March 29, 2020 - Msg 114084: Good afternoon, porch! Just got out of "church", right here on my computer. My church is making a video of the important things at church, like Sunday morning sermons, Wednesday night Bible study, and even choir practice, or so I'm told. Not being a choir member anymore, I haven't checked that one out, but I'll bet it's a hoot! I enjoyed this morning's sermon by our young pastor. For once, I could understand him, because I could see him up close and could lipread along with hearing him, which helps me a lot. For such a young man, only 28, he's really a good preacher.

Poor Horatio, it's just about darned time you showed up! We have missed you!! And yes, I'll pass that email along, now that I have consent from both parties. Yes, I lost my beloved Toye Starr last April 15. She just had several seizures over a few weeks, the vet had her on phenobarbital which seemed to be helping somewhat, and then one night she had one big seizure, fell across my foot as I stood at the sink, and I knew it was a bad one. I picked her up and carried her to the living room, sat down in our big chair, and within about two minutes she was gone. It absolutely broke my heart. It's a long story, but I got another puppy as soon as I could, and oh my! I named her Trinket, thinking she would be tiny, but she is not. She's at least ten lbs, compared to Starr's little 4.5 lbs, and she is one big handful. She has the typical Maltese sweet, loving heart, and an oversupply of the Maltese determination. Let a piece of mail or anything paper from any source get within her reach, and she will make a pile of confetti within minutes. I mean fingernail sized pieces of paper, completely shredded. And she does it silently! She can be on the floor beside my chair, demolishing a catalog, and I don't hear it, even with my aids in. In case you're wondering about Asa's reference to her as L.B., that comes from when she passed 5 lbs on the fly and got heavier and heavier, and I referred to her as Lard B#tt. Still fits her, too. She's my big, bold, robust, rowdy, stubborn, destructive, opposite-of-Toye-Starr baby, and I love her through it all.

Sterling, I'm glad to see you, too. You boys make this a habit now, you hear?

Well, guess I'll go find some lunch. My kids hauled half the grocery store in here earlier this week, and I'm trying to eat it before it spoils. Guess I need to freeze some of it. I usually don't much care for meat that has been in the freezer, but there's a package of hamburger that, frozen or not, would go well in some spaghetti, and I haven't made spaghetti in quite a while. I think I'll freeze it, and use the other stuff up first.

Blessings, friends. Stay home, stay well, and remember, this too shall pass. --Romeena

March 29, 2020 - Msg 114085: Hey, Lucy! You slipped in there above me while I was pontificatin'! Good to hear from you, too. Stay home, stay well! --Romeena

March 29, 2020 - Msg 114086: PSA: Be sure to REALLY rinse any fresh produce
during this time! more later, mdc :)

March 29, 2020 - Msg 114087: Hey Porchsters!

Mmmmm...the smell of fresh cut grass!. Just hired a guy to do our yard for the summer and he's cutting 'er right now. Didn't waste any time getting started. Guess someone taught him right to get mowing before going off to skate on his friend's new driveway!

Good sweep, Romeena!

MDC - I watched a video where a doctor did a "How to go grocery shopping" video during this virus and he dumped fruit right into a sink of soapy water.

Lucy - Havent said HEY! to you in awhile!

Have a good Sabbath, folks! Hey to Asa, PH, Frankie, Sterling, SPOT, Maude, Boo and everyone else that watched Warren bring in the ladies for gambling!

John Masters

March 30, 2020 - Msg 114088: Another good one for these times:

MDC :)

March 30, 2020 - Msg 114089: Good Monday morning all.

So good to see some old faces here. John Maters, P.H. Lucy, Sterling. Lucy, I only live about 10 miles north of the road that takes you out to Antelope Island, and yes, I have been out there lots of times.

Frankie, what are you doing to amuse yourself with no baseball on?

Sarah, where you be? You still messing around with shoe organizing? lol

Jm, I love the smell of fresh cut grass, especially the first time of the year. It just screams Spring. Or the sound of an impact head sprinkler doing its thing. But I won't be hearing that for a few weeks. They don't turn on our secondary water till mid April. But we are getting a nice soft gentle rain this morning and the grass is starting to green up.

I've been watching Matlock as of late. It sure is fun to see how many TAGS folks he brought in. Thelma Lou, Helen, Barney, Howard, Millie, Ron Howards Mom. When I was in 4th grade I broke both my arms at the same time and was in casts. The school district felt it was best I stay home for the 3 months I would be in casts and be home schooled. I remember in the mornings before my teacher would come, our local tv station played reruns of TAGS followed by The Dick Vandyke show. Boy I liked that pretty fine. Anyway, it was funny to see DVD on a Matlock episode. DVD played the part of a judge who was involved with a young woman. This young woman was also seeing a young man and DVD found out about it and didn't cotton to it a-tall, and so he caused the young woman to expire and tried to set it up that the young man would be the perp. Well old Ben Matlock became the young mans lawyer and needless to say, busted the case wide open. What a tangled web we weave...

I hope everyone is doing well and laying low. Y'all are in my prayers.


March 30, 2020 - Msg 114090: Good afternoon, porch! Asa, you broke BOTH your arms when you were in 4th grade? Bless your heart, and your mom's too! I think the only thing worse than being a kid with two broken arms would be to be his mom! You know, I guess God was extra good to me. Wild and woolly though I was, the only broken bone I ever had was my right clavicle (collarbone) when I was about three and my dunce of a cousin decided to try to carry me on his shoulders and dropped me. He was about six, tall for his age, and was always doing something that wound up bad for the little kids. It wasn't deliberate, he just didn't have very good judgment. Also, none of my kids ever broke a bone, and that's something of a miracle, especially the boys. Lots of bruises and sprains, but no broken bones. Now, Asa, how on earth did you manage to break both arms? Did you fall out of a tree? Off a roof? Tell us!!

We've got a little rainstorm sweeping through here right now. Eddie was supposed to come and pull weeds today, but we both saw the forecast and decided to postpone that little project, and I'm glad we did. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear, and with the wet ground the weeds should come up easily, so maybe the timing is right for a change.

The groomer is supposed to be here tomorrow to groom Trinket. I think probably "shear" is a more accurate term. She is suddenly matted terribly, and there's no way she's going to be able to comb her out. I've got to find something that "slickens" that hair enough to stop the matting, or at least makes it possible to comb it out. She looks fine, and on the surface, her hair is soft and fluffy, but underneath, she's got like a braided rug next to her skin! Toye Starr's hair didn't do that, but then Trinket's hair is much, much thicker than Starr's was. If she had a mommy that did nothing but sit around and comb her, and if her mommy had a puppy that would sit still and behave instead of fighting like a tiger, she would have a very beautiful coat. Unfortunately, neither of us has what we need. So, I will let the groomer do whatever needs to be done. She will not fight her and try to comb through those mats, because it's just too painful for Trinket, and I wouldn't want her to do it.

Well, guess I'll go get under a blanket in my wheelerette, get LB in my lap, and maybe we'll find ourselves a little nap somewhere. That's one thing she does well, and so do I. Blessings, friends. Stay in and stay well. --Romeena

March 30, 2020 - Msg 114091: Romeena, My dear Mom had to take care of me in every way. She was a trooper. My right arm was broke at the wrist and forearm and I was in a cast from my hand to almost my armpit. The left arm I broke at just the wrist so that cast just went almost to my elbow. I fell off a set of Monkey Bars at school. In fact after that event the school removed them from the playground. There had been other injuries on them but I guess mine was the worst. Boy, the kids sure were mad at me for a spell. Now, 50 years later I suffer with two aching wrists from arthritis.
Oh Ro, one other thing. They used ether to sedate me when they set and cast them. M y goodness, that stuff was horrible. The smell to this day makes me gag. I seriously think it fried a few brain cells in me. Made me act Earnest T. like at times. lol


March 30, 2020 - Msg 114092: Evening everyone, week three of social distancing. Beautiful weather here today so I spent time outside watching a bird building a nest on top of a speaker on our deck. I'll have to find something else exciting to do tomorrow. My husbands closet is now off limits to me, he says its so organized he's afraid to touch anything. Stay safe. Sarah

March 31, 2020 - Msg 114093: Hello gang !!! Let’s all pray and be safe. Breakfast menu : 3 eggs your way. Toast. Biscuit and gravy. Sausage and country ham. Flap jacks. Hash browns. Coffee and tea and OH and watee

March 31, 2020 - Msg 114094: I think the message above was from SPOT! At least he used to feed us good like that when he stilled 'ruled' the control room! ha Spotty, you sneaking in there?
ROMEEna--ever thought of having your handyman build a box to hang below your mailslot? That way your living shredder could not get at the mail. Just a thought. Also, I remember when we would have our long haired cat groomed and cut, she would hide in a corner for days, almost like she was "embarrassed." She was quite a character.
ASA, my goodness, you must have fallen from the very top. We had monkey bars when I was growing up. I only recall one incident during recess, but the kid was fine, just shaken up from the fall. ( plus he landed in a bed of sand.) As my dad would have builds character! ha Check these out... ours were the 'cube' style. I have two impact heads in my front yard. Yup love the sound of 'em come summer! sha-shhh, sha-shhh, sha-shhh...
ALL-- I have been exercising at home with bands, a ball, and a dumbbell. (No, NOT my wife! rimshot!) :) Anyway, I reccoomend it to all to help keep in shape during this time. I am also doing some isometrics and riding my bike in the early evenings. Lots of folks out walking. I am going to put a cross on my front lawn with mini-lights on it soon. I will sure miss our Palm sunday and Easter services.
May God's wonderful blessings be upon you!
(a little "phone nostalgia" for ya: "All circuits are busy now, please try your call again later.") :-)

March 31, 2020 - Msg 114095: Good morning gang ! That was me above posting the breakfast menu ! Hey MDC , Romeena, Sarah, Asa, Boo and all the fine porch people. We are all safe. mrs Spot is still working 3 days a week but the old dog is staying at home. I do the grocery shopping about every 4 days. Wear gloves and am super careful. Just say prayers. Well let me read. Back for lunch. SPOT.

March 31, 2020 - Msg 114096: good morning porch mdc got your card and sent a letter out today by pony express/ horse barly made it ,out of the barn arthritis dunt you know? last night I watchrd the episode the pickpocket where nbarney had 4 deputies. boys its going to get ugly out there... I wondered if he called out these deputies. for the virus. spot good to see you. papa bear

March 31, 2020 - Msg 114097: Good morning, porch! Boy, do I have news today! I was wrong about the groomer date, it wasn't for today, she came yesterday afternoon. Trinket immediately knew something was up, and was determined not to be caught, but I was equally determined, and caught her. When I handed her over, Karen felt the solid layer of matting under her fluff, and said she would probably have to clip her down, pretty much to the skin. Just warning me. I told her I had already figured that out, and was willing. Well, less than an hour later, my kitchen door opened, and there was my beautiful Trinket, not a mat anywhere, with gorgeous, silky, 3" long hair floating in the breeze, ears smooth and silky, and a tail plume that is just beautiful. I was speechless, for once in my life. Karen was pretty incredulous too. She had hoped for a little success, but wasn't prepared for what happened. She said she put her in the tub, wet her down, and then slathered her with detangler. She let her "stew" for a few minutes, then started on her with a comb, and the mats and tangles just slid right out. No one was more surprised than Karen. In no time at all, there were no more mats, no knots, no tangles, and that "braided rug" effect that had been like a sweater all over her body was gone. The best part is, she's not afraid of Karen, doesn't run from her, even licks her hands, so I know the process wasn't painful.

After the mats were gone, she washed the detangler out with a good oatmeal shampoo, made for dogs, blew her dry and she is a little moving work of art. She trimmed her up, rounded her feet, debulked the hair under and behind her ears, so they can hang straight down instead of looking like earmuffs or flipping backward, and put her topknot up in a scrunchy. She looks like a sassy little teenager with a ponytail, and she smells wonderful. This will be a quarterly thing now, and I will keep her combed in between groomings, now that I know what horrors her hair is capable of if not combed daily. Anyway, right now she looks like a little spoiled-rotten beauty queen, and I love it! She's the biggest Maltese I've ever seen, but she surely is pretty.

My ever-resourceful Sunday School teacher and friend of forty years has set up a Zoom account, where our class can all meet and visit. We may even have our class on Sunday mornings. Good grief, I suppose I'll have to trade my old granny gown for some real clothes, and put on a little makeup and even comb my hair! This group of women has all traveled together over the years, and we know what we look like in the mornings, but to be on a computer screen looking like that? I think not.

MDC, I have a large, very heavy ceramic urn that sits below my mail slot, and theoretically the mail should just fall into it, but half the time, it doesn't, it overshoots it. The problem is the delivery person. The slot is vertical, about 12" tall x 3" wide, with a little spring-held door, and it's located above the wainscoting in the entryway. The size allows for books and small packages to be dropped through the little door. However, it's not insulated, and cold or hot air blows through there at a surprising rate, so I stuff a folded hand towel in there from the inside. This baffles the ever-changing delivery people, and they push the towel out of the way, then shove the mail through at high speed, like they were firing a cannon or something, instead of just letting it drop. Many times I find it five feet out into the hallway. It was never a problem for years, while we had Eric, our friendly, smart and capable delivery guy. Then they moved Eric to another route, and this route became a "training route." You would not believe the parade of dunderheads we have dealt with. A frequent error is leaving my mail in the box on the porch of the house next door, which has been vacant since my neighbor Angie passed away about two years ago. In spite of a stop order for that address, mail piles up in and under that box, making a pile on the porch floor. About once a week, I would go over there and pick it all up. I've got a bushel basket full of mail for that address, have notified her daughters, but they don't seem interested. I think once the virus thing is over, I'll put it all in a box and take it to the post office. Meantime, I keep pulling my own mail out of the collection, little things like the electric bill, etc., and I'm tired of it. So I wrote a little sign - "PLEASE STOP leaving the mail for 1836 in this box. 1836 is the house next door, to the east." That slowed it down a lot, but still, when I notice I haven't received an expected bill, I find it over there. I mean, really! How hard can that be, with a sign in front of your eyes, telling you to be careful? We pick up a significant amount of mail out of our flowerbeds along here, too.

Well, guess I'll go feed Princess Trinket, and maybe a little something for myself. I'm still losing weight, down to 155. I eat when I'm hungry, and don't when I'm not. Works for me! Blessings, friends. Stay home, stay healthy. --Romeena

March 31, 2020 - Msg 114098: Hello to my fellow Porchsters!

Well, my county is still virus free. many around us are too. We keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way and someone sick doesnt creep in here. Wife and I have to go out tomorrow to get father's blood pressure meds and pick-up groceries. Dont mind tellin' ya' I am a little nervous even with out county being virus free. Our county has posted people that have been tested, negative results and pending results on their website. Around 150 were negative with 60some pending.

Gotta git. Dinner to make. Stay safe, folks!

John Masters

March 31, 2020 - Msg 114099: ^^^That shouldve said "even with OUR county being virus free."

John Masters

March 31, 2020 - Msg 114100: Help someone along the way. Spread a little sunshine everyday

April 01, 2020 - Msg 114101: Just checking in to let everyone know we are ok. Sean is doing better, thanks for the asking.

I am having some bouts with mild vertigo so have had an upset stomach off and on but nothing major.
Cant be on the computer for long though because of it.

Stay safe!


April 01, 2020 - Msg 114102: ASA--you were talking about Matlock earlier, well on today's ep (which I happened to see a bit of), it ended with Andy and others singin' and pickin'
Midnight Special, the song that he sang with Jim Lindsey. Very cool.
On tonite's TAGS ep, it was the one that starts with Andy bringing in the 4 moonshiners. I always watch for the brick wall to "move" when Otis backs up to it! Ha! Great episode with warden Aunt Bee!
ROMEENA--remember those net style playpens? Maybe you need one of those to catch your mail! ha I can just picture those greenhorns "launching" your mail thru that slot! We had a wonderful mailman for 18 years, never a problem at all. Then, 3 years ago, he retired, and its been 'potluck' ever since!
The PO even made it into TWO routes, but the parade of whoevers continues! One week about 3 months ago, we were getting about 1 or 2 pieces of mail a day, very unusual for us. Then a sub delivered and we got at least 40 pieces that day!! What does that tell ya? I've complained to the supervisor at the post office, but to no avail.
Your Trinket sure sounds to be purdy! :)

Well gang, our gas prices keep going down, but now we can't go anywhere!Pappabear could turn that into a little pun!

BOO--take care of yourself. It helps me to put on a good inspirational CD, some
of REV's albums perhaps. It lifts my spirits for sure. I also think of Anne Frank. Man, if she could do it, I surely can foe a bit. :) Get well.
JM--so you are in a 'dry' county? :) Don't have any "Guests of Honor" stop by, just let 'em go on thru!
FINALLY, (on TBN no less) someone was talking about things to strengthening the immune system!
Vitamin C and zinc very important right now. Check it out at

April 01, 2020 - Msg 114103: Oh, Hey to Spot!

April 01, 2020 - Msg 114104: Good morning all.
I hope everyone is well.
MDC, Andy snuck in a lot of TAGS stuff into Matlock. I think in the episode you mentioned, earlier on he was singing Salty Dog. In another episode in the middle of questioning a witness, the term kleptomaniac was used by the witness. Matlock starts giggling and comments that he used to know a feller who pronounced it "kleptromierics". Only us TAGS folks got it. lol

Boo, Glad Sean is doing better. Sorry you are ailing. I was feeling a bit off last week my self.

Romeena, sounds like Trinket looks lovely for sure.

I got a phone call last night from a neighbor who was heading to the store and wanting to know if we needed anything. Bless her heart. She is over 60 and not in the best of health herself and I told her she shouldn't be going shopping. She laughed and said her son was going, not her but he would be happy to pick us up anything we might need. So very thoughtful.

Oh, MDC, Isn't that the episode where Andy has a cast on his hand? They said in real life he had gotten mad about something and put his fist through a wall and broke a bone. I think he sported the cast in that episode and the one when he warms up to the dark haired nurse Mary. The one whos kiss felt better than a mules nose. lol

I hope everyone has a safe and sane day. And try to not let all the bad news weigh you down. The sun will shine through our backdoor again.


April 01, 2020 - Msg 114105: Good morning, porch! It's bright and sunny here today, I reckon Eddie will show up to pull weeds. I hope so, or else the lumberjacks will be coming in to cut the weeds to use for telephone poles! I never knew a dandelion could grow that tall! And instead of just being a little stickery to handle, they'll poke a hole in you at that size! I hope Eddie brings his leather gloves.

Boo, I'm sorry you've got the dizzies. I know how that feels, though I haven't had an attack in several years. Do you have any meclizine? It works pretty well for me. A dose of that (Antivert, same thing) and a nap and I usually wake up feeling shipshape.

I declare, I guess I'm going to be bald. My hair is coming out and getting thin. I'm molting like an old biddyhen. My Dale would have said I'm shedding like a cat. He was a city boy, he knew about cats, but didn't know much about biddyhens. I've always had very thick hair, and that is no longer true. I guess it's my age. I'm taking those biotin gummies, but so far, I don't see any improvement. It's like my dad used to say - "Getting old is annoying. All my favorite parts either fell out, don't work, leak, or hurt."

You all would have loved my dad. He had a great sense of humor, and could find something to laugh about in the worst of times. My mother had a good sense of humor too, but just a trifle more serious. She could express herself very well, had a lot of tact, and a gentleness about her. An annoying cousin of mine, who had been taken down a peg or two by her several times, once said, "You know, Aunt Mary can chew you out royally, and you don't realize it happened until the next day!" He was right.

Friends, I need to ask you to pray for my friend Bruce. He's the computer guru, lives in Florida, and I met him through my son and DIL. He's terribly ill, in ICU out there, and not expected to make it. He has cancer, originally prostate, but he ignored it and it has spread, widely. He is not married, has a sister in California who doesn't seem too concerned, and my DIL. Pretty much, that's it, no other family. He was a recluse-type person, kept very much to himself, just an occasional visit to my son's house, which is where I met him, and we seemed to get along well. The saddest thing here is that I have no reason to think that he's a believer. Any comments that might have opened a dialog in that regard were quickly sidestepped and the subject changed. Please pray for him, that someone - a chaplain, a nurse - might be able to reach him. No one else is allowed to visit, due to the COVID restrictions. It is so sad.

Well, guess I'd better get dressed. Restrictions or not, my kids' approval or not, I have an errand that must be completed. My tax return information has to be dropped through the mail slot at my CPA's office. I think the deadline has been extended, but I've got a refund coming, and I need the money! I shouldn't see anyone along the way, just drive over there and back. I'm really trying to be good. I don't want to have lived all these years and lived through some of the things I've survived, just to be taken out by some stupid, inanimate protein molecule wearing a coat of fat! It isn't even a living organism, for pete's sake!

Just heard from Eddie, he's on his way to mow and (I hope) get the worst weeds pulled. Guess I'd better get dressed. Blessings, and remember - stay in, stay healthy, eat well, and drink a lot of water. For any snowflakes out there who think you can only drink bottled water - get over it. You'll die of dehydration! --Romeena

April 01, 2020 - Msg 114106: Morning, Porch

Well, things just go from bad to worse. Wife and I just got a call that my wife's grandmother (her Mom's Mom) died. And today is also her other grandmother's (her Dad's Mom) birthday. How's that for timing?! Her Dad's mom died a few years ago. So one that was born and one that died on the same day.
Dont know what to make of all this virus information. It can do this, it can do that, cant do this and it cant do that. It acts this way, no it acts that way. This report is right. No, this report is wrong. Enough to make you wanna pick up a rock and throw it through a window ;)
Well, better go. Everyone stay well!

John Masters

April 01, 2020 - Msg 114107: Porch,

I dont mean to cut the knees out from anyone within a city or town, but I have to tell you....with all of this virus hubbub going on, then stepping outside my door to see the vast openness of the pastures, fields and scenery with cows grazing, calves running and the farmer, down in the valley, rolling along green grass in his tractor...there is peace. You see all of this and cant believe what's happening outside of it.
Again, I hate to bring down those of you under city lights, but I thought you might want to take a moment to think of it with me.

John Masters

April 02, 2020 - Msg 114108: Asa--Not to split hairs, but I think Barney said 'klepto-menerac.' Just ribbin' you a bit.
And the mule's nose line makes me smile every time, but then Nurse Mary was very easy on the eyes! :)
RO--we WILL meet your mom and dad some day in the future. I know that I would sure like to and hear about all your 'growin' up' days! :)
So sorry to hear about Bruce. I will pray that he will turn to the Lord
on his deathbed.
JOHN--so sorry for your loss. You will also be in my prayers. Yes, the countryside sure sounds mighty nice right now!
More later folks, gonna it the ironing board.

April 02, 2020 - Msg 114109: good morning porch. I might have a heat stroke today it is suppose to be 70 today. prayerz for all... papa bear

April 02, 2020 - Msg 114110: 🎶🎵Heat Wave...🎶Tropical Heat Wave🎶🎵 PaPa Bears havingggg, aTropical Heat Wave🎶🎶🎵..G-F

April 02, 2020 - Msg 114111: Afternoon all.
No heat wave here. Woke up to some fresh snow and cold winds this morning. Brrr!

Well today is Debbie and my wedding anniversary. 42 years now. Mercy sakes. It has flown by fast. I went out a little bit ago to go fetch the mail and found Stacey and Matt and all 7 Grandkids drawing all kinds of stuff on my driveway with sidewalk chalk. Pictures and Happy Anniversary messages. What a special Daughter she is.

GF, You certainly have a high roof to your mouth. I didn't know you could sing like that. You been seeing Miss Poultice? :)

MDC, Nurse Mary was very easy on the eyes for sure. I watch a lot of Alfred Hitchc@ck shows and see a recurring actress on there. Phyliss Thaxter. Mercy sakes, she was purty also. She was in an episode I watched this morning in where she was hypnotized and thought she was some lady from the 1800's. And while hypnotized she stapped her husband in the back with some scissors. Well the feller who hypnotized her figured she wasn't really hypnotized at all, but used it as an excuse to kill her hubby and collect the in$urance. So he tried to cut a deal with her to get in on it. If she didn't go along with it, he would tell everyone she was a fake. So at the inquest they decided the hypnotist would put her under so these folks could see for themselves how she couldn't be held responsible. And then she stabbed the hypnotist and he expired. Boy, she was not only cute, she was cunning.

John Masters, sorry for your loss my friend. Stay strong.

And Romeena, so sorry to read about your friends situation. So lonely like that. Just breaks my heart to think about it.

Well off to see what I can rustle up for an anniversary dinner for Debbie.


April 02, 2020 - Msg 114112: Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Asa...🙌🏻 Just don’t forget to add that “Secret Ingredient” to the dinner..G-F

April 03, 2020 - Msg 114113: CONGRATULATIONS ASA and MISSUS ASA! :) mdc

April 03, 2020 - Msg 114114: congrats asa.. are you taking her to the diner? seriously congrats. john masters sorry for your loss the porch is here praying and thinking of you... romeena sorry about your friends situation.. well busy day got to go to keep my doctors employed.. papa bear

April 03, 2020 - Msg 114115: Good morning, porch! Gloomy, gray, rainy here today, just chilly enough to switch from a/c to heat, and it feels good. I was hoping Eddie could come and pull weeds today, but not gonna happen. Too wet out there. I sat down here at my computer, looking out at the rainy backyard, and was feeling just a little sorry for myself. Shame on me, with all the folks out there with real trouble! Then I opened an email from my cousin, and those of you who are still on my email list got a copy. I urge you to open it. It will bring more than a smile to your face, you will just flat-dog laugh at it! Looking out at the yard now, I don't see gray gloom, I see life-giving rain and irises blooming among the weeds! Amazing how just laughing at something totally unrelated can change your whole outlook on everything. Laughter truly is a great medicine.

Congratulations and the very best of wishes to you, Asa, and your dear Debbie. I would love to meet her. I'll bet that girl could teach us all something about patience, and so could you. I know for sure you could teach us what love really is, what it means, what it requires of us. God bless you both.

Well, guess I'd better go and feed my little resident clown. She's very quiet right now, and that usually means trouble. She has found something that's tear-up-able, and is most likely doing so, very, very quietly. She can shred an entire magazine, just out of my sight beneath the raised footrest of my chair, and I never hear her, even with my hearing aids in place. I don't know how she does it. Then when I discover what she's done, she sits just out of my reach and grins at me. Oh, she's a pistol, that little dog. But I love her.

Blessings, all. Have patience, stay home, stay protected, stay healthy! --Romeena

April 03, 2020 - Msg 114116: Romeena, So you are saying she’s Funny?...Funny Like a Clown 🤡 (In my best Barney voice) ..G-F

April 03, 2020 - Msg 114117: First of all, my apologies to Trinket. She had torn up nothing, and was actually in her little cuddlebed beneath my desk, about a foot from my feet, and had not even nibbled my toes! Could it be that my little girl is growing up a little?

Well, I see that the Dallas County Commissioners have extended the stay-at-home mandate for the county until May 20. That's nearly two more months of staying in this house. I am so glad I have Trinket! Pestilence though she is, she's fun and funny (like a clown) and she's the other heartbeat in the house. I finally got smart and quit trying to keep her toys put away every day. She has a huge toy basket, containing at least 40 toys, and another one just like it in a closet, where she can't get to it. She pulls each toy out of the one she can reach, and scatters them all over the living room. For a while, I was constantly picking them up and putting them back in the basket, until it finally dawned on me that there was no one here but me, and not going to be anyone else here, either. I was wearing myself out trying to keep that room tidy, and no one cared but me! Trinket would pull them back out as fast as I put them away, and she places them carefully all around the room. Then every evening, when she has her "zoomie" spell, she races lickety-split around the room, picking up a toy, carrying it a few feet, drops it, picks up another, repeat, repeat, endlessly. Finally she falls over, breathing hard and grinning from ear to ear. Yes, dogs do grin. So now, I just leave them where they lie, and she plays with this one, then that one, has her zoomie spell in the evening, and I'm not worn out from picking up toys all day. Some of those toys are pretty icky, too, but those seem to be her favorites, so I don't throw them away. Ah, the joys of puppy parenthood! Blessings, friends. Stay home, stay well. --Romeena

April 03, 2020 - Msg 114118: Hi all,

MDC, like the joke about the dumbbell! HaHa! Also like your idea of putting the cross on your front yard. I put one of those Bible verse signs in our front yard that they were giving out a few years ago at church. The wife doesn't like where I put it. She wants it up near the house(where no one could see it), which kind of defeats the purpose. I put it down near the edge of our retaining wall so that people going down our street could see it. Until just a year ago we lived down the street from the hospital(My wife's idea so we could be near it in case something happened with Kai's heart) and I thought maybe people going there might see the sign and get some comfort from it. They just moved the hospital to a new building across town, but I think people can still get comfort from the words on the sign.

Sorry and praying for your friend Bruce, Romeena, and your family, John Masters. I was praying for Kai when she was off with the group she was with(which I will go into more detail about later) that God would put someone in her path that would bring her closer to Jesus, as I think she has strayed a bit.
I sometimes wonder if He did, and the person he put there is me. Since she had to come back due to her tour being cancelled because of, well, you all know why.

John Masters, try not to get too anxious when/if you hear of an infection in your county. Just try to remember that the majority of people get mild to moderate symptoms. I remember when I heard that we had a couple positives in our county(they didn't say which town though), I was a little worried as well.

Today Noah and I watched the little chapel service that they usually do on Friday's at his school, but for now on the internet. It was a good message, and pretty timely, especially for Noah. It was about not complaining when we are doing things that we have to do, like homework.
Though I admitted to Noah that I was guilty of the same thing, as I was grumping about the city shutting down the parks and putting signs on the park's basketball courts where just the other day Noah and I shot some hoops.

Well, will talk later. Have a good night everyone.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 03, 2020 - Msg 114119: Happy 88th birthday in Heaven to my precious daddy today. He was the best. Prayers for everyone and I am needing your prayers too. Thanks, Ang

April 04, 2020 - Msg 114120: RO--that elephant video was a scream! I loved the first one chasing those
'lake loons' all around, and then retreating to his mommy! Thanks for sharing.
And regarding the weeds among the ahve your very own living 'parable' growing in your backyard! :)
STERLING--I have been meaning to ask about Kai, but for the life of me
I could not remember her name! Bad, bad MDC! Is she now in high school?
Noah must be around 5th grade or so? May I ask what verse is on your sign?
ANG--thanks for posting. So glad your dad is in heaven! :)

The other night I saw the "Bert" episode, with the middlin', the bursitis, the this and that and them doorbells, oh them doorbells! Ha Tonight I saw one of my favs with Mr. Jackson, the publisher. Barney's speech on the stand gets me every time. Now more than ever we have to go more by the heart then by the book.
Many prayers for yall!

April 04, 2020 - Msg 114121: Happy Saturday all.
I hope everyone is happy and healthy and well.

Thank you all for the well wishes for Debbie and myself. Very much appreciated. Romeena, you make me want to just blush sweetheart.

Good to see you Sterling. Sounds like the young-uns are growing up well.

Ang, you have my prayers for sure, for whatever is troubling you.

MDC, We are supposed to be in the 60's all next week here finally. So I would imagine you folks are seeing 80's or more?

Last night I watched the episode when Opie develops a crush on Thelma Lou and Barney gets jealous. "Why do you wanna go to the duck pond at night Barney? You can't see the ducks!" lol

GF, Are you and your Mrs. doing ok in the current situation? I hope you are both well.

Well guess I will go clean some terlits this morning. Get them out of the way. I use those chlorine tablets in my tank to help keep the hard water stains out of the bowl, but have not been able to find any since the virus hit. So I have to be very diligent in cleaning the bowl or I get those nasty hard water rings in them.

Prayers for all for a nice weekend.


April 04, 2020 - Msg 114122: good morning porch. its 55 degrees out and raining out. wonder if I take my shower outside to same on water if the neighbors might have a small problem with that??? I have a question? they say april showersbrings may I have to plant flowers now to get may flowers or is that automatic vomr up...papa bear

April 04, 2020 - Msg 114123: FOR ASA (:

April 04, 2020 - Msg 114124: of those May flowers better be a fig leaf for your shower!! ha mdc

April 04, 2020 - Msg 114125: Good afternoon, porch! Rainy and cool here again today, while my weeds grow merrily on! Maybe I'll just shift to a little psychology, and try saying to my neighbors and friends, "What?!? You have no 3 ft dandelions in your yard? You poor thing! Come over anytime and dig up some of mine, I'm happy to share!" Yep, that just might work!

Asa, we have rather hard water here too, and I know what you mean about that little ring in the toidy bowl that just doesn't clean away easily. What I've found that works for me, rather than get my hands in there with a Magic Eraser, is this: Clean well first with brush, scrubber on a handle, whatever you usually use. Flush everything away, then squirt the residual waterline with a generous foaming of Ka-Boom, and walk away. Return about an hour later, and run your handled scrubber over the whole thing, and it should look pretty good. Or, you can pour some straight vinegar over the waterline and leave it. It works too, but you might have to repeat, because it does run off. The KaBoom foam stays in place for a little while. Just don't mix the two, but you know that. Never, ever, mix anything containing bleach with vinegar, it releases a potentially harmful chlorine gas. Even if you're not sure if the product contains bleach, don't take the chance.

My daughters and granddaughter in Fredericksburg have decided to use their sewing machines and their talents to help out. Heather visited a local fabric shop to buy some fabric to make masks, and they offered to give her all the fabric remnants and short runs they had, in all colors and prints! She jumped on it. She's going to send me a mask, as believe it or not, this nurse has no masks on hand. Amanda may do the same thing. She's quite adept with a sewing machine, has three or four, made for various purposes. Her boyfriend restores old cars on contract for guys with the money to buy such as that, and she does the interiors. When she finishes, you'd swear it just rolled out of the showroom. Robbi hasn't told us what she's doing yet, but I suspect it will be something artistic. Maybe some pretty gift for a recovered patient to take home with them, whether they had COVID or not. She has a "she-shed" in her back yard, and all sorts of pretties emerge from that shed. I've got a new clock on my kitchen wall, that she painted in beautiful colors and installed the works. It matches my wallpaper perfectly, done from memory. No problem for her, she hung the wallpaper years ago! It came with four beautiful little coasters for the living room, done in the same paint. There are now three, since Shredderteeth helped herself to one off the coffeetable and promptly chewed it up! Sometimes I could just wring her fluffy little neck!

The Dallas powers that be retracted the news announcement saying that our stay-at-home thing was extended to April 30, saying it was a mistake. It was meant to say it would end on May 20, as had been previously announced. I think there may have been some discussion of the extension, "Scoop" Opie might have heard that, and put the word in the paper prematurely. Anyway, we shall see. April 30 is still a long way off, and a lot can change by then.

Well, guess I'll go find a little nap somewhere, and get LB in my lap, for safekeeping. She already shredded a magazine this morning, right under my nose. I'm so tired of cleaning up her messes. But I love her. I guess. Stay home, and stay well. --Romeena

April 04, 2020 - Msg 114126: I think the house confinement has turned my brain to oatmeal. Up above, that should have read "extended to May 20", and "meant to say it would end on April 30, as had been previously announced." You know, I think I'm beginning to see how that mistake happened! --Romeena

April 04, 2020 - Msg 114127: Romeena, I am glad you are playing it safe. From what I have read, the two places that seem to spread the virus the fastest have been spring breakers at the beach, and people in large churches. Now is the time to stay home and it wont hurt anyone a bit. I think it can be a good thing for people to rely less on others and church services, and focus on being with the Lord and family. Bruce's sister, Vicki is making some masks and putting some sort of hepa filter in them. She lives alone with her little dog so has some time on her hands and I am proud of her for doing something like that. Bruce's older sister is in the process of getting moved to Tennessee next month. I will miss her but truth is I only see her a couple of times a year but we talk through messaging on facebook often and that can continue when she is in Tennessee. It just feels like there is so much changing that I hate to see her go in a way. I understand why she would want to, though and I look forward to the day when Bruce retires and I can sell the house and move. I really want to live in a very small town somewhere near some mountains, God willing.

We are all doing well enough but I have had a little something the last 2 days. I have some aches, especially in the evening but no fever. I have had a little cough but no runny nose or anything. I guess it could be the virus but if so its a mild case. They aren't testing anyone here unless they are very ill. A local friend who is diabetic was sick with a terrible flu last week and they wouldn't test him. I don't get it but I guess there are only so many tests to go around. The way I see it, why test unless you end up in the hospital. I like to assume that everyone may be positive, including me, and keeping my distance and staying put. Nurses have always worked under that philosophy, especially after HIV appeared. We always take precautions and tree all patients as though they could infect us with something...except for masks, which we usually only use if a patient is in isolation or in surgery. We use gloves for almost everything and lots and lots of handwashing. I used to be a nail biter until I went into nursing school. That change right quick!

Ro, I am so glad you are enjoying miss Shredderteeth! heehee My little pup is growing up and is less active than she was a few months ago but still fun and playful. She certainly loves having all of us home most of the time.

Sean is doing much better and his navel seems to be healed at this point. He isn't doing any lifting or anything but has been going into work and doing paperwork, invoices and such for about 5 hours a day. The boss likes Sean and wants to keep him so is throwing him what work he can for now.

Erin is doing better in some ways but still having some struggles. She seems to have a lot of anger and some days are tough for her. I keep her close and she cant go anywhere so that helps. ha

Not a lot else to report. I have been watching some TAGS this week because Mayberry is just a comfort in times like these. I watched the color episode last night about Mary Alice and the trip to the cabin. Helen was madder than a wet hen in that episode!

Well, stay safe and God bless all of you. Praying for you!