July 09, 2020 - Msg 114822:

Besides The Middle, I also used to watch the early seasons of The Wonder Years and The early seasons of The Goldbergs. Both good, funny shows.
Later, MDC :)

July 09, 2020 - Msg 114823: I watched "The Wonder Years" and enjoyed it a lot, but have never watched "The Goldbergs." Will have to watch them and see what they're about. --Romeena

July 10, 2020 - Msg 114824:

Hey RO, that's pretty funny what dale said about "anything green gets mowed!" ha At the beginning of each growing season a parsley-like green stuff begins to grow, but soon my St. Augustine grass chokes it out. Neat to hear that your yard is looking good.
Thank you for that first hand experience of your ICU work.
As mentioned earlier, I rarely watch much news anymore.
Prayers for BOO tonight. She was a bit 'down' tonight on FB.
BOO--I hope my posts helped a bit. That one lady missed my point of the last post. I decided to get off of FB at that juncture,
as i did not want it to turn into something else. I am at peace.
My study of prophesy years ago is now 'paying off.' Things are just at the beginning of the birth pangs.(Matt.24:8)
ASA--I fully understand you being more cautious due to debbie's vunerability. Hang in there guy.
On a lighter note, tonite's ep was about the founders day pageant!
I think it is one of Floyd's best acting roles. His Miss Mayberry song always gets me laughing.
God bless,
PS: No charge for sweeping. I even put out a nice big pitcher of lemonade. :)

July 10, 2020 - Msg 114825: Good morning, Porch

Nice day here. Not too hot or muggy.

Well, I went back to the news. I am utterly jaw dropped at the blunt arrogance of DeBlasio and Pelosi. Just jaw dropped.

I'm not on Facebook. Is Boo OK?

From the variety of things I am reading, it seems COVID is rising, but death is dropping still.

MDC - I think I read somewhere that when they filmed the deputy part in "Guest of Honor", where Floyd, Art and Sam are getting the speech from Barney, it took about twenty takes for that scene because the entire room would fall over laughing when Floyd yelled NIP IT IN THE BUD! If you look at Andy in that scene, you see him try not to come apart. He smiles real big and covers his face.

Ok, folks. Things to do and food to eat. Better get to it before Aunt Bee snaps her fingers at me! Have a great day!

John Masters

July 10, 2020 - Msg 114826: Yes, today is a better day, thank you for your concern JM and MDC. I have kept busy and kept my mind of current events for the most part.

MDC, don't give the comments by Karen another thought. The poor woman is very mentally unbalanced, to put it mildly. I never get into anything with her because I have seen her bad side in person. Sadly, I believe she was the victim of childhood abuse and is just not right in her head.

Well, hope all my porch buddies are well today.


July 11, 2020 - Msg 114827:

BOO--thanks for that explanation. Sometimes FB 'discussions' can go south, and I just bow out if I see that happening. But happy to hear that you are doing better. Great news.
I got to thinking about this whole pandemic, so please take my next statement 'tongue in cheek" as it is not meant to start a moulage, it's just my dry sort of 'humor:'
Just think, none of us will get sick from a virus ever again! Why you say? Because we are sanitizing everything in sight from ATM buttons to canned goods! Everyone is wearing masks so as not to spread anything, and we are all staying 6 feet apart. Of course, we will have to keep doing all this forever! Yup, because as soon as we stop sanitizing or move closer to each other, or take off our masks all those pent up viruses will spread like wildfire!
OK, it is a bit far fetched, but is worth some thought! We can look at the 2009 H1N1 pandemic...no masks, no real 'sanitizing,' no 'social' distancing...yet in abound 18 months, it had passed. I do recall washing my hands more during it, but that's about all. OK, enuf about that I guess.

A big breakthrough for my SIL today getting out of rehab today. Hopefully all will go good now for the rest of her life. Thank you for your prayers.

BTW, I don't think I mentioned that my older sister (by 5 years) recently went thru similar heart valve replacement surgery like I had in 2018. She has been recovering just fine!

GF sent me an emailed photo of himself in his Diamond Jim costume. He looks great.
I guess he is heading to the meet-up soon.

Hey to PH, SPOT, POSSUM, FRANKIE, PAPABEAR, and everyone else!
God bless,
MDC :)

July 11, 2020 - Msg 114828: I’ve been watching this guy on YouTube, he calls himself the Raccoon Whisper he posts his nightly feeding of his Racoon friends. Man can those guys go thru some hot dogs 🌭 He usually goes through 5lbs. every night SHAZZAM!

Maybe we should call Romeena the Squirrel 🐿 Whisper ?



July 11, 2020 - Msg 114829: ....Or Just call her... Mother Nature’s Sister Figure?...Lol

July 11, 2020 - Msg 114830: Good Saturday morning all.
A warm summer morning here. Supposed to hit the triple digit later today. I know, MDC is thinking big deal.
Speaking of MDC, I just got an e-mail from him concerning an act of compassion he has done for me. I won't go into details, because I'm sure he would not want that, but I just gotta tell you what a kind a decent chap he is. I might just have to crown him "Mr. Mayberry" and sing Floyds song to him, with appropriate word changes of course. :) Thanks again Steve. And great news about your SIL. Let's hope there are no relapses.

GF, I guess I knew Patricia Heaton was from Ohio. I was watching an old NFL documentary about the Browns and she was interviewed in it. And I know the episode from ELR that you quoted. Meatball madness. lol

Romeena, very interesting info about the young man who plays "Brick". I figured he must have some health issues. But he sure can act. In fact the entire cast is so funny. I love Sue. I just saw the one where she finally makes the "no cut cross country" school team and she is so dang proud. lol And Frankies boss at the car lot is a hoot. I am really enjoying the show.

Boo, Sorry to read you're having a hard time with things. Hang in there dear. We are all praying for you and your family.

John, I hope your Wife had a nice birthday. The 40th can be hard for some I reckon. But it's all relative. In 10 years she will look back at 40 and think why was I so depressed? lol

I saw an old A.H. show yesterday, just chuck full of TAGS and non TAGS folks in it. Frankie Flints Daddy was in it. He was a religious fanatic who kinda went nuts after his son was killed and went on a bit of a killing spree himself. Darren Stephens was a Sheriff, and the lady who played Richard Kimballs sister on the Fugitive was in it. And I think Otis Campbell's brother was in it also. Gosh, there was another TAGS actor in it and I don't remember who now. Anyway, it was a good one.

Well I think I'll get out and do a little yard work before it gets to hot.


July 11, 2020 - Msg 114831: Maude..Sorry to hear you are missing the Meet-Up I fully understand. We shall see how it plays out down there.


July 11, 2020 - Msg 114832:
ASA, YOU'RE MAKING ME BLUSH! :) (And I don't mean Leonard Blush either. ha) Thank you for those kind words. Remember, the Good Book says we must have both faith and works! :) Just had the compelshun when i saw those in the store! BTW, cut the tape very carefully when you open it!

GF--(or should I say Diamond Jim?)when do you head to the meet-up?

Happy Saturday!

July 11, 2020 - Msg 114833: MDC, the Meet-Up is next week, Friday-Sunday....We shall see how it all plays out....I’ll try to post from the Motor Inn and I think Floyd is planning on some live broadcasts on Facebook Live I think, so stay tuned!...


July 12, 2020 - Msg 114834: Morning, Porch

Just missed on some real boomer t-storms yesterday and last night. We had an enhanced risk of getting two rounds. One coming down from Kansas City and the other coming up from NE Oklahoma. Neither reached us. Kind of a shame. Could've used the rain. I dont think some of your grass should crunch like cereal. :)

All quiet here. Not much to report.

Asa - Thanks. Yeah, wife had fun with our campfire and fireworks. She just took 40 in stride.

I read the transcript of the officer body cams during the Floyd arrest. Folks, in all seriousness, this country may absolute explode like we've never seen. I dont see the three officers getting much and I dont think charges on the main one will be near what they hope. If you get the chance, read them for yourself. If those officers arent convicted the way the left thinks they should be....well....this country will absolutely explode! WAY worse than what it is now.

Even though Andy pointed out it's only 11 o'clock, I believe I will round up some lunch. Y'all have a great day and Good Sabbath.

John Masters

July 12, 2020 - Msg 114835: Hope everyone is well. Things are getting real serious in Corpus Christi. We made the national news last night as a hotspot. They have run out of hospital beds and there aren't enough nurses to go around. One of my good friends took her uncle to the hospital very ill today with the virus and they have him sitting in the waiting room. Its a real crisis here and I am trying to think on the positive but it is hard right now. I hope all of you stay well. Prayers that you do.


July 12, 2020 - Msg 114836: John Masters, I read some of the transcript that I could find but don't know if it is what you were referring to. I have avoided reading because it was painful to do so but I read enough to make me cry. It hurts to read what he went through. Why are you thinking they officers may not receive what is hoped?


July 12, 2020 - Msg 114837: Hello Folks. We here in Ontario Canada are also experiencing dry, hot temperatures. Are grass is yellow but the weeds are nice and green.

G-F, skip on bathing before you go to Mayberry Days to ensure others maintain social distancing from you.

John Masters, I am worried that the trial for those four former Minneapolis police officers might result in rioting like we had after the Rodney King trial.

Boo, that is scary to learn that your hospitals are short of empty beds and nurses.

One month ago, although the border between Canada and the USA is closed for non-essential traffic, I was able to cross on a medical priority to see my brother-in-law who is fighting cancer. A letter from his doctor made my trip essential. I was shocked to see all the boarded up businesses and police blocked streets due to the protesting. I still had to quarantine myself for two weeks when I returned to Canada.

from Poor Horatio

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114838: HaHa PH....lol..I’ll take that under advisory....🤧

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114839: Or GF, You could load up on your world famous white bean soup. That'll make sure of social distancing AND wearing masks. Might work. :)


July 13, 2020 - Msg 114840: Teeheeyuckyuck..Asa & PH should get a job on one of those excursion boats and call themselves Frick & Frack!

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114841: As long as there's a place like this forum, to which we can retreat now and then, there's hope for America yet! --Romeena

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114842: Just popping in to say hi.
So... hi!

Just kidding. But I do seem to not have as much time to visit as I did before. Don't know why. I am working from home for the most part. Don't think I told you all that I work at the local library here. Started about 2017, but now the director has been only been having us come in one Saturday every three weeks(one person upstairs, one person downstairs), and then we are only doing curbside pickup. The rest of the week the director works with one other person, to keep too many workers from coming in. She is a stickler and kind of paranoid about this virus.

Speaking of which, MDC, I for one don't think what you are saying is far-fetched. I use hand sanitizer very sparingly for the reasons you mentioned. If we are not exposed to ANY germs around us, and everything is sterlized, our white blood cells that God gave us to fight infection are going to say, "Ok, we are not needed here. Nap time everybody!"
Ok, that maybe is a simplistic way to say it, but we can't live in a bubble without expecting it to harm our immunity response in some way. The winter before last, I wasn't sick at all. This year, I had a mild fluey feeling at the beginning of winter that went away quickly(Covid? who knows).
I wash my hands a lot, as I have always done, and don't let sick people cough on me, and I don't touch my eyes, unless I wash my hands. Pretty common sense stuff, but it works.

Ok, enough about that. I have been going to sleep watching TAGS on AmazonPrime. I started doing that when we had the mouse thing and I wanted to keep the tv on for the noise so I wouldn't hear any little mouse feet scratching or moving about, which would then keep me up half the night trying to find it. Anyway, I just keep doing it. It is kind of nice falling to sleep watching TAGS, yes even the color ones. I haven't had any dreams where TAGS invades my consciousness yet(drat), but that would be pretty neat if it did.

Well, I better get to be getting supper ready. Making an old standby of Chicken with zucchini and picante sauce over rice that everyone miraculously still likes. It is nice and simple to make, and nutritious as well.

Have a great day, friends!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114843: This has been a tough few months for the world.
Andy Griffith has been my rock. When Im feeling down I watch a few episodes and can almost feel myself relaxing. This show has such a timeless appeal to it.

To be honest I leave all of the episodes on shuffle on one TV in the house (my office). Its been playing non stop for about 80 days. I know the words to all the episodes by heart now;)

I can close my eyes and listen and have an exact image of whats happening without looking. Its quite funny.

Keep your heads up everybody. I love you all.
TAGS for life!

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114844: Evening, Porch

Hot here. Just hot.

BOO - What I was talking about in the transcripts is it seems Floyd brought a lot of stuff on himself. As I still maintain the officer shouldnt have kneed him in the neck, if you read every page of that transcript, he wasnt even close to as innocent and cooperative as the media and liberals made him out to be. he even admits to doing drugs and the officers picked up on it. I dont think any of the four will get what's hoped for. The defense is going to come hard and if the verdict is light, the explosion will be felt from all four corners of the U.S.

G-F - Make sure you splash on some of that "Paris Nights" men's perfume!

Sterling - We are three peas in a pod! My wife and I fall asleep to TAGS too! Every. Night.
Makes your mind go "simple" when you lay there drifting away. The best way is picking favorite episodes (at least that's what I do) because you look even more forward to it. Maybe that's just me.

TAGS for life - WOW! That's dedication!

Headin' out of here, folks. Hope you all have a great dinner and a great night!

John Masters

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114845: TAGS for life is kinda my way of saying it never gets old for me. I have, and will continue to watch them all 1000000 times.
Call me old fashioned but I just cant stomach todays TV.
The lack of even basic morals is just astounding. I think its why we are where we are in society today. We need reeducation camps that show TAGS 24/7 for a solid week, followed by a test from Mrs. Crump. Just a thought..

Thanks for your time.

Love you all!

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114846:

Good evening gang!
BOO- my prayers go out to you and all at your end of the porch. I pray that some nurses from other areas can fill in the gaps. I am so glad that your family is OK.
This is a time for strong faith, and you raised your kids to have strong faith.
Now that I am wearing a mask when I go to any store, I have "Jesus Saves" printed on
it. My new motto is "Spread the Word, not the virus." So far, all comments have been positive. In fact one guy said, "Well, I could say that your message is 'in my face', but I guess everyone's is." (He had on a Budweiser logo mask!) Ha
WELCOME to the new person who is posting. We talk about a lot of thing here, but mostly our beloved TAGS! :) Chime in any time.
Sterling, good to see you again. So are you in charge of 3000 books in the PX? haha
I hear ya on the white blood cells. I bet our nurses here would tend to agree, as long as we keep cautious. I remember during 2009 h1n1 I washed my hands a lot.
Well, ME-TV has tags on soon, but I also like the Antiques roadshow, and that is also coming on soon. Big decision to make. :)
Keep the faith!

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114847: Well GF you need to add MDC to the list of comedians to your list. He sent me a box that contained some items I had mentioned that I was unable to find at our local store. Bless his heart,including some fine tools. You guys should see them. Talk about fancy. Lol Thank you MDC for your thoughtfulness. You are very kind.

Now I have not said anything about this until now,but I guess I will now. My Son, Jared took ill at the end of last year. After many tests he was told he was in total liver failure and would require a transplant. Without going in to details, he has been removed from the transplant list and is now on Hospice care. His situation is not good as you can imagine. If you could remember him in your prayers we would be most grateful.
Thank you friends. I am just hoping his suffering will be minimal.


July 13, 2020 - Msg 114848: Dear MDC,

Thank you for welcoming me. As a proper intro, my name is Jason, and I live in Florida. I am 42 years young;)

Just curious if anyone saw the last video from Charlene Darling? She is so sweet. Looks like she is in good spirits.
I just got the email update today from GoFundMe.
As much joy and laughs she gave me, sending that sweet lady a few $$ was the least I could do. Man, what a beautiful soul she has.

On a side note, do any one of you listen to the old Escape, Lux, and Suspense radio shows? If not your missing out. Small 30 min stories that draw you in bigtime. The golden age of radio.

I got into listening to Escape shows because of Floyd The Barber (Howard McNear). I found out he did A LOT of those shows. “The Intruders” Is a example of one of my favorites that he did. Ive began to love that intro -

“Tired of the everyday routine? Ever dreamed of a life of of romantic adventure? Want to get away from it all? We offer you,, Escape!”

I usually cycle between TAGS and Escape.
And if you haven’t listened to the radio version of “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” or “Casablanca” your missing out.

If this is your first time hearing about them, I hope these shows bring you joy like they do me.

Good night friends..


July 13, 2020 - Msg 114849: Oh Asa, I am so very sorry that your son is so ill. Please know he will be in my prayers often, and you and your family. I cant even imagine. I will be in sincere prayer with tears...


July 13, 2020 - Msg 114850: Hello to you, Jason, don't mean to ignore its just very hard to hear what our friend Asa is going through. I hope you will keep coming to the porch so we can get to know you.


July 13, 2020 - Msg 114851: Dear ASA,

Wow. After posting, I read your post. That breaks my heart. I have kids! I am sitting her almost in tears imagining such a situation. Listen. I hope this does not sound weird. I dont know you or Jared. But I love you both, and tonight I will get on my knees and pray for him. I wish I had the power to do more.
And please, say all of the words you can think of to him so he knows how you love him. Tell him 100 ways. Ive had a loved one pass away, and I regret not having that chance. Be strong. Let love be your guide through this.

I like to think, with my wife or loved ones holding my hand in my final hours, I would not fear death with such love around me. After all, thats what we all need in this life. To be loved, and to know your not alone.

I remember the interview with Don Knotts daughter ( its on youtube) where she said when he was dying, she actually had to leave the room and laugh. Because even in that most grim of situations he was somehow able to be funny. She mentioned how she laughed and cried and made sure to say all the things she could before he died. And how wonderful the experience was because she did. I sat on my couch and thought about that for a minute. It somehow makes sense.
Well. Thanks for sharing with us.

Goodnight friends. Stay safe.

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114852: Forgot to sign off on the last post.
I think yall know it was me though.

Asa, I just prayed for both of you as promised. I felt you needed it ASAP.
I asked the lord to forgive you both for all of your sins and provide the love and guidance to get you through this.


July 13, 2020 - Msg 114853: Asa, my heart breaks for you. I'm so sorry about Jared and will be praying for him. Will keep you and your entire family in my prayers. God bless. I love you,friend.
possum u.a.r.

July 13, 2020 - Msg 114854: Oh, forgive my manners- I'd also like to welcome Jason to the porch.Hope you will like it here!

possum again

July 14, 2020 - Msg 114855: Asa, my heartfelt prayers go up for your son Jared and for you and your family. May God grant you all peace and strength.

Hello Jason. I don't listen to a lot of old time radio, but my brother does. I wonder if he knows any of the shows you mentioned.
You know, you mentioned Don Knott's daughter leaving the room to laugh at something that Don had said(or done?). I would think that Don would have liked to have heard the laughter. He was, after all, a very funny guy!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 14, 2020 - Msg 114856: Asa, SO sorry to hear about your Son, but know your Porch Family are lifting him up in our prayers!...This bunch are some “Prayer Warriors” which I hope it gives you comfort knowing we are on the job!..Stay Strong 💪 My Brother!


July 14, 2020 - Msg 114857: Good morning, Porch

Asa - You have my sincerest sympathy! I was quite stunned reading your entry about your son. I quietly let out a mild cuss word during a deep sigh. May God comfort you, my friend.

Jason - I'm John Masters. You'll find we are quite a bunch on this porch! And sometimes, maybe we're all like Ernest T. Bass....just a little nuts.

Good to see possum and Sterling again.

Stay well, folks!

John Masters

July 14, 2020 - Msg 114858: Good morning, porch! Good morning, Jason. Welcome to the porch, we are delighted to have you join us. Just find a rocker, sit yourself down, and hang on! We are always happy to welcome a newcomer who has a "Mayberry spirit" and I believe you do.

Asa, my heart is breaking for you. We can never fully understand what someone else is experiencing, each situation is unique, but having been through a similar situation gives me a sharp perspective on it. All I can really offer is "hold on, my child, joy comes in the morning." That old song rang in my mind for a very long time, and I found truth in it. My son left this world a year and a half ago, but I know where he is, and I know I will see him again. I will pray for strong faith, and God's grace and peace to fall upon you and Debbie at this time. You are special to us, and you are loved.

I learned yesterday that my cousin passed yesterday. He was 83, and had been in terrible health for several years. His son lived with him and looked after him. The son had left early for work, leaving his dad still sleeping. When he returned home in the afternoon, he found his dad on the floor. He had apparently gotten out of bed and started into the kitchen, and just collapsed. It appeared that he had passed instantly, no sign of any struggle. That's a mercy. He was a good guy, and as children, we spent many a happy day together, fishing for little perch in the Frio river, tubing on the river, enjoying homemade ice cream at his home or mine, attending the same little church, summer evenings chasing lightning bugs in the back yard, and trying to avoid notice as we eavesdropped on the adult conversations. He was from my dad's side of the family, where they all had a wonderful, fun sense of humor, and there was always a lot of laughter. His mother was one of my favorites, and sometimes the conversations between him and his mom were just so funny. You could always count on a good laugh.

The generation above us all grew up dirt poor, and would do funny things, like having a contest to see who had the most patches on their "britches." Our generation (he was born in '37, I was born in '39) had a little more materially, but not much more, until the late '40s, when the country really began to recover from WWII. By the '50s, we were all beginning to prosper, but we still had a lot of fun together, and conversation would often turn to the lean years, with people sharing stories of needs and how they were filled. My cousin and I loved to hear those stories from our parents.

My dad recalled an occasion when he and one of his cousins were playing under the house of one of our aunts. Houses were built up high on those days, and children would often crawl underneath and play. You could find lots of doodlebugs making their cone-shaped homes in the soft dirt under the house. You know, I haven't seen a doodlebug hole in years! I wonder what happened to them? Anyway, the boys were playing under the house while waiting for Aunt Etta to find something she could cook for dinner. They discovered that one of the neighbor's chickens was under there with them, probably scratching for bugs. No one ever said what happened to the chicken, but the boys reported that it "passed away." They took it to Aunt Etta, who promptly turned it into a chicken dinner for about eight people. My dad would often tell of watching her, sitting in her wheelchair at the sink, making the feathers fly, and saying in her throaty voice, "Now you boys shouldn't have done this, you really shouldn't!" That night, there was a little meat on the table, and some good fried chicken gravy to go over their biscuits! I'm looking forward to seeing all those good people again, and perhaps sharing some of the old stories once more. God is good.

Blessings, all. Stay well. Wash your hands. Go ahead and sing a hymn if you wish. I won't tell Miz Pelosi. --Romeena

July 14, 2020 - Msg 114859: I'm very sorry that your cousin passed from this world, Romeena. He sounds like a great guy. Your memories sparked so many of my own! I grew up in the 60's and 70s but growing up in a small town, it sounds much like your experience. We only had the blessing of playing with cousins when we were in Michigan during the summers and it was a magical time! It was wonderful to escape the terrible heat and humidity of south texas summers and we didn't even need air conditioners there. It got so cool in the evenings that we needed a sweater for outdoors. I spent many an evening sitting on the front porch glider listening to Grandma tell her funny tales of life in a small mining town in West Virginia. She was a totally childlike, joyful person and the sweetest grandma anyone ever knew. She had a very round belly with thin legs and always wore an old cotton dress with an apron. She never wore makeup or messed with her hair. It was gray with some dark streaks, straight as a board and thin, always cut straight across right where her neck met her shoulders. She didn't bother with looking fancy, she was almost always in the kitchen preparing meals for her family. There was always a big late breakfast of fried ham and biscuits with gravy, and then at around 5 there would be a huge evening meal. Simple food but the best I ever had in my life. After dinner and cleanup, she would waddle out to the front porch and sit on her glider and visit with family who always dropped by to eat or just chat. I had so many aunts, uncles, and cousins in those days and they spent a lot of time with us when we visited. I had cousins my own age and we had so much fun together. The little town my grandparents lived in was like Mayberry in many ways. My cousins and I could walk uptown to the diner, the movies, the bowling alley, the bookstore, the drugstore for popsicles and comic books, the five and dime..great memories. I could go on and on but will spare you. I have some wonderful summer memories of home, too, with my bestie Donia.

Asa, I am continuing my prayers thoughout the day and was up late praying last night. Please know we are here and love you.


July 14, 2020 - Msg 114860: Yep Boo you are right, as we have discussed before it was great grownin up in those times as a “Free Range” kids.
The times were better and the RULES were simple. Obey All Riles!...If not there WERE consequences!...No negotiating like the kids do nowadays try to do....

I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but you remind me of a girl in our neighborhood who used to play with us guys, and definitely held her own...Guess what her name was...April May Schauers (pronounced Showers) I think she was tuff because of the name, kinda like Johnny Cash’s Boy named Sue...lol

But let me tell you, she could definitely kick a can with the best of them...She later got a job as a Service Manager at a car dealership....Go Figure! 🤷🏼‍♂️


July 14, 2020 - Msg 114861: Sending healing prayers to your son and family Asa. Welcome Jason I'm Sarah the telephone operator and sometimes by accident I overhear conversations...teeheehee. I'm listening and watching Joe Biden speak, there's something amiss! Sarah

July 14, 2020 - Msg 114862: Oh, my! Boo and G-F, what memories you do conjure up! I'll tell you the truth, I wouldn't take a dollar and a quarter for having been born when I was (1939), and having the opportunity to be a kid in the 1940s, and a teenager in the 1950s. I graduated high school in 1956, married Dale in 1958, and had my oldest son in 1959. They were wonderful years, almost magical in some ways, though I didn't realize it then. I thought it was just the way things were, and that was true. Only later, as things began to change and become harder, rougher, more mean in many ways, did I realize what a gift I had been given.

As I've mentioned before, I was a down-and-dirty tomboy, and could hold my own with my male cousins. Until I was about five, I was convinced I would be a boy when I grew up, and told everyone I would! Imagine what the Left would do with me now - what a confused, messed-up wreck I would be. As it was, I could ride a pony by the time I was four, could handle a full-grown horse very well when I was eight, and could shoot a rifle with accuracy when I was ten. I have milked a cow, lost a fight with a rooster, can steal an egg from beneath a sleepy broody hen, and I learned to leave a sow alone when she has piglets. I can tell poison ivy from harmless vines, and I know to shake a stick under a berry bush to scare off any snakes before going after the big, low-growing berries. I could outrun my heavier male cousins, because I was built like a stick figure (in those days.) I knew not to get into a ball game with them, because I could never catch a ball, still can't, and I get hit in the face with the thing every time I try. I've had my nose bloodied several times, and obviously don't try anymore. In a few years, I "discovered" that I was a girl, and realized how cool that really was, and I no longer had notions of growing up to be a boy! By the time I was ten, I was beginning to enjoy wearing a dress if the occasion warranted, but my boots were still in the front of my closet. Believe it or not, I still have my old boots. They're tucked away in a cedar chest, the leather has dried out and the toes turn up now like elf shoes, but I still have them. I loved those old battle-scarred boots! They were soooo comfortable!

I wish every kid could grow up like I did - as G-F said, a free-range kid. We learned to make wise decisions, because we got to find out the consequences of bad decisions, and we learned them in simple, not-too-terrible ways. We weren't coddled and sheltered, then dumped out into the world as young adults, without a clue about making good decisions. Oh, my mom followed me around with a damp cloth until I was about three, and finally gave up. She had dreams of me with curly hair and frills and baby dolls, but soon learned I preferred mud pies, doodlebugs, and my dog. She finally gave up and just let me be myself. I will always be grateful to her for that. Therefore, I tried to raise my own children the same way - let them be free, to the extent that safety would allow, which was less than it was when I was small. The world was changing. Still, I let them make their mistakes and learn from them, and they are strong and happy middle-aged adults today, and I am proud of them.

Well, better run. Time to rustle up a little light lunch, and get some dusting done. Also have a few loads of laundry. I'll do what I can today, and tomorrow is another day. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 14, 2020 - Msg 114863: Afternoon all.

Thank you so much everyone for the prayers and kind words expressed here and by e-mail. They mean the world to us. It feels good almost to get this out in the open I suppose. We have known for about 6 months he was going to need a transplant, but my hope was he would get it and life would go on. But when he was removed from the list that pretty much said all that had to be said. But I truly thank you all for your prayers and uplifting words.

Welcome to Jason. You sound like you will fit right in.

Romeena, I responded to your e-mail before reading about the loss of your cousin. I am so sorry. It's hard to see them leave, even when they have been so sick.

I am enjoying reading the stories of Ro and Boo growing up. Not enough of sitting on the porch and just jawing at each other. I have noticed that my Grandkids love it when I tell stories of my growing up years, especially the ones where I was not so stellar. lol They love the one when I was in 4th grade, me and a couple of buddy's would sneak over at recess where some of the girls had taken there shoes off so they could practice tumbling. We would sneak over and grab there shoes and take off with them. Well one day they set us up. As we went in for the kill, from around the corner of the building came (drum roll) MR. OLSEN! The meanest, toughest, scariest teacher in the entire school. We were so busted, just standing there with the shoes in our hands. Mr. Olsen walked over to the first kid, grabbed the shoes and gave him a good hard kick in the rear. Then he went to the next kid and repeated. Then he turned to me and I knew what my fate was and it wasn't bright. So I did the obvious. I dropped the shoes and took off running. And he was right on my rear, yelling at me. By this time the entire playground was seeing what was going on and they started cheering me on. I was silently begging them to stop because that was doing nothing but getting my assailant angrier. I knew I could not out run him, but I could out maneuver him. So every time he got within grabbing distance I'd make a quick turn. By the time he had adjusted to my turn I had gained some space. And every time I did a turn and lost him, the cheer from the playground got louder. Finally what seemed like forever he started to slow down, so I did also. But it was a ploy. He was about to try one last grab, but I turned again and as he went to turn his legs went out from under him and he went down like a bag of potatoes. Well if you thought the cheering was loud before, now it was deafening, combined with laughing at Mr. Olsen. I was pretty sure I was a dead kid. He had slipped on grass and I remember he had this huge grass stain on the back of his nice white shirt. I was really hoping no one would tell him about it as I ran into the school and hid. lol Boy, he sure was mean. lol

GF, Now that's a name, April May Showers. I bet she took some ribbing.

Well off to do some cleaning.
Again, thank you all for your kindness. Y'all are the best.


July 14, 2020 - Msg 114864: Asa...Im sure April took some ribbing, BUT I also know she could take care of herself 👊🏻✊🏻👊🏻 Ask my cousin Gary, he taunted her once, and ONLY once...Pow! Pow! Pow! Is how it went down...Then we finished the game of kick ball and it was never brought up again...And we were ALL still friends..

Once again, that’s how things were solved back in our days, and nobody went home crying 😭 to Mommy either...Amen?
You got a cut, you put Mercurochrome and a Band-Aide on it and went back out to play!...

Right Guys & Gal’s?....G-F

July 14, 2020 - Msg 114865: You were a wuss unless you had scabby knees covered in a pink/orange dye. Good old mercurochrome. That with some Paregoric breath made you a man. lol


July 14, 2020 - Msg 114866: Asa...Don’t Forget Syrup of ipecac Too!...🤢

July 15, 2020 - Msg 114867: I guess I was the younger generation. My ultimate "scrape and cut" medicine was a small white bottle with a green lid! Yes folks, I'm talking about good ol' Bactine! 😂
Yes sir, give 'er a couple squirts, slap on the band-aid and back out the door!

Night all!

John Masters

July 15, 2020 - Msg 114868:
Good evening all,
ASA--I add my prayers and concerns for your son and what your whole family
must be going thru, especially at this time! :( I pray also that he will trust in the Lord, and if he doesn't know the Lord that he will indeed during these coming days, and as Jason said, just plain love him, and that will help a lot. :)

Jason, I should explain some of our initials that we use. My MDC stands for Mr. Darling's Cuz. I took that handle because he had a lot of them! ha After awhile
I just started using MDC.. GF stands for Goober Fife, two of his favorite characters.
BOO is just Boo, not really a tags related name. PH is for Poor Horatio.
The others are pretty self-explanitory. As for old radio shows, I used to listen to cassettes (yup, cassettes) of the Jack Benny radio show on my way to work.
That was some funny stuff. One episode in particular, Jack is walking down a street at night, and a guy comes up behind him and says "Your money or your life!" There is lengthy silence,
so the guy says it again, to which Jack finally says: "I'm thinking it over!" :)
Also, I have not seen the last video of Charlene's. Please post a link if you can.
Just copy and paste the internet address line. Thanks
RO--so sorry about your cousin. He sounds like he was a great guy. May he rest in peace.
Great stories of your childhood. Thanks for sharing.
BOO--loved your stories too. When I was growing up, we drove back to Minnesota to see my grandparents (on dad's side) and they had a small house with a cast iron wood burning stove!
Yup, the kind that you lifted up the black round covers to put wood, paper, etc in to burn!
Also, the sun would be up until about 10 PM ! Those were great trips.
ASA! Love the Mr Olsen story! Gotta get a little tags in here, remember when barney was talking about how they put a tack on a teacher's seat, a rubber snake in her desk, etc; and he ended with "Boy she was mean!" haha
Well, time for beddie bye,

July 15, 2020 - Msg 114869: Good morning, Porch

First to pull up my rocker, I see.

Well, nothing like standing outside with your dogs while it drizzles a nice summer rain. Pretty refreshing when you first crawl out of bed. Kinda cloudy, but like Bee's pickles, it's...nice.

Romeena - So sorry to hear about your cousin. I also went back to my grandmother's death when my mother found her. My grandmother was walking down the hallway with her walker when my mother went the other direction to the kitchen to make some coffee. She went in to check on her and she was on the bathroom floor already gone. The authorities said they believed she was gone before she hit the floor.

MDC - That Benny story reminds me of a great Minnie Pearl bit. She said she was walking down the street when a man approached her and told her to give him all her money. She said she didnt have any money on her. He frisked her thoroughly and said "I guess you dont." In which Minnie replied, "No, but if you do that again, I'll write you a check!"

Asa - Your Olsen story was great! Sounded like the Duke boys on legs, without the General Lee, being chased by Roscoe! LOL!

Jason - You need to pick a good Mayberry name for here! Lot of options!

Ok, folks...better get me some grub. Consisting of egg salad sandwich, coffee, black and one of those little yellow cookies. ;)

Sta safe, stay well and have a great day, everyone!

John Masters

July 15, 2020 - Msg 114870: I loved your Mr. Olsen story too,Asa-you scamp! LOL Everyone's recollections are enjoyable to hear about and a good distraction from all of the mess going on in the world right now,so let's keep these old memories going! I'll share a few:

When I was in grade school,I think it was second grade, I had a big collie named Toby. Somehow Toby knew when it was recess and he'd come all the way across town and show up on the playground at recess,causing much excitement! Lassie was popular back then,so the kids went crazy over my collie. I don't know how many times the school would have to call my grandmama to come get him and take him back home! I also don't recall how they ever stopped him from coming to the school at recess,but he did stop.

Also,about the same time frame- we had an old black man named Prince ( he had the name before the musician- ha!) who was the custodian at the school and boy,us kids loved him. He always made time to engage us in conversation and for most of us he was probably the first black man we'd spent any time around.We just loved him. Anyway, for Christmas,some of us kids took up a collection and bought him a carton of cigarettes! Can you imagine us asking our parents for money to buy somebody a carton of cigarettes?! They gave it to us,though and we presented Prince with a carton of cigarettes for his Christmas gift.

Not as exciting as Asa's story (I had to behave in school because my mama was the school nurse!) but I hope my school days memories made you smile!

Oh,and by the way, Lord,whatever you're baking in South Carolina- it's done!

DANG hot,as Rev. used to say!

possum under a rock