April 10, 2020 - Msg 114187: Close Sarah...Ohio...Or as some people pronounce it..A HI YA (but not me) I don’t know how that came about. But we are the Home of “THE” OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY 🏈 ...I do find it interesting how regional pronunciations are. When it comes to carbonated beverages. Some say Pop some say Soda and some call everythings a “Coke” like what kind of Coke do you want?..Now that Poor Horatio is back I’d kinda like his take on what they call it both where he’s from in the US and also in Canada 🇨🇦 Eh?....

I once saw a map breakdown on that subject...Very interesting!
I probably call it Soda more often than Pop but as kids we called it collecting Pop bottles for deposit....

G-Fizz 🥤

April 10, 2020 - Msg 114188: ..... I better pop on the broom and sweep while I’m at it!...

April 10, 2020 - Msg 114189: Here's my Top 5 Color Episode List:

1.Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting
2.Dinner at Eight
3.Aunt Bee Takes a Job
4.A Visit to Barney Fife (think that's my favorite color ep)
5. A Man's Best Friend (Spot's episode!)

Oh, speaking of Spot, I can answer the "snuff or stuff" question y'all had about what his daddy goes to the store for. Spotty was telling me about it on FB the other evening- it's SNUFF. He might buy some" stuff "while he's there too,though!
Y'all stay safe and be well!

possum u.a.r.

P.S. Never called it "pop" a day in my life. It's always been soda to me!

April 10, 2020 - Msg 114190: Agnes JEAN!!

April 10, 2020 - Msg 114191: Occupant, Occupant, Occupant.

April 10, 2020 - Msg 114192: Good news, the stimulus checks should be in your accounts and funds available April 15th.

April 10, 2020 - Msg 114193: Hi Folks! Ive been enjoying reading the comments and lists of favorites! Hope you are all well as can be and not going stir crazy. Life is not so different for us except Im not having to go to work. We are all stuck here most of the time but I am kind of a home body anyway and prefer to be home in the evenings with my brood gathered round. Bruce is still going in to the workplace about 3 days a week but there aren't many people there. Sean is doing well, no more bleeding or pain in the navel. Erin has been depressed and anxious at times but most of the time she is alright and I keep her close. The little 2 year old that lives here is getting louder. lol Poor little dear is stuck in the house a lot. I bought her a little pool because it is plenty warm here most days and she likes to play outside. We have the Christmas lights up still on the porch and she loves that. She also likes to run around while my Poopsie dog chases after her to try and steal whatever happens to be in her hand at the time. The child is really so cute and is very good, considering the circumstances but she just has one of those very loud voices, gets excited and just screams at the top of her lungs at times. Everything is louder in this house, too, with 9 ft ceilings, no carpet and leather furniture! LOUD. We ae making the best of things, though. I still stay busy with laundry, cooking, etc. and I have been taking evening walks to get some exercise.

A friend gave Bruce some fresh trout today so I fried that for him and made some really good cole slaw. I will start some cooking tomorrow to prepare for Easter. This wont be the first time I have missed church on Easter (nurses get used to it), so I am ok with that. I will tune into some internet services while I am cooking my little turkey. What are the rest of you doing on Easter in quarantine? lol

Romeena, my hibiscus bushes have gone wild this spring! Huge and full of blooms. I have a pink, a red, and one with orange blooms. So pretty. Every time we get a little rain they just explode with color.

I've been watching some documentaries and came across a disturbing one today and am wondering if anyone remembers the events. I don't but was only 15 at the time. Back in 1977 in Oklahoma there were three little girls killed while at girl scout camp. Wow, what a terrible story and pretty interesting set of events concerning the killer. Does anyone remember?

Well, I think I will make a cup of decaf, settle into my comfy chair and watch a little TAGS. Hey, I have an idea: Instead of a book club, we can have a sort of episode club. How about starting with the first episode and just carry on each day? We could watch it or just talk about it. Tell what we liked, what bugged us, what we learned from it, etc. How about it?


April 10, 2020 - Msg 114194: or maybe a troupe instead of a club...Mayberry Minute Folks. lol


April 11, 2020 - Msg 114195: Can I be Keeper of the Flame,Boo?? ( I know that's not from the "Minute Man" ep,but every club needs one! )

possum again

April 11, 2020 - Msg 114196: Morning all.

Boo, I think that's an outstanding idea.

Episode 1. Season 1. My initial thoughts were Opie is a bit spoiled, carrying on the way he did at the wedding. But then as the episode proceeds we come to realize his Mom had passed away and Rose was probably the closest thing he had to a Mom, and now she was going away. Now this lady called Aunt Bee is coming to take over. Maybe he had had enough of mother figures coming and going and he didn't want no more of that, so that is why he was so hard on Aunt Bee initially. What do you think? Am I over thinking it?


April 11, 2020 - Msg 114197: Good morning, porch! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day... well, you get the idea. You know, Mr. Rogers took a lot of teasing, and some folks were just downright not very nice about it, made fun of his gentle ways, but he was a really great guy. We need more folks like him. Actually, I think our own Asa comes close. Just a kind and gentle man, with a soft sense of humor, who wishes harm to no one, and would always try to help a friend, either with word or deed.

No, Asa, you're not overthinking it. I think you're spot on, and what you said shows a lot of compassion and understanding for a little boy who was still grieving his mom. I'll bet you're a great dad, and grandpa. Every child should have someone like you in their life.

Boo, I think you have a great idea. We should just jump in and have fun with it. Here's a source for the episodes, listed in order, with the date it was first shown, and a little summary of the plot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Andy_Griffith_Show_episodes. Of course, we don't need that, just the title is enough for us!

Last night, I had the joy of speaking with our own Don Hutson, the kind man who helped us so much with our Sheriff Tom, with all his problems, before the Lord called him home. Don is just a fine man, makes me think of Asa, when speaking with him on the phone. He said to tell all of you hello, and I invited hm to come and join us on the porch. He does lurk now and then, or used to, and I think he might come visit again one of these days. Even if he doesn't, I still say he's an honorary porchster, and deserving of our respect and appreciation.

Well, my little plans for having groceries delivered, or ordering them and picking them up outside the store have popped like a soap bubble. I spent about an hour navigating the store's website, compiling my order, and when I was ready to close it out, I learned to my disappointment that the earliest date for delivery or pickup, either one, was April 15. Also, There was a list of "items not available at this time" and it was well over half of the list, about 30 items. And I wasn't even ordering TP! Grrr. So, I just opened a can of soup, and ate a handful of peanuts, and watched a little TAGS. Now don't be thinking I don't have enough to eat - I could feed a family for another month out of the freezer and pantry - but there were just some favorite things I wanted that I don't have. The biggest disappointment was not having any eggs to color. Every Easter, since my memory began to record at about age two, I have colored eggs at Easter. The first years, it was a happy little activity I enjoyed with my mother, and after I married, I established it for my own home. The eggs symbolize new life, they are colorful and pretty, and even the smell of the vinegar that boosts the colors reminds me that Christ was offered a vinegar-soaked sponge when he said he was thirsty, while on the cross. I can never smell vinegar without that whole scene running through my mind. Well, there's a first time for everything, I suppose, but I'm going to miss coloring those eggs tonight.

OR NOT!! David just called from the grocery store, and asked me to text him a grocery list and he'll fill in the blanks for me. I will get to do my Easter eggs tonight! I'm going to take that as God putting His good-natured stamp of approval on my egg-dyeing thing. Here's another little playful tidbit - the store was out of egg dye, but guess what I remembered, and found, in a pantry drawer! You got it, an extra package of dye, stashed there last year, when the store had them on a 2-fer offer. I just love it when He does things like that. Makes me feel so loved.

Well, guess I'd better tidy up a bit. David will be here shortly. I put all of Trinket's toys away and vacuumed the living room this morning, but she has already dragged most of them out again. The living room is like a toy mine field. Gotta love her! Blessings, friends. Stay in, stay safe, stay healthy! --Romeena

April 11, 2020 - Msg 114198: This just bugs me everytime!

In "Andy and the New Mayor", don't you wish, when Mayor Stoner was reprimanding Andy for letting Jess go and Andy explained he was splitting his sentence, that Andy would've said "C'mere Mayor", walked over to his desk, turned the SHERIFF sign around where it said JUSTICE OF THE PEACE and said, "Y'a see, Mayor...I'm also the judge too." And I can split it, suspend it, cancel it or carry it out. But that's MY decision."

Can I get an Amen?

John Masters

April 12, 2020 - Msg 114199: Amen John! :) Good addition to the script. Jim Fritzell would be proud! ha
ROMEENA-- see how our Lord works in mysterious ways? Cool! BTW, tho catholics are not big with 'tracs" I have been placing little "sinner's prayers" on the empty shelves and around the grocery stores or other stores that i have been in recently. Just a very simple prayer of asking Jesus into one's life. :) Also, be thankful that Trinket does not play with LEGOS! ouch goes yer foot! ha And, when you call her LB, I always think of that as meaning pound(s)! harhar
All is going well here. My wife and I had our own little prayer service earlier this evening, readings from the old testament that would normally be used in the holy Saturday evening service. Sort of a DIY worship time.
BOO--can it be a secret club? (I know, ya can't tell me.)
but I have some cymbals to call the meetin' to order!
Sarah--funny, I sent in a tax check to the IRS about two weeks ago with about the same amt that we will be getting from them.
BTW, have any of you noticed that almost all the ATMs have new bills? I think a lot of people during the 'panic' withdrew a lot, and the fed is printing new ones like crazy. Just a guess tho. Where is George bailey when ya need him?. :)

April 12, 2020 - Msg 114200: Glad you are getting to dye eggs Romeena’! I have one egg left so eggs to dye this year and that’s ok.

My little turkey is defrosted for tomorrow and I made a yellow cake from scratch today which I will ice tomorrow. Bruce has to work tomorrow but we will have a good dinner when he comes home

I really enjoy the new housekeeper episode. I
Think it’s one of the funnier episodes. I just love when Bee holds the bat by the wrong end! Lol. I could totally understand how Opie would feel with Rose leaving but he shows his true, sweet character in the end. Very touching scene when he comes downstairs in his little pajamas to save Aunt Bee. Very good assessment of things Asa and Ro. I’m always curious about the “other” children Bee helped raise and why she raised Andy.

Hope you all have a happy Easter!


April 12, 2020 - Msg 114201: Happy Easter, Porch Family!

possum u.a.r.

April 12, 2020 - Msg 114202: Happy Easter to you Possum and all the Porch family. He is risen!

Hopefully Easter this year will be considered a bit more thoughtfully by all under the circumstances we are all facing.

Romeena, I had never thought about the smell of vinegar from egg dyeing and the vinegar soaked cloth the Savior was given. Wonderful reminder of what He went through for us. And thank you for the kind words. My goodness, I hope I was and am even half as good as you described me. I always enjoyed TAGS because I thought Andy Taylor was a great Dad. And I always enjoyed Mr. Rodgers because he had such a meek and mild disposition about him. You are too kind. Thank you.

MDC, so you want to be the official meeting starter huh? Just don't get carried away with those cymbals. More isn't always better. Maybe we can make GF the official cymbal polisher/tuner. He has an ear for music. Possum is keeper of the flame. What can I be?

Boo, I agree, the ending of that first episode is a clutcher. Opie so worried about how Aunt Bee will take care of herself. She don't know how to do anything important. A couple of other interesting things is Andy with a pick up truck. I wonder what became of that? And Andy and Barney calling each other "Cousin". That gets mentioned again in episode 2 I think, and maybe one other episode in passing, but that's it.

My prayers for all for a blessed Easter day.


April 12, 2020 - Msg 114203: A Happy Easter to the entire Porch family!

I hope you all put in your orders to Mr. Hendricks to get your eggs to dye!

He Is Risen!

Have a great day, folks!
John Masters

April 12, 2020 - Msg 114204: happy easter everyone.. seems strange no church services watched a couple on tv. spending afternoon being lazy boy I could get use to it for a couple of days.. got lots of doctors appointments this week. my prayers are with each of you.. papa bear

April 12, 2020 - Msg 114205: having to wear masks everywherenow just think a few weeks ago if you wore a mask in a store you would be asked to take it off. wish they would make up their minds.. ha papa bear

April 12, 2020 - Msg 114206: Good afternoon, porch! I just got home from church! Yep, went to church this morning. I went early, followed the directions of a greeter, and parked Tillie right on the front row, facing the open bay on the bus barn. The lot filled up quickly, probably about 200 cars, and we all tuned our radios to the suggested FM channel. We had live music, and our music director and his wife sang some hymns, we were encouraged to sing along, but who knew, sitting in our cars! Our pastor delivered a powerful sermon, very well done, and there was much car-horn-honking in appreciation afterward. I took Trinket with me, as I felt like a dose of "church" wouldn't hurt the little sinner, but I guess God always forgives the young and innocent. Anyway, she behaved beautifully, didn't utter a peep.

Now I'm actually going to go color those eggs. I cooked them last night, but was pretty tired by then, so went on to bed. Since there's no family dinner to prepare, I figured I could color eggs today. I know, it doesn't make much sense to anyone else, but it does to me, so I do it. While doing so, I will ponder many things. The egg as a symbol of new life, for example. I will never understand how an egg, if fertile, can shelter a growing chick, and it can develop from a little cell, into a chick that can eventually peck its way out of its tiny tomb, fluff up, and eventually be a hen or a rooster, and life goes on. I will think of Luke 11:12, where Jesus uses the analogy of a good father who, when his child asks for an egg, gives him an egg, not something that would harm him. As I color those eggs, the vinegar's smell will take me, for a moment, to Calvary. It doesn't matter when it's done.

Well, Happy Easter, friends. Remember, God loves you, and the events of this day, so many years ago, are proof of that! --Romeena

April 12, 2020 - Msg 114207: Romeena...Reading your post about taking Trinket in the car with you to church gave me a chuckle did you say like Barney said “Move Over..I’m Drining”? That line always cracks me up.

Asa, I’m more of a 🎺 Trumpet player myself, I don’t think I can hit those high notes anymore like Phil Sunkel Freddy Fleets Trumpet Player did...


April 12, 2020 - Msg 114208: I hope everyone is having a grand Easter day.

Romeena, I am so glad you got to go to preaching and take Trinket with you. That makes it super special.

GF, I didn't know you played the horn. Now I understand when I asked MDC where you had been and he said you were probably off blowing your own horn again. And here I thought he was just being rude. lol
I can't recall if I have ever told this story here, but here goes. For years and years I watched TAGS on reruns and when that episode came on and Floyd would say something about Barney picking up a phrase from Phil Sunkle, I always thought Floyd was saying Phil's uncle. And I used to wonder who the heck he was talking about. I finally decided there must have been some dialogue about someone named Phil and his Uncle that was edited out. Had me stumped for years until I joined these TAGS boards and came to realize there was a Phil Sunkel. Boy, did I ever feel foolish to find out Floyd was saying Phil Sunkel and not Phil's uncle. That was back when I was young and ignorant, not like today where I am old and ignorant. :)


April 12, 2020 - Msg 114209: There was a REAL Phil Sunkel, he was a friend of Aneta Corsaut, they got the name from her. He sued the show for using his name...It Made Hellen MAD 😡 and it wasn’t the actress in her either!...


April 12, 2020 - Msg 114210: G-F, here in Canada, "soda" refers to club soda whereas "pop" refers to soft drinks.

John Masters, I have no favorites among the color episodes.

Finally, since I have no eggs to color for Easter, I will end this posting just like I used to do many years ago from


G-F, here in Canada, "soda" refers to club soda whereas "pop" refers to soft drinks.

John Masters, I have no favorites among the color episodes.

Finally, since I have no eggs to color for Easter, I will end this posting just like I used to do many years ago from


April 12, 2020 - Msg 114211: Oops, it looks like I hiccuped above.

from Poor Horatio

April 12, 2020 - Msg 114212: they said people in towns and cities are starting to buy baby chickens because some places are running out of eggs. asked two women if she shad raised chicks before she said no but I raised kids. like gomer shortly she will be saying surprise surprise. a coupe of places are running out of baby chicks so no one gets over 6 baby chicks, whats next ha.. papa bear

April 12, 2020 - Msg 114213: Great, Poor Horatio...now how are you going to put on those two needed pounds?!


John Masters

April 12, 2020 - Msg 114214: Thank you for what you shared about our good Father, Romeena. That just clutched me for some reason and I sat here at the keyboard and cried. Finally after all these years, I am really starting to understand that it isn't about my performance but about the love of a father so strong that he did what he had to do to make me righteous in his eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus. He is so much more loving than we can even comprehend.

Ro, that drive in church service sounds groovy! I would have enjoyed that. I have been enjoying online church but I am one of those weird people who likes change and spontaneous things. I guess I get bored easily with the status quo. How neat that Trinket got to go! I imagine if I tried that with Poopsie, I would have to stifle a lot of her barking ..or try to anyway.

We had a good Easter here on the homestead. I posted some pics on Facebook if anyone is so inclined. I made a good dinner and made homemade dinner rolls that turned out great! I ate one with butter...or two..one of the rare times I allowed myself butter. I also ate a piece of the cake I made and it was fantastic, if I may say so myself. I took extra metformin tonight after my coffee. heehee The girls hid eggs for little 2 year old Mari and we broke confetti eggs on each other's heads..I don't know if that is just a Texas thing or something that is done everywhere but its a big thing here..a mess to clean up, though. All in all it has been a good day. Poor Bruce had to work hard laying computer cable today and drug in at 5. He seldom has to do that kind of work but when he does it is really hard on him at his age. I wish he could retire. We have been talking about what we want to do when he retires and God willing, we all survive this virus. We plan to finish the upstairs of the house off and then sell the place. Its just hard to take care of on 5 acres. Places in our neighborhood have been selling at good price, especially places with land but who knows what the economy will do when all of this is over. If things go as we hope, we will have both kids on their own feet and will do some traveling to decide where we want to live. I really want to get off the coast here, as I know I have said before. So, who knows, maybe after retirement we will get a camper and travel for awhile..maybe even visit some of my porch buddies.

I think the next episode to discuss is the Manhunt episode. I don't have a lot of comment on it and I did watch it fairly recently. Anyone else?

Well, I think the kids and I are going to go for a little drive to just get out of here for awhile. We wont stop anywhere but just drive down by the water and watch the boats and the lights on the water.

Easter blessings to all!


April 13, 2020 - Msg 114215: ASA gave me a rude. I got myself a rude! :)
Now, if ya wanna know how to get a Possum from under rock, I can do that too. ha
Here's an APB FOR FRANKIE AND BIG MAUDE! Please check in soon!
There goes PH flaunting his colored letters knowledge! :) Looks like ya chewed twice tho! Good stuff.
Papabear, about the masks, I have thought recently that this would be the time to pull a bank job, because EVERYONE has a mask on! haha
BOO--saw the pics on FB.. Looks like you all had a good Easter under the circumstances and under the stars. Praise the Lord.
They live-streamed Easter Mass today, but Cecile and I only live a
few blocks from the church, so we walked over. They had the chapel unlocked. It is glassed in but attached to the main church, and we could watch live. Pastor gave a wonderful sermon, and he even brought communion to the few of us in the chapel. Folks, where there is a will there's a way! There is also an old saying that goes something like "evil will abound if good men do nothing."
I heard on the news that a sheriff in Louisville was going to write down license plates at the church parking lots that did drive in services, and fine them! Unbelieveable! :(

Well folks, all in all I pray that many will come to Jesus in this time. :)

April 13, 2020 - Msg 114216: Oh, the manhunt...dig those little magnets for the map! :)

April 13, 2020 - Msg 114217: Good Monday morning all.

MDC, Hard to imagine that kind of over reach by L.E. (I refer to your comment of recording license plate numbers). I have heard in some parts of the Country, local Govt. entities are barring some department stores from selling anything non essential. I'm not sure who the king is who decides what is essential. This really bothers me. I can understand the thinking behind it I suppose, but good grief, this is getting crazy.
I loved Andys infatuation with those magnets MDC. Very funny stuff. And Aunt Bee making sure Andy ate his supper before going out on some man hunt. And of course the simple brilliance of Andy setting things up so the feller would try getting away in the leaky row boat. And we get to meet for the first time, our dear old sweet Emma. Her facial features she is pulling trying to tell Andy the escapee is behind the door is hilarious.

Boo, I hope your retirement plans work out better for you than ours did. We had big plans for traveling, maybe serving a Church mission, and lots of other stuff. And it all kind of fell through. But the Lord has blessed us. I'm not sure what the future holds for us, but we are in his hands, as are you and Bruce and family. Stay strong girl.

Prayers for a good week for all.


April 13, 2020 - Msg 114218: Good morning, porch! It is so beautiful here this morning, cold at 44°, but beautiful. Brisk little wind blowing out there, too! We were expecting a hard rainstorm last night, and some areas got it, but all we got was "spit on", as my dad would say. Because of the expected rain, Eddie didn't plan to come pull weeds here today, so I guess that won't happen. Honestly, if weeds were selling for ten cents a pound, I could make a fortune!

You know, it's a bit scary, all the stories we're hearing about the decisions being made by local officials, and the over-reach being employed, and some of the downright nutty rules being set up. Some of the decision-makers couldn't decide whether to leave a burning building, and they're not going to want to give up their new-found ability to control the behavior of other people (or collect a highly questionable fine) when this is over. This is new ground for all of us, and while we need to act quickly to ensure the safety of our people, the decisions need to be made by proven, rational people with experience in crisis management, not by some local poobah who would just love to be king.

Boo, you and yours are in my prayers. I believe that God, in His time, will fix things in your family, or at least give you peace with whatever the outcomes may be. Just stay true, and keep the faith. Keep on making those family meals, too, and providing a stable base for all. By the way, those confetti eggs are pretty much a Southern thing (I think, but I could be wrong.) Around here, they have a Mexican influence, and are called cascarones. One is "un cascaron" and two are "dos cascarones." They're very big in the Hispanic community, and after Easter, you'll see little drifts of colorful confetti everywhere - in yards, along the street, wherever. By the way, if you have long hair, especially if it's curly, it can be murder to get the confetti out.

Yep, Emma was always a favorite character for me. That scene you described, Asa, and when she scolded Andy when he refused to arrest Miss Ellie for not selling her the pills ("Bad sheriff! Bad, baaaad sheriff!!") Sweet and funny stuff.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. Shouldn't be hard to do. Also, I've got about 3/4 of a roast chicken in there, gonna chop him up and make chicken salad. That will feed me for two or three days! I don't put mayo in it, I use a very nice Marzeti's lemon vinagrette. It makes a delicious salad, and the acidic lemon (I squeeze the juice of a lemon in also) retards spoilage.)

Remember, friends. He is Risen! Does anything else really matter, when all is said and done? --Romeena

April 13, 2020 - Msg 114219:

POSSUM, are you OK, I heard about the terrible tornadoes along the eastern seaboard. My goodness, Lord help us!

Good old wise Ben Franklin also made a profound statement: "If you give up liberty for 'security,' pretty soon you will have neither."
Something to really think about in these times.

RO-- you mentioned earlier about making a meal from various items in your fridge. That got me to thinking what my mom had once told me about WWII rationing of sugar, flour, etc. She, and about 5 other ladies on the block, would 'pool' such items and make a cake or so other such items, then share it among the families. It would appear that we are somewhat in the same boat these days. :)
ASA, today is the annv of the first man in space, but a Russian!
Hang in there everyone!

April 14, 2020 - Msg 114220: Yes, I'm fine, MDC,thank you. Yesterday was a horrible day for our state-9 people killed in tornadoes. Two deaths right here in my county-a couple in their 60s killed in their home. I was awakened a little after 6am with a tornado warning alert on my phone. The storm was fast and furious,but thankfully my loved ones and myself made it through unharmed. Please pray for those who lost loved ones and homes-thanks.

possum u.a.r.

April 14, 2020 - Msg 114221: Oh my Possum, I had not heard about those storms y'all had gotten. I am glad you and yours are safe and sound. I surely will offer prayers to all those affected by the storms.

Romeena, I bet you are an artist in that kitchen putting things together out of nothing. I have noticed that one common thing in the best cooks I have known in my days. You ask for a recipe for something they made and usually you get a startled look from them. Then they say something like well I don't really know, I just had some of this, that or the other in the pantry and thought it might go well together. Season to taste and did this, that or the other. I used to think they were just being evasive, but I have come to decide they are just gifted with the ability to create delicious meals out of nothing. You strike me as one of those types. I just wish we lived close so I could try out your creations. :)

MDC, Yea, the Russians were kicking our hiney early on in the space race, but we won in December 1968 when we were the first (and still only) ones to send men to the moon. I know Apollo 11 was the first to land, but Apollo 8 was the first to ever leave earths orbit and go into a lunar orbit. Yesterday was also the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 explosion. NASA's finest hour getting Lovell, Haise and Swiggert back alive. Amazing what was accomplished back in the 60's with the technology we had.

Well I suppose I best get moving. We had a cold front move through over the weekend and it cooled down a lot. But I have plenty to do inside. I am just feeling a bit David Browne like though, you know, tomorrow is the best day to start any job. :)


April 14, 2020 - Msg 114222: Good morning, porch! Another beautiful blue and gold day, a few little puffy clouds, a brisk chilly breeze, and bird and critter traffic at a high level out there. Eddie will be here in an hour or so, and (please, Lord) will start getting the weeds out of my flowerbeds! I saw a hummingbird yesterday, the first so far, and he was hovering around an empty feeder, looking pretty disappointed. I'll get Eddie to take the feeder down for me, will fill it, and he'll hang it back up. When I put up the chain that holds it, where it hangs from the eave outside my window, I was taller and could reach it easily. Now I would have to stand on some curbing and teeter there to reach it, risking falling into an Indian hawthorne bush, and I'm just not going to do that. Maybe I'll get Eddie to put an extension on that chain while he's at it, so I can reach the thing safely.

I remember the day I met Eddie, 22 years ago. He was mowing the yard across the street, and I was puttering in my flowerbeds out front. The neighbor who had been doing my yard had just moved away, and I was wondering who to call, and thinking about walking across and talking to Eddie about it. I noticed a small tree limb lying on my roof, so I got the ladder and was just climbing up to reach it and pull it down. I was about halfway up the ladder when I heard someone calling, "Ma'am! Ma'am! Don't you go up that ladder!" It was Eddie, and he was loping across the street toward me. He told me to "get down from there!" and I did. When he reached me, he informed me that his daddy would come out of his grave and wear him out if he let a lady climb a ladder while he just watched. He got the little limb down, and then I almost insulted him when I tried to pay him. So, I asked him if he had some open time, and would he like to take on the care of my yard. He said he did, and he would, and he's been with me ever since. He was 48 then, strong and agile, and he's 70 now, still strong but not very agile, with terrible arthritic knees. He's tall, so he can reach that bird feeder easily, though. He moves a bit slow these days, but oh, how well I understand that. A couple of people have asked me why I don't just hire one of those drive-by, mow-and-go lawn services. They're a little cheaper, I think, but they don't do the little things that Eddie does. There's such a thing as loyalty, and Eddie has been loyal to me. Therefore, I will be loyal to him. At the end of a mowing day, we sit in plastic lawn chairs on the driveway, and talk, solving all the world's problems, while Eddie drinks a Dr. Pepper and cools down. He's my friend.

Trinket is so funny, and so much company. Right now, she's having an attack of the "zoomies", racing through the house at breakneck speed - and she is fast! She has scattered toys everywhere, and as she runs by one, she'll grab it and carry it briefly, then throw it high in the air, and snatch up another one. This continues to the point of exhaustion, and she will suddenly just collapse, as close to me as she can get, and lay there panting. She's had her cardio exercise for the day, I guess, though sometimes she does it two or three times in a day.

Well, Eddie will be here shortly. Guess I'd better get busy. Everybody be careful, be kind, and stay healthy! --Romeena

April 14, 2020 - Msg 114223: good morning porch. so good to ee so many friends there. just got back from doctors always glad to keep them employed. mdc you responded about everyone wearing masks that would be the time to hold up the bank. most banks lobbys are closed but I hear the mayberry bank you just go next door remove the wall and walk into the vault. papa bear

April 14, 2020 - Msg 114224: I just stumbled across this and had to share it.
Made my day, I hope it does yours


April 14, 2020 - Msg 114225: I am looking to Purchase a photo of the Andy Griffith show House Porch, preferably without anyone on the porch. prefer high definition photo.

April 14, 2020 - Msg 114226: Howdy again, porch, and howdy to you, rich guy. About that photo of the Taylor house porch, I don't have one, but was just wondering. Would you want it with or without rose bushes along the front walk, or for that matter, do you want the walk or not? With the steps along the front, or on the end by the driveway? You got to be more specific, friend!

Well, Eddie is here, and I worked out there with him for a little while, but it's COLD! I finally had to come in. Yard work just isn't any fun when it's too cold. He's got one big bed out front looking pretty nice, though. I hope he can get to the biggest bed out back, because I need to get flower seeds in the ground. I can't afford to buy 20 flats of plants anymore, so I'm going with seeds, but there's a problem with that bed. It's the one where we just broadcast the "dwarf" zinnias last spring, and they grew into 5 and 6 ft plants with little 2" flowers on top. Ridiculous. They, of course, reseeded, so now I'll have them coming up again. Already do, for that matter. I want Eddie to scrape off anything green that's above ground, put down a thick layer of hardwood mulch, and then I'll follow on warmer day. I'll make little islands in the mulch, and little trails, and plant new seeds in those clear patches. Anything that tries to come up through the mulch will be yanked, and the little trails and islands will be bright spots of color soon, I hope. We'll see. If they start growing into giants, I'll have to rethink my plan.

Boo, my hibiscus plants have come back, as always, and are about 2 ft tall, but not yet blooming. You, being farther south, are a few weeks ahead of us, I guess. I've got a stand of amaryllis that would knock your socks off, though. The blooms are dinner plate size, and just gorgeous. I love those things!

Well, guess I'll go see if Eddie needs anything. Have a peaceful evening, friends. Stay home, stay well. --Romeena

April 14, 2020 - Msg 114227: Hello all,

Hope you all had a nice Easter/Resurrection Sunday.

I am glad you did the color episode thing, John Masters, because I actually didn't get to half of the episodes I would want to really watch; some of them being color episodes. So here are mine(though once again, not all):

1. Goober's Contest. Don't know why I like this one. Maybe because it has a little bit of everything in it and seems so "Mayberry", what with it being centered mainly around the filling station. That and seeing Floyd get all ornery is always a treat(Howard Mcnear does such a great job of it, even with all the health troubles he was going through).

2. Howard The Bowler. I like the character of Howard and in this one he really shines. I wonder how many of us have tried his method of getting strikes? Anyone? ;-)

3. Howard's Main Event. I picked this one because it reminds me of the one with the similar plot with Barney in it, which I didn't get to pick because I ran out of numbers in the last contest. It even has the same antagonist, the great Allan Melvin. And I love Howard's expression when Clyde(the bully) backs off and leaves.

4. Barney Hosts A Summit Meeting. I liked the most of the episodes when Barney came back to Mayberry(don't really care as much for the ones where he is visited in Raleigh), but this one is so nice and homey. Which is appropriate since it mostly takes place in the Taylor house.

And last but certainly not least,
5. Goober Goes To An Auto Show. I love the message in this one, and Goober shows real class and compassion. And Andy isn't as grumpy in this one like he is in some of the color episodes.

You know, folks, I could have sworn just a couple days ago I was outside in shorts working on the yard. Or was that just a dream? I don't know, the bushes and the tree still look trimmed, but there is still a bunch of snow on them.
Started out as ice, and then decided to go for broke I guess and give us a little more winter. Oh well, as long as it's just a little bit more.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 15, 2020 - Msg 114228: Possum--my prayers are with you and your state! My goodness, is the Lord telling us something??
ASA--it was pretty amazing how they used such simple things to save Apollo 13!
RO--sounds like your weeds are mimicking the Jack in the Beanstalk story! ha Thems big!
To RICHGUY...check out this link for some good porch photos...https://tinyurl.com/urckcwp
Sterling--crazy weather to go with these crazy times I guess!

Oh, I thought of one other thing my mom told me about WWII, and the sugar rations.
Every now and then they would be able to make a big pitcher of lemonade, and sit on the front
porch drinking it! Remind you of a TV show? ha
BOO-- I have seen your videos on FB. You seem so much more relaxed since shoreline! You have a lovely singing voice! :) I do continue to pray for the kids there, especially during is time.

Prayers for all, thinking of you daily!



April 15, 2020 - Msg 114229: VICKS!!!

April 15, 2020 - Msg 114230: Hey MDC...Here is a short video of Andy’s home place in Mt. Airy. https://youtu.be/mGihq85zSFs I have seen it several times over the years at Mayberry Days. Don’t know if you know it or not, you can even stay there overnight. A local motel rents it out as a B&B...
I never did that, but I know people who have, they say it’s worth doing....Pretty Cool 😎


April 15, 2020 - Msg 114231: G-F, thanks for that link that you posted about Andy Griffith's childhood and early adulthood Mr. Airy home. Unfortunately, it is only 13 seconds long.
Now if you go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNGAZ5g_2Fw, you will find a much more detailed video of that same Andy Griffith's former home that is over 24 minutes long.
And if you want to visit the Andy Griffith Museum in Mt. Airy, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNGAZ5g_2Fw

from Poor Horatio

April 15, 2020 - Msg 114232: with all these restrictions and closed business I feel like howard Sprague on the island after a month. papa bear

April 15, 2020 - Msg 114233: Hey PaPa Bear.....”Wanna buy a ship 🚢 in a bottle?”.....

April 15, 2020 - Msg 114234: I think we all need to quaff a few bottles of rootbeer!
We have been getting ready for carpet cleaning tomorrow. Zerorez is the company and the tech will be masked, gloved, and bootied. We have used them in past years, and it leaves no residue, and the carpets dry quite quickly. besides, it should be about 85 degrees outside.
I'm off the the ironing board. (That ep was on tonight! :)

April 16, 2020 - Msg 114235: how much is the ship in the bottle? I might need two mdc just watched man in a hurry. always like it when the two old ladies on phone comparing their aches and pains... did anyone see where ome man in Indiana and one woman in florida got their stimulas check balance was 8.2 million. the man from Indiana after he noticed went to bank and left with a balance of 13 dollars balance. I think I would leave it in bank for a day then straighten it out. multi milliomare for a day on paprt. have a great day. papa bear