November 20, 2019 - Msg 113250: I need to correct what may have left a wrong impression in the post above. When I said Irving has a food pantry, that sounds like it's run by the city, but it's not. It's a coalition of about six churches here in town, with my church being one of them. It's run by volunteers, and supported by those churches. --Romeena

November 20, 2019 - Msg 113251: Figured since I was still hanging around, I'd sweep the porch. The north wind has blown a lot of dry leaves in. --Romeena

November 20, 2019 - Msg 113252: SWISH!!!

November 20, 2019 - Msg 113253: TATERS!...🥔🥔🥔

November 20, 2019 - Msg 113254: BREAD!!

November 20, 2019 - Msg 113255: MEAT! 🦃

November 20, 2019 - Msg 113256: RAIN, BEAUTIFUL RAIN, and I was right out there in it! (Really!) I knew that rain was predicted for starting on Tuesday afternoon, but I had forgotten to clean out the gutters in the back yard where our big ash tree has been dropping leaves! Thus, the leaves clogged the down spout,
and water was pouring out over the top of the gutter.
Actually, my wife was in it also holding the ladder for me, so we were both soaked to the skin, but we loved it!!
It rained most of the day today, and they are saying maybe even a bit on Thursday!
If I may ask your indulgence one more time regarding the funeral of our dear family friend: at the internment ceremony at the cemetery they did a release of doves, and it was quite amazing. 10 doves were released,
representing the two parents and the 8 kids. The doves flew in a circle around the gravesite, and then they took off, two flew to the left and up (as if to heaven), the other 8 flew to the right and then scattered (as if back to their homes around the country). I think the doves were 'rented', but it was still very moving indeed, and interesting how that happened!!
RO--so glad you found a nice tree. So sorry tho that the other was made with those plastic parts.
Hopefully your new one will be stronger.
Prayers continue for BOO's family, and all! :)

November 21, 2019 - Msg 113257: For Romeena... 🎄🎄🎄🎄 G-F

November 21, 2019 - Msg 113258: Good morning, porch! Chilly and gray outside this morning, leaves falling like snow, still a lot on the trees. Eddie will have his work cut out for him.

I got the top section of the tree mostly decorated last night, waiting for David or Landry to come by and put it in place. The tree is over eight feet tall when on the little rolling platform it stands on, and I no longer climb for any reason. The loss of hearing in my right ear has made my balance just a little off and I have no intention of falling, thank you very much! It doesn't bother me as long as I avoid precarious situations, such as ladders. I will at times use a step stool to reach a high shelf, but at those times I have something solid, like a lower shelf, to brace myself, so I don't fall. A Christmas tree, however, would not be a reliable brace! I may be old, but I ain't stupid.

G-F, thanks for that link. A very beautiful rendition of a lovely old song. Aretha Franklin was a treasure.

I'm looking forward to next week. David and family (which includes Eloise) will be at the beach, Heather and family may come up on Monday and Tuesday, the others can't come, and I'm going to be here in blissful solitude. I'm going to just enjoy the time of decorating at my leisure, no demands on my time, and maybe write a story or two. It will be a week of peace and quiet. I may make a pot of soup or something that can cover several meals, or I may just eat out of the pantry and freezer. I do need to go by the store and get a supply of fresh fruit, though. I do love any kind of fruit, and my default meal is often just fruit and a little cheese. A couple of minutes of prep, tastes great, not too filling, and good for me. No clean-up, either, just stick a dish in the dishwasher.

Once I learned the secret, and changed loneliness to solitude, life got a lot better. That's why I included that principle in my book. These days, I often find myself with nothing to do, and all day in which to get it done! That can be a happy place! I read, I write, I putter around, I play with Trinket, and I talk with the Lord. Not a bad way to spend a day.

However, right now, I have a fidgety puppy who, I'm sure, would appreciate her breakfast. Guess I'd better go take care of that. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 21, 2019 - Msg 113259: Thank you MDC for your thoughts and prayers, and thank you Romeena for your very thoughtful email. My porch family is the best! Thank you for always being here for me.

Ive been fairly busy these days with work and such but have to take time to say hello and check in on everyone.

I went to see mom in law in the nursing home today because they had their little thanksgiving luncheon for the residents and their families. She didn't seem to care for the food, however. She doesn't have much of an appetite anymore, but she is near 90 so that is sometimes expected.

Bruce should be home soon and he has been painting the kitchen cabinets this week. There is so much to do around here. We haven't painted anything since we built this place 10 years ago.

I work this weekend so will start doing some things ahead for Thanksgiving as soon as Bruce finishes the kitchen. There is always some cleaning to do, too, but will put Sean to work helping me on his days off. Luckily he is off for thanksgiving. Looks like we will all be off together, which is a blessing.

Erin came by last night and wanted to take Poopsie home with her to spend the night because she was missing her. I picked her up this afternoon and she smelled like a cigarette. Yuck. Yesterday I texted Erin a picture of a smoker's lung. I don't know why I bother. Kids her age don't think anything bad is going to happen to them.

Well, better get some things done around here and start thinking about what to fix Bruce for dinner. Last night I made him breakfast for dinner. Do you ever do that, Asa? Its an easy way to come up with a meal, and pretty cheap too.


November 22, 2019 - Msg 113260: Nice sweep Romeena!
Getting cooler weather over here. May get some rain next week. We really need it.
Prayers for all those in need.
You all have a nice day.

November 22, 2019 - Msg 113261: Just a quick troublecheck tonight. That was tonight's ep, the one about old Ben and the Scobys, (and barn's troublecheck) ha!
HI to BOO and Frankie.
Boo, I guess Erin really does want to try a little bit of everything, but also remind
her that smoke will also hurt Poopsie's lungs!!!
ASA and GF, ya all doing OK?

November 22, 2019 - Msg 113262: Good morning all.

Thanks for the trouble check MDC, and thanks all for the prayers for Rob. The viewing was last night. I feel so very sad for him and his only other Daughter, Sammie. I am pretty sure he is in that post passing fog you tend to be in when losing a loved one. Then it hits you. I imagine he is close to that point. I remember when my Mon passed away. I was only 19 at the time, still living at home. Her and I were really close, and I was surprised how well I did during that week. The following Monday when I returned to work (I worked swing shift at the time) I had walked into my work area at one point, and it suddenly hit me, my Mom was gone. I had to go find a secluded place so I could cry my eyes out. Anyway, I hope and pray that Rob lands gently when it really hits him. Talking to him last night he was saying they had been married 38 years, but had been best of friends since grade school days. I know this is going to be hard on him.

Gosh Boo, I am sorry that Erin is having a hard time finding her way. That is so hard as a parent to see them go through that. I know with 2 out of three of mine, there were times I wanted to hug them and strangle them, all at the same time. In the end you just have to let them find their way, hoping they don't self destruct along the way. I felt the toughest phase of parenthood is the one you are currently in Boo. You and Bruce hang in there.

Romeena, Glad you found a new tree that is suitable. I know how much you love Christmas and decorating. I loved reading your post about the ornaments you have and the memories they bring up. It's funny how little things like an ornament, or a song, or even a smell can do that. I love music as a rule, and yet their are some songs from my younger days that I just don't like at all. It finally dawned on me that it really wasn't the song I disliked, but rather it reminded me of something I was going through that was rough at the time the song was popular. For instance, some of the songs of 1975 are very hard for me to listen too. I thought I just didn't like the songs, but then I realized that was the time my best friend ever took his life, and those songs bring me back to that very hard time in my life. Then of course their are other songs that take me back to very pleasant times.

MDC, Sure sorry about you losing that old friend of yours. I bet it was nice to see a lot of faces you haven't seen in a while though. I love how Andy played old man Weaver in that episode and got him to do a complete turn around concerning the Scoby's. Whoever cast Will Wright to be Ben Weaver deserves an award. He was perfect. Last night I watched the episode where Barney has got everyone punching each other in the nose.

GF, I noticed something for the first time the other night in the episode when Andy saves Gomer from the dreaded fire at the Garage. Watch the part where Andy is working on the gas heater in the Courthouse and see if you can spot the glaring omission. Then again, maybe you already know it. I just noticed it the other night and I bet I have seen the episode dozens of times. Also, I always had Nice Dress Nellie pegged as the female equivalent to Mr. Schwump. Seen a lot, but never speaks. But I actually heard her in one episode say something. Anyone want to take a guess?

Frankie, send some of your rain to us when you are done. We are pretty dry also. We have had some snow in the mountains as some of the resorts are open now, but a lot of that is because of snow machines.

Well guess I better get some things done around here. Between my sore back and other events going on, my place is a mess. My next door neighbor passed away about 3 weeks ago, and then Trudy last week. One was expected as he was older and had been sick for quite a while. Trudy was only 53 though, and totally unexpected. And watching them trying to revive her with no success just really depressed me. The EMT folks had asked me to stick close around because there was no one else at home, and they need some information on how to contact Rob. I am just really shook up about this, and I am not sure why.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.


November 22, 2019 - Msg 113263: Asa, I haven seen that episode in awhile, but if I recall the valve was AFTER the union Andy was trying to tighten up, and it appears to be the wrong kind of shut-off too. I will have to go to my DVD’s and watch it..


November 22, 2019 - Msg 113264: Good morning, porch! It's 47° here, windy, raining and dreary as can be. One of those days when I'm glad I can be at home, snug and warm, and can just do what I please, or don't do what I don't please! (To quote one of my kids at about age 5.) Being retired is cool!

My friend Ted came at 7:15 this morning (I was forewarned, so was up and dressed) and painted the little wooden stand-up barrier I got from Amazon, to block Trinket away from the tree, once it's finished and settled into its corner. I like that little barrier, it's just like the one that blocks her out of the dining room, very attractive, just 19" high and 4' long, with little pawprint cutouts on the top part of it.

Ted also brought his saw and nail gun, and built something else for me, thereby saving me several thousand dollars. I need the head of my bed elevated just about 6", because I can breathe a little easier that way, but mostly because I can see my bedroom TV better, without stacking pillows and bending my neck forward at a sharp angle. I'd like to have one of the new Tempurpedic beds that can be raised and lowered, but I'd also like to have a bottomless checking account and a pet unicorn. So, one night as I was lying there with my neck bent forward and aching, I had an idea. I called Ted, he said yep, he could do that. I didn't want to just put blocks under the head of the bed, because then I would just creep down to the foot of the bed during the night. He built a little ramp out of 1"x6" lumber and a sheet of plywood. Its length covers the width of the bed, and it's just 2' wide. We wrapped it in an old sheet so it wouldn't wear on the box spring or the mattress, and set it in place under the mattress, right up against the headboard. I climbed in and checked it out, and it's very comfortable, raises my head and upper body, with a slight bend at the hips. The slope isn't enough to make me slide down, especially since my lower body is level. All of that work cost me just $125, and is very well done. Ted is a fine craftsman, a Christian and an honest man, charges very fairly, and has been a friend for twenty years. God provides.

Honestly, you HVAC guys notice things that the rest of us would never, ever see. However, I'll bet if there was a hospital scene in a TAGS episode, Boo and I could stump you with some things we would see that you wouldn't!

Boo, many years ago, my brother was spiraling out of control, after a very painful divorce. (He walked into his home earlier than expected one day and caught his wife and a friend of his in "the act.") He turned around and walked out, went and checked into a motel and called a lawyer. End of marriage. After that, my brother was a mess for about three years, doing a lot of things to try to escape his pain, things he had never done before. My mom talked with our beloved, wise pastor for advice, and was told to just leave him alone, don't scold or plead, but don't enable either. Then he said, "You may have to just let him hit rock bottom before he will wake up." So they did. He had been carrying a credit card of my dad's, and Daddy sometimes paid it to protect his own credit rating. When the card expired, Daddy just didn't renew it. When things got tough enough, he asked to move back home, was allowed to do so, but was handed a list of expectations. He got a little huffy, and my dad told him that at age 30, he had two choices. Come home and behave like he should, or manage on his own. He came home, took charge of his life, returned to church, met a nice girl and married her, and lives happily ever after. I think it's called "tough love." Of course, he was 30, and Erin is still very young. Hang in there, Boo. It will get better.

Well, guess I'll go eat a bite, and then tackle the tree for a little while. David or Landry will be by here later this afternoon, to leave Diesel with me while they go to the beach until after Thanksgiving. I want to have the top section of the tree all decorated so they can set it in place when they're here. Then I can finish the rest without help.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

November 22, 2019 - Msg 113265: HaHa Romeena..True!..I bet you and Boo could tell us some stories that would make Emma Watson blush!...G-F

November 22, 2019 - Msg 113266: Oh, you've got that right! I could tell you some stories you wouldn't believe, and I know Boo could as well. I have seen things and done things that would horrify my family if they knew, but I never share things like that with them, or with anyone else. I will share this one, though. It's nutty, but clean. I had an elderly woman, with moderately advanced dementia, who was just mean as could be and very difficult to handle. A bed bath was an adventure, as she fought every step of the way. Finally one day, I made the mistake of reaching across her, too close to her face, and she raised up a little and bit my arm. Hard! She broke the skin and left a significant bruise. I was alone in the room with her, no one to hear, so I bent down and told her if she ever did that again, I'd bite her back! She glared at me and told me she would tell her doctor. I told her to go ahead, and asked who she thought the doctor would believe, her or me. She then spit at me, but I stepped back just in time and it fell on her instead. She never bit me again. The next day, her niece visited, and the woman was cursing at her and at me. I tried to ease it for the niece and told her not to be upset, that it was the disease process talking. The niece's response was classic. "No, it's not that. She's just mean as a snake, always was, still is, and always will be." I couldn't help laughing at that, and I didn't tell her that the small dressing on my forearm was covering the bite her aunt had inflicted on me the day before.

Well, the rest of the family is having a problem getting off to the beach. Brittney's back is hurting badly (she needs some nerve ablation, like I do, only I think hers is worse) and she's trying to get over the flu, and Hudson has the flu and is still running fever. So they won't leave until tomorrow, if then. I think Eloise and her family are still leaving today. So, David and Landry won't be coming by to put the top on my Christmas tree tonight, and I won't get Diesel, either. I'm sorry they're missing part of their vacation, but I'm glad I'm not going. I love to sit on the beach and watch the breakers, and the little birds - sandpipers and plovers and whatever - but I do not get in the water with the jellyfish. Also, walking in the deep sand just absolutely wears me out, and there's always a long walk through it to get to the water's edge. Then with all the condos having a zillion stairs, I spend most of the time trying to catch my breath, and it's just not worth it. I'm quite content here in the peace and quiet of my home, and little Trinket doesn't have to stay with the vet. We'll just hang out and "bond", and have a Mom-and-Trinket time. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 22, 2019 - Msg 113267: Romeena, that statement by the Neice is spot on!...I have found that working with the Seniors in my buildings.
Old age and dementia may exasperate it but the core of their personality is always there. The happy ones are appreciative no matter what you do for them... (for the most part)


November 23, 2019 - Msg 113268: ASA, I am so sorry that you are taking Trudy's passing so hard. I know it must be hard on you and yours. You (and her family) are for sure in my prayers.
It is still Nov. 22 here, and I still think back to Nov. 22, 1963.
I was in Freshman English class when the announcement of JFK's shooting came over the intercom. I still think that was some sort of turning point from post WWII prosperity to a more sobering nation.
As for that gas valve, I tried to see it on youtube, and now they want me to pay to see it. Nope, aint gonna happen! Like GF, I'll just pull out my dvds.
RO--great story about the lady and her niece! Like GF said, it is 'inert' and something like dimentia just amplifies it for sure.
I saw several folks like that at the facilities where both my mom and my dad had
lived the last years.
RO--has our mailing list changed at all since last year? If so, could you email an updated one to me. Thanks.
Well, nite all,

November 23, 2019 - Msg 113269: Good morning, porch! Still dreary and gray and cold here, but the rain stopped yesterday. I think winter has settled in for good.

MDC, thanks for mentioning the mailing list. I really can't remember if it has changed, so I'm just going to send it to anyone that wants it. I'll get a copy to you today. If anybody else wants it, let me know and I'll send it to you.

I slept well last night, with my newly-elevated bed. I did tend to slide downward a bit, but tonight, with a big old pillow beneath my knees, I think I'll stay put. Even so, it was comfortable, and I got some good rest.

Well, got to go get a haircut. I declare, my hair grows like a weed. I get it cut once a month, and she always cuts off at least an inch. The way I wear it, it just doesn't work with any extra length on it, I look like a shaggy dog. When it gets too long, I have to start fooling with it a lot with curlers, curling irons, whatever. At the length I like it, it behaves pretty well, has enough curl in the back to do its own thing without any help, the sides just go back, and the top can be spiked, or (usually) hit with the curling iron in about three places, and I'm done. It's not spectacular, but it'll do.

Progress on the tree is slow. I'm not used to this kind of tree, and my usual decorating pattern doesn't fit. I'm finding my way, and liking what's developing. It's going to be very, very pretty. I fully realize that a Christmas tree is not what Christmas is all about, but if you read my book, you understand what it means to me. If not, I can sum it up. First, Christmas is a birthday celebration, and most of us decorate in some way for a birthday party. Second, the ornaments on my tree represent the beautiful gifts the Wise Men brought, and many of them tell the story of Christmas. Also, as I put them on the tree, the whole process evokes sweet memories of Christmasses in the past, and I revel in those moments. My son gave me a little platform that can be attached in the depths of the tree, and I have a beautiful olive wood Nativity, brought to me by a friend from the Holy Land, and I arrange it on that little platform, with holly and ivy vines around it, and little porcelain roses. I needed a tree with an open growth pattern, in order to display that little scene. Many of my ornaments are stars, crosses, angels and such. Many were made by my children. A tiny pair of silver baby shoes recalls our little Logan. Two ornaments bear the inscription "You may miss me, but I'm spending Christmas with Jesus this year" and bear the names of my husband and son, with their dates on them. I've heard some joyless people say that a Christmas tree is a pagan thing. Not so. A Christmas tree is what you make of it, and what it means and evokes for you. For me, it is a tribute, a reminder, a thing of beauty that brings out the best emotions and thoughts in my heart and mind. I'm just pretty sure that God understands that. I know my mother did, and that's where my convictions were born.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 23, 2019 - Msg 113270: About the Christmas list, if anyone wants to be added or removed, let me know and I'll do it. Also, if any of you on the list have had an address change, I need to know that as well.

Unless I hear to the contrary, if your name is on the list, you will receive it.

You will notice that our Tom is still on the list. I just can't bear to erase his name, but I suppose I should. Still, it makes us remember him this year, and think of the fun he brought to us, in his own (mostly unintended) way. Our Tom was a bird in this world, but he's singing with the angels now. --Romeena

November 24, 2019 - Msg 113271: HI all. As I have mentioned in the recent past,
I try to avoid ladders more and more unless absolutely necessary, like the gutter 'incident' in the
recent rainstorm, and now I always have Cecile holding it for me. Well, today i had to get on the roof to cover our attic turbines, those spinning whilybirds that help vent the attic in the summer. Anyway, all went well with my wife looking on the whole time. And whilst on the subject, like many of us here, I havent put Christmas lights on the roof for a couple years now. Better safe than sorry.
RO--thank you for the Christmas list.
BOO--how goes things with Erin? I recall how much she liked church. Is she still attending? As ASA mentioned, with much prayer and tough love, she will come around I believe, especially for one who has loved the Lord.
Did you get out your Christmas albums yet?
Movie quote: "George Bailey lassos stork!" :)
Good Sabbath to all.

November 24, 2019 - Msg 113272: Ha, did I say Whily birds? I guess Mrs. Wiley is multi-tasking making 'whily birds' now to compete with those Whirlybirds! LOL

November 24, 2019 - Msg 113273: Yep, you did say "whily birds" but I read "whirly birds" and I'll bet most everyone else did too. Our brains tend to see what we expect to see.

David and family stopped by yesterday, put the top on my tree, and left Diesel with me. They're on their way to a condo near Tallahassee, for the week. Heather and Edwin and Trip are not able to come tomorrow as originally planned, as Trip has some sports practices and if he isn't at practice, he can't play. Why do these schools schedule things like that during holiday weeks? Don't they know that the kids need the family time and activities just as much as they need sports? Many a family's plan for some extended "together time" has been ruined so some little kid can go kick a ball around for a few minutes at a practice. It really annoys me, but they don't care what I think, so no need getting in a stew about it.

Therefore, I'm totally on my own for this week, and guess what? I'm looking forward to it! A whole week of peace, (other than shepherding two dogs), and I can decorate my house at my leisure, finish the tree, nap when I please, eat when I please, cook if I wish or don't cook, just a whole week of loving the furkids and getting ready for the Christmas season, and it isn't even December yet! Gotta love it!

MDC, and all you other guys out there, you be careful climbing around on things. You ain't spring chickens anymore, you know! I know, that goes for me as well. I did decorate my tree top before Landry set it in place, but now that it's there, I see bare spots, and will be on my little 2-step stool to remedy that. I will be careful, and my little 2-stepper has a tall "hand hold" that loops up in the front, so it's quite safe. If I should fall, which I won't, it's only about 15" from the top step, and I'm over thick carpet, with no hard surfaces or sharp corners to hit, just soft, upholstered furniture. The tree is coming along nicely, and is just gaw-juss!

Well, better get moving. The clock is ticking, and it's Sunday morning. Blessings, all. --Romeena

November 24, 2019 - Msg 113274: MDC, I member that date so clearly also. I was in third grade at St. Anthony`s school in Harlingen, Texas. I remember my teacher stepped out of the class room in tears. It took her a while to get herself together but she told us and we all went into prayer for the Kennedy family and the country.
ASA, we should be getting our rain Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. Then we will hand it over to your area.
Romeena, I am on my own this week also. I went to the store and picked me up a turkey breast all cooked from the oven and a honey ham. Lot of good left overs in the freezer and two plates of goodies in the frig. I will be eating good all week.
You all have a wonderful Sunday.

November 24, 2019 - Msg 113275: Good Sabbath evening all.

Hey Frankie, you sound a little like Emma Watson talking about all that food you have. lol We must be the same age. I was in the 3rd grade when our custodian burst into the room pushing in a t.v. telling us the President had just been shot. One of those events most of us remember exactly where we were when we first heard about it. Sad day. I remember Walter Cronkite announcing officially that the President had passed away. I think your rain is going to be our snow, at least that is what they are saying. At least I think that's what our weather lady said. She was wearing a real nice sweater and I got distracted. :)

Romeena, sounds like you have a nice week all planned out for yourself. And decorating your tree, your new tree. Probably with Christmas music playing. Just be careful on that ladder. Hand hold or not.

MDC, Are you putting your decorations up this year? Thanksgiving is so late this year it seems.

GF, The thing I was referring to in the episode with the heater is there is no vent pipe on the heater that I can see. There is on in earlier episodes because it was not quite plumb, and that always bothers me. lol When I was an apprentice electrician, my Journeyman was very demanding on getting our conduit level and plumb. He was emphatic about it in fact. And that stayed with me forever I reckon. Folks for miles around would say, "Old Asa ain't fast, but he sure gets things level and plumb". lol My co-workers used to really rib me about it. Anyway, not sure where it got off to for that episode.

I just started the color episodes last night. I have to grin and bear it till I get through the Warren ones. Whew, talk about fingernails on a chalkboard. I must say though, Helen is sure pretty in color.

Well speaking of such, I think I will get off to bed early, snuggle under the covers and watch a few episodes. It's cold out, a bit windy, just a perfect night for an early bed insertion.

Prayers for all.


November 25, 2019 - Msg 113276: huh, huh, huh, huh, (:

November 25, 2019 - Msg 113277: Lol. MDC...Poor Warren didn’t have a chance!..He was annoying but how do you fill Don Knotts shoes 👞

Asa..Are you going to show off your cooking moxie and cook the bird this year?...You KNOW any bird cooked “Pioneer style” HAS to be better than a bird cooked the regular old way!

For me, I like cooking mine in one of those bags. Clean Up is easier and I think it helps keep it moist while cooking. Yep a bird in a bag is worth 2 in the bush!....Amen?

AND one of those handy “Pop Up” things to tell you it’s ready!
Only in America 🤗 .....If the Pilgrims & Indian’s had some of those, they would have had extra time to play more Touch Football 🏈 and not having to watch the turkey 🦃 all day...


November 25, 2019 - Msg 113278: Good morning, porch! It's bright and sunny, but a bit chilly at 51° this morning, but heading for the 70s later today. Mercy me, I've got to get my big ol' window washed! It's so dirty, that with the early morning sun slanting across it, it's just a gray haze and I can hardly see through it. Sorta defeats the purpose of having the window! If it gets warm enough one day this week, maybe I'll get out there and wash it.

I am living in the middle of a circus! Diesel and Trinket are a sight! They wrestle, chase each other, scatter toys, dribble water from their fluffy jaws after they drink, and panic each other so they're both barking, when one thinks they heard something. Trinket has a big, amazing bark for such a small dog, and Diesel's bark will blow your ears back. As for successful house training, Diesel perfected that years ago, but I think it's going to require Cesar Millan to accomplish it with Trinket. She just simply doesn't care. As far as she's concerned, she can just go where she pleases and the maid (me) will clean it up. She has a nice, open potty box back in a corner of the bedroom, with a fresh pad in it each morning. She doesn't have to go outside in the cold and wet. She uses it part of the time. Or not. She will if she's close to it, but if she has to leave the room I'm in and go back there, well, forget it. Brat.

G-F, I don't need a pop-up thing to tell me when my turkey is ready. I have a pull-out thing. It's the bone in the drumstick! When I pull on that bone gently and it comes out clean, it's ready! The white meat is tender and juicy too, because it's been basted, through slits in the skin along the breastbone. Also, it hasn't been cooked nearly as long as the books recommend, since I pre-warm the inside before it goes in the oven. I cook an 18-20 lb turkey in about 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

Speaking of turkey (I may have mentioned this before), if your family mostly prefers dark meat, like my family does, did you know you can buy extra thighs at most big supermarkets? Just tuck them in alongside the big bird, and you'll have extra dark meat. For me and mine, the white meat is mostly for slider-style sandwiches on Hawaiian bread the next day! After that, it gets diced up and makes a wonderful "chicken" salad. Everyone likes chicken salad, but mention turkey salad and people look at you funny, so just don't tell them. Put enough onion, sweet relish, raisins, dried cranberries, chopped pecans, a dollop of sour cream, some mayo or Miracle Whip (your preference) and just a tiny pinch of curry powder in it, and no one will know it isn't chicken! Good, too!

Well, I hear a puppydog wrestling match going on in the living room, and the tree is not yet behind the barrier I got for it, because I'm still decorating it. I can picture ornaments flying, so guess I'd better go break it up. Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 25, 2019 - Msg 113279: Morning all.
Well our new weather girl (the one I think predicted snow) was spot on. Snowing here this morning and it's sticking. So hopefully Helen is going to be in a good mood later. :) We will see.

GF, No sir. If I tried cooking a turkey my family probably would all end up like the folks at the 4400th MASH did. Sick from Klingers special bird he got from Thermopolis I am going to Stacey's house for the bird in this world day. Looking forward to it. Matt is cooking up some prime rib also. Turkey most certainly gets second billing at their house. I want him to try deep frying a turkey some day. Looks dangerous though.
You are sooo right daddy about Warren trying to fill Barneys shoes. Not an easy task, if even doable a-tall. So I try to not be to critical of him. But still....

Romeena, I suspect you have enough experience with cooking you can almost tell just by looking at it and know if your turkey is ready. You talking about buying extra turkey thighs reminded me of John Madden when he would broadcast Thanksgiving day football games. He would award some of the excellent players a turkey drumstick for an award. Well when he had more awards to give than two, he started rolling out a cooked turkey with 4 or 6 drumsticks on it sometimes. lol I sure miss him. He's still with us, just retired.

Matt and I usually play our "World Champion 9 ball Tournament" on T-day as well. It's big. Bragging rights for the year. Boy, if we could only play as good as we talk. lol

Well I hope Lard Butt and Diesel are not doing to Ro's house what the Bumkisses dogs did to the Parkers house. lol


November 25, 2019 - Msg 113280: Whoopps, that is 4077th MASH.


November 25, 2019 - Msg 113281: Oh, I also meant to mention that I saw that Michael Pollard (Cousin Virgil) passed away on Friday. H

November 25, 2019 - Msg 113282: Dang, hit the wrong key. He was 80.


November 25, 2019 - Msg 113283: Some fun going on at your place, Ro! Wow. Wish I had some advice for you concerning potty training but Im no help. I am lucky to have a submissive pup who is fairly easy to train but she does have that terrier streak and will just stand and look at you when you call her. Something else she does that drives me batty and is very brat-like, is that she will grab one of my slippers and if I see her with it she will quickly duck under the bed with it so I cant take it away from her. Bratty. They are just like little kids! I seldom have two of the same shoes to wear anymore.

Ro, I don't remember if you ever told us, but is the new tree white or green? Colored lights, right?

Well, I have been very busy between work and chores around here to get ready for Thanksgiving. I was supposed to have the whole week off but my poor boss was scheduled to work tomorrow but has to take her 15 year old son to a rehab out of town tomorrow. I really feel for her because her boy has a very serious behavior and drug problem. I will be working the day shift so have to be there at 6am. yuck. I am really hoping I can sleep tonight.

I don't have any Christmas decorating done yet. I am still enjoying the fall décor around the house. Everything is pretty clean and neat so I just have to put sheets on the guest bed for mom in law and do all the cooking. Sean is supposed to do all the floors for me.

MDC, thanks for always asking about Erin. She was over today to do some chores for her dad and me. She is still looking for another job so I took her and bought her some groceries. She looked pretty good but had been throwing up earlier in the day. To answer your question, I don't think she is going to church but I will ask her this week when she comes to Thanksgiving. Honestly, Im not even going to church these days. I work most Sundays and just have some anxiety about going back. I am working through it, though.

Well, going to go eat a bite and rest before bed. Hope you are all doing well. I would love to hear about the Thanksgiving plans you all have. Romeena told us about her week and I am curious about the rest of you.


November 26, 2019 - Msg 113284: Hi All! I saw G-F on the podcast for a few minutes tonight. Floyd was delayed getting it started, so I just exchanged a few messages, and went to have my supper (without Dan tucker!) ha
BOO--that is a good sign that Erin still wants to 'engage' you and Bruce. I pray that you will have a good Thanksgiving together. When you pray grace before the meal you could thank the Lord for you all being together, and how important it is for us to give our lives to Jesus, something to that effect. Just a thought.

ASA and all, yup, I have started to put up my Christmas display, I was on the ladder again today, but God bless my wife for having my back. We are suppose to have rain on Thanksgiving and on Friday, so i'm trying to get up as much as i can at this time.
But Asa, I hear ya about those weather ladies, how are we suppose to concentrate on the weather forecast?? ha As for those turkey fryers, I posted here one year a youtube clip of those things going bad due to 'operators' who don't have no smarts! :)BTW i also miss John Madden's comments!
ROMEENA, have you thought of trying multiple potty boxes for Trinket? say 3 or 4, one in each room?
It might be worth thinking about. Just sayin.' as I am going from your comment that she uses it if she's "close to it.")
FRANkie...we are having a small T-day here as well. Just my wife's sister and her hubby, and Cecile and me. But we are hosting a biggie on Christmas this year!
Prayers friends,

November 26, 2019 - Msg 113285: Good morning, porch! Rainy and chilly here, probably isn't going to improve today. Leaves are falling like brown snow, and even the sycamore is starting to shed. It's always the last one to clear off.

This morning I had an appointment with my dermatologist, just a 6-month checkup. The office is in a little free-standing building just next door to the hospital, about ten minutes from my house. I put Trinket in my bathroom, and Diesel in the sun room. I like to separate them when I leave them alone, to prevent any accidental mishaps. I wasn't gone quite 45 minutes, as the doc took me right in. When I came in the door from the garage, the routine message from my ADT system was different, and I knew something had tripped the alarm while I was gone. Yep, Diesel in the sunroom. There is a motion sensor out there, and every time he moved, he would trip it. I had three calls from ADT on the voicemail, and three from my kids. David, who is one of my ICE contacts, is in Florida, and Heather is in Fredericksburg. David was calm, said he figured out what had probably happened, because he knows how I settle the dogs when I'm gone, but was still concerned. Heather was in a dither, but soon settled down when she realized I was okay. I'm just glad I came straight home, and didn't go by the grocery store, as I considered doing. Getting old is annoying at times, but it ain't dull!

MDC, yes, I have considered additional potty boxes, and she would probably use them, but I really hate having a "used" potty in each room! I could handle it, but guests might be a little put off. She does use the little rug at the back door now and then (washable) and I've noticed that when the rug is being washed, she will just go in the spot where the rug would be! So, I'm not sure just how that would work out. Once the boxes were established, I'm afraid I couldn't remove them later. Right now, I'm just asking God to put a little sense into her little head, and help me get her trained. She's such a loving, sweet little thing, but I could just wring her little neck when I find another wet spot on the carpet. Fortunately, the poo just sits there, I pick it up with a tissue, and no harm is done. The things we go through for our furkids!

Progress on the Christmas tree is slow. I'd say it's about half done. It's standing out in the room, I can't roll it back into its corner because some heavy furniture has to be moved to allow it to pass, and I can't do that. David and company will be home this weekend, and we'll get that done. Then I can build the little snowman village underneath the tree, and put up the barrier to keep Trinket out of it, and it will be all done.

Boo, the tree is a long-needled variety of pine, and is heavily flocked, so it's both white and green. I've had a lot of trees over the last sixty years, but never one I've enjoyed as much as this one. It's neck and neck with the real Austrian pines that Dale used to buy for me for Christmas, and looks a lot like them as well. I loved those trees, we had them for about six years, until the awful year when the cutters had sheared them and made them into big green traffic cones, like cookie-cutter trees. Their natural form, the wildness of them, was what I loved. One year, I had one with a double crown! They are rare, pricey, but beautiful. They dry out, like any real tree will do, but they don't collapse or drop their needles. Dale could carry them out through the front door at the end of the season, and I could just follow him and pick up the few random needles that fell, even as he scraped through the door with it. The year they had been sheared, I finally gave up and got my first artificial tree, a white one, and used it for years, because after Dale passed, I wasn't about to try to deal with real trees by myself. Then it finally wore out, and I got a new one about six years ago, and that's the one I threw away last week because the plastic limb ring broke. Now I have this beauty, with metal limb rings, and the detail and workmanship on this tree is amazing. It's pre-lit, with white lights. I thought I would add some colored lights, but after getting it in here, I'm loving the elegance of the white lights. I'll make a carpet of colored lights beneath it, with a mantle of white cotton over them, and build my little snowman village on top of that. I even have a snowman Nativity. It's all going to be so pretty once it's completed. I'm figuring out how to transfer pictures from my phone to my computer, so I can email pics easily, and I'll share them, if anyone is interested.

Well, guess I'd better get to hanging ornaments. I'll do that for a while, then maybe I'll set up my ceramic Nativity on the credenza in the dining room, and maybe even get the mantle decorated. I love Christmas!!! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 26, 2019 - Msg 113286: RO...quick thought, some newer trees now have a button in the cord so you can switch from white lites (LEDs) to colored ones with a click of the button. You may want to see if yours has that feature. mdc

November 26, 2019 - Msg 113287: I would love to see the pics of the decorations, Ro. You're tree sounds lovely. I will send you some, too, but we aren't decorating as much as usual this year. I did put a small white tree with white lights and silver and blue ornaments in my guest room and I think it turned out pretty. It is a 3-footer that is perched atop the built-in chest of drawers. Ive don't no other Christmas decorating yet.

I had to work the early shift so I was up at 4am. I think I am going to try to grab a nap before I begin doing some thanksgiving prep.


November 26, 2019 - Msg 113288: Your tree, not you're. lol Im really tired!