagine it all starts with using the right cut of meat.

Well I am going to hunker down early tonight. Now they are saying single digit temps as the skies clear. Goodness, It's only Octoburrrr.


October 30, 2019 - Msg 113163: Good sweep ASA! At least ya got a nice, new roof overhead! :)
We are getting some of that cold front down here.
43 for tonight and only 69 on Wed.
Yes indeed, prayers for California. My goodness!

October 30, 2019 - Msg 113164: Well, good morning, porch! It's cold, rainy, lightning overhead, and really messy outdoors today. I had called my friend Jorge to come by and move my two plumeria trees into the garage, as they don't like anything below 40į. He was coming at 9:30, but I ran to the bank so I'd have cash for him, and encountered hard rain, lots of streak lightning, and just generally nasty weather. I didn't want Jorge or myself out in the yard messing with those trees with the lightning walking about, and rain falling on our heads, so I called him and told him not to come. He sounded very relieved! Being Jorge, he would have come through whatever the weather was doing, because he said he would, but I couldn't let him do that. We'll see what this afternoon brings.

Asa, there are different kinds of chicken fried steak. Traditionally, what you would find in a restaurant would be a tenderized "cubed" steak - you know, the one that looks something like a big hamburger patty. It's not actually ground meat, but it looks like it, after passing through the "tenderizer" several times. Basically, that device just punches holes or small slits in a piece of steak during several passes.

My mom used to get the same result by pounding a piece of steak with a tenderizer, a little mallet with spikes on it. Before she had one of those, she would use the edge of a sturdy saucer, and just beat the daylights out of a piece of steak! I can still hear that rhythmic sound it made as she beat on that steak. There would be a dull thud, thud, thud, with an occasional sharper sound as she hit a thinner spot in the steak. These days, in most stores, it's hard to find the good old round steak. You know the one, the whole round steak, with the small round marrow bone still in it. The steak surrounding that little round bone was always the most tender of all, and as a child, it was my happy privilege to be given that piece. I was allowed to eat the little disc of marrow that filled the center of the bone as well. It was delicious! Also nutritious - a common belief, in those days, and likely quite true. I haven't researched it.

Wow, I sure chased a rabbit there! Anyway, you can buy "cube steak", which is already tenderized, or buy round steak if you can find it, or even a piece of sirloin, if not cut too thick, and you can either ask the butcher to tenderize it for you, or do it yourself. (Remember the saucer, or you can be modern, and use a meat mallet.) Actually, just about any cut of beef will work, if not too thick, and if tenderized. Actually, I've often wondered how a tenderloin would work out - probably would be amazing - but I never tried it because I love it grilled!

From there, the procedure is much the same as for chicken - flour/milk/flour and fry - hence the name, chicken fried steak. Be bold, be brave, be adventurous - experiment! Oh, one other little tip, and this applies to steak, pork chops, even chicken - whatever meat you're frying, with a crunch-making coating on it - be sure the meat has come to room temperature, not fridge-cold. The crust will adhere to the meat much better. I don't know exactly why that's true, but it does seem to be so.

Well, it's clearing off a little, maybe I'll call Jorge and see if he wants to give it a try, and get those plumerias to safety in the garage. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

October 30, 2019 - Msg 113165: One more suggestion - when frying chicken, it can be hard to get it done all the way to the bone without getting the crust too brown. It helps a lot if you will soak the pieces in warm water first, long enough to get the meat warmed all the way to the bone before you start to cook. Same principle as warming the inside of the turkey before you stuff it. If the chicken is fridge-cold, when you start to fry it, the crust will be a beautiful golden brown, but the meat nearest the bone will be pink, sometimes very pink, and nobody likes rare chicken! Yes, I know, in Mexico they like it that way, but this ain't Mexico! I'll never forget when some friends from Mexico City invited me and Dale to dinner at their house here. They were grilling chicken and it looked and smelled so good. Then I bit into a piece and it was very, very pink in the middle, actually quite red in spots. I just couldn't handle it, and asked if I could put mine back on the grill for a bit. Of course, they did it, but we had a lively conversation regarding "doneness" preferences in the two cultures. I miss those friends. They moved back to Mexico several years ago, and I do miss them. The husband spoke fairly fluent English, the wife spoke very little, but we managed. I taught her a lot of English, and she tried to improve my Spanish. Good people! --Romeena

October 30, 2019 - Msg 113166: Asa...You could always go to Morelliís - "And then for the main course, Pounded Steak a la Morelli. It's really pounded too! They got one of them open kitchens where you can look right in and watch them Ďem make it!...

*You can keep it down to $1.75 if you donít have the shrimp 🍤 crocktail...Just donít fill up!.....


October 30, 2019 - Msg 113167: Thanks for the lesson Romeena. Some great tips, especially about letting the meat warm before starting. I would never have thought of that. That is one of my fears of frying chicken, knowing if I have cooked it long enough. With steak that is not as critical. You were talking about warmimg it up in warm water prior to dredging. Do you ever brine your chicken before frying? I think I will look for some cube steak on my next shopping trip and give it a whirl. Thanks for the help.

GF, I wish we had a Morellis around here, or something like it. Seems like there are no small Ma and Pa kind of Diners anymore. Actually there are a few, but they cater more to breakfast and lunch crowds. I like Cracker Barrel for the most part, but getting to their place is terrible. The traffic is always miserable. I hope your hip is feeling better today. I am sitting looking at all my leaves waiting for me, but it is going to have to warm up before I'll mess with them. It's bright, sunny, and nose tingling cold out there right now. It's supposed to warm up to the 40's by next week. I and they can wait that long. lol

MDC, I was chatting with my buddy from Mesa yesterday and he was bragging on how "cool" it was there, 70's and 40"s. He is so happy to be out of the cold.

Well off to pay some bills.


October 30, 2019 - Msg 113168: Ro, I think my fried chicken turned out well but I never tasted it. It looked great and everyone loved it. I did a few pieces in the skillet with an inch of oil and then filled my wok with oil and deep fried the rest. I wanted to compare and I think the deep fry method worked out best. The pieces browned more evenly and the chicken got done quicker. I tested both with a meat thermometer so I could be sure. I (and I am not joking here) made myself a little fried tofu. lol It really wasn't bad.

Well it is about 50 degrees and raining here this evening and I love it! Bruce is making me a fire in the fireplace as I type. I will be happy to sit down with a bowl of homemade veggie soup and look at the fire. :)

I did go see my cardiologist today and it was a good visit. He assured me that he was most certain my problem is stress related. He pointed to his own head and said, "see all this gray hair? I have 2 teenaged boys". ha.. He was very understanding and answered my questions. He looked at my labs and sustained weight loss and congratulated me on a job well done and told me I have to find ways to de-stress. He suggested exercise and church. He did hook me up to a 7 day monitor to be sure I am not having some episodes of arrhythmia that could cause some of my symptoms. He told me that the chances of having a blockage of any kind after a perfect heart cath 3 years ago is less than 1% and that was good news. I got some exercise today and played outside with the dogs. That is good medicine, especially with this cool weather.

Better go relax. I am working tomorrow.

Thank you for the prayers,

October 30, 2019 - Msg 113169: Asa, I brined my chicken before frying it yesterday and everyone said it was great.

One other thing, I watch a lot of youtube cooking videos. Its a great way to learn new ways to cook.


October 31, 2019 - Msg 113170: Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween.
And make sure you stay away from the Gremshaw House. They tell me strange things go on around there. Like eyes following you and a ax that floats around the room.

October 31, 2019 - Msg 113171: HI ALL, well, I actually watched the entire game 7 of the World Series tonite. I was rooting for the Nationals. No special reason why, I just wanted to see them win, and they did!
ASA--good on your friend for enjoying our "cool" weather! ha
My lawn guy comes tomorrow for the last cut of the season of my St Augustine, then in February he will de-thatch it.
Hi Frankie--yup, I may like baseball, but I sure aint retrieving my baseball from THAT place! lol
RO--you stay safe now. Driving in a 'driving' rain is no fun! Glad you
postponed Jorge's vissit.
BOO--so glad you are going to de-stress a bit. Stress is a big cause of
heart related deaths! I am also proud of your weight loss, but please don't lose
nutrition in the process. A good 'balance' is so important!
Prayers for all!

October 31, 2019 - Msg 113172: Happy Halloween porchters.
Mercy sakes, feels like January instead of October though. Glad I'm not out there in it. :)

Boo, I am so happy the ticker is ticking ok. I am proud of your weight loss, although I do like to pick at you about tofu bacon and such. :) How long do you brine your chicken for and how warm is your water?

Frankie, That old Remshaw place don't scare me none. Just to prove it I sent G.F. in there to collect my baseball without a second thought. And I'd never have G.F. do something I wouldn't do myself. He's my buddy.

MDC, Glad you enjoyed the game last night. I bet they rehearsed real hard for the win. lol Do you turn you sprinklers off during the winter months?

Boo, I watch quite a few youtube cooking videos also. I have picked up a few good ideas from them.

Well I hope everyone has a safe and sane day.


October 31, 2019 - Msg 113173: Thanks MDC and Asa! Be assured, MDC, I have a very nutritious diet. Lots of veggies and whole grains, with some fruit thrown in. I think one of my problems is too much caffeine. I am having a hard time kicking that habit!

Asa, I brined my chicken overnight in freezer bags in the fridge.


October 31, 2019 - Msg 113174: Just to put my two cents in....I like to marinate my chicken 🐓 in dill pickle juice. I imagine itís much the same as a salt brine that Boo says she does. I think Popeyes Chicken does that too is what Iíve been told...

You are right Asa, retrieving a baseball in the Remshaw Place canít be much different than retrieving a golf ball while hiding in the bushes!...🙌🏻🤣 But then again, Old Goob wasnít fast back in the day, let alone now!...lol

G-F 🎃

October 31, 2019 - Msg 113175: Happy Halloween,Y'all! Party out at O'Malley's cabin tonight and then it's over to the Rimshaw/ Remshaw ( I've see it spelled both ways-perhaps Allan knows the correct spelling? Well,we know what we're talking about,regardless!) for more Halloween shenanigans! Not sure what my costume will be,but if y'all see a dude dressed like one of the Village People,that's just Spotty!

possum u.a.r.

October 31, 2019 - Msg 113176: SEEN,not see! That's what I get for talking about spelling-ha!

possum again

November 01, 2019 - Msg 113177: Gome...

November 01, 2019 - Msg 113178: Morning all.

I hope everyone survived the trick or treaters. I had one group of about 6 kids at the door around 6 o'clock. And then what looked like a brother and sister at around 6:30. And that was it. Very quiet. I think between the extra cold temps and all the trunk or treat functions that many Churches do anymore, the door to door goers are getting smaller and smaller.

GF, Pickle juice huh? Is that straight or do you dilute it in water at all? I saw on a show somewhere along with water and salt, they were adding in a touch of sugar as well. Makes ya think. Stacey marinates the turkey at Thanksgiving and it sure turns out good. Thanks for the tip. How's yer hip?

Possum, You are a party animal. lol You even celebrate Sir Walter Raleigh landing day. lol

I am watching season 1 of TAGS now and I am always struck at how much Miss Ellie and my Mom look alike. And my Daughter Stacey looks a lot like my Mom did. Last night I watched the episode when Ben is wanting to evict the Scobies. In the scene where they are having the rummage sale in the Courthouse, I hear Aunt Bee call Miss Edwards "Bertha". I knew she had called her that in the episode when Aunt Bee has to go help out at a relatives house and Andy and Opie are pigs, but I don't recall before the Bertha name being used at the rummage sale. Just goes to show ya, ya learn something every time ya watch it. I love the interaction between Andy and Rafe when Rafe is fiddling with some contraption and asks Andy how much. Andy responds 3 dollars. Rafe then asks "What is it"? Any responds "If I knew that it'd be 5 dollars". Rafe gives him 3 dollars and says he always wanted one of these. lol

Well all my talk about chicken fried steak, when I got to the store they had a sale on some chuck roasts that looked to good to pass up. So I reckon the chicken fried steak will have to wait till next week.

So Boo, do you ever cheat any during the holidays? That has to be a challenge I'm sure.

Well off to putter in my shop. Might get up to 50 this afternoon. Beats the 25 we had for a high on Wednesday.


November 01, 2019 - Msg 113179: Oh my, Allow me to elaborate. Boo, do you ever cheat ON YOUR DIET during the holidays. lol I wasn't suggesting you were a harlot or anything. lol


November 01, 2019 - Msg 113180: Well, Halloween is over for another year. I know a lot of folks really enjoy the custom, and more power to them, but it's really just not one of my favorites. I'm just not a fan of the macabre, the spooky, anything that hints at the occult. There are a few folks here in town that decorate their houses very elaborately, with roof lights, lights in trees, "gravestones" sticking up in their yards, bedsheet ghosts hanging from trees, dummies with axes in their skulls and red gore running everywhere - I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. Now, it's true that I decorate my home very brightly at Christmas, but it's pretty, cheery and happy. I don't get the point of celebrating the demonic forces. Oh, I have no problem with cute little kids in costumes, chirping "twick or tweet" at my door, but when four 6-footers appear after 9 p.m., wearing ski masks and one of them brandishing what I hope was a fake assault rifle, it pretty much loses its charm. Thanks to my preview on my "Ring" doorbell, I didn't open the door. I considered opening it, with my Taurus Judge in my hand, but thought better of it. Why escalate what was probably a poorly-conceived joke, and ending up with somebody hurt and/or on their way to jail? So, I just didn't open the door. It's a solid wooden door, with a big deadbolt lock, and I was watching their every move on my phone, thanks to the Ring camera. They left, after ringing the bell three times, and no harm was done. They had to know they were on camera, that Ring doorbell is pretty recognizable.

My big old window is soooo dirty! I haven't cleaned it in a long time, and the sun is getting lower in the sky, so it hits the window just right to turn the dirt into a gray haze over the glass. Guess I'll have to wait for a warmer day and get out there and clean it. I've got a long-handled scrubber thingy that works pretty well, so it's just a matter of shaking off my laziness and getting it done.

Tonight should be fun, it's bunco night! We do enjoy those little parties. Tonight our hostess is Joan, one of my favorite people, and she always had a good supper planned. She lives in one of those retirement apartment places, and seems to enjoy it. She has some physical challenges that made it hard for her to maintain her home, so she downsized and moved into that apartment. It's nice, pretty and easy to keep clean, but I would find it very inconvenient. For example, when I buy groceries, I drive into my garage, and I carry the groceries about twenty feet, to get them to my kitchen counters. Joan parks her car in a garage that's in a separate building, loads them into a little wagon that she carried in her car trunk, drags that wagon across a parking lot, into the lobby of the building, up two floors in an elevator, then down a long hallway to get to her apartment. If it happens to be cold and rainy, she just gets cold and wet. She leaves the empty wagon in her entry, because she uses it now and then to carry things in the building, such as tonight when she takes the food for the bunco party down to the rec room. She says the move cut off several hundred dollars from her monthly expenses, and that's a big incentive, but I really hope I never have to do that. It could happen, because one source of my income is going to run out in a couple of years, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. God hasn't brought me this far to drop me now.

I guess I need to read up on this chicken-brining thing. I learned in nursing school that salt attracts liquid, so it seems to me that soaking chicken in a salt solution would draw the moisture out of the meat and make it dry, but everyone seems to hold a different opinion, so there's obviously something I don't understand about the brining process. Well, that's what Google is for.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. I'm not hungry, but should eat a little bit, I guess. Trinket is hungry, I'm sure, but right now I'm so mad at her I could just wring her fluffy little neck. She had not piddled all night, I've led her to her potty box at least three times since we got up, the last time about ten minutes ago, and about five minutes ago, she left a big wet spot on the carpet here in the office. She left her potty box, came in here, and did it, about five feet away from me! She's really a smart little dog, and I don't understand why she's being so hard to train. I'll get over being upset with her, but that doesn't help the carpet any. She has done this so many times, and she's so sneaky about it, that often I don't find it until it's dried, and very difficult to clean up. If I ever get her trained, I'll have the carpet cleaned, and if it won't clean up nicely, I'll have no choice but to replace it! This has been one pricey little dog. I wish she'd get her act together.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 01, 2019 - Msg 113181: Haha Asa...Glad you cleared that up! You know those Texas girls are tuff! You almost got a👊🏻Pow👊🏻Pow👊🏻 Pow!!

Itís cold on my end of the porch today, we had rain and STRONG winds all day yesterday. Most of my leaves 🍁 have fallen now, I had cleaned them all up on Wednesday then the bulk of them fell yesterday but Mother Nature helped me out and blew most of them away to my neighbors...
As they say, itís always better to give than to receive! Haha but I suspect Iíll get them back when the wind shifts...


November 02, 2019 - Msg 113182: Hey ASA, there are MANY ways to cheat, ya know! I think you may have started a big moulage! Ha
You mentioned a few posts back that you are glad to not have to be working
out in the cold weather anymore, AKA 'right there in it" and it got me to thinking, was it January of 2019 that you retired? If so, it is almost one year already!
Regarding trick or treaters, our hood is mostly empty nesters these days.
I put out a bowl of 20 small Milky Ways on my lit porch at 6 PM, and at 9 PM there
was still 18 pieces in the bowl. But I hear ya about daytime trunk or treats, harvest festivals etc.
RO--In fact, I'm kinda in your camp regarding this whole 'holiday.' When I was a kid it was pretty much a one day affair, and not this 2 month build up with more creepy stuff each year. When we first moved here in 1978, there were lots of kids, most of them in simple home-made costumes. Pretty much just a fun dress-up night. Hope bunco was a fun time.
GF--I saw on the news that you may get some lake effect snow! Hang in there fella! Ha, that wind was sure
one way to 'rake' leaves! BTW, I hope to
join the podcast again this coming Monday.
Episodes tonite on ME-TV were eps 1 and 2. I like when Opie says that Aunt Bee HAS to stay because she don't know nothin. ha
Prayers for all of California!! God bless.

November 02, 2019 - Msg 113183: Morning all. Cold and frosty here this morning.

MDC, I officially retired January 4th of this year but I had over 2 months of vacation I needed to use up before that, so my last day of working was October 31st of last year. And it has just flown by. I was worried it would and my worries were justified. But nothing you can do but hang on and enjoy it.

And I am with you Ro and MDC on the whole Halloween thing. I wish it could have just remained a cute simple innocent child like thing, but we all see what it has turned into. Very sad indeed.

Lake effect snow for GF? Boy, I know about that. I hope it doesn't get to bad for you Goob.
I have been watching TAGS at night and I am struck at all the different modes of heating used in the Courthouse over the years. I bet Goober being an HVAC guy has noticed it also. Season 1 you see a radiator under the bulletin board indicating a boiler. In fact in one episode there was mentioned a boiler leaking and flooding the place. I always figured the boiler was behind the mystery door located next to cell #2. Because that door disappeared in season #2, as did the radiator. And instead we see the gas fired space heater sitting in the area where the mystery was. Then a few episodes later when Newton Monroe is there, we see smoke billowing out of a heat register under the bulletin board indicating some type of forced hot air system. It got me to wondering why they were having so much trouble. Then I deduced that with all the hot lead flying around from itchy trigger finger Fife, he was probably the reason why. I bet them County Maint. guys were happy to see him move along. lol

Last night I saw Frankie Flint getting all done up and transformed into Francis quite the woman. Good to see Mr. Flint utilizing his a$$ests to their fullest advantage. lol

Romeena, sorry Trinket is being a little snot like that. But she will learn I am sure. Of all my little Doxies I had, Sammy was by far the brightest, at least so it seemed. Yet he seemed to have the biggest issues with his p ping in the house. Barney, who I lovingly said was a dumb as a box of rocks was the best. So I'm not sure what it is with pups and housebrokeness. Go figure.

Waiting for Debbies home healthcare nurse to show up again today. They have been unable to get a blood drawback from her I.V. port this week. They used a clot buster on it yesterday, but that didn't do it. They are going to try that again today. I'm not sure what they do if that doesn't work. Guess we will see.

Prayers for all for a great day.


November 03, 2019 - Msg 113184: ASA, has Debbie been able to use the leg sleeves at all? They could possibly help. Just a thought.
But please know that she is in my daily prayers.
Regarding the heaters in the courthouse, I have often wondered about that myself. When Goober 'saves' Andy, he is by the gas version of the heater, yet there was no gas supply to the courthouse before that! ha Your 'deducing' may be spot on!
RO--you probably do this already regarding Trinket, but have you tried
"Pavlov's dogs" idea (with a twist) and 'reward' Trinket when she uses the piddle pad correctly? I know you mentioned that you scold her when she doesnt, but perhaps rewarding her proper behavior might help.
Well gang, there is a radio station here that started Christmas music
on Nov. 1st! Yup, dig out those Firestone and Goodyear albums BOO! :)
Good Sabbath to all!

November 03, 2019 - Msg 113185: Oh ASA, a couple other things...was that a box of COTTONPICKIN' rocks? haha Also, since you've been watching season 1, whatever happened to Andy's pick-up truck?? And congrats on one year of being amongst us retirees!
RO-- well, we're still getting all contemporary songs as of today, so you may be right concerning this whole thing.
Last night i stayed up late and watched the movie Key Largo with Boggie. It was on an over-the-air channel that I get simply called Movies. Only problem is, i felt like all you 'fall-backers' this morning in church!
I did my best Gomer 'nodding off' impression! ha
Have a good day,

November 03, 2019 - Msg 113186: Good evening, porch. It's been a beautiful day here, chilly but sunny and pretty. I've spent the afternoon doing a little laundry and packing for the trip to Branson tomorrow. Forty-six of us from cburch are going to pile into a chartered bus and travel to Branson. I love that place, so much to see and do. We'll attend a performance of "The Miracle of Christmas" at the Sight and Sound Theater. If you've never attended a presentation at that theater, trust me, you have missed a blessing and a memory-making performance. I saw "Noah" there a few years ago, and I was absolutely spellbound, the whole time. It's well worth the trip to Branson to see whatever they're presenting. As far as I know, the theater in Branson is the only one in the country, but it's worth it. The whole idea is to make you feel like you're "right there in it", and you do. Just do a search on "Sight and Sound Theater in Branson" and you'll find a lot of links. Some have video trailers that give you an idea of what the show is like. I am beyond impressed with the whole thing. Broadway in New York has to step aside for what these people are doing.

Yes, MDC, I'm well aware of the "reward for performance" routine, having had dogs all my life, but believe me when I tell you, I've never had one like this little rock-headed thing I've got now. She has the attention span of a gnat when it comes to learning, but also has the persistence of that same gnat when she wants to do whatever it is that she's doing. She is a sweet, almost overly-affectionate little thing, still just a baby, really - but mercy! If she doesn't stop, this house is going to smell like a rainy afternoon at the zoo! She has a new nickname - as you know, it has been "Lardb#tt" up until now, but lately, she's known as "Squat and Squirt." And no, she doesn't have any physical issues, she will hold it for hours, and then just make a big old puddle on the carpet. Once every two or three days, I'll happen to notice a big wet spot on the pad in her potty box, so I know she knows what it's for. She just can't be bothered to go back to the bedroom to use it. Wherever she happens to be is just fine with her. When I lead her to her box, and encourage her to go, she hops in the box, sits down and looks at me, like "how long do I have to sit here, Mom?" Oh well. Maybe she'll get the idea one of these days. I never had this much trouble with Toye Starr or Sugarplum, either one. Maltese are known to be hard to potty train, but surely not this hard!

Well, better finish packing and check on meds, insulin, phone charger, etc. I usually manage to forget something, but I think I've got it all this time. Even have spare insulin pens in my purse, in case one jams or gets broken. It does happen now and then.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 04, 2019 - Msg 113187: Hey, hey, heeeeyyy. Luke Taft!

November 04, 2019 - Msg 113188: Have a great trip Romeena!!

November 04, 2019 - Msg 113189: Hello All..well, I am gone a few days and when I come back I see I have been accused of harlotry! lol

Asa, did that get Debbie's port going?

Been working and not a lot of down time but not feeling very stressed now that Erin doesn't live here. ha The bad news is I think I may be coming down with Sean's awful cold and I have my family reunion coming up this weekend. If I have to miss that it will be just awful! I am taking elderberry and garlic but probably just slowing down the inevitable. :(

Wow, that is a tough one trying to train Trinket! I am not a good potty trainer and never was. Now my mom was really good at it but I didn't inherit that. She was much more patient than I and would take a sock that she dipped in the pup's urine, then tie it to a stake in the yard. She would take the pup out many times a day to that sock and the pop would smell the sock and go there. It worked but I know from experience now that trying to train with pads has its difficulties. My dog thinks anything pad or small rug on the floor is a place to go, occasionally. She sticks to the pads when she has to empty her bladder but I find poo on very rugs at times. I have pretty much given up and just pick them up and flush them when I find them. She is a very attentive and smart dog but I think a lot of the accidents are instinct and its hard to break that sometimes. I never had a dog that tried harder to understand and pay attention when you are talking to her and she amazes me all the time with what she understands, but the potty training is something hard to get. I'm just glad I don't have a great Dane.

My boss just called and we are losing another nurse in 2 days. He just up and quit without notice, which is a real pain. He needed to go and was a lousy nurse, frankly, but it would have been polite to give a 2 week notice, especially since the boss had tried hard to work with him and help him along. Some people are what they are and you just have to accept it.

Better go get dinner in the oven.


November 04, 2019 - Msg 113190: Oh, I think I forgot to tell you all that I had to take Erin to the ER this weekend with vomiting and fainting? It cost me 350 dollars in copay.

Have fun in Branson, Ro!~


November 04, 2019 - Msg 113191: echinasia!

November 05, 2019 - Msg 113192: Hey Gang...You know I find it amusing how we used to find a sense of accomplishment when we would spend the day cleaning up the WHOLE yard to get ready for Winter and we could complete it all in one day.

Nowadays we are satisfied if we can complete just one task at a time!..Well my yard is ready with the exception of maybe one last mowing before I remove the battery. Kinda makes me sad to put away the rocking chairs on my front porch, it was relaxing watching the animals do their thing...But I guess Thatís Life!... Hope everyone is Ok, and Romeena and her ďFun GirlsĒ have a good time...


November 05, 2019 - Msg 113193: Hey, porch! The performance is over, and I'm sitting in the bus, waiting for everyone to get on board. Believe me when I say I have no words to describe what I just saw. Incredible is just a poor attempt. Be aware that I have learned that the original theater was built in Lancaster, PA, and is still operating full tilt, so you folks up there can visit it. The one here in Branson will be presenting the "Miracle of Christmas" until December 28. It is like nothing I've ever seen before and was well worth the bus ride from Dallas. Absolutely unforgettable. God is good.

Now we are headed for a great restaurant for a good meal, and then back to the Hampton Inn for a good night's sleep. Again, He is good. Blessings, y'all! --Romeena

November 05, 2019 - Msg 113194: G-F...I was thinking of starting up an old folks home
for us Mayberry-type retirees out near the darling's place! We could call it Weaver's Wrinkle Ridge! (Serving fish muddle nightly) haha Like you say, we could just do one small task at a time.
RO--good to hear that the show was all that it was cracked up to be!
I looked it up on the web and found this. It looks like "Michelle of Arkansas" had the same loss of words that you had!! :)
BOO--so sorry to hear that another nurse is leaving. Did the sale of the place ever happen?? If not, too bad, as it sure seems like something needs to happen!
Floyd id on the Mayberry cruise, so there was no podcast last night nor next Monday.
Good evening all,

November 06, 2019 - Msg 113195: Morning all.

Romeena, sounds like you are having a great time on your trip. Glad to hear it. I'm sure L.B. will be glad when you get home.

MDC, I think a Mayberry themed old folks home is an excellent idea, or as Andy would say, "outstanding idea". Maybe we could get an Ellen Brown type to come in once a week to give us manicures. :) I saw that episode last night. Yep Nature has been real good to her. lol

GF, What you said is one of the reasons I retired. I found what I was able to accomplish at work in a day (or more like the lack of accomplishment) left me feeling more frustrated than fulfilled. I have been very frustrated in losing some of my vigor. But I have had to run some paper work up to the hospital the last couple of days (insur@nce papers) and have seen a lot of folks, old and young, who are struggling with serious health issues (including my own Wife). And I realize I need to see the glass half full, not half empty. I may not have what I had 20 years ago in terms of energy and zip, but by golly, I am still pretty blessed and able to get around just fine. I think of the saying I always laid down on my kids when they started whining. "I used to cry when I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet". Then I have to go ask for forgiveness to the Man upstairs.

Boo, So glad my poorly worded question didn't offend you. Silly me. I hope you don't get sick again girl. Goodness sakes, you must be run down. I am glad the stress level at home has gone down some. Thanks for asking about Debbies port. They did get it working finally Saturday. Her nurse will be in today to do it again so I hope it will work out.

Oh and MDC, Debbie has not yet had to wear those compression sleeves, but I know that time will be here soon, and I am so thankful to have them. Thanks again my friend.

I stumbled across this statement yesterday and it really caught my attention. Please read it, and ponder it. I think it is really profound.

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other". John Adams
Makes ya think, don't it?

Well I hope everyone has a great and safe day.


November 06, 2019 - Msg 113196: Your message is shown below:

MESSAGE: Yes, that quote does make you think! Glad Debbie's port is working. Of course you didn't offend me with you joking. I am very, very hard to offend because I like people an awful lot (including you). MDC, we still have heard nothing about the buying of shoreline. Administration continues to treat as unworthy of information. The good news is that we have been admitting insur@nce clients like crazy, which is how shoreline stays in business. Things are looking pretty good in some ways but not so good in others. They are still using the portable compressor to cool the place at a terrible cost. They could have replaced the entire system I don't know how many times over. Crazy. The last two kids I admitted were very severe in the drug addiction and mental health issues. There are so many kids out there in terrible shape, sadly. Last night I admitted a kid who was 13 and had been using more drugs than I had ever seen anyone use before. He told me he is a Satanist and was very aloof. Scary. Well, been a busy day and I should rest. I really thought I was getting Sean's sickness the other day but I kept taking the elderberry and taking minced garlic in honey and I am fine today. Hoping it lasts. Blessings to All!


Sorry for weird message..censor caught me

November 06, 2019 - Msg 113197: Boo, to start out on a serious note, take authority in Jesus name every time you enter shoreline. Remember, we stand firm "not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities and powers"...per St Paul!
Good TAGS eps tonight on me-tv still in season 1. ASA--besides the radiator and the mystery door in season 1, the front window is also not there, and the
divider between the cells and andy's desk has a little swinging door.
BTW, you've seen a lot of Perry Mason...well, Last night's ep had our Joanne Moore in it!
GF, ASA or any other JOATs out there...ever try to change out a moen shower cartridge? I tried this past weekend, had the water to the house turned off, pulled out the little "U" clip, but the cartridge wouldn't budge, even when using the little tool that
screws into the stem. We do have pretty hard water, which does contribute to some issues, but have never had it this bad. It was a new cartridge in 2017 when we finished re-doing the shower stall. Any 'idears?'
Oh, and regarding that statement by John Adams, so true!! The criminal mind don't cotton to such a statement. Darn that Cain, as Opie once referred to his evil deed!
At least we know that some day we'll be a ridin' on that new river train! :)
Ro, praying that you have a safe trip back home.

November 06, 2019 - Msg 113198: I just found this little gem...

November 07, 2019 - Msg 113199: Yep. MDC I have had that problem often unfortunately. Especially in my Senior buildings where the faucet is not used as much. The problem is the seniors donít pull out the handle much so it gets frozen in there...I will email you my recommendations before you get in too deep....


November 07, 2019 - Msg 113200: Ok MDC I sent you an email, GOOD LUCK!..This is one of those jobs I hated to to at the end of the day on a Friday when I needed to get home at a REGULAR time!...Either a simple job or a real pain, not much in between...Do I get a Amen Asa?....G-F

November 07, 2019 - Msg 113201: Amen GF. Always at quiting time on Fridays. I always end up looking like Cousin Virgil or Newton Monroe when working on existing plumbing. :)


November 07, 2019 - Msg 113202: Just checking in to say hello to everyone.
Been doing some odd and ends around here.

November 08, 2019 - Msg 113203: Goob-Fife, you are a bird in this world! :)
I got your email, and the best suggestion was pouring vinegar right down it's throat from the shower head pipe. I will indeed do that. Dang, now why didnt I think of that. I bet you also voted to keep the cannon! ha And ASA, thanks for the Amen.
I have to take my new truck in for it's first oil change next week. (It's now at 3500.) Wow, i have driven 3500 miles since the end of May, and it's all been around the Phx area!! (I think of how so many just a hundred years or so ago, still relied on horses to get around.) It is complimentary at the dealership. It's the newer type synthetic stuff, so I need
find out what kind they use; not that I do it myself anymore, but rather to tell a closer-to-my-house lube place where i will go. They did my Chevy truck for years.!
Today was an errand day, and I got a lot done. I drove by the place where I used to work, in fact it was the place that I retired from in 2012; but it is now just empty building! It was pretty surprising as I had stopped by there just last Christmas to say HI to everyone. Very peculiar indeed.
RO--I hope you are all rested up from your trip. Sure sounds like you had a great time.
I bet Trinket missed ya!
HEY to Frankie.
Well gang, have a good evening. Prayers for all,

November 08, 2019 - Msg 113204: 🦅 🌎🙌🏻👍

November 08, 2019 - Msg 113205: test

November 08, 2019 - Msg 113206: There once was a deputy called Fife...
Haha Nothing like a good laugh now and then! :)
Of course they DO need a brine tester at the pickle factory!
Hello all, hope all is well. As RO mentions now and again,
God is good! Just affirming that. :)
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend,
MDC :)

November 09, 2019 - Msg 113207: Thanks MDC. I hope you and Cecile have a blessed weekend also. My goodness, 3500 miles since May. My 2001 Tacoma has just barely 50,000 miles on it. I think I put 40 miles on it last year total. It's a garage queen for sure.

Frankie, good to hear from you. What are you doing for entertainment now that baseball is over for the year?

We haven't heard from Sarah in a while. She must be extra busy on the switchboard.

Our local elections on Tuesday resulted in a house cleaning on our City council. There were three vacancies and all three went to new comers. One was assured because the incumbent chose not to run for re-election. The second one had been in there for 3 or 4 terms. She didn't seem to campaign very much. I'm not sure if she figured she was a lock or just what. But she is gone. The third one had only been in about a year or so. She was appointed to it by the Mayor after the person who had been serving had to resign due to a conflict with her job. She was very active in her campaign and seemed very qualified, but she came in a distant 4th in a 3 horse race. I actually know her fairly well and was kind of shocked she lost. But I know there are a lot of unhappy people in the city. Very unhappy about the out of control growth. And I think there was a "kick the bums out of there" mindset. So I guess we will see. The trouble is you can't just vote and be done with it. I think you have got to show up to the meetings and hold there feet to the fire now. Make sure that they are representing your concerns, or at least that they know your concerns. I recently watched the episode where Ellie runs for city council and the furor that causes. LOL Our city council has 3 women on it and the Mayor is a woman also. I wonder what those Mayberry fellows would have thought about a female Mayor. lol

Last night I watched Barney Glenn Fording all over town. He got all over me just because my gun need some screws and my bullets needed some TLC. And I saw the one with Opie unhappy about Andy and Peggy seeing so much of each other. What a shame in this world that Andy let her get away. Yessir, a shame in this world.

GF, I got all my leaves picked up yesterday and the lawn got it's final mowing for the season. Makes a person kinda feel like Andy and Opie did when you are all done. Good and po0ped. I have a feller coming in next weekend to grind my stumps, if the weather holds out. That will be nice to have them out of the way.

Think I will take it easy today. A little sore in the back after yesterday. Yep, that's the plan. A Wheeler kind of day.