November 10, 2020 - Msg 115615: Good morning, porch! Once again, it's cloudy and looks like rain here, but the afternoon will be bright and sunny, at least according to the weather report online. We'll see.

Rest in peace, Alex Trebek. I didn't get to see the documentary about him, if I had been aware of it I would have recorded it, but I missed it somehow. It doesn't surprise me that he would have a history of charitable work. He always struck me as not just a smart man, but a good and kind man as well. He will be missed.

I had a lovely evening with David and Brittney and Landry (Hudson was with his girlfriend, of course) and we had a great dinner with our Tyler, Heather's oldest boy. He's 27 now (I can't believe it!), tall and handsome and just a delight to be with. He spent the last four years working for Enterprise Rent Cars, was a store manager for them for the last year. He has now gone to work for a company that buys, renovates and resells apartment complexes. He will manage the complex, and oversee the renovation and ultimate re-sale, then move on. It was so nice to sit at dinner and have a lively conversation with him, and so hard to reconcile the mature adult with the memories of the little boy who sat in the middle of my kitchen island, shucking corn! He was so meticulous about it, and would try to pull every single little string of silk off the ears. He still has that tendency, believing that a job worth doing is worth doing right! He's a delight!

MDC, I was never a huge fan of rock-n-roll music, but I did have my favorites. I was an Elvis fan for sure, still enjoy his music. I preferred the less frenetic numbers, the ballads and "softer" songs, but I loved the quality of his voice and thought it was getting even better as he grew older. Naturally, I loved country music and still do. Again, my top choice was and is the ballads. I loved "El Paso", and just about anything else sung by Marty Robbins. And then there's country gospel music! I really enjoy the Statler Brothers, wish they were still around and recording. They had a special sound. With the old "Roadhog" singing his deep-down bass, and that tenor whose voice just rang like a bell, they were so good! I enjoy the Gaither "family reunions" on TV, such beautiful harmonies. It's hard to realize that so many of them are gone now, but at least we still have them on film. In my opinion, so much of what passes for music in recent years isn't music at all, it's just somebody yelling at the top of their voice, and I'm actually glad I can't understand what they're saying. I don't think I'd want to know. One of my pet peeves is to be in a restaurant, straining to hear what my table-mates are saying, while some "singer" is screeching in the background. It seems like the more people there are in the restaurant, the louder they play the music. Don't they realize that most of the people are talking too loud, trying to be heard over the noise from the music? I have stopped going to a Mexican/American restaurant that I really enjoyed, because it's just too noisy. With my hearing challenges, the loud music overpowers any conversation at the table, and it's just not worth it.

Well, the clouds are breaking up, and here comes the sun. Maybe I'll go pull some weeds. Blessings, friends! Stay safe, stay well. --Romeena

November 10, 2020 - Msg 115616: Thanks for that link, MDC. I have actually seen it. I have seen so much interesting history, concerning politics lately.

Ro, the flautas were made with flour tortillas and were crip from one end to the other! Oh, man! lol

On the subject of politics Ro, I think there are many people who want to pigeon hole everyone into the extreme camps. As you all know, I lean to the left but not far left and I certainly wouldn't think of myself as a flaming liberal but I cant tell everyone that I'm not a super conservative down here in the bible belt. I have three four friends, that I am aware of, that are not Trump supporters and I can talk to them. That;s a real shame. Sean attends the church where my sister and her husband attend and he says that every church meeting is like a Trump rally and he doesn't dare mention that he isn't a Trump supporter. They are very radical about it there. I think that stuff should be left at home because it divides people and that is not what the Lord wants. The way I see it, we can focus on the kingdom of man and die on that hill, or we can make our priority the kingdom of God. It seems to me that the bible is pretty clear about those who cause division among believers. I certainly don't want to do that. Today the verse came to my mind about "In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world". I stopped right there and offered a tearful prayer that God would overcome the pride and hatefulness in all of our hearts and replace it with his unconditional love. I wish the Christians down here would understand that we all have differences of opinion and different life stories that bring us to those differences, but we can all be followers of Christ and love people.

Well, best go get some things done.


November 11, 2020 - Msg 115617: Looks like I visited at the right time. Boo, that Bible verse you mentioned hit me right where it counts, and I really needed it.
Things not going well on my end of the porch with the wife. Not that it was a cake walk before, but with this election, among other issues, it has gone from bad to much worse.
I never know what each day will bring, and it is wearing on me. I hope I can call on some of the prayer warriors on the porch. I could also use some friends. I wish I lived next to all of you so we could visit and I wouldn't feel so alone.

On a lighter note, I have been watching TAGS on my Amazon Prime Video service, leaving it on as I go to sleep. If you remember, I think I mentioned doing that so that I wouldn't hear any mice activity in the kitchen and keep me up, but now I just do it because I like doing it. But anyway, it is kind of funny because when the theme starts, it always says in the top left corner "Not rated", but then it will always have some outlandish category under that which never fits in with the show at all. Like it will say, "Violence" or "Foul Language" and others. I just find it funny that it thinks TAGS would have any of those things on it.

Hope you all are well and I hope you have a good night!

-Sterling Holobyte

November 11, 2020 - Msg 115618:
I was watching Dick VanDyke tonite, and the lady from the
Mayberry Historical Society was on it as someone similar! Talk about type-casting! (Even dressed to the nines. ha
BOO--In a way, I'm glad that Sean is sticking with that church. Maybe he can bring up something about more unity, etc. So many today seem to 'church hop' looking for someone to 'tickle their ears' as the Bible warns us.
I am a little concerned about ASA. He hasn't been on the porch for quite a while now, and he didn't answer an email that I sent to him. Please say a prayer that all is OK.
RO--It is so great that your grandkids have become such fine folks. How is the one doing who plays the bassoon? I've always enjoyed the 50s music by the crooners of that era such as Pat Boone, Rick Nelson, etc. My oldest sister was a big fan, and so as a kid i got to know their sound.
Well, off to the north country on Wed.

November 11, 2020 - Msg 115619:

Sterling, you sneaked in there. Yes, I will pray indeed!

November 11, 2020 - Msg 115620: Thank you, mdc.

November 11, 2020 - Msg 115621: Sterling...I think Tommy Paine said it best...ĒThese are the times that try menís souls... This goes for both politics and our personal lives too!...It IS difficult when our ďEb & FlowĒ are out of kilter.....Hang in there Buddy!....

Remember to thank a Veteran today 🇺🇸...Itís because of these men & woman why we enjoy the Freedoms we have!...


November 11, 2020 - Msg 115622: Question, did Andy and Helen ever get engaged on the show? Sarah

November 11, 2020 - Msg 115623:


November 11, 2020 - Msg 115624:

We had a great day trip today, even saw some snow!
Pooped out tho, so more tomorrow.
MDC :)

November 11, 2020 - Msg 115625:
Oh Sarah, to my knowledge, no, but i think they did in the "Return to Mayberry" Movie. mdc

November 12, 2020 - Msg 115626: Morning all.

Sorry about being AWOL. Just been dealing with a lot of things here.
More later.


November 12, 2020 - Msg 115627: Thanks for checking in, Asa. Im sorry you are dealing with so much.

Good to see you, Sterling. We are here for you anytime you want to share. These folks are experts at encouragement and no one knows it better than I! You have been going through a lot for a long time. How are the children? What is Kai doing these days?

I watched a little news today about the covid surge..what I read is that the cases are spreading worse in rural areas due to large gatherings for parties, etc. Dr. Fauci said that he didn't think a shut down would be needed if people would do the simple things like good handwashing, masks, and avoiding large groups. I hope people will do that but it will be a challenge with the holidays approaching. We will be gathering with just my sister's family of four, so eight all together. I hate to say it, but I am actually looking forward to smaller gatherings and less stress. I hope and pray we will all stay well this holiday season. The talk is that there will be a vaccine available in the spring but it will go to health care workers and elderly in facilities, first. It may be awhile before it is available for everyone so stay as safe as possible.


November 12, 2020 - Msg 115628: Good evening porchters! Prayers for everyone and need them always. RIP Alex Trebek. We lost a popular DJ here in east Tennessee yesterday. Very big hearted. He was always contributing to the community. "Camped for cans" for several days around
Thanksgiving to help those less fortunate and hungry, among other things. Wish I could remember his sign off tribute every shift change. It was a tribute to the veterans, firefighters, police and first responders. Was fitting that he passed on Veterans Day! RIP Billy Kid. WIMZ,Knoxville.

November 12, 2020 - Msg 115629: Hey y'all- Figured I'd check in before somebody else takes over my rocker here in the Porch. Doing ok,just have my mind on the election and worried about the future of our country,like I'm sure many of you are. Not going to get into politics, but Heaven help us if this turns out to be a rigged election. Enough said. Praying,praying that everything will work out okay.

Anyway, yes,sad to lose Alex Trebek. He was a class act all the way.

Sorry that you're still having some issues at home, Sterling. I just want you to be happy,all of us do. Take care,friend. Praying for you,for Asa, and all of us during these troubling times.

possum under a rock

November 12, 2020 - Msg 115630: Asa...Glad you checked in Buddy...Hang in there! ...That goes for you too Possum ...G-F

November 12, 2020 - Msg 115631:

Hello all! Saw the episode about Frank Myers and his confederate bond tonight. That is a good one.
I have read somewhere that they named his character after the show's Production Manager, Frank Myers. (One can see his name in the credits.) G-F, have you heard that at all?
Our day trip went well. Went to a town named "Strawberry." And, we think we found a place to rent for a bit next summer. After this past super hot summer, it would work out well. We even saw some snow! Will post a few pics on FB.
RO, at your suggestion, we will try it next year for a week or so, and then if OK, longer. :)
STERling, thanks for posting. I sure wish I knew what to suggest. Have you talked to your pastor? Just an tought.
BOO- I am certainly no doctor, but I still think that the covid surge is because there is so much more testing going on now, so many more positives are being recorded. I still think that 'herd immunity' has some basis in fact too, but like I say, I'm not a doctor.
ASA, Ang, and Possum, thanks for checking in. Sorry to hear of that DJ's passing Ang. He sure sounds like a great guy. Possum, thanks for acting like somebody, and setting for a bit on the porch. :)
Hang in there, God bless,

November 13, 2020 - Msg 115632: MDC, that doesnít really explain the hospitals filling up with covid cases. My cousin Kim is in the hospital with it in Michigan right now. I talked to her last night. She told me she has never been so sick in her life. She is on oxygen but hasnít required a ventilator so far and seems to be improving. She has an autoimmune disease so we are concerned.


November 13, 2020 - Msg 115633: Also she isnít very old l(in her 50s).


November 13, 2020 - Msg 115634:
BOO--so sorry to hear! She is in my prayers.
If I may ask, is she one who has stayed sheltered
in place until now? The only reason I ask is
because I have heard that those who are just now venturing out are getting hit hard.
One thing I noticed about our day trip is that the folks in the rural areas are out more.
But i am also convinced that my increase in sinus problems
are definitely now due to
the over population in the Phx area. They have just
built here for years, and it has really impacted things.
A good day to all. My day will be checking out medicare plans with my brother!
God bless,

November 13, 2020 - Msg 115635: Hello! I'm new to this site and am not a terribly big Andy Griffith fan so do excuse me- I was wondering if anyone is still here who was active pre-2007? My mother was apparently a very active user, she passed when I was young and it would mean a lot to get to know some of her friends. I was looking through the archives and believe her screen name was Millie.

November 13, 2020 - Msg 115636: Hi, visitor! Romeena here, and yes, I remember your mom very well. Would you be Sean, by any chance? Or are you one of her three "borned" kids? Either way, know that your mom was loved and respected here until her untimely death. We miss her. There are still a few of us here who were here then as well. Some of us go back about 20 years.

We would enjoy getting to know you, and share some memories of Millie. She was a kind soul, sweet nature, and always had a good word.

Feel free to drop in whenever you wish. You will be welcome. --Romeena

November 13, 2020 - Msg 115637: Hi! No, not Sean. I'm her youngest. I've spent the whole day reading over the archive conversations and all I can say is it really warms my heart knowing how sweet all of you are. I don't have many memories of her, so it kind of feels like I'm getting to know her. Sorry to be sappy.

November 13, 2020 - Msg 115638: Millieís Youngest....Yep, ALOT of good folks here!...Many have been rocking here a LONG LONG time!...
It sounds like a nice time capsule discovery for you. We have discussed many things over the years, from Mayonnaise to tool belts and EVERYTHING in between...Although you may not be a Mayberry Nut, youíll see the Spirit of Mayberry here and why we are a tight bunch...Enjoy the archives...

G-F ďGoober FifeĒ

November 14, 2020 - Msg 115639:
Hello to Millie's 'child!' Millie's name came from a character on a few episodes of TAGS, and she was a sweet character, so I can certainly understand why your mom picked that name as her handle here. I also 'knew' her,
and she bravely shared her cancer story with us, and we prayed together with her right up until the Lord took her to her heavenly home. I am so glad that you found her entries in the archives as she was a real blessing to this 'porch.' :)

Here is a weird question for everyone: Have any of you had a "mask" dream? The other night I dreamt that i was in a grocery store, and an announcement kept repeating over the intercom that everyone must wear a mask, but I didn't have one, and couldn't find one anywhere! Everyone was walking toward me, and then I woke up! ha I guess it is the 2020 version
of the old 'naked in public' dream.

Tonite's episode was about the 'breach of contract' that barney got himself into after the 'poor little lamb' said that he proposed to her. :)
It seems like a pretty flimsy lawsuit, but it did make a good show. lol

Happy weekend to all,

November 14, 2020 - Msg 115640: Good morning all.

Whew, been a stressful few weeks here but I think (hope) it ir calming down.

Hey to Millies youngest and welcome. I knew your Mom well also and was so very saddened as her disease progressed. But she was a strong and sweet woman who brought a lot of joy to our porch. So we welcome you and hope you will stay with us. We need to come up with a name for you. Are you a Son or a Daughter? We can help you in picking a name if you want. It doesn't even need to be TAGS related if you don't want. Just let us know, and again welcome.

MDC, I just watched that same episode on my DVD. I always get a good laugh when Barney has his head stuck up that lampshade commenting on how much heat that little 60 watt bulb puts out. lol I was surprised that he was so coy with her though. He was always more than ready to smooch with Thelma Lou. Maybe he just didn't cotton to her assertive ways. Anyway, a little trivia for you or anyone who wants to answer. What was the real name of Mellisa? (not the actresses name but her real character name)
MDC, maybe tonight you will dream you are in the grocery store wearing nothing but a mask. lol

GF, How goes the rehab? I hope all is well. You had any snow yet? We got some earlier this week. Not enough to fire up Helen. She is ready to go though.

Boo, sorry to hear about Kim. I hope she will be okay. I sure hope this vaccine they are talking about will be effective.

Romeena, how is Trinket doing? Well I hope. I see that starting in January PBS will be airing brand new episodes of All Creatures Great and Small. I think it is a BBC production. I am really looking forward to that.

Great to see you Possum. I will just say Amen to your post and leave it at that.

Sterling, I sure wish you could find some peace in your domestic situation. My prayers is all I can offer.

PH, Just curious, are the virus numbers in Cananda about the same as we are seeing here in the USA? I am starting to wonder about the effectiveness of masks. I don't go out much, but when I do everyone is wearing them, yet the numbers continue to explode. I'm not saying we shouldn't be wearing them, but rather is it giving folks a false sense of security thinking I am wearing a mask so I'm good to go. As Rommena says, wash your hands a lot, try to keep them away from your face, and avoid crowds I suppose. I am resigning myself to a Christmas with no kids or Grandkids and that is breaking my heart. I hate this.

Anyway, sorry about that. Just venting. It's therapetic. lol


November 14, 2020 - Msg 115641: Welcome to Millie's youngest! What a blessing it is for us Porchsters to have you join us- your mom was so sweet and brave and I have thought of her many times over the years.I hope you enjoy the archives-we are pleased to have you here!

Hey to everyone,and no,no mask dreams for me, MDC-you ain't been drinking outta the courthouse crock before bedtime,have ya?!

Have a good,safe weekend,everyone!

P.S. Prayers for your cousin,Boo.

possum u.a.r.

November 14, 2020 - Msg 115642: And a big hug (porch hugs are 100% safe & okay!) to my dear friend Asa- ((( ASA)))

possum again

November 14, 2020 - Msg 115643: Asa...We had about a inch of snow last week, but not enough to get ďJoeĒ out....I hope we have another mild winter because the Doctor is not crazy about me doing snow ❄️ anytime soon. Or until about 8 weeks out...I wonít do anything crazy Iíve done good so far and donít want to blow it!..Iím thinking that picture I sent to you & MDC must have been a Maintenance Guy tho...Lol

Iíve been doing my daily exercises and walks, Iím up to walking to the end of the street and back....I think next week Iím going to try to drive to our little 2/3 abandoned mall and do some walking there. Thereís plenty of benches to sit on incase I run outa steam....


November 14, 2020 - Msg 115644: Good afternoon, porch. Cloudy, windy and cool here today, but no rain. I wish we'd get some soon. If not, I'll have to run my sprinklers again, and I've been looking forward to a low water bill.

Speaking of water bills, the man came out yesterday and more or less isolated the water leak. He agreed with me that it's very, very tiny, and probably not costing me over $5 a month, but the problem is that it might decide to increase at any moment. He didn't use his little snakey camera, it wasn't necessary. He was able to prove that it was in a hot water line, on the bedroom side of the house. He shut off the water to the tankless heater that supplies both bathrooms on that side, and the meter stopped turning. So, now we know it's on the west side of the house. He said he could put his camera in those water lines and eventually locate the leak, but then the fix would either involve digging through the slab somewhere, which means ripping up the carpet somewhere in most of the area, or the wood in my bedroom, or the tile around the bathroom fixtures, shower in my bathroom, tub and shower in the guest bathroom, or either sink. Big fix, wherever it may be. His preferred solution is to enter the line, connect new lines and go up and over, through the attic. Still some tile will be disturbed anywhere there's a hot water line, but it will be less expensive, and certainly less intrusive than the alternative. And - the added bonus is that 47-year old copper water lines will be replaced with new lines, and eliminate that worry for the future. I've decided to spend $250 more and have the cold water lines replaced as well. Those lines are copper, 47 years old, and I've already fixed one leak, which was under the slab (what a mess!), about 14 years ago. So, while they've got the walls open to make connections and such, I'm just going to do both.

Asa, you asked about Trinket. She is a wart and a pestilence! Sweetest little thing in the world, so loving, but so busy. A few days ago, I left her closed up in my bathroom while I went to the grocery store. I do that because she will loot and pillage throughout the house when I'm not here, and has been known to get upset and frustrated and try to chew wires. I've got most of the wires, wherever I can, tucked away so she can't get at them, but there are some that just can't be protected. So, in the bathroom she goes when I have to leave. It's not a bad deal - she has a cuddlebed, toys, food and water, light, and the promise of a treat when I let her out. Still, she's not happy about it. So, I came home, I went immediately to let her out. To my consternation, when I opened the bathroom door, she wasn't there. Not a sign of her. I knew she hadn't gotten out, because the door is a slider, and my little folded-paper wedges were still in place, to keep her from working the door open. Then I heard a tiny noise, opened the door to the big laundry cabinet, and there she was, curled up on a pile of laundry. She had managed to snag the door with a toenail, pull it open and enter. The door closes itself, but she could get out. It's not spring-loaded, it just closes by itself. Now, this afternoon, I watched her as she opened the door, went in and lay down on a pile of towels, and the door slowly closed. She stayed there the whole time I was in the shower! She has found herself a little hidey-hole, I guess. Weird little dog.

Well, guess I'd better get dressed. My friend Beverly just called, she has taken a mutual friend up to the hospital to receive a couple of units of blood (she's losing blood, Hgb 5.4, and no one has figured out where it's going). Beverly has symphony tickets for tonight, so the friend will call me when she's finished getting the blood, and I'll pick her up and run her home. She's just at the local hospital where I worked, about 8 minutes from my house, and lives between me and the hospital, so I probably won't be gone over half an hour. No big deal, but I do have to be dressed, can't make the trip in my sleepshirt! Drat.

Millie's youngest, we really do hope you'll stick around. We all loved and respected your mom, and admired her strength and courage. We prayed for you and your siblings when she had to leave you. This porch is a happy place for many of us, and we'd like you to share it with us. Blessings! --Romeena

November 14, 2020 - Msg 115645: Oh my! Millie's youngest child! What a blessing that you stopped by and I hope you will come back and consider us friends. We loved your sweet mom and we prayed for you and your family. I still think of her and remember how she shared her life with us right up to the end. She was an incredible blessing to us and it was a privilege to know her and share her journey. I hope you will come back and fill us in on your life and what you are doing. Love to you and your family!

MDC, my cousin was out and about like crazy. I think she and her family hit every cider mill and fall festival in Michigan. lol I am pretty sure she wore a mask, though. I believe she caught covid from her dad who had it recently. He had a much milder case than she did even though he is elderly. So far her mom hasn't had it. Ive had two cousins with it so hit hard and one not...both in Michigan and they live in a rural area. PS-no, I haven't had any mask dreams. lol

Good to see you here, Asa, and I am so sorry you have been under so much stress, my friend. Hope things are getting easier! I don't know about the effectiveness of masks but I am too chicken to take a chance. I tend to think that handwashing is of utmost importance, as you mentioned. I also think that staying out of large groups is very important. I am thinking about what happened in the meeting in the rose garden. Fairly large group, no masks, handshaking, etc. It seemed to have caused a few cases. I think better safe than sorry until the vaccine is available. We have decided to keep our thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings on the small side this year. I am hoping that Christmas 2021 will be much easier on all of us.

Take good care of yourself, G-F. We are no spring chickens anymore. lol

Thank you all for the prayers for Kim.


November 14, 2020 - Msg 115646: oh hey there, Ro. We were posting at the same time. Bruce's sister Vicki is in the same shape as Beverly. She has about the same hemoglobin and has required blood and iron transfusion. lost a lot of weight too. Im concerned.


November 14, 2020 - Msg 115647: PS- I imagine Trinket receives comfort from lying on the towels with your scent on them when she is in their alone.


November 14, 2020 - Msg 115648: Hey, Boo, you may be right about why Trinket has taken to hiding out in the laundry closet. I hadn't thought of that. Or - she may just be having fun, hiding from me. You're probably right, though. She went in there again while I was in the shower earlier. She just hates for me to get in the shower, she knows I'm in there with the dreaded water spray, but she can't really see me through the frosted glass. She usually just curls up in her cuddlebed and waits, but now that she has learned to open the hamper door, she did that today instead. Silly puppy.

I didn't have to go pick up Lynda and take her home. Beverly had dropped her off at 1:30, and figured it would take about 4 hours to get 2 units of blood, and Beverly would be at her symphony concert by then. However, Lynda called me at 6, said they had just started the first unit, so it would be about 10:30 when it finished. She knew Beverly would be getting out of the symphony around that time, so she would pick her up. Suited me fine, I was under a blanket and pillow, with Trinket in my lap at 10:30 and was very glad I didn't have to get up and dress and leave the house. Trinket would have gone along, of course, but I was happy to stay home.

Friends, y'all pray for Lynda. She is steadily losing blood somewhere, apparently, but no source has been found. Today was her third time to get blood, two units each time, about a month apart. That's a lot of blood, to just disappear like that. I'm wondering if her bone marrow has just stopped producing it. I asked her about that, and she said a doctor had mentioned a possible bone marrow analysis. This poor woman has had her challenges over the past few years. I've known her for years, and for a while about three years ago, she was also a patient of mine when I was doing home health visits. She had heart surgery, and her incision just wasn't healing. She required daily wet-to-dry dressing changes for several weeks, before it finally healed up, and lots of antibiotics. I am so grateful to God for my decent health, relatively speaking. I have chronic problems, but they don't slow me down much. I have a host of excellent doctors who shoot straight with me, listen to me, and we get along fine.

Well, off to bed. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 15, 2020 - Msg 115649:

I hope everyone had a good, restful Sabbath. I often use the afternoon to answer emails from the previous week, etc.
Good to see so many on the porch.
ASA-Im glad that things are going a bit better for you and your family now. Good to see the snow not falling either,
giving helen a rest. Concerning 'Melissa,' I'm guessing her name must be mentioned when Andy is 'Justice of the Peacing' them, but i'm not sure.
GF--same with you and joe! :) Good to hear that you are
getting out and walking more, just be careful! Hopefully there is no ice around.
What I like about here is that I can travel 90 miles north, enjoy the snow, and then come home. haha
RO--Trinket seems to 'know' you pretty well now. I bet she is just having fun
with ya. Is she still going after the loose mail upon delivery?
I will pray for Lynda! Possibly an internal bleeder from her operation?

Good to hear that you now at least know the area of your water leak! Happy that it will be a fairly 'easy' (considering the alternative) job.

I've heard that families are doing a a Zoom Thanksgiving dinner, with everyone having their laptop/tablet in front of
them as they eat and converse across the miles. Sounds kinda clever.
A lot of people are making 'lemonade!' ha
BOO- I know you like to do the big gatherings, but this may provide a rest for you this year. But 'Ready' your laptop! :)

Hang in there gang,

November 16, 2020 - Msg 115650:

"The leader is Maude Tyler, she is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 175 lbs. She is also known as Big Maude Tyler, Clarice Tyler, Maude Clarice Tyler, Annabelle Tyler and Ralph Henderson."

November 16, 2020 - Msg 115651: And Elanora Poultice. :)

November 16, 2020 - Msg 115652: Good Monday morning all.

MDC, Melissa's name was Gladys, and yes, your are correct. It was revealed when Andy blew their caper wide open in the Courthouse.
Last night I watched my all time favorite episode, Man in a hurry. I just love the story line, and there are some great quote lines from that episode, like "adventure sleeping", or "I wonder what causes that", or "for the love of Mike, just do it! Go take a nap! Go to Thelma Lou's! JUST DO IT"! One of the great porch scenes of the show. Right after Andy and Peg singing that one night on the porch. That one always clutches me.

Romeena, glad you isolated the leak and it sounds like a good battle plan for dealing with it. I am guessing the new pipe will be PEX? That seems to be the product of choice anymore. That will be good to get repaired. And my payers go up for Lynda for sure.

GF, Glad to hear your PT is going well and you are on the mend. I hope your winter is mild also so you can fully mend. I sent that picture to a former coworker who retired just after I did. He got a big kick out of it. We were both feeling like that guy the last couple of years on the job. lol

Boo, did Erin have her endoscopy done? I hope it went well.

Possum, thanks for the hug. Sure is nice to come on the porch and get a possum hug. :)

Well we are supposed to have some warmer temps this week. I guess I'll fire up the rider and do a season ending leaf collection. It looks like most of the leaves have dropped finally.

Prayers for all for a great day.


November 16, 2020 - Msg 115653: Oh, and Romeena. Maybe you can show Trinket this video so she can learn at least how to look contrite after her escapades. :)


November 16, 2020 - Msg 115654: Good morning, porch! Bright, sunny, and pleasantly cool here this morning. Leaves falling like rain, and the trees don't even show that they've lost any yet! I'll be glad when Eddie can get back on the job, and he will be happy, too. He's not making any money while he's not working, and I think he worries as much about his customers (three of us on this street) who aren't being taken care of, as he worries about his own problems. He's a good guy.

Asa, that video is hilarious! Only a Golden can look that pitiful. They're such wonderful dogs. I'd have one, but they're so big! As for Trinket, she doesn't bother to look contrite. She just grins, waves her tail plume, and looks at me, with an expression that clearly says "Yes, I did it. What are you going to do, beat me?" She knows full well that all I'll do is scold, I wouldn't raise a hand to her. She's making a habit now of going into the laundry hamper to hide, has done it several times. I think y'all are right - part of it is just a game for her, kind of a Trinket version of hide-and-seek, and part of it is the comfort she gets from snuggling into the laundry that has my scent on it. She's very big on scents. When I put on perfume, she sneezes a lot and looks at me like "Who are you, and what have you done with my mama?" When we get up in the morning, I get up first, then before she lets me pick her up and put her on the floor (my bed is very high) she will burrow into the place where I was lying, and rub around on the sheets. She's acquiring the "pack scent", apparently.

Last night, she did something annoying, but so funny that I just had to laugh. She was sitting on my lap, as usual, and suddenly snuggled up very close to me, sitting up tall, head against my shoulder. Then she stuck her nose in my ear, and sneezed! That will wake you up, let me tell you! She backed off and looked at me, and I couldn't read her expression. It was a mix of "There, how did you like that?" and "Are you going to yell at me?" She is a trip, believe me. I think she's going to be a puppy all her life. Sugarplum was so demure, so dignified, yet playful, loving and obedient. Toye Starr was a cuddlebug, was right on my heels all the time, and wanted nothing more than to curl up in my lap. She would have loved it if I had carried her around all day, and I just about did. Trinket is a wild child, loving and sweet, busy, sweetly defiant, and headstrong. I have loved them all. I feel sorry for anyone who has never known the love of a good dog, and they're pretty much all good dogs, if given half a chance.

Asa, it's good to see you back on the porch. I hope things are smoothing out in your life. Know that we pray for you and yours.

MDC, I love that little scene in the courthouse, when Andy hears the news bulletin about Big Maude. The expression on his face, when he turns to look at the radio when the announcer says "Ralph Henderson", is just hilarious. This morning, I watched the one where Andy has a cold, and tries to take a couple of days off, leaving Goober in charge. He would have done better to deputize Opie! Sometimes folks comment on how Andy could be so touchy and impatient at times, but when you think about it, he was really a very patient man. Personally, I would have tossed all of those clowns out of my bedroom, including Aunt Bee and that ridiculous chicken sandwich, and locked the door. But he didn't, he tolerated the invasion as long as he could. I think it was only because he was usually so very patient, that whenever he finally blew his cork it shocked everyone, maybe including us just a little. Is that "barely possible?"

Well, better get dressed and go meet the day. Not much happening as far as I know, but you never can tell. Blessings! --Romeena

November 16, 2020 - Msg 115655: Asa, Erin had her endoscopy, which showed a problem with her stomach and esophagus. I read the report since I couldnt be there with her to talk with the dr. She has areas of inflammation in the stomach and esophagus and they did biopsies. The dr told her she has Barrett's Esophagus, which is unusual to see in someone her age. She obviously has reflux and the Dr also diagnosed her with Irritable Bowel syndrome. We are still waiting on biopsy reports. She is still feeling pretty poorly most days and I am trying to find her a good internal medicine dr in San Antonio. She had a really bad panic episode yesterday. She had not had one for almost a year so it really threw her. She has her problems but still wants to live up near San Antonio with a friend. One day I hope she wises up and takes the help we have offered her but we cant force it. I drove up to see her today since yesterday was such a tough day for her. Now picture this: she is living with a girlfriend and the girlfriend's family, which consists of Erin, the girlfriend, the girlfriend's two year old daughter, the girlfriends;s mom, 17 year old brother and 8 yr old brother. The place they are living looks like something on the border of Mexico or a hippie commune. It is a type of storage building made into a house. I guess it would qualify as a kind of tiny house with a loft. Next to it is a ratty-looking RV that the boys stay in. There is no real grass on the place, mostly straw, sand and stickers. When I pulled up to the place, there was a goat tied to a tree, a pig in the small enclosure in front of the house, an old dog, two kittens, two cats, and two puppies inside the small house. What on earth?! I dont want to sound like a snob here but wow. It's like a little piece of Mexico with a crack house across the street. I wish I could show you a picture. I just dont understand how she could want to be away from us so badly that she would want to live that way. I told my sister who was with me, "I carried her for 8 months in my belly and when she was born i took such good care of her, kept her so clean and healthy, gave her a lovely home and so much love and care. Its hard to understand." I think her willingness to live in such conditions somehow mirrors her mental status. All I can do is pray and hope that she comes to her senses some day.

That video of the dog was pitiful!lol Poor baby. I can't scold my dog or takes it very seriously. Like Opie said about the little dog he wanted to take home, my dog is a trembler. She is very sensitive and acts hurt if you even look at her the wrong way. Of course, she is good as gold and really never does anything that needs scolding.

Ro, you mentioning Sugarplum made me smile. I remember how sweet she was when we met her at Heather's in Fredricksburg. I'll never forget her going to the fridge for a carrot and jumping up in Bruce's lap on the porch. Such a sweet little thing!

Well, going to go relax with a pup on my lap for awhile. Take care and stay safe!


November 17, 2020 - Msg 115656:

BOO- What can I say, some people actually WANT to live that way. I have talked to people that I have known who have chosen that lifestyle. It is very hard for me to fathom living like that. In fact, I have tried to help in the past. For one guy I bought new sheets, towels, clothes, etc, and within a week it was either all ruined or he gave it away! WHHHAAATTT? Yup. So that was that. Maybe someday she will realize that she doesn't want that lifestyle, but in the meantime, just love her and pray for her. She is old enough now to make her own decisions, and deal with her own problems, so let her. She will soon see the consequences of her actions. (Sorry, just my 2 cents worth as someone who has dealt with very similar situations.)

Well all, today i happened to catch a bit of Gunsmoke, and there was Goober! Oh, and ASA, forgot to mention that was pretty funny about your comment of the 'opposite' mask dream! ha
Tonight I saw the FBI men episode on Me-TV. I have always liked the 'carp scene,' and that poor woman reporter thinking the carps were a family! I crack up every time especially when she ends the scene looking right at the mayor and saying " I wouldn't kill a Carp any more than I would a PIKE!" Great writing! :)
And yes ASA, Man in a Hurry is right up there as one of my top three episodes!
Love the scene of Mr. Tucker singing softly by the pillar.
I may have asked you one time before, but do you have one of those Cyclone leaf vacuums?
RO--love your cute doggie stories. Trinket is a real caution.
Peace and Prayers for all,

November 17, 2020 - Msg 115657: Hi, wanted to check in. Iím in San Antonio because Erin was in a traffic accident this morning. She broadsided a city bus in her little Nissan. She is in stable condition but has a fracture of the cervical spine at the base of the skull and what the nurse said over the phone was a severe laceration to her right arm that is yet to be repaired. I donít know yet if it will require surgery. Anyway, I am just thankful she wasnít killed or didnít kill anyone else. According to the officer who called me, there were no passengers on the bus. Erin was unconscious at first and whenís he woke, she had no recollection of the accident or what happened so we are waiting for the police report. Prayers appreciated and I will let you all know how it goes. She totaled her car so looks like she may have no choice but to come home.


November 17, 2020 - Msg 115658: Forgot to mention that the Covid pandemic made it a maddening experience. No one was allowed to
Go into the ER so we arenít even able to see her. When she is admitted, one person can visit so we are just waiting.


November 17, 2020 - Msg 115659: I know how you feel Boo...My hip surgery, NO ONE was allowed in at all!...Dropped me off at the door and said we will call when heís done, and you can pick him up tomorrow
I felt like a take-out order at the Taco 🌮 Bell 🔔 ....G-F

November 17, 2020 - Msg 115660: Oh my gosh, Boo! Thank God Erin wasn't killed or injured worse than she was. As bad as this all is,maybe,just maybe it will serve as Erin's wake up call.Hang in there,girl and my love and prayers are with you. Please keep us posted.

possum u.a.r.