January 16, 2020 - Msg 113624: Im so very sorry, John Masters. Romeena has expressed very wise and kind advice. Some people think animals don't have souls, but when I look into the eyes of my pups and kitty, I see love there and there is no mistaking that. You have to have a soul to love. God, who sees the tiniest sparrow fall, holds all in his loving hands. Saying a prayer for comfort and healing for your and your dear wife.


January 16, 2020 - Msg 113625: Hey folks, I wanted confirm that is was me that posted last night about the Kickstarter that started for the Mayberry Man movie that the sons of Hoke Howell and Ronnie Schell are trying to make.

If you'd like to contribute and, if it gets made, see *me* in an actual movie....here's the link:

Any amount helps. If you can't contribute, at least go and check it out and hope that it actually gets made because it'll help spread a little Mayberry to more people.

--Allan "Floyd" Newsome

You can also visit http://MayberryMan.com and scroll down to see me listed as "cast member." :)

January 16, 2020 - Msg 113626: Sorry JM...It IS like losing a family member.. Prayers from your Porch Friends...G-F

January 16, 2020 - Msg 113627: Truly am sorry about the loss of your Sadie, John Masters.Sending love and prayers .

possum u.a.r.

January 17, 2020 - Msg 113628: JOHN, my condolences to you also. I am so sorry for your loss. My wife and I have had to let go of 3 kittys. Very, very difficult. My prayers are with you and yours.
BOO--With all the focus on Erin lately, how is Sean doing these days?
Is his current job going ok for him?
It looks like Floyd may be in a movie. Let's hope he doesnt let hollywood go to his head. :) All the best to you Floyd!
I'm heading for the ironing board. Good night all,

January 17, 2020 - Msg 113629: Good Friday morning all.

Got some fresh snow on my porch this morning. Not enough yet to bother Helen with, and they say it's a fast mover. Supposed to be gone by mid morning. So we will see.

John, I am so sorry for your loss. I imagine some folks don't understand the loss of a pet, but I think we do here. I think Romeena gave you some excellent advice about getting another kitten in due time. You guys will know when it's right.

Floyd, I have Cpl. Klinger's song stuck in my head. "You should have been in pictures...waa-waa" lol Are you now offering those "Hollywood Haircuts"? Barber without a clipper. Kinda like Sheriff without a gun. :)

Yesterday I watched a little clip someone had made about Josephine Loyd (Lydia Crosswaithe) and how she left acting after TAGS and just kind of vanished from public eye. GF, Have you ever seen her at any of the Mayberry Days events? Another one I wonder about was the girl who played Karen Burgess. If she is still alive or if she ever has appeared in those events.

Well I hope everyone has a nice day and weekend.


January 17, 2020 - Msg 113630: Asa, No Josie Lloyd (Lydia) has not done Mayberry events, the same for Rhonda Jeter (Karen) she may have done some years ago but not at Mayberry Days...But I did get to meet Johnny Paul Jason, Howie, Arnold Winkler andof corse Mary Alice Carter (Morgan Brittany) though ....


January 17, 2020 - Msg 113631: Thank you for asking, MDC. Sean has some deep seated issues and is struggling right now. I am working on getting him some counseling because I don't know how to help. He is still working at the hotel but with spring break coming, he will be expected to work at least 6 days a week, into the night because the work load at spring break and summer increases greatly. With his back issues I think it might be too much for him so he is stressing over that. He has the same old struggles over his s#xual orientation and lives in constant guilt and shame, which takes a toll on a person. No matter what I say, there is not much that helps. He has to find his peace somehow and realize that God loves him. Sean isn't promiscuous but still loathes the urges he has. I feel so sorry for him.

Well, lots to do today. Have to get something in the cooker for Bruce's dinner, then attend a meeting at work and have my waffle iron exam at 4. I hate it but its overdue.

Love to All,

January 17, 2020 - Msg 113632: Good afternoon, friends! Yes, it is too afternoon! it's 12:03, and three minutes is enough to call it afternoon, so there!

Trubbles, trubbles, all God's chillun got trubbles. Got a few of my own, now that I think about it, but I try not to do that too often. Mine look pretty small when I stack them beside some of the "trubbles" others are dealing with. Not much I can do about them, so I just pray a lot. As a wise man once said, when all you've got is prayer, then prayer is all you need.

It's cold outside, at 55°, which isn't really all that cold, but it's been three days since I've seen a sunbeam, and the constant dripping from the trees and everything else just makes it feel colder. At least, the wind isn't blowing. The sky looks like someone covered this area with a big gray bowl, not a hint of sun breaking through anywhere. This is my least favorite weather. Oh, well. The sun's gonna shine in my back door again some day.

Guess I'd better go feed my little companion. She has been very well behaved since Robbi and Richard went back to Fredericksburg, taking Bexar with them. They'll be back on Monday, as Richard's sister will be having yet another procedure on her brain. That has been a circus over there in Dallas, and I'm glad I'm not expected to be involved. As parts of Lesley's brain are finally getting a decent blood flow, they're waking up, but her judgment and interpretation of events and things she hears is all skewed, and she's gotten pretty darned feisty. In other words, right now, she's a nut! There is a risk, at any point in this series of procedures, that she might not survive it. Therefore, the family needs to get her to sign some important papers, related to her will and her wishes for ongoing care, etc. She is refusing, saying that they're just trying to get all her assets. It gets sticky.

Well, off I go. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 17, 2020 - Msg 113633: Hey folks,

First, I want to say I am deeply touched by all of your prayers and sentiments. It does a heart good.

Romeena - Dont have to get another cat. Sadie was one of eight. There is still JoJo, Banjo, Sophie, Bubby, Sissy, Tux and Sammy. ( I imagine you are all picking yourselves up off the floor right now). They give us the smiles and comfort we have been missing from Sadie, but Sadie was always be the standout.
The reason I say that is my wife gave so much of herself in Sadie's health problems. She was battling asthma and having a rough go of it. It could be gotten under control IF other things hadn't gone wrong and we found she had more issues from her three day ordeal. In short, she had asthma, an enlarged heart, fluid on her abdomen, rapid weight loss, an undiagnosed disease in her lings WITH the asthma (we didnt know exactly what because we put her to sleep), hypothermia and shock. The last vet highly suspected she had a certain disease in her lungs, but said it would just be too much to get the test from her body because she had really been thru enough. Plus she was in hypothermia and shock at the end.
My wife stayed up all night sometimes, (literally all night) just to watch and monitor her breathing. Sadie had a little table with her bed on it in a corner and my wife would lay there and watch her under a night light. She gave her inhalers, nebulizer treatments, medicines, syringe fed her, syringe watered her and would lay on the bed and talk to her to calm her breathing. When my wife showered, Sadie would jump in the shower with her and sit on a shower chair we have for my father. Sometimes, she would get a little wet, but it never bothered her. There are a lot of other things too long to go in to. I hope to be back here soon in my usual TAGS mood. Thanks again, everyone! I really appreciate it!

John Masters

January 17, 2020 - Msg 113634: Hey Asa, I guess I'm a little worried that if I do make it into the movie...I'll be one of those actors that stares into the camera and grins all the time I'm saying a line. ha ha! We'll see. Hopefully they'll raise enough to make the movie and we'll see if I can do it or not.

January 18, 2020 - Msg 113635: John Masters, one thing I have learned here is that all porchsters are
"genuine, full-sized, regulation friends here on the porch. :) I am glad that you have so many other cats. It will lessen the loss a little bit at least. Your wife sure sounds like a truly wonderful person! :)
My prayers continue for all the porch. I remember you all during my morning talk with the Lord.
ASA- a while back you mentioned the upcoming golf tourney here. Yes, it does get a little crazy on 16, but it really is an anomaly from the rest of the tournament. Has your friend who moved here gone to it yet? We also have the big car auction going on right now. Millions of dollars are bid, it's pretty astounding. I went one time many years ago. https://tinyurl.com/yxbl23vl

RO--The weather you described above is the exact reason why my mom and dad pulled up stakes from Mpls, Minn in 1952 and headed west!
Both could no longer take WEEKS of drab, grey skies, with clouds hanging so low that one could reach up and touch them! I'm sure glad they made the move! At 3 years old, I was fine with it! haha
Well, I'm trying to get used to Windows 10!!! I lost the driver for my scanner in the download, and now they are saying that it is incompatable with 10! Grrr, technology can be pretty frustrating at times! I'm also trying to decipher all the new icons.
BOO--prayers for Sean, Lord be with him, and y'all.
The weekend is upon us, hope all can get to preaching this week. As REV would say,
give it all to Jesus! :)

January 18, 2020 - Msg 113636: It’s a Beautiful day in the neighborhood on my end of the porch. We have snow, ice, sleet, rain, and then back to snow again...Yep...It’s a “FUN DAY”...Good day to make a good batch of SOUP 🥣.....

JM...Both of my sister’s are big cat lovers too. One has 5 the other one has 10! 🙀 She fosters them, but can’t seem to let them go...It’s crazy all the different personalities they have!


January 18, 2020 - Msg 113637: Thank you, John Masters, for sharing that information regarding the cats. I can believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you and your wife. It doesn't matter how many you have, it hurts when you lose one, but having others who need you and will occupy your time and give you an outlet for your nurturing impulses, will help a lot. I would love to have ten little doggies to love on around here, but it wouldn't work. Most dogs, especially Maltese dogs, fully expect to be in your lap when you're sitting down, or at least located where they can touch you. They can get defensive regarding the choice spots (the lap) too. Cats, on the other hand, are more aloof, they cuddle on their own schedule, and usually not all the time. They're not usually quite so possessive. Still, as I've said many times, if I ever find myself in a situation where I can't have a dog, but could have a cat, I will have a cat. Or a bunny, or a guinea pig, or some little furry creature to cuddle and spoil. It's just in my soul, I guess. My earthbound idea of Heaven is a nice, clean home, with a stable out back, and my dear old Ace will be there. He won't be alone, however. There will be a couple of Fresian horses with him, and I will be young and strong again, and can let sweet Ace rest while I ride those fiery Fresians. I might have a big old Belgian mare as well, huge, strong and amazingly gentle, great with children. In the house will be all the dogs and cats I've ever had, but they will be young and healthy, all will get along well, and they'll all be potty-trained!!! Now, I know that this description probably falls far, far short of what the glory of Heaven will really be, but it works for me right now. When I get there and remember my earthly description, I'll probably laugh. Well, that's okay too. If it's anything any better than what I've described, for me it will be wondrous indeed! As someone so succinctly said, "God don't make no junk."

And now I'm off to watch a MASH marathon, and eat some tasty leftovers. I love leftovers. Just heat and eat! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 18, 2020 - Msg 113638: Thanks for the kind words, as always. <3 Been working here at home today catching up laundry and will go to see mom in law in the nursing home this evening and probably eat out with Bruce. Erin will be moving back in on Sunday so hoping for the best and preparing for the rest.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend.


January 18, 2020 - Msg 113639: Hey folks,

I'm going to start forcing secure connections here at tagsrwc.com (and all the other sites I run) because things will soon begin not working if the site isn't doing a secure connection. You should NOT notice anything but there may be issues. If you see broken things, please let me know.


January 18, 2020 - Msg 113640: Sounds good Floyd. Thanks for looking out for us.
I think i will get you some Japanese lanterns or some balloons! ha
RO--your heavenly 'mansion' sure sounds lovely!! :)
I have heard that sorrels are easy-riding horses, tho i admit i really don't know.
BOO--I shall 'double up' on the prayers! :)
We'll even allow you the extra 5 mph! ha
Good Sabbath to all!
MDC now on the new 'Windows Grit My teeth'

January 19, 2020 - Msg 113641: Good morning, porch. Floyd, when you get to be a big movie star, do we have to call you Mr. Lawson?

MDC, a sorrel is a color of a horse. When you're around horse people, you'll hear colors used as distinctly as if they were breeds. It's a very complicated distinction, and I don't pretend to understand all of it. Basically, a sorrel horse is one that is reddish or coppery in color, with no trace of black anywhere. If a red or copper colored horse has a black mane or tail, it is considered to be a chestnut, not a sorrel. See, it gets sticky. Just Google "sorrel horse color" and you can read all day. My horse was easy to identify. He was black, with a white blaze on his face. A black horse is described as, well, black! Sure made it easier.

Well, later, taters. Blessings, all. --Romeena

January 19, 2020 - Msg 113642: Hey Romeena -- No, not Mr. Lawson....maybe Mr. Floyd would sound less prideful. :)


January 19, 2020 - Msg 113643: Romeena, I have a friend with a beautiful black horse with a white blaze on his face. They call him Jack and it suits him. What a handsome fellow he is! By the way, what was the name of your horse, I cant recall?

Thanks, MDC. Tonight is Erin's first night home and I made the lasagna she has been asking for. We have everything in writing and will sit down with her tonight to go over the rules and what we expect. So far she has been very sweet lately, compared to her usual self, anyway. ha

I had a good experience today that I wanted to share. I had not been in church for months and months and decided to visit a small church near us called 1st Christian. The pastor is a sweet man named pastor Dear, believe it or not, and his sermon wasn't as dry as dust. lol Seriously, though, it was a small church but full of people. It was peaceful and reverent, but also friendly. The sermon was just what I needed to hear, too. pastor Dear happens to be the chaplain at the facility where I work so I am familiar with him and his work with the community. His little church does much for others and are accepting of all kind of folks. The really neat thing is that after service, a woman came up to me that I knew 15 years ago. She, her husband and her 2 little boys went to church with us at our old church. We talked for awhile and it turns out that her oldest son is gay. He was in seminary and ordained, when he came out. The pastor of our past church was mentoring him when he was in college, but according to my friend, he abandoned him when he came out. Anyway, she was certainly someone who could to relate to my heartache and all that is involved with having gay children and I will keep in touch with her. Turns out she lives just down street from me and I know we can be a support for each other. Thanks for the prayers, I can feel God at work.

Better go sit in front of the fire Bruce made for me. It is a beautiful, crisp and cold evening here and you all know how I love that.


January 19, 2020 - Msg 113644: RO--Pretty soon he will insist on "Lawson Enterprises!" ha Floyd, yer the limit, ya know that?" (in a good way, of course!) :)
Thanks for the horse knowledge RO, and ya didn't even flaunt it either. :)
BOO--Ro's horse was named Ace. Praying for your whole family tonight
that the transition will go as smooth as possible. Also, I'm glad that YOU are also making
a transition to a new church, the one led by Pastor Dear. Did he tell you to slow down, and to take it easy? :) Moving on to a new church can
really be hard to do sometimes.
God's blessings,

January 20, 2020 - Msg 113645: Evening all, I just 'saw' GF and our Big Maude on the podcast. I couldn't stay long as we always eat our supper at the same time! But it was fun. More later. :)

January 20, 2020 - Msg 113646: Glad you popped in MDC...Big crowd tonight!....

January 21, 2020 - Msg 113647: Morning folks, another 20 degree morning on my end of the porch. hopefully this weather front will move somewhere else soon.

Boo: I am happy to hear your experience at the church went well. In my humble opinion that is exactly how churches(and the people who attend) should be. Our church has a motto of sorts "Where love is practiced as well as preached" and I think for the most part that we manage to carry that out. I attend church with a lady is about 65 or so and was raised by a Baptist minister father and a Baptist ministers wife. her parents were good people but very conservative. Anyway, this lady has a son and a daughter who are both gay. I know it has been hard for her but she still attends regularly and is active in church activities. Her kids were raised in our church as well. They both went to college and moved away but much like you works very hard at accepting their choices because she loves them. I think God put this church and this woman in your path so you could feel support from someone who understands.

MDC: it was good to see you on the podcast last night. Hope you will drop in again.

Lunch menu will be; loaded potato soup (cheese, bacon and scallions for those who want them), grilled cheese sandwiches and brownies for dessert.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

January 21, 2020 - Msg 113648: Good morning, porch! Another chilly morning, slightly overcast, rain predicted for later - tonight or tomorrow. Eddie and Tommy are coming this morning to clean out the sump pump in the catch basin beside the house (yet again) and I hope it isn't ruined. I can't seem to impress on those guys that the lid has to be secure, the little "trap" basin upline from the pump has to be kept cleaned out, and if these things are not done, the pump will slowly choke to death. I replaced that pump last summer, don't want to do it again, and will not be a happy camper if it won't start this time. It wasn't running during all that rain, and I had water creeping to within one foot - one foot, mind you - of my back door. Since that sunroom was built on the old patio floor, the water doesn't have to climb but about two inches to make it into the house. I would not be a happy camper. Eddie has never seen me like that, and I think it would scare him to death! I don't get angry very often, but water creeping into my house unnecessarily would do it. Having to replace a practically-new pump, again unnecessarily, would do it, as well. So, if you hear an explosion from somewhere on the Ft. Worth side of Dallas today, you'll know that pump was ruined, Romeena blew up, and there are little pieces of Eddie and Tommy all over the metroplex.

I have to take Trinket to Dr. Mike this afternoon. She has finished teething, but is still chewing on everything, and I discovered that she has at least two retained baby teeth, including the upper and lower canines on the left side, and perhaps more. She won't let me get in there to really see what's there. I think the crowding of those teeth may be causing her urge to chew on everything. Or maybe she's just a little jerk. Anyway, I'll let Dr. Mike deal with it, and also, he'll clip her toenails, which have grown out into toe talons. I am a registered nurse with 35 years experience. I've done things in the process of helping someone that would make a lot of people scream and run, or throw up. Yet, I cannot make myself clip my dog's nails. I used to, no problem. Then one day Sugarplum moved her foot just as I closed the jaws of the clipper. The nail bled, she screamed and cried, I cried, and I have never clipped a dog's nails since that day. So how can I still do things that are painful to people? I figure the people can understand an explanation, the dog can't. My dog just knows I intentionally hurt her, and I can't stand that. So Dr. Mike does the honors, he has never hurt one of mine yet, and I'll just continue to let him do it. He doesn't even charge, if the dog has been brought in for any other reason.

Well, much to do today. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 21, 2020 - Msg 113649: Romeena.."or maybe she's a little jerk"!! you kill me. lol I can totally relate to what you are saying about not clipping dogs nails. I don't do Poopsie's either because I am afraid of just that thing. I let the very sweet groomer do that for me, as well expressing the backside glands. lol

Thank you so much, Maude, for your kind words. I think you are right..and I will follow up with the little church. How is your husband these days? I know he must be discouraged about the job situation and I just think it is so unfair.

I have chores to do but still tired from work last night. More problems on the job due to one of the nurses they hired for weekends. Every time I go to work, something else is added to the list of duties. Now, because the nurse made a med error, we have to change our way of passing the medications and it is more complicated and more time consuming. Being the only nurse on a shift it is getting unbearable. The boss assures me they are about to have a new nurse join us but I am fairly convinced the last nurse they hired for weekends is looking for a new job so we cant get caught up. I am hanging in there for now to see how things go when someone else is hired but I don't know how much longer I can do it at my age. I cant understand why so many nurses these days have no work ethic and are just a mess. I hate it.

Better get back to it..


January 21, 2020 - Msg 113650: Afternoon all.

Boo, your comment about lack of work ethic runs across the board I fear. I know in the last few years I worked, I saw a lot of older guys retiring, being replaced by the "next generation", and Lord have mercy. It seemed maybe 1 in 5 would come in and really try to do a good job. And in time you would see that 1 finally quit trying so hard because it was serving him nothing but resentment. I remember telling one of those guys one time when he came in to cry on my shoulder. I said if nothing else, you can go home at the end of the day and feel good about your days work. If you start slacking off like the others, you deny yourself even that small joy. He thought about it and agreed. That's what makes it so infuriating that Mr. Maude has not been able to find a job because he is to old. Shame, shame, shame.

Ro, I got a good laugh about your "maybe she's jus a jerk" comment also. Oh them furkids.
Maybe a suggestion for you concerning your pump, based on what you are saying is going on. They do make flow switches that can be installed on the discharge line. The would assure you do have a flow of water discharging or it would shut the pump down before burning it out. It would have to have a countdown timer wired in parallel with it to allow the pump to turn on initially before turning the logic over to the flow switch. I had a somewhat similar situation on a large 3 phase pump on a vehicle wash I used to maintain. It would lose it's prime and the pump would burn out it's water cooled seal in no time. So I designed a flow switch with a timer in the control and by golly, it worked really good. Went from having to rebuild the pump 2 to 3 time a year to maybe 1 every 3 or 4 years. You might have to employ an electrician or a company that does that type of work. Just a thought.

MDC, Your sorrel comment reminded me of Opie not knowing what model a "maroon" was in Family Visit. lol BTW, I think Family Visit is my favorite non Barney episode. Olli and Nora, arguing about that goose down pillow, with poor Andy right in between them, funny stuff.

Well I hope everyone is having a Mayberry kind of day.


January 21, 2020 - Msg 113651: A rainy, dreary day here today, but that's OK, we only get about 10 to 15 a year!!
Big Maude, good to see you settin' for a bit. I forgot that there is another Big maude on the podcast, and that you are there with you birthname.
I sure hope I can do a meet-up one of these days. Would love it!
RO--good luck with your sump pump! Pretty funny what you said about a ROmeena explosion! ha Just be careful cuz those two guys seem invaluable
in all other areas of landscape. :)
When it was time to trim our cat's claws, I would hold her, and Cecile would press on her 'paw pads.' That would make the claws 'pop out' and easy to trim. ha
I have seen commercials lately for a new kind of fail-safe trimmer called 'Paw Perfect.'
Did I mentioned that I had my lawns dethatched this year. I helped rake up
the thatch, and there was (always is) a LOT! How i ever did it all by myself
seems so strange now. haha
BOO-- I hope all is well on the homefront. Tho to hear that after so much promise at work that things still have not improved much.
Did they ever fix the sink and the A/C? If no, then that would tell me
that they really have no intent to do so. Maybe the school job would be better for your peace of mind. Just a thought.
ASA--good ep! I also like their 'discussion' about the paving! ha
y'all have a nice evening. Prayers for our country,

January 21, 2020 - Msg 113652: MDC, Erin and Bruce had a disagreement this evening, and as usual, I was caught in the middle. It ended ok, though. As far as work, one sink is fixed, but not all. They have bought the new AC but have not started the process of fixing anything yet


January 22, 2020 - Msg 113653: HI ALL, was reminiscing today about the days when TV stations actually ended their broadcast day
around midnight with the National Anthem.
I hope every is doing OK.
So, until tomorrow... :)


January 23, 2020 - Msg 113654: Wow, MDC. Thanks for that "sign-off." How well I remember those days, and wish there was still enough patriotism left in the hearts of Americans to let that happen again. I think one of my favorite "Golden Girls" eps is when Dorothy walks into the kitchen and finds Rose, standing at attention and saluting, as the National Anthem sign-off plays on the radio. Rose was worried and despondent about something in that episode, but still her background and training came through, and she saluted her country, all by herself. Very sweet.

Well, good morning. I know I've been a little scarce, but have been pretty busy. Robbi and Richard are still keeping the road hot, going home to Fredbg for a day or two or three, then back up here for another session of brain repair with Richard's sister. This week will finally finish it off, one way or another. They did another venous-approach repair - I think it was on Tuesday, the days are all running together for me - and this morning, they're actually doing the craniotomy. They will open her skull, expose her brain, and actually surgically repair the main defect that they've been nipping-and-tucking at for weeks now. Everyone is aware that it could go either way, so the tension is running high. Personally, all I have to do is stay here with R2's dog (R2 - that's family shorthand for Robbi and Richard). Bexar is very firmly bonded to her mom and dad, and they to her. They left about 5:30 this morning, didn't wake me, and left little Bexar loose in the house. No problem, she has impeccable manners. We're hoping Trinket will watch and learn. Anyway, about 7, I heard this pitiful wailing, and knew it was time to get up. Poor little Bexar was lying on a sofa, on a work jacket of Richard's, and just pouring out her heartbreak. Her mom and dad had just gone off and left her!! She's not used to that, she goes everywhere with them, and is rarely apart from them for more than five minutes. Trinket, amazingly, seemed to understand and jumped up there beside her, cuddled up to her, and they both settled down, curled up together, and no more howling. I was very proud of my furkid. I petted Bexar too, of course, but she seemed very comforted by Trinket's efforts, so I left them alone.

I'm happy to report that the sump pump is working well, the guys did a good job of cleaning the basin out. They didn't get to see "Miz Fish" explode. Would you believe, after working for me for 23 years, Eddie still can't bring himself to call me by my first name? Anyway, they removed the pump and washed it out thoroughly, then hooked it back up, put the lid back in place on the basin and this time weighted it down with a large piece of flagstone, rather than a piece of firewood. I have to take responsibility for the firewood. When I put it there, it was green oak, and very heavy. Over the last few years, it has dried out, and is quite light, and besides, dry wood floats! It doesn't take much water running by to dislodge it, and then the basin fills with leaves, mud, whatever. It's a recipe for disaster. Well, it's not going to float away now. Why isn't the lid fastened down with screws, you experienced guys ask? Well, because the lid on the buried metal barrel that serves as the basin has a rubber skirt around the outer edge, presumably to form a more watertight seal, and the holes for the screws go through that rubber seal. Or they did, until the rubber rotted and they eventually tore away, so now there's nothing to do but weight the lid down. Grrr.

Well, guess I'd better get busy around here. Not that there's anything to do. Robbi has been working off her nervous energy, and everything is spotless. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 23, 2020 - Msg 113655: Good morning all.

Great link MDC. I remember watching the test screen in the early morning hours just before the stations went on the air. I guess I have always been a morning person. lol A lot of times when hauling hay we would start very early to beat the heat and I would turn on the tv before heading out just to see a test screen.

Romeena, about my earlier thoughts about installing a flow switch on your discharge line, I seem to remember a pump manufacture had come up with a small pump that had all those logics built into it. But I may be mistaken. I never really pursued it because the pumps I dealt with were all large pumps with 3 phase motors. I will do some searching and see what I can find for you. I wish I lived near by. I could fix you right up and it would only cost you a pork chop supper with mashed taters and homemade gravy. :)

Boo, sounds like things are off to a challenging start with Erin already. I hope not. I hope you don't become the mediator between Bruce and Erin. That wont work out well.

I wish Mavis was still here. I bet she had some great claw clipping stories being she was a professional groomer. I miss Mavis. I miss Hazel. And I miss New Neighbor and Salty Dog and Fun Girl and Bulb snatcher and all the folks who used to post here. But I guess nothing stays the same forever.

Guess I'll go see what I can rustle up for breakfast. I had Amy over for her birthday breakfast with Grandpa last Saturday and tried my hand for the first time at biscuits and gravy. Didn't come out to bad although the sausage I got was a bit to spicy for my taste. But Amy was a trooper and ate all of hers and said it was good, bless her sweet little heart. lol


January 23, 2020 - Msg 113656: Hey folks,

Just checking in. My wife is still pretty devastated and upset, but things are getting a little lighter.

Boo - Hope things work out with Erin.

MDC - I have Amazon Prime Video and they have old Match Game, Password and Tattletales games shows. I know that isnt the past you were referring to, but thought it was pretty neat to see those old shows I watched with my Mom as a little kid.

Take care, All!

John Masters

January 23, 2020 - Msg 113657: I hear you, Asa (about being the mediator). The night of the disagreement, Sean was sitting on the couch and when I walked by he said, "Welcome to man in the middle". (groan)

So sad about Bexar. :( So sweet about Trinket comforting her. I think once you get the kinks worked out, Trinket is going to be a swell pup.

Well, I'm off to get ready for work, just wanted to say "hey". Wish me luck.


January 23, 2020 - Msg 113658: Thanks, JM


January 23, 2020 - Msg 113659: Good Evening, (in my best 'Hitch' voice)! Hope all is well. I watch those old eps on ME-TV, and his dry humor is pretty funny.
Also, on ME-TV tonight was the tags ep where Andy saves Gomer's life. ASA, I finally saw what you meant about the gas heater not having a vent! Good hvac catch! ha
Also, I recall those other posters also. Bulbsnatcher was always posting funny stuff!
RO--that is very cute about Trinket 'feeling Bexar's pain." Amazing how much animals
figure out things like that!
Well, I had another glitch with Windows(grrr)10. Suddenly my internet hotspot quit working this morning. Ended up at the T-Mobile store, and they tried a number of fixes, including a new sim card. Seems to be OK now, but my scanner is still not 'compatible.' Oh well, comparably, it's not so bad I guess.
We are looking at several days of a 72 degree forecasts! Time to hop on my bike and cruise the hood. It has no streamers or big reflectors, but it does have a lot of 'history!' (it's over 50 years old!) :)
God bless America,

January 23, 2020 - Msg 113660: SPOT and POSSUM!! Did you run away?? Come set for a spell.

January 24, 2020 - Msg 113661: Hey MDC,(&Asa) if you watched the video I sent you, it’s never too late to get back into racing, as you see in the video most of the guys ain’t no spring chickens 🐓 anymore either!
But it might cost ya a bit more than some pop bottle return money though ....🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://youtu.be/PqmJT3WV1zM (Here it is if anyone else is interested)


January 24, 2020 - Msg 113662: ***Sorry, But the music is ANNOYING!

January 24, 2020 - Msg 113663: I'm rat cheer,whoever that is (think it's MDC) hollering for me and Spotty up there! I'm okay,just trying to stay warm under my rock-we've had some mighty cold days down South. Finally getting back to just "regular" cold,rather than extreme cold,so yippee!

Can't say where Spot is,unless he's hunkered down in his doghouse trying to keep warm too! Where are ya,Spotty??

Y'all have a good day-love to all!

possum under a rock

January 24, 2020 - Msg 113664: Good morning, porch. Well, Robbi and Richard finally made it back here a little after 2 a.m. Lesley was in surgery for 12 straight hours. I cannot imagine how exhausted those surgeons must have been. She is in ICU now, on a ventilator, and will be probably for a few days. She is definitely not out of the woods yet, and R2 have decided to stay another day, going home tomorrow. I'm glad, because they're both exhausted, and I'd hate to see them start that five hour drive today. They're still asleep this morning, and will probably go back up to the hospital this afternoon, but I'm glad they're resting now.

Boo, and others who have commented about the potential in Trinket - I think you're right. She has the typical Maltese loving heart, she is very smart, and she's turning into a beautiful little dog. Her hair is growing out some now, and she's just a fluff ball. Robbi worked off some energy by giving giving her a good bath, and she is really a pretty little thing. She's so much bigger than Toye Starr, but she's sturdy, robust, strong as a yearling colt. She's not a big dog, just seems that way to me, compared to tiny Toye Starr. She's still under ten pounds. Our bond is growing stronger by the day, and I wouldn't give her up for anything.

I wish it would warm up just a bit. It's not terribly cold at 46°, but it's too cold for me to get out there and wash my big window. It's so dirty that when the sun hits it just right, I can't see through it. Now that's just disgraceful. However, I'm not going to risk getting sick just because of a window. We're supposed to have a warming trend coming, so maybe I'll get it done then. I'd get Eddie to do it, but he's 70, arthritic, and doesn't need a bad cold any more than I do. Besides, it's my house, and I can still take care of it.

Well, guess I'd better check the pantry and fridge. Robbi came prepared to cook all the meals (she has some dietary restrictions, so likes to do the cooking when she's here) but Richard has indicated that he surely would enjoy some Mexican food (homemade) and I can fill that bill. Probably have most of the ingredients, except the fresh tortillas, and I can get them from a little Mexican store about six blocks from home. Made on the premises, (you can watch if you like) and just delicious.

Have a great day, friends. Keep praying for Lesley, because we still have a very long way to go with her. Thank you! --Romeena

January 24, 2020 - Msg 113665: Good evening my porch family !..Prayers for Lesley ..Hello MDC,Possum and I have been hanging out under her rock on FB ...Been soaked here in the south !..still got greens in the garden ...ok...gona read the mail..Prayers Porch family..Promise I will do more sitting soon..SPOT

January 24, 2020 - Msg 113666: Glad to hear that Possum and Spot, the talkin' dog, are doing OK.
Thanks for checking in. Possum, keep warm now, ya hear!
RO--a funny story about our last cat who lived with us for 18 years, ...whenever my wife and I would get into even the littlest of arguments,
she would get between us and just start meowing up a storm until we both stopped talking. Then she'd look at us like "ok, that's better" and walk off. Soon we'd both be laughing. That kitty was very bright and very much a family member! :)
My prayers will continue for Lesley. Wow, 12 hours! I hope that much anesthesia will not further complicate things. God bless those doctors tho for
all they did. Prayers for R and R also!
GF--very cool racing , but I admit, I did mute the sound! haha
Have a good weekend to all.

January 25, 2020 - Msg 113667: oops, that was me, MDC

January 25, 2020 - Msg 113668: Today is the start of Chinese New Year...The year of the Rat 🐀 But us guys remember it as “Rat Fink” Lol...
RIP Ed “Big Daddy” Roth....G-F

January 25, 2020 - Msg 113669: Morning all.
Good to see Possum and Spot dropping in.

Prayers continue for Lesley for sure.

MDC, I loved the cat story.

GF, I tried e-mailing you and MDC back on your last racing e-mail, but I kept getting a "we are encountering technical difficulties" window pop up. So I'll try again later. But as you know, I was a huge drag racing fan back in the day. And because I had a buddy who used to run a Top Fuel Dragster, I went to several national events with him (The Winter Nationals, The World Finals, and numerous regional races) I got to meet Garlits, Pruhdome, Muldowney, Jerry Ruth among others. Great days. The smell of nitro and burning rubber.

MDC, Remember this station sign off?
That plane is a T-38, The planes the Air Force Thunderbirds used for a number of years. They were doing an air show here back in 1980 that I went to. They had just barely started to show when they all disappeared. Everyone was wondering what had happened to them when they finally flew over from the north in the missing man formation. That was when it was announced that one of the jets had crashed off the south end of the run way. Sadly, the pilot was killed. He had a bird strike right as he was taking off. They said he could have ejected and survived, but he knew if he did the plane would have gone down on some spectators. So he rode it out to get the plane past them and into a vacant pasture, but by then he was to low to eject. I saw the plane close up a few years later. Very sad deal.

Well off to do laundry I reckon. Supposed to hit the upper 40's today. I can dig that!


January 26, 2020 - Msg 113670: Good morning, porch. Or more correctly, good afternoon. It's still morning for me, because I didn't get up until 12:45! I was planning to go to church, knew what I was going to wear, everything all set. Then when I went to bed, before midnight, I just couldn't get to sleep. At nearly 4 a.m., I was still awake. So, I remembered that I had bought some melatonin recently, and Boo always says how well it works for her, so I tried it. Well, honeys and dears, I can tell you, it works for me too. I think I could have had an appendectomy and never would have known a thing. That thing hit me like a hammer and I was out. I woke up at 12:45, Trinket was dancing a jig on the foot of the bed, so I got up and put her on the floor. She burned rubber getting to her potty box, and fairly well earned her treat that time! She made a wet spot on her pads as big as a dinner plate! And while nobody offered me a rewarding treat, it didn't matter, I would have paid for the privilege. So, I'm here to tell you, melatonin works! Still, I'm disappointed that I missed church. I never like to miss, and this morning, there was a chili cook-off in the gym, after services, to raise money for the sports program for the youngsters around the church. We participate in the Upward Basketball league, and a couple of other things that attract the local youth to the church, and have had several families start attending, and finally place their membership with us, after their kids got into the sports thing. We have a youth pastor who works with them, and he's great. He's married and has 8 kids, six of whom are adopted, the other two were born to him and his wife. The kids all love him, and so do we. I really wanted to go to the chili thing, to support the cause. Of course, I can just contribute, and will, but at the cook-off, they give you little cups and you can go from pot to pot and sample! I like that, because I do love chili, and some of our folks really know how to make it. (Ahem! I took second place in the last cook-off, a couple of years ago, but I don't want to brag or anything.) I didn't enter this year, too much going on.

R2 are back home, will be back up here next week for a couple of days, if all continues to go well with Lesley. There's a long road ahead, but so far, she's holding on. We really don't know what her status will be once all the healing is complete. She has always been a little spooky, impulsive, poor judgment at times, but she lived alone, drove her car, managed her finances, etc. It remains to be seen whether she will be better, worse, or the same. However it goes, this surgery had to be done, as she was getting progressively worse in the past year or so, and the docs said she wouldn't make it much longer if they didn't fix the defects. So, they gave it a shot, and now we'll see.

Well, guess I'll go find a little lunch, before I have to call it supper! Blessings, friends. --