November 09, 2019 - Msg 113208: Good morning, porch! I'm home and all rested up. We got in too late Thursday night for me to pick up Trinket, but I got her yesterday morning. She's up and busy as usual, doesn't seem to even know or care that she has sutures in her little belly. They will come out on Nov. 18, and the vet said I can just take them out myself. No problem, I even have some suture removal scissors around here somewhere. I've taken them out of myself in the past, I guess I can handle a puppy belly. She was glad to be home, and I was glad to have her, but her potty training hasn't improved one bit! She's just a wild child, still.

The play was all I expected it to be, and much, much more. I wish everyone in the world could see it. I've seen a lot of Christmas plays, some professionally done, some amateur productions, have been in one myself, that ran every year for 12 years, and was televised twice, but I've never seen anything like this one. I saw "Noah" in that same theater a few years ago, so I knew it was going to be magnificent, but it far exceeded my expectations. I wish every porch member could see it. The theater seats about 2000, and there's not a bad seat in the house, nor was there an empty one. These productions are not traveling plays, using existing theaters. There are only two Sight and Sound Theaters, both built and owned by the Eshelmann family, and designed specifically to accommodate the kind of productions they present. You have to see it to believe it. In 2017, they began filming them as well, and they are presented in selected theaters around the country from time to time. I haven't seen one of their productions on screen as yet, but will when there's one in this area. I can't imagine it being as impressive as live action, but I'm very sure it will be extremely well done.

Well, guess I'd better go feed little S&S. That's short for Squat and Squirt. I hope she gets the idea one of these days, before I have to rip up the carpet! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 09, 2019 - Msg 113209: Happy to hear that Trinket is back home with her Mom.
We are having a wonderful weekend, in the high 70`s. I am loving it.
You all have a great weekend.

November 10, 2019 - Msg 113210: To ASA: "Hear, Hear!" (:

November 10, 2019 - Msg 113211: Occupant. Occupant. Occupant.

November 10, 2019 - Msg 113212: MDC....Race Day @ Phoenix...🏁. 🚗💨🚙💨🚗💨🚙💨

November 10, 2019 - Msg 113213: .... 🚗💨🚙💨🚗💨🚙💨🚗💨.....2nd group

November 10, 2019 - Msg 113214: By the time I get to Phoenix they'll be racing
MDC will watch the race out his door
He'll smile just think what he's been missing
Cause he's heard and missed that might roar
Don't that just clutch you? :)

Glad you are home with Trinket Ro, and all went well for her. I was thinking of you yesterday as I was watching this huge, and I mean huge flock of black birds descend in my back yard. My goodness, had to be in the thousands. They hung around for a few minutes and then like on cue, all took off with a huge woosh into the neighbors yard. So fun to watch them.

Frankie, we are having nice weather here as well. Low 60's which I like pretty good. Has allowed me to get all my leaves picked up off the grass before it snows.

Hey Goob, you will be proud of me. I have noticed the drain in my kitchen sink has been getting slower and slower the last few weeks. I really didn't want to snake it if I didn't have to, so I ended up running a lot of hot water down it. Then I had a couple of bottles of old expired vinegar that I dumped down there. Then yesterday, it was still not draining all that good, so again I started running hot water down it, put a stoppers in the drain on the side without the disposal, and turned the disposal on for a bit. After a few times of doing that wala, she drains like a champ now. I know the problem was way past the p trap because I could run quite a bit of water in it before it started backing up. But it seems to be good now. We would use vinegar at work sometimes to descale the pressure washer coils. Although it took longer to work its magic as opposed to the sulfuric acid treatment, it was much easier on the coils, and we could just dispose of the vinegar down the drain as opposed to the acid that was considered hazardous waste and having to neutralize it and all that stuff. And the best part is my snake remains hanging on my garage wall undisturbed. :)

Last night I saw the episode when Mayor Stoner wants Eagle eye Annie, and Andy won't sell it to him. So funny how Andy has to peel the Mayors hand off of the fishing pole. And the one where they deputize Otis for a weekend because his brother is visiting. I just love as Barney is instructing Otis on a regulation salute. HI-YUP-PAW-HAW. LOL And when he is telling Otis to suck in that gut, and straighten that back, and stick out that chest. Otis is gyrating all around trying to be obedient, and Andy laughs and says "Barn, it's gotta go somewhere".

Well stayed home from preaching. The misery in my back has decided to stay for an extended visit, kind of like Ollie and Nora. I hate it when that happens.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sabbath.


November 10, 2019 - Msg 113215: Well, I am back from family reunion and it was a good one! All my first cousins on my dad's side were there and many of their children and grandchildren, as well as my only living aunt and uncle who are both 90 and in good health and mind. They are amazing. My brother and his wife were able to fly in from California to be with us so that was just wonderful. Hard to say goodbye, though. The reunion was help at a cousin's home out in the country and was just perfect. The weather was perfect, too. Sunny and highs in the 60's. Just a great reunion but I am happy to be back home again. We had to drive about 3 and a half hours to get there, which isn't bad but we didn't sleep well at the hotel we were in. It was a Holiday Inn Express in a small town the beds were like sleeping on a table top. All of us got up in pain. lol

Glad you are back safely and had a good time, Ro. Also glad Squirt is doing ok. When they did Poopsie's surgery, I was really surprised to see that the did the internal, dissolvable stitches. I figured pups were so active, they wouldn't do that but they worked out well for her. Its so strange to me how they can get a big abdominal incision and when you get them home they act like nothing happened.

Well, have to go get some clothes out of the dryer. Hope you all are having a good weekend.


November 10, 2019 - Msg 113216: Boo, sounds like you had a great reunion. It is wonderful to get together with family.

My niece is doing so much better. There are some really good support groups in her area and school. She also has a therapist that she really gets along good with.

November 11, 2019 - Msg 113217: ASA: I heard that they are filming a re-make of "The Birds" somewhere in Utah... :) Also, i love the two eps that you mentioned, but then I love most tags eps! ha
I didnt get to the cartridge change yet. Yesterday i ended up taking my neighbor to the emergency room. She got bonchitis really bad, and she doent drive. She called us instead of 911, so I was happy to take her. There's a hospital about two miles from us. She's still there and has been getting antibiotics.
BOO--so happy to hear that your reunion went so well. Tho it sounds like you've done some adventure sleepin'. Hope you sleep better tonight.
Today I went to a reunion of sorts. The 8th grade class of 1974 that I taught had a 45th reunion today at a sports bar, it was outside on their enclosed patio. I and other (still living) teachers were invited too. So much fun to see these 'kids' again. We did a lot of joking and reminiscing. Back then we could give 'swats' if we had parental permission, and this one guy who is now about 220 and 6'3" came at me saying "hey Mr. Raths remeber when you gave me that swat..." Thank God he was joking! ha
Asa, so sorry about your back, hang in there my friend.
And Frankie, good to hear about your niece!
ALL--today we made a chuck roast in the crock pot! M-m-m, it was gracious livin' GOOD!! :)
Prayers for all the world,

November 11, 2019 - Msg 113218: Morning all.

MDC, They could have got some good footage I tell ya. Birds-o-plenty.
I love a good chuck roast. I always call them an O'Malley roast. lol Did you and Cecile light some candles with your supper?
Good of you to help out your neighbor like that MDC. You must be a good neighbor for her to feel comfortable calling you for help.

Boo, sounds like you had a good time at the reunion. I know what you mean about those hotel beds. The two things I miss so much if I am traveling. My bed, and my toilet seat. I hate sitting on hotel toilet seats. They just don't fit right.

Frankie, so happy your niece is doing well. Hopefully that will continue for her.

I have been studying the book of James the last day or two. One of my favorites.

Pretty amazing, when I first get up in the morning I am so stiff and sore in my back I can hardly walk. Then I get some ice on it for a half hour or so and it feels so much better. Seems odd, but I appreciate the relief it brings.

Last night I watched my favorite episode, "Man in a hurry". So many good scenes in that one. I just love the part when Barney, Andy, and Mr. Tucker are on the front porch, and Barney mentions several times his intentions of going home to take a nap and then go to Thelma Lou's. Finally Mr. Tucker erupts with his "For the love of Mike, just do it" comment. Funny stuff. About 10 years ago my Wife and I were headed for home from California. Normally we can drive it in a single day, but this trip we were late in getting started so we decided to spend the night in St. George Utah, about 350 miles from home. The next morning as I am loading our bags in the Jeep, I noticed what looked to be the head of a large rivet in my rear tire. I thought it might just be wedged in one of the grooves, because the tire was still full. I put a little soapy water on it though, and it was bubbling. I really didn't want to change tires, so we drove all over town trying to find a station that was open. I finally drove past a station and I could see someone sitting at the desk in the office so I pulled in and went inside. I told the feller my situation and asked if he could repair my tire for me. He shook his head and said he was closed on Sundays. He had just come down to get some papers he needed. So I asked him if he knew of any stations in town that were open, and he informed me that this was just a small town, and pretty much closed down on Sundays, and suggested that we just stay over till tomorrow. I remember thinking, wow, Twilight Zone. lol They guy even looked a lot like Wally. I'm just glad he didn't tell me to watch my foot, he was rocking forward.

Well I hope everyone has a great Monday. I sure do enjoy Mondays a lot more nowadays. lol


November 11, 2019 - Msg 113219: Asa says... Good Serman today, it is about James. But he canít tell us.... *But just donít be surprised if you have to control your tongue and Act Like Somebody. Debbie told him that Bible knowledge is a good thing but he aught not flaunt it!...


November 11, 2019 - Msg 113220: ASA, I bet old man Arthur Itis has taken up residence in your back. Lidocane patches sure help me and mine!
More later.
HAPPY VETERANS DAY TO OUR PORCH VETS. Sure wish PH would stop by and say Hey!

November 11, 2019 - Msg 113221: James has good advice about one's tongue, and about faith without works not being too good! :)

November 12, 2019 - Msg 113222: ...In honor of our Buddy TOM...The Lake Erie snow ❄️ making machine has now been switched on!...
Can you say Lake Effect Snow?...
...Not to be confused with the mountain ⛰ snow machine Asa has to deal with...


November 12, 2019 - Msg 113223: Good morning all.

Hey GF, Good old lake effect snow, huh buddy? We get that here as well, but I'm sure not nearly as much as you folks do. But it is odd because one area will get a foot or more of snow, and just 10 miles away they might get a dusting. Just depends on the wind direction. I hope you don't get it to bad. Joe is gonna earn his keep today huh?

MDC, Thanks for the Veterans Day shoutout. I neglected to do that. Dirty, dirty me. I'm a miserable wretch. I'll have to look into the Lidocane patches. I have never heard of them.

Message 113221, Yes, James speaks out on works being crucial in our faith. I take it to mean not that we can earn anything by our good works, but rather our Faith should result in good works coming forth. Almost a natural thing so to speak.

Last night I watched all the women Barney had meet over at Andy's house so he could pick him a bride. And then the blind date he set up with Andy and Helen. And he is just so miffed when Helen informs him she can't cook much and her husband will have to like frozen dinners. Andy says he likes em, but I suspect that wouldn't set well for long with him, not after Aunt Beas fine meals. Then I saw the episode where Opie is sweet on Karen Burgess, and she won't give him the time of day, so Opie instead falls for Thelma Lou. I just love it when Opie asks Andy "Paw, just what can you do with a grown woman", and Andy talks about going over to visit with her mother and how it's a fun day. lol

And I am very happy to report that my first attempt at chicken fry steak went rather well. Thank you Ro and Boo and anyone else who coached me. For a first try I was very pleased with the outcome.

I am going to try to go Christmas shopping with Stacey today. She goes with me and helps me in selecting gifts that her kids would enjoy. Then we do lunch. I sure enjoy that.

Prayers for all for a great day.


November 12, 2019 - Msg 113224: Oh my gosh, Asa! You about made me spit my coffee with your toilet seat comment! Only you.


November 13, 2019 - Msg 113225: ASA--to answer a couple of questions...nope, no candles at the roast dinner, but we DID have soft music playing. Also, as BOO states above, very funny about the toilet seat. A funny story to tell you about some areas of yellowstone park they only have 'biffy style' toilets, basically a big hole in the ground with a raised plastic seat. Anyway, in each of those little outhouses
a sign clearly said and showed with a drawing "No squatting" in English and in several Asian
languages. A ranger told me that in some of those countries they just squat over a hole. Eww.
BTW, great story about your Sunday stop in St. George. I still remember the grocery stores and department stores being closed on Sundays when i was a youngster.
OH, and regarding Helen, I think she could simply STARE at a TV dinner and it would cook!! haha
And in another ep, i like where Thelma Lou tells Opie to ask barney just why he wants to go down to the duck pond! ha
And, yes, check out those back patches at any drug store. Lidocane sort of 'numbs' the pain.
Glad the chicken did not turn out like shoe leather!
RO--you doing OK?? I hope Trinket hasnt gnawed off your foot!

November 13, 2019 - Msg 113226: Good morning, porch! Laaww, the things we discuss on this porch. Now it's toilet seats! Well, not to be outdone, I've got a couple of comments myself. For instance, on a MASH episode, Radar warns a visiting general to "be careful, the second seat pinches." Having experienced that myself (yes, I've used privies), I hope the general took heed. Also, on the Mongolia mission trips, I was a little shocked by the facilities in the very modern airport in Beijing. As I entered the ladies' room, an unsmiling young Chinese woman handed me two squares of tissue. Two squares, and it was extremely thin paper at that. When I got into a stall, there was no toilet, just a hole in the floor with a porcelain frame around it. I won't go into detail here, but just know that when one is wearing a skirt, it would be bad enough, but when wearing jeans, it's quite a project. Then the next day, in Mongolia, we had a 4 1/2 hour bus ride from the airport to our destination, and there was a "rest stop" at a halfway point. It was the only place to stop on the whole ride, and definitely gave us culture shock. It was a little wooden shack, perched on the side of a steep hill. There were four stalls, with a permanent divider down the middle, leaving two stalls on each side, one side for each gender. No doors, just a solid fence across the front, so people outside couldn't see into the stalls. Wooden floors, with one 12" plank left out, leaving a long hole in the floor, front to back. Looking through the hole, all you could see was the results of many people visiting, just sliding down the hill. I guess the old saying is really true - it does roll downhill. My purse was a shoulder bag, and at a crucial moment, it slipped from my shoulder and I bent my arm up just in time to catch the strap at my elbow. If I had not, and it had fallen through that gateway to he||, I would have just left it there, ID, money, passport and all. The stench was indescribable, but I learned one thing - I can hold my breath for much longer than I thought I could!

Asa, I'm glad your chicken fry steak turned out well. It's one of my favorite things. The key to good cooking is to be bold, daring, unafraid to try things, and let your own taste and imagination lead you. Yes, you get advice from friends and family - after all, I learned from my mom, two grandmothers, and two aunts - but you will adjust and adapt to suit your own taste along the way. Cooking is a never-ending adventure.

Trinket is slowly making progress on the potty training, but is still miles from being reliably trained. As for the nibbling, nipping and gnawing, I can only hope that when she gets all her permanent teeth in, that urge will stop. I have raised two Maltese puppies before - Sugarplum and Toye Starr - but neither of them prepared me for this little pestilence. But I love her. I guess.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 13, 2019 - Msg 113227: I missed the conversation about toilet seats and if Boo wasn't the instigator,then I don't know what to think! Ha! Will have to go back and read a bit,if I dare!
Lemme tell y'all-it is DANG cold here at possum's rock! We had maybe 3 days of Fall and then- BAM! Old Man Winter showed up! Y'all stay warm-love to all!

possum under a COLD rock

November 13, 2019 - Msg 113228: Speaking on that subject..🚽 Always a good scene.. G-F

November 13, 2019 - Msg 113229: Good one GF, always a good laugh! Did you see my Bob Hope Show one a few messages above?
POSSUM--thanks for popping out from under your cold rock to say Hey! Glad you are OK. Keep warm my friend.
I guess the same goes for Spot, ASA, Maudie, GF and others. I won't even tell you what it was here today, as it may just break yer hearts! :)
But y'all be careful out there!
RO--now i definitely understand the yellowstone biffy signs! I can understand why the park doesnt want people to try to balance on those foot-high plastic/fiberglass seats. And yes, that is VERY surprising about the Beijiing airport! One other quick tidbit... when I was about 20 a real "outdoorsman" friend and I went camping. We hiked in a ways, and I said there are no facilities out here, to which he said, true, but there are plenty of 'facilitrees!' :)
And with that, prayers for all, :)

November 14, 2019 - Msg 113230: Morning all.

Yes indeed, we do cover all topics here on the porch so it seems. lol And we do it without arguing. Just shows the love and respect we have for each other. :)

Funny video GF, and timely. How much snow did you end up with, and how cold? Everything has gone north of us and we are sitting here in mid 60's and sunny skies MDC. Been a very nice week. Supposed to change next week though. I better go see if Helen will be ready.

Possum, I hope you had time to at least grow your winter fur. Good to see you posting.

Romeena, thanks for the encouragement concerning my cooking attempts. I can assure you, I never dreamed in a million years that I would ever even attempt something like chicken fried steak. Well I made it, ate it, and lived to tell about it. Miracles do happen. :) Sounds like Trinket is giving you a run for your money. But I know you will prevail.
It sounds like a Rotor Rooter man and Charmin salesman in Mongolia would starve. lol

Boo, Is Erin doing ok on her own? I watched the episode of Opie the birdman the other night and Andy explaining to Opie how the mama bird would have let the little ones leave the nest when it was time, and it got me to thinking about you and your family a bit.

Last night I watched one of my least favorite episodes, Citizens Arrest. I guess I don't like it because it is one time you actually see Andy has had his fill with Barney and his silliness. But I guess it shows that even the best of friends can sometimes bicker, but in the end, we see kindness, compassion, and forgiveness reign. A good lesson for us all. I also watched the episode when Barney buys his first car. The part where he is assigning seating for a balanced load cracks me up. And the look of pride and smugness when the car finally starts and everyone cheers. I declare, Don Knotts had a facial expression for every occasion and he knew how to use them all very well.

Supposed to be nice through the weekend so hopefully they will be by on Saturday to grind my tree stumps.

My back is slowly getting better. I didn't even have to visit the back cracker.

Well I hope everyone has a safe and good day.

Asa (Tall, dark, and door prize)

November 14, 2019 - Msg 113231: Howdy Porch!
Just been kicking around here not doing much.
Wanted to stop in and say hello to you all.

November 15, 2019 - Msg 113232: HI to Frankie! Hope all the fires are out up your way.
Man, it was a tough fall for you folks.
Thanks for checking in.
Tonight's Me-TV ep was... "Mornin' honey, mornin' DEAR! Love that episode! So many great lines in it. Barney has the best one: "I'd rather be called skunk face, than good morning like THAT!" ha
GF--I happened to catch the last few minutes of the Browns-Steelers game tonight, and man, a bit of a brawl during the last few seconds.
BTW, what exactly is a "Brown?"
Well, I met with my 'medicare man' today and signed up for a new RX plan for 2020.
My current one is raising premiums and I only take two prescriptions now,
so he found me a better plan with Well-Care.
Every other TV commercial here is about medicare plans these days!
Well, y'all take care now, god blesss,

November 15, 2019 - Msg 113233: MDC.. The exact reason I donít watch NFL football anymore. Itís all over the news here. I think the Steelers QB called him something, and it WASNĒT sport!....
BTW..Yhe Browns were named after their coach Paul Brown.


November 15, 2019 - Msg 113234: Good morning, porch. I'm here at my beloved big old window, looking out at the sunshine on my newly cleaned yard. Eddie and Tommy were here yesterday, worked all day and cost me $275, but it was worth it. They cleaned out six flowerbeds, ranging from 12'x25' down to 4'x12', and everything in between. Not a weed left, mulch applied, 8 huge bags of debris filled, and the yard looks like my yard once again! Those tacky, miserable 5 ft zinnias died in the last frost, and they're gone now. However, their dropped seeds remain and I'll have the same problem next year, if we don't do something. Thus, the heavy layer of mulch, especially in that area. I'm hoping it will smother them as they try to come up in the spring. To plant what I want, we'll dig little furrows in the mulch and plant in them, and anything that comes up in the mulched area will be yanked! Also, anything not newly planted in the furrows will be identified as it gets taller, and will also be removed. I'm not having that big thicket back there again.

Eddie is 70 now, has terrible knees, but he faithfully looks after me and Mr. White down the street, keeping our property as well as he can. His helper, Tommy, has boogered his personal life up pretty bad, but he's a hard worker and looks after Eddie, does most of the heavy lifting and such. It all works out.

For anyone else who might be exploring for Prescription plans right now, may I suggest that you check out SilverScripts? I signed on with them last year, and my Rx costs dropped by more than half, for a $20 premium. That may not sound like much if you only take a few inexpensive meds, but my insulin, without coverage, can run to several hundred dollars a month. This year, I'm looking to change my supplemental insur@nce. When I started with Aetna when I retired, I was paying a little less than $200 a month in premiums. It has increased yearly, and I now pay $368 a month, and I'm sure it will go up again. True, I pay no deductibles, I see any doctor I choose, and have only received two bills in all this time, each one under $50, for some silly little incidental thing that insur@nce doesn't cover. Still, that's $4400 a year, and I could pay a lot of little $10 deductibles out of that. So, am investigating. I'm going to check into Aetna's Advantage plan, to see how it compares with regular Medicare and the Aetna supplemental. I've had Aetna for years - they were my coverage at the hospital and when I retired I just rolled it over into a personal plan. All of my docs take Aetna, and many of them don't accept a lot of the others. Is a puzzlement.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 15, 2019 - Msg 113235: Drat, i accidentally hit reset instead of Post Comments! Ok, here I go again (with a readers digest version)...
RO--regarding advantage plans, as i understand it, they are only good in the county where you live, so please check into that carefully, and with some of them you may have to see another doctor, get referrals for specialists, etc, so do your due diligence! Regarding RX plans, my wife has Silverscripts at 35.00 a month, but our healthmarkets guy found us Well Care at 14.00 a month for 2020, but i admit I don't know if insulin would be covered on that one. BTW, your backyard sure seems nice
And..., once again we are getting a small SS increase, but the medicare premium is also going up, so the SS increase is mute. But we still live in the best country in the history of the world even with the circus going on in DC!
GF--NFL is no longer on my agenda either, but I had turned on the TV for the news and the game was finishing up when I witnessed the brawl!! The NFL needs to get a handle on that sort of thing now!
Hang in there my friends,

November 15, 2019 - Msg 113236: Oh, and as these fall days get shorter, remember to "Wear white after dark so you don't end up playing the harp." :)

November 15, 2019 - Msg 113237: Good evening everyone.

I have to report some sad news tonight. If you remember my next door neighbor Trudy, and how her daughter took her own life back last spring. Well today I was out in my yard working when I saw an ambulance pull up to her house. I went over to see what was happening and we found Trudy laid out flat on her back inside her house. The paramedics could not find a pulse and quickly started CPR on her, but sadly they could not revive her. It looks like she suffered a severe asthma attack. They rushed her to the hospital but she was gone. I just talked to her husband a little while ago and he is obviously a mess. To lose a daughter and now his wife is a real gut punch. If you all could remember Rob in your prayers i know it would be appreciated. My heart is broken for him. Thank you friends. Asa

November 16, 2019 - Msg 113238: Asa, That is so sad...Prayers for Rob indeed!....G-F

November 16, 2019 - Msg 113239: Good morning, porch! Beautiful day here, bright sunshine, little hazy clouds, 42į and no wind. Very pleasant. Expecting high 50s, and going into the 70s for next week. Leaves are falling, and I have five big cottonwoods, and one sycamore. Then of course, there are seven groups of crape myrtle. The myrtles have already lost over half of their leaves, but the big guys are hesitating. They typically lose them on a sequential schedule, with the first one being almost done before the last one starts! The cottonwoods go first, one at a time, about a week apart, so there is never a time when the yard isn't full of leaves somewhere. The sycamore holds on, and is always the last one to drop. My son, when he was the designated leaf cleanup guy, hated that tree. He described it like this: "I work like a mule out there, and finally get all the leaves up, the yard looks great, and then FWOOP! That dang sycamore just flaps its arms and all the leaves fall off at once! I think it has a "release" button it can push. I hate that tree!" The physical posturing that went with his little tirade were hilarious! Only a 15-yr old boy could be so funny.

Asa, I am so sorry for your neighbor, Rob. That is terrible, and he must just be in shock. I have prayed for him, and will continue to do so. I'm glad he has you nearby, because I know you will do your best to encourage and support him, and if he doesn't already have a relationship with the Lord, I can well imagine that you'll gently lead him there.

There's a little encouraging news to report regarding Trinket. For the past three days, she has gone to her potty box when I tell her to go, and on at least three occasions, she has gone there without me saying anything. If she has wet the floor, I haven't found it. Maybe, just maybe, we have turned a corner. Also, after we go to bed, I let her jump around and play for a minute or two, then I tell her to "Lie down and be still" and she does. Once she gets still for a minute or two, she goes to sleep. She's six months old now, so she's going to naturally settle down a little, and I will keep working with her. We'll get there. I may be expecting too much from her. I'm still grieving Toye Starr, just can't let go of her, and that's not fair to Trinket. She's a different dog, and I have to let her be herself. She's a big girl, going to hit ten pounds, I think. She doesn't have Starr's little angel face. However, she's going to be pretty, will be a beautiful mature dog. She's from an older bloodline, when Maltese were bigger, sturdier, and didn't have the little baby faces they have now. In recent years, breeders have bred for tiny size and little angel faces, and they're adorable. Toye Starr was from one of those lines. Trinket is from the old classic Maltese lines, the ones you'll see sitting on some rich lady's lap in a painting. As I said, she's going to be pretty, and she definitely has the sweet, loving nature that all Maltese exhibit, but she's not going to look like Toye Starr. I've just got to put that baby to rest, and let Trinket be who she is, because who she is, is a fine little dog, and will be my dearest little friend if I let her.

By the way, I was supposed to take the sutures out of her little incision where she was spayed - her vet knows I can do it, and said to just do it myself and save the cost of an office visit. So, I was going to get it done today, but there are no sutures there. Apparently, she removed them herself! No, they weren't the absorbable kind, according to Dr. Mike, and they didn't look like it to me either, but they're definitely gone now. I may take her in on Monday to let them check and be sure that she didn't just snip them off at each end and leave the underlying portion in place.

Well, off I go. There's a funeral at my church today, one of our fine deacons, a good man and a friend to many. He had cancer, and it finally took him. He will be missed, but Heaven will be blessed by his presence.

Blessings! --Romeena

November 17, 2019 - Msg 113240: Good evening, porch. Well, David and the boys came over yesterday afternoon and evening. Brittney is home with the flu, so she didn't come, bless her little heart. I'm so sorry she's sick, and we missed her. The guys put all my Christmas lights up outside, except in the back. They left that part for me, it just involves walking around from bush to bush, stringing lights. I think I can handle that!

Then they got my Christmas tree out, and were going to get it set up for me, to just decorate at my leisure. No way. The limb ring that broke last year needed to be fixed again, and David tried, but it just broke in another place. Not fixable. Why they would make those rings that support a whole layer of branches and all the weight of lights and ornaments, why out of plastic, I'll never know. It should be metal. The Christmas store in North Dallas where I bought my tree has closed down, so I have no recourse there, and I don't know the brand name on the tree. So now, my once-beautiful tree is lying out by the curb, worthless. I've been all over the internet, trying to find something I think I might want, but have only found one candidate, at Lowe's. Will go see it tomorrow. I'm not going to pay as much for this one as I paid for the broken one, that's for sure. For what it cost, it definitely shouldn't have broken, but it did.

I've checked out Balsam Hill's site, they don't have anything like what I want, and neither does Wayfair or anyone else. I don't like the tight, overly-full trees, with their perfect little cone shape. All you can do with them is hang the ornaments on the outside. I like a tree with space between the layers of branches, and I decorate all the way in to the trunk. I have a lot of beautiful little ornaments that just sit on a branch, rather than hanging, even a little Nativity that sits on a small platform up inside the branches. In the evenings, it's my joy to just sit and gaze into the tree, with the soft lights, and old treasured ornaments tucked here and there. Some of my ornaments are older than I am, and I remember them from childhood. My mom was very sentimental, and kept things like that. At one point, she divided them between my brother and me. I don't know what he did with his, but I still have mine, and I just love rediscovering them each year as I decorate the tree, and then I enjoy them for weeks. I think that's why my tree sometimes is still up in February!

So, tomorrow Eloise and I will go on a tree hunt. Wish me luck! --Romeena

November 18, 2019 - Msg 113241: HI ALL, sorry I have been in absencia for a couple days. I failed to mention that a good friend of our family passed away, and several of my family members have come to town for the funeral on Monday. Her family grew up a few houses down from ours. They also had 8 kids and each one of them was in the same grades that we were in. Their home was one that was always open to all in the 'hood. I sometimes think that we were over there more than we were in our own home! ha
The husband and dad died several years ago, and now the widow and mother has passed. That may help you understand why several of my brothers and sisters have come in for the funeral. They were such good friends. I have been on FB with several of them for years.
(That was one thing I forgot to repost after I lost my orignal post up there.)
Otherwise all goes well here.
RO--have you tried Home Depot for a tree? We got a really nice, lighted one there a few years ago. Plenty of room to place ornaments on the branches, and it DOES have metal branch holders!
ASA--so sorry to hear of your neighbor's untimely death. My prayers are going up for her husband.
More later my friends, I'm just tuckered out.

November 18, 2019 - Msg 113242: Been absent from the porch for a few days but been busy with work and such, and now with Thanksgiving approaching, even more to do.

Asa, thank you for asking about Erin. I will tell you that she is not doing well. I am taking her to the doctor today because she has had vomiting and stomach issues for months now. I think she has irritable bowel syndrome or something. She lost her job this week because she was always throwing up or having diarrhea at work. She is a mess and in a very toxic relationship. I pray it will end but she is the only one who can end it. Thank you for your concern and prayers. I have to distance myself to a degree to keep functioning. She asked me to go with her to the doctor so I am going to take her and see if she is sent to a specialist. She has extreme anxiety from time to time and I suspect that is causing the problem. She sees a doctor for that and is on medication but it just isn't doing the job for her. When I look back to how things were even five years ago, her future looked so promising, but now things just seem insurmountable. There are some other things that I cant go into but she is a mess. I told her she could move back home (alone) but I don't see that happening unless she breaks up with the girl she is with.

Well, better go get ready to go to town. Hope you are all doing well.


November 18, 2019 - Msg 113243: Possum, I'm going to go pull your letter out of my dresser and read it again. I think I need reminding.


November 18, 2019 - Msg 113244: Boo, I am so sorry to hear of Erin's troubles, which of course become your troubles. You and yours are definitely in my prayers, and will remain there as long as needed. Check your email.

I went tree shopping today, checked out Home Depot and found a fairly decent tree there for a reasonable price, but it's smaller and not quite what I wanted. Too much bare wire on the branches, somewhat skimpy with the needle effect. The lighting on it was very well done, with the wiring being almost invisible. So, I haven't ruled it out yet. Eloise and I are going out to Decorator's Warehouse tomorrow. I had visited their website and didn't see anything I liked, but I called, and talked to a friendly lady who said they have a couple of trees that are not on the website, and they fit the description I gave her of what I want. So, I'll go see. They are very pricey, though, so I'm going to have to weigh just how much I'm willing to give up on the tree, vs the cost. Decisions, decisions.

I've been concerned about how I'm going to keep my little white tornado out of the tree. Sugarplum chose one small stuffed toy that always sat beneath the tree, and she would occasionally get it and carry it around for a while, but nothing else. Toye Starr would sit and look at the tree, with wonderment in her eyes, and never, ever bothered a thing. Trinket, I can guarantee, will dismantle the whole thing if she can get to it. Nothing is sacred around here. If she can reach it, it's hers. So, I ordered a little folding "fence" from Amazon. I have one just like it already, we use it across the opening into the dining room and it keeps her out of there. It will stretch from the corner of a sofa, across to the end table beside my chair, and the tree will be in a corner behind it. It's dark brown, my friend Ted will paint it white for me, and it will enhance rather than detract from the tree, and keep The Shredder from getting to the tree and gifts. At $40 it's cheap, compared to the destruction she would cause if she got to the tree. The things we do for our furkids!

Speaking of whom, I guess I'd better go feed her. And myself as well, perhaps. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 18, 2019 - Msg 113245: Prayers and love,Boo. Prayers and love,my dear friend. Just hang on.

Asa, I'm praying for Rob too. That poor man. Sorry for the loss of your neighbor.

Ever wish you could just HUG the whole porch?? In my heart, I'm hugging you all!

possum u.a.r.

November 19, 2019 - Msg 113246: Possum, my dear, you are the CATS! I mean it, you're the CATS! :) Thanks for reaching out to Boo, and that must be a very special letter that you sent to her. Thank you for doing that. A porch (((hug))) is definitely a good idea!!
And BOO, my prayers for you. Question: do you think she may be on drugs again? Just guessing, but the throwing up and the runs for sure shows that something is indeed amiss. I'm thinking that a MRI of her GI tract, etc may show something,if it is not drugs. Perhaps polyps? Maybe a colonoscopy would show something too. She is definitely in my prayers. :)
The funeral service today for our family friend was great. We all gave her a great send off. The church was packed, and the eulogy said it all.
This lady was a true gem. BTW, she was almost 99 years old! That generation is living longer than ours, it seems. The other thing is that she remained in that neighborhood, so another whole generation there benefited from her kindness. I honestly think that the world doesn't have 'her kind' anymore. There was sure a lot of hugging
and pure joy at the reception afterwards, so many people that we grew up with were there celebrating this special lady's life. Thank you Jesus!
God bless,

November 19, 2019 - Msg 113247: Oh, one more thing, our Fry's food stores here have 10 pound bags of Idaho potatoes for $1.99 !! America is an amazing country of God's bounty! I took several to our food pantry at the church, and give the good Lord thanks for his provision.

November 19, 2019 - Msg 113248: Hey everyone the old switchboard has been out of service but finally back up and working. I spent some time in the mountains where internet service doesn't exist. Ever notice in the color episodes that they use a lot of green paint. Whatever happened to Warren, when did he leave the show? I've got a lot reading to catch up on. Sarah

November 20, 2019 - Msg 113249: Hey, Sarah. Glad enjoyed your little mountain getaway, and very glad you made it back to Mayberry safely. We miss you when you're gone!

Well, I did it. I found a Christmas tree, debated between the relatively inexpensive tree at Home Depot, that just really didn't twang my buds, and an absolutely beautiful, very different kind of tree at Decorators Warehouse, for a bit more money, but really not too bad. I've never seen one like it, it's not like anything I've ever had before, but is gorgeous. It's artificial, of course, but looks so real you expect it to smell like an evergreen. It's called a Bear Mountain Spruce, and is just lovely. I checked the internet for pictures, and found some by that name, but they look absolutely nothing like the tree I got. I don't know why, unless the store has it mis-named, but anyway, it's really pretty. After I get it decorated, I'll try to email some pictures. I would welcome pictures of porchsters' Christmas trees and decor as well, if anyone wants to share.

That price on potatoes sounds good, MDC. It's kind of you to take some to the food pantry at your church. I like to do things like that, but our church doesn't maintain a food pantry. Irving has a food pantry in our tiny downtown area, (about six blocks along a main street), and we contribute to that. We used to have boxes in the hallways for folks to leave off staple items, and at our monthly JOY (Just Older Youth) dinners, everyone brought things for the boxes. Lately, the pantry has asked us to make monetary contributions instead. They have a connection to buy food at prices far below what we pay in the store, and therefore can make our contributed value go a lot further. And - as one very elderly gentleman said - the money is lighter to carry than a sack of canned goods. Still, there was a "feel good" moment when one would drop a sack of food into the box.

Trinket update - she is using her potty box at least half the time now, usually with my guidance, but sometimes goes in there on her own. She is the most determined, loving little thing, wants to be as close to me as she can get at all times. She's so much bigger than Toye Starr, that it gets to be a problem at times, but I know she's just a baby, wanting love, and I welcome her. When she finally quits wiggling and settles down, she's a pretty good cuddler!

Well, I've had a long and tiring day, I think I'm going to have a bowl of grapes, with a couple of slices of cheese, and then head for the bed. David is coming in the morning to get this tree set up for me, so I'll need to get up earlier than I usually do. Blessings, porch! --Romeena