December 28, 2019 - Msg 113503: One more funny little note. I said the boys all go outside to potty, and they do. Diesel, however, has put the icing on the cake. He has a little bell, like you see on the counter at some businesses, or in a hotel, and it sits on the floor beside the back door. When he wants to go outside, he slaps the button on that bell with his big old fluffy paw, it rings, and someone lets him out. When he wants back in, he barks.

There is a downside, however. He will ring the bell to get someone to leave the TV and let him out, whether he needs to go or not. He waits for David to get comfortable, then rings the bell, even when he has been out half an hour earlier. It's so funny! Diesel is one cute, smart and hilarious dog. We've got a family of good dogs, actually. They all get along, and are well behaved, and comical, each in their own way. --Romeena

December 28, 2019 - Msg 113504: I thought I'd sweep the porch while I was here, and it lets me put off tackling that kitchen. There were lots of crumbs from Christmas cookies on the floor and the rockers, but all is clean now. --Romeena

December 28, 2019 - Msg 113505: Hey Asa...Take a look 👀 at this kid...He has skills! (Nice tools too) G-F

December 28, 2019 - Msg 113506: * I bet he cut his teeth on a Mattel

December 28, 2019 - Msg 113507: BOO--I went to the Fiesta Bowl Parade again this morning. It is a small parade in comparison to say the Rose Parade, but still is fun to watch. I think a LOT of marchers visited Cymbal City and bought the Andre Kostolantz marchers! ha I recall that you said you got to march in it in the '70s. Regarding Erin, all that RO said,... Plus.! As delicately as I can say this...Seven shots of straight vodka IS drunk! Sorry, but had to say it. Three of my 22 nieces and nephews went thru VERY similar situations. We were in denial with all three UNTIL they hit the rock bottom of which RO refers. I'm praying, of course, but I am also saying that the road ahead may get rougher,
especially if she does come back home in the new year, before it gets better. I wish there was some other way, but sometimes there just isn't. As I said, I've seen it from an uncle's perspective
several times. From my end, I'm trying to 'muster up' the best prayers that I can.
Hey to John Masters! Good to see you stopping by again.
Hey to Frankie also.
GF--good video, that kid is very ept! :)
Someone mentioned on FB Mayberry after Midnight that the song that Barney plays whilst leading the goat out of town is the Juanita song. I never realized that before! I learn something about tags everyday! ha "Cue" to 1:00 ...

Have a blessed day, and thanks again for the birthday wishes! :)

December 28, 2019 - Msg 113508: That is so funny about Diesel, Ro!! I love dogs. lol I know our Poopsie makes us laugh every day. I think you are right about the dog pads. My pup uses them almost exclusively but even still, now and then I find an accident. Just the other day I was in the bathroom and spotted her tinkling on the bath mat. Because it is a type of pad on the floor, she thinks its ok. I do a lot of washing.
I swear, though, that is the sweetest little dog with just the right amount of vinegar to be funny and playful, and loads of sweetness, too. She's the best and now that she is really no longer a pup, she naps more and more content to rest in my lap instead of jumping up at every sound. She is getting along better with the cat, too, although she is either jealous or protective because when the cat gets too close to me, she tries to bite it in the face. Poor kitty.

Ro, thanks for the wisdom concerning Erin. It is a frequent battle within my mind to discern whether I am doing the right thing or enabling. I am really trying and frankly, it is getting much easier to use tough love. Bruce is better at it than I am and that is a good thing.

MDC, I agree, Erin would certainly have been drunk if her stomach hadn't thrown most of it up. I could tell when talking to her that she wasn't what I would call drunk or I wouldn't have left her in the yard. lol...whatever problem she has with her stomach and intestines, which I suspect is IBS or something worse, the last thing she needs is to drink alcohol! I saw her today and she is fine and is in San Antonio tonight staying with a friend there who lives with her family. They are all going to Six Flags tomorrow. Her friend there gave her a free ticket for Christmas.

Glad you got to go to the Fiesta Bowl Parade! It was certainly one of the highlights of my young life. The whole experience was grand! it was my first time to travel west of Texas and see the grand canyon, and the fact that I got to do all of it with my best high school buddies made it great. The only thing that wasn't fun was the long bus ride out there! I remember we stayed in a Holiday Inn in Scottsdale and I wonder if it is still there.

Well, I finally got to take a day to rest today and ended up with a bad headache. I took a pill and a nap and am much better now and doing a little laundry. I watched the Christmas ep of TAGS today. Can you believe I didn't have time to watch it yet? I had planned on watching it on Christmas Night but mom in law wigged out and had to be taken back to the nursing home. Oh well.


December 29, 2019 - Msg 113509: Good morning, porch! I'm ashamed to say, I'm not going to make it to preachin' today. It's cold and raining, and I'm already coughing and a little congested, so I think I'll stay in and stay warm and dry. It's so nasty out there that even the critters are staying in. I have seen one bird and one squirrel. Usually by this time of the morning, the yard is full of little furry and feathered friends, and I get to enjoy their antics. Not so, this morning. So, I think I'll profit from their wisdom and stay in my nest, too.

Boo, I think you're definitely on the right track with Erin. Believe it or not, it will get better. It may get worse first, but it will get better eventually. Of my four, every single one of them had to try their wings, made some mistakes, and eventually made it back to sanity. I'll admit, it's harder for the kids these days, with the easy availability of alcohol and drugs, and the more permissive attitude of society in general, to help them be stupid, but the same rules still apply. It just might take a little longer. Keep praying, and don't give up, and remember, tough love is still love. God uses it with us, too!

Diesel is such a funny dog. He is just the cutest thing. You don't necessarily think of a big dog as being "cute", but he is. Of course, there are those who wouldn't really consider him a big dog, at about 30 lbs., but compared to the little Maltese who have lived with me, he is. He's just a big old mop-headed, fluffy-pawed goof, and he is much loved by all. Watch your email!

Well, guess I'll go feed Trinket. She's doing so well in the potty department, and Boo, you're exactly right. A pad is a pad to her. Even though she's using the pads in her potty box, she will still use the little rugs out in the sunroom. Fortunately, they're washable. Also, I no longer use a bathmat by my shower. I just put down the towel I used last, and hang it back up after using it. Removing the temptation of a bathmat also removed one more thing for me to slip or trip on, so it's a win/win.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 29, 2019 - Msg 113510: WORD IS OUT.....

8th Annual Mayberry Meet-up in Mt. Airy, NC
17-19 July 2020 at the Mayberry Motor Inn

REGISTRATION FORM for the Mayberry Meetup 2020

December 29, 2019 - Msg 113511: Good afternoon, porch. You may or may not have seen on the news today that there was a shooting in a church in White Settlement, a suburb of Ft. Worth. One church member was killed, another critically wounded. Before he could fire again, a nearby church member stood up, pulled a pistol from his belt behind his back, and shot and killed the gunman. The service was being videoed, and all of this was caught on the video. It also shows that at least five other church members had risen from their seats, with weapons drawn. So, if nothing else, that video might just give potential shooters cause to pause and think about it. More and more, innocent people are armed and prepared to defend themselves and their friends and families. I know of about ten men in our church who are armed, and who knows how many others there are. It is so very sad that it has come to this, but we are not forbidden to protect ourselves. In Luke 22, we find Jesus telling his disciples to arm themselves, before he went to the Garden of Gethsemane. They told him they had two swords, and he said it was enough. It's a sad thing when worshipers cannot gather without fear. At my church, we have guards on the parking lot, and several men remain in the foyer during services, to notice and observe anyone they don't recognize. On our senior social night, several of our men are armed (one is a retired policeman) and we also have a city police officer there as our guest. All the doors to the outside of our social hall are locked except one, and the officer is watching that door. Isn't that a pitiful thing? God help us all! --Romeena

December 30, 2019 - Msg 113512: Oh RO, I did not hear about that, but my prayers are with the families for sure. We also now have 'guards', men who walk the parking lot during services.
I pray on this Sabbath evening that the Lord would thrown his hedge of
protection around our churches.
On the other side of the coin, I was about to pay a policeman's bill at the QT counter today, when he told me
that he received a quite generous QT gift card, so he paid MY bill, which was a newspaper, a sandwich, and a coffee!
Love ya,

December 30, 2019 - Msg 113513: Well, it has started yet again. After the shooting at the church in White Settlement, the gun-grabbers are melting down and howling for "gun control." As if such a thing really is possible. (See: Prohibition. Drug laws. DUI laws, etc.) What happened was this: A man entered the sanctuary of the church, with a gun hidden in his clothing. He spoke briefly with an usher standing at the back of the church, sat down, then stood up and opened fire. He shot two church members, killing one at the scene, and the other died later. Two other church members, both members of the church's sanctioned, armed security guard, stood up and drew their own concealed weapons, and shot the man, who died, thereby saving the taxpayers a long and expensive prison confinement and a costly trial. Good shooting, guys!

Now, let's assume that strict gun control laws have been imposed. The volunteer guards would have not been armed, but you can bet your hat that the shooter would have been. Outlawing guns will only breed an active black market in firearms. Drugs are illegal, but your child can buy them on any street corner. Driving under the influence is illegal, and driving without a license is illegal. Yet many are slain on our streets every day, by a drunk, unlicensed driver. But for the sake of argument, let's say for a moment that the shooters are no longer able to get a gun. (Use your imagination!) What would happen? Everybody would be safe, right? Wrong! Any ten year old can go online and find instructions for building a bomb. The would-be shooters, who are determined to kill some innocent people, will simply build a bomb, carry it into a building and detonate it. I suppose the gun-grabbers think that would be preferable to gunfire. Evil will find a way, you can count on it. These people are nuts, they're crazy, and they are determined. I have nothing but high praise for the two men who shot that maniac and kept him from killing who knows how many people last Sunday morning. If he was truly insane, not in control of his behavior, then God will deal with him justly. If he was just mean to the bone, again, God will deal with him justly. That does not mean that we have to stand there like sheep and let him murder people until he runs out of bullets. No, he's now in the hands of the final Judge, and we don't have to deal with him any longer. By the way, I'm pretty sure the high echelon members of the gun-grabbing Socialists (Pelosi, et al) have armed guards protecting them. Wanna bet? --Romeena

December 30, 2019 - Msg 113514: Romeena, I am only 51 years old and I remember the days when you left your garage door open at night while you did something else in the house, left your front door open with the screen door shut while you watched tv in another room and guns at school, church and theaters was never even a thought in the human mind. We have come a long way. Unfortunately, in the wrong direction as far as violence goes.

Nice story, MDC. My wife and I were at SONIC before Christmas and we paid for the car behind us. When we were at SONIC last year. the same happened to us. It gives you pleasure to do something nice. Real heartwarming pleasure.

Well folks....that 70 degree weather is long gone here in the Ozarks! That cold and wind gusts today will cut you in half. Brrrr!

A big Monday morning Hey to Asa, SPOT, Maude, possum, Boo, Billy Ray, Medwin, GF and the rest of you at the Save the Scobey's rummage sale.

John Masters

December 30, 2019 - Msg 113515: Good afternoon, porch. Just got home from running five errands, took me nearly three hours. Half an hour of that was spent at City Hall, to dispute a water bill I received. Last month's bill was $45, and this month it was $564. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. There are no leaks, as verified by a meter not running when no water is running in the house. The man I talked to told me not to pay the bill (no worries there!) and he would investigate and call me at the end of this week.

John Masters, I remember those days, too. I remember before we moved to the country, our little house in town had no a/c, of course - nobody did except the Majestic Theater downtown. San Antonio can be like an oven in the summer, and it doesn't get much cooler at night. We left all windows and exterior doors open at night, and still couldn't sleep. I clearly recall my mother asking my dad if he "latched the screen door." He would say he forgot, and would get up and go latch that screen! The wooden door was open, of course. Latching the screen did no good at all, because along with the back door and several window screens, it had a hole beside the latch where someone had poked through to unlatch it when everything else was locked. Daddy's theory was that an intruder would not enter the front door, where he could be seen from the street, but would go to the back door instead. Therefore, we would latch the front screen and go out the back door, locking the solid door behind us. Then if someone came home who didn't have a key, they couldn't get in, so they just poked a hole in the screen. Every screen door in town had a hole beside the latches. Yet, we all slept well, and felt quite safe in our beds.

If the Left, the Socialists, the Progressives, whatever they're called these days succeed in passing laws to ban guns, then the only ones who will have guns are the criminals, and the rest of us will be at their mercy. I don't know why that's so hard for the gun-grabbers to understand. Actually, I think they do. I think they just don't care. If they can disarm the majority of the citizenry, they can rule as they please, and that's the goal. The criminals will be dealt with as necessary.

Meantime, I'm happy to report that Trinket has now gone four days without an accident on the floor. I thought this day would never come! Blessings, friends! -- Romeena

December 30, 2019 - Msg 113516: Howdy. Speaking of San Antonio, Romeena, I was there today. So, last night I got a call from Erin, from the Fiesta Texas parking lot. Her car got towed because it was parked in the wrong place. She claims she parked where the employee instructed her to park, but nothing to do about it now. Bruce and I had to drive to San Antonio this morning and pay 250.00 to get the car. She will pay it back or work it off, I am leaving that up to Bruce. Its always something. Poor Bruce is so upset over everything. He just has so much anger in him now and cussing up a storm, which he never used to do. He knows he is going to have to use some tough love with Erin and he just hates to. I think he has finally had his fill, though. We will see how things go if she moves back. I told him he needs to put everything on paper..she has to follow the house rules or find another place to live. He said he is so frustrated because he wants to help her. My response was that you can't help anyone until they are ready to be helped.

Think I will go chill for awhile and get my mind off things. Hope you all have a wonderful evening.


December 30, 2019 - Msg 113517: BOO--and most importantly...make sure she SIGNS and DATES the rules paper! And seriously, the first rule should be "obey all rules."
JOHN M, your post said it all...we are living Jesus' words of the wheat and the tares! The good living along with the bad. The absolute nicity of folks like you encountered at the Sonic, and the evil ones who somewhere along the line turned bad.
RO--good to hear that LB finally "got it!" :)
2020 is almost upon us!

December 30, 2019 - Msg 113518: Wow...poor Boo. I cant quite tell if things are breaking down or building up? Saying Bruce never cussed sounds like things coming apart. But realizing tough love is needed sounds like a needed moment has come. My sympathy to you, Boo.

Romeena, you hit the Leftists perfectly. They go by they're right, you're wrong. Period. Finished.

A good night to the entire Porch. Would say more but I'm so darn rushed.

John Masters

December 31, 2019 - Msg 113519: Happy New Years Eve all. I hope and pray 2020 will be healthy and happy for everyone.

Prayers Boo. You have been given very good advice I think.

Romeena, That Church shooting event is a glaring example of why owning and carrying a weapon is so critical. Why anyone would ban carrying guns and then openly advertise it in this day and age is beyond my ability to understand. And if you are going to do that, you better have armed security and metal detectors at every door.

John, sure good to see you posting more. Nice to see Sterling pop in also.

Well I got a few fixins for tonight. We don't do much. We tell our kids to stay home and hunker down, as we do. No use fighting the drunks. I will plug in a movie or two and stay warm in my bed on a cold winters night.

GF, Yes, that young feller has some talent in the wood shop for sure. That was an interesting face shield he was wearing with the respirator on the top. I have never seen one like that before.

MDC, Glad your Christmas/Birthday party went well. I hope you at least had pearly onions on the menu. lol

Prayers for all.


December 31, 2019 - Msg 113520: Good morning, Porch!

Asa - Thanks. I plan on sticking around a bit more. I had a lousy 2019. Hope to start fresh with a new year and new decade!
Will be celebrating the new year with a few firecrackers and a bottle of pop. Probably watch more of The Waltons with the wife. Just started watching them from the very beginning.

Porch, I hope you all have a great time tonight or find it well to just hanker down on that couch. Leave your shoes in the middle of the living room floor and walk around in your stocking feet!

John Masters

December 31, 2019 - Msg 113521: Good morning, porch! On the subject of "tough love", I think it's important to note that such a thing is practiced by our Lord. He gave us free will, and we can make our own decisions regarding our behavior. However, if we choose foolishness, we will have consequences. He does not remove them. If we live a drug and alcohol-filled life, abuse our own bodies and hurt others, we can always repent and ask His forgiveness, which will be granted if our repentance is genuine, but the consequences of our actions are not removed. The addict still has to fight their addiction, the alcoholic may die of cirrhosis, and the victims of a drunk driver are still just as dead. The Bible states repeatedly that the "sins of the
fathers shall be visited upon their children to the third and fourth generation." This does not mean that God willfully punishes innocent people for something their fathers did. Rather, it means that the consequences of the sins of the father will fall upon the children. If a man spends all his resources on alcohol, and has nothing left to buy food, his children will be hungry. They will likely not be educated and will live a marginal existence all their life. It's the old domino effect. All we as parents can do is our very best, to "train up a child in the way he should go", and then trust him or her to God. We cannot force them, because God has given us all free will. We make our own decisions ultimately, and if we choose to make bad choices, well then, the consequences will follow. There's more to that scripture, though. It finishes with "and when he is old, he will not depart from it." As I related earlier, my brother is proof of that. He had to hit some deep potholes before he came back around, but he did, and is a happy, God-loving man today.

I think MDC's idea about a signed and dated "house rules" paper is a good one. It will impress upon Erin that you are serious about this thing, it will offer a clear picture of what is expected, and it will prevent any argument or "I didn't understand that" excuses. If she refuses to sign it, remind her of previous broken promises, and then show her the door. Most of all, never stop reminding her that you love her, and want only the best for her. God continues to love us, even when we're determined to hit the rocks.

Tonight, I'm going to a friend's house. She has invited a lot of people from church, we'll have a potluck dinner, play some games, most of them silly and fun, and visit. I'll probably come home around 10:30 or so, to avoid any drunk traffic, and to be with Trinket in case there are fireworks in the neighborhood. Of course, she'll be confined in my bathroom, and can't see anything, but can probably hear them. She notices every tiny little noise, and barks with a very deep, important-sounding bark, for such a small dog. My friend just lives about two miles away, down a straight, my-house-to-her-house residential street, so I don't need to get on the highway. I guess at midnight, I'll just kiss Trinket on her little nose!

Happy New Year, everyone! --Romeena

December 31, 2019 - Msg 113522: Asa, I agree. I hate that people have to be armed but the reality is just that, at least at this point. Maybe in some utopian age..if that ever comes. All I can think about is Sutherland Springs. I have been there in that little town and cant imagine the horror and the pain they are still living with to lose so many in such a small community. You can bet every single citizen of that town was effected greatly. I am so relieved that the same thing didn't happen this time in Ft Worth. Texas seems to so often be the scene of these shootings and I just hate that. I don't know what the answer is besides social change and how do you back up? There are so many things that need to be undone or taught to our youth today. Schools with their testing aren't teaching adequate history or civics. Most young people don't know who the vice president it. Political change and laws aren't the answer, long-term. There has to be a change in the attitudes and hearts of the people. I hate to sound cynical but I think most americans are barking up the wrong tree and it isn't going to work. Only true, spiritual awakening will change people. Keep praying and be always aware of if you are leading people to Jesus or pushing them away. Some of the ugly, cruel politics I am seeing being spewed from the mouth of Christians on facebook is a travesty. It is causing division among believers and non-believers see Christians as hypocrites. I just wish people would stop being mean and do unto others. Maybe we will see some of that in 2020. I think a lot of people are getting fed up with extremism. There I said it and Im not taking it back. Well, maybe later. ;)

Thank you all for your encouragement and wisdom concerning Erin. It is always appreciated. As I have said before, you have all had a part in raising her and are her porch aunties and uncles.

Happy New Year's and everyone be safe and blessed!


December 31, 2019 - Msg 113523: Happy New Year's and everyone...Spot Loves Yall !

December 31, 2019 - Msg 113524: It's now 10:42 central time, and I'm home from my friend's party, safe and sound. I left a little after nine, came home and finished cleaning up the kitchen after baking two pumpkin pies and a cheesecake. Most of it was clean, but I want to start with a clean slate tomorrow. I'm cooking a turkey and dressing, about three veggies, and a fruit salad. Eloise is bringing a potato and cheese casserole, Brittney will bring a green bean casserole, and we'll have enough food for Coxey's army. My SIL will want the turkey bones (bless her, I won't have to mess with them!) She boils them down for soup and I would probably never do that. My mom did, but I don't want turkey soup right on the heels of the whole turkey. Anyway, we'll have around 14 people here for turkey and dressing, and that's one of the easiest meals I make.

Anyway, as I said, I came home from the party early, to avoid the drunks on the road, and to spend the rest of the evening with Trinket. She was about ready to be let out of that bathroom, believe me, and has been running around celebrating ever since I got home. She is the funniest little thing! She creates her own fun. She flings toys around, then chases them and flings them again. She growls a soft little growl the whole time. It's hilarious. Every few minutes, she runs back to me, leans against whatever part of me is available, and catches her breath, then goes on the chase again. What a little bright spot she is! God is good.

Happy New Year, everyone. I'm looking forward to 2020. With God's help, it will be a good year. --Romeena