November 17, 2020 - Msg 115661: Thatís funny, G-F!

Thanks Possum. The plan is to release her tonight with a neck brace and a follow up so must not be a bad fracture, thankfully. The sutured up three lacerations on her arm. More concerning to me is that they believe she had a seizure that caused the accident. They did an EEG and told her it showed seizure activity but I canít talk to anyone and Erin is a little out of it from the pain meds. We are here just waiting for the call to pick her up. This ER is San Antonio looks like an airport with lines of cars dropping off and picking up people. The hospital operator told me it is folks coming in with covid symptoms and one in six of them tests positive. I swear itís like something out of a movie. Crazy times. I hope Erin doesnít pick it up!


November 17, 2020 - Msg 115662: Thanks for the update,Boo. Yes, seizures would be very concerning and I hope the doctors will be able to figure that out. Could she have been having seizures all along,I wonder? I will continue to pray for Erin.I truly wish her well. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near a hospital with all of this Covid-19 mess. Really worrisome! Sounds bad in San Antonio- my gosh.. y'all stay safe and take care Boo.

November 17, 2020 - Msg 115663: Sorry,didn't sign my post up there!

possum again

November 17, 2020 - Msg 115664: Dear sorry about Erin. Will definitely keep her in my prayers. Scary, scary, scary

Millie's Youngest, your mama loved you all so much. She and I used to private message back in the day late at night when she couldn't sleep. She was a beautiful soul.

I am teaching face to face daily. Love my students. Not sure how much longer as covid has raised its ugly head in our small town. We are one of the last schools in the area that hasn't shut down. The superintendent has vowed to stay open as long as we can. My son, Jess, is subbing daily. He is in fulltime online studies through Liberty University in Constitutional Law. So...he stays busy.

Love you all....
Homemaker you think massive amounts of Vicks can cure covid? Asking for a friend..

November 17, 2020 - Msg 115665: Dear sorry about Erin. Will definitely keep her in my prayers. Scary, scary, scary

Millie's Youngest, your mama loved you all so much. She and I used to private message back in the day late at night when she couldn't sleep. She was a beautiful soul.

I am teaching face to face daily. Love my students. Not sure how much longer as covid has raised its ugly head in our small town. We are one of the last schools in the area that hasn't shut down. The superintendent has vowed to stay open as long as we can. My son, Jess, is subbing daily. He is in fulltime online studies through Liberty University in Constitutional Law. So...he stays busy.

Love you all....
Homemaker you think massive amounts of Vicks can cure covid? Asking for a friend..

November 17, 2020 - Msg 115666: Oops...I chewed my cud twice...

November 17, 2020 - Msg 115667:

BOO--I am so sorry to hear about erin's accident. I sure hope drugs were not involved, as she has been thru so much lately,
i hope she didnt get back into that situation..
When I wrote my post last night, I had been trying to relate her situation to the person that I wrote about, and as possum says, maybe this will finally be the jolt that wakes her up.
BTW, the person I was talking about is, yes, my own brother!!
I have not talked about it on the porch, but he lives
in an unbelieveable state at his own choosing, and it hurts me so to see him that way, but he is 68, finally off alcohol, he's of sound mind, well, 90 percent anyway, and just wants to mostly be left alone. Way back years ago when I'd see a hobo, my grandad would
to tell me, "It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round."
Erin is indeed in my prayers for a full recovery, I'm am glad to hear that the fracture may not be too bad, so thank God and her guardian angel for that! :)

HOMEmaker, it is so good to see you again. So nice that your son is
substitute teaching, one of the hardest jobs in the world, OMHO. :)
God bless,

November 17, 2020 - Msg 115668: Thanks, MDC. Iím sure they did a toxicology report but I donít know anything yet. The officer at the scene told me they didnít suspect the accident was drug or alcohol related. When I visited her yesterday I could tell that she was sober so hopefully she wasnít on anything. Iím very sad concerning your brother. Thank you for sharing. I will let you know how things go.

November 18, 2020 - Msg 115669:

Thank God to hear that, it was the first thing that crossed my mind since you have mentioned her struggle with it. As for my bro, I still visit him every few weeks. He lives in a fleabag motel room, but i take him grocery shopping, and we talk of the old days growing up. I have come to the
conclusion that it is what it is. :)

November 18, 2020 - Msg 115670: Good morning all.

My goodness Boo, so sorry to read that about Erin. Glad her injuries were not worse. Over the years I have had involvement (as an investigator) in passenger car vs bus and the car never wins. Your family is in my prayers.

MDC, Good for you for staying close to your Brother. Good to hear he is sober now and pray that he stays that way.

Good to see you Homemaker. It's been a while. I hope you are well.

GF, I remember you mentioning that they would not allow anyone to go in the hospital with you. That is sad, but I suppose wise in our current status. Last week I had to take Debbie up to the ER because her IV Port went haywire. I was very surprised that they let me go in with her. Then were back up there two days later so they could replace it. That was a 4 hour wait, but I waited out in the car. I was welcome to stay inside, but I wasn't keen on it considering everything. And Debbie wasn't either.

Last night I watched several TAGS episodes. One was with the elixir seller, Col. Harvey. I noticed that Miss. Edwards was not one of the ladies who got gassed. I also watched the one with Malcom Merryweather and noticed something for the first time. Aunt Bee mentions that Miss. Edwards had left her car for Andy to use to keep the battery up while she was out of town. Later Andy mentions it was Flo's old car. So if it is the same Miss Edwards, she sure changed her name a lot. Bertha Edwards, Flow Edwards, Clara Johnson. Hmmm, I think something mighty curious is going on. Also, I believe the only time we see Andy wearing his Sheriff's hat is in that episode. When Malcom drove him to the Gov. house.

Well off to rustle up some breakfast. Prayers for all.


November 18, 2020 - Msg 115671: Thanks everyone. They are keeping Erin to try and find out what she blacked out at the wheel. We are exhausted and have been awake all night. We wonít be able to see her until after2pm at the earliest so we are heading back to Corpus Christi for a little sleep. Itís about a 2 and a half hour drive so have to tape my eye lids open. 😂


November 18, 2020 - Msg 115672: Good morning, porch! Wow. A lot has happened since I was here last. Just let me be gone for a day or so and all sorts of things happen. A lot of wisdom has been shared as well.

Asa, I hope Debbie's revised port will hold up, I know how crucial that is to her well-being. She (and you) are in my prayers, as always.

MDC, I don't think anyone could sum things up any better than you did when you said "I have come to the conclusion that it is what it is." So often in our lives, that's what it comes down to, and there's no point fighting it. I'm sorry to learn of your brother's condition and situation, and I understand it very well. My dad's brother was in the same shape, and many times in my childhood I had to give up my bedroom and sleep on the sofa, because Daddy had gone yet again and scraped him off a bar room floor and brought him home, burned his lice-infested clothing, bathed him and gave him new clothes, and gave him a home as long as he stayed sober. He'd find him a little job somewhere, and it would be fun for a week or a month, or more. My uncle was a sweet, kind and funny man, and I loved him. Sober, he was a joy to be with. Then one evening he wouldn't come home, I'd usually see my daddy cry, and we wouldn't see my uncle for months, until the next bartender would call and ask my dad to come get him. He carried our phone number in his pocket. Is it any wonder that I'm a teetotaler? It's in the genes, and that scares me to death.

Boo, I'm so glad that Erin's injuries weren't any worse. A cervical fracture? That could have been fatal, easily. I think I may have told y'all a little of my brother's story a while back, but I'll recap it, short version. Cheating wife, broke his heart and his spirit. Divorced her, then lost his way for a while, but by the grace of God, never got on drugs or alcohol. Got taken in by a hippie-type gold digger, who thought she had found that gold in my brother, who is a jeweler. She and her hippie friends moved in on him, and were dragging him down with them, living like rats. Our parents were distraught, sought counsel from our pastor, who told them, "Let go and let God. He will have to hit rock bottom, but he will return to his teaching. Stop paying his way, tell him the ground rules for returning home, and leave it at that." They did it. My brother had a credit card in my dad's name, which my dad kept paid up, and when it expired, Daddy didn't renew it. When the money ran out, the hippies turned on my brother, threatened to hurt him or kill him, and he called the police. The vermin ran, never to be seen again. My brother went home to our parents, sobbed for a few days, and then stood up and pulled himself together. He relocated his jewelry shop when the lease expired, started back to church, met and married a sweet girl, and today, they run a successful jewelry business, have kids and grandkids, and are happy. "Let go and let God."

Well, Eddie is here, he brought his brother Charles, and together they're trying to spruce up my yard, which has gotten pretty shaggy while Eddie has been recovering from his knee surgery. It won't all get done today, but it's a good start. Blessings, friends. Pray for our families and friends, pray for America, and pray that God will send us a solution to this COVID problem. Maybe then we will get a glimpse once again of America as we know her and love her. --Romeena

November 19, 2020 - Msg 115673:
HI ALL! My prayers continue for Erin and your whole family Boo. I sure hope the toxicology test was negative.
I hope the lacerations will heal ok, and not leave her scarred. My goodness that was very scary! I mentioned my brother only because sometimes one just has to hit bottom
before things really begin to change. As for my bro, he is at least sober for some time now, goes to AA once a week, but just wants to live as he is doing, and so he does so.
RO-thank you for sharing about your uncle and brother. Sometimes such stories help us all. I think of St.Paul saying 'but by the grace of God, there go I.'

Last night and tonight were some good tags eps on me-tv.
Last night was The Esquire Club episode.
G-F --I noticed in the credits that it was written by an Iz Elinson. Do you know if he was related to Jack Elinson? One thing that i always think about tho is this: If they could drive to Raleigh and back in an evening for the club look-see, why, in the Hotel caper episode, did they have to stay overnight, and at SEVEN dollars a room no less! :) Very curious.
Tonight's eps were the Pickle Story and the Greendale Sheriff ep.
Both good ones. I think it's the first one with Rafe Hollister.
As far as the pickle one, if Aunt Bee is such a good cook, why were her pickles and marmalade so bad?? HA ha. 16 quarts.
ASA--regarding Clara, here is MY explanation...Her husband, Mr Johnson passed, so she went back to her maiden name Edwards. AND, she had two middle names... Clara Bertha Flo Edwards! :)

Well, y'all stay as cool as the center seed of a cucumber! :)

November 19, 2020 - Msg 115674: Yes MDC....Izzy was in fact Jackís Brother
Joy Ellison had mentioned that once at Mayberry Days that her Uncle was also a writer for the show, and Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. Too!...Joy was a very nice lady and I had my picture made with her too....She is a dialect coach, and has worked with MANY Hollywood actors....

I guess being a writers daughter is why she had several roles on the show and Gomerís show too!...


November 19, 2020 - Msg 115675: Good morning, porch! I'm just sitting here at my window, watching the changing panorama of the sky. The forecast is for clear, sunny and mild, and at the moment, the sky looks like lead, it's 59į, and looks like it could rain at any moment. However, just above the housetops to the east of me, there is a narrow band of bright, silvery sky, which could indicate that it's clearing over there. What little breeze there is seems to be coming from the east, so maybe it's going to blow the clouds away that are camped overhead right now. I guess we'll see. Like everyone else, all I can do is talk about it, I can't do anything about it.

Boo, can we get an update on Erin? Bless her little heart, I just so wish and pray that she will find her place in this world, and wake up and realize that God created her to be happy and helpful, not unhappy and a source of grief to those who love her.

MDC, I share the story of my uncle freely, because it's such a vivid picture of what alcohol has always done in people's lives, and more recently, drugs are the same scourge. I don't recall ever hearing anyone say, "You know, I think I'll just start drinking or doing drugs today. I think I might enjoy being an alcoholic or a drug addict. Oh, and while I'm at it, I think I'll start smoking and see if I can get lung cancer. Sounds like a good life to me!" No, anyone who starts using any of those things always thinks it will be fun, make them feel good, feel happy, and are absolutely certain that they can handle it. All they see is the good feelings and fun that can come with the bait, and they don't see the hook inside. It's there, though. Once they realize it, and try to stop, they find that they just can't, the hook is in too deep. My precious, talented, very successful son was 26 before he took his first drink, and did it then to help with the pain in a damaged hip. He was 59 when he took his last breath, in an ICU with his liver and kidneys destroyed, his brain a foggy remnant of its former brilliance, and his ever-devoted wife at his bedside. He bore the gene. Again I ask, is it any wonder that I'm a teetotaler? He told me many times that he wanted to quit, but the truth was, he only wanted to want to quit. No, that's not a typo. Throughout his life, he always accomplished everything he wanted to do. Except that one thing. His ability to really "want to" quit had been destroyed by the very thing he needed to quit. He wanted it to go away, but the craving was too strong.

That's how it is with addiction. And the devil just loves it! I have often thought that with alcohol, drugs and tobacco, he has all the tools he needs to make the human race sick and miserable. Just get 'em hooked, and sit back and watch the misery unfold.

Well, enough of that. It makes me sad, and I don't want to be sad. So, I just try not to dwell on it, and focus instead on the good and positive things my son accomplished, remember his humor and his kindness, and trust God for the ultimate outcome. Blessings, friends. Your presence and support helped more than you can know when I lost my golden child. Have a blessed day, stay safe, stay well, and when the situation warrants it, which is pretty much all the time, let go and let God. --Romeena

November 19, 2020 - Msg 115676: Good morning all.

Romeena, I thoroughly enjoyed your post above and thank you for it. Very well said. You wisdom is surpassed only by your beauty. Thanks for the prayers. Yes, Debbie very much needs that IV Port to make her live more enjoyable. So glad the new one is working well.

Boo, Prayers continue for you all. I, as others here have expressed, hope and pray that Erin can find out what God has planned for her and she has the bravery to pursue it.

MDC, I so enjoy finding those little inconsistencies in the story line, such as how far away was Mt. Pilot. Different episodes suggest different distances. And Andy and Barney having to leave at 4 o'clock in the morning to get to the Darling cabin timely. I mean who has a county that large? lol
Last night I watched the episode where Andy starts officially courting Helen. (talk about black day in Mayberry) She couldn't even cook a leg a lamb. And see if you can guess the other episode I watched with this clue. "Hi-yup-ahh-ha, Hi yup-ahh-ha".


November 19, 2020 - Msg 115677: Hey y'all- I don't think Boo would mind me updating about Erin. She posted on FB that Erin is home with her. Erin is on 2 weeks of bedrest and will wear a neck brace for that period of time,then follow up with a neurologist and orthopedist. I'm glad that Erin is with her mama- she's in good hands there. Keep them in your prayers,please.

possum u.a.r.

November 19, 2020 - Msg 115678: Bless your heart,Ro. I'm sorry for your heartache in the loss of your son.
possum again

November 19, 2020 - Msg 115679: Thanks for giving an update, Possum. You are such a good friend.

I have Erin home now and comfortable. Im fairly exhausted but we are all just so thankful that she wasn't killed. I drove past the accident site today and I could see glass and even one of her floor mats in the intersection. That stretch of road is very dangerous because it is a four lane and the speed limit is 70 in places with numerous intersecting roads. It is notorious for accidents. Romeena, you may be familiar with it. She was on highway 16 on the south side between Poteet and SA. MDC, toxicology was negative, so that's great. According to Erin she has been sober for just about a year now and she is very proud of that. Her EEG didn't show anything so they don't know why she is having the black outs but she has a referral to follow up with a neurologist. She isn't in a tremendous amount of pain, just required ibuprofen every six hours. I cleaned and dressed her laceration tonight and I wish you could see it. It is an "s" shaped laceration that runs from her upper arm, across her elbow, and about three inches past the elbow. I swear that thing would be nearly a foot long if you stretched it out. Large sutures all along the laceration. It looks like Frankenstein's arm! The elbow has a fracture, too, but not a serious one. I am very surprised she isn't complaining more. She has bruised ribs from the seatbelt (thank God she was wearing it), and multiple large bruises on her legs. It looks like she was sprayed with shards of glass on one of hands and parts of her face. She had a bit of a black eye from the airbag, too, and a swollen lip. She will be here with me for at least two weeks recovering. There is more I want to share about the conditions she was living in but that is a post for another day. Im too tired!

Thank you again for your prayers and concern. You all are the Cats.


November 19, 2020 - Msg 115680:

Wow, BOO, that is indeed good news that she is back with you and recovering. So happy to hear about the toxicology results too!
It sounds like it will be a long recovery tho, with all that you mentioned, so be sure to
give her vitamins A B C D and zinc to both help with recovery and
to help stave off any covid contacts that she may have had in the hospital!
You are a good nurse and mother, so i know you are on top of things. Our prayers continue for SURE.

ASA- I think your "Hi-yup-ahh-ha" is from Barney's hopping test with Otis. Strange how a 'town drunk' was no problem in shows back then. Altho Otis was a funny character, like in scenes with barney as his 'sub-conscious,' it was only sort of addressed in one episode of barney trying to rehab him. BTW, AZ DOES have pretty big counties (only 15 in the whole state), but places like North Carolina would have pretty small ones. (Isnt it called Mayberry County?) I've also wondered why they had to get up at 4 AM for that drive to the darlings! ha

Tonight's ep that I saw was with big Jeff Pruitt. I heard Barney use the term "Hen Party." Was that a thing back then, or was it just Barn's terminology? The best part IMHO is when Jeff likes Thelma Lou at the party, and Barney is trying to tell Jeff No. Barney's facial expressions are priceless!

GF--Thank you for those links! I never knew that Mary Higgens and others was Jack's daughter. Darn, I just gotta get to a Mayberry Days! :)

RO--how did Eddie do with the lawn work? I hope he isnt pressing that new knee too hard. Did you get any rain?


November 19, 2020 - Msg 115681: Oh..My Boo...You describing it sure sounds like she had a Guardian Angel 😇 with her!...We all will keep ALL of you in our prayers as you go through the healing part of it now....

Asa..Glad Debbie is doing ok with her port, those sure can be problematic at times....As far as your question, I can picture Barney doing it....Can you give us another hint...We?..We the? wait, thatís a different


November 20, 2020 - Msg 115682:
Hello folks, I have returned from the USA. I had to go there to resolve a legal matter. Now that Iím back in Canada, I am isolated in our 14 day mandatory quarantine.
In the USA, I did not have access to the internet because my security software warned me the hotel wifi was usafe to use.
I have read through the archives and noticed how busy things were on the porch.
First of all, welcome to Millieís offspring who posted in November 13, 2020 - Msg 115635. I canít believe that it has been seven years since Millie passed away. I have been posting here off and on since the 1990ís so yes I do remember her. Although she was active with us for only about a year and a half, her illness affected us deeply. We did the best we could offering her friendly and sincere conversation both here on the front porch and over at Sarahís chat room. Still, it was difficult because of the distance involved. And during the times when Millie was weak from the illness and the medical procedures, our conversations would become one way. I had this same experience with my own father on his deathbed. I am just sorry you did not have much time to spend with her since you were so young. Feel free to post anytime here. One question. Is your family still involved with Bogartís?
Boo, that is shocking news to learn about Erinís accident. The fact that she is now home under the care of a mother who is a nurse must be comforting to you. She will now have time to reflect about her past and future. Letís hope and pray she makes the right choices.

Asa, regarding the covid virus, the numbers here in Canada are getting worse although the numbers are much smaller than in the USA. Canada has had about 316,000 people test positive with a little over 11,000 deaths so far. Our smaller number of hospitals are nearing capacity so many had to stop elective surgeries and visitations. Masks are required everywhere when out in public. And although the Canadian/USA border is basically closed for all non-essential traffic until at least December 21, I was able to cross it twice. Once was to visit (from a distance) my sick brother-in-law who is dealing with cancer, and this last time to deal with some legal business. Now I am isolated with 14 days of quarantine.

Romeena and MDC, your experiences with family members and alcohol abuse reminded me of something my mother and I experienced. Her brother (my uncle) also abused alcohol. And because he was living alone as a divorced father, he could not be monitored. But then my mother came up with an idea. We convinced him to come and live with us. But since he always would try to sneak out of our house, my mother and I had to take shifts to keep an eye on him. It was especially difficult for me since I was working full time. Finally, when he almost pushed my mother down a flight of stairs, we allowed him to walk back to his apartment. He was on disability from work at the time. We would make daily visits to check on him before I left for work. One day it was very difficult for me to push open his apartment door. That is because his dead body was blocking it on the inside. He was beyond help since rigor mortis had set in. No amount of assistance or prayer helped him.

I am proud to say that I never drank alcohol nor smoked and never took any illegal drugs. In fact, the only vice I have is on my workbench.

from Poor Horatio

November 20, 2020 - Msg 115683: Good morning, porch. Very cloudy and looks like rain here, despite the weather report that insists it's clear and sunny. That happens a lot.

PH, what a terrible, traumatic experience for you, finding your uncle in such a condition. How old were you at the time? I fear someone is going to have that experience with my cousin. He lives with about 25% cardiac function, his respiratory status is awful, and he just keeps on ticking. That, too, I think is genetic, and I think my cardiologist would agree. He knows my family history with alcohol, and tobacco too, for that matter, and says if I had used either I wouldn't be here today. I have God and a pastor who wasn't afraid to tell it like it is, to thank for that. Along with parents who got the same message and lived by it, avoidance was easy, just a way of life. My son, unfortunately, also inherited my total intolerance of any opioid pain med. They cause violent nausea, confusion, hallucinations and any other nasty side effect you can think of. So when he injured his hip, and the pain became chronic and intolerable, he couldn't take Vicodin or any of the other commonly used meds. He took Tylenol and Advil, two at a time, alternating them every two hours. This wasn't helping his kidneys or his liver at all, and as the hip grew worse, it wasn't helping his pain, either. So in order to get to sleep at night, he added vodka and Sprite. This went on for several years, until he finally had the hip replaced, but by then he was hooked, forever. A tragedy, it broke my heart, and it haunts me, but it is what it is. Good for you, for never getting it started. Your life would be very different today if you had.

Boo, good grief! Poor little Erin! She could so easily have been killed in that wreck! I'm so glad she's with you, where she can receive not only excellent care, but love and encouragement as well. You know, this sure does have God's fingerprints on it. Like my pastor told my parents about my brother, sometimes they have to hit rock bottom before they figure it out. I'd say she's pretty much at rock bottom right now, and surely she will recognize that she's getting something from you now that she would never have received from her friends. Parenting is surely the hardest job in the world, and yours has been an especially difficult job, but I'm seeing something good coming out of all of this. Prayers, my friend, for sure. The fact that Erin has been clean for a year is going to help. At least she may be thinking more clearly because she's sober.

MDC, yes, "hen party" was a thing, and for that matter, in many circles, it still is. It's used in my family, and in my circle of friends, most of whom are my age or close to it. I did a little quick online search, and found that variations on the theme go back for centuries, with historical references to pre-marriage celebrations for both men and women, exclusive to the gender. We don't know what they were called, but the idea is the same. Somewhere in the late 18th and early 19th century, it became common to refer to any social gathering of women as a "hen" party, whether connected to a wedding or not. The related term "stag party", however, seems to be held as exclusive to a party for a prospective groom and his friends, just prior to a wedding. It has been said, and I think it's true - language is a living thing.

Stay safe, stay well, and wash your hands. Wear your masks. Use common sense and avoid crowds if you can. Personally, I have decided not to hermitize myself. My family will celebrate Thanksgiving, we will be at David and Brittany's new home, and I will be in charge of the turkey, dressing, fruit salad and cranberry sauce (homemade). Everyone else will bring a side dish or two, and we will have a feast. There will be at least 12 of us, maybe as many as 15. We're all family, and that's the way it is. Diesel and Trinket will round out the numbers, and a good time will be had by all. Blessings! --Romeena

November 20, 2020 - Msg 115684: Afternoon all.

MDC and GF. Close on the episode. It was when Otis was deputized and Barney was instructing him in the proper manner of saluting.. I just love the scene when Barney is instructing Otis, "gut in, chest out, hips forward", and poor old Otis is gyrating all over the place and Andy laughs and tells Barny "it's gotta fo somewhere Barn." I have wondered though how they dug up a uniform so fast to fit Otis.

Boo, sounds like you have things in control. I agree with Ro, I think providence has had a hand in this. I shuddered when you said neurologist though. Them fellers are weird. Sorry if there are any here, but when Debbie was seeing one he was just plain odd. I hope they can figure out what caused her issue though and get it resolved. Prayes'

GF, How goes the PT buddy. Well I hope. Are you all ready for winter?

PH, Sounds like the virus is bad everywhere. Nasty dang stuff. I sure hope this vaccine they are about to approve works out well.

Last night I watched the one when Briscoe is declaring for Aunt Bee. Funny episode as they are eating supper and hollering out MEAT, BREAD, and TATERS. And how clever Andy was in dealing with Briscoe and his determination to marry Aunt Bee. Much the same way he did with Big Jeff Pruitt. Just have the gal in question lay down the law. lol Clean and reverent was no match for that wooden spoon.

Well I hope everyone stays healthy and happy.


November 20, 2020 - Msg 115685:
Ooops, I just realized I made a mistake. Since Millie came here in 2006 and passed away in 2007, she has been gone thirteen years, not seven years like I posted earlier. Sorry about that. That is what I get for posting late at night.

Asa, our Ontario provincial premier (similar to an American governor) has just announced more covid restrictions starting next Monday.

from Poor Horatio

November 20, 2020 - Msg 115686:
Romeena, I was 28 years old when I discovered my alcoholic uncle's dead body on the floor of his apartment.

from Poor Horatio

November 20, 2020 - Msg 115687: Asa...Now I can sleep tonight knowing the answer to your question...As far as the PT, they released me. Not sure if in$urance would cover many more. The stuff I was doing I can continue on my own donít want to go to a facility because of the COVID stuff. ( I had been doing in home therapy ) so Iíll continue to do my walking. I did drive yesterday for the first time to do a errand. I can go to our little mall and walk on those cold and rainy days...

Continued prayers 🙏🏻 for Erin...


November 21, 2020 - Msg 115688:
Hello fellow Mayberryans! I saw the Manicurist episode tonight,
and I got to wondering, wouldn't it have been better for her to have gone to the beauty salon next door? It seems like the women would take to manicures better than the men. Just sayin'. :)
RO--thanks for the explanation of the hen parties. Must be a southern thing. ha Never heard the term growing up here, and my
older sister have several such gatherings of her friends.
GF-- good to hear that the rehab is going so good. bet you are tired of the ankle pumps! ha
And driving even! That month without driving really was tough on me!
ASA--I can recall several episodes where Andy can hardly contain himself! I bet it took several 'takes' to get it right!
PH--so sorry to hear of your uncle's demise. Only by some strong determination has my brother been able to stay sober.
The 12 steps really helped for sure.
Well, here we are at another weekend. I am praying hard about the
Georgia runoffs. For the first time in my life I am truly worried about the future of America.
God's Peace my friends,

November 21, 2020 - Msg 115689:
For you fans of the Andy Griffith Show, I found an interesting video describing how one particular episode of that series was filmed. Watch it at

from Poor Horatio

November 21, 2020 - Msg 115690: Morning all

PH, I have seen that video before. That LandumC feller has some excellent videos out there, doesn't he? I enjoyed watching that again. I think him or that Turner feller that Floyd has on his podcasts will one day resolve the Schwaump mystery. lol

I declare as many times as I have watched TAGS, I usually find stuff I have never noticed before. Or maybe I have and just forgot it. At my age that's very possible. Last night I was watching the episode when Mary Grace is visiting (A date for Gomer) and at the very start of the episode it shows Andy and Opie leaving the Barbershop. Through the window you can see Floyd and a couple of customers inside the shop as Andy complains to Opie about how Floyd always manages to get some hairs down his back. Well it dawned on me that this just after Howard McNear had suffered his stroke, so I had to hit the playback button on my DVD player and look closer. Sure enough, it was a stand in made to look like Howard. I have never noticed that before. I know they went to great lengths after Howard returned to the show, and was very limited as to what he could do, to hide his situation. I thought that was a very class act thing to do.

MDC, although Ellen Brown would have maybe more business in the Salon, I bet the tips she got in the Barber shop were better. lol Speaking of tips, I always laugh in the episode when Andy and Barney both leave Olive a 25 cent tip. Barney is fully prepared to go back and collect one of them quarters but Andy rebukes him. lol

GF, So glad all is going well buddy. Good to hear and read. Why I suspect you'll be back to good as new in short order.

Romeena, when are they starting the plumbing repairs on the homestead? Before Christmas? I hope it goes well.

I haven't said anything about this here, but I have been a bit concerned about something that has been growing on the top of my head for a while. Initially it looked maybe like a small mole. Was very hard to even see because of my hair. But recently I noticed it had gotten bigger and grown hard. It didn't hurt or anything but I figured I better get it looked at. Sure enough, the Dermatologist did a biopsy of it and it is cancer. Thankfully she said it is a very common and non invasive type. I went back in on Thursday and she did some scrapping and cleaning of the site. She assured me that it was not the type that could get into me and spread and she applauded me for getting it looked at so early in the process. So I just go back in 6 months so she can check it again, as well as other parts of me. A good idea because I have been an outdoor person all my life. Always played in the sun as a kid, and worked and played in the sun as an adult. So I am blessed that is the only issue I have hes. And I must say, the Dermatologist is very easy on the eyes. My goodness, she is down right gorgeous. Mother Nature was very much on the ball the day she was created. lol

Boo, my prayers continue for your family.


November 21, 2020 - Msg 115691: Thank you Asa, and all who have prayed and expressed concern for Erin. She is hurting a bit more today but I am happy with her progress. The arm is a mess, though. I am not happy with the way it was sutured. I wasn't there and didn't know what was going on and as it turns out, it was sewn partly by and ER doc, who turned her over to two residents. He showed them how to do the stitch, left the room and they did the rest. A really lousy job, I might add. She is going to have a horrible scar. They should have had a surgeon repair it to minimize the scarring, but they left it open and uncleaned for hours, and then stitched it like that. I had no idea all of that was going on because of this stupid covid mess. I talked to Erin about it today and told her I don't wont to upset her but she should expect a scar. Her response was, "I'm not dead. I don't care about a scar.". I feel that way too, but it bothers me that the medical staff in that trauma bay would do that to a young girl. Oh well, I guess if she has a problem with it later she can see a cosmetic surgeon. I mean, the laceration has gaps in it and there is about 3 inches right at the elbow in which there are no stitches at all and the skin is gapped.

So glad your don't have melanoma, Asa!

I watched a good movie today on Netflix called, "Loving,". Its a true story about the Lovings, who were a biracial couple who married in the 50s and were arrested and forced to leave the state or go to prison. Their case led to changing the law, and the supreme court ruled that adults have the right to marry under the law. In one scene in the movie, a reporter from Life magazine is in their home and they are all watching The Pickle Story on tv. If you get a chance and have Netflix, give it a watch.

Better go get something to eat. It seven and I haven't had my dinner yet.


November 22, 2020 - Msg 115692:

BOO- could you take Erin to your PCP and see if he could refer you to a surgeon to re-do the stitches? Seems like now would be better than later so it could be fixed up before scarring takes place. Just me thinking out loud.
Maybe the ER docs were just too busy and were only trying to stop the bleeding. More later.

November 23, 2020 - Msg 115693:

Hello all, It appears like we were all "in a hurry" today! ha
So, as first poster today, I say that I hope you all had a good sabbath. I was watching a few of Andy's Sanka commercials today on the dvds, and realized how neat it was that many were 'tie ins' to the previous episode. Is Sanka even still around? Oh, I just found this on youtube:

All this talk I've done recently about my brother, I got to thinking that i have never said much about my family, tho some of you on FB may have seen old photos. Anyway, I have seven siblings, three sisters (one is the oldest) and four brothers (one is older than me).
I am #3. I grew up in a 'middle class' home, that may be called 'lower middle class' today; but we always had food on the table, clothes on our backs, plenty of love, and raised in the faith. Ro's talk of her dad reminds me very much of my dad...a man of his word, a great provider, strong in his faith, and always available. When he married my mom, and after the war, he became a printer's apprentice, worked up to journeyman, and after moving his young family to Phx from Mpls in 1952, he worked at our local newspaper for 30 years. He did some pretty 'interesting' things too, like the time that there was an armory across the street from the newspaper building, and "official US Army" cars were taking up all the parking spaces along the street, so he made a little cardstock sign on a proofpress that said "Official US Taxpayer" and stuck it in HIS windshield! ha And he got away with it! His car was never ticketed.
My childhood was a joy, mom was always at home, somehow she'd make a hardy soup out of a ham bone, but she also made great chili, fried chicken, casseroles, etc. With 5 kids younger than me it seemed like I was always hanging up diapers on the clothes line, and taking them down after school! haha Today, mom and dad are gone, but we are in 7 strong marriages, except for my brother whom I have mentioned. His divorce of 14 years ago really rocked his world, but he is now doing well, is sober,
and has returned to the faith. Not sure why I wanted to say all that, but there it is. :)

ASA, I am so glad that you had that thing checked out! Growing up in Phx, you can image my time in the sun. I had some removed from my neck a few years ago. Now I get checked every 6 months, and have had a few more removed. Keep up the good work!
Concerning Howard McNear, the last episode he was in they even used a stand in for him in his car. Poor guy tried so hard, but one can detect his condition.

BOO- beside what I mentioned above, try to tell Erin that a scar will be with her for a long time.

Well, I'm off to the ironing board! God bless,

November 23, 2020 - Msg 115694: Yes MDC...I Too was blessed with having a ďStay at home MomĒ... Financially it was hard with only one income but the benefits outweighed the the money problems...

I too can be proud knowing we gave my kids that gift also. It WAS financially difficult with only one income but we decided it was more important than money!...The Lord took care of us and we got thru it on a modest income....

As todayís ďI got to have it NOWĒ world is, I remind my kids often of the GIFT their Mother and I gave them to have a Stay at Home Mom Too!...

MDC...I also liked how they tied the commercials into the plot of the show...Maybe if Barney & Gomer didnít drink ďSankaĒ coffee ☕️ they coulda stayed awake in church..You suppose?


November 23, 2020 - Msg 115695: Good Monday morning all.

MDC, I enjoyed reading a bit about your family and your growing up years. Interesting that you and GF mention your Mom's being at home. My Mom was also a stay at home Mom, as were most of the Mom's in our area. Debbie was a stay at home Mom until our kids got into High School. In fact two of the three had graduated and Stacey was a Junior when she went to work full time. We were talking about that the other night. There has been much discussion here locally about why they have not shut the schools down because of Covid. I am thinking it is because with both parents working, where are the kids going to go? That has to be a huge consideration I'm sure.

GF and MDC, Here is a little trivia for you. What was the name of the little trembler puppy that Opie brought to the Courthouse? Just a clue. Based on your last two posts, you should know the answer.

Boo, that is sad to read about the stitching job on Erin. It sounds like she has a good perspective on it though. Our Stacey was also in a car accident when she was 17 and had a cut on her forehead that required stiches. She was devastated at first because it looked pretty gruesome. But it healed nicely and is hardly noticeable now. She's the one who looks so much like my Mom did in some of the pictures we have of her when she was younger. And they both have a striking resemblance to Ellie Walker. I don't remember if I told this before but as my Dad was nearing his time, Stacey dropped in to see him, and his face just lit up. He thought it was my Mom and said, "Gladys, you have come for me". Not many dry eyes there in the room after that.

Our message ai preaching yesterday has been on being grateful, this being Thanksgiving week. In spite of all the bad going on in the world right now, we still have much to be grateful about. So that is going to be my theme for this holiday season. Looking and focusing on my blessings. And I include each one of you as a blessing in my life. For your kindness and loving care for my family and myself. Thank you and I love you.


November 23, 2020 - Msg 115696: You mean the little one?...He was a trembler wasnít he?..But the other ones will look out for him...
Heís close to the ground...Now if he was a giraffe 🦒 that would be something different....⚡️😵....G-F

November 23, 2020 - Msg 115697:
MDC, to learn more about the stand-in used for Floyd the Barber on the Andy Griffith Show, check out

from Poor Horatio