December 04, 2019 - Msg 113337: Asa's got hot knees! And remember MDC, push from the back to the front, you've seen Ralph Bellamy. And I look up to G-F. He's so swave. He's dated a waitress and even a registered nurse!


December 04, 2019 - Msg 113338: How's that for a sweep! Haven't been here in awhile and I get the job done! ;)


December 04, 2019 - Msg 113339: Great sweep JM ...Wow have I got some reading to do !..This retirement has kept me busy ..Got all my cabbage and greens harvested and garden plowed and limed for Christmas shopping...prayers to all..breakfast will be at I-HOP on Possum and I in the to read lots of archives !..SPOT

December 04, 2019 - Msg 113340: SPOT and JM, good to see ya! Spot, you had more time to post when you were working the console at work than you do in retirement! ha
JM--I hope all is well with you also, good sweep!
ASA and GF--It is just the fan that keeps running. It is only a 5 year old Rheem unit gas pac. I found a stat today that I will try. If the fan keeps running then, that should tell me that it is the board.
Man, this electronal stuff can be something else. Just ask Ro about her lights! ha
Regarding the cartridge, I removed the escutcheon (funny word), and using vinegar in a spray bottle, I saturated the cartridge pretty good, and it has been working fine since. And I also poured some down the shower head pipe per GF flaunting his plumbing knowledge. :)
ASA--I havent seen the color eps in a long time. My fav of those is still Howard on the desert island! ha
RO--my tree is a GE model. It has steel branch holders and leds that are white, color or both with the push of a button. It's in 3 sections. And what i really like is that each section has pins and slots in the 'trunk' so when you but the sections togeter the lights are automatically connected! You may recall that we had the same issue with plastic branch holders breaking on our former tree a few years ago.
I am so sorry that you missed the deacon dinner. I know how much you like it and it's inclusiveness; but I guess it was better than spreading your germs.
BOO--how is it going these days? Hope all is well and that you 'recovered' from Thanksgiving, and that you will pull back a bit for Christmas.
LUCY---are you lurcking out there these days? And PH, Billy Ray, MAUDIE, FRANKIE and all?
Y'all have a wonderful evening.
Hey to pappabear.

December 05, 2019 - Msg 113341: Nice sweep JM!
Hello to everyone on the porch.
Been busy getting some Christmas shopping done. Have packages out in the mail. That takes a big load off my mind. My sisters birthday is in a week also. I sent her out a country gift basket full of goodies.
SPOT, it sounds like you have a big vegetable garden. My brother keeps pretty busy with his.
You all have a wonderful week.

December 05, 2019 - Msg 113342: great to see everyone again. spot I kmow what you mean always busy in retirement we were told life easy do what we want. noe we are busy 60 hours a week on schedule don't even get over time. I went Christmas shopping all over town shelves were about empty especialy for sale items about to go home and finaly a sale item one left and as I reached for it a woman grabbed it so I went back to my bear cave to hybernate' prayers to one and all. papa bear

December 05, 2019 - Msg 113343: Morning Y’all...You are right Papa 🐻 it’s brutal out there! I try to do mine early, bit there are still those trips you have to make and fight the crowds...Christmas Time is a curious time of the year, you see people at their BEST & WORSE at the same time...Amen?

Speaking of Christmas, my cards are going out today, I went with a different theme this year.. Sorry Asa, No Christmas 🦇 bats this Mayberry Effect...Some people see 🦇 Some people see Butterflies 🦋...Some See Christmas 🎄 Some See Bushes....


December 05, 2019 - Msg 113344: Good morning porch! well its Thursday already. another work week is just about over.

I finished most of the Christmas cards and got them in the mail. now I have to get my shopping
finished.... anyone want to do it for me. I'd sure appreciate it. :)

Cold and sunny on my end of the porch. We have had lots of rain and snow in the higher mountain elevations this week. hopefully it will be a bit
warmer the next couple of days

nothing new to report from my end of the porch so guess I will post the lunch menu and get to work.

lunch for today will be: Chicken tortilla soup with shredded cheese, sour cream for toppings,
tortilla chips. peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

prayers and blessings to all

Big Maude

December 05, 2019 - Msg 113345: Good morning all.
Hey GF, Glad to be bat free this year. I won't have to wear my hat when I open your card. :) I best get to work on my cards. The big day is sneaking up on us, at least on me. I have noticed that in retirement Holidays do that. You guys are so correct in how Christmas brings out the worst and the best. I also try and do my shopping early. Saves me a lot of heartache. :)

Frankie, sounds like y'all are getting some rain there. Getting a rain/snow mix here this morning.

MDC, I have discovered since owning TAGS on DVD that I enjoy the color episodes much more than I used to. Some of the "color characters" were pretty good. The story line with Howard and his controlling Mother was funny. She kept Howard on a very short leash (as Andy put it). Until she found herself a husband, then it was xo long Howard, you can have the house. lol Last night I watched the episode where Andy, Helen, Howard, and Millie travel to West Virginia for Howard and Millie's wedding. The reaction by Howard when Millie asks if he would shave his moustache off is funny. He is highly bothered that she would ask him to do such a thing. lol

Spot and John, good to see you fellers.

Romeena, sorry you have bronchitis. That's not fun. How is your back doing? Better I hope. I know the misery of an aching back with a bad cough. Misery X2.

Boo, I hope all is well with you and yours.

Joke of the day.
Andy is issuing a speeding ticket to a young smart mouth Ron Bailey. Bailey asks Andy, "Do you know who my father is"? To which Andy replies, as he hands him the ticket, "No Son, I don't. If'n I were you, I'd ask your Mother. She would know". Baboom!

Prayers for all for a great day.


December 05, 2019 - Msg 113346: Some of you know about our “Miss Mayberry” Sarah that I have talked about, I know Maude has met her and maybe Possum at the Meet-Up. She did this at the talent show at Mayberry Days and got the opportunity to do it with the Ball Brothers on stage...Enjoy...The Reason for the Season!


December 05, 2019 - Msg 113347: *I know it’s small, but if you hit the expand symbol in the corner it helps.......

December 05, 2019 - Msg 113348: Yes, G-F, I saw Sarah (wasn't introduced,so can't say that I've "met" her) at the Meet Up I attended several years ago. She added a nice (and important) touch to the song in the video!
Decorating my tree today and once that's done I'll try to work on my Christmas cards. Got one from Maudie already- thanks, Big Maude!

Well, back to hanging ornaments- only a zillion more to go!

possum under a rock

December 05, 2019 - Msg 113349: thanks big maude for the card. really tired tonight. question as a kid what was the one special gift you got as a Christmas gift. mine was a new scwinn bicycle. I got a first class one with baskets on side

December 06, 2019 - Msg 113350: Hello everyone. I have been busy as can be ever since the week before Thanksgiving. Havent stopped yet but will be going out of town tomorrow for the weekend. We are going to Fredricksburg for the Christmas festivities, Ro. My sister and her husband and Emily planned to go so we decided to go, too. We are staying at an Air bnb and will go to the parade and to see the lights in Johnson City.

Work has been kind of brutal lately but I finally got the good news that the deal was signed on the facility. Finally! The new owners were on the place today and have already started contracting work for repairs and such. They are a company that owns other facilities like ours and they are loaded. I certainly hope they are willing to invest in order to remodel and fix the things that need fixing. One of the little girls who I was doing a head lice treatment on tonight told me that the new owner actually interviewed the clients to ask what they think of the place. I'll bet they got an earful. lol Anyway, sounds like really good news and also found out that the main administrator is retiring. yay...hope they do some housekeeping and get rid of one or two more.

Well, I had better get off here and get myself to bed. I have to be up and out of here early.


December 06, 2019 - Msg 113351: I see a butterfly! (:

December 06, 2019 - Msg 113352:
THE PORCH is nice and full today!
ASA, you can't forget this crowd-pleaser...(paraphrased) "Now if you can side-swipe a salt truck, you'll be all set!" rimshot! :)
GF--very cool! kinda gets ya 'right here!' thanks for sharing.
Big Maude. Thanks for the nice jolly card! Hope you dont have too much of a workload! and thanks for
the good soup too!
Pappa--mine was a rifleman cap rifle when i was 10. At least with caps I couldnt put an eye out! ha :) Did your bike have 6 or 7 reflectors? ha And how about streamers from the handle grips?
BOO!!! WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I am so glad that finally something will be done
with that facility. Praise the Lord! :) Have a nice trip.

December 06, 2019 - Msg 113353: Boo, that is Great News about your place, maybe now it will be cooler during those hot 🔥 Texas days.

Papa 🐻 mine was the Mattel PowerShop it was a real woodworking 4-in 1 tool.
It had a saw, lathe, drill, and sander all in one unit kinda like a mini ShopSmith. That is where I got my woodworking Moxie from! They did improve the blade where you could actually cut something other than balsa wood...Asa & MDC do you guys remember this thing?...BTW I STILL HAVE IT! I bought a second one from a flea market for back-up and parts, over the years my Son and Grandson made things with it too!...Very Cool Christmas that year...And that was the year I got my OWN workbench too!..I put it Right next to Dads...The rest is...HISTORY!...I felt kinda like Ralphie that year!

Probably the same kinda feeling Romeena & Boo had when they got their first Doctors/Nurses sets too?

Thanks Maude I got my card too, mine went out yesterday...Have a “Wonderful” day 😉....G-F

December 06, 2019 - Msg 113354: *Thanks Papa 🐻 for the question, it felt good to “Glen Ford” about

December 06, 2019 - Msg 113355: Good morning, everyone! Nice to see so many here. G-F, thanks for the link to the Miss Mayberry performance. That's about the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. I hope somehow, by the grace of God, Miz Pelosi and company gets to see that. Maybe they'll realize that ALL lives matter. No, I won't go all political on you here, but just had to say that. That young lady is a blessing, pure and simple.

Boo, that's just great news about the rehab facility. You have waited and endured for a long time now. Maybe your reward is coming. I pray that they will remodel and repair everything, and the place will be pleasant, clean and convenient, and conducive to recovery for those kids.

I envy your trip to Fredericksburg. Wish I could go, but I'm just not up to that 4 1/2 hour drive right now. Just driving out to Arlington last week to get my Christmas tree had my neck and back in spasms and hurting quite a bit. I can't imagine what a drive of that length would do, and Trinket is not car-broke yet, she still keeps trying to get in my lap. I would just love to be there, see my girls and grandkids, and enjoy all the Christmas stuff in the burg and in J City. The lights over there are spectacular! So have fun, and if you see a sandy-haired 12 yr old boy, who looks a lot like the kid from "Home Alone", ask him if his name is Trip. If it is, give him a big hug from his Nonnie!

Speaking of Christmas cards, I didn't hear from anyone about the card list. Does anyone need or want it? I think I'll just go ahead and send a new one to everyone who is actually on the list. There is one change that I recall, and maybe one other. So, watch your email.

Well, better get busy. Almost through with the decorating, just waiting for tomorrow night when David and Brittney and the boys can come for dinner and help me get the tree back into its corner. It's been standing in the middle of the living room for over a week now. Some heavy furniture has to be moved before it can go where it belongs, and I can't do that.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 06, 2019 - Msg 113356: Hey, SPOT, I need a correct email for you before I can send you the Christmas list. It came back rejected, address doesn't exist. I knew not to use the one for Cobb Energy, but didn't know the other one had changed. If you'd rather not post your email address here, I understand. Just mail it to me if you still have last years list, or if another porchster has it, maybe they would send it to me. --Romeena

December 06, 2019 - Msg 113357: Papa Bear, I'm mailing a copy of the list to you, since I don't have your email address. Spot, I suppose I can do the same for you. Didn't think of that at first. --Romeena

December 06, 2019 - Msg 113358: Just a quick hello tonight. We have the tree all done, decorated the rest of the inside of the house, and now it's time for cards. Then we can sit back and enjoy the next 2 and a half weeks!
What? Yup, 17 days til Christmas!
Later gators,
MDC :)

December 07, 2019 - Msg 113359: GF, That was a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing with us.

Asa, Yes we have another storm hitting us tonight. I can hear the rain out side now.

Been busy with Christmas cards this evening. I have them all done and ready to mail tomorrow.
You all have a good and safe weekend.

December 07, 2019 - Msg 113360: thanks for sending a mailing list I need it; thanks goober for the great card. about 5 years ago I went to mayberry days and was so happy long lines to get in a show or eating place but I never saw anyone being impatient or in a rush we visited like old friends made me long for that kind of living instead of all the violence in todays world. today must be Christmas caed addressing day. papa bear

December 07, 2019 - Msg 113361: the first year we were married we lived in a ten foot wide trailer.. about the first of December my wife asked if we could get a nativity set so on way home I noticed a furniture company was selling their window display each piece eas about two feet high. took it home my wife was shocked for it was bigger than our front room she said I meant a small one I said but you didn't specify dear.. we had it till her death... now each of our 3 kids rotate having it for Christmas. hope you liked it.. papa bear

December 07, 2019 - Msg 113362: Great Story Papa 🐻...Ain’t it funny how important those old stories become as we get older, and how unimportant things of today are sometimes...And we did it all without having a computer or cell phone... 🎶 Grandpa, Tell me about the Good O’l Days...🎶


December 07, 2019 - Msg 113363: papa bear that is wonderful.

Kind of a lazy day today for me. Was windy and raining all day. So I stayed in and took it easy.

December 07, 2019 - Msg 113364: Raining here right now also, so I couldnt light up my display tonight. I have some moving parts and other
wires that are not exactly waterproof.
Pappabear, that is a cute story, and that was one huge set! I thought only catholics, like myself, used such large ones. The one at our church has a 5 foot high Joseph!
Today I was 'right out there in' the crowd at the mall. I didnt have a lot to get, but i enjoyed the people watching, and watching the kids talk to Santa. Really nice decorations too.
Hey to Frankie and GF. Yup, remember when 'googling' was going to the the library
or to a set of encyclopedias! ha

December 07, 2019 - Msg 113365: You know, having your computer on all the time allows you to have a seat here on the Porch and correspond as much as you want, anytime you want. Just like Sanka in the easy to hold jar. It's 97% caffeine free so you can drink as much as you want, anytime you want! It's goooooood! I appreciate it and good night!

John Masters

P.S. I kinda went a long way for that joke, huh? ;)

December 08, 2019 - Msg 113366: good morning porchsters;; anyone have a Christmas story/ on the second Christmas my neighbors and our best friends asked me to cut their 5 foot pine in their yard. on 3 December my wife asked when are we get a Christmas tree I said you want one so I casually got up got my my chain saw cut the tree and brought it inside and said here is your tree she said panicking they are our best friends nwhat are they going to say I said lets go ask mthem. wow we had 29 years together have a blessed day.. papa bear

December 08, 2019 - Msg 113367: good morning porchsters; oh what an invigorating day here 19 degrees. anyone else have a funny Christmas story/ on the second Christmas our best friends and neighbors had a 5 foot tall pine tree they wanted to cut down so I made it up with them I would cut it down for them so around December 3 my wife one afternoon asked if we were getting a tree to which I replied you want a tree she said yes so casually I got up went and got chain saw cut the tree down brought it in and said you got it.. she paniced that is our best feinds tree they are going to be mad I said well lets go asked them;' she was so relieved when they said he was suppose to..i said but you didn't specify where to get a tree.. its a wonder I survived 29 wonderful years;;; everyone have a blessed day;; papa bear

December 08, 2019 - Msg 113368: Another good one Papa 🐻..Reminds me of a family in our neighborhood who had a large family that fell on hard times one year. The Dad told them they could not afford a tree 🌲 that year...So the kids took it upon themselves to rectify the situation..We had a golf corse near us, I can remember watching the kids drag home the 🌲 they had just cut down from the golf course!...

Those kids took away some of my camouflage, but that’s a whole nuther


December 08, 2019 - Msg 113369: Funny stories Papabear and GF. I bet Mamabear was in disbelief there for a spell. Figured you had lost your mind.

GF, I declare we are blood brothers. I also was gifted that Matell's multi tool. That is so cool you held on to yours. Not a clue what happened to mine. I did get a 3/8" drive drill and a skill saw when I was 10 or so. And I still have them in my shop. lol Wasn't it great to be a kid in the 60's? Such fond memories. Did you ever get into the Secret Sam stuff? Boy I sure did. I was a world class secret agent there for a few years.
Sweet video of our sweet Miss Mayberry GF.

MDC, How much rain did you get? My buddy in Mesa also said they had some tornado warnings in the area a week or so ago.

Boo, I am so glad your work situation may be changing. Hopefully the new owners will infuse some Capital into the place and things will improve. I hope your get away went well.

Romeena, So did your house and decorations survive Diesel and L.B.? How goes the potty training with her?

I am hoping to get my cards out tomorrow. That's the plan anyway. Yea, I think todays kids might ask "Daddy, what's a library?" To which the dad replies "oh Johnny, It's a place where the homeless go to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer".

Did you hear the one about the 85 year old woman who had been arrested for shoplifting? She was up against the harshest Judge in the district. The Judge asked her her plea, and she said guilty. He asked her what she had stolen, and she replied a can of peach halves. He asked how many peaches were in the can and she responded with 6. The harsh Judge then sentenced her to 6 days in jail. At this, the husband of the wife jumped up and asked if he could say something. The usually very strict and harsh Judge, decided to let him speak and asked him what he wanted to say. The nervous husband looked at his wife, looked back at the judge, licked his dry lips and said "she stole a can of peas too". BABOOM! LOL

I hope everyone is well and dandy this Sabbath day.


December 08, 2019 - Msg 113370: Well, we are back and kind of tired from all the activity and the drive. It was nice but hate to say I was somewhat disappointed with the crowds. The last time we were in Fredricksburg for Christmas, it was really lovely and not a lot of people..just small town living. Not anymore. Thousands of people descended on the place and all on mainstreet. No place to park anywhere and people crowding the streets and every shop on main. We were able to get a good place to view the parade and it was just great! It lasted an hour and a half and was just lovely. Also, the place we stayed was an Air bnb, if you have heard of those. It was a nice, very clean little camper that sits out in the country and the owners rent it for 200 dollars a weekend. It was very cozy and even had temperpedic mattresses on the beds. We were comfortable there and it certainly was affordable for those parts. Lodging in the area has skyrocketed. Saturday we went to Johnson City to see the amazing lights there and again, tons of people. The last time we were there, it was just Bruce and I and the kids and no one else anywhere. The place has really grown and become very much a tourist destination for this time of year. It was beautiful but had lost that small town charm it once had, sadly. Overall, it was a good trip and nice to get away.

I wanted to check in but have some laundry going so have to see to it. Talk to you later,


December 09, 2019 - Msg 113371: ASA, I thought you were going to say that the 85 year old lady ought not to clink! ha Good joke. As for rain, yes it has been a bit rainy lately off and on. But that storm about 10 days ago was pretty strong, and a rare tornado was spotted but never touched down anywhere.
JM--ah yes, I love those commercials on the tags dvds!! They always follwed the theme of the current episode too.
BOO--yup, lots more people in the country these days. Our pop is now about 330 million. wow. Glad all went well otherwise. Several of our malls here have shutdown tho due to online buying. There is one about 5 miles from our home, and one could barely find parking at this time of year. Now (I drove by it the other day) the parking lots sit empty. Very eerie.
PaPPA--my best Christmas story is the one i told here a few times about Santa visiting my childhood home one Christmas eve. It is still a wonderful memory!
Oh, Asa and GF--I bought a new fancy-smachy honeywell thermostat, and installed it. The fan still stays on. So I called the MAN and he's coming Monday. If it is the board, it should be under warranty, so we'll see. Thanks for your help.

December 09, 2019 - Msg 113372: Good morning all.

MDC, I thought a tornado in your parts would be rare. They are here for sure. Thank goodness.
Yes, the brick and mortar is in decline for sure. And I must admit, I am part of the problem I reckon. The ease of being able to find what you need from the comfort of your Wheeler is only part of it. Seems like most stores have gotten so big and so impersonal anymore. We still have a locally owned small grocery store close by that I enjoy going to, because you are made to feel welcome. Most of the employee's know me by name, as I do them. I always get a friendly shout out and wave from several of them. I get ribbed by folks because they tell me their prices are too high. I could go to Walmart or Costco or Rite aid or a number of other places and save a few dollars. Maybe so, but the personal touch isn't there. I guess I'm just and old dog, set in his ways in a new younger world.
I hope your board is under warranty buddy. They can get pricey.

Boo, glad you are home safe and sound. Sounds like it was busy there. Have you watched any Christmas movies yet this year? I watched my favorite, Christmas Carol last night. The one with Allister Simm. I think I have 3 or 4 other Christmas Carol DVD's. They are all a little different and I enjoy them all, but that first one is the one I like best.

Well guess I best go get some laundry done. I noticed this morning I was getting low on clean socks. And I ain't looking for a whim, so I best get to it!

JM, I wish they had commercials for every year of TAGS. Those are fun to watch. Sanka coffee (do they even make that anymore) General Foods cereals, and Jello products seemed to be the big items. I know Ford supplied them with Squad cars over the years. So I was surprised the other night when watching the episode with the Barbershop Quartet that the Sheriff from Mt. Pilot pulls into Mayberry and he is in a Chevy squad car. I don't think I have ever noticed that before.


December 09, 2019 - Msg 113373: MDC...When “The Man” comes, just tell him (in your best Gomer voice) that you have yourself a “ON” when you should really have a “OFF”...He’ll understand!...


December 09, 2019 - Msg 113374: Asa, have you filled the woodbox? MDC, have you finished the dishes? Vacuumed the hall? *SNAP* Get to it! ;)

Yeah, they are fun. Some of them are so downright corny (that's NOT a Corn Flakes pun) that you have to laugh.

I had a funny thought the other day. Back in the 90's, when I got Don Knotts autograph outside a radio station in Kansas City where he did an interview, I wish, before I left him, I would've said "Can you tell me one thing, Mr. Knotts? Tell me 'bout Myra Koonts."


John Masters

December 09, 2019 - Msg 113375: ROTFL!

December 10, 2019 - Msg 113376: ASA and GF: Well, the man was here today, and I couldnt believe the problem! Have you ever heard of dip switches? (I think it is part of HVAC-speak) Anyway for us lay-folk, it is a panel of little switches that are used to control the tamp up and down times and the various functions of the ECM motor (ie: Fan) Anyway, when we were just using the single phase functions the switch positions were OK, but when the guy made it to work the 2 phase compressor
last May, a couple dip switches should have also been moved. So now all is good, and the fan stops as it should. But it cost me $80.
GF-I got to the podcast late again tonite, but said hi to ya anyhow. :)

Whilst working on my cards today, a couple of Karen Carpenter songs came on. I think I like both of these equally. She was such a good singer...

ROMEENA--did you get the tree protected from LB yet?

I feel a bit like BOO this Christmas. We are have about 20 over for
Christmas dinner, and then doing a 'party' right after dinner for my 70th BD. (which is on the 26th. Born at 3 AM on the 26th, thus my handle of Steven for the feast of Stephen!)

We got some more rain here today, but should be sunny again for the next few days.
Y'all hang in there.

December 10, 2019 - Msg 113377: Oh ASA, do you have the American Christmas Carol with Henry Winkler? I like that one.

December 10, 2019 - Msg 113378: good morning everyone. I was thinking of ben weaver today. all the merchants had a pre black Friday a black Friday sales then after black Friday sales isn't it sad how commercialized Christmas has become papa bear

December 10, 2019 - Msg 113379: Happy Birthday to "Floyd"!

Happy Birthday also to Salty Dog!

Thanks for the neat Christmas card, G-F! I'll be mailing mine out later today.

Have a good day,y'all- remember to act like somebody!

possum u.a.r.

December 10, 2019 - Msg 113380: Good morning, porch! Happy Birthday to Floyd and to Salty Dog as well. Girl, where have you been? It's been a long time, wish you would come and at least visit for a spell. How are the kids? Not kids anymore, I guess.

It's chilly (49°) here this morning, and rainy. We had a good rainstorm last night, filled all my birdbaths, so must have been an inch or more. Glad to see it, we needed it, and my water bill will be smaller. The critters don't seem to mind the chill and the wetness. Squirrels are chasing each other around the back yard, and I just watched one climb to the very tiptop of a leafless cottonwood, to his or her nest in the topmost reaches of the tree. It must be at least 60 feet in the air, and that critter just skittered up there, jumping from limb to limb and finally into the nest. Amazing, how agile and fearless they are.

Yep, MDC, the tree is now secure from little LB. Not much else in this house is, however. I have a neck-roll pillow that has a zippered cover on it, and she just loves to chew on zippers, for some reason. She has gotten that pillow several times, and while the zipper still works, it probably won't survive another chewing. Also, she got the stylus that goes to my Galaxy phone, and chewed it up. A new one from Amazon is $28, and it's on its way. What's worse, this is twice that she's done that, the little brat. From now on, I will take the time to secure it in its little garage inside the phone, even if I'm just putting it down for a minute. She has all her permanent teeth now, and I was hoping her mouthiness would subside, but so far, she still tests everything with her teeth, and most things will be chewed up. She's sweet, cute as can be, and I love her, but Toye Starr she ain't! The potty training is progressing, but we're definitely not there yet. Lord, give me patience!

Robbi and Richard are coming from Fredericksburg this afternoon, just staying until tomorrow morning. It will be good to see them, but they have a mission on this trip. Richard's sister lives in Dallas, and she has had brain surgery, the first of several. She has an AVM (arterio-venous malformation) in her brain, and the unnatural shunting of blood flow was slowly damaging her brain. She's doing well, but has a long way to go, with more surgeries to come. They have to re-route the blood flow slowly and carefully, as the vessels that are not used to any flow beyond a trickle, may burst under the new pressure. That, of course, would mean a major stroke. So please pray for Lesley as she faces at least two more surgeries over the coming months.

Well, better get busy and tidy up around here, and got to make a quick run to the grocery store as well. I need to fill the feeders out back, too. The critters need a little extra fuel, as the weather gets colder. Blessings, friends! -Romeena

December 10, 2019 - Msg 113381: Lanni, I sent you an email. :) I don't think I got the Christmas card list?

Asa, I have tried watching a couple of movies but usually end up just stopping in the middle. I think I have seen some of them too often and others, like some of the hallmark movies just don't seem to hold my interest. I haven't watched A Christmas Story yet but have watched Home Alone and some of Christmas Vacation..not all yet, and part of A Christmas Carol.

Better get back to the chores, about to be on a five night stretch at work so you may not see me for awhile.

Good luck to you and your dear wife, MDC. Sounds like you will be very busy!


December 11, 2019 - Msg 113382: Cold day in my neck of the woods...In my best Briscoe voice..SOUP!!!...I’m thinking vegetable beef..G-F

December 11, 2019 - Msg 113383: Good Wednesday porch family, stopping by on my way
to work.

Woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. Maybe an inch or so. It looks pretty laying on the ground and trees. It did not stick to the roads so all was clear to make it to work. I like that kind of snow! Its supposed to be sunny today and warm up to the 40's so I expect the snow to be gone by the time I leave to go home.

Thanks to everyone for the Christmas cards I have received thus far :). It makes my day to go home and find them waiting for me.

Better get busy.
Thanks for the soup GF.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

December 11, 2019 - Msg 113384: Good morning, porch! Clear and sunny here, 47° and heading for the 50s for the day. I wish I could look forward to snow for Christmas, but that's highly unlikely. About all that will be on the ground here is dry leaves.

Boo, you should have gotten the list. I checked my sent mail and your name was in the address list. Has your email changed? I guess not, because I didn't get the email back. Anyway, I sent it again, so you should get it.

I've been a little scarce, Robbi and Richard have been here since yesterday afternoon. Richard's sister Lesley has come through the procedure to repair the AVF (arterio-venous fistula) in her brain, the first of at least four procedures. I think I said it was an AVM, but I was mistaken. There's a big difference, and an AVF is much more difficult to repair. It's only in the last few years that they've had the technology to accomplish it.

The groomer will be here in a short while to groom Trinket, or Stinky Trinky as she's been called recently. It's strange - Toye Starr never, ever, smelled bad. Trinket, however, is getting a bit gamey. Also, she's getting some serious mats, and absolutely will not allow me to try to comb them out. She's strong, wiry, and determined. How two dogs of the same breed can be so different, I don't know.

Well, better get back to my company. They'll be leaving for Fredbg shortly, but will be back in a week or two, as Lesley will be undergoing another procedure.

Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

December 11, 2019 - Msg 113385: happy birthday Floyd and salty dog. I wonder both of you are 21 eh... well another tropical heat wave on this end of the porch. 18 degrees and light ever noticed it never was snowing in mayberry. I think I will run away to mayberry. prayers for all on is two weeks away so I guess I better get busy. papa bear

December 11, 2019 - Msg 113386: Thanks Ro, for some reason it just didn't come through. I looked three times. I appreciate you doing it again.

off to work..send up a prayer, please. will be working alone all week and our secretary quit without notice yesterday.


December 11, 2019 - Msg 113387: The other day we were talking about toys we got for Christmas as kids...It’s a Wonder we survived, but then again I guess that is were we got our Moxie and spunk from ya think? Here’s a cool one I had too along with my wood burning set!...My Sister and I would make REAL coffee ☕️ with it too!...A little coffee grounds that slipped by straining it with our teeth never hurt no one lol....

We learned how to be careful with things, you only got burnt once, then you learned not to touch the hot parts. And like Asa and I had said with our Mattel Workshop we cut our teeth on our future talents... THOSE WERE THE DAYS...Amen?


December 11, 2019 - Msg 113388: ...I even recall they had a mold to make bats 🦇 too!

December 11, 2019 - Msg 113389: Well, I wasn't going to say anything since I keep a written copy of the Porch address list,but I didn't get your emailed list either Ro. Have checked several times,but nope. Don't worry about sending it to me ,because I mailed my cards out yesterday. I don't think anyone's address has changed,if so,I hope the card reaches you! Just telling you about this in case there's been a glitch of some kind, Ro. Thanks anyway!
Prayers,Boo. Pace yourself,girl and try not to get stressed out. So glad to learn that the place has new owners and I sure hope that some positive changes and improvements are made.
Hey to everybody!!

possum again

December 11, 2019 - Msg 113390: GF, I believe they recalled the bat molds. Said it was traumatizing to many children. lol


December 11, 2019 - Msg 113391: RO--I said a prayer today for Richard's sister.
I sure hope she will do ok thru those procedures!
Pleasse be with her Lord Jesus. :)
And regarding Trinket, my older brother and I are as opposite as can be... from size to politics, yet we're born of the same mom and dad! Go figure. ha
GF__wow, yup, woodburners like Opie had, That hot plastic glue, Easy Bake ovens,and my personal favorite... Lawn Darts! What were they thinking?? ha
Hey to Possum, Asa, and Big maude. We can see snow by doing a 90 mile drive north.
That's the kind that I like! Yup, drive, get right out there in it, and drive home!
Prayers for all! Two weeks to go!!!

December 12, 2019 - Msg 113392: Thanks for the prayers! I had a very pleasant night last night. Wanted to share something of a prayer request for a good friend, if you feel so led. My present boss has 2 teen boys, one has been using drugs since age 13 and has already been in and out of rehabs x 3. He was just kicked out of the current one last night and will now spend a year in juvenile detention. Her other son, who is 17, just tested positive for cocaine. I feel so, so bad for her because I know something about how it feels. I just cant imagine going on day after day, working full time and dealing with all of that. She is a nice person who loves her kids seems to have tried to raise them well. She did divorce their father when they were very young and remarried. I am not sure what their relationship with either dad is like. Very sad situation. Thanks.

We have been having some very chilly weather for south texas, windy and wet, too. I woke up feeling like I have some congestion and a slight cough. Sure hope it doesn't progress any further. I will take my elderberry, for sure!

Have gotten a few cards in the mail. How merry! I have yet to finish mine but will try to have them in the mail by the weekend.

Better git!


December 12, 2019 - Msg 113393: Good afternoon, porch! Bright and sunny, a little chilly at 53°, but a sweater is enough. The critters are out in force, enjoying the zippy weather. Squirrels are everywhere in my yard, tails flying high. They are so cute!

Spot, I need a current email for you. My email program says the address I have for you is not valid. I know the Cobb Energy is not valid, but your home address is refused now. I think I misunderstood what the program was doing with the card list email I sent. I didn't realize that when one address in a list was refused, the whole thing doesn't go. Apparently that's what happened, so I've sent the whole thing out again. If some of you did get it the first time, well, now you have two!

Poor little Trinket had an encounter with the groomer yesterday. She is blowing off her puppy coat, and had gotten so matted that I couldn't do anything at all with her hair, and all I had to do was pick up her brush and comb, and she would vanish. The groomer came, and she couldn't get through the mats either without just torturing poor Trinket, so we elected to just clip her down. Her hair is now about a half inch long. She left her tail, topknot, and facial hair, because it wasn't matted and she looks much better with at least that much Maltese hair. She looks like a poodle except for the fluff at both ends. Actually, she looks pretty ridiculous, but it's hair and it will grow out. I will commit to daily combing as it grows, so it doesn't get matted like that again. Will also keep her in a puppy cut, with the hair about two inches long. It had gotten out to about five or six inches, and with the puppy hair shedding, and her scratching, it just balled up in no time at all. She's a lot more comfortable now. Those mats pull on their skin something awful. Poor baby. My little old LB, Squat 'n Squirt, and Stinky Trinky. At least she's not stinky anymore.

Thank you, MDC and anyone else who has prayed for Lesley. She's doing well, was being released from ICU today and going to a regular room for a couple of days. Then to a rehab room until her next procedure, which is next week! The doctors have warned the family that each successive procedure will be more dangerous than the last one, so prayers are very much wanted.

Well, that's about all I know. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena