September 05, 2020 - Msg 115268: Good morning, porch! This is a funny day. We have a low, thick, heavy cloud cover, but the clouds are white and don't appear to be holding rain. The air is very still. There is a nervous little squirrel dashing back and forth from one tree to another, and I don't see a bird anywhere. I'm not sure what the day holds, but it just feels weird.

Boo, I'm glad you've found something that seems to be working for you. You have really been through the wringer lately. I can imagine you've lost a lot of weight, which can be good for any of us, but still, you have to have nutrition. I hope this routine will get you back on track.

I don't know why I was so blessed, but as my dad used to unflatteringly describe me, I have the appetite of a billy goat and the digestion of a garbage disposer. Doesn't sound very ladylike, but it's true. I will eat just about anything that doesn't bite me first, and I can count on one hand the number of times I can recall a food-related stomach upset. The worst one I can recall is when I thought some frozen strawberries had caused a violent upset stomach. Turns out I was taking the flu and didn't realize it. I came home from high school feeling so hot and dried out, and I ate a small package of frozen berries, which I partially thawed and mashed up. The tasted so good going down, so cool and refreshing. Different story coming up. Even after I realized it wasn't the berries that had made me sick, it was the flu, as proven when my little brother came down with it and he hadn't eaten the berries - still it was about fifteen years before I would even consider eating a frozen strawberry. Fresh, yes. Frozen, absolutely not. I can eat them now, though. Funny how our minds can just declare something off-limits, even when it makes no sense. Like me and milk. I will not touch it. All other dairy products are fine, even buttermilk, but I can't make myself drink plain milk. Has to do with a first grade in school memory, and it's non-negotiable. Weird.

About dogs and their ability to sense when something ails us - Trinket is still trying to take care of my injured ankle. The skin was never broken, all the injury was to the periosteum, the fibrous membrane that wraps our bones. There were bruises, the area was and still is painfully tender, but the bruises are gone and nothing remains but the tenderness. Yet, when Trinket is in her little bed under my desk, and my feet are nearby, she is constantly nosing and licking at my ankle, right where most of the soreness is. How on earth does she know??? Dogs are a mystery, a wonderful mystery.

Well, speaking of my little mystery, I guess I'd better go feed her. Blessings to one and all! Stay safe, stay well, and keep looking up! One day He will be there, for all to see. --Romeena

September 05, 2020 - Msg 115269: Oh, and enjoy the clean porch. Trinket helped! --Romeena

September 05, 2020 - Msg 115270: Thank you, Trinket! Good girl!☺

September 05, 2020 - Msg 115271:

There is a story in the Bible about a dog licking the sores of a man, and it has now been proven that a dog's saliva indeed holds some enzymes or whatever
that does help heal sores. Very interesting!
More later, (saw two good color eps recently.)

September 05, 2020 - Msg 115272: Hi folks,

Yeah, I'm still around. But to be laid bare, all cards on the table honest, I am just too upset to really post casual. I had left the news because it made me crazy, but now I feel I have a moral obligation to keep track of it because of how far things have eroded. I am in full, unrelenting belief that Satan is here, live and in person. I dont mean "the devil is always around because of the evil in the world and his minions carry out his dirty work." I mean he, himself, is here. Period. There are so many wrongs we have never seen before that's happening way too quickly. We are in a whole different America than we ever knew.

God bless you all. Hope to see you soon.

John Masters

September 05, 2020 - Msg 115273: #115272. Quit watching TV news. Try some My Little Pony cartoons instead. They will get you back on an even plane.

September 06, 2020 - Msg 115274:
JOHN, recall the story of the wheat and the weeds? The wheat and the weeds grow together in a field, but at harvest time they are separated.
I know it seems worse now, but it has always been really since the fall of man. But God is still in charge. Stand on the promises in God's Word, and you will gain a source, THE source of strength. Stand on verses like "We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus." Email me if you like and we can talk. Remember, even Jesus got away alone from time to time, and even did some 'kidding around' like telling his disciples to find a coin for the tax in the mouth of a fish. :)
ROMEENA-- sure wish we had some of your cloudiness and rain here.
We really need it. That is great that you are blessed with a good gut.
A good gut helps one's whole constitution. BTW, thank you for the Wed. night gathering information. I hope this works out well, our pastor is wise beyond his years. :)
BOO--I sure hope your new diet works, and by 'diet' I mean daily intake.
When I was working recently to lower my A1C, and cut way back on white flour,
pasta, rice, sweets, etc, I found myself just plain 'feeling better.'
I have always tried to watch what I eat, but now as I enter the 70s, it seems like I need to do a bit more.
GOOBER-FISE (Yup did the 'Fise' on purpose! ha) You mentioned a big something coming up...are you getting the hip replaced by any chance? Whatever it is, my
prayers are with you.

The color eps airing here recently were actually some pretty good ones. One was
about Howard on the island. I have always liked that one. Then they aired the one about the church getting
$500.00 endowment ...a pool table, choir robes or a foundation. :) I wonder if flooding the other side
would really work? ha
And last night's was about Aunt Bee's cooking show, and I think I found a BLOOPER,
tho you more experienced color ep aficionados may have seen this: When Opie is pulling cans from Andy's shopping bag, Opie grabs a tuna can, and just for a second or two you can see a Safeway "S" logo on the side of the can. Those with dvds can check it out and see what you think. (PS: Why didnt she just bring those meals home for the guys to eat?) ha
Well, Good Sabbath to all! Lord Jesus be with us.

September 06, 2020 - Msg 115275: Regarding someone posting in Msg 115260 about a Mr. Schwump sighting in a Goner Pyle USMC episode, you can visit to see photos from that episode. Mr. Schwump appears in the top two photos (in the black suit)
You can learn more about Mr. Schwump at

from Poor Horatio

September 06, 2020 - Msg 115276: MDC...Yep, you guessed it!...Iím finally pulling the trigger and getting my hip done. I just canít take it anymore!...Since I met my deductible with ALL the kidney stone stuff, financially it makes sense to have it done now too...

I wonít say Iím excited about it, but I have to have faith and leave it all in Godís hands and quit worrying about all of it and take the advice you gave JM about the wheat and the chaff ( I too like that bible reference)

My youngest Sister is stepping up and is taking me to the hospital and my other appointments so Mrs. Goob does have to navigate it all. Not having that drama is a load off my mind in itself...

Iím now in the process of adding extra handrails going to the basement and the other things necessary to make my recovery quicker...I still have to figure out the lawn mowing and leaf 🍁 raking since we will be in full force come October.
My friends and neighbors have offered to help so I guess I have to be humble and accept the help. 10-4 Asa?

So keep Oíl Goob in your prayers, Iíll for sure need it come October!....


September 06, 2020 - Msg 115277: Good morning, porch! Beautiful sunny day here, but not hot. Only 78į right now, with a predicted high of just 88į. Furthermore, for the next week, all the highs will be in the 80s. Maybe Fall is really going to arrive?

G-F, I am so glad you're going through with the hip surgery. You will be glad you did. A little advice from an old nurse: Do what your doctors and nurses and therapists tell you to do. Your first inclination will be: "Do what? Do you know I just had surgery?" Yep, they know, and what they tell you to do has a good reason behind it, so do it. The rehab they want you to do is very important, so do it. It may hurt some, but do it. Otherwise, you may have pain forevermore. Just remember this mantra - "This too shall pass." And yes, accept offers of help. Why not? I'd be willing to bet that you've done a lot to help other people when they needed it, so why rob them of the chance to repay? "It is more blessed to give than to receive", you know, so don't take that blessing away from them. Let them help you.

JM, this scripture pretty much says it all: ďBe sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:Ē (I Peter 5:8) I agree, it seems like his activity has increased in the past few years, but that is also scriptural. The Bible is filled with references to the increase of evil in the last days, and personally, I believe we are seeing the last days. That's not to say I think Christ will come tomorrow. He very well could, or it could be centuries. God's timetable is not the same as ours. However, if the skies should suddenly split open, and the trumpet sounds, and I look up and see Him descending through the clouds, as described in Revelation, that will be fine with me. We must remember, though, that the possibility makes it all the more important to witness to those who don't believe, so that they aren't left behind.

There are those who scoff at the possibility of the Second Coming, as described in Revelation, because it says that "every eye shall see him". Actually, that phrase or a form of it is found in numerous places in the Bible. Just search "every eye shall see Him" and you'll find them. The scoffers point out that since the earth is round, it would be pretty hard for everyone, everywhere, to see Him. To that I would say, when that day comes, with the technology we have now and certainly will have more as the days go by, don't you think every news camera available would be trained on the event, and every kid with a smart phone, everyone with a TV, would be tuned in as the event is broadcast across the world? I can tell you from personal experience, that even on the steppes of Mongolia, in the little tents (yurts or gers in their language) dotted on the plains, there are generators, TV antennas, and the people carry phones. It's amazing. Horses may be their primary means of transportation, but they all have phones tucked into the top of their riding boots. Their tent may be dismantled and loaded onto a wagon, pulled by a pair of yaks and moved from place to place, but they have TV and phones. They stay informed.

Well, my church's services are about to begin. If anyone would like to tune in, it cam be found here:

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 06, 2020 - Msg 115278: Hi everyone, I have been watching the color episodes also MDC and thought the same thing about Aunt Bee bringing home the meals she cooked on air. Howard's bachelor episode highlighted Emmit's dancing and he was awesome. I love Helen's dresses in the color episodes. I miss seeing Ernest T. Bass wonder why they wrote him out of the show and does Barney ever wear any suit besides the old salt and pepper. The Mayberry marathon starts here tonight at 5:00 and thu tomorrow, don't know how many I'll get to see because my hubby doesn't like the show...hard to believe right. I was raised in the south and he on the East coast maybe that's why. Sarah

September 06, 2020 - Msg 115279: Good Sabbath afternoon all.

Hey Goober Fike, You for sure will be in my prayers as you deal with your bad hip buddy. I know how difficult it is to accept help, but as Romeena said, them folks need the blessing of helping you. I just wish I lived close by so I could help out. Just don't get feeling sporty and try doing stuff you ain't ready for yet. As Ro said, follow your rehab scehdule close. And you will come out of it a new man. We might rename you I.M. Hip. lol I wonder what ever became of that guy. A great football name.

John Masters, I am sorry you are getting so worked up over things. I understand, but this opposition has gone on in every generation. The things our parents had to deal with, I'm sure they felt like it was all over also. But you just have to endure. Do some things to build up your faith and restore your trust in things. I know there is a lot of bad stuff going on, but I also know the news media will hype the bad stuff as much as they can. I guess I have been through enough presidential election cycles to know the looniness gets amped up every 4 years like this. Just keep the faith brother, and keep doing good and doing right. It will all work out. Romeena offers some great scripture to that end.

MDC, I remember seeing that big "S" on the can. Boy, I haven't seen a Safeway store in years. Are they still around? They are not here for sure. As far as rain and cooler temps, we got nothing from the south this year, but Tuesday we are supposed to get a cold front come down from the north. We are pushing 100 today but upper 60's by Wednesday with a chance of snow in the mountains. Crazy.

I have to take Libbie in for a brake job I reckon. She is making some noise when I apply the brakes. I was laughing the other day because I have put a half a tank of gas in her (to yop it off) back in February, and I still have 3/4 of a tank. lol I have put more gas in my riding mower than I have in my car.

Sarah, That Paul Hartman was a very good dancer wasn't he. Although I though the blue tent dress Helen was wearing for that event was hideous. But I'm no Calvin Klein. lol

Well off to rustle up some supper I suppose. Maybe I'll cook up a good stove steak. Whattaya think about that GF? A good stove steak. lol


September 06, 2020 - Msg 115280: The 2020 White House Christmas ornament honors John F. Kennedy, I received mine today and sent one to my sister. Sarah

September 06, 2020 - Msg 115281: Oh, my goodness! I hadn't thought of "tent" dresses in years. I haven't seen that episode recently, so don't remember what Helen's dress looked like, but I'm betting that "hideous" is a pretty good description. I had one of those things. One. Just one. As I recall, they didn't hang around on the fashion scene very long. I'm surprised I even had that one, because I've never been particularly fashion conscious, don't always follow the trends and such. I think I wore that one tent dress maybe twice, and found it a new home with someone who was more anxious to be in style than I was. Truth is, "dressed up" to me is a clean pair of jeans. So far, I don't even own any of the uneven-hemline blouses, and definitely don't own a "cold-shoulder" blouse and never will. I guess I'm a boring dresser, but I'm comfortable.

Well, it's about dinner time. I've got a lot of my macaroni/cheese/onions/tomato dish in the fridge, enough for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. Good thing I like leftovers, and I really do. I'm running low on fruit and berries, though. I'm not about to enter a grocery store tomorrow, and probably not Tuesday either, as the shelves will be stripped. Our store gets deliveries on Wednesday, they stock the shelves all day, so I usually shop on Thursday morning. I've got some blueberries, and the last half of a fresh pineapple, a quarter of a honeydew melon, and a small uncut watermelon. Oh, and two honeycrisp apples and two grapefruit, and a mango. That should get me to Thursday! I'm a fruitbat, and I admit it freely.

Blessings, friends. Stay safe, and act like somebody! --Romeena

September 06, 2020 - Msg 115282:

GF- as my hip surgeon told me, prepare like you are entering an athletic competition, do some exercising, eat plenty of protein (tuna, eggs etc) and then your body will be more 'ready' for the surgery. Then afterwards, do ALL the rehab, and try for 60 grams of protein a day to help in healing! Worked for me. :) Plus...what RO said! ha
GF and ASA--I watched some funny car racing today on TV. Sure brought back my youth of sitting in the stands, hands over my ears, with the smell of the burning nitro in the air! ha! Today's racers were getting up to 325 mph in a quarter mile!

Today a real live ice cream truck came down my street! It was a newer truck, but the same music as when I was a kid. Of course I stopped it and got a sherbet push-up. :) I posted a pick on Facebook.
PH--thank you for those links--very cool.
ASA-thank you for the 'confirm' on the Safeway S, and yes, we still have Safeway stores here in this area.
And I hear ya about the weather! 115 today, but 95 by Wed. thanks to that cold front.
Also you were mentioning our parents generation. Japan was sending 'balloon bombs' over to the US, German U boats were off the coasts, and our plane factories had fake cities on the roofs as was indeed a pretty scary time.

Well, if you all should see the Beeman's, don't tell them about the sermon topic. haha

September 07, 2020 - Msg 115283: Hey MDC, If the racing you were watching was a recent event those funny cars were not going a quarter mile. The NHRA shortened the length from 1,320 ft. to just 1,000ft. a number of years ago. The dragsters and funny cars had become to fast for most of the existing tracks to be able to safely stop them. So those speeds you were seeing was being done in even less than a quarter mile. Makes it even more impressive don't you think? And I have never seen or heard or felt anything that comes even close to the power of a top fueler blasting off the starting line. And the smell of nitromethane in the air. My goodness, you have brought me some good memories of my younger years. Lol


September 07, 2020 - Msg 115284:

ASA--As far as I know, it was live or at least very recently. I did not hear of the shortening of the track tho. Thanks for the info.
We just need "Smell-a-vision! Ha.


September 07, 2020 - Msg 115285: Asa Says...You smell that Son?..Nothing else in the world smells like that......
I love ❤️ the smell of nitromethane in the morning.. Smells like....VICTORY! 🏁
* In his best Bob Duvall voice...


September 07, 2020 - Msg 115286: MDC...Now we got Asa All Keyíd up Now....🤣🤣👍

September 07, 2020 - Msg 115287: Good morning and Happy Labor Day to all!

It's also Laci's birthday- can y'all believe that girl is 17 years old?! Happy Birthday to our Porch "baby"!

G-F- when is your hip surgery? I wish you all the best with it and hope you will see a huge improvement once you're all recovered.

Boo, I'm glad you found some things that will help your stomach trouble. Hopefully you will soon begin to feel lots better and can get back to eating well again.

I believe I saw a post some days back from Maude about losing a pet. I am sorry for your loss,Maude.

Well, guess that's it for now. Y'all have a safe Labor Day!

possum u.a.r.

September 07, 2020 - Msg 115288: Good morning, porch! Another beautiful day, and not too hot. A demented little squirrel is just racing around the yard, turning flips, running in circles, leaping into the air, just generally celebrating life, apparently. I don't know if he's showing off for a lady love or what, but there are two other squirrels out there, so I figure that must be it. I just love the little things, they are so funny and entertaining.

If anyone missed that link to Sean Dietrich's blog, as posted by G-F, I'm going to post it again. I checked it out, found it to be very interesting, very well written and entertaining, and I subscribed immediately. Here it is, and I highly recommend it: Thanks again, G-F.

Happy Birthday to Laci! Mercy, how did that baby girl get to be 17 already?!? I guess time flies when you're having fun. Possum, so glad she has you, and you have her. God is good!

Well, I got another water bill. The bill for two months ago was around $120. Last month's bill was for $318.65, which got my attention. That's when I discovered the little spokey thing on the meter is turning, very, very slowly, but it's turning. Naturally, I assumed that I have a leak somewhere, but a plumber and also Jerry and David have been unable to locate one.

Now on Saturday, I received this month's bill. It is also for $318.65. Hmmmm. That puts a whole new light on the matter. First of all, identical bills for two months strikes me as highly unlikely. Also, I spoke to my next door neighbor, and their bill was just over $200 for last month. I am one person and a puppy here. I do about 6-8 loads of laundry a month. I shower daily. I run the dishwasher about three times a week. I do have a sprinkler system, but it doesn't run but twice a week. My neighbor has a household of from six to ten people, at any time you wish to count, mostly teenagers who are known to shower at least once a day, (thank goodness) and often twice or more. Kids move in and out constantly. They have a pool, which they keep filled, and they have a sprinkler system. Yet, their bill is less than mine, by at least $100 a month? I'm thinking there is no leak, just a faulty meter. So tomorrow morning, I will be on the phone to the water board. I've had just about enough of trouble with those people. The meter is new, and that huge $500+ bill I got a while back was the result of that new meter being installed. They adjusted that for me, very fairly, and I thought all was well, but apparently the meter is at fault again. Why is it always something, to get your blood boiling again? Oh well. I'll cool off, have a pleasant conversation with the nice lady I finally reached the last time, who helped me so much. If I can find her.....

I think I'll go back and read Sean Dietrich's blog about the state of Virginia again. Beautifully written, so descriptive, and such a pleasant way to start a day. Blessings, friends, and Happy Labor Day! Rest, eat well, and stay safe. --Romeena

September 07, 2020 - Msg 115289: Smart meters! Fancy new water meters of today keep track of peak water usage just like the electric utilities do.
If you have a lousy water district, they might be just averaging out your bill.

September 07, 2020 - Msg 115290: Humans who come out and actually read the meter are the wild cards in this. No telling if they are doing the job right.


September 07, 2020 - Msg 115291:
Romeena watch the following videos about detecting water leaks under homes:

from Poor Horatio

September 07, 2020 - Msg 115292:
Romeena, and if you want to learn about slab leaks, watch

from Poor Horatio

September 07, 2020 - Msg 115293:

"I'm not keyed up!" (:

September 07, 2020 - Msg 115294: Well I am all keyed up. I lived breathed ate and slept Drag Racing back in my late teens and early 20's. There was a feller from our home town who was 5 or 6 years older than me who started racing and who I really idolized. He eventually got into running a Top Fuel Dragster. This was back in the mid to late 70's when little fellers could still afford to do that. He raced a used dragster for a few years and then in 1976 had a brand new dragster built. He did really well with that car, getting ranked as high as 8th in the Nation in Top Fuel in the Winston Points race. This was back in the day of Garlits and Ruth. Not bad for a country kid. I went down to the Winternationals a couple of times. Was a blast. I even ran my own car for a while, but just in a sportsman class. Even back then it was pricey.

Romeena, So sorry the water bill is still so high. I do hope it is just a bad meter.

Happy Birthday to Laci. No, I can't believe she is 17 Possum. Man, time just fly's by. I hope she is all recovered from her illness.

Boo, I sure hope they can figure out what has you ailing and get you running smooth again. I'm watching Andy trying to lengthen and fatten Barney up. Maybe that's what you need. To hang in the contraption and get any kinks out of you. :) Might work.

Goob, did they mention how long you will be in the Hospital? You are in my prayers Brother.


September 08, 2020 - Msg 115295:

Hey to Possum, good to see ya. Happy birthday to laci!!! :)
ASA, I too was at the local drag strip a lot during the early '70s.
I even took a few junior high kids (from the school where I taught)on a Saturday. Saw the Prudone,Snake, Garlits, Mongoose, etc.
Great fun back in the day as the cars would spit that nitro out the pipes! :).
Romeen, that was smart to ask the neighbor about their bill.
Boy, if that doesnt tell city hall something, nothing will.

Well, I gotta tell ya all, I still miss the MDA telethon.
As a youngster, we had mda carnivals in our backyard. It got us kids involved
in a good cause. I was thinking how that is missing with today's kids.
Saw the What's Your Hurry ep tonight! Always a good one! Smiles and

September 08, 2020 - Msg 115296: Good morning, porch. Another lovely day, just 78į, with a predicted high of only 87į, and nothing above the 80s for the next week. I think our HHH days are over for this year, but being Texas, I also know we could get some more egg-frying days. We shall see.

G-F, I'm so glad you're getting that hip fixed. You will be so glad you did. When is the surgery scheduled? Also, I want to thank you again for that link to Sean Dietrich's blog. I passed it on to family and friends and my SS class, and so far six people have responded and told me they have subscribed. The man is a very talented writer, with a unique style, and he has a message of good cheer, told with humor and gentleness. Thanks again.

I've got to take Tillie back to the shop. After getting a new water pump a couple of weeks ago, last night on my way over to Eloise's for dinner, I got a "check engine soon" light and a message about checking coolant level. When I got home later last night, and drove into the garage, I saw the big puddle of liquid on the floor. So, called the shop, and Charlie, the desk guy, said to bring her in. His exact words: "Bring her in, and we'll see what's wrong, and see who has to die." That makes me think he suspects that someone may have not tightened something securely or some such. I hope that's all it is.

About the water bills - there is no way that I could get two identical, to the penny, bills back to back, when the bills are that large. I get identical gas bills all the time, because in the summer I just pay the minimum. However, when my water bill is $100 more than my neighbor with his large and busy household and his swimming pool, which he tops off daily, there's no way my usage could be identical for two consecutive months. If that's what happened, then I'm going to play the lottery today. Even if they're billing based on average usage, it's still wrong, because the bill is just flat-dog too high. The bill for two months ago was just $120. I have placed a call for the nice and knowledgeable lady who helped me through that $518 bill back in February, and left a message asking her to call me this afternoon.

The new meters that were installed on my street last winter don't require physical reading. The reader just drives down the street, and equipment in his vehicle receives signals from each meter. Don't ask me how that works, it really sounds error-prone to me. Now I do believe I have a very tiny leak in or under the house somewhere, but when it takes well over a minute for the meter's little red-spoked wheel to make a full revolution, and just flushing a toilet makes it spin so fast it's just a pink blur, I can't believe the leak is much of a problem right now. I know it can get bigger, and will watch for increase in the meter's speed, but for now, the few pennies it should be costing me each month are not worth the $2k or more it would cost to dig up the foundation to try to find that tiny leak. Honestly, if it ain't one thing, it's another!

PH, thanks for those links. I will be checking them out this afternoon, when I get through with the car. I previewed them, and they're lengthy, about 25 minutes worth in all, and look very interesting, so I want to watch them when I'm not fighting time. Looks like some good ideas there, and I love the guy, he's funny!

My beat-up ankle looks a lot better. All the bruising is gone, except a new one that surfaced on top of my foot, but it's fading. The swelling is all gone, too. All that's left is a sore area on the tibia, just above the ankle joint, and it feels like a boil. The bone itself is sore, which fits with what the doc said - I bruised the bone, and it will take about six weeks to clear up. No problem, at least I didn't break anything.

Well, better feed Trinket, get dressed and take Tillie to the shop. I hope they don't have to keep her. Blessings, everyone. Especially Boo and G-F and JM, and well, just everyone! --Romeena

September 08, 2020 - Msg 115297: Romeena, I knew you would like Seanís writings, I thought I had posted his link before. He does have a gentle style and his daily writings are a highlight of my day. He gets a lot said in his short stories, just what we all need to start our days....

As far as the hip surgery, I get it done on October 13th and it requires a overnight stay. Some places do it as a One Day out-patient surgery...Iím glad my guy seeís it necessary to monitor me overnight. I do have to go in advance for some pre-surgery testing and a COVID test too.

This is why Iím not going to Mayberry Days this year, which bums me out but it is whatís BEST for the situation this year.

Well I better start moving I have to go to the grocery store WoooWho!.....G-F

September 08, 2020 - Msg 115298: Morning, Porch

Thought you might like to hear that the wife, my father and I went to the Trump boat parade at Stockton Lake on Saturday. HUGE turnout and the flags were a'flyin! Tons of people were in lawn chairs on the hills and shore. Felt like a 4th of July display or something. It was big! Big, big!

G-F - I guess no one told you to quit trying out for football. you done went and got yourself a pain like Emma. ;)

Boo - I hate to hear of your ailments. Dog gone, you've been thru so much. Prayers for you and your family.

Romeena - Thank you for the scripture encouragement. I dont want you all to think I am pacing the floor and wringing my hands about stuff. But some of this bull we're seeing across the country and in our politics just makes my blood boil. I think what's doing it is the sheer ego and stupidity of those involved. Attacking younger people is one thing, but the elderly?! Well...I will censor myself or risk Floyd banning me.

MDC - Yep, I was a big Jerry Lewis MDA watcher too. As a younger person, I enjoyed seeing a lot of the "older" acts and comedians he had on there. I would go down to our local telethon spot and watch too. It was in Kansas City's Crown Center hotel for years. It's still hard to get used to Labor Day without it.

possum - Happy belated birthday to Laci. I havent been too hungry lately for your cookin' 'cause of all the upheaval, but I think I'll heap some on my plate when you make something again.

On a personal note, I have quietly told the NFL, Major League Baseball, including my Chiefs and Royals to take a major leap. Their bandwagon riding of this whole movement is sickening and majorly disappointing. 50 years of waiting for a Chiefs team like this and this is how it goes. I guess the Cowboys are going to do some big protest Sunday that's supposed to have everyone talking. more reason to despise "Jerrah" and the Cowboys.

Hey to Sarah, Asa, PH, SPOT and everyone else that's auditioning for the Mayberry Band.
Y'all stay safe and be well!

John Masters

P.S. Our little county here has EXPLODED in Covid with schools in. We have 94 active and a jaw dropping 599 in quarantine. Lord help us now that Labor Day has passed. People out there celebrating and Blooey!

September 08, 2020 - Msg 115299: Just droppin' in. Thank you all for your kind words and concern! You are so sweet. I am feeling better the past couple of days but can only eat about three things. lol I did get the report back from the sono and its normal. I didn't even have a gallstone, which surprises me since I have a life long history of high cholesterol. So, on to the colonoscopy. Thanks again for the prayers and kind words.

I heard from one of brothers today in California. He is in Santa Rosa and it is near 110 degrees from the fires and they are having rolling blackouts, so no air conditioning. He said it is no fun but he wont leave. I think he needs to get his valuables out and go somewhere else! He is 72 and stubborn. It must be awful there.

Hope you all are well,

September 08, 2020 - Msg 115300: Boo, You made me chuckle...I know Iím twisted but the comment ďSo on to the colonoscopyĒ kinda sounded like a political rally cry.....ĒOn to the Colonoscopy and Letís Win there!Ē...*Is what my mind heard...

Sorry...But thru the 👀 eyes of a Goob....🤷🏼‍♂️...G-F

September 08, 2020 - Msg 115301: Thatís hilarious Goob!! Thatís about how I feel about it, too. Letís conquer this thing and win! Lol


September 09, 2020 - Msg 115302: Hey All !..getting my winter crops started !..ready for the Band to start up..we are all good here at the dog house !..gona read the mail...Prayers...SPOT

September 09, 2020 - Msg 115303: LOL, Goob, I was thinking Boo sounded more like Bill Belichick at this post game news conference.


September 09, 2020 - Msg 115304: Lol...Itís On to Cincinnati, and Lets Win There!...But what about the colonoscopy?...Weíre On to Cincinnati!

From the warped Maintenance Guys!... 🤪 Lol

September 09, 2020 - Msg 115305: * It comes from all those years inhaling WD-40 Amen Asa?

September 09, 2020 - Msg 115306: Morning, Porch

YOU guys are a crack up! I was laughing at both remarks.
How 'bout this...we'll make up campaign signs for Boo with "On To the Colonoscopy" and then when she updates us next time, we can get a hoodie for her to wear. LOL!

Y'all have a great day! Be safe, be careful and stay well!

John Masters

September 09, 2020 - Msg 115307: Works for me.


September 10, 2020 - Msg 115308:

Y'all are getting silly! Ha! Speaking of which... tonight's episode was
about Mary Grace, and as I was watching the credits at the end,
Mary Grace, the character, was played by a Mary Grace Canfield, the actress!
Also, they spoke of Al Becker. Wasn't Al Becker the secretive farmer?
AND...Andy used the word 'gross-a-teria.' Is that a southern term for grocery store? Very curious.
I hope everyone is doing OK.
JOHN, I'm with ya on the NFL, I'm so done with 'em!
RO--what did you find out about Tillie? It sounds like someone
didnt tighten the water pump too well.
Our weather here has 'taken a tumble.' It was a beautiful 91 today!
But it looks like it will be going back up real soon.
We are getting a lot of smoke here from the California fires. It seems like California is burning down! Last year it was Australia, and then the Amazon forest. Such strange happenings.
Keep the faith, Jesus is the Way. :)
Good night porch friends,

September 10, 2020 - Msg 115309:

Wow, I just learned something...

September 10, 2020 - Msg 115310: MDC, I get a kick how Gomer says corsage in that episode. And his socks. lol
We were suffering from that smoke too but on Tuesday that cold front moved in. Mercy sakes, we had near 100 MPH winds here for almost a day and a half. I lost power for almost 12 hours here. There are still a lot of folks who have not had power since Tuesday. Tree's down all over the place. Power lines down. Whew, bad couple of days. In my best Lydia voice, I hate the wind! I don't mind regular breezes, but I hate the wind! :)

I think Al Becker was a different feller MDC. The farmer was quiet Sam, if I am thinking of the same farmer you are.

Boo, good luck on the probe. I hope they can find what's ailing you and it ain't serious.

Well better get rolling. I need to mow today but I need to clean up a ton of stuff off my lawn first. Small limbs and twigs from all the wind. I just put new blades on my rider and I want them to stay sharp for a little while at least.


September 10, 2020 - Msg 115311: Morning, folks

My, it was FOGGY in the valley! Almost couldnt see your hand in front of your face. All gone now.

MDC - I am waiting for Sunday. I have to admit I am curious to what the Cowboys have up their sleeve. They might WAY overstep and drive even more people away from the NFL.

Asa - I believe the farmer with the pregnant wife was SAM Becker. Maybe Al's his brother? LOL!

Ok...lunch at 11 like Barney. Y'all take care and be safe!

John Masters

September 11, 2020 - Msg 115312:

Core sage (:

September 11, 2020 - Msg 115313:


September 11, 2020 - Msg 115314: September 11th, 2001.

Never forget.

God Bless the USA.
possum under a rock

September 11, 2020 - Msg 115315:

AMEN Possum!
And we need God now more than ever.

September 12, 2020 - Msg 115316:

"Now Opie, it isn't just the materialistic things of
this world that makes a person rich; its


September 12, 2020 - Msg 115317: Amen, Andy. I couldn't have said it better myself! --Romeena

September 12, 2020 - Msg 115318: Just checking in. Been down with the big-D for 24 hours now (kind of sounds like a rap song). I am not feeling really bad, though. Not sure what caused it because I hardly eat anything. It may have been started by stress. I had a couple of stressful situations yesterday. I had gone to pick up my curbside groceries yesterday afternoon and I had Poopsie with me in the car. When I got back I decided to leave her in the car with the window cracked while I unloaded the groceries because she tries to run out the door when I am carrying things in. Well, I finished, shut the tailgate and then went to get her and my purse out of the car. Well, Poopsie accidentally stepped on the automatic door lock button and I was locked out with the keys and my phone inside my purse! It was really hot outside and with just one window cracked about 4 inches, I knew it would soon get very hot inside the car. My neighbors were gone so I was stuck. I thought I would have to break a window in the suburban which would cost and arm and leg to replace! I was pretty stressed out! I then noticed one of Bruce's golf clubs in the garage ( a putter), so I used it to reach in through the crack in the window and retrieve my purse I was bringing it up, my phone rang and I managed to get the phone out but dropped the purse with the key in it. Luckily, I was able to hook the purse again with the putter and squeeze my hand through the crack and retrieve the key. I don't need situations like that in my life right now! lol All was well but I think the stress set off my problems again. Oh well, that's the way it works.

Hope you are all well.


September 12, 2020 - Msg 115319: As the say in golf ⛳️ You drive for show, but the putter will get you the dough, but in your case the keys 🔑..G-F

September 13, 2020 - Msg 115320: Check this out! It's a 60th Anniversary Special about The Andy Griffith Show. Go to the Sept. 12th 1to 5 pm "Those were the Days" segment. I think you'll enjoy it.

jennie boone