August 10, 2020 - Msg 115107: Thank you G-F, I thought it odd that Howard would come back as Ed.

August 10, 2020 - Msg 115108: Wow this is the first time I swept the porch. Message 115107 is me, Sarah

August 10, 2020 - Msg 115109: Good afternoon, Porch

Well, Sarah...just grabbed the broom out of the courthouse and went to sweepin', did ya? Well done for the first time!

Cool weather. Gone. Hot weather. Back. Just roasting you in your clothes. Them locusts are screaming.

Upon some sources I read, that HR-7608 is dead, dead. As long as there is a Republican Senate, that bill is like Gussy Finch, Wilton Blair and the "before" Tom Silby. Which is a relief to hear. For now.

Well, we rode the little donut to the bank and have our new back card safely in hand. Tire did well and that is that. Next, get to the tire shop and get those new tires put on asap!

I was watching TAGS earlier and had a trained noticer moment. Have you ever noticed how Andy and Helen smooched openly in full embrace with Barney and Thelma Lou present in the squad car (end of "Man In The Middle), but when Barney comes walking in Helen's house at the end of "Three Wishes for Opie" where Andy and Helen were sitting closely on the couch, they very quickly separate and sit up like Barney caught them doing something? Kinda odd, huh? It's ok for Barney to see them full embrace kissing, but not sitting closely on the couch?

Alright, need to step down off the porch and be on my way. Y'all be safe, be happy and be well. Have a great rest of your night!

John Masters

August 11, 2020 - Msg 115110: Umm....*crickets*.....Hello?

Hmm, so porch is empty for awhile. Well, I'll sit here and rock and wait on my friends to show up. :)

These COVID numbers! DOGGONE YA'! Up and down, up and down. The two counties to our northwest and southwest are about done with it for now. But we keep doing the yoyo act. Grrr!

Last night, I dove in, head first, in the news and I see the idiocy has gotten worse. It didnt affect me quite so bad as I think I knew it in the back of my head. I have never seen the Left so full on blatant and obnoxious in my life.

I hear a few chores calling and my stomach rumbling so I better answer both. Hope y'all have a great, safe and good day. Remember to find something or watching something fun.

John Masters

August 11, 2020 - Msg 115111: Itís not just the left, JM. Both sides have their level of corruption. Politics are like that. The whole system is off. When itís money that decides who is ultimately in power in government, itís no surprise. I donít play into the lies coming from both sides. My advice is to shine godís light and love where you are, do good, show mercy, share the good news, vote your conscience and donít let politics take up too much time in your mind. I gave up on the constant struggle of who is lying and who isnít. Things are a mess and trying to filter out the truth is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This nation needs a heart change and that is something only God can do. He will still be here no matter who controls the house and senate. He is still at work through everyday people in ever part of this country. I try to focus on that. When I venture out to the store here in my fairly small town, people are smiling through their masks, still kind and offering a helping hand. They still care about each other. I focus on these things and my spirit is lifted and my heart is healed.


August 12, 2020 - Msg 115112:

HI Porchsters! Had a busy "errand day" today.
One thing for sure, when it's 115* outside, it is not easy to wear a mask! (I pull it down tho except when in stores.) Anyway, My Cologuard test came back negative (got my report), got some great buys at Big Lots; ran by Chase bank;
stopped for lunch at Subway, did a tire pressure check at Discount Tire;
and made it back home. Wed. I have my yearly eye exam with my ophthalmologist. he did both my cataract surgeries many years ago. Great guy.
Our numbers continue to go down here. I think the heat finally got to the virus!
I hope y'all are doing OK. JM, as Boo says, just chill and don't let the news get to you brother.
I missed tags tonight, but did see Gomer Pyle.
Prayers for All, God bless,
MDC :)

August 12, 2020 - Msg 115113:

Oh, Possum said on FB that Laci is doing much better. Thanks for the prayers!

August 12, 2020 - Msg 115114: Morning, Porch

Well, the COVID has come kinda close to home for me. An acquaintance of my wife has come down with it hard. He's a rather large man with some health issues. He started feeling bad, running a fever, then started having some trouble breathing, but not enough to go to the hospital. Then it WAS bad enough to go to the hospital. In just a matter of 12 - 15 hours or so, he is now in ICU, worse than they thought and is getting plasma from patients who have recovered. His wife has it too, but seems to be the mild, mild form where you feel a little run down and that's it. Our little county just recorded it's first death too. I am skeptical though. They didn't release any other info about it.

It's OK, folks...I didn't really get riled like I have been. I think I knew what I was going to see and I was right. I do have to admit the Chicago rioting and reparations line about looting had me biting railroad spikes, but I went on with my day. LOL!

Hot here again, but not as bad. Had a line...well....more like blotches (on the radar) of tstorms roll thru around supper time yesterday. They skimmed us. I mean you couldnt have gotten a piece of tissue paper between our little town and the outer line, they were that close. Brought temps down a little bit.

Need to feed them hounds and get some things done. Y'all take care, be safe and be well. Do something that makes you happy.

John Masters

August 12, 2020 - Msg 115115: Morning all.

John, I sure hope your Wife has not been in close contact with those folks who have gotten sick. I hope and pray the husband will be okay. Doggone stuff.

MDC, Thanks for updating us on Laci. Glad to read she is improving. That has to make Possum happy. Sounds like you had a busy day. Sure haven't seen much monsoon rain so far this year, have we. We are hot and dry.

I once heard a wise feller say that rather than look at things from a perspective of right or left, maybe we should look at it from a perspective of right or wrong. His premise being that otherwise bright and reasonable people, when looking at something going on can easily distinguish between right and wrong. But put on the tainted political glasses and suddenly they try to defend the defenseless acts. When I see some of the things going on with these protesters, and then I see elected officials standing with them, and not against them, that is wrong! Shame on them. And to see other elected officials shrug it off as just peaceful mothers out there in peaceful demonstrations is pure evil. When the Whitehouse press secretary has to show videos of what is really going on in these city's because the main street press will not report it is stunning. Boo, I agree, we need to let our light so shine whenever and however we can.

I got me the fixins for my cole slaw yesterday and it is now put together in a bowl sitting in the fridge. I ain't much in the kitchen, but I am proud of my deviled eggs and my cole slaw.

Romeena, with our late frosts here our corn crop comes later than yours. There are some farmers that will plant a hardy corn early, and it will usually be ready by early July, but the really good sweet variety has to go in mid May and it is the end of July before it comes in. I had some yesteray and mercy sakes, I think it could convert an atheist to a believer. lol My toes are still curled up.

I see more and more of the college football seasons are being postponed. Probably for the best. My Grandkids start school in a week, but I have a feeling that will be short lived. I sure will be glad when they can find a safe vaccine and/or treatment for this.

Prayers for all. The sun will shine in our backdoors again one day. :)


August 12, 2020 - Msg 115116: Thank you,MDC,for asking for prayers for Laci and updating the Porch. It has been a time,but I'm so happy to report that she is much better and will be released from the hospital soon!!
Thank you for all of the prayers and thank God for His blessings.

possum u.a.r.

August 12, 2020 - Msg 115117: I guess I missed something....what happened to Laci?

John Masters

August 12, 2020 - Msg 115118: Hope your wife's friend will be ok, JM. I hate to hear that he is sick. My nephew Matt lost a friend to covid yesterday. He was the man who taught him how to cut hair and ran a barber school in corpus Christi for many years. Very sad, indeed. Its still fairly bad here in our area but not getting worse. The nurses I know say it is getting a little better at the hospital, thank God.

Just wanted to check in and say "hey". Hope you are all well and not stressing too much.

I like what you said about politics, Asa.

Better git!


August 12, 2020 - Msg 115119: JM, Laci had been sick with an infection and was in the hospital for a few days. It was very worrisome in the beginning but she is doing well now and was released to home, thank God.


August 12, 2020 - Msg 115120: Wow Hello Porch !! .. Trouble check !..gona read...been trying to get ready for winter crops..been keeping in touch with the ones on FB..Promise I will check back soon...Prayers to all...ok gona read...SPOT !

August 13, 2020 - Msg 115121:
ASA and all, I think I mentioned here that, with all these 'message masks' now, I wrote "Jesus Saves!" on my masks. Have gotten some real looks!
And asa, you are right, it has been more of a 'non-soon' here this year. We had one good rain about 2 weeks ago, but that has literally been it; and this week it is to be 112 to 115 all week! So far, the hottest summer on record! And yes, the pac 12 has cancelled all fall sports. :(
JM-- that sure is hitting close to home. I am so sorry, and he will be in my prayers. Also, good for you in turning off the news. Also, a while back you commented about Barney and Andy kissing their girlfriends. I got to thinking about the ep where Barney and Goober are watching, thru the window, Andy and Helen kissing!
Tonight's ep was Mr. McBeevie! I really like that episode...
silver hat, twelve extra hands and all! :)
Well, I had my annual eye exam today, and the doctor found a brown spot
in my right eye. (I'm glad that he is an eye M.D.) Even took a photo of it with a special digital camera apparatus. It is called a CHRPE, an acronym for: Congenital Hypertrophy of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium. Yup! In laymen's terms, a brown spot. He said in very rare cases it can be a sign of melanoma in the eye, so I will go back in 4 months so he can see how it looks then. Prayers appreciated, that all will be OK. Thanks.
All for now, 10-4,

August 13, 2020 - Msg 115122:

I forgot to post this video of Cecile and I dancing the other night:

HAHA! Enjoy!

August 13, 2020 - Msg 115123: MDC....That video is Just like riding a bike 🚲 ...Once you learn it you never forget it!...G-F

August 13, 2020 - Msg 115124: Good morning, porch! It's good to hear that Laci is doing well. Bless her heart, I just can't imagine that she's all grown up now. Time has a way of moving right along, doesn't it?

MDC, I'm glad you go to an ophthalmologist too. Optometrists are fine for prescribing glasses, and they can do general screening, but when they find a problem, they should, and usually will, refer you to an MD. Being diabetic, I see an ophthalmologist once a year. Years ago, the MD I was seeing noted a "freckle" on my retina - sounds like what you described. It remained there, unchanged, for several years, then just disappeared. It's no longer there. Maybe your "brown spot" will do the same thing. Let's hope so!

My grass is getting tall and thick! Eddie is in the hospital, having a knee replacement done today. Please pray for him to have a great outcome, a quick recovery, and a comfortable future. The poor guy was just hobbling around. It took him all day to do my yard, which he usually would do in less than three hours. As I've mentioned before, Eddie is my friend. He has cared for my yard for about 22 years, and has just turned 70. I will continue with him for as long as he can, and wants to, care for my yard. He sort of looks after me, as well. He will call now and then, just to see if I'm okay. He notices when my back (or whatever) is giving me trouble, and calls to be sure I'm alright. Anyway, he has arranged for his brother to come here on Saturday to mow and edge. I don't know when he'll be back on the job himself, but I'm not going to let him do it too soon. I will be so glad to see him walking without pain, instead of the slow, painful hobbling he was doing.

Asa, what kind of corn is most popular in your area? My favorite is the mixed yellow and white, I don't know its name, but I like it best before it gets too mature. When corn gets fully mature, it's a bit too starchy for me, but when it's young, the little kernels just pop and are so sweet. Anyway, that variety has about played out around here, and the Olathe corn is coming in. It's good, but I like the yellow and white best. I cook it in the shucks in the microwave, use my "magic shucking technique" to remove the shucks and silks all in one pull, rub the end of a stick of butter up and down the rows until it's all buttery, and enjoy! Sometimes I put a little salt on it, but not all the time. I'm not a heavy salt person. I salt lightly at the stove, and almost never at the table. I like grilled corn too, but am not about to haul that heavy grill out of the garage and onto the driveway, fire it up and stand out there slapping mosquitoes for two ears of corn!

Well, Tillie went into the shop yesterday, and they'll be calling in a little bit to tell me someone is coming to pick me up and take me back to the shop, to bail her out and bring her home. Probably Richie, the shop owner/manager, will come. He doesn't get under the hoods much anymore, he's got a good team that does that. He's the PR man. He has become a good friend. He's a believer, a man of faith, and we do have some good conversations! He loves Trinket, and encourages me to bring her with me when I have to take the car in. Toye Starr was his friend as well, and he speaks of her often. Drat, I still miss that little girl, so much!

Guess I'd better get out of my PJs and into some clothes, and get ready to meet the day. Blessings, everyone. Wear your mask (I hate the thing!), wash your hands, and keep your distance! Stay well. --Romeena

August 13, 2020 - Msg 115125:
RO, Eddie is in my prayers. Be sure to tell him to do ALL the rehab! I have a couple of friends who quit rehab about half way thru, and are now very sorry that they did! One even had to have the knee redone. They complained that it was very hard, but that is just the way it is. Very important.
Ha! I saw that you emailed out the 'dancing seniors!' No problem, a friend had emailed it to me. What a couple! What was wrong with Tillie? Or just normal maintenance?
BTW, did you 'diggers' ever find the broken pipe??
And thank you for that info about your eye. Actually his assistant call it a 'freckle.' :)

I'm just curious, is anyone here a smoker or had been one in the past?
I ask only because I tried it a few times in high school just to be 'cool',
but frankly never saw the point. I also tried a few cigars in my early 20s, but they just
made me nauseous! ha
Prayers for all,

August 13, 2020 - Msg 115126: Ro, the mixed yellow and white here in East Tennessee is very popular. Don't know if there's more than one kind, but we call the sweet one peaches and cream.


August 13, 2020 - Msg 115127: Good evening, porch. Ang, that mixed yellow and white corn probably has an official name, but I don't know what it is. It's good enough that Niblets cans and sells it. I buy it all the time for a cold salad that I make. Good stuff!

MDC, trust me, I will hound Eddie about doing his rehab. You're absolutely right about the importance of that final step. When I blew the ACL in my knee in 2005, I had a cadaver graft put in, and am so glad I did. The knee still will give way once in a while, but nothing like it would be doing without that repair. The rehab was not comfortable, to be sure, but I did it. I worked on the rehab floor at the hospital enough to learn the vital importance of post-op rehab, and I made sure I did it. I know a woman who was in rehab with a knee replacement surgery at the same time I was doing it, and she dropped out, saying it was just too painful. Now, today, she's still limping around and complaining about her painful knee. Granted, we had two different surgeries, but still, I'm comfortable and she's not. Hmmmm. Maybe there's a little hint there?

MDC, you asked about Tillie. Yesterday morning, two things happened at once, literally minutes apart. The "service engine" light came on, and about two minutes later, there was a "blowout" sound from behind the dash, followed by a loud whooshing of escaping air, and the output from the a/c dropped to almost nothing. I just drove straight to Richie's shop, which wasn't but about two miles away. Nothing is very far in Irving! I was pretty sure I knew what was wrong.

About five years ago, the car started making a flapping, fluttering sound behind the dash. David got online, found the probable cause and learned that there is an actuator back there that directs the flow of hot or cold air in the a/c system. He bought the part (quite cheap, actually) and removed the dash. He could see the faulty part, but access was blocked by an air duct. Removing that duct was going to be a big deal. So he just sawed a section of it out, replaced the actuator, and put the piece back in, wrapping it in place with Gorilla tape, very firmly. It worked fine for all that time, about five years. When I told Richie about it, and that I thought his tape had finally come undone, he just laughed and said he would have done the same thing on his own car, but never on a customer's. Richie is great, he's a believer, and will not hesitate to tell you so. We have become good friends, and he's very kind to me. He's about my David's age, 50.

Anyway, when they got into it, David's tape was still holding fast, but the duct had come loose at its origins. They reattached it, and I think they reinforced David's tape a little, but the service light didn't go off. So they dug a little deeper, and found that several smaller hoses in the system were dried, cracked and leaking air. After all, the car is 16 years old! So they replaced all those little hoses, the diagnostic thing approved, and the light went off. Total bill? $98.50. It would have been $118.50, but Richie gives me a $20 discount, which I appreciate very much, and he bills lightly as well. I think I remind him of his mother. Also, he loves Trinket, but then, who doesn't? She's the Personality Pup!

No, I'm not a smoker, tried it for a short time when I was about 20 and still stupid, learned my first child was on the way, and quit. I probably didn't smoke more than a carton in the months that I messed with it. When I was about 22, I took a puff off a cigar just on a dare, and that was absolutely gross. How on earth anyone can smoke one of those stinky, nasty things, I'll never know. I can smell one if someone is smoking it three cars ahead of me in traffic! That's why I keep my a/c set on recirculate in the car.

Well, guess I'll go slice up a cantaloupe for dinner. David picked me up and took me to lunch, and then took me to pick up Tillie from Richie, which worked out nicely, Richie didn't have to come get me to get the car to me. I had a good lunch, so I don't really want any dinner. That cantaloupe will do just fine. I hope it's a good one. It's not very big, but it smelled nice. Quite often I just have fruit or melon of some sort for dinner. I sleep better on those nights, I've noticed.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 14, 2020 - Msg 115128:

RO--thank you for answering my questions, but
you forgot the one about the sprinkler pipe.
Did they ever find the break?

Tonite's ep was Andy's new girlfriend. One thing I never noticed
before is this: When Andy drives up to Peggy's house to return her
compact and sees the T-Bird, Andy's house is only one house away! Next time anyone here sees that scene
look at the house 2 doors down! ha
Have a good evening folks,

August 14, 2020 - Msg 115129: MDC, I was never influenced by peer pressure so I never smoked any tobacco product. But unfortunately, I have inhaled some second hand smoke generated from others around me. I could never understand why smokers would stick dried up tobacco leaves in between their lips and then light it up with fire. I also don't drink any alcohol. I like to say that the only vice I have is on my workbench.
Also, I loved that video you posted of you and Cecile dancing. You are quite spry for an old guy;)

Romeena, just like MDC, I am also curious to learn if you found a solution to your sprinkler problem.
I will also offer up some prayers for Eddie.
Also, I believe that yellow/white corn is just referred to as bi-color corn.

Ang, it is good to see new blood posting here.

John Masters, I will also offer prayers for your wife's friend whose is suffering.

All you folks living in the southern states, I don't know how you all put up with all that heat in the summer time. When my sister's family lived near Dallas Texas, she warned us never to visit during the months of July and August. She would run her central air conditioning 24/7.
I like to read the diaries of people on their western journeys during the 19th century (1800 to 1899). They averaged 20 to 30 miles a day in their horse drawn wagons. They had to travel during the hot summer months to avoid the harsh winters that made crossing mountain ranges difficult and dangerous. Talk about discomfort!

from Poor Horatio

August 14, 2020 - Msg 115130: PH...You recon that is why Texans are tough?...I happen to think
But then again, us up North do survive some pretty tough winters donít we?...I guess it depends wether you run hot or cold as to how tuff you


August 14, 2020 - Msg 115131: Good Friday morning all.

Romeena, back a few years ago I was growing my own corn. In fact for a span of nearly 30 years I was trying all kinds and variety's. I quit doing it a few years ago because of time constraints. I was working full time at a very demanding job, and a full time caregiver. I just couldn't give it the time it needed. Now that I am retired I might get back into it a little bit. There are several varietys of corn that have that sweetness you described. Bodacious was one of the first. Yellow and white kernels as you described, and very sweet. I planted it for years until a new variety came out called Serendipity. Same color kernels and same sweetness. The biggest advantage though was the harvest window. You are exactly correct in that sweet corn has to be picked in that window time. And with Bodacious that window was very small. 2 or 3 days. Any longer and it would get starchy as you said. Serendipity on the other hand is much more forgiving. More like a week window. Another thing is how fresh it is. The sooner you can cook it after you pick it, the better it is. That makes a huge difference. The next is over cooking it. I have never tried microwaving it so I can't comment on that. I shuck mine (immediately after picking it, usually right in the garden), wash the ears off and into boiling water for about 2 minutes is all. Give me some butter and salt and look out. lol Oh, and I go at it from end to end like a typewriter. Some folks eat it going around, then move over ond bite and go around again. Weird. lol
I am like MDC, curious if you found your water leak. Hopefully you did and it was a simple fix. Glad Tillie is well again. I need to get Libbie in for some new brake pads on the front. I had the rear ones done a couple of years ago but the fronts were still good. I should do it myself but my back is telling me otherwise.

That does remind me of another story I will share. Years ago, when we were fairly newlyweds with little money, I needed to get my truck safety inspected. So I took it to a local station and waited while it was done. After a bit, the mechanic comes into the waiting area and tells me the front brakes are worn out and need to be replaced. He said he could do it now and quoted me a price. I couldn't afford it so told him to just forget it for now. So he put a rejection note on it and told me they would have to be done in ten days. I went home and figured I'd take a look at them. I had never dealt with disc brakes before, so I had not a clue what I was doing. But I had Debbie run over to NAPA to get some new pads while I tried to remove the old ones. Well the things came off easy as could be. Debbie got back with the new pads and when I opened the box, I couldn't see much difference between the new ones and the old ones I had taken off. So just to satisfy my curiosity, I called the Highway Patrol office to inquire what the specs were on disc brakes. She informed me the specs and I said my truck had been rejected for worn pads, but that the pads were still fairly thick. So she asked if I could keep the truck torn apart until the next day and she would have a trooper come to the house. So I did, and when the Trooper saw my old pads he became quite agitated. He asked what station had rejected it and asked for the rejection notice. I gave it to him. He told me to go ahead and put everything back together and I would be getting a call shortly. So I did, and sure enough I get a phone call from the station telling me to bring my truck back in. So I did, and the mechanic was madder than a wet hen. He accused me of being a chicken **** for calling the UHP and claiming that he had told me that the brakes were "questionable". He was lying through his teeth, but I just calmly asked him if he was going to finish the inspection. He angrily snapped back when he was good and ready. I said okay, where is your pay phone. He very quickly filled out the paper work, slapped a new inspection sticker on the windshield and told me to leave and never come back. I laughed at him and said that was something he did not need to worry about. And that I would make sure I told everyone I knew about him and his ethics. I later heard that the UHP had several complaints with that station and they eventually lost their State Inspection status.

I actually did smoke for about 5 years in my late teens and early 20's. But I was able to quit. Wasn't easy by any means. Sure glad I did though. To this day I will sometimes have a dream I started smoking again and wake up feeling so guilty. lol Romeena, I just can't picture you with a cigar hanging from your lips.

MDC, Cute dancing video. My goodness, those two can cut a rug. Looked like Gomer and Mary Grace in old age.

Off to get some yard work done before it gets to hot. Supposed to be triple digit for the next few days at least.


August 14, 2020 - Msg 115132: Atta Boy Asa for standing your ground on your truck issue!. Those kind of guys give the repair industry a bad name for sure!...That stuff would have never flown at my Dads station for sure!...I remember one time I was doing a Lube, Oil Chang and Filter job. I was doing the upper ball joint on a car and had a REAL hard time getting to it so I shot some grease on top the fitting and hoped for the best....Well, needless to say Dad checked my work and found my sloppy attempt. He indicated STRONGLY I aught not ever do that again!!...And NO I DID NOT GET PAID FOT THAT ONE EITHER!....Yep, I learned my lesson!...That is yet another teaching moment Amen?...


August 14, 2020 - Msg 115133: Quick update, folks

Wanted to let you know my wife's friend has turned the corner with COVID. He's out of the woods, but is still in the hospital to, for lack of a better term, get built back up again before he goes home. He wasn't exactly at death's door, but there was some nailbiting. Plasma, antibiotics and steroids did the trick.

Will read and comment asap.

John Masters

August 14, 2020 - Msg 115134: Amen GF. Those learning moments build character for sure. And I know how hard some of those fittings can be to get to. You seen realize that whoever designed it never had to work on it.

I have a question that maybe the ladies can answer for me. I have a fairly new clothes washer (maybe 2 years ol) top loader, and I have noticed lately the clothes and the inside of the washer has been smelling a bit funky. So I went on line and found out that these new HE type washers need to be run in a "basket cleaning" mode about once a month. It said to just dump a 1/2 cup of clorox in the basket and select basket clean on the selector and let it run. So I did that yesterday. Man it took a long time to run the cycle it seemed. But the washer smells better now. I won't know about the clothes for a week or so until I do laundry again. My question is if that is something you all do and if so how often? And does what I explained sound about right?

Speaking of domestic stuff, Romeena, Stacey just had a new Bosch dishwasher installed in her kitchen and she loves it. She said it is so quiet you can't hear it running. That impressed me because I wait to turn mine on after I go to bed at night because it is so stinking loud. I think you said you had a Bosch. Is yours that quiet also?


August 14, 2020 - Msg 115135:
MDC, after I showed your dancing video to my wife, that convinced her to allow me to post a video taken of her and I dancing to some country music. We were a little "rusty" at the beginning, but then we got the hang of it eventually. We may not be as good as you and your wife, but at least we gave it a shot.

Asa, your experience with the shady mechanic might have made a good undercover investigation for a local television reporter.

from Poor Horatio

August 14, 2020 - Msg 115136: Asa, our HE washer is a front loader and is about four years old. We never had a odor problem. But maybe that is because after each time we use the washer, I always leave the door open to allow the insides to air dry. This way, I reduce the possibility of any mold growth.

John Masters, that is good news about your wife's friend who is in the hospital.

from Poor Horatio

August 14, 2020 - Msg 115137: Good afternoon, porch! PH, is that really you and your wife dancing? That's just hilarious! I must say, the two of you are in pretty good shape, and definitely have more energy than I have. Thanks for sharing.

Asa, yes, I have a Bosch dishwasher, and I love it. Quiet doesn't quite describe it, near-silent would say it better. It does the job, too. I don't pre-wash my dishes, just run them under warm water to rinse off solids, and stick them in the racks. I put my pots and skillets in there as well. I wipe out any residual grease with a paper towel, and pop them in. Everything comes out clean as a whistle. I would highly recommend Bosch appliances. Both of my water heaters are tankless Bosch units, and I have hot water as long as I need it. Even when the family visits, with big old boys taking long showers, one after the other, nobody runs out of hot water. As for my washing machine and dryer, they're both Maytags and are about 26 years old. I've never had a problem with odor in the washer, but I do leave the lid up after using it, for a few hours. I think as you do, that letting it dry out would prevent mold. Also, I save up my dish towels, and about once a month, I run a load of nothing but them and white washcloths, using very hot water and about a cup of bleach in the wash cycle. That may help with the odor thing, as well. It's a small load, and I always remember to reduce the water level to "small" so that the bleach is as concentrated as possible.

Regarding the water leak, no, I haven't solved that. The leak has to be very, very small. I don't know if all water meters are alike, but mine has a little red spoked wheel that turns when the water runs. I watched it, and timed it. I marked a spot on the cover, and watched as one spoke passed the mark, then timed how long it took for the next spoke to arrive. Ten seconds. That seems pretty slow to me, because when I sent a grandson into the house to flush a commode, that little spokey wheel nearly flew away! It spun like a top. David thinks I probably have a little bit of grit keeping a sprinkler zone from shutting off completely. He's probably right, but there are twelve zones, and it's going to take someone with more patience and stamina than I have to find the guilty zone. If my friend and landscaper and sprinkler guy, Joe Lee, hadn't retired, I'd have no problem. He probably wouldn't even have charged me, because I'd have bought us a burger lunch and we would have eaten out in the sunroom and settled all the world's problems. But the weasel retired, and now lives about 40 miles north of Dallas, and never comes to Irving anymore. I'll find someone, but right now, I don't have anyone. As for the big bill, David reminded me that it covered the period of time when I was watering the new grass Eddie had put down in a large bare area where a fungus had killed it out, and I was running that zone four times a day, every day. Also, we have had no rain, and I've been running the sprinklers three days a week, twice each day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for 20 minutes in each cycle in 12 zones. So, maybe the bill isn't that far out of line, and that leak is so tiny that I can't see how it could be responsible for the higher bill. Some of it, yes, but not all of it. I think my watering had a lot more to do with it.

Well, guess I'll go cook a couple of ears of corn. I wish I could just pull it off the stalk, pull off the shucks, and eat it standing right there in the field, like I used to do when I was a kid. We used to eat raw corn all the time, but never more than one ear. Much more than that would have consequences, but it's so good! Of course, it's even better cooked and buttered, and you can eat as much of that as you wish, without GI consequences.

Stay well, wash your hands, and wear a mask when around other people. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 14, 2020 - Msg 115138: Hello porch family. Hope you are all well this evening. We are well here, thankfully.

Wanted to let you know we have had a little breakthrough with Erin over the last 2 weeks. She ended the very toxic relationship she had been in with a girl for a year and a half. It was rough going for a week but she is doing much better. The girl came from out of town to get her things that she left here and return Erin's things and they didnt even exchange words. Erin said she is fine and doesnt care anymore. She is finally able to see how toxic things were. I just hope she doesnt go and get involved with anyone else. She is 19 now so she makes her own decisions and friends. I am just so relieved that she is away from the troubled girl, you have no idea. I havent gone into alot of detail and I dont know if I actually said it but Erin is a drug addict. She has been clean for 8 months, as far as I know, but still has some pretty strong cravings for cocaine, in particular. She wants to start attending narcotics anonymous meetings but I dont think they are meeting due to the covid. Anyway, she is still a mess, mentally, on some days but she is less depressed and even able to work now, so we are thankful for that. Her goal is to eventually be able to go to college so we are hoping for that in the future. She has an autoimmune disease that they havent formally diagnosed but she eats very little and keeps little of that down. I am waiting for lab results from the specialist. So, thank you for your prayers for ERin. I am keeping you informed because you watched her grow up and have prayed many prayers. We are on still on a tough road but it seems like we are not in the fog we were in and can see more clearly what road to take.

Love to all,

August 14, 2020 - Msg 115139: Boo, that's encouraging news regarding Erin. It has to start somewhere, and even though there are still problems, it appears that a change has taken place and there is a beginning of recovery. I have one question - was the toxic girl her supplier, by any chance? If so, that would explain a lot. Whether she was or was not, it's still great that she's out of the picture. She was doing nothing but stirring the pot of trouble, and maybe with her gone, Erin can focus on positive things and begin to see the light at the end of her little tunnel. Prayers continue. --

August 14, 2020 - Msg 115140:
Sorry. --Romeena

August 15, 2020 - Msg 115141:

RO--I think it is safe to say that PH was also displaying a
little 'poetic license' concerning 'he and his wife!' haha
That was a good one tho for sure. I sure wish that i had that kind of energy!!
Now, not to make a moulage, but whenever I see videos like that of people
just having plain ol' good fun, why do some people have to be like those
so called 'protesters' in Portland and other cities? They must live very angry and sad
lives. :(
ASA, we have a 7 year old top loader (Maytag), and like PH, we leave the top open when done, and we
also pull out the little bins where the soap is placed, and let them dry out too,
as well as the little reservoirs that they sit in. As a result, we only do the 'cleaning cycle' about once every two months. But I should also mention that our washer is in the garage, so drying out doesnt take too long here! ha
Also, in AZ we have emission testing stations run by the state DOT, but not for mechanical issues. But, as they say, a crook is a crook is a crook when it comes to some 'business men.'
Folks, I'm not sure about you all, but AZ is considered a possible swing state and we are getting bombarded with political commercials. I have a feeling that for the next 80 days the TV will mostly be on MUTE!! :) I am sick of them all already!!
Oh, and yesterday was 75 years since VJ day and the end of WWII. My dad told me that he and my mom went down to downtown Mpls with practically everyone else in the city. Plenty of kissing, hugging, horn honking, and general revelry. He said it was like a big weight had been lifted off the country's shoulders, because the next step was to invade Japan.
RO, yes, we have the red, three spoked wheel on our meter. Technically, when all the water in the house is off that wheel should not be moving, so it sure looks like you do have a small leak somewhere. And, yes, all that watering of the new grass surely accounts for much of the use
and high bill. I guess you could call the city and have them do a meter check. (Like a trouble-check! :)
BOO-my goodness, your family has been thru a lot! You have alluded to possible drug use in the past, but I never took it seriously because she was so good with leading other kids to the Lord, etc, but I guess the devil works in such crafty ways, and that sometimes he just weasels his way in. Time to give the devil the big freeze!. My prayers are indeed with you all!!
OK folks, heading to bed early tonite, God bless,

August 15, 2020 - Msg 115142:
Here is a good 4 minute video on VJ day...

August 15, 2020 - Msg 115143: from me...mdc

August 15, 2020 - Msg 115144: Good morning, porch! MDC, I actually thought that was not PH and his wife at first, but then I noticed that they seemed to be wearing wigs, and obviously the lady had some sort of body suit on under her dress, so I just wasn't sure. Since I've never met PH, and don't know what he looks like, I wasn't sure. He's a guy that has done a lot of things, and I wouldn't put it past him to do something like that dance routine! He's adventurous!

About my water meter, my little spoked wheel has about ten spokes. If yours has only three, it would be running much faster if it makes it from one to the next one in ten seconds. Mine are very close together, so it's barely moving. You have to look at it for several seconds to even be sure it's moving at all. It is, but very, very slowly. I could almost talk myself into just ignoring it, considering what it may cost to locate and fix such a tiny leak, but I worry that it might be under the slab, and slowly getting worse.

I've been through fixing an under-slab leak once before, and I'd really rather not go through that again. The last time, it was a pinhole in the water line, and when they located it and dug through the slab (in my hallway, yet) they ran into mud pretty quickly. They fixed the line, and repaired the hole, and all was well. However, I needed new carpet in three bedrooms and the hall.
That's when you're grateful for good homeowner's insur@nce. I have State Farm, and they have never failed me yet, in about 55 years with them. Cars and house, the whole time. I've never had to fight them, they just take care of things, and my rates are quite reasonable.

MDC, that video is wonderful. It's a little scary though, when you compare the attitude of the country then to what we see today. The fighting forces are still as patriotic and determined as they were then, I think, but they don't have the support from "back home" like they had in WWII. That scares me. I'm afraid if it ever came to it, and the president had to make a decision like Truman did, and send in the bombs, the bleeding hearts would have a nationwide hissyfit, and there would be rioting in the streets like nothing we've seen before.

To me, it feels dangerously like the patriotism we once knew is gone, and all we have now is a bunch of idiots (many of them hired and paid) running in the streets and protesting anything and everything. Some of their complaints are absolutely valid, like the actions of the officer who killed George Floyd, but meeting violence with unrelated violence just doesn't make sense. Bombing a nation that has attacked us, and thereby ending the war, made sense. But a rogue cop kills a citizen, and the response was to go and burn down the neighborhood where the citizen's grandmother might have bought her groceries. It just doesn't add up. Putting that cop in prison for the rest of his life makes a lot more sense to me. And now the loony left wants to defund the police. Punish the whole police system, and leave the whole nation unprotected? Frankly, I'm a lot more afraid of the protesters than I am of the one cop in a thousand who might be nutty.

Well, sorry. I didn't mean to segue into that little rant, but I'm watching my America crumble before my eyes, it scares me, and all I can do is talk about it. No, that's not true. I can pray about it, and I do. I trust that all of you do, too.

Well, Eddie is sending his brother over to mow my lawn today, guess I'd better get out of my jammies and into some presentable clothes. Eddie is doing fine after his knee replacement on Thursday. He was home by yesterday afternoon, and as he put it, referring to his knee, "that boy did some serious hurtin' last night" but he's determined to do the rehab and all, and hopes to be able to come with his brother next week (?) and "supervise." Knowing him, he'll try to work, and I just won't have that. I'll "supervise" him! Blessings, friends! Pray for America! --Romeena

August 15, 2020 - Msg 115145: Boo, I am shocked to learn that Erin had a drug problem. I am glad that the toxic relationship with her friend seems to be terminated.

Romeena, just as MDC explained to you, that was not my wife and I in that dancing video.
But I am confused about your comment that you have never seen me. Many years ago, you had a web site where you not only posted photos of yourself and your dog, but also included any of us front porchsters who mailed you a photo or emailed you an image. I emailed you an image of myself dressed up in my police uniform out in public just as I was about to go on duty at an event. Don't you remember the funny pose I made with my tongue sticking out and the thumbs of my hands stuck in my ears with my fingers waving in the air? This was at least 20 years ago.

from Poor Horatio