December 12, 2019 - Msg 113394: Good afternoon all.

Been raining here all morning. Very odd for us in December. But the mountains are getting a wet heavy snow. Just what we need for our water year. It's supposed to turn to snow in the valleys tomorrow though. I hope Helen acts like she's got some smarts.

Romeena, I will surely add Lesley to my prayer list. I must have missed the post when you asked for that. Sounds like a scary situation for sure.
Regarding the Christmas card list, I never did get the first one you sent out. But I had the list from last year, so that is the one I used. I did get the one you sent out today but I can't get it to open for me. So I hope it will all work out. Poor L.B. She sounds like Barney when Floyd was trying to even out his sideburns. All on the floor.

Boo, I will also pray for you friend and her children. So very sad how drugs can take over lives like that. Such a waste. I just find it hard to think that weed, that has been considered a gateway drug for years, is being made legal in so many states now. Mercy sakes, what are we doing?

GF and MDC, Speaking of wood burning sets, that is what I have gotten for Amy for her birthday. She loves doing crafts and such, and I checked with Stacey who thought she would love it.

Happy belated birthday Floyd. I wonder how long a dance Earnest T. would have to do to count up all those years. lol

I am about to go nuts here today. I have been called at least 6 times by a recorded voice telling me that they are from the social security dept. and my s.s.n. and drivers license number are about to be frozen because I have been reported to be involved in criminal activity and I need to call them back ASAP at this number. I need to find out who I can report this stuff to. Very frustrating. Sarah, can't you monitor those calls for mw? :)

Well off to see what I want for supper. I made an omelet yesterday with home made hash browns. They came out pretty good. Yep, I shredded them suckers right here on the premises. :)


December 12, 2019 - Msg 113395: Well right after I clean up I reckon.


December 12, 2019 - Msg 113396: Asa...I got one of those calls once, it told them I’d meet them at the Police Station in town..Calls stopped 🤷🏼‍♂️g-f

December 13, 2019 - Msg 113397: Well, GF and ASA, you two HVAC cronies were dead indeed ended up being a bad fan board.
It was just plain sending crazy calls to the ECM blower motor! Once the man changed it out and handed me the bad circuit board, I flipped it over, and 4 of the solder points were corroded for some reason, almost like
a car battery terminal. So now, finally, all is working, but I'm out another $90. And nowadays those electronal boards are in everything form washing machines to automobiles.
RO--my prayers continue for Lesley! and Boo, for your boss's family. ASA, I thought of that too! Why are we legalizing pot?? I bet the cartels are chomping at the bit to get lots of the hard stuff up here. Lord help us.
Anyone remember the guys called Air Supply? I heard Winter Wonderland by them today.
GF--I have gotten calls about people wanting to by my house, from "microsoft," from "my grandson overseas who is in need of cash," etc, etc. Lately, I just ask them if they know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Then I get a 'click', but I hope I maybe planted a seed. :)
ASA--those hashbrowns sound delicious!

December 13, 2019 - Msg 113398: We Tried to tell them didn’t we Andy....In my best Mayor Pike voice...Glad you got it fixed MDC, now your back to having you a OFF when you need it Buddy...


December 13, 2019 - Msg 113399: hello mdc asa gf and everyone.. only a few days till christmas''being Friday 13th lets talk about going to the remshaw place for a party?? anyonr want to go;; prayers for a party,,prayers for all,, papa bear

December 13, 2019 - Msg 113400: being frday I wonder what sales mr ben weaver is having a Christmas sale what items are on sale,,, papa bear

December 13, 2019 - Msg 113401: ....Gomer?...Gomer....Gome? 😳

December 13, 2019 - Msg 113402: Ummm....question....if Mayberry was so small, how come there were four doctors? Did each one retire that fast? Or the three before Dr. Petersen move away? Or pass away? Did it really need Doc Andrews, Doc Zacks, Doc Carruthers and Dr. Petersen?

I would've asked this sooner, but I've been up in the mountains playing "Flinch" with Hasty Burford.

John Masters

December 13, 2019 - Msg 113403: This is a check point. All is well over here.

December 13, 2019 - Msg 113404: JM...
Doc Andrews (Aunt Bee's Medicine Man): Aunt Bee's Doctor, says we all aren't spring chickens anymore.
Doc Caruthers (The New Doctor): Barney mentions "Old Doc Caruthers". In Barney and the Choir, Barney also stops by Doc Caruthers to check on his throat.
Doc Green (The New Doctor): Barney mentions the past doctor.
Doc Harvey (Barney's Physical): Asa gets the stretcher from Doc Harvey.
Doc Mackenzie (The New Doctor): Barney mentions the past doctor.
Doc Winters (Quiet Sam): Lily Becker's doctor who is out of town when she goes into labor.

December 14, 2019 - Msg 113405: Maybe they all had to do an internship in Mayberry as part of their medical school requirements! ha
MDC :)

December 14, 2019 - Msg 113406: Yup, guys tried to tell me. At least you didnt do a
Shakedown! ha
Hey to Pappabear.
John Masters, did you happen to see Hodie Snitch? ha
Christmas blessings to all!
We went to see a local play tonight titled
"Yes Virginia, the is a Santa Claus." It is based on that
true story, and was performed well by a local childrens troupe.

December 14, 2019 - Msg 113407: THERE

December 14, 2019 - Msg 113408: good morning porch. mdc sounds like fun . everything with computer bords not like the old days when you and bunch of friends got together with your tool boxes and fixed cars washing machines etc. as mayor pike said good idea Floyd then someone would point out the flaws and mayour pike would say bad idea very bad...only 11 days till Christmas,,,,till next time all of you are in my prayers... papa bear

December 14, 2019 - Msg 113409: Asa i just received a call about a huge charge against my account with a company we don't have an account with and was instructed to call a number immediately. Mr. Sarah was ready to call the number and I said don't do that we don't have an account with them. It's very alarming to get those calls and your first instinct is to do what they request. Watching the Army Navy and rooting for Navy. Sarah

December 14, 2019 - Msg 113410: No MDC, I was too busy makin' eyes at Idell Bushey. ;)

John Masters

December 14, 2019 - Msg 113411: Good evening, porch! Sarah, you were absolutely right to advise Mr. Sarah not to call that number. There are so many scams and frauds out there right now that it's really scary. One of the biggest is when someone calls you, you answer and they ask "is this (your name)" and you naturally answer yes. They record your voice saying "yes" and use that in a faked bill for phone calls you never made or some such. If someone calls you and asks that, answer with "who is calling, please?" or say, as though you were speaking to someone in the room, "it's one of those calls, get on the other phone and get a trace on it!" I have a fun little thing I do with the robo callers, especially the political ones. I answer, and in my shakiest old-lady voice I'll say "Oh, is this Phillip? Honey, thank you for calling. I've been so lonesome, and I'm not feeling well. My bursitis has been terrible, etc., etc." They hang up pretty quick.

I think I'm winning the potty battle with Trinket. She has used her potty box every time today, no spots on the floor. Last night Eloise and I went out to David's house and attended a production of "Annie" by the high school drama department. Our Hudson was the keyboard man in the orchestra, and the whole thing was very well done. Anyway, I took Trinket with me, her first time out there. I left her in the laundry room while we were gone, with a piddle pad in there, which she did not use. I tried to get her to do so as we were leaving, but she didn't. We were there a total of six hours, and she never piddled. When we got home, and I put her down on the floor, she made a beeline for my bedroom and by the time I caught up with her, she had left a very large puddle on the pad in her box. So, things are looking up. I think I'll get the carpets cleaned next week.

David took us to dinner after the play last night. We ate at Uncle Julio's, where the food is very good and the portions are very generous. I managed to eat about half of mine, and brought the rest home, so guess what I'm having for dinner tonight! I got an enchilada plate, with rice and charro beans, and two cheese and onion enchiladas. Usually, I get either a ranchero sauce on the enchiladas, or chili. Last night I tried something new and got a sour cream sauce, and trust me, it was delish! It was very light and almost fluffy, I can't imagine how they made it, but it tasted like sour cream, which I love. The consistency was like a meringue that's just about half-beaten. Starting to get fluffy, but not quite there yet. Really good.

Well, speaking of which, I guess I'll go fire up the microwave and finish that little plateful off. Be good, everyone. Santa is watching! --Romeena

December 14, 2019 - Msg 113412: I received a few more porchster cards today. Thank you so much! The special friendships that have been cultivated here seem to have really blossomed!
I really like that.
Cecile and I saw Annie years ago during our one and only vacatioin to New York City! It was as good then as it is now I'm sure. Is Hudson the one who also plays the bassoon?
I'm glad that LB is finally getting the hang of the piddle pads. Like my human nieces and nephews, some learned fast, and others, not until 5 years old!
We have a department store chain here called Dillard's; and one, about 4 miles from our house, is closing. I needed a new dark suit coat pretty badly, and got one today for $15.00!! It's original tag said $240!!! Now THAT'S what ya call a steal!
SARAH, you are one smart operator, and I mean that "pun-wise" too! So glad that
you intercepted that call!! Many bad folks out there, especially this time of year! Yes!, per RO, always ask "Who is calling?"
Hey to pappabear. It is so great to see you posting again. Keep it up my friend!
Here's a good one for ya all: :)


December 15, 2019 - Msg 113413: Hello everyone! One more night of my long work stretch and wanted to thank anyone who prayed because the last several nights I have worked have been the best in years.

So glad to hear that Trinket is making good progress!

I have enjoyed the cards I have received! I will be finishing mine up and mailing in the next few days. I just have not had time to finish them this week.

Hope all of you are having a nice Christmas season.


December 15, 2019 - Msg 113414: Hey to the porch. It's late, just checking in before hitting the ironing board. Yes, MDC, Hudson is also our bassoon player. Sixteen years old, and as a freshman in high school he was invited to play in the senior orchestra. They made an exception for him, because they didn't have a senior who played the bassoon, and he plays very well, so they invited him. The piano, he just picked up. He only had lessons for a few months when he was five, didn't play it any more until a little over a year ago, when he just sat down one day and started noodling around with it, and in a day or two, was playing songs, all by ear. He does read music, and occasionally will start off with the music for a piece, but soon puts it aside, or he'll just sit down and play something right out of his head, with no music at all. It just boggles my mind. I can read music fairly well, but I still play my piano only when I'm alone. I can't play enough to allow anyone but my dog to hear me. I'll never understand people like Hudson. We have a man in our church who plays beautifully, and doesn't even read music. He plays several instruments, but his favorite is the piano. I told him one time that I just didn't understand why he can do that, and his reply was classic. He said, "Well, Lanni, I just do it, and I don't understand why you and other people can't." I guess that pretty well sums it up.

You mentioned Dillard's. We had Dillard's stores here for many years, but a few years ago, they started closing them, and the few that are left in the metroplex are basically just bargain basement stores now. However, if you're willing to paw through it all, you can come up with some good bargains. Eloise goes there now and then and has gotten some very nice things at ridiculously low prices. I have trouble staying on my feet for long shopping trips these days, so I do most of my shopping online, but may go scout the Dillard's in our dying mall before it closes completely.

Boo, I'm glad you've been having some good shifts. It's about time. I hope it continues, and that the new management will really improve conditions and make that facility what it should be. Those kids need help, and they need a functional facility and staff that are happy and well treated.

Well, off to beddy-bye, I guess. Trinket is looking a little droopy. She has stopped trying to play after we go to bed, finally. As soon as I get settled, she moves in alongside, puts her little head on my shoulder, and very soon is asleep. So sweet. Blessings to all...--Romeena

December 15, 2019 - Msg 113415: The power of prayer is amazing!!
Good Sabbath all. :)

December 15, 2019 - Msg 113416: While we are on the subject of the power of prayer, I ask you keep “Judd” the beagle dog (Mom& Dad Too) in your prays, he got attacked by a pit bull yesterday and got tore up pretty bad.

Maude has met them at the Meet-Up and Asa knows them from the podcasts... She goes by “Big Maude” too and her husband goes by “Jelsic Stern”. They are really good folks.

Judd is such a sweet spoiled dog who thinks he’s human lol! This is the second time he’s been beat up....

Thanks, I know they’ll appreciate the prayers!


December 15, 2019 - Msg 113417: Good morning! Awww, poor little Judd. I don't know the dog, but I know beagles can be delightful little companions, and they're not fighters. Shame on the owner of the pit bull. I can't blame the dog, nor the breed in general. I blame the people who have bred them for the fighting traits, and continued to breed gentleness and sweetness out of them until they're left with a fighting machine. They are what humans have made of them, and it's a shame. Maltese, on the other hand, have been bred over generations to produce sweet, loving, gentle little dogs who wouldn't bite a biscuit. That's what attracts me to them. Dog breeds become what we breed them to be. I'm sorry that some awful people have chosen to corrupt the bull terrier so badly. The name "pit bull" refers to their use in the "pit" or enclosure where the fights take place. A very cruel practice, it's illegal in most states, yet it persists. What kind of person gets enjoyment out of watching two dogs try to tear each other to pieces? I just don't understand it. --Romeena

December 15, 2019 - Msg 113418: Good Sabbath all.

GF, Wow, so sorry to read that about poor Judd. I just sent Lisa an e-mail. Poor feller will need some TLC and a lot of C.F.A. (that is Chic-fil-a that Judd is obsessed with)

Romeena, I knew you would get Trinket to cooperate. Love always wins out in the end. It has taken Debbie 41 years of training me, and I seldom have any accidents anymore. lol

Boo, Sounds like things are already improving at work for you. So good to read about. I know how much you love Christmas and the holidays and everything, and this year you seem to be more enduring it than embracing it. I am so sorry about the struggles you are dealing with concerning your children. Been there, done that. In fact doing that now with my Son who is still trying us at times. Anyway, you hang in there and just take things a step at a time. You all are in my prayers.

MDC, So you didn't have to go to Mt. Pilot for that nice suit? That is a deal. lol We had a Dillards around these parts at one time. Not sure if they are still open or not. I am guessing not because I never hear about them anymore. Unless a store sells some kind of tool or hardware, I just don't darken the doorstep. lol

Well our storms all cleared out. All we ever got down here in the valleys was rain. Mountains got 4 feet of wet heavy snow though. Avalanche danger is real high right now. But I don't ski or snowmobile anymore so I guess I don't need to fret it any.

Last night I watched "It's a wonderful life". The night before I watched "Miracle on 34th Street". Kind of fun to watch those old black and white movies.

Well I hope everyone has a blessed Sabbath day.


December 15, 2019 - Msg 113419: Hello all. Been a while. Got rid of my desktop computer and hain't figured out how to post on my mobile. I need to watch A Christmas Story soon or it don't count as December.

Billy Ray the Postman

December 15, 2019 - Msg 113420: Good evening, porch. It's been a very quiet day, with Trinket using her potty box exclusively today. She is such a loving little thing, just cuddles and snuggles so sweetly. Then she'll get down and grab a toy and throw it around the room, chase it, grab and throw it again, all the while growling like she's going to eat it up. It's hilarious! I still miss my precious Toye Starr terribly, and no dog will ever replace her, but they don't have to. Trinket is rapidly making a place of her own, and that's all I ask or expect. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Asa. For a while there, I wasn't sure how this was going to go, but who can resist a puppy, at the end of the day? As I said, she's a wart and a pestilence, but I love her.

I haven't watched "It's a Wonderful Life." It was my husband's favorite Christmas movie, and he never failed to watch it. Somehow, I just can't get in the mood to watch it, most years. So I don't push myself. A few times, I've watched it and enjoyed it, but this year, I don't think I will. Maybe next year.

Billy Ray, you got rid of your desktop computer? I know a lot of people are doing that, and going to the tablets or whatever, but I just love my desktop. Actually, it's not on my desk, it's in the bottom shelf area of my printer stand, so my desk is clear, but I've got my big Viewsonic monitor, my full-size keyboard, my wireless mouse, and this is just my happy place. The view through my picture window of my back yard makes me happy too, and I love perching here at my desk, writing stories, playing on the internet, visiting the porch, etc. It's just a comfortable place to be, and I don't think I'd feel that way about something I could carry around with me. To each his or her own, I guess. I think I wouldn't mind having a tablet or some such, so I could take it with me if I had a mind to, but I don't want it badly enough to spend the money on it. My desktop is just a few months old, a gift from my daughter-in-law, and I really enjoy it. It's a Dell, has 918 GB of memory, so I can just play and write to my little heart's content, because I'll never fill it up. I did fill up my old one, which had just a fraction of the memory this one has. My DIL heard it through the grapevine (my computer guru is in Florida, a friend of my late son's and his wife, and he told her.) She decided she wanted to buy me a new one, and did. She has always encouraged my writing, and she said she didn't want me to run out of room in the middle of a story!

Well, guess I'd better go feed little LB, and myself as well. So far today, I've eaten a piece of toast with peanut butter, an apple, and drank a glass of apple juice. I eat when I'm hungry, and don't when I'm not. I don't live by the clock on the wall, I just listen to the one in my stomach, and sometimes it goes for long stretches without sounding off. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 16, 2019 - Msg 113421: So ASA, "George Bailey lassos stork?" haha
The Sound of Music was on tonight. I watched most
of it. two nuns figured out how to pull out a car engine's coil is still a mystery. teehee
Also asa, i was considering getting one of them gove'ment suits instead, but
they're a bit tight roundst the middle! :)
GF--so sorry to hear about Judd. You bet he will be in my prayers.
Some of you may have heard of the Knights of Columbus. Well, they put on a
pancake breakfast today after church. mmm, that was good eatin.'
Hey to Billy Ray. Its a busy time of year for you for sure. Lots of letters to deliver. I have a laptop that has windows 7 still, so will have to get windows 10 soon. It is a dell inspiron and has served me well for some time now.
APB for FRANKIE and others. Come by and grab a lap blanket, some hot wassail,
and set fer a spell.
Today we visited a victorian house in our city. It was restored to 'original' condition about 10 years ago, and it is always fun to walk thru it Christmas time. We are pretty spoiled these days, don't have to sleep out on the porch in the summer!! Here's a link if ya got 5 minutes to check it out...
Oh yes, and here also is a link to what is still one of my favorite Christmas songs... :)
Everyone have a great week as we head toward the big day! :)
God bless,

December 16, 2019 - Msg 113422: Good morning, porch! Trinket and I are up early, as Richard will be bringing my little granddog, Bexar, to stay with us today. Lesley is having another procedure to continue the repair on the AVF in her brain today, so Robbi and Richard will be there with her. Bexar will stay with me, and they'll pick her up this evening. This should be interesting. This little dog is bonded to her mom like super glue, and will probably spend the day grieving. She loves her dad too, but Robbi is her chosen person. She's a sweet and beautiful little dog, and has the most lovely eyes I've ever seen in a dog. Large, luminous, strongly almond-shaped. Her fur is short, soft and very sleek. With the satiny fur and those eyes, she reminds me of a cedar waxwing bird. Anyway, she and Trinket have gotten along very well so far, but that's with her mom and dad present. We'll see how the day goes without them here. I may just have to hold her and console her all day. No problem, I can do that.

MDC, thanks for sharing those links, especially the music. I loved it! Very unusual harmonies in that arrangement, and very beautiful.
Here's a link to one of my all time favorites - sung by Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius:

Well, Richard should be here soon, guess I'd better get ready to provide comfort to a bereaved and heartbroken and very spoiled little dog. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 16, 2019 - Msg 113423: good morning everyone. snow snow and still snowing about 11 inches when done. anyone want some snow. its the mayberry thing to nshare.. ha..thanks mdc for the links. prayers for everyone. 9 days till Christmas I hope you all have a great one. oh if anyone runs out of ice we have plenty. we are having a heat wave 22 degrees. papa bear

December 16, 2019 - Msg 113424: just thinking how much enjoyment we get from the many Christmas cards we get isn't it sad we are so busy now we no longer send a card or small letter as we don't have the time. I long for the old days when people had time to get thinks done with time lerft over. just a thought papa bear

December 16, 2019 - Msg 113425: I got more Christmas cards today Thanks everyone I really appreciate them. That’s why I kinda went with the It’s A Beautiful Life theme this year....”No Man is a Failure who has Mayberry Friends!”...I am truely blessed having Mayberry Cronies as Mrs. Goob calls them...You guys are the BEST!

Maybe one day folks will understand the Spirit if Mayberry kinda like what Papa 🐻 was sayin’....But in the meantime we need to be good Mayberry ambassadors to those who don’t know the joy...Amen?


December 16, 2019 - Msg 113426: Have you ever noticed how a smile is so contagious? I like to check it out now and then, maybe in the grocery store, or in a restaurant or wherever. Just throw a big smile at anyone you encounter, and nine times out of ten, you'll get a smile right back. Once in a while, someone will just look at you like you sprouted horns, and won't smile, but I just add a "good morning" or whatever is appropriate, and go on my way. I try not to judge them, because we never know what might be going on in their life, that's making it hard for them to smile.

Another thing, in a restaurant, if you'll be very friendly and upbeat, maybe a gentle joke or two with the server, two things will happen. One, they'll brighten up and become more friendly, and two - you get better service! My kids are good at doing that, especially David. Our family always asks God's blessing on our food before we eat, and that includes in restaurants. One day, their server approached their table just as they had joined hands and were about to pray, so David just said to her, "We're about to pray before we eat. Would you care to join us?" The girl immediately said she would, and joined hands in their circle. One of the boys prayed, and when the prayer ended, the girl said, "Thank you so much for inviting me to join. It's been a long day, and I needed that. There's something in my life that's troubling me, and I think now I'll be able to go home and pray about it." David was quick to tell her that they would pray for her as well, didn't need the specifics, as God knows her needs very well. We just never know what burden someone may be carrying, so a smile and even a prayer may be just the thing to lift them up.

Blessings! --Romeena

December 16, 2019 - Msg 113427: Romeena, that restaurant story just made my chest feel so light. What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing that.

Quick drop in to say Hey to Asa, MDC, G-F, Boo, Billy Ray, Frankie, Maude, possum and the rest of you that was at Tom Silbey's "funeral"

John Masters

December 16, 2019 - Msg 113428: Amen Romeena!...Historically I’ve been a quiet person, but work and age has helped change that...I find the same thing too, just acknowledging someone makes a BIG difference. That’s why I had Mayberry business like cards printed that have the Mayberry websites on them. When I find a Mayberry fan, I “CARD” them!...It’s Funny how it brightens their day...

Like JM said...Thanks for bringing that up!....G-F

December 16, 2019 - Msg 113429: Did you make them fancy business cards with green ink? Just wondering.

Billy Ray the Postman

December 16, 2019 - Msg 113430: You’re pretty funny for a postal worker Billy Ray..You need to get a job on one of those excursion boats 🚢

December 16, 2019 - Msg 113431: Boy, you two are a regular Bert and squirt! ha
RO--prayers for Lesley for sure.
Very nice story about the power of prayer.
Along the line of your little jokes with a server, I also do my best to remember their name, and call them by name.
BTW, thanks for your link, cool, beautiful song!
PAPPAbear--I will continue to write even tho you are back on the porch again, for as you say, the personal connection is cool...
let it snow, let it snow, cuz we're at 7-oh! (degrees, that is!)
I hope SPOT joins in more here on the porch too.
Hey Spotty, you out there??

December 17, 2019 - Msg 113432: Morning all.

I would like to echo GF's comments concerning appreciation for the Christmas cards. I sure enjoy getting them and reading the things y'all write in them. Thanks for your friendship over the years.

Romeena, continued prayers for Lesley. I hope all she is enduring will improve her health. And that was a lovely story about your Son and the server. You are so right. Little things like a smile or a kind gesture can really brighten ones day. Most of us are dealing with some burdens in our life and for some those burdens seem overwhelming at times. So a nice smile or how ya doing question to a stranger can do wonders. And as you said, if it is not returned, don't take it personally. Could just be a lot of pain there, and we shouldn't judge.

GF using green ink in his cards huh? By golly, is that how he was able to retire at 30? lol

Hey to John Masters and to a busy Billy Ray. Great to see you fellers posting.

MDC, Glad you got your heating system running ok. Very frustrating to see those pricey parts go bad so fast. Just curious, was it a Honeywell control. I have dealt with a lot of Honeywell stuff over the years and been less than impressed with reliability. Their stuff is pricey to boot. But they sure made me look good years ago. I was a new hire with a manufacturing company working Maintenance. I had been asked to look at a large industrial oven that was not working. My boss mentioned it was most likely a particular control module (Honeywell) that was bad. He said over the years they had to replace it numerous times. They had one in stock at the local supply house, so I replaced it and sure enough, the oven fired right up. But then I took the old module back to my shop and took it apart. I found what looked like to me some poor solder joints on one of the control cards, so I figured with nothing to lose, why not try re-soldering it. So I did, and during a period when the oven was not being used, I switched the modules out again, installing the re-soldered one. My boss was very interested in this and came out to see what it would do. I was nervous but excited, and then thrilled when the oven fired up. Boy was I ever the hero on that one. As GF can attest to, in our trade sometimes your the Champ, sometimes the Chump. And most times the line that separate the two can be pretty thin. 10-4 GF?

Well off to visit someone in the hospital. Or as the British would say, "visit someone in ospital" They never say in "THE" hospital. And yet they will say they are going to visit someone in "THE" jail where we just say visit someone in jail. Funny how that differs.

Prayers for all.


December 17, 2019 - Msg 113433: A BIG 10-4 on that Asa..About 2 Years after I retired, the main boiler fo a 8 story 140 unit Elderly building went out.
I got a call from one of my former employees telling me the distributor said it would take a week to get the part and the building would be without hot water until then!...This happened once before and it was quite the drama, because the bean counters wouldn’t let me order a spare...We even had the News people come down from Cleveland to investigate...So after that I always had a spare on hand!...I quietly would order one and sorta worked a “Klinger” deal in the process, so in the end EVERYONE LOOKED GOOD...🙌🏻👍

Anyway that person called me and said: “I KNOW “Pop’s” had one squirreled away just for emergencies. (Which I DID) So even in retirement I was still “THE MAN”....
We TRIED to tell'em didn’t we Asa?...I know you have many of the same kind of stories too Buddy.....


December 17, 2019 - Msg 113434: My favorite quote was...”The cost of the drama is FAR greater than the cost of the task!”...I had to remind the “Higher Up’s” that MANY times....I had a sign made saying that, and it still hangs in what used to be my office to this day...I was always big on “visuals”...So I guess I did leave some footprints 👣 🤷🏼‍♂️

December 17, 2019 - Msg 113435: Ya''s been a bit since I bought any treats on here. So, with that, y'all get to SONIC and buy you a slush, ice cream, shake, etc. and put it on my tab.
Don't worry about what you get, I'll leave my watch with them to cover the cost.

John Masters

December 17, 2019 - Msg 113436: Hello Porch Family! I finally had 2 days off and yesterday was a booger catching up, laundry, making Christmas cookies for our party at work, and a big lasagna that I stuck in the freezer for Friday's party/meeting at work. I am off today but St. Susan and I are getting some shopping done and then going to see the lights this evening in Cuero. It is the light display we drive to see most every year but didn't go last year. The weather today is quite brisk for south texas but sunny and bright. Its the perfect day for shopping and seeing lights. No fog and humidity!

Very nice story, Romeena. Poor servers usually get treated badly these days. I always try to be extra patient and nice, order quickly, and not make them delay at my table. I did have a server last month stand at our table and tell us about all his problems that day. I was sympathetic because he had a really bad day! lol

Well, better get going. I am so looking forward to the weekend, when I will be free until the day after Christmas.

Oh, I heard from Erin a couple of days ago and it looks like she will have to move back home at the end of the month. She is out of work and money, and the family she was staying with is ready for her to move on. Bruce and I have to sit down and formulate a plan and meet with her about our expectations and house rules. I don't think it will go well, but hopefully she realizes we are her only option besides homelessness and she will have to comply. Her anxiety and depression have been really bad and will probably get worse for a time when she moves home. She wont have her toxic girlfriend by her side all the time and that will be tough for awhile.

Better get going. I haven't mailed my Christmas cards yet but will have them in the mail by tomorrow.


December 17, 2019 - Msg 113437: ASA--the blower board is made by Protech, not Honeywell. But I will say this, it turns out that our 25 year old Honeywell thermostat was NOT the problem. (So I decided to save it. I guess I have a little bit of you and GF in me in that regard.) Who knows, this new fancy HW electronal stat may not be as hardy; tho maybe I ought not to just come out and say it like that! :)
Oh, also ASA, I was in a 'regular' Dillards yesterday, and I happened by a little display near menswear, and it was little tools, which included one of those mini power 'officially' have power tools, so now you can 'darken their door'! haha
BOO--I am praying for a Christmas miracle regarding Erin. I even have some Catholic AND some Episcopal sisters praying for her, that she might have a big change of heart. Jesus, please help her.
BTW, I have a cute 'catholic' joke for ya...Two soldiers were in a foxhole and things were getting pretty desperate, so one says to the other, "I think we should pray, but I don't know how." The other responded, "I don't either, but I used to live right next door to a Catholic church, so I think we pray like this... B-13, I-23, N-42, G-51, O-64." teehee
RO--I hope all went well with Lesley's treatment.
APB for FRANKIE!! Come on down!

Have any of you ever had a dream where you know in your dream that you are dreaming? I have, and last night a dream i had took on a new dimension...I 'said to myself,' this is just a dream, and I'm going to wake up soon. Well, I 'woke up,' but i was still dreaming!! Finally, I woke up 'for real,' and I was like, 'Did that just happen?' It was quite curious indeed! Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! :)
God bless you all...eight more sleeps til Christmas!

December 18, 2019 - Msg 113438: Sounds like a Father Mulcahy Joke to me MDC...JOCULARITY...JOCULLARITY!...G-F

December 18, 2019 - Msg 113439: Good morning to all my porch peeps.

Good joke MDC. Your joke and GF's reference to MASH reminds me of the MASH episode when Col. Potter is losing in Bingo and getting so frustrated with it. "Nothing like a friendly game of Bingo to frustrate the bejeepers out of you"!
And I have been in dreams when something real bad was happening, and then in my dream I know I am dreaming and so I don't get to scared because I know it's just a dream. Dreams sure can be odd, can't they?

Boo, I will join with MDC and others in offering prayers for Erin and her situation. And for your whole family. We did exactly what you are doing when my Son first moved out and then wanted to move back in a few months later, broke and destitute. We set up rules of the house that he would need to abide with.

Speaking of dreams, have you ever been having a dream when some real noise in life coincides with the dream? Like you are dreaming your phone is ringing and you wake to find your phone ringing. Years ago I would golf with a co-worker who was quite a bit older than me. In fact I dated his daughter a few times. Anyway, he was always dressed in old cover-alls at work. One day I was dreaming he and I were golfing. But he was dressed in his ratty dirty old cover-alls. And everytime he would get ready to hit his golf ball, just before starting his backswing, he would look down the fairway and crow like a rooster. In my dream I was thinking how odd he would do that instead of hollering "fore". But he kept doing it on every shot. Well I finally woke up to our neighbors rooster crowing away. Somehow that had tied in with my dream. No more chicken wings at bedtime for this boy. :)


December 18, 2019 - Msg 113440: Good morning, porch. Thank you all so much for the prayers for Lesley. Progress report - she has had the second procedure, tolerated it well, and is showing some improvement in her mentation, thinks more clearly, memory is better. She will have one more procedure, maybe two, after the first of the year, and then will have the actual open-skull brain surgery. The procedures so far have been with tiny instruments passed up through an artery into her brain. Amazing what they can do these days. The plan to release her to home after each procedure was solidly vetoed by Richard (Robbi's husband, Lesley's brother). He made it quite clear to one and all that there was no one living here but her 85 year old mother who could care for her, and she would NOT be going home. A physical therapist evaluated her, agreed with Richard, and she has been released to a high-quality rehab-type care facility until after the holidays, when she will return to the hospital. Anyway, she is doing well so far, so please keep the prayers going. God is good.

Boo, I remember when my brother's marriage fell apart after he literally caught his wife in an affair, and he went into a tailspin. My parents (and I) were very concerned, as his behavior was totally off the wall, irresponsible, reckless, not typical of him at all. My mother spoke to our pastor and told him what was happening. His answer was simple. "Mary, just pray for him and let God work. He may have to hit rock bottom before he straightens out, but with God's help he may hit those rocks, push off and head back for the light. Give it to God." That's exactly what happened. He came home, cleared his mind and heart of the past events, eventually met and married a young woman from the church, and they have been happily married ever since. He's a designing jeweler, has won many awards, has his own jewelry store, has two sons, and is a happy man. The ex-wife, who had moved away, returned to our city one day, and plopped herself down in a church service, beside my mother! What nerve! Our wise and bold pastor spoke with her, welcomed her back to town, but suggested that if she was just looking for a church home, he could refer her to several churches in town, but would not recommend that she re-join ours. He told her that since there was a new marriage, it would not be to her advantage or his to be present, and while he was happy she was seeking association with God's people, he felt it would not be good to find it there, but he promised to pray for her to find a happy place. She immediately packed up and returned to Michigan. Obviously, a church home was not what she was hoping to find here. She was a spoiled, beautiful girl, and that may have been the first time she had been rebuffed.

Father Mulcahy! Isn't he just the cutest thing? I love the way William Christopher played him, and the writers gave him great material. Tell me, am I the only one who thinks little Ralphie might have grown up to look like Father Mulcahy?

Well, better leave this pleasant spot at my window, and my keyboard. I've got some packages to get in the mail and had better get it done and get back home, as the carpet cleaner man is coming this afternoon. Squat and Squirt has just about got it, I think. She used her potty box exclusively for the last two days, so am getting the carpets cleaned, to reduce the temptation for her. If she keeps it up, which I don't think she will, I'll just have to get them cleaned again in a while. She's settling down a little, but I did have to barricade the Christmas tree, she was hauling my little plaster snowman collection out from under the tree, into the middle of the room, and making a little pile of them. What goes on in her little head, I wonder? Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 18, 2019 - Msg 113441: Christmas Card from The Newsome's 2019

December 19, 2019 - Msg 113442: Merry Christmas to you too Floyd and to your family.
Very cute card, thanks!
Here's one for RO..."and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Trinket on her piddle pad, good, good dear." :)
Glad she finally 'gets it!'
Also, regarding Lesley, so glad she will be in a good rehab center!
BOO--just an added word of advice, be FIRM with whatever you tell her!
This must be a 'for sure' thing at this stage, and be sure she understands completely. Like asa and ro, i too have had a family go thru something similar, and sometimes they just have to really 'bottom out' before things turn around. Certainly not the best thing to think about before Christmas, but just keep it in mind. Prayers continue for her, and may the Holy Spirit do your talking. :)
ASA--that's pretty funny about the rooster dream. Did the rooster have a sip of Mr. Frisbee's cider by any chance? ha
Well, we went around and looked at Christmas lights tonite. The owner of a nearby strip mall really does it up big with animated figures, and lites all over every building. It changes a bit each year and is really spectacular; AND, get this...the man is Jewish!
God bless,