May 26, 2020 - Msg 114516: Thank you folks for remembering and thanking my fellow veterans including me. We are glad that we were able to put our lives at risk so you folks would not have to do it.

I hate to report some sad news about a former Andy Griffith Show actress.

From Poor Horatio

May 26, 2020 - Msg 114517: Wow. I have not swept the porch in a long time. No wonder I sneezed.

From Poor Horatio

May 26, 2020 - Msg 114518: I'm so very sorry to hear of the misfortune that has befallen our Charlene Darling. I can't do much, but I can do a little, and if we will all do what we can, we can help her. There, but for the grace of God, go I......... --Romeena

May 26, 2020 - Msg 114519: Thought I had better check in before someone sends out an APB. We are doing ok and the prayers are working, thank you. We are now down to having only one, very quiet houseguest, who is due to leave in 2 weeks. She is gone most of the time working or staying with a friend so no trouble other than needing rides to work some days. Erin is doing so much better! Last week I drove the toxic girlfriend to Austin to live with and uncle and life went from unbearable to peaceful, thank God. Erin has been in a much better frame of mind, has stopped all smoking and is seeing her counselor and staying on her medication. Still having some anxiety but the depression is much better and her mind is clear. She wanted me to take her town yesterday to get her a devotional and an NIV bible with larger print that she can study and she wants to go back to church when its safe to do so. I have been spending a lot of time with her and she is sharing so much with me. It feels like having my Erin back. God please help her to continue to move forward and heal!

We had a peaceful Memorial Day. Erin and I went into town for her bible and I had a chipotle burrito for the first time in many months. Man, it was good! After we got home Susan, Matthew and Emily came over for a movie night and Susan made homemade ice cream. It was really nice. We had some major storms last night, though, that kept me up and the mosquitoes are keeping us indoors.

Well, so far it looks like we are corona free but there were thousands of people descending on the beaches here over the memorial weekend, so I know there will be a surge coming. We have been really lucky here in south texas but as tourist flock down, I fear that is going to change.

Sean finally has his appointment with the surgeon tomorrow to take a look at why he had the bleeding from his navel and a possible hernia. He has been doing part-time light duty at work until he gets the clear from the surgeon to go back full time.

Along with the good, we have had some sadness this past week. A good friend passed from cancer and a well=loved man from my hometown passed from cancer yesterday. He was my first crush, as a little girl. His name was Lewis and he worked at the Texaco station in town. He was so handsome and would lean in the window and say, "How are you, my little girlfriend?". I was smitten at age 3 or 4. lol. He was so sweet but I didn't really know him in my grown up years, other than and occasional "hello". He had a small farm on the road leading to my mom and dad's house so I would pass by and see him in the yard now and then. For some reason it really made me cry when I heard he had died. Funny how sometimes people mean more to you than you realize. Makes me wish I had reached out more and gotten to know him. He used to go by and visit with my dad in my dad's later years, which was sweet.

Well, guess I better get off of here. I have to go pick up Crystal from work soon. Hope you all have a wonderful evening.

Ro, your descriptions of Trinket just bless me so! She is exactly what I had hoped she would be. :)


May 27, 2020 - Msg 114520:

HEY TO BOO! Good to hear from you. I know what you mean. A few weeks ago a teacher whom i had in high school passed away. I havent seen him in 50 years, but a classmate called me about it. I cried. I couldnt believe it, tho the man was 91, I just didnt want to believe it, if you know what i mean.
So-o-o- glad to hear about Erin. Wow, what a roller coaster ride it has been for you the past few years. I will indeed keep the prayers going up!
Has anyone here had any luck finding Lysol spray? TP is back now, but we cant find Lysol anywhere, even early in the morning!

I see that JOHN and others are getting more rain, but here it is HEAT already!
Our forecast is Wed. 110, Thurs. 110, Friday 110, and Sat. 110. Yup, that is dang hot for us in May! We expect such in summer, so maybe we'll have a 'cooler' June!
At least it should kill that dreaded virus! AZ has not been hit too hard except on the Navajo reservation, but that is finally on the downturn there.

This week on Me-TV they are having Aunt Bee episodes. I saw the Pickle story yesterday. One of my favorites! I LOVE the look on Andy's face when Aunt Bee says that she made a double batch...16 quarts! :)

MY prayers for Maggie Peterson. I hope to also give a little for her.
PH-good sweep! I see thatyour skills are still as sharp as ever!

May 27, 2020 - Msg 114521: drat---that your

May 27, 2020 - Msg 114522: Thanks, MDC! Sorry about the heat. I saw on tv that we have had record heat the past two or three summers. I know that the water here in the bay where I live has been getting warmer and warmer and we have had increased bacteria count, etc. Its shaping up to be another hot one here, too!

I watched the ep last night when Barney and Andy go to the city and get a 7 dollar hotel room with 2 twin beds. lol So funny

Gotta run!


May 27, 2020 - Msg 114523: Good afternoon, porch! I just got home from having the CT of my knee done, to determine if there is actually a torn meniscus in there. Frankly, I'm beginning to agree with Asa, that it might have been gout. It's been a week since the steroid injection, it should be gone by now, and I still have no pain. That would be consistent with the steroid having cooled off a gout flare. If the meniscus is actually torn, I would think it would be hurting again, but it's not. I guess I'll find out when my doc gets the report of the CT. I have a routine appointment with my cardiologist tomorrow. I think I'll give him the chance to have a good laugh when I tell him I might need knee surgery. He will just say, "in your dreams!"

Trinket is getting better about staying in the bathroom while I'm gone. I've learned to close off the office/craft room/whatever room so she can't get in the living area, where she leads me a merry chase when she knows I'm leaving. She has only this room and the bedroom where she can run from me, and she pretty much just gives up. I close her into the bathroom with the commode lid down, the wicker magazine basket on top of the lid, a bowl of fresh water and a handful of treats, a couple of toys and a cuddle bed. Not too shabby, I think. Still, she's very excited to see me when I return.

Here's an old joke you might have heard, but here goes: If you want to know who loves you best - your spouse or your dog - just lock them both in the trunk of your car for an hour or so, and see who's happy to see you when you let them out! (heehee)

Boo, it's nice to hear that things are going a bit better for you. Hang in there, my dear. The sun is going to shine in your back door one day! Prayers continue....

Well, guess I'll go round up a little lunch. Maybe just some berries and cottage cheese. Yep, that sounds good. I've got strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, and some good cottage cheese. Can't beat a deal like that!

Blessings, friends. Stay well! --Romeena

May 27, 2020 - Msg 114524: Romeena, In the world 🌎 of Gout, Asa is a GIANT!...* In my best Andy

May 28, 2020 - Msg 114525: Shout Out to Maude.....Just wanted to remind you your Porch Friends still have you and your Family in our prayers. We hope you are finding comfort as you are dealing with your loss.
I hope you were able to have some kind of service for your Mother during these difficult times....

Hope you guys still can make it to the Meet-Up, sometimes friends are the perfect Rx ....Just Sayin’.....G-F

*In my best Mr. Maude pharmacist voice .....

May 28, 2020 - Msg 114526: Morning all. Just popping in real quick like to day hey. I hope you all are well.


May 29, 2020 - Msg 114527: Hello all, today on the Rifleman, there was Uncle Ollie, and in the second ep, there was Colonel Harvey! Fun to see them both in different roles.
Just recently, when I start writing in the comment box here, a black line outlines the box. It happens on other sites too. Has this started with anyone else?
BIG Maude, I also would like to say that you and yours continue to be in our prayers. I do hope that all has been going OK with you.
ALL--I suppose we are all in a bit of shock over what has been happening in Mpls, the place of my birth. I sure wish there was an answer. Again there are a lot of pent-up emotions coming out. Of course, Jesus is the ultimate answer, but I just pray that this whole thing had a quick solution.
Well, God's blessings on you all, good night,

May 29, 2020 - Msg 114528: I know I'm pulling out my soapbox here, but I did want to add that no matter what, there is absolutely NO justification for the vicious burning and looting of buildings. Thievery and destruction, especially on this scale is totally and completely wrong IMO!
I just had to say that. Box going back under the porch.

May 29, 2020 - Msg 114529: Good morning, porch. As I look out on my freshly manicured back yard, (thanks, Eddie), sun shining, critter traffic running high, juvenile squirrel munching the remains of a watermelon rind, it's hard to believe what I just saw on my monitor screen. The senseless destruction, the vicious brutality and unbelievable violence that has occurred in Minneapolis, just doesn't fit with this beautiful morning. It's far too early to form concrete opinions, too much is not clear about the event that apparently touched all this off. At first impression, it appears that the police failed to act as they should have, and a man died. That's horrible. I will not try to excuse their behavior, but I will say that things are not always as they seem. Just this - if he had enough breath to scream that he couldn't breathe, then he was breathing. That makes me think there may be other conditions involved in his death. However, there are other ways to subdue a man who is drunk and fighting. That's why police carry handcuffs. Kneeling on a man's neck is never acceptable, and it sure sounds like brutality to me. I'm not taking sides here, I'm just trying to see both sides. I have friends and a couple of relatives who are or were police officers, and I know what they go through sometimes with freaked-out suspects, but that doesn't excuse kneeling on someone's neck. Ever.

In the same vein, nothing excuses the senseless destruction of their own community, the looting, burning, shooting, all that has gone on in the wake of Mr. Floyd's death. How does that help? How does it "avenge" or in any way repay the white community for what was done to that man? All it accomplishes is to give a few rioters some new shoes or whatever they dragged from the stores, and destroys the very stores that supply the rest of the community with the things they need. It's stupid, mindless and just wrong on any count you care to examine. In my opinion, those rioters couldn't care less about Mr. Floyd and what happened to him. They just saw an opportunity to behave like fools, and grab a few things for themselves. I can't wait to hear what Eddie has to say about it all. Eddie, who has taken care of my yard and been a friend to me for about 23 years, and who happens to be black. Eddie, who laughs and calls me his "white mama." Eddie, who sits on the driveway with me, cooling off after a hard day's work, and drinks tea with me as we solve the world's problems in conversation. Eddie, who has occasionally borrowed a little money from me to get his broken truck fixed, and who has always, always paid me back promptly. Eddie, who has the kindest heart of anyone I know. I know what he's going to say. The word "fools" will just be the beginning.

OK, enough said. This world is busily fulfilling the prophecies, and as Rev. 22:20 says, "Even so, come, Lord Jesus!" Until that happens, we will continue to struggle with things such as this senseless tragedy. But when that happens, the world will finally know peace. Blessings! --Romeena

May 29, 2020 - Msg 114530: OK, I've come this far, may as well finish the job. I'm going to copy part of the text I received in a blog written by a long-time friend. Some of you will receive the entire blog, as I received his permission to forward it to my email list. He also said I could copy it here. I'm not copying the whole thing, and there is a heart-stopping picture that accompanies it that will not be reproduced here, but I'm copying part of the text:

The officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck never backed off. Seven minutes later, Floyd said, “I am about to die.”

And then, George Floyd drew his final breath and died. A person nearby remarked, “They just killed him.”

Floyd’s cry is a metaphor for what racism, violence, and an unwillingness to give a hurting human being the benefit of the doubt can do. These are things that suffocate people and make it difficult for them to breath. And a foot or a knee on the neck of another is the ultimate expression of exercising power over those who can do little to help themselves.

What happened to Floyd should disturb us all in a profound way. When we allow racism, violence, and disregard for the sanctity of human life to have a place in our hearts, we become guilty of choking the life out of others — just like the officers responsible for Floyd’s death. And when we tolerate these things in our society, sooner or later it will become difficult for us to breathe.

God hates racism and violence and attitudes that disparage others. As a Christ-follower, I must not and will not tolerate what God hates. I want to see others as Christ sees them — as members of the same human race and those who are equally valuable in the eyes of God.

I trust, and am sure there will be, a coroner's inquest into Mr. Floyd's death. There had better be! From what I saw in the picture that accompanied my friend's blog, I'd say that Mr. Floyd didn't die from suffocation. He lived for at least seven recorded minutes. The picture shows the officer's knee on the side of Mr. Floyd's neck, almost certainly compressing the carotid artery. If my limited background in anatomy is correct, I'd say that cut off the flow of blood to about half of Mr. Floyd's brain, and would have resulted in a major stroke - an ischemic stroke. That kind is caused by anything that impedes or disrupts blood flow to the brain. It can be a blood clot, a rupture in an artery - or a police officer's knee. It will be interesting to see what they find.

Well, I don't mean to be inciting a moulage here, but I'm betting there's going to be a moulage to end all moulages, all over the country, as this story is told and retold and the inevitable backlashes begin. God help us all! --Romeena

May 29, 2020 - Msg 114531: Amen Romeena. I think that is one reason why I like this site. Tragedies like this can be discussed, prayed over, and solutions sought,
but also, the sense of being together with people who like the days of mayberry is very reassuring and comforting while trying to deal with all that is going on at this time.
MDC :)

May 30, 2020 - Msg 114532: You might check out what Christianity Today had to say about Mr. George Floyd. It speaks about the Gospel Legacy that he left in Houston.
"As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects." jennie boone

May 30, 2020 - Msg 114533: Good Saturday porch family , hope everyone is having a good day so far .

We laid my Mom to rest yesterday with a small graveside service. Per her wishes, she was cremated and placed next to my Dad who died at age 38 from stomach cancer in 1970. She is a peace now, her hearing is perfect and she can walk without her cane or walker . We are sad but at peace with how the Lord worked things out .

I want to thank all of you for the kind words of sympathy, the
prayers and the beautiful flowers that I received from my Mayberry family. What a blessing. You all are an example of what Mayberry is truly all about, Your the CATS.

Now we will begin to sort though her house and make decisions about that. She had a will and had her financial business pretty much laid the way she wanted it to go so that should not be too much of a headache .

Again , thank you for being my friends and Mayberry family.
Prayers and blessings
Big Maude

May 30, 2020 - Msg 114534: so good to see you all of you again .. keep me in your prayers the doctor says my heart is pumping bout 50 percent my kidneys around 45 percent its advanced agent orange. enjoys mayberry month episodes/ prayers for all of you.. papa bear

May 30, 2020 - Msg 114535: On June 6th, 2020 Nathan Lyday was to celebrate his 5th wedding anniversary. 24 years old, a tall strapping young man at 6'4" a college graduate, and a bright future ahead. On June 6th Nathan Lyday will be buried instead. Nathen Lyday was a 15 month veteran of the Ogden City Police Department. Last Thursday, Officer Lyday, along with several back up officers responded to a domestic dispute call. A woman called 911 to report her husband was threatening to kill her. In trying to talk to the very agitated husband on the front porch of his house, the husband, unarmed at the time, ran into the house and locked the door. Seconds later bullets came flying through the door, one striking Officer Lyday and killing him, another striking a second officer and injuring him.
These Police Officers deal with the lowest forms of human existence on the planet at times. Probably most of the time. Most Police Officers, I believe are decent honest men and women who desire to serve the public and their fellowman. Bless them all!
I am so bothered as I see the insanity going on in the Nation today (masquerading as protests) and am just floored by it. We don't know all the details of what happened in Mnpls. and from what we have all seen it looks like very poor judgement by the Officer involved (and the others standing there and doing nothing to stop it). If this all is proven to be a case of Police brutality, then this Officer needs to be punished to the fullest extent. But lets hold off judgement until it is heard in Court. And let's not brand all cops as bad apples. They are not. Most are very good and decent people, like Nathan Lyday. My prayers for his young widow and other family members.

Thanks for checking in Maude. I am glad you are at peace. Sad but at ease at least. I love your faith.

Papa Bear, you have my prayers my friend. I appreciate your service to our Nation.


May 30, 2020 - Msg 114536: Good afternoon, porch. Asa, hear, hear! Tell it like it is, brother! It makes me so sad to hear of that young officer's death, and it happens every day. Funny how that particular event has gone virtually unnoticed. You didn't mention the race of the persons involved, and that's good, because you shouldn't have to. Race should not matter. However, the sad truth is that racism is alive and well in America, and the often-ignored truth is that it works both ways! I'm aware that there are reasons for the feelings on both sides, but reasons don't excuse a wrong. Yet, we often let that happen. Someone sits in a bar and drinks until they can barely walk, then gets in a car and kills someone. The reason they had the wreck and killed someone is that they were drunk. That should be no excuse, but often it is allowed to be. Think of the Affluenza kid, Ethan Couch, who drove blind drunk and killed four people, and who got off with ten years probation. No time served then, but has been in and out of jail ever since. He had a reason - his parents never set any limits on him - but that should not have been an excuse. Yet the court basically excused him. I hope the psychiatrist who dreamed up his excuse can sleep at night.

Just as outrageous is the excuse of "vengeance" or whatever they're calling it, being used by the looters and rioters in the wake of the Floyd debacle. Perhaps people would be more likely to wait and let the courts handle it, if the courts didn't do such downright stupid things as they did with Ethan Couch. I understand the frustration, if they're thinking that the courts will let the officer off, but that does not excuse the behavior. I fail to see how looting a store and running off with stolen merchandise is going to avenge Mr. Floyd.

I guess the simple truth is that this world will not be right until the Lord comes again, and that just can't be any too soon for me! There, I've said it, and I ain't takin' it back! --Romeena

May 30, 2020 - Msg 114537: Well, Romeena Dear, good Christians have been waiting for the Lord to come back for a long time and that's ok, but what do we do now? How on earth can we make this better? Martin Luther King, Jr would be turning over in his grave. I know things will never really be right, as you say, but maybe we can help change things, even if its for just one young man. I feel so helpless and sometimes hopeless over it all.

Just got home from a funeral for a family friend who was a pastor in Killeen. He and his wife were married for 61 years. The poor lady is really going through it. They did everything together for their entire marriage. She hardly even drove anywhere. God help her through this!

May the Lord speak wisdom to our hearts and show us how to make the world a more loving place in our own backyards.


May 30, 2020 - Msg 114538: thank you for all your prayers/ several natioms governments have taken god out of everything like in god we trust off currency. seldom do ours leaders acknowledge god. I pray our leaders turn back to our god. and all people that don't know him turns back to him and embrace each other in love and understanding, sorry but that's my thoughts thank god for folks like all of you.. papa bear

May 30, 2020 - Msg 114539: papa bear, you posted about your health being affected by agent orange. Did you serve in Vietnam during the war? If so, what branch?

Boo, does your widowed lady friend have any children that can assist her in her time of grief? She should check with the local hospital since they often have grief support groups.

Asa, your story about the police officer who was killed in the line of duty reminded me of a sailor I met when we were both on active duty and undergoing training. He was on his second enlistment. After completing his first enlistment, he left the Navy and became a Kentucky State Trooper. Many of his duties involved dealing with armed moonshiners. Surprisingly, he gave that career up to rejoin the Navy. He told me that he felt much safer in the military than having to deal with armed moonshiners guarding their stills.

MDC, I am not seeing any black line in the comments box when I type something to post. Have you tried rebooting your computer?

It is horrible to watch the news today with all the violent protesting. While I do admire those who protest in peace, I honestly believe that left wing extremists and gang bangers are taking advantage of the overwhelming crowds to damage property and rob from merchants.

from Poor Horatio

May 31, 2020 - Msg 114540: YES PH, you are correct. I just spoke with some relatives who still live in Mpls, and they said that MUCH of the pillage was by organized agitators who came in from somewheres else. They got the peaceful marchers stirred up and it escalated from there. Why can't law enforcement go after those groups, as they are obviously hate groups? I just dont get it.
PAPAbear, good to see you here again. Indeed, strong faith is so important in these times. I stood on many promises in scripture to get me thru the two months of shutdowns, and it will help me with this also. As RO said, there will be no true peace until Jesus comes again, but we can do our best to be salt and light in this world that he clearly told us about in his sermon on the mount.
A few tags related things... First, JENNIE BOONE, thanks for stopping by and sharing those words with us. I hope all is well with you and yours.
Next, today on Rawhide there was Susan Oliver, tags' prisioner of love, and also James Best, Jim Lindsey in yet another cowpoke role.
AND, on Sunday at 4 pm central on ME-tv they are showing "Return to Mayberry!"
ASA--Maybe I will name my truck "Third Party!" haha
Also, didn't you and GF buy water heaters a couple years ago before the more stringent regs came into play? Did you ever install it? Just wondering.
Good Sabbath to all. So good to be back in church again!

May 31, 2020 - Msg 114541: Good Sabbath all.

I must apologize for my earlier post concerning the slain Police Officer. Not so much for what I said, but doing it here on Floyd's porch. I try to not get to political here and keep things more TAGS related. But the last couple of days I have seen the best and the worst of people. Officer Lyday was transported some 40 miles from the State Medical Examiners office in Slat Lake back up here to Ogden where he will be laid to rest. Along that 40 mile trip, folks lined the streets on both sides and stood and saluted or had hands over their hearts as the ambulance and the rest of the procession went by. Flags everywhere. That was the best. In Slat Lake City, riots and protestors turning over a police car and setting it on fire, looting, destructive nonsense. That was the worst. So my emotions were on the surface for sure. I take it very personal when any law enforcement personnel is killed.

Poor Horatio, I had in an earlier post thanked you for your service for both in the Military and in Law Enforcement. But when I posted it I got censored. I tried to see what censored me, and tried to fix it, but in the process lost the entire post. So thank you for your service. That is very telling about your sailor friend who rejoined the Navy finding it safer than being a Police Officer.

MDC, Glad you are thinking of a name for that truck of yours. It needs one. I just hate referring to it as "that truck of yours" or "it". That does make it feel like some third party. :) Thanks for the reminder of Return to Mayberry this afternoon. Mt DVR is set.
I went to order a new water heater and my supplier had already switched over his inventory to the "new and improved" model. Turns out the only real difference is the newer models have added insulation so they are a larger diameter. It becomes a problem sometimes because they often cram those water heaters in very tight quarters (Amen GF?). Mine is in the basement and I have plenty of room so it's not an issue. I keep saying I need to go buy one and just replace it. Mine is now 20 years old this month. I can't believe it is still working. Hmmm, now you got my jaw muscles working. lol

Boo, I think the last sentence of your post says it best. Turn to the Lord and follow His promptings in how to best continue on.

Romeena, so is the fence all done? Any update on the water issue? I just hate it when neighbors can be so unaware of their actions (or lack of actions). I am dealing with a bit of a one myself. My neighbor across the street, Rob (he is the one who's oldest daughter committed suicide a year ago, and who's Wife Trudy passed away a few months later) has his youngest Daughter and her Husband living with him now. The problem is the son in law is a long haul driver (car transporter). He will park his truck out in the street when he is in town. The problem is he will often leave the truck running, sometimes for a couple of hours while sitting out there. The noise of it idling away is bothersome, but the real issue is sometimes the exhaust will get in our house. That is a real problem. There is no need to be running the engine like that, but he does it, for what purpose I don't know. I know I could go to Rob and ask him to ask his Son to not run it. But I just hate to be a pest to him with all he has gone through. This does not happen often thank goodness, but is as annoying as heck when it does. So I'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts anyone?

Well thay are having short Sacrament meetings at our Church this morning but for Debbie's sake I am holding off going for who knows how long. Our State has seen a two day jump in new cases the last two days and that concerns me. So I best be prudent.

Prayers for all. I saw the Space X launch yesterday. Just clutched me. And to see the spent booster come back down and land on a recovery boat. Wow, that was impressive.


May 31, 2020 - Msg 114542: Good morning, porch, and I do mean GOOD MORNING! I just got home from church! Real church! Sitting in a pew, organist playing beautiful music, the whole thing. Of course, everyone was wearing a mask, had used hand sanitizer as provided in the foyer, and all of us were seated at least six feet apart. (I can only hope that the newly-opening bars will be as prudent.) Anyway, it was a wonderful experience, and I must admit, a couple of times I had tears in my eyes as the beauty and hope of such a gathering would just wash over me. The pastor's message was from John 4, and his take-away thought was "When Jesus provides, there's never too little, there's always enough."

I, too, must apologize for getting too political on this forum, but the George Floyd situation was just too much. Boo, you ask what we can do right now, while we "wait on the Lord." Short answer - probably not much, as confirmed in the Bible, in the descriptions of conditions during the "last days." How long are those "last days"? No one knows. Not even Jesus. He will return when the Father tells Him to go. The uncertainty of the time is just all the more reason why we should be ready, prepared, and vigilant. As for what we are to do while we wait - there's a lot to do. We can make sure our own spiritual house is clean. We can live as examples to the unsaved and unknowing. We can uphold truth and justice, as far as it is in our power. Part of the power lies in our right to vote. We must vote thoughtfully, carefully, and try to elect those who will uphold law and justice, and who support the Constitution, rather than shredding it.

What's so great about the Constitution? Well, it was written with respect for God's laws, and those laws shine through the language of the Constitution, as well as the Declaration of Independence. In the preamble to the Declaration, we find "We hold these truths to be self-evident (meaning anyone should be able to understand this).. and goes on to say that "all men are created equal." That philosophy is not honored today, in far too many cases, and it is up to us as God-followers, citizens and voters to see to it that it is honored. We have too many people in both parties who have abandoned the spirit of America that was intended by our Founding Fathers. So, can we fix the problem? No. We can only control what is in our own heart, and expressed in our own behavior. For anything else, we must wait on, and trust in, the Lord. We can, however, set an example, as MDC said, and try to be salt and light in this world. I happen to agree with PH, and believe that a lot of the violence that always follows an event like Mr. Floyd's slaying, is fomented by Left-wing agitators/extremists. To that I can only say, be very careful how you vote.

Boo, my heart goes out to your widowed friend. I know only too well what that feels like. I will definitely pray for her. I don't need to know her name, God knows who she is. I don't know if it would help her, but think it might, to read my little book, "A Flat of Petunias." It's a bit early, but in a month or two, she might find some encouragement there. Many who have read it have told me that it was helpful to them.

Stay safe, stay well, keep your distance, and wash your hands! Blessings --Romeena

May 31, 2020 - Msg 114543: good morning porchsters. yes poor horatio I did 2 combat tours in Vietnam. spent 22 years in the army retired sergent major... I hope everyone has a blessed day papa bear

May 31, 2020 - Msg 114544: PaPa Bear, my Brother was a Gunner/Crew Chief on a Huey. He too did two tours, and he said they flew thru the Agent Orange fog many times and had healt issues because of it.
He was assigned to the 25th Infantry in CuChi....68-69...

Thanks to ALL of those who served during that and other difficult times of conflict...

Yep MDC my water heater is still sitting in a box in my cellar earning interest every day....The cost of the tanks have nearly doubled since I purchased it...


May 31, 2020 - Msg 114545: g-f small world ask your bother about flying over the wolfhounds we were part of the 25th 68 and 69 was my second tour there. I bet we might have had called him in a few times... papa bear

May 31, 2020 - Msg 114546: papa bear, so you served in the US Army for 22 years, got promoted to the most senior enlisted rank (Sergeant Major), and survived two combat tours in Vietnam. I am very impressed. I salute you and thank you for your service. I am just sorry to learn how agent orange has affected your health. Be thankful you survived this long. So many Vietnam veterans exposed to agent orange never made it past the year 2000.

papa bear, when I filled out my dream sheet, I wanted to serve with the Navy's river patrol gunboats in Vietnam. I learned after the war that many of those sailors also got exposed to agent orange, including the son of the Navy's most senior Admiral at that time, Elmo Zumwalt. Agent orange killed his son after the war. Ironically, it was his father who authorized the use of agent orange knowing that his son was commanding a river patrol gunboat in country and would get exposed. So although we knew the immediate positive affects of agent orange, we did not know the long term negative affects to the human body.

Asa, sorry to learn that your thank you to me for my military and law enforcement service got lost. About that Navy sailor who became a Kentucky State Trooper then returned to the Navy where he felt much safer, that reminds me of something similar. I never made it into combat during the Vietnam War. So while serving in the military during peacetime, I never was shot at. But later when I served as an auxiliary police officer (auxiliary = part time), my partner and I were working overnight security at an outdoor festival. In the middle of the night, everything seemed quiet. I was standing maybe two feet from my partner when we both heard a bang and then something zoomed between our heads. Although we searched, we never found the shooter.

Asa and now about those exhaust diesel fumes from your neighbor. If you want to be subtle about it, go outside the next time you see him outside when the truck is idling. Then start coughing continuously until hopefully you get his attention. Then you can make a comment how those fumes are irritating your lungs.

Asa, although I missed the live launch of Space X, I did watch some videos over at YouTube. I am amazed at how well the recovery of the booster stage went. In fact, it was so smooth and accurate that I thought they were playing the video backwards!

from Poor Horatio

May 31, 2020 - Msg 114547: Good evening, porch. Asa, to answer your earlier question - yes, the fence is finished, and I'm happy to say they did a very nice job. It looks great, much better than it did! I'm a little surprised that it's 8 ft tall, but actually, it's a good thing. The neighbor's grandkids and visitors play around their pool all summer, and various items frequently found their way over the old 6 ft fence. If I was out there, I'd just toss it back (beach balls, frisbees, whatever) but usually the kids would call and ask permission to come in the yard and get it. I've told them to just come on in, no need to call, but they still would do so. They're nice kids, very polite. Now, maybe with the 8 ft fence, the over-throws will be reduced.

As for the water leak, it's still pretty wet back there, but much less so than it was, so I'm not sure whether it's fixed or not. When you've had 2 to 3 inches of water standing for a very long time, it might take it a while to get all soaked in. At least there's nothing standing, the ground is still just wet and muddy. We'll see. She said it would be fixed, and I have no reason to doubt it. It will take a little time, I'm sure.

Those diesel exhaust fumes are just not a healthy thing, and I'm sure are not good for your dear wife. That needs to stop. I'm pretty sure that would be in violation of some city ordinance or other, and would probably be addressed if a police patrol happened by. I'm not suggesting that you call, I prefer to handle things personally and not be a tattletale, but I'm just surprised that someone else hasn't done it, or that a patrol car hasn't discovered it. I can see where it would be a real problem. Nothing makes more racket than a clattering diesel engine, or stinks worse than their exhaust. I can't imagine why he would leave it running, unless he's got somebody in the sleeper. I guess that's a possibility, if he's just there for a couple of hours with his dad. He may have a driver/partner getting a nap. Still, that's no excuse to annoy all the neighbors. I'm especially concerned for Debbie, as I know you are. Personally, I'd just walk over and talk to him, rather than talking to his dad. He's an adult, he needs to handle his own business. Well, that's just my opinion.

I am going to pinch Trinket's silky little ears off if she doesn't stop shredding any piece of paper she can get her little razor teeth on. She will find something, a magazine, a catalog or whatever, and will bring it to my chair, get in the one spot near my chair where I can't see her, and proceed to make confetti. The problem is, she does it absolutely silently! Now how does she do that?? I'm sitting right there, and can't see her (she knows that) and even with my hearing aids, I can't hear her either. When I start to get up, I see a pile of tiny shreds of paper, scattered around the area. I can't just pick it up, I'd be there all day, with tweezers. I have to get the vacuum to clean it up. I've finally started just leaving the vacuum standing nearby, not plugged in of course, because she'd chew the wires. She is a year old, has all her permanent teeth, and finally lost that hanger-on baby canine that just wouldn't drop out. There is no excuse for her still chewing on everything. She has a gazillion toys, and she has those Greenie things that are designed for chewers, but she prefers to make confetti. Little brat. But I love her!

Well, guess I'll go round up something for dinner. I'm really not hungry, maybe just some soup and some crackers and peanut butter. I love peanut butter! Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

May 31, 2020 - Msg 114548: PB...So you’re saying you were at CuChi too? He was a Spec 5 assigned to the 71 Maintenance Battalion... I have several slides of him at the base, in the air and out in country. He RARELY spoke of his time there, just tooo painful. But the few times that he did it was not pretty. We lost him 3 years ago...Sad...Sad!


May 31, 2020 - Msg 114549: PaPa Bear...Correction ..That was 25th Infantry Company E 725th Maintenance Battlion CuChi...(I got it confused with my Dad’s unit in WW2)..Those Guys both repaired the Hueys and flew missions also..He was there over the Tet Offensive too, that was a rough time, he said they were shelled often...


May 31, 2020 - Msg 114550: G-F, you might be interested in visiting

Romeena, has your Trinket been receiving any foul flavored mail yet?

from Poor Horatio

May 31, 2020 - Msg 114551: Wow PH that is Awesome!...A lot of good reading there, thanks for the link....G-F

May 31, 2020 - Msg 114552: gf sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. I was with the 2/27th wolfhounds part of the 25th. didn't get back to cu_chi a lotcause to busy in the rice paddys etc.. I told even my kids when they asked about it that its like trying to explain going to high school to someone who never went .maybe mdc can give you my address. if you want. papa bear

June 01, 2020 - Msg 114553:

HI Pappabear. I think we all have it from the Christmas list, but GF, if you would like it or need it, please email me.
ASA and RO, as i am one who pulls out the soapbox now and then,
I have no problem with your posts especially during these trying times.
In fact, I was so upset after a 4th night of vandalism in Phx tonight that I posted to the world on FB. (I rarely use the little world icon of FB, but I just felt the Spirit move in me to do so) Those of you here who are on it may want to check out my page. One thing is all these shoulder to shoulder people
during this pandemic!!! Stupid would be the civil word for it, and I have other words for the destruction, but as this is our celebration of Pentecost today, I shall do my best to refrain. OK, box back under porch.
I needed to relax earlier, so i watched Return to Mayberry, made around 1989.
It was good, lots of characters, but I felt Barney really strained at his role, and thought he was quite overly inept. At least he finally married Thelma Lou! Oh, sorry ASA, but I guess you know that. :)
Also ASA, what brand water heater do you have that has lasted 20 years? I'm guessing A.O.Smith? Also, do you drain it now and then, or just let it be?


June 01, 2020 - Msg 114554: Good afternoon, porch. It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, my yard looks very nice, and flowers are blooming. I planted a handful of gladiola bulbs a few years ago, they have multiplied a little, and at this moment, I've got about a dozen huge orange/red blooms, on 3-4ft stalks. I've had to brace them up, as the blooms are enormous and heavy, and the stalks fall over. I'm going to get more bulbs, since they seem to like their location, and some taller, stronger braces. Next year, it should be a really beautiful stand of flowers, but they're not too shabby right now, either! There are clumps of day lilies all around the yard, and I think I'll get more and augment them as well. Once you get them started, they just multiply like mad, and are so pretty.

MDC, I agree, all this rioting has been very upsetting. What on earth do the people think they stand to gain by destroying the very businesses they depend on? Why add violence to violence? All it does is escalate the problem, hurt innocent people, and does nothing to benefit anyone. If they feel the police are against them, do they think their behavior at this time is going to change that? No, it will only convince the police that they are dealing with violent and dangerous people and encourage them to be more severe in their treatment of them. It's a vicious circle. Perhaps that's why the Bible so often recommends returning evil with good, violence with gentleness, anger with kindness. I'm afraid this is going to escalate into a full scale war, and an awful lot of innocent people are going to be hurt.

This I know - there is nothing I can do about it, except to keep my own house clean, so to speak. I shall continue to treat people with respect and kindness, to honor my friendships with people of all persuasions, and try to remember that we are all God's children, created in His image, and worthy of respect. I'm having a hard time finding much respect for that police officer, but he's not my problem, the courts will (I hope) take care of him. I will pray for the state of his soul.

My friend Ted was here today, fixed a broken patio chair for me, fixed a broken sprinkler head, fixed a caster that had broken from the bottom of a coffee table, and will return later in the week to replace several fence slats in my back fence. The gaps were revealed when Eddie and Tommy cut the hedges back so thoroughly. When he finished, as always, we sat in my sunroom and ate lunch. He always brings his, and likes to eat it here, rather than sitting in his truck somewhere, I guess. I just put some cheese on a slice of bread and stuck it under the broiler, and poured a glass of apple juice for myself. Then we sat and talked, and solved the world's problems. Ted is a good guy, a skilled handyman, and a good friend.

Well, guess I'll go watch a little TV. I need to clean this house, but just don't have the power to do it today. There will be a better day, and I'll get it done. Blessings, friends! --Romeena