November 27, 2019 - Msg 113289: The Green River Ordinance has kicked in...setting up a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving without a license! Ha! (:

November 27, 2019 - Msg 113290: Well, at least I tidied up for Thanksgiving! mdc

November 27, 2019 - Msg 113291: Happy Thanksgiving eve porchters.

Snowing like mad here, and is supposed to for the next three days. Expect to have at least a foot in my yard when it's done. And three feet or more in the mountains. And I get to sit in my Wheeler by the window and enjoy the beauty of it, instead of getting called in to work to battle in moving it. This is a much better way. :) I have some large Austrian Pine trees in my yard, and them being covered in fresh snow are a sight to behold.

Very nice sweep MDC. You got us all clean and tidy for the big turkey day. Did you get all your decorating done? With Thanksgiving being so late this year I think decorating early should be allowed. :)

Boo, Have you had any time to watch any Christmas movies yet?

GF, Have you had to use Joe yet this season? I thought I was going to use Helen a couple of days ago. We got two inches or so, but by afternoon everything on the driveway had melted off, so she got a reprieve. But she will be put to work today for sure.

Sarah, where you at? Is the switchboard that busy?

Frankie, I hope your rain does not get carried away. Ain't it comforting to have a new roof over your head going into winter?

I talked to Rob yesterday and he seems to be doing pretty good from what I can see. He is dealing with all the things you have to deal with after a spouse passes. I would imagine that would be very difficult, but he seems to be handling it very well. After reading Romeena's book, I have learned a bit om what to say and not say to the surviving spouse in that situation. I guess most important is to try and go with what the Spirit directs you to do. Thank you all for the prayers offered for him.

Well Debbie's home health care nurse will be here later to care for her I.V. port, so I best make sure she has a clear path to walk from her car.

Prayers for all for a safe day.


November 27, 2019 - Msg 113292: Good morning, porch, and a good chilly morning it is! We're at 43į here, and not going to go up ver much, either. I've put a big pile of seed out on the feeding stones and a family of sparrows is enjoying the bounty. The cardinals will be in soon, as there is quite a bit of sunflower seed in the mix. There's a big flock of grackles in one of the trees, but they haven't come down into the yard. They may have seen Diesel when I let him out earlier, and he's a sight that would scare a bird, though he wouldn't dream of harming one. He's such a sweet boy!

He and Trinket have ripped and roared around here until I finally had to separate them briefly last night. They get to playing and wrestling, and rolling and tumbling around, until finally I just can't take it any longer. I have to be very careful walking around the room. It's easy to trip over them, and they roll into my ornament bins, where something could easily be broken. So far, no damage, but it's coming! What's is so funny, is during all that physical combat, neither one makes a sound. It's all totally silent, like watching a silent movie. Silent, that is, until Diesel finally gets enough and blasts one of his mighty barks in Trinket's face, which sends her scurrying for cover! I'm glad, maybe he'll teach her a little respect!

No, MDC, my tree doesn't have that toggle for the lights. I saw a lot that did, and they're really nice, and fun. However, this particular tree just makes a different impression, and the white lights are appropriate on it. The lights I bought for beneath the tree are really neat, though. The strand is 52 ft long, and has 1,560 tiny LED twinkle lights on it. It also has 8 different settings for the lights, all controlled by a little control box on near the plug. The really cool thing is that those lights are virtually indestructible. At the store, in their display area, they had them strung out across the floor like a carpet, and everyone was just walking on them. No harm done! They are supposed to last for 50,000 hours, too. I guess I'll never know if they make it that long. I'm pretty sure I won't. If they burned constantly, every day, all year, that's over 5 years, and considering that they'll probably burn just during the holidays, I think I can safely say I won't be here when they finally give up. If anyone wants to check my math, feel free, and let me know if I figured wrong. Math was not my strong subject. If you want to check these lights out, just run a search on "Designer's Excellence Christmas Lights" and a lot of sites will come up. Apparently Amazon carries them (surprise!), but I didn't see the ones I bought. They have them all a lot of different lengths, but not as long as the ones the Christmas store had. Anyway, check them out. They're beautiful, versatile, and very cool!

Well, I've got two big-eyed pups standing here, looking at me, clearly wondering if I've forgotten to feed them. Guess I'd better go get that done. I have to take Trinket to Dr. Mike this afternoon. I told you about her removing her own sutures after her spay, but I think she needs to be checked. I can feel a tiny sharp point at the spot where one of the sutures was, and I think she may have just bitten it off, and left a piece inside. Her teeth meet perfectly, and she can nibble something off like a pair of scissors had cut it. I sure don't want her getting an abscess there, and she could if there is suture material buried in there. One of these days, I'll tell you about an uncle I had....

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 27, 2019 - Msg 113293: Nope Asa...Joe is still waiting for action, but he is all slicked down with silicon spray tho!..👍 G-F

November 27, 2019 - Msg 113294: Goodness! I guess I'd better go back to proofreading before I hit "Post." Lots of typos and other errors up there. Forgive an old lady, okay? -Romeena

November 27, 2019 - Msg 113295: Asa I bet the snow is beautiful, it is 53 degrees here today and I'm enjoying it. I try to get a mile walk in every morning before I open the switchboard. I got my 2019 White House Christmas ornament and it's the helicopter. President Eisenhower was the first to use a helicopter for short trips. Happy thanksgiving to everyone here. Sarah

November 27, 2019 - Msg 113296: Sarah, I saw that ornament, it is very cool.
RO, you are a bird in this world with the dog wrestling descriptions! ha, what a sight!
GF--glad you have been spared of these storms. We are to have rain on Thankgiving, the first time in like 25 years!
ASA--I hope helen does a good job for ya. We don't want nurses to slip in the snow.
But remember, VICKS is good for cracked finger tips!
SPOT, POSSUM and others, hope all is OK with ya.
Love ya,
MDC :)

November 28, 2019 - Msg 113297: Hello everyone. Its an hour away from Thanksgiving and I am finally showered and ready for a rest after cooking! Wow, I am beat to the socks but got most things done. I have to get the turkey ready and in the oven in the morning and figure out a way to heat up the other food. I don't cook my dressing/stuffing until after the turkey is done because I use the turkey drippings in my dressing, but I have the dressing all ready for the drippings. I already candied the sweet potatoes, made the green bean casserole, backed a ham and made sweet ham gravy, made a chocolate pie, a mixed berry pie, and a pumpkin dessert. St Susan is making the broccoli cheese casserole and she made 2 pecan pies here at my house this evening, as well as Aunt Della's famous Banana Blueberry Cream Cheese Pies! Yum! I made three kinds of dressing this year: vegan for me, sausage and apple bread dressing, and the usual southern cornbread dressing. I also made real mashed potatoes (I only make the real ones once a year!). I will make the turkey gravy tomorrow after the turkey is cooked. I always have to make regular turkey gravy and also giblet gravy for Bruce and his side of the family. I never like giblet gravy but I wont be the one eating it so it doesn't matter, I guess. I made extra everything this year since I am hosting family on Thursday and on Friday. Asa, I wish you could have been here with me as my assistant today. I could have taught you how to make some thanksgiving food. If course, maybe you don't wanna learn to do that. If you plead ignorance, like my sister does, someone else will do it for you! ha

That snow surely sound beautiful, Asa. I am glad you are now retired and can enjoy it more. I am hoping Debbie and all of your children and grandchildren have a wonderful Thanksgiving together. When you were talking about Rob, I thought about something I watched today while cooking..Dolly Parton has a series of episodes that were based on the songs she has written over the years and some of them are really excellent and have good actors playing the parts. Today I watched one called Sugar Hill about a couple who met on Sugar Hill, fell in love, drifted apart and finally came back together for keeps. I wont go into any more detail in case anyone wants to watch it, but if you have Netflix, it is a must. Really beautiful story, but have some Kleenex nearby. I was really crying be the end. It makes you want to hold your loved ones closer and never take them for granted. It got me thinking about how much I have to be thankful for. Its always at this time of year that we are so aware of the loved ones that are missing, but Lord please don't let that keep us from rejoicing in and loving the ones we still have...and for me, that includes all of you!

Better get my poor tired feet put up. Tomorrow is another busy day!


November 28, 2019 - Msg 113298: Oh, forgot to say the Dolly Parton series on Netflix is called Heartstrings.


November 28, 2019 - Msg 113299: 🦃🔪🦃🔪 Mr. Turkey checked todayís weather report, it said todayís temperature is going to be 350 degrees!😵
Yíall have a Great Turkey 🦃 Day, and be sure to wear your stretchy pants 👖...G-F

November 28, 2019 - Msg 113300: Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We have much to be thankful for-hope everyone enjoys their holiday.

possum under Plymouth (I've been there!) rock

November 28, 2019 - Msg 113301: Happy Thanksgiving day all.

Hey to our Possum. Did you see your shadow when you came out under that rock? lol Just curious.

Ha GF. Loved your weather forecast for the turkey. As Barney might say ,"It's gonna get hot, then it's gonna get HOTTER"! lol

Boo, sounds like a real feast at your place. You always do love the holidays so much. It shows. And I love it. I would love to spend a day trying to help you cook. But I suspect after a short while you would invite me to go watch tv with the fellers or something. lol Aunt Dellas pie sure sounds good. It all sounds good. And yes, I believe the porch is all family also.
Last night I watched the episode where Howard is on tv telling jokes, and he personalizes them to make them more interesting. One of the better color episodes in my book. So anyway, with that in mind, I read this joke in an e-mail this morning that made me chuckle. I'll share it with y'all by personalizing it and hoping it doesn't anger Boo. Boo and Bruce are attending a marriage seminar, and the speaker is commenting on having open and honest conversations with our spouses is essential, and how important it is that we know everything we can about our spouses likes and dislikes. He then turns to Bruce and says, Bruce, tell me what Boo's favorite flower is. Bruce leans over and whispers to Boo, It's Pillsbury isn't it? Baboom! I found that a funny one. Thank you for the well wishes for us Boo. And I hope and pray the same for you and your family. I know you are dealing with some heavy issues right now. But remember the yoke, and who is always there with you to help you in times of trial.

MDC, Helen was in a good mood yesterday, so hopefully she will be again today. Our weather girl ain't just a pretty face. She called for a lot of snow, and by golly she delivered. I have at least 8 inches yesterday and it snowed all night. I'm not sure how much, but my DISH has a loss of signal due to the snow. So it's substantial. And it's a wet heavy snow. Makes it hard on Helen. We usually get a powdery snow. But it brings a lot of moisture with it, and we can use that. I hope you and Cecile have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sarah, Good for you getting that mile walk in every day. They say that is important.

Well off to go walk myself. I think it will be on the treadmill. The snow is to slippery.

I pray all of you have a blessed day and remember who to thank.


November 28, 2019 - Msg 113302: Happy Thanksgiving, Porch family! Sit down here and eat a whole lot!

John Masters

November 28, 2019 - Msg 113303: Good Thanksgiving morning, to all my porch friends! I love hearing what everyone is doing, cooking and all. Boo, I'd love to put my feet under your table today! Everything sounds wonderful. As for me, I'm just scrounging out of the pantry today, as it's just me and the pups here. David and family are all still in Florida at the beach, and having a wonderful time. They're catching lots of fish, some huge red snappers, and having a fish fry. I know they're having fun, and that makes me happy. I would not enjoy the trip as much as they are, and would have been one more "thing" they would have had to try to accommodate. Not worth it. The rest of the family is tangled in work/school things and can't make the trip up here. No problem. I'm perfectly content here with my two little furry clowns, and in a few days, everyone will be home and we'll have our own belated Thanksgiving, complete with turkey and pumpkin pies. I'll be able to shop for groceries at leisure, instead of doing battle in the stores this week. All in all, it works for us. I learned a long time ago, working in the hospital, that holidays don't necessarily have to follow the calendar. You make your own calendar!

Wow, Asa, I never thought about snow causing signal loss in your DISH. I have DISH also, and I know a heavy rainstorm can knock it out for a few minutes, but never thought about snow. Is it the falling snow that blocks the signal, or does the snow build up on the DISH? Or both? Interesting...

Oh, the rolling and tumbling that's taking place behind me, as I sit at this keyboard. All I hear is a thump now and then, and lots of heavy panting, and the muted thunder of paws on the carpet. Diesel is breathing harder and harder, and will soon blow Trinket's ears back with a big bark, and they'll stop and rest for a while. I've yelled at them enough, to stay away from the tree, that they now are pretty careful and don't get too close. I will be glad, though, when I finally get it finished, and David gets home to move it back into its corner. I've got that little barrier to put in front of it, and it will be so pretty.

It annoys me that I have to wait for someone to help with the heavy lifting, things I used to be able to do myself, but just can't anymore. Old age ain't no place for sissies, said Bette Davis, and she was right. Well, I've never been a sissy, and I don't plan to let my age keep me from enjoying life. I do what I can, and con younger folks into doing what I can't! Then I try to make it worth their while in some way. I learned that from my mom. For several years, toward the end of her life, I put up her Christmas tree, and crawled around on the floor building the little ceramic village that sprawled for several feet at the foot of the tree. Meantime, she would be in the kitchen off and on, and suddenly a great meal and some yummy desserts would appear. Or, a cute new jacket or a piece of my collectible Fiesta pottery would be given to me. The best reward of all was a big hug, and a "thank you, honey." So, now when I need some help, I try to remember her example.

For now, I may just treat myself to a Sonic burger for lunch, some fresh fruit for dinner, and keep working on the tree. As big as it is, it's not going to hold anywhere near all my ornaments. I'm having to make decisions as to who gets to come out and play this year, and who remains in the bins. My most treasured ornaments are stored separately on a high linen closet shelf, and I haven't gotten them out yet. I'll wait until the tree has gotten settled, and then the boys can get those ornaments down for me and I'll put them on the tree. There are about fifteen of them, so I know I can find them a place. Such fun! I'm loving having all this time to get it done at my leisure. This holiday is working out very well.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, friends, and as Asa said, be sure to thank our Provider. He is the giver of all gifts, the supplier of all our needs. He has not always given me all of my wants, because they might not have been good for me, but He has always supplied my needs. I might not always know the difference at first, but I'm thankful that He does! Blessings! --Romeena

November 28, 2019 - Msg 113304: For Romeena.


November 28, 2019 - Msg 113305: Happy Thanksgiving Porch, you all have a wonderful day.

November 29, 2019 - Msg 113306: Thanksgiving blessings! Itís 11:30..Iím tuckered out and going to bed. Love to all❤️


PS- funny Asa, but my favorite flour is King Arthur Flour, not Pillsbury. 😜. Thanks for the encouraging words. I really appreciated the yoke comment.

November 29, 2019 - Msg 113307: BOO, I got TIRED just reading about all your cooking and baking!! Wow, you really outdid yourself!!! I think you mentioned a while back that you were going crank it back a few notches for Christmas. You do just that! ha
ASA, you're pretty funny for an old, retired guy! HA! Now I've got one for you: I posted a cartoon on FB a while back. The husband is busy rolling paint on the ceiling, and his wife and her friend are looking on. The cation reads: "I can get him to do anything around here by telling him that he's too old to do it!" harhar One over-the-air channel that i get is called "Antenna TV," and they have been having a Dennis the Menace marathon. I saw a couple eps last night, and it had about 5 tags folks on them, including Otis as an auctioneer!
Anyone watch the parade this morning?
RO--your tree sure sounds nice. Please post it on FB when you get it done, and let us know, thanks.
Also, glad to hear that it has metal supports! :) Oh, and thanks again to you and Boo for working on all those various holidays!
As for your two doggies, this may not be PC, but...maybe they'll chase each other around and around until they turn into butter!! haha!
Prayers and God's blessings,

November 29, 2019 - Msg 113308: Good morning, porch! Cold, chilly and dreary here this morning, drizzling rain off and on. A good day to stay indoors, do more decorating, love on the puppies, and cook up something easy, good, and warm.

Asa, I love that clip from WKRP, which is a long-time favorite show. Les Nessman was just the most hilarious little dweeb imaginable! He played that part so well. As for the classic line about the turkeys, it became a default line in our family. Anytime Dale or I did something that wasn't too bright, we would just say, "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!" Dale was the first to say it, and soon the whole family was using it whenever the situation fit. That man knew a funny, classic line when he heard one.

MDC, I will be happy to post Christmas tree pictures on Facebook. Everyone, please know that I do very, very little on Facebook, and probably most of you are not in my "Friends" list. I would love for you to be, so if you'll send me a request, I'll accept it. Once we have that established, I should be able to see your Christmas decor as well, if you will post it. Sorry I'm such a dinosaur about things like Facebook, but it comes with age!

David and the rest of the family will be home tomorrow night, probably pretty late. I'll miss Diesel when they pick him up, and Trinket will probably go into mourning. Diesel will be a happy puppy, for sure! Trinket has pestered him unmercifully this whole week. Fortunately, he can get up on a sofa, and she can't get her little "lard b#tt" up there, so he does get some respite, poor little guy. She weighs 8.5 lbs now, he weighs about 30 lbs, and he can get up there and she can't. Toye Starr, who only weighed 4.5 lbs, could! Go figure!

I'm starting to think about lunch - maybe some tomato soup and a melted cheese sandwich. Yep, sounds good. I have some of Dave's "Killer" bread, with all the seeds and nuts in it, and with some cheese melted on top it will be so good. I even have half a can of diced tomatoes left from something else, and they won't hurt that tomato soup one bit! I love to leap-frog leftovers! Blessings, all -- Romeena

November 29, 2019 - Msg 113309: Well, what a busy but blessed two days! I am ready to go back to work tomorrow and get some rest. lol We had such a nice time with family and so much food! Thursday was just terrific with St. Susan and her family. Her husband's younger brother, Tracy, and family from Michigan were so sweet. I just loved them so and hate that they live so far away. I know it was a lot of work and so much cooking, but it was worth every bit of it if they enjoyed it. You know, poor Bruce usually gets left out of things because of his severe hearing impairment, but Tracy spent hours talking to Bruce and listening to him. Tracy was careful to speak up and make sure Brue heard it. It just blessed my heart that they enjoyed visiting for hours. Needless to say, I think Tracy is swell and I just loved his wife and sweet little girls, too. His youngest, Natalie, who is 11, sang a Christmas song for me that she learned in her choir class and it was absolutely beautiful! What a blessing to hear her angelic little voice. Just that alone, made all the work more than worthwhile. After they left, Sean went to bed early and Bruce and I sat and watched a sweet movie together..just the peace and quiet was so nice. I went to bed after 11;30 and was up at 7am to begin round two with Bruce's side of the family. It was easier today, though, just heating things up, etc. Bruce picked up his mom from the nursing home and she is here with us. She has calmed down considerably and has been pleasant. Interestingly, my dog has taken quite a liking to her. At first, Poopsie was afraid and barked at her, but it didn't take long for her to be right up in her lap and she has been sleeping in Grandma's lap with a blanket on her for hours now. Grandma loves it, of course.

The kitchen is cleaned up and all the food put away so I think I will take it easy until bedtime.

Ro, I will post a picture for you on facebook of the white tree with the silver and blue ornaments that I put in my guestroom.

To answer your question, Asa, I have watched a couple of Christmas movies but just not feeling it this year so far. Maybe now that Thanksgiving is over.


November 29, 2019 - Msg 113310: ME-TV had the Christmas ep on tonight... kinda gets me right THERE! Every time!) :) More tomorrow.

November 30, 2019 - Msg 113311: Good morning all.

I love the Christmas episode t00 MDC. I wish TAGS had done more Christmas episodes over the years. Last night I watched the episode where Goober gets rear ended. I always laugh in the scene when Goober goes into the Barbershop, seemingly just fine, and after talking to Floyd, leaves walking like the tin man who ain't been oiled in decades. Later in the episode we learn that the fellow Floyd had told Goober about was kicked in the head by a mule. But in Floyd's mind, it was the same kind of event because they were both hit from behind. lol The other scene I love is when an obviously very frustrated Andy washes Goobers face with the wash rag. lol Not gently a-tall.

Boo, That pleases me so much to read about your Thanksgiving, and how well it went. Sounds like it was a smashing success. Often times those family gatherings can go either way. lol Especially when there are pre-existing feelings involved.

Romeena, don't feel bad about Facebook. I don't have an account, and don't suppose I ever will. I think GF is in that same camp. I really don't know much about it, but I seem to hear a lot of drama can come from it. So I just stay away from it. Sounds like Diesel and L.B. are having a good old time. In regards to the snow and my DISH, both things you mentioned can affect it. But it is usually the accumulation of fallen snow on the dish itself that does it. I have a small brush attached to a telescopic painters pole that can reach the dish from the ground. It usually only happens when we have a storm come in from the south with south winds. That only takes place once or twice a year most years. And it will usually melt off itself in a couple of hours if I don't clear it off. I knew you loved the WKRP episode with that. Yep, Les Nessmen was a hoot. Reminds me a little of Barney. I remember in an early episode (might have been the first one) I think it was the new station manager telling Les he had heard him giving his traffic report earlier that morning from an helicopter. He said he didn't know the station owned an helicopter. Les, a bit sheepishly admits that the station does not own one. When asked further about it, Les confesses he is beating on his chest (mimicking the helicopter sounds) while reporting traffic conditions. Funny stuff.

Well I am proud to announce that I have won this years grand championship 9 ball trophy in dramatic fashion. We had to play a condensed series this year due to time constraints. A race to 3 instead of 7. I won game one. Matt came back to win games two and three. So he is up 2-1, and is shooting to win the prize as he calls the corner pocket to drop the 9 ball. He does, and it looks like he wins, but the cue ball gets away from him and he scratches. So it is now tied 2 up, and I get the break. Naturally I am talking smack as I prepare to break, telling Matt I was just toying with him, trying to keep things interesting, but it was getting late and I was getting tired, and it was time to "put the hammer down". He responded with "oh, ok. Put the hammer down" while rolling his eyes. So I break, and I'll be danged, I dropped the 9 ball on the break to win it all. lol He can't believe it. (neither can I) But I very humbly told him I was going to put the hammer down, and I had done so. lol He is a good loser, and I am a very gracious winner. :) We do have a lot of fun with that pool table.

Well our snow has finally ended here it looks like. Quite a series of storms. We ended up with almost a foot of wet heavy snow. The mountains got almost 4 feet. Not sure the skiers are real happy because it wasn't the light powdery stuff we are noted for. But it will do wonders for out water year totals.

I hope everyone has a great day. Now it's Christmas in full bore.


November 30, 2019 - Msg 113312: Atta Boy Asa...Always good when we can chalk up a win for the Old Guys and send those young ones back to their cell phones!...Is there a ďAppĒ for that?...haha

Amen on the Facebook thing, not for me either!

BTW Possum...Iíve seen Plymouth Rock too, talk about a letdown!..Donít know what I was expecting but it wasnít that!


November 30, 2019 - Msg 113313: Good morning, porch! Still gray and drizzly here. The yard is covered almost solid with leaves, which actually helps a lot when Diesel goes out to potty. His big old fluffy feet are like sponges, and soak up a lot of water. When he's walking in wet grass, his feet also pick up dirt (mud) and can get really messy. On the leaves, they keep his feet from sinking in, and they just get wet. Bless his sweet, well-trained little heart, he knows when his feet are wet, and will stop on the rug beside the door and wait for me to dry them. He is one smart doggie, and Brittney is an amazing trainer, she can get a dog to do anything. On the command "paws up" he will stand on his tiptoes, and reach waaay up with his front paws, to give you a double high-five. That's just one of his many accomplishments. I may send LB to Brittney for some education.

Boo, thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving events with us. It's good to hear you sounding so good, and I'm glad you had such a nice time. You remind me of my relationship with Dale's family (also from Michigan!) His step-sister and I always got along very well, still maintain phone and email contact, and I would love to have her and her family come for a visit. She's a kind, gentle soul and funny as well, great sense of humor.

Asa, where is your pool table? I'm guessing in a basement. That's something we Texas folks just don't have, they're very rare down here. That's really too bad, because after visiting Dale's family in Michigan, and seeing several basements, I'm aware of how convenient and helpful they can be. I guess they can be a problem as well, especially if they take on water at times, but the ones I saw were a great addition to the homes.

Well, guess I'd better get busy. Family will be home tonight, and I need to tidy up a bit. I haven't finished decorating, because I hit too many roadblocks, with relatively heavy things being stored in high places. In years past, not only would I be getting them down, I would be the one who put them up there in the first place. Not so, these days. I'm here alone, my balance isn't trustworthy, and I have no intention of being stupid and climbing up to get a heavy box down, and ending up on the floor. So, I've got it all done up to the final point. An example would be my ceramic Nativity. I've got the site prepared, but the box is too heavy for me to take down from the closet shelf. Landry put it there, and he will get it down for me. Once he does, I can arrange it in half an hour. The tree is almost fully decorated, waiting for a tall person to get the tins of special ornaments down from the high linen closet shelf. Once the family arrives, someone will move some furniture so the tree can be rolled into its corner. Once it's in place, all those special "featured" ornaments will be hung, Hudson will build my village beneath the tree, I'll put up the little white fence/barrier to keep LB out of things, and it will be done.

I agree, I wish TAGS had done at least one more Christmas episode. I love the one they did. I think my favorite part is where old Ben is peeking through the window, and joins in the singing of the carol. His sweet old voice can be heard, and it really gives you a glimpse into the man beneath the grumpy old shell.

Well, gotta go feed puppies, and get busy around here. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 01, 2019 - Msg 113314: Just think ASA, you don't have to be "right there in it" anymore except to run (with) Helen! Ha See what i did there, Helen don't 'run with' nobody! :)
I enjoyed your play by play of the Minnesota Fats 9 ball tourney!
That was a lucky 'break!' I'm just giddy with puns tonight because my ASU beat the U of A in the annual football game! woohoo!
BOO--It's a Wonderful Life was on tonight. That line about "He's making violent love to me mother." still cracks me up. Hope all is well at shoreline these days.

I have to give a little talk in church tomorrow on, of all things, fundraising!
I think I'd rather visit the jail! ha Our parking lot needs serious re-surfacing,
and you maint. guys know that it aint cheap to do that!
My house decs are almost all up!

December 01, 2019 - Msg 113315: well December has arrived and as the preacher said its just rush rush. this is papa bear got me a new laptop and wanted to check in' so good to see so many friends mdc asa romeena possum and all who remembers papa bear; I was watching entertainment last night they were talking about how much different actors from popular long running shows made every time a rerun showed average was !500 an episode I wondered about mayberry here we get it two times a day;not important just curious'well back to making poor emma her pills before she has to take to her bed' better make ottis a holiday supply;; prayers for all; papa bear

December 01, 2019 - Msg 113316: let us remember those porchsters we have lost like preacher who are in heaven now. soon it will be 2020 be a great name for a tv show ha. the years may fly by but our friends love grows for each other; have a blessed week; prayers for everyone, papa bear

December 01, 2019 - Msg 113317: Good Sabbath all.

Hey Papabear, so good to see you. I hope you are well and had a nice Thanksgiving.

MDC, Helen was well behaved thank goodness. She did struggle with the snow because it was very wet and heavy. But that wasn't her fault.
I saw that ASU won the in state battle. Congrats. Hard to think the college season is over, other than the Bowl games.
Matt said the same thing about my break being lucky. Of course I had to humbly remind him that "luck" is the residue of practice hard work and execution. lol And then I told him how I could see how a rookie might look at that shot as lucky, but us true professionals knew exactly what we were doing.. lol (we really talk smack in these games)
Good luck on your talk. Maybe you can tell them if they give a lot of money, the Church can buy a pool table with what's left over. Might work.

Romeena, yes, Matt's pool table is in his basement. It takes a pretty good sized room to accommodate a full size table, leaving enough room also for shot making. I hope your belated get together went well.

GF, Did you get a round of Knuckle Ball in? Are you getting any of these storms I am sending your way? It looks like we are done for a while. Even saw some sun yesterday, although it was pretty cold.

I hope everyone has a great Sabbath. I am going to Stacey's Church today because Amy is getting a special Young Women's award for some achievements she has accomplished. Gosh these kids grow up so fast.

Prayers for all.


December 01, 2019 - Msg 113318: Asa, Those Knuckle Ball games are a thing of the past, but the memories still

We are getting the rain but not the snow.....YET

Papa Brear glad you popped in, now that you got a new electronal device donít be a stranger....


December 01, 2019 - Msg 113319: *Bear....

December 01, 2019 - Msg 113320: *Bear....

December 01, 2019 - Msg 113321: But how did Matt get the pool table INTO the basement?? (:

December 01, 2019 - Msg 113322: had a great thanksgiving but early om thanksgiving day I over heard mrs turkey asking mr turkey how hot it was suppose to ber today. mr turkey said oh about 350 papa bear

December 02, 2019 - Msg 113323: hey to pappa bear!! Good to see you posting again.
I got your Christmas card! Very nice. I really like Kincade's work.
Well, I didnt get any rocks or bottles thrown at me after my fundraising
talk today. But I started with, "If this were the horse and buggy days,
new asphalt would not be an issue, but..." ha
I finished up with my outdoor decorations today. All went well, and the ladder is stowed away until January 1st! ha
ASA, I see thet SLC is going to get a new storm coming in from Cal.
Get Helen ready! Yes, the college season is over, but there are now about 40 of them bowl games!!
RO--our tree will go up this week!
God's blessings,

December 02, 2019 - Msg 113324: FRA-GEE-LAY! (:

December 02, 2019 - Msg 113325: asa as barney always said. but andy we need the latest electronic equipment so we can fight all these crime. so I got a new laptop so I could listen to ottis snore..take care and may god bless you and yours papa bear

December 02, 2019 - Msg 113326: Hey MDC... You can get one for yourself...


December 02, 2019 - Msg 113327: The Christmas Story House is only 5 min. from my Sonís house, and not far from where our TOM grew up too!
G-F again

December 02, 2019 - Msg 113328: h istory of exchanging Christmas came up the idea of the Christmas cards cards in 1840 the new post office decided they needed money to continue so one of its top employees sir henry cole came up with the penny Christmas cards sold and mailed for a penny.. it was so successful that even today we still send millions out annualy;;; of course a bit more than a penny hope you enjoyed the info;;; papa bear

December 02, 2019 - Msg 113329: Pappa Bear, you are a bird in this world, AND a walking encyclopedia! :) MDC

December 02, 2019 - Msg 113330: Hey Pappa Bear!!

Hey to everybody else too!

possum u.a.r.

December 02, 2019 - Msg 113331: Hey POSSUM! I hope you had a great Thanks-giving! :)
The Mr. Wheeler ep was on tonight. He needs an onion. ya know! ha
ASA or GF have you ever dealt with a Honeywell Chromotherm III thermostat? I have that kind, but I think it is going bad. The fan won't stop even if I turn the system to off! Been happening for about a week now.
I looked at stats at HD today, but they are all now 'smart' ones that you set up thru the web.
Wish I could still get me a 'dumb' one.

Well, have a good evening all,

December 02, 2019 - Msg 113332: MDC...Could be the Stat or the fan control board on the unit..Didnít you replace it not that long ago?
How did you make out on your Moen cartridge?.....G-F

December 03, 2019 - Msg 113333: Morning all.
A cold wintery morning here.

MDC, I am not familiar with that particular stat. Is it just the fan that keeps running, or does the heat also stay on? If it's both, I'd be inclined to say a stat issue. If just the fan it still might be a stat issue, or as Goob said, a control board problem. Sounds like it was made by the same folks who made the on/off switch on Andy's vacuum. lol

Wow Papa Bear, interesting info on the card history. I wonder if Mr. Cole was rewarded for his idea.

Someone asked how Matt got the pool table in the basement. It has a walkout directly into the room he was putting it, so it worked out well. He used a professional company to do it, because it is a slate table (weighs a ton) and they would have to come and set it up anyway.

Last night I watched the episode where Goober grows a beard and suddenly becomes all wise and knowing. I worked with a feller like that. He had a high opinion of his opinion. I found myself doing just what the Mayberry folks were doing, avoid him as much as possible.
I also watched Goober's Contest. That is a sad one because it was Floyd's last episode. You can see he is struggling with his lines. I always thought it was awesome how they brought him back after his stroke, and did all the things they did to accommodate his condition. Very class act.

Well off to run a few errands. Sure is nice to be able to do them in the middle of the day and not after work during rush hour traffic.

Prayers for all.


December 03, 2019 - Msg 113334: Good morning, porch! Beautiful, clear sunny day here. A bit chilly at 54į, but just sweater outside or a light jacket will do the trick. As Asa said, I'm grateful to be able to do them during the day, and not have to fight evening traffic, especially at this time of the year. Will be doing just that, right after lunch. Then tonight, I'm going to a banquet at the church. Every Christmas, the deacons at the church have a Christmas banquet, with wives invited. In addition, the wives of deacons who have passed are included, are picked up by one of the deacons and his wife, and escorted to the banquet. My husband was a deacon, and now, 23 years later, I'm still included in the banquet. Pretty nice, a very kind gesture. One of my good friends will be attending also, and the same deacon will pick up both of us. It's a very kind gesture, honors the memory of our husbands, and makes us still feel included.

Asa, that snowman story was hilarious, and I've sent it to my email list. So funny, but so true!

Well, Eloise just called, she's on her way over, and we'll probably go get lunch somewhere, and then I'll run my few little errands. I need to go to PetSmart, and then pick up a string of 25 white Christmas lights, to go in a special wreath. It's the one that hangs above my Nativity scent, on the credenza in the dining room. The angel hangs inside the wreath, and when it's lighted, it's quite nice. However, this year, the lights that were there were all blown, don't know when or why that happened, but they were. So, I cut them out and will now need to work a new string in there. Without the lights, the angel is not even noticed. I'll get LED this time. That wreath is probably at least 25 years old, so the old lights have done their duty, I guess.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 03, 2019 - Msg 113335: Good grief! Make that "Nativity scene", not "scent." There may have been a "scent" in the original scene, with all those critters in there, but I hope there's not a scent in my representation! --Romeena

December 04, 2019 - Msg 113336: Good morning, porch! Where is everybody? Did the dam bust? I'm following myself here, and that last post was written yesterday morning! I guess everyone is out Christmas shopping.

Well, I didn't find those lights I need yesterday, so will try again today. I checked online last night, and apparently Home Depot has them, so will go and look there. I also need a string of white wire LED lights in multi color. They go beneath the cotton under my Nativity scene. I've got colored incandescents, but I always worry about the heat beneath the cotton. Nothing has happened in all these years, but when cool lights are available, why not use them?

I didn't go to the Deacons/wives banquet last night. I just didn't feel up to it. I've got a touch of bronchitis, felt a little feverish, and was coughing a lot, so I figured I'd give the rest of the folks a break and keep my cough at home. I took some Mucinex D and it helped a lot, but by then it was too late to go. This morning I'm feeling better, so will get my errands run and then try to finish up the decorating this evening.

I can't believe I've had all of last week to get this done, and am still not finished. For one thing, that new tree is a challenge, I've never decorated one like it before. It's beautiful, and I'm glad I've got it, but there's a learning curve with it. Also, I was having to wait for tall and strong people to be here to get heavy things down for me. I've made my family and myself a solemn promise that I won't climb on things and risk a fall. It's just not worth it. So, little by little, I'm getting things done.

Well, guess I'll go feed LB and maybe a little something for myself, then get my errands done. Blessings, porch! --Romeena