July 03, 2020 - Msg 114781: Sorry, friends. I know I always "bold" your names, but the censor got me. I copied it and pasted it back in, re-did the paragraphing, but forgot to re-enter the codes to make "bold" or "unbold." I just always like for the names to stand out. --Romeena

July 03, 2020 - Msg 114782: Ha! I swept too. Hadn't planned on that, but it wasn't too dusty, so didn't take long. --Romeena

July 04, 2020 - Msg 114783:

RO--that was going to be my suggestion...that maybe it is the meds causing her behavior. Is there a list of side effects with the pills?
ASA--the jury is still out concerning the drill. I was at HD and Lowes today walking thru their power tool departments. Oh man, I could just picture you with your tool voucher each year! You must have been like a kid in a Christmas toy dept.! ha
I could not find the brand that GF mentioned tho. I still like the weight and feel of the compact Milwaukee. Also, it is at least made in Malaysia (a parliamentary democracy) and not china. And I forgot to mention that my wife is going to pay for it!! My anniversary gift. Aint she the cats?!
Anyone here ever try "Kodiak Cakes" whole wheat pancake mix?
As I am trying to eat more whole grains to get my a1c down, I found
this brand recently. No preservatives and no soy.They taste good too!
Speaking of the news, I caught our local news in an outright lie today! On Wed. one of the local testing labs failed to report results, so the number of new cases was low. So on Thursday that figure was added to Thursday's test results, so the TV news had the famous "breaking news" today of an "amazing rise" in cases on Thursday! Well DUH! That's because they added the missing Wed. reports! I turned the news off at that point. They must think we are really stupid!
OK, now I have to go and watch PH's video again to settle down! haha
ASA--Your story reminded me of the old joke...How do you spot a happy motorcyclist? By the
number of bugs in his teeth! harhar.
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Please say a prayer for our country today and be careful out there! I saw a picture of BOO's house on FB with bunting on her porch railings. I think the gov'ner is coming by to give her an award. ha
May God still bless America!

July 04, 2020 - Msg 114784: OH, nice sweep. Looks nice, real nice. :)

July 04, 2020 - Msg 114785: 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 GOD BLESS THE USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
💥 🇺🇸 HAPPY 4th of JULY 🇺🇸 💥 🎉🍔🌭🍕🍧🍦...G-F

July 04, 2020 - Msg 114786: BANG! SNAP!
Oops...threw that firecracker a little too close to the porch! :)

Good morning and Happy 4th of July!
I would say that this is the best time, given the USA today, to show your patriotism and fly the red, white and blue!

Nice weather here in the Ozarks! Had a decent, harmless T-storm last night and it brought temps and humidity way down. It's a little thick outside, but bearable.

MDC - I have really basically stuck my fingers in my ears with current events. My wife knows such goin's on, such goin's on. But I have completely shut it out. It was too much on my patriotic anger and I had nowhere to go with it.

Better get them dogs fed and tend to my father who is just waking up. Y'all have a great, happy, safe 4th of July! And make sure you keep any fireworks in a safe place so Jimmy dont eat 'em!

John Masters

July 04, 2020 - Msg 114787: Hey! I guess I am a "trained noticer!'

I just got thru watching "Goodbye Sheriff Taylor" where Andy considers taking the detective job in Raleigh. Barney actually manufactures fake crimes to get Andy to stay.
BUT...in "Citizen's Arrest", he rakes Gomer over the coals and gives him a ticket for the exact same thing. Manufacturing a crime to get Barney to stay with Andy as a team.

Also, in the beginning of "Barney and the Governor", Barney lays into Chester about throwing the gum wrapper in the street. BUT...in "Barney's Replacement", he tears a ticket in half and throws it on the sidewalk when he tries to teach the lawyer, Bob Rogers, a lesson.

Ok, folks....back to your regularly scheduled 4th of July. :)

John Masters

July 04, 2020 - Msg 114788: Hello Folks. I am very glad to read that some of you are enjoying that music link I posted in Msg 114775. For those of you who may have missed it, check it out at https://youtu.be/QkyIoF-__rc
It offers some positive news that is not being reported. Whenever I get depressed, I watch it.
It not only helps me to get me moving doing dance moves, but also puts a smile on my face.

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends. Here in Canada, the 4th of July means nothing to us. We celebrated our national birthday on July 1st. Canada did not become a self-governing nation until 1867.

from Poor Horatio

July 04, 2020 - Msg 114789: Good afternoon, porch, and Happy Fourth of July!! I don't have any bunting, or fence rails to hang it on, but I do have a bunch of small flags stuck in the ground, outlining a flowerbed out front, and a big Old Glory hanging angled out from a decorative post on the front of the house. Looks pretty decent.

Old age definitely ain't no place for sissies, as Bette Davis said. This house needs cleaning so badly, and I just don't have the moxie to get it done. So, I decided I would change my approach. I've always just flown in and got it done in a day, and took another day to recover! Instead, now I'm going to do it one room at a time. Today, I'm working on my bedroom and bathroom, with laundry running through the cycles as I can fit it in. If I don't finish today, well, there's always Monday. Then the next day or so, I'll work on another room. There's just no sense in wearing myself completely out, when there's no reason to do so. I have more time than anything else these days, so I'll just dial it down a little, and will eventually get everything done. And if I don't, so what??

If you happen to be a YouTube fan, here's one for you. Go to YouTube, and search for "Christopher Duffley." You'll find about a dozen videos of him singing, dating back several years and more recently as well. He is autistic, and blind, and has the voice of an angel, as well as having perfect pitch. It's an amazing story, and you'll find yourself wanting to follow it. Have a tissue handy.

MDC, the med she's on is a low dose of Prednisone, and it quite possibly could be causing the problem. It gives her a huge appetite, and she drinks a lot more than usual. It also gives her lots of energy and causes more activity (if that were possible!) so I think she just gets busy and forgets to make it to the potty box when a sudden need arises. Anyway, she has completed her first five days of two doses a day, and will now get one dose daily for five days, then one dose every other day until it's all been taken. That should slow things down a bit, and I must admit, she's not scratching very much at all. Prednisone has its drawbacks and side effects at times, but it usually gets the job done. I had to take the dose-pack a few months ago, and I found I had more energy than I'd had in ten years!

You mentioned your A1C. Do you have a problem keeping it under 7? I guess I'm really blessed. An insulin-dependent diabetic, and my A1C has only gone over 7 once in all these years, and it went to a big old 7.1. Usually it's in the 6.something range, and has been as low as 5.2. The doc didn't like that, said it was too low. She likes it to stay in the 6's. Since I lost most of the weight I needed to lose, my insulin requirement has dropped by about half, so that's good. I have no complications from diabetes as yet - kidneys are good, eyes are good, no neuropathy anywhere. I've been on insulin for 19 years, so that's pretty good. I've never found it hard to control my sugar, and I eat pretty much as I please. I do try to be sensible about it, eat very few sweets, but when I have a craving, or Eloise makes ice cream, I do indulge. I just use a little extra insulin to cover it, and all is well. My doc is aware, tells me to just "handle it" and leaves it up to me. I guess being a nurse, and having taught and counseled many diabetic patients, helps some.

Well, speaking of food, I think I'll go rustle up some lunch. I'm really not hungry, maybe I'll just make some guacamole out of an avocado that needs to be used, and eat it with a few chips or Ritz crackers. I make a mean guacamole, and it's good for you. Helps to lower the bad cholesterol. I guess it works, because my cholesterol stays at or under 200, and the ratio is always fine. Cardiologist says I don't need a statin, and that's a good thing, because I won't take them.

Blessings, friends! Wave a sparkler for me! --Romeena

July 04, 2020 - Msg 114790: Happy Independence Day, Porchsters!

God bless our country.

possum under a rock

July 04, 2020 - Msg 114791: Although my birth country has it's share of problems, I was willing to risk my life (military and law enforcement) for it in spite of it's faults. Although I now live in Canada, I still cry at patriotic songs such as

from Poor Horatio

July 05, 2020 - Msg 114792:

RO--concerning your dusting "schedule"... The only problem with that is that by the time you get it all done, it is time to do it all over again!! haha (At least here in the desert that is the case:)
Sounds like LB should settle down as the dosages change. Good to hear.
Now about my a1c. I had my wellness exam recently and blood work done. All was great except my glucose, which normally hovers around 100 to 103, and so I have been considered 'pre-diabetic'for several years. But over the years I have taken cinnamon capsules to help keep it there. But then this year my a1c was at 7.1 when it is usually at around 6.2. The doc asked me if things have changed with me in the past few months? I'm like DUH, the gyms closed up and my SIL fell off the wagon!!! My exercising went way down and my stress level went way up due to the virus 'scare' and the SIL! So he said OK, cut down on potatoes, rice, pasta etc, and increase my at home exercising, and was happy that my SIL is back behaving herself (well...better. at least.) I will test again in a month.
I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. We watched A Capital 4th tonight. I was nice and something the country needed.
JM--yup, I gotta agree, that is some pretty good noticin'. Ol' Barn could dish it out, but just couldnt take it! ha
Take care friends,

July 05, 2020 - Msg 114793: Good Sabbath all.
I hope everyone is having a nice 4th of July. I know this virus scare has put a bit of a downer on it, but this too shall pass.

MDC, I got a chuckle from your post. You obviously accidently dropped a "T" from your comment near the end and made it sound like you were really bragging on yourself. lol "I was good and something the Country needed." Funny how one letter can change a comment. lol But you are good and just what the Country needs :)

Ro and MDC, I am enjoying reading your posts about your various numbers on things like blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It demonstrates your desire to take care of yourself. Good on you. Remember when we were young and didn't have to worry about such stuff? I remember in High School being so distraught because I was to light to play football. I was maybe 120 pounds dripping wet, and try as I might I could not put on any weight. I even resorted to drinking a high protein substance that was supposed to bulk you up. All to no avail. It did serve me well a year later when I got into Motocross racing. It was nice to eat anything I wanted and never gain an ounce. Boy, those days are over. lol

I recently had a over the phone appointment with my Cardiologist, a yearly one concerning my past a-fib issues. Actually it was with the P.A. not the Doctor. But I assured her I was doing well. No problems with a-fib, thank the Lord.

Well I think I'll go find a sermon on the tube somewhere. They have started doing a short Sacrament meeting, every other week, and have divided into three different times (so as to not have to many folks in the Chapel). But for Debbies sake I am not attending. Until a vaccine comes available, I am pretty much home bound. It's a good thing I enjoy being home so much, although I miss hugging my Grandkids like mad. That part stinks, Stanks, Stunks! (a little Christmas in July)

I hope everyone has a blessed Sabbath day.


July 05, 2020 - Msg 114794: Good Sabbath, folks.

Hope you all had some fun last night. Wife and I took my father for a drive to see if we might see any fireworks over the horizons and boy...did we hit gold! We saw some sparkles over the city of Stockton, MO. (where Stockton Lake is) and headed that direction. It was people firing things off in their own yards and driveways. he headed thru the town and it seemed like the entire town was on either side of the road in lawn chairs, on blankets, etc. So my wife said "Looks like we come upon something!" Over in this middle school football field were some guys with pallets and a bunch of tubes. I told her "Yep, they're going to have a city display." About 9:30, up they went! It was a pretty nice display for a smaller town. The finale was really something. We managed to park and stay in the car. We had a great spot, so we got lucky. :)

Talking about blood pressure and taking care of yourself, I have to monitor my Dad. He takes BP medicine and we have to take his BP with a home wrap.

Off to tend to said father. Sounds like he just got up. Y'all take care, be safe and enjoy today!

John Masters

July 05, 2020 - Msg 114795: ^^^ WE headed thru town.....


July 05, 2020 - Msg 114796: Never got by to say happy fourth to you all so happy belated fourth! We ended up ordering BBQ from a good place in Corpus Christi and brought it home. Our good friends, the Millers came and ate and spent the evening with us. It was very nice. I made a big pan of baked beans and a peach and blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. It was just a nice, relaxing evening. We didn't spend any time outdoors due to the heat and mosquitoes but the folks that live behind us had a bonfire and shot off some great fireworks that we could see from our place. The poor dogs were frantic so we brought them indoors, but seems there were far less fireworks and they were short-lived this year. All towns in the area cancelled their usual annual fireworks displays this year due to the virus and they have shut down most beaches, much to my relief. We have some many thousands of tourists daily here in the summer, from all over so I was concerned about it. I only live about 3 miles from the ferry to the island where the tourists hit every summer and our local grocery store is overrun with tourists every summer. Sean used to work there years ago and he said in the summer it was just a constant stream of people buying beer and ice on their way to the beach.

Romeena, I am very impressed with your A1C. You can be sure that is why you are still with us and doing ok. Mine has been creeping up a little because I have gained back some weight. I am up to 6.0 from 5.3 a year ago so I am having to work at it and get more exercise.

Well, not much more to report other than the kids are doing better. Sean's job is going better and the boss backed off and actually complimented him on his hard work. Erin seems much less depressed the past week and is getting out more. Things are finally getting back to some sense of normal. Bruce is working from home, mostly and no overtime right now.

MDC, I found out this week that Covid is spreading through shoreline employees. They still haven't shut it down but my former boss was terribly sick for 10 days and is finally feeling somewhat normal. Im sure I would have carried Covid home if I had continued to work there.

Well, best get back to some chores.


July 05, 2020 - Msg 114797: Good early afternoon, porch! The day here is turning out to be a pretty one, after a little rain squall passed over this morning. I was glad to see it, it really helps the areas where new grass has been sodded in. It all looks green and healthy, and little new runners are visible everywhere. It will be solid grass before winter.

Boo, I'm happy with my A1C, too. I can't say that I've done it with diet, though I do eat sensibly, I think. I eat sweets, (had two dishes of peach ice cream at Eloise's house yesterday) but not habitually. I don't eat a lot of carbs, but have really been enjoying the young sweet corn that's available right now. Two ears, almost every night! With real butter! The secret to my glucose control lies in the fact that I'm not shy about sticking my finger and testing my blood sugar frequently, like 2 or 3 times a day. If I see an upward trend, I hit it with a little insulin and bring it down. Before a meal, I estimate what and how much I'm going to eat, and use insulin just before the meal. I don't have a sliding scale from the doctor, she just leaves it up to me. I take 20 units of Lantus (long-acting insulin, for those who don't know) at bedtime. It works very well. If I forget it (once in a while) I know it immediately, when I check in the morning, because my level will be over 150. Then throughout the day, it takes more regular insulin to keep me in control. I stay around 100-115 most of the time. If I drop as low as 80, I get shaky. That happens when you've been diabetic as long as I have, almost 20 years. I take no oral diabetic meds, tried them for about six months, felt like two miles of bad road for the whole time, sugars up and down drastically, so I told my doc at the time to forget it, and give me insulin. He objected, but I insisted, and he finally ordered it. He gave me this piddly little sliding scale to follow, and it didn't work, so I just started using my own judgment. His scale had ridiculous little doses, like for sugar between 150-200, take 1 unit?? 1 unit would drop my sugar by 10 points. Once I figured that out, I just kept my own scale in my head, and took what I knew would work, and have been great ever since.

When he retired and handed his practice off to the doc I see now, it was funny. On our first visit, she was looking at the records he gave her, and started laughing. She said something like "it looks like Dr. X had his challenges with you, but you're doing fine. I've learned not to mess with success, so just keep up what you're doing. If you need help, I'm here for you." She gave me some rough guidelines, as she had to have some basis to follow to know how much insulin to order. She just orders it based on the max I might use, and when I don't run out that quickly, I just wait until my supply gets low before I refill the Rx. My pharmacist understands, and just waits for me to call in.

PH, thanks for that link. I love that song too, and that video is great! Very well done.

Well, guess I'd better get busy around here. I "attended" my church's service online this morning. Ain't technology wonderful?! I never thought I'd be going to church in my nightgown!

Blessings, friends. Wear your mask, avoid crowds, keep your distance, wash your hands a lot, and act like somebody! --Romeena

July 05, 2020 - Msg 114798:

Aww ASA, thanks for the compliment!
That missing "t" did make me sound pretty precocious! ha
As for weight, I was the same way in HS, but have been 'lucky' and i am still a skinny fellow. But I really do miss the gym exercising, especially my core! Hope they will reopen soon.
BOO--I am so sorry to hear that about shoreline. I have been lifting up
prayers for that place. It still sounds like they should just shut it down. :(
Thank you to all about mentioning you A1C etc. It will be interesting to see where mine is at in a month. At our Sonora Labs here one can go in and get a lot of tests on one's own. (You just have to pay for them.)
Tho right now it is harder to get an appt because many of their locations are just doing covid tests.
RO--so good that your 'follow up doc' was so understanding. We also, just lost our doc of the last 35 years (to retirement) His partner took over our 'cases' and has been great.
JM--that is so cool that you found a good old fashioned town fireworks show!
We used to sit on our roof and watch several shows, but now old age and grown up trees prevent that from happenig! ha
Good Sabbath. Our pastor had a great patriotic talk today, and we sang America the Beautiful to end the service! I really needed that! :)
Later alligators,

July 06, 2020 - Msg 114799: Remember the rule, “T” after “I” In It....I guess MDC forgot that rule for a minute... But as long as you was “nice” we’ll let you slide there Buddy...teeheeyuckyuck!

I spent most of the weekend at the lake at my Sisters new “Summer Cottage” ( One of those Little Houses ) on wheels.
It’s a nice step-up from their camper since they live there all Summer...Plus she feeds me and the fishing 🎣 is good!. I caught a few BIG Bass 🐟 that were...THIS BIG 🤷🏼‍♂️... I felt like Howard catching Old Sam.....lol


July 06, 2020 - Msg 114800: Good Monday morning all.

GF, Sounds like you had a good weekend for sure. Good for you. Them old Mayberry fellers took their fishing serious didn't they? Reminds me of when I was a kid. Sometimes my Grandma and her husband (I call him that because he wasn't her first husband and he didn't want us calling him Grandpa) would take my Sister and me up fishing with them on this small lake. They were very serious fishers, and my Sister and I were normal active kids who quickly tired of fishing and wanted to play around in the water. Well Grandma wasn't keen on that a-tall. We were constantly being scolded and told to be quiet and settle down. And being serious fishers, they were not just fishing for a couple of hours. They were there all day long. Whew, talk about a long day. I'm sure it was no picnic for them either. lol

Romeena, you asked about the wonders of technology. I agree, it is wonderful. Amazing in fact. Funny watching older shows on TV (like Matlock) and watching the first generation of mobile phones. The things were the size of large bricks, and probably weighed as much. And the only thing you could do was talk on them. And it wasn't that many years ago. And look what we have today. And we don't even need bigger wires. In fact we don't even need wires. :)

Boo, peach and blueberry cobbler with ice cream. Now you're talking. Sounds way better than that meatless lasagna you were talking about earlier. lol Glad to read your young-uns are doing better.

Well off to mow the lawn I reckon, before it gets to blamed hot. Sure is nice to be able to pick any day I can do it and not have to cram it in on a Saturday morning like I used to have to do.

Prayers for all.


July 06, 2020 - Msg 114801: Good morning, porch! It's a very welcome gray and rainy day here on my end of the porch! We had thunderstorms yesterday and last night, and I swear the grass has grown two inches since last night. I haven't been out to check on the newly-planted grass, but I know it's loving it, too. Rain is a wonderful thing, and we've got more coming today. Eddie and Tommy were coming to pull weeds, but have scrubbed that mission! Too muddy to get in flowerbeds today, for sure, and it's still raining.

About the old cell phones - my Dale got one of the old Motorola phones, when they first came out. Yes, it was the size of a small brick, and had a 6" antenna protruding from the top. I carried it in my purse at times - a large, elongated, zip top leather bag, and to get the phone in that bag, I had to let the antenna stick out at the end, about three inches! I still have that phone, and even the "dock-style" charger he bought for it. And - I have kept the same number over the years. My sleek Samsung Galaxy Note 10 android uses the same number as the old brick originally was assigned.

I spent the day over at Eloise's yesterday, again. She has had the whole family over there all weekend, and it has been so nice. We had burgers on Saturday, and some magnificent steaks yesterday! Really good! Trinket got to play with Diesel both days, and they had so much fun. She really mixes it up with him. Toye Starr was so tiny, she could walk under him without ever touching his belly, but Trinket is bigger. Diesel was very gentle with Starr, and I never worried about them, but everyone else was always yelling at him to be careful, don't be rough with her, etc. Now with robust and rowdy Trinket, it's a little bit more of an even match, though he's still nearly three times her size. I worried more about him than about her, especially at first. When she was younger and smaller, she would get a grip on his ears and just swing on them! Poor Diesel would yelp, I would scold her, and Diesel would get up on the furniture where she couldn't follow. Now, they just tussle and wrestle, she doesn't bite his ears (much) and they have a lot of fun. Everyone comments on how sweet and cute and loving Trinket is, and truly, she is. However, they occasionally mention how she's so much more outgoing than Toye Starr was. They have forgotten how she was when she was the age Trinket is now - she would go from lap to lap all the time, when we would be together. As she grew older, she would stay in my lap, or under my chair at the table, and while she would accept being picked up by anyone, she would soon make her way back to me. In other words, she was a mama's baby. Trinket, at this stage of her life, is like Starr was as a young dog. She loves everybody, thinks nothing of just walking across laps down the length of the sofa, or just plopping down uninvited if she finds a lap she likes! She particularly likes Jerry (Brittany's dad) because he invariably has some sort of treat to offer to the dogs.

Fortunately, everyone in the whole family loves dogs, and Diesel and Trinket are always invited. Diesel is a hoot. He behaves beautifully, and Brittany has taught him so many cute tricks and behaviors. He will do "Paws Up", when she extends her hands like for a high-five, but holds them up high, just out of his reach. He goes up on his hind legs, actually on tiptoe as best he can, and stretches his front paws up, trying to reach her hands. Now she has taught him to walk toward her on his hind legs, until he reaches her, then he turns around and backs up against her legs, still standing up. He leans back against her, and just relaxes and stands there, braced against her. It's so cute. He's just a delightful dog, and so much like our Bentley, his predecessor. Brittany is a dog whisperer, and can teach them anything. I wish I could send Trinket to Brittany's "finishing school."

Boo, I'm glad things are going better with the kids these days. They're good kids, you have raised them right, and remember, the Bible says to "train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it." I've seen that play out in my own family and extended family, and honey, the sun is gonna shine in your back door one day!

Well, since Eddie and Tommy aren't coming today, I guess this is a good day to get another room cleaned. To think I used to clean the whole house in one day...... I'd be in the ER if I tried that now! Blessings, friends! Stay home, stay safe, wear your mask when you must go out, and wash your hands a lot. --Romeena

July 06, 2020 - Msg 114802: Mornin' Porch

That sun is bearing down on the Ozarks. Yeesh, it's hot and thick here.

G-F - That does sound like a good outin'. I coulda went for that myself!

Asa - You sayin' you whipped that water up into a froth?!

MDC - Now THAT'S a great way to end a service. Lots of stars and stripes hanging all over my end of the porch! Lots of Trump flags too!

Well, my wife had a good idea for her upcoming 40th birthday! She wants to have a fire, not a bonfire, but bigger than a campfire, have hot dogs, roast marshmallows and shoot some fireworks! With us being out in the middle of nowhere, we have no rules. So, we went yesterday and bought some fireworks. She normally likes to do other things for her birthdays, but since we have the virus...
She didn't want to wear a mask and sanitize, etc. etc. So she made some fun right here at home. I'm looking forward to it!

I do believe I hear my father stirring, so I better tend to him. Have a great day, folks! Be well and be safe!

Meanwhile, I still need to find a first tenor or we're not going to Roanoke!

John Masters

July 06, 2020 - Msg 114803: The great, patriotic and legendary Charlie Daniels 1936 - 2020.

John Masters

July 06, 2020 - Msg 114804: Rest in Peace, Charlie Daniels. A great musician and patriot. I was lucky enough to have seen him 3 times in concert-when he'd pull that bow across his fiddle he made magic! Chills all over my arms when he'd play the"band of demons" part on "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" -oh wow..what great memories. And his books are wonderful. Thank you, Charlie Daniels. I'll miss you, long haired country boy.
possum u.a.r.

July 06, 2020 - Msg 114805: My grand dog went home yesterday and had his vet visit this morning. The stitched were removed and he's good to go. I spent most of the day de hairing and cleaning. Romeena I use to be able to clean my entire home in one day but can't do it now. Doing one or two rooms a day works great for me, especially the bathrooms. It use to be so easy to bent and clean the nooks and crannies. Sarah

July 06, 2020 - Msg 114806: Bend not bent. Sarah

July 07, 2020 - Msg 114807:

Howdy porch!
Checking in late.
All is well, but will write more
on Tuesday.
Til then,

July 07, 2020 - Msg 114808: Afternoon, Porch

Not much to report on my end. Kind of a plain ol' day with a few chores to do and that's about it.

Took a look at some news last night and I'll tell you...it's almost went from making me angry to being down right comedic! Some of it is so blatantly stupid, you almost can't process it.

Well folks, have a great, safe and happy day!

John Masters

July 08, 2020 - Msg 114809:

JM, yup, I hear ya man. Some blatant lies being told here on our local newscasts.
I see right thru them. Wish people could live by the closing line on the Rifleman today of Lucas speaking to Mark about the Civil War: The victors and the losers are now one in the same...free men in a free country. :)
Oh, and happy 40th to your wifey!
On another note, if Jesus continues to tarry, some day today will be "remember long ago in 2020..."
On yet another note, has anyone seen the Progressive insur@nce commercial with Flo talking to bigfoot? It's quite cute and well done IMHO. I also like the Marco Polo one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjoAy5AJkwY

And on still another note, if anyone here likes making tuna salad, may I suggest Chicken of the Sea tuna "Infusions." It is tuna with seasoning in it. Good stuff.

RO--so funny about your cell phone and carrying case! I guess the same could be said about calculators and the way they have changed.
Cute stuff about Deisel and Trinket too!
ASA--it is kinda cool to just 'pick-a-day' for doing the lawn, huh? When I retired in 2012
I did that, but now the past two years I have had a service. They pick the day! ha
He's a good guy, a vet, and he hires vets as well.
Sarah, so glad your grand doggie is doing better.

Prayers for all, hang in there,

July 08, 2020 - Msg 114810:

OH MY! I just heard about this from my brother. Even with masks on??? Times are scarier than I ever thought. Protests are fine, but not singing in church? ...mdc https://www.breitbart.com/faith/2020/07/02/california-bans-singing-in-church/

July 08, 2020 - Msg 114811: MDC....I don’t know about you Brother, but when I make tuna salad I don’t like mine concealed with a infusion of seasoning in a heavy sauce. I like mine to taste like it was seasoned by the Old Man of the Sea and just a “Heavy” dollop of the Mayo of my choice!....( Notice.I didn’t go there either with the Mayo debate ).. lol


July 08, 2020 - Msg 114812: Good morning, porch! Don't have time to tarry, heading for yet another visit with the eye doctor, but just have to add this snarky comment. MDC, I'm sure that you weren't surprised by that little news snippet. I certainly wasn't, not after noting the "california" in the URL. Nothing that comes out of that state surprises me. My apologies to any porchsters who still live there, but so many of the people there are nutty, and are no fans of anything to do with God. I hope it's not a majority, but judging from the people they elect, it sure looks that way. Nutty Nancy and her campaign to slay the unborn - I wonder if she's a descendant of Herod?

Well, gotta run. Blessings, all. Stay home if you can, stay well, and wash your hands. Oh, and if you hear anyone singing, especially if they're singing a hymn, cover your mouth and run! --Romeena

July 08, 2020 - Msg 114813: hello porch family, I hope everyone is staying well and staying safe in these crazy times we are dealing with.

We are doing ok on my end of the porch. I am working my usual schedule and staying busy most days. Still doing some phone sessions and some in person sessions. we are practicing social distancing, using masks and hand sanitizer, lysol wipes and spray both in the office.

its been HOT on my end of the porch. in the 90's this week.

We are still dealing with the loss of my Mom and Mr. Maude's brother. Working on cleaning out my Moms house, making some progress but it is slow.
Mr.Maude's brother lived in Knoxville and since he was not married and had no children it will be up to us to clean out and sell his home as well.

guess I had better get to work.
Dinner menu will be: grilled chicken, new potatoes cooked on the grill, grilled corn on the cob, grilled squash and zucchini, sliced tomatoes,
cucumbers. ice cream cones for dessert

prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

July 08, 2020 - Msg 114814: Good morning, Porch!

Tis' my wife's 4oth and she's in a pretty good mood. Was kinda wondering how she might take it. Some people do OK with birthdays until THE day and it brings 'em down, but she's looking forward to her fire and fireworks.

Romeena - Yeah, I HEAR you! Funny how Newsome can ban everything under the sun, but wasn't it convenient that he had a big gathering at his winery? I doubt the people will pay much attention to it. The fireworks ban in LA didnt seem to go to good, did it?! :D

MDC - Thanks! We're gonna roast hot dogs and marshmallows along with Amish potato salad and pop. Fire off some day time stuff in the early evening and then the pretty stuff after dark.
Lawn guy was out here yesterday and Man, he did a nice job. Baseball level yard. Looks like velvet.

Ok, folks...better git to them chores and my father. Hey to Boo, Asa, Sarah, PH, SPOT, Maude, GF, possum and everyone else skating on Tommy Griff's new driveway!

John Masters

July 08, 2020 - Msg 114815: Thanks, Ro. I appreciate that encouraging word concerning the kids!

MDC, I don't eat tuna anymore but when I did I would buy Bumble Bee lemon pepper flavored tuna and it was delicious just plain on crackers. So good.

Hi Maude, your family has had some difficulties for sure. So sorry for your loss.

JM, I didn't have a problem with my 40th birthday; in fact, I had a little baby to care for so that kept me young. 40 sounds so young to me now that I am turning 58 this year! The years flew by. My Erin will be 19 next month and Sean will be 26 in April. Hard to believe.

Well, I have not been watching the news but news of the virus slips in here and there and I do know that Corpus Christi is getting hit pretty hard. I hate to see it but it is inevitable. One thing I do know is that people in Corpus didn't seem to take the threat seriously and I rarely saw a mask or social distancing. Now we are all forced to wear them. The scary part is that my area is in now way equipped to handle a pandemic. We have few hospitals to serve the entire area of small towns, also. I have a friend who works ICU in the largest of the hospitals and she says they are sinking fast. Not nearly enough nurses or ICU beds. We lost 26 people to the virus yesterday. I am trying to keep out of the city but Bruce has to go in to work a few days each week. He uses a lot of hand sanitizer.

Well, better go get some things done. My clothes dryer went out yesterday so poor bruce has to drag it out and work on it tonight after he gets home. Plenty of other things for me to do rather than laundry anyway.

Stay safe,

July 08, 2020 - Msg 114816: Hey folks,

I had a serious question for you.

How do you all handle your groceries after you get them? I am in a low risk area of Missouri, but my wife and I treat them real cautious.

My wife and I lay a big bath or beach towel out on the table, we wear disposable plastic gloves like you see a bakery person wear, those thin, cheap plastic ones. Then my wife lightly sprays each one of our packaged, plastic, jugged and contained food with a 80% alcohol and wipes each thing down dry.
We throw the plastic bags in the trash and then wash our hands after we take out gloves off. It gets very maddening, very tedious, and very annoying. Yes, it's better than getting the virus and possibly being in the hospital. But as much as we have to buy, it wears us down.

What do you all do?

John Masters

July 09, 2020 - Msg 114817:

JM--I am of a different mind-set. Unless you are wearing gloves in the store, you've already touched the goods. If you have them delivered however, that may be a different story. But I think some exposure is ok. Look at when we were young kids eating mud pies, drinking from the cooler hose, running barefoot thru the dirt lots, getting cuts and scratches! We lived! I am cautious, and I do wear a mask, but if I'm "sanitized from head to foot" every second of every day, then I will NEVER be able to go out again without protection, and I just plain and simply do not want to live that way. I DO take vitamins C, D, E and zinc daily to help my immune system. The news reports contain so many half truths it is not even funny. Just today our local news reported that 91 percent of AZ ICU beds were being used. End of story! But they did NOT report that only 20 percent of those beds are covid patients. The other 71 percent are elective surgery patients, and other non-covid related issues. A VERY small percentage die from this virus, and most of those people had bad problems before they got it. OK...I have said enuf, so I'll just slide my soapbox back under the porch.

BIG Maude, so good to see you again! You have been thru so much lately. I'm glad you are
getting thru it all. Did your husband find work yet?

BOO--wow, Erin is 19!! I still cannot believe that of 'baby girl!' Hope things are better.
Maybe bruce could just call the man about the dryer. I thought you did eat fish, but I guess not. Tuna is full of protein ya know!
Our weather is 111* to 115* all this week! Please say a prayer for rain! Thanks
Well, ya all have a good evening,
Peace and Prayers,

July 09, 2020 - Msg 114818: ....But Remember...It’s a DRY heat 🔥 MDC..👍

July 09, 2020 - Msg 114819: Ha GF, You took the dry heat words right out of my mouth. Great minds. lol

MDC, Well stated my freind. I have read so many differing stories from the media and the so called experts that all seem to contradict each other. Very confusing and very frustrating. Early on they were saying the virus was very much transferable by touch, living on objects for weeks. Now they are saying that is not the case, but now it is airborne and can travel for hundreds of feet and linger in the air for days. I'm not sure if this is misreporting and/or experts that have no clue. I do know that our local media here will tend to hype the bad news as much as possible because they feel they have an obligation to try and frighten the masses into taking this more serious. What MDC just reported about his local news reports is a perfect example of that. I take this virus very seriously, more for Debbies sake than anything because she is very vulnerable. I just try to be prudent in my approach. The only place I go is the grocery store once a week, and that's only when they went back to regular hours so I can be there at 6 a.m. The store is empty then. I wear a mask and certainly sanitize my hands when I get home. I have been trying to wipe down the groceries with sanitizing wipes but they are getting in low supply. At some point you just have to do the best you can and have the faith that He has a plan.

Good to see you Big Maude. Prayers for you and yours as you have to deal with those things. Very hard I know.

Boo, The only thing that clothes drier has ever done was to house a mouse and he climbed in there to get cool. :)

MDC, We are getting closer to monsoon season. Usually in the later part of July. But then of course it's no longer a dry heat. lol

I don't know if any of you have ever watched the show "The Middle". My kids have bought me some seasons of it and mercy sakes, it's got some funny stuff. Y'all should check it out if you are not familiar with it. Patricia Heaton is in it and she is a riot.

Well I hope everyone has a great day.


July 09, 2020 - Msg 114820: Asa...Yes Great Minds...I watch the “Middle” all the time too. Patricia Heaton is from Cleveland, I also liked her on Raymond too...Who’s the Nut 🥜 case NOW Ray...Whoooooo’s the Nut Case Now?.....Lol


July 09, 2020 - Msg 114821: Good morning, porch! It's a perfectly gorgeous day here, and after Eddie and Tommy worked their magic yesterday, my back yard is a sight to behold! A picture no artist could paint! My lawn has mostly recovered from that fungal blight that took out about 75% of my grass. The plugs that Eddie slotted into the bare spots (most of the yard) have rooted and spread, and the grass is about 90% solid now. There are a few areas with some little low-growing, woody-stemmed leafy things growing, don't know what it is, but it pulls up easily and I try to clear a little patch just about every time I go out there. The grass fills in, in a couple of days, and the little odd thing gets mowed and stays flat at the level of the grass, so it really doesn't hurt anything. My Dale used to say that "if it's green, it gets mowed, and becomes part of the lawn." I think he was right, and that works, but we didn't have flowerbeds then. Weeds and flowerbeds are simply not compatible, by any stretch of the imagination. I hate weeds!

On the question of how to handle groceries.... I'll confess, I haven't paid a lot of attention to that. I sanitize the handle part of the grocery cart, and keep my hands away from my face during the trip. When I think of how many people have handled those groceries - the people who loaded the truck, those who unloaded it, broke it down and put it on the shelves, the shoppers who have coughed and sneezed (wearing masks, I hope) as they moved down the aisles, the checker, the bagger, etc. - it's scary. However, I just don't have the energy or the want-to to try to sterilize every item I'm putting away. Of course, I wash all veggie and fruit items, that's a life-long habit. Even when it came from our own garden, my mom taught me to wash such things before eating. I do it even more faithfully now, with COVID around. Asa, I can well imagine how thoroughly you sanitize things, with Debbie in mind. That's a big responsibility.

I have those alcohol sprayer things that I use to kill mosquitoes - just knocks them out of the air, and leaves no residue if the spray settles somewhere. It occurs to me that I could just spritz my packaged groceries when I bring them in, maybe while still in their bags. Let them sit and dry, and then put them away. Now there's a thought! It would be more than I'm doing now, for sure.

Boo, maybe you could "call the man" and surprise Bruce with a job all finished when he gets home. I'll bet he would be happy with that!

As for that news report about AZ ICU beds being nearly full, guess what? In the 35 years I worked in our local hospital, if memory serves, our ICU beds were nearly full all the time. I have had to hold a worsening patient for hours, sometimes until the next day, until a bed would free up. I've been the "ICU" nurse for a particular patient on a general floor several times. In other words, a full ICU doesn't mean much. It makes good fodder for the news media, though.

Asa, I used to watch "The Middle" all the time, and you're right, it was hilarious. Atticus Shaffer, who played "Brick", the younger brother was so funny. Small in stature, with a bird-like appearance, he was very smart and very funny. Actually, he has osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as "brittle-bone disease." That caused him to be small, and gave his face his unusual features. His bones can break at any moment, under any small stress, or sometimes, for no apparent reason at all. The name of the condition describes it very well. "Osteo" (bone), "genesis" (beginning), "imperfecta" (not perfect, or faulty). It's the same condition that affects Alec, the young man in the St. Jude hospital commercials. Incidentally, Alec is now moving on, has become a sportscaster! Good for him!!

Well, I need to go give Trinket her medicine. I just shove the pill into a blob of peanut butter on a spoon, and she licks it off, pill and all. No problem! She is the sweetest little thing, and I love her very much. I think God chose her for me. She's a sight, with her little "shaving brush" on the end of her beautiful plume-y tail!

Stay home, wear your mask when you're away from home, wash your hands a lot, and avoid crowds! Blessings! --Romeena